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Divine Will Volume Twenty

Fiat always and eternally
September 17, 1926
How each thing created by God has its place, while one who goes out of the Divine Will loses his place.
My Jesus, I invoke your Holy Will, that It Itself may come to write on paper the most penetrating and eloquent words, the most appropriate terms to make Itself comprehended, so as to portray the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat with the most beautiful colors, with the most refulgent light, with the most attracting character, in order to infuse a magnetic force and a powerful magnet in the words You will make me write; so that no one may be able to resist letting himself be dominated by your Most Holy Will. And You, my Mama, true Sovereign Queen of the Supreme Fiat, do not leave me alone; come to guide my hand, give me the flame of your Maternal Heart. And while I write, keep me under your blue mantle, that I may do all that my beloved Jesus wants from me.
I felt all invested by the Supreme Will, which, drawing me into Its immense light, made me see the order of Creation - how each thing remained at the place assigned by its Creator. My mind wandered and was enraptured at seeing the order, the harmony, the magnificence, the beauty of the whole Creation; and my sweet Jesus, who was with me, said: “My daughter, each created thing which came out of Our creative hands was assigned its place and its distinct office; and all of them remain at their place, magnifying with incessant praises that Eternal Fiat which dominates them, preserves them, and gives them new life. So, it is because of the motion of Supreme Fiat dominating in them that they are preserved ever beautiful, whole and new. Man too was assigned his place – his office of sovereign over all created things; with the difference that, while all the other things created by Us remained exactly like God had created them - without ever changing, increasing or decreasing - my Will, instead, giving man supremacy over all the works of Our hands, and wanting to display even more love with him, gave him the office to grow continuously in beauty, in sanctity, in wisdom, in richness, to the point of raising him to the Likeness of his Creator - always provided that he would let himself be dominated and guided, to give the Supreme Fiat free field in order to form Its Divine Life in him, so as to form this continuous growth of goods, of beauty and of happiness without end. In fact, without my Will dominating, there can be neither growth nor beauty, nor happiness, nor order, nor harmony. Since my Will is origin, master and beginning of the whole work of Creation, wherever It exists, It has the virtue of preserving Its work beautiful, just as It delivered it. But where It does not exist, the communication of Its vital humors in order to preserve the work delivered by Our hands, is missing. Do you see, then, what a great evil it was for man to withdraw from my Will?
So, all things, even the most tiny, have their place. One can say that they are safe in their home and no one can touch them. They possess abundance of goods, because that Will which flows in them possesses the fount of all goods. They are all in order - harmony is the peace of all. On the other hand, by withdrawing from Our Will, man lost his place; he remained without Our home, exposed to dangers. Everyone can touch him to harm him; the very elements are superior to him because they possess a Supreme Will, while he possesses a degraded human will, which can give him nothing but miseries, weaknesses and passions. Having lost his origin, his place, he has remained without order, disharmonized from all, and enjoys no peace - not even within himself. Therefore, one can say that he is the only being wandering in the whole Creation, to whom nothing is due by right, because We give everything to one who lives in Our Will, for he is in Our home – he is one from Our family. The relations, the bonds of sonship which he possesses by living in It, give him the right to all of Our goods. On the other hand, one who does not live in the Life of my Will, has broken, all at once, all the bonds, all the relations, therefore We consider him as something that does not belong to Us. Oh! If all knew what it means to break up with Our Will, and into what abyss they fall - all would tremble with fright, and would compete in order to return into the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat, to take back their place, assigned to them by God.
Now, my daughter, since my eternal goodness wants to give man my Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat once again, after he had so ungratefully rejected It, don’t you think this is the most beautiful and greatest gift that I can give to the human generations? But in order to give It, I must form It, constitute It, and make known that which, up to now, is not known about my Will – and with such knowledges about It, as to conquer those who will know them, to love, appreciate and desire to come and live in It. The knowledges will be the chains - but not imposed; rather, they themselves, willingly, will let themselves be bound. The knowledges will be the weapons, the conquering arrows which will conquer the new children of the Supreme Fiat. But do you know what these knowledges possess? The power to change nature into virtue, into good, into my Will, in such a way that they will possess them as their own life.”
On hearing this, I said: ‘My Love, Jesus, if these knowledges about your adorable Will contain so much virtue, why did You not manifest them to Adam, so that, by making them known to posterity, they would have loved and appreciated more a good so great, and their souls would be disposed for the time when You, Divine Repairer, would decree to give us this great gift of the Supreme Fiat.” And Jesus, continuing, added: “My daughter, as long as he remained in the terrestrial Eden, living in the Kingdom of the Supreme Will, Adam possessed all knowledges, as much as it is possible for a creature, of that which belonged to the Kingdom he possessed. But as soon as he went out of It, his intellect was obscured; he lost the light of his kingdom, and could not find the appropriate words in order to manifest the knowledges he had acquired about the Supreme Will. In fact, the Divine Will Itself which would have given him the necessary terms to manifest to others what he had known, was missing in him. This, on his part; more so since every time he remembered his withdrawal from my Will, and the highest good he had lost, he felt such a grip of sorrow as to become taciturn – engrossed in the pain for the loss of a Kingdom so great, and for the irreparable evils which, as much as Adam might do, it was not given to him to repair. That very God whom he had offended was needed in order to remedy them. On the part of his Creator, he received no order, and therefore he was not given enough capacity to manifest it. Why manifest a knowledge if it would not give him the good it contained? Only then do I make a good known, when I want to give it. However, even though Adam did not speak extensively about the Kingdom of my Will, he taught many important things which regarded It. In fact, during the first times of the history of the world up to Noah, the generations had no need of laws, and there were no idolatries, nor diversity of languages; rather, all recognized their one God and had one language, because they cared more about my Will. But as they kept moving away from It, idolatries arose and evils became worse. This is why God saw the necessity of giving His laws as preservers for the human generations.
So, one who does my Will has no need of laws, because my Will is life, is law – It is everything for man. The importance of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat is immense, and I love It so much, that I am doing more than a new Creation and Redemption. In fact, in Creation my omnipotent Fiat was pronounced only six times in order to dispose It to come out fully ordered. In Redemption I spoke, but since I did not speak about the Kingdom of my Will which contains infinite knowledges and immense goods, I did not have a very extensive subject with many words to say, because everything I taught was of limited nature, and a few words were enough to make it known. But in order to make my Will known, it takes much, my daughter. Its history is extremely long - it encloses an eternity with no beginning and no end; therefore, as much as I speak, I have always something to say. This is why I am saying – oh, how much more! Being more important than anything, It contains more knowledges, more light, more greatness, more prodigies; therefore, more words are necessary. More so, since the more I make known, the more I expand the boundaries of my Kingdom to be given to the children who will possess It. Therefore, everything I manifest about my Will is a new creation which I make in my Kingdom, to be enjoyed and possessed by those who will have the good of knowing It. And so, great attention is required on your part in manifesting them.”

September 20, 1926
One who does not do the Will of God is like a celestial constellation which goes out of its place; he is like a dislocated limb. For one who does the Will of God, it is daylight; for one who does not, it is nighttime.
Having finished writing a book and having to start another one, I felt the weight of writing, and almost embittered, I sighed. And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, made Himself seen shaking His head; and sighing, He told me: “My daughter, what is it, what is it? You don’t want to write?” And I, almost trembling in seeing Him sigh because of me, said: ‘My Love, I want what You want. It is true that I feel the sacrifice of writing, but for love of You, I will do everything.’ And Jesus added: “My daughter, you have not understood well what it means to live in my Will. While you were sighing, the Creation and everyone, and even Myself, have sighed together with you, because for those who lives in It, one is the life, one the act, one the motion, one the echo. They cannot help doing the same thing together, because God is the prime motion, and since all created things have come out of a motion full of life, there is nothing which does not possess His motion – they all go around the prime motion of their Creator. So, the whole Creation is in my Will; its round is incessant, rapid, orderly; and one who lives in It has her place of order in the midst of it, going around rapidly, together with everyone, without ever stopping. My daughter, your sigh of regret has formed its echo in everyone. And do you know what they felt? As if a constellation wanted to go out of its place - out of the order, out of its rapid round around their Creator. And on seeing this celestial constellation as though going out of their midst, all were shaken and as though hampered in their round. But restored immediately by your prompt adhesion, they have continued with order their rapid round, magnifying their Creator who keeps them bound to Himself, to make them go around Himself.
What would you say if you saw one star going out from among the midst of the others and descending to the bottom? Would you not say that it has gone out of its place, that it no longer lives a communal life with the others, that it is a lost star? Such is one who, living in my Will, wanted to do her own. She moves away from her place; she goes down from the height of the heavens; she loses the communion of the celestial family. She gets lost, away from my Will; she gets lost, away from light, from strength, from sanctity, from the divine likeness; she gets lost, away from order, from harmony, and she loses the rapidity of the round around her Creator. Therefore, be attentive, because in the Kingdom of my Will there are no regrets or bitternesses, but everything is joy. There are no strains, but all is spontaneity, as if the creature wanted to do what God wants - as if she herself wanted to do it.”
I was frightened in hearing this from my sweet Jesus, and I understood the great evil of doing one’s own will; and I prayed Him from the heart to give me enough grace as to not let me fall into an evil so grave. But while I was doing this, my beloved Good came back, but He made Himself seen with almost all of His limbs dislocated, which gave Him unspeakable pain. And throwing Himself into my arms, He told me: “My daughter, these dislocated limbs which give Me so much pain are all the souls who do not do my Will. By coming upon earth, I constituted Myself head of the human family, and they are my limbs. But these limbs were formed, joined, bound, by means of the vital humors of my Will. As It flows in them, they are placed in communication with my body, and they are strengthened, each one at its place. My Will, like a compassionate doctor, not only makes Its vital and Divine humors flow in order to form the necessary circulation between head and limbs, but It forms Its perfect bandage to have the limbs remain firmly bound under their head. Now, since my Will is missing in them, that which gives the heat, the blood, the strength and the command from the head in order to render all limbs operative, is missing; that which does the bandaging if they are dislocated, is missing – everything is missing. One can say that all communications between the limbs and the head are broken, and they remain in my body to give Me pain. My Will alone places the Creator and the creature, the Redeemer and the redeemed ones, the Sanctifier and the sanctified ones, in accord and in communication. Without It, it is as if Creation and Redemption were nothing for them, because that which makes flow the life and the goods that they contain, is missing. The very Sacraments will serve them as condemnation, because since my Will is missing in them, that which breaks the veil of the Sacraments to give the fruit and the life they contain, is missing.
Therefore, my Will is everything; without It, Our most beautiful works, Our greatest prodigies, remain as extraneous to the poor creatures, because It alone is the depository of all Our works, and therefore only through It can these be delivered to the creatures. Oh! If all knew what it means to do or not do my Will - they would place themselves in accord with It in order to receive all possible imaginable goods, and the transmission of the very Divine Life.”
Then, afterwards, I was doing my usual acts in the Supreme Will, and since the day was almost dawning, I was saying: 'My Jesus, my Love, the day is now beginning, and in your Will I want to go through all creatures, so that, in rising from their sleep, they may all rise in your Will, to give You the adoration of all intelligences, the love of all hearts, the rising of all their works and of all their beings into the light which this day will make shine over all generations.’
While I was saying this and other things, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, and told me: “My daughter, in my Will there are neither days nor nights, nor dawns nor sunsets, but Its day is one - always in the fullness of Its light. And one who lives in It can say: ‘There are no nights for me, but it is always daylight. Therefore, one is my day.’ And as she operates in order to do my Will and to carry out her life in It, she forms as many other lights, most refulgent, within the day of her life, that render the day of my Will in which they live, more glorious and more beautiful. Do you know for whom day and night, dawn and sunset, are formed? For one who now does my Will and now her own. If she does Mine, she forms the day; if she does her own, she forms the night. One who lives fully in It forms the fullness of the day. One who does not live fully in It, but does my Will only with strain, forms the dawn. One who laments about what It disposes and wants to withdraw, forms the sunset. And for one who does not do my Will at all, it is always perennial nighttime – the beginning of that eternal night of hell which will never end.”

September 23, 1926
How one who must do universal goods, must make up for all. The three planes of the Will of God.
I was fusing all of myself in the Holy Divine Will, with a piercing in my soul for not having seen my sweet Jesus. Oh! While trying to do my acts in His Will, since I did not feel Him together with me, I felt part of me being torn away, and I felt my little and poor existence being torn to shreds without Jesus. And I prayed that He would have pity on me and return soon to my poor soul. Then, after much hardship, He came back, but so very afflicted because of the human perfidy. It seemed that nations upon nations were brawling, to the point of preparing deposits of weapons in order to fight against each other, and preparing unexpected things to make battles arise. What madness - what human blindness. It seems they no longer have sight to see good, order, harmony; but they have sight only to see evil. This blindness makes them go out of their heads, and so they do crazy things.
In seeing Him so afflicted because of this, I said to Him: ‘My Love, leave this sadness; You will give them light, and they will not do it. And if my pains are needed - I am ready, as long as they all remain in peace.’ And Jesus, with dignity and severity, told me: “My daughter, I keep you for Myself, in order to form in you my Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat – not for them. I have made you suffer even too much to spare the world, but because of their perfidy, they do not deserve that I keep making you suffer for their sake.”
While saying this, He seemed to hold an iron stick in His hands, in the act of throwing it over the creatures. I was frightened, and I wanted to relieve Jesus from His affliction, so I said to Him: ‘Jesus, my Life, for now let us occupy ourselves with your Kingdom, so that You may be cheered. I know that giving You field to let You speak about It is your joy and your feast. Therefore, let your acts flow together with mine, so that, with the light of your Will, more than a sun, they may invest all creatures, and I may constitute myself act for each act, thought for each thought. I will enclose everything; I will take all of their acts as though in my power, to do everything that they do not do for You. In this way, You will find everything in me, and your affliction will depart from your Heart.’ And Jesus, consenting to my yearnings, went around together with me, and then told me: “My daughter, what power my Will contains. It penetrates everywhere as light; It expands, It gives Itself to each act, It multiplies Itself to infinity. But while It does many things and multiplies in each thing, It remains always One, as It is, keeping all of Its acts, without losing even one of them.
See, my daughter, the first plane done in my Will in the name of all creatures and for all of them, was done by the Sovereign Queen; and She obtained for all creatures the highest good of making the longed-for Redeemer descend upon earth. One who acts for all, and in the name of all, and makes up for all deserves universal goods that can serve all. The second plane done in my Supreme Will was done by my Humanity. I embraced everyone and everything, as if all were one; I satisfied for all, I left not even one act of creature without constituting my act in it, in such a way that the glory, the love, the adoration to my Celestial Father might be complete for each act of creature. This impetrated the fruit of my coming upon earth - it gained salvation and sanctity for all. And if many do not take it, it is their fault - not the fault of the Giver. Therefore, my life impetrated universal goods for all; I opened the gates of Heaven for all.
The third plane will be done by you. This is why, in everything you do, I make you act for all, embrace all, make up in the name of each one of their acts. Your plane must be equal to Mine; it must be unified to that of the Celestial Empress; and this will serve to impetrate the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. Nothing must escape one who must do a universal good, so as to bind to all creatures the good she wants to do. In order to make up for all, the acts done in my Will form double chains – but chains of light, which are the strongest, the longest, not subject to break. No one can have the ability to break a chain of light. It is more than a solar ray, which no one can shatter, and even less bar its way, preventing the ray, with its length and width, from reaching the place it wants. These chains of light bind God to give universal goods, and the creature to receive them.”

September 26, 1926
The mere word ‘Will of God’ contains an eternal prodigy. How everything turns into love and prayer.
I felt all immersed in the Supreme Will, and my poor mind was thinking about the many admirable effects It produces. And my always lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, the mere word ‘Will of God’ contains an eternal portent, which no one can equal. It is a word that embraces everything – Heaven and earth. This Fiat contains the creative fount, and there is no good which cannot come from It. Therefore, one who possesses my Will, by virtue of It, acquires, by right, all the goods that this Fiat possesses. So she acquires the right of Likeness to her Creator; she acquires the right to Divine Sanctity, to His goodness, to His love. Heaven and earth are hers by right, because all came into existence from this Fiat. With reason, her rights extend to everything. Therefore, the greatest gift, the greatest grace I can give to the creature is to give her my Will, because all possible imaginable goods are bound to It – and with right, because everything belongs to It.”
Then, afterwards, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen coming out from within my interior, and He was looking at me; but He fixed His gaze on me so much, as if He wanted to portray Himself - impress Himself within my poor soul. On seeing this, I said to Him: ‘My Love, Jesus, have pity on me; don’t You see how ugly I am? Your privation during these days has made me even uglier. I feel I am good at nothing; even the rounds in your Will I do with difficulty. Oh, how bad I feel! Your privation is like a consuming fire for me, which, burning me completely, takes away from me the life of doing good. It leaves me only your adorable Will which, binding me all to Itself, makes me want nothing but your Fiat, and see and touch nothing but your Most Holy Will.’
And Jesus, continuing, added: “My daughter, wherever my Will is present, everything is sanctity, everything is love, everything is prayer. So, since Its fount is in you, your thoughts, your gazes, your words, your heartbeat and also your movements – everything is love and prayer. It is not the form of the words that forms prayer – no; it is my operating Will which, dominating all of your being, makes as many little fountains of your thoughts, words, gazes, heartbeats and movements, which spring from the Supreme Will. And rising up to Heaven, in their mute language, some pray, some love, some adore, some bless; in sum, my Will makes her do what is holy - what belongs to the Divine Being. Therefore, the soul who possesses the Supreme Will as life, is the true heaven which, even if it were mute, narrates the glory of God and announces itself as the work of His creative hands. How beautiful it is to see the soul in whom my Will reigns! As she thinks, looks, speaks, palpitates, breathes, moves, she forms the stars to adorn her heaven, in order to narrate more the glory of the One who created her. My Will embraces everything as in one breath, and nothing of all that is good and holy can escape the soul.”

September 28, 1926
Great affliction of Luisa because of the printing of the writings. Jesus wants them in His keeping. Jesus pushes the Father who must occupy himself with it.
I felt oppressed and as though crushed under the weight of a profound humiliation, because I had been told that not only what regards the Will of God must be printed, but also what regards all the other things that my lovable Jesus has told me. My pain was such as to take away from me even the words, to be able to say something so that they would not do it; nor was I able to pray to my beloved Jesus, that He would not allow it. Everything was silence, inside and outside of me. Then, my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, pressed me to Himself to infuse in me courage and strength; and He told me: “My daughter, I do not want you to look at what you have written as yours, but to look at it as Mine, and as something that does not belong to you. You must not enter into it at all; I will take care of everything. Therefore I want you to place it in my keeping; and as you write, I want you to give it to Me as a gift, that I may be free to do whatever I want. To you will be left only what you need in order to live in my Will. I have given you as many precious gifts for as many knowledges as I have manifested to you; and you – you want to give Me no gift?”
And I: ‘My Jesus, forgive me; I myself would not want to feel what I feel. Thinking that what has passed between me and You will be known by others makes me restless, and gives me such pain that I myself cannot explain. Therefore, give me strength; I abandon myself in You, and I give everything to You.'
And Jesus added: “My daughter, I like it this way. It is my glory, the triumph of my Will that requires all this; but It wants - It demands that Its first triumph be over you. Aren’t you happy to become the victory, the triumph of this Supreme Will? Do you not want, then, to make any sacrifice so that this Supreme Kingdom may be known and possessed by the creatures? I too know that you suffer very much in seeing that, after many years of secret between Me and you, in which I have kept you hidden with so much jealousy, our secrets are now coming out – you feel strongly affected. But when it is I who want it, you too must want it; therefore, let us be in agreement and do not worry.”
Then, after this, He made me see Reverend Father; and Jesus was beside him, placing His holy right hand on his head to infuse in him firmness, help and will, saying to him: “My son, hurry, do not lose time. I will help you; I will be near you, so that everything may go well and according to my Will. Just as I care that my Will be known, and just as I have dictated the writings about the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat with paternal goodness, so will I help with the printing. I will be in the midst of those who will occupy themselves with it, so that everything may be regulated by Me. Therefore, hurry, hurry.”

October 2, 1926
How the generations are linked together, and therefore there are some who pray, some who receive and some who possess. How Jesus gives according to our dispositions. His word is a new Creation. How there are no secrets in Heaven.
I felt embittered to the highest degree because of the privation of my sweet Jesus. Oh, how bad I felt! I could not take any more; but when I reached almost the extremes of pain, He moved in my interior, and all afflicted told me: “My daughter, I am looking at how much I have to expand the boundaries of the Kingdom of my Will to give possession of It to the creatures. I know that they cannot grab the endlessness which the Kingdom of my Will contains, because it is not given to them, as creatures, to cross and embrace a Will that corresponds to a Kingdom which has no boundaries. In fact, since they are created beings, they are always narrow and limited; but even though they are limited, I dispose more or less goods, and the extension of the boundaries which they must possess, according to their dispositions. This is why I am looking at posterity – at the disposition which they will have; and I am looking at those in the present, to see their dispositions, because those in the present must pray, impetrate and prepare the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat for posterity. And according to the dispositions of posterity, and to the interest of those present, I keep expanding the boundaries of my Kingdom, because the generations are so linked to each other that it always happens like this: one prays, another prepares, another impetrates, another possesses.
The same happened with my coming upon earth in order to form Redemption. It was not those who were present that prayed, sighed and cried to obtain Its goods - but those who lived before my coming. Those present enjoyed them and possessed them; and according to their dispositions and to the prayers and dispositions of those in the past, I expanded the boundaries of the goods of Redemption. In fact, only then do I give a good, when it can be useful for the creatures; but if it brings them no utility, why give it? And this utility is received by them, the more disposed they are. But do you know when I expand its boundaries? When I manifest to you a new knowledge regarding the Kingdom of my Will. This is why, before manifesting it to you, I glance at everyone to see their dispositions – whether it will be useful for them, or whether it will be for them as something that was not said. And since I want to expand my boundaries more, in order to give them more goods, more joys, more happiness to be possessed, but they are not disposed, I feel afflicted and I wait for your prayers, for your rounds in my Will, for your pains, in order to dispose those present, as well as posterity. And then, I return to the new surprises of my manifestations about my Will.
This is why I am afflicted when I do not speak to you – my word is the greatest gift, it is a new Creation; and being unable to release it from Me, because the creatures are not disposed to receive it, I feel within Me the weight of the gift I want to give. Unable to give it, I remain afflicted and taciturn; and my affliction grows even more in seeing you afflicted because of Me. If you knew how I feel your sadness - how all of it pours into my Heart! My Will brings it deep into the intimate place of my Heart, because I do not have two Wills, but one; and since It reigns in you, as a consequence, It brings your afflictions deep inside of Me. Therefore, pray and let your flight be continuous in the Supreme Fiat, that you may beseech that the creatures be disposed, and I may return to speak once again.”
Having said this, He kept silent, and I remained more afflicted than before. I felt all the weight that Jesus felt because of the lack of disposition of the creatures. I felt as if Jesus would no longer speak to me for now; but Jesus, wanting to cheer me from my affliction, and also cheer Himself, told me: “My daughter, courage, do you think that everything that passed between Me and you will be known? No, my daughter; I will make known that which is necessary – that which regards the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. Or rather, I will be even more generous compared to what the creatures will take of this Kingdom of Mine, to give them free field in order to advance more and more, so as to let them expand their possession in the Supreme Fiat, that they may never say: ‘enough - we have no other place to reach’. No, no, I will use such abundance that man will always have something to take, and to advance on his journey. But in spite of such abundance, not everyone will know our secrets, just as not everyone knows what passed between Me and my Mama in order to form the kingdom of Redemption – the surprising graces, the innumerable favors… They will know them in Heaven where there are no secrets, while on earth they have known only that which I gave in superabundance for their good.
So I will do with you. If I looked around, it was for those who want to come to live in the Kingdom of my Will; but for you – for the little daughter of my Will, for the one who has formed this Kingdom together with Me with so much sacrifice – will my love ever be able to say ‘enough’? Or deny my word to you? Or not pour in you the continuous flow of my graces? No, I cannot, my little daughter; this is not in the nature of my Heart, or of my Will, which contains a continuous act, never interrupted, of giving – and giving always new surprises to one who knows no other life but the life of my Will. If you see Me taciturn, it is not because of you, because between Me and you there is no need of words in order to understand each other – seeing each other is understanding each other. I pour all of Myself in you, and you in Me; and in pouring Myself, I pour new graces in you, and you receive them, because what is necessary for you, who must be the primary cause in order to form the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat, will not be necessary for those who only have to live in It. With you, it is not only about living in It, but about forming It, therefore your Jesus must abound very much, so as to give you the raw materials for the formation of a Kingdom so holy. This happens also in the low world: one who must form a kingdom has need of many means, of many raw materials, while one who must form only one city needs much less; and one who only moves to live in it can live in this city with very few means. The sacrifices that one who has to form a kingdom must make are not necessary for those who decide to live in that kingdom. Therefore, I just want you to work in the formation of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, and your Jesus will take care of all the rest.”

October 6, 1926
New martyrdom. One who does not do the Will of God cuts off the Divine Life within himself. Deprivation of the writings. Jesus consoles Luisa, showing her how everything is written in the depth of her soul.
I was all immersed in the living pain of the privation of my sweet Jesus, and I said to myself: ‘My Jesus, how can You not have compassion for this little daughter of Yours who, in feeling deprived of You, feels life being torn away. It is not just one pain that I feel, which would be more tolerable, but it is life itself that I feel missing. I am little, I am weak; and if for nothing else, at least for my excessive littleness You should have had compassion for this poor little one, who is almost in continuous act of feeling life missing, and of taking it back only to feel like dying again. My Jesus, my Love, what kind of new martyrdom is this - never felt before? To die times upon times, and then die again, feeling life missing, without the sweet hope of taking flight toward my Celestial Fatherland.’
Now, while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus moved in my interior, and with a tender tone told me: “Little daughter of my Will, courage; you are right in saying that it is life that you feel missing, because being deprived of Me, you feel the life of your Jesus missing – ending within you. And with reason, tiny little one as you are, you feel the hard martyrdom of the life ending in you. But you must know that my Will is life, and every time the creatures do not do It, and reject It, it is a Divine Life that they reject and destroy within them. And do you think that the pain, the continuous martyrdom of my Will is something trivial - in feeling so many acts of life which It wants to make arise in the creatures with so much goodness, being cut off as though by a deadly sword? In place of this Divine Life which was cut off within them, they make arise the life of passions, of sin, of darkness, of weaknesses. Not doing my Will is Divine Life that creatures lose. Therefore, since It reigns in you, by depriving you of Me, It makes you feel the pain of the many Divine Lives cut off by the creatures, to be repaired and compensated in you for the many acts of life which they make It lose. Don’t you know that in order to form the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, It must find in you as many of Its acts for as many as It lost? This is the reason for the alternation of my presence and my absence – to give you the occasion to form many acts of submission to my Will; to make these acts of Divine Life which others have rejected, enter into you.
And then, don’t you remember that when I manifested to you your mission regarding the Eternal Fiat, I asked of you the sacrifice of suffering as many deaths for as many creatures as would come to daylight – for as many as would reject the life of my Will? Ah, my daughter, not doing my Will is Divine Life that creatures reject! It is not like not practicing the virtues, where they reject the gems, the precious stones, the ornaments, the garments, which one can eventually do without. Rejecting my Will, instead, is to reject the means to live - to destroy the fount of life; it is the greatest evil that can exist. Therefore, one who does such a great evil does not deserve to live; on the contrary, he deserves to die to all goods. Don’t you want, then, to compensate my Will for all these lives which they have cut off from It? In order to do this, it is not suitable for you to suffer one pain, but a lack of Divine Life – which is my privation. In order to form Its Kingdom in you, my Will wants to find in you all the satisfactions which the creatures have not given to It – all of Its lives which It was to make arise in them; otherwise It would be a Kingdom without foundation, without giving my Will the rights of justice, and without the due reparations. However, know that your Jesus will not leave you for too long, because I too know that you cannot live under the press of such a hard martyrdom.”
In addition to this, I felt afflicted because when the Reverend Father came, who must occupy himself with the printing of the writings about the Most Holy Will of God, he wanted me to give him all the writings, leaving me not even those whose copies he already had. The thought that the most intimate things between me and Jesus were out, and of being unable even to go over again what Jesus had told me about His Holy Will, tormented me. And Jesus, coming back, told me: “My daughter, why do you afflict yourself so much? You must know that everything I made you write on paper, I Myself wrote first in the depth of your soul; and then I made you put it on paper. Even more, there are more things written in you than on paper; therefore, when you feel the need to go over again what regards the truths about the Supreme Fiat, take a look at your interior and soon will you see again whatever you want. To be sure of what I am telling you, look right now into your soul, and you will see, in order, everything I have manifested to you.”
While He was saying this, I looked into my interior, and in just one glance I could see everything. I could also see that which Jesus had told me and I have neglected to write. So I thanked my beloved Good and I resigned myself, offering my hard sacrifice - all to Him, and asking, in exchange, to give me the grace that His Will be known, loved and glorified.

October 9, 1926
The Kingdom of the Will of God is like a new Creation. Pleasure of Jesus in hearing one speak about His Will.
I was doing my round in the Supreme Volition according to my usual way, and my sweet Jesus showed me a globe of light within my interior. As I kept doing my acts in the Divine Fiat, it became larger, and the rays which came out of it became longer; and my always beloved Jesus told me: “My daughter, the more often you go around in my Will in order to repeat your acts, the larger the sphere of this globe of light becomes; and the more power of light it possesses, the more its rays can extend, to illuminate the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat. Your acts, fused – dissolved in my Will, will form the special sun which must illuminate a Kingdom so holy. This sun will possess the creative power, and in extending its rays, it will leave the mark of its sanctity, of goodness, of light, of beauty and of Divine likeness. Those who will let themselves be illuminated by its light will feel the power of a new continuous creation of joy, of contentments, of goods without end. Therefore, as my Will dominates all the acts of those who live in It, the Kingdom of my Will will be a continuous creation. The creature will remain under a new continuous act of this Supreme Will, which will keep her so absorbed, that there will be no field of action for her own self.
This is why I love so much that the Kingdom of my Will be known – for the great good that the creatures will receive, and for the free field of action It will have. The Supreme Will is now hindered by their own ‘self’; but when It will be known, Its rays, vivifying, penetrating and full of living light, will eclipse the human will which will be dazzled by Its refulgent light; and in seeing the great good it can receive, it will give freedom of action to my Will, giving It total dominion. Therefore, in this Kingdom, a new era – a new Creation will begin for my Will. It will put out everything It had established to give to the creatures, as if they had always done Its Will, after having to keep these things for many centuries as though in deposit within Itself, to then release them for the good of the children of Its Kingdom.”
After this, I continued to pray. But while I was praying, I saw that my highest good Jesus, in a great hurry, was coming out from the depth of my interior, pushing a bundle of light which was above Him, and kept Him as though eclipsed under it, inside of me, preventing me from seeing Him. So, pushing it hurriedly, He came out, and I said to Him: ‘My Jesus, why are You in such a hurry? Is it perhaps something that interests You very much?’
And Jesus: “Certainly, my daughter - it is indeed the thing that interests Me the most. You know, from within you I heard the father who took our writings with him speak about my Will to those who surrounded him, with so much love that I felt wounded deep in my Heart. So I wanted to come out of you in order to listen to him. Those are my own words which I have spoken about my Will that resound to my hearing. I hear my own echo, and therefore I want to take all the pleasure in listening to him, and I want that you too take it, as a reward for the sacrifices you have made.”
At that moment, I saw a ray of light coming out of Jesus, which extended so much as to reach the place where Reverend Father was, and investing him, it made him speak – and Jesus was all consoled in hearing the speaking about His adorable Will.

October 12, 1926
What it means to be the firstborn daughter of the Divine Will. How Jesus feels drawn by His Will to visit the soul, disposing her to be with Him.
I felt immersed in the sea of pain of the privation of my Highest Good, Jesus, and as much as I asked for Him, going around Heaven and earth, it was not given to me to find the One whom I so much longed for. So, the waters of pain, swelling more and more, drowned me with sorrows and with pain – but that pain which only Jesus can give, and knows how to give, to a poor and little heart that loves. And because it is little, it cannot sustain all the immensity of the bitter waters of the pain of His privation, therefore it remains drowned and oppressed, waiting for the One whom I so much yearn and long for.
Then, while I was all oppressed, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, in the midst of a cloud of light, and told me: “Firstborn daughter of my Will, why are you so oppressed? If you think about your great fortune, your oppression will depart from you. Do you know what firstborn daughter of my Will means? It means first daughter of the love of our Celestial Father, and first among all to be loved. It means first daughter of grace, of light, first daughter of glory, first daughter to possess the riches of her Divine Father, first daughter of Creation. As firstborn daughter of the Supreme Will, she contains all the bonds, all the relations, all the rights which befit a firstborn daughter – bonds of daughtership, relations of communication with all the dispositions of her Celestial Father, rights of possession of all His goods.
But this is not all. Do you know what first daughter to be delivered by my Will means? It means not only being first in the love and in all the things of her Creator, but to enclose within herself all the love and all the goods of the other children. Therefore, if the others will possess each one his own part, she, as firstborn, will possess, all together, the goods of the others. This, with right and with justice because, as firstborn, my Will entrusted everything to her – It gave her everything; therefore in her is the origin of all things, the cause for which Creation was made, the purpose for which the Divine action and love entered the field. She who was to be the firstborn daughter of Our Will, was the primary cause of all the work of a God; therefore, as a consequence, all goods derive from her. From her do they come - to her do they return. See, then, how fortunate you are; you cannot fully comprehend what it means to have primacy in love and in all the things of your Creator.”
On hearing this, I said to Him: ‘My Love, what are You saying? And then, what benefit do I get from such a great fortune when You deprive me of You? All goods turn into bitternesses without You. And then, I have told You many times that I want You alone, because You are enough for me in everything; and if I had everything, without You everything turns into martyrdom and indescribable pain. Love, grace, light, the whole Creation, speak to me about You - they make me know Who You are; and not finding You, I become delirious, I go into mortal agonies. Therefore, the primacy, the rights of firstborn – give them to whomever you want; I don’t care about them. If you want to make me happy, You alone, stay with me – this is enough for me.’
And Jesus added: “My daughter, I alone should not be enough for you, nor do I want you to say that you do not care about all the rest. No, no, if it is not enough for Me to give you Myself alone without giving you all of my things, if I care that you have the primacy and be the firstborn daughter, you too must care about it. Don’t you know that my frequent coming is linked to the fact that you are my firstborn daughter? Don’t you know that, as long as Adam remained the firstborn son of my Will, having therefore primacy over everything, I visited him often? Because my Will reigned in him, I administered to him all the necessary manners in order to be with Me, as the son who forms the consolation of his Father. I spoke to him as to a son, and he to Me as to his Father. As he withdrew from my Will he lost his primacy, the rights of firstborn, and along with them he lost all of my goods. He no longer felt the strength to sustain my presence, nor did I feel drawn by a Divine force and Will to go to him. So, all his bonds with Me were broken; nothing was due to him by right any more, and he no longer saw Me unveiled, but in the midst of lightnings and eclipsed within my light – that light of my Will which he had rejected.
Now, don’t you know that the primacy which Adam lost as firstborn son of my Will was passed on to you, and that I must enclose all the goods which I was to enclose in him, had he not withdrawn from my Will? Therefore I look at you as the first creature which came out of Our hands - because one who lives in my Will is always the first for her Creator; and even if she is born later in time, this says nothing: in Our Will, one who has never gone out of It, is always first. See then - you must care about everything; my coming itself is the irresistible force of my Will which draws you to Me and disposes you. Therefore, I want highest gratitude because of your fortune of being the firstborn daughter of my Will.”
I didn’t know what to answer. I remained confused, and in the intimate place of my soul, I said: ‘Fiat, Fiat’.

October 13, 1926
How the Divine Will will form the eclipse of the human will.
I was fusing all of myself in the Holy Divine Will, and while I was going around in It, doing my acts, my beloved Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, every act, prayer and pain which the soul makes enter into the light of my Will, becomes light and forms one more ray in the sun of the Eternal Volition. These rays form the most beautiful glory that the creature can give to the Divine Fiat, in such a way that, seeing Itself so glorified by Its own light, It invests these rays with new knowledges, which, turning into voices, manifest to the soul more surprises about my Will. But do you know what these knowledges form for the creature? They form the eclipse of the human will; and the stronger the light is, and the more the rays are, the more strongly the human will remains dazzled and eclipsed by the light of my knowledges; in such a way, that it almost feels impotent to act, and so it gives field to the action of the light of my Will. The human will remains occupied within the action of my Will, and it lacks the time and the place to make its own act.
It is like the human eye when it stares at the sun: the power of the light invests the pupil, and lording over it, it renders it impotent to look at other things; but in spite of this, it has not lost its vision. It is the power of light that has this power: it takes away any other object from one who looks at it, and allows him to enjoy no other light. I will never take freedom away from the human will – a great gift, given to man in creating him, which makes creatures distinguishable as to whether they want to be my children, or not. But, rather, with the light of the knowledges about my Will, I will form more than solar rays, and whoever wants to know them and look at them, will be invested by this light; in such a way that, eclipsed, the human will will take delight and love in looking at this light, and will feel fortunate that the action of the light takes the place of its own. So it will lose love and delight for the other things. This is why I am speaking so much about my Will – to form powerful light, because the more powerful it is, the stronger is the eclipses it forms in order to occupy the human will.
Look at the sky; it is an image of this. If you look at it at night, you will see it studded with stars; but if you look at it during the day, the stars no longer exist for the human eye. However, they are still at their place in the sky, just as at nighttime. Who had such power as to make the stars disappear, while they are present during full daylight? The sun. With the power of its light, it eclipsed them, but it did not destroy them. In fact, when the sun begins to set, they will return to show up in the vault of the heavens. It seems they are afraid of light, so they hide to give field to the action of the light of the sun, because, in their mute language, they know that the sun contains more effects of goods for the earth, and it is right they give field to the great action of the sun. So, as homage to it, they let themselves be eclipsed by its light. But as the eclipse ends, they let themselves be seen – there, at their place. So it will be between the sun of the knowledges about the Supreme Fiat and the human wills which will let themselves be illuminated by these rays of light of my knowledges: these will form the eclipse of the human wills which, in seeing the great good of the action of their light, will feel ashamed and afraid of acting with the human will, and will give free field to the action of the light of the Divine Will. Therefore, the more you pray and suffer in It, the more knowledges you draw to be manifested to you, and the more powerful the light becomes in order to form the sweet eclipse of the human will. In this way, I will be able to establish the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.”

October 15, 1926
As much Divine Will as one has enclosed on earth, so much happiness will he have in Heaven.
Continuing my usual round in the Supreme Will, I was saying to myself: ‘My Jesus, your Will embraces and encloses everything, and I, in the name of the first creature that came out of your creative hands, up to the last one that will be created, intend to repair for all the oppositions of the human wills made against Yours, and to take within me all the acts of your adorable Will which the creatures have rejected, in order to return them all with love and adoration; in such a way that there may be no act of Yours without the correspondence of one act of mine, so that, in finding my little act as though bilocated in each one of your acts, You may be satisfied, and may come to reign triumphantly upon earth. Is it perhaps not true that your Eternal Fiat wants to find in the human acts the support on which to dominate? Therefore, in each one of your acts, I offer You mine as the field on which You can lay your Kingdom.”
Now, while I was thinking and saying this, my always lovable Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “Little daughter of my Will, it is just, it is necessary, it is a right of both sides – both yours and of my Will – that whoever is a child of my Will follow the multiplicity of the acts of my Will, and that my Will receive them into Its acts. A father would be unhappy, if he did not feel his son at his side, in order to be followed by his son in his acts; nor would the son feel loved by the father if, putting him aside, the father would not let himself be followed by his son. Therefore, daughter of my Will and newborn in It means exactly this: to follow all of Its acts as a faithful daughter. In fact, you must know that in Creation my Will entered the field of action in the human acts of the creature; but in order to act, It wants the act of the creature within Its own, so as to carry out Its work and be able to say: ‘My Kingdom is in the midst of my children, and right in the intimate place of their acts’. In fact, as much as the creature takes of my Will, so much do I extend my kingdom in her, and she extends her kingdom in my Will – but according to how much she lets herself be dominated in her acts. In this way, she expands her boundaries in my kingdom, and I give, and she takes ever more joy, more happiness, more goods, and more glory.
In fact, it is established that in the Celestial Fatherland they will receive as much glory, beatitude and happiness, for as much of my Will as they have enclosed in their souls on earth. Their glory will be measured by that very Will of Mine which their souls will possess; nor will they be able to receive more, because their capacity and wideness is formed by that very Divine Will which they have done and possessed while living on earth. And even if my generosity wanted to give more, they would lack the space to contain it, and it would overflow outside.
Now, my daughter, of all that my Will has established to give to the creatures, of all of Its acts, they have taken little - they have known little until now, because Its kingdom has not only not been known, but not even possessed. Therefore, in Heaven It cannot give all Its complete glory, or all the joys and happiness It possesses, because It finds Itself in the midst of children who are incapable and of little stature. This is why It awaits the time of Its Kingdom with great love and yearning – to have Its total dominion, and to give from Its Fiat everything It had established to give to the creatures, therefore forming children who are capable of receiving all of Its goods. Only because of these children – the children of the Kingdom of my Will – will the glory of all the Blessed be completed in the Celestial Fatherland, because these have enclosed what my Will wanted, giving It free field of action and of dominion. Therefore, they will have the essential glory, because they will have the capacity and the space in order to contain it. Through them, the others will have the accidental glory, and all together, they will enjoy the complete glory and the full happiness of my Will. So, the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat will be the full triumph of Heaven and earth.”
Now, I was thinking to myself: ‘In the Our Father our Lord teaches us to pray “your Will be done”. Why does He now say that He wants us to live in It?’
And Jesus, always benign, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, ‘your Will be done’ which I taught in the Our Father means that everyone was to pray that they might at least do the Will of God. This is for all Christians and for all times; nor can anyone call himself a Christian if he does not dispose himself to do the Will of his Celestial Father. But you have not thought of the other note which comes immediately after: ‘on earth as it is in Heaven’. ‘On earth as it is in Heaven’ means to live in the Divine Will; it means to pray that the Kingdom of my Will may come on earth in order to live in It. In Heaven, they not only do my Will, but they live in It – they possess It as their own thing, and as their own kingdom. If they did It, but did not possess It, their happiness would not be full, because true happiness begins in the depth of the soul. To do the Will of God does not mean to possess It, but to be submitted to Its commands. To live in It, instead, is possession. Therefore, in the Our Father, in the words ‘your Will be done’ is the prayer that all may do the Supreme Will, and in ‘on earth as it is in Heaven’, that man may return into that Will from which he came, in order to reacquire his happiness, the lost goods, and the possession of his Divine Kingdom.”

October 17, 1926
How the soul goes around all Creation and Redemption, asking for the Fiat. The Fiat is the foundation.
It seems I cannot do without continuing my round in the Supreme Will. I feel It is my true home, and only then am I content, when I go around within It, because I find everything that belongs to my sweet Jesus, and by virtue of His Will, whatever belongs to Him, is also mine. Therefore, I have much to give to my beloved Good; even more, there is so much to give Him, that I never finish giving Him everything. So I remain with the desire to go back and continue my round, to be able to give Him everything that belongs to His adorable Will.
While going around, thinking of the great good that the Supreme Will brings to the soul, I prayed to Jesus that He would soon make It known to all, so that they may take part in such a great good. And in order to obtain this, as I reached each created thing, I would say to Him: ‘I come into the sun to keep company with your Will reigning and dominating in it, with all the splendor of Its majesty. But while I keep You company in the sun, I pray that your Eternal Fiat be known, and just as It reigns triumphantly in the sun, It may come to reign triumphantly in the midst of creatures. See, also the sun is praying You – all of its light turns into prayer, and extending over the earth, investing plants and flowers, mountains and plains, seas and rivers with its light, it prays that your Fiat may be one upon earth, and that It may harmonize with all creatures. Therefore, I am not the only one who is praying, but it is the Power of your very Will reigning in the sun that is praying. The light is praying; its innumerable effects, the goods, the colors it contains, are praying – all are praying that your Fiat may reign over all. Can You resist such a great mass of light, which prays with the Power of your own Will? And I, little as I am, while keeping You company in this sun, bless, adore, glorify your adorable Will, with that magnificence and glory with which your own Will glorifies Itself in Its works. So, only in the creatures is your Will not to find the perfect glory of Its works? Therefore, come – may your Fiat come.’
But while doing this, I feel all the light of the sun praying that the Eternal Fiat may come; or rather, it is His very adorable Will which, investing the light, prays. And I, leaving It there praying, move into the other created things to make my little visit, to keep a little company with the adorable Will in each one of Its acts, which It exercises in each created thing. So I go through the heavens, the stars, the sea, so that the heavens may pray, the stars may pray, the sea may pray with its murmuring that the Supreme Fiat be known and reign triumphantly over all creatures, just as It reigns in them. Then, after wandering through all created things to keep company with the Divine Fiat, and to ask, from within each thing, that It may come to reign upon earth – how beautiful it is to see and hear the whole Creation praying that Its Kingdom may come into the midst of creatures. Then I descend into everything that my sweet Jesus did in Redemption – into His tears, into His baby moans, into His works, steps and words, into His pains, into His wounds, into His blood, and even into His death, so that His tears may pray that His Fiat come, His moans and everything He did, all in chorus, may supplicate that His Fiat be known, and that His very death may make the life of His Divine Will rise again in the creatures.
Then, while I was doing these and other things – I would be too long if I wanted to say everything – my sweet Jesus, squeezing me to Himself, told me: “Little daughter of my Will, you must know that my Will left Itself reigning in all Creation, to give field to the creatures to make as many visits for as many things as It created. It wanted the company of the creature in the mute language of the whole universe. How hard is the isolation of this Will so holy, which wants to sanctify, and finds no one with whom to share Its Sanctity; It is so rich and yearning to give, but It finds no one to whom to give; so beautiful, but It finds no one to embellish; so happy, but It finds no one to make happy. Being able to give - wanting to give, and having no one to whom to give is always a sorrow and an unspeakable pain; and it is even more painful to be left alone. Therefore, in seeing a creature enter the field of Creation to keep It company, It feels delighted, and It feels that the purpose for which It left Itself reigning in each created thing is being fulfilled. But that which makes It more happy and glorified, is that, as you reach each created thing, you ask that Its Fiat be known and reign over all, and you move my very Will in the sun, in the heavens, in the sea – in everything, to pray that the Kingdom of my Will may come. In fact, since my Fiat is in you, one can say that it is my Will Itself that prays and moves all of my works, and even my tears and sighs, so that the Kingdom of my Will may come.
You cannot understand what contentment You give Me – how my Heart and my own Will are touched, in hearing all of Our works praying because they want Our Fiat. You see, then, my contentment, because I see that you ask nothing for yourself - neither glory, nor love, nor graces. And in seeing that your littleness cannot obtain a kingdom so great, you go through all of my works, wherever an act of my Will is present, doing its office, and you make my own Fiat say: ‘Let your Kingdom come. O please, let It be known, loved and possessed by the human generations.’ A Divine Will that prays together with Our works, and together with Its little daughter, is the greatest portent. It is a power equal to Ours that prays, and it is impossible for Us not to grant what it asks. How holy, how pure, noble and fully Divine is the Kingdom of Our Will - without a shadow of what is human. Our own Fiat will be Its basis, Its foundation and Its depth, which extending below, in the midst and above these children of the celestial family, will render their step firm, and the Kingdom of my Will unshakeable for them.”

October 19, 1926
(no title)
As I was in my usual state, my adorable Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, with a sun which came down from heaven and was centered in His breast. And as I prayed, breathed, moved and did my acts in His Will, it acquired light and Jesus expanded more within my soul, occupying more space. I remained surprised in seeing that everything I did acquired light from the breast of Jesus, and that Jesus became larger and extended more within me, and I was filled more with Him. After this, He said to me: “My daughter, my Divinity is a new continuous act, and since my Will is the regime of it, the carrying out of Our works, the bearer of this new act, It possesses the fullness of this new act, and therefore It is ever new in Its works, new in Its happiness, in the joy, and ever new in the manifestations of Its knowledges.
This is why It tells you always new things about my Fiat – because It possesses the source of novelties. And if many things seem to be alike, and to hold hands, this is the effect of the unending light It contains: being inseparable, they seem to be lights which are all linked together. The light contains the substance of colors, which are like many new and distinct acts that the light possesses; one cannot say that there is only one color, but rather, all colors, with the varieties of all shades - pale, strong and dark. However, that which embellishes these colors and renders them more brilliant is the fact that they are invested by the power of light; otherwise, they would be colors without attractiveness and without beauty. In the same way, the many knowledges given to you about my Will, because they come from Its unending light, are invested with light, and therefore it seems that they hold hands - that they look alike. However, in their substance, they are more than colors – ever new in the truths, new in their way, new in the good they bring, new in the sanctification they communicate, new in the similes, new in the beauties. And maybe even just one new and additional word contained in the different manifestations about my Will, is always a divine color, and it is a new eternal act that the creature takes – an act which never ends, in the grace, in the goods, in the glory.
Do you know what it means to possess these knowledges about my Will? It is as if one possessed a coin which has the virtue of making arise as many coins as he wants; and by possessing a springing good, poverty is over. In the same way, these knowledges of Mine possess light, sanctity, strength, beauty and riches, which spring up continuously. So, those who will possess them will have the source of light, of sanctity; therefore darkness, weakness, the ugliness of sin, poverty of divine goods, will end for them. All evils will end, and they will possess the source of Sanctity.
See, this light which you see as centered in my breast is my Supreme Will. As you emit your acts, light arises, and communicates itself to you, bringing you new knowledges about my Fiat, which, by emptying you, enlarge the place in which I can extend more within you. And as I keep extending, your natural life, your will - all of yourself, come to an end, because you give place to Mine, and I occupy Myself with forming and extending more and more the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat in you. So you will have a larger field in order to go around in It, and to help Me in the work of the new formation of my Kingdom in the midst of creatures.”
Then, I continued my acts in the unending heaven of the Divine Will, and I could touch with my own hand how in everything that came out of the eternal Fiat, both in Creation and in Redemption and in Sanctification, there are many beings and innumerable things – all new and distinct among themselves. At most, they look alike, they hold hands, but not one being or thing can say, “I am the same as the other”. Even the most tiny insect, the most little flower, carries the mark of novelty. So I thought to myself: ‘It is really true that the Fiat of the Divine Majesty contains the virtue - the source of a new continuous act! What happiness it is to let oneself be dominated by this omnipotent Fiat – to be under the influence of a new act, never interrupted.’ Now, while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus came back, and looking at me with unspeakable love, called everything around Himself. At His wish, all Creation and the goods of Redemption found themselves around Jesus, and He bound my poor soul to all Creation and Redemption, to let me receive all the effects of everything that His adorable Will has done. And He added: “My daughter, one who lets herself be dominated by my Will, is under the influence of all Its acts, and receives the effects and the life of what I did in Creation and Redemption. Everything is in relationship with her, and bound to her.”

October 22, 1926
The great good that the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat will bring. How It will be the preserver from all evils. Just as the Virgin, while doing no miracle, made the great miracle of giving a God to the creatures, so it will be for the one who must make the Kingdom known: she will make the great miracle of giving a Divine Will.
I was thinking to myself about the Holy Divine Will, and I said: ‘But, what will be the great good of this Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat?’ Jesus, interrupting my thought, as though in a hurry, moved in my interior, telling me: “My daughter, what will be the great good?! What will be the great good?! The Kingdom of my Fiat will enclose all goods, all miracles and the most sensational prodigies; even more, It will surpass them all together. And if ‘miracle’ means to give sight to a blind person, to straighten up a cripple, to heal one who is sick, to raise one who is dead, etc., the Kingdom of my Will will have the preserving nourishment, and for whomever enters into It, there will be no danger that he may become blind, crippled or sick. Death will no longer have power in the soul; and if it will have it over the body, it will not be death, but transit. Without the nourishment of sin and the degraded human will which produced the corruption of the bodies, and with the preserving nourishment of my Will, the bodies will not be subject to decompose and be corrupted so horribly as to strike fear even into the strongest ones, as it happens now; but they will remain composed in their sepulchers, waiting for the day of the resurrection of all.
Do you think it is a greater miracle to restore the sight of a poor blind one, to straighten up a cripple, to heal a sick person, or to have a preserving means, so that the eye may never lose its sight, so that one may always walk straight, and so that he may always be healthy? I believe that the preserving miracle is greater than the miracle after a misfortune has occurred. This is the great difference between the kingdom of Redemption and the kingdom of the Supreme Fiat: in the first, the miracle was for the poor unfortunate, as it is today, who lie some in one misfortune, some in another. Therefore, I gave the example, also externally, of giving many different healings, which were the symbol of the healings which I gave to the souls, and which return easily to their infirmity. The second will be a preserving miracle, because my Will possesses this miraculous power: whoever lets himself be dominated by It, will be subject to no evil. Therefore It will have no need to make miracles, because It will preserve them always healthy, holy and beautiful – worthy of that beauty which came out of Our creative hands in creating the creature.
The Kingdom of the Divine Fiat will make the great miracle of banishing all evils, all miseries, all fears, because It will not perform a miracle at one time or circumstance, but will keep the children of Its Kingdom with Itself with an act of continuous miracle, to preserve them from any evil, and let them be distinguished as the children of Its Kingdom. This, in the souls; but also in the body there will be many modifications, because sin is always the nourishment of all evils. Once sin is removed, there will be no nourishment for evil; more so, since my Will and sin cannot exist together, therefore also the human nature will have its beneficial effects.
Now, my daughter, having to prepare the great miracle of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, I am doing with you, firstborn daughter of my Will, just as I did with the Sovereign Queen, my Mama, when I had to prepare the Kingdom of Redemption. I drew Her so closely to Me; I kept Her so occupied in Her interior, as to be able to form together with Her the miracle of Redemption, which was so much needed. There were so many things which, together, we were to do, to redo, to complete, that I had to hide from her outward appearance those things which might be called miracles, except for Her perfect virtue. By this, I rendered Her more free to cross the unending sea of the Eternal Fiat, to be able to have access to the Divine Majesty, in order to obtain the kingdom of Redemption.
What would be greater: that the Celestial Queen had given sight to the blind and speech to the mute, or the miracle of making the Eternal Word descend upon earth? The first would have been accidental, fleeting and individual miracles; the second, instead, is a permanent miracle – and it is for everyone, as long as they want it. Therefore, the first would have been nothing compared to the second. She was the true sun, who, eclipsing everything, eclipsed the very Word of the Father within Herself, letting all the goods, all the effects and miracles which Redemption produced, germinate from Her light. But as sun, She produced goods and miracles without allowing Herself to be seen, or pointed out as the primary cause of everything. In fact, all the good I did upon earth, I did because the Empress of Heaven reached the point of holding Her empire over the Divinity; and with Her empire She took Me from Heaven, to give Me to the creatures.
Now, I am doing the same with you, in order to prepare the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. I keep you with Me; I make you cross Its unending sea to give you access to the Celestial Father, that you may pray Him, win over Him, rule over Him, to obtain the Fiat of my Kingdom. In order to fulfill and consume in you all the miraculous power which is needed form a kingdom so holy, I keep you occupied continuously in your interior with the work of my kingdom; I make you go around continuously in order to redo - to complete everything that is needed, and that all should do in order to form the great miracle of my Kingdom. Externally, I let nothing miraculous appear in you, except for the light of my Will.
Some may say: ‘How can this be? Blessed Jesus manifests so many portents to this creature about this kingdom of the Divine Fiat, and the goods It will bring will surpass Creation and Redemption; even more, It will be the crown of both one and the other. But in spite of so much good, nothing miraculous can be seen in her, externally, as confirmation of the great good of this kingdom of the Eternal Fiat; while the other saints, without the portent of this great good, have made miracles at every step.’ But if they turn back to consider my dear Mama, the holiest of all creatures, and the great good which She enclosed within Herself and which She brought to the creatures, there is no one who can compare to Her. She made the great miracle of conceiving the Divine Word within Herself, and the portent of giving a God to each creature. And before this great prodigy, never before seen or heard, of being able to give the Eternal Word to the creatures, all other miracles together are like tiny little flames before the sun. Now, one who must do the most has no need to do the least. In the same way, before the miracle of the Kingdom of my Will restored in the midst of creatures, all other miracles will be tiny little flames before the great sun of my Will. Each saying, truth and manifestation about It, is a miracle which came out of my Will, as preserver from all evils. It is like binding the creatures to an infinite good, to a greater glory, and to a new beauty – fully Divine.
Each truth about my Eternal Fiat contains more power and prodigious virtue than if a dead man were resurrected, a leper were healed, a blind person regained his sight, or a mute his speech. In fact, my words on the sanctity and power of my Fiat will resurrect the souls to their origin; they will heal them from the leprosy produced by the human will. They will give them the sight to see the goods of the Kingdom of my Will, because until now, they have been like blind; they will give speech to many mute, who were able to say many other things, but only for my Will were like many mute without speech. And then, the miracle of being able to give to each creature a Divine Will which contains all goods – what will It not give them when It will be in possession of the children of Its Kingdom? This is why I keep you all occupied with the work of this Kingdom of Mine - and there is much to do, to prepare the great miracle that the Kingdom of the Fiat be known and possessed. Therefore, be attentive in crossing the unending sea of my Will, so that order may be established between Creator and creature; in this way, through you, I will be able to make the great miracle that man return to Me – into the origin from which he came.”
Then, I was thinking of what is written above, especially that each word and manifestation about the Supreme Will is a miracle that comes from It. And Jesus, to confirm what He had told me, added: “My daughter, when I came upon earth, what do you think was a greater miracle: my word, the Gospel I announced, or that I gave life to the dead, sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, etc.? Ah! My daughter, the greatest miracle was my word, my Gospel; more so, since miracles themselves came from my word. The foundation, the substance of all miracles came from my creative word. The Sacraments, Creation Itself, a permanent miracle, had life from my word; and my very Church has my word, my Gospel, as regime and foundation. Therefore, my word, my Gospel were greater miracles than miracles themselves – if these had life, it was because of my miraculous word. Therefore, be sure that the word of your Jesus is the greatest miracle. My word is like impetuous wind that runs, pounds on the hearing, enters the hearts, warms, purifies, enlightens, goes around and around from nation to nation; it covers all the world, and wanders throughout all centuries. Who can ever give death and bury one word of Mine? No one. And if sometimes it seems that my word is silent and as though hidden, it never loses its life. When least expected, it comes out and goes everywhere. Centuries will pass in which everything - men and things - will be overwhelmed and disappear, but my word will never pass away, because it contains Life – the miraculous power of the One who has delivered it.
Therefore, I confirm that each word and manifestation I make to you about my eternal Fiat is the greatest miracle, which will serve for the Kingdom of my Will. This is why I push you so much, and I care so much that not a word be not manifested and written by you – because I see a miracle of Mine coming back to Me, which will bring so much good to the children of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.”

October 24, 1926
How there is nothing more holy and bearer of every happiness than the Divine Will. How Creation and Redemption and all of their acts serve to est’blish the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.
I was doing my usual round in the Divine Volition, and in each thing I placed my “I love You”, asking that the Kingdom of the Fiat may come and be known upon earth. And reaching all the acts that my sweet Jesus did in Redemption, I asked, in each act, for the coming of His Kingdom; and I thought to myself: ‘Before, in going around so much, both in all Creation and in Redemption, I used to place only my “I love You”, my adoration, my “thank You”. And now, why can I not do without asking for the Kingdom of the Fiat? I feel I would want to overwhelm everything – the most tiny and the greatest thing, Heaven and earth, the very acts of Jesus and Jesus Himself - and force them, so that everything and everyone may say, together with me: “We want the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. We want It reigning and dominating in our midst.” More so, since all want It; the very acts of Jesus, His life, His tears, His Blood, His wounds, say from within: “May our Kingdom come upon earth”. So I enter into the act of Jesus, and I repeat along with it: “May the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat come soon”.’
Now, while I was thinking of this, my beloved Jesus came out from within my interior, and with unspeakable tenderness told me: “My daughter, one who is born in my Will feels Its life flowing within her and, as though naturally, she wants for all, that which she possesses. And since my Will is immense and encloses everything and everyone, one who possesses It wanders through all the things It encloses, to pray It and win It to descend upon earth and form Its Kingdom. However, you must know that in order to have dominion and be able to say what you want in all the things which came out of my Will and enclose It, first you had to know them and then love them, so that love might give you the right to possess them, and to make them do and say whatever you want. This is why before, in going around through all of my works, you impressed your “I love You”, “I adore You”, “I thank You” – you were getting to know my works and taking possession of them.
Now, after the possession, what greater, holier and more beautiful thing, more bearer of all happinesses to the human generations, can you ask in the midst of my works and together with them, than the coming of the Kingdom of my Will? More so since, in Creation it was the kingdom of the Fiat that I wanted to establish in the midst of creatures. And also in the kingdom of Redemption, all of my acts, my very Life, their origin, their substance - deep within them, it was the Fiat that they asked for, and for the Fiat were they made. If you could look into each one of my tears, each drop of my Blood, each pain, and all of my works, you would find, within them, the Fiat which they were asking for; they were directed toward the Kingdom of my Will. And even though, apparently, they seemed to be directed to redeeming and saving man, that was the way which they were opening in order to reach to the Kingdom of my Will.
This happens also to the creatures, when they decide to take possession of a kingdom, a house, or a land: they do not find themselves in it and in possession of it, in one instant; rather, they must make their way. Who knows how much suffering, fighting and climbing of stairs, in order to find themselves in it, and then take possession of it.
My daughter, if all the acts and pains which my Humanity suffered, did not have the restoration of the Kingdom of my Fiat upon earth as their origin, substance and life, I would have moved away and lost the purpose of Creation – which cannot be, because once God has set Himself a purpose, He must and can obtain the intent. If in everything you do, suffer and say, you do not ask for my Fiat, and do not have my Will as origin and substance, you move away and do not fulfill your mission. And It is necessary that you go around times upon times in my Will, in the midst of my works, to ask, all in chorus, for the coming of the Supreme Fiat - so that, together with all Creation and will all my works which I did in Redemption, you may be filled to the brim with all the acts that are needed before the Celestial Father to make known and to impetrate the Kingdom of my Will upon earth.
Now, you must know that all Creation and all of my works done in Redemption are as though tired of waiting, and find themselves in the condition of a noble and rich family, whose children are of appropriate stature, good looking, of uncommon intelligence, always well dressed, and with marvelous neatness. They are the ones who make always the best impression among all the others. Now, after such a great fortune, this family had a misfortune: one of these children, degrading himself, descends from his nobility and goes around always dirty; he does unworthy and vile acts which dishonor the nobility of the family, and as much as they do so that he may appear together with his brothers, they do not succeed; rather, he becomes worse and worse, to the point of becoming the mockery and the laughingstock of all. The whole family has a constant sorrow; and as much as they feel the dishonor of this son, they cannot destroy him and say that he does not belong to them, or that he did not come from that same father to whom they belong.
Such is the condition in which all Creation and all the works of my Redemption find themselves. Their origin is Divine nobility; all of them have the Will of their Celestial Father as uniform, as dominion and as life; therefore they all maintain themselves in their nobility – beautiful, decorous, pure, of enchanting beauty, and worthy of that Will that possesses them. After so much glory and honor, this celestial family had the misfortune that one alone – man – who came from the same Father as theirs, degraded himself, and in the midst of their great glory and beauty, he is always dirty, he does foolish actions - unworthy and vile. They cannot deny that he belongs to them, but they do not want him in their midst so dirty and foolish; therefore, as though tired, they all pray that the Kingdom of my Will may come into the midst of creatures, so that one may be the nobility, the honor and the glory of this family. And in seeing that the little daughter of my Will comes into their midst, and admiring them, asks, and makes all ask, for the coming of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat into the midst of creatures, they all feel delighted, because the end of their sorrow is near.”

October 26, 1926
How in all the acts that Jesus did, His purpose was the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat. Adam feels the honor he had lost being returned to him.
As I continued to unite myself with the acts that Jesus did in Redemption, my always lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, see how all the acts I did in redeeming man, and even the miracles I performed during my public life, had no other purpose but to call the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat into the midst of creatures; and in the act of doing them, I asked my Celestial Father to make It known and to restore It in the midst of the human generations. If I gave sight to the blind, my first act was to put to flight the darkness of the human will - the primary cause of the blindness of the soul and of the body, so that the light of my Will might illuminate the souls of many blind, and they might obtain the sight to look at my Will in order to love It, and their bodies also might be exempt from losing the sight. If I gave hearing to the deaf, first I asked my Father that they might acquire the hearing to hear the voices, the knowledges, the prodigies of my Divine Will, so that It might enter into their hearts as the way through which to dominate them, and there might be no more deaf in the world – either of soul or of body. Also in the dead I resurrected, I asked that the souls might rise again in my Eternal Will – even those which were putrefied, and made more than cadavers by the human will. And when I took the ropes to cast the profanators out of the temple, it was the human will that I was casting out, so that Mine might enter, reigning and dominating, and they might be truly rich in their souls and no longer subject to natural poverty. When I entered Jerusalem triumphantly, in the midst of the triumph of the crowds, surrounded with honor and glory, it was the triumph of my Will that I established in the midst of the peoples.
There was no act I did while being on earth in which I did not place my Will as prime act to be established once again in the midst of creatures, because that was the thing I cared for the most. If it were not so, or if I did not do so – if in everything I worked and suffered I did not have the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat as prime act to be restored in the midst of creatures – my coming upon earth would have brought a half good to the generations – not a complete one, and the glory of my Celestial Father would not have been completely reintegrated by Me. In fact, since my Will is the origin of every good and the only purpose of Creation and Redemption, It is therefore the ultimate fulfillment of all Our works. Without It, Our most beautiful works remain within a frame and without completion, because It alone is the crown of Our works and the seal that Our work is complete. Therefore, for the honor and glory of the very work of Redemption, It was to have, as prime act, the purpose of the Kingdom of my Will.”
After this, I was beginning my round in the Divine Will, and going into the terrestrial Eden, where Adam had done the first act of withdrawal of his will from the Divine, I said to my sweet Jesus: ‘My Love, I want to annihilate my will in Yours, that it may never have life, so that your Will may have life in everything and forever, in order to repair for the first act which Adam did, and return to your Supreme Will all the glory as if Adam had never withdrawn from It. Oh! how I wish to give back to him the honor he lost because he did his own will and rejected Yours. And I intend to do this act for as many times as creatures have done their own will - the cause of all evils, and have rejected Yours - the origin and fount of all goods. Therefore I pray You that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat may come soon, so that everyone, from Adam up to all the creatures who have done their own will, may receive the honor and the glory which they lost, and your Will may receive triumph, glory and Its fulfillment.’
Now, while I was saying this, my highest Good, Jesus, was moved and touched, and making my first father Adam present to me, let him himself tell me, with emphasis of love, all special: “Blessed daughter, finally my Lord God, after so many centuries, has delivered to the light of the day the one who was to think about giving me back the honor and the glory which I lost, alas, by doing my will. How I feel my happiness redoubled. Until now, no one has ever thought of giving me back that honor which I lost. Therefore I thank God profoundly for having delivered you to the light, and I thank you, the daughter dearest to me, for taking on the commitment to return to God the glory, as if His Will had never been offended by me, and to me the great honor that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat be established once again in the midst of the human generations. It is right that I give you the place which had been destined to me as the first creature that came out of the hands of our Creator.”
After this, my lovable Jesus, clasping me to Himself, told me: “My daughter, not only Adam, but all Heaven awaits your acts in my Will, in order to receive the honor which their human will has taken away from them. You must know that I have placed more grace in you than I placed in Adam, so that my Will might possess you and dominate triumphantly over you, and so that yours might feel honored to never have life and to give the place to my Will. In him I did not place my Humanity as his help and strength, and as cortege of my Will, because then I did not have It. But I have placed It in you, to provide you with all the necessary helps, so that your will may remain at its place, and Mine may reign and, together with you, may follow your rounds in my eternal Volition in order to establish Its Kingdom.”
On hearing this, surprised, I said: ‘My Jesus, what are You saying? It seems to me that You want to tempt me and make fun of me. How is it possible that You have placed more grace in me than in Adam?’
And Jesus: “Certainly, certainly, my daughter. I had to do in such a way that your will might be sustained by another Divine Humanity, so that it would not stagger, but remain firm in my Will. So, I am not making fun of you, but I am telling you this, so that you correspond to Me and be attentive.”

October 29, 1926
How in all created things God concentrated His love toward man. Outpouring of love in creating him, and how the Fiat made him live at the reflections of his Creator.
I was continuing my round in all Creation, in order to follow each act of the Supreme Will in each created thing; and my always lovable Jesus came out from within my interior to accompany me through the whole space of the vault of the heavens. And as we reached each created thing, Jesus gave starts of joy and of love. Then, pausing, He told me: “My daughter, I created the heavens and I concentrated my Love for man in the heavens; and to give him greater delight, I studded them with stars. I did not love the heavens, but man in the heavens, and for him I created them. How strong and great was my Love in extending this blue vault above the head of man, adorned with most refulgent stars, like a pavilion which neither kings nor emperors can have. But I was not content with concentrating my Love for man in the heavens, which was to serve him as pure delight. Wanting to delight in love with him, I wanted to create the sun, concentrating so much Love for man in it. I loved man in the sun - not the sun in itself, and therefore I placed in it love of necessity, because the sun was necessary for the earth, having to serve the plants and the well being of man; love of light, which was to illuminate him; and love of fire, which was to warm him. As many goods and effects as this planet produces, which are innumerable – a continuous miracle placed in the vault of the heavens, which descends with its light for the benefit of all – so many specialties of love did I concentrate in the sun for man.
Oh, if only the creature paid attention to my Love that the sun brings to her, how happy I would feel, and requited of the great love I placed in this Divine Relater of Mine and bearer of my Love and of my Light. While my Supreme Will operated, constituting Itself life of each created thing in order to give Itself as life to the human generations also through them, my Love, making Its way in my Eternal Fiat, concentrated Itself in them, to love man. So, in each created thing – in the wind, in the sea, in the tiny flower, in the little bird that sings – in everything, I concentrated my Love, so that all things might bring him love. But in order to hear, comprehend and receive my language of love, man was supposed to love Me; otherwise all Creation would remain as though mute and lifeless for him.
Now, after I created everything, I formed the nature of man with my own creative hands; and as I formed the bones, as I extended the nerves, as I formed the heart, I kept concentrating my Love. And after I clothed him with flesh, forming the most beautiful statue, which no other maker could ever do, I looked at him, and I loved him so much that, unable to contain my Love, it overflowed; and breathing on him, I infused life in him.
But We were not content. In an excess of love, the Sacrosanct Trinity wanted to endow him, giving him intellect, memory and will; and according to his capacity of creature, We enriched him with all the particles of Our Divine Being. All of the Divinity was intent in loving man and in pouring Itself into him. From the very first instant of his life, he felt all the strength of Our Love, and from the depth of his heart, he expressed, with his own voice, love for his Creator. Oh! how happy We felt in hearing Our work, the statue made by Us, speaking, loving Us – and with perfect love. It was the reflection of Our Love that came from him – a love which had not been contaminated by his will, and therefore his love was perfect, because he possessed the fullness of Our Love. Until then, of all the things created by Us, not one thing had said to Us that it loved Us. Now, in hearing that man loved Us, Our joy, Our contentment, was so great, that as fulfillment of Our feast, We constituted him king of all the universe, and the most beautiful jewel of Our creative hands. How beautiful man was in the first times of his creation. He was Our reflection, and these reflections gave him so much beauty as to enrapture Our Love, and render him perfect in all of his acts. Perfect was the glory he gave to his Creator; perfect his adoration, his love, his works. His voice was so harmonious as to resound through the whole Creation, because he possessed the Divine harmony, and the harmony of that Fiat which had given him life. Everything was order in him, because Our Will brought him the order of his Creator; It rendered him happy, and made him grow in Our likeness, and according to Our words: ‘Let Us make man in Our image and likeness.’
Each one of his acts, done in the unity of the light of the Supreme Fiat, was a shade of Divine beauty that he acquired. Each word of his was one more harmonious note that resounded. Everything was love in him; in everything he sang the praises of Our Glory, of Our Power and infinite Wisdom; and everything – heavens, sun and earth – brought him the joys, the happiness and the love of the One who had created him.
If you could form a statue the way you liked best, and then you poured all of yourself into it, giving it all the vital humors, and with the empire of your love you gave life to it – how much would you not love it? And how much would you not want it to love you? What would be your jealousy of love for it to remain at your disposal, and such that you would tolerate not even one heartbeat that were not all for you? Ah! in your statue you would look at yourself, and therefore at every little thing which were not done for you - you would feel a tearing made to your very self.
So am I. Everything that the creature does not do for Me are tearings that I feel; more so, since the earth that sustains her is Mine; the sun that illuminates her and warms her is Mine; the water she drinks, the food she takes are Mine. Everything is Mine – she lives at my expense; and while I give her everything, she - the beautiful statue - is not for Me. What should then be my sorrow, the affront and the offense that I receive from this statue? Think about it, you yourself, my daughter. Now, you must know that my Will alone can give Me back my statue – beautiful, just as I made it, because my Will is the preserver of all Our works, and the bearer of all Our reflections, in such a way that the soul lives of Our reflections. If she loves, these administer to her the perfection of Our love; if she works, the perfection of Our works - in sum, everything she does is perfect in her, and this perfection gives her so many shades of different divine beauties, as to enamor the Maker who formed her. This is why I love so much that the Supreme Fiat become known and form Its Kingdom in the midst of the human generations – to establish the order between Creator and creature, and to place Our goods in common with her once again. Our Will alone has this power; without It, there cannot be much good, nor can Our statue return to Us, as beautiful as it came out of Our creative hands.”

November 1, 1926
What the Supreme Fiat does in each created thing, and the lessons It gives to the creatures in order to come and reign in their midst.
I was doing my usual round in the whole Creation, to be able to love and glorify as the Divine Fiat Itself loves and glorifies, in all created things. But while I was doing this, I thought to myself: ‘My sweet Jesus makes me go around through the whole Creation, almost to reach His Will in all of Its acts, to keep It company, to give to It my “I love You”, my “Thank You”, my “I adore You”, and to ask that Its Kingdom may come soon. But I do not know all that this Divine Will does in each created thing – I would like to know It, so that my act may be one with Its own.’
Now, while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus, all goodness, came out from within my interior and told me: “It is right that the little daughter of my Will know what the One from whom her origin came, does. You must know that my Eternal Fiat not only fills the whole Creation and is life of each created thing, but It keeps all of Our qualities spread out throughout the whole Creation. In fact, Creation was to serve as terrestrial Paradise for the human family, and therefore It was to be the echo of the beatitudes and happinesses of Heaven. If It did not contain the joys and the contentments of the Celestial Fatherland, how could It form the happiness of the terrestrial fatherland? More so, since one was the Will – That which beatified Heaven, as well as That which was to make the earth happy. Now, if you want to know what my Will does in the heavens - in that blue which can be seen always firm and stretched out over the heads of all, there is no point in which heavens cannot be seen; both at night and at daytime they remain always at their place. So, Our Will keeps Our Eternity, Our Firmness that never changes, spread out in them. It remains always in Its perfect balance, nor does It ever change for any circumstance; and while It loves and glorifies Our Eternity - Our unshakeable Being, It makes the earth happy and says to man: ‘Look – take the heavens as model, which are always extended above your head. Be always firm in good, just as I am. From here, I am always stretched out to protect you, so that you too, like a second heaven populated with stars… - which to your eyes seem to be so bound to the heavens that one could say that the stars are daughters of the heavens - …so that you too will be firm in good, and the heaven of your soul will be populated with stars, like many births and daughters of yours.’
So, in doing your round in the Creation, when you arrive at the heavens, you too, united with Our Will, love and glorify Our eternity, Our unshakeable Being that never changes, and pray that It may render the creatures firm in good, that they may be the reflection of the heavens, and may enjoy the happiness brought by a good which is continuous and never interrupted.
Then, continuing your round in the space of Creation, you will arrive at the sun, a sphere which is closer to the earth than the heavens, in order to bring to the creatures the fount of terrestrial happiness, the similes of the beatitudes, and the flavors of the happiness of the Celestial Fatherland. Do you want to know, then, what my Will does in the sun? It glorifies Our interminable light, Our innumerable flavors. It loves and glorifies Our infinite sweetnesses, the indescribable shades of Our beauties; and with its heat, It echoes Our immense Love.
Oh! how the sun sings Our praises; how it loves and glorifies Our Divine Being. Just as Our Divinity, unveiled, beatifies the whole Celestial Fatherland with ever new acts, in the same way, the sun, faithful echo of its Creator, celestial bearer of the Supreme Majesty, veiled by its light in which my Will dominates and reigns, brings terrestrial happiness to the earth. It brings its light and its heat; it brings sweetness and almost innumerable flavors to plants, to herbs, to fruits; it brings warmth and fragrance to the flowers, and so many different shades of beauty, as to delight and embellish all nature. Oh! how the sun – or rather, my Will in the sun – through plants, fruits and flowers, offers true terrestrial happiness to the human generations. And if they do not enjoy it fully, it is because they have moved away from that Will which reigns in the sun; and the human will, placing itself against the Divine, breaks Its happiness. My Will, veiled in the light of the sun, while loving and singing the praises of Our divine qualities, from the height of its sphere says to man: ‘In everything you do, be always light, just as I am, so that the light may convert you completely into heat, and you may become as one single flame of love for your Creator. Look at me: by always being light and heat, I possess sweetness; so much so, that I communicate it to the plants, and from the plants to you. If you will always be light and heat, you too will possess the divine sweetness. You will have no more bile or anger in your soul; you will possess the flavors and the different shades of the beauties of the Supreme Being. You will be sun like me; more so, since God has made me for you, and you were made for Him, therefore it is right that you be more sun than I.’
See, my daughter, how many things you have to do united with my Will in that sphere of the sun. You must sing the praises, love and glorify Our light, Our love, Our infinite sweetnesses, Our innumerable flavors, Our incomprehensible beauty. You must impetrate for the creatures all the divine qualities that the sun contains, so that in finding the divine qualities within their midst, my Will may come to reign unveiled, with Its full triumph, in the midst of the human generations.
And now, my daughter, let us descend into the lower part of the earth; let us go into the sea, in which immense masses of crystal clear waters are piled up – symbol of divine purity. These waters are always walking – they never stop. They have no voice, yet they murmur; they are without life, yet so strong as to form waves so high, that they overwhelm and shatter ships, peoples and things, to then descend into their shore. And after they have knocked down the things which they invested, peacefully, as if they had done nothing, they continue their usual murmuring.
Oh! how my Will in the sea sings the praises, loves and glorifies Our Power, Our strength, Our eternal motion that never stops! And if Our Justice forms its just roaring waves, such as to knock down cities and peoples, like peaceful sea after the storm, Our peace is never disturbed, and my Will, veiled by the waters of the sea, says to man: ‘Be pure like these crystal clear waters. But if you want to be pure, walk always toward Heaven, otherwise you would putrefy, just as these waters, so pure, would become putrid if they did not always flow. Let the murmuring of your prayer be continuous, if you want to be strong and powerful like me - if you want to knock down the strongest enemies as well as your rebellious will, which prevents Me from unveiling Myself and going out of this sea to come to reign in you and extend in you the peaceful sea of my grace. How could you possibly want to remain below this sea that glorifies Me so much?’
You too, sing the praises, love and glorify Our Purity, Our Power, Strength and Justice, united to my Will which awaits you in the sea as Its own daughter; Our eternal motion toward the creatures in order to do good to them, and the continuous murmuring of Our Love through the created things, which, while murmuring love, wants the continuous return of the murmuring of the continuous love of the creatures. Pray that my Will may give them the divine qualities It exercises in the sea, so that It may come and reign in the midst of those who now keep It rejected in the whole Creation.
Therefore, if you want to know what my Will does in all Creation, go around in It, and my Fiat, finding Its daughter in all created things, will unveil Itself and will tell you what It does toward the Divine Majesty, and the call and the lessons It wants to give to the creatures.”

November 2, 1926
Hiding our acts in the acts of the Celestial Mama. How these stand in for Her. How Redemption will no longer serve as food for the sick, but as food for the healthy.
I continued my living in the Divine Fiat, and while doing my acts in It, I absorbed light which, in reflecting itself, made as many threads of light come out, which formed a net of light that extended over the earth in order to catch the creatures. Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, every time you go around in my Will, you take more light in order to form the net with which to catch the creatures. And do you know what this net is? My knowledges. The more knowledges I manifest to you about the eternal Fiat, the more I dispose and enlarge the net in order to catch the souls who must live in my Kingdom, and this disposes the Lord to give them to you. When you go around in Our Will, by virtue of It, your acts become light, and extend so much as to touch the Divinity, and draw more light of truth into the midst of creatures.”
Then, while I continued my round in everything that has been done in the Supreme Will, I arrived at everything than my Celestial Mama had done in It, and I said to Her: ‘Sovereign Queen, I come to hide my little love in the great sea of your Love, my adoration toward God in the immense ocean of yours. I hide my thanksgivings in the sea of yours; I hide my supplications, my sighs, my tears and pains in the sea of yours, so that my sea of love and yours may be one, my adoration and yours may be one, my thanksgivings may acquire the vastness of your own boundaries; my supplications, tears and pains may become one single sea with yours, so that I too may have my seas of love, of adoration, etc. And just as your Sovereign Height impetrated the longed for Redeemer with this, I too may present myself before the Divine Majesty with all these seas, in order to ask, to beseech – to implore the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.
My Queen Mama, I must use your very life, your very seas of love and of graces, to conquer It and make It concede Its Kingdom upon earth, just as You won over It to let the Eternal Word descend. Don’t You want to help your little daughter, and give me your seas, to make me obtain that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat may come soon upon earth?’
Now, while I was doing and saying this, I thought to myself: ‘My Celestial Mama did not occupy Herself, nor did She have great interest in the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, that It might come soon to reign upon earth. She had interest in the longed for Redeemer, and She obtained Him. She did not occupy Herself with the Divine Fiat, which was more necessary, and which was to put perfect order between Creator and creature; while it was up to Her, as Queen and Mother, to reconcile the human will and the Divine, so that the Divine might reign with Its full triumph.’
At that moment, my always lovable Jesus came out from within my interior and, all goodness, told me: “My daughter, the mission of my inseparable Mama was for the longed for Redeemer, and She accomplished it perfectly. However, you must know that everything that both She and I did - its substance, its source and primary cause - was the Kingdom of my Will. However, since Redemption was necessary in order for It to come, though in our interior acts there was the Kingdom of the Fiat, on the outside we were all intent and occupied with the Kingdom of Redemption. On the other hand, your mission is exclusively for the Kingdom of the Supreme Will, and everything that the Sovereign Queen and I did, is at your disposal, to help you, to stand in for you, to give you access to the Divine Majesty in order to impetrate and ask, incessantly, for the coming of the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat. In order for you to receive the good of the longed for Redeemer, you should have done your part, but since at that time you were not there, my Mama stood in for you. Now you must stand in for Her, in Her part, for the Kingdom of my Will. So, the Mama stood in for the daughter, and the daughter stands in for the Mama. More so, since the Queen of Heaven was the first daughter of my Will, and because She always lived within Our boundaries, She formed her seas of love, of graces, of adoration, of light. Now, since you are the second daughter of my Will, what is Hers is yours, because your Mama keeps you as a birth from Herself, and She enjoys that her daughter be inside Her own seas in order to impetrate the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat upon earth, so longed for. Therefore, see how abundantly your Mama makes up for you, giving you all that is Hers; even more, She feels honored that Her immense seas may serve you, in order to impetrate a Kingdom so holy.”
Afterwards, I was following, in the Divine Will, that which Jesus has done in Redemption, and my sweet Jesus, coming back, added: “My daughter, my Redemption came as remedy for man, and therefore It serves as remedy, as medicine, as food, for the sick, for the blind, for the mute, and for all kinds of sicknesses. And because they are sick, they do not enjoy nor receive all the strength It contains - all the remedies which I came to bring them for their good. The Eucharistic Sacrament which I left as food in order to give perfect health - many eat It over and over again, but they remain always sick. Poor food of my very Life, hidden under the veils of the accidents of the bread – how many corrupted palates, how many indigestible stomachs, that prevent man from enjoying the taste of my food, and digesting all the strength of my Sacramental Life. So they remain sick; and because they are limbs feverish in evil, they take it with no appetite.
This is why I long so much for the coming of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat – because then, everything I did in coming upon earth will serve as food for those who will enjoy perfect health. What is not the difference between a sick person who takes the same food, and another who enjoys perfect health? The sick one takes it without appetite, without taste, and uses it to sustain himself and not to die. The healthy one takes it with appetite, and because he enjoys it, he takes more, and maintains himself strong and healthy. So, what will not be my contentment in seeing that in the Kingdom of my Will everything I did will no longer serve as food for the sick, but as food for the children of my Kingdom, who will be all full of vigor and in perfect health? Even more, by possessing my Will, they will possess my Life, permanently present within them, just as the Blessed in Heaven possess It. Therefore, my Will will be the veil that will hide my Life in them.
The Blessed possess Me within themselves as their own life, because true happiness has its origin inside the soul, and so the happiness which they receive continuously by the Divinity holds hands and exchanges the kiss with the happiness which they possess inside. This is why they are fully happy. In the same way, the soul who possesses my Will will have my perennial Life within her, which will serve her as continuous food – not once a day, like the food of my Sacramental Life. In fact, my Will will make a greater display, and will not be content with giving Itself once a day; rather, It will give Itself continuously, because It knows that these have pure palates and strong stomachs to be able to enjoy and digest, in every moment, the strength, the light, the Divine Life and the Sacraments. My Sacramental Life will serve as food, as delight, as new happiness for the Life of the Supreme Fiat which they will possess. The Kingdom of my Will will be the true echo of the Celestial Fatherland, in which, while the Blessed possess their God as their own life, they receive Him into themselves also from the outside. Therefore, inside and outside of themselves, they possess Divine Life, and they receive Divine Life.
What will not be my happiness in giving Myself sacramentally to the children of the eternal Fiat, and in finding my own Life in them? Only then will my Sacramental Life have Its complete fruit; and as the species are consumed, I will no longer have the sorrow of leaving my children without the food of my continuous Life, because my Will, more than sacramental accidents, will maintain Its Divine Life always with Its full possession. In the Kingdom of my Will there will be neither foods nor communions that are interrupted – but perennial; and everything I did in Redemption will no longer serve as remedy, but as delight, as joy, as happiness, and as beauty ever growing. Therefore, the triumph of the Supreme Fiat will give complete fruit to the Kingdom of Redemption.”

November 3, 1926
As many acts as we do in the Will of God, so many paths do we prepare in order to receive suffrages in Purgatory.
I continue to live all abandoned in the adorable Will; and while I was praying, I thought to myself: ‘How I would like to descend into the prisons of the purging souls and release them all, and in the light of the Eternal Will, bring them all to the Celestial Fatherland.’ At that moment, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the more the souls who have passed to the other life have been submitted to my Will, and the more acts they have done in It, the more paths they have formed in order to receive suffrages from earth. Therefore, the more they have done my Will, the more ways of communication they have formed for the goods which are in the Church and which belong to Me; and there is no path formed by them which does not bring, to some a relief, to some a prayer, to some a diminution of pains. The suffrages walk along these royal paths of my Will, to bring to each one the merit, the fruit and the capital that one has formed in my Will. So, without It, there are no paths nor means in order to receive suffrages. Even though the suffrages and everything that the Church does always descend into Purgatory, they go, however, to those who have formed the paths. For the others, who have not done my Will, the paths are closed or do not exist at all. If these were saved, it is because at least at the point of death they have recognized the Supreme dominion of my Will, they have adored It, and have submitted themselves to It. This last act has rescued them; otherwise they could not even be saved. For one who has always done my Will, there are no paths for Purgatory - his path goes straight to Heaven. And one who has recognized my Will and has submitted himself to It, not in everything and always, but in great part, has formed so many paths and receives so much, that Purgatory sends him quickly to Heaven.
Now, just as the purging souls had to form the paths to be able to receive the suffrages, in the same way, the living, in order to send suffrages, must do my Will and form their own paths, so as to make their suffrages ascend into Purgatory. If they make suffrages, but they are far away from my Will, since the communication with my Will is missing, which alone unites and binds everyone, their suffrages will not find the way in order to ascend, the feet to be able to walk, the strength in order to give relief. They will be suffrages without life, because the true life of my Will is missing, which alone has the virtue of giving life to all goods. The more the soul possesses of my Will, the more value her prayers, her works, her pains, contain; therefore she can bring more relief to those blessed souls. I measure and give value to everything that the soul can do, according to how much of my Will she possesses. If my Will flows in all of her acts, the measure I take is immense; even more, I never stop measuring, and I give it so much value, that its weight cannot be calculated. On the other hand, if one does not care much about my Will, the measure is scarce and the value of little importance. And if one does not care at all, as much as the soul may do, I have nothing to measure, and no value to attribute. Therefore, if they have no value, how can they bring relief to those souls in Purgatory who recognize nothing, nor can they receive anything, but what my Eternal Fiat produces.
But do you know who can bring all the reliefs, the light that purifies, the love that transforms? One who possesses the life of my Will in everything and in whom It dominates triumphantly. This soul does not even need the paths, because by possessing my Will, she has the right to all paths. She can go to all points, because she possesses within herself the royal path of my Will, in order to go into that deep prison and bring all reliefs and liberations. More so, since in creating man, We gave him Our Will as special inheritance, and We recognize everything he has done within the boundaries of Our inheritance, with which We endowed him. All the rest is not recognized by Us – it is not Our stuff, nor can We allow anything to enter Heaven which has not been done by the creature, either in Our Will, or at least in order to do It. Since Creation came out of the Eternal Fiat, Our Will, jealous, allows no act to enter the Celestial Fatherland which has not passed through Its own Fiat. Oh! If all knew what Will of God means, and that all the works, even those which appear to be good but are empty of It, are works empty of light, empty of value, empty of life; and works without light, without value and without life do not enter into Heaven. Oh, how attentive they would be in doing my Will in everything and forever!”

November 4, 1926
How the Most Holy Virgin was the faithful copy of Her Creator and of all Creation. How the Divine Will has the virtue of changing drops of water into sea. The Divine Will veiled within created things.
I was in my continuous state, in the Supreme Will, praying my Queen Mama to help me to impetrate this Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the most perfect copy of the children of the Kingdom of my Will was my Celestial Mama. Because We had Our first daughter in It, Redemption could come; otherwise, had We not had the first daughter of Our Will, I, the Eternal Word, would never have descended from Heaven. I would never have used, nor trusted, children who were extraneous to Our Will in order to descend upon earth. So, as you see, a daughter of Our Will was needed for the coming of the Kingdom of Redemption; and because She was daughter of the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat, She was the faithful copy of Her Creator and the perfect copy of all Creation. She was to enclose all the acts that the Supreme Will exercises in all created things; and because She had supremacy and sovereignty over all Creation, She was to enclose within Herself the heavens, the stars, the sun and everything, so that the copy of the heavens, of the sun, of the sea and also of the earth, all flowery, might be found in Her Sovereignty. Therefore, in looking at my Mama, one could see in Her portents never before seen. One could see heavens; one could see a most refulgent sun; one could see crystal clear sea, in which We reflected Ourselves in order to see Our daughter. One could see earth at springtime, always flowery, which attracted the Celestial Maker to take His strolls on it. Oh! how beautiful was the Celestial Sovereign, as We saw in Her not only Our copy, but all of Our works enclosed in Her. And this, because She enclosed Our Will within Herself.
Now, for the coming of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, another daughter of Our Will was needed, because if she were not Its daughter, Our Will could not entrust to her Its secrets, Its sorrows, Its knowledges, Its prodigies, Its sanctity, Its dominions. Just as a father and a mother enjoy making their goods known to their children and making their children possess them – even more, they would like to possess more to make them more rich and happy – so does my Will enjoy making Its goods known to Its children, to make them rich and happy, of a happiness without end. Now, in the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, We will have the copies of the Sovereign Queen. So, She too longs for and awaits this Divine Kingdom on earth, in order to have Her copies. What a beautiful Kingdom It will be – a Kingdom of infinite riches, a Kingdom of perfect sanctity and of dominion. Our children of this Kingdom will all be kings and queens; they will all be members of the Divine and royal family. They will enclose all Creation within themselves; they will have the resemblance, the physiognomy of Our Celestial Father, and therefore will be the fulfillment of Our glory and the crown of Our head.”
Then, I remained thinking about what Jesus had told me, and I thought to myself: ‘Before She knew that She was to be the Mother of the Word, my Mama had no pain or sorrow; more so, since by living within the boundaries of the Supreme Will, She was happy. Therefore, among the many seas She possessed, She lacked the sea of pains. Yet, even without this sea of sorrow, She impetrated the longed for Redeemer.’ Jesus, continuing, added: “My daughter, even before knowing that She was to be my Mother, my dear Mama had Her sea of sorrow, and this sea was the pain of the offenses against Her Creator. Oh, how She grieved! And then, this pain of Hers was animated by a Divine Will, which She possessed, and which contains the virtue of a spring: It has the virtue of changing everything that is done in It – the most little things, the drops of water, into unending sea. My Will does not know how to do small things, but all great. In fact, it was enough for Us to open Our mouth and say “Fiat” in order to extend a heaven whose boundaries cannot be seen - one “Fiat” to form a sun that fills all the earth with light; and many other things. This says in clear notes that if my Will operates or invests an atom – a little act - that atom, that little act, becomes a sea; and if It lowers Itself to do little things, It makes up for them with Its regenerative virtue, making of them such a great number that man cannot arrive at counting them all. Who can arrive at counting how many fish and how many species are in the sea? How many birds, how many plants fill the earth?
Therefore, the little “I love You” in my Will becomes sea of love; the little prayer turns into sea of prayer, the “I adore You” into sea of adoration, the little pains into sea of pains. And if the soul repeats her “I love You”, her adoration, her prayers in my Will, and suffers in It, my Will arises, forming immense waves of love, of prayers and of pains, which go to unload themselves into the unending sea of the Eternal One, in such a way as to place the love of God and that of the creature in common, because one is the Will of both One and the other. Therefore, one who lets herself be dominated by my Will, possesses so many seas for as many acts as she does in It; and while she does little, she has much. She has a Divine Will which delights in making of the little act of the creature a sea, and only with these seas can she impetrate the longed for Kingdom of the Divine Fiat. This is why Our newborn, the little daughter of my Will, was needed, so that, turning her little pains, her “I love You” and everything she does into seas that communicate with the sea of the Eternal One, she can have ascendancy to impetrate the Kingdom of my Will.”
After this, I was thinking to myself: ‘When my sweet Jesus speaks about His Will, He always touches upon Creation, for the most part. How is it?’ Jesus, moving again, told me: “My daughter, one who must live in the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, must have, as her beginning, her origin and everything that my Will has done and is doing for love of her. In fact, my Will is not loved because It is not known. Now, Creation is the speaking life of my Will. In all created things my Will is hidden like a noble queen who, before going out, wants to be recognized. Knowledge will tear the veil that hides It, so as to go out and reign in the midst of Its children. Who can make known what my Will does for love of creatures with an act ever present, better than Creation, which is looked at and touched by everyone?
My daughter, look at the passionate love of this noble Queen. She reaches the point of veiling Herself with earth in order to render it firm, so that man may walk safely on it. And as he walks over the veil of earth which hides Her, She takes the soles of his feet in Her little hands, noble and royal, so that man may not stagger, to give him a firm step. And while holding, through mother earth, the soles of man tightly to Her noble breast, She would want to go out, unveiling Herself of the veil of earth that covers Her, but man walks over Her without even paying attention to see who is sustaining his step; who maintains that great mass of earth so firmly for him, so that he may not stagger. And the noble Queen continues to remain veiled with earth, waiting to be recognized with unspeakable patience, which only a Divine Will can possess, in order to be loved and to narrate Her long story and all that She has done for love of man, veiled by this earth. Her love is so great that many times She feels the necessity to tear that veil of earth which covers Her; and making use of Her dominion, She shakes the earth, and with Her empire hides cities and peoples within Her womb, so that man may know that inside that earth, under his feet, there is a Will, ruling and dominating, which loves and is not loved, and which, sorrowful, shakes Itself to make Itself known.
In the Gospel, one can read with amazement of when, prostrated at the feet of my Apostles, I washed their feet; and I did not skip even the perfidious Judas. This act, which the Church remembers, was certainly very humble and of unspeakable tenderness, but I did it only once. My Will, instead, descends even lower; It places Itself under their feet with a continuous act in order to sustain them, to render the earth firm, so that they may not fall into the abyss. Yet, no attention. This noble Queen is waiting with invincible patience, veiled for so many centuries, that her Will become known. And when It is known, She will tear the many veils that hide Her, and will make known what She has done for so many centuries, for love of man. She will say unheard-of things, excesses of love, which no one has ever thought about. This is why, when I speak to you about my Will, I often speak about Creation – because my Will is life of all created things, and through them, It gives life to all; and this life wants to be known so that the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat may come.
Everywhere my Will is veiled. It is veiled in the wind, and from within those veils, It brings man Its refrigerating freshness by caressing him, and Its regenerative breath in order to regenerate him continuously to new life, ever growing in grace. But the noble Queen, veiled in the wind, feels Her caresses being rejected into offenses, Her freshness into ardors of human passions, and Her regenerative breath being returned with a deadly breath against Her grace. So She shakes Her veils, and the wind turns into fury; with its impetuosity, it sweeps away peoples, cities and regions as if they were feathers, making known the power of the noble Queen hidden in the wind. There is not one created thing in which my Will is not veiled. Therefore, all of them are waiting for It to become known, and for the coming of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat and of Its full triumph.”

November 6, 1926
Jesus promises to bring Luisa to Heaven when He has completed His manifestation. The new Apostles of the Fiat. How one who lives in It centralizes the havens, the sun and everything within herself.
I felt all oppressed under the weight of the privation of my sweet Jesus. Oh! how I longed for the Celestial Fatherland, in which I will no longer lose sight of Him – I will no longer be subjected to the hard martyrdom of feeling like dying, without dying!
Now, while I was tired and exhausted of waiting, my sweet Life, my dear Good, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, but all afflicted, as it seemed He was sending chastisements upon earth, and in order not to give me more pain, He did not want me to see them. But from the way I saw Him, I understood that He was sending chastisements; and sighing, He told me: “My daughter, courage, let Me finish to manifest to you all that is necessary, regarding the Kingdom of my Will, so that nothing may be missing in order to form It in the midst of the human family. Then, after I have completed everything, I will quickly bring you into our Fatherland. Do you think you will see the full triumph of the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat before coming to Heaven? Its full triumph you will see from Heaven. It will happen to you as it happened to Me with the Kingdom of Redemption. I did everything that was needed; I formed the foundation, I gave the laws and the counsels which were needed; I instituted the Sacraments, I left the Gospel as the rule of their life, I suffered unheard-of pains unto death, but while being on earth, I saw little or almost nothing of the fruits and of the carrying out of Redemption. After I did everything, having nothing left to do, I entrusted everything to the Apostles, that they might be the criers of the Kingdom of Redemption, so that the fruits of the works I did for the Kingdom of Redemption might come out.
The same will happen for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. We will do It together, my daughter. Your pains, your long sacrifices, your incessant prayers that my Kingdom may come soon, and my manifestations about It – I will unite everything together with Me and will form the foundations. Once I have completed everything, I will entrust my Kingdom to my ministers, so that, like second Apostles of the Kingdom my Will, they may be the criers of It.
Do you think that the coming of Father di Francia, who shows so much interest and who has taken to heart the publication of what regards my Will, came by chance? No, no – I Myself disposed it. It is a providential act of the Supreme Will that wants him as first apostle of the Divine Fiat and proclaimer of It. And since he happens to be the founder of an order, it is easier for him to approach Bishops, Priests and people, also within his own institute, in order to proclaim the Kingdom of my Will. This is why I assist him so much and I give him special light, because in order to understand my Will it takes great graces – not little lights; it takes a sun to comprehend a Divine, Holy and Eternal Will, as well as great disposition on the part of the one to whom this office is entrusted. And then, I Myself disposed also the daily coming of the Priest, in order to find soon the first apostles of the Fiat of my Kingdom, that they might proclaim that which regards my Eternal Will. Therefore, let Me finish first, so that after I have completed it, I may entrust it to the new Apostles of my Will; and you will be able to come to Heaven, to see from up there the fruits of the longed for Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat.”
Then, I continued to do my usual acts in the Supreme Volition, and I thought to myself: ‘My poor mind goes around through the sea, through the sun, through the heavens – everywhere, in order to follow the acts that the adorable Will does in the Creation. But once I finish going around, I always find myself at the bottom, in my hard exile. Oh! how I would like at least to remain in the blue heavens, to do the office of a star for my Creator. But I would disappear in the midst of the stars, because I am neither beautiful nor shining like the stars; and so they would all put me out, throwing me down to the bottom of my long exile. But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, one who lives in my Will, lives in the unity of her Creator, Who keeps with Himself, in His own unity, the whole of Creation. And just as He keeps Creation in His unity, so does He keep the soul who lives in the Eternal Fiat. This unity brings her all the reflections of her Creator, as well as His unity with all Creation, in such a way that the living image of the One who created her can be seen in the soul. By maintaining His unity with all, He keeps her at the reflections of all the things created by Him; and these reflections form the sea, the sun, the heavens, the stars and all the enchanting varieties of nature in the depth of the soul.
Therefore, the soul who lives in my Will, placed in the blue heavens, would be the most beautiful ornament for the this blue vault, such as to astonish Heaven and earth. She would have, all within herself, her Creator, a heaven, a sun, a sea – everything as her own; nor would she lack even the earth, all flowery, and the sweet singing of the birds, bearer of the joy of the harmonious music of her Creator, because each created thing contains a Divine note. Therefore, instead of throwing you down, they would aspire to keep you in their midst, because among the many prodigies which my Will contains, It has the power to portray all of Our works in the soul, and to centralize all of Its acts in her. It is not content if It does not see Its own beauty in the soul – if It does not find Its echo, Its joy and all of Itself.”

November 10, 1926
How one who lives in the Divine Will encloses all Creation within herself, and is the reflector of her Creator. Two effects of sin.
My days keep alternating between the privations and the short visits of my sweet Jesus. Many times He is like a flash that runs away; and as He runs away, I remain with the piercing nail: when will He come back? And sighing, I called Him: ‘My Jesus, come – come back to your little exiled one. Come back once and for all. Come back to bring me to Heaven; do not leave me in my long exile any longer, for I cannot resist any more.’ But as much as I called Him, my calls were in vain. So, abandoning myself in His Holy Divine Will, I did my usual acts as much as I could, going around through the whole Creation. And my sweet Jesus, moved to compassion for my poor soul, which could bear no more, put out an arm from within my interior and, all pity, told me: “My daughter, courage, do not stop - let your flight in my Eternal Will be continuous. You must know that my Will does Its continuous office in all created things, and Its distinct act is present in each thing – It does not do in the heavens what It does in the sun, nor in sun what It does in the sea. My Will has Its special act in each thing; and even though my Will is one, Its acts are innumerable. Now, the soul who lives in It comes to enclose within herself all the acts that my Will does in all Creation. So, she must do what It does in the heavens, in the sun, in the sea, etc. She must enclose everything within herself, so that the soul may follow all the acts of my Will – and not only this, but so that my Will may receive the return of the act of the creature. Therefore, if your act is not continuous, my Will does not wait for you – It follows Its course, but It leaves in you the void of Its acts, and a certain distance and dissimilarity remains between you and my Will.
Now, you must know of the great good you enclose by enclosing within yourself all that my Will does in Creation. While you follow Its acts, you receive the reflection of the heavens, and the heavens are formed and extended in you; you receive the reflection of the sun, and the sun is formed in you; you receive the reflection of the sea, and the sea is formed in you. You receive the reflection of the wind, of the flower, of all nature – in sum, of everything; and, oh! how the heavens that protect, the sun that illuminates, warms and fecundates, the sea that inundates and forms its waves of love, of mercy, of grace and of strength for the good of all, the wind that purifies and brings rain upon the souls burned by passions, the flower of the perpetual adoration to your Creator, arise from the depth of your soul.
This is why the living in my Will is the prodigy of prodigies, and the true triumph of the Supreme Fiat – because the soul becomes the reflector of her Creator and of all Our works. In fact, only then does Our Will triumph completely, when It places in the soul all that which It can and knows how to do. It wants to see in her not only the One who created her, but all of His works; and It is not content if she lacks even the most tiny thing that belongs to It. The souls of the Supreme Fiat will be Our works – not incomplete, but complete. They will be the new prodigies never before seen or known, either by the earth or by Heaven. What will not be the enchantment, the surprise of the very Blessed, when they see the first daughter of the Divine Fiat enter their Celestial Fatherland? What will not be their contentment, their glory, in seeing her carrying her Creator with her, with all of His works – the heavens, the sun, the sea, all of the flowery earth with its different beauties? They will recognize in her the complete work of the Eternal Will, because It alone can do these prodigies and these complete works.”
Then, I continued my abandonment in the Eternal Fiat in order to receive Its reflections, and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, my Celestial Mama was the first to occupy the first place in Heaven as daughter of the Supreme Will; and because She was the first, She keeps around Herself a place for all the children of the Supreme Fiat. Therefore, around the Queen of Heaven many empty places can be seen, which cannot be occupied by other than Her copies. And since She was the first from the generation of my Will, the Kingdom of the Fiat will also be called ‘Kingdom of the Virgin’. Oh, how the Sovereignty over all Creation will be recognized in these children of Ours! In fact, by virtue of my Will, these will enjoy indissoluble bonds with all created things; they will be in continuous relations of communication with them. They will be the true children, in whom the Eternal Creator will feel honored and glorified to have them as children, because He will recognize in them His own operating Will, which has reproduced His true images.”
Afterwards, I was thinking to myself: ‘Before sinning, my first Father Adam possessed all these bonds and relations of communication with all Creation, because by possessing the Supreme Will as whole, it was as though natural for him to feel within himself all the communications with all things in which It operated. Now, in withdrawing from this Will so holy, did he not feel the tearing he made from all Creation? - the snapping of all communications and of all bonds with It, broken as though in one single breath? If by just thinking of whether I should do an act or not, and by just hesitating, I feel that the heavens tremble, the sun withdraws, and all Creation is shaken and is in the act of leaving me alone; so much so that I myself tremble together with them, and frightened, immediately, without hesitating, I do that which I have to do - how could he not feel this tearing, so harrowing and cruel?’
And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, Adam felt this tearing so harrowing, but in spite of this he fell into the maze of his human will, which gave him no more peace, either to him or to his posterity. All Creation withdrew from him as though in one single breath; and since happiness, peace, strength, sovereignty and everything withdrew, he remained alone with himself. Poor Adam, how much it cost him to withdraw from my Will. Just by feeling isolated, no longer surrounded by the cortege of the whole Creation, he felt such fright and horror, that he became the fearful man. He feared everything – even my own works; and with reason, because it is said: ‘One who is not with Me, is against Me’. Since he was no longer linked with them, by justice they were to place themselves against him. Poor Adam, there is much reason to have compassion for him. He had no example of anyone else who might have fallen, and of the great evil that would occur, so that he would be watchful in order not to fall. He had no idea of evil. In fact, my daughter, the evil, the sin, the fall of someone else has two effects: for one who is evil and wants to fall, it serves as an example, as a spur, as an incentive to fall into the abyss of evil; for one who is good and does not want to fall, it serves as an antidote, as a deterrent, as help and defense so as not to fall. In fact, seeing the great evil, the misfortune of the other serves as an example in order not to fall and follow the same path, so as not to find oneself in that same misfortune. So, the evil of someone else makes one be watchful and on guard. Therefore, the fall of Adam is a great help, a lesson and a call for you, while he had no lesson of evil, because, then, evil did not yet exist.”

November 14, 1926
By not following the Divine Will in the Creation, the soul would lack the reflection of Its works. Great graces are needed for the sanctity of living in the Holy Will.
I was doing my usual acts in the Divine Will, and I thought to myself: ‘If I spent one day without doing these acts, what would be the good I would lose and the evil I would do?’ And my always lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, do you know what you would do? By not doing your acts in my Will, you would lack the reflection of all Creation; and because you would lack Its reflection, on that day the heavens would not extend within you, the sun would not rise, the sea would not flow in you, the new flowering would not bloom over your earth, nor could the joy, the music, the singing of the inhabitants of the air, and the sweet symphony of the spheres, be heard in you. My Will would not find Its echo in you, therefore It would feel the sorrow that, on that day, the little daughter of Its Volition did not give It the return of a heaven for love of It, because she lacked the reflection of Its heaven; she did not make the sun rise in return for Its eternal light; she did not let It hear the sea flowing, nor its sweet murmuring, nor the darting of the mute inhabitants of the waves. My Will would feel all of Its acts – the reflection of Its works, missing in you, nor could It form Its echo in you. And in Its sorrow, It would say: ‘Ah! Today my little daughter has not given me a heaven as I have given, nor a sun, a sea, flowers, singing, music and joy, as I have given to her. So, she has gone out of my likeness; her notes have not harmonized with Mine. I have loved her with many manifestations and with so much ruling love – she did not.’ See what you would do! My Will would not tolerate in you, Its little daughter, the void of Its works.”
On hearing this, I said: ‘My Jesus, my love, may it never be that I give this sorrow to your Adorable Will. You will help me - You will give me more grace, and I will be more attentive in order to receive this reflection, this echo, which your Holy Will produces in the whole Creation, that I may correspond with mine.’
Jesus, continuing, added: “You must know that great graces are needed in order to form in the soul the sanctity of living in my Will. The other sanctities can be formed with little graces, because it is not an immense and eternal Will that they have to embrace and possess, but Its little particles, Its commands, Its shadow. On the other hand, this soul must possess my Will as her own life; she must court It and make of Its acts her own acts; therefore, seas of graces are needed in order to form this sanctity. My Will must bilocate in order to extend Its own sea in the depth of the soul, and then extend the other sea from the soul herself, so as to receive that which befits Its sanctity, Its unending light, Its immensity without boundaries. The goodwill of the soul is nothing but the bottom of the sea which, forming the shore, surrounds the waters in order to form the sea.
My daughter, it takes much to sustain and preserve a Divine Will in the soul; and the Divinity, knowing that the creature does not have equivalent things for a Will so holy, will hold nothing back. Everything is placed in her, at her disposal, to form the sanctity of living in my Will. God Himself acts as prime actor and spectator; my Humanity gives everything – everything It did, suffered and conquered, which are endless seas - as help of this sanctity, fully divine. The Queen Mama Herself places Her seas of grace, of love and of sorrow at her disposal, as help, and She feels honored that these may serve a Supreme Will in order to accomplish the sanctity of the Eternal Fiat in the creature. Heaven and earth want to give, and they do give, because, feeling completely invested by this Will, they desire - they yearn to help the fortunate creature to fulfill the purpose of Creation – the order of the sanctity that the Supreme Will wanted from the creature.
Therefore, nothing will you lack on the part of your Jesus; more so, since this is my long desire, wanted, yearned for and longed for, for as long as six thousand years: to see Our image reproduced in the creature, Our sanctity impressed, Our Will operating, Our works enclosed in her, and Our Fiat fulfilled. I wanted the enjoyment and to take the pleasure to see Our reflector in the creature; otherwise, Creation would be without delight, without amusement, without harmony for Us. Our echo would not find the way through which to resound, Our sanctity a place on which to be impressed, Our beauty a place in which to shine, Our love a place into which to pour itself; Our wisdom and mastery would find no place in which to operate and unfold. Therefore, all of Our attributes would remain hampered in their work, because they would not find the right material with which to form their work, to have their reflector. On the other hand, my Will disposes the soul in whom It reigns to become suitable material, so that Our attributes may carry out their delightful crafting.”

November 16, 1926
How each act of the human will is a veil that prevents the soul from knowing the Divine Will. Jealousy of the Divine Will. How It performs all the offices for the soul. Threats of wars and of chastisements.
My usual state of abandonment in the Supreme Fiat continues, but at the same time, I call the One who forms all my happiness, my life, my all. And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the more you abandon yourself in the Supreme Will, the more you advance along Its ways, the more knowledges you acquire, and the more you take possession of the goods which are in the Divine Will; because in It there is always something to know and to take. Being the primary inheritance given by God to the creature and possessing the eternal goods, my Will has the task to always give to one who lives in this inheritance. And only then is It content and begins the activity of Its office, when It finds the creature within the boundaries of Its Volition; then, becoming festive, It gives new things to Its heiress. Therefore, the soul who lives in It is the feast of my Will. On the contrary, those who live outside of It are Its sorrow, because they place It into the inability to give, to exercise Its office and to fulfill Its task. More so, since each act of the human will is a veil that the soul puts before her eyes, which prevents her from seeing my Will and the goods contained in It with clarity. And since most of the creatures live continuously of their own will, they form so many veils as to become almost blind to know and see my Will – their choicest inheritance, which was to make them happy in time and Eternity. Oh! if the creatures could understand the great evil of the human will and the great good of Mine - they would abhor their will so much as to place their life in order to do Mine.
The human will renders man a slave; it makes him needy of everything. He feels strength and light continuously missing in him; his existence is always in danger, and whatever he obtains is by dint of prayers and hardships. So, the man who lives in his will is the true beggar. One who lives in Mine, instead, has need of nothing; he has everything at his disposal. My Will gives him dominion over himself, and therefore he is master of strength and of light – and not of human strength and light, but divine. His existence is always safe, and being the master, he can take whatever he wants, nor does he need to ask in order to receive. In fact, before Adam withdrew from my Will, prayer did not exist. It is need that gives rise to prayer; but since there was nothing he needed, he had nothing to ask for or to impetrate. Therefore, he loved, he praised, he adored his Creator, but prayer had no place in the terrestrial Eden.
Prayer came and arose after sin, as an extreme need of the heart of man. When one prays, it means he needs something, and since he hopes for it, he prays in order to obtain it. On the other hand, one who lives in my Will lives as a master in the opulence of the goods of her Creator; and if she feels any need or desire, seeing herself in the midst of so many goods, it is that of wanting to give to others her happiness and the goods of her great fortune. As true image of her Creator, who has given so much to her with no restriction, she would like to imitate Him by giving to others that which she possesses. Oh, how beautiful is the heaven of the soul who lives in my Will! It is a heaven with no storms, with no clouds, with no rain, because the water that quenches her thirst, fecundates her, gives her growth and the likeness of the One who created her, is my Will. Its jealousy that the soul may take something which does not belong to It, is so great that It performs all offices. If she wants to drink, It becomes water which, while refreshing her, extinguishes all other thirsts, so that her only thirst may be Its Will. If she is hungry, It becomes food which, while satiating her, takes away from her the appetite for all other foods. If she wants to be beautiful, It becomes a brush, and gives her touches of such beauty, that my Will Itself remains enraptured at a beauty so rare, impressed by It in the creature. It must be able to say to all Heaven: ‘Look at her – how beautiful she is. It is the flower, the fragrance, the shade of my Will that made her so beautiful.’ In sum, It gives her Its Strength, Its Light, Its Sanctity – everything, to be able to say: ‘She is a work, fully from my Will; therefore I want her to lack nothing, to be like Me, and to possess Me.’ Look into yourself to see the work of my Will – how your acts invested by Its light have changed the earth of your soul. Everything is light, which arises within you and turns to wound the One who invested it. Therefore, the greatest affront I receive from creatures is to not do my Will.”
After this, He transported me outside of myself, making me see the great evil of the human generations; and continuing to speak, He added: “My daughter, look at how much evil the human will has produced. They have become so blind, that they are preparing fierce wars and revolutions. This time it will not be just Europe, but other races will unite. The circle will be wider; other parts of the world will participate in it. How much evil does the human will - it blinds man, it impoverishes him, and it makes of him the murderer of himself. But I will use this for my highest purposes, and the reunion of so many races will serve to facilitate the communications of the truths, so that they may dispose themselves for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. Therefore, the chastisements that have occurred are nothing other than the preludes of those which will come. How many more cities will be destroyed; how many peoples buried under the ruins; how many places buried and plunged into the abyss. The elements will take the part of their Creator. My Justice can bear no more; my Will wants to triumph, and would like to triumph by means of love in order to establish Its Kingdom. But man does not want to come toward this Love, therefore it is necessary to use Justice.”
And while He was saying this, He showed an immense brazier of fire coming out from the earth, and those who were near it, were invested by that fire and disappeared. I was frightened, and I pray and hope that my beloved Good will placate Himself.

November 19, 1926
How the Divine Will is agonizing in the midst of creatures, and how It wants to go out of this state.
My always lovable Jesus, drawing me into His adorable Will, made me see and feel the painful conditions in which the ingratitudes of creatures put Him; and sighing with sorrow, He said to me: “My daughter, the pains of my Divine Will are unspeakable and inconceivable to the human nature. My Will is inside all creatures, but It is in the nightmare of a terrible and harrowing agony, because instead of giving It dominion, to let It carry out Its life in them, they keep It repressed, giving It no freedom to act, to breathe, to palpitate. So, the human will acts and breathes freely, it palpitates as it wants, while Mine is there only to serve it, to contribute to their acts, and to remain within their acts, agonizing, suffocated by the rattle of an agony of long centuries. My Will fidgets inside the creatures, in the nightmare of an agony so harrowing; and Its fidgets are the remorses of conscience, the disillusions, the setbacks, the crosses, the tiredness of life, and everything that can bother the poor creatures; because it is right that, since they keep a Divine Will crucified and always in the rattle of agony, the Divine Will call them with Its fidgets, unable to do otherwise, for It does not have dominion. Who knows whether, going back into themselves, in seeing the unhappiness that their bad will brings to them, they may give It a little breath and respite from Its harrowing agony.
This agony of my Will is so painful, that my Humanity, which wanted to suffer it in the garden of Gethsemani, reached the point of seeking the help of my very apostles - but not even that I obtained; and the spasm was such that I sweat living blood. Feeling like succumbing under the enormous weight of the agony of my Divine Will, so long and terrible, I invoked the help of my Celestial Father, saying to Him: ‘Father, if it is possible, let this chalice pass from Me’. In all the other pains of my Passion, as atrocious as they were, I never said: ‘If it is possible, let this pain pass’. On the contrary, on the cross I cried out: ‘I thirst’ – I thirst for pains. But in this pain of the agony of the Supreme Will, I felt all the weight of an agony so long, all the torment of a Divine Will that agonizes - that writhes in the human generations. What pain! There is no pain that can equal this.
Now the Supreme Fiat wants to go out. It is tired, and at any cost It wants to go out of this agony so prolonged; and if you hear of chastisements, of cities collapsed, of destructions, these are nothing other than the strong contortions of Its agony. Unable to bear it any longer, It wants the human family to feel Its painful state and how strongly It wriggles about within them, without anyone who is moved to compassion for It. So, making use of violence, with Its wriggling, It wants them to feel that It exists in them, but It does not want to be in agony any more – It wants freedom, dominion; It wants to carry out Its life in them. My daughter, what disorder in society because my Will does not reign! Their souls are like houses without order - everything is upside down; the stench is so horrible as to be worse than a putrefied cadaver. And my Will, with Its immensity, which is not given to withdraw even from one heartbeat of a creature, agonizes in the midst of so many evils. This, in the general order; in particular, there is even more: in the religious, in the clergy, in those who call themselves Catholics, my Will not only agonizes, but is kept in a state of lethargy, as if It had no life. Oh, how much harder this is! In fact, in the agony I at least wriggle about, I have an outlet, I make Myself heard as existing in them, though agonizing. But in the state of lethargy there is total immobility – it is a state of continuous death. So, only the appearances - the clothing of religious life can be seen, because they keep my Will in lethargy; and because they keep It in lethargy, their interior is drowsy, as if light and good were not for them. And if they do anything externally, it is empty of Divine Life and resolves into the smoke of vainglory, of self-esteem, of pleasing other creatures; and I and my Supreme Volition, while being inside, go out of their works.
My daughter, what affront. How I would like everyone to feel my tremendous agony, the continuous rattle, the lethargy into which they put my Will, because they want to do their own and not Mine - they do not want to let It reign, they do not want to know It. Therefore, It wants to break the dikes with Its wriggling, so that, if they do not want to know It and receive It by means of Love, they may know It by means of Justice. Tired of an agony of centuries, my Will wants to go out, and so It prepares two ways: the triumphant way, which are Its knowledges, Its prodigies and all the good that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat will bring; and the way of Justice, for those who do not want to know It as triumphant. It is up to the creatures to choose the way they want to receive It.”

November 20, 1926
How all the divine attributes take on the office of forming the new little sea of their qualities in the soul. How everyone has a motion.
I was doing my round in the Creation according to my usual way, in order to follow the acts of the Divine Will in It. But while I was doing this, my always lovable Jesus, letting me hear His most sweet voice in each created thing, told me: “Who is calling my Love, so that either my Love may descend into her, or hers may ascend into Mine, to be fused together, to form one single love, and to give my Love the field of action in order to make arise in the soul the new little sea of her love? My Love triumphs and celebrates, because It is given Its outlet and Its field of action.”
As I moved into the sun, into the heavens, into the sea, I heard His voice saying: “Who is calling my eternal light, my infinite sweetness, my incomparable beauty, my unshakeable firmness, my immensity, in order to court them and give them the field of action to make arise in the creature as many seas of light, of sweetness, of beauty, of firmness, and still more - to give them the contentment not to remain idle, but to use the littleness of the creature in order to enclose all of their qualities in her? Who is it, then? Ah! It is the little daughter of Our Will.”
Then, after I heard Him say, in each created thing, “Who is calling Me?”, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and clasping me all to Himself, told me: “My daughter, as you go around in my Will, to follow It in each created thing, all of my attributes hear your call and enter the field to form each one the little sea of its quality. Oh! How they triumph in seeing themselves active – able to form each one its own little sea. But their highest pleasure and delight increases in being able to form in the creature their seas of love, of light, of beauty, of tenderness, of power, and still more. My Wisdom acts as a talented Architect and with marvelous ingenuity, in placing its immense and infinite qualities in her littleness. Oh! How the soul who lives in my Will harmonizes with my attributes. Each one of them takes on its office in order to establish its divine quality. If you knew the great good that comes to you from following my Will in all of Its acts, and the crafting It performs in you, you too would feel the joy of a continuous feast.”
Then, after this, I continued to follow the Creation, and I could see that eternal motion that never stops, flowing everywhere; and I thought to myself: ‘How can I follow the Supreme Volition in everything, if It runs so rapidly in all things? I do not have Its virtue, nor Its rapidity; therefore I have to remain behind, unable to follow Its eternal murmuring in everything.’ But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, all things have a continuous motion, because they came out of a Supreme Being who contains a motion full of life; therefore, as a consequence, all things which came from God were to contain a vital motion that never ceases. If it ceases, it means that life ceases. See, you yourself have a murmuring, a continuous motion in your interior. Even more, the Divinity, in creating the creature, gave him the likeness of the Three Divine Persons; It placed in him three motions which were to murmur continuously, to unite with that continuous motion and murmuring of love of their Creator. And these are: the motion of the beating of the heart which never ceases, the circulation of the blood which always flows without ever ceasing, the breathing of the breath which never stops. This, in the body; in the soul there are three more motions which murmur continuously: the intellect, the memory and the will. Therefore, everything is in keeping your motion bound to the motion of your Creator, in order to murmur together with His eternal motion. In this way, you will follow my Will in Its motion which never stops, in Its acts which never cease, and you will make your motion return into the womb of your Creator, who awaits with so much love the return of His works, of His love, and of His murmuring.
In creating the creatures, the Divinity acts like a father who sends his children, for their good, one to a town, one to a field, one to cross the sea – some to a place nearby, and some far away, giving to each one a task to fulfill. But as he sends them away, he anxiously awaits their return; he is always on the lookout to see if they are coming back. If he speaks, he speaks about his children; if he loves, his love runs toward his children; his thoughts fly to his children. Poor father, he feels crucified because he has sent his children far away from him, and he longs for their return, more than for his own life. And if – may this never be – he does not see all of them, or part of them, come back, he is inconsolable; he weeps and utters moans and cries of sorrow, such as to snatch tears from the hardest. And only then is he content, when he sees them return into his paternal womb, to clasp them to his breast that burns with love for his children. Oh! How our Celestial Father, more than a father, sighs, burns, raves for His children, because He delivered them from His womb, and awaits their return in order to enjoy them in His loving arms. The Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat is exactly this: the return of Our children into Our paternal arms. This is why We long for It so much.”
Then, afterwards, I felt all immersed in the adorable Will of God, and I thought to myself of the great good if everyone knew and fulfilled this Fiat so holy, and the great contentment they would give to our Celestial Father. And my sweet Jesus, continuing to speak, added: “My daughter, in creating the creature, as We were forming him with Our creative hands, We felt a joy, a contentment come out of Our womb, because he was to serve to maintain Our amusement on the face of the earth, and Our continuous feast. So, as We formed his feet, We thought that they were to serve Our kisses, because they were to enclose Our steps and be our means of encounter, to amuse ourselves together. As We formed his hands, We thought that they were to serve Our kisses and embraces, because We were to see in him the repeater of Our works. As We formed his mouth, his heart, which were to serve the echo of Our word and of Our Love, and as We infused life in him with Our breath, in seeing that that life had come from Us – it was a life completely Ours - We clasped him to Our womb and kissed him, as confirmation of Our work and of Our Love. And so that he might maintain himself whole in Our steps, in Our works, in the echo of Our word and Love, and of the Life of Our image impressed in him, We gave him Our Divine Will as inheritance, that It might preserve him just as We had delivered him, to be able to continue Our amusements, Our affectionate kisses, Our sweet conversations with the work of Our hands.
When We see Our Will in the creature, We see Our steps, Our works, Our Love, Our words, Our memory and intellect in her, because We know that Our Supreme Will will let nothing enter which is not Ours. Therefore, being Our own, We gave her everything – kisses, caresses, favors, love, tenderness more than paternal – nor do We feel like keeping even one step of distance from her; more so, since even the slightest distances cannot form the continuous amusements, nor exchange kisses, nor share the most intimate and secret joys. On the other hand, in the soul in whom We do not see Our Will, We cannot amuse Ourselves, because We see nothing that belongs to Us. Such a disharmony, such a dissimilarity of steps, of works, of words, of love can be felt in her, that she herself places herself at a distance from her Creator; and wherever We see that the powerful magnet of Our Will is not present, which makes Us almost forget about the infinite distance that exists between the Creator and the creature, We disdain to amuse Ourselves with her, and to fill her with Our kisses and favors.
So, by withdrawing from Our Will, man interrupted Our amusements and destroyed the designs We had in forming the Creation; and only by the reigning of Our Supreme Fiat, by the establishment of Its Kingdom, will Our designs be realized and Our amusements restored on the face of the earth.”

November 21, 1926
Tenderness of Jesus at the moment of death. How one who lives in the Divine Will has primacy over everything.
I felt all afflicted because of the sudden death of one of my sisters. The fear that my lovable Jesus might not have her with Himself tormented my soul, and as my Highest Good, Jesus, came, I told Him of my pain, and He, all goodness, said to me: “My daughter, do not fear, is there perhaps not my Will that makes up for everything, for the very Sacraments and for all the helps that can be given to a poor dying one? Much more so, when there is not the will of the person of not wanting to receive the Sacraments and all the helps of the Church, which She gives, like a mother, at that extreme moment. You know, in kidnapping her suddenly from the earth, my Will made Me surround her with the tenderness of my Humanity. My Heart, human and Divine, placed my most tender fibers into the field of action, in such a way that her defects, her weaknesses, her passions, have been looked upon and weighed with such finesse of tenderness - infinite and Divine. And when I place my tenderness into the field, I cannot help having compassion and letting her pass into a safe harbor, as triumph of the tenderness of your Jesus. And then, don’t you know that where human helps are lacking, divine helps abound? You fear that there was no one around her, and that if she wanted help, she had no one from whom to ask for it. Ah! my daughter, at that point the human helps cease; they have no value, nor effect, because the dying enter into the sole and prime act with their Creator, and to no one is it given to enter this act. And then, for one who is not perverted, a sudden death serves in order to prevent the diabolical action from entering the field - his temptations, and the fears which he strikes into the dying with so much art, because he feels them being snatched from him, without being able to tempt them or follow them. Therefore, what men consider to be a disgrace, many times is more than grace.”
After this, I abandoned all of myself in the Supreme Volition, and my sweet Jesus, continuing to speak, told me: “My daughter, one who lives in my Will has primacy over everything and over all the acts of the creatures. Her act is first in love before her Creator. So, if the other creatures love, the soul who lives in my Will is first in loving; the others come some second, some third, some fourth, according to the intensity of their love. If the other creatures adore Me, glorify Me, pray Me, the soul who lives in my Will is first in adoring Me, in glorifying Me, in praying Me. And this is natural, because my Will is life and prime act of all creatures, therefore one who lives in It finds herself in her prime act and she is first before God, above all creatures, doing all of their acts, and doing all the acts which they do not do. So, the Queen of Heaven, who never gave life to her own will, but had her life fully in my Will, has primacy by right. Therefore, She is first in loving Us, in glorifying Us, in praying Us. If We see that the other creatures love Us, it is behind the love of the Celestial Queen; if they glorify Us and pray Us, it is behind the glory and the prayers of She who holds primacy and therefore empire over everything. How beautiful it is to see that, as the creatures love Us, She never gives up her first place in love. Even more, She places Herself as prime act, and makes Her sea of love flow around the Majesty, in such a way that the other creatures remain behind the sea of love of the Celestial Mama, with their little drops of love; and so with all the other acts. Ah! my daughter, to live in my Will is a word, but it is a word that weighs as much as eternity – it is word that embraces everything and everyone.”

November 23, 1926
Threats of chastisements. How the living in the Divine Will forms the true Sun. What this Sun is made of.
As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, His face leaning out from within my breast, His eyes sparkling with light, looking far away. I too looked within that light, and I could see rivers overflowing, seas swelling and going out of their shore, ships being swept away, towns submerged by water, storms sweeping away everything which they invested, and many other evils which, while they seem to take respite at one point, regained their fury at other points. Oh! how frightening it was to see the water, the wind, the sea, the earth, armed up by Divine Justice to strike the poor creatures. So I prayed my Highest Good that He would placate Himself and withdraw the command to make justice, which He had given to these elements. And my sweet Jesus, throwing His arms around my neck and clasping me tightly to Himself, made me feel His Justice. I felt like succumbing, and my sweet Jesus, sighing, told me: “My daughter, I can take no more; it is necessary that my Justice follow Its course. You, do not become alarmed at what you see, but rather, occupy yourself with the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat.”
I remained suffering and afflicted because of the great evils which will occur, and abandoning myself in the adorable Will of my Jesus, I enclosed in It all thoughts, gazes, words, works, steps and heartbeats, so that all might love and ask together with me that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat may come soon and be quickly established in the midst of the human generations. And my beloved Good, continuing to speak, added: “My daughter, the living in my Will forms the true Sun between Heaven and earth. Its rays, extending to the bottom, invest each thought, gaze, word, work and step; and binding them with its light, It forms a crown around Itself, keeping it firm within Itself so that nothing may escape It. Its rays, extending up high, invest all of Heaven, all the Blessed; and binding them all within Its light, It makes nothing escape It, so that, triumphant, this sun may say: ‘I enclose everything, I lack nothing of the works of my Creator and of all that belongs to Him. With my wings of light, I lay myself over everything, I embrace all, I triumph over all - even over my Eternal Maker, because in the light of His Will there is nothing He wants which I do not bring to Him, there is no act I do not do for Him, there is no love I do not give Him. With my wings of light, which my Eternal Fiat administers to me, I am the true king that, investing all, dominates everything.’
Who can ever resist the solar rays or free himself from them, when he is outside? The power of the light is irresistible; wherever it extends, no one can escape its contact which, lapping them up, touches them with its kisses of light and of heat and, triumphant, keeps them invested under the impression of its light. There may be some who, ungrateful, do not pay attention to it, nor say a ‘thank you’, but the light pays no attention even to this; rather, it pays attention to its office of light, and remains firm in giving the good it possesses. More so, since the Sun of my Will is not like the sun which can be seen in the vault of the heavens, whose sphere of light is limited. If that sphere were so large as to extend so much as to form a second heaven, the earth, in rotating, would keep finding its sun, and therefore darkness and night could not invest the earth; just as it never loses sight of the heavens which extend everywhere, it would never lose sight of the sun, and so it would always be daylight for the earth.
Now, the Sun of my Will, its sphere, is not limited, and therefore It possesses Its full day. So, one who lives in It embraces all times, all generations, and investing the acts of all, she forms one single act, one single love and one single glory for her Creator. But do you know what this Sun of my Supreme Will is made of? My attributes are the rays of this Sun, which, though different among themselves in their qualities and in the office they have, are light in their substance; and my Will, the combining light which assumes all these lights together, is the director of all my attributes. Therefore, when the creatures deserve to be struck, I direct the light of my Justice, and It strikes the creatures, defending my rights.”

November 27, 1926
How one who fulfills a mission can be called mother; and to be called daughter, one must be generated in it. How the other sanctities are light, while the Sanctity of the Divine Will is Sun. How the foundation of this Sanctity is the Humanity of Our Lord.
I was all abandoned in the arms of the adorable Will, and I prayed my sweet Jesus to make use of an act of His Power so that the Supreme Will might invest the human generations; and binding them to Itself, It might form Its first children, so longed for by It. And my Highest Good, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, when someone has a special mission, this person is called mother, or father. Whoever originates from this fulfilled mission can be called daughter of this mother. True mother means to carry a birth within her womb, to form it with her own blood, to bear pains, sacrifices, and if necessary, to expose her own life in order to give life to the birth of her womb. When this birth has matured in her womb and has come out to light, then, with justice, by right and with reason, this birth is called son, and the one who generated him, mother. Therefore, in order to be mother, it is necessary to first form all the limbs in one’s own interior - to generate them in one’s own blood, and the acts of these children must be generated from the very heart of their mother.
Now, my daughter, in order to be daughter of my Will, you have been generated in It; in It you have been formed. And in forming you, the light, the love of my Will, more than blood, grafted Its manners, Its attitude, Its working in you, making you embrace everyone and everything. This is so true that, since you are a birth from It, It calls you now ‘newborn of my Will’, now ‘my little daughter’. Now, only one who has been generated by It, can generate the children of my Will; therefore, you will be the mother of the generation of Its children.”
And I: ‘My Jesus, what are You saying? I am not good at being daughter – how can I be mother?’
And Jesus: “Yet, from you must come the generation of these children. What mother has suffered so much? Who has been confined in a bed for forty years and more, for the love of forming a birth from herself, and of giving to the light the generation of her children? No one. What mother, as good as she may be, has sacrificed her entire existence to the point of enclosing within herself the thoughts, the heartbeats, the works, so that everything might be reordered in the birth she carried, wanting to give life to it - not once, but as many times for as many acts as her child does? No one. Do you yourself not feel within yourself the generations of these children, by following their thoughts, words, works, steps, in order to reorder them all in my Will? Do you not feel like wanting to give life to each one, provided that they may know my Will and be regenerated in It? Everything you do in your interior and suffer, is nothing other than the formation and the maturation of this birth, all of Heaven. This is why I have told you many times: your mission is great, there is no one who can equal it, and highest attention is needed.”
Then, I felt oppressed because it had been written to me that reverend father Di Francia was having the memories of my childhood printed, as well as everything that follows; and in my sorrow I said to my beloved Jesus: ‘My love, look at what they are up to - from making known what You have told me about the virtues and about your adorable Will, they are putting what regards myself. At most, they should do this after my death – not now. Only for me there was this confusion and this highest sorrow; for the others - no. Ah! Jesus, give me the strength to do your holy Will also in this.’ And Jesus, clasping me in His arms to give me strength, all goodness, told me: “My daughter, do not afflict yourself so much. You must know that the other sanctities are little lights which form in the soul, and these lights are subject to grow, to decrease, and even to be extinguished; therefore, it is not right to pass it for press while one is still living in time, before the light is no longer subject to be extinguished by passing to the other life. What impression would one make, if it became known that this light no longer exists?
On the other hand, the sanctity of living in my Will is not light, but sun; therefore it is not subject either to become poor in light, or to be extinguished. Who can ever touch the sun? Who can take away from it even one drop of light? No one. Who can extinguish one atom of its heat? Who can make it descend even a thousandth from its place, from the height at which it reigns and dominates all the earth? No one. If there was not the Sun of my Supreme Fiat, I would not have allowed the printing. Instead, I am in a hurry, because the good that a sun can do, cannot be done by a light. In fact, the good of a light is too limited, and neither does it produce a great good if it is displayed, nor does it cause a great damage if it is not manifested. The good of the sun, instead, embraces everything; it does good to all, and not letting it rise as early as possible is a great damage, while it is a great good to let it rise even one day earlier. Who can tell of the good that a sunny day can produce? More so with the Sun of my Eternal Will. Therefore, the greater the delay, the more sunny days are taken away from the creatures, and the more days are taken away from the sun, constraining its rays within Our Celestial Fatherland."
But in spite of all the saying of Jesus, my oppression continued and my poor mind was made gloomy by the thought that my poor insignificant existence - which deserved to be buried without anyone noticing that I had been on earth - was to be placed under the eyes and in the hands of who knows how many. My God, my God – what sorrow. But while I was thinking of this, my lovable Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, lying flat, as if His holy Humanity were the foundation within my poor and little soul. Continuing to speak, He said to me: “My daughter, do not become distracted. Don’t you see that the foundation of the Kingdom of my eternal Fiat in you is formed by my steps, by my works, by my heart palpitating with love for the honor of my Will, by my ardent sighs, and by the burning tears of my eyes? All of my life lies within you to form the foundation; therefore it is not befitting that your little work over this foundation so solid and so holy, be done with distraction, or that your rounds in the Supreme Will be shaded. No, no, my daughter, I do not want this in you. Do not fear, you will remain buried in the Sun of my Will. Who, more than It, will be able to eclipse you, in such a way that no one may pay attention to you? The Sun of the Supreme Fiat will have great care, so that, as the little lamp of your soul is surrounded by Its rays, the Sun may appear and the lamp may be kept hidden within It. Therefore, be at peace, if you want to make your Jesus content; abandon everything in Me, and I will take care of everything.”

November 29, 1926
How the Supreme Will, from Queen becomes the servant of the human will, because they do not let It reign.
Continuing in my usual abandonment in the adorable Will, all of Creation made itself present, in which the Supreme Will was flowing, dominating and triumphant, as light and primary life, in the great things as much as in the most little ones. What enchantment, what order, what rare beauty, what harmony among them, because one is the Will which dominates them and, flowing in them, binds them in such a way that one cannot be without the other. And my sweet Jesus, interrupting my amazement, told me: “My daughter, my Will remained as operating life in each created thing, in order to dominate freely with Its full triumph. So, It has the operating life of the light and heat of the sun, the operating life of Its immensity and of the multiplicity of Its works in the heavens, the operating life of Its Power and of Its Justice in the sea. In fact, my Will is not like the will of the creatures who, even if they want, if they have no hands, they cannot work; if they have no feet, they cannot walk; if they are mute or blind, they can neither speak nor see. My Will, instead, does all acts in one single act: while It works, It walks; while It is all eyes to look, at the same time, It is all voice to speak, and with such eloquence, that no one can equal It. It speaks in the roaring of the thunder, in the bolt of lightning, in the whistling of the wind, in the tumultuous waves of the sea, in the little bird that sings. It speaks everywhere, so that everyone may hear Its voice - now strong, now sweet, now thundering. My Will - how admirable You are! Who can say he has loved the creatures as You have?
My very Humanity – oh! how It remains behind You. I remain eclipsed in You, and You remain in your work, which has no beginning, nor does it ever end. You are always at your place, giving life to all created things in order to bring your life to creatures. Oh! if all knew what It does for them, how much It loves all, how Its vital breath gives life to all – oh! how they would love It, and all would be pressing around my eternal Fiat, to receive the life It wants to give them.
But do you know, my daughter, why my Supreme Volition left Itself in all created things, dominating and as life, and in each thing, doing Its distinct office? Because It was to serve Itself – Its own Will, which was to have life and dominion in the creature, for whom It had created all things. It acted like a king who, wanting to form a residence for himself in which to reign and have his dwelling, forms many rooms and places many lights, so that darkness may not reign in it. He puts little fountains of most fresh waters; he puts music for amusement; he has his residence surrounded by pleasant gardens – in sum, he places everything that can make him happy, and that is worthy of his royalty. Now, as king, he must have his servants, his ministers, his soldiers. And what happens? These deny the king; so, instead of the king being the one who dominates, the servants, the ministers, the soldiers dominate. What would not be the sorrow of this king in seeing that his works do not serve him, but with injustice, they serve his servants; and he himself is forced to be the servant of his servants, because when a service, a work, serves oneself, one cannot be called servant.
Now, my Will was to serve Itself in the creatures, and therefore, more than noble queen, It left Itself in all created things, so that nothing might be lacking to Its royalty of Queen in the creature. There was no one else who could serve my Will worthily, other than my Will Itself; nor would It have adapted Itself to being served by servants, because no one would have Its noble and Divine manners in order to serve It.
Now, listen to the great sorrow of my Supreme Will; it is right that you, who are Its daughter, know the sorrows of your Mother, of your Queen, and of the One who is your Life. In the Creation It acts as servant of the servants; It serves the human will, because Mine does not reign in the creatures. How hard it is to serve the servants, and for many centuries. As the soul withdraws from my Will to do her own, she puts my Will in servitude in the Creation. Therefore Its sorrow is great – from Queen, becoming a servant - and there is no one who can soothe a sorrow so bitter. If It continues to remain in the Creation to serve the servants, it is because It is waiting for Its children; It is waiting for the time when Its works will serve the children of Its eternal Fiat who, letting It reign and dominate in their souls, will let It serve Its own nobility. Oh! only these children will soothe a sorrow so long and bitter; they will dry Its tears of so many centuries of servitude; they will give back to It the rights of Its royalty. This is why it is so necessary to make my Will known - what It does, what It wants, how It is everything and contains all goods, and Its continuous sorrow because they do not let It reign.”
After this, my mind remained so affected by the sorrow of the Supreme Will that, as the whole Creation kept standing before my mind, to my highest sorrow I could see this noble Queen veiled in each created thing, serving all creatures. It acted as servant in the sun, serving them by giving them light and heat; It acted as servant in the water, by offering it to their lips to quench their thirst; It acted as servant in the sea, offering them the fish; It acted as servant in the earth, by giving them fruits, foods of every kind, flowers and many other things. In sum, I could see It in all things, veiled with sadness, because It was not decorous for It to serve the creatures. On the contrary, it was unbefitting Its nobility of Queen to act as servant of ungrateful and perverted creatures, who used Its servitude without even looking at It, without saying a ‘thank You’, or contributing with any retribution as it is usually done with servants. Who can tell what I understood about this sorrow of the eternal Fiat, so long and intense?
But while I was swimming in this sorrow, my adored Jesus came out from within my interior, and pressing me to Himself, all tenderness, told me: “My daughter, it is very sorrowful and humiliating for the my Supreme Will to act as servant of the creatures who do not let It reign within them; but It will feel much more glorified and happy in those who will let It reign. Look at It within you – how happy It is to serve you. It reigns in you while you write, and It feels honored and happy to serve you, by guiding your hand as you write, that you may write on paper the words to make It known. It places Its sanctity at your service in your mind, in order to administer to you the ideas, the terms, the most tender examples that regard my Supreme Will, in order to open Its ways in the midst of creatures, to form Its Kingdom. It serves your sight to let you look at what you write, your mouth to feed you the words, your heart to let it palpitate with Its own Volition. What difference! It is happy to serve you, because It serves Itself – It serves to form Its Life; It serves the knowledge of Itself, Its own sanctity; It serves to form Its Kingdom. My Will reigns in you while you pray, and It serves you by letting you fly within It, to let you do Its acts, and to let you take possession of Its goods. This way of serving of my Will is glorious, is triumphant, is dominant; and It would suffer only if the soul did not let herself be served by It completely and in everything.”

December 3, 1926
Laments to Jesus. Jesus calms Luisa. How the human will places distance between God and the soul. How we are rays of light which came out from God. How the imprisonment of Jesus is symbol of the prison of the human will.
Continuing in my usual abandonment in my adorable Supreme Fiat, I anxiously longed for my highest Good, Jesus. In that unending light of the eternal Volition, whose boundaries cannot be seen - either where they begin, or where they end - I was all eyes to see if I could find the One whom I so much longed for. And Jesus, to calm my restlessness, came out from within my interior, and upon seeing Him, I said to him: ‘My Love, how You make me struggle and sigh for your return – You are really waiting for the moment when I can take no more. How clearly it shows that You no longer love me as before. Yet, You told me that You would love me more and more, and that You would never be without me; and now You leave me, maybe even for one entire day - prey to pain and under the press of your privation, abandoned and all alone.’
And Jesus, interrupting me, said to me: “My daughter, courage, do not lose heart – I do not leave you. This is so true, that it is always from your interior that I come out to spend time with you; and if you do not always see Me, I do this to give you field in order to follow that single act of my Will, which contains all acts together. Do you not see that the light of my Supreme Will flows from within your heart, from your mouth, from your eyes, from your hands, from your feet - from all your being? And as It eclipses Me in you, you do not always see Me because, being interminable – which my very Humanity is not – It has the strength to eclipse Me, and I enjoy this eclipse of my Supreme Will, and from within you, I see your flight, your acts in the Divine Fiat. If I made Myself always seen, in order to spend time with Me and to enjoy my sweet and lovable presence, you would occupy yourself with my Humanity; you would pour out your love with Me, and I with you, and you would not have the heart to leave Me in order to follow the flight of my Will in the Creation and in the very acts which my Humanity did in Redemption. Therefore, in order to make you fulfill the mission entrusted to you, to render you more free, I remain hidden in you to follow your very acts in the eternal Fiat.
Do you not remember that this was said to my very apostles – that it was necessary for them to detach themselves from my Humanity, which they loved very much, and without which they could not be? In fact, as long as I lived on earth, they did not depart from Me to go throughout the whole world to preach the Gospel and make my coming on earth known. But after my departure for Heaven, invested by the Divine Spirit, they received the strength to leave their region in order to make known the goods of Redemption, and to lay down even their own lives for love of Me. So, my Humanity would have been a hindrance to the mission of my apostles. I am not saying that this happens to you, because this hindrance does not exist between you and Me. In fact, a hindrance occurs when two beings are separable; but when two beings have identified themselves with each other so much that one lives within the other, the hindrance ends, because wherever one goes, the other is as well. So, being together, no efforts are needed in order to go wherever one wants, because the beloved is within him, to follow him everywhere. I am only saying that often an eclipse occurs because of the strong light of my Will which, dominating you and my very Humanity in you, eclipses us and makes us follow Its acts. This does not mean that I no longer love you as before, and that I can be without you – not at all. On the contrary, my Will gives you the eternal and complete love of your Jesus, and placing Itself around Me with Its light, like a wall, It does not allow that even for one instant I may move away from you.
Do you know what places distance between God and the soul? The human will! Each act of it is one step of distance between the Creator and the creature. The more the human will operates, the more it moves away from the One who created it; it loses sight of Him; it decays from its origin; it breaks every bond with the celestial family. Suppose that a sun’s ray could detach itself from the center of its sphere: as it moves away from the sun, it feels it is losing light; and if it moves so far away as to lose sight of the sun completely, this ray loses all of its light and turns into darkness. This ray, converted into darkness, feels a motion, a life within itself, but it is no longer capable of giving light, because it possesses none of it; therefore its motion, its life, is only capable of spreading thick darkness. Such are the creatures – rays of light which came out from the sphere of the Sun of the Divinity: as they move away from my Will, they empty themselves of light, because it was given to my Will to preserve the light in these rays; so they turn into darkness. Oh! if all new what it means not to do my Will – oh! how attentive they would be in not letting the poison of the human will, destroyer of every good, enter into them.”
After this, I was following my passionate Jesus in His sorrowful prison. Bound to a column, in the barbarous way in which they had bound Him, He could not stand firm leaning against the column - but dangled, with His legs bent and bound to it; so He shifted now to the right, now to the left. And I, clinging to His knees to make Him stand firm, reordered His hair, all disheveled, which even covered His adorable Face - on which even the spittle with which they had so dirtied Him, was not missing. Oh! how I would have wanted to untie Him, to free Him from that position, so painful and humiliating. And my prisoner Jesus, all afflicted, said to me: “My daughter, do you know why I allowed Myself to be put in prison during the course of my Passion? To free man from the prison of the human will. Look at how horrible is my prison. It was a narrow place, which served to contain the rubbish and the excrements of the creatures; so the stench was unbearable, the darkness was thick – they left me not even a little lamp. My position was excruciating – dirtied with spit, my hair disheveled, suffering in all of my limbs, bound not even erect, but bent. I could help Myself in no way, not even to remove the hair from my eyes, which bothered Me.
This prison of mine is the true image of the prison formed by the human will of the creatures. The stench that emanates from it is horrible; the darkness is thick; many times, not even the little lamp of reason is left to them. They are always restless, deranged, dirtied with most wretched passions. Oh! how much should this prison of the human will be wept over. How vividly I felt, in this prison, the evil it had done to the creatures. My sorrow was so great that I shed bitter tears, and I prayed my Celestial Father to free the creatures from this prison, so ignominious and painful. You too, pray together with Me, that the creatures may release themselves from their will.”

December 6, 1926
Pact between Jesus and the soul. How an act can be called perfect only when the Divine Will reigns in it.
This morning, it seemed that my always lovable Jesus did not make me struggle so much for His coming; on the contrary, He stayed with me for a long time, which He had not done for so long. In fact, if He comes now, His little visit is always very short, nor does He give me time to tell Him anything. He alone says whatever He wants to tell me, or He speaks and speaks with the unending light of His Will, so much so, that Jesus Himself remains eclipsed in this light, and I with Him. So we lose sight of each other, because that light is so strong and dazzling, that the littleness and weakness of my sight cannot sustain it; therefore I lose everything – even Jesus. Now, while He was with me, the fidgets of His love were so intense and so many, that His Heart beat very strongly. Leaning His breast against mine, He made me feel His ardent heartbeats; and drawing His lips near mine, He poured into me part of that fire which burned Him. It was a liquid which, while being like liquid fire, was very sweet, but of a sweetness that cannot be described. However, among those rivulets which poured into my mouth, coming out of His mouth like many little fountains, there were a few bitter rivulets, which the human ingratitude sent deep into the Heart of my sweet Jesus. Jesus had not done all this for a long time, while before He used to do it almost every day.
Now, after pouring Himself out with me, after pouring into me what He contained in His most holy Heart, He said to me: “My daughter, we must make a pact – that you must do nothing without Me, and I must do nothing without you.”
And I: ‘My Love, this is beautiful, I love this pact – doing nothing without You. And when You do not come, what shall I do? So, I must remain idle and without doing anything; and then You place your Will in me, and I am unable to will anything but what You want. So, You will win always, and will do whatever You want - and without me.’ And Jesus, all goodness, continued: “My daughter, when I do not come, you must not remain without doing anything – no, no; you must continue to do what we have done together - what I have told you that I want you to do. This is not doing things without Me, because it has already passed between Me and you, and it remains as if you were always doing it together with Me. And then, don’t you want Me to win always? The winning of your Jesus is your gain; so, if you win, you lose; if you lose, you win. However, be certain that I will do nothing without you. This is why I placed in you my Will, and my Light, my Sanctity, my Love, my Strength together with It – so that, if you want my Light, my Sanctity, my Love, my Strength, you may dominate in them and take the Light you want, and the Sanctity, the Love, the Strength that you want to possess. How beautiful it is to see you possess my dominions, which make Me arrive at doing nothing without you. I can make these pacts only with those in whom my Will dominates and reigns.”
Then, afterwards, I was doing my usual acts in the Supreme Fiat, and I thought to myself that I wanted to hide my little love, my meager adoration, and everything I could possibly do, within the first acts which Adam did when he possessed the unity of the light of the Divine Will, and within those of the Queen Mama, which were all perfect. And my adored Jesus added: “My daughter, only then can one act be called perfect, when it encloses within itself all the other acts together. My Will alone encloses this perfect act: while It does one act only, from this single act, all possible imaginable acts which exist in Heaven and on earth, are released. This single act of my Will is symbolized by a spring: while the spring is one, from it gush seas, rivers, fire, light, heaven, stars, flowers, mountains and earth. Everything comes from this one spring. Now, Adam in the state of innocence and the Height of the Sovereign Queen, by possessing my Will, if they loved, in that love they enclosed adoration, glory, praise, blessing, prayer. Nothing was missing in their most tiny act; in it flowed the multiplicity of the qualities of the single act of my Supreme Will, which made them embrace everything, so they gave to their Creator all that befitted Him in one act. So, if they loved, they adored; if they adored, they loved. The isolated acts, which do not embrace all acts together, cannot be called perfect acts – they are meager acts, which give of human will. And therefore only in the Fiat can the soul find true perfection in her acts, and offer a divine act to her Creator.”

December 8, 1926
How one who lives in the Divine Will is the echo and the little sun. How these writings come from the Heart of Our Lord. The works of Our Lord are veils which hide the noble Queen of the Divine Will.
I was doing my usual acts in the eternal Volition, and my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, you are Our echo. As you enter into Our Will in order to love, to praise, to ask for the coming of Our Kingdom, We hear in you the echo of Our Love, the echo of Our glory, the echo of Our Fiat that wants to come upon earth in order to reign, that wants to be prayed, and prayed again, and be pressed to come to reign on earth as It does in Heaven. And as you go around through the whole Creation to follow the acts of the Supreme Will in It, We hear your echo in the sea, in the valleys, on the mountains, in the sun, in the heavens, in the stars – in everything. How beautiful is this echo – it is Our echo which resounds in all of Our things. In this echo, We hear the echo of Our voice, the motion of Our works, the treading of Our steps, the motions - the pulsation of Our heartbeat, and We greatly delight in seeing your littleness, as you, while echoing, try to imitate Our voice, to copy the motions of Our works, to make the same sound as Our steps, and to love with Our own heartbeat.”
Then, sighing, He added: “My daughter, if the sun had reason and saw a plant, a being, that wanted to become sun, the sun would increase all of its light, its heat and its effects over this being, so as to make it become sun. And even though it would not deny its light and its effects to the other beings - because it is in the nature of light to diffuse and to do good to all, wherever it is – the fortunate being which received, all together, all the reflections and all the goods that the sun contains, would become sun. What glory, what contentment would the sun not receive, in being able to form another sun? The entire earth, for many centuries, has never rendered it so much glory, so much love, by receiving its many effects, as this one being which has turned into sun.
By living in Our Fiat, the soul does nothing but imitate her Creator, and the eternal Sun concentrates all of Its reflections over her, in such a way that she becomes the little sun, in the likeness of the Divine Sun. Was this not exactly Our purpose and Our saying: ‘Let Us make man in Our image and likeness’? To make him without having him be like Us and carry within himself the image of the One who had created him, was neither decorous, nor worthy of a work of Our hands; nor would the generation of a being dissimilar from Us be Power of that regenerative breath which came from Our womb. What would one say of a mother who generated, not a child who had eyes, mouth, hands, feet and who was similar to her in all his limbs; at most, smaller than her in his limbs, but lacking nothing of all the organs of the mother – but she generated a plant, a bird, a stone, things which are dissimilar from her? It would be incredible – things against nature and unworthy of a mother, who was not able to infuse her image and all of her limbs in her newborn. Now, if all things generate and form things similar to them, much more so with God, prime Generator, whose honor and glory in forming the creatures was to form them as similar to Himself. Therefore, my daughter, let your flight in my Will be continuous, that It may concentrate Its rays over you, and darting through you, It may make of you Its little sun.”
After this, I felt tired and I could not make up my mind to write what my adored Jesus had told me. And Jesus, surprising me, to give me will and strength in order to do it, told me: “My daughter, don’t you know that these writings come from the depth of my Heart, and I make the tenderness of my Heart flow in them, to move those who will read them, and the firmness of my divine speech, to strengthen them in the truths of my Will? In all the sayings, truths, examples which I make you write on paper, I make flow the dignity of my celestial Wisdom, in such a way that those who read them, or will read them, if they are in grace, will feel in them my tenderness, the firmness of my speech and the light of my Wisdom, and as though in between magnets, they will be drawn into the knowledge of my Will. Those who are not in grace, then, will not be able to deny that it is light; and light always does good, it never does harm; it illuminates, it warms, it allows one to discover the most hidden things and moves one to love them. Who can say he does not receive good from the sun? No one. More than sun, I am releasing these writings from within my Heart, that they may do good to all. This is why I have so much interest that you write – for the great good I want to do to the human family; so much so, that I look at them as my own writings, because it is always I the One who dictates, and you are the little secretary of the long story of my Will.”
Then, I was following, in the Divine Will, everything that Jesus had done while being on earth in His Humanity, and I asked in each one of His acts that His Fiat may be known, and that It may come triumphantly to reign in the midst of creatures. And my highest and only Good, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, just as all Creation is a veil which hides my Will, in the same way, my Humanity and all of my works, tears and pains are many veils which hide my Supreme Fiat. It reigned in my acts, triumphant and dominating, and It laid the foundations in order to come to reign in the human acts of the creatures. But do you know who tears these veils to let It come out to dominate in her own heart? One who recognizes It in each one of my acts and invites It to come out. She tears the veil of my works, she enters into them, she recognizes the noble Queen, and she prays It – she presses It to no longer remain hidden; and opening her heart to It, she invites It to enter. She tears the veil of my tears, of my Blood, of my pains, the veil of the Sacraments, the veil of my Humanity, and giving her submission to It, she implores It to no longer remain veiled, but to make Itself known as Queen – which It is - in order to take Its dominion and form the children of Its Kingdom. From here the necessity that you go around in Our Will and in all of Our works – to find the noble Queen of Our Will hidden in them, to pray It to unveil Itself, to come out of Its apartments, so that all may know It and let It reign.”

December 10, 1926
How the Divine Will is a continuous act which never ceases. How the Virgin let Herself be dominated by this act, and formed Its Life within Herself. How in the Feasts of the Virgin, in Heaven, they celebrate the Divine Will.
My poor mind was swimming in the unending sea of the Eternal Volition, and my adorable Jesus showed how the greatest prodigy is that His Most Holy Will, while being so immense, would restrict Itself within the creature, though remaining immense, in order to dominate her and form Its life in her. The creature who remained submerged under a continuous act of this Divine Will was the miracle of miracles, and the prodigy never before seen. And lovable Jesus, all goodness, told me: “Dearest daughter of my Will, you must know that only my Volition possesses a continuous act which never ceases. This act is full of life, and therefore it gives life to all, it preserves all, and it maintains balance within itself and in all things. It alone can boast about possessing this continuous act of always giving life, of loving always – always, without ceasing for one instant. My Humanity Itself, if It possesses this continuous act, it is because in It flowed this continuous act of the Supreme Fiat. How long did the life of my Humanity last upon earth? It was extremely short. As soon as I accomplished that which was necessary for the Redemption, I departed for my Celestial Fatherland, though my acts stayed. But these stayed because they were animated by the continuous act of my Will. On the other hand, my Will never leaves; It is always at Its place, preexisting, without ever interrupting Its act of life over everything that came out from It. Oh! if my Will departed from earth and from all created things, all things would lose their life and would resolve into nothing. Because my Will created all things from nothing, if It withdrew, they would all lose their existence.
Now, do you want to know who is the One who let Herself be dominated by this continuous act of my Supreme Will, and by never giving life to Her own, received this continuous act of life of Divine Will, in such a way as to form within Herself a Life fully Divine and in the likeness of Her Creator? It was the Celestial and Sovereign Queen. From the very first instant of Her Immaculate Conception, She received this act of life of Divine Will, to then receive it continuously during all of Her life. This was the greatest prodigy, the miracle never before seen: the Life of the Divine Will in the Empress of Heaven. In fact, one single act of life of this Fiat can release heavens, suns, seas, stars, and everything It wants; so, all the human acts placed before one act alone of life of this Will of Mine, are like many drops of water which dissolve in the ocean, like tiny little flames before the sun, like atoms in the great space of the universe. Imagine, you yourself, what the height of the Immaculate Queen possesses, with this life of continuous act of Divine Will formed in Her. This was the true miracle, the prodigy never before seen - that the littleness of the Celestial Sovereign enclosed within Herself a Divine Life, a Will, immense and eternal, which possesses all possible imaginable goods.
Therefore, in all the Feasts with which the Church honors my Mama, all Heaven celebrates, glorifies, praises and thanks the Supreme Will, because they see Its life in Her – the primary cause by which She obtained the longed for Redeemer; and therefore, because this Fiat had life, which dominated and reigned in Her, they find themselves in possession of the Celestial Jerusalem. It was exactly the Divine Will that formed Its life in this Excelling Creature, who opened Heaven, which had been closed by the human will. Therefore, with justice, while they celebrate the Queen, they celebrate the Supreme Fiat which made Her Queen, reigned in Her, formed Its life, and is the primary cause of their eternal happiness.
So, a creature who lets my Will dominate and gives It free field in order to form Its life in her, is the greatest of prodigies. She can move Heaven and earth, and even God Himself, as if she did nothing; while she does everything, and she alone can win the most important things, destroy all obstacles, and face everything, because a Divine Will reigns in her. And just as all the Power of the Fiat dwelling in the creature was needed in order to impetrate Redemption, and my Humanity, which possessed that Power, was needed in order to form It, in the same way, in order to impetrate the coming of the Kingdom of my Fiat, another creature is needed, who would let It dwell within her, and give It free field in order to form Its life, so that my Will Itself, through her, may accomplish the only and most important prodigy – Its coming in order to reign on earth as It does in Heaven. And because this is the greatest thing, which will place divine balance in the human family, I do great things in you. I centralize in you everything which it is necessary and decorous to know about my Kingdom: the great good It wants to give, the happiness of those who will live in It, Its long story, Its long sorrow - and of many centuries, because while It wants to come to reign in the midst of creatures to make them happy, they do not open the doors to It, they do not long for It, they do not invite It; and while It is in their midst, they do not know It. Only a Divine Will could bear with patience so invincible, being in their midst, giving them life, and being not even known.
My Will is great, interminable and infinite, and wherever It reigns, It wants to do things worthy of Its greatness, of Its Sanctity and of the Power It contains. Therefore, be attentive, my daughter – this is not about any thing, or about forming one sanctity, but it is about forming a Kingdom for my adorable and Divine Will.”

December 12, 1926
Lament of Jesus during His Passion, in seeing His garments being divided, and lots drawn for His tunic. How Adam, before sinning, was clothed with light, and as he sinned, he felt the need of covering himself.
I was doing my usual acts in the Supreme Fiat, and my adored Jesus came out from within my interior and told me: “My daughter, during my Passion there is one lament of mine which came out, with immense sorrow, from the depth of my tormented Heart: they divided my garments and drew lots for my tunic. How painful it was for Me to see my garments being divided among my very executioners, and my tunic being gambled away. That was the only object I possessed, given to Me, with so much love, by my sorrowful Mama; and now, they not only stripped Me of it, but they make of it a game. But do you know who pierced Me the most? In those garments, Adam became present to Me, clothed with the garment of innocence and covered with the indivisible tunic of my Supreme Will. In creating him, the uncreated Wisdom acted as more than a most loving mother; more than with a tunic, It clothed him with the unending light of my Will – a garment which is not subject to be either disarranged, or divided, or consumed; a garment which was to serve man in order to preserve the image of his Creator and the gifts received from Him, and which was to render him admirable and holy in all his things. Not only this, but It covered him with the overgarment of innocence. And Adam, in Eden, with his passions divided the garments of innocence, and he gambled away the tunic of my Will – a garment which is incomparable and of radiant light.
That which Adam did in Eden was repeated under my eyes on Mount Calvary. In seeing my garments being divided and my tunic gambled away – symbol of the royal garment given to man, my sorrow was so intense that I uttered a lament. It became present to Me when the creatures, in doing their own will, make a game of Mine, and the so many times in which they divide the garment of innocence with their passions. All goods are enclosed in man by virtue of this royal garment of the Divine Will; once this is gambled away, he remains uncovered, he loses all goods, because the garment which kept them enclosed in him is missing. So, among the many evils the creatures do by doing their own will, they add the irreparable evil of gambling away the royal garment of my Will – a garment which cannot be substituted with any other garment.”
After this, my sweet Jesus showed me Himself placing my little soul inside a sun, and with His holy hands He held me still within that light, which covered me completely inside and out, and I could not see, nor was I able to see anything but light. And my adored Good added: “My daughter, in creating man, the Divinity placed him inside the Sun of the Divine Will, and all creatures in him. This Sun served as garment not only for his soul, but its rays were such as to cover also his body, in such a way as to serve as more than a garment for him, rendering Him so adorned and beautiful that neither kings nor emperors have ever appeared so adorned as Adam appeared, with this garment of most refulgent light. Those who say that, before sinning, Adam went naked are wrong. False, false. If all things created by Us are all adorned and clothed, he who was Our jewel, the purpose for which all things were created – was he not to have the most beautiful garment and the most beautiful ornament of all? So, to him befitted the beautiful garment of the light of the Sun of Our Will; and since he possessed this garment of light, he had no need of material garments in order to cover himself. As he withdrew from the Divine Fiat, so did light withdraw from his soul and from his body; he lost his beautiful garment, and in seeing himself no longer surrounded with light, he felt naked. Feeling ashamed in seeing that he was the only one to be naked in the midst of all created things, he felt the need to cover himself, and he used superfluous things, created things, to cover his nakedness.
This is so true that, after my highest sorrow of seeing my garments divided and my tunic gambled away, as my Humanity rose again I took no other garments, but I clothed Myself with the most refulgent garment of the Sun of my Supreme Will. That was the same garment as the one which Adam possessed when he was created, because in order to open Heaven, my Humanity was to wear the garment of the light of the Sun of my Supreme Will – a royal garment which gave Me the devices of king and dominion into my hands, so I opened Heaven to all the redeemed ones; and presenting Myself before my Celestial Father, I offered Him the garment of His Will, whole and beautiful, with which my Humanity was covered, to make Him recognize all the redeemed ones as Our children. So, while being life, at the same time my Will is the true garment of the creation of the creature, and therefore It holds all rights over her. But how much do they not do to escape from within this light? Therefore, be still in this Sun of the Eternal Fiat, and I will help you to maintain yourself in this light.”
On hearing this, I said to Him: ‘My Jesus and my all, how is this? If Adam in the state of innocence had no need of clothes because the light of your Will was more than garment, the Sovereign Queen, however, possessed your Will as whole, and You Yourself were your own Will; yet, neither the Celestial Mama nor Yourself wore the garments of light, and both of you used material clothes to cover yourselves. How is this?’
And Jesus continued: “My daughter, both my Mama and I came to set fraternal bonds with creatures; we came to raise decayed humanity, and therefore to take the miseries and humiliations in which it had fallen in order to expiate for them at the cost of our lives. Had they seen us clothed with light, who would have dared to approach us and deal with us? And in the course of my Passion, who would have dared to touch Me? The light of the Sun of my Will would have blinded them and crushed them to the ground. Therefore I had to make a greater miracle, hiding this light within the veil of my Humanity, and appearing as one of them, because It represented, not innocent Adam, but fallen Adam, and so I was to subject Myself to all of his evils, taking them upon Myself as if they were Mine, in order to expiate for them before Divine Justice. But when I rose again from death, representing innocent Adam, the new Adam, I ceased the miracle of keeping the garments of the refulgent Sun of my Will hidden in the veil of my Humanity, and I remained clothed with most pure light; and with this royal and dazzling garment I entered into my Fatherland, leaving the doors opened which had been closed up to that moment, in order to let all of those who had followed Me enter.
So, by not doing Our Will, there is no good which one does not lose, and there is no evil which one does not acquire.”

December 15, 1926
The little note of love. How each act of Will of God done by the creature is one more act of beatitude.
I was following my round in the Creation, in order to follow the Supreme Will in all created things; but while I was doing this, I thought in my mind: ‘What good do I do, what glory do I give to this adorable Fiat, by going through all created things, to place in them also my little ‘I love you’? Who knows whether this might not be a waste of time.’ Now, while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, what are you saying? With my Will one never loses time; on the contrary, by following It, one gains the eternal time. Now, you must know that each created thing contains a delight, each one distinct from the other; and these delights were placed by Us, and had to serve to delight Us and the creature. Now, Our Love runs within each created thing, and as you go through them, you make the little note of your love run. Don’t you want, then, in the face of so much love of Ours, to place your little notes, your points, your commas, your little strings which say ‘love’, and harmonizing with Our love, form the delight wanted from Us for Ourselves and for you? Only then is a delight enjoyed more, when there is company. Isolation makes the taste die; therefore, the company you give Us by going around in Creation makes Us remember of Our many delights which were placed by Us in each created thing; it makes Us live Our enjoyments once again, and while you delight Us, We delight you. And then, is it perhaps that you too want to leave Our Will isolated? No, no; it is befitting that the little daughter never leave her Mother alone, and that she be always on Her knees to follow Her in all of Her acts.”
Then, after this, my poor mind was swimming in the immense sea of the eternal Fiat, and my lovable Jesus added: “My daughter, among the many qualities and properties which my Will contains, It contains an act of beatitude which is never interrupted; and as many acts as the soul does in It, so many distinct acts of beatitude does she take into herself. Therefore, the more acts she does in this Fiat, the more she becomes the owner and forms a greater capital of these beatitudes within herself, which give her highest peace on earth, and in Heaven she will feel all the effects and the enjoyments of these beatitudes, which have formed within her. See, it is as though natural: while you are on earth, my Will in Heaven releases from Itself an act ever new of infinite beatitude.
Now, who takes this new act which never ceases? The Saints, the Angels, who live of Divine Will in Heaven. However, it is not fair that one who is in the exile and lives in my Will lose all of these acts of beatitudes; rather, with justice they are placed as though in stock within her soul, so that, when she will depart for her Celestial Fatherland, she may enjoy them all together, to catch up with the others in receiving that new act of beatitude which is never interrupted. Do you see, then, what it means to do one more act, or one act less, in my Will? It is to have as many more acts of beatitude, for as many more times as one has done my Will; and to lose them, for as many times as she has done her own. And she takes not only many acts of beatitude, but many acts of sanctity, of divine science, many different acts of beauty, of love, for as many times as she has done my Will. And if she has been always in my eternal Fiat, she will have within herself the sanctity which resembles her Creator. Oh! how beautiful she will be. In Heaven, the echo of Our beatitudes, the echo of Our Sanctity, the echo of Our Love, will be heard in this fortunate creature. In sum, she has been Our echo on earth, and she will be Our echo in the Celestial Fatherland.”

December 19, 1926
How the Divinity bilocated Its Will in the Creation. The nature of the Divine Will is happiness. How It constituted Itself act of everything. The possession It wants to give to the creature.
I continue in my state of abandonment in the Supreme Volition, and while I was going around with my mind in the whole Creation, to follow It in all created things and make my will one with Its own, to form one single act with Its own, my always lovable Jesus, making me pause, told me: “My daughter, in releasing the Creation, the Divinity bilocated Its Will, and One remained within Us, for Our regime, joy, happiness, contentments and innumerable and infinite beatitudes which We possess; because Our Will has the first place in all of Our acts. The Other bilocated Will of Ours came out from Us into Creation, to give Us, also externally, honor and divine glory, happiness and innumerable joys. In fact, Our Will possesses joys, happiness and beatitudes as Its own qualities – this is Its nature; and if It did not release from Itself these beatitudes and the innumerable contentments It possesses, it would be something against Its own nature. Now, the Supreme Majesty, by releasing Our bilocated Will into the whole Creation so that It might be constituted life and act of each created thing, unleashed from Itself innumerable riches, countless beatitudes and joys, which only the Power of the Eternal Fiat could preserve, maintaining their regime, so as never to let them lose their integrity and beauty.
Now, while all these properties which came from Us glorified Us, giving Us the glory of as many continuous and divine acts for as many created things as came out to light, they were established as properties of the creatures, who, uniting their wills to Ours, were to have their act in each act of Our Will, in such as way that, just as We were to have the divine act of Our Will in each created thing, We were to have the act of the creature, transfused, as if they were one alone. With this, she would come to know her riches; and by knowing them, she would love them, and acquire the right to possess them. How many divine acts does my Supreme Will not do in each created thing, and the creature has not even the slightest knowledge of these acts? And if she does not know them, how can she love them and possess them, being unknown to her? Therefore, all the riches, the happinesses, the Divine acts contained in the whole Creation are inactive and lifeless for the creatures; and if they receive anything at all, it is not as property, but as the effect of the Supreme Goodness which always gives of Its own. It gives, as alms, also to those who have no right of possession; others, then, take them as usurpations. In fact, in order to possess these goods which the Celestial Father has put out in the Creation, the creature must follow Its course; she must rise to union with the Divine Will in order to work together with It and do the same acts - to know them in order to do them, so as to be able to say: ‘What It does, I do’. With this, she acquires the right of possession in all the acts of this Supreme Will; and when two wills form one single will, ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ no longer exist; rather, by right, what is mine is yours, and what is yours is mine.
This is why my Supreme Will calls you – awaits you in each created thing: to make you know the riches which are in It; to make you repeat Its Divine acts along with It, and to give you the right of possession. You yourself become Its own property; you remain dissolved within Its immense riches and within Its very acts, and - oh! how the Divine Fiat enjoys making you the owner of Its immense riches. Its desire of constituting Its heiresses is so great, that It feels twice as happy when It sees one who knows Its possessions, and makes Its divine act her own. In fact, even though It saw that man, by withdrawing from Its Will, lost his way to reach the possession of Its dominions, It did not stop, but in the excess of Its Love and of Its long sorrow of seeing Its riches inactive for the good of creatures, as soon as the Eternal Word clothed Himself with human flesh, It became life of each one of His acts, to form more goods for them, powerful helps and effective remedies, more within the means of decayed humanity, so as to realize the purpose of making them possess what was released into Creation.
There is nothing that comes from Us, which does not have this purpose – that the creature and everything may return into Our Will. If it were not so, We would render Ourselves foreign to Our own works. Therefore, Creation, Redemption, my daughter, have the primary purpose that everything be Our Will, in Heaven and on earth; so, wherever It flows, It finds Itself everywhere, to make everything Its own, and to give everything which belongs to It. Therefore, be attentive in following Our works; satisfy this desire, so insistent, of my Supreme Will, which wants those who possess Its goods.”

December 22, 1926
Signs that we belong to the Celestial Family. How God usually does His works first one on one with the creature. So He did with His Mama. The greater is the work that Jesus does, the more it carries within itself the image of Divine Unity.
I was thinking about the Supreme Fiat, and I prayed my sweet Jesus to give me the grace, so great, of making me fulfill His Most Holy Will entirely and completely, and of making It known to the whole world, so that He might be reintegrated into the glory which creatures deny Him. Now, while I was thinking of this and of other things, sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, what is the purpose for which you want my Will to be fulfilled in you and to be known by all?”
And I: ‘I want it because You want it. I want it, so that the divine order and your Kingdom on earth may be established. I want it, so that the human family may no longer live estranged from You, but it may be bound once again to the divine family, from which it had its origin.’ And Jesus, sighing, added: “My daughter, your purpose and Mine are one. When a son has the same purpose as his father, he wants that which his father wants; he never stays at somebody else’s house; he works in the fields of his father. If he finds himself with people, he speaks of the goodness, of the ingenuity, of the great purposes of his father. It is said of this son that he loves his father, that he is his perfect copy, that it shows clearly from every aspect that he belongs to that family, that he is a worthy son who carries within himself, with honor, the generation of his father.
Such are the signs that one belongs to the Celestial family – to have the same purpose as Mine, to want my own Will, to dwell in It as in one’s own home, to work in order to make It known. If one speaks, she can say nothing but what is done and wanted in Our Celestial family. It is recognized in clear notes, from all aspects, with reason, with justice and by right, that she is a daughter who belongs to Us, that she is one from Our family, that she has not decayed from her origin, that she preserves within herself the image, the manners, the bearing, the life of her Father, the One who created her. So, you are one from my family, and the more you make my Will known, the more you are distinguished, before Heaven and earth, as a daughter who belongs to Us.
On the other hand, when one does not have Our same purpose, little he dwells, if at all, in the royal palace of Our Will; he is always going around - now to one house, now to a vile hovel. He is always wandering in the outdoors of passions, doing acts unworthy of his family. If he works, he does it in foreign fields; if he speaks, the love, the goodness, the ingenuity, the great purposes of his Father never resound on his lips; so, from his whole bearing, he can not be recognized at all as one who belongs to his family. Can this one be called a son of his family? And if he came from it, he is a degenerate son, who has broken all bonds and relations which bound him to his family. Therefore, only one who does my Will and lives in It can be called my child, a member of my Divine and Celestial family. All the others are degenerate children, and as though foreign to Our family.
And so, when you occupy yourself with my Divine Fiat, if you speak, if you go around in It, you put Us in feast, because We feel that it is one who belongs to Us – We feel that it is our daughter that speaks, that goes around, that works in the field of Our Will. And for one’s own children, doors are left opened - no apartment is closed for them, because what belongs to the Father belongs to the children, and in the children is placed the hope of the long generation of the Father. So, I have placed in you the hope of the long generation of the children of my Eternal Fiat.”
My mind continued to think about the Supreme Will, and I said to myself: ‘But, how can it ever be that, by myself alone, this little being so insignificant, for I am good at nothing, I have neither dignity, nor authority, nor superiority with which, maybe, I could impose myself – I may diffuse myself, speak in order to make this Sun of the Divine Will known, and so be able to form the children of Its generation?’ But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus interrupted my thought, and coming out from within my interior, told me: “My daughter, it is my usual way to do my greatest works first one on one with one creature alone. In fact, my Mama was one, and with Her alone I carried out all the work and the great portent of my Incarnation. No one entered our secrets, or penetrated into the sacrarium of our apartments, to see what was passing between Me and the Celestial Sovereign; nor did She occupy a position of dignity and of authority in the world. In fact, when I choose, I never look at dignities and superiorities, but I look at the little individual within whom I can look at my Will, which is the greatest dignity and authority. Even though She had neither position, nor dignity, nor superiority in the low world, Heaven and earth hung upon the height of the little young girl of Nazareth, because She possessed my Will. In her hands was the destiny of mankind, the destiny of all my glory, which I was to receive from the whole Creation. So, it was enough that the mystery of the Incarnation be formed in my Chosen One, the only One, in order for the others to be able to receive the good of It. One was my Humanity, and from It came the generation of the redeemed ones.
Therefore, it is enough to form all the good that one wants within one creature, to be able to release the generation of that good, just as one seed is enough in order to multiply by thousands upon thousands, the generation of that seed. So, all the power, the virtue, the ability which is needed for a creative virtue, is in forming the first seed; once the first is formed, it is like yeast, so as to form the generation of it. In the same way, one soul is enough for Me, who would give Me absolute freedom to enclose in her the good I want, and to form in her the Sun of the Supreme Fiat, in order for this Sun to pound with Its rays on the surface of the earth, and form the generation of the children of my Will.
Now, you must know that all of Our greatest works carry within themselves the image of Divine Unity, and the more good they are destined to do, the more good they enclose of this supreme Unity. See, also in the Creation there are similes of the Divine Unity: while these are single works, they do so much good, which the multiplicity of Our other works, all together, do not do. Look under the vault of the heavens – one is the sun, but how many goods does it not contain? How many does it not do to the earth? One can say that the life of the earth depends on the sun. While the sun is one, it embraces everyone and everything with its light; it carries everything on its lap of light, and it gives a distinct act to each one. According to the variety of things it invests, it communicates fecundity, development, color, sweetness, beauty; yet, the sun is one, while the stars are many, but do not do the great good which the sun does to the earth, though being one. The power of one single act animated by the Creative Power is incomprehensible, and there is no good which cannot come from it. It can change the face of the earth – from arid and deserted into a flowery spring. Heaven is one, and therefore it extends everywhere. Water is one, and even though it seems to be divided in many different points of the earth, forming seas, lakes and rivers, yet, in descending from heaven, it comes down in one form, and there is no point of the earth in which water does not reside. So, the things created by Us which carry within themselves the image of Divine Unity, are the ones which do more good; they are the most necessary, and the earth could not have life without them.
Therefore, my daughter, do not think that you are alone… - it is the Unity of a great work that I must carry out within you; …or that you have no external dignity and authority – this says nothing. My Will is more than anything; Its light seems to be mute, but in its muteness, It invests the intelligences and makes one speak with such eloquence as to stun the most learned, reducing them to silence. The light does not speak, but allows one to see; it makes one know the most hidden things. The light does not speak, but with its meek and sweet warmth, it warms, it softens the hardest things, the most obstinate hearts. The light contains no seed, no matter – everything is pure in it; one can see nothing but a wave of refulgent, silvery light, but it can penetrate so much as to make the most sterile things generate, develop, fecundate. Who can resist the power of light? No one. Even the blind - if they do not see it, they feel its warmth. The mute, the deaf, feel and receive the good of light.
Now, who will be able to resist the light of my eternal Fiat? All of Its knowledges will be more than rays of light of my Will, which will pound on the surface of the earth, and penetrating into the hearts, will bring the good that the light of my Will contains and can do. However, these rays must have their sphere from which to start; they must be centered at one single point, from which to rise in order to form the dawn, the day, the afternoon and the sunset within hearts, to then rise again. The sphere, the single point, is you; the rays centered in it are my knowledges which will give fecundity to the generation of the children of the Kingdom of my Will. This is why I always repeat to you, ‘be attentive’ – so that not one of my knowledges may be lost. You would make a ray be lost from within your sphere, and you cannot even comprehend all the good it contains, because each ray contains its own speciality of good, which it must do to the children of my Will. You would deprive Me of the glory of that good for my children, and you would deprive yourself also of the glory of spreading one more ray of light from your sphere.”

December 24, 1926
Laments and sorrows because of the privation of Jesus. Pains of Jesus in the Maternal Womb. One who lives in the Divine Will is like a limb bound to the Creation.
I felt all restlessness because my sweet Jesus was not coming. But while I was raving, I spoke nonsense, and in the intensity of my pain I repeated, continuously: ‘Jesus, how You have changed – I would never have believed that You would arrive at depriving me of Yourself for so long.’ But while I was pouring out my pain, sweet Jesus came as a little child, and throwing Himself into my arms, He said to me: “My daughter, tell Me – and you, have you changed? Do you perhaps love someone else? Do you no longer want to do my Will?”
These questions of Jesus cut me to the quick and, regretful, I said: ‘Jesus, what do You mean by this? No, no, I have not changed, nor do I love or know any other love. And I would love to die rather than not do your Most Holy Will.’ And Jesus, sweetly, added: “So, you have not changed? Then, my daughter, if you, who have a nature subject to change, have not changed, could I Myself change, who am unshakeable? Your Jesus does not change, be certain; nor can He change.”
I remained confused and did not know what to say, and He added, all goodness: “Do you want to see how I was in the womb of my Sovereign Mama, and what I suffered within Her?” Now, while He was saying this, He placed Himself inside of me, in the middle of my breast, lying flat, in a state of perfect immobility. His little feet and hands were so stretched and immobile as to move one to pity. He lacked the space to be able move, to open His eyes, to breathe freely; and what was most harrowing was to see Him in the act of dying continuously. What pain to see my little Jesus die. I felt I was placed, together with Him, in that same state of immobility. Then, after some time, little baby Jesus, squeezing me to Himself, told me: “My daughter, my state in the Maternal womb was extremely painful. My little Humanity had perfect use of reason and of infinite wisdom; therefore, from the very first instant of my conception, I understood all my sorrowful state, the darkness of the maternal prison – I had not even a glimmer of light! What a long night of nine months! The narrowness of the place, which forced Me to perfect immobility, always in silence; nor was it given to Me to wail or to sob, so as to pour out my pain… How many tears did I not shed in the sacrarium of the womb of my Mama, without making the slightest movement. And this was nothing; my Humanity had taken on the commitment to die so many times in order to satisfy Divine Justice, for as many times as creatures had made the Divine Will die within them, committing the great affront of giving life to the human will, making a Divine Will die in them.
Oh! how these deaths cost Me. To die and to live, to live and to die – this was the most harrowing and continuous pain for Me; more so since, even though my Divinity was one with Me and inseparable from Me, in receiving these satisfactions from Me, It took the attitude of justice, and although my Humanity was holy and pure, It was the little lamp before the immense Sun of my Divinity, and I felt all the weight of the satisfactions which I was to give to this Divine Sun, and the pain of decayed humanity which was to rise again in Me, at the cost of many deaths of Mine. It was the rejection of the Divine Will, giving life to one's own will, that formed the ruin of decayed humanity, and I was to keep my Humanity and my human will in a continuous state of death, so that the Divine Will might have continuous life in Me in order to extend Its Kingdom. From the moment I was conceived, I thought about, and occupied Myself with extending the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat within my Humanity, at the cost of giving no life to my human will, in order to make decayed humanity rise again, so that, once this Kingdom was founded in Me, I might prepare the graces, the necessary things, the pains, the satisfactions which were needed to make It known and to found It in the midst of creatures. Therefore, everything you do - that which I do in you for this Kingdom, is nothing other than the continuation of what I did since I was conceived in the womb of my Mama. So, if you want Me to carry out the Kingdom of the eternal Fiat within you, let Me be free, and never give life to your will.”
After this, I was continuing my acts in the eternal Volition, and sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, my Will is the soul, and all Creation is the body for It. And while the soul is one within the body - one is her will, the body, instead, has many different senses, and like many different keys, each one performs its own little sonata, and each limb exercises its own office. However, there is such order and harmony among them, that when one limb exercises its office, all the other limbs are all intent on the operating limb. They suffer together, if that limb suffers, and they enjoy, if it enjoys, because one is the will that moves them - one is the strength that they possess. Such is the whole Creation. It is like a body animated by my Will, and even though each created thing does its distinct office, they are so united among themselves as to be more than limbs to the body. Since it is my Will alone that animates them and dominates them, one is the strength that they possess. Now, one who does my Will and lives in It, is a limb which belongs to the body of Creation, and therefore she possesses the universal strength of all created things - excluding not even that of her Creator, because my Will circulates in the veins of the whole Creation as more than blood within the body – a blood which is pure, holy, vivified with light, and which reaches the point of spiritualizing the body itself. The soul is all intent on the whole Creation, to do what It does, to be in communication with all of Its acts; and all Creation is intent on her, to receive her acts, because the office, the little sonata, of this limb in the midst of It is so beautiful, that all are intent on listening to her. Therefore, the living in my Will is the most happy and indescribable destiny: her acts, her point of origin are always directed toward Heaven, and her life is in the midst of the spheres.”

December 25, 1926
How the Little Baby made Himself seen, newly born, by His Mama. The light which the Little Baby sent forth, greeting everyone at His coming upon earth. Difference between the grotto and the prison of the Passion.
I was anxiously waiting for little Baby Jesus, and after many sighs, finally He came; and throwing Himself into my arms, as a little baby, He said to me: “My daughter, do you want to see how my inseparable Mama saw Me, when I came out of Her Maternal womb? Look at Me, and see.”
I looked at Him, and I saw Him as a little baby, of rare and enrapturing beauty. From all of His little Humanity, from His eyes, from His mouth, from His hands and feet, came most refulgent rays of light, which not only enwrapped Him, but extended so much as to be able to wound each heart of creature, almost to give her the first greeting of His coming upon earth – the first knock to knock at hearts, to make them open and to ask for a shelter within them. That knock was sweet but penetrating; however, being a knock of light, it made no clamor, yet, it made itself be heard strongly, more than any noise. So, on that night, all felt something unusual within their hearts, but very few were those who opened their hearts to give Him a little shelter. And the tender infant, in feeling His greeting not being returned, and that no one opened at His repeated knocking, began His crying. With His lips livid and shivering with cold, He sobbed, wailed and sighed. But while the light which came from Him was doing all this with the creatures, receiving the first rejections, as He came out of the womb of His Celestial Mama, He threw Himself into Her maternal arms to give Her the first hug, the first kiss. And since His little arms could not reach to embrace Her completely, the light which came out of His little hands surrounded all of Her, in such a way that Mother and Son remained invested with the same light. Oh! how the Queen Mama requited Her Son with Her embrace and kiss; in such a way that they remained so clasped to each other as to seem to be fused within each other. With Her love, She compensated for the first rejection which Jesus received from the hearts of the creatures, and the dear and charming little baby placed His first act of being born, His graces, His first sorrow, into the heart of His Mama, so that what appeared in the Son could appear in the Mother.
After this, the gracious little baby came into my arms, and as He squeezed me very tightly, I felt He was entering into me, and I into Him. Then He said to me: “My daughter, I wanted to hug you as I hugged my dear Mama as newly born, so that you too may receive my first act of being born and my first sorrow, my tears, my tender wailings, that you may be moved to compassion for my sorrowful state at my birth. Had I not had my Mama in whom to place all the good of my birth and to fix the light of my Divinity which I, Word of the Father, contained, I would have found no one in whom either to place the infinite treasure of my birth, or to fix the light of my Divinity which shone forth from my Humanity. Therefore, see how necessary it is that, when the Supreme Majesty decides to do a great good for the creatures, which can serve as universal good, We choose one to whom to give so much grace that she may be able to receive within her all the good that all the others must receive. In fact, if the others do not receive all of it or part of it, Our work does not remain suspended and without its fruit, but the chosen soul receives all of that good within her, and Our work receives the return of its fruit.
So, my Mama was the depository, not only of my life, but of all my acts. Therefore, in all of my acts, first I looked to see whether I could deposit them in Her, and then I did them. In Her I deposited my tears, my wailings, the cold and the pains I suffered; and She echoed all of my acts, and with incessant thanksgivings, She received everything. There was a contest between Mother and Son – I in giving, She in receiving. As my little Humanity made Its first entrance on earth, my Divinity wanted to shine forth from It, in order to go around everywhere and to make the first sensible visit to all Creation. Heaven and earth – all received this visit of their Creator, except for man. They had never received so much honor and glory as when they saw their King, their Maker, within their midst; all felt honored in having to serve the One from whom they had received their existence, therefore all made feast. So, my birth was of great joy and glory for Me on the part of my Mama and of all Creation; but it was a great sorrow on the part of creatures. This is why I have come to you – to feel the joys of my Mama being repeated, and to place in you the fruit of my birth.”
Then, after this, I was thinking of how unhappy was that grotto in which little baby Jesus was born; how exposed it was to all winds and to cold, so much as to make one numb with cold. Instead of men, there were animals which kept Him company. So I thought: ‘Which prison was more unhappy and sorrowful – the prison of the night of His Passion, or the grotto of Bethlehem?’ And my sweet baby added: “My daughter, the unhappiness of the prison of my Passion cannot be compared to the grotto of Bethlehem. In the grotto I had my Mama near Me, in body and soul. She was with Me, therefore I had all the joys of my dear Mama, and She had all the joys of Myself, Her Son, which formed our Paradise. The joys of a Mother who possesses her child are great; the joys of possessing a Mother are even greater. I found everything in Her, and She found everything in Me. Then there was my dear father Saint Joseph who acted as a father to Me, and I felt all the joys which he felt because of Me. In my Passion, instead, all of our joys were interrupted, because we were to give place to sorrow, and between Mother and Son, we felt the great pain of the nearing separation, sensible at least, which was to occur with my death. In the grotto the animals recognized Me, and honoring Me, they tried to warm Me with their breath. In the prison, not even men recognized Me, and in order to insult Me, they covered Me with spit and opprobrium. So, there is no comparison between the two.”

December 27, 1926
How one who does not do the Divine Will would want to cut through the light and form darkness for himself. How true good must have its origin in God. How one who lives in the Supreme Will receives Its balance within himself, and finds himself within the whole Creation, living together with It.
While my mind was swimming in the Sun of the Eternal Volition, my beloved Jesus told me: “My daughter, the affront that a creature commits by not doing my Will is great. My Will is more than solar light; It invades everyone and everything, nor can anyone escape from It - from Its interminable light! Now, by doing her will, the creature wants to cut through this light, and she forms darkness; but my Will rises and follows Its course of light, leaving the creature in the darkness of her will. If someone cut through the light of the sun and formed a long night for himself, would he not be called insane and doer of great harm? Poor one, he would die of cold, no longer receiving the heat of the light of the sun; he would die of boredom, being no longer able to work, because he would lack the good of the light. He would die of hunger, having neither light nor heat in order to make his little field vegetate and fecundate, now covered with the darkness of his will. It would be said of him: ‘It would be better if a being so unhappy were never born!’
All this happens to the soul who does her will. Therefore, the most deplorable evil is to not do my Will, because once my Will is removed, she dies of coldness for all the celestial goods; she dies of boredom, of tiredness, of weakness, because my Will is missing, which makes the joy, the strength and the life of the Divine works arise. She dies of hunger, because Its light is missing, which makes the little field of the soul vegetate and fecundate, in order to form the food on which she must live. Creatures think that not doing my Will is not a great evil, while, instead, it encloses all evils together.”
Then, after this, He added: “My daughter, each good, in order to be a good, must have its origin in God. Therefore, love, the doing good itself, suffering, the heroism of those who rush headlong into achieving an intent, the study of sciences, sacred and profane – in sum, anything, which does not have its origin in God, inflates the creature, and empties her of grace. And all these goods which do not have their origin in God, but start with a human origin, are like works swept away by an impetuous wind which, with its power, reduces cities, villas, sumptuous things, to dust and makes of them a heap. How many times does an impetuous wind destroy and knock down the most beautiful works of art and of ingenuity, making fun, with its fury, of those works so praised and admired? How many times does the impetuous wind of self-esteem, of self-glory, the furious wind of pleasing creatures, knock down the most beautiful works, and I feel the nausea of good itself? Therefore, there is no remedy which is more effective, more appropriate, more healing, and which prevents the fury of these winds within the soul, than the power, the eclipsing light of my Will. Wherever this power, this eclipse from Divine light, is present, these winds are prevented from blowing, and the creature lives under the vital influence of a Divine Will, in such a way that the seal of the Fiat can be seen in all of her acts, both small and great. So, her motto is: ‘God wants it, I want it. If He does not want it, neither do I want it.’ In addition to this, my Will maintains perfect balance in the whole Creation. It maintains the balance of Love, of Goodness, of Mercy, of Fortitude, of Power and even of Justice. Therefore, when you hear of chastisements and of troubles, it is nothing other than the effect of my balanced Will which, as much as It loves the creature, is not subject to becoming unbalanced; otherwise It would be defective and weak, if It lost Its balance. All the order and the sanctity of my Will is here: in Its perfect balance – always the same, without ever changing.
Now, my daughter, firstborn of my Will, listen to something beautiful about my Supreme Fiat. With the soul who lives in It and allows It to reign, to let It form Its Kingdom, my Will, bilocating Itself, transfers Its perfect balance into her. Therefore, the soul feels balanced in love, in goodness, in mercy, in fortitude, power and justice. And since Creation is extremely vast, in which my Volition exercises Its distinct act of balance in each thing, my Will raises and enlarges so much the soul who possesses this balance, as to make her find the balance of each and every thing in all of her acts, which unifies the soul with my Will, and renders them inseparable. Therefore, the creature finds herself in the sun, to do the balanced acts which my Will does in it; she finds herself in the sea, in the heavens, in the little flower that blooms, to give off its fragrance together with it; in the little bird that sings, to cheer the whole Creation with the balance of joy. She finds herself in the fury of the wind, of the water, of the storms, for the balance of justice. In sum, my Will cannot be without this creature; they are inseparable, and they live together. And do you thinks it is trivial that the soul can say: ‘I am stretched within the heavens, to preserve them for the good of my brothers. I am in the sun, to germinate, to fecundate, to give light, and to prepare the food for all mankind’; and so with all the rest. Who can ever say: ‘I love my God as He loves Himself, and I love everyone, and I do all the good that my Creator does to the whole human family’? Only one who receives this balance of the Divine Fiat and allows It to reign.”

December 29, 1926
How the New Creation of the Kingdom of the Supreme Will was formed in the Humanity of Our Lord.
My sweet Jesus, in coming, made Himself seen carrying a Sun in the center of His breast, holding it very tightly in His arms. Drawing near me, He took that Sun with His hands from the center of His breast and placed it in the center of mine; then He took my hands in His, and crossed them very tightly over that Sun, telling me: “This Sun is my Will – hold It tightly, never let It escape, for It has the power to convert you and all of your acts – everything, into light, in such a way as to incorporate all of you into It, forming one single Sun.”
Then, afterwards, I was thinking about everything that my sweet Jesus had done in His coming upon earth for the Redemption, so as to unite myself to His acts and ask Him, for love of His own acts, to make His Will known in order to let It reign. And my adored Jesus added: “My daughter, as soon as my Humanity was conceived, I began a new creation, to lay the Kingdom of my Will over all the acts that my Humanity did. All of the acts I did, both interior and external, were animated by a Divine Will which contained the Creative Power; therefore my acts went through the new creation and converted into acts of Divine Will, and I extended Its Kingdom in my interior, and in all of my external acts. In fact, who destroyed and rejected this Kingdom of my Will in man? His human will, which, rejecting Mine, did not let itself be dominated and animated by It, but let itself be dominated and animated by its own, and so it formed the kingdom of miseries, of passions and of ruins. Now, first of all, my Humanity was to redo and to call once again this Kingdom of the Supreme Will within Myself, within my human nature, that I might be all set to form the Redemption, and therefore able to give mankind the remedies in order to be saved. Had I not placed this Kingdom in safety within Me, had I not given to It Its rights of dominion, I could not have formed the good of Redemption. My Divine Will would have been inexorable in not conceding Me Its goods, had I not had the prime right of forming Its Kingdom in Me; only then, as second act, It would give Me the remedies to save the creatures. Therefore, my Supreme Will lined up within all of my acts; It dominated and, triumphant, It invested my tears, my baby moans, my sighs, heartbeats, steps, works, words, pains – in sum, everything, with Its Creative Power. And as It invested them, It studded them with Its unending light, and formed the new creation of Its Kingdom in all my acts. Therefore, in every additional thing I did, the Divine Fiat expanded the boundaries of Its Kingdom within my Humanity.
Now, the Creation was called from nothing, and was formed on the foundation of my creative word, which spoke and created - it commanded, and all things took their place of order and harmony. In the creation of the Kingdom of the Supreme Will, instead, it was not content with forming It from nothing, but it wanted, as guarantee of safety, the basis, the foundations, the walls and all the acts and pains of my Most Holy Humanity, in order to form the creation of its Kingdom. See then, how much this Kingdom of my Will cost; with how much love I developed It within Me. Therefore, this Kingdom exists – there is nothing left but to make It known, so as to let all the goods It contains enter the field. So, what I want from you is that, just as my Humanity left my Will free to form Its Kingdom, you may leave Me free, without opposing in anything, so that, finding no opposition in you, my acts may flow in you; and taking their place of honor, they may line up, all in order, to continue the life of the Kingdom of my Will in you.”
After this, my sweet Jesus ran away like a flash, and I wanted to follow Him, but, to my highest bitterness, within that flash I saw the coming of contagious diseases, which will spread almost in all nations, not excluding our Italy. It seemed that many were dying of it, to the extent of depopulating the houses. In many nations the scourge would rage more intensely, but almost all of them will be touched. It seems that they hold hands in offending the Lord, and Our Lord touches everyone with the same scourges. But I hope He will placate Himself, so the peoples will suffer less.

January 1, 1927
The will of the soul as a Christmas gift for Baby Jesus. How all of His life was a symbol and a call of the Divine Will. The knowledges are the means in order to hasten the coming of the Kingdom of His Will.
I was meditating on the old year which was setting, and the new one which was rising. My state continued in the flight of the light of the Divine Will, and I prayed the pretty Little Baby that, just as the old year was dying never to be born again, He would make my will die and live no more; and as gift for the new year, He would give me His Will, just as I gave Him mine as gift, placing it as footstool at His tender little feet, that it might have no life but His Will alone. Now, while I was saying these and other things, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and told me: “Daughter of my Will, how I love, want and yearn that your will may end in you. Oh, how I accept your gift! How pleasing it will be for Me to keep it at my feet as a soft footstool. In fact, as long as it remains in the creature, outside of its center, which is God, the human will is hard; but when it enters once again into the center from which it came, serving as footstool at the feet of its Little Baby Jesus, it becomes soft, and I use it to amuse Myself. Is it not fair that, being little, I have my amusement? And that in the midst of so many sorrows, privations and tears, I may hold your will to make Me smile? Now, you must know that one who puts an end to his will, returns to the origin from which he came, and the new life, the life of light, the perennial life of my Will, begins in him.
See, when I came upon earth, I wanted to give many examples and similes about how I wanted the human will to end. I wanted to be born at midnight, so as to break the night of the human will with the refulgent day of Mine. And even though at midnight the night continues and does not finish, it is yet the beginning of a new day; and my Angels, to honor my birth and to point out to everyone the day of my Will, from midnight on, enlivened the vault of the heavens with new stars and new suns, such as to turn the night into more than daylight. This was the homage that the Angels gave to my little Humanity, in which dwelled the full day of the sun of my Divine Will, and the call of the creature into the full day of It. Still little, I submitted Myself to the cruel cut of circumcision, which made Me shed bitter tears for the pain – and not only to Me, but with Me cried my Mama and dear St. Joseph. It was the cut of the human will that I wanted to make, so that all might let the Divine Will flow within that cut, and so that a broken will might have life no more - but only Mine, which had flowed within that cut in order to begin Its life again.
Still little, I wanted to flee to Egypt. A tyrannical and iniquitous will wanted to kill Me – symbol of the human will which wants to kill Mine; so I fled, in order to say to all: ‘Flee the human will, if you do not want Mine to be killed.’ My whole life was nothing other than the call of the Divine Will into the human. In Egypt I lived like a stranger in the midst of that people – symbol of my Will, which they keep as though estranged within their midst; and symbolizing that whoever wants to live in peace and united with my Will, must live as though estranged to the human will. Otherwise, there will always be war between the two of them, because they are two irreconcilable wills.
After my exile, I returned to my fatherland – symbol of my Will which, after Its long exile of centuries upon centuries, will return to Its dear fatherland, to reign in the midst of Its children. And as I went through these stages in my life, I kept forming Its Kingdom in Me, and I called It with incessant prayers, with pains and with tears, to come and reign in the midst of creatures. I returned to my fatherland and I lived hidden and unknown. Oh, how this symbolizes the sorrow of my Will which, while living in the midst of the peoples, lives unknown and hidden! And with my hiddenness, I impetrated that the Supreme Will might be known, in order to receive the homage and the glory which are due to It.
There was nothing I did which did not symbolize a sorrow of my Will, the condition in which creatures put It, and the call I made in order to return Its Kingdom to It. And this is what I want your life to be: the continuous call of the Kingdom of my Will into the midst of creatures.”
Then, after this, I was going around throughout the whole Creation in order to bring the heavens, the stars, the sun, the moon, the sea – in sum, everything, to the feet of Little Baby Jesus together with me, to ask Him, all together, that this Kingdom of His Will may come soon upon earth. And in my desire, I said: ‘See, I am not the only one who is praying You, but the heavens are praying with the voices of all the stars; the sun, with the voice of its light and of its heat, the sea with its murmuring – they are all praying that your Will may come to reign upon earth. How can You resist listening to so many voices that pray You? They are innocent voices – voices animated by your own Will, that are praying You.’
Now, while I was saying this, my little Jesus came out from within my interior to receive the homage of all Creation, and to listen to their mute language; and squeezing me to Himself, He told me: “My daughter, the easiest means in order to hasten the coming of my Will upon earth are the knowledges about It. The knowledges bring light and heat and form the prime act of God within themselves, in which the creature finds the prime act on which to model her own. If she does not find the first act, the creature does not have the virtue of forming the prime act; therefore the acts and the things which are most necessary in order to form this Kingdom, would be missing. See then, what one additional knowledge about my Will means. By carrying the prime act of God within itself, it brings with itself a magnetic force– a powerful magnet in order to draw the creatures to repeating the prime act of God. With its light, it will bring the disillusionment of the human will; with its heat, it will soften the hardest hearts, moving them to bend before these Divine acts; and they will feel enraptured, yearning to be modeled on this act. Therefore, the more knowledges I manifest about my Will, the more the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat will hasten Its coming upon earth.”

January 4, 1927
How each new act of Divine Will carries a new Divine Life. How one who wants to hear the truth, but does not want to execute it remains burned. Hardship of the Divine Will in the souls.
My poor heart was now moaning, now agonizing because of the pain of the privation of my dear and beloved Jesus. Hours seemed to be centuries, and nights interminable without Him. Sleep runs away from my eyes. Could I at least sleep – my intense sorrow would fall asleep; maybe this would bring me a little relief. But – no; instead of sleeping, I become all eyes – and open eyes, not closed. Eyes my thoughts, which want to penetrate to see where is the One whom I look for and I do not find; eyes my hearing, to hear, who knows, the light treading of His steps, the sweet and gentle echo of His voice. My eyes look – who knows whether they may see at least the flash of His fleeting coming. Oh, how His privation costs me! Oh, how I long for His return!
Now, while I was amid yearnings for Him, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, and made Himself seen inside of me, sitting at a little table of light, all occupied and intent on looking at the whole order of what He had manifested about His Most Holy Will – whether everything was written, whether anything was missing, and the point He had to reach in order to complete everything that regards His Most Holy Will. Everything which regarded His Volition, the words, the knowledges, assumed the image of a ray of light in the hand of Jesus, which He ordered on that desk of light; and He was so engrossed and occupied that, as much as I spoke and called Him, He would not pay attention to me. So I kept silent, contenting myself with being near Him and with looking at Him. Then, after a long silence, He said to me: “My daughter, when it comes to things which regard my Will, Heaven and earth remain silent and reverent, to be spectators of a new act of this Supreme Will. Every new act of It brings to all one more Divine Life, one strength, one happiness, one enrapturing beauty. Therefore, the operating Divine Will that releases an act from Itself, is the greatest thing which can exist in Heaven and on earth. New heavens, more beautiful suns, can come out of one more act of my Will. Therefore, when it comes to It, you and I must put everything aside and occupy ourselves only with the eternal Fiat. This is not about reordering a human will in you, or just any virtue, but it is about reordering a Divine and operating Will. Therefore, it takes very much, and this is why, being occupied with things which regard Me more and which will bring the great good of a new act of this Supreme Will, I do not pay attention to your calls, because when it comes to doing the most, the minor things are put aside.”
After this, I was following my passionate Jesus in the Passion, and as I arrived at the point when Herod stormed Him with questions and He remained silent, I thought to myself: ‘If Jesus had spoken, maybe he would have converted.’ And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, Herod did not question Me in order to know the truth, but out of curiosity and to make a fool of Me; and if I had answered, I would have made a fool of him, because when the will to know the truth and to execute it is missing, the humor in order to receive the heat which the light of my truths brings with itself, is missing in the soul. Not finding the humidity in order to make the truths germinate and fecundate, this heat burns even more, and makes the good it can produce wither. It happens as to the Sun: when it does not find humidity on the plants, its heat serves to wither and burn away the life of the plants; but if it finds humidity, it makes prodigies. So, the truth is beautiful, it is lovable, it is the reviver and the fecundator of souls; with its light and heat it forms prodigies of growth, of graces and of sanctity – but for those who love to know it in order to execute it. On the other hand, with those who do not love to execute it, the truth mocks them, rather than being mocked.”
In addition to this, while I was writing, I felt such exhaustion of strength, that I did it with hardship, nor did I feel I was being fed the words by Jesus to facilitate me, or the fullness of the mental light that forms in my mind like a sea, such that I have to content myself with taking a few drops of light to write them on paper, otherwise, if I wanted to put everything, I would act like a person who goes into the sea and would want to hold all the water of the sea in his hand – as much as it takes, all of it escapes; but if he takes a few drops, he can manage to carry them with himself. So, everything was hardship in me, in the body, in the soul – in everything. Feeling so bad, I thought to myself: ‘Maybe it no longer is Will of God that I write, otherwise He would have helped me like the other times. Instead, the struggle, the effort I have to make is so great, that I cannot go on. Therefore, if Jesus does not want it, neither do I want it.’
But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior and said to me: “My daughter, one who must possess the kingdom of my Will, must not only do It and live in It, but she must feel and suffer that which my Will feels and suffers within souls. What you feel is nothing other than the condition in which It finds Itself in the creatures. With what hardship It flows; what efforts does It not have to make in order to subdue the creatures, so that they may do Its Will. Keeping It repressed within their own will, they take away from It the best of Its life within them, which is Its energy, Its joy, Its strength; so It is forced to act under the pressure of a human will, which is melancholic, weak and inconstant. Oh, in what a heavy, bitter, crushing nightmare the creatures keep my Will! Do you not want, then, to take part in Its pains? My daughter, you must be a key, and whatever sound my Will wants to produce, you must be available to form the sound It wants to make. And when It has formed in you all the sounds It possesses – sounds of joy, of strength, of goodness, of sorrow, etc. – Its victory will be complete, having formed Its Kingdom in you. Therefore, think, rather, that this is a different and distinct sonata which It wants to play in you – it is one more key that It wants to add in your soul, because in the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, It wants to find all the notes of the musical concert of the Celestial Fatherland, so that not even music may be missing in Its Kingdom.”

January 6, 1927
The soul who lives in the Divine Will is always equal to herself. The order of Providence in the Incarnation and in the manifestations of the Holy Magi.
I was doing my usual acts in the Supreme Volition, and my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior; and stretching out His arms to me, He hugged me, but clasping me so tightly to Himself, that I remained completely covered with Jesus. Then He said to me: “My daughter, I am not content if I do not see you completely covered with Me, and so dissolved in Me, as to no longer be able to recognize yourself in you, but only Me in you.”
Then He added: “My daughter, one who lives in the Divine Will is always equal to herself. Her acts are symbolized by light, which diffuses equally to the back and to the front, to the right and to the left. At the most, if it contains greater intensity of light, it expands more; but it diffuses always equally in expanding the circumference of light around itself. Now, since the acts done in my Will are symbolized by light, as the act of the creature enters my Will, it embraces the past, the present and the future; not lacking the fullness of light, it expands everywhere and, all at once, it takes everyone within the circumference of its unending light. Therefore, no one, as much good as he may do, can say to one who lives in the Divine Fiat: ‘I am like you’; but she alone can say: ‘I am similar to the One who created me – whatever He does, I do. One is the light that invests us, one is the strength, one is the Will.’
Then, after this, I was thinking about the Holy Magi, when they visited the little baby Jesus in the grotto of Bethlehem; and my always lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, see the order of my Divine Providence: for the great portent of my Incarnation, I chose and used a Virgin, humble and poor; and the Virgin Saint Joseph as my custodian, who acted as a father to Me, and who was so poor that he needed to work in order to sustain our lives. See how in the greatest works – and the mystery of the Incarnation could not be greater – We use people whose outward appearance attracts no attention from anyone, because dignities, scepters, riches, are always fumes which blind the soul, and prevent her from penetrating into the celestial mysteries in order to receive a great act of God - and God Himself. But in order to manifest to the peoples the coming of Myself, Word of the Father, upon earth, I wanted and used royal authorities, learned and erudite men, so that, by their authority, they might diffuse the knowledges of the incarnate God and, eventually, also impose themselves to the peoples. In spite of this, the star was seen by everyone, yet only three of them move, pay attention and follow it. This says that, among all, these alone possessed a certain dominion over themselves, which formed a little empty space in their interior. So, beyond the appearance of the star, they felt my call which echoed within their interior; and heedless of sacrifices, of gossip, of mockeries – because their were leaving for an unknown place and they had to hear much of it – disregarding everything and dominating themselves, they followed the star united to my call, which resounded in their interior as more than a speaking star. It enlightened them, it attracted them, and said many things about the One whom they were to visit; and, drunk with joy, they followed the star.
See then, how in order to give the great gift of the Incarnation, it took a Virgin who had no human will, who was more of Heaven than of earth, and who was disposed to this great portent by a continuous miracle. So, We had no need of external things and of human appearances, which might draw the attention of the peoples. However, in spite of this, also to manifest Myself, I wanted men who had dominion over themselves, and who would make a little space within their interior, to let the echo of my call resound in it. But was not their surprise in seeing the star stop, not over a royal palace, but over a vile hovel? They did not know what to think, and convinced themselves that there was a mystery – not human, but Divine. When they animated themselves with faith, entered the grotto and, kneeling, adored Me, as they bent their knees, I revealed Myself, and I let my Divinity shine forth from my little Humanity, and they recognized Me as the King of kings – the One who had come to save them. Immediately, they offered themselves to serve Me and to lay down their lives for love of Me; but my Will made Itself known, and sent them again into their region, to let them be the messengers of my coming upon earth in the midst of those peoples. See then, how necessary dominion of oneself and emptiness of heart are, to let my call resound, and to be fitting for knowing the truth and for manifesting it to others.”

January 9, 1927
How one who does the Will of God possesses the balance of It, and possesses an act of light for everything. How a note of sorrow was placed, and this is why the Divine Will and the human will scowl at each other. How the first fruits are the things which are liked the most.
I was going around everywhere according to my usual way, to follow the Divine Will in all Creation; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, how surprising is the work of the soul in my Will. Just as the Fiat maintains the balance in the whole Creation, by echoing my balance, she forms the balance in all creatures and extends in them the Kingdom of my Will. She is like light which descends from on high, and fixing herself in everyone, she extends in everyone the Kingdom of the love, of the adoration, of the glory of my Will, and of everything It possesses. But while descending as light to let nothing escape her, she ascends as light and brings the balance of all the acts of the Creation, of all times, and of all hearts, to her Creator. With the balance of all the human acts in which the soul has let the act of the Divine Will enter, on her part she empties all the human acts, and lets the Divine Will flow as prime act. And the Divine Will extends Its Kingdom in them, because there is a soul who has taken this to heart – there is no human act in which she does not want to fix her light, so that what is human may be floored, and the Divine Will alone may reappear in all things. This is why, my daughter, I almost make you touch everything with your own hand - I want you to extend yourself to everyone and to everything, in order to extend the Kingdom of my Will. This is what I want – that my Will flow in everything, which, as light, while investing everything, remains above all, and everything becomes my Will.
However, it may happen that someone escapes from this light, just as someone may escape from the light of the sun; but this says nothing for the sun, because by possessing the balance of light, it contains its act of light for everyone and for everything. So, while giving light to all, the sun maintains the balance of the glory, for its Creator, of all the acts of light; therefore it remains in the perfect order, while those who escape the light go out of the order. In the same way, the soul, by possessing the unity of the light of the Supreme Fiat, possesses all of Its acts of light, therefore she can give her act of light of Divine Will to the human acts, so that, on her part, she may extend Its Divine Kingdom everywhere. If creatures escape, this says nothing; the light of my Will diffuses anyway, and I see, in my chosen one, that my Kingdom carries out Its life, It extends, It is established. Therefore, I want to see your acts in my Will over each thought of the creatures, in each word, heartbeat, step and work – in everything. For now, let us think about forming our Kingdom; once It is formed, we will think about those who escape and those who remain in the net of the light of my Will.”
After this, I felt so very exhausted, because I had had a fever for many days and I had just barely written that little which is written above. So, not feeling the strength to continue to write, I stopped, and I began to pray. And my sweet Jesus, coming out from within my interior, clasped all of me to Himself and compassionated me, telling me: “My daughter is sick, my daughter is sick... You must know that a note of sorrow was placed from the creatures in the kingdom of my Will – a note which no one, for many centuries, has ever thought of healing; a note too sorrowful for the Supreme Fiat, and the cause for which the Divine Will and the human will scowl at each other. Now the firstborn daughter of my Will must balance all games before she comes to Our Fatherland; she must fill all the voids in order to establish my Kingdom in the midst of creatures. Now, being sick, my daughter will form the Kingdom of Divine Sorrow within It, which flowing like a wave of light and of heat, will serve to sweeten this sorrowful note. Do you not know that light and heat have the power to convert the most bitter things into most sweet nectar? It is given to you, my daughter, who live in Our Will, to let your sorrows, your fever, your intimate pains of my privation which make you die but do not make you die, flow within Our unending boundaries, in order to invest this note, so sorrowful, of the Divine Fiat, and form in this note a most sweet and harmonious sound, in such a way that the two wills will no longer scowl at each other, but will be reconciled.”
Then He added: “My daughter, you cannot comprehend what I feel for you – the joys, the happiness I feel because I find in you the first fruits of the Kingdom of my Will. I find the delights of the early fruits, the first fruits of the music which only the creature who lives in It can produce, because she takes all of Our notes which are in Our Will, makes them her own, and forms her beautiful music in Our Kingdom. And I – oh, how I delight in listening to her! I find the first fruits of order, the first fruits of true love which my Will has conceded to her; I find the first fruits of beauty, which enraptures Me so much that I cannot detach my gaze. So, I find all of your acts as first acts, which no one before you has given to Me. The first fruits are always the things which are liked the most, which are most attractive, and which are enjoyed the most. And if other similar things come after the first fruits, it is by virtue of the prime act that other similar acts could be formed; so, all the glory is of the prime act.
Therefore, you will always have the first fruits in the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat; there will be nothing done in It, which will not come from your prime act. So everyone will be turned to you – to you the beginning of the glory. Therefore, I want everything to begin from you, in order to form my Supreme Kingdom.”

January 13, 1927
Jesus prays Luisa to write. How His word is happiness. How one who lives in the Divine Will is considered as one from the Celestial Fatherland. The soul prays together with the whole Creation; how Jesus promises her that everything will be granted to her.
Continuing with a fever, I could manage to write with such difficulty, that I had decided to no longer write until I would find myself in the condition of being able to do it with less difficulty, also to be able to write more extensively that which blessed Jesus manifests to His little daughter. In fact, because of the hardship, I try to restrict as much as I can. Now, while I was not thinking at all about writing, given my decision, my always lovable Jesus moved in my interior, and as though praying me, told me: “My daughter, write a little bit; I am content with little rather than nothing. Then, when you can, you will write more. And in the little you will write, I will help you - I will not leave you alone; and when I see that you cannot go on, I Myself will say enough, because I love you very much – and also your nature, since that is Mine too, and I do not want you to tire yourself beyond your strengths. But do not take away from Me this pleasure of maintaining the ever new correspondence of writing that which I want to say to you. You know that in the whole world there is not one place in which I can share my happinesses and receive return for them. So, the place of my happiness in the world is you, and this happiness of Mine is formed by my speaking. When I can speak with a creature, make Myself understood, it is happiness for Me – and full and superabundant happiness for the one who listens to Me; more so, since in speaking with you, because my Will is in you, I speak to you in my Will, not outside of It, and I am sure of being understood; and even more so, since in speaking to you about my Will, I feel in you the happiness of my Kingdom, the echo of the happiness of the Celestial Fatherland.
Do you know, my daughter, what would happen? Since I keep you in the Supreme Fiat, I look at you as someone from my Celestial Fatherland. What would you say if someone who already lives in Heaven did not want to receive my new joys, which are released naturally from my womb to make all the Blessed happy? In fact, it is in my nature to give ever new beatitudes. This someone would be a hindrance to my happiness - she would close in my womb the joys which I want to release. So it would happen with you - you would be a hindrance to my happiness, to the ever new joys which my Will possesses; more so, since I feel happier when I make the little daughter of my Will happier, who finds herself in the low exile only because of Us - for nothing else, to give Us field in order to form Our Kingdom in the midst of creatures and to restore for Us the rights and the glory of the work of the whole Creation. Do you think that my Heart can tolerate not making my little daughter happy? No, no - it would be the greatest pain for Me. Is my word perhaps not the greatest happiness for you?”
And I: ‘Certainly O Jesus; and if You knew how You make me unhappy when You deprive me of it – how I feel the void a happiness without end, which nothing else, as beautiful and good as it may be, will be able to make up for.’
And Jesus: “Therefore, my daughter, while my word makes you happy, I do not want it to remain in the void of yourself alone, but I want it to serve to establish my Kingdom; and therefore, as confirmation of my word and of my happiness which comes from Me, I want it to be written on paper, also as confirmation of our correspondence.”
Then, after this, I began to pray, bringing all Creation together with me before the Supreme Majesty – that is, the heavens, the stars, the sun, the sea - in sum, everything, so that my prayer might be animated by all the acts which the Supreme Fiat exercises in all Creation. My sweet Jesus placed Himself near me, leaning His head against mine, extending His arm around my neck, almost to sustain me. And I said to Him: ‘My Love, Jesus, I am not the only one praying You, but together with me there is your Will operating in the whole Creation, praying for the coming of your Kingdom. It Itself wants Its rights, all whole and complete, over everyone and everything; and only with the coming of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat upon earth will all of Its rights be given back to It. Listen, oh Jesus, how touching is the voice of your Fiat in the whole azure of the heavens; how eloquent it is in the sun; how attractive and strong it is in the sea. Everywhere can your Fiat be heard resounding, wanting the rights of Its Kingdom. O please! listen to your own Fiat; listen to your little daughter who, making all of Its acts her own, prays You, supplicates You, that your Kingdom come. And even though I am just newly born, I too want my rights; and do You know, O Jesus, what these are? That I give back to your Will all the glory and the honor as if no one had offended It, as if everyone had fulfilled It, adored It and loved It. If I am Its daughter, I want that Its rights be given back to It, and I want also that my first father Adam be given back the honor as if he had never withdrawn from your Will.’
And my most sweet Jesus, all moved, said to me: “To my little daughter who takes to heart so much the rights of my Divine Fiat, and who uses Its very power in order to open her way to my Heart, everything will be granted. How not to content you, my daughter? To you everything will be given; even more, we will adjust together that which regards my Will and that which regards the creatures. Aren’t you happy? Look, my daughter – from the moment my Will entered the field in Creation, It has always been firm and unshakable in doing good, in spite of the many moodinesses and offenses of the creatures. Triumphing over all, It has followed Its usual course – doing good, always. See, in order to make the creature ascend again into the firmness, into the perennial good, into the unshakability of my Will, I want to establish my Kingdom in their midst. See then, at what point I have placed you – in the firmness and unshakability of the Fiat, to allow you to extend this Kingdom of Mine within It. And just as my Will triumphs over everything with Its firmness, so will you triumph over everything with Its firmness and in the unshakability of Its acts, and you will reorder the divine order between the two wills - the Divine Will will be reintegrated in Its glory, and the human will will place itself once again in the order established by God.”
After I wrote this, I was thinking to myself that what is written above is not necessary; more so since, continuing to be feverish, I write with difficulty, and I write just a little to make Jesus content. And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, in order to live in my Will, the soul must ascend; and in order to ascend in It, she must leave that which does not belong to my Will. She must leave her miserable rags, her vulgar habits, her vile foods, her miseries. Everything she must leave, in order to make use of the royal garment, of divine habits, of precious and nourishing foods, of infinite riches – in sum, of everything that belongs to my Will. What you have written serves you for now - it serves the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. Then it will be the rule for those who must live in It – how they must use all of the operating acts of my Will in order to maintain themselves within the boundaries of my Kingdom. Therefore, that which to you does not seem to be necessary, is necessary for the formation of my Supreme Kingdom.”

January 16, 1927
How in the Kingdom of the Fiat all things are complete, even the shades of all colors. One who lives in It takes everything, all at once.
I continue to plunge myself in the Supreme Volition, and my sweet Jesus made Himself seen leaning His head upon mine; and since I was suffering, I said to Him: ‘My Love, see, I am in your lovable Will, and since I want to come to Heaven with You, it is your very Will – not me, that asks You to take me with You. Therefore, make your own Will content, which, being everywhere, prays You everywhere – in the heavens, in the sun, in the sea, that You may no longer keep Its little daughter in the exile, far away from You, but that You may let her land, after so many hardships and privations of Yourself, into your Celestial Fatherland. O please, have compassion for me and for your Will that prays You!’
And Jesus, all compassion for me, told me: “Poor daughter, you are right – I know how much your exile costs you; and to persuade Me, you make Me be prayed by my own Will. More powerful device you could not find. But know, daughter, that the Supreme Fiat wants another thing from you - It wants that, on your part, all the beauties, all the varieties of multicolored colors, all of their shades, be formed in Its Kingdom. The beauties are there, the colors in all of their varieties have been ordered, but all the shades are missing, and I want nothing to be missing on your part, for the decorum and the beauty of my Kingdom. If you knew how one more shade stands out more - how embellishing it is. And do you know how these shades can be formed? Another saying of Mine can be one more shade in the varieties of the colors; one little round of yours in my Will, one little pain of yours, one offering, one prayer in the Fiat, are many other shades which you will add, and which my Will will delight in administering to you. In It, things are all complete, nor would It tolerate that Its first daughter would not take all of Its complete acts, as much as it is possible for creature, in order to form Its Divine Kingdom.”
After this, I continued my flight in the Supreme Volition, and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, one who lives in the Divine Will takes everything together, as though in one jump. In fact, since the Divine Will is everywhere, there is nothing that can escape It, Its life is eternal, Its immensity knows no limits, nor circumferences, therefore the soul who lives in It takes the Eternal God, all of heaven, the sun, everything that exists, the Virgin, the Angels, the Saints – in sum, everything. And as she prays, palpitates, breathes, loves, her acts become common to all; therefore all palpitate from her heartbeat, all breathe with her breath, all love with her love, because wherever my Will extends, It moves all to do the act of one who lives in It. From this, it happens that, since the Sovereign Queen has the first place in the Divine Fiat, She feels the little daughter who lives in It close to Herself; and associating with her, She repeats what she does together with her, and places Her seas of grace, of light, of love, in common, because one is the Will of the Mama and of the little daughter. Even more, the height of the Sovereign of Heaven feels honored in her, with acts of a Divine Will; She feels that this little daughter enters into Her seas, and shaking them with her acts, she makes them swell, to redouble them and expand them. But to do what? To let her Creator receive redoubled Divine glory, and love from Her very seas of love; and to place the seas of her Celestial Mama as though on a counter, so that She may receive double glory.
Therefore, though little, this creature moves everything, she imposes herself on everything; all let her do; all feel the power of the good she wants to give to all. So, she is little and strong; she is little and she finds herself everywhere; she is little and her prerogative is littleness, therefore she possesses nothing – not even her will, because, voluntarily, she has given it to the One who had right over it. And the Divine Will gives her everything – there is nothing which It does not entrust to her. Therefore, the prodigies of the living in my Will are indescribable and innumerable. Oh! if all knew what it means to live in my Will, and the good they receive – even more, there is no good which they do not take, there is no good which they cannot do – they would all compete and yearn to live in my Will, holy and adorable.”

January 20, 1927
How the Communion of the Divine Will is not subject to be consumed; Its veils are intangible. The soul longs for Heaven, and therefore she is sad, and puts all Creation in sadness.
Having received Holy Communion, I remained afflicted and distressed, because the fits of coughing were such and so many that I felt I was suffocating, and I could neither think, nor be with Jesus according to my usual way. Then, after one hour and more of intense coughing, I calmed down and I thought to myself: ‘It has already been an hour and more since I received Jesus, and I have not been able to recollect myself to be all alone with Him. The accidents of the Host are already consumed; Jesus has left, and I do not know where else to find Him again. So, today for me it has been as if I had not received Holy Communion. But, after all, also in this I kiss, I adore and I bless the Supreme Fiat.’
Now, while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, leaned His head on my shoulder, and sustained me with His arms to give me strength, for I was so exhausted that I felt I was dying. And all goodness, He said to me: “My daughter, do you not know that there is a Communion which is eternal, so great, and not subject to either diminish or be consumed? Its veils, which hide It in the midst of creatures, are not subject to perish like the veils of the Sacramental Host. It gives Itself in every instant, at each breath, at each heartbeat and in all circumstances. Even more, one must be always with her mouth open to be able to receive them all – that is, with the will of always wanting to receive this communion, so great and continuous that as much as It gives Itself, It is not subject to either diminish or be consumed. Otherwise, many times they remain outside of the soul, without entering into her.
You have already understood what this Communion so great and continuous is: It is my Divine Fiat, which flows as Life within your soul; as heat to fecundate you and to make you grow; as food to nourish you. It flows in the blood of your veins, in the heartbeat of your heart – in everything; It is always in the act of giving Itself to you alone, if you only want to receive It. It would drown you with communions, so many It wants to give to you. With reason, with justice and by right, the Communion of my Will was to be without limits and not subject to be consumed, because It is origin, means and end of the creature, and therefore she was to be able to receive It, in such a way that It could never – never be lacking to her. In fact, something which is origin, means and end must be in continuous act of giving itself, and of being received. If it were not so, her origin of living, and the means to maintain herself would be lacking for the poor creature; and she would lose the end she must reach. Therefore, my infinite Wisdom could never have allowed that the Communion of my Will be limited for them.
The Sacramental Communion, instead, was not given as origin of the creatures, nor as end, but it was given as means, help, refreshment and medicine; and the means, the helps, etc. are given in a limited way – they are not perennial. This is why the veils of the sacramental accidents are subject to be consumed; more so, since if the creatures love to receive Me continuously, there is the great Communion of the Eternal Fiat, which is in act of giving Itself continuously to them. Yet, you were afflicting and almost troubling yourself, as you were thinking that the sacramental species were consumed. You had no reason to afflict yourself, because inside and outside of you, there is the Communion of my Will, which is not subject to undergo any consummation. Its Life is always in Its fullness, nor could my Love tolerate that the little daughter of Our Will be unable to receive Our Divine Life, always new and continuous.”
Then, after this, I continued to feel sick, and while doing the round in the Creation to follow the acts of the Supreme Will, I felt a note of sadness in me, because obedience had imposed on me to obey letting my sickness be taken away, while I was longing for Heaven. I would have wanted to make a jump from the middle of Creation in order to reach my yearned for Fatherland, praying the heavens, the stars, the sun and all created things to accompany me. In fact, since one was the Fiat that gave us life, I had my rights that they should not live me alone, but should all follow me up to the eternal gates, waiting for that very Will which had possessed me on earth to receive me in Heaven; and then, after my entrance into the beatific Celestial Will, they could withdraw, each one to its place. But unable to do this, I felt sad, and in this way I went around the whole Creation. Now, while I was doing this, a loud, harmonious and silvery voice made itself heard from the center of Creation, saying: “Your sad note communicated itself to all created things; so, today you have put us all in sadness. Be sure that we will all accompany you to Heaven – it is right that one who has been in our midst, who has kept us company, may not enter Heaven without our company. But all Creation will remain without the one who gives It joy, who keeps It in feast. Your echo will no longer resound in our midst, by which, rendering us as though speaking, we magnify, love and praise that Divine Will which created us and which preserves us.” The voice kept silent, and I myself felt I was breathing a sad air.
Then I thought I had committed sin for having put the whole Creation in sadness with my sadness. So I yearned for my sweet Jesus to tell him of the evil I had done, and to tell Him that He had made me write so many things regarding the Divine Will so that these might reach into the midst of creatures, in such a way that, by living of this Divine Fiat, they might possess a Kingdom so holy. Then, while I was thinking of this and of other things, my beloved Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, you are right in wanting to come, but before all the knowledges of my Will come out and take their course, it will take time. And this is why the Creation is right in saying that It will remain in Its silence once again. However, I do not want you to oppress yourself - abandon yourself in Me and let your Jesus do everything.”
And I: ‘My Love, when You take me to Heaven, I pray that You take me quickly quickly, so that they may not have the time to give me this obedience.’ But while I was saying this, I seemed to see the heavens, the sun and all Creation bowing around me to pay homage; and Jesus added: “My daughter, when you die, the whole Creation will invest you, and you will pass into Heaven in a flash. Aren’t you happy?”

January 23, 1927
How the Divine Fiat is a powerful magnet which draws God to the creature. How the human will is more than earthquake, and how it is exposed to all thieves.
As I continued to be more sick than usual, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen – not Himself alone, but together with the Three Divine Persons. They all surrounded me, and I remained in Their midst, nor could I see anything but Their Supreme Height and the immense light which surrounded Them. And all Three of Them said to me: “We have come to make a visit to our daughter who is sick. Our Will, more than a powerful magnet, drew Us and called Us from Heaven to make Us come to you; nor could We do without coming to cheer the one who is the firstborn daughter of Our Will, and to keep her a little company in her sufferings. The strength of Our Fiat is irresistible for Us, and surrendering to Its strength is happiness for Us.”
Now, who can say what I felt and comprehended while being in Their midst? I do not have the words to express myself. Then, since obedience had told me that I should have something to eat, though I could not take anything, out of obedience, before Jesus came, I had taken a few spoonfuls of broth, and I felt it in my throat, unable to go down to my stomach. I told Jesus to let me obey, and Jesus, all goodness, passed His holy hand from my throat to my stomach, making it go down to my stomach so that I could digest it - in such a way that I did not bring it up, as I am used to doing every day… that whatever I take, I bring up. Infinite goodness of Jesus for me, who am the most little and poor creature. Then, after this, I remained afflicted, because I thought that They would take me with Them; and since They didn’t, I felt sad. And Jesus, to cheer me, placed Himself with His face at my chest, and as He breathed over me a light came out of His breath, which served not only for my soul, but also to recompose all of my body. As the breath ceased, my body would fall apart; and Jesus, to cheer me, said to me: “My daughter, courage, don’t you see that the mere breath and light of my Will recompose also your body? So, if I stop my breath, your body will fall apart and you will quickly make your way to Our Celestial Fatherland.”
And I: ‘My Love, I am useless and I am good at nothing – would it not be better for You to get rid of Me by sending me to the Celestial Jerusalem?’ And Jesus, all goodness, added: “My daughter, everything is useful for Me, even the little rocks, the rubble - in order to build. The same with you: everything that forms your body is like rubble; but when it is vivified by the vital fluid of the eternal Fiat, everything becomes precious and of incalculable value; in such a way, that I can build the strongest and most impregnable cities over that precious rubble. You must know that as man withdrew from the Divine Will by doing his own, it happened as when a strong earthquake strikes a city. The strong tremor makes chasms open in the earth, and somewhere, it swallows the houses, somewhere else it tears them to pieces. The power of the tremor opens the coffers locked most securely, and casts out diamonds, coins, precious things, in such a way that thieves can enter and steal whatever they want. So, the poor city is reduced to a heap of rocks, ruins, rubble and wreckage. Now, if a king wants to build that city once again, he uses those very heaps of rocks, wreckage and rubble; and since he makes it all new, he builds it in modern style, giving it such sumptuousness of art and beauty that there may be no other city equal to it. And so he makes it the capital of his kingdom.
My daughter, the human will was more than earthquake for man, and this earthquake is still going on – sometimes more intense, sometimes a little less so, in such a way that it casts out of him the most precious things which God placed in the depths of man. So, this earthquake of his own will, makes him all upset. The key of the Supreme Fiat which kept men in custody and completely safe no longer exists for them. Therefore, since they have no more doors nor keys, but collapsing walls, the thieves of their passions loot, and they remain exposed to all evils, and many times shattered into wreckage and rubble, which can barely be recognized as the cities once built by their Creator. Now, since I want to build once again the Kingdom of my Will in the midst of creatures, I want to use your wreckage and rubble; and by investing them with the vital fluid of my creative Will, I will form the capital of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. This is how I use you - aren’t you happy?”

January 25, 1927
Jesus pushes Luisa to write. One who lives in the Divine Will breathes the All. The soul who lives in It copies God within herself, and she is copied in God.
Feeling suffering, I felt I was incapable of writing that which blessed Jesus manifested to His little daughter; so I remained quite a few days without writing. In my interior, Jesus pushed me to do it, but I refused to do it because of the great weakness I felt. Finally, this morning, coming out from my interior, He said to me: “Tonight my daughter must write, because even if she may be dying, I want her to give the last flashes of light, strong and dazzling, of the knowledges about the Supreme Fiat, so that all may know that my Will has kept her always occupied for Itself and for Its Kingdom, and her last breath will be nothing other than a strong flash of light, which will remain as the last proof of love and of manifestation for the Kingdom of my Will. Therefore, while your write, I will help you, and the little daughter of my Will will refuse nothing to her Jesus and to that Fiat which, with so much love, keeps you on Its lap to entrust Its secrets to you.”
So, after this, I made up my mind to write, even just a little, because my sweet Jesus is content with anything. Then, my sweet Jesus said to me: “My daughter, one who lives in my Divine Will breathes the All; and since the breath is taken and is given, and one receives it to then give it back with no time in between, one who breathes the All, which is God, in emitting her breath, gives the All which she has breathed. So, she takes All, and she gives All. She gives the All to God, giving God to God, and she gives the All to the creatures, to then breathe God again and everything that God does. It is natural that one who takes All, can give All. Only in the Divine Will is the Life of the Supreme Being bilocated continuously on the part of creatures.”
And I: ‘My Jesus, I feel I am doing nothing, and You tell me that in your Fiat I take All and I give All?’ And Jesus added: “My daughter, when the All operates, the nothing remains at its place – it only makes itself available to receive the All. And then, do you not feel within yourself the strength of this All that, making you embrace and invade everything – heaven, stars, sun, seas and earth - and embrace all the acts which my Fiat exercises in the whole Creation, makes you bring them to your Creator, as though in one breath, to give everyone and everything back to Him? Has there been anyone until now who has given and has been able to say: ‘I give everything to God, even God Himself, because since I live in His Will, God is mine, the heavens are mine, the sun and everything that this Supreme Fiat has done is mine. So, since everything is mine, I can give everything and I can take everything’? Now, it happens as a consequence that one who lives in my Will has the possession of the All, and this forms and draws the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth; because in order to form a kingdom, it takes the strength of the Power of the All.”
Afterwards, He made Himself seen as a little child, staring at me so much, as to remain as though impressed within me; and He wanted me to look at Him, but so much as to remain impressed in Him. Then, all love and tenderness, He told me: “My daughter, this is the true image of the living in my eternal Will: the soul copies the Divine Will within herself, and the Supreme Will copies the soul, in such a way that your Creator keeps the copy of your image impressed within His womb. He holds her so dear, because He sees her exactly as He released her from her origin; she has lost nothing of her freshness and beauty. His paternal features are impressed in this copy; and this copy, in the paternal womb of God, sings for Him the praises of all Creation with all His works, and whispers continuously to His ear: ‘You made everything for me. You loved me so much, and still do, and I want to convert everything – everything into love for You.’ This copy is the portent of God in His womb; she is the memory of all His works.
This is the copy of the soul in God, and the copy of God in the soul, and the carrying out of the Divine Life within the creature. How beautiful is the Kingdom of my Will – the nothing dissolved in the All, and the All fused in the nothing; the lowliness of the creature rising into the Divine height, and the Divine height descending into the depth of the creature. They are two beings bound together, inseparable, transfused, identified, such that it can barely be recognized that they are two lives palpitating together. All the magnificence, the sanctity, the sublimeness, the prodigies of the Kingdom of my Will, will be exactly this: the faithful copy of the soul in God, and the copy of God, whole and beautiful, in the soul. Therefore, the children of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat will be as many images of little Gods in my Kingdom.”

January 28, 1927
How Our Lord will have three Kingdoms. The Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat will be the echo of the Creation. How poverty and unhappiness will be banished. How in Our Lord and in the Virgin there was voluntary poverty, not forced. How the Divine Will is jealous of taking care of Its daughter.
I was all abandoned in the Supreme Fiat, following Its acts in the Creation, and my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior and told me: “My daughter, look at how beautiful is the order of the heavens; in the same way, when the Kingdom of the Divine Will will have Its dominion on earth in the midst of creatures, also on earth there will be perfect and beautiful order. Then I will have three Kingdoms – one in the Celestial Fatherland, another in the Creation, and the third among the creatures – and each one will be the echo of the other, each one the reflection of the other. All created things have their place of honor, and while they are all ordered and in harmony among themselves, one has no need of the other, because each one of them not only abounds, but overabounds in the goods with which God endowed it in creating it. In fact, having been created by a Being who is happy and most wealthy, and whose riches never decrease by giving them, all created things carry the mark of happiness and the abundance of goods of their Creator. Just as all created things, so will all the children of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat have their place of honor, of decorum and of dominion; and while possessing the order of heaven, and being in perfect harmony among themselves, more than celestial spheres, the abundance of good which each one will possess will be so great, that one will never need the other – each one will have within himself the source of the goods of his Creator and of His perennial happiness. Therefore, poverty, unhappiness, needs and troubles will be banished from the children of my Will. It would not be decorous for my Will, so immensely rich and happy, to have children who would lack something, and would not enjoy all the opulence of Its goods which rise continuously.
What would you say if you saw the sun poor in light, barely sending a few glimmers to the earth? And If you saw a hem of heaven at one point, with just a few stars, and all the rest without the enchantment of the azure heavens? Would you not say: ‘The One who created the sun does not possess the immensity of the light that rises, and therefore he has the earth lighted by just a few glimmers. He does not possess the power to extend a heaven everywhere, and therefore He has laid just a hem of it above our heads’? So, you would make yourself the idea that God is poor in light, and that He does not have the power to extend everywhere the works of His creative hands. But, instead, by seeing that the sun abounds so much with light, and that the heavens extend everywhere, you are convinced that God is rich and possesses the source of light; therefore He has lost none of His light by endowing the sun with so much light, nor has His Power decreased in extending the heavens everywhere.
In the same way, if the children of my Will will not possess everything in abundance, one could say that my Will is poor and does not have the Power to make the children of Its Kingdom happy – which will never be. On the contrary, since It will be the image of the Kingdom which my Will has in Creation, just as the heavens extend everywhere and abound with stars, and the sun abounds with light, the air with birds, the sea with fish, the earth with plants and flowers, in the same way, since the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat echoes the Creation, the children of my Kingdom will be happy and will possess everything in abundance. Therefore, each one will possess the fullness of goods and full happiness, in the place in which the Supreme Will has placed him; whatever the condition and the office they will occupy, all will be happy of their destiny. And since the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat will be the perfect echo of the Kingdom which my Will possesses in Creation, one sun will be seen up high, and another sun down in the midst of the creatures who will possess this Kingdom. The echo of the heavens will be seen in these fortunate children, which they will populate with stars, with their acts. Even more, each one of them will be a heaven and a distinct sun, because wherever my Will is present, It cannot be without heaven and without sun; rather, as It takes possession of each of Its children, It will form Its heaven and Its sun, because Its nature is that, wherever It has Its stable possession, Its sanctity, Its unending light, It forms as though heaven and sun, and multiplies them everywhere.
But this is not yet all. The Creation, echo of the Celestial Fatherland, contains music, the royal march, the spheres, the heavens, the sun, the sea, and all possess order and perfect harmony among themselves, and go around continuously. This order, this harmony and this going around without ever stopping, form such admirable symphony and music, that it seems to be like the breath of the Supreme Fiat blowing into all created things like many musical instruments, and forming the most beautiful of all melodies, such that, if creatures could hear it, they would remain ecstatic. Now, the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat will have the echo of the music of the Celestial Fatherland and the echo of the music of Creation. The order, the harmony and their continuous going around their Creator will be so great, that each one of their acts, words and steps will be a distinct melody, like many different musical instruments which will receive the breath of the Divine Will, in such a way that everything they do will be as many distinct musical concerts which will form the joy and the continuous feast of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat. For your Jesus there will no longer be difference between staying in the Celestial Fatherland, and descending to be in the midst of creatures in the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat upon earth. Then, Our work of Creation will sing victory and full triumph, and We will have three Kingdoms in one – symbol of the Sacrosanct Trinity, because all of Our works carry the mark of the One who created them.”
After this, I was thinking to myself: ‘Though the true children of the Supreme Fiat will be happy and will possess everything in abundance, yet, my Queen Mama and Jesus Himself, who was the very Divine Will, were poor on this low earth; they suffered the pains and the hardships of poverty.’ And my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, true poverty is when a creature is in need – she wants to take, but has nothing to take, and is forced to ask others for a bare means of living. This poverty is of necessity, and almost forced; instead, both in Me and in the Celestial Mama, who possessed all the fullness of the eternal Fiat, it was not poverty of necessity, and even less forced, but it was voluntary poverty, spontaneous poverty, squeezed by the press of Divine Love. Everything was ours; at one wish of ours, sumptuous palaces would have been raised, and banquets prepared with foods never before seen and tasted. And in fact, when it was needed, at a little wish of ours, the very birds served us, bringing us fruits, fish and other things in their beaks, making feast because they were serving their Creator and their Queen. With their trilling, singing and warbling, they played the most beautiful melodies for us; so much so, that in order not to attract the attention of the creatures with our uniqueness, we had to command them to depart, following their flight under the vault of the heavens where our Will was waiting for them; and, obedient, they would withdraw. Therefore, our poverty was of love – it was poverty of example, to teach the creatures detachment from the low things of the earth. It was not poverty of necessity, nor could it be so in an absolute way, because wherever the fullness, the life of my Will reigns, all troubles end, as though under one single blow, and they lose life.”
Then, since most reverend Father Di Francia heard that I had a fever, he let me know that, if I were in need, I should take whatever I needed from the money he had left with me for one of his works. And my lovable Jesus, in coming, almost smiling said to me: “My daughter, let father know, in my name, that I thank him and I will reward the goodness of his heart for the care he has for you. However, let him know that the daughter of my Will has no need of anything, for my Will abounds with everything; even more, It is jealous that others may offer something, because It alone wants to give everything to Its daughter. In fact, wherever my Divine Will reigns, there is no danger that natural means and abundance of goods may do harm; on the contrary, the more means she has, and the more abundance she enjoys, the more she looks at the Power, the Goodness, the wealth of the Supreme Fiat in them, and she converts everything into most pure gold of Divine Will. So, the more my Will gives to her, the more It feels glorified in carrying out Its life in the creature, in offering Its own things to the one who lets It dominate and reign. It would be absurd if a very wealthy father had poor children - such a father would deserve to be condemned. And then, what would be the purpose of his riches if the birth that came from his own body – his very children - conducted a life of hardships and miseries? Would it not be a dishonor for this father, and an unbearable bitterness for these children – knowing that, while the father is extremely wealthy, they lack everything and can hardly satisfy their hunger?
If this would be absurd and a dishonor for a father in the natural order, much more so in the supernatural order of the Supreme Fiat. It is more than father, containing the fount of all goods, and therefore wherever It is present, happiness reigns and It abounds with everything. More so since, with the soul who has possession of the Divine Will, It administers to the soul and to the body a sharp and penetrating sight, in such a way that she penetrates into the natural things, which hide It as a veil; and tearing these veils, in the natural things she finds the noble queen of the Divine Will reigning and dominating within her. So, natural things disappear for her, and in all things she finds that adorable Will which she possesses; she kisses It, she adores It, and everything becomes Divine Will for the soul. Therefore, each additional natural thing is a new act of Divine Will for her, which she possesses. So, natural things are means for one who is child of my Will, in order to make better known what my Will does, can do, and possesses, and to what excessive point It loves the creature. Do you want to know, then, why creatures lack natural means, and many times these are snatched away from them, and they reduce themselves to the most squalid misery? First, because they do not possess the fullness of the Supreme Fiat; second, because they confuse natural things, and put nature in the place of God; nor do they look at the Supreme Will in the natural things, but, greedy, they become attached to them to form a vain glory for themselves, an esteem that blinds them, an idol for their hearts. Given this, it is necessary that natural means be lacking, in order to put their souls in safety. But for one who is child of my Will all these dangers do not exist, and therefore I want them to possess everything in abundance, and to lack nothing.”

January 30, 1927
Why Jesus did not write. How in these manifestations there are neither threats nor frights, but the echo of the Celestial Fatherland. When this Kingdom will come. How the pains of the Most Holy Virgin and those of Our Lord were pains of their office, and how They possessed true happiness. Power of voluntary pains; happiness of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.
I was thinking to myself: ‘My sweet Jesus told me many times that I had to imitate Him in everything; yet, He never wrote. Only once it is said in the Gospel that He wrote, but not even with a pen, rather, with His finger; yet, He wants me to write. So, He wants to make me go out of His imitation – He did not write at all, and I must write so much.’ Now, while I was thinking of this, He came as a gracious little child; and placing Himself in my arms, drawing His face near mine, He told me: “My daughter, give Me your kisses, and I will give you Mine.”
Then, after I kissed Him various times, He incited me to kiss Him again, and then He said to me: "My daughter, do you want to know why I did not write? Because I was to write through you. It is I who animate your intelligence, who feed you the words, who give motion to your hand with my hand, to make you hold the pen and write the words on paper. So, it is I who am writing, not you. You do nothing but pay attention to what I want to write. Therefore, all of your work is attention – the rest, I do all by Myself. Do you yourself not see how many times you have no strength to write and you decide not to do it; and in order to make you touch with your own hand that it is I who write, I invest you, and animating you with my own life, I Myself write what I want? How many times have you not experienced this? Now, since an age was to pass before making known the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, to allow some time in order to first make known the Kingdom of Redemption and then the other of the Divine Fiat, I decreed not to write at that time, but to write together with you, through you, when this Kingdom would be nearer, also to give a new surprise to the creatures with the excess of love of this Will of Mine – what It did, what It suffered, and what It wants to do for love of them.
Many times, my daughter, novelties bring new life, new goods, and the creatures are so very much drawn to novelties, and let themselves be as though transported by the novelty. More so, since the novelties of the new manifestations about my Divine Will, which have a divine strength and a sweet enchantment, and which will pour like celestial dew upon the souls burnt by the human will, will be bearers of happiness, of light and of infinite goods. There are no threats nor fright in these manifestations; and if there is anything about fear, it is for those who want to remain in the maze of the human will. But then, in all the rest, one can see nothing but the echo, the language of the Celestial Fatherland, the balm from on high which sanctifies, divinizes and makes the down payment of the happiness which reigns only in the Blessed Fatherland. This is why I delight in writing that which regards the Divine Fiat – because I write about things which belong to my Fatherland. Too perfidious and ungrateful will be those who will not recognize in these manifestations of mine the echo of Heaven, the long chain of love of the Supreme Will, the communion of goods which our Celestial Father wants to give to the creatures; and as though wanting to put aside everything that happened in the history of the world, He wants to begin a new era, a new Creation, as if the new history of Creation were beginning just now. Therefore, let Me do, because whatever I do is of highest importance.”
After this, I said to Him: ‘My Love, it seems that, more than anything, You love this Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat very much; in It You concentrate all your Love, all your works, and You almost boast about the fact they these will serve this Kingdom. If You love It so much, when will It come? Why don’t You hasten Its coming?’
And Jesus added: “My daughter, when the knowledges about my Divine Will have followed their course, in view of the great good which they contain – goods which no creature has thought about until now, that the Kingdom of my Will will be the outpouring of Heaven, the echo of the Celestial happiness, the fullness of terrestrial goods - …so, in view of this great good, unanimously, they will yearn, they will ask that this Kingdom may come soon. The same in the whole Creation, with Its mute language - only apparently mute, because inside of It there is my Will, asking for Its rights with loud and eloquent voice, to be known, to dominate and to reign over all. Therefore, one will be the echo from one end of the earth to another, one the sigh, one the prayer which will be unleashed from all beings: May the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat come. Then, triumphantly, It will come into the midst of creatures. From here the necessity of the knowledges: these will be incitements, and will whet the appetite of the creatures for tasting a food so delicious; and they will feel all the will, the yearning, to live in a Kingdom so happy, so as to free themselves from the tyranny and the slavery in which they have been kept by their own will. And as they will advance in the knowledge of all the manifestations, of the goods contained in the Supreme Fiat, they will find your norms – how you have turned Heaven and earth upside down, going around everywhere and asking that this Kingdom may soon become known. They will find what you have suffered to obtain such a great good for them, how they must behave, and what they must do in order to have free access to live in It. Therefore, it is necessary to make everything known, so that my Kingdom may be all complete, and nothing may be lacking to It, either the greatest or the smallest things. So, certain things which to you seem to be small, may be a divine rock transformed into most pure gold, which will form part of the foundations of the Kingdom of my Supreme Will.”
After this, I was thinking to myself: ‘My sweet Jesus sings so much the praises of the happiness of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat; yet, He Himself who is the very Divine Will, and my Celestial Mama who possessed It as whole, were not happy on earth; rather, they were the ones who suffered the most on earth. And even myself – He says I am the firstborn daughter of His Will, yet, He has kept me forty-three years and more confined in a bed, and Jesus alone knows what I have suffered. It is true that I have also been a happy prisoner and I would not exchange my happy destiny even if they offered me scepters and crowns, because what Jesus has given me has made me more than happy; yet, apparently, to the human eye, this happiness disappears. Therefore it seems that this happiness which Jesus talked about clashes, if one thinks of His pains, of those of the Sovereign Queen, and my own state - the last of His creatures.’ But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus, surprising me, told me: “My daughter, there is an immense difference between one who must form a good, a kingdom, and one who must receive it in order to enjoy it. I came upon earth to expiate, to redeem, to save man; and to do this I had to receive the pains of the creatures, and take them upon Myself as if they were Mine. My Divine Mama, who was to be co-redemptrix, was not to be dissimilar from Me; rather, the five drops of blood which She gave Me from Her most pure Heart in order to form my little Humanity, came from Her crucified Heart. For Us the pains were offices which We came to fulfill; therefore they were all voluntary pains, not impositions of a fragile nature.
However, you must know that in spite of so many pains We suffered in order to carry out our office, highest happiness, unending and ever new joys, continuous Paradise, were inseparable from Me and from my Queen Mama. It was easier for Us to separate from our pains - because they were not things intrinsic to Us, things of nature, but things of our office – than to separate from the sea of the immense happinesses and joys that the nature of Our Divine Will, which We possessed, produced in Us as things belonging to and intrinsic to Us. Just as the nature of the sun is to give light, and that of water to quench one’s thirst, that of fire to warm and to turn everything into fire – and if they did not do so, they would lose their nature – so it is the nature of my Will to make happiness, joy and Paradise arise, wherever It reigns. Will of God and unhappiness does not exist, nor can exist; maybe Its complete fullness does not exist, and this is why the rivulets of the human will form bitternesses for the poor creature. For Us, because the human will had no access into Us, happiness was always at its peak, the seas of joys were inseparable from Us. Even when I was on the Cross, and my Mama was crucified at the my divine feet, perfect happiness never dissociated itself from Us; and if this could happen, I should have gone out of the Divine Will, dissociate Myself from the Divine nature, and act only with the human will and nature. Therefore, Our pains were all voluntary, chosen by Our very selves as the office which We came to fulfill – they were not fruits of the human nature, of fragility, or of the imposition of a degraded nature. And then, don’t you remember that your pains too are pains of office – voluntary pains? In fact, when I called you to the state of victim, I asked you if you would accept it willingly; and you, with full will, accepted and pronounced the Fiat. Some time passed, and I repeated my refrain – if you accepted to live in, and with, my Divine Will – and you repeated the Fiat which, regenerating you to new life, made you Its daughter, to give you the office and the pains which befit It for the fulfillment of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.
My daughter, voluntary pains have such power over the Divinity, as to have the strength, the empire, to tear the womb of the Celestial Father, and from this tearing which they form in God, to make seas of grace overflow which form the triumph of the Supreme Majesty and the triumph of the creature who possesses this empire of her voluntary pains. Therefore, both for the great portent of Redemption and for the great prodigy of the Kingdom of my Fiat, voluntary pains were needed - pains of office, which were to be animated by a Divine Will; and ruling over God and over the creatures, they were to give the great good which their office enclosed. Therefore, my praised happiness of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat does not clash, as you say, just because I was the Divine Will Itself and I did suffer, and just because I have kept you in bed for so long. One who must form a good, a kingdom, must do one thing – suffer, prepare the necessary things, and win over God in order to obtain it; those who must receive it must do something else - that is, receive it, appreciate it, and be grateful to the one who has fought and suffered and, after winning, gives them his conquests to make them happy. Therefore, the Kingdom of my Will in the midst of creatures will carry the echo of the happiness of Heaven, because one will be the Will that must reign and dominate in both one and the other. And just as my Humanity was formed from the most pure blood of the Sovereign Queen, and Redemption was formed from my continuous crucifixion, and on Calvary I placed the seal of the cross on the kingdom of the redeemed ones, in the same way, the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat will come from a crucified heart, and my Will, crucifying yours, will release Its Kingdom, and happiness for the children of Its Kingdom.
This is why, from the time I called you to the state of victim, I always spoke to you about crucifixion. You thought it was the crucifixion of hands and feet, and I let you run in this crucifixion – but it was not this one; it would not have been enough to release my Kingdom. The complete and continuous crucifixion of my Will in your whole being was needed, and this was exactly what I intended to speak to you about – that your will would go through the continuous crucifixion of Mine, in order to release the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.”

February 3, 1927
How in the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat there will be one Will alone. How one saying about the Divine Will can be a key, a door, a path. How the Supreme Will forms many breasts in all created things, from which to let Its children suckle Its knowledges.
My always lovable Jesus, drawing me all to Himself, told me: “My daughter, the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat will have one single Will as Its center – the Divine; therefore, one will be the Will of all which, diffusing through all and embracing all, will give happiness, order, harmony, strength and beauty to all. So, It will be the Kingdom of one single Will – one Will for all, and all for one Will. What renders the Celestial Fatherland happy, if not the Will of God and the Will of all? Oh! If another will, different from that of God, could enter Heaven - which cannot be - the Saints would lose their perennial peace and would feel the disorder of a will which is not Divine, which does not contain all goods, and which is not holy and bearer of happiness and peace. Therefore, unanimously, they would all cast it out. So, the Kingdom of the Fiat will have only my Will, and my Will alone, as law, as regime, as dominion; and by virtue of It, all will be happy, of one single happiness; there will never be disputes, but perennial peace.”
After this, in feeling the great effort I was making in writing, and the hardship I experienced, I felt undecided whether I should continue to write or not. And my beloved Jesus, inciting me, told me: “My daughter, each additional word about my Will can be one more key in order to open the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. Each knowledge about It can be a new door that forms to give more ease - more entrances, to let the children of Its Kingdom enter. Each simile about my Will is one more path that forms in order to facilitate the communications of this Kingdom. The most tiny thing that regards my Fiat is a heartbeat of It, which It wants to form in the midst of the children of Its Kingdom; and to suffocate this heartbeat, my daughter, is not appropriate. This heartbeat will bring new and Divine Life, bilocated from this heartbeat, to be enjoyed by those who will have the fortune to possess this Kingdom. Do you not know that to be able to say that a kingdom exists, first it is necessary to form it, and then say it exists? Therefore, it is necessary to form the paths, the security doors, the keys of gold, not forged with some other metal, in order to facilitate the entrance into the Kingdom of my Will. One path less, one missing key, one locked door, can render the entrance into It more difficult and less comfortable. Therefore, everything I say to you serves not only to form this Kingdom, but also to facilitate those who will want to possess It. So, the firstborn daughter of my Will must have the care of rendering that which regards the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat easier.”
Then, I was continuing my acts in the Supreme Volition, and finding myself outside of myself, I went around the whole Creation to follow the Divine Will in each created thing. But while I was doing this, the veil of each created thing was torn and I could see the Holy Will dwelling in them, doing each act which each created thing contains – always operating, without ever stopping. And my sweet Jesus, coming out from within my interior, told me: “My daughter, look at the exuberant love of my Will – always stable, always operating, always in the act of giving, without ever drawing back from what It established to do when the Supreme Fiat echoed in the Creation. My Will took on the commitment to perform all arts, to carry out all offices, to execute all servitudes, to take on any shape in order to make man happy. Even more, It acted as more than a most tender mother, disposing all created things almost like many breasts within which It hid, to let Itself be suckled by man. So, It became sun to let man suckle Its light; It became heaven to let him suckle the vital love of immutability; It became stars to let him suckle the variety of goods which Its works contain; It became water, plants and flowers to let him suckle the water of grace, quenching his thirst, and to let him suckle Its sweetness and Its chaste fragrances. My Will took on all shapes – of bird, of lamb, of dove - in sum, of everything, in order to reach the mouth of man and let Itself be suckled by him, to give him the good which each created thing contained.
Only a Divine Will which created everything in an outpouring of Its love, could take on so many shapes, perform so many offices, be so persistent, without ever ceasing to do Its acts. Yet, who tries to penetrate into each created thing, to see who is the One who offers Its breast to him, to give Its milk, to breast-feed the creatures, to amuse them and to make them happy? Almost no one. My Will pours Itself out continuously, It gives Its life in each created thing in order to give life, and they do not deign even to look at It, to see who is the One who loves them so much, and is life of their life! Therefore, the sorrow of my Will is great because of so many denials from the creatures. So, with Divine and invincible patience, It is waiting for Its children who, by knowing It, may tear the veil from created things which hide It, may recognize the breast of their mama and, grateful, may suckle from those divine breasts, as her true children. And so, the glory of all Creation, of all Redemption, of your Jesus and of the eternal Fiat will then be complete, when the children of Its Kingdom will attach themselves to Its breast, to suckle from Its breasts. Recognizing It, they will not detach from Its breast, and It will give them all goods, and will have the glory, the contentment, to see all of Its children happy, while these children will have the honor, the glory, to copy within themselves the Mother who, with so much love, keeps them on her lap to nourish them with her divine milk.
Now my Will finds Itself in the conditions of the sun when the clouds prevent the fullness of its light from investing the earth with all its vividness. So, because of the clouds, the sun cannot display all of the light it contains, as if the clouds would hinder the glory of the sun from giving course to its light – always the same, always fixed, as it indeed gives it. In the same way, the clouds of the human will hinder the whole course which the Sun of my Will would want to take toward them; and since It cannot communicate all the goods Its contains, either through Creation or directly, Its glory is intercepted by the clouds of the human will. But when they will know the Supreme Fiat and will give themselves as Its children, these clouds will be removed, and my Will will be able to give the goods It contains. Then will Our glory be complete in the midst of creatures.”

February 6, 1927
Wherever the Divine Will is present, everything is present; nothing can escape It. How one who possesses It lives in the communion of goods of her Creator. She receives love and happiness; she gives love and happiness.
I was all immersed in the Supreme Volition, following Its acts in order to constitute myself act of each creature; and my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and stretching out His arms to me, hugged me tightly, pressing me all to Himself. Now, while Jesus was hugging me, all created things – the heavens, the sun, the sea – all of them, even the tiny little bird, placing themselves around Jesus, hugged me, wanting to repeat His act. They almost competed with each other – none of them wanted to be left behind. I remained confused in seeing all Creation running toward me to hug me, and Jesus told me: “My daughter, when the soul lives in my Will, and I do an act toward her – even a simple kiss, one little word – all put themselves in motion to repeat my act. In fact, since one is the Will for the soul, for Me and for them, all have the right to associate themselves with Me, to do the same thing I am doing. Therefore, it was not Me alone, but all beings in which my Will exists as whole, were together with Me in hugging you. So, when I do one more act with one who lives in my Will, I give a new feast to the whole Creation; and whenever there is a new feast, all move and stand at attention, when I am about to give you a kiss or tell you a word, so as to concur along with Me, repeat my act, receive the new feast, and make the feast of their acts for you. Was it not a feast for you to feel the hug of my Celestial Mama, the hug of the light of the sun, of the waves of the sea, and even of the tiny little bird that stretched out its wings to hug you? My daughter, wherever my Will is present, everything is present – not one thing can escape It.”
Then, I continued to follow Its acts in the Supreme Volition, and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, for one who possesses my Will, it is as if she had the sun centered within herself – but not the sun that can be seen up in the sky; rather, the Divine Sun, that very Sun which is centered in God. Extending Its rays, It centers Itself in the soul, so she is the owner of light, because she possesses within herself the life of the light, and all the goods and effects which it contains. Therefore, she enjoys the communion of goods of her Creator. Everything is placed in common with one who possesses my Will: common is the love, common is the sanctity, common is the light – everything is in common with her. Even more, since the Creator looks at her as a birth delivered by His Divine Will, she is already His daughter, so He enjoys, loves and wants that His goods be in common with her. And if this could not be, He would suffer as a father would suffer who, being extremely wealthy, finds himself in the impossibility of giving His goods to his true and faithful children; so, unable to give what he possesses, he is forced to see them poor. This father, in the midst of the opulence of his riches, would die of sorrow, poisoned amidst his own bitternesses, because the joy of a father is to give and to make his children happy of his own happiness. If a terrestrial father who were not able to place his goods in common with his children can suffer so much, to the point of dying of grief, much more would the Eternal Creator suffer, more than a most tender Father, if He could not place His goods in common with one who possesses the Divine Fiat, who, being his daughter, has her rights to possess the communion of goods of her Father. And if it were not so, it would clash with that love which knows no limits, and with that goodness, more than paternal, which is the continuous triumph of all Our works.
Therefore, as the soul comes to possess the Supreme Fiat, the first act of God is to place His goods in common with her; and centering His Sun in her, through the current if Its light, He makes His goods descend into the depth of the soul. And she takes whatever she wants, and through that same current of the light which she possesses, she makes them ascend again to her Creator, as the greatest homage of love and of gratitude; then, that same current makes them descend once again into her. So, these goods ascend and descend continuously, as the certainty and the seal of the communion existing between Creator and creature.
Such was the state of Adam when he was created, until he sinned – that which was Ours, was his; the fullness of light centered in him, in view of the fact that his will was one with Ours, brought him the communion of Our goods. How We felt Our happiness redoubled - on the part of Creation, not because of anything else – as We saw Adam, Our son, happy of Our own happiness. In fact, since his will was one with Ours, Our Will could pour Our goods and Our happiness in torrents upon him; so much so that, unable to contain it all, because he did not have the capacity of his Creator, while being filled to the brim to the point of overflowing, he would make all the rest ascend to the One from whom he had received it. And what did he make ascend? His perfect love, which he had received from God; his sanctity, his glory, which he possessed in common with Us, so as to almost match Us with happiness, love and glory. We gave him happiness – happiness he gave to Us; We gave him love, sanctity and glory – love, sanctity and glory he gave to Us. My daughter, to possess a Divine Will is something astonishing; the human nature cannot comprehend everything – it feels, it possesses, and knows not how to express.”

February 9, 1927
Incapacity of writing. Just as the sun always gives light, so the Supreme Volition wants to always give the light of Its manifestations. What Jesus says when one neglects to write.
I felt like I did not want to write because I felt incapable. Not only this, but the prostration of my strengths was such that I felt I could not do it; and I thought to myself: ‘Maybe it is no longer Will of God that I write, otherwise He would give me more help and more strength. And then, if Jesus wants, He can write by Himself – without me.’ And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the sun always gives light, nor does it ever tire of following its course and of investing the surface of the earth. And when it finds a seed to make germinate, its triumph is to develop it in order to multiply it – the flower, to give it color and fragrance; the fruit, to give it sweetness and flavor. By communicating its effects, the sun shows, with facts, that it is the true king of the earth, therefore it triumphs when it finds one to whom it can communicate its effects, exercising its royal office over the whole nature. On the other hand, in certain lands, where it finds neither seeds, nor flowers, nor plants, nor fruits, it cannot communicate its effects; it keeps them all within itself, and therefore it feels without triumph. It is like a king without subjects, who cannot exercise his office; and so, as though indignant because it cannot communicate its effects, it burns that land so much, as to render it sterile and incapable of producing one blade of grass.
Now, my daughter, the sun is the symbol of my Will, and by Its own nature, my Will wants to follow Its course of light in the soul in whom It reigns. And since Its light possesses innumerable effects, It never becomes tired, not does It exhaust Itself; therefore It wants to communicate Its effects, and Its triumph is when It finds the dispositions in you. Then, more than to a seed, a flower or a fruit, It can communicate Its effects - the fragrance, the color, Its sweetness which, converting into knowledges belonging to It, form the enchantment of Its garden. And my Divine Fiat, more than sun, feels like the king who is able to exercise his royal office; It feels It has not only Its subjects, but also Its daughter, to whom, while communicating Its effects, Its manifestations, It communicates the likeness of queen. And this is all Its triumph – to transform the soul into a queen, and to clothe her with the royal garment. And since all of my manifestations about the Supreme Fiat will form the new garden of the children of my Kingdom, It wants to always place Its effects in you, with Its light, so as to make it rich and luxuriant with all species of celestial flowers, fruits and plants, in such a way that, attracted by the variety of so many beauties, all will feel as though enraptured and will strive to live in my Kingdom.
Now, if you lacked the dispositions to receive the communications of the effects of the Sun of my Will and to release them in order to write them, so as to make known the good It contains and Its unheard-of prodigies, my Will would act like the sun – It would burn you, in such a way that you would become like sterile and infertile land. And then, how can I write alone, without you? My manifestations must be tangible, not invisible; they must fall before the senses of creatures. The human eye does not have the virtue of seeing invisible things; it would be as if I said to you: ‘Write without ink, without pen and without paper’. Would it not be absurd and unreasonable? So, since my manifestations must serve for the use of creatures, who are made of soul and body, I too need matter in order to write - and it is you who must lend it to Me. So, you will serve as ink, as pen and as paper for Me, and with this I form my characters in you; and as you feel them within you, you release them and render them tangible by writing them on paper. Therefore, you cannot write without Me, for you would lack the topic, the subject, the dictation from which to copy, so you would not be able to say anything; and I cannot write without you, for I would lack the main things to be able to write: the paper of your soul, the ink of your love, the pen of your will. Therefore, this is a work that we must do together, and in mutual agreement.”
Then, while writing, I was thinking to myself: ‘Before I write certain little things that Jesus tells me, it seems to me that they are of very little importance, and therefore it seems that it is not necessary to put them on paper. But as I am in the act of writing them, the way in which Jesus orders them in my interior changes the scene, and though small in their appearance, they seem to be of great importance in their substance. Given all this, what an account will those who had, and have authority over me, have to give God, when they have not imposed themselves through obedience in order to make me write? How many things have I neglected, when I received no command?
And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “Daughter, they will certainly have to give Me an account. If they believe it is I, the account will be very strict, because believing that is I and not taking into account even one word, is as if they wanted to suffocate a sea of good for the benefit of creatures, because my word always comes from the strength of the Creative Power. In fact, I pronounced one Fiat in Creation, and I extended a heaven studded with innumerable millions of stars; another Fiat, and I formed the sun. I did not say twenty words to form so many things in Creation, but one Fiat was enough for Me. Now, my word still contains Its Creative Power, and you cannot know if my word is directed to forming a heaven, a star, a sea, a sun, for souls. Therefore, by not taking it into account, and by not displaying it for the creatures, they reject this heaven, this sun, stars and sea, back into Me, while they could have done so much good to creatures. And the consequent damage would be blamed on the one who, not taking it into consideration, has suffocated it within Me. If then they do not believe, it is even worse, because they are so blind as to not have the eyes to see the Sun of my word; and incredulity leads to obstinacy and to hardness of heart, while belief softens the heart and disposes it to be subdued by grace, and to receive the sight in order to comprehend my truths.”

February 11, 1927
Wherever the Divine Will reigns, Jesus places the strings of His attributes in order. How He must be able to say: “Here is my Heaven.” How the children of the Fiat will be kings and queens, and only one who possesses the Divine Fiat has the right to ask for Its Kingdom.
As I was in my usual state, my adorable Jesus made me see many strings in my interior - one close to the other, starting from a sphere, which was in the middle of these strings. Under this sphere there was empty space, and in that empty space there was my sweet Jesus who, very often, touched those strings and played, but in such a harmonious and beautiful way, that it cannot be described. Then, after He played His little sonata, He said: “My daughter, these strings are the symbol of the soul in whom my Will reigns. I Myself delight in forming them and arranging them all in order. Look at how beautiful they are – each string has its distinct color, invested with light, in such a way that, all together, they form the most beautiful rainbow, all dazzling with light. But do you want to know why each string has its distinct color? Because each one of them symbolizes one of my divine qualities – that is, my attributes. So, I placed everything in order – the string of Love, the string of Goodness, the string of Power, of Mercy, of Strength, of Wisdom, of Purity - in sum, everything; I have not excluded even the string of Justice. So, when I want to love and be loved, I touch the string of Love. Oh! How sweet is its sound – soft, penetrating, delightful, such as to shake Heaven and earth, investing the most intimate fibers of all the beings in whom my Will reigns. And I love, and am loved, because its sound draws and enraptures everyone to love Me; and I Myself, enraptured by my own Love, love and release oceans of love.
This sound is so melodious as to make Me tolerate everything, and bear the great evils of the poor world. This sound makes Me pass to touch the string of Goodness; and this sound draws the attention of all to receive the good that my Goodness wants to release and give to creatures. Speaking voices can be heard in this sound; it makes all sounds stand at attention – sounds of surprise, of admiration, in hearing, in this sound of voices, the goods which I want to give. This sound, while making Me release my goods, disposes the creatures to receive them. Therefore, each time I want one of my attributes to exercise its office, I touch the string that belongs to it, and I place it in attitude. But do you know why I have arranged all these strings in you? Because wherever my Will reigns, I want to find all of Myself and all the things that belong to Me; in such I way that, whatever I do in Heaven, I must be able to do in the soul in whom my Supreme Fiat dominates and reigns. I must have my throne, my melodies, to be able to vibrate the sound of mercy to convert souls, the sound of wisdom to make Myself known, the sound of my Power and Justice to make Myself feared. I must be able to say: ‘Here is my Heaven’.”
After this, I was doing my round in the Creation, and while impressing my ‘I love you’ on each created thing, I asked that, by virtue of that Divine Will that preserves them beautiful and whole, the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat would come upon earth. But while I was doing this, I thought to myself: ‘Created things are inanimate, therefore they do not have the virtue of asking for a Kingdom so holy.’ But while I was thinking of this, my beloved Jesus came out from within my interior and told me: “My daughter, it is true that created things are without soul; however within each one of them flows the life of my Will, and only by virtue of It, they maintain themselves beautiful, just as they were created. Now, created things are all noble and queens - all belonging to my royal family; and by virtue of my Will which animates them, and of the acts which my Will exercises in them, they have the right to ask for the coming of my Kingdom, because it is also their Kingdom. In order to ask, with right, for the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, it is necessary to be one from Our family, in whom Our Will has Its prime place, Its throne, Its life. This is why I first made you be born in It, so that It might have Its rights of paternity over you, and you might have the rights of daughter, in order to have the rights to ask for Its Kingdom – to ask, not yourself alone, but also by virtue of all created things - that is, of all those innumerable acts which Our Will exercises in all Creation – that Our Kingdom and yours may come.
My daughter, who can aspire to have the right to be king, if not a son of the king? Even more, everyone sees in him the right that the kingdom will be his. But if they see a servant, a peasant aspiring to it, who does not belong to the royal family, and who says that he has the right to be king and that the kingdom will be his, they consider him insane and worthy of all mockeries. In the same way, one who wanted to ask for my Kingdom, but my Holy Will did not reign in him, being in the condition of servant, would not have the right to ask for my Kingdom. And if he asks for It, it is without right, and just a way of saying. Now, suppose that a king had hundreds – thousands of children, all belonging, legitimately, to his royal family. Would all of them not have the right to occupy noble positions - not unseemly to their status; and to say: ‘The kingdom of our father is ours, because we carry his royal blood in our veins’? Now, in all Creation, in the children who will belong to the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, will flow the life of It, more than blood, which will give them the right to belong to the royal and celestial family, in such a way that all will be kings and queens – all will occupy noble positions, worthy of the family to which they belong.
Therefore, created things have more right that the Kingdom of my Will come - because they are all daughters of Heaven, and are the acts of my very Will which asks for It in them – than creatures themselves who, by doing their will, have reduced themselves to the condition of servants. So, when you ask for the coming of the Kingdom of my eternal Fiat in the name of the heavens, of the sun, of the sea and of all the other created things, you force my Will Itself to ask for the coming of Its Kingdom. And do you think it is nothing that a Divine Will prays in each created thing, as you impetrate Its Kingdom? Therefore, continue and never draw back. Even more, you must know that it is my Will Itself that puts you on the way in the whole Creation, to have Its daughter together with It in all of Its acts - to make you do what It does and wants from you.”

February 13, 1927
Until the Divine Will is known and has Its Kingdom, the glory of God in the Creation will be incomplete. Example of a king.
I was following the Divine Will in Its acts in the Creation, and a doubt arose in my mind: ‘How can it be that Jesus says that until the Kingdom of His Will comes upon earth, the glory of Creation and Redemption will be incomplete? How can this be? Does this Supreme Will perhaps not have the virtue of glorifying Itself? Indeed It possesses this virtue, and this is more than enough for Its glory. Yet, He says that if His Will does not extend Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures, Its glory on the part of Creation will be incomplete.’ Now, while I was thinking of this, my adorable Jesus, surprising me with a most brilliant light that came from Him, told me: “My daughter, the thing in itself is very clear: until my Will is known and has Its prime place of honor and of dominion in each being that came from Our creative hands, Its glory will always be incomplete. The reason is very clear. In fact, Our prime purpose in Creation was that, as this Supreme Will was released from Us, being bilocated in all Creation, It might extend everywhere – in the heavens, in the sun, in the sea, in the flower, in the plants, even into the earth, and in each being that came out of Our creative hands – constituting Itself life of everything in order to form Its life in each being; and bilocating Itself in each creature, It might have as many of Its lives and reigns to dominate, for as many creatures as would come to the light.
Now, my Will has not withdrawn – there is not one point to which Its Divine Life does not extend; there is not one creature which is not invested by this Supreme Will. But while It extends everywhere and invests everything and everyone, It cannot form Its life. How many Divine Lives suffocated in the creatures; how many deny to It the first place in their acts; how many place It after unworthy and vile acts, denying Its dominion to It. And do you think that the destruction of so many Divine Lives of this Will of Mine in the creatures is something trivial? …of so many of Its acts, noble and sublime, which It feels as being destroyed, while they use It to form human lives, deplorable lives, monsters that will serve for hell? Do you think this is trivial, my daughter? The detriment that Our glory receives because of Creation is great and incalculable, such that not even all the good of Redemption could repay Us, because even with Redemption man has not come back into the unity of Our Will, nor does It reign fully in the creatures. How many lives, which are said to be good and holy, are halved between Divine Will and human will. Therefore, Our glory in the Creation is not complete; and only then will it be complete when the things created by Us will be of use to Our own Will and to those who will give It the prime place of honor, will recognize It in all things, and letting It reign in all of their acts, will constitute It absolute Queen and dominating King.
Don’t you think it is just, and a right that, since everything belongs to my Will and since my Will is everywhere and is, for all, primary life of everything, all would recognize It and all would become Divine Will, since they all belong to It? Imagine a king who had his kingdom; all lands, villas and cities are his exclusive property. There is nothing which does not belong to him – not only as right over his kingdom, but also as right over properties that belong to him. Now, because of his goodness of heart, this king wants to see his people happy, and so he distributes his farms, his villas, his lands to his people for free, giving them even housing in his cities, in such a way that all can be rich, with abundance, each one in his own condition. And he does all this great good to his people with the only purpose that they would recognize him as their king, giving him absolute dominion, and recognizing that the lands occupied by them were given to them for free by the king, so that he might be glorified, recognized and loved for the good he did to them. Now, ungrateful, this people does not recognize him as its king, and it claims the right of property over the lands which it possesses, denying that they were gifts made by the king. Would this king not be defrauded of his glory for the good he has done to his people? And if you add that they use his lands without benefit for themselves – some do not work them, some remove the most beautiful plantations, some render squalid the most luxuriant gardens, in such a way as to procure themselves unhappiness and misery – all this would add dishonor and a sorrow that no one could soothe, to the detriment of the glory of the king.
This is nothing but the mere shadow of what my Supreme Will has done, and still does. No one has given Us one cent for receiving the good of the sun, of the sea, of the earth; rather, We gave him everything for free, and only to make him happy, and so that he would recognize my Supreme Fiat, which loved him so much and wants nothing but love and dominion. Now, who could compensate that king for the detriment of the glory which his people has not given him, and soothe his intense sorrow? Imagine, again, that someone from that same people, investing himself with the just sorrow of his king and wanting to repay him of his glory, begins, as first, to renovate the land he occupies, in such a way as to make of it the most beautiful and luxuriant garden of the kingdom. Then he says to everyone that his garden is a gift he has received from the king because He loves him; and then he calls the king into his garden and says to him: ‘These are your dominions – it is right that they all be at your disposal.’ The king is pleased with this loyalty, and says: ‘I want you to be king together with me – let us reign together.’ Oh! how he feels his glory being restored, and his sorrow soothed by this one member of his people. But this man does not stop; he covers all the paths of the kingdom, and shaking everyone with his words, calls a good handful of people to imitate him, and forms the loyal people which give the right of dominion to their king. And the king feels restored in his glory, and as a reward, he gives them the title of children of his, saying to them: ‘My kingdom is yours – reign, children of mine.’
This is my purpose – that in my Kingdom there be no servants, but children and kings like Me. This will happen with my Divine Will. Oh! how It yearns to be given back Its complete glory in the Creation; and that they recognize that everything belongs to It, so as to be able to say: ‘Everything is yours – let us reign together.’ How It yearns for Its knowledges to cover all paths in order to shake, to call - to press creatures to come into my Kingdom, so as to form my true children, to whom I can give the title of kings. This is why I have so much interest that these manifestations about my Divine Will become known – because this is about my greatest act: the fulfillment of my glory and the complete good of creatures.”

February 16, 1927
How the Fiat places everything in communication, wherever It reigns. Example of the spouses. The working of the Divine Will is the fullness of the acts, and the triumph of the Divine act in the human.
I was going around in the whole Creation, to bring all created things together with me before the Supreme Majesty, as homage, praises, adorations, because they are works of His creative hands, worthy only of the One who has created them, for they are animated by His Divine Will. But while I was doing this, I thought to myself: ‘Created things do not move, they stay at their place – they do not come with me; so, it is useless to say that I bring them together with me, because they do not come.’ But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and at the same time He showed me my little soul, which had many rays centered within itself, that maintained the communication with each created thing, in such a way that they were in communication with me, and I with them. But the main point of origin from which these rays started, was God, who kept the communications with everyone and with everything. And my lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, wherever my Will reigns with Its light, which no one can resist because it is immense and penetrating, It places everything in communication. Each ray starts from the Divine center, in which my Will has Its primary dwelling. The rays are nothing but the acts which the Divine Fiat releases from Itself, which, investing each created thing, form their life, and as many secondary dwellings in each one of them. Now, it is natural that, for the soul in whom my Will reigns, as she forms her acts in my Volition, all created things receive the communication of that act by virtue of the light that unites them, and along the flight of that same light, they unite together in order to perform the act that soul does, in whom my Will reigns. In fact, one is the Will which they possess - one is the strength, therefore one is the act they want to do. It is my Will Itself that moves everything, and makes the act of one, act of all. Therefore, be sure that, even though created things remain at their place, they all follow you. My Will Itself puts them on their way to you, so that you may not be alone, but accompanied by all of them.
It happens as in a wedding: the bride and the groom walk in the front by themselves, but behind them follows the great number of those who are invited. You are the bride with whom my Will wanted to form Its royal wedding; It wanted to destroy the division, the obstacles which existed between you and It, in order to form the most happy couple which has ever existed. So, these are days of celebration for you and for It; your acts animated by the Divine Fiat are continuous invitations that you make to all the things that came out of Our creative hands. Therefore your invitation is extremely vast, and there is no one who can do without accepting, because it is a Divine Will that calls all of Its works to Its banquet, excluding not even my Celestial Mama; and all feel honored and triumphant in attending the wedding and in participating in the nuptial banquet of this Supreme Will of Mine. This is why they anxiously await your acts, your invitations, your calls, to come and sit at the banquet and celebrate the two spouses. Therefore, you, go ahead together with my Will before the Supreme Majesty - my works follow you behind. And this happens with justice, because in creating all things, it is to the creature that We gave supremacy over all Our works – that is, to the creature in whom Our Divine Fiat was to reign fully, not to the creature degraded by her will. This one is the last among all, and has no right, nor communication; while the creature in whom my Will reigns, has the right to be the first one to call everyone, and to be followed by everyone.
Therefore, operating in my Will is the greatest miracle, and the fullness of all acts united together, and the triumph of the Divine act in the human act, because my Will was as though sterile in the midst of creatures, and It is now made happy by Its first daughter, in whom It sees Its many newborns who will come to light. So, It will no longer live as a sterile mother in the midst of the people, but as a mother fecund with many children. It used to be a widow, because in creating the first man It espoused the human nature, dowering it with the immense riches of Its Will, as the seal of the marriage It formed with man. As he withdrew from It, It remained a widow for many centuries; but now It has removed the mourning of Its widowhood, and marrying again, It has taken Its garments of bride and has released Its dowries into the field, once again - and the seal of the dowries are the knowledges about It, through which It offers the gift of the riches It possesses. Therefore, my daughter, be attentive in preserving your garments of bride, and in enjoying the dominions that my Will has given you as dowry.”

February 19, 1927
Jesus invites Luisa to fight. Just as Jesus fights through His knowledges, through examples, through teachings, the soul fights by receiving them, and by following the acts of His Will in Creation and Redemption.
I was following my flight in the Divine Fiat, and my sweet Jesus made Himself seen coming out from within my interior, braiding His hands together with mine - inviting me to fight with Him. I was so very little, and I did not feel capable and strong to fight with Him; more so, since a voice came out from a light, which said: “She is too little – how can she win this fight?”
And Jesus answered: “It is exactly because she is little that she can win, because all the strength is in littleness.”
I was discouraged, nor did I dare to fight with Jesus; and He, inciting me to fight, told me: “My daughter, courage, try - if you win, you will win the Kingdom of my Will; nor should you stop because you are little. In fact, I have placed all the strength of created things at your disposal; so, together with you fights all the strength contained in the heavens, in the sun, in the water, in the wind, in the sea. All of them wage battle against Me. They do it with Me, to make Me surrender the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat; and they do it with the creatures, with the weapons which each created thing has in its power, to make them surrender into recognizing my Will, so that creatures may let It reign as they themselves let It reign. Wanting to win, they all have placed themselves as though in order for battle; and in seeing that the creatures resist, wanting to win by force - because they have with them the strength of that Will which animates them and dominates them - with the weapons they possess, they knock down people and cities, with such authority that no one can resist them. You cannot comprehend all of the strength and power that all the elements contain; it is such that, if my Will did not keep them restrained continuously, the battle would be so fierce that they would make a heap of the earth.
Now, their strength is also yours; therefore, you - go around in their midst to put them in order for battle. Let your acts, your continuous asking for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, call all Creation to attention; and my Will, moving within It, places all of Its acts in royal office in order to give and to win Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures. It is my Volition Itself that fights - that wages battle against my very Will for the triumph of Its Kingdom. So, your fight is animated by It, whose strength is sufficient and irresistible in order to win. Therefore, please fight and you will win; and then, to fight in order to win the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat is the holiest fight that can exist; it is the most just and rightful battle that can be fought. This is so true, that my Will Itself, when It formed the Creation, began this battle and this fight; and only then will It surrender, when It wins completely.
But do you want to know when you fight with Me and I with you? I fight when I manifest to you the knowledges about my eternal Fiat. So, each saying, each knowledge, each simile about It is one fight and one battle that I make with you in order to win your will, put it at its place, created by Us, and call it, almost by dint of fighting, into the order of the Kingdom of my Divine Will; and as I do it with you in order to subdue your will, I start it in the midst of creatures. I fight with you when I teach you the path which you must follow, what you have to do in order to live in my Kingdom, and the happiness, the joys, you will possess. In sum, I fight by dint of light, which my knowledges contain; I fight by dint of love and by the most touching examples, in such a way that you cannot resist my fight. I fight by means of promises of endless happiness and joy. My fight is persistent, nor do I ever become tired – but to win what? Your will, and in yours, those who will recognize Mine in order to live in my Kingdom. And you fight with Me when you receive my knowledges, and placing them in order in your soul, you form the Kingdom of my Supreme Fiat in you; and fighting against Me, you try to win my Kingdom. Each one of your acts done in my Will is a fight that you make with Me. In each round you do through all created things, to unite yourself to all the acts my Will does in all Creation, you call all Creation to wage battle in order to win my Kingdom, moving my very Will, dominating in all created things, to wage battle against my Will Itself in order to establish Its Kingdom.
This is why in these times, the wind, the water, the sea, the earth, the heavens, are all in motion more than ever, waging battle against the creatures as new phenomena occur - and how many more will occur - destroying people and cities: because in battles it is necessary to dispose oneself to suffer losses, and many times also on the part of the winner. There have never been conquests of kingdoms without battle, and if there have been, they have not lasted. You fight with Me when, investing everything I did and suffered in my Humanity – that is, my tears, my most intimate pains, my prayers, my steps, my words, and even the drops of my Blood – you impress on them your ‘I love you’, and for each one of my acts, you ask for the coming of the Kingdom of my Supreme Fiat. Who can tell you of the fight you make with Me? You move my very acts to wage battle against Me, that I may surrender and grant you my Kingdom.
Therefore, I fight with you, and you fight with Me. This fight is necessary – to you, in order to win my Kingdom; and to Me, in order to win your will and to begin the battle in the midst of creatures, so as to establish the Kingdom of my Supreme Will. I have my own Will, and all of Its very Power, Strength and Immensity in order to win; you have my Will Itself and all Creation and all the good I did in Redemption at your disposal, in order to launch a formidable army to wage battle and win the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. See, each word you write is also a fight that you make against Me - one more soldier that joins the army, which must win the Kingdom of my Will. Therefore, be attentive, my daughter, for these are times of fighting, and it is necessary to use all means in order to win.”

February 21, 1927
The reason for the great interest of Jesus in wanting to make the Divine Will known.
My poor mind was wandering in the midst of the many knowledges about the Supreme Volition, and I thought to myself: ‘Why does Jesus have so much interest that this Divine Will become known and that It reign in the midst of creatures?’ Now, while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus came out from within my interior and told me: “My daughter, do you want to know why I have so much interest in making my Will known, and that It reign in the midst of creatures? Because It alone is the means to be able to redo the creature, and It places Me in the condition of being able to give, and her in the condition of being able to receive. Until my Will returns triumphant and dominating into the midst of creatures, I will not be able to give what I want, and they will lack the capacity, the space to be able to receive that which I can and want to give. In fact, my Will alone has this virtue, this Power – establishing order and balance between Creator and creature, It opens all the ways of communication between them. God has His royal path through which to send His gifts with no danger, descend whenever He wants, and bring, personally, His greatest goods to her; and the creature, possessing the same path, can receive Him, or ascend in order to go, herself, to take that which her Lord wants to give her.
As rich and powerful as a king may be, if he finds no one to whom to give, he will never have the contentment, the satisfaction of being able to give; his riches will remain idle, isolated, abandoned. Perhaps he will live drowned within his own riches, but he will not have the contentment, the happiness to give, and to let others enjoy his goods, because he finds no one to whom to give them. This king will be a king isolated, abandoned, without cortege; he will have no one who smiles at him, who says a ‘thank you’; it will never be feast for him, because a feast is formed by giving and by receiving. So, with all his riches, this king will have a nail in his heart, abandonment, monotony; he will be rich, but without glory, without heroism, without name. What sorrow for this king, with all his riches?
Now, my daughter, the reason for which We delivered Creation and created man was to give Our riches, so that the external glory of Our works may add to the internal glory and the immense happiness which We possess. So, since the creature is not in Our Will, We feel her far away from Us; there is no one who surrounds Us with his ‘thank you’, nor anyone who smiles at Us with delight for Our works. Everything is isolation - We are surrounded by immense riches, but because Our creatures are far away from Us, We have no one to whom to give them; We have no one who admires Our works in order to enjoy them. We are happy - but because of Ourselves, nor is there anyone who can slightly disturb Our happiness; however, We are forced to see the unhappiness of the creatures, because being disunited from Us, they cannot take, and We cannot give. The human will has formed the fences, and has locked the doors of communication. To give is generosity, heroism, love - to receive is grace; and the creature, by doing her own will, hinders Our generosity, Our heroism, Our Love. And if something is given, it is always restricted, and given by dint of strains, of intrigues, because since the order between them and Us does not exist, things do not flow freely. We are not capable of sorrow – Our Being is intangible to all evils; but if We were capable of sorrow, the creature would poison Our existence. This is, then, the reason for all Our interest: We want to give; We want to see them happy of Our own happiness, and Our Will alone can do this – realizing the purpose of Creation and allowing Us to place Our goods in common.”
Oh Will of God, how admirable, powerful and desirable You are. O please! With your empire, conquer all, make Yourself known, and make us all surrender to You.

Deo Gratias.

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