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Divine Will Volume Twenty-five


In Voluntate Dei. Deo Gratias.
October 7, 1928
The opening of the House of the Divine Will in Corato. Simile of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. My entrance into it. The eucharistic lamp and the living lamp of one who does the Divine Will. The prisoner near the Prisoner. Jesus’ delight at this company.
My Jesus, Life of my poor heart, You who know in what bitternesses I find myself, come to my help! Overwhelm the little newborn of your Divine Volition into your flames, that You may give me, again, the strength to be able to begin another volume, and your Divine Fiat may eclipse my miserable will, that it may have life no more, and your Divine Will may take over, and It Itself may write, with the characters of Its light, that which You, my Love, want me to write. And so that I may make no mistake, act as my prompter; and only if You commit Yourself to accepting to be my word, thought and heartbeat, and to lead my hand with yours, can I make the sacrifice of returning to write what You want. My Jesus, I am here, near the Tabernacle of love. From that adored little door which I have the honor to gaze at, I feel your divine fibers, your Heart palpitating, emitting flames and rays of endless light at each heartbeat; and in those flames I hear your moans, your sighs, your incessant supplications and your repeated sobs, for You want to make your Will known, to give Its life to all; and I feel myself being consumed with You and repeating what You do. Therefore I pray You, while You gaze at me from within the Tabernacle, and I gaze at You from within my bed, to strengthen my weakness, that I may make the sacrifice of continuing to write.
Now, in order to be able to say what Jesus told me, I have to make a brief mention – that here in Corato a House has been founded, which was wanted and started by the venerable memory of father canonical Annibale Maria di Francia, and which his children, faithful to the will of their founder, have executed and given the name of House of the Divine Will, as the venerable father wanted. And he wanted me to enter this House; and on the first day of its opening, by their goodness, his sons and daughter, the reverend mothers, came to take me and brought me into a room which is such that, as the door of this room is opened, I can see the Tabernacle, I can listen to Holy Mass, I am just under the gazes of my Jesus in the Sacrament. Oh! how happy I feel, that from now on, if Jesus wants me to continue to write, I will write always keeping one eye on the Tabernacle and the other on the paper I write on. Therefore, I pray You, my Love, to assist me and to give me the strength to make the sacrifice that You Yourself want.
So, as this House was about to be opened, one could see people, nuns, little girls - people coming and going, all in motion. I felt all impressed, and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, this group of people whom you see all in motion for the opening of the House of my Divine Will is symbolic of that group of people when I wanted to be born in Bethlehem, and the shepherds were coming and going, to visit Me, a little Baby. This pointed out to all the certainty of my birth. In the same way, this group of people, all in motion, points out the rebirth of the Kingdom of my Divine Will. Look at how all of Heaven echoes my birth, when the Angels, celebrating it, announced Me to the shepherds, and putting them in motion, made them keep coming to Me, and I recognized in them the first fruits of the Kingdom of my Redemption. So now, in this group of people, of little girls and nuns, I recognize the beginning of the Kingdom of my Divine Will. Oh! how my Heart exults and rejoices, and all of Heaven makes feast. Just as the Angels celebrated my birth, so do they celebrate the beginning of the rebirth of my Fiat in the midst of creatures. But, look at how my birth was more neglected, more poor – I had not even one priest near Me, but only poor shepherds. On the other hand, at the beginning of my Volition, there is not only a group of nuns and little girls from out of town, and a people rushing up to celebrate the opening, but there is an archbishop and priests representing my Church. This is symbol and announcement to all, that the Kingdom of my Divine Volition will be formed with more magnificence, with greater pomp and splendor than the very Kingdom of my Redemption; and everyone, kings and princes, bishops and priests and peoples, will know the Kingdom of my Fiat and will possess It. Therefore, you too, celebrate this day in which my sighs and sacrifices, and yours, to make my Divine Will known see the first dawn and hope for the Sun of my Divine Fiat to soon rise.”
Then, the evening came of this day consecrated to the Queen of the Rosary, Queen of victories and of triumphs. And this is another beautiful sign that, just as the Sovereign Lady conquered Her Creator, and bejewelling Him with Her chains of love, She drew Him from Heaven to earth, to make Him form the Kingdom of Redemption, so will the sweet and powerful beads of Her Rosary make Her victorious and triumphant again before the Divinity, conquering the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, to make It come into the midst of creatures.
I had not at all thought that, on that very evening, I would move to the House of Divine Will, near my Prisoner Jesus; only, I prayed Him not to let me know when this would be, so as not to profane such an act with my human will, so that I might put nothing of my own, but do the Divine Will in everything. It was eight o’clock in the evening when, out of the ordinary, the confessor came, who, prayed by the reverend mothers superior, imposed out of obedience that I should surrender and make the superior content. I resisted quite a bit, because I thought that if the Lord wanted so, it would be in the month of April, a warmer season, and so we would think about it then. But the confessor insisted so much that I had to surrender. So, around nine thirty in the evening, I was brought to this House, near my Prisoner Jesus. And this is the little story of why I find myself in the House of the Divine Will.
Now I resume my speaking. At night, I remained alone with my Jesus in the Sacrament; my eyes were fixed on the little door of the Tabernacle. It seemed to me that the lamp, with its continuous flickering, was about to go out, but then it would revive again; and my heart gave a jump, fearing that Jesus might remain in the dark. And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, clasped me in His arms and told me: “My daughter, do not fear, for the lamp will not go out; and if it did go out, I have you, living lamp - a lamp which, with your flickering, more than with the flickering of the eucharistic lamp, tells Me: ‘I love You, I love You, I love You….’ Oh! how beautiful is the flickering of your ‘I love You’; your flickering says love to Me, and uniting with my Will, from two wills we form one alone. Oh! how beautiful is your lamp and the flickering of your ‘I love You’. It cannot be compared to the lamp that burns before my Tabernacle of love. More so since, my Divine Will being in you, you form the flickering of your ‘I love You’ in the center of the Sun of my Fiat, and I see and hear, not a lamp, but a sun burning before Me. My prisoner be welcomed. You have come to keep company with your Prisoner; we are both in prison – you, in bed, and I, in the Tabernacle. It is right that we be close to each other; more so, since one is the purpose that keeps us in prison – the Divine Will, love, souls. How pleasing will the company of my prisoner be to Me; we will feel it together, to prepare the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. But, know, my daughter, that my love has anticipated you; I was first in putting Myself, prisoner, in this cell, to wait for my prisoner and your sweet company. See, then, how my love was first in running toward you; how I have loved you, and I love you, for in so many centuries of imprisonment in this Tabernacle I never had a prisoner who would keep Me company, who would remain so very close to Me; I have always been alone, or, at the most, in the company of souls who were not prisoners, in whom I did not see my same chains. Now, finally, the time has come for Me to have a prisoner, to keep her constantly near Me, under my sacramental gazes - one whom the chains of my Divine Will alone keep imprisoned. A sweeter and more pleasing company could not come to Me. And so, while we are together in prison, we will occupy ourselves with the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, and will work together, and will sacrifice ourselves together, to make It known to creatures.”

October 10, 1928
Forty years and more of exile; virtue and strength of a prolonged sacrifice. Gathering of the materials, to then order them. Happiness of Jesus in blessing His little prisoner daughter. Kisses in the Divine Will. Decision from priests to prepare the writings for printing. Surprising graces that Jesus will give to priests.
My life is carried out before my Jesus in the Sacrament, and - oh! how many thoughts crowd my mind. I was thinking to myself: ‘After forty years, and months, that I had not seen the Tabernacle, that I had not been given to be before His adorable sacramental presence – forty years, not only of prison, but of exile – finally, and after so long an exile, I have come back as though to my fatherland, though a prisoner, but no longer exiled, near my Jesus in the Sacrament; and not once a day, as I used to do before Jesus made me a prisoner, but always – always. My poor heart, if I have it at all in my chest, feels consumed at so much love of Jesus.’ But while I was thinking of this and other things, my Highest Good, Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, do you think that my keeping you imprisoned for forty years and more has been by chance, without a great design of mine? No! no! The number forty has always been significant and preparatory to great works. For forty years the Jews walked in the desert without being able to reach the promised land, their fatherland; but after forty years of sacrifices they had the good of taking possession of it. But, how many miracles, how many graces, to the point of nourishing them with the celestial manna during that time. A prolonged sacrifice has the virtue and strength to obtain great things from God. I Myself, during my life down here, wanted to remain in the desert for forty days, away from all, even from my Mama, to then go out in public to announce the Gospel which was to form the life of my Church – that is, the Kingdom of Redemption. For forty days I wanted to remain as risen, to confirm my Resurrection and to place the seal upon all the goods of Redemption. So I wanted for you, my daughter: in order to manifest the Kingdom of my Divine Will, I wanted forty years of sacrifices. But, how many graces have I not given you! How many manifestations! I can say that in this great length of time I placed in you all the capital of the Kingdom of my Will, and everything that is necessary in order to make creatures comprehend it. So, your long imprisonment has been the continual weapon, always in the act of fighting with your very Creator, to have you manifest my Kingdom.
Now, you must know that everything I have manifested to your soul, the graces I have given you, the many truths you have written on my Divine Will, your pains, and everything you have done, has been nothing but a gathering of the materials in order to build; and now it is necessary to order them and to get everything settled. And just as I did not leave you alone in gathering the necessary things which must serve my Kingdom, but I have been always with you, so will I not leave you alone in putting them in order and in showing the great building which I have been preparing together with you for many years. Therefore, our sacrifice and work is not finished. We must go forward until the work is accomplished.”
Then, as I am near my Jesus in the Sacrament, every morning there is benediction with the Most Holy One, and while I was praying my sweet Jesus to bless me, moving in my interior, He told me: “My daughter, I bless you with my whole Heart; even more, I bless my very Will in you, I bless your thoughts, breaths and heartbeats, that you may think always about my Will, may breath It continuously, and my Will alone may be your heartbeat. And for love of you I bless all human wills, that they may dispose themselves to receive the Life of my Eternal Volition. Dearest daughter of mine, if you knew how sweet it is, how happy I feel in blessing the little daughter of my Will…. My Heart rejoices in blessing she who possesses the origin, the Life of Our Fiat, which will bring about the beginning, the origin of the Kingdom of my Divine Will. And while I bless you, I pour in you the beneficial dew of the light of my Divine Volition which, making you all shining, will make you appear more beautiful to my sacramental gazes; and I will feel happier in this cell, gazing at my little prisoner daughter, invested and bound by the sweet chains of my Will. And every time I bless you, I will make the Life of my Divine Volition grow in you. How beautiful is the company of one who does my Divine Will. My Will brings into the depth of the soul the echo of everything I do in this Holy Host, and I do not feel alone in my acts – I feel that she is praying together with Me; and as our supplications, our sighs, unite together, we ask for one same thing – that the Divine Will be known and that Its Kingdom come soon.”
So, as my life is carried out near my Prisoner Jesus, every time the door of the chapel is opened, which happens often, I send three kisses, or five, to my Jesus in the Sacrament, or a short little visit; and He, moving in my interior, tells me: “My daughter, how pleasing to Me are your kisses. I feel I am being kissed by you with the kisses of my very Volition; I feel my very divine kisses being impressed on my lips, on my face, in my hands and Heart. Everything is divine in the soul in whom my Divine Will reigns; and I feel, in your acts, my love that refreshes Me, the freshness, the gentleness of my very Divine Will that embraces Me, kisses Me and loves Me. Oh! how pleasing to Me is my Divine Will operating in the creature. I feel that, bilocating Me in her, It gives Me back and unfolds before Me all the beauty and sanctity of my very acts. This is why I so much yearn that my Will be known – to be able to find in creatures all of my acts, divine and worthy of Me.”
Now I move on to say that my sweet Jesus seemed to be waiting for me here, in this House, near His Tabernacle of love, to give start to priests’ coming to a decision to prepare the writings for publication. And while they were consulting with one another on how to do it, they were reading the nine excesses of Jesus, which He had in the Incarnation, which are narrated in the first little volume of my writings. Now, while they were reading, Jesus, in my interior, pricked up His ears to listen, and it seemed to me that Jesus in the Tabernacle would do the same. At each word He would hear, His Heart beat more strongly; and at each excess of His love, He gave a start, even stronger, as if the strength of His love would make Him repeat all those excesses which He had in the Incarnation. And as though unable to contain His flames, He told me: “My daughter, everything I have told you, both about my Incarnation and about my Divine Will, and on other things, has been nothing but outpourings of my contained love. But after pouring itself out with you, my love continued to remain repressed, because it wanted to raise its flames higher in order to invest all hearts and make known what I have done and want to do for creatures; but since everything I have told you lies in hiddenness, I feel a nightmare over my Heart, which compresses Me and prevents my flames from rising and making their way. This is why, as I heard them read and take the decision to occupy themselves with the publication, I felt the nightmare being removed from Me, and the weight that compresses the flames of my Heart being lifted. And so It beat more strongly, and It throbbed, and It made you hear the repetition of all those excesses of love; more so, since what I do once, I repeat always. My constrained love is a pain for Me, of the greatest, which renders Me taciturn and sad, because, since my first flames have no life, I cannot release the others, which devour Me and consume Me. And therefore, to those priests who want to occupy themselves with removing this nightmare from Me by making known my many secrets, by publishing them, I will give so much surprising grace, strength in order to do it, and light in order to know, themselves first, what they will make known to others. I will be in their midst, and will guide everything.”
Now, it seems to me that every time the Reverend priests occupy themselves with reviewing the writings in order to prepare them, my sweet Jesus comes to attention, to see what they do and how they do it. I do nothing but admire the goodness, the love of my beloved Jesus who, while coming to attention in my Heart, echoes in the Tabernacle, and from within it, inside that cell, does what He does inside my heart. I remain all confused in seeing this, and I thank Him with all my heart.

October 17, 1928
How each truth of the Fiat possesses an enchantment over the human will. The war of the Fiat. Analogy between the Conception of Jesus and the Eucharist, and between the Prisoner and the prisoner.
My poor mind wandered in the Divine Volition; I felt all the truths spoken to me by my Highest Good, Jesus, like many suns that invested my little human will, such that, enraptured by so much variety of light, it no longer felt like acting. And my Highest Good, Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, each truth I have manifested on my Divine Will is not only a Divine Life that I have issued from Myself, but it possesses a sweet enchantment, to enchant the human will which, enchanted by Mine, will feel itself under the enchantment of an inactivity and will give free field of action to my Divine Will. So, each truth on my Divine Will will be a fierce army against the human will. But do you know what it will be fierce with? With light, with strength, with love, with beauty, with sanctity, to wage war on the human will by means of all these weapons. The human will, before all these weapons, will undergo a sweet enchantment and will let itself be conquered by the Divine Fiat. Therefore, each additional knowledge on It is a greater enchantment that the human will will undergo. It can be said that all the truths I have told you about my Divine Will are as many paths in order for It to make Its way into the human will, which will first prepare, and then form my Kingdom in the midst of creatures. Now, just as each truth possesses an enchantment, so each act done by the creature in my Will is an encounter that she has with my Volition, to receive all the strength of this divine enchantment. So, the more acts of my Will she does, the more human ground she loses, acquiring the divine. And if she plunges all of herself into It, the only thing left to her will be to remember that she has a will, but that she keeps it at rest and enchanted by the Divine Will.”
After this, I continued my acts in the Divine Fiat, and following Its acts, I was accompanying the conception of Jesus in the maternal womb. And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, how much analogy exists between the conception I did in the maternal womb and what I do in each consecrated host. See, from Heaven I descended to conceive in the womb of my Celestial Mama; from Heaven I descend to be consecrated, hidden, within the veils of the species of bread. In the dark, immobile, I remained in the maternal womb; in the dark, immobile, and made even smaller, I remain in each host. Look at Me, I am here, hidden in this tabernacle; I pray, I cry and I make not even my breath heard; within the sacramental veils, my very Divine Will keeps Me as though dead, annihilated, restricted, compressed, while I am alive and give life to all. Oh! abyss of my love, how immeasurable you are. In the maternal womb I was loaded down with the weight of all souls and of all sins; here, in each host, small as it is, I feel the enormous weight of the burden of the sins of each creature. And while I feel crushed under the enormity of so many sins, I do not tire, because true love never tires, and wants to win with the greatest sacrifices; it wants to expose its life for the beloved. This is why I continue my life, from the moment I conceived up to my death, in each sacramental host.
Now I want to tell you of the pleasure I feel in having you near my tabernacle, under my sacramental gazes, and the analogy that exists between Me and you. See, I am here, hidden under the empire of my Divine Will. Ah! it is my Will Itself, Its power, that contains the prodigy of hiding Me in each host with the consecration. You are in your bed, only by the empire of my Fiat. Ah! it is not corporal maladies that keep you hampered – no, but it is my Will alone that wants it so; and making a veil of you, It hides Me and forms for Me a living host, a living tabernacle. Here, in this tabernacle, I pray continuously; but do you know what my first prayer is? That my Will be known, that Its rule which keeps Me hidden may rule over all creatures, and may reign and dominate in them. In fact, only when my Will is known and forms in them Its Kingdom - then will my sacramental life have its complete fruit, the fulfillment of the so many sacrifices, the restoration of my life in creatures. And I am here hidden, making many sacrifices to wait for the triumph – the Kingdom of my Divine Will. You too pray, and as you echo my prayer, I hear your continuous speaking by putting all my acts and all created things in motion; and you ask Me, in the name of everyone and everything, that my Will be known and form in them Its Kingdom. Your echo and mine are one, and we ask for one same thing – that everything may return into the Eternal Fiat, that Its just rights be given back to It. See, then, how much analogy there is between you and Me; but the most beautiful one is that what I want, you want – we are both sacrificed for a cause so holy. Therefore, your company is sweet to Me, and in the midst of so many pains that I suffer, it renders Me happy.”

October 25, 1928
The soul who lives in the Fiat makes all the divine works arise and puts them all in the field. Example. The welcomed one of the Celestial Father.
I feel my little and poor mind as though fixed in the Divine Fiat. I feel all the strength of the sweet enchantment of the light of its truths, the enchanting scenes of all the prodigies and varieties of beauties It contains; and even if I wanted to think about something else, I lack the time to do it, because the sea of the Divine Volition murmurs always, and Its murmuring deafens and strikes dumb all other things, and keeps me plunged into Its sea, to murmur together with It. Oh! power! oh! sweet enchantment of the Eternal Volition! How admirable and lovable You are! And so I would want everyone to murmur together with me, and I prayed the Sovereign Queen to give me the murmuring of Her love, of Her kisses, so as to give them back to Jesus, because I had received Communion and I felt that, in order to please Jesus, I wanted to give Him the kisses of His Mama.
And my always lovable Jesus, moving and making Himself felt in my interior, told me: “My daughter, everything that the Queen of Heaven did is all in that Divine Fiat which She had the glory, the honor to possess. It can be said that all of Her acts are enveloped within the endless sea of the Divine Volition, and swim in It like the fish swim in the sea; and the soul who lives in It makes arise not only all the acts of the Celestial Mama, but she makes arise again, and puts in the field, all the works of her Creator. Only one who lives in my Will can sit at the divine table, can open all His treasures, can enter into the sacrarium of the most intimate secrets of the divine hiding places, and, as the owner, takes them and gives them back to her Creator. And, oh! how many things she puts in motion. She makes them arise, and places all the divine works in attitude, and now she plays a divine melody, now she performs a scene, of the most beautiful and touching, now she puts all of His love in motion, and making it arise again, she forms an enchanting scene, all of love, for her Creator. So, she is the renewer of all joys and happinesses for her Creator. See, as you wanted to give Me the kisses of the Queen Mama, you put them in motion and they ran to kiss Me. It happens to one who lives in my Divine Will as to someone who entered into a royal palace, and the king who lives in it has music concerts, objects with which to form the most beautiful scenes, and works of art of varied beauty. Now, the person who enters, sits at the music concert and plays. Attracted by that sound, the king runs and goes to listen to the sonata. Then, seeing that the king enjoys it, that person moves on and puts the objects in motion, putting the scene in action. The king remains enraptured, and even though he knows that those are his own things, yet, it was that person who put them in motion in order to give him pleasure.
So it is for one who lives in my Divine Fiat. She enters into the royal palace of her Celestial Father, and finding many varied beauties, she puts them in motion, to gladden, delight and love the One who let her in. And since there is no good which my Eternal Volition does not possess, there is no joy, love, glory which the soul cannot give to her Creator. And, oh! how pleasing she is to Us, as We see this fortunate creature in Our royal palace of Our Divine Volition, who wants to take everything, wants to put everything in motion, wants to touch everything. It seems that she is not content if she does not take everything in order to give Us everything, to make feast for Us and renew for Us Our joys and happinesses. And We, in seeing her, welcome her, and We Ourselves say to her: ‘Dearest daughter, hurry, hurry, play for Us a little divine sonata of Ours, repeat for Us a touching scene of love, renew for Us Our happiness.’ And she renews for Us now the joys of Creation, now that of the Sovereign Queen, now that of Redemption. And she always ends with her, and Our, pleasing refrain: ‘Your Will be known and reign on earth as It does in Heaven’.”

October 28, 1928
How all that has been done by God has not been taken by the creature. Works of Jesus. The Feast of Christ the King, prelude of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.
I was continuing my round in the Divine Volition, to follow all of Its acts; and my sweet Jesus, making Himself felt in my interior, told me: “My daughter, all that has been done by Our Divinity, both in Creation and in Redemption, has not all been absorbed by the creature, but is all in my Divine Will, in waiting, to give itself to creatures. If you could see everything in my Divine Fiat, you would find an army of acts of Ours, which came out of Us to be given to creatures; but because Our Will does not reign, they have neither the space in which to put them, nor the capacity to receive them. And this divine militia has been waiting for as long as twenty centuries to place itself in office of exercise, so as to bring to creatures the gifts, the clothings, the joys and the divine weapons which each of Our acts possesses, in order to form together with them one single divine army – a celestial militia.
Now, so that the Kingdom of Our Divine Will may reign in the midst of creatures, it is necessary that the creature absorb into herself all of these acts of the Divinity done for love of them - and absorb them so much into herself, as to enclose within herself everything that my Fiat possesses, interiorizing them and consummating them within herself. So, my Divine Will, consummated within the creature, will make this whole divine army reenter into her. All of Our acts which came out of Us for love of them, in Creation, Redemption and Sanctification, will reenter into creatures, and my Divine Will, reentered and consummated within them, will feel triumphant and will reign, dominant, together with Our divine army. This is why I do nothing but make you sip, continuously, everything that was done by Us and that is done in Creation, Redemption and Sanctification - so as to be able to say once again, as I did on the Cross: ‘I have consummated everything – I have nothing left to do in order to redeem man.’ So shall my Will repeat: ‘I have consummated it in this creature, in a way that all Our acts have been enclosed in her - I have nothing left to add. I have consummated everything, so that man might be restored and the Kingdom of my Divine Will may have Its life and Its regime on earth as It does in Heaven.’
Oh! if you knew how many works I am doing in the depth of your soul in order to form this first Kingdom to my Divine Will…. In fact, once I have done the first, from one creature It will pass on to the next, in such a way that my Kingdom will be populated more than all others. Therefore, my love in forming this Kingdom of Mine is so great, that in the soul in whom my Divine Volition must reign, I want to enclose everything that I Myself did in Redemption, that which the Sovereign Queen did, adding what all the Saints have done and do. Nothing must be lacking in her of all Our works; and in order to do this, I put the whole of Our Power, Wisdom and Love in motion.”
After this, I was thinking about today’s Feast – that is, the Feast of Christ the King; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the Church does nothing but intuitively grasp what She must know on my Divine Will and how Its Kingdom must come. Therefore, this Feast is the prelude of the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat. Indeed, the Church is doing nothing other than honoring my Humanity with those titles which, by right, are due to It; and when She has given Me all the honors that befit Me, She will move on to honor and to institute the Feast to the Kingdom of my Divine Will, by which my Humanity was animated. The Church proceeds step by step, and now She institutes the Feast to my Heart, now She consecrates the century, in all solemnity, to Christ the Redeemer, and now She moves on, with greater solemnity, to institute the Feast to Christ the King. Christ the King means that He must have His Kingdom, He must have peoples worthy of such a King. And who will ever be able to form for Me this Kingdom if not my Will? Then, yes, will I be able to say: ‘I have my people – my Fiat has formed it for Me.’ Oh! if the leaders of the Church knew what I have manifested to you about my Divine Will, what I want to do, Its great prodigies, my yearnings, my sorrowful heartbeats, my anguishing sighs, for I want my Will to reign, to make everyone happy, to restore the human family - they would feel that in this Feast of Christ the King is nothing other than the secret echo of my Heart which, echoing in them, without their knowing it, has them institute for Me the Feast of Christ the King in order to call their attention and reflection. ‘Christ the King…. And His true people – where are they?’ And they would say: ‘Let us hasten to make His Divine Will known; let us let It reign, that we may give a people to Christ the King, whom we have called so. Otherwise, we have honored Him with words, but not with facts’.”

November 4, 1928
The truth is light that starts from God and fixes itself in the creature. The blessing of Jesus.
My poor intelligence feels as though enraptured by the light of the Divine Fiat; but this light brings not only heat and light, but is bearer of life which, centralizing itself in the soul, forms her own light and heat within her, and, from that center, the Divine Life is reborn. How beautiful it is to see that the light of the Eternal Volition has the virtue of making the Life of her Creator be reborn in the heart of the creature - and so many times, for as many times as this Divine Will bends down to make known to the creature more of Its manifestations which pertain to It.
Then, while my mind was wandering in this light, my sweet Jesus, moving in this light, as it seemed He was as though sunken inside of it, told me: “My daughter, for as many truths as I have manifested to you about my Divine Will, so many lights have unleashed themselves from Our divine womb and have fixed themselves in you, but without detaching from the center of your Creator. In fact, the light is inseparable from God; it communicates itself, it fixes itself in the creature, and it never loses its center, from which it came out. How beautiful it is to see the creature, with all these lights fixed in her, which have the virtue of making the One who created her arise again in the creature – and so many times, for as many truths as are manifested to her. And since what I have manifested to you on my Divine Will are innumerable truths – so many, that you yourself cannot count them all – many lights, that is, many luminous rays, are fixed in you, which descend from God, but without detaching from its divine womb. These lights form the most beautiful ornament in you, and the greatest gift you could receive from God. In fact, since these truths are fixed in you, they give you right over the divine properties - and so many rights, for as many truths as I have manifested to you. You cannot comprehend the great dowry you have been endowed with by God with these truths, which, like many lights, are fixed in your soul. The whole of Heaven is amazed at seeing so many lights in you, all filled with many Divine Lives. And as you communicate them to other creatures, this light winds its way, it fixes itself in other hearts, but without leaving you, and forms the Divine Life wherever it reaches. My daughter, what great treasure has been entrusted to you with so many truths I have told you on my Divine Will; a treasure which has its source in its divine womb, and which will always give light without ever ceasing. My truths are more than sun, which gives light to the earth, invests it, fixes on it; and in fixing on it, it gives birth, on the face of it and for each thing, to the effects and the goods which its light contains. But, jealous, it does not detach its light from its center; and this is so true that, as it moves on to illuminate other regions, the earth remains in the dark. On the other hand, the Sun of my truths, while it does not detach from its center, fixing itself in the soul, forms in her the perennial day….”
After this, benediction was given with the Most Holy Sacrament, and I prayed Him from the heart to bless me; and Jesus, moving in my interior, echoing what Jesus in the Sacrament was doing, raised His blessed right hand in the act of blessing me, and told me: “My daughter, I bless your heart, and I seal my Divine Will in it, so that your heart, united with my Divine Will, may palpitate in all hearts, so that you may call all hearts to love It. I bless your thoughts, and I seal my Divine Will in them, that you may call all intelligences to know It. I bless your mouth, so that my Divine Will may flow in your voice, and you may call all human voices to speak about my Fiat. I bless all of you, my daughter, so that everything may call my Divine Volition in you, and you may run to all in order to make It known. Oh! how much happier I feel in operating, praying, blessing in one in whom my Will reigns. In this soul I find my life, the light, the company; and everything I do arises immediately, and I see the effects of my acts; and I am not alone if I pray, if I operate, but I have company, and one who works together with Me. On the other hand, in this sacramental prison, the accidents of the host are mute, they say not a word to Me, I do everything on my own, I feel not a sigh which would unite to mine, nor a heartbeat which would love Me. On the contrary, there is the cold of a sepulcher for Me, which not only keeps Me in prison, but buries Me, and I have no one to whom to say a word, nor anyone with whom to pour Myself out; because the host does not speak, I am always in silence, and with divine patience I wait for hearts that receive Me, so as to break my silence and enjoy a little bit of company. And in the soul in whom I find my Divine Will I feel Myself repatriated in the Celestial Fatherland….”

November 10, 1928
One who lives in the Divine Will has her own sea, and enclosing everything, as she prays, it murmurs heavens, sun and stars. The blessing of Jesus; contest and feast of all in blessing the little daughter of the Divine Will.
After I had gone through several days of privation of my sweet Jesus, my poor heart could take no more. I felt it undone, and I remembered vividly His many visits. His lovable presence, His enrapturing beauty, the gentleness of His voice, His many beautiful lessons, were many memories that wounded me, undid me, and made me long for my Celestial Fatherland, like a poor pilgrim, tired of my long journey. And I was saying to myself: ‘Everything is ended, I hear nothing but a profound silence, an immense sea which I must cross without ever stopping, to ask, everywhere and in every place, for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.’ And, tired, I began to do my usual round, to follow Its acts; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, clasped me in His arms to give me strength, and told me: “My daughter, just as the sea murmurs continuously, so do I hear in you the sea of my Divine Fiat; and you, with your prayer, form your continuous murmuring in the sea of It; and while it murmurs, now you enclose the sun, and it murmurs light; now you enclose the heavens, and as it murmurs, you enclose the stars; now you enclose the wind, and it murmurs moans and shouts of love; now you enclose the earth, and it murmurs flowers. So, in your murmuring, you make flow now light, now heavens, now stars, now wind - and flow laments of love, unutterable moans of a wounded heart, and shouts of delirium of an unrequited love; and now flow all the flowerings created by Me.
Oh! how beautiful is my sea and yours. Oh! how the sea of the earth remains behind; because it murmurs, but does not enclose heavens, sun, wind and everything in its murmuring, but only fish; while the sea of my Volition, and the murmuring of your prayer in It, encloses all of my works, because my Divine Will keeps heavens, sun, stars, sea and so on, all within Itself, as though in its own power, and as you murmur in It with your prayer, you find them all. And just as the sea, on top of its continuous murmuring, forms its gigantic waves, so you, in the sea of my Divine Volition, on top of the continuous murmuring of your prayer, when you concentrate more your yearnings, your sighs, for you want the Kingdom of my Divine Will, form gigantic waves of light, of stars, of moans and of flowers. How beautiful are these waves. And I, from this Tabernacle, hear your murmuring, the roaring of your waves, which come to unload themselves into my sea. And since, here in the Tabernacle, I have my own sea in which I murmur continuously with my prayers, as I hear your waves coming, I unite your sea with mine, which are already one, and I come to murmur together with you. And I no longer feel alone in this Tabernacle, I have my pleasant company, and we murmur together; and in our murmuring one can hear: ‘Fiat! Fiat! Fiat! Be It known, and Its Kingdom on earth restored.’ My daughter, living in my Will, praying in It, is to transport Heaven to the earth, and the earth to Heaven; therefore, it is Our true and total triumph, Our victory, Our divine conquests. So, be faithful and attentive to Me.”
After this, benediction with the Most Holy Sacrament was being given, which I have the good to receive every day in these last periods of my life down here, as I hope to complete this long exile of mine as soon as possible. And my lovable Jesus, at the moment they were giving benediction, moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, I bless you, but I would not be content if I alone blessed you – I call everyone together with Me: the Father and the Holy Spirit, the whole Celestial Court, that all may bless with Me the little daughter of my Divine Will. Wherever my Will reigns, everyone, Heaven and earth, feel a powerful force to unite themselves with Me and to do what I do, so as to centralize upon her all the goods which my Divine Will contains. Therefore, as they see Me blessing you, all get down to the work of blessing you. So, a contest, a sort of feast, arises in Heaven, to bless the one in whom my Will reigns; and in order to make it more solemn, I call all created things, so that no one may put himself aside, but all may bless my daughter. So I call the sun to bless you, so that the light it gives you, it may give to you while blessing you. I call the water to bless you, so that, as you drink it, it may bless you. I call the wind, so that, as it blows, it may blow blessing you. In sum, I call everyone, and while they bless you, finding my Divine Will in you, they feel themselves being blessed in return from within you by the Will of their Creator. The strength of my Divine Will calls everyone, unites the whole celestial family, and gives the feast to all when It must operate over a soul in whom It dwells and dominates. Therefore, in this sacramental prison of mine, having my prisoner near Me, I feel, coming to Me, the joys which my Divine Will can give Me in the heart of Our little daughter. So, my many sorrows are interrupted when I must bless you, when I descend sacramentally into your heart, when I feel Myself gazed at from this Tabernacle; and I requite you with my gazes. Thinking that I must do or give something to Our little newborn of Our Will, I put everything aside, even my very sorrows, and I make feast, because my Divine Will possesses innumerable joys and perennial feast. Therefore, I want that you too rejoice together with Me; and echoing my blessing – bless Me in the sun, in the water, in the wind, in the air you breathe, in the heartbeat that beats in your heart, and I will feel you blessing Me in all created things.”

November 14, 1928
How the creature possesses the human unity, and one who lives in the Divine Will possesses the divine unity. One who does the Divine Will becomes mother.
I feel all abandoned in the Holy Divine Volition, and in spite of the privations of Jesus, my poor mind is taken by an irresistible force to follow Its acts. I believe that it is the Divine Will Itself that, having subdued mine, does Its course calling all of Its acts, as if It were doing them in act. And I, following It in Its acts, was thinking about the first times of Creation, when everything was happiness in man, and being in the Will of his Creator, he lived in His unity, in which he could receive everything and could give everything to the Supreme Being. Unity means everything. But while I was thinking about this, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, We created man with Our likeness, therefore he too possesses his human unity. So, if he speaks, if he operates, if he walks and so on, these can be called the effects of his unity, because one is his will, one his head on which all of his acts depend. Therefore, it can be said that it is the strength of the unity of his will that speaks, that operates, that walks, as the effects of it. If man did not have this unity, all of his acts would be in contradiction with one another.
It happens as to the sun: from the height of its sphere, one is its act of light, and since it possesses the unity of light given to it by its Creator, while it is one single act, its effects of light are innumerable. Now, for one who does and lives in my Divine Will, the human volition ceases, its life ends, nor has any reason to exist any longer, because the life of the unity of my Will begins. And since Mine is one single act, and everything It created, or can do, can be called the effects of this single act, the soul, living in this unity of my Divine Volition as in her own center, is present in all the effects of the single act of It, and – oh! how beautiful it is to see this happy creature in all the effects which Our Will knows how to, and can produce. She runs in the light of the sun as the effect of Our Will; in the heavens, in the sea, in the wind – in everything. She runs as the human will runs in all the human acts, and as the light of the sun runs in all of its effects. In the same way, the soul runs in the Fiat, in all the effects which It possesses and produces. This is why the living in Our Will is the greatest prodigy, and if Our Divinity wanted to make a greater one, It could not; nor could It find anything greater, more prodigious, more powerful, more beautiful, more happy than Our Will to give to the creature, because by giving Our Divine Will We give everything. Its power forms Our echo in the depth of the soul, and forms Our most beautiful images; and the echo of the human littleness becomes one with Ours, in such a way that, uniting to Our prime act, she runs and diffuses herself in all the effects which the single act of God produces.”
After this, my lovable Jesus made Himself seen as a tiny little child, who, throwing His arms around my neck, told me: “My mama, my mama…. One who does my Divine Will becomes mother; my Divine Fiat embellishes her for Me, transforms her, and renders her fecund, in such a way as to give her all the qualities in order to be a true mother. And I keep forming this mother with the reflections of the Sun of my Divine Volition, and I glory and take so much pleasure in calling her my mama, my mama…. And not only do I choose her as my mother, but I call many more tiny little ones and give to them my mother as their mother.” And while He was saying this, He showed me many little boys and girls around me; and the child Jesus said to them: “This is my mother and your mama.” The little ones made feast and drew all around me together with Jesus; and Jesus added: “These little ones you see are no other than the first cohort of the children of my Divine Volition. In It, all will be little, because my Divine Will has the virtue of preserving them fresh and beautiful, just as they came out of Our creative hands. And since It called your littleness to live in It, it is right that, as the first one, you be the tiny little mama of the tiny little children.”

November 20, 1928
How one who lives in the Divine Will is in possession of the perennial day, knows no night, and becomes the owner of God Himself.
I was feeling all sunken in the Supreme Fiat, and my poor mind was wandering in so many surprising truths for my little capacity. All the manifestations which my sweet Jesus had told me on His Holy Will were lining up within my soul like many suns of enchanting beauty, one distinct from the other, with the fullness of each joy and happiness which each truth possessed; and while these suns seemed to be distinct, they formed a single one. What enchantment, what enrapturing beauty. These suns were besieging my little intelligence, and I was swimming in this endless light, and, as though surprised, I was thinking about many things concerning the Divine Will. And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, dearest daughter of my Will, one who is daughter of It is in possession of the perennial day which knows no night. Everything is light for one who lives in my Will; her properties are light, beauty, joy and happiness. And this is nothing; in fact, by giving Our Will to the creature, We render her the owner of Our very Selves, and We place Ourselves at her disposal. We let her do and win whatever she wants, because it is not a human volition that dominates Us – no, but Our own Volition, which has bilocated Itself in the creature, and therefore her doing, speaking and winning is not looked upon by Us as something extraneous to Us, but as Our own thing; and We enjoy in letting her speak, do and win, more so, since she wins Us and We win her. Therefore, by giving Our Will to the creature, and by her receiving It as her own life, We open a contest between her and Us; she enters into Our divine field and, as the owner, she dominates; and We enjoy so much in seeing her littleness that contains Our Eternal Volition, being dominator of Our goods and of Our very Selves. What can We deny to Our Will? Nothing. On the contrary, We delight in putting out Our most intimate joys, Our secrets, Our eternal beatitudes, so as to make the littleness of the creature in whom It reigns delight; and rendering her the dominator of them, We amuse Ourselves and open the game between her and Us.
Therefore, greater thing than Our Will I could not give to man in creating him, because only with It could he reach wherever he wanted and do whatever he wanted, to the point of becoming the dominator of what belongs to Us. We did not do this in creating the other things – they are dominated by Us, nor can they do what they want; their rights are limited. Indeed, in creating man, there was a more intense ardor of love, and in this ardor of love, the All fused Himself in the nothing, and the nothing received his life again in the All. And in order to keep him more safely, We gave him Our Divine Will as his inheritance, so that one might be the will, common the goods, as much as a creature is capable of; and the love of one might be as great as the love of the other, to the point of letting themselves be dominated by each other. Therefore, the most beautiful thing for Us, which enraptures Us and glorifies Us the most, is the soul in whom Our Divine Will reigns, because she alone does not make Our love say, ‘enough of giving’, but We have always something to give, always something to say; and in order to enjoy more, We render her the winner of Our very Selves. Therefore, be attentive, my daughter; if you want everything, let Our Will reign in you.”

December 2, 1928
The Eucharistic Tabernacle and the Tabernacle of the Divine Will.
The privations of Jesus become longer, and as I see myself without Him, I do nothing but long for Heaven. Oh! Heaven, when will You open your doors to me? When will You have pity on me? When will you retrieve the little exiled one into her Fatherland? Ah! yes! only there I will no longer miss my Jesus! Here, if He makes Himself seen, while one thinks one possesses Him, He escapes like lightning, and one has to go a long way without Him; and without Jesus all things convert into sorrow – even the very holy things, the prayers, the Sacraments, are martyrdoms without Him. So I thought to myself: ‘What is the use of Jesus’ permitting my coming near His tabernacle of love, for us to remain in mute silence? Rather, it seems to me that He has hidden more, that He no longer gives me His lessons on the Divine Fiat. It seemed to me that He had His pulpit in the depth of my interior, and had always something to say. And now, I hear nothing but a profound silence; only, I hear within me the continuous murmuring of the sea of light of the Eternal Volition which always murmurs love, adoration, glory, and embraces everything and everyone.’
But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen in my interior for just a little, and told me: “My daughter, courage, it is I in the depth of your soul who move the waves of the sea of light of my Divine Will, and I always – always murmur, to snatch from my Celestial Father the Kingdom of my Will upon earth; and you do nothing other than follow Me; and if you did not follow Me, I would do it on my own. But you will not do this – leaving me alone, because my Fiat Itself keeps you sunken within It.
Ah! don’t you know that you are the tabernacle of my Divine Will? How many works have I not done in you; how many graces have I not poured into you in order to form this tabernacle for Myself? A tabernacle - I could call it - unique in the world. In fact, as for eucharistic tabernacles, I have a good number of them, but in this tabernacle of my Divine Fiat I do not feel like a prisoner, I possess the endless expanses of my Will, I do not feel alone, I have one who keeps Me perennial company; and now I act as a teacher and I give you my celestial lessons; now I do my outpourings of love and of sorrow; now I celebrate, to the point of amusing Myself with you. So, if I pray, if I suffer, if I cry and if I celebrate, I am never alone, I have the little daughter of my Divine Will together with Me. And then, I have the great honor and the most beautiful conquest, which I like the most, which is a human will all sacrificed for Me, and as the footstool of my Divine Will. I could call it my favorite tabernacle, in which I so much delight, that I would not exchange it for the eucharistic tabernacles; because in them I am alone, nor does the host give Me a Divine Will as I find It in you, such that, as It bilocates Itself, while I have It within Me, I also find It in you. On the other hand, the host is not capable of possessing It, nor does it accompany Me in my acts; I am always alone, everything is cold around Me; the tabernacle, the pyx, the host, are without life, and therefore without company. This is why I felt such delight in keeping, near my eucharistic tabernacle, that of my Divine Will, formed in you, that by merely looking at you I feel my loneliness broken, and I experience the pure joys that the creature who lets my Divine Will reign within herself can give Me.
And so, this is why all my aims, my cares and my interests are in making my Divine Will known, and in making It reign in the midst of creatures; then will each creature be a living tabernacle of mine – not mute, but speaking; and I will no longer be alone, but I will have my perennial company. And with my Divine Will bilocated in them, I will have my divine company in the creature. So, I will have my Heaven in each one of them, because the tabernacle of my Divine Will possesses my Heaven on earth.”

December 5, 1928
For one who does the Divine Will and lives in It, it is as if she made the sun descend upon earth. Difference.
I was feeling all immersed in the Divine Volition. I feel my poor and little mind bound to a point of light extremely high, which has no boundaries, and one can see neither where its height reaches, nor where its depth ends. And while the mind fills itself with light, it is surrounded by light, to the point of seeing nothing but light. It sees that it takes little of this light, because there is so much of it, but its capacity is so small that it seems to it that it takes just a few little drops. Oh! how well one feels in the midst of this light; because it is life, it is word, it is happiness. The soul feels within herself all the reflections of her Creator, and feels the Divine Life being given birth within her bosom. Oh! Divine Will, how admirable You are – You alone are the fecundator, the preserver and the bilocator of the Life of God in the creature.
But while my mind was wandering within the light of the Supreme Fiat, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, with the soul who lives in my Divine Will, it is more than if I made the sun descend upon earth. What would happen then? The night would be banished from the earth, it would always be full daylight. And by always having contact with the sun, the earth would no longer be a dark body, but a luminous one, and it would not beg for the effects of the sun, but would receive into itself the very substance of the effects of the light, because sun and earth would live communal life and would form one single life. What a difference is there not between the sun in the height of its sphere and the earth in its lowness? The poor earth is subject to the night, to seasons, and to asking the sun to form the beautiful flowerings, the colors, the sweetness, the maturity of its fruits. And the sun is not free to display all of its effects over the earth, if the earth does not lend itself to receive them; so much so, that certain points of the earth the sun does not always reach, and other points are dry and without plants.
This is nothing other than a simile of one who does my Divine Will and lives in It and one who lives in the earth of her human volition. The first makes descend, not only the Sun of my Divine Will into her soul, but the whole of Heaven. Therefore, with this Sun, she possesses the perennial day, a day that never sets, because the light has the virtue of putting darkness to flight. So, the night of passions, the night of weaknesses, of miseries, of coldnesses, of temptations, cannot be there with this Sun; and if they wanted to draw near to form the seasons in the soul, this Sun beats down Its rays and puts all nights to rushed flight, saying: ‘I am here, and that’s enough – my seasons are seasons of light, of peace, of happiness and of perennial flowering.’ This soul is the bearer of Heaven upon earth. On the other hand, for one who does not do my Divine Will and does not live in It, it is more nighttime than daytime in her soul; she is subject to seasons and to long rainy times, which render her always disturbed and labored; or to long droughts, in which she reaches the point of lacking the vital humors in order to love her Creator; and the very Sun of my Divine Will, because It does not live in her, is not free to give her all the good It possesses. Do you see what it means to possess my Divine Volition? It is to possess the source of life, of light and of all goods. On the other hand, one who does not possess It is like the earth, which enjoys the effects of the light, and like certain lands, which are just barely illuminated, but without effects.”

December 8, 1928
Why all Creation celebrated the conception of the Sovereign Queen. How the Virgin awaits her daughters into Her seas, in order to make of them queens. The Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
I was thinking: ‘Why did all Creation exult with joy and celebrate so much the Immaculate Queen in Her immaculate conception?’ And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, do you want to know why? Because the Divine Will had the beginning of Its Life in the celestial tiny little girl, and therefore the beginning of all goods in all creatures. There is no good which, in my Divine Will, does not begin, descend and ascend into its source. Therefore, since this celestial little girl, from Her very immaculate conception, began Her life in the Divine Fiat, and since She was from the human stock, with my Will She acquired the Divine Life, and with Her humanity She possessed the human origin. So, She had the power to unite the divine and the human, and She gave to God what man had not given Him and had denied to Him, which was his will; and She gave men the right to be able to ascend to the embraces of Her Creator. With the power of Our Fiat which She had in Her power, She bound God and men. So, all Creation – Heaven and earth, and even hell – felt in the immaculate conception of this Virgin little girl, just newly born in the womb of Her mama, the strength of the order which She was placing in all Creation. With my Will, She associated Herself with all as their sister, She embraced all, She loved everything and everyone; and all longed for Her, loved Her, and felt honored to adore the Divine Will in this privileged creature.
How could all Creation not celebrate? In fact, up until then, man had been the disorder among all created things; no one had had the courage, the heroism, to say to his Creator: ‘I do not want to know my will – I give it to You as gift; I want your Divine Will alone as life.’ But this Holy Virgin gave Her will in order to live of the Divine, and therefore all Creation felt the happiness of the order which, through Her, was given back to It; and the heavens, the sun, the sea and everyone, competed among themselves to honor She who, by possessing my Fiat, gave the kiss of the order to all created things. And my Divine Volition placed in Her hand the scepter of Divine Queen, and surrounded Her forehead with the crown of command, constituting Her Empress of the whole universe.”
Then, I was feeling as though annihilated within myself. The long privations of my sweet Jesus render me as though lifeless; they have burned the little atom of my existence, which, being continuously exposed to the burning rays of the Sun of the Divine Fiat, feels all humors being dried up within itself; and while it burns, it neither dies, nor is it consumed. So, I felt not only oppressed, but undone. And my sweet Jesus, as though wanting to cheer me, making Himself felt in my interior, giving me a kiss, told me: “My daughter, courage, do not lose heart. On the contrary, I want you to enjoy your happy fortune – that my Divine Will, investing you and darting through you, takes away from you all human humors, giving you, in exchange, humors of divine light. Today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception; seas of love, of beauty, of power and of happiness overflowed from the Divinity over this celestial creature; and what prevents creatures from being able to enter into these seas is the human will. What We do once, We remain in the continuous act of doing always, without ever ceasing. In the Divinity, to give is Its nature, with an act that never ends. Therefore, these seas are still overflowing, and the Queen Mama awaits Her daughters, so as to let them live in these seas, to make of them as many little queens. However, the human will is not allowed to enter, there is no place for it, and only one who lives of Divine Will can have access into them.
Therefore, my daughter, you can enter into the seas of my Mama whenever you want; my Divine Will is your guarantor, and with It you will have free step and entrance. Even more, She awaits you, She wants you, and you will render Us and Her twice as happy because of your happiness. We feel happier in giving, and when the creature does not take Our goods, she suffocates within Us the happiness that We want to give her. Therefore, I do not want you to be oppressed. Today is the greatest feast, because the Divine Will had life in the Queen of Heaven; it was the feast of all feasts, it was the first kiss, the first divine embrace that the creature gave to her Creator by virtue of Our Fiat, which the Sovereign little girl possessed - the creature sitting at table with her Creator. Therefore, today is also your feast, in a special way because of the mission given to you by my Divine Will. So, come into the seas of the Immaculate Queen to enjoy Her feast and yours.” I felt myself being carried outside of myself into these endless seas, but I lack the words to express what I experienced, therefore I stop here and I move on.
After this, later in the day, the confessor read in public what is written in the 15th volume about the Immaculate Conception; and my beloved Jesus, in hearing him reading, made feast in my interior, and told me: “My daughter, how content I am; today it can be said that my Sovereign Mama receives from the Church the divine honors, as She honors in Her, as the first act of Her life, the Life of the Divine Will. These are the greatest honors that can be given – that the human will never had life in Her, but always, always the Divine Will. This was the whole secret of Her sanctity, of Her height, power, beauty, greatness and so on; it was my Fiat that, with Its heat, extinguished the stain of original sin and conceived Her immaculate and pure. And my Church, instead of honoring my Divine Will, primary cause and prime act, honored the effects of It, and proclaimed Her Immaculate, conceived without sin. It can be said that the Church gave Her human honors, not divine honors, which She justly deserves, because a Divine Will had continuous life in Her. And this was a sorrow for Me and for Her, because neither did I receive from my Church the honors of a Divine Will dwelling in the Queen of Heaven, nor did She receive the honors due because She gave within Herself the place in which to form the Life of the Supreme Fiat. Therefore, today, by making known that everything in Her was the prodigy of my Will, and that all of Her other prerogatives and privileges were in the secondary order and as consequence of the effects of that Divine Will which dominated Her, it can be said that, today, it is with decorum, divine glory and magnificence that the Feast of the Immaculate Conception is celebrated; a Feast which, more truly, can be called: ‘The conception of the Divine Will in the Sovereign Queen of Heaven.’ And this conception was the consequence of everything It is and It did, and of the great prodigies of this Celestial Little Girl.”
After this, with a more tender emphasis, He added: “My daughter, how beautiful, delightful, it was to see this celestial tiny little girl, even from Her immaculate conception. One would look, and would see Her little earth, taken from the human stock; and inside this little earth one would see the Sun of Our Eternal Volition, such that, as She was unable to contain It, It overflowed outside of Her and extended, filling Heaven and earth. We made a prodigy of Our Omnipotence so that the little earth of the tiny little Queen might enclose the Sun of Our Divine Volition. So, one would see earth and Sun. Therefore, in everything She did – whether She thought, spoke, worked or walked – Her thoughts were rays of light, Her words converted into light; everything was light that came out of Her, because since Her little earth was smaller than the immense Sun which She enclosed, Her acts would get lost within the light. And since this little earth of the Celestial Sovereign was vivified, animated and preserved continuously by the Sun of my Fiat, it appeared always flowery, but with the most beautiful flowerings, which turned into most sweet fruits, such as to draw Our divine gazes and make Us remain enraptured - but so much, that We could not do without looking at Her, so great was the beauty and the happiness She gave Us. All beautiful was the Immaculate Little Virgin; Her beauty was enchanting and enrapturing. It is enough to say that She was a prodigy of Our Will, to say everything. Oh! if creatures knew what it means to live of Will of God, they would lay down their lives to know It and live in It.”

December 13, 1928
How all created things possess a dose of happiness. How the privation of Jesus makes life rise again.
I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition, and as I accompanied Its acts done in the Creation, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, all created things were created by Us with a dose of happiness, one distinct from the other; so, each created thing brings to man the kiss, the air that delights, the life of Our happiness. But do you know who feels all the effects of Our many happinesses which are spread in the Creation descend into her interior, to the point of remaining soaked with them like a sponge? One who lives in Our Divine Will. Our happinesses are not foreign to her, because, since she has her taste purified by Our Fiat and not corrupted by the human will, her taste and all of her senses have the virtue of enjoying all the happinesses which are present in the created things, and We feel so much happiness and joy in seeing one who does Our Will as though sitting at the banquet of Our happinesses and feeding herself with as many different bites for as many as are the happinesses present in the created things. Oh! how beautiful it is to see the creature happy.”
At that moment, Jesus kept silent, and I heard the sound of the harmonium playing in the chapel; and Jesus pricked up His ears to listen, and then He added: “Oh! how happy I feel because this sound delights the little daughter of my Will. And I, in hearing it, delight together with her. Oh! how beautiful it is to be delighted together. To make one who loves Me happy is the greatest of my happinesses.” And I: ‘Jesus, my Love, my happiness for me is You alone, all other things hold no attraction over me.’ And Jesus: “Certainly the greatest happiness for you is I, because I contain the source of all joys and happinesses; but I enjoy in giving you the small happinesses, and just as I Myself feel them and enjoy them, I want you to feel them and enjoy them together with Me.”
Then, I was thinking to myself: ‘Jesus delights so much when I delight in the many happinesses which He spread in the Creation; and why, then, does He grieve me so much, and He renders me so unhappy, to the point of feeling as if I had no life without Him? And in feeling myself without life, all happinesses lose life over my poor soul!’ And Jesus added: “My daughter, if you knew what the utility of my privations is…. You feel yourself lifeless without Me, you feel you are dead; yet, over that pain and that death my new life is formed; and this new life brings you the new manifestations of the life of my Divine Will. In fact, since your pain is a divine pain, which has the virtue of making you feel death, but without dying, it has the virtue of making my very life rise again, with the enchantment of my truths. The pain of my privation prepares the place for my new life, and disposes your soul to listen to and to comprehend the important truths on my Divine Fiat. If I did not deprive you of Me so very often, you would not have had the new surprises of your Jesus, His many teachings. Have you yourself not seen how, after you have been without Me and you thought that everything was over for you, my life would rise again in you and, all love and festive, I would set about giving you my lessons? So, when I deprive you of Me, I remain hidden in you and I prepare the work to give you, and my new life to rise again. I too suffered the pain of death, to make all creatures rise again in the pain of my death. Death, suffered in the divine order and in order to fulfill the Divine Will, produces Divine Life, so that all creatures might receive this Divine Life. And, after having suffered so many deaths, I wanted to really die - how many goods did my resurrection not produce? It can be said that with my resurrection all the goods of my Redemption rose again, and, with it, all goods rose again for creatures, as well as their very life. Therefore, be attentive, and let Me do.”

December 14, 1928
The Tree of the Divine Will. The single act of God. One who lives in the Divine Will forms the echo in all created things.
I was worried about the publication of the writings of the Divine Will, and I felt bothered at the many questions they ask me; and I said to myself: ‘Jesus alone knows my martyrdom, and how tortured I felt when authoritative people were talking about wanting to publish them; so much so, that no one could manage to calm my interior martyrdom and make me surrender to say Fiat. Only Jesus, with His seducing persuasion, and by striking in me the fear of the great evil I might do if I went out, even just slightly, from the Divine Will, could induce me to say Fiat. And now, in seeing it go so slowly, I remember my interior struggles, my hard martyrdom because of this publication. What is the utility of so many pains suffered; who knows who will see this publication? Maybe Jesus will make me content by letting me see it from Heaven.’ But while I was thinking of this and other things, I began to pray, and I saw before my mind a tree loaded with fruits, which emitted light; and my sweet Jesus was crucified in the middle of this tree, and the light of these fruits was so great, that Jesus was eclipsed within this light.
I was surprised, and Jesus told me: “My daughter, this tree that you see is the tree of my Divine Will; and since my Will is sun, Its fruits turn into light and form many other suns. The center of its life is I, and this is why I am in the middle of it. Now, these fruits that you see are all my truths which I have manifested on my Divine Fiat. They are all in the act of giving birth to their light in the bosom of the generations; and those who should occupy themselves with them and hasten, but do not do it, prevent the fruits of this tree from forming births of light from themselves, as well as the great good of this light. Therefore, you must be consoled in your tortures and martyrdoms, because between you and I we are in order, nor would I have tolerated even a shadow of opposition to my Will in you. It would have been my greatest sorrow, nor would I have been able to say: ‘The little daughter of my Will gave Me her will as gift, and I gave her the gift of Mine’, while this exchange of wills is one of my greatest joys, and yours. If there is any fault, it is from those who neglect it. Therefore, do not want to afflict yourself or be bothered at the questions they ask; I Myself will be in you to administer to you the light and the words which are needed. You must know that this is my interest more than your own.”
Then, I continued to think about the Divine Fiat, and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, within Us, in Our Divinity, one single act is enough to do everything. That act is will, thought, word, work and step. So, a single act of Ours is voice that speaks, it is hand that operates, it is foot that walks, and enveloping everything, if the creature thinks, works, speaks and walks, it is the virtue of Our single act that, echoing in each act of the creature, communicates the good of the thought, of the word and of all the rest. Therefore, it can be said that We are the Bearer of all creatures and of all their acts. Oh! how offended We feel when Our act bears voice, thought, work and step, but not only is it not done for Us, but to offend Us. Creatures use Our very acts to form the weapons with which to wound Us! Human ingratitude, how great you are.
Now, one who does Our Divine Will and lives in It unites herself to Our single act, and forming one single act of the will with Ours, she flows together with Our act, and together with Us, she makes herself thought, voice, work and step of all. And, oh! how We enjoy, because Our virtue, investing the human littleness, makes her the bearer of all the acts of creatures together with Us, and she uses all Our acts – not to form weapons with which to wound Us, but to form weapons with which to defend Us, to love Us and to glorify Us. So, We call her Our warrior, who defends Our rights.”
After this, I was following the Divine Fiat in the Creation; I felt I wanted to make everything my own – the sun, to give Him the glory of the light and of the heat; the sea, to give Him the glory of that murmuring that never ceases…. I would like to have everything in my power, to be able to say: ‘You have given me everything, and I give You everything.’ But while I was thinking of this and other things, my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, how beautiful is the living in my Will - your echo reaches everywhere. Wherever my Divine Will is present, and It is everywhere, there does your echo reach. So, your echo resounds in the sun, in the sea, in the wind, in the air; and penetrating even into Heaven, it brings to your Creator His very glory, love and adoration. And my Divine Will does not feel alone in all created things; It has the company of the echo of one who lives in my Divine Volition, and It feels all the love and the glory which It spread in the whole Creation being returned to It.”

December 16, 1928
Speaking of the nine excesses of Jesus in the Incarnation. Contentments of Jesus. His word is creation. Jesus sees the scenes of His love being repeated. Preludes of His Kingdom.
I was doing my meditation, and since today it was the beginning of the Novena of Baby Jesus, I was thinking about the nine excesses of His Incarnation, which Jesus had narrated to me with so much tenderness, and which are written in the first volume. I felt great reluctance at reminding the confessor about this, because, in reading them, he had told me that he wanted to read them in public in our chapel.
Now, while I was thinking of this, my little Baby Jesus made Himself seen in my arms, so very little, caressing me with His tiny little hands, and saying to me: “How beautiful is my little daughter! How beautiful! How I must thank you for having listened to Me.” And I: ‘My Love, what are You saying? It is I who must thank You for having spoken to me, and for having given me, with so much love, acting as my teacher, so many lessons which I did not deserve.’ And Jesus: “Ah, my daughter, to how many do I want to speak, and they do not listen to Me, reducing Me to silence and to suffocating my flames. So, we must thank each other – you thank Me, and I thank you. And then, why do you want to oppose the reading of the nine excesses? Ah! You do not know how much life, how much love and grace they contain. You must know that my word is creation, and in narrating to you the nine excesses of my love in the Incarnation, I not only renewed my love which I had in incarnating Myself, but I created new love in order to invest the creatures and conquer them to give themselves to Me. These nine excesses of my love, manifested with so much love of tenderness and simplicity, formed the prelude of the many lessons I was to give you about my Divine Fiat, in order to form Its Kingdom. And now, by their being read, my love is renewed and redoubled. Don’t you want, then, that my love, being redoubled, overflow outside and invest more hearts, so that, as a prelude, they may dispose themselves for the lessons of my Will, to make It known and reign?” And I: ‘My dear Baby, I believe that many have spoken about your Incarnation.’ And Jesus: “Yes, yes, they have spoken, but those have been words taken from the shore of my love, therefore they are words which possess neither tendernesses, nor fulnesses of life. But those few words which I have spoken to you, I have spoken from within the life of the fount of my love, and they contain life, irresistible strength, and such tendernesses, that only the dead will not feel themselves being moved to pity for Me, tiny little One, who suffered so many pains even from the womb of the Celestial Mama.”
After this, the confessor was reading in the chapel the first excess of the love of Jesus in the Incarnation; and my sweet Jesus, from within my interior, pricked up His ears to listen. And drawing me to Himself, He said to me: “My daughter, how happy I feel in listening to them. But my happiness increases in keeping you in this house of my Will, as both of us are listeners: I, of what I have told you, and you, of what you have heard from Me. My love swells, boils and overflows. Listen, listen – how beautiful it is! The word contains the breath, and as it is spoken, the word carries the breath which, like air, goes around from mouth to mouth and communicates the strength of my creative word; and the new creation which my word contains descends into the hearts. Listen, my daughter: in Redemption I had the cortege of my Apostles, and I was in their midst, all love, in order to instruct them; I spared no toil in order to form the foundation of my Church. Now, in this house, I feel the cortege of the first children of my Will, and I feel my loving scenes being repeated, in seeing you in their midst, all love, wanting to impart the lessons about my Divine Fiat in order to form the foundations of the Kingdom of my Divine Will. If you knew how happy I feel in seeing you speak about my Divine Volition…. I anxiously await the moment when you begin to speak, in order to listen to you, and to feel the happiness that my Divine Will brings Me”.

December 21, 1928
Sea of love in the excesses of Jesus. Example of the sea. The Divine Will, solar ray which brings the Life of Heaven. The Divine Will operating. Happiness of Jesus.
The novena of Holy Christmas continues, and continuing to hear the nine excesses of the Incarnation, my beloved Jesus drew me to Himself, and showed me how each excess of His love was a sea without boundaries. And, in this sea, gigantic waves rose, in which one could see all souls flowing, devoured by these flames. Just as the fish flow in the waters of the sea, and the waters of the sea form the life of the fish, the guide, the defense, the food, the bed, the palace of these fish, so much so, that if they get out of the sea, they can say, “our life is ended, because we have gone out of our inheritance – the fatherland given to us by our Creator”; in the same way, these gigantic waves of flames which rose from these seas of fire, by devouring the creatures, wanted to be the life, the guide, the defense, the food, the bed, the palace, the fatherland of creatures. But as they go out of this sea of love, all of a sudden, they find death. And little Baby Jesus cries, moans, prays, shouts and sighs, for He wants no one to go out of these devouring flames of His, because He does not want to see anyone die. Oh! if the sea had reason, more than tender mother it would sadly cry over its fish which are snatched away from its sea, because it feels a life, which it possesses and preserves with so much love, being snatched away from itself; and with its waves, it would hurl itself at those who dared to snatch away from it so many lives which it possesses, and which form its richness, its glory.
“And if the sea does not cry, I cry” – Jesus says – “in seeing that, while my love has devoured all creatures, ungrateful, they do not want to live life in my sea of love, but wriggling free from my flames, they exile themselves from my Fatherland, losing the palace, the guide, the defense, the food, the bed, and even the life. How can I not cry? They came out of Me – they were created by Me, and were devoured by my flames of love which I had in incarnating Myself for love of all creatures. As I hear the nine excesses being narrated to Me, the sea of my love swells - it boils; and forming huge waves, it roars so much, that it would want to deafen everyone, that they might hear nothing but my moans of love, my cries of sorrow, my repeated sobs, saying: ‘Don’t make Me cry any more, let us exchange the kiss of peace; let us love each other, and we will all be happy – the Creator and the creature’.”
Jesus kept silent, and at that moment I saw the heavens opened and a ray of light descend from above, which, fixing itself upon me, illuminated those who were around me. And my always lovable Jesus resumed His speaking: “Daughter of my Will, this solar ray that fixed itself upon you is my Divine Will, which brings you the life of Heaven into your soul. How beautiful is this solar ray, which not only illuminates you and brings you its life, but whoever draws near you and remains around feels the life of light, because, like sun, it expands around, and gives to those who surround you the warm kiss of light, of its breath, of its life. And I feel happy within you in seeing that my Divine Will diffuses and begins to beat its way. See, the seas of love that you saw are nothing other than my Will operating. When my Will wants to operate, the seas of my love swell, boil, form their gigantic waves which cry, moan, shout, pray, deafen. On the other hand, when my Fiat does not want to operate, the sea of my love is calm, it only murmurs quietly, its course of joy and of happiness, inseparable from it, is continuous. Therefore, you cannot comprehend the joy I experience, the happiness I feel and the interest I take in illuminating, in offering my very word, my very Heart, to one who occupies himself with making my Divine Will known. My interest is so great, that I envelop him within Myself and, I Myself overflowing outside of him, I take the floor, and I Myself speak about my Will operating in my love. Do you think that it is your confessor that speaks, in these evenings in which he is speaking in public about the nine excesses of my love? It is I who take his heart in my hands and make him speak.”
But while He was saying this, benediction was being given, and Jesus added: “Daughter, I bless you; everything is happiness for Me when it comes to doing an act of mine over one who possesses my Divine Will, because, if I bless you, my blessing finds the space in which to place the goods and the effects which my blessing contains; if I love you, my love finds in my Fiat, within you, the space in which to place itself and carry out its life of love. Therefore, each thing I do over you, in you and with you, is a happiness that I feel, because I know that a Divine Will has the place for everything I want to give you, and the virtue of multiplying the goods I give you, because It is Our all-doer, and It occupies Itself with forming as many lives for as many acts as We do with the creature in whom It reigns.”
After this, I was doing my round in the Divine Fiat, and was going again to the first times of Creation, to unite myself to the acts done by our father Adam in the state of innocence, so as to unite myself with him and continue from where he left. And my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, in creating man I gave a visible universe in which he was to move freely and see the works of his Creator, done with so much order and harmony, done for love of him, and, in this void, to also do his own works. And just as I gave a visible void, so I gave an invisible void, even more beautiful, for his soul, in which man was to form his holy works, his sun, his heavens, his stars; and echoing his Creator, he was to fill this void with all his works. But since man descended from my Divine Will to live in his own, he lost the echo of his Creator and the model with which to be able to copy Our works. Therefore, it can be said that in this void there is nothing other than the first steps of man – all the rest is empty. Yet, it must be filled, and this is why I await with so much love those who live and must live in my Will, who, feeling the power of our echo and having Our models present to them, will hasten to fill this invisible void which I gave with so much love in Creation. But do you know what this void is? It is Our Will. Just as I gave a heaven, a sun, to man’s nature, so I gave the Heaven, the Sun of my Fiat to his soul. And when I see you take your steps after the steps of Adam innocent, I say: ‘Finally, here is the void of my Divine Will that begins to receive the first conquests and the first works of the creature.’ Therefore, be attentive and continue always your flight in my Divine Volition.”

December 25, 1928
The feast which the little daughter prepares for Baby Jesus; how she renders Him happy. Adam, first sun. Example of the artisan.
I was thinking about the birth of Baby Jesus, and I prayed Him to come to be born in my poor soul. And in order to sing His praises and form a cortege for Him in the act of His birth, I fused myself in the Holy Divine Volition, and flowing in all created things, I wanted to animate the heavens, the sun, the stars, the sea, the earth and everything with my ‘I love You’. I wanted to place all created things as though in waiting, in the act of Jesus’ birth, so that all would say to Him ‘I love You’ and ‘we want the Kingdom of your Will upon earth’.
Now, while I was doing this, it seemed to me that all created things would come to attention in the act of Jesus’ birth, and as the dear Baby came out of the womb of His Celestial Mama, the heavens, the sun, and even the tiny little bird, as though all in chorus, were saying, ‘I love You’ and ‘we want the Kingdom of your Will upon earth’. My ‘I love You’ in the Divine Will flowed within all things in which the Divine Will had Its life, and therefore all sang praises to the birth of their Creator; and I saw the newborn Baby who, flinging Himself into my arms, all shivering, told me: “What a beautiful feast has the little daughter of my Will prepared for Me; how beautiful is the chorus of all created things saying to Me ‘I love You’, and wanting my Will to reign. One who lives in It can give Me anything, and can use all stratagems in order to render Me happy and make Me smile, even in the midst of tears. Therefore, I was waiting for you, to have a surprise of love of yours by virtue of my Divine Volition. In fact, you must know that my life on earth was nothing but suffering, operating and preparing everything that was to serve the Kingdom of my Divine Will, which must be Kingdom of happiness and of possession; therefore, it is then that my works will have their full fruits and will change for Me and for creatures into sweetnesses, into joys and into possession.”
Now, while He was saying this, He disappeared from me; but after a little while He came back, inside a little cradle of gold, clothed with a tiny little garment of light. And He added: “My daughter, today is my birthday, and I have come to render you happy with my presence. It would be too hard for Me, on this day, not to render one who lives in my Divine Will happy, not to give you my first kiss and tell you ‘I love you’ as a requital of yours, and, clasping you tightly to my little Heart, make you feel my heartbeats that unleash fire, and would want to burn everything which does not belong to my Will, while your heartbeat, echoing within mine, repeats for Me your pleasant refrain: ‘May your Will reign on earth as It does in Heaven’. Repeat it always, if you want to render Me happy and calm my baby crying. Look - your love has prepared for Me the gold cradle, and the acts in my Divine Will have prepared for Me the little garment of light. Aren’t you happy?”
After this, I continued my acts in the Divine Fiat, going back to Eden, into the first acts of the creation of man; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, Adam was the first human sun, invested by Our Volition, and his acts were more than sun’s rays which, extending and expanding, were to invest the whole human family, in which one would see many in one, as though palpitating in these rays, all centralized in the center of this first human sun. And all were to have the virtue of forming their own suns, without going out of the bond of the first sun. In fact, since the life of each one would have its origin from this sun, each one would be able to be sun of his own. How beautiful was the creation of man. Oh! how it surpassed the whole entire universe. The bond, the union of one in many, was the greatest prodigy of Our Omnipotence, as Our Will, one in Itself, was to maintain the inseparability of all, the communicative and unifying life of all - symbol and image of Our Divinity, as We are inseparable, and even though We are three Divine Persons, We are always one, because one is the Will, one is the sanctity, one is Our power. This is why man is always looked upon by Us as if there were one alone, even though he was to have his very long generation, but always centralized in the one. It was the uncreated love that was created by Us in man, and therefore he was to give of Us and be like Us; and Our Will, the only one acting in Us, was to act as the only one in man, in order to form the unity of all and the bond of inseparability of each one.
Therefore, by withdrawing from Our Divine Fiat, man became deformed and disordered, and no longer felt the strength of the unity and inseparability, either with his Creator or with all generations. He felt like a divided body, broken in his members, which no longer possesses all the strength of his body as whole. This is why my Divine Will wants to enter again as prime act into the creature – to reunite the broken members and to give him the unity and the inseparability, as he came out of Our creative hands. We find Ourselves in the condition of an artisan who has made his beautiful statue, such as to astonish Heaven and earth. The artisan loves this statue so much that he has placed his very life in it; so, at each act or movement it does, the artisan feels within himself the life, the act, the movement of his beautiful statue. The artisan loves it with love of delirium, nor can he remove his gaze from it; but in so much love, the statue receives an encounter, it bumps, and it remains broken in its members and in its vital part which kept it bound and united to the artisan. What will his sorrow not be? And what will he not do in order to redo his beautiful statue? More so, since he still loves it, and to the raving love has added the grieving love. Such is the state the Divinity is in with regard to man. He is Our delirium of love and of sorrow, for We want to redo the beautiful statue of man; and since the bump took place in the vital part of Our Will which he possessed, once Our Will is reestablished in him, the beautiful statue will be redone for Us, and Our love will be satisfied. Therefore, I want nothing else from you but my Divine Will to have Its life.” Then He added with a more tender tone: “My daughter, in the created things the Divinity did not create love, but the flowerings of His light, of His power, of His beauty, etc. So, it can be said that in creating the heavens, the stars, the sun, the wind, the sea, the earth, it was Our works that We issued, and the flowerings of Our beautiful qualities. Only for man was this greatest prodigy of creating the life – and the life of Our love itself; and this is why it is said that he was created in Our image and likeness. And this is why We love him so much - because it is life and work that has come out of Us, and life costs more than anything.”

December 29, 1928
Mute heavens and suns; speaking heavens and suns. How God resumes His Creation. How Heaven will no longer be foreign to the earth.
I was following the Divine Fiat in the Creation, to accompany Its acts; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, look - how beautiful is Creation! What order, what harmony It contains. And as beautiful as It is, the heavens, the stars, the sun, are all mute - they have no virtue to say even one word. On the other hand, the heavens, the stars, the sun, the ruling wind of my Divine Will are all speaking, and have such eloquence that no one else can equal them; the angel, the saint, the learned one, before the heavens of my speaking Will, remain mute and feel ignorant. But why are these heavens and suns speaking? Because they contain life. But do you know what these speaking heavens and suns are? They are the knowledges which I have manifested to you about my Divine Will. My Will is not only life, but is the fount, the source and the life of all lives, therefore the heavens of Its knowledges could not be mute. So, each knowledge about my Divine Fiat is a heaven, a sun, it is a wind, one distinct from the other, which, having the speaking virtue and possessing the Divine Life, have the virtue of producing new heavens and suns more beautiful, and winds more mighty, such as to invests the hearts and make conquests of them by their sweet ruling moaning.
See then, my daughter, how my love surpassed the love We had in Creation, in manifesting to you the many knowledges about my Divine Will. In fact, in Creation, one single heaven, one sun, etc., were enough for Our love, because We wanted to display more all the ardor of Our love over ‘speaking man’, and for ‘speaking man’ We wanted to create ‘speaking heavens and suns’ in the depth of his soul. But by withdrawing from Our Divine Volition, he put a limit to Our love, and the speaking heavens no longer had life in him. But Our love did not say ‘enough’; at the most, it paused and waited. But unable to contain itself any longer, it resumed its creation of the speaking heavens and suns in the little daughter of my Divine Will. Look at them in the depth of your soul – all of my knowledges about my Fiat, all in order and harmony; and one is heaven, and speaks, and forms another heaven; another is sun, and speaks, and while it makes itself light and it warms, it forms another sun. Another is sea, and forms its speaking waves; and while it speaks, it forms another sea, to invest the whole world with its speaking waves, and to impose itself with its creative word so as to make itself listened to, in order to bring the new sea of peace and of joy of my Will into all. Another is wind, and now it speaks with its empire in order to knock down the hardest hearts, now it speaks with its caresses so as not to strike fears, now it speaks with loving moans so as to make itself loved; and while it speaks, it forms more winds, and its word runs to make known the Life, the Power of my Divine Will.
In sum, all my knowledges about It are a new creation, more beautiful, more varied than the Creation Itself - and much more beautiful, because it is a speaking one; and its word is the Life of my Divine Will which it brings to the creature. Therefore, I feel happy in your soul because I am in the midst of my speaking heavens, stars and suns; but my happiness is doubled when you make the sacrifice of writing, because I see that these speaking heavens will go out, and their word will form new heavens which will bring the Life of my Divine Fiat into the midst of creatures. Then will Heaven no longer be foreign to the earth, because these speaking heavens will form the new celestial family upon earth, and their word will place Creator and creature in communication. The winds of these knowledges will place the secret joys of the Most Holy Trinity in common; and as the creature becomes the owner of the Divine Sanctity and Happiness, all evils will disappear, and I will have the joy of seeing the creature happy, just as he came out of Our creative hands.”

January 1, 1929
Pages of her life which will form an epoch. The gift that Jesus wants. The circumcision. Decision on the part of God; He is waiting for the decision of creatures.
I was thinking about what I could offer to little Baby Jesus as gift for the first day of the year. ‘Would it not be good to give Him my will again as a little footstool at His little feet, or as an amusement in His tiny little hands?’ But while I was thinking about this, my little Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, telling me: “My daughter, your will is already mine, nor are you the master of it any longer, having given it to Me so many times. And I keep it now as footstool, now as amusement in my hands, and now I enclose it in my Heart as the most beautiful conquest and as the secret joy that soothes my many pains. Do you want to know what I would like as gift on this day? All your acts which you have done in my Will during this year. These acts will be as many suns which you will place around Me, and - oh! I content I will be in seeing that the little daughter of my Divine Volition has given Me the many suns of her acts as gift; and I, in return, will give you the grace to double these suns of your acts done in my Will, to give you the field to be able to offer Me a gift yet more beautiful and rich.”
Then He added: “My daughter, each manifestation I have given you about my Divine Will is like a page of your life; and if you knew how many goods these pages enclose…. Each of them is a current between Heaven and earth, it is one more sun that will shine over the heads of all. These pages will be the heralds of the Celestial Fatherland; they are steps which my Divine Volition takes in order to draw near the creatures. Therefore, these manifestations about It, like pages of life, will form an epoch for the future generations, in which they will read the Kingdom of my Fiat, the many steps It took to come into their midst, and the new rights It gave them to make them enter again into Its Kingdom. My manifestations are decrees, and only when I want to give that good which I manifest, then do I move to manifest a knowledge. Therefore, everything I have told you about my Divine Will is divine capitals that I issued; therefore, they will be the most beautiful pages of your life, which will enclose the long history of my Will, and braiding the history of the world, will form the most beautiful epoch of all centuries.”
After this, I was thinking about the bitter pain which little Baby Jesus suffered in the circumcision. It is only eight days since He was born, and He submits Himself to a cut so painful. And Jesus, moving in my interior, added: “My daughter, in the first epoch of his life, by sinning, Adam made a wound to his soul, through which the Divine Will went out and, in Its place, darkness, miseries, weaknesses entered, which formed the wood worm to all the goods of man. So, if he has any good without my Divine Will - if he has any at all, they are worm-eaten, moldy, without substance, therefore without strength and without value. And I, who love him so much, in the first days of my life down here, wanted to submit Myself to the circumcision, suffering a most cruel cut, to the point of snatching my baby tears. And by this wound I opened the door to the human will, to let it enter again into Mine, so that this wound of mine might heal the wound of the human will and might enclose man once again in my Divine Fiat, which would remove from him the wood worm, the miseries, the weaknesses, the darkness; and by virtue of my omnipotent Fiat, all of his goods would be redone and restored. Daughter, from the moment I was conceived and from the very first days of my being born, I occupied Myself with the Kingdom of my Divine Will and with how to place It in safety in the midst of creatures. These were my sighs, my tears, my repeated sobs, my pains, all directed toward reestablishing the Kingdom of my Fiat upon earth. In fact, I knew that no matter how many goods I might give him, man would never be happy, nor would he possess the fullness of goods and of sanctity, or have the insignia of his creation which constitute him king and dominator; he is always the man-servant, weak, miserable. But with my Will, and by making It reign in their midst, I would give him, in one single stroke of fortune, all goods, his royal palace and his lost dominion.
About twenty centuries have passed and I have not stopped – my sighs last still; and if I have manifested to you so many knowledges about my Divine Will, these are nothing other than my speaking tears and the indelible characters of my pains and sighs, which, transforming into words, manifest themselves to you, to make you write on paper, with the most tender and convincing manners, what regards my Divine Volition and how It wants to reign on earth as It does in Heaven. Therefore, on Our part, the Divinity has decided with indelible and unshakeable decrees that Our Divine Will come to reign upon earth - and no one can move Us; and as the sign of this, We have dispatched from Heaven the army of Its knowledges. If it were not so, it would not be worthwhile to place the so many values of a Divine Will at risk; just as they have remained hidden to man for many centuries, so could they continue. Now We are waiting for the creatures’ part, who are still temporizing from making up their minds, especially those who temporize from occupying themselves with making known the secrets of my Divine Will and the great good of Its knowledges. Human will, how ungrateful you are; I am waiting for your decision so that we may exchange the kiss, and I may give you the Kingdom which I have prepared for you. And you temporize still? My daughter, pray and place no obstacle on your part to a good so great, which will be the greatest display of Our love.”

January 6, 1929
Crowd of people who did not reach the proper stature, because they went out of the inheritance of the Divine Fiat. Wherever the Divine Fiat is present, there is the communicative strength of the divine goods.
I continue in my usual abandonment in the Divine Fiat; and while I was following Its acts, I saw a crowd of people, all of small stature, malnourished, sickly, scrawny, and some of them wounded. In this crowd there was neither childlike freshness, nor the beauty of the young age, nor the dignity of the mature man; they seemed to be an odd assortment of people without regimen, starving, without sufficient foods; and if they ate, they were never satiated. How much pity aroused this great crowd, which seemed to be almost the whole entire world. I did not know who they were, nor the meaning of their nature – that none of them had reached their proper stature; and my beloved Jesus, sighing, came out from within my interior and told me: “My daughter, what an unhappy crowd. It is nothing other than the great crowd that went out of the paternal inheritance given to them by their Celestial Father. Poor children, without paternal inheritance. They do not have their lands in which to live safely; they do not have sufficient foods in order to nourish themselves, and are forced to live of thefts and robberies, and of foods without substance. Therefore, it is almost difficult for them to grow to proper stature, because their members do not have sufficient strength to develop; and so they are scrawny, infirm, starving, without ever becoming satiated. Everything they take is not suitable for their growth, because they are not foods suitable and established for them, nor belonging to their inheritance.
My daughter, the inheritance given by my Celestial Father to this crowd of people was my Divine Will. In It they were to find food in order to grow to proper stature, balsamic air to be rendered healthy and strong, which was to portray on their faces the freshness of a child, the beauty of the young age and the dignity of a mature man. There was no good which this inheritance did not possess, of which man was to be the master, and have at his disposal all the goods he wanted, in the soul and in the body. So, as man went out of the inheritance of my Divine Will, he no longer found things at his disposal, he was no longer master, but servant, and he is forced to live of hardships. How can he grow to proper stature? This is why I await with so much love the crowd of those who must live in Our inheritance of the Divine Fiat. It will form for Us the beautiful crowd with proper stature, beautiful and fresh, which will be fed with nourishing foods that will render them strong and developed; and they will form all the glory of Our creative work. Our sorrow is great in looking at this crowd, unhappy and deformed; and in Our sorrow We repeat: ‘Ah! Our work did not come out of Our creative hands as infirm, without beauty and freshness, but it was a delight to merely look at it; even more, it enraptured Us, so beautiful it was.’ But while We say this, Our love swells and wants to overflow outside; and it wants to put Our Divine Volition on the way, to make It reign in the midst of creatures, so as to restore, beautiful and gracious, Our work, just as it came out of Our creative hands.”
Then, I continued to think about the Supreme Fiat, and - oh! how many things I comprehended about It. I seemed to see It, all majesty, all light, pouring out happiness, strength, sanctity, love; and these outpourings formed endless seas which wanted to pour themselves over creatures. But, alas!, they would not give a thought to receiving them, and these seas would remain suspended above their heads. But while my mind was immersed in the Divine Fiat, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, wherever the Divine Will is present, there is the communicative strength of all the divine goods, and like mighty waves, Our outpourings of happiness, of light, of strength, etc., flow over the creature who possesses It. And It has the virtue of changing the nature of the hardest, the most painful, the most bitter things. Wherever my Divine Fiat is present, the hardest things become so very soft, pains change into joys, bitternesses into sweetnesses, the earth becomes Heaven, the sacrifices conquests.
Your example is more than enough to convince you of what I am telling you. See, if my Will were not present in you, nailed as you are, inside a bed for so many years, without seeing and enjoying either the sun, or the air, or any pleasure of the earth – even more, you can say that you do not know it – you would have been the unhappiest creature. Oh! how hard and bitter would your state have been to you. Yet, my Divine Fiat, possessing the source of happiness, pouring Itself over you and flowing even in the marrow of your bones, communicates to you Its happiness, and with Its strength It puts all evils to sleep for you, and renders you happy. And if you knew how content I am in seeing you happy…. And then, add that it is seeing you happy, not in a state of pleasure, of amusement, but confined in a bed; this enraptures Me, it makes Me go into fidgets of love, it draws Me so much to you; and in my delirium of love, I say: ‘Oh! prodigy of my Divine Fiat, that renders my daughter happy in a state which the world would have cried out as unhappiness, misfortune, and maybe never before seen and understood. Yet, with my Divine Will she is the happiest of creatures, the most peaceful, the dominator of herself, because inside of her flows the vein of the happiness of my Fiat, which knows how to convert all things into joys and happinesses without end.’ My daughter, to see the creature happy is my only contentment, and since what renders her unhappy is the human volition, once this is removed, all the unhappinesses end, nor do they have any more reason to exist. But what makes all human unhappinesses die is my Will alone. Before It, all evils feel themselves dying; my Will is like the sun that rises in the morning, which has the virtue of dispelling the darkness of the night. Before the light, darkness dies, nor has any right to exist any more. So it is with my Divine Will.”

January 13, 1929
The prophets; how the Kingdom of Redemption and that of the Fiat hold hands. Necessity that what regards the Kingdom of the Divine Will be known.
I was continuing my round in the acts of the Divine Fiat, and as I reached the point in which I would accompany the prophets when the Divine Volition manifested Itself to them – the how and the when of the coming of the future Redeemer – and the prophets longed for Him with tears, prayers and penances, making everything they did my own, because all this was the fruits of the Eternal Divine Fiat, I offered it in order to impetrate Its Kingdom upon earth. But while I was doing this, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, when a good is universal and must and can bring good to all, it is necessary that entire peoples – and if not everyone, a great part – know the good which they must receive, and with prayers, sighs, desires and works, they impetrate a good so great, in such a way that first the good they want is conceived in their minds, sighs, desires, works, and even in their hearts, and then is the good which they longed for given to them in reality.
When a good that must be received is universal, it takes the strength of a people to impetrate it; on the other hand, when it is individual or local, one can be enough to obtain the intent. Therefore, before coming upon earth and being conceived in the womb of the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, I can say that I was conceived in the minds of the prophets, and I confirmed and gave value to this sort of conception in them through my manifestations of the when and the how I was to come upon earth in order to redeem mankind. And the prophets, faithful executors of my manifestations, acted as trumpeters, manifesting to the peoples, with their words, that which I had manifested about my coming upon earth; and conceiving Me in the words, they made the news that the Word wanted to come upon earth fly from mouth to mouth. And by this, not only was I conceived in the word of the prophets, but I remained conceived also in the word of the people, in such a way that all talked about it, and prayed, and longed for the future Redeemer. And when the news of my coming upon earth were diffused among the peoples, and almost an entire people, with the prophets at the head of it, prayed and longed for, with tears and penances - only then, being as though conceived in their wills, I let the Queen come to life, in whom I was to conceive in reality, so as to make my entrance into a people which had been longing for Me and desiring Me for forty centuries. What a crime would the prophets not have committed, had they concealed, hidden within themselves, my manifestations about my coming. They would have prevented my conception in the minds, in the prayers, words and works of the people - a necessary condition for God’s being able to concede a universal good, which was my coming upon earth.
Now, my daughter, the Kingdom of Redemption and the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat hold hands, and since It is also a universal good, such that, if they want so, all can enter into It, it is necessary that many know the news about It, and that It be conceived in the minds, in the words, in the works and hearts of many, so that, through prayers, desires, and a holier life, they may dispose themselves to receive the Kingdom of my Divine Will into their midst. If the news is not divulged, my manifestations will not act as trumpeters, nor will the knowledges about my Divine Fiat fly from mouth to mouth, forming the conception of It in the minds, prayers, sighs and desires of creatures. My Divine Volition will not make Its triumphant entrance, coming to reign upon earth. How necessary it is that the knowledges about my Fiat be known; not only this, but that it be made known that my Divine Will already wants to come to reign on earth as It does in Heaven into the midst of creatures. And it is to the priests, as to new prophets, both through the word and through writing and through works, that the task is given of acting as trumpeters in order to make known what regards my Divine Fiat; nor would their crime be lesser than that of the prophets, had these hidden my Redemption, if they do not occupy themselves as much as they can with what regards my Divine Will. They themselves would be the cause of a good so great being neither known nor received by creatures; and to suffocate the Kingdom of my Divine Will, to keep suspended a good so great, such that there is no other similar to it – is this perhaps not a crime? Therefore, I recommend to you: on your part, do not omit anything, and pray for those who must occupy themselves with making known a good so great.”
Then He added with a more tender and afflicted tone: “My daughter, this was the purpose for which I permitted the necessity of the coming of the priest – that you might deposit in them, as a sacred deposit, all the truths which I have spoken to you about my Divine Fiat, and that they be attentive and the faithful executors of what I want – that is, that they make the Kingdom of my Divine Will known. Be certain that I would not have permitted their coming if not for the purpose of fulfilling my great designs over the destiny of the human family. And just as in the Kingdom of Redemption I left my Queen Mama in the midst of the Apostles, so that, together with Her, helped and guided by Her, they might give start to the Kingdom of Redemption – because the Sovereign Queen of Heaven knew more than all of the Apostles, She was the most interested; it can be said that She kept It formed within Her maternal Heart, therefore She could very well instruct the Apostles in the doubts, in the way, in the circumstances; She was the true sun in their midst, and one word of Hers was enough for my Apostles to feel strong, illuminated and fortified – in the same way, for the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat, having placed in you the deposit of It, I keep you in the exile still, so that the priests might draw from you, as from a new mother, what can serve as light, as guidance, as help, to give start to making known the Kingdom of my Divine Will. And as I see their little interest - if you knew how much I suffer…. Therefore, pray, pray.”

January 20, 1929
How Creation is a divine army. Wherever the Divine Will is present there is perennial life.
My abandonment in the Divine Fiat continues, and as I was following Its acts which It did in the whole Creation, I wanted to give to my Creator the glory which each created thing contained. In fact, even though each created thing is glorious, noble, holy, of divine origin, because it is formed by the Creating Fiat, however, each thing possesses a property, one distinct from the other, in such a way that each of them gives its own glory to the One who created it.
So, while my little and poor intelligence was wandering within Creation, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, each created thing has its special office, according to how God created it, and all of them are faithful to Me in the office which each one possesses, giving Me continuous glory, and each distinct from the other. The Creation is my divine army – united and inseparable, though created things are distinct, and all of them run without ever stopping for the sole purpose of glorifying their Creator. It is like an army: some act as general, some as captain, some as officer, and some as little soldier – all intent on serving the king, each one at its place, in perfect order and faithful to the exercise of each office. As each created thing possesses an act of my Divine Will, this is enough for them to maintain themselves in their place in perfect order, always beautiful and ever new, and in the act of glorifying the One who created them. Wherever my Divine Will is present there is perennial life, harmony, order, unshakeable firmness, such that no event can move them from their place, and all are happy in the office which each possesses. Such would man have been if the human will had not snatched him away from my Will – a beautiful army, all ordered, and each one happy in his office, and always in the act of glorifying Me; and while glorifying his Creator, he would remain glorified himself. This is why I want my Divine Fiat to return to reign in the midst of creatures – because I want my army, all ordered, noble, holy, and with the imprint of the glory of their Creator.”

February 3, 1929
To recognize Creation and Redemption is to recognize the divine dominion. Tight bonds which exist between Heaven and one who lives in the Divine Will, and how one who lives in It is all one piece.
My poor and little mind swims in the most bitter pain of the privation of my sweet Jesus, and feeling I am almost without Him, more than ever I feel like longing for my Celestial Fatherland. Oh! how bitter is the earth without Jesus. Together with Him it is more bearable, but without Him one cannot live at all. And if it wasn’t for the fact that close to the sea of His privation flows more extensive the sea of the Divine Fiat which, with It light, eases in part the bitterness and the intensity of the pain of the privation of Jesus, who knows how long ago I would have taken flight to the celestial regions because of the force of the pain. But, Fiat! Fiat!
So, I was continuing my round in the Creation and Redemption, recalling within my mind all the acts done by God in order to follow them, giving, for each act, homages, adoration, love, thanksgiving. And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, by recalling the acts of Creation and Redemption in order to follow them and honor them and know them, the creature does nothing but recognize the divine dominion in all things; and my Divine Will feels Itself being given Its honors, the homages due to It, and, drawn, It forms there Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures.”
After this, I felt I could not go on any longer without Jesus - my strengths were failing me; I was so disheartened that if my interior pains could be seen, I would have caused Heaven and earth to cry out of pity. But I believe that just as the Divine Fiat eclipses my sweet Jesus from me with Its light, so does It eclipse my pains, in such a way that no one knows anything about my hard martyrdom – it is a secret that passes only between me, Jesus and the Holy Divine Volition. As for all others, no one knows anything, and in looking at me under the rain of the light of the Fiat, maybe they believe that I am the happiest of creatures. Oh! power of the Divine Will! - You know how to change things, and wherever You are present You make everything appear as beautiful and good. Even more, with your light You bejewel the pains and make them appear as rare and precious pearls which enclose seas of joy and of happiness within themselves. How ingenious You are, oh, Divine Will! Under your empire of light one can do nothing but remain mute, love You and follow You.
But while my little mind was wandering within Its light, and in the terrible nightmare of the privation of Jesus, I just barely felt Him move in my interior, and He told me: “My daughter, courage, do not lose heart - the whole of Heaven is fixed upon you, and by the irresistible force of my Fiat they feel such identification with you, that they cannot do without looking at you, loving you and concurring in all your acts. You must know that the Angels, the Saints, the Sovereign Queen, are all one piece; their beings are nothing other than one single act of Divine Will. Therefore, nothing but Divine Will appears in each of them; the thought, the gaze, the word, the work, the step – nothing appears but Fiat! Fiat!; and this constitutes all the fullness of the happiness of all Saints. Now, one who does and lives in my Will on earth is similar to the inhabitants of Heaven – that is, she is all one piece, and forms one single piece with them, in such a way that if the pilgrim soul thinks, the Saints think together with her; if she loves, if she operates, they love and operate with her. There are such tight bonds between her and Heaven, that all together form one single act of my Will; so much so, that all the celestial inhabitants are on the lookout to see what the creature on earth does, so that nothing may escape them. Wherever my Divine Will reigns, It has Its Heaven, and has the virtue of kidnapping Heaven onto earth and the earth into Heaven, and of forming one single thing. Therefore, courage, do not lose heart; think that you are dealing with a Divine Will, and this should make you content.”

February 10, 1929
One who lives in the Divine Will lends to It her nothingness emptied, which the Fiat uses as the space in which to exercise Its Creation.
I was doing my round in the Creation, to follow all the acts that the Divine Fiat has done and is continuing in It. Not only this, but my poor mind kept tracing everything that the Divine Volition had done in Adam and in all generations, before and after the Redemption. It seemed to me that all the acts done by the Divine Will, both in the Creation and in creatures, were more than suns, which I was to follow, embrace and make my own. And even though I was doing that, my poor heart could not help feeling the tortures of the privation of my Highest Good, Jesus. And He, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, courage, in one who lives in my Divine Will and follows Its acts, my Fiat continues Its Creation, and in each of Its acts which she follows, It assumes the attitude of forming Its creations; and only when It sees all of Its acts in the soul who lives in It, all lined up and ordered, like a new Creation, and therefore a new heaven, a new sun, a sea more beautiful, a flowering more surprising – then is my Divine Fiat content. And then, since the act of creating man was the most beautiful, the most tender, done in an ardor of love, the most intense, It wants to repeat over the creature who lives in my Volition the acts which We did in the act of creating man. And, oh! how my Fiat puts Itself in feast in repeating Its acts – because only in one who lives in It can It have Its act of always creating, things which It has done as well as new things. In fact, the soul lends to It her nothingness emptied, which my Volition uses as the space in order to create what It wants, almost as It used the void of the universe in order to extend the heavens, to create the sun, to put boundaries to the sea, so that the earth might form its beautiful flowerings. And this is the reason why you go around in the acts of my Fiat and as though many waves of light pass through your mind, in which you follow and feel, impressed into yourself, like many scenes, the Creation, man in the act of being created, the Queen of Heaven in the act of being conceived, the Word descending, and many more acts done by my Will: it is the power of my Creating Fiat that wants to always do, always give, without ever ceasing. Therefore, be attentive, for this is about something too great – no less than your having to remain in the act of undergoing the continuous act of my Creating Will. It will feel It has not completed Its work in you if It does not see all of Its acts enclosed in your soul as the attestation and triumph of Its reigning in you.
Therefore, all your attention must be in looking at whether all of Its acts have life in you. And do you know how these acts are created in you? As for you, by recalling them, recognizing them and loving them; and my Volition, by pronouncing Its Fiat over your call and over your love, forms the life of Its acts in you. And the continuity of Its work in you is such, that It does not stop even in seeing you tortured by the pain of my privation, because It has much to do, and therefore It moves on. And I let It do so, because you and I must give primacy to our Volition in everything, for the just triumph of Its cause, and to give It the field in order to form Its Kingdom.”

February 17, 1929
The soul who lives in the Divine Will is inseparable from It. Example of the light.
I was doing my round in the acts of the Divine Fiat, but with an oppression that took life away from me because of the usual privations of my sweet Jesus. Everything was hardship and unspeakable bitterness. It seemed to me that that Divine Will which was giving me life and which possesses immense seas of light, of joy, of happiness without end, was crossed for me by clouds of oppression and of bitternesses because of the privations of the One whose absence now, after I had lived and was raised together with Him for such a long time, forms for me the clouds to embitter for me the light and the happiness of His very Divine Will. Oh! God, what pain!
But while I was following the acts of the Divine Fiat in this state, my beloved Jesus, just barely moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, courage, do not oppress yourself too much. You must know that one who lives in my Divine Will is inseparable from It and from Me. My Will is similar to the light, which contains light, heat and colors, which, though distinct among themselves, are yet inseparable: the light cannot exist nor have life without the heat; the heat cannot have life without the light; and the colors are formed by the strength of the light and of the heat. One cannot be without the other; one is the life, one is the strength. The light, the heat and the colors begin their life together, they continue it without ever separating, and if they have to die, all in one blow, they end their life.
Such is the inseparability of the soul who lives in my Divine Will; she is inseparable from Me and from all the acts of my Divine Fiat. She enters into the life of the light and of the heat of my Divine Volition, and acquires the life of Its light and of Its heat. And since Its incessant act can be called the multiplicity and infinity of Its acts – the colors which my Divine Will produces – the soul forms one single act with It. You must know that the inseparability of one who lives in my Divine Volition is such and so great, that when the Eternal Wisdom created the heavens, the sun and the whole universe, you were together with Me and were flowing in my Divine Fiat like light, heat and colors. I would have been so very wary of doing even a single act of my Will without my little daughter or one who lives in It. It would be as if I were lacking the strength of the light, of the heat and of the colors. This I cannot lack, and therefore you are inseparable from Me. So, courage, and do not oppress yourself.”
On hearing this, I said to Him: ‘My Love, if it were so – that in all the acts of your Divine Will I was there too in the middle – before sinning, Adam possessed your Fiat, and so, when he sinned, I was there too, and this I would regret.’ And Jesus added: “My daughter, you must know that in my Divine Will there is the permissive act and the wanted act. In the fall of Adam there was the permissive act, but not wanted by It; and in the permissive act, the light, the heat and the multiplicity of colors of my Divine Will place themselves aside and remain untouchable, without meddling in the human act. On the other hand, in the wanted act, they form one single act and one single thing. Does the light of the sun become stained because it passes over rubbish? Certainly not. Light remains always light, and rubbish remains rubbish. On the contrary, the light triumphs over everything and remains untouchable by anything, regardless of whether they trample upon it, or whether it invests the dirtiest things; because things extraneous to light do not enter into its life of light. My Divine Will is more than light; like light, It flows in all human acts, but It remains untouchable by all the evils of creatures, and only those who want to be light, heat and colors – that is, those who want to live only and always of Its Divine Will – can enter into It; anything else does not belong to It. Therefore, you can be sure that you did not enter into the fall of Adam, because his fall was not an act of light, but of darkness, and one shuns the other.”

February 22, 1929
How, when she writes, the Divine Will makes Itself actor, dictator and spectator. Ordinary and extraordinary order which the Divinity has in the Creation.
While being in the highest bitterness of the privation of my sweet Jesus, I was writing what is written above, and although I was doing it with incredible effort, given the state I was in, yet I wanted to do it, to give as though the last attestation of homage to that Fiat which, with so much love, had manifested Itself to me. And now, though It is so brief in His speaking, I do not want the tiny little drops of light that It manifests to me to be lost. ‘Who knows’ - I was thinking to myself – ‘whether this might not be the last little drop of light that I put on paper…’.
But while I was thinking this, my beloved Jesus came out from within my interior, and throwing His arms around my neck, He clasped me so very tightly in His arms, and told me: “My daughter, as soon as you began to write, I felt Myself being drawn so strongly, that I could not resist, in such a way that, as my Fiat overflowed from you, It put Me out in order to direct, while you write, what I have manifested to you about my Divine Volition. This is a commitment, it is a sacred and divine right that It has, to be the actor, the dictator and the spectator while you write, so that everything may be light and surprising truths, in a way that the divine characters of my Will may be known in clear notes. Do you think that you are the one who writes? No, no – you are nothing other than the superficial part. The substance, the primary part, the dictator, is my Divine Will; and if you could see the tenderness, the love, the yearnings with which my Fiat inscribes Its Life on these papers, you would die consumed with love.”
Having said this, He withdrew into my interior, and I, as though coming round from the enchantment of Jesus, continued to write; but I felt myself all light, being whispered everything, being fed the words. I am unable to say what I experienced while writing. Then, after I finished writing, I began to pray, but with the nail in my heart of who knows when Jesus would come back again; and I was lamenting: ‘Why is He not taking me to Heaven still?’ And I remembered of the many times in which He had reduced me to be at death’s door, as if I were about to cross the doors of Heaven, but as they were about to open in order to receive me into the blessed dwelling, obedience had imposed itself over my poor existence, and as it would make the doors close to me, I would be forced again to remain in the hard exile of life. Oh! though holy, how cruel and almost tyrannical is obedience in certain circumstances. And, still, I thought to myself: ‘I would like to know whether it was of obedience, or the final point of my existence down here had not yet come…’.
But while I was thinking about this, and many other things wandered through my mind, with such unspeakable bitterness that it seemed it was intoxicating me, my Highest Good, Jesus, my dear Life, surprised me, and making Himself seen again, told me: “My daughter, you must know that in Our Divinity there is the ordinary order for the whole Creation, and this is not moved because of any incident: not one point, not one minute earlier, not one minute later; life ends when it is established by Us - We are immutable in this regard. But, in Us, there is also the extraordinary order, and since We are the masters of the laws of the whole Creation, We have the right to change them whenever We want. But if We change them, a great glory of Ours must enter into this, and a great good for the whole Creation; We do not change Our laws because of little things. Now, my daughter, you know that the greatest work is to establish the Kingdom of my Divine Will upon earth, and to make It known; there is no good that the creature can receive if she does not know it. What is your wonder, then, if We have surrendered to obedience so as not to let you die? More so since, because of your connection with my Divine Fiat, you enter into the extraordinary order; and since each knowledge about my Divine Volition is many Divine Lives that have come out or Our womb, the sacrifice of your life was needed in order to receive them, and the very privation of Heaven, from which obedience snatched you.
In addition to this, since my Divine Will, Its knowledges, Its reigning, are not only the greatest good for the earth, but the complete glory for the whole of Heaven, all of Heaven prayed Me to surrender to the pleas of the one who commanded you; and I, out of regard for my Will, while opening the doors to you, surrendered to their pleas. Do you think that I do not know your great sacrifice, your continuous martyrdom of being away from the Celestial Fatherland, and only to fulfill my Will in the one through whom It was commanded to you? Indeed, this sacrificed snatched from Me the many lives of the knowledges of my Fiat. And then, a soul was needed who would know Heaven and how my Divine Will is done in the celestial dwelling, in order to be able to entrust to her Its secrets, Its story, Its life; and by appreciating them, she would make them her own life and would be ready to lay down her life so that others might know a good so great.”
Jesus kept silent, and I, feeling in suffering, was lamenting and reproaching Jesus for He would not take me to Heaven. And He: “Courage, my daughter, there is just about a little left for the writings on my Divine Fiat. My very silence says that I am about to complete the great manifestations of the Gospel of the Kingdom of my Divine Will. So I did in the Kingdom of Redemption: during the last days of my life, I did not add anything else; on the contrary, I hid Myself; and if I said anything it was a repetition, in order to confirm what I had already said, because what I had said was sufficient so that all might receive the goods of being redeemed - it was up to them to take advantage of it. So it will be for the Kingdom of my Divine Will: once I have said everything, in such a way that nothing may be lacking in order to be able to receive the good of knowing It, and to be able to possess all of Its goods, then I will have no more interest in keeping you on earth - it will be up to them to take advantage of it.”

February 27, 1929
How all the Saints are the effects of the Divine Will, while those who live in It will possess Its life.
My abandonment in the Supreme Fiat is continuous; and while I was trying to follow the acts of the Divine Volition as much as I could, embracing everything and everyone, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior and told me: “My daughter, the whole Creation, all the Saints, are nothing other than the effects of my Divine Will. If my Will speaks, It creates and forms the most beautiful works. Each little motion of It is fragrances of prodigies that It effuses over creatures; Its littlest breath casts varieties of beauties over the one who receives it. A true image of this is the sun, which, by merely investing the earth, with its touch of light gives the so many varieties of colors, of sweetness, to all plants. No one can deny that, by just letting himself be touched by its light, he has received the good it contains. My Divine Will is more than sun. Even if one only lets oneself be touched by It, Its miraculous touch must produce a good which, perfuming him and warming him with Its light, will make him feel Its beneficial effects of sanctity, of light and of love.
Now, the effects of my Fiat are given to those who do my Divine Will, who adore Its dispositions, who bear with patience what It wants. By doing so, the creature recognizes that there is this Supreme Will, and by seeing Itself recognized, It does not deny to her It admirable effects. On the other hand, one who must live in my Divine Volition must possess within herself the whole life and not only the effects - but the life with all the effects of my Divine Fiat. And since there is no sanctity, past, present and future, of which my Divine Will has not been the primary cause, in forming all the species of sanctity which exist, It therefore holds within Itself all the goods and effects of sanctity which It has issued; and so, the soul who will live in my Will, by possessing Its life with all Its effects, will see within herself, all together, all the sanctities which have been issued. She will be able to say: ‘The others have done one part of sanctity, while I have done everything, I have enclosed everything within myself of all that each Saint has done.’ Therefore, the sanctity of the ancients, that of the prophets, that of the martyrs will be seen in her; the sanctity of the penitents, the great sanctities as well as the small ones will be seen. Not only this, but the whole Creation will be seen portrayed in her. In fact, my Divine Will loses nothing by issuing Its works; on the contrary, while It puts them out, It holds them within Itself as primary fount. Therefore, for one who lives in It, there is nothing that my Divine Volition has done or will do, of which she will not have possession.
What enchantment and amazement would it not be if a creature could enclose within herself the whole sphere of the sun with all of its light? Who would not say that she contains all the effects, the colors, the sweetness, the light, which the sun has given and will give to all the earth and to all plants, big and small? If this could be, Heaven and earth would be astonished, and all would recognize that each of their effects which they possess are enclosed in that creature who possesses the sphere of the sun, which is her life with all of its effects. But humanly speaking this could not happen, because the creature would not be able to contain either the power of all the light of the sun, or that of its heat; she would be burned, nor would the sun have the virtue of not burning her. On the other hand, my Will has the virtue of enclosing Itself, of making Itself smaller, of expanding Itself – however It wants to make Itself, so It does. And while It transforms the creature into Itself, It preserves her alive, and giving her all of Its shades of beauty, It renders her the dominator and possessor of Its divine dominions. Therefore, be attentive, my daughter – recognize the great good of the Life of my Fiat in you, which, while It possesses you, wants to render you the possessor of everything that belongs to It.”
After this, He added: “My daughter, one who lives in my Divine Volition never moves from the ways of her Creator and from being Our repeater - that while Our essence is one, one the Will, one the Life, one the Love, one the Power, We are yet three distinct Persons. In the same way, for the soul who lives in It, one is her heartbeat, and in each heartbeat she forms three acts: one embraces God, the second embraces all creatures, the third herself. And so, if she speaks, if she operates, in everything she does, she forms these three acts which, echoing the Power, Wisdom and Love of the One who created her, embrace everything and everyone.”

March 3, 1929
How the Divine Will is always in the act of renewing what It did in the creation of man. How It contains the charming virtue.
I was continuing my round in the Divine Fiat, and pausing in Eden, I was adoring the Supreme Will in the act of creating man, in order to unite myself to that union of wills which existed between Creator and creature when he was created. And my Highest Good, Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the creation of man was the most beautiful, the most solemn act of the whole Creation. In the fullness of the ardor of Our Creating Love, Our Fiat created in Adam all other creatures, and remained always in the act of creating and of renewing over each creature what We did over the first man. In fact, all of his descendants were to have their origin from him. And so, Our Divine Volition took on the commitment, as creatures would come out to the light, to renew Our outpourings of love, to put out all of Our divine qualities, and to make new displays of beauties, of graces, of sanctity, of love over each one of them. So, each creature was to be a new feast for Us – the well-issued one, the welcomed one, and the happy increase in the celestial family.
Oh! how Our Divine Fiat rejoiced in placing Itself in the act of always having to give to the creature, and of renewing the magnificence, the sublimeness and the insuperable mastery which It was to have over each creature. But because Adam went out of Our Divine Volition, his descendants lost the way in order to come to the first act of the creation of man; and even though Our Divine Volition has not stopped – because when We decide to do an act, no one can move Us, and therefore It remains always in the act of renewing the prodigies of Creation - in spite of this, It does not find anyone over whom to renew them, and It waits with a divine firmness and patience for the creature to return into Its Volition in order to be able to renew Its act, always in act, of being able to repeat what It did in the creation of man. And as much as It awaits everyone, It only finds Its little daughter, the newborn of my Divine Volition, who, each day, enters into the first act of the creation of man, when Our Divine Being made display of all Our divine qualities, to make of man the little king and Our inseparable son, embellishing him with all of Our divine insignia, so that all might recognize him as the greatest portent of Our Love.
My daughter, if you knew with how much love It awaits you, to make each day your little visit in that Eden in which Our Fiat, taken by impetus of love, took the attitude of feast in order to create man…. Oh! how many acts It keeps repressed within Itself; how many sighs of love suffocated; how many joys contained; how many beauties enclosed within Itself, because there is no one who enters into this, Its creating act, to take the unheard-of goods It wants to give. And in seeing you who, in Its very Divine Volition, have the way in order to reach into the act of the creation of man – oh! how It rejoices and feels drawn as by a powerful magnet to make Itself known to creatures, so that, by making my Divine Will reign in their midst, they may find the way in order to reach the first act of the creation of man, so that It may no longer keep the goods It wants to give to creatures repressed within Itself. Oh! if creatures knew how many new creating acts, one more beautiful than the other, my Divine Fiat is about to create and issue from Itself to pour them upon each one of them – oh! how they would hasten to enter into my Divine Volition in order to begin their lives again in It and receive Its infinite goods.”
Then, I was following the Holy Divine Volition, and was thinking to myself: ‘Is it really true that I possess this Fiat so holy? It is true that I feel I am unable to want or desire anything else, and It overflows like a sea, inside and outside of me, which envelops me completely in this Divine Fiat, and I feel that all other things do not belong to me; but who knows whether I truly possess It!’ But while I was thinking about this, my beloved Jesus added: “My daughter, the sign that a soul possesses my Will is her feeling herself the dominator of herself, in such a way that her passions do not dare to move before the light of my Fiat; they feel impotent to act, as if they had no life. In fact, the Power and Sanctity of my Will knocks everything down, and over the very miseries of the human will It lays Its Light, Its Sanctity and the most beautiful flowerings, in a way as to admirably convert miseries themselves into fecund and blessed earth, which knows not how to produce thorns any more, but celestial flowers, sweet and mature fruits. And the dominion of this fortunate creature is so great, that she feels the owner of God Himself, of creatures and of all created things. She has a charming virtue, such that whoever has the good of knowing her, feels so bound as to be unable to be away from her. It is the Power of my Fiat that, enclosed within her, charms God, who feels happy to remain enclosed in her; and It charms creatures, because they feel the balsamic fragrance of my Divine Fiat that brings true peace and true good into their hearts. What would some not do in order to have one word from you, which, like life, may descend into their hearts? Therefore, be attentive, and always continue your flight in my Divine Will.”

March 8, 1929
How Creation is the celestial band. How the Fiat possesses the generative virtue.
I continue to go around in the acts of the Divine Fiat, and gathering, all together, the whole Creation, asking in each thing that the Divine Will come to reign upon earth, I was bringing them all together to my Creator, to give Him the glory of all Creation and say to Him: ‘Adorable Majesty, listen - I pray You – to the heavens, to the stars, to the sun, to the wind, to the sea and to all Creation, asking You that your Fiat come to reign upon earth. Let the will of all be one.’ But while I was doing this, my adorable Jesus, coming out from within my interior, told me: “My daughter, all Creation forms the celestial band, because each created thing contains light, the power of my word Fiat, which produces the most beautiful music. And just as each created thing is not like any of the others, in the same way, my Divine Volition, in creating them with Its creating word, just as It made them one distinct from the other, so It placed in them a distinct sound, like many notes, such as to form the most beautiful concert, which no terrestrial music can imitate. The multiplicity of the sounds with the corresponding notes is so great, for as many as are the created things. So, the heavens contain one sound, each star has its distinct sound, the sun has another, and so with all the rest. These sounds are nothing other than the participation in the harmony which my Divine Will possesses. In fact, as It pronounces Its Fiat, by possessing the generative, communicative and fecundating virtue, wherever It is pronounced It leaves Its beautiful qualities of light, of beauty and of unreachable harmony. Is it perhaps not Its communicative virtue that communicated so much beauty, order and harmony to the whole universe? And is it not by Its breath alone that It nourishes the whole Creation, maintaining It fresh and beautiful, just as It created It?
Oh! if creatures would let themselves be nourished by the breath of my omnipotent Fiat, all evils would no longer have life in them; Its generative and nourishing virtue would communicate to them light, beauty, order and the most beautiful harmony. What can my Fiat not do and give? Everything. Now, my daughter, as you were gathering all created things in order to bring them to Us as the most beautiful homage, to ask Us for Our Kingdom upon earth, since each thing has the notes and the sound within itself as its own property, immediately they began their music, so beautiful and harmonious, that Our Divinity pricked up Its ear and said: ‘The little daughter of Our Fiat is bringing Us Our celestial band, and in their sound, they say to Us: “May the Kingdom of Our Divine Will come upon earth”. Oh! how pleasing it sounds to Us, how it descends deep into Our inmost divine bosom, and it all moves Us to compassion for so many creatures without the life of Our Fiat. Ah! only one who lives in It can move Heaven and earth, and rise onto Our paternal knees to snatch from Us a good so great, which is the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven’.”
After this, I kept following the Divine Will in so many multiple effects which It produces in the whole Creation, and my always lovable Jesus added: “My daughter, with one single act my Fiat produces many effects, sustaining the whole Creation. Its act is the life that It gives in order to form each created thing; the effects are the nourishments that It administers like many different foods to each thing, to maintain them beautiful and fresh, just as It created them. So, my Divine Will is the sustainer, the nourisher and the vivifier of all Creation. Now, one who lives in my Divine Volition, together with It, sustains, nourishes and vivifies all created things; she is the inseparable one of my Fiat! As the creature operates in It, she acquires the breath, and breathing together with my Fiat, she maintains what was done once always alive; even more, she has the virtue of vivifying and calling to life the many acts of my Will to which the human will has given death. In fact, my Will has a continuous act to give to creatures, and when they have not done my Will, these acts have died for them; and one who lives in It has the virtue of vivifying them and of keeping them alive.”

March 13, 1929
How the Divine Love overflowed in Creation. How the Divine Will does not know how to do broken things. How each privation of Jesus is a new pain.
I feel a strength within me, a divine power, which draws me continuously into the Eternal Volition, as if It wanted me in continuous company with Its acts, to give to Its little newborn the life of these acts, and to have the pleasure of hearing them being repeated, or of repeating them together with her. It seems that the Divine Fiat enjoys very much, It celebrates, when It sees the little newborn in Its arms of light, either to tell her something about Its long story, or to let her repeat what It does together with It. The Divine Fiat feels all the joy, the happiness for having issued the Creation. So, Its light transported my little intelligence into Eden, in the act when our Creator, in a surge of love, created the life of love in Adam, in order to love him always, without ever ceasing – as indeed It never ceased – to be loved by him in return with an incessant love. It wanted to love him with a love that never says enough; but It wanted to be loved in return.
While my mind was wandering in the love of the Creator and of the creature, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, in the first act of the creation of man, Our love overflowed so strongly and raised its flames so high, as to make its arcane voices heard, so strong and penetrating, that the heavens, the stars, the sun, the wind, the sea and everything felt invested by mysterious voices crying out over the head of man: ‘I love you, I love you, I love you.’ These arcane and powerful voices called man; and he, as though stirred from a sweet sleep and feeling enraptured by each ‘I love you’ of the One who had created him, also cried out in his surge of love - in the sun, in the heavens, in the sea and in everything: ‘I love You, I love You, I love You, oh my Creator!’ Our Divine Will which dominated Adam did not let him lose anything, not even one ‘I love you’ of Ours to which he would not respond with his own. It was lovely, a sweet enchantment, to hear him, as the power of Our Divine Fiat would take the ‘I love You’ of Our son, the dear jewel of Our Heart, upon the wings of Its light, and invading the whole Creation, he would make Us hear, in each created thing, his continuous ‘I love You’, just like Our own. Our Divine Will does not know how to do broken and interrupted things, but continuous.
As long as Adam possessed his dear inheritance of Our Fiat, he possessed Its continuous act; it can be said that he competed with Us, for when We do an act, it no longer ceases; therefore, everything was harmony between him and Us – harmony of love, of beauty, of sanctity. Our Fiat let him lack nothing of all Our things. As he withdrew from Our Will, he lost the way in order to reach Our things, and formed many voids between himself and Us – voids of love, voids of beauty and of sanctity, and formed an abyss of distance between God and himself. And this is why Our Fiat wants to return into the creature as fount of life – to fill these voids and make him return, as a little newborn, into Its arms, and to give him Its continuous act, just as It created him.”
After this, I felt myself without my Highest Good, Jesus, and I experienced such pain that I am unable to explain it. Then, after much waiting, my dear Life came back, and I said to Him: ‘Tell me, my beloved Jesus, why is the pain of your privation always new? As You hide, I feel a new pain arise within my soul – a death more cruel, more harrowing, more than those experienced other times, when You eclipse Yourself from me.’ And my always lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, you must know that every time I come to you, I communicate to you a new act of my Divinity; I communicate to you now a new knowledge about my Divine Will, now a new beauty of mine, now a new sanctity of mine, and so with all Our divine qualities. This new act that I communicate to you causes that, when you remain without Me, this greater knowledge brings a new pain into the soul, because the more one knows a good, the more one loves it, and the new love brings the new pain when you remain without it. This is why, when you remain without Me, you feel that a new pain invades your soul. But this new pain prepares you to receive, and the void is prepared in you in which to place the new knowledges about the Divine Will. The pain, the new harrowing death that you suffer because of my privation, is the new call which, with arcane and mysterious and enrapturing voice, calls Me; and I come, and, in return, I manifest to you a new truth which brings you the new life of your Jesus. More so, since the knowledges on my Divine Fiat are Divine Lives that come out of the womb of Our Divinity, and therefore the divine pain which you suffer because of my privation has the virtue of calling from Heaven these Divine Lives of the knowledges of my Will to reveal themselves to you, so as to make them reign on the face of the earth. Oh! if you knew what value one single knowledge on my Divine Will contains, what good it can produce – you would hold it as the most precious relic, and one kept as more than sacrament. Therefore, let Me do, and abandon yourself in my arms, waiting for your Jesus to bring you the Divine Lives of the knowledges of His Fiat!”

March 17, 1929
What Jesus has manifested about His adorable Will are divine births. His sorrow when He sees that these truths are not well kept.
I was all abandoned in the Divine Fiat; I felt my poor mind immersed in the sea of Its endless light, and my adorable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, my Divine Will is in the act of forming continuous births. In these births, It generates and gives birth to light, It generates and gives birth to other lives similar to Itself, It generates and gives birth to sanctity and beauty. The first generation is formed within Our divine womb, and then the innumerable births from Us come out. But do you want to know when We generate and form these births? When We want to put out a truth. First We generate it in Our womb as a dear child of Ours, and then We put it out as a birth from Us, so that it may descend down below, to creatures, and may give to one who receives it the freedom to let her generate, that she may produce more births, and therefore creatures may have Our dear child, generated in Our womb. So, Our truths descend from Heaven in order to generate in the hearts, and to form the long generation of the divine births coming from Me.
See then, my daughter, each truth I have manifested to you about my Divine Will was a child generated in Our paternal womb, such that, as We put it out, it brought you the child of Our light, the child of Our beauty, of Our sanctity and of Our love. And if the grace was given to you to put them out, it was because they found in you the space and the freedom to be able to generate, in such a way that, unable to contain within yourself the so many births of the children of Our truths, you put them out, in those who had the good of listening to you. Therefore, it can be said that one who does not take these truths into consideration, does not esteem them, appreciate them and love them, is a child of Ours who does not appreciate and love the greatest thing that exists in Heaven and on earth; and by not loving it and esteeming it, they come to suffocate these children of Ours and to prevent their generation. There is no greater evil than this: not to use all the care in keeping a truth of Ours - as the greatest of treasures, because it is Our child, it is the bearer of Our life upon earth. What good can a truth of Ours not do? It contains the Power of Our Fiat - and so very vast, and it has the power to save an entire world. More so, since each truth possesses a distinct good to be given to creatures, as well as a glory for the One who generated it; and to hinder the good and the glory which the dear births from Us should give Us is the greatest of crimes.
This is why I have given you so much grace, I have administered to you the words, I have directed your hand while you were writing – so that the children of my truths might not be suffocated and as though buried in your soul. And so that you might not omit anything, I placed Myself near you, I held you in my arms, like a tender mother holds her little daughter, and now I attracted you with promises, now I corrected you, now I reproached you severely when I saw you reluctant to write the truths which I had manifested to you; because I had the interest that they were lives and children of mine, and that, if not today, tomorrow they would come out to the light. You cannot comprehend my sorrow in seeing the negligence of the ones who have lost the three volumes of my Divine Will. How many truths were not inside of them? How many lives have they not suffocated, forming the tomb for my children which, with so much love, I issued from my paternal womb? On the part of those who have had no care to the point of causing them to be lost, I feel that they have broken the plan of my Divine Will and Its long story, spoken to you with so much love in order to make it known; because every time I would set Myself to tell you what pertained to my Fiat, the ardor of my love was so great, that I felt I was renewing the act of the whole Creation, especially when, in the ardor of Our love, man was created.”
In hearing this, I felt my soul being pierced through, and as if they were tearing it to pieces; and I said to Him: ‘My Love, if You want, You can make a miracle of your Omnipotence to have them be found, and so You will not have the sorrow of so many truths suffocated and the long story of your Divine Will as though broken. I too feel I suffer very much, and I am not even able to say what this sorrow is like.’ And Jesus added: “It is my sorrow that echoes in yours; it is the tearing of so many lives of mine which they have suffocated that you feel within you. The truths that have been lost are written in the depth of your soul, because first I would write them in you with my creative hand, and then I would have you write them on paper; and this is why you feel, vividly, the tearing of them – it is my same tearing that you feel in your heart. If you knew how much I suffer! In each truth of these volumes which they have lost with so much negligence, I feel Myself being given death – and as many deaths for as many truths as were inside of them. Not only this, but death to all the good which those truths were to bring, and death to the glory which they were to give Me. But they will pay for this, with so much more fire in Purgatory for as many truths as they have caused to be lost. Know, however, that if they do not use all the means in order to find them – because I want their cooperation – I will not make the miracle that some would want, that they may be found; and this, as chastisement of their negligence. These births, these truths, these dear children and lives of Ours which We issued, however, We shall not withdraw, because what comes out of the womb of Our Divinity as relater and bearer of a great good for creatures is not withdrawn by Us because of the ingratitude and negligence of those who have lost so many truths of Ours. Therefore, when the Kingdom of Our Will becomes known upon earth, and will reign on it, then I will make it so as to manifest again what has been lost, because if I did not do so, the nexus and the connection, and the plan, as whole, of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, would be missing.”
On hearing this, crying, I said: ‘So, my Love, if it is so, I have to wait. How long will be my exile on earth; yet, I feel so tortured because of your privations, that I cannot be away from the Celestial Fatherland any longer.’ And Jesus: “Daughter, do not afflict yourself; nor is it necessary that I tell you the way – how and to whom I must manifest, if they do not find what was lost – whether to you or to others. What befits you to do, on your part, is to do what you have to do for the Kingdom of my Divine Will. Once you have done the last act that We want from you for the fulfillment of It, your Jesus will not wait a minute to bring you in my arms into the celestial regions. Did I not do the same in the Kingdom of Redemption? I omitted nothing and I did everything, so that nothing might be lacking on my part, so that all might receive the good of Redemption. And when I did everything, I departed for Heaven without waiting for the outcome, leaving the task to the Apostles. So it will be with you. Therefore, be attentive, and pluck up courage.”

March 22, 1929
In His works, God makes use of human means. How, in Creation, the Divine Will had the field of action, constituting Itself life of everything. How the Divinity acts only as concurrent and spectator.
I feel my poor mind as though fixed in the Divine Volition, and I was thinking to myself: ‘How can His Kingdom ever come upon earth? And besides, how can It come if It is not known?’ But while I was thinking about this, my always lovable Jesus, coming out of my interior, told me: “My daughter, in my works, I make use of human means, though I do the first part, the foundation and all the substance of the work that I want to do, and then I make use of creatures so that my work may be known and have life in the midst of creatures.
So I did in Redemption; I made use of the Apostles in order to make It known, to propagate It and to receive and give the fruits of Redemption. And if the Apostles had not wanted to say anything of what I said and did in coming upon earth, and, closed in their muteness, had taken not one step, nor made one sacrifice, nor laid down their lives in order to make known the great good of my coming upon earth, they would have caused my Redemption to die upon Its rising. And the generations would have remained without the Gospel, the Sacraments and all the goods which my Redemption did and will do. This was my purpose, as in the last years of my life down here I called the Apostles around Me: to make use of them as the proclaimers of what I had done and said. Oh! if the Apostles had remained silent, they would have been responsible for the loss of so many souls if they had not known the good of Redemption – responsible for so much good not done by creatures. But because they did not remain silent and they laid down their lives, they can be called, after Me, authors and cause of so many souls being saved and of all the goods that have been done in my Church, forming, as the first proclaimers, Her unshakeable pillars. It is Our usual divine way that first We do Our first act in Our works, We place everything that is needed, and then We entrust them to creatures, giving them sufficient graces so that they may continue what We have done; and therefore Our works become known according to the interest and the goodwill that creatures have.
So it will be with the Kingdom of my Divine Will. I called you as a second mother of mine, and, one on one, just as I did with Her in the Kingdom of Redemption, I manifested to you the many secrets of my Divine Fiat, the great good of It, and how It wants to come to reign upon earth. I can say that I have done everything; and if I called my minister so that you might open yourself in order to make It known, my intent was so that he would have interest in making known a good so great. And if this interest were not there on the part of those who should occupy themselves with It, they would put the Kingdom of my Will at risk of dying upon Its rising, becoming, themselves, responsible for all the good that a Kingdom so holy can bring. Or, they would deserve that, putting them aside, I call others as proclaimers and propagators of the knowledges of my Divine Fiat. Until I find some who have interest and take to heart making known Its knowledges, more than if it were their own lives, the Kingdom of my Will can have neither Its beginning, nor Its life upon earth.”
After this, I continued my abandonment in the Divine Fiat, and my highest Good, Jesus, added: “My daughter, in Creation it was my Divine Will that had Its field of action; and although Our Divinity was concurrent - because We are inseparable from It - however, the prime act, the action, was all of Our Will. It spoke and It operated; It spoke and It ordered; We were the spectators of what Our Supreme Volition was doing, with such great mastery, order and harmony, that We felt worthily glorified and made twice as happy by Our very Will. Therefore, since Creation is Its work, the whole strength of Creation and all the goods with which It was enriched are all in my Supreme Will. It is primary life of everything; and this is why It loves Creation so much – because It feels Its very life in all created things, and Its very life flows in them. So much so, that in creating man, wanting to make greater display of Its Power, of Its Love and of Its Mastery, It wanted to enclose in him all the art of the whole Creation. Not only this, but It wanted to surpass It, giving him such brush strokes of divine art as to make him the little god; and laying Itself inside and outside of him, to the right and to the left, above his head and under his feet, I carried him within my Divine Will as the outpouring of Our love, and as the triumpher and admirer of Its insuperable mastery.
Therefore, it was the right of my Divine Fiat that man live only and always of Divine Will. What had It not done for him? It called him from nothing, It formed him, It gave him his being, and It gave him double life – the life of man and that of my Divine Will, in order to carry him always clasped in Its creative arms, so as to preserve him beautiful, fresh, happy, just as It had created him. So, when man sinned, my Fiat felt Itself being snatched of that life which It carried in Its very womb. What was not Its sorrow? It remained with the void in Its womb of this son, for whom, with so much love, so as to keep him safe and happy, It had made room within Its very life. And do you think that in Redemption it was not my very Divine Will that incarnated Itself in order to come to find the lost man? It was precisely It, because Verbum means word, and Our word is the Fiat, which, just as in Creation It spoke and created, in the same way, in Redemption, wanted and incarnated Itself. It was Its empty womb that claimed this child who, with so much cruelty, had wriggled away. And what did this Will of Mine not do in Redemption? But It is not yet content with what I did; It wants to fill Its womb, It no longer wants to see man disfigured by sin, by dissimilarity from It, but It wants to see him adorned by the insignia of Creation, adorned with Its Beauty and Sanctity, and taking his place, once again, inside Its divine womb. The Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven is precisely this: that man return into my Divine Will; and only when It sees again Its child happy, living in Its house, with the opulence of Its goods - then will It calm Itself. And so It will be able to say: ‘My child has come back, he is clothed with his royal garments, he wears the crown of king, he lives together with Me, and I have given back to him the rights which I gave him in creating him. So, the disorder in Creation is ended, because man has come back into my Divine Will’.”

March 25, 1929
How the Creation runs a vertiginous race toward Its Creator. One who lives in the Divine Will is inseparable from It. Order which Jesus has kept in manifesting the truths about the Divine Will. Renewal of the Creation. Importance of the truths.
My abandonment in the Divine Fiat continues. I felt the littleness of my poor soul in the midst of all created things; and I, as though having my own motion, my continuous race in all Creation, feel inseparable from It; my will and that of Creation are one, which is the sole and only Divine Will. Therefore, since the Will of all is one, we do one same thing, and we all run as though to our first center, to our Creator, to say to Him: ‘Your Love issued us, and your same Love calls us back into Yourself, with a vertiginous race, to say to You: “We love You, we love You”; to sing the praises of your inextinguishable and interminable Love.’ And so, in this way, coming out of His center again to continue our race which has not stops, we do nothing but go in and out of His divine womb in order to form our round of love, our loving race toward our Creator.
So, while I was running with the whole Creation, to form my race of love toward the Divine Majesty, my always lovable Jesus, coming out of my interior, told me: “My daughter, one who lives in my Divine Volition is bound to all Creation: neither can Creation do without this fortunate creature, nor can the creature unbind herself from the created things, because, the will of one and the other being one, which is my Divine Will, they form one single body with many members inseparable from one another. So, I look at one who lives in my Divine Will, and I see her heavens; I return to look at her and I see her sun; my gazes, enraptured by so much beauty, fix more upon her and find her sea. In sum, I see in her all the varieties of each created thing, and I say: ‘Oh! Power of my Divine Fiat – how beautiful You render for Me she who lives in You. You give her primacy over the whole Creation, You give her the race, so fast, that she runs more than wind; and excelling over everything, she is the first to enter into my Divine Center, to say to Me: ‘I love You, I glorify You, I adore You’; and as she forms her echo in the whole Creation, all repeat after her her pleasant refrains.”
My daughter, this is why I take so much love in manifesting to you all that regards my Divine Will: everything I have manifested to you about It is nothing other that the whole order of Its Kingdom. And all this was to be manifested from the beginning of Creation if Adam had not sinned, because in each manifestation of mine regarding my Divine Fiat, man was to grow in the sanctity and beauty of His Creator, and therefore I intended to do it little by little, giving him as though many sips of Divine Life, to make him grow according to how my Divine Will wanted. So, by sinning, man interrupted my speaking and reduced Me to silence. After many centuries, wanting man to return into my Fiat, I have resumed my speaking with so much love, more than a tender mother when she loves and yearns to give birth to her child, in order to kiss him, surround him with affections, enjoy him and squeeze him tightly to her maternal breast, and to fill him with all her goods and happinesses. So I did in resuming my speaking and manifesting to you all the order of the Kingdom of my Divine Volition, and the way which the creature must have in my Kingdom.
Therefore, manifesting to you so many truths about my Fiat has been nothing less than issuing into the field again all the order and love which I would have kept if man had not sinned and my Kingdom had had Its life upon earth. In my speaking, I have kept such order, that one truth is so bound to the other, that if anyone wanted to snatch away or conceal some truths, they would form a void in the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat, and would subtract a strength from creatures to induce them to live in my Kingdom. In fact, each truth that regards my Divine Volition is a place that It takes in order to reign in the midst of creatures, as well as a way and an empty space that they find in order to take possession of them. Therefore, all the truths I have told you have such a connection among themselves, that by removing some, in that point one would see as though a heaven without stars, or a void without sun, or an earth without flowering. In fact, in all these truths that I have told you there is the renewal of the whole Creation, and in each truth, my Fiat, more than sun, wants to come out into the field again, just as It did in Creation; and laying Its veil of light over all, It wants to give them so much grace, as to give them Its creative hand, to make them reenter into the womb of Its Divine Volition.
Therefore, everything I have told you about my Divine Will has such importance, that it costs Me more than the whole Creation; because it is a renewal of It, and when an act is renewed, it costs double love, and in order to be more sure, We place double grace and double light to be given to creatures, so that We might not have to suffer the second sorrow, maybe more painful than the first, which We had in the beginning of Creation, when man sinned and formed within himself the failure of Our Love, of Our Light and of the precious inheritance of Our Supreme Volition. This is why I am so attentive that you may lose nothing of what I tell you about my Divine Will – because there is such importance in these truths, that in concealing some, it would be as if one wanted to move the sun from its place, or to make the sea come out of its shore. What would happen to the earth? Think about it yourself. And so it would be if any of the truths about my Divine Will, which I have manifested to you with so much order, were missing.”

March 31, 1929
Absolute rights of the Divine Will. How the human will changed the human destiny and the
divine. How, if man had not sinned, Jesus was to come upon earth glorious and with the scepter of command. Man was to be the bearer of his Creator.
I feel within me the continuous Power of the Divine Fiat, which envelops me with such empire as to give no time to my dying will to do the slightest act; and It glories in not letting it die completely, because if It did so, It would lose Its prestige of operating over a human will which, while it is alive, voluntarily receives the vital act of the Divine Fiat upon itself. And it is content with living while dying, so as to give life and absolute dominion to the Supreme Volition which, victorious with Its divine rights, extends Its boundaries and sings victory over the dying will of the creature which, though dying, smiles and feels happy and honored that a Divine Will has Its field of action within its soul.
Now, while I was feeling myself under the empire of the Divine Fiat, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “Little daughter of my Divine Will, you must know that these are absolute rights of my Divine Fiat – to have primacy over each act of the creature – and one who denies Its primacy takes Its divine rights away from It, which are due to It by justice, because It is the Creator of the human will. Who can tell you, my daughter, how much evil a creature can do when she reaches the point of withdrawing from the Will of her Creator? See, one act of the first man withdrawing from Our Divine Will was enough, reaching the point of changing the destiny of the human generations – not only this, but the very destiny of Our Divine Will.
If Adam had not sinned, the Eternal Word, who is the very Will of the Celestial Father, was to come upon earth glorious, triumphant and dominator, accompanied visibly by His angelic army, which all were to see; and with the splendor of His glory, He was to charm everyone and draw everyone to Himself with His beauty; crowned as king and with the scepter of command, so as to be king and head of the human family, in such a way as to give creatures the great honor of being able to say: ‘We have a King who is Man and God.’ More so, since your Jesus was not coming from Heaven to find man infirm, because, had he not withdrawn from my Divine Will, no illnesses, either of soul or of body, were to exist; in fact, it was the human will that almost drowned the poor creature with pains. The Divine Fiat was untouchable by any pain, and so was man to be. Therefore, I was to come to find man happy, holy, and with the fullness of the goods with which I had created him. But, because he wanted to do his will, he changed Our destiny, and since it was decreed that I was to descend upon earth – and when the Divinity decrees, no one can move It – I only changed the manner and the appearance, but I did descend, though under most humble guises: poor, with no apparatus of glory, suffering and crying, and loaded with all the miseries and pains of man. The human will made Me come to find man unhappy, blind, deaf and mute, full of all miseries; and I, in order to heal him, was to take them upon Myself; and so as not to strike fear in them, I was to show Myself as one of them, become their brother and give them the medicines and the remedies which were needed. So, the human will has the power to render man happy or unhappy, a saint or a sinner, healthy or sick.
See then, if the soul decides always - always to do my Divine Will and to live in It, she will change her destiny, and my Divine Will will fling Itself upon the creature; It will make her Its prey, and giving her the kiss of Creation, It will change appearance and manner. Clasping her to Its bosom, It will say to her: ‘Let us put everything aside, the first times of Creation have come back for you and for Me; everything will be happiness between you and Me, you will live in Our house, as Our daughter, in the abundance of the goods of your Creator.’
Listen my little newborn of my Divine Will: if man had not sinned, if he had not withdrawn from my Divine Will, I would have come upon earth – but do you know how? Full of majesty, as when I rose again from death. Even though I had my Humanity similar to that of man, united to the Eternal Word, how different was my resurrected Humanity – glorified, clothed with light, not subject to either suffering or dying: I was the true Divine Triumpher. On the other hand, before dying, though voluntarily, my Humanity was subject to all pains; even more, I was the Man of Sorrows. And since man had his eyes still dazzled by the human will, and therefore he was still infirm, few were the ones who saw Me resurrected, and this served to confirm my Resurrection. Then I ascended into Heaven, to give man the time to take the remedies and the medicines, so that he might recover and dispose himself to know my Divine Will, in order to live, not of his will, but of Mine, and so I will be able to show Myself full of majesty and of glory in the midst of the children of my Kingdom. Therefore, the Resurrection is the confirmation of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven. After such a long sorrow, suffered by my Divine Will for many centuries, of not having Its Kingdom upon earth and Its absolute dominion, it was right that my Humanity place Its divine rights in safety, and realize Its original purpose and Mine, of forming Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures.
Moreover, in order to further confirm for you how the human will changed its destiny and that of the Divine Will with regard to it, you must know that in the whole history of the world two persons only have lived of Divine Will, without ever doing their own – and these were the Sovereign Queen and Myself. And the distance, the difference, between Us and the other creatures is infinite; so much so, that not even Our bodies were left on earth. They had served as royal palace for the Divine Fiat, and the Divine Fiat felt inseparable from Our bodies; and therefore It claimed them, and with Its ruling strength, It kidnapped Our bodies together with Our souls into Its Celestial Fatherland. And why all this? The whole reason is that Our human wills never had one act of life, but all the dominion and the field of action was of my Divine Will. Its Power is infinite, Its Love is insuperable.”
After this, He kept silent, and I felt I was swimming in the sea of the Fiat, and – oh! how many things I comprehended. And my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, by not doing my Divine Will, the creature casts confusion in the order which my Divine Majesty kept in the Creation; she dishonors herself, she descends down below, she places herself at a distance from her Creator, she loses the origin, the means and the end of that Divine Life which, with so much love, was infused in her in the act of being created. We loved this man so much, that we placed in him Our Divine Will as origin of life; We wanted to feel enraptured by him; We wanted to feel in him Our Strength, Our Power, Our Happiness and Our same continuous echo. And who could ever allow Us to feel and see all this, if not Our Divine Will bilocated in him? We wanted to see in man the bearer of his Creator, who was to make him happy in time and eternity. Therefore, when he did not do Our Divine Will, We felt, vividly, the great sorrow of Our work disordered; Our echo ended, Our enrapturing strength, which was to enrapture Us to give him new surprises of happiness, converted into weakness - in sum, it turned upside down. This is why We cannot tolerate such a disorder in Our work; and if I have spoken so much about my Divine Fiat, the purpose is precisely this: We want to place man in the order, that he may return to the first steps of his creation, and Our Will, flowing within him as vital humor, may form again Our bearer, Our royal palace upon earth, his happiness and Ours.”

April 4, 1929
How the first who will live in the Divine Fiat will be like the yeast of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.
My abandonment is in the Holy Volition, which, like powerful magnet, draws me to Itself, to administer to me, sip by sip, Its life, Its light, Its prodigious, admirable and adorable knowledges. So, my mind was wandering within It, and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the first who will do my Divine Will and will live in It, will be like the yeast of Its Kingdom. The many knowledges which I have manifested to you about my Divine Fiat will be like the flour for the bread, which, in finding the yeast, becomes fermented – as much flour as one puts in. But the flour is not enough – it takes the yeast and the water in order to form the true bread, to nourish the human generations. In the same way, the yeast of the few who live in my Divine Volition is necessary to Me, as well as the multiplicity of the knowledges about It, which will serve as the mass of light that will give all the goods which are needed in order to nourish and make happy all those who want to live in the Kingdom of my Divine Will. Therefore, do not worry if you are alone and few are those who know, in part, what regards my Divine Will; as long as the little portion of the yeast is formed, united to Its knowledges, the rest will come by itself.”
After this, I was following the acts of the Divine Fiat in the Creation, and while I was following Its acts in the heavens, in the sun, in the sea, in the wind, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, look – everything that serves the whole human family in a universal way is always one. On the other hand, the other things, which do not serve in a universal way, are multiple. The sky is one, and it extends above the heads of all; the sun is one, and it serves as light for all; the water is one, and therefore it gives itself to all; and even though it seems divided into many founts, seas, wells, however, from whatever place it descends, it possesses the one single force. The earth is one, and it extends under the feet of all. And just as in the natural order of Creation, so in the supernatural order. God is the universal Being, and He is one; and because one is the God of all, He gives Himself to all, He envelops all, He is everywhere, He does good to all, and is life of all. One is the Virgin, and therefore universal Mother and Queen of all. One is your Jesus, and therefore my Redemption extends everywhere and in a universal way; everything I did and suffered is at the disposal of all and of each one. One is the little newborn of my Divine Will, and therefore the whole entire universe will receive, in a universal way, all the goods of the manifestations and knowledges of my Divine Fiat which, like sacred deposit, I have deposited in you, so that, more than splendid sun, it may shine its innumerable rays to illuminate the whole entire world. Therefore, everything I tell you contains the universal virtue, which will give itself to all and will do good to all. So, be attentive, and always follow my Divine Will.”
May everything be for the glory of God and for the fulfillment of His Fiat!!!

Deo gratias…

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