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Divine Will Volume Seventeen



June 10, 1924
One who lives in the Divine Will must enclose everything. The Divine Will is beginning, means and end of man.

This morning, having received Holy Communion as usual, I was saying to my dear Jesus: ‘My sweet Life, I do not want to be alone while being with You, but I want everything and everyone together with me. And not only do I want all your children forming a circle around You, but I also want the circle of all things created by You, so that, together with me, in the endlessness of your Most Holy Will in which I find everything, prostrate at your feet, all together, we may adore You, thank You, bless You.’ In the meantime, I could see all created things as though running to form a circle around Jesus, so that each one of them might pay its homage to Him; and I added: ‘See, my Love, how beautiful your works are. How the sun, breaching with its rays, while prostrating itself to adore You, rises up to You to embrace You and kiss You. How the stars, forming a crown around You, smile at You with their sweet twinkling and say to You: “Great are You - we give You glory for ever and ever”. How the sea runs, and with its harmonious murmuring, like many silvery voices, says to You: “Infinite thanks to our Creator”. And I, together with the sun, embrace You and kiss You; with the stars, I recognize You and glorify You; with the sea, I thank You.’ But who can say everything I was saying, calling all created things around Jesus? If I wanted to say everything, I would be too long. It seemed to me that each created thing had a distinct office to be able to pay its homage to its Creator.

Now, while I was doing this, I thought to myself that I was wasting time and that this was not the thanksgiving to be given to Jesus after Communion. I said this to Jesus, and He, all goodness, told me: “My daughter, my Will contains everything, and one who lives in It must let nothing escape her of all that belongs to Me. Even more, if only one thing escapes her, it is enough to say that she does not give Me all the honor and the glory which my Will contains, therefore it cannot be said that her life is complete in It, nor does she give Me the requital of all that my Will has given her. In fact, I have given everything to one who lives in my Will, and I go to her as though in triumph upon the wings of my works, to give her the new requital of my love; and she must come along the same path as mine, to give Me the new requital of her love. Would it not be delightful for you, if you had made many beautiful and various works, and someone whom you love placed them around you to please you, and showing them one by one, said to you: ‘See, these are your works. How beautiful this one is - how artistic is this other one! And in this third one, what great mastery! And in this fourth one, how much variety of colors! What enchantment in this other one!’? What joy would you not feel? What glory for you! So it is for Me; more so since, having to centralize everything within her, one who lives in my Will must be like the heartbeat of all Creation, in such a way that, as all things palpitate within her by virtue of my Will, she must form one single heartbeat, to return to Me, in that heartbeat, the heartbeats of everyone and of everything, and to bring Me back the glory and the love of all things which came out from Me. I must find everyone in the soul in whom my Will reigns, so that, containing everything, she may give Me all that the others should give Me.

My daughter, the living in my Will is very different from the other sanctities, and this is why, until now, the way and the true teachings of living in It cannot be found. It can be said that the other sanctities are the shadows of my Divine Life, while my Will is the source of the Divine Life. Therefore, be attentive in the exercises of the living in my Will, so that from you may come the true way and the exact and precise teachings so that those who want to live in It may find, not the shadow, but the true Sanctity of the Divine Life. Furthermore, since my Humanity on earth was in my Divine Will, there was not a work, thought, word, etc., which was not enclosed in Me, so as to cover all the works of creatures. It can be said that I had a thought for each thought, a word for each word, and so with all the rest, to glorify my Father completely, and to give light, life, goods, remedies to creatures. Now, everything exists in my Will, and one who must live in It, must enclose all creatures, so as to go through all my acts again and place on them another beautiful divine shade, taken from my Will, to give Me the requital of what I did. Only one who lives in my Will can give Me this requital, and I await her as the means to be able to place the Divine Will in communication with the human, and to give her the goods It contains. I want the creature as the intermediary who, going through the same path which my Humanity covered in my Will, may open the door of the Kingdom of my Will, which had been closed by the human will. Therefore, your mission is great, and it takes sacrifice and great attention.”

Then, I was feeling immersed in the Supreme Volition, and Jesus continued: “My daughter, my Will is everything and contains everything; and then, It is beginning, means and end of man. This is why, in creating him, I did not give him any law, nor did I institute Sacraments, but I gave man my Will alone, because, as he would find himself in the beginning of It, It would be more than sufficient so that he might find all the means to reach, not a low sanctity, but the height of the Divine Sanctity, and therefore find himself in the port of his end. This means that man was to need nothing but my Will alone, in which he was to find everything in a surprising, admirable and easy way, to render himself holy and happy in time and eternity. And if I gave him a law, after centuries and centuries of creation, it was because man had lost his beginning, and therefore he had lost the means and the end. So, the law was not beginning, but means. But in seeing that, with all my law, man was getting lost, in coming upon earth I instituted the Sacraments as stronger and more powerful means to save him. But, how many abuses, how many profanations. How many use the law and the very Sacraments to sin more and to fall into hell - while with my Will alone, which is beginning, means and end, the soul places herself in safety, she rises to Divine Sanctity, she reaches, in a complete way, the purpose for which she was created, and there is not a shadow of danger that she might offend Me. So, the safest way is only my Will. The very Sacraments, if they are not received in order with my Will, can serve as means of condemnation and of ruin. This is why I inculcate my Will so much – because, the soul being in her beginning, the means will be favorable to her, and she will receive the fruits which they contain. On the other hand, without It, the Sacraments themselves may be a poison for her, which may lead her to eternal death.”

June 14, 1924
The importance of order in these writings. God is order. The beauty of the soul who operates in the Supreme Will.

This morning, while I was in my usual state (I don’t know whether it was a dream), I saw my late confessor[1], who seemed to take something twisted from within my mind, and he fixed it and untied it. I asked him why he was doing that, and he said to me: “I have come to tell you to be attentive to order, because God is order, and if just one sentence, one word, of what the Lord tells you is not in order, it might be enough to cause doubts and difficulties in those who will read what you write on His adorable Will.” On hearing this, I said: ‘Do you perhaps know that I have written disordered things until now?’ And the confessor: “No, no, but be attentive for the future. Let the things you write be clear and simple, as Jesus says them to you, and omit nothing, because if one little sentence, one word, of those which Jesus tell you, is missing, or if you write it differently, it is enough for order to be lacking. In fact, those words will serve to give light, to make things be comprehended with more clarity, and to link the order of the truths which good Jesus manifests to you. You are apt to omit many little things, while the little things link the great, and the great link the little. Therefore, be attentive in the future, that everything may be orderly.” Having said this, he disappeared from me, and I remained a little concerned.

After this, I was abandoning all of myself in the Holy Divine Volition, and my Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, how beautiful it is to see a soul operate in my Will! She plunges her action, her thought, her word, into my Will. She is like a sponge, and as she impregnates herself with all the goods which the Supreme Volition contains, many divine acts can be seen in the soul, which spread light; and it almost cannot be distinguished whether they are acts of the Creator or of the creature. Becoming impregnated with this Eternal Will, they have absorbed within themselves a power, a light, and the way of operating of the Eternal Majesty. Look at yourself - how beautiful my Will has made you; not only this, but in each one of your acts I enclose Myself, because, by enclosing my Will, you enclose everything.” I looked at myself and – oh! how much light came out. But what struck me and pleased me the most was to see my Jesus enclosed in each one of my acts. His Will imprisoned Him within me.

June 20, 1924
The Divine Will contains the fullness of happiness. When creatures live in the Divine Will, then will charity and all virtues reach the complete perfection.

As I was in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself together with my most sweet Jesus. He was all goodness and all admirable. He took my hands in His and pressed them tightly to His breast, and, all love, told me: “My beloved daughter, if you knew what pleasure, what delight I feel in speaking to you about my Will! Each additional thing I manifest to you on my Will is one happiness that I release from Myself and communicate to the creature; and I feel I am made happier in her by virtue of my own happiness. In fact, the distinctive specialty of my Will is precisely this: to render God and man happy. Don’t you remember, my daughter, how much we delighted together - I in speaking to you, and you in listening to Me; and how we made each other happy? And since my Will alone contains the seed of happiness, we – I by manifesting It, and the soul by knowing It – form the plant and the fruits of everlasting and eternal true happiness, which never ceases. And not only us, but those who listen to or read the admirable and surprising things of my Will also feel the sweet enchantment of my happiness. Therefore, in order to make Myself happy in my works, I want to speak to you of the nobility of my Will, of where the soul can reach, and of what she must enclose if she lets my Will enter into herself. The nobility of my Will is divine, and since It is from Heaven, It does not descend but into one in whom It finds a noble cortege; and therefore the first one to let It enter was my Humanity. My Will is not content with little - It wants everything, because It wants to give everything. And how can It give everything if It does not find everything so as to be able to place all of Its goods in it? So, my Humanity gave to It the holy and noble cortege, and my Will centralized everything and everyone in Me.

See, then, how in order for my Will to come and reign in the soul, she must enclose within herself all that my Humanity did. And if the other creatures have shared, in part, in the fruits of my Redemption according to their dispositions, this creature will centralize them all within herself in order to form the noble cortege for my Will; and my Will will centralize in the soul the love which It gives to and wants from all, in order to be able to receive the love of all and of each one. It is not content with finding in her the requital of her love only - It wants the requital of everything. In the soul in whom It wants to reign, my Will wants to find all the relations which exist in Creation between Creator and creature; otherwise Its happiness would not be full, nor would It find all Its things and the whole of Itself. In the soul in whom It reigns, my Will must be able to say: ‘If no one loved Me or requited Me, I am happy of my own - no one can sadden my happiness, because in her I find everything, I receive everything, and I can give everything.’ It would repeat the sentence which is in the Three Divine Persons: ‘We are untouchable; as much as creatures might do, no one can touch Us, or even slightly shade Our eternal and immutable happiness. Only one who possesses Our Will can touch Us, can enter to form one thing with Us, because since she is happy of Our own happiness, We remain glorified from the happiness of the creature.’ Only when my Will reigns in a complete way in creatures - then will charity reach complete perfection in the creature, because then, by virtue of my Will, each one will find herself in each creature - loved, defended and sustained, just as her God loves her, defends her and sustains her. Each one will find herself transfused within the other as in one’s own life. Then will all virtues reach the complete perfection, because they will not be nourished by human life, but by Divine Life. Therefore, I needed two humanities: my own, in order to form the Redemption, and another, to form the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven; one more necessary than the other, because if in the first one I was to come to redeem man, in the second I was to come to restore him to the only purpose for which he was created, to open the current of graces between the human will and the Divine, and to make the Divine reign on earth as It does in Heaven. And just as my Humanity, in order to redeem man, let my Will reign on earth as It does in Heaven, so do I keep looking for another humanity which, letting It reign on earth as It does in Heaven, may let Me accomplish all the designs of my Creation. Therefore, be attentive in letting my Will alone reign within you, and I will love you with the same love with which I loved my Most Holy Humanity.”

July 1, 1924
The Blood of Jesus is the defense of creatures before the rights of Divine Justice. One who gives himself to God loses his rights and acquires the divine right to happiness.

I felt very oppressed because of the privation of my adorable Jesus. Oh! how my heart bleeds and I feel subjected to suffer continuous deaths. I felt I could take no more without Him, and that my martyrdom could not be harder. And while I was trying to follow Jesus in the different mysteries of His Passion, I came to accompany Him in the mystery of His painful scourging. At that moment, He moved in my interior, filling me all with His adorable Person. On seeing Him, I wanted to tell Him of my hard state, but Jesus, imposing silence on me, told me: “My daughter, let us pray together. There are certain sad times in which my justice, unable to contain itself because of the evils of creatures, would want to flood the earth with new scourges; and so the prayer in my Will is necessary, which, extending over all, places itself as defense of creatures, and with its power it prevents my justice from getting close to the creature in order to strike her.”

How beautiful and touching it was to hear Jesus pray! And since I was accompanying Him in the sorrowful mystery of His scourging, He made Himself seen deluging Blood, and I heard Him say: “My Father, I offer You this Blood of Mine. O please! let It cover all the intelligences of creatures, rendering all their evil thoughts vain, dampening the fire of their passions, and making holy intelligences rise again. May this Blood cover their eyes and be a veil to their sight, so that the taste for evil pleasures may not enter into them, and they may not dirty themselves with the mud of the earth. May this Blood of Mine cover and fill their mouths, and render their lips dead to blasphemies, to imprecations, to all of their bad words. My Father, may this Blood of Mine cover their hands, and strike in them terror for so many wicked actions. May this Blood circulate in Our Eternal Will to cover all, to defend and be a defending weapon for creatures before the rights of Our Justice.” But who can say how Jesus prayed, and everything He said?

Then, afterwards, He kept silent, and in my interior I felt Jesus taking my little and poor soul in His hands, squeezing it, touching it up, looking at it; and I said to Him: ‘My Love, what are You doing? Is there anything in me that displeases You?’ And He: “I am operating and expanding your soul in my Will. And besides, I do not have to give you an account of what I do, because, having given yourself completely to Me, you have lost your rights - all rights are mine. Do you know what your only right is? That my Will be yours, and that It administer to you everything that can make you happy in time and eternity.”

July 16, 1924
How the Creator goes in search of the creature in order to place on her lap the goods which He issued in Creation. Wanting to dispose man again to receive the gift of His Will, it is necessary that God return to breathe on him again.

Continuing in my usual state, my adorable Jesus transported me outside of myself, and told me: “My daughter, the Creator goes in search of the creature in order to place on her lap the goods which He issued in Creation. This is why, in all centuries, He always disposes that there be souls who go in search of Him alone, so that He may place His goods in those who search for Him and want to receive His gifts. So, the Creator moves from Heaven and the creature moves from the earth in order to meet: One, to give, the other, to receive. I feel all the necessity to give; to prepare goods in order to give them and to have no one to whom to give them, keeping them idle because of lack of correspondence on the part of those who do not care about receiving them, is always a great pain. But do you know in whom I can place the goods which came out of Me in Creation? In one who makes my Will her own, because It alone gives her the capacity, the appreciation and the true dispositions in order to receive the goods of her Creator, and administers to her the requital, the gratitude, the thanksgiving and the love which she is obliged to give for the gifts which, from so much goodness, she has received. Therefore, come with Me, and let us go around together, throughout the earth and the heavens, that I may place in you the love which I issued for love of creatures in all created things, and so that you may give Me the requital for them, and, together with Me, you may love everyone with my love. We will give love to all, we will be two in loving everyone - I will no longer be alone.” So we wandered everywhere, and Jesus placed in me His love which created things contained; and I, echoing His love, repeated with Him the ‘I love You’ of all creatures.

Then, afterwards, He added: “My daughter, in creating man, I infused the soul in him with my breath, wanting to infuse in him the inmost part of Our interior – Our Will, which would also bring him all the particles of Our Divinity which, as a creature, he could contain, to the extent of making of him Our image. But man, ungrateful, wanted to break off from Our Will, and even though he still had his soul, the human will, which took the place of the Divine, obscured him, infected him, and rendered all the divine particles idle, to the extent of disordering him completely and of maiming him. Now, since I want to dispose him again to receive this Will of Mine, it is necessary that I return to breathe on him again, so that my breath may put to flight darkness and infections from him, and may render active the particles of Our Divinity which We infused in him in creating him. Oh! how I wish to see him beautiful, restored, just as I created him! And my Will alone can work this great prodigy. This is why I want to breathe on you - that you may receive this great good: that my Will reign in you and give you back all the goods and the rights which It gave in the creation of man.” And as He was saying this, drawing near me, He breathed on me, He looked at me, He clasped me, and then He disappeared from me.

July 25, 1924
The Divine Will keeps searching for souls who would lose all their rights, so that It may continue Its act of placing all souls in their arms, as It did with Jesus on the Cross. Sanctity in the Divine Will is a continuous act, and contains the image of the Sanctity of the Creator.

This morning my sweet Jesus made Himself seen in my interior in act of stretching His arms in the shape of the cross, and I remained stretched together with Him. Then He said to me: “My daughter, the last act of my Life was to lay Myself on the cross and to stay there until I died, with my arms opened, unable to move or to oppose what they wanted to do to Me. I was the true portrait, the living image, of one who lives, not of the human will, but of the Divine. Being unable to move or oppose Myself, having lost every right over Myself, the horrible tension of my arms - how many things they said! And while I was losing my rights, the others acquired my Life. The first right was of the Supreme Will which, using Its immensity and all-seeingness, gathered all souls – innocent and sinful, good and holy – and placed them in my outstretched arms, so that I might bring them to Heaven. And I refused no one. So, the Divine Will gave a place to everyone in my arms. Now, the Supreme Will is a continuous act, never interrupted, and what It does once, It never ceases doing; and even though my Humanity is in Heaven and is not subject to suffering, It keeps searching for souls who do not move in the human will, but in the Divine, and who oppose nothing; souls who would lose all their rights, so that, the right being wholly of my Will, It may continue Its act of placing all souls – sinners and saints, innocent and wicked – in the arms of one who offers to lay herself in my Will, in order to repeat and continue what my arms did, outstretched on the cross. This is why I have laid Myself within you – so that the Supreme Will may continue Its act of bringing everyone into my arms.

Sanctity is not formed of one single act, but of many acts united together. One act alone forms neither sanctity nor perversity, because, since the continuation of the acts is missing, the colors and the living shades of sanctity are missing; and because these are missing, one cannot attribute a just weight and value either to sanctity or to perversity. So, what makes sanctity shine and places the seal on it, are the continuous good acts. No one can say he is rich because he possesses a coin, but those who possess extensive properties, villas, palaces, etc. etc. So it is for sanctity; and if sanctity needs many good acts, sacrifices, heroism, but can also be subject to gaps, to intervals, the Sanctity in my Will is not subject to intermittent phases, but must associate Itself with that continuous act of the Eternal Volition, which never - never ceases, but is always acting, always operating, always triumphant; which always loves and never stops. So, the Sanctity in my Will brings into the soul the mark of the operating of her Creator – that is, His continuous love, the continuous preservation of all the things created by Him: He never changes, and is immutable. One who is subject to changing belongs to the earth, not to Heaven. Changing is of the human will, not of the Divine; interrupting good is of the creature, not of the Creator. Therefore, all this would be unbefitting for the Sanctity of living in my Will, because It contains the insignia, the image, of the Sanctity of her Creator. Therefore, be attentive; leave all rights to the Supreme Will, and I will keep forming in you the Sanctity of living in my Will.”

July 29, 1924
The acts done in the Divine Will form a prop on which Jesus and the soul can take rest. The Divine Will excludes every fear.

This morning, after much struggling, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen in my interior - tired, as if He wanted to rest; and since there was some kind of a prop within me, He extended His arms to cling to that prop, and placing His head upon it, He rested. And not only did He rest, but He invited me to rest with Him. How enjoyable it was, to be leaning on that prop together with Jesus, to take a little rest after so many bitternesses!

Then, afterwards, He said to me: “My daughter, do you want to know what this prop is, which relieves us so much and gives us rest? It is all your acts done in my Will that formed this prop for Me and for you, which is so strong as to be able sustain the weight of Heaven and earth, which I contain within Me, and to give Me rest. My Will alone contains this strength and this virtue so great. The acts done in my Will bind Heaven and earth, and enclose within themselves the divine power, such as to be able to sustain a God.” On hearing this, I said to Him: ‘My Love, yet, with all this prop You are talking about, I fear You may leave me. What shall I do without You? And You know how miserable and good at nothing I am. So, I fear that, as You leave me, your Will too may depart from me.’ And He: “My daughter, why do you fear? This fear is your human will which would want to enter the field to take a few steps. My Will excludes every fear, because It has nothing to fear; on the contrary, It is confident of Itself and unshakable. Even more, you must know that as the soul decides to let herself be possessed by my Will and to live in It, since my Will is linked with all created things and there is nothing over which It does not have Its dominion, in the same way, the soul remains linked with all created things, and as she does her acts, her daughtership with my Will, her dwelling, her possession, remain inscribed on all created things with indelible characters. Take a look at the whole universe: your name, your daughtership with my Will, is written with indelible characters in the heavens, in the stars, in the sun – in everything. So, how can it ever be possible that this Eternal and Divine Mother may leave Her dear daughter, born of Her and raised with so much love? Therefore, remove every fear if you do not want to embitter Me.” And while He was saying this, I looked into the heavens, into the sun and in all the rest, and I could see my name written, with the title of daughter of His Will. May everything be for the glory of God and to the confusion of my poor soul.

August 9, 1924
Praying, suffering and operating in the Divine Will are the only embankment to divine justice. Images of the living in the Divine Will: father sea and mother earth, the sea and the fish, the earth and the plants.

After much waiting for the presence of my adorable Jesus, I felt Him in my interior, extending His arms and saying to me: “My daughter, extend your arms together with Me, in my Will, to repair for many who extend their works in the human will, which forms for them the net of all evils to hurl them into the eternal abyss; and to prevent my justice from pouring itself upon them in order to vent its just fury. In fact, when the creature extends herself in my Will to operate and to suffer, my justice feels touched by the creature with the power of my Will, and it ceases its just rigors. It is a divine vein that the creature makes flow between God and the human family, and because of which my justice cannot help having regard for poor humanity.” And while saying this, He showed how creatures are preparing a great revolution among parties, against the government and against the Church. What a horrible massacre could be seen! How many tragedies! Then, my sweet Jesus resumed His speaking: “My daughter, did you see? Creatures do not want to stop it; their greed for shedding blood is not yet quenched in them, and this provokes my justice to destroy entire cities by earthquakes, by water and by fire, and to make their inhabitants disappear from the face of the earth. Therefore, my daughter, pray, suffer, operate in my Will, because this alone can be an embankment, so that my justice may not burst out with its devastating thunderbolts in order to destroy the earth.

Oh! if you knew how beautiful and delightful it is to see a soul operate in my Will! An image of this can be given to you by father sea and mother earth, which are so bound and linked to each other, that the water cannot be without the earth, and the earth would be sterile without the water. There is like a marriage between them, such that the sea can be called ‘father’, and the earth ‘mother’. Such is the union which the soul should have with my Will.

Now, what is there in the sea? An immensity of waters. Who inhabits these waters? Whom do they nourish? To whom do they give life? To many different fishes, which nourish themselves, swim and dart inside the immense sea. See then, the sea is one, but many fishes live in it; however, the love and the jealousy of the sea toward them is so great, that it keeps them hidden within itself. Its waters lay themselves above and below them, to the right and to the left. If the fish wants to swim and move, it slices through the waters and, darting, it amuses itself; and the water lets itself be cut through, but it presses itself around it, below and above it - it never leaves it. And there where the fish passes, it immediately closes the way behind it, leaving no trace of where it passes or where it reaches, so that no one may follow it. If it wants to be nourished, the water offers itself to feed it; if it wants to sleep, it makes itself its bed; but it never leaves it - it always presses itself around it. But in spite of this, one can see that in the sea there are beings which are not the waters; one can see motions, darts, formed by these mute inhabitants, for which the sea is life, while they are the glory, the honor and the richness of the sea. More than fish is the soul who operates and lives in my Will. My Will is immense, the creature is finite; however, she has her motions, her voicing, her little walking. And as my Will sees her within Itself, Its love and jealousy are so great that, more than sea, It lays Itself above and below her, to the right and to the left, and It makes Itself life, food, word, work, step, suffering, bed, rest and dwelling of this fortunate creature. It follows her everywhere, and It even amuses Itself together with her. I could say that they are my glory, my honor and the richness to whom my Will gives birth. The operating of the soul in my Will is like the swimming and the darting of the fish in the terrestrial sea; and the soul does it in the celestial sea of the Supreme Volition. These souls are the hidden inhabitants of the celestial waves, who live of the immense inheritance of the infinite sea of my Will. And just as the fishes are hidden, disappeared inside the sea, mute, yet they form the glory of the sea and serve as food for man, so do these souls seem disappeared inside the divine sea, mute, yet they form the greatest glory of Creation, and are the primary cause for my letting descend upon earth the delicious food of my Will and of my grace.

Another image of the operating of the soul in my Will is the earth. The souls who live in my Will are the plants, the flowers, the trees, the seeds. With how much love does the earth not open in order to receive the seed? Rather, it does not open – it splits, in order to place itself upon it, to help the seed to become dust with itself, so as to be able to deliver more easily from its womb the plant which that seed contains. And as it begins to come out of its womb, it presses itself around it, it gives it the humors it contains, almost like food to make it grow. A mother cannot be so affectionate as mother earth. In fact, a mother does not always hold her newborn on her lap, nor does she constantly give him milk; while the earth, more than mother, never detaches the plant from its breast; rather, the more it grows at the top, the more the earth sinks underneath, and it rips open to make space for its roots, so as to let the plant grow more beautiful and strong. Its love and its jealousy are so great that it keeps it attached to its breast, to give it life and continuous nourishment. But the plants, the flowers, etc., are the most beautiful ornament of the earth – its happiness, its glory and its richness, and they provide food for the human generations. More than mother earth is my Will for the soul who lives and operates in my Will. More than tender mother, I hide her in my Will, I help her to let the seed of her will die, that she may be reborn with Mine, and I form my beloved plant. I nourish her with the celestial milk of my Divinity; my jealousy is such that I keep her attached to my breast, and I remain pressed around her, that she may grow beautiful and strong – and all in my likeness. Therefore, my daughter, be attentive; always operate in my Will if you want to make your beloved Jesus content. I would like you to cease everything, to take this point alone of living and operating constantly in my Will.”

August 14, 1924
The delight of Jesus when the soul, like a little wheel, goes around constantly in the Divine Will. The operating in the Divine Will contains the creative power. The acts of Jesus form a circle around those of the creature.

I was thinking to myself: ‘I would like to always go around in His Divine Will; I would like to be like a wheel of the clock which always rotates, without ever stopping.’ But while I was thinking this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, do you want to always go around in my Will? Oh! how gladly and with what love do I want you to go around, constantly, in my Will! Your soul will be the little wheel; my Will will wind you to make you rotate rapidly, without ever stopping; your intention will be the starting point of where you want to go. Whatever way you want to take – whether in the past or in the present, or whether you want to delight along future ways – it is your free choice; you will always be dear to Me, and you will give Me greatest delight, whatever the starting point you choose.”

Then He added: “Dearest daughter of my Will, the operating in my Will contains the creative power. See, everything my Humanity did while on earth, because everything was done in the Supreme Will, contains this creative power - in everything It did; so much so, that just as a sun is always in act, always full of light and of heat, without ever decreasing or increasing in its full splendor, just as it was created by God – in the same way, everything I did is all in act. And just as the sun belongs to all and to each one, in the same way, my operating, while being one, belongs to all and to each one. Even more, my thoughts form a circle around each created intelligence; my gazes, my words, my works, my steps, my heartbeats, my pains, form a circle around the gazes, the words, the works, the pains, etc., of creatures. I could say that, like a circle, I guard all that the creature does. Now, if the creature thinks in my Will, the circle of my thoughts opens and encloses her thoughts in mine; and so, taking part in the creative power, her thoughts perform the office of my intelligence before God and before creatures. In the same way, if you look, if you speak, my gazes, my words, form the place in which to receive yours, and forming one single circle, they perform the office of my gazes and of my words; and so with all the rest. The souls who live in my Will are my true repeaters, my inseparable images, which are portrayed in them and absorbed again in Me, so that everything they do may remain with the seal that those are my works, as they continue my own office.”

September 2, 1924
How much harm distrust causes in the soul.

I was feeling very oppressed, but all abandoned in the arms of Jesus, and I prayed Him to have compassion on me. But while I was doing this, I felt I was loosing consciousness and I saw a little girl, weak, pale, and all engrossed in deep melancholy, coming out from within me. And blessed Jesus, going toward her, took her in His arms and, moved to pity, pressed her to His Heart; and with His hands He touched her forehead, marking her eyes, her lips, her breast, and all the members of the little girl, with signs of the cross. And as He was doing this, she would regain strength, acquire color and stir herself from that state of melancholy. And Jesus, seeing that the little girl was reacquiring strength, would clasp her more tightly to Himself, to strengthen her more, and He said to her: “Poor little one, what a state you are in! But do not fear, your Jesus will make you come out of this state.”

While this was happening, I thought to myself: ‘Who is this little girl who came out of me and whom Jesus loves so much?’ And my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, this little girl is your soul, and I love her so much that I cannot tolerate seeing you so melancholic and weak. This is why I have come - to infuse in you new life and new vigor.” On hearing this, crying, I said to Him: ‘My Love and my Life, Jesus, how I fear that You might leave me! How shall I go on without You? How shall I be able to live? To what a deplorable state will my poor soul be reduced? What a harrowing pain is the thought that You might leave me! A pain that lacerates me, takes peace away from me and puts hell into my heart! Jesus, have pity, compassion, mercy on me, a little child! I have no one; if You leave me, everything is over for me!’ And Jesus, resuming His speaking, added: “My daughter, calm yourself, do not fear; your Jesus does not leave you. I am jealous of your trust, and I do not want you to even slightly distrust Me.

See, I love so much that souls be with Me in full trust, that many times I hide some defect or imperfection of theirs, or some lack of correspondence to my grace, so as not to give them any occasion to not be with Me in full trust. In fact, if the soul loses trust, she remains as though separated from Me and all huddled within herself; she places herself at due distance from Me, and remains paralyzed in her surge of love, and therefore paralyzed in sacrificing herself for Me. Oh! how much harm does distrust cause! It can be said that it is like the spring frost that blocks the vegetation of the plants; and many times, if it is strong, frost can even make them die. In the same way, distrust blocks the development of virtues, and puts freezing cold into the most ardent love. Oh! how many times, because of lack of trust, my designs and the greatest sanctities are blocked. This is why I tolerate some defects rather than distrust – because those can never be so harmful. And besides, how can I leave you, if I have worked so much in your soul? Take a look at how much I had to work.” And while saying this, He showed a sumptuous and great palace, worked by the hands of Jesus in the depth of my soul. And then He resumed His speaking: “My daughter, how can I leave you? Take a look at how many rooms – they are almost innumerable; as many knowledges, effects, values and qualities as I have made known to you in my Will, so many rooms have I formed in you in which to deposit all those goods. There is nothing left but to add some more varieties of some more different colors in order to portray more rare beauties of my Supreme Will, to give more prominence and honor to my work. And you fear that I might leave such a great crafting of mine? It costs Me too much. There is my Will involved in it; and where my Will is, there is life – life not subject to death. And your fear is nothing but a little bit of distrust on your part. Therefore, trust Me, and we will get on well, and I will accomplish the work of my Will.”

September 6, 1924
Image of the state of the Church. Necessity to purify Her.

As I was in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself, and to my surprise I found a woman cast to the ground in the middle of a street, all full of wounds, her members all dislocated; not one bone was in its place. The woman, though in such a sorry state as to seem the true portrait pain, was beautiful, noble, majestic; but at the same time it aroused pity to see her abandoned by all, exposed to anyone who might want to harm her. So, moved to compassion, I looked around to see if there was anyone who would help me to lift her from the ground and take her to a safe place. And – oh! marvel - a young man appeared at my side, who seemed to be Jesus; so, together, we lifted her from the ground, but at every movement she suffered harrowing pains, due to the dislocation of her bones. So, little by little, we carried her into a palace, upon a bed, and together with Jesus, who seemed to love this woman so much as to want to give His own Life to save her and restore her health, we took the dislocated members in our hands to put them in place. At the touch of Jesus, the bones would take their place, and that woman was transformed into a beautiful and graceful child.

I was surprised by this, and Jesus said to me: “My daughter, this woman is the image of my Church. She is always noble, full of majesty and holy, because Her origin comes from the Son of the Celestial Father; but to what a sorrowful state have the members incorporated into Her reduced Her! Not content with living as holy as She is, they have brought Her into the middle of the street, exposing Her to cold, to mockeries, to blows; and Her very children, like dislocated members, living in the middle of the street, have given themselves to all sorts of vices. The love of interest, which is predominant in them, makes them blind, and they commit the ugliest evils, living near Her to wound Her and say to Her continuously: ‘Let Her be crucified, let Her be crucified!’ What a sorrowful state my Church is in! Those ministers who should defend Her are Her most cruel executioners. But in order for Her to be reborn, it is necessary to destroy these members, and to incorporate into Her innocent members, with no self-interest; so that, as they live like Her, She may return to be a beautiful and graceful child, as I constituted Her, without malice, more than simple child, in order to grow strong and holy. Here is the necessity that the enemies wage battle – so that the infected members may be purged. You, pray and suffer, that everything may be for my glory.” After He said this, I found myself inside myself.

September 11, 1924
Terrible effects of an opposition of the soul to the Divine Will. Even though, while living on earth, the soul does not feel all the joys and goods of the Divine Will as her life, she will feel them all in Heaven, multiplied.

I was feeling very disturbed, and I prayed Jesus to have compassion on me, and to take, Himself, all the care of my poor soul; and I said to Him: ‘O please! take even everyone away from me, as long as You alone remain with me - You alone are enough for me. After so long, You should have made me content; more so, since I ask for nothing but You alone.’ Now, while I was saying this and other things, my Jesus took my arm, as if He Himself wanted to free me and therefore do for me the office of my confessor. Oh! how happy I felt in seeing Jesus do this; and I thought to myself: ‘Finally, the hardest of my sacrifices is over!’ But, vain and fleeting happiness! As Jesus took my arm, at that very moment He escaped, and I was left in my usual state, without being able to come round. Oh! how I cried; and I prayed that He would have compassion on me. Then, after a few hours, my lovable Jesus came back, and seeing me crying and all embittered, He said to me: “My daughter, do not cry; don’t you want to trust your Jesus? Let Me do, let Me do, and do not take things lightly. Rather – oh! how many sad things are about to happen! My justice can no longer hold back the lightnings to strike the creatures. They are all about to break out, one against the other; and when you hear of the evils of your brothers, you will feel remorse about your oppositions to your usual sacrifice, as if you too had put your hand in pushing justice to strike the creatures.”

On hearing this, I said: ‘My Jesus, may this never be – nor do I want to withdraw from your Will; on the contrary, I pray You to free me from the most awful of misfortunes – that of not doing your Most Holy Will. Nor do I ask You to free me from suffering; rather, increase it if You please. Only, I pray You, and as a grace I want from You only if You want it, that You free me from the bother I give to the confessor. This is too hard for me, and I feel I do not have the strength to bear it. So, only if You please; otherwise, give me more strength, but do not permit that your Most Holy Will be not fulfilled upon me.’ And Jesus, resuming His speaking, added: “My daughter, remember that I asked of you a ‘yes’ in my Will[2], and you pronounced it with all love. That ‘yes’ still exists and holds its first place in my unending Will. Everything you do, think and say, is bound to that ‘yes’, from which nothing can escape, and my Will enjoys and makes feast in seeing a will of creature live in my Will; and I keep filling it with new graces, and I constitute all your acts as divine acts. This is the greatest portent that exists between Heaven and earth; it is the object dearest to Me, and if – may this never be – it were torn away from Me, I would feel Myself being torn and would cry bitterly. See, as you were making that little opposition, your ‘yes’ trembled with fright. At that trembling, the foundations of the heavens were shaken – trembling. All Saints and Angels, and the whole sphere of eternity, looked with horror and sorrow, as they felt an act of Divine Will being torn away from them; because, since my Will envelops everyone and everything, they felt the acts you have done as one thing with themselves, and therefore all felt the painful tearing. I could say that all took the attitude of profound sorrow."

Frightened at this speaking of Jesus, I said: ‘My Love, what are You saying? Is this possible – all this evil? Your speaking makes me die of pains. O please! forgive me; have mercy on me, who am so bad, and confirm my ‘yes’ with stronger bonds in your Will. Even more, make me die, rather than letting me go out of your Will.’ And Jesus, again: “My daughter, calm yourself. As soon as you have placed yourself in my Will again, all things have calmed themselves and have taken the attitude of new feast. Your ‘yes’ continues its rapid rounds within the immensity of my Will. Ah! daughter, neither you nor those who direct you have known what it means to live in my Will; this is why you do not appreciate it, and it is held as something of no importance – and this is a sorrow for Me, while it is the thing which interests Me the most, and which, more than all things, should interest all! But, alas! they pay attention to other things, to things which are less pleasing or even indifferent to Me, rather than to that which glorifies Me the most, and which gives them, also on this earth, immense and eternal goods, and renders them the owners of the goods which my Will possesses. See, my Will is one, and It embraces all eternity. Now, by living in my Will and by making It her own, the soul comes to take part in all the joys and goods that my Will contains, and she becomes as though the owner of them. And even though while being on earth she does not feel all those joys and goods, by keeping them in deposit within her will by virtue of my Will done on earth, when she dies and finds herself up there in Heaven, she will feel all those joys and goods which my Will issued in Heaven while she was living on earth. Nothing will be taken away from her; on the contrary, it will be multiplied. In fact, if the Saints have enjoyed of my Will in Heaven because they live in It, however, it is always enjoying that they live; while the soul who lives in my Will on earth, lives suffering. So, is it not right that she take those joys and those goods which others have taken in Heaven while she was living on earth in that same Will in which they lived? So, how many immense riches one who lives in my Will on earth does not take! I can say that the whole of eternity moves around her to enrich her, to make her happy. My Will deprives her of nothing of what It contains; she is Its daughter, and It loves her so much that It does not want to deprive her of anything. Therefore, be attentive, my daughter, and do not want to oppose my designs, which I have made upon you.”

September 17, 1924
This is the living in the Divine Will: the Sun of the Divine Will, transforming the human will into Sun, acts within it as in Its own center. Jesus blesses these writings.

I was thinking about the Holy Divine Will, and I was doing as much as I could in order to fuse myself in It, to be able to embrace all and bring to my God, as one single act, the acts of all, which are all due to our Creator. Now, while I was doing this, I saw Heaven open, and a Sun come out of It, which, wounding me with Its rays, penetrated deep into the depth of my soul which, wounded by those rays, converted into a sun which, spreading its rays, wounded that Sun from which it had been wounded. And since I continued doing my acts for all in the Divine Will, these acts were overwhelmed by these rays and converted into divine acts which, diffusing within all and over all, formed a net of light, such as to put order between Creator and creature. I remained enchanted in seeing this, and my lovable Jesus, coming out from within my interior, in the middle of this Sun, told me: “My daughter, see how beautiful is the Sun of my Will! What power, what marvel! As soon as the soul wants to fuse herself in It in order to embrace all, my Will, turning into Sun, wounds the soul and forms another Sun in her. And as she forms her acts in It, she forms Its rays to wound the Sun of the Supreme Will; and overwhelming all into this light, she loves, glorifies, satisfies her Creator for all – and what is more, not with human love, glory and satisfaction, but with love and glory of Divine Will, because the Sun of my Will has operated in her. Do you see what it means to do acts in my Will? This is the living in my Will: the Sun of my Will, transforming the human will into Sun, acts within it as in Its own center.”

Then, afterwards, my sweet Jesus went on taking all the books written on His Divine Will; He united them together, then He pressed them to His Heart, and with unspeakable tenderness, He added: “I bless these writings from the Heart. I bless each word; I bless the effects and the value they contain. These writings are part of Myself.” Then He called the Angels, who prostrated themselves, their faces to the ground, to pray. And since two fathers were there present, who were supposed to see the writings, Jesus told the Angels to touch their foreheads in order to impress in them the Holy Spirit, so as to infuse in them the light in order to make the comprehend the truths and the good which are in these writings. The Angels executed that, and Jesus, blessing us all, disappeared.

September 18, 1924

Difference which exists between living in the Will of God and doing the Will of God. In order to understand what living in the Divine Will means, one would have to dispose oneself to the greatest of sacrifices: that of not giving life, even in holy things, to one’s own will.

I was worried about what has been written on the living in the Divine Volition, and I was praying Jesus to give me more light in order to explain myself better, so that I might be able to clarify more this blessed living in the Divine Will to those to whom I am obliged to do so. And my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, they do not want to understand. To live in my Will is to reign; to do my Will is to be submitted to my orders. The first state is to possess; the second is to receive my orders and execute them. To live in my Will is to make my Will one’s own, as one’s own thing, it is to dispose of It; to do my Will is to hold It as Will of God, not as one’s own thing, nor can one dispose of It as one wants. To live in my Will is to live with one single Will – that of God; and since It is a Will all holy, all pure, all peace, and it is one single Will that reigns, there are no contrasts - everything is peace. Human passions tremble before this Supreme Will, and would want to shun It; nor do they dare to even move, or oppose It, seeing that Heaven and earth tremble before this Holy Will. So, the first step of living in the Divine Will – what does it do? It lays the divine order in the depth of the soul, emptying her of what is human – of tendencies, of passions, of inclinations and the like. On the other hand, to do my Will is to live with two wills, and when I give orders to do Mine, one feels the weight of one’s own will, which causes contrasts. And even if one follows the orders of my Will with faithfulness, one feels the weight of one’s rebellious nature, of one’s passions and inclinations. How many Saints, though they may have reached the highest perfection, feel their own will waging war against them, keeping them oppressed; and many are forced to cry out: ‘Who will free me from this body of death?’– that is, from this will of mine, which wants to give death to the good I want to do?

To live in my Will is to live as a son; to do my Will is to live as a servant. In the first state, what belongs to the father belongs to the son, and many times servants make more sacrifices than sons do; they have to expose themselves to more toilsome and more humble services, to cold, to heat, to traveling on foot. In fact, how much have my Saints not done in order to execute the orders of my Will? On the other hand, a son remains with his father, takes care of him, cheers him with his kisses and with his caresses; he commands the servants as if his father were commanding; if he goes out, he does not go on foot, but travels in a carriage. And while the son possesses everything that belongs to his father, servants are given only the retribution for the work they have done, remaining free to serve or not to serve their master; and if they do not serve, they have no more right to receive any further compensation. On the other hand, between father and son, no one can remove these rights: that the son possess the goods of the father; no law, either celestial or terrestrial, can remove these rights, nor unbind the sonship between father and son. My daughter, the living in my Will is the living that is closest to the blessed of Heaven; and it is so distant from one who does my Will and is faithfully submitted to my orders, just as Heaven is distant from the earth, just as the distance between a son and a servant, and between a king and a subject. And besides, this is a gift which I want to give in these times, so sad - that they may not only do my Will, but possess It. Am I perhaps not free to give whatever I want, whenever I want, and to whomever I want? Is a master not free to say to his servant: ‘Live in my house, eat, take, command like another me’? And so that no one may prevent him from possessing his goods, he legitimizes this servant as his own son, and gives him the right to possess. If a rich man can do so, much more can I do it.

This living in my Will is the greatest gift I want to give to creatures. My goodness wants to make ever greater display of love toward creatures; and since I have given them everything, and have nothing else to give to make Myself loved, I want to give them the gift of my Will, so that, by possessing It, they may love the great good they possess.

And do not be surprised if you see that they do not understand. In order to understand, they would have to dispose themselves to the greatest of sacrifices: that of not giving life, even in holy things, to their own will. Then would they feel the possession of Mine, and would touch with their own hands what it means to live in my Will. You, however, be attentive, and do not be bothered by the difficulties they raise; and I, little by little, will make my way to make them understand the living in my Will.”

September 22, 1924
Diabolical rage because Luisa writes on the Divine Will. The living in the Divine Will brings with Itself the loss of any right of one’s own will.

I continue: while I was writing what is said above, I saw my sweet Jesus placing His mouth at the place of my heart, and feeding me the words I was writing. At the same time, I heard a horrible din from afar, from some who were beating each other and roaring with such clamor as to strike fear. And I, turning to my Jesus, said to Him: ‘My Jesus, my Love, who is making such a din? They seemed to me like enraged demons. What do they want that they rage so much?’ And Jesus: “My daughter, it really is them. They would want you not to write about my Will; and when they see you write more important truths on the living in my Will, they suffer a double hell and they torment all the damned even more. They fear so much that these writings on my Will might come out, because they see themselves losing their kingdom upon earth, which they acquired when man, withdrawing from the Divine Will, gave free step to his human will. Ah! yes, it was precisely then that the enemy acquired his kingdom on earth; and if my Will could reign upon earth, my enemy, on his own, would shut himself up into the deepest abysses. This is why they rage with such fury: they feel the power of my Will in these writings, and at the mere thought that they might come out, they fly into a rage and try anything they can in order to impede a good so great. You, however, do not pay attention to them, and learn from this to appreciate my teachings.”

And I: ‘My Jesus, I feel that it takes your omnipotent hand for me to write what You say about the living in your Will. In the face of the so many difficulties they raise, especially when they keep saying to me: “How is it possible that no other creature has lived in your Most Holy Will?”, I feel so annihilated that I would want to disappear from the face of the earth, so that no one may see me ever again. But, against my will, I am forced to stay in order to fulfill your Holy Will.’ And Jesus: “My daughter, the living in my Will brings with itself the loss of any right of one’s own will - all the rights belong to the Divine Will. And if the soul does not lose her rights, it cannot be called true living in my Will; at the most, it can be called living resigned, conformed. In fact, living in my Will is not merely that she does her action according to my Will, but that the whole interior of the creature gives place to neither one affection, nor one thought, nor one desire, and not even one breath, in which my Will does not have Its place. Nor would my Will tolerate even just one human affection of which It is not the Life; It would feel disgusted to let the soul live in my Will with her own affections, thoughts, and other things which a human will could have. And do you think it is easy that a soul would willingly lose her rights? Oh! how difficult it is! Rather, there are souls who, when they reach the point of losing all the rights over their own will, draw back and content themselves with conducting a life in the middle. In fact, losing one’s rights is the greatest sacrifice that a creature could do; but it is the one which disposes my goodness to open the doors of my Will for her, and, letting her live in It, to give her my divine rights in exchange. Therefore, be attentive, and never go out of the boundaries of my Will.”

October 2, 1924
Effects of the adoration done in the Divine Will, with the power of the Father, the wisdom of the Son, and the love of the Holy Spirit.

I felt all embittered because of the privation of my sweet Jesus. Oh! how much harder and more bitter my exile becomes without the One who forms the whole of my life! And I prayed Him to have compassion for me, and not to leave me at the mercy of myself. Now, while I was saying this, my beloved Jesus made Himself seen as He was squeezing my heart tightly with His hands, and then binding me all over with a little rope of light – but so tightly as to deprive me of the slightest motion. Then, afterwards, He laid Himself within me, and we suffered together. In the meantime, I felt myself being transported outside of myself, toward the vault of the heavens, and I seemed to encounter the Celestial Father and the Holy Spirit. And Jesus, who was with me, placed Himself between Them, and He put me on the lap of the Father, who seemed to be waiting for me with so much love that He pressed me to His bosom, and identifying me with His Will, He communicated His power to me. And so did the other two Divine Persons. But while They communicated Themselves to me, One by One, They all became One, and I felt I was being infused with, all together, the Will of the power of the Father, the Will of the wisdom of the Son, and the Will of the love of the Holy Spirit. But who can say what I felt as being infused in my soul? And my lovable Jesus said to me: “Daughter of Our Eternal Will, prostrate yourself before Our Supreme Majesty and offer your adorations, your homages, your praises, in the name of all, with the power of Our Will, with the wisdom and with the Will of Our supreme love. We will feel in you the power of Our Will adoring Us, the wisdom of Our Will glorifying Us, the love of Our Will loving Us and praising Us. And since the power, the wisdom and the love of the Three Divine Persons are in communication with the intellect, the memory and the will of all creatures, We will feel your adorations, homages and praises flow within all the intelligences of creatures, which, rising between Heaven and earth, will make Us hear the echo of Our own power, wisdom and love, adoring Us, praising Us and loving Us. Greater adorations, more noble homages, love and praises more divine, you cannot give Us. No other act can equal these acts, or give Us as much glory and as much love, because We see, hovering within the act of the creature, the power, the wisdom and the reciprocal love of the Three Divine Persons - We find Our own acts in the act of the creature. How not to enjoy them and not to give them supremacy over all other acts?” So I prostrated myself before the Supreme Majesty, adoring It, praising It and loving It in the name of all, with the power, the wisdom and the love of Their Will, which I felt within me. But who can say the effects of this? I have no words to express them, therefore I move on.

Then, afterwards, I received Communion, and I was fusing myself in the Will of my highest Good, Jesus, in order to find the whole Creation in It, so that no one might be absent from roll-call, and together with me, all might prostrate themselves at the feet of my Jesus in the Sacrament, to adore Him, to love Him, to bless Him…. But while I was doing this, I felt somehow distracted in trying to find all created things in His Divine Will, so that one might be the love, the praise, the adoration to my Jesus. And Jesus, in seeing me as though hampered, gathered the whole Creation onto His lap and said to me: “My daughter, I placed all Creation on my lap, that it may be easier for you to find and call everyone together with you, so that not one thing which came from Me may not give Me, through you, the return of love and adoration which befits Me, as things that belong to Me. I would not be fully content in you, if any of them were missing. In my Will I want to find everything in you.” Then it became easier for me to find and call all Creation together with me, so that we all might praise and love my highest Good, Jesus. But – oh marvel! – each created thing contained a distinct reflection and a special love of Jesus, and Jesus received the return of His reflections and of His love. Oh! how content was Jesus! But as I was doing this, I found myself inside myself.

October 6, 1924
How the Divine Will is primary heartbeat of the soul and of all created things.

I was fusing all of myself in the Holy Divine Volition, and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, how beautiful it is to see a soul fuse herself in my Will! As she fuses herself in It, the created heartbeat takes its place and life in the uncreated heartbeat, and forms a single one, and it runs and beats together with the uncreated heartbeat. This is the greatest happiness for the human heart: to palpitate in the eternal heartbeat of its Creator. My Will puts it in flight, and the human heartbeat flings itself into the center of its Creator.”

Then I said to Him: ‘Tell me, my Love, how many times does your Volition go around within all creatures?’ And Jesus: “My daughter, in each heartbeat of creature my Will forms Its complete round in all Creation; and just as the heartbeat in the creature is continuous, and if the heartbeat ceases life ceases, in the same way, my Will, more than heartbeat, in order to give divine life to creatures, goes around and forms the heartbeat of my Will in each heart. See, then, how my Will is present in each creature: as primary heartbeat, because hers is secondary; even more, if she feels her heartbeat, it is by virtue of the heartbeat of my Will. Even more, this Will of Mine forms in her two heartbeats: one for the human heart, as life of the body, and one for the soul, as heartbeat and life of the soul. But do you want to know what this heartbeat of my Will does in the creature? If she thinks, my Will runs and circulates like blood in the veins of the soul, and gives her the divine thought, that she may put aside the human thought and give place to the thought of my Will. If she speaks, the word of my Will wants Its place. If she operates, if she walks, if she loves, my Will wants the place of her work, of her step, of her love. The love and the jealousy of my Will in the creature is so great that, while It palpitates, if the creature wants to think, It makes Itself thought; if she wants to look, It makes Itself eye; if she wants to speak, It makes Itself word; if she wants to operate, It makes Itself work; if she wants to walk, It makes Itself foot; if she wants to love, It makes Itself fire. In sum, It runs and goes around within each act of the creature in order to take Its primary place, which is due to It. But to Our greatest sorrow, the creature denies It this place of honor, and gives the place to her own human will; and my Will is forced to remain in the creature as if It had no thought, no eye, no word, no hands, no feet, without being able to carry out the life of my Will in the center of the soul of the creature. What sorrow! What highest ingratitude!

But do you want to know who gives Me free field and lets my Will operate as heartbeat of life within her soul? One who lives in my Will. Oh! how well does my Will carry out Its life and constitutes Itself thought of her thought, eye of her eye, word of her mouth, heartbeat of her heart, and so with all the rest. Oh! how quickly we understand each other; and my Will obtains the intent of forming Its life in the soul of the creature!

And it is not only in the creature with reason that my Will holds Its primary place and is like heartbeat which, giving the circulation to the life of the soul, runs to give life to all the acts of the creature; but in all created things my Will holds Its primary place and circulates as heartbeat of life - from the tiniest created thing, up to the greatest one; and none of them can move from the power and immensity of my Will. My Will makes Itself life of the azure sky, and maintains its celestial color ever new and vivid; nor can it fade, or change, or turn pale, because my Will wanted it to be so, and once it is established, my Will does not change. My Will is life of the light and heat of the sun, and with Its heartbeat of life It preserves its light and heat ever equal and alive, keeping it immobile in my Will, without being able to move, or to increase or decrease in the good it must do to all the earth. My Will is life of the sea and forms the murmuring of its waters, the darting of the fish, the roaring waves. Oh! how my Will makes display of the power It contains, and carries out Its life with such great majesty and absolute dominion in created things, that neither can the sea do without murmuring, nor can the fish do without darting. Even more, I could say that it is my Will to murmurs in the sea, it is my Will that darts in the fish, it is my Will that forms the waves and, with Its roaring, makes Itself heard - that Its life is there, which can do everything as It best pleases. My Will is heartbeat of life in the bird that warbles, in the cheeping of the chick, in the lamb that bleats, in the turtledove that moans, in the plants that vegetate, in the air that everyone breathes. In sum, in everything my Will has Its life, and forms with Its power the act It wants. So, It maintains harmony in all created things and forms in them the different effects, colors, offices which each of them contains. But do you know why? To make Myself known to the creature, to go to her, to court her, to love her, with as many different acts of my Will for as many things as I created. My love was not content with placing my Will as heartbeat of life in the depth of her soul, but It wanted to place my Will in all created things, so that, also from the outside, my Will might never leave her, and she might be preserved and grow in the sanctity of my very Will, and all created things might be incitement, example, voice and continuous call for her, to make her always run in the fulfillment of my Will – the only purpose for which she was created. But the creature makes herself deaf to the so many voices of Creation, blind to the sight of so many examples; and if she opens her eyes, she fixes them on her own will. What sorrow! Therefore, I recommend to you: never want to go out of my Will, if you do not want to multiply my sorrow and lose the purpose for which you were created.”

October 11, 1924
The love of God in creating the creature. How each sense is a communication between God and the soul.

I was feeling very oppressed because of the privation of my sweet Jesus. Oh! how many fears arose within my soul! But the one which tormented me the most was that my Jesus no longer loved me as before. Now, while in this state, I felt my shoulders being clasped; and hearing the voice of Jesus in my ear, I heard Him say to me: “My daughter, why do you fear that I do not love you? Ah! if you knew even just of my love for all creatures in general, you would be surprised. With how much love did I not create the creature? With how many senses did I not endow her? Each sense was a communication that I left between Me and her. Her thought was communication between my intelligence and hers; her eye was communication between her light and mine; her speech was a path of communication between her Fiat and Mine; her heart, between her love and mine. In sum, everything - breathing, motion, step – everything, everything was communication between Me and the creature. I acted as more than a father who, having to set a son up, not only prepares for him the house, the clothes, the food, and everything that can make his son happy, but gives virtue to his son, and says to him: ‘We will separate, it is true, but from afar you will feel my life, and I yours. You will feel my thought, and I yours; you, my breathing, my heartbeat, and I yours. So, we will be far and near, separated and inseparable: you will feel my life, and I, yours.’ But what the terrestrial father cannot do for his son, because it is impossible for him – I, Celestial Father, did: as this son of mine came out to the light, after I Myself had prepared for him the residence in this world, I placed such a tight bond between Me and him, that I was to feel his life within Me, and the creature, Mine. And this is my love in general and for all.

What should I tell you, then, of the special love I have had for you? Each suffering I have sent you was one more communication between Me and you, and therefore one more adornment with which I embellished your soul. Each truth I have manifested to you was a particle of my qualities with which I embellished and filled your soul. Each grace and each coming of mine to you were gifts that I poured upon you. I did nothing but multiply my communications almost at each instant, so as to portray in you my various beauties, my likeness, that you might live with Me in Heaven, and I might live with you on earth. And after all this, you doubt about my love? Rather, I say to you: think about loving Me, and I will think of loving you ever more.”

October 17, 1924
With how much love God loves the creature. How He raises her, nourishes her, and places the whole of His Life at her disposal.

I was thinking of the great love with which Jesus loves us. My mind wandered within the eternal love, and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, showed me spokes of light, before my mind. Within these spokes there was a sun, and this sun contained as many rays for as many existing creatures; and each creature had a ray all for herself, which gave her life, light, heat, strength, growth – everything that is necessary to form a life. It was delightful to see how each creature was attached to each ray of this sun, like a branch to the vine, from which she had come out. And while my mind was wandering within this, my lovable Jesus said to me: “My daughter, see with how much love I love the creature. Before coming out to the light of the day of this world, she was already in my womb, and in delivering her, I did not leave her - a ray of light containing my Life follows her in order to administer to her everything that is necessary so as to carry out this Life. And with how much care do I not raise her! With how much love do I not water her! I Myself make Myself light, heat, food, defense. And when she completes her days in time, along the path of that same ray, I withdraw her into my womb, to let her wander throughout the Celestial Fatherland. My love for the creature makes itself as more than the sun which I formed in the azure heavens; even more, the sun I created for the benefit of the human nature is nothing other than the shadow of my true Sun. In fact, the sun of the atmosphere does not form the plants, nor does it give them water so as not to let them wither; nor does it provide all those aids which are necessary so that the plants may grow beautiful and strong, and men, even if blind, may enjoy its light. It only does its office of illuminating and warming, and it moves on; and if the plants are not watered, it can do nothing to communicate its effects to them; rather, it withers them even more. On the other hand, I, who am the true Sun of souls, do not leave them, either at night or at daytime. I Myself form the souls; I give them the water of my grace so as not to let them wither; I nourish them with the light of my truths; I strengthen them with my examples; I give them the wind of my caresses to purify them, the dew of my charisms to embellish them, the arrows of my love to warm them. In sum, there is nothing I do not do; I am all for them, and I place the whole of my Life at each one’s disposal, for their good. But how much ingratitude on the part of creatures! They seem to be attached like branches to my vine, not out of love, but by force, because they cannot do without Me; and so they grow like those branches which, not receiving all the good humors that the vine contains, grow thin, without ever forming mature grapes, but unripe ones, such as to embitter my divine taste. Ah! if all knew how I love their souls, all would be captured by the strength and attractiveness of my love, and they would love Me more! Therefore, you, love me, and may your love expand so much as to love Me for all.”

October 23, 1924
The Divine Will operating and dominating in the creature on earth forms a sweet enchantment for God and His justice; while, in Heaven, it is God who forms the enchantment of all the Blessed.

I am going through bitter days because of the privation of my sweet Jesus. Oh! how I miss His lovable presence! Even just the memory of His sweet words is wounds to my poor heart; and I say to myself: ‘And now, where is He? Where did He direct His steps? Where could I find Him? Ah! everything is over, I will no longer see Him! I will no longer hear His voice, we will no longer pray together; how hard is my destiny - what torment! What pain! Ah! Jesus, how You have changed! How could You run away from me? But, though far away, on the wings of your Will, wherever You are, I send You my kisses, my love, my cry of sorrow which tells you: “Come, come back to the poor exiled one, to the little newborn, who cannot live without You!”’

But while I was saying this and other things, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior, and extending His arms, He clasped me very tightly; and I said to Him: ‘My Life, my Jesus, I can endure no more, help me, give me strength, do not leave me again, take me with You – I want to come!’ And Jesus, interrupting my speaking, told me: “My daughter, don’t you want to do my Will?” And I: ‘Of course I want to do your Will, but your Will is also in Heaven; so, if until now I have done It on earth, from now on I want to come to do It in Heaven. Therefore, hurry, take me, do not leave me any more; I feel I can endure no more - have pity on me.’ And Jesus, again: “My daughter, you do not know what my Will on earth is. It shows how, after so many of my lessons, you have not understood well. You must know that the soul who lets my Will live within herself, as she prays, as she suffers, as she operates, as she loves, etc., forms a sweet enchantment to the divine pupils, in such a way as to enclose, with her acts, the gaze of God in that enchantment; in such a way that, as I am captured by the sweetness of this enchantment, it has the virtue of preventing my justice from pouring itself out with all its fury upon the face of the earth with many of the chastisements which creatures draw upon themselves with their grave sins; because my justice too receives the enchantment of my Will operating in the creature. Do you think it is trivial that the Creator sees in creatures who are still living upon earth, His own Will operating, triumphing, dominating, with the same freedom with which It operates and dominates in Heaven?

This enchantment is not present in Heaven, because in my Kingdom my Will dominates as if in Its own house, and the enchantment is formed within Myself, not outside of Me; therefore it is I - it is my Will that enchants all the Blessed with an enrapturing strength, in such a way that their pupils are enclosed in my enchantment to delight in it eternally. So, it is not they who form the sweet enchantment for Me, but I for them; and so my pupils are free, and receive no fascination. On the other hand, while living in the creature who is crossing the exile, my Will is as though operative and dominant in the house of the creature, and this is why she is the one who forms the enchantment for Me, she fascinates Me and makes my gaze receive such attraction as to capture Me to fix my pupils upon her, without being able to move them. Ah! you do not know how necessary this enchantment is in these times. How many evils will come! The peoples will be forced to eat one another up; they will be taken by such rage as to become ferocious, one against the other. But the greatest fault is of the leaders. Poor peoples! They have true slaughterers, incarnate devils as leaders, who want to make a slaughter of their own brothers. If the evils were not grave, your Jesus would not leave you as though without Him. You fear that it may be because of other things that I deprive you of Me - no, no, be reassured; it is my justice that, depriving you of Me, wants to unload itself upon creatures. You, however, never go out of my Will, so that Its sweet enchantment may spare the peoples worse evils.”

October 30, 1924
Why the Angels are Angels, and why there are different choirs of Angels. The pains of love suffered by Jesus are the most bitter, the most cruel; they are more painful than those of His very Passion.

I feel I cannot entrust my sorrowful secrets to the pen, nor express on paper what I feel within my martyred heart. Ah! yes, there is no martyrdom which can compare to the martyrdom of the privation of my sweet Jesus. The martyr is wounded and killed in the body, while the martyrdom of His privation wounds the soul, it lacerates her in her inmost fibers. And what is worse, it kills her without making her die, to strike her continuously on the iron anvil of pain and of love. And as I pass over the pains I feel in my interior - because these are things which I am unable to say - as one of the poorest beggars, I would like to beg everyone – the Angels, the Saints, my Queen Mama, the whole of Creation – for a word, a little prayer to Jesus for me, so that, prayed by all, He may be moved to compassion for the little daughter of His Will, and let her come back from the hard exile in which I find myself.

Then, I was thinking to myself about what had passed through my mind – that is, that instead of Jesus it seemed to me as if I had my Angel near me; and I said to myself: ‘And why the Angel and not Jesus?’ At that moment, I felt Him move in my interior, saying to me: “My daughter, do you want to know why the Angels are Angels – why they have kept themselves beautiful and pure, as they came out of my hands? Because they have always remained in that primary act in which they were created. Therefore, being in that primary act of their existence, they are in that single act of my Will which, not knowing succession of acts, does not change, it neither decreases nor increases, and contains within Itself all possible imaginable goods. And the Angels, keeping themselves in that single act of my Will which issued them to the light, maintain themselves immutable, beautiful and pure. They have lost nothing of their original existence, and all their happiness is in maintaining themselves, voluntarily, in that single act of my Will. They find everything in the circuit of my Will; nor do they want, in order to be happy, anything other than what my Will administers to them. But do you know why there are different choirs of Angels, one superior to the other? There are some which are closer to my Throne - do you know why? Because, to some, my Will manifested one act alone of my Will; to some, two; to some, three; to some, seven; and in each thing pertaining to the additional act which my Will manifested, some were made superior to others, and were rendered more capable and worthy to be close to my Throne. So, the more my Will manifests Itself, and they keep themselves in It, the more they are raised, embellished, made happy and superior to others. See, then, how everything is in my Will, and in their keeping themselves, without ever going out, in that same Will from which they came. And from their greater or lesser knowledge of my Supreme Will are the different choirs of Angels constituted - their distinct beauties, the different offices, and the celestial hierarchy. If you knew what it means to know my Will more, to do one more act in It, to keep oneself and to act in that Will of Mine which one has known, by which the office, the beauty, the superiority of each creature are constituted – oh! how much more would you appreciate the different knowledges I manifested to you about my Will! One more knowledge about my Will raises the soul to such a sublime height, that the very Angels remain stupefied and enraptured, and they confess Me, incessantly: ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’. My Will manifests Itself and calls things from nothing, and forms beings. It manifests Itself and embellishes; It manifests Itself and raises the creature higher; It manifests Itself and expands more the Divine Life in the creature; It manifests Itself and forms in her new portents, never before known. So, from the many things I have manifested to you about my Will, you can comprehend what I want to make of you and how I love you, and how your life must be a chain of continuous acts done in my Will. If the creature, like the Angel, never went out of that primary act within which my Will issued her to the light - what order, what portents would not be seen on earth? Therefore, my daughter, never go out of your origin, in which my Will created you, and let your primary act be always my Will.”

Then, after this, with my thought I placed myself near my Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemani, and I prayed Him to let me penetrate into that love with which He so much loved me. And my Jesus, moving again in the depth of my interior, told me: “My daughter, enter into my love, and never go out of it; and run after it, or stop within my love itself, that you may comprehend well how much I have loved the creature. Everything in Me is love toward her. In creating this creature, the Divinity intended to love her always; so, in everything, inside and outside of her, It was to run toward her with a continuous and incessant new act of love. Therefore, I can say that in each thought, gaze, word, breath, heartbeat, and in all the rest of the creature, runs an act of eternal love. But if the Divinity intended to love this creature always and in everything, it was because It wanted to receive, in everything, the requital of the new and incessant love of the creature; It wanted to give love in order to receive love - It wanted to love to be loved in return. But it was not so! Not only did the creature not want to keep the rhythm of love and respond to the echo of the love of her Creator, but she rejected this love, she denied it, and offended it. At this affront, the Divinity did not stop, but continued Its new and incessant love toward the creature; and since the creature would not receive it, Heaven and earth remained filled with it, waiting for one who would take this love, so as to receive the requital of it.

In fact, when God decides, when He proposes, all adverse events do not change Him, but He remains immutable in His immutability. And this is why, moving on to another excess of love, I, Word of the Father, came upon earth; and taking on a Humanity, I gathered within Myself all this love which filled Heaven and earth, in order to requite the Divinity with as much love for as much as It had given and was to give to creatures; and I constituted Myself love of each thought, of each gaze, of each word, heartbeat, movement and step of each creature. Therefore, my Humanity, even in Its littlest fiber, was worked by the hands of the eternal love of my Celestial Father, in order to give Me the capacity to be able enclose all the love that the Divinity wanted to give to creatures, so as to give to It the love of all, and constitute Myself love of each act of creature. So, each one of your thoughts is encircled by my incessant acts of love; there is nothing, inside and outside of you, which is not surrounded by my repeated acts of love. This is why, in this Garden, my Humanity moans, pants, agonizes, feels crushed under the weight of so much love – because I love and I am not loved in return. The pains of love are the most bitter, the most cruel; they are pains without pity, more painful than my very Passion! Oh! If they loved Me, the weight of so much love would become light, because when love is loved in return, it remains quenched and satisfied in the very love of the beloved. But when it is not loved in return, it goes mad, it raves, and it feels the love which it had issued being repaid with an act of death. See, then, how much more bitter and painful was the Passion of my love; because if in my Passion they gave Me only one death, in the Passion of love they made Me suffer as many deaths for as many acts of love as came out of Me, for which I was not requited. Therefore, you, my daughter, come to requite Me for so much love. In my Will you will find all this love as though in act; make it your own and, together with Me, constitute yourself love of each act of creature, to give Me the requital of the love of all.”

November 23, 1924
In creating man, in order to preserve his life, God formed around him the air of the body and the air of the soul: the natural air for the body, the air of His Will for the soul.

I continue in my state of privation of Jesus and of intense bitternesses for my poor soul; and if He makes Himself seen in passing within my interior, He is all taciturn and pensive. However, in spite of His silence, I am content, thinking that He has not left me and that His dwelling within me still continues. And as my poor soul is about to wither, the sight of Him gives me a sip of life, and like beneficial dew, it revives me again - but to do what? To return to wither and feel myself dying again. So, I am always between life and death.

Then, while I was swimming in the immense sea of the pain of having lost Him, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior; and since He made Himself seen in the act of praying, I united myself with Him in prayer; and then He said to me: “My daughter, in creating man, in order to preserve his life, I formed around him the air of the body and the air of the soul: the natural air for the body, the air of my Will for the soul. Do you believe that the natural air, only because it is air, has the virtue of giving respiration to man, and strength, nourishment, freshness and vegetation to all nature? So, even though it cannot be seen, the air has everything in its power and constitutes itself life of each created being. Therefore, all feel the necessity of the air, and the air follows its course everywhere, at night and at daytime; it penetrates into the beating of the heart, into the circulation of the blood – everywhere. But do you know why it contains so much virtue? Because in the air there is the whole substance of the goods it produces; the nourishing, the respiratory and the vegetative strength were placed by God in the air, and it contains as though many seeds of all the good it encloses.

Now, if air was needed for the preservation of all nature, air was also needed for the preservation of the soul; and my goodness did not want to entrust or form another air for the soul, but my very Will wanted to constitute Itself air for the soul, so that all the substance of the goods It contains, like air, though invisible, might penetrate into the depth of the soul and bring her the divine nourishment, the vegetation and all goods, the respiratory virtue of all that is Heaven, the invincible strength, the fecundity of all virtues. There should be a contest - the body, in breathing the natural air, and the soul, in breathing the air of my Will. Yet, there is enough to cry! If creatures feel the natural air lacking, they procure it for themselves by going up to high mountains, and they express with sorrow the lack of air; but they have not one thought or sorrow for the air of my Will. Even though creatures are forced to be as though soaked with the air of my Will, because they do not love this balsamic and sanctifying air, It cannot place in the soul the goods It contains, and It is forced to remain there sacrificed, without being able to carry out the life It contains. Therefore, my daughter, I recommend to you – if you want my Will to fulfill Its designs within you, always breathe the air of my Will, so that, as you breathe it, the Divine Life may vegetate in you, and It may lead you to the true purpose for which you were created.”

November 27, 1924
The immutability of God and the mutability of creatures.

I was thinking about the immutability of God and the mutability of creatures. What difference! Now, while I was thinking about this, my always benign Jesus moved in my interior, saying to me: “My daughter, look: there is not one point in which my Being is not present. I have no place where to oscillate, either to the right, or to the left, or to the back – no empty space which is not filled with Me. Finding not one point in which I am not present, my firmness feels unshakeable. This is my eternal immutability. This immense immutability renders Me immutable in pleasures: what I like, I like always; immutable in loving, in enjoying, in wanting: once I have loved, enjoyed, wanted something, there is no danger that I may ever change. In order to change, I would have to restrict my immensity – which I cannot do, nor do I want to. My immutability is the most beautiful halo, which crowns my head, extends under my feet, and renders eternal homage to my immutable Sanctity. Tell me: is there perhaps one point in which you do not find Me?” As He was saying this, this divine immutability made itself present before my mind. But who can say what I comprehended? I fear that I may speak nonsense, therefore I move on.

In speaking about the mutability of the creature, [He said]: “Poor creature! How tiny is her little place! And as tiny as it is, her place is not even stable and fixed: today she is at one point, tomorrow she is flung to another. This is also the reason why today she loves, she likes someone, something or some place; tomorrow she changes and maybe even despises what yesterday she liked and loved. But do you know what renders the poor creature mutable? It is her human will that renders her fickle in love, in pleasures, in the good she does. The human will is like an impetuous wind which moves the creature at every blow like an empty reed - now to the right, now to the left. This is why, in creating her, I wanted her to live of my Will – so that, arresting this impetuous wind of the human will, It might render her firm in good, stable in love, holy in operating. I wanted to let her live in the immense territory of my immutability. But the creature was not content; she wanted her own tiny little place, and rendered herself the amusement of herself, of others, and of her very passions. This is why I pray - I supplicate the creature to take this Will of Mine, to make It her own, that she may return into that immutable Will from which she came, so that she may no longer be fickle, but stable and firm. I have not changed - I wait for her, I long for her, I want her always in my Will.”

December 1, 1924
How the Divine Will, rejected by creatures, feels the death of the good It wants to give.

I was feeling embittered to the summit, and while I was praying, I cried over my hard lot of being without the One who formed the whole of my life. My state is irreparable; no one is moved to pity for me – everything is justice. And then, who would be moved to pity for me, if the One who is the source of pity, denies it to me?

Now, while I was crying and praying, I felt my hands being held between the hands of Jesus, and raising me up high, He said: “Come you all, to see a scene so great and never before seen, either in Heaven or on earth: a soul dying continuously out of pure love for Me.” At this speaking of Jesus, the Heavens opened and the whole celestial hierarchy looked at me. I too looked at myself, and I saw my poor soul withered and dying, like a flower which is about to bend over its stem. But while I was dying, a secret virtue gave me life. Ah! maybe this is the punishing justice of God that punishes me justly. My God! My Jesus, have pity on me - pity on a poor dying one! Mine is the hardest lot among all poor mortals: to die without being able to die!

Then, for almost the whole night, my sweet Jesus held me in His arms to give me strength and to assist me in my agony. I thought that He would finally have compassion for me and would take me with Himself – but in vain! After He cheered me somehow, He left me, saying to me: “My daughter, my Will is receiving continuous deaths on the part of creatures. It is life and, as life, It wants to give the life of light; but the creature rejects this light, and because she does not receive it, this light dies for the creature, and my Will feels the pain of the death which the creature has given to this light. My Will wants to make known the qualities and the virtues It contains, but the creature rejects this knowledge with the qualities and the virtues It contains; and so my Will dies for the creature to this knowledge and to the qualities and virtues that my Volition contains, and my Will feels the pain of the death which the creature has given to the virtues and qualities of my Volition. In the same way, if It wants to give love and it is not received, It feels the death given to love; if It wants to give sanctity, grace, It feels Itself being given by the creature death to the sanctity and the grace It wants to give. So, continuous is the death that It feels to the good It wants to give. And then, don’t you feel, within yourself, the continuous death that my Will suffers? By living in It, you are forced, as though naturally, to take part in these deaths which my Will suffers, and to live in a state of continuous agony.” On hearing this, I said: ‘Jesus, my Love, it does not seem to me that it is so – it is your privation that kills me, that takes life away from me without letting me die.’ And Jesus: “The privation of Me on one hand, and my Will on the other, which, keeping you absorbed within Itself, makes you share in Its pains. My daughter, in the true living in my Will there is not one pain that my Will receives from creatures, which It does not share with the soul who lives in It.”

December 8, 1924
On the Immaculate Conception. The test which the Virgin had to undergo.

I was thinking about the Immaculate Conception of my Sovereign Queen Mama. The qualities, the beauties and the prodigies of Her Immaculate Conception poured into my mind – a prodigy which surpasses all other prodigies done by God in all Creation. Now, while I was thinking about this, I said to myself: ‘Great is the prodigy of the Immaculate Conception; but my Celestial Mama had no test in Her Conception - everything was favorable to Her, both on the part of God and on the part of Her nature, created by God as so happy, so holy, so privileged. So, what was Her heroism and Her test? If the Angel in Heaven was not exempted from the test, nor was Adam in Eden, was the Queen of all alone to be excluded from the most beautiful halo which the test would place on Her august head of Queen and Mother of the Son of God?’

While I was thinking about this, my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, no one can be acceptable to Me without the test. Had there been no test, I would have had a mother slave, not free, and slavery does not enter Our relations and Our works, nor can it take part in Our free love. My Mama had Her first test from the very first instant of Her Conception. As soon as She had Her first act of reason, She knew Her human will on one hand, and the Divine Will on the other, and was left free to adhere to one of those two wills. Without losing one instant, knowing the whole extent of the sacrifice She was making, She gave Us Her will, without wanting to know it ever again, and We gave Her Ours as gift. And in this exchange of donation of wills on both sides, all the qualities, the beauties, the prodigies, the immense seas of grace poured into the Immaculate Conception of the most privileged of all creatures.

It is always the will that I am used to testing. All sacrifices, even death, without the will, would nauseate Me, and would attract not even a glance of mine. But do you want to know what the greatest prodigy was which We operated in this creature, so holy, as well as the greatest heroism of this creature, so beautiful, which no one – no one will ever be able to equal? She began Her life with Our Will, and so did She continue it and complete it. So, it can be said that She completed from the point at which She started, and that She started from the point at which She completed; and Our greatest prodigy was that in each one of Her thoughts, words, breaths, heartbeats, movements and steps, Our Will poured upon Her, and She offered Us the heroism of a thought, of a word, of a breath, of a heartbeat, divine and eternal, operating within Her. This raised Her so high that what We were by nature, She was by grace. All of Her other prerogatives, Her privileges, Her very Immaculate Conception, would have been an absolute nothing compared to this great prodigy. Even more, this is what confirmed Her and rendered Her stable and strong during all of Her life. My continuous Will, pouring upon Her, made Her share in the Divine Nature; and Her continuous receiving It rendered Her strong in love, strong in sorrow - distinct from everyone. It was this Will of Ours operating in Her that drew the Word upon earth, formed the seed of the divine fecundity to be able to conceive a Man and God without human intervention, and made Her worthy to be the Mother of Her very Creator.

This is why I always insist on my Will – because It preserves the soul beautiful, as she came out of Our hands, and It raises her as the original copy of her Creator. As many great works and sacrifices as one might do, if my Will is not present in them, I refuse them, I do not recognize them – it is not food for Me; and the most beautiful works, without my Will, become food for the human will, for self-esteem, and for the greed of the creature.”

December 24, 1924
The pain of death was the first pain which Jesus suffered at His Conception, and which lasted for His whole life. In the Incarnation God placed Himself at the mercy of His creatures. Firmness in operating.

My days are ever more sorrowful. I am under the hard press of the hard privation of my sweet Jesus, which is upon me like a deadly iron, to kill me continuously. But as it is about to arm the last blow in order to finish it, it leaves it suspended above my head; and I await this last blow like a relief, to go to my Jesus – but I wait in vain! And I feel my poor soul, and also my nature, being consumed and melted. Ah! my great sins do not make me deserve to die! What pain! What a long agony! O please! my Jesus, have pity on me! You who are the only one who knows my harrowing state - do not abandon me, do not leave me at the mercy of myself.

Now, while I was in this state, I felt I was outside of myself, within a most pure light; and in this light I could see the Queen Mama and the little Baby Jesus inside Her virginal womb. Oh! God, in what a sorrowful state was my lovable little Baby! His little Humanity was immobilized; His little feet and hands were immobile, without the slightest motion; there was no room, either to open His eyes, or to breathe freely. His immobility was such that He seemed to be dead, while He was alive. I thought to myself: ‘Who knows how much my Jesus suffers in this state! And how much His beloved Mama suffers, in seeing Baby Jesus so immobilized within Her very womb!’

Now, while I was thinking of this, my tiny little Baby, sobbing, said to me: “My daughter, the pains I suffered in this virginal womb of my Mama are incalculable to the human mind. But do you know what the first pain was, which I suffered in the first act of my Conception, and which lasted for my whole my life? The pain of death. My Divinity descended from Heaven as fully happy, untouchable by any pain and by any death. When I saw my little Humanity being subject to death and to pains for love of creatures, I felt the pain of death so vividly, that I really would have died of sheer pain, if the power of my Divinity had not sustained Me with a prodigy, making Me feel the pain of death and the continuation of life. So, for Me it was always death: I felt the death of sin, the death of good in the creatures, and also their natural death. What a cruel torment this was for Me, during my whole life! I, who contained life and was the absolute Lord of life itself, was to subject Myself to the pain of death. Don’t you see my little Humanity immobile and dying in the womb of my dear Mama? And don’t you yourself feel, within yourself, how hard and excruciating is the pain of feeling oneself dying, without dying? My daughter, it is your living in my Will that makes you share in the continuous death of my Humanity.”

So, I spent almost the whole morning close to my Jesus, inside the womb of my Mama; and I saw that, as He was in the act of dying, He would regain life, to then abandon Himself to dying again. What pain, to see Baby Jesus in that state!

Then, after this, at night, I was thinking about the act in which the sweet little Baby came out of the maternal womb to be born into our midst. My poor mind wandered within a mystery so profound and all love; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, stretched out His little hands to embrace me, and said to me: “My daughter, the act of my birth was the most solemn act of the whole Creation. Heaven and earth felt plunged into the most profound adoration at the sight of my little Humanity, which kept my Divinity as though enclosed within walls. So, in the act of my birth, there was an act of silence and of profound adoration and prayer: my Mama prayed, and remained enraptured by the power of the prodigy which was coming out of Her; Saint Joseph prayed; the Angels prayed; and all Creation felt the strength of the love of my creative power being renewed upon them. All felt honored and received true honor, because the One who had created them would make use of them for what was needed for His Humanity. The sun felt honored, in having to give its light and heat to its Creator; it recognized the One who had created it – its true Lord, and made feast for Him and paid Him honor by giving Him its light. The earth felt honored, when it felt Me lying in a manger; it felt touched by my tender limbs, and exulted with joy with prodigious signs. All Creation saw their true King and Lord in their midst; and feeling honored, each one wanted to perform its office for Me: the water wanted to quench my thirst; the birds, with their trills and warblings, wanted to cheer Me; the wind wanted to caress Me; the air wanted to kiss Me – all wanted to pay Me their innocent tribute. Only men, ungrateful, even though all felt something unusual within themselves - a joy, a powerful strength – were reluctant; and suffocating everything, they did not move. And even though I called them with tears, with moans and sobs, they did not move, except for some few shepherds. Yet, it was for man that I was coming upon earth! I was coming to give Myself to him, to save him, and to bring him back to my Celestial Fatherland. Therefore, I was all eyes to see whether he would come before Me in order to receive the great gift of my divine and human Life. So, the Incarnation was nothing less than placing Myself at the mercy of the creature. In the Incarnation I placed Myself at the mercy of my dear Mama; as I was born, Saint Joseph too was added, to whom I gave the gift of my Life. And since my works are eternal and not subject to ending, this Divinity, this Word who descended from Heaven, never withdrew from the earth, so as to have the occasion to give Himself continuously to all creatures. As long as I lived, I gave Myself in an unveiled manner; then, a few hours before dying, I made the great prodigy of leaving Myself in the Sacrament, so that, whoever wanted Me, could receive the great gift of my Life. I paid no attention either to the offenses they would give Me, or to their refusals to receive Me. I said to Myself: ‘I have given Myself - I do not want to withdraw, ever. Let them do to Me whatever they want – I will always be theirs, and at their disposal’.

Daughter, this is the nature of true love – of the operating as God: firmness, and not to withdraw at the cost of any sacrifice. This firmness in my works is my victory and the greatest glory of mine; and this is the sign to know whether the creature operates for God: firmness. The soul looks no one in the face - neither pains, nor herself, nor self-esteem, nor creatures - even though it may cost her her life; she looks only to God, for love of whom she set herself to operate; and she feels victorious in offering the sacrifice of her life for love of Him. Not being firm is of the human nature and of the human way of operating. Not being firm is the operating of passions, and with passion. Mutability is weakness, it is cowardice, and it is not of the nature of true love. Therefore, firmness must be the guide in operating for Me. So, in my works I never change; whatever the events might be, once it is done, it is done forever.”

January 4, 1925
The most important act of one’s life. How the whole of Heaven goes to meet the soul who fuses herself in the Divine Will. The noble martyrdom of the soul.

Having completed my whole day, I was thinking to myself: ‘What else is left for me to do?’ And in my interior I heard, being said to me: “You have to do the most important thing – your last act of fusing yourself in the Divine Will.” So, according to my usual way, I began to fuse all my poor being in the Supreme Will; and while I was doing this, it seemed to me that the Heavens were opening, and I was going to meet the whole Celestial Court, and all of Heaven was coming toward me. And my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, fusing yourself in my Will is the most solemn, the greatest, the most important act of your whole life. To fuse yourself in my Will is to enter the sphere of eternity, to embrace It, to kiss It, and to receive the deposit of the goods which the Eternal Will contains. Even more, as the soul fuses herself in the Supreme Volition, all go to meet her, in order to deposit in her everything they have. The Angels, the Saints, the very Divinity - they all deposit, knowing that they are depositing in that same Will in which everything is safe. Even more, in receiving these goods, with her acts in the Divine Will the soul multiplies them and gives back double glory and honor to the whole of Heaven. So, by fusing yourself in my Will you put Heaven and earth in motion; it is a new feast for the whole Empyreum. And since to fuse oneself in my Will is to love and to give for all and for each one, without excluding anyone, in my goodness, so as not to let Myself be surpassed in love by the creature, I place in her the goods of all, and all possible goods which I contain within Me. Nor can there be lack of space in which to place all goods, because my Will is immense, and lends Itself to receiving everything. If you knew what you do and what happens when you fuse yourself in my Will, you would burn with the desire to fuse yourself continuously.”

Then afterwards, I was thinking about whether I had to write what is written above, or not. I did not see it as necessary, or as an important thing; more so, since obedience had not given me any command to do it. And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, how can it not be important to make known that fusing oneself in my Will is to live in It? The soul who fuses herself in my Will receives, as though in deposit, all my divine and eternal goods. The very Saints compete among themselves in order to deposit their merits in the soul fused in my Will, because they feel in her the glory, the power of my Will, and they feel glorified in a divine manner by the littleness of the creature. Listen, my daughter, to live in my Will surpasses even martyrdom in merit. Martyrdom kills the body, but living in my Will is like a divine hand that kills one’s will, and gives one the nobility of a divine martyrdom. And every time the soul decides to live in my Will, my Volition prepares the blow in order to kill the human will, and forms the noble martyrdom of the soul. In fact, human will and Divine Will do not bond together – one has to give the place to the Other, and the human will must content itself with remaining extinguished under the power of the Divine Will. So, every time you dispose yourself to live in my Volition, you dispose yourself to undergo the martyrdom of your will. See, then, what it means to fuse oneself in my Will: it is to be the continuous martyr of my Supreme Will. And you think it is trivial, or something unimportant?”

January 22, 1925
The Humanity of Jesus is the new Sun of souls.

My life continues amid the bitternesses of the privations of my sweet Jesus. I do not know how I live; I feel a nightmare that crushes me. My very nature, in seeing itself without the One who alone sustained it, would want to melt. So, I feel now my bones being dislocated, now the channels of my stomach closing, in such a way that it wants to receive neither water nor foods. Poor nature of mine - without my Jesus it wants to decline and become undone. But, as it is about to become undone, a powerful strength, a strong hand clasps me, recomposes my dislocated bones, opens my channels, and prevents my total undoing. Oh! God, what pain! Have pity on my hard lot - O please! let the One who used to give me life come back to me! Or let it be that my poor nature, paying You the tribute of death, may rise up there, into the bosom of my Jesus, where we will never separate again.

Now, while I was in this state of decline – but who knows after how many hardships – my sweet Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, seated in the middle of it, all taciturn, with His hand on His forehead, all pensive, isolated, with no one near Him. And even though He was in my interior, there was so much space within me, that I was far away from Him, and He was far away from me. So, alone I, alone Jesus. But at any cost I wanted to go near Him, speak a little word to Him, keep Him company in His loneliness. Then, I don’t know how, that space shrunk. It seemed to me that that space was the world, and Jesus was in the center of it; and Jesus seemed to be concerned about the destiny of the world, which runs recklessly along its ruin. Even more, Jesus took a point of that space and placed it upon me. I felt crushed under that weight, but I was content that my Jesus, my Life, was near me. So, in seeing Him near me, I would have wanted to cry, so as to move Him to pity for my tormenting state. I would have wanted to tell Him who knows how many things; but – no, I could just say to Him: ‘Jesus, do not leave me any more; don’t you see that without You I cannot last in this exile!’ And He, all goodness: “I do not leave you, no, no - this is a mark you want to give to your Jesus. I never leave anyone – creatures withdraw from Me, not I from them; on the contrary, I go after them. So, do not want to give Me this affront – that I may leave you – ever again. And besides, did you not see that I was inside of you, not outside of you; and not only Myself, but the whole world?”

Then, in looking at Jesus, I could see His intelligence as more than a sun, and all the thoughts of Jesus like many rays which came out of that sun, and, extending, covered all the thoughts of creatures, past, present and future. These rays were traveling in order to take, as though in their power, all created intelligences, and substitute for them as perennial glory to the Father, complete reparation for everything, and impetration of all goods for all created intelligences. Then, drawing me to Himself, Jesus told me: “My daughter, this sun which you see within the intelligence of my Humanity, was formed by my Divinity, which endowed Me with the creative power and the all-seeingness of all things, in such a way that I was to be the new Sun of souls. And just as the sun which I created for the good of nature, covers the whole earth with its light, without denying the effects of its light to anyone, though it does not depart from the heavens, but unleashes from its center the rays which bring upon earth the goods that the sun contains – in the same way, without departing from Me, with Its inaccessible light, my Divinity formed in Me spokes of light. And these rays covered everyone and everything; and I, at each instant, covered each thought, word and act of all creatures, and constituted Myself perennial glory to my Father for each thought, act, word, etc., of all human generations. While rising to the Celestial Father, this light descended to take, as though in its power, all human acts in order to illuminate them, warm them and repair them. So, over each human act hovers a light that wants to do good to it, continuously. In Me, doing this was as though natural. You, my daughter, do not have this power to make one single act out of all acts, as I did. Therefore, in my Will you will go through each ray, one by one; and, little by little, you will follow the same path as my Humanity.”

So I tried to go through the first ray, then through the second, and so on; but – oh! power of the Divine Will! - while going through those rays, I was so little that I seemed to have become an atom; and this atom was now in the divine intelligence, going through the intelligences of creatures; now in the word, now in the divine motion, going through the words and motions of creatures; and so with all the rest. And the Divinity, in seeing my extreme littleness within Their intelligence, within Their word and within Their motion, taken by love for my littleness, remained enraptured and, pleased, said: “This littleness enraptures Us, and in seeing her enter Our very acts, to do them together with Us, to diffuse them over all, We feel such joy and such satisfaction, as We receive Our own glory, that with all love We give her the freedom to enter into Us, to let her operate together with Us.” I felt all confused on hearing this, and I said to myself: ‘I am doing nothing; it is the Divine Will that carries me in Its arms. Therefore, all the glory is of His adorable Will.’

January 27, 1925
What Jesus does when the soul fuses herself in the Divine Will. The works of God remain in Him, and the Divine Will makes Itself their nourisher and preserver; and so It does for the acts of the creature done in the Divine Will.

While I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition, I thought to myself: ‘Before, when I used to fuse myself in the Holy Supreme Volition, Jesus was with me, and I would enter into It together with Him; so, entering was a reality. But now I do not see Him, so I do not know whether I enter into the eternal Volition or not. I feel, rather, as if it were a little lesson learned by heart, or a way of speaking.’ Now, while I was thinking of this, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior, and taking one of my hands in His, He pushed me up high, and told me: “My daughter, you must know that, whether you see Me or not, every time you fuse yourself in my Will, from within your interior I take your hand to push you up high, and from Heaven I give you my other hand to take your other hand and pull you up, into Our midst, in Our endless Will. So, you are in between my hands, in my arms.

You must know that all the acts done in Our Will enter into the first act when We created the whole Creation. And the acts of the creature, in kissing with Ours - because One is the Will which gives life to these acts - diffuse in all created things, just as Our Will is diffused everywhere; and they constitute themselves return of love, of adoration and of continuous glory for everything We have issued in Creation. Only that which is done in Our Will begins, almost together with Us, to give Us return of perennial love, adoration in a divine manner, glory that never ends. And since the love We have for all the things created by Us is so great that We did not permit that they go out of Our Will, as We created them, they all remained with Us, and Our Will made Itself the preserver and the nourisher of all Creation. And this is why all things remain always new, fresh and beautiful; nor do they grow or decrease, as they were created all perfect by Us, and therefore not subject to any kind of alteration; they all preserve their origin, because they let themselves be nourished and preserved by Our Will, and remain around Us to sing Our glory.

Now, the operating of the creature in Our Will enters into Our own works, and Our Will makes Itself the nourisher, preserver and act of the very act of the creature. These acts done in Our Will by the creature place themselves around Us and, transfused in all created things, sing Our perpetual glory. How different is Our operating from that of the creature, as well as the love with which We operate! We operate, and Our love for the work We do is so great, that We do not permit that it to go out of Ourselves, so that it may lose nothing of the beauty with which it was made. On the other hand, if the creature operates, she is unable to keep her work with herself. Rather, many times she does not know what has become of her work - whether it has became dirty, or whether they have made a rag out of it - sign of her little love for her own works. And because the creature has gone out of her origin – that is, the Divine Will from which she came – she has lost true love toward God, toward herself, and toward her works. I wanted man to be in my Will of his own will, not by force, because I loved him more than all other created things, and I wanted him to be like a king in the midst of my works. But man, ungrateful, wanted to go out of his origin; therefore he was transformed and lost his freshness and beauty, and became subject to continuous alterations and changes. And as much as I call him to return into his origin, he plays deaf, pretending not to hear Me. But my love is so great that I keep waiting for him, and I continue to call him.”

February 8, 1925
The Divine Will wants to reign within souls as the master of the house.

This morning my sweet Jesus made Himself seen in so much suffering that my poor soul felt consumed with compassion. He had all His limbs dislocated; deep wounds, and so embittered, that Jesus moaned and writhed for the bitterness of the spasm. He placed Himself near me, as though wanting to share His pains with me. By merely looking at Him, I felt His pains being reflected in me; and Jesus, all goodness, told me: “My daughter, I can take no more. Touch my embittered wounds so as to soothe them; impress your kiss of love upon them, so that your love may mitigate the spasm I feel. This state of mine, so painful, is the true portrait of the way in which my Will finds Itself in the midst of creatures. It is present in their midst, but as though divided, because, as they do their own will, not Mine, Mine remains dislocated and wounded by creatures. Therefore, unite your will to Mine, and give Me a relief for my dislocation.”

I clasped Him to myself; I kissed the wounds of his hands – oh! how embittered they were because of many works, even holy, which do not have their origin in the Will of God. In order to soothe their pain, I squeezed them in my hands, and Jesus let me do everything; even more, He wanted it, and so I did the same with the other wounds; so much so, that He remained with me for almost the whole morning. Finally, before leaving me, He told me: “My daughter, you have soothed Me, I feel my bones in place; but do you know who can soothe Me and rejoin my dislocated bones? One who lets my Will reign within herself. When the soul puts her will aside, giving it not even one act of life, my Will acts as the master in the soul; It reigns, commands and rules; it is as if It were in Its own house – that is, in my Celestial Fatherland. So, since that is my house, I act as the master, I dispose, I place from my own, because, as my dwelling, I can place in it whatever I want, to make of it what I want, and I receive the greatest honor and glory that the creature can give Me. On the other hand, if one wants to do her own will, she is the one who acts as the master, disposes and commands; and my Will remains like a poor stranger, neglected, and at the occurrence, even despised. I would want to place from my own, but I cannot, because the human will does not want to surrender a place to Me; even in holy things, it wants to act as the head, and I can place nothing from my own. How uncomfortable I feel in the soul who makes her own will reign!

It happens as to a father who goes to visit a son of his, who is far away; or as to a friend who goes to another friend. As he knocks, the door is opened, but he is left there in the first room; no one prepares lunch for him, or a bed on which to let him sleep; they let him share neither in their joys nor in their sorrows. What affront! What sorrow for this father, or friend! If he has brought treasures to compliment the other, he does not leave anything, and he goes away, pierced in the depth of his heart. On the other hand, with someone else, as soon as they see him, they put themselves in feast, they prepare the most beautiful lunch, the softest of beds; even more, they give him full lordship over the whole house, and also over themselves. Is this not the greatest honor, love, respect, subjection that can be offered to a father or to a friend? And what beautiful and good things will these not leave to them, to requite so much generosity? Such is my Will. It comes from Heaven in order to dwell within souls, but instead of letting Me be the master, they keep Me like a stranger and a destitute. But my Will does not depart; even though they keep Me like a stranger, I remain in their midst, waiting, in order to give them my goods, my graces and my sanctity.”

February 15, 1925
The Divine Will in Heaven is confirming, beatifying, bearer of happiness, divinizer. On earth, in the soul who lives in It, It is operating, and forms eternal waves which overwhelm everything and place everything It contains in motion.

I was abandoning all of myself in the Most Holy Will of God, and in this total and full abandonment I felt a new heaven within me, an air all divine, which infused new life in me. And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, seemed to be stretching out His arms toward me, to receive me and hide me within Himself, placing me under this new heaven of His Will which, by His grace, had formed in me. With great contentment, I breathed the balsamic and sweet air of His Most Holy Will, and, taken by amazement, I said: ‘My Love, my Jesus, how beautiful is the heaven of your Will! How enjoyable it is to be under It. Oh! how refreshing and salutary is Its celestial air!’ And Jesus, pressing me more tightly to Himself, told me: “Daughter of my Will, each act in my Will is a new heaven which extends above the head of the soul – one more beautiful than the other. The air of these heavens is divine, and brings with itself sanctity, love, light, fortitude, and contains all tastes together. This is why one feels a balsamic and sweet air. My Will in Heaven is confirming, beatifying, bearer of happiness and all-pervasive, transformer and divinizer of everything within Itself. On the other hand, in the soul who possesses these new heavens of my Will on earth, my Will is operating, and as It operates, It delights in extending new heavens. Therefore, my Will works and operates more in the pilgrim soul than in the Celestial Jerusalem. Up there, the works of the Saints are accomplished - there is nothing left to do; while here, my Will has always something to do in the soul in whom It reigns. This is why It wants everything for Itself, nor does It want to leave even one act to her human will – because It wants to do much, and for every act It were to surrender to the human will, It would fail to extend one more heaven, and it would be one work less for It. Ah! you do not know what happens in the soul when she gives my Will all the freedom to operate within her, and the soul operates in my Will!

Imagine the sea when the waves rise up as so powerful and high, that the power of the waves transports not only the waters, but also the fish - up high, in such a way that in those waves one can see, carried by the power of the storm, how the fish also have come out from the bottom of the sea, from their everyday dwelling, to rise up high together with the waves. The waves have overwhelmed them, and they have not been able to resist their power; while, without the power of the waves, they are unable to go out of their harbor. Oh! if the sea had a power without limit, it would make all the water overflow from the bed of the sea, forming gigantic waves, with all the fish overwhelmed within them. But what the sea cannot do, because it is limited in its power, my Will does. As It makes the acts of the soul Its own by operating in her, It forms Its eternal waves in her; and within these waves It overwhelms everything. In these waves, one can see what my Humanity did, the works of my Celestial Mama, those of all Saints, and everything that the very Divinity did. Everything is placed in motion. My Will is more than sea; Our works and those of the Saints can be symbolized by the fish which live in the sea. When my Will operates in the soul, and also outside of the soul, everything which is present in It, moves and rises; all works place themselves in order, to repeat for Us glory, love, adoration. They pass before Us, as though in a parade, saying to Us: ‘We are your works. Great and powerful You are, because You made us so beautiful.’ My Will encloses everything that is beautiful and good, and when It operates, It leaves nothing behind, so that nothing of what is Ours may be missing in that act, and so that Our glory may be complete. And there is nothing to be surprised about, because it is the eternal operating that is carried out in the soul. Therefore, the operating of my Will can be called eternal wave, which overwhelms Heaven and earth as though in one single point, and then diffuses over all, as bearer of a divine act. Oh! how Heaven delights when It sees the Eternal Will operate in the soul! In fact, since their works are confirmed in the Divine Will in Heaven, they see their works flow within that divine act, and feel their glory, happiness and joys, being redoubled. Therefore, since you are the little daughter of my Supreme Volition, I recommend to you: leave each act of yours prey to the eternal waves of my Will, so that, as these waves reach the foot of Our Throne in Heaven, We may confirm you more and more as Our true daughter of Our Will, and We may grant you charters of grace for your brothers and Our children.”

February 22, 1925
How, in creating man, God formed many paths in order to facilitate his entrance into His Will, and therefore into the Celestial Fatherland.

I was thinking about the Holy Divine Volition, and I prayed my lovable Jesus that, by His goodness, He would give me the grace to fulfill His Most Holy Will in everything. And I said: ‘You who love and want that your Will be done, help me, assist me, and feed me this Will of Yours in every instant, so that nothing else may have life in me.’ Now, while I was praying, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, and clasping me tightly to Himself, told me: “My daughter, how my Heart is wounded by the prayer of one who seeks only my Will! I hear the echo of my prayer, which I did when I was on earth. All my prayers reduced themselves to one single point – that the Will of my Father be fulfilled, both upon Me and upon all creatures. This was the greatest honor for Me and for the Celestial Father: that I did His Most Holy Will in everything. By doing the Will of the Eternal One, always and in everything, my Humanity opened the paths between the human will and the Divine, which had been closed by the creature.

You must know that, in creating man, the Divinity formed many paths of communication between Creator and creature. Paths were the three powers of the soul: the intelligence, the path in order to comprehend my Will; the memory, the path in order to remember It continuously; the will, in the middle of these two paths, formed the third path in order to take flight within the Will of his Creator. The intelligence and the memory were the support, the defense, the strength of the path of the will, that it might not stagger, either to the right or to the left. Path was the eye, that he might look at the beauties and the riches present in my Will; path the hearing, that he might hear the calls, the harmonies present in It; path the word, in which he might receive the continuous outpouring of my word ‘Fiat’, and the goods that my Fiat contains; path the hands, so that, by raising them in his works in my Will, he might come to unifying his works with the works of his Creator; path the feet, to follow the steps of my Will; path the heart, the desires, the affections, to be filled with the love of my Will and rest in It. See, then, how many paths there are in the creature in order to come into my Will, if he wanted to. All paths were opened between God and man, and by virtue of Our Will, Our goods were his. After all, he was Our son, Our image, a work come out of Our hands, and from the ardent breath of Our bosom. But the human will, ungrateful, did not want to enjoy the rights to Our goods which We gave to it. Not wanting to do Our Will, man did his own; and by doing his own, he put bars and fences across these paths; he constrained himself within the miserable circle of his will; he lost Ours and went wandering in the exile of his passions, of his weaknesses, under a tenebrous sky, loaded with storms and with thunders. Poor child, in the midst of so many evils, wanted by himself! So, each act of human will is a bar that he puts across Mine; it is a fence that he forms, to prevent the union of our wills; and the communication of goods between Heaven and earth is interrupted.

My Humanity, compassionating and loving man with infinite love, by doing the Will of my Father in everything, kept these paths whole, and impetrated the removal of the bars and the destruction of the fences which the human will had formed; and so It opened the paths again for whomever wants to come into my Will, to give back to him those rights, wanted by Us, with which We created him. Paths are necessary in order to facilitate the journey; they are the means for man to be able to make, very often, a little visit to his Celestial Fatherland. And knowing how beautiful his Fatherland is, and how happy one is in It, he loves It and yearns to take possession of It, and therefore he lives detached from the exile.

These paths in the creature were necessary so that, very often, she might rise to her true Fatherland, she might know It and love It; and a sign that the soul is on these paths, that she loves her Celestial Fatherland, is that, placing herself on the way in Our Will, she makes her little visits. This is also a sign for you. Don’t you remember how many times you took the way to Heaven and penetrated into the celestial regions, and after you had made your little visit, my Will made you descend into the exile; and since you loved the Fatherland, the exile seemed ugly and almost unbearable to you? Your love for the Fatherland, your feeling the bitterness of living in exile, was a good sign for you - that the Fatherland is yours. See, this happens also with the low things of this world. If one has a large property, he forms a path in order to go visit it very often, to enjoy it, to take the goods which are in it; and while visiting it, he loves it and carries it in his heart. On the other hand, if he does not form a path, he never visits his properties, because without a path it is almost impenetrable; he never speaks about it. This is a sign that he does not love it, and that he despises his own goods; and even though he could be rich, because of his bad will, he is a poor one who lives in the most squalid misery. This is why, in creating man, my wisdom wanted to form the paths between Me and him - to facilitate for him sanctity, the communication of Our goods, and his entrance into the Celestial Fatherland.

March 1, 1925
How each additional act which the soul does in the Divine Will is one more filament of light which renders the light within her more intense, more strong and more bright. What true light is.

I was feeling very embittered because of the loss of my sweet Jesus. Oh! how I miss my past! How His lovable presence used to make my poor existence happy! Even in the midst of the hardest pains, my poor bed was a little paradise for me. I felt like a queen together with my lovable Jesus - dominator of myself; and through the continuous contact with Him I felt as though dominator of His very Divine Heart. And now, how my happiness has changed! Or rather, every time I search for Him and do not find Him, unhappiness surrounds me; it tears a stretch of my life away from me, because Jesus alone is my Life; and I feel more vividly the pains of my hard exile. Oh! how true it is that it is not the pains that render the creature unhappy, but the good which is wanted and is not found! And while I was saying to Him: ‘Have pity on me, do not abandon me; come - rise in my poor soul immersed in the bitter waters of your privation’, I felt my beloved Good, my sweet Life, move in my interior; and extending His arms around my neck, He said to me: “My daughter! My daughter!” I looked at Him coming out from a foundation of light; and as Jesus extended His arms, the light extended after Him. However, that light was not completely full; one could see a void within that very light. But even though a void could be seen, it was not darkness; it was as if more filaments of light were needed in order to render that void more full, and the light more intense, more strong and more bright. At the sight of Jesus, I felt myself rising again from death to life. His words, “My daughter, my daughter”, changed my unhappiness instantly, because being with Jesus and being unhappy is impossible. At the most, one might be with Jesus in suffering, amid the most atrocious pains, but unhappy – never. Even more, it seems that, if there is any unhappiness in the soul, it flees from the presence of Jesus, giving place to happiness, which He brings with Himself.

Then, resuming His speaking, He told me: “My daughter, courage, do not fear; there is no darkness in you, because only sin is darkness, while good is light. Don’t you see how I have come out a foundation of light from within your interior? But do you know what this light is? It is all the interior operating that you do. Each additional act you do is one more filament of your will which you bind to the current of the eternal light; and that filament turns into light. So, the more acts you do, adding more filaments, the more full, intense and bright the light will become. Therefore, what you have done is the light that you see, and what is left for you to do is the void that you see within that same light. And I will remain always in the midst of this light, not only to enjoy it, but to bind the filaments of the human will to the current of the eternal light, because I am the origin, the foundation, the current of the light. But do you know what true light is? True light is the truth. The truth, known, embraced, loved and put into practice by the soul, is the true light, which transforms her into light itself, and causes new and continuous births of light to be placed inside and outside of her. This truth forms the true Life of God within the soul, because God is truth, and the soul is bound to the truth - even more, she possesses it. God is light, and she is bound to the light, and is nourished with light and with truth. However, while I nourish the soul with truth and with light, she must keep the current of her will opened, in order to receive the current of the divine communication. Otherwise, it can happen as with the electric current, to which its own electrical characteristics are not enough – the light is lacking, the preparations are needed in order to receive it. And, still, the light does not reach everyone equally, but according to the light bulbs they have: those who have one, receive one light; those who have ten, receive light for ten. And if the light bulbs contain more electric filaments, the lamps appear as more full of light; if they have less filaments, even though there is room inside the glass, the light is small. And even if the place where the current comes from can give more light, one does not receive it, because the strength of the electricity in order to receive it is lacking in the light bulbs. Therefore, it takes the celestial current which wants to give, as well as the human current in order to receive it; and according to your operating, you will add more filaments to render more complete the light which I want to enclose within you.”

March 8, 1925
Everything that Jesus did, both for the glory of the Father and for the good of creatures, remained deposited in the Divine Will, which preserves it all in act, with all its effects.

I was saying to myself: ‘How I wish I could go through all the ways of the eternal Volition, to be able to find all the acts of this Supreme Will, which came out of It for the good of the whole human family, so as to be able to place an act of my will for each act of Its Will, to requite It with my love, with my gratitude, with my ‘thank You’, for myself and in the name of all my brothers. But how can I find all these acts of the Divine Will - I, who am so little, so insignificant?’

Now, while I was thinking about this, desiring to embrace, to place one kiss of mine, or at least one ‘I love You’ of mine for each act of the Supreme Will, I felt my sweet Jesus move in my interior, and a light within my mind saying to me: “My daughter, do you want to go through all the acts of my Will, which came out of It for the good of all creatures? Come with Me into my Humanity - I long for it, I want you to do it. You must know that my Humanity covered all the paths of the eternal Volition, and in all the acts I found, done for the good of all my brothers, I emitted my own, to requite the Divine Will for Its many acts done for the good of all human generations. This was the most legitimate act, which befitted Me to do, as the first honor of my Celestial Father. And as I kept doing it, I left the deposit of my acts in the Divine Will Itself, that they might remain always in act of giving to my Divine Father this legitimate honor which creatures do not give Him, and of forcing the eternal Will to make peace with the human will.

The will, also in the creature, is the deposit of all her thoughts, of the good and of the evil she does. It is the depository of everything; it lets nothing escape which it does not deposit within itself. Now, my Humanity had two wills, the human and the Divine, and everything I did, I deposited in the Divine, not only to find all the acts done by the Supreme Will and to requite It, but to do more new acts of Divine Will, in order to form in It, with the whole operating of my Humanity, a new creation, leaving it deposited within It, that It might preserve it whole, ever new and beautiful, without increasing or decreasing, being not subject, as much as creatures might take of it, to suffering the slightest diminution. Just like in the Creation of the heavens, of the sun, of the stars, and of many other things created by the Divinity for the good of the whole human family, everything was left deposited in Our Supreme Will, so that It might preserve them always in that state in which they were created by Us, as indeed It does – in the same way, I entrusted to It the whole operating of my Humanity, so that everything I did might remain always in the act of giving itself to creatures. My operating is more than new heavens, sun and stars; and just as the sun which is above your horizon does not refuse to give light to all and to give itself to each one – and if the human eye does not take all the immensity of its light, it is because the circumference of the eye is small; or rather, the eye takes more light according to how sharp and good its sight is, even though the sun remains in the act of wanting to give the whole of itself – in the same way, the new creation of my acts, all done in this Divine Will and deposited in It in order to redeem and restore the creature, are in the act of giving themselves to all, and, more than sun, stars and heavens, they extend above the head of all, so that all may take the great good which they contain.

However, there is a great difference between the sun which shines in the azure heavens and the one contained in the azure heaven of my Humanity: in the first one, as much as the eye strives to look in order to be filled with light, its circumference does not expand, it remains always as it is; while the eye of the soul, the more it strives to look, to cooperate, to know, to love all that my Humanity has done, the more it expands, it receives more light, it comprehends more and takes more goods; therefore, it is in the soul’s power to be richer or poorer, more filled with light and heat, or colder and filled with darkness. Now, if you want to cover the paths of the eternal Volition, enter through the door of my Humanity. In It you will find my Divinity; and the Divine Will will make present to you, as though in act, everything It has done, does and will do, both in Creation and in Redemption and Sanctification; and you will have the contentment of being able to kiss those acts and to place in them your little act of love, of adoration, of gratitude. You will find them all in the act of giving themselves to you; and you will love them, and will take the gifts of your Celestial Father. Greater gift He could not give you – that is, the gifts, the fruits, the effects of His Will. But you will take them according to how much you cooperate and let your will live dissolved within Mine.”

Then, for a little while I felt all of myself in Jesus, and I seemed to find in Him, as though in act, all the operating of the Divine Will for the good of creatures. I tried to follow, one by one, the acts of the Supreme Will, but while I was doing this, everything disappeared. The delirium of wanting to find my sweet Jesus again made me agonize. Then, after many hardships, I felt Him behind my shoulders, extending His arms toward me and taking my hands in His. With violence, I pulled Him to front, and with all the bitterness of my soul, I said to Him: ‘Jesus, you do not love me any more.’ And He, immediately, giving me no time to say anything else, told me: “My daughter, what? To Me you say: ‘You do not love me any more’? These words can be spoken to creatures, but not to your Jesus – to the One who can never fail in love.” And while He was saying this, He fixed on me – deep inside, as if He wanted to find something in me which interested Him very much; and He kept looking and looking. Finally, I felt another Jesus come out from within my interior, all similar to the One outside. I remained surprised in seeing that my Jesus was inside of me and outside of me; and He, all goodness, told me: “Tell me, my daughter, who formed this new Life of Mine in you? Is it not love? Are they not my loving chains, which not only formed Me within you, but keep Me bound and clasped to you? And so that this Life of Mine might always grow within you, I placed in you my eternal Will; and as It is one with yours, we nourish ourselves together with the same celestial food, in such a way as to make my Life one with yours. And with all this, you say: ‘You do not love me any more’?” I remained confused, and did not know what to say….

March 15, 1925
The Divine Will has the power to form the real Life of Jesus in the creature.

I was fusing all of myself in the Holy Divine Volition, but while I was doing this, I felt all the bitterness of the privation of my sweet Jesus; and even though I am almost used to suffering the absence of Him, yet, every time I am without Him, it is always a new pain. It seems to me that every time I remain without the Life of my life, Jesus places a higher degree of pain, and I feel more vividly the pain of His distance. Oh! how true it is that in Jesus both pains and joys are always new! Now, while I was abandoning myself in His Will, my lovable Jesus put out a hand from within my interior - all filled with light. But in His hand He also had mine - but so identified with His, that it could hardly be seen that, instead of one hand, there were two hands transformed together. And Jesus, compassionating my extreme bitterness, told me: “My daughter, the light of my Will transforms us together and forms one single Life. The light makes its way, and the heat which the light contains empties and consumes everything that may prevent the identification with my Life, forming one single Life. Why do you afflict yourself so much? Don’t you feel this Life of Mine within you – and not fantastic, but real? How many times do you not feel within yourself my Life operating; other times, suffering; and other times I fill you so much with Myself that you are forced to lose your motion, your breath, your mental faculties; and your very nature loses its life to give place to Mine? And so that you may live again, I am forced to make Myself smaller within you, so as to let you acquire the natural motion and the use of your senses; but it is always within you that I remain. And don’t you see that every time you see Me, it is from within your interior that you see Me come out? So, why do you fear that I may leave you, if you do feel this Life of Mine within you?”

And I: ‘Ah! my Jesus, it is true that I feel another life within me, which operates, suffers, moves, breathes, lays Itself within me - but so much, that I myself am unable to say what happens to me. Many times I believe I am about to die; but as soon as that life which I feel within me makes itself smaller, withdrawing from my arms, from my head, I begin to live again. But many times I do not see You; I feel You, but I do not see your lovable presence; and I fear - I am almost afraid of that life which I feel within me, thinking: ‘Who can be the one who has so much dominion within me, that I feel like a rag under his power? Could it not be also an enemy of mine? And if I want to oppose what he wants to do within me, he makes himself so strong and imposing as to leave me not one act of my will, and I immediately give him victory over me.’ And Jesus: “My daughter, only my Will has this power of forming Its Life in the creature. It is understood that the soul must has given Me, who knows how many times, sure proofs that she wants to live of my Will, not of her own, because each act of human will prevents the forming of my Life. This is the greatest prodigy which my Will can work: my Life in the creature. Its light prepares the place for Me; Its heat purifies and consumes everything that might be unseemly for my Life, and provides Me with the necessary elements in order to develop my Life. Therefore, let Me do, that I may accomplish everything that my Will has established upon you.”

April 9, 1925
Jesus binds the soul with the thread of His Will. The beauty of the soul who lives in It. The Divine Will operating in the creature, and her acts done in It, form a cloud of light which serves Jesus and the soul.

After many days of bitterness and of privation, my sweet Jesus transported me outside of myself, and taking me in His arms, He placed me on His knees. Oh! how happy I felt on the lap of Jesus, after so many privations and bitternesses. However, I felt shy, without the will to want anything or say anything, and without my usual familiarity of the past, which I would have with Jesus when He was with me. Jesus was doing so many things to me: He clasped me tightly to Himself to the point of making me suffer; He placed His hand on my mouth, almost preventing me from breathing; He kissed me. And I – nothing, I gave Him nothing in return, I didn’t feel like doing anything. His privation had paralyzed me and rendered me lifeless; only, I let Him do, I was not opposed in anything - even if He had made me die, I would not have uttered a word.

Then, wanting me to say something, Jesus told me: “My little daughter, tell Me at least: do you want your Jesus to bind you all over, completely?” And I: ‘Do as You wish.’ And He, taking a thread in His hand, made that thread pass around my head, before my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my neck – in sum, my whole person, down to my feet. Then, looking at me with penetrating eyes, He added: “How beautiful is my little daughter, all bound by Me! Now, yes, I will love you more, because the thread of my Will has left you nothing which you might do without Its constituting Itself life of all of yourself. This has made you so gracious as to render you all striking and beautiful to my eyes. So, my Will has this virtue and power of rendering the soul of a beauty so rare, so striking, that no one else will be able to equal her beauty. It is so great and so charming as to draw my eyes, and the eyes of all, to look at her and to love her.”

After He said this, I found myself inside myself - comforted and strengthened, yes, but highly embittered, thinking of who knows when He would come back, and that I had told Him not even a word about my hard state. So I began to fuse myself in His Most Holy Will, and my lovable Jesus came out from within my interior, forming a cloud of light around me. Jesus leaned His arms on this cloud, and looked at the whole world; all creatures became present before His most pure gaze, and – oh! how many offenses, from all classes of people, wounded my sweet Jesus! How many plots! How many deceits and pretenses! How many machinations of revolutions, as they were ready with unexpected incidents! And all this drew chastisements, such that entire cities were destroyed. My sweet Jesus, leaning on that cloud of light, was shaking His head and was embittered deep into His inmost Heart; and turning to me, He told me: “My daughter, look at the state of the world. It is so grave, that only through this cloud can I look at it. If I wanted to look at it outside of this cloud, I would destroy a great part of it. But do you know what this cloud of light is? It is my Will operating in you, and your acts done in It. The more acts you do in It, the larger this cloud of light becomes, serving Me as support, and to make Me look at man with that love with which my Will created him. It forms an enchantment to my loving pupils, and making present to Me all that I did for love of him, it makes a compassionate Will arise within my Heart, and causes Me to end up compassionating the one whom I so much love.

As for you, then, this cloud of light serves you in a marvelous way: it serves as light for your whole being; it places itself around you and renders the earth extraneous to you; it allows not one taste, even innocent, for people or for other things, to enter into you; and forming a sweet enchantment also to your pupils, it allows you to look at things according to the truth, and as your Jesus looks at them. If it sees you weak, this cloud closes around you and gives you its strength; if it sees you inactive, it enters into you and makes itself operative; even more, it is jealous to the highest degree with its light, while acting as a sentry, so that you may do nothing without It, and It may do nothing without you. Therefore, my daughter, why do you afflict yourself so much? Allow my Will to work in you, and to concede not one act of life to your will, if you want my great designs to be accomplished in you.”

April 15, 1925
The mission of the Divine Will is eternal, and it is precisely the mission of Our Celestial Father.

I write only to obey, and to my great repugnance. After a holy priest had read my writings, he had let me know that in certain chapters blessed Jesus was exalting me too much, to the point of telling me that He placed me near His Celestial Mama, that She be me my model. On hearing this, I felt confused and troubled; I remembered that I had written this only to obey, and to my great repugnance, and that I was connected to the mission of making the Divine Will known. And I lamented to my Jesus for having told me this, while I am so bad, and He alone knows all my miseries. This confused me and humiliated me so much, as to give me no peace. I felt such distance between me and the Celestial Mother, as if there was an abyss of distance between me and Her. Then, while I was so troubled, my lovable Jesus came out from within my interior, and clasping me tightly in His arms to infuse peace in me, told me: “My daughter, why do you trouble yourself so much? Don’t you know that peace is the smile of the soul, is the azure and serene sky in which the Divine Sun makes Its light blaze more vividly, in such a way as to let no cloud arise above the horizon, which might occupy the light? Peace is the beneficial dew which vivifies everything and bejewels the soul with an enrapturing beauty, and attracts the continuous kiss of my Will upon her. And besides, what is it that opposes the truth? Where is this exalting you too much? Only because I told you that I placed you near my Divine Mother; because, She having been the depository of all the goods of my Redemption, as my Mother, as Virgin, as Queen, I placed Her at the head of all the redeemed ones, giving Her a distinct, unique and special mission, which no one else will be given. The very Apostles and the whole Church depend upon Her and receive from Her; there is no good which She does not possess - all goods come from Her; it was right that, as my Mother, I was to entrust everything and everyone to Her maternal Heart. Embracing everything, and being able to give everything to everyone, was only of my Mother.

Now, I repeat to you that just as I placed my Mama at the head of all, and I deposited in Her all the goods of Redemption, so I chose another virgin, whom I placed near Her, giving her the mission of making my Divine Will known. And if Redemption is great, my Will is even greater; and just as for Redemption there was a beginning in time, not in eternity, in the same way, for my Divine Will, though It is eternal, there was to be the beginning in time of Its making Itself known. Therefore, because my Will exists in Heaven and on earth, and is the sole and only one which possesses all goods, I was to choose a creature to whom I was to entrust the deposit of the knowledges about It, making known to her, as to a second mother, the qualities, the value, the prerogatives of It, that she might love It and jealously keep the deposit of It. And just as my Celestial Mother, true depository of the goods of Redemption, is generous with whomever wants of them, so will this second mother be generous in making known to all the deposit of my teachings, the sanctity of it and the good that my Divine Will wants to give, how It lives unknown in the midst of creatures, and how, from the beginning of the creation of man, It years, It prays, It supplicates that man return to his origin – that is, into my Will - and that the rights of Its sovereignty over creatures be given back to It. My Redemption was one, and I made use my dear Mother in order to carry It out. My Will also is one, and I was to make use of another creature; and placing her as though at the head, and forming the deposit in her, she was to serve Me to make my teachings known and to fulfill the designs of my Divine Will. So, where is this exalting you too much? Who can deny that the Redemption and the fulfillment of my Will are two unique and similar missions, such that, as they hold each other’s hand, my Will will make the fruits of Redemption be completed, and the rights of Creation be given back to Us, placing the seal on the purpose for which all things were created? This is why this knowledge of the mission of Our Will interests Us so much – because nothing else will do so much good to creatures as it will; it will be the fulfillment and the crowning of all Our works.

Furthermore, of David it was said that he was an image of Me, so much so, that all of his psalms reveal my person; of Saint Francis of Assisi, that he was a faithful copy of Me. It is said in the Holy Gospel: ‘Be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect’ - no less; it is also added that no one will enter the Kingdom of Heaven if he is not similar to the image of the Son of God; and many other things. About all these, no one says that they have been exalted too much, and that these are things not conforming to truths spoken by my very mouth. Only because to you I said that I wanted to compare you to the Virgin - to make you Her faithful copy, I have exalted you too much? So, comparing those to Me was not exalting them, nor did anyone raise any doubt or difficulty; but then, comparing to the Virgin – that’s too much exaltation. This means that they have not understood well the mission of the knowledge of my Will. Indeed, I repeat to you that I not only place you near Her as Her little daughter, on Her maternal lap, that She may guide you, instruct you on how you must imitate Her, to become Her faithful copy by always doing the Divine Will; so that, from Her lap, you may pass onto the lap of the Divinity. In fact, the mission of my Will is eternal, and it is precisely the mission of Our Celestial Father, who wants, commands, expects nothing else but that His Will be known and loved, that It be done on earth as It is in Heaven. So you, making this eternal mission your own and imitating the Celestial Father, must want nothing else for yourself and for all but that my Will be known, loved and fulfilled. And besides, when it is the creature who exalts herself, one should think about it; but when she remains at her place and I exalt her, all is permissible to Me – making one reach wherever I want, and the way I want. Therefore, trust Me and do not be concerned.”

April 23, 1925
Each act which the creature does in the Divine Will is a kiss that she exchanges with God and with all the Blessed. Once the Divine Will is established in the will of the creature, she has the eye, the hearing, the mouth, the hands, the feet, of the Divine Will.

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition according to my usual way, and my sweet Jesus, making Himself felt my interior, told me: “My daughter, come into the immensity of my Will. All of Heaven and all things created by Me live and receive continuous life from my Will, in which they find their complete glory, their full happiness and their perfect beauty. And they anxiously await the kiss of the pilgrim soul who lives in the same Will in which they live, to requite her with their kiss, and to place in common with her the glory, the happiness, the beauty which they possess, so that their number may be increased by another creature who would render Me complete glory, for as much as is possible to a creature, and would make Me look at the earth with the love with which I created it, because on earth there is a creature who operates and lives in my Will. Since Heaven knows that nothing glorifies Me as much as a soul who lives in my Will, they too long for my Will to live within souls on earth. So, each act which the creature does in my Will is a kiss that she gives to and receives from the One who created her, and from all the Blessed. But do you know what this kiss is? It is the transformation of the soul with her Creator; it is the possession of God in the soul, and of the soul in God; it is the growth of the Divine Life in the soul; it is the accord of the whole of Heaven, and it is the right of supremacy over all created things. The soul, purged by my Will, through that omnipotent breath which was infused in her by God, no longer produces the nausea of the human will, and therefore God continues to breathe upon her with His omnipotent breath, that she may grow with that Will with which He created her. On the other hand, the soul who has not yet been purged, feels the attraction of her own will, and so she acts against the Will of God, doing her own. God cannot approach her to breathe upon her again, until the soul gives all of herself to the exercise and the fulfillment of the Divine Will.

You must know that, in creating man, God infused life in him with His breath; and in this life He infused in him an intelligence, a memory and a will, to place them in relationship with His Divine Will. And this Divine Will was to be like a King, who was to dominate the whole interior of the creature and give life to everything, in such a way as to form the intelligence and the memory wanted by the Supreme Will in her. Once this was formed, it would be as though natural for the eye of the creature to look at created things and to know their order and the Will of God over the whole universe. Her hearing was to hear the prodigies of this eternal Will. Her mouth, which was to feel itself breathed upon continuously by its Creator, to communicate to it the life and the goods which His Will contains, was to echo that eternal Fiat with its word, to narrate what Will of God means. Her hands were to be the outpouring of the works of this Supreme Will. Her feet were to do nothing but follow, step by step, the steps of her Creator. So, once the Divine Will is established in the will of the creature, she has the eye, the hearing, the mouth, the hands, the feet, of my Will. She never departs from the origin from which she came; therefore she remains always in my arms, and it is easy for her to feel my breath, and for Me to breathe upon her. Now, this is precisely what I want from the creature: that she let my Will reign in her, and that her will may serve as the dwelling of Mine, to let It deposit the celestial goods It contains. And this is what I want from you, so that all your acts, marked by my Will, may form one single act; and uniting to the single act of my Will which has no multiplicity of acts, as in man, they may remain in that eternal beginning, in order to copy your Creator, and to give Him the glory and the contentment that His Will be done in you as It is in Heaven.”

April 26, 1925
The Divine Will wants to follow Its course to make Itself known, and it is impossible to stop It. Jesus and His Will are inseparable, and His Will renders inseparable from Him one who lets herself be dominated by It.

I was thinking to myself about certain things regarding the Will of God, which good Jesus had told me, and which have been put out for printing, and therefore go around through the hands of those who want to read them. I felt such shame within me, that this caused me an indescribable pain; and I said: ‘My beloved Good, how could you allow this? Our secrets, which I wrote to obey, and only for love of You, are now before the eyes of others. And if they continue publishing more things, I will die of shame and of pain. And after all this, as recompense for my hard sacrifice, You have left me, so painfully! Ah! had You been with me, You would have had pity on my pain, and would have given me strength.’ But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and placing one hand on my forehead and the other on my mouth, as though wanting to stop the many afflicting thoughts that came to me, told me: “Be quiet, be quiet, do not want to continue any further - these are not your things, but mine. It is my Will that wants to follow Its course to make Itself known; and my Will is more than sun, and it takes too much to hide the light of the sun - it is completely impossible. If they stop it on one side, it surpasses the obstacle which they have placed before it, and squeezing through the other sides, it follows its way with majesty, leaving those who wanted to prevent its course confused, because they have seen it escape from all sides without being able to catch it. A lamp can be hidden, but the sun – never. Such is my Will - more than sun; and if you want to hide It, it will be impossible for you. Therefore be quiet, my daughter, and let the eternal Sun of my Will follow Its course, whether through the writings, or through print, or through your words and your manners. Let It escape like light, and cover the whole world - I long for it, I want it. And besides, how much, really, of the truths about my Will was put out? It can be said it was just the atoms of Its light; and even though atoms still - if you knew the good they do! What will happen when, after all the truths I have spoken to you about my Will have been gathered together, the fecundity of Its light, the goods It contains, united all together, will form, not just the atoms or the rising sun, but its full midday? What good will this eternal Sun not produce in the midst of creatures? And you and I will be happier in seeing my Will known, loved and fulfilled. Therefore, let Me do.

And then - no, it is not true that I have left you. How can you say that? Don’t you feel Me within you? Don’t you hear the echo of my prayer in your interior, as I embrace everything, letting no one escape Me, since all things and all generations are like one single point for Me, and for all do I pray, love, adore and repair? And you, echoing my prayer, feel as if you were holding everyone and everything in your power, and you repeat what I do. Is it perhaps you who does this, or your capacity? Ah! no, no - it is I present in you; it is my Will that makes you hold everyone and everything as though in your power, and follows Its course within your soul. And then, do you want anything apart from my Will? What do you fear? That I might leave you? Don’t you know that the surest sign that I reside within you is that my Will has Its place of honor in you, that It dominates you, and that It does with you whatever It wants? My Will and I are inseparable, and my Will renders inseparable from Me one who lets herself be dominated by It.”

May 1, 1925
The three unique missions: the mission of the Humanity of Our Lord; the mission of Mary Most Holy; the mission of Luisa, firstborn daughter of the Divine Will.

I was thinking about the many things that my beloved Jesus has told me on His Most Holy Will, and some doubts arose within my soul, which it is not necessary to write on paper. I will only say what my highest Good told me: “My daughter, in certain missions or offices, such gifts, graces, riches and prerogatives must be enclosed within them, that if it wasn’t for the mission or the office occupied, it would not be necessary for one to possess the whole magnitude of what he possesses, which has been given to him because of the necessity to carry out that office.

My Humanity was given by my Divinity the mission of the salvation of souls and the office of Redeemer – of redeeming them. Because of this office, I was entrusted their souls, their pains, their satisfactions; so, I enclosed everything. And if my Humanity had not enclosed even just one soul, one pain, one satisfaction, the office of Redeemer would not have been complete - I would not have enclosed within Myself all the graces, the goods and the light which it was necessary to give to each soul. And even though not all souls are saved, this says nothing; I was to enclose the goods of all, so that, on my part, I might have the necessary and superabundant graces for all, in order to be able to save all. This was befitting to Me for the decorum and the just honor of my office of Redeemer. The same happens to the sun which is above your horizon: it contains so much light as to be able to give light to all; and even if not everyone wanted to enjoy its light, because of the unique office of sun which it has, it possesses even that light which creatures might refuse. If this was befitting to the sun, because it was created by God as the unique sphere which was to warm the earth and embrace it with its light – in fact, when one thing or one office is unique, in order to be able to carry out its office, it is necessary for it to contain so much of that good as to be able to give it to all, without exhausting one atom of it in giving it to others – much more befitting was it to Me, who was to be the new Sun of souls; who was to give light to all and embrace everything with my light, to be able to bring them to the Supreme Majesty, and offer to It an act which would contain all acts, and make superabundant light descend upon all in order to place them in safety.

In addition to Myself, there is my Celestial Mama, who was given the unique mission of Mother of a Son-God, and the office of Co-Redemptrix of mankind. For Her mission of Divine Maternity, She was enriched with so much grace, that all that belongs to the other creatures, both celestial and terrestrial, united all together, will never be able to equal Her. But this was not enough to draw the Word into Her maternal womb; She embraced all creatures, She loved, repaired, adored the Supreme Majesty for all, in such a way as to accomplish, Herself alone, all that the human generations owed God. So, in Her virginal Heart She had an inexhaustible vein toward God and toward all creatures. When the Divinity found in this Virgin the requital of the love of all, It felt enraptured, and formed in Her Its Conception. And as She conceived Me, She took on the office of Co-Redemptrix, and She took part in, and embraced together with Me, all the pains, the satisfactions, the reparations, the maternal love toward all. So, in the Heart of my Mother there was a fiber of maternal love toward each creature. This is why, when I was on the Cross, in truth and with justice I declared Her the Mother of all. She ran together with Me in the love, in the pains - in everything; She never left Me alone. If the Eternal One had not placed so much grace in Her as to be able to receive the love of all from Her alone, He would never have moved from Heaven to come upon earth to redeem mankind. Here is the necessity, the befittingness, that, having the mission of Mother of the Word, She embrace and surpass everything.

When an office is unique, it comes as a consequence that one must let nothing escape him; one must have everything under one’s eyes, so as to be able to hold out that good which one possesses; one must be like a true sun which can hold out light to all. So it was for Me and for my Celestial Mama.

Now, your mission of making the eternal Will known is braided with mine and with that of my dear Mother. And since it is to serve for the good of all, it was necessary to centralize this eternal Sun of my Volition in one creature, so that, as unique mission, this Sun might let Its rays blaze from one alone, so that all might take the good of Its light. Therefore, for the decorum and honor of my Will, I was to pour into you such graces, light, love and knowledge of It, as the herald and preparation which befitted the dwelling of the Sun of my Volition. Even more, you must know that, just as my Humanity, because of Its office of Redeemer, conceived all souls, in the same way, because of your office of making my Will known and reigning, as you keep doing your acts in my Will for all, all creatures remain conceived in your will; and as you keep repeating your acts in my Will, you form so many sips of life of Divine Will as to be able to nourish all the creatures which, by virtue of my Will, are as though conceived in yours. Do you not feel how, in my Will, you embrace everyone, from the first to the last creature which is to exist upon earth; and, for all, you would want to satisfy, love, please this Supreme Will, binding It to all, removing all obstacles that prevent Its dominion within creatures, making It known to all; and you expose yourself, even with pains, to satisfy this Supreme Will for all, which so much loves to make Itself known and to reign in the midst of creatures? To you, firstborn daughter of my Divine Volition, it is given to make known the qualities, the value, the good It contains, and Its eternal sorrow of living unknown, hidden, in the midst of the human generations; even more, despised and offended by the evil, and placed by the good at the level of the other virtues, as if It were a little lamp, like the other virtues, and not a Sun, which my Will is.

The mission of my Will is the greatest that can exist; there is no good which does not descend from It; there is no glory which does not come from It. Heaven and earth - everything is centered in It. Therefore, be attentive, and do not want to waste time; everything I have told you for this mission of my Will was necessary - not for you, but for the honor, the glory, the knowledge and the sanctity of my Will. And since my Will is one, one was to be she to whom I was to entrust It, and through whom I was to make Its rays blaze, to do good to all.”

May 4, 1925
The mission of the Divine Will will veil the Most Holy Trinity upon earth, and will make man return to his origin.

After writing what is written above, I began to do the adoration to my Crucified Jesus, fusing all of myself in His Most Holy Will; and my beloved Jesus came out from within my interior, and placing His most holy face close to mine, all tenderness, told me: “My daughter, did you write everything on the mission of my Will?” And I: ‘Yes, yes, I wrote everything.’ And He, again: “And what if I told you that you have not written everything? Rather, you have left out the most essential thing. So, continue writing, and add: ‘The mission of my Will will veil the Most Holy Trinity upon earth. Just as in Heaven there are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, inseparable from One Another but distinct among Themselves, forming the whole beatitude of Heaven; in the same way, on earth there will be three persons who, because of their missions, will be distinct and inseparable among themselves: the Virgin, with Her Maternity which veils the Paternity of the Celestial Father and encloses His power in order to fulfill Her mission of Mother of the Eternal Word and Co-Redemptrix of mankind; my Humanity, for the mission of Redeemer, which enclosed the Divinity, and the Word, without ever separating from the Father and from the Holy Spirit, manifested my celestial wisdom - adding the bond of rendering Myself inseparable from my Mama; and you, for the mission of my Will, as the Holy Spirit will make display of His love, manifesting to you the secrets, the prodigies of my Will, the goods It contains, to make happy those who will give themselves to knowing how much good this Supreme Will contains, to love It and to let It reign in their midst, offering their souls to let It dwell within their hearts, that It may be able to form Its Life in them – adding the bond of inseparability between you, the Mother and the Eternal Word.

These three missions are distinct and inseparable. The first two have prepared the graces, the light, the work, and with unheard-of pains, for the third mission of my Will, to then fuse themselves all in It without leaving their office, so as to find rest, because my Will alone is celestial rest. These missions will not be repeated, because the exuberance of grace, of light, of knowledge is such and so great that all human generations can be filled with them; even more, they will not be able to contain all the good which they contain. These missions are symbolized by the sun; in fact, in creating it, I filled it with so much light and heat, that all human generations have superabundant light. Nor did I consider that, since at the beginning of creation there were only Adam and Eve who would enjoy it, I could place the necessary light for them only, to then increase new light as the generations would grow. No, no – I made it full of light, just as it is now, and will be. For the decorum and the honor of Our power, wisdom and love, Our works are always done with the fullness of all the good which they contain; nor are they subject to increasing or decreasing. So I did with the sun: I centralized in it all the light which was to serve up to the last man. But how many goods does the sun not do for the earth? What glory, in its mute light, does it not give to its Creator? I can say that because of the immense goods it does to the earth, in its mute language the sun glorifies Me and makes Me known more than all other things together; and this, because it is full in its light, and stable in its course. When I looked at the sun which, with so much light, only Adam and Eve were enjoying, I also looked at all the living; and in seeing that that light was to serve all, my paternal goodness exulted with joy, and I remained glorified in my works. So I did with my Mama: I filled Her with so much grace, that She can give graces to all without ever exhausting even one of them. So I did with my Humanity: there is no good which It does not possess; It enclosed everything, and the very Divinity, to give It to whomever wants of It. So I did with you: I enclosed in you my Will, and, with It, I enclosed Myself. I enclosed in you Its knowledges, Its secrets, Its light. I filled your soul up to the brim; so much so, that what you write is nothing other than the outpouring of what you contain of my Will. And even though it now serves you alone, and a few glimmers of light serve a few others, I am content because, being light, more than second sun, it will make its way by itself, in order to illuminate the human generations and to bring about the fulfillment of Our works: that Our Will be known and loved, and that It reign as life in the creatures. This was the purpose of Creation – this, its beginning, and this will be the means and the end.

Therefore, be attentive, because this is about placing in safety that Eternal Will which, with so much love, wants to dwell in the creatures. But It wants to be known, It does not want to be like a stranger, but wants to give Its goods and become Life of each one. However, It wants Its rights, Its place of honor; It wants the human will to be put aside – the only enemy for Itself and for man. The mission of my Will was the purpose of the creation of man. My Divinity did not depart from Heaven - from Its throne, while my Will not only departed, but descended into all created things and formed Its Life in them. But while all things recognized Me, and I dwell in them with majesty and decorum, man alone drove Me away. But I want to conquer him and win him, and therefore my mission is not ended. So I called you, entrusting to you my own mission, that you may place the one who drove Me away on the lap of my Will, and everything may return to Me in my Will. Therefore, do not be surprised at the many great and marvelous things I may tell you for the sake of this mission, or at the many graces I may give you; because this is not about making a Saint, or saving the generations. This is about placing a Divine Will in safety, that all may return to the beginning, to the origin from which all came, and that the purpose of my Will may have its fulfillment.’”

May 10, 1925
Different ways of fusing oneself in the Divine Will. In the Divine Will there is the void of the human acts which must be done in It.

I write only out of obedience, and I will make a mix of past things and present things. Many times in my writings I say: ‘I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition’, and I do not explain further. Now, forced by obedience, I will say what happens to me in fusing myself.

As I fuse myself, an immense void, all of light, becomes present before my mind, such that one can find neither the extent of its height, nor of its depth, nor the boundaries on the right or on the left, nor those on the front or on the back. In the midst of this immensity, at a point extremely high, I seem to see the Divinity, or the Three Divine Persons, waiting for me; but this, always mentally. And, I don’t know how, a little girl comes out of me; but it is my own self - maybe it is my little soul. But it is moving to see this little girl placing herself on the way within this immense empty space - all alone, shy, walking on tiptoe, with her eyes always fixed on the place where she sees the Three Divine Persons, because she fears that if she lowers her gaze in that immense void, she wouldn’t know at which point she would end up. All her strength is in that gaze fixed on high; in fact, as her gaze is corresponded by the gaze of the Supreme Height, she draws strength along the way. Now, as she arrives before Them, she plunges herself with her face into that void, to adore the Divine Majesty. But one hand from the Divine Persons raises the little girl; and They say to her: “Our daughter, the little daughter of Our Will – come into Our arms.” In hearing this, she becomes festive, and makes the Three Divine Persons festive, as They await the carrying out of her office, entrusted to her by Them. And with grace typical of a little girl, she says: ‘I come to adore You, to bless You, to thank You for all. I come to bind to your throne all human wills of all generations, from the first to the last man, so that all may recognize your Supreme Will, adore It, love It, and give It life within their souls. Supreme Majesty, in this immense void there are all creatures, and I want to take them all in order to place them in your Holy Will, so that all may return to the origin from which they came – that is, your Will. This is why I have come into your paternal arms – to bring You all your children and brothers of mine, and bind them all with your Will. And in the name of all, and for all, I want to repair You and give You the homage and the glory as if all done your Most Holy Will. But, O please! I pray You, let there be no more separation between Divine Will and human will. It is a little girl who asks this of You, and I know that You can deny nothing to the little ones.’ But who can say everything? I would be too long. In addition to the fact that I lack the words to express what I say before the Supreme Height, it seems to me that, here in the low world, we do not use the same language as in that immense void.

Other times, then, while I fuse myself in the Divine Volition and that immense void comes before my mind, I go around through all created things and I impress on them an ‘I love You’ for the Supreme Majesty, as though wanting to fill the whole atmosphere with many ‘I love You’s’, in order to requite the Supreme Love for so much love toward the creatures. Even more, I go around through each thought of creature, and I impress in them my ‘I love You’; through each gaze, and I leave my ‘I love You’ within them; through each mouth and each word, and I seal in them my ‘I love You’; through each heartbeat, work and step, and I cover them with my ‘I love You’ to my God. I go down deep, into the sea, into the depths of the ocean, and I want to fill each darting of the fish, each drop of water, with my ‘I love You’. Then, after she has as though sowed my ‘I love You’ everywhere, the little girl brings herself before the Divine Majesty, and as though wanting to give Him a surprise, she says: ‘My Creator and my Father, my Jesus and my Eternal Love, look – all things, on the part of all creatures, tell You that they love You. Everywhere there is an ‘I love You’ for You; Heaven and earth are filled with them. And You – will You not concede to your tiny little one that your Will descend into the midst of creatures, make Itself known, make peace with the human will; and as It takes Its just dominion, Its place of honor, no creature may ever do her will again, but always Yours?’

Other times, then, while I fuse myself in the Divine Volition, I want to feel sorrow for all the offenses given to my God, and I resume my round within that immense void, in order to find all the sorrow that Jesus felt for all sins. I make it my own, and I go around everywhere, in the most hidden and secret places, in public places, over all evil human acts, to feel sorrow for all the offenses and for each sin. I feel I would want to cry out, at each motion of creature: ‘Sorrow! Forgiveness!’ And so that all may hear it, I impress it on the rumbling of the thunder, so that sorrow for having offended my God may thunder in all hearts; forgiveness, in the striking of lightening; sorrow, in the whistling of the wind; sorrow, forgiveness, in the tinkling of the bells. In sum, sorrow and forgiveness in everything. Then I bring to my God the sorrow of all, I implore forgiveness for all, and I say: ‘Great God, let your Will descend upon earth, so that sin may take place no more. It is the human will alone that produces so many offenses as to seem to be flooding the earth with sins. Your Will will be the destroyer of all evils. Therefore, I pray You, make the little daughter of your Will content, who wants nothing else but that your Will be known and loved, and that It reign in all hearts.’

I remember that one day I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition, and I was looking at the sky, as it was pouring with rain. I felt great pleasure in seeing water pouring down over the earth; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, with unspeakable love and tenderness, told me: “My daughter, in those drops of water which you see descending from the heavens, there is my Will. My Will runs rapidly together with the water; It departs in order to quench the thirst of creatures, to descend into the human bowels, into their veins, in order to refresh them, to constitute Itself life of the creatures, and to bring them my kiss, my love. It departs in order to water the earth, to fecundate it, and to prepare the food for them; It departs for many other needs of creatures. My Will wants to have life in all created things in order to give celestial and natural life to all creatures. However, while It goes toward all as though in feast and full of love, It does not receive the adequate requital, and It remains as though on an empty stomach on the part of creatures. My daughter, your will also, fused in Mine, runs within that water that rains down from the heavens; it runs together with It, wherever It goes. Never leave It alone, and give It the requital of your love, and for all.” But as He was saying this, my pupils remained enchanted; I could not move them from that pouring water. My will was running with it, and in that water I could see the hands of my Jesus multiplied into many, in order to bring water to all with His very hands. But who can say what I felt within me? Only Jesus can say it – He, who is the author of it. And who can say the many ways of fusing myself in His Most Holy Volition? For now I have said enough; if Jesus wants, He will give me the words and the grace to say more, and I will resume my speaking.

In addition to this, I was saying to my Jesus: ‘Tell me, my Love, what is this void that makes itself present before my mind when I fuse myself in your Most Holy Will? Who is this little girl that comes out of me; and why does she feel an irresistible force to come to your throne in order to place her little acts on the divine lap, almost to make a feast for Him?’ And my sweet Jesus, all goodness, told me: “My daughter, the void is my Will, placed at your disposal, which should be filled with so many acts for as many as the creatures would have done, had they fulfilled Our Will. This immense void that you see, which represents Our Will, came out from Our Divinity for the good of all in Creation, in order to make everyone and everything happy. Therefore, as though consequently, all creatures should have filled this void with the requital of their acts and the offering of their wills to their Creator. But since they did not do so, giving Us the greatest offense, We called you with a special mission to be compensated for and requited with what the others owed to Us. And this is the reason why first We disposed you with a long chain of graces, and then We asked you if you wanted to live in Our Will. And you accepted with a ‘yes’, binding your will to Our throne, wanting to know it never again, because human will and Divine Will do not combine, nor can they live together. Now, that ‘yes’ – that is, your will - exists, bound tightly to Our throne; and this is why your soul, like a little girl, is drawn before the Supreme Majesty - because there is you will before Us that draws you like a magnet. And you, instead of looking at your will, occupy yourself only with bringing onto Our lap everything you have been able to do in Our Will, and you place Our very Will in Our bosom, as the greatest homage which befits Us, and the requital most pleasing to Us. Your heedlessness of your will, and Our Will which alone lives in you, make Us festive; your little acts done in Our Will bring Us the joys of the whole Creation. So, it seems that everything smiles at Us and makes feast for Us; and seeing that you descend from Our throne, without even looking at your will, carrying Our Will with you, is the greatest joy for Us. This is why I always say to you: ‘Be attentive in Our Will’ - because in It there is much to do; and the more you do, the greater the feast you will make for Us, and Our Volition will pour out in torrents, inside and outside of you.”

May 17, 1925
More ways to fuse oneself in the Divine Will, in order to give God, in the name of all, the requital of love and glory for the works of Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.

After I had let the confessor hear what is written above, with the date of May 10th, he was not satisfied, and imposed on me to continue writing about the way I fuse myself in the Holy Divine Volition. So, only to obey, and for fear that my Jesus might be disappointed even slightly, I resume my speaking.

Now, I add that as that immense void becomes present before my mind when I fuse myself in the Supreme Volition, the little girl continues her round, and rising up high, she wants to requite her God for all the love He had for all creatures in Creation. She wants to honor Him as the Creator of all things, and so she goes around through the stars, and in each twinkling of light she impresses my ‘I love You’ and ‘glory to my Creator’; in each atom of the light of the sun that descends down below, ‘I love You’ and ‘glory’; in the whole expanse of the heavens, within the distance between one step and another, my ‘I love You’ and ‘glory’; in the warbling of the bird, in the beating of its wings, ‘love’ and ‘glory to my Creator’; in the blade of grass which sprouts from the earth, in the flower that blooms, in the fragrance that ascends, ‘love’ and ‘glory’; on the height of the mountains and in the depth of the valleys, ‘love’ and ‘glory’. I go around through each heart of creature, as though wanting to enclose myself within it, and cry out, inside each heart, my ‘I love You’ and ‘glory to my Creator’. I would want that one be the cry, one the Will, one the harmony of all things: ‘Glory and love to my Creator’. And then, as though having gathered everything together, in such a way that everything says requital of love and attestation of glory for all that God has done in Creation, I bring myself to His throne, and I say to Him: ‘Supreme Majesty and Creator of all things, this little girl comes into your arms to tell You that all Creation, in the name of all creatures, gives You the requital, not only of love, but of the just glory for the so many things created by You for love of us. In your Will, in this immense void, I have wandered everywhere, so that all things may glorify You, love You and bless You. And now that I have placed for You the love between Creator and creature in their relationship, which the human will had broken, as well as the glory that everyone owed You, let your Will descend upon earth, that It may bind and strengthen all the relations between Creator and creature. All things will return to the original order established by You. Therefore, hurry, delay no more - don’t You see how the earth is full of evils? Your Will alone can stop this current, can place it in safety – but your Will known and ruling.’

Then, after this, I feel that my office is not complete, therefore I descend down below within that void, in order to requite Jesus for the work of Redemption. And as though finding all that He did in act, I want to give Him my requital of all the acts which all creatures should have done for Him, in awaiting Him and receiving Him upon earth. Then, as though wanting to transform all of myself into love for Jesus, I go back to my refrain, and I say: ‘I love You in your act of descending from Heaven; I impress my ‘I love You’ in your act of being conceived; ‘I love You’ in the first drop of blood which was formed in your Humanity; ‘I love You’ in the first beat of your Heart, so as to mark all your heartbeats with my ‘I love You’. ‘I love You’ in your first breath; ‘I love You’ in your first pains; ‘I love You’ in the first tears You shed in the maternal womb. I want to requite your prayers, your reparations, your offerings, with my ‘I love You’; I want to seal each instant of your life with my ‘I love You’. ‘I love You’ in your being born; ‘I love You’ in the cold You suffered; ‘I love You’ in each drop of the milk You suckled from your Mama. I intend to fill with my ‘I love You’s’ the clothes with which your Mama swaddled You; I lay my ‘I love You’ upon that ground on which your dear Mother laid You down gently in the manger, and your most tender limbs felt the hardness of the hay – but more than of hay, the hardness of hearts. My ‘I love You’ in each of your wailings, in all the tears and pains of your tender age. I make my ‘I love You’ flow within all the relations and communications and love You had with your Mama. ‘I love You’ in each word You spoke, in the food You took, in the steps You took, in the water You drank. ‘I love You’ in the work You did with your hands; ‘I love You’ in all the acts You did during your hidden life. I seal my ‘I love You’ in each one of your interior acts and in the pains You suffered; I lay my ‘I love You’ on the roads You covered, in the air You breathed, in all the sermons You gave during your public life. My ‘I love You’ flows in the power of the miracles You performed, in the Sacraments You instituted. In everything, O my Jesus, even in the inmost fibers of your Heart, I impress my ‘I love You’ for myself and for all. Your Will makes everything present to me, and nothing do I want to leave out, in which my ‘I love You’ is not impressed. Your little daughter of your Will feels the duty, if there is nothing else she can do for You, that You may have at least a little ‘I love You’ for everything You have done for me and for all! Therefore, my ‘I love You’ follows You in all the pains of your Passion, in all the spit, scorns and insults that they gave You. My ‘I love You’ seals each drop of the blood You shed, each blow You received, each wound that formed in your body, each thorn that pierced your head, the bitter pains of the crucifixion, the words You pronounced on the Cross. Up to your last breath, I intend to impress my ‘I love You’. I want to close all your life, all your acts, with my ‘I love You’. I want You to touch, see and feel my continuous ‘I love You’ everywhere. My ‘I love You’ will never leave You – your very Will is the life of my ‘I love You’.

But do You know what this little girl wants? That the Divine Volition which You so much loved, and which You did during your whole life upon earth, make Itself known to all creatures, so that all may love It, and may fulfill your Will on earth as It is in Heaven. This little girl wants to conquer You in love, that You may give your Will to all creatures. O please! make this poor little one happy, who wants nothing else but what You want: that your Will be known and that It reign upon earth.’

Now I believe that obedience will be content in some way, though it is true that in many things I had to make a few jumps, otherwise I would never end. Fusing myself in the Supreme Volition is like a springing fount for me; and every little thing I hear or see, one offense given to my Jesus, is an occasion for me for new ways and new fusions in His Most Holy Will.

Now I continue by saying that my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, to what you have said on fusing yourself in my Will, another appeal must be added – that of fusing yourself in the order of grace, in everything that the Sanctifier – the Holy Spirit - has done and will do for those who are to be sanctified. More so since, while We, the Three Divine Persons, are always united in operating, if the Creation points to the Father, and Redemption to the Son, the Fiat Voluntas Tua will point to the Holy Spirit. And it is precisely in the Fiat Voluntas Tua that the Divine Spirit will make display of His work. You do it when, on coming before the Supreme Majesty, you say: ‘I come to requite You in love for everything that the Sanctifier does for those who are to be sanctified. I come to enter into the order of grace, so as to be able to give You the glory and the requital of love as if all had made themselves saints, and to repair You for all the oppositions and lack of correspondence to grace’. And as much as you can, you search within Our Will for the acts of grace of the Spirit Sanctifier, so as to make His sorrow your own, as well as His secret moans, His anguishing sighs in the depth of the hearts, in seeing Himself so unwelcome. And since the first act He does is to bring Our Will as the complete act of their sanctification, in seeing Himself rejected, He moans with inexpressible moans. And you, in your childlike simplicity, say to Him: ‘Spirit Sanctifier, hurry, I implore You, I pray You again – make your Will known to all, so that, by knowing It, they may love It, and may welcome your first act of their complete sanctification – which is your Holy Will.’ My daughter, We, the Three Divine Persons, are inseparable and distinct, and in this way do We want to manifest to the human generations Our works for them - that while being united among Ourselves, each One of Us wants to manifest individually His love and His work toward the creatures.”

May 21, 1925
One who lives in the Divine Will must consider himself a citizen of Heaven. This is the living in Divine Will: never to leave the Creator alone, to admire all of His works, and to give to Him, in return for His great acts, the little acts of a creature.

I was thinking to myself, and almost lamenting to my lovable Jesus, that sometimes He allows that He comes and makes me suffer in the presence of the confessor; and as much as I try to resist falling into that state of loss of consciousness and of pains, it is impossible for me. I say to Jesus: ‘My Love, there was time last night; and there is time today for You to come and make me suffer. For now, since the confessor is here, leave me free, and later You will do whatever You want - I will be at your disposal.’ But – no! I say this in vain; an irresistible force surprises me and puts me in a state as if I were dying. So, I was lamenting to Jesus about this, and I prayed Him not to allow it. And He, all goodness, told me: “My daughter, if I allow it, it is because of the firmness of the confessor, who does not cease to pray Me to make you suffer, always for the purpose of my glory, and of placating Me. If I did not concur, I would remain dishonored in you, and you would cause the truths which I have manifested to you, both on my Will and on the other virtues, to be put into doubt. One could say: ‘Where is the obedience of the victim, whose very nature must be transformed into what obedience wants?’ So, you would want to dishonor Me, and cause others not to believe that it is I who speaks and operates in you.

Furthermore, you must know that in order to entrust to you the mission of my Will, though I did not remove from you the original sin, as I did with my beloved Mama, I removed from you the source of concupiscence and the seed of corruption, because it befitted the decorum and the sanctity of my Will for It not to take Its place in a corrupted will and nature. These would have been like clouds before the sun of my Will; and the knowledges about It, like rays, would not have penetrated and taken possession of your soul. Now, since my Will is in you, all Heaven, the Most Holy Virgin, all the Saints and Angels, are bound to you, because my Will is life of each one of them. Therefore, when you hesitate, even slightly, or when you reflect on whether you should adhere or not, Heaven and earth feel shaken from their very foundations, because that Will which is life of all, and which, by Its highest goodness, wants to reign in you as It does in Heaven, does not have Its full dominion, Its just honor. Therefore, I recommend to you: never again call your will to life, if you want your Jesus to be honored in you, and my Will to remain with Its full dominion.”

I was frightened in hearing of the great evil I do by merely reflecting on whether or not I should surrender to what Jesus wants of me, even though I always end up surrendering. What would happen if – may this never be – I did not surrender? I felt distressed, fearing I might do that; and my lovable Jesus, having compassion for my distress, as I felt crushed, fearing that – may this never be – I might not always do His Most Holy Will, came back and told me: “My daughter, courage, do not fear. I have told you this, and I have showed you how all of Heaven is bound to that Will of Mine which reigns in you, so that you may never surrender to your will, because the Divine Will and the human will are the fiercest enemies of each other. And since the Divine Will is stronger, holier, more immense, it is befitting that Its enemy – the human will – remain under Its feet, and serve as the footstool of the Divine Will. In fact, one who must live in my Will must not consider himself a terrestrial citizen, but must regard himself as a citizen of Heaven. And it is with just reason that all the Blessed feel shaken, because one who lives with their same Will is thinking of letting the human will enter the field – cause of disorder, which has never entered the celestial regions. You must be convinced that by living of my Will, the life of your will is ended - it no longer has reason to exist. This is why I have told you many times that living in my Will is very different: those who do my Will are free to give their own and to take it back, because they live as terrestrial citizens; but one who lives in It is bound to an eternal point, flows together with my Will, is surrounded by an impregnable fortress. Therefore, do not fear, and be attentive.”

Then, as though wanting to cheer me and to strengthen me in His Most Holy Will, He took my hand in His and told me: “My daughter, come and do your round in my Will. See, my Will is one, but It flows as though divided in all created things, and yet, without being divided. Look at the stars, the azure heavens, the sun, the moon, the plants, the flowers, the fruits, the fields, the earth, the sea - everything and everyone: in each thing there is an act of my Will; and not only an act, but my Will has remained in each created thing as the preserver of my very act. My Will does not want to remain alone in Its act, but wants the company of your act – It wants your requital. This is why I have placed you in my Will – that you may keep company with my acts, and together with my Will, you will want what I want: that the stars twinkle, that the sun fill the earth with light, that the plants bloom, that the field become golden, that the bird warble, that the sea murmur, that the fish dart. In sum, you will want whatever I want. My Will will no longer feel alone in the created things, but will feel the company of your acts. Therefore, go around through each created thing, and constitute yourself act for each act of my Will. This is the living in my Will: never to leave the Creator alone, to admire all of His works, and to give to Him, in return for His great acts, the little acts of a creature.” I don’t know how, I found myself in that immense void of light, in order to find all those acts come out of the Will of God, so as to place in them the requital of my act of adoration, of praise, of love, and of thanksgiving. And then, I found myself inside myself.

May 30, 1925
The free will in the Blessed in Heaven and in the soul who lives in the Divine Will on earth. Knowledge opens the doors of the good which is known, in order to possess it.

I was feeling oppressed because of the loss of my adorable Jesus. Oh! how I longed for His return! I called Him with my heart, with my voice, with my thoughts, which His privation rendered alert. Oh, God! how long the nights without Jesus, while together with Him they go by like a single breath! And I was saying: ‘My Love, come, do not leave me, I am too little, I need You; and You know that my littleness cannot be without You. And yet, You leave me? Ah! come back, come back, O Jesus.’

At that moment, He extended one arm around my neck, and He made Himself seen as a child, pressing His head, so very strongly, against the inside of my chest, and knocking with His head against my chest, to the point that I felt it as though break down; so much so, that I trembled and feared. And Jesus, with strong and gentle voice, told me: “My daughter, do not fear, It is I, and I do not leave you. And besides, how could I leave you? The living in my Will renders the soul inseparable from Me. My Life is for her more than the soul to the body; and just as the body without the soul turns into dust, because it lacks the life that sustains it, in the same way, without my Life within yourself, you would remain empty of all the acts of my Will in you. You would no longer hear my voice in the depth of your soul, repeating and whispering to you the way to have you carry out your office in my Will. If there is my voice, there is also my Life which emits it. How easily you think that I might leave you - I cannot do it; first you would have to leave my Will, and then you could think that I have left you. But for you to leave my Will will also be difficult, not to say almost impossible.

You are in the condition which is almost similar to that of the Blessed in Heaven. They have not lost their free will; this is a gift which I gave man, and what I give once, I never take back. Slavery has never entered Heaven; I am the God of sons and daughters, not of slaves; I am the King who makes everyone reign – there is no division between Me and them. But the knowledge of my goods, of my Will and of my happiness is so great and so vast, that they are filled with it to the brim, to the point of overflowing outside, and their will finds no place to act. And while they are free, the knowledge of an infinite Will and of the infinite goods in which they are immersed, leads them with an irresistible force to use their will as if they did not have it, considering this their greatest fortune and happiness, but spontaneously free, and of their own will.

The same for you, my daughter. Making my Will known to you has been the greatest grace I have given you; and while you are free to do your will or not, before Mine your will feels incapable of operating - it feels annihilated. And knowing the great good of my Will, you abhor yours, and without anyone forcing you, you love to do my Will in view of the great good which comes to you from It. The many knowledges which I have manifested to you about my Will are divine bonds, eternal chains that surround you, possessions of celestial goods. And if it tries to escape from these eternal chains, break these divine bonds, lose these celestial possessions also in this life, your will, though free, does not find its way out, it becomes confused, it sees its littleness, and fearing itself - some trick of its own, it dives and plunges itself into my Will with more spontaneous love. Knowledge opens the doors of the good which is known, and the more knowledges I have manifested to you about my Will, the more different doors of goods, of light, of grace and of divine sharings, I have opened for you. These doors are open for you; and as these knowledges reach into the midst of creatures, these doors will open for them, because knowledge makes love arise for the good which is known. And the first door I will open will be my Will, in order to close the little door of theirs. My Will will make them abhor their own, because before my Will the human will is incapable of acting; with the light of my Will it sees how insignificant and good at nothing it is; therefore, as though consequently, they will put their will aside. Moreover, you must know that when I manifest to you one knowledge about my Will, only when you have let all the good of what I have manifested to you enter into your soul - then do I decide to open for you another door of my knowledge. If I did not do so, yours would only be the news of that good, but not the possession of it. I do not know how to do this; whenever I speak, I want the good which I manifest to be possessed. Therefore, be attentive in the exercise of my Will, that I may open for you more doors of my knowledges, and you may enter more into the divine possessions.”

June 3, 1925
Everything was done in Creation; in It, the Divinity manifested all of Its majesty, power and wisdom, and made display of His complete love toward the creatures. If man does not take the Divine Will as life, the works of Redemption and Sanctification will not have their copious effects.

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition according to my usual way, and I was thinking to myself: ‘Where has Our Lord God done more for the creature: in the Creation, in the Redemption, or in the Sanctification?’ And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, showed me the whole Creation. How much sublimeness! What magnificence! How many harmonies! What order! There is not one point, either in Heaven or on earth, in which God has not created something special and distinct – and with such mastery that the greatest scientists, before the smallest thing created by God, feel that all of their science and mastery is an absolute nothing compared to the things created by God, which are full of life and of motion. Oh! how true it is that to look at the universe and not to recognize God, not to love Him and not to believe in Him, is true folly! All created things are like many veils that hide Him; and God comes to us as though veiled in each created thing, because man is incapable of seeing Him unveiled in his mortal flesh. The love of God for us is so great, that in order not to dazzle us with His light, frighten us with His power, make us feel ashamed in front of His beauty, annihilated before His immensity, He veils Himself in the created things, so as to come in each created thing and be with us - even more, to make us swim in His very Life. My God, how much You have loved us, and how much You love us!

Then, after He had me look at the whole universe, my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, everything was done in Creation. In It, the Divinity manifested all of Its majesty, power and wisdom, and made display of His complete love toward the creatures. There is not one point, either in Heaven or on earth, or in any created thing, in which the completeness of Our works cannot be seen - not one thing was left half-done. In Creation, God showed off all His works for the creatures; He loved with complete love, and did complete works – there was nothing to be added or to be removed. So, I did everything, nor can We do incomplete works; on the contrary, in Creation, a distinct and complete love toward each creature was placed in each created thing.

The Redemption was nothing other than a reparation of the evils that creatures had done; It added nothing to the work of Creation. And Sanctification is nothing other than help, grace, light, so that man may return to his original state of creation, to his origin, and to the purpose for which he was created. In fact, in Creation, by virtue of my Will, the sanctity of man was complete, because he came out of a complete act of God. He was holy and happy in the soul, because my Will brought to him the reflections of the sanctity of his Creator; and he was also holy and happy in the body.

Ah! my daughter, in spite of Redemption and the work of Sanctification, the sanctity in man is incomplete, and for some it is as though useless. This says that if man does not turn back in order to take my Will as life, as rule and as food, to be purified, ennobled, divinized, and to take the first act of Creation, so as to take my Will as his inheritance, assigned to him by God, the very works of Redemption and Sanctification will not have their copious effects. So, everything is in my Will – if man takes It, he takes everything. It is one single point, which embraces and encloses the goods of Redemption and of Sanctification. Even more, for one who lives in my Will, because he has taken the first point of Creation, all these goods serve him, not as remedy, as for those who do not do my Will, but as glory and as his special inheritance, carried upon earth by the Will of the Celestial Father in the Person of the Word. And if I came upon earth, the first act was precisely this: to make known the Will of my Father, in order to bind It again to the creatures. The pains, the humiliations, my hidden life and the whole immense sea of the pains of my Passion, were remedies, medicines, supports, light, in order to make my Will known, because, with this, I would have man, not only saved, but holy. With my pains I placed him in safety; with my Will I gave him back the sanctity lost in the terrestrial Eden. Had I not done this, my love, my work, would not have been complete as they were in Creation, because my Will alone has the virtue of rendering complete Our works toward the creatures, and the works of the creatures toward Us. My Will makes one think differently; It makes one look at my Will in all created things, speak with the echo of my Will, operate through the veils of my Will. In a word, one does everything, all at once, according to my Supreme Volition, while the other virtues act slowly, little by little. My Redemption Itself, without the first act of my Will, serves to dress the deepest wounds; as medicine for man, so as not to let him die; as antidote, so as not to let him fall into hell. Therefore, take to heart my Will alone, if you really want to love Me and make yourself a saint.”

June 11, 1925
The good that one loses by not doing the Divine Will is irreparable. How the Divine Will is the balance of the attributes of God, and was to be the balance of the man’s operating.

I felt my poor mind immersed in the Most Holy Will of God. Oh! how I wished I would do not even one breath, one heartbeat, one movement, outside the Supreme Volition! It seemed to me that everything which is done outside the Will of God makes us lose new beauty, new grace and light, and places us as though in dissimilarity with our Creator, while Jesus wants us to be similar to our Supreme Maker in everything. And in what easier way can we be like Him other than by receiving into ourselves the continuous Life of His Most Holy Will? It brings us the reflections, the features of our Celestial Father; It maintains whole within us the purpose of Creation; It surrounds us in such a way as to preserve us beautiful and holy, as God created us, and It gives us that something, ever new, of beauty, of light, of love never interrupted, which can be found only in God.

Now, while my mind was wandering in the Eternal Volition, my sweet Jesus, clasping me to Himself, with sensible voice, told me: “My daughter, there is nothing which can equal the great evil of not doing my Will. There is no good which can equal It; there is no virtue which can stand before It. So, the good that one loses by not doing my Will is irreparable; and only by returning again into It can one find the remedy, and be given back the goods which Our Will had established to give to the creature. In vain do creatures flatter themselves that they can do more works, virtues, sacrifices; if these are not a birth from my Will and are not done in order to fulfill It, they are not recognized by Me. More so, since it is established that grace, aids, light, goods and the just reward, be given to one who operates in order to fulfill my Will. Moreover, my Will is eternal - It has no beginning nor will It have an end; and who can calculate one act done in my Will, without beginning and without end? That act is surrounded and filled with goods without end; that which my Will is, so It renders the act. On the other hand, the other virtues, the works and sacrifices without my Will, have a beginning, as well as an end. What great reward can things subject to perishing ever receive?

Furthermore, my Will is the balance of my attributes. If my power did not have this Holy Will, it would unfold into tyranny toward those who so much offend Me; while, by balancing my power, my Will makes Me pour graces there where I should pour fury and destruction. If it were not for my Will which gives it ever new life, my wisdom would not manifest so much art and mastery in Our works. Our beauty would be faded and without attraction if it were not sustained by this eternal Will. Mercy would turn into weakness if it were not balanced by my Will; and so with all the rest of Our attributes. Now, Our paternal goodness has so much love for the creatures, that it has established the balance of man within Our Will. Since man had come out of the Supreme Will, it was right that this Will make Itself the life and maintain the balance of all the operating of man, giving him the likeness of his Creator. So, such dignity, majesty and order in acting were to be seen in him, as to make him to be recognized as a birth from his Maker. Therefore, also from one’s acting, it can be seen whether there is the balance of my Will or that of the human will. And this is the cause of so many works, maybe even good, in which, however, balance, regimen, order, cannot be seen: the execution of my Will is missing; therefore, instead of being admired, they are blamed; and instead of shedding light, they cast darkness. If all that is good comes from my Will, without It, those are apparent goods, without life, and maybe even poisonous, which poison those who take part in them.”

June 18, 1925
How all things contain the seed of regeneration. How the Divine Will must regenerate in the human will in order to turn it into Divine.

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition according to my usual way, and as that immense empty space of the Most Holy Supreme Will came before my mind, I thought to myself: ‘How can it ever be that this void will be filled by the requital of the human acts done in this adorable Divine Will? In order to do this, all the barriers of the human will must be removed, which prevent the step in order to enter into this eternal and celestial sphere of the Supreme Will, in which it seems that God awaits these acts, so that man may return to his origin in the order of Creation, and to those first steps and path in which he had had his beginning. Yet, nothing new, of good, can be seen in the world. Sins have remained as they were; or rather, they are worse. And if some awakening can be heard, of religion, of pure works by Catholic circles, they seem to be masked with that good, but deep inside, in their substance, there are such vices as to be horrifying, more than before. So, how can it ever be that man may give death to all vices as though in one blow, to give life to all virtues, as is required in order to live in this sphere of the Supreme Will? In fact, in order to live in It, there are no compromises, or lives divided between virtues and vices; rather, it is necessary to sacrifice everything, so as to convert all things into Will of God. The human will and human things must have life no more, but must exist in order to fulfill the Will of God in them, and so that It may carry out Its Life within us.’

Now, while I was thinking about this and other things, my sweet Jesus, interrupting my thought, told me: “My daughter, yet, it will be so – this immense void of my Will will be filled with the human acts done by creatures in my Will. My Will came out of the eternal Womb of the Supreme Being for the good of man. While this Will of Ours did one single act in coming out of Us in order to overwhelm man, in such a way that he might find no way out, It then multiplied Itself into many innumerable acts, in order to surround him and say to him: ‘See, this Will of Mine not only envelops you, but is in continuous attitude of immediate acts, to make Itself known and to receive the requiting act into my Will.’ All things receive their return, and if they don’t, they can be called useless works and without value. The seed sowed by the sower under the earth wants its return: that the seed generate more seeds - ten, twenty, thirty times more. The tree planted by the farmer wants the return of the generation and multiplication of the fruits. The water drawn from the fount gives the return of quenching one’s thirst, of washing and cleaning the one who has drawn it. The fire that is lit gives the return of warming. In the same way, all the other things created by God, who has the power to generate, contain the virtue of regeneration; they multiply and give their return. Now, is only this Will of Ours, which came out of Us with so much love, with so many manifestations and with so many continuous acts, to remain without Its return of the regeneration of other human wills into Divine? A seed gives more seeds, a fruit generates another fruit, man generates another man, a teacher forms another teacher. Is Our Will alone, powerful as It is, to remain isolated, without return and without generating Our Will in the human will? Ah! no, no - this is impossible. Our Will will have Its return; It will have Its divine generation in the human will; more so, since this was Our first act for which all things were created – that Our Will transform and regenerate the human will into Divine. Will is what came out of Us – will is what we want. All other things were done in the secondary order, while this was done, established, in the primary order of Creation. At the most, it may take time, but the centuries will not end until my Will obtains Its purpose. If It has obtained the purpose of regeneration in secondary things, much more must It obtain it in the primary purpose. Our Will would never have departed from Our Womb, if It knew that It would not obtain Its complete effects – that is, that the human will be regenerated in the Divine Will.

Do you think that things will always be as they are today? Ah! no. My Will will overwhelm everything; It will cause confusion everywhere – all things will be turned upside down. Many new phenomena will occur, such as to confound the pride of man; wars, revolutions, casualties of every kind will not be spared, in order to knock man down, and to dispose him to receive the regeneration of the Divine Will in the human will. And everything I manifest to you about my Will, as well as everything you do in It, is nothing other than preparing the way, the means, the teachings, the light, the graces, so that my Will may be regenerated in the human will. If this were not to occur, I would not have manifested so much to you, nor would I have kept you sacrificed in a bed for such a long time in order to lay in you the foundations of the regeneration of my Will in yours, and therefore keep you in continuous exercise within my Will. Do you think that my continuous being within you, feeding you my prayer, making you feel my pains, which, together with Me, acquire a different value, different effects, a different power – is trivial? I could say that I am making the first statue - the first soul of the regeneration of my Will in her; then, making facsimiles will be easier. This is why I always say to you: ‘Be attentive, for this is about something too great, and about the most important thing that exists in Heaven and on earth: this is about placing the rights of Our Will in safety, about giving back to Us the purpose of Creation, about returning to Us all the glory for which all things were made, and about making Us give all the graces which Our Will had established to give to creatures, had they fulfilled Our Will in everything.”

June 20, 1925
How the soul who lets the Divine Will live within herself puts divine joys and beatitudes in motion, in which the Blessed remain enraptured.

I felt immersed in the Holy Will of God, and my sweet Jesus, drawing me to Himself, clasped me in His arms, very tightly, and then He said to me: “My daughter, oh! how beautiful is my rest in the soul who has my Will as life, and who lets my Will act and love, entirely and completely, within herself! You must know that as the soul breathes, palpitates, operates, and everything else that takes place in her, since my Will is in her as center of life, it is my Will that breathes in her, that palpitates, that gives motion to her work, circulation to her blood, and to everything. Now, since this Will is the same as that which the Three Divine Persons have, it happens that They feel within Themselves the breath of the soul, her heartbeat, her motion. Also, every time Our Will decides to do an act, It makes new joys, new beatitudes, new happinesses come out of Us, which, harmonizing everything among the Divine Persons, form immense seas of new happinesses which, enveloping all the Blessed, cause them to remain enraptured within these joys, and to be shaken by this rapture when Our Will wants to form more acts of Will in order to delight Us and make Us issue more beatitudes; and while they are shaken, they remain yet more strongly enraptured within Our immeasurable beatitudes. Now, because of this, the soul who lets Our Will live within herself reaches such a point that, as she lets It operate, she gives Us the occasion to put Our beatitudes, the harmonies and the infinite joys of Our love in motion; she makes Us issue new beauties of Ours. Our Will operating in the creature is so very pleasing, tender and lovable to Us; It gives Us new surprises; It puts Our things in motion, to give Us the return of Our glory, of Our love, of Our happinesses. And all this, by means of the creature who has given the place within herself to let Our Will live. How not to love this birth from Our Will? More so, since Our Will renders this creature more lovable, gracious, beautiful to Us, in such a way that in no one else do We see her prerogatives. She is a work done by Our Will, with such mastery as to enchant the whole of Heaven, and to render her lovable to all – and even more so, to the Sacrosanct Trinity.” And while He was saying this, He clasped me more tightly, and letting me place my mouth in His Heart, He added: “You too - drink Our beatitudes in large gulps; satiate yourself, as you want, and as much as you want.”

June 25, 1925
How pains and crosses open the doors to new manifestations, to more secret lessons, to the greatest gifts. In order to live in the Divine Will the soul must sacrifice everything, but everything is in understanding the great good that comes to her by doing the Divine Will and living in It.

As I was in my usual state, my adorable Jesus, all love and tenderness, came to my poor soul. First He placed Himself near me and He fixed on me as if He wanted to tell me many things; but He wanted to expand my intelligence, because it was incapable of receiving and comprehending what He wanted to tell me. Then, He laid Himself over my whole person, and He hid me under Himself; He covered my face with His, my hands and my feet with His. It seemed to me that He was all attentive on covering me and hiding me under Himself, so that nothing of myself might appear any more. Oh! how happy I felt, all hidden and covered by Jesus! I could see nothing but Jesus – everything had disappeared from me. The joys, the happiness of His lovable presence had all come back, as if by magic, to live again in my poor heart. Pain had been banished from me, nor did I remember His privation any more, which had cost me mortal pains. Oh! how easy it is to forget everything while being with Jesus! Now, after He kept me all covered and hidden within Himself for some time, to the point that I thought He would never leave me again, I heard Him call the Angels, the Saints, to come and see what Jesus was doing with me, and the way He kept me covered under His adorable person. Then, afterwards, He shared His pains with me, and I let Him do everything. Even though I felt as though being crushed by those pains, I felt happy and I experienced the joys which the Divine Will contains when the soul abandons herself in It, even while suffering.

Then, after He made me suffer, He told me: “My daughter, my Will wants to give Itself to you more and more; and in order to give Itself more, It wants to make Itself understood more. And in order to render what It manifests to you more stable, safer, more estimable, It gives you new pains so as to dispose you more, and to prepare in you the empty space in which to place Its truths. It wants the noble cortege of pain in order to be sure about the soul, and to be able to trust her. It is always pain and crosses that open the doors to new manifestations, to more secret lessons, to the greatest gifts which I want to place in you. In fact, if the soul bears my suffering and sorrowful Will, she will become capable of receiving my delighting Will, and will acquire the hearing in order to understand the new lessons of my Will. Pain will make her acquire the celestial language, in such a way that she will be able to repeat the new lessons she has learned.”

On hearing this, I said to Him: ‘My Jesus and my Life, it seems to me that it takes complete sacrifice in order to do your Will and live in It. At first sight, it seems nothing; but then, in the practice, it seems difficult. Not having a single breath of one’s own will, even in holy things, in good itself, seems to be too painful for the human nature. Therefore, will souls never be able to come to living in your Will with the complete sacrifice of everything?’ And Jesus added: “My daughter, everything is in understanding the great good that comes to her by doing my Will, what this Will is which wants this sacrifice, and how this Will does not adapt Itself to mixing and living with a low, small and finite will. It wants to render the acts of the soul who wants to live in my Will eternal, infinite and divine. And how can It do this, if she wants to put in the breath of her human will, be it even a holy thing, as you say? It is always a finite will; and then the living in my Will would no longer be a reality, but a way of speaking. On the other hand, the office of my Will is total dominion, and it is right that the little atom of the human will be conquered, and that it lose its field of action in my Will. What would you say if a little lamp, a match, or a spark of fire, wanted to enter into the sun to make its own way and form its field of light and of action in the center of the sun? If the sun had reason, it would become indignant, and its light and heat would annihilate that little lamp, that match, that spark; and you would be the first one to mock them, condemning their boldness in wanting to form their own field of action within the light of the sun. Such is the breath of the human will within Mine - even in good. Therefore, be attentive, so that in nothing may your will have life. I covered you and hid you completely within Myself, that you may have no eye but to look at my Will alone, to give It free field of action in your soul. Rather, the difficulty will be in comprehending the living in my Will – not in sacrificing oneself. In fact, once they have understood the great good that comes to them – that, from poor, they will become rich; from slaves to vile passions, they will become free and dominating; from servants, masters; from unhappy, happy, even amid the pains of this poor life – and all the goods which are in my Will, the total sacrifice of everything will be an honor for them; it will be desired, wanted, and longed for. This is why I push you so much to manifest what regards my Will – because everything will be in comprehending It, knowing It and loving It.”

And I: ‘My Jesus, if You so much love and want that this Will of Yours be known, that It may have Its field of divine action within souls, O please! You Yourself, manifest Its truths to souls, the great good which your Will contains, and the great good which they will receive. Your direct word contains a magic force, a powerful magnet, the virtue of the creative power. Oh! how difficult it is not to surrender to the sweet enchantment of your divine word! So, if things are said directly by You, all will surrender.’ And Jesus: “My daughter, it is my usual way, and the order of my eternal Wisdom, to manifest my greatest works first to one soul alone, to centralize in her all the good that my work contains, to deal with her one on one, as if no one else existed. When I have done everything, in such a way as to be able to say that I have accomplished my work completely within her, so much so, that nothing must be lacking to her – then do I let it flow, as though from a vast sea, for the good of the other creatures. So I did with my Celestial Mama: first I dealt with Her, as though one on one, for the work of Redemption; no other creature knew anything at all. She disposed Herself to all sacrifices, to all the necessary preparations in order to make Me descend from Heaven to earth; I did everything as if She were the only Redeemed One. But after She delivered Me to the light, in such a way that all could see Me and take the goods of Redemption, I gave Myself to all, provided that they wanted to receive Me. The same will happen with my Will: once I have completed everything within you, in such a way that my Will will triumph of you, and you of It, then, like water, will It flow for the good of all. But it is necessary to form the first soul, in order to have the second ones.”

June 29, 1925
Neither fears, nor doubts, nor any danger at all, can enter into the Divine Will. Just as the works of Jesus had their complete fruit after His death, so it will be with Luisa. In the Divine Will there are no nights, nor sleep; it is always full daylight and full vigil.

I was feeling oppressed, and a thought wanted to disturb the serenity of my mind: ‘And if you found yourself at the point of death, and doubts and fears came to you about the way you conducted yourself during your life, to the point of making you doubt about your salvation – what would you do?’ But as I was thinking about this, my sweet Jesus gave me no time to reflect any further, or to answer my thought. Moving in my interior, He made Himself seen shaking His head; and as though saddened by my thought, He told me: “My daughter, what are you saying? To think about this is an affront to my Will. Neither fears, nor doubts, nor any danger at all, can enter into It. These are things which do not belong to It; rather, they are the miserable rags of the human will. My Will is like a placid sea that murmurs peace, happiness, safety, certainty; and the waves It releases from Its bosom are waves of joys and of contentments without end. Therefore, in seeing you think about this, I was shaken. My Will is not capable of fears, of doubts, of danger, and the soul who lives in It becomes estranged to the miserable rags of the human will. And besides, what could my Will fear? Who can ever raise doubts about Its operating, if before the Sanctity of my operating Will all tremble and are forced to lower their foreheads, adoring the operating of my Will?

Even more, I want to tell you something very consoling for you, and of great glory for Me. It will happen with you, at your dying in time, just as it happened with Me at my death. In life, I operated, I prayed, I preached, I instituted Sacraments, I suffered unheard-of pains, and even death itself; but I can say that my Humanity saw almost nothing, compared to the great good It had done, nor did the very Sacraments have life as long as I remained on earth. As soon as I died, my death put a seal upon all my works, my words, my pains, the Sacraments; and the fruit of my death confirmed everything I did, and made my works, my pains, my words, my Sacraments which I instituted, as well as the continuation of their life until the consummation of the centuries, rise again to life. So, my death put all my works in motion, and made them rise again to perennial life. All this was right; in fact, since my Humanity contained the Eternal Word and a Will which has no beginning and no end, and which is not subject to dying, nothing was to perish of all that It did - not even a single word, but everything was to have continuation until the end of the centuries, in order to pass into Heaven to beatify all the Blessed eternally. The same will happen with you: my Will which lives in you, speaks to you, makes you operate and suffer, will let nothing perish, not even a single word, of the so many truths I have manifested to you about my Will; It will put everything in motion, It will make everything rise again. Your death will be the confirmation of everything I have told you; and since, in the living in my Will, everything that the soul does, suffers, prays and says, contains an act of Divine Will, all this will not be subject to dying, but will remain in the world, like many lives - all in the act of giving life to creatures. Therefore, your death will tear the veils which cover all the truths I have spoken to you; and they will rise again like many suns, such as to dispel all the doubts and difficulties with which they seemed to be covered in life. So, as long as you live in this low world, you will see little or nothing in others, of all the great good which my Will wants to do through you. But after your death, it will have its full effect.”

After this, I spent the night without being able to close my eyes, either to sleep, or to receive the usual visits of my lovable Jesus, since, when He comes, I doze off within Him, and for me this is more than sleep. However, I spent that time doing the hours of His Passion, and doing the usual rounds in His adorable Will. Then I saw it was daylight (but this happens to me often), and I said to myself: ‘My Love, neither did You come, nor did You let me sleep. So, how shall I go on today without You?’ At that moment, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, telling me: “My daughter, in my Will there are no nights, nor sleep - it is always full daylight and full vigil. There is no time to sleep because there is much to do, to take and to be happy in It. Therefore, you must learn to live in the long day of my Will, so that my Will may have Its life of continuous attitude within you. However, you will find the most beautiful rest, because my Will will make you rise more and more into your God, and will make you comprehend Him more; and the more you comprehend Him, the more your soul will be expanded in order to receive that eternal rest, with all the happinesses and joys which the divine rest contains. Oh! what a beautiful rest will this be for you – a rest which can be found only in my Will!” Now, while He was saying this, He came out from within my interior, and throwing His arms around my neck, He clasped me tightly to Himself; and I stretched out my arms and clasped Him tightly to myself. In the meantime, my sweet Jesus was calling many people who were clinging to His feet; and Jesus was saying to them: “Rise up to my Heart, and I will show you the portents which my Will has done in this soul.” Having said this, He disappeared.

July 9, 1925
Suffering together with Jesus serves as a continuous knocking, with which Jesus knocks at the doors of the soul, and the soul at His.

I felt I could no longer be without my sweet Jesus. For several days I had to long for His return – but in vain. I would say to Him from the heart: ‘My Love, come back to your little daughter; don’t You see that I can take no more? Ah! to what a hard martyrdom You expose my poor existence by depriving me of Yourself!’ And, tired and exhausted, I would abandon myself in His Most Holy Will.

Now, while I was in this state, I was reading, and I felt someone extending his arms around my neck. My mind became drowsy, and I found myself clasped in the arms of Jesus, all overshadowed and hidden in Him. I wanted to tell Him of my sorrow, but He gave me no time to do it. Then Jesus spoke, telling me: “My daughter, don’t you want to convince yourself that when my justice, out of a just reason, wants to chastise the people, I am forced to hide from you? In fact, you are nothing other than a little particle which binds all other particles of the other creatures; and being in a familiar relationship with you, and as though in feast, and wanting to strike the other particles bound to you, my justice finds itself in a contrast, and feels dissuaded from striking the other particles. So, during these past days there have been chastisements in the world, and I have remained hidden from you, but always within you.”

Now, as He was saying this, I found myself outside of myself, and He showed me how in various points of the earth there had been earthquakes at some places, grave fires with death of people at some other places, and other troubles some place else; and it seemed that more grave evils would follow. I was frightened, and I prayed. Then my lovable Jesus came back, and, before Him, I saw myself totally ugly, as though withered; and I said to Him: ‘My Life and my All, look at me – how ugly I have become; how I am about to wither. Ah! how I change without You! Your privation makes me lose the freshness, the beauty; I feel I am under a scorching sun which, draining me of all vital humors, makes me wither and be consumed.’ Then Jesus made me suffer a little bit together with Him. That suffering turned into celestial dew over my soul, which restored the vital humors in me. Then, taking my poor soul in His hands, He added: “Poor daughter of mine, do not fear; if my privation made you wither, my return will give you back freshness, beauty, color, and all of my features. And your suffering together with Me will not only be like dew which rejuvenates you, but will serve as a continuous knocking, with which I can knock at the doors of your soul, and you at mine, so that the doors may remain always open, and you may enter freely into Me, and I into you. And my breath will serve you as breeze, to preserve in you the beautiful freshness with which I created you.” And as He was saying this, He blew very strongly over me, and, clasping me to Himself, He disappeared from me.

July 20, 1925
The state of immobility in which grace is put by souls. The soul who lives in the Divine Will is the favorite of grace.

As I was in my usual state, after going through most bitter privations of my sweet Jesus, finally He made Himself seen; and without saying even a word to me, He put me in a painful position, in perfect immobility. I felt the life, but I had no motion; I felt the breath, but I could not breathe; my whole person had not even the slightest motion. And while feeling pain, I was unable to writhe because of the pain that I felt, but I was forced by the presence of Jesus and by His Most Holy Will to remain immobile. Then, when my blessed Jesus pleased to do so, He extended His arms as though to grab me and clasp me to His bosom; and He said to me: “My daughter, have you seen how painful is the state of immobility? It is the hardest state, because even while feeling bitter pains, motion is a relief – it is a sign of life. Contortions are mute voices, which ask for help and stir those who are around to compassion. You have experienced how painful that is. But do you know why I put you in this state of immobility? To make you comprehend the state in which my grace finds itself, and to receive a reparation from you.

Oh! in what a state of immobility does my grace find itself! It is life and continuous motion, and is in continuous act of giving itself to creatures; but creatures reject it and render it immobile. It feels the life, it wants to give life; but it is forced by human ingratitude to remain immobile and without motion. What pain! My grace is light and, as light, it naturally spreads; but creatures do nothing but release darkness; and while my light wants to enter into them, the darkness which they spread paralyzes my light and renders it as though immobile and without life for creatures. My grace is love, and contains the virtue of being able to ignite all; but the creature, loving something else, renders this love as though dead for herself, and my grace feels the most harrowing pain of the state of immobility in which creatures put it.

Oh! in what most painful constraints does my grace find itself! And this, not only from those who, openly, are said to be evil, but also from those who are said to be religious, pious souls; and, many times, because of trifles, because of something which is not to their liking, a whim, a most vile attachment, or because they do not find the satisfaction of their own wills in the very holy things. While my grace is all motion and life for them, they render it immobile, and they cling to what they like, to their whim, to human attachments, and to everything in which they feel the satisfaction of their own self. So, in the place of my grace they put their own self, as life and as their own idol.

But do you know who is the comforter, the indivisible companion, the enrapturer who raptures the motion and the life of my grace – even more, she accelerates its motion more and more, and does not render it immobile, not even for one instant? One who lives in my Will. Where my Will reigns, my grace is always in motion, it is always in feast, it has always something to do, it is never left grieving or idle. The soul in whom my Will reigns is the favorite of my grace; she is its little secretary, in whom it deposits the secrets of its sorrows and of its joys. It entrusts everything to her, because my Will has sufficient space to receive the deposit which my grace contains; because she is nothing other than a continuous birth from my Supreme Will.”

August 2, 1925
The ‘I love you’ is everything. The work of Luisa with the Celestial Mama.

I was praying and fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition. I wanted to go around everywhere, up into the Empyreum, in order to find that supreme ‘I love you’ which is not subject to any interruption. I wanted to make it my own, so that I too might have an ‘I love you’ never interrupted, which might echo the eternal ‘I love you’; and by possessing within myself the source of the true ‘I love you’, I might have an ‘I love you’ for all, for each one, for each motion, for each act, for each breath, for each heartbeat, and for each ‘I love you’ of my Jesus Himself. And as I seemed to reach the bosom of the Eternal One, making Their ‘I love you’ my own, I kept repeating, everywhere and upon each thing, a singsong of ‘I love you’s’ for my Supreme Lord. Now, while I was doing this, my thought interrupted my ‘I love you’, telling me: “What are you doing? You could be doing something else. And besides, what is this ‘I love you’? How special at all is it?’ And my sweet Jesus, as though moving hurriedly in my interior, told me: “What? How special at all is the ‘I love you’ for Me? My daughter, the ‘I love you’ is everything! The ‘I love you’ is love, is veneration, is esteem, it is heroism, it is sacrifice, it is trust toward the one to whom it is directed. The ‘I love you’ is to possess the One who encloses the ‘I love you’. The ‘I love you’ is a small word, but it weighs as much as the whole eternity! The ‘I love you’ encloses everything, envelops everyone; it diffuses, it restricts itself, it rises up high, it descends down below, it impresses itself everywhere, but it never stops. How can you say this, my daughter - how special at all is the ‘I love you’? Its origin is eternal; in the ‘I love you’ the Celestial Father generated Me, and in the ‘I love you’ the Holy Spirit proceeded. In the ‘I love you’ the Eternal Fiat issued the whole Creation, and in the ‘I love you’ It forgave guilty man and redeemed him. So, in the ‘I love you’ the soul finds everything in God, and God finds everything in the soul. Therefore, the value of the ‘I love you’ is infinite, it is full of life and of energy, it never tires, it surpasses everything and triumphs of everything. And so, this ‘I love you’ for Me I want to see on your lips, in your heart, in the flight of your thoughts, in the drops of your blood, in the pains and in the joys, in the food you take – in everything. The life of my ‘I love you’ must be very, very long in you, and my Fiat reigning in you will place on it the seal of the Divine ‘I love you’.

After this, a sun made itself present before my mind, at an extremely high point. Its light was inaccessible. From the center of it came out continuous little flames, each one containing an ‘I love you’; and as they were coming out, they placed themselves as though in order, around this inaccessible light. However, these little flames remained as though bound with a thread of light to that inaccessible light, which nourished the life of the little flames. These little flames were so many as to fill Heaven and earth. I seemed to see our God as the beginning and origin of everything; and the little flames - the whole of Creation - as a divine birth, and of pure love. I too was a little flame, and my sweet Jesus pushed me to take flight through each little flame, in order to place on them the double ‘I love you’. I don’t know how, I found myself outside of myself, to go around in the midst of those little flames and impress my ‘I love you upon each one of them. But they were so many that I would get lost; however, a supreme force would make resume the order and the round of my ‘I love you’.

Then, afterwards, I found myself inside a vast garden, and, to my surprise, I found my Queen Mama who, drawing near me, told me: “My daughter, come with Me to work in this garden. We must plant in it celestial and divine flowers and fruits. It is now almost empty, and if there is any plant at all, it is terrestrial and human; therefore we have to root them out, so that this garden may be fully pleasing to my Son Jesus. The seeds which we must plant are all my virtues, my works, my pains, which contain the seed of the Fiat Voluntas Tua. There was nothing I did which did not contain this seed of the Will of God. I would have contented Myself with doing nothing, rather than operating or suffering without this seed. All my glory, the dignity of Mother, the height of Queen, the supremacy over all, came to Me from this seed. The whole of Creation, all beings, recognized Me as dominating over them, because they saw in Me, reigning, the Supreme Will. Therefore, we will unite everything I did together with everything you have done with this seed of the Supreme Volition, and we will plant it in this garden. So we fused the seeds which my Celestial Mama had, which were many, together with the few mine, which I don’t know how I found; and we began to form little holes in which to place the seeds. But while we were doing this, from behind the walls of the garden, which were extremely high, we heard noises of weapons, of cannons, and they were fighting in a horrible way. So, we were forced to run in order to give help. As we arrived there, we saw peoples of various races, of different colors, and many nations united together, which were battling and striking terror and fright. But while I was seeing this, I found myself inside myself – but with such fright, and also with the sorrow of having said not even a word to my Celestial Mama about my hard state. May the Most Holy Will of God be always blessed, and may everything be for His glory.

August 4, 1925
One who lives in the Divine Will is in communication with all Creation, and is sustained by all the works of her Creator.

After going through various days of total privation of my most sweet Jesus, I kept repeating my sorrowful refrain: ‘Everything is over for me. Ah! I will never see Him again! I will never again hear His voice, which so much delighted me! Ah! I have been abandoned by the One who formed all my contentment and was everything to me! What a prolonged martyrdom! What life without life – without Jesus!’ But while my heart was drowned with pains, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and as He took me in His arms, I threw my arms around His neck, abandoning my head upon His breast, as I could take no more. And Jesus, squeezing me tightly to Himself, leaned His knees on my breast, pressing on it very strongly, and He said to me: “My daughter, you must die continuously.” And as He was saying this, He shared various pains with me. Then, assuming a more affable look, He added: “My daughter, what do you fear if in you there is the power of my Will? And it is so true that this Will of Mine is in you, that in one instant I transformed you into my pains, and you, with love, offered yourself to receive them. And as you were suffering, you stretched out your arms to embrace my Will; and while you were embracing It, everything that lives in my Will – that is, the Angels, the Saints, my Celestial Mama, the very Divinity – felt the tightness of your embrace, and they all ran toward you to embrace you in return; and, in chorus, they said: ‘How pleasing and dear is the embrace of our little exiled one, who lives on earth to do the Will of God alone, just as we do it in Heaven. She is our joy; she is the new and only feast which comes to us from the earth.’

Oh, if you knew what it means to live in my Will! There is no division between the soul and Heaven - wherever my Will is, she is also. Her acts, her pains, her words, are in act and operating in any place in which my Will is present. And since my Will is everywhere, the soul places herself in the order of Creation, and through the electricity of the Supreme Volition, she is in communication with all created things. And just as created things are in order and harmony among themselves, each one is the support of the other, and not one of them can move; and – may this never be – if even just one thing created by Me should move, the Creation would be all upset; there is a secret among them, a mysterious force, such that, while they live suspended in the air, without any support, by the force of communication which they have among themselves, each one sustains the other – in the same way, one who does my Will is in communication with all, and is sustained by all the works of her Creator. Therefore, all recognize her, love her, and offer to her the electricity, the secret of living together with them, suspended between Heaven and earth, all sustained only by the force of the Supreme Will.”

[1] Fr. Gennaro De Gennaro.

[2] See February 10, 1919 Volume 12.

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