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Divine Will Volume Thirty-five


In Voluntate Dei!

My sweet Life, my Highest Good - Jesus, come to my help. My littleness and misery are such that I feel the extreme need to feel you within me, as palpitating, operating and loving Life. Otherwise I feel incapable of saying to you even a little I love You. So I pray You, I beg You - don’t leave me alone, since the task of writing on the Divine Will is all yours. I will do nothing other than let my hand be carried by You, and be attentive to listen to your holy words. You will do all the rest. So, think about it, O Jesus... And then I call my Celestial Mother to help me, so that, while I write, she may keep me on her lap and synchronize me with her Maternal Heart to let me feel her sweet harmonies of the Divine Fiat, so that I may write all that Jesus wants me to write on His Adorable Will.

August 9, 1937
Prodigies of love in the Divine Volition. How the Divine Will redoubles Its love, in order to be loved with Its own love. How the Queen will form the new Hierarchy in her inheritance.
My flight continues in the Divine Volition. He awaits me with so much love that He takes me in His arms of Light and says: “My daughter, I love you, I love you. And you, tell me that you love me, so I can place my big I love you on your little I love you and, spreading it in the immensity of my Fiat, I make everyone and everything love you, while you love Me for everyone and everything. I am the Immensity and I like to give to creatures and to receive from them my immense Love. I give and receive the harmonies, the various notes, the sweetness, and the enchanting and enrapturing sounds contained in my Love. When my Will loves, the heavens, the Sun, the whole of Creation, the Angels and the Saints - all of them love together with Me. They are all attentive in waiting for the I love you from the One to whom they directed their I love You. So, on the wings of my Will, I send your I love You’s to all, so as to repay them for their love for you, united to my love. If one loves, it is to be loved in return. Not having love returned is the hardest pain - a pain which makes one delirious. It is the most transfixing nail, which can be pulled out only by the medicine - the balm of returned love.”
Then, I was thinking to myself: ‘My God, who could ever repay You for your great love? Ah, maybe only the Queen of Heaven can claim the merit of having repaid her Creator in love... And I? And I...?’ I felt oppressed. And my always adorable Jesus, making His short little visit, all goodness said: “Daughter of my Will, don’t worry. For the soul who lives in my Will there is perfect harmony in love. By possessing Its Life in the creature, my Will redoubles Its Love; so when It wants to love, It loves within Itself and within the soul, since It possesses her Life. In my Will, love is in perfect harmony - joys and happiness of pure Love are always in full force.
Our Paternal Goodness for the soul who lives in our Will is so great that we count her breaths, heartbeats, thoughts, words and movements, to return them with our own and fill them up with love. In our emphasis of love we say to this creature: ‘She loves Us and We must love her.’ And while we love her we show off such gifts and graces as to astonish Heaven and earth.
We did the same with our Queen; we displayed so much... but do you know what this showing means? We are looking at Ourselves, and We want to give all that We are and all that We possess.
Dissimilarity would cause Us pain. The creature, seeing herself dissimilar from Us, would not be with Us with the trust of a daughter, and with that confidence that comes from sharing the same goods and the same gifts. This disparity would be an obstacle to forming one single Life and loving each other with one single Love. On the other hand, to live in our Divine Will is exactly this: one single Will, one single Love - common goods. In all that may be lacking within the creature we give of Ourselves to compensate her in everything, and to say: ‘What We want, she wants too. Our Love and her Love are one single Love - and as We love her, she loves Us.’
My daughter, is it that We lack the strength to elevate the creature to the level of our image - to make her possess our goods so that she may live in our Will? My Celestial Mother, from the moment she existed, possessed the Life of my Divine Fiat. We love each other with one love, and we love the creature with a twin love.
Our love for Her is such that, just as We have our Hierarchy of Angels in Heaven as well as the various orders of Saints, the Great Lady - Celestial Empress and owner of the great inheritance of our Will - will call her own children to possess her inheritance when our Kingdom will be established on earth. We will give Her the great glory of having Her form the new Hierarchy which will be similar to the nine choirs of Angels. So, she will have the choir of Seraphim, of Cherubim and so forth, as well as the new order of the Saints who lived in her inheritance. After she will have formed them on earth she will take them to Heaven, surrounding herself with the new Hierarchy, the newborn in the Divine Fiat, reborn in her own love - those who lived in her inheritance.
This will be the fulfillment of the work of Creation - our ‘consumatum est’. We will have the Kingdom of our Will among creatures, thanks to the Celestial Heir who wanted to give her life for each of them, to make It reign. How glorified and happy we will be, because the Sovereign Queen will have her own Hierarchy just as We keep ours; even more so, since our own Hierarchy will be hers too, while hers will be ours, because all that is done in our Will is inseparable.
If you knew how much this Celestial Queen loves the souls. She, faithful copy of her Creator, looks inside Herself and finds her seas of Love, Grace, Sanctity, Beauty and Light; then She looks at the creatures and wants to give all of herself with all her seas, so that creatures may have their Mama with all her riches. Having to see her children poor, while their Mother is so rich - and only because they do not live in the inheritance of their Mother... it is such a pain... She would like to see them inside her seas of Love, loving their Creator as She does, hidden inside her Sanctity, embellished by her Beauty, filled with her Grace. But not seeing them there - if She wasn’t in the state of Glory, in which pains cannot have place - She would die of pure pain for each creature who does not live in the Divine Will. Therefore, She prays unceasingly. She places all her seas in prayer, to beseech that the Divine Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.
Our Love is such that, by the virtue of our Will, She bilocates herself within each creature, to prepare the interior of her soul, synchronizing her with Her Maternal Heart, squeezing her in Her arms, to dispose her to receive the Life of the Divine Fiat. Oh, how much She prays, in every single heart, to our adorable Majesty, saying: ‘Hurry up. My Love can no longer be contained. I want to see my children living together with Me in that same Divine Will which forms all of my Glory, my richness, my great inheritance. Trust me, and I will know how to defend my children and your own Will, which is also mine.’
The Love of this Celestial Queen and Mother is insuperable. Only in Heaven will creatures know how much She loves them and how much She has done for them. Her most exuberant, magnanimous and greatest act is in wanting them to possess the Kingdom of my Will as She possesses It. Oh, what wouldn’t the Celestial Lady do to obtain this purpose! You too, unite with Her, and pray for a purpose so holy.”

August 15, 1937
The empire of the acts done in the Divine Will. God is at the head of the acts of the soul who lives in It.

My flight continues in the Divine Volition, but Its surprises are always new - invested by such Love as to remain enraptured; with the soul overflowing with such joy that one would want to remain hidden in It, and never leave. Oh, Adorable Will, how I wish that all knew You, loved You and would let You reign, allowing themselves to be caught in your net of Love!
I was thinking this when my sweet Jesus, visiting my little soul, all goodness told me: “Little daughter of my Will, the surprises, the novelties, the secrets and the attractions of my Will are innumerable. Whoever enters It remains renewed and magnetized, to the extent that he doesn’t want to leave anymore. He feels Its investing divine empire, and the celestial balm which, changing his nature, makes him rise again to new Life.
Now, you must know that my Divine Will gives so much power to the creature that, as she does her most tiny acts, she feels Its empire. If she loves, she feels the empire of Its Love; if she speaks, she feels Its Creative Strength; if she works, she feels the empire and the virtue of Its works crowding all around her, which, ruling in her Will with her own empire, bring that Will to every heart to make It rule and dominate each of them. Our Will feels Its own empire in the act of the creature, and It feels forced to give what she wants in that act. If she wants to love, with her act she makes Us be loved and obtains love for Us; if she wants our Will to reign, with her own empire she brings Us to the point of praying that all may receive It. One act in our Will never stops. It says to Us: ‘I am your act. You must give me what I want.’ One can say that it takes control over our Power, duplicating It, multiplying It. The creature, though beseeching, does not ask, but takes whatever her act wants; more so, since in our Will We Ourselves want no act dissimilar from Our own. Therefore, We let Ourselves be ruled and dominated.”
Then Jesus remained silent. I just cannot express what I felt... My mind was so magnetized by His words, and so invested by His empire that I wanted to give my Life for everyone to know It. Then my beloved Jesus continued: “My daughter, there’s nothing to be surprised about. All that I am telling you is pure truth. My Will is all and can do all. Not to put in our same conditions one who lives in our Will, is not of our Supreme Being. The creature, who at the most can see Us in what is natural, once living in our Will recognizes herself as the grace, participation and expression of our Love and Will; and this is how my Will wants the creature to be. Therefore, we want her to live in our Volition, so that her acts and Ours may be fused together, and may resonate with one single sound, one single value, one single love. We neither can nor do we want to resist one of Our acts.
Further, you must know that living in our Will is unity, to the extent that, if the creature loves, God is always at the head of her love. So, His Love and her Love are one single Love. If the creature thinks, God is at the head of her thoughts; if she speaks, God is the source of her words; if she works, God is the prime Actor operating in her works; if she walks, God leads her steps. To live in my Will is nothing other than the life of the creature in God, and the life of God within her.
It is impossible for Us to leave our Love, our Power and our acts apart from the soul who lives in our Will. If the Will is one, all the rest comes by itself: unity of Love, unity of Works, unity of everything. This is why living in our Divine Fiat is the prodigy of the greatest prodigies - a prodigy never before seen and never before heard. We wanted to do this prodigy which only a God could perform in the creature, because we just could no longer contain our exuberant love. But the creature, ungrateful, did not accept. However, we haven’t changed our Will. Although our Love has been hindered and repressed, making us fidgety, we will use such excesses of love, such industries and stratagems that we will obtain the intent that our Will be one with the creature.”

August 23, 1937
How the Divine Will wants to grow in the creature and form Its fullness. How the soul who lives in It is kept aware of all the works of her Creator Who makes her possess all the divine works.

I feel myself inside the waves of the Divine Volition which, investing me, want to penetrate more into the depth of my soul, in order to make themselves known, and to make me feel their Life - their celestial joys - the immense goods that the Divine Will wants to give to whoever wants to live with It. My beloved Jesus, who seems to be anxiously waiting to continue to talk about the Divine Fiat, all goodness told me: “My blessed daughter, how happy I am when I see the soul disposed to listen to me, to receive the great Gift carried by my word! I never speak if I don’t see that the soul is disposed. In fact, if she is not, my word cannot deliver that Gift which it, itself, generates.
You must know that the more the creature seeks my Will - wanting to know It, loving It, and not letting It escape in each of her acts - the more my Will grows to Its fullness. One more little attention is enough to make It grow - a sigh, a desire for Its Life. Oh, how wonderfully It grows, pushing It so high, up to the heights of the divine sphere, to know the highest and most intimate secrets. My Will is Life, and as Life It does not want to stop. It wants to grow continuously, and to grow It awaits the most tiny act, a loving invitation from the creature; even more so, since It doesn’t want to grow by force, but It wants the creature also to desire the continuous growth and fullness of my Will. As Its fullness grows, so does the divine Strength within the soul - the Sanctity, the Beauty, the happiness, the knowledge - and the fullness of the innumerable goods which my Divine Fiat possesses.
See then, how much it means one additional act - a sigh, a desire for It, a call: it is acquiring more of a divine Strength; it is being embellished, so much so, that We Ourselves remain enraptured. So we look and look at her again and again, and we recognize in her our strength and our beauty, and oh, how much we love her! We feel even more happy because she is for Us the bearer of our joys and of our goods. Before this creature our Love swells up, it overflows from Ourselves and pours into her so much that it fills her up, forming around and inside of her our maze of fidgeting love - the ardent desire to make grow the fullness of our Will.
My daughter, there is a great difference between those who are all attentive, all eyes and all heart for my Will, and the ones who just want It, but without any special attention. It seems that these don’t have eyes to see It, heart to love It, and voice to call It in all things. Maybe they possess my Will in small part, but Its fullness is far away from them.” Then Jesus remained silent. I remained immersed inside the eternal waves of the Divine Volition - so much so, that my poor mind did not know how to get out. I felt like saying: ‘Jesus, enough for now. My mind just cannot contain all that you want to tell me.’ And my sweet Jesus, placing His hand on my forehead, continued: “My daughter, keep listening. See what point a soul living in my Will can reach: My Will keeps her aware of all our works. Our Supreme Being always maintains Its works in continuous action. For Us, past and future do not exist.
So, the Heavenly Father generates continuously His Son, and between Father and Son the Holy Spirit proceeds. This is the Life in Ourselves, which, as heartbeat and breathing, forms our Life: Generating and proceeding continuously. Otherwise We would be lacking Life in the same way as the creature would lack life if she didn’t palpitate and breathe continuously. In this continuous generating and proceeding, we form immense joys, happiness and contents so great that, being unable to contain them within Ourselves, they overflow and form the joy and the happiness for the whole of Heaven. From the immense goods produced by the continuous generation of the Word, and by the proceeding of the Holy Spirit, overflowed the sumptuousness and magnificence of the engine of the whole Creation, the creation of man, the Conception of the Immaculate Virgin and the descent of the Word upon earth. All this and more is always in action in our Divine Being; in action like the Father generating His Son, and the proceeding of the Holy Spirit.
Now, one who lives in our Will is spectator of these divine prodigies. She feels as if she is receiving continuously the Son generated by the Father, and the Holy Spirit Who always proceeds. Oh, how much of joys, love and graces she receives! She gives Us the glory which we always generate in our Will, and she finds the whole Creation in action. We give to this creature, by right, all the goods of creation. She is the first glorifier of the many things we’ve created. She finds in action the conceived Virgin, Her seas of Love, all Her life. The Virgin makes her possess it all, and this creature takes all, glorifying Us for the great good we did when we created this Celestial Creature. She finds in action the descent of the Word - His birth, His tears, His palpitating Life, and also His pains. We make her possess all, and she takes all. She glorifies us and she loves us for everyone and everything. In our Will, the creature can say: ‘All is mine, even God Himself - as well as the Divine Will.’ Therefore, she feels the duty to glorify us and to love us in each thing and for everyone.
It is impossible for Us not to give what We have done - and are still doing, to one who lives in our Will. Our Love would not tolerate this. It would put us in pain. More so, since we do not lose anything by giving; rather, we feel more glorified and delighted if the creatures live with Us, being aware of all our Works, and possessing all of them. Being able to say: ‘All that is Ours is yours’ is our greatest happiness. Disunity never brings any good: the ‘yours’ and the ‘mine’ break the love and produce unhappiness. In our Will disunion does not exist, neither does the ‘yours’ and the ‘mine’, but all is in perfect harmony.”

August 29, 1937
How God wants to see His Life in the soul who lives in His Will, to the extent of becoming her model. Gifts which God gives to His creature. The space of the human will: divine room for the wonders of God.

My flight in the Divine Volition continues. Its attractions and Its charming modes become more insistent. Its desire to live in the soul is such that It assumes the attitude now of prayer, now of supplication, now of promise; to the extent of promising to the creature new gifts, more beautiful and unexpected, if she lets It reign. Only the ungrateful could resist so many attentions. But while my mind was crowded by so many supplications and sighs of the Divine Fiat, my sweet Jesus, my dear Life, came back for His short little visit. As if He wanted to pour out His Love, all goodness He told me: “My blessed daughter, if you knew into what a maze of love we are put by those who do not live in our Will! I can say that for every act they do - every word, thought, heartbeat, breath - which we don’t see flowing in our Will, the Life of our Will and our own Love remain repressed.
Our Will feels such pain that It bursts into tears. It moans and sighs because It does not find Its Life, Its Act, Its heartbeat, Its word and the Sanctity of Our intelligence in the creature. Feeling left out, as if cast aside from the interior of the creature and from anything she does, It feels its Love being extinguished and Its arms being tied, unable to perform Its work within her. My daughter, what pain! Being able to give life and not giving it; being able to speak in the human word, and being reduced to silence because the creature gives it no place within her word; being able to love with our Love in her heart, and not finding the place in which to put it. Oh, how our Love remains hampered - with almost no life - because the creature does not live in our Will.
You must know that when the soul does an act in our Divine Will, God becomes her model, while the act becomes the material necessary to receive the Divine Model. Therefore, our more than Paternal Goodness is all attentive to see all that the soul living in our Will does. As she is about to think, speak or work It seals in her the model of Its wisdom, the model of its creative word and the sanctity of Its Works. Our Love is such that we want to become life of her life, heartbeat of her heart, and love of her love. Our delirium of love is such that we want to make of her our copy. We can obtain this purpose only with one who lives in our Will, since then do not lack the adaptable material to receive our Model.”
After this He added with even stronger emphasis: “My daughter, our Love is so great that we do nothing other that give continuous gifts to the creature. The first gift was the whole Creation. Then the creation of man came. How many gifts did we not give to him? Gifts of intelligence, in which we placed the model - the image of our Most Holy Trinity. The eyes, the hearing, the speech were all gifts that we gave to him. Not only did we give him these gifts, but we also assumed our preserving and creative role to keep these gifts - while remaining always in the act of giving them. Our love in donating our gifts is such that we do not detach ourselves from the gift we give; rather, we remain inside that gift to keep it more safe and guarded. Oh, how exuberant our Love is; how it binds us everywhere! Our love lets her give to Us, but it does not leave the gifts at the mercy of the creature, since she wouldn’t have the virtue to preserve them. So we offer Ourselves to keep them, and to love the creature more we also place Ourselves in the act of giving them continuously.
How much more should I tell you, my daughter, of the great gift we gave to the creature in creating her human will? First, we created the space, then the sky, the stars, the sun, the air, the wind and so forth. That space had to serve us so that we could create all other works. It would not be a work worthy of our Wisdom to create things without having the space in which to place them. In the same way, by creating the human will we created the vacuum, the place, in which to put the great gift of our Most Holy Will which we gave to man. This space had to serve our operating Will. We were to place in it the most extensive Heavens and the brightest suns; not a single one, but one for each time man would act. Therefore, while Creation had to serve man, this space of the human will was to serve His God - to form His delights; to always be able to form His shelf, His Throne, His divine chamber.
I gave man this gift, forming this space within him in order to have the place in which to communicate with him - to be one-on-one with him, in sweet company. I wanted to have my secret room. My Love wanted to tell him many things, but I wanted the environment in which to talk to him, and in which my Love could reach the extent of giving itself completely to man, while he would completely abandon himself in God. This is why I love so much that he live in our Will: because I want what I created to be only for Myself. I demand my shelf, my Throne, my divine chamber. I cannot accomplish the Creation until man comes back into my Divine Will and gives Me my royal place inside his will. We have so many more beautiful things to do - many more things to say inside our space of the human will - but we cannot say or do: because our Will is missing, we find our space all cluttered up. So we do not have the space in which to place our works. If we want to speak, he will not understand; he will not even have the hearing to listen. Therefore, we will make unheard-of prodigies to acquire again what is Ours: the space and our divine room.
And you - pray and suffer, so that I may have back what is Mine. Never refuse me the space of your human will, so that my Love may be poured, and my works may continue the Work of Creation.”

September 6, 1937
Purpose of Creation. Speaking and operating Life of God in the Creation. God’s word: the Divine Will. How one who does his own will risks the Divine.

I am in the arms of the Divine Volition. It loves me so much that It doesn’t let me leave Its more than Paternal arms, to keep me and raise me as It wants and pleases. And if It hears me saying that I love It... oh, how It celebrates, forming around me the seas of Its Love, which repeat in every instant: “[ref. source missing]..”. Then, my sweet Jesus, visiting my poor soul, finding me in the arms of His Will, all joyful said: “My blessed daughter, how I love finding you always all abandoned in these arms! Your destiny is assured: you will live on our same Food. We will have common goods. You must know that the only purpose for Creation was exactly this: Creation had to serve as the residence for man, while man had to serve as Our residence.
We wanted to form as many of our Lives for as many creatures as we delivered to daylight. Each of them had to possess our Life - a speaking and operating Life - since we cannot be wherever we are without saying or doing anything. Otherwise, it would be as if we formed many prisons for ourselves; prisons which would impose on us silence and uselessness. Our Supreme Being speaks and operates: the word calls the works, and the works manifests Who We are, forming such beatitudes and joys as to delight Us, as well as those who live with Us. Therefore, each one of our words and works is a new joy and happiness that We create for Us.
This is why we want to form within man our speaking and operating Life: because we had to form such wonders of our Divine Being, as to create new and always more beautiful Creations. We wanted to show and give the way to all that we can do and know how to do - the way to our new joy and happiness. And where does all this go? Inside our residence of man. But, would you like to know Who our Word is? It is Our Will. It is the operator of our Works, the narrator of our Divine Being, the bearer and keeper of our Life in the creature. Without It, We do not move from our Throne, neither do we form any life in any residence.
See, the great necessity to possess our Divine Will and to live in It? With It we can do everything: deliver our most beautiful works; maintain our scope in force; form the Lives of our Being - as many as we want. Without our Will all is hampered: obstructed, our Love; obstructed, our Power; arrested, our works. One could say that we remain as a God mute for the creatures. What ingratitude! What a crime, to reduce Us to silence! While we wanted to honor the creatures with our Life in them - as the residences for our delights and wonders - they have rejected us, not giving us the freedom to form that Life. In our place they gave residence to passions, sin and the most ugly vices.
Poor man, without our Will. Without divine purpose! It would be as if he wanted to live without breath, heartbeat or blood circulation, which are the foundations of human life. What life could he ever have? Wouldn’t that be just like killing himself on the spot? Such would be our Life in the creature: with no heartbeat, no motion and no word. It would be a tormenting, oppressive life, and he will end up dying. It is true that we involve everyone with our Power and Immensity - We are in everyone, and everywhere - but lacking our Divine Volition within themselves, they never hear us talking; they understand nothing of our Supreme Being, and even if they live in our immensity it is because no one can escape from Us. So they don’t feel as though they were Our sons, but as strangers to Us... What pain! Having so many things to say, and being silent! Having the power of doing who knows how many wonders, and not being able to do them because our Will does not reign within them!
And yet, our Love is such that it does not stop. We are all eyes to watch whoever wants to live in our Will; all ears to listen to whoever calls It to live within herself; all love to place our great Love upon the little love of the creature. As soon as we see her disposed, we form our speaking Life and we tell her the story of our Will - the long story of our eternal Love. How much we love her. How many sighs calling for love...
You must know that when we love without finding anyone who loves us, our Love does not know where to lean to be loved in return. So it goes wandering around, bursts into delirious fidgets, and if it doesn’t find even a little ‘I love you’ from a creature on which to lean, it withdraws back into Ourselves - to where we keep our center of Love. But it does it with a pain that a created mind cannot comprehend. The sufferings of a Love not returned are unspeakable. They surpass all other pains. We want to give always - we are in continuous act of giving - but we want to find her will willing to receive: a desire, a sigh, as the place - the little shelves on which to place our Will, and all that we want to give and do. These desires and sighs are like ears which listen to Us, eyes that look at Us, hearts which love Us, minds which comprehend Us. If we don’t find these little shelves, we cannot give her anything, and she remains blind, deaf, mute and with no heart. Therefore, our Will is put into flight, and It returns to the shelter of our Celestial regions.”
Then, I continued to think about the Divine Will. I felt completely invested by It and I prayed my dear Jesus to help me and keep me locked inside His Heart so that I could live and know nothing other than His Will. And He, coming back, continued: “My daughter, all the goods of the creature are tied to my Will. If she unties herself from It, all her goods are finished. You must know that every single time she does her human will, she loses the Divine Will with all Its goods; so she loses all that is beautiful - all that is holy and good. This is an incalculable loss. The poor creature is thrown into the most wretched misery; she loses her rights over all goods, and she is invested by such unhappiness as to leave her constantly restless.
Even if it seems that she may have some goods, these are only apparent: they end up torturing her completely. On the other hand, every time that she decides to do my Divine Will in total firmness, she loses her human will - the miseries and the passions. She loses all the evils, the miserable rags, and the filthy clothes which the human will had formed. What a happy loss! Losing evils and miseries is glory and victory. But losing the goods is cowardice and dishonor. See then: if the creature wants, she can recover from the great loss of my Will - loss which she suffered by doing her own will; more so, since she will receive the help of our Power, our Love and our own Will. By acquiring again the rights over all goods, all will defend her in order to recover from the lost game.”

September 12, 1937
How these truths are the greatest gift that God gives to us. Divine birth. Fidgets and delirium to see us possessors of His gifts. Outpouring of love: His word. The great good of one act done in His Divine Will.
My poor mind is besieged by the Divine Will. It wants to talk so much about Its truths that I just cannot contain them, because my capacity is too small; so I am forced to say: ‘Stop Jesus, for now. You want to say so many things, but I am incapable of retaining them. I won’t be able to say them all, and much less to write them as You want’. And my sweet Jesus, feeling compassion for my littleness, all tenderness told me: “My little daughter of my Will, don’t worry. Your littleness remains dissolved inside my Will. You are not the one who has to manifest her truths, but my Will Itself will take the task of narrating all that It wants to make them known. It will invest your mind; It will make Itself small on your lips, and It will make Itself known for Who It really is. You surely cannot do it by yourself, but if you place your will into Ours We will fix everything, and We will make known all that We want to say.
You must know that when we want to do good to the creatures, or to reveal a truth - which is the greatest good we can give them, because by speaking it we make of it a gift - first we mature it within the womb of our Divinity. Then, when we can no longer contain it, because our Love is such that it wants to see the creatures possessing that gift - to the extent of becoming fidgety and delirious and even of making Us languish for desire to see that good transmitted to them,... we give it. We find ourselves in the painful conditions of a poor mother who, once her pregnancy comes to term, feels as though she would die if she didn’t deliver her baby into daylight. We cannot die, but if we don’t deliver to the light the good to which we want to give birth, our Love reaches such excesses that, if creatures could see it, they would understand how much a God can love, and how much they constrict us when they don’t accept the gift we want to give them.
Therefore, when we find one who receives it, we confirm the gift - we make a feast, feeling victorious for the good we gave them. And our baby delivered with so much love, being received by one single creature, will go around to all the creatures, and by its generative virtue it will regenerate many other births, filling the whole world. We will have the great glory of seeing Heaven and earth filled with our gift and our goods, and of seeing it possessed by those who want to receive it. We feel everywhere the loving voices - the notes of our speaking Love, returning to Us our repressed Love. We could not deliver this gift of ours, had we not found at least one creature willing to receive.
Doing good is a passion for Us. Giving is the continuous delirium of our Love, and in finding one who receives it, we feel our Life and our rest in that gift. We love so much the first one who disposes herself to receive our gift that we trust her, we make of her our secretary. And she, feeling so much loved by Us, makes the commitment to love us for all - and oh, what a contest between she and Us!
You must know that each word is an outpouring of our love to the creature. So, every word that we have already said on our Divine Will is love which we’ve poured out. Being refreshed by this outpouring we have continued to talk, to form a chain of our love outpourings, since what we had kept within ourselves was a repressed Love. If you knew how much this love-pouring means and the goods it produces...! This unleashing of our love fills Heaven and earth, invests all, and embalms all sufferings; it becomes the day in the night of guilt, converting sinners, straightening one who is limping in the good, strengthening the good ones. In sum, there is no good that a word of our outpouring of love cannot do. Therefore, letting us speak is the greatest good that can be done for the creatures: it is our Love being returned; it is giving a Divine Life to the creatures; it is the greatest glory we can receive.
What can one of our words not do? It can do all. One can say that whoever is disposed to listen to it gives life to our word, since we never speak if we don’t find one who wants to listen. The one who listens loves Us so much that We feel as if she wanted to give us life in the midst of the creatures, so We give our Life at her disposal. Therefore, be attentive to listen. Let us pour out our love, because many times, when we have nobody to whom to express our love, these outpourings are justly turned into justice.”
Jesus kept silent. Who can say what remained inside my mind? I don’t have the words to say it. Therefore I stop and abandon myself in the arms of Jesus to rest together with Him, Who loves me so much and wants to be loved in return; Who gives me the whole of Himself to be loved as He loves me. So, I continued my round in the Creation, to trace the acts done by the divine Volition and make them mine; to be able to love Him the way He loved me. And I was wandering around in the blue vault, thinking to myself: ‘this Heaven serves as a vault for the residents of the earth, and as a pavement for the Celestial residents. So, since it serves everyone, all have the duty to adore the One who, with so much love, created this Celestial vault to give to us’. So I called all the Angels, the Saints and all the residents of the earth with me, so that all would return love, adoration, glory and thanksgiving to our Creator, for He loved us so much that He gave us this Heaven. In the Divine Will I could call and embrace everyone - as if all were one, they loved with me.
Sweet Jesus felt loved and wounded by so many voices, and with unspeakable love, told me: “My daughter, the power of one act in my Will is such as to seem unbelievable. As you were calling everyone, I felt loved by all; and since you have free will - worthy of merit - as you emitted your act, my Will unleashed from Itself a greater love, glory and happiness, by which all felt invested. The Angels and the Saints receive a higher glory and happiness, and feel more loved by God in return; while those on earth receive more help and graces, according to their disposition. All the acts done in my Will receive this great good, because my Will belongs to all, and all have a right to that act. Since it is an act from a pilgrim soul, who gains the merit of every good she does, that merit becomes a common merit, and also common joy, love and glory. If you knew what it means to be loved more by God in return, and the joy and the glory that a God can give, oh, how much more attentive you would be! The Angels and the Saints, who know it, long for your call in order to have this great good. And when you don’t call them, all concerned, they say: ‘She is not calling us today?’ Therefore, although you are on earth, your merit runs to Heaven to give new love and new happiness to the Celestial residents.
Oh, how I wish that all knew what it means to live in my Will. This knowledge is like the appetite, which causes one to desire and to enjoy the food eaten. But without appetite, one feels aversion toward that same food, and does not enjoy it. Such is the knowledge: it is the little door for my gifts - the good I want to give to creatures, and it is the confirmation of possession. Knowledge generates esteem and appreciation of my truths - only then do I speak; when I know that my words are loved, listened to, and appreciated. Even more, when I see esteem and love I feel attracted by my same Love to manifest more truths. But if I don’t see it I remain silent, and I feel the pain of my repressed Love... You will not do this to me, will you?”

September 20, 1937
How the Divine Will never stops, and seals with Its eternal love all the works of the creatures. Exchange of imitation and of life between the Creator and the creature.

My flight continues in the Divine Fiat, and oh, how happy It is in keeping Its creature on Its lap - in being always together and in working always together! The company of the creature makes It even more happy than It is, because It finds in her one who watches It, and loves It - one who would like to match It in being all Its own; in the same way as the Divine Volition is of the creature. If It loves, It finds one who loves It; if It works, It finds one who receives these works; if It is offended, It finds one who defends It, and many time makes It turn Its justice into graces. Therefore, It uses all Its stratagems of love with her.
But while my mind was getting lost in the Divine Volition, my sweet Jesus, visiting my little soul, all love told me: “My blessed daughter, the Love of my Will never stops. It is always looking for new devices, new inventions of love, even to the extent of locking the one who lives in It inside the intimate hiding places of Its loving secrets. It shows to her Its intimate Creation of ever new and increasing Love, in which It keeps territories and districts as if within one single love breath. It reveals to her new arcane and celestial secrets of our Divinity, giving her more news on how she can reach Its loving Power and the prodigies of this Power for those who live in It - provided that It finds them in Its Will. My Will gets the taste for telling ever new things to this creature, giving her new surprises of love. And even more, listen to what It does: It makes Itself small within her, though still remaining immense; and It loves and says, ‘Ah, the creature loves Me the way I love her’. Since nothing other than love can enter Us, this Will of Mine, as if shrunk inside the creature, turns everything she does into love. If she prays, adores or works, It melts everything into love; and with a power all divine, my own Will leads these acts of the creature into the womb of our Divinity, so they take their place inside our Love.
We look at these acts of ours, and we hear in them the eternal prayer of our Love; our adoration - all of Love; our eternal Works of Love; and, oh, how we remain glorified and delighted, because the creature can say: ‘My prayer, my adoration and my acts are eternal - they are invested with your eternal Love. They have been made so by your Divine Will; so I love You as You love me.’ This is precisely our folly, our delirium of love: We want to operate and love within the creature as We operate and love within Ourselves. But only our reigning and operating Will inside her can reach such an extent. In fact, if we lower ourselves, it is not to lose our Divine Being in what is limited; rather, it is to elevate the creature to infinity, and to give her of Ourselves; sealing her small acts - even her breathing and her motion - with our eternal Love. So, We feel within her Our eternal breathing of Love and our motion, which does not move without unleashing Love. Therefore, the whole of Creation was nothing other than an outpouring of love. We wanted to get acquainted with our works, and with the creatures that we gave to light, so we would love each other with one single Love. My daughter, what a suffering, not having been understood by the creatures. Because of this, we cannot receive the good of telling them Who We are, to make ourselves known; and how We are nothing other than love. We want to give love, to receive love. How I wish that everybody knew this!”
Jesus remained silent, drowned inside His flames of love... Then, as if He still felt the need to pour out more - to fire the whole world with His Love - sighing, He added: “Listen, my daughter, to another greater surprise of our intense Love and to the extent of our delirium of Love. Our Supreme Being loves the creature so much that we even reach the excess of imitating her. We make ourselves tiny, enclosing ourselves within her. We want to walk with her feet, work with her hands, speak with her mouth, look with her eyes, think with her intelligence, and palpitate and love inside her heart. In order to do all that the creature does, and the way she does it, we want to have feet, hands, mouth, eyes and heart like the creature; and we ask this of her, as if we were not the absolute owners. We say to her: ‘Let’s love each other. We give you of Ourselves, and you - give us of yours.’
In fact, our Supreme Being, the most pure Spirit, is step without foot - without walking He is everywhere. He does everything, He operates everything without needing hands. He is word without mouth; He is Light, and He can see all without eyes. But since we love her very much, we like to imitate her. This is an immense device of our Love, which only a God can do: instead of saying to the creature, ‘You must imitate Us. You must do as We do,’ we say, ‘We want to imitate you, and do as you do.’ In the end, She is our creature - the work of our creative hands. She came out of ourselves, from within the Power of our creative Love; so it’s no wonder that we want to descend within her - to imitate her and do what she does the way she does it. It is nothing other than giving honor to Ourselves and greater importance to Our works. But we can do this only in the creature within whom our Will reigns. In her we can do all - pour out our love; imitate each other - since she is completely disposed to do what we want. On the other hand, where our Will does not reign, we can say that we can do nothing.
Now, listen to another surprise of love which is nearly unbelievable. Once the creature has given us the freedom to imitate her, giving us life within herself - feet, hands and mouth - we call her ‘Our imitation’ and, as we let her enter into our Divine Being, the Power of our Fiat gives her Its step without foot, letting her be everywhere: in the Angels, in the Saints, in the Celestial Queen, even in our divine womb. Oh, how happy we are in seeing her no longer surrounded by the human nature, but free together with us, working without hands and speaking without mouth - and oh, how many words.... With our Word she tells us the long story of our Love and of our operating Fiat. She feels our eternal Wisdom being poured into herself - oh, how many things she tells us about our Divine Being. And she talks and talks, and oh, how we delight in hearing the creature narrating that which We are. Taken by our own flames of Love, she even feels the need to love us without a heart, because her heart has its limits, while our Love without heart has no limits - it is immense. So, the creature gets rid of the heart and loves inside our infinite Love.
See, my daughter? Could it ever be possible to give surprises of love more beautiful than these? To feel the pleasure - the taste of imitating her; doing all that she does as a pretext of love, to call her to imitate us, and make her do what We do! The abysses of our Love are so many, and what’s more, they always keep searching for new devices of love.”
I cannot say what I felt inside my mind - the Immensity of light which, turning into words, spoke of many love devices of my Creator...Then, my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, keep listening. Our Love is such that it seems to give us no peace if we don’t make new inventions of love in order to love and be loved. If we didn’t do so, we would condemn ourselves to sloth. This cannot be in our Supreme Being, because we are a continuous Act of ever-burning Love, and of endless Works. Our Wisdom is such that It always does new things. We enclose ourselves in the soul within whom our Will reigns, and - largely - we pour out our Love. We centralize all that we have done, all that we do and will do, repeating in the soul our most beautiful Works, the outpouring of our Love, and the new inventions of our Wisdom - so many that the creature cannot count them. Oh, how many touching scenes we make! She becomes the theater of our love, the deposit of our unceasing works, the refuge for our delights, joys and happiness, the hiding place for our celestial and arcane secrets - the display of our various beauties. Do you know why? To enjoy them together, since nothing can be missing of our Works where our Will reign.
The creature encircles Us inside her soul, and she lets Us do what We do within Ourselves. All this, because we want her to know Who We are, what We can do, and how We love. And to give her a more certain proof, we give her our Love; we let her love as We do, so that she might touch with her hands how a God can love. Then, to delight with her, we make her do what we do, together with us.
Don’t be surprised. This is the nature of our Will and of true Love: to unify the creature with us; to love her and make her love us as we do. Disparities must not exist. Otherwise it would make the creature unhappy to see that We love her so much, and she cannot; that We know how to do many things and she can do nothing... Poor child. She would be in our Divine Being under the weight of a profound humiliation - like a stranger, with no trust; like a poor one, before a rich. We just cannot do this. If she is with us, all that is ours must be hers too. To live in our Fiat is unity - common works and joys. This is what makes us more happy, and gives us a large field for the outpouring of our Love.”

September 26, 1937
How God gives to the creature, without ever ceasing. Gifts He gives to one who lives in His Will. The palpitating life of God. The little winner.

My flight in the Divine Will continues, and I remain astonished at seeing how It always wants to give. Since I am small and I cannot enclose Its immensity within myself, It waits for me, with invincible patience and love, to enclose within me the truths It gave me, accompanied by Its graces, allowing me take possession of them. And as It sees that I possess them, It soon places Itself in the attitude of giving me and telling me even more surprising things. Will of God, how much you love me! How can I ever repay you? Then, my adorable Jesus, coming for His usual little visit, all goodness told me: “Blessed daughter, it is our Divinity that possesses, by nature, the desire of always giving. As you possess your breathing and breathe continuously - even if you didn’t want to - so We possess the continuous Act of always giving. Even if the creature, ungrateful, does not take what we give - though still remaining around us to praise the perfection, the goodness, the sanctity and the generosity of our Supreme Being - we keep waiting with a patience that only We can have, for those creatures who might take what others rejected, as the triumph of our Love toward the creature. And our Love is such that we adapt ourselves to them, giving to them little by little, because being small, the creature cannot take what we want to give her altogether. But our love must be continuous. We would feel as if we were fainting and losing our breath if we did not give.
Our Divine Will wants to be the life of the creature - the greatest act, the most exuberant love, which only a God can do. Now, in order to be possessed by her, our Will donates to her Its virtue of prayer; and she takes the lead to confirm the gift, making all created things pray. She imposes herself on our Love, Power and Goodness, making our Love, Power and Goodness pray. And all our Attributes pray; even our Justice, Mercy and Fortitude turn into prayer. No one can miss. Whenever our Will wants us to do an act or to give a gift, we all bend our knees to do what It wants. When all have prayed - even our very Divine Attributes - We confirm the gift. The prayer of this creature becomes universal, and each time she prays, she has such power that all our things pray - even our Attributes. She has been given, with that gift, the right over all. What couldn’t be obtain with this gift of prayer? We can say that the Heavens move, and that our very Being feels enthralled and tied - so It surrenders.
After the gift of prayer, I move on to give her the gift of Love. In order to confirm her in Love, she loves with new love in the sun, in the sky, in the wind, and even in our Divine Being, so as to acquire the right to love all and to be loved by all with a new continuous love. Oh, if you only knew what it means to be loved by all with an ever growing love, and to have the power to love all with a new growing love! - to be able to say to your Creator: ‘Growing and ever new is Your Love for me; growing and ever new is my Love for You!’ This Love surpasses the Heavens; it fills the Celestial Fatherland, and its waves come to unload themselves into our divine womb. Oh, What wonders happen! All remain astonished and glorify my Divine Volition for such a great gift It gives to the creature. And as we give her this gift, we enlarge her capacity so that she may understand what a gift she has received, and use it.
We can give her the gift of inseparability, the union with God, so that she arrives at the point of feeling our Life more than her own. God becomes for her the Actor and Spectator, while she remains the bearer of her Creator, living with His very Life, Love and Power. With this gift, everything becomes her own; she has the right over all. And when we see that she possesses it, we add the gift of making her triumphant over all, triumphant over herself, triumphant over God. All is triumph within her - triumph of Grace, of Sanctity and of Love - and we call her ‘Our winner.’ We let her win everything, because that is Our gift for her, and when we give, we want to see the fruits contained in our gift. Therefore, every act she does in our Will - each word, each work, each step - form many different harmonies between her and Us, each one more beautiful than the other. She keeps Us constantly busy, and our Love is such that we surround her from the outside, with all our work, while we invest her interior, repeating all our acts which have been bearers of Life, the Life of the Queen, and the Life of the Word on earth, which was a continuous excess of love, and gave Life to all.
We always give. We are never exhausted. The soul who lives in our Will is the full Day of our continuous Works and our Life, palpitating and repeating our acts, which are always in action and never cease. She is our triumph - our little winner. Our delirium of love is exactly this: we want to be won by the creature. When she wins, our Love is unleashed, and our fidgets and delirium of love find life within the creature, and rest.”

October 3, 1937
Prodigies of creation. Doses of power, sanctity etc., which God put outside for love of man. The acts done in the Fiat will always be new - each one more distinct and beautiful than the other. These acts will enclose everything, and will form the speaking seas, works and steps of their Creator.

I was doing my round in the Creation in order to trace all the acts of the Divine Volition, to make them mine, hug them, adore them, and place my little I love You, in recognition of how much the Divine Will loved me, and did for me and for all. Oh, how many surprises, how many new things can be understood! How many divine secrets of their Creator, created things contain! My always adorable Jesus, visiting my little soul, seeing me all surprised, told me: “My daughter, our Works are always new and they harmonize with their Creator. There is so much harmony between them and Us that they always know how to say new things about the One Who created them; even more so, since they are inseparable from Us, and receive new contact with our Divine Being. This is why, in following the acts of my Divine Volition, you always find new surprises and understand new things of our Works.
You must know that when we delivered the Creation from the womb of our Divinity - since it was already within Us from eternity - in letting it out of our Fiat, we also put out, within a sea of Love, all that the creature had to do. Therefore, all came out of Ourselves, and we were offering all that she was supposed to do. So, the whole of Creation is crammed with all the works that have to be done, until the last man. Although invisible to human eyes, this is visible and palpitating for Us - in our Will - forming a more beautiful Creation than Creation itself; and our Love is so great that, as this Creation occupies the whole atmosphere, we bring It into our divine womb. So, as we deliver the creatures to daylight, with our own creative hands, we begin offering to them all which they have to do as principle of each of their acts. We place the Life of our Fiat as foundation, and our Love as food for each act, since we do not do or give anything, if it doesn’t have our Will for principle and our Love for food and asset. It would be Work unworthy of our Supreme Height, giving things which have nothing of our Life, and which do not possess the food of our Love.
The whole of creation was a birth, with all the acts that the human generations were supposed to do always kept, since eternity, in our divine womb, which, unable to contain it any longer, for our Love’s need to delivery it, wanted to pour it out. So, as we delivered the Creation, we also delivered all that the creature was supposed to do, since when we do an act, we make it complete. Our Divine Fiat, enclosing all within Itself - Creation and human acts - placed Itself in waiting to deliver the creature to daylight, to administer to her the acts which belonged to her. Isn’t this an exuberant love, which only a God could have?: to order and form the acts, and then to deliver to light the one who was to use those acts, to form the sanctity, the love and the glory for herself and for the One Who created her?
But this is not all. Our Love never stops. As this birth came, We put outside of ourselves a dose of our Power in order to sustain the creature and her acts, arming and equipping them with divine Power. Therefore, she has our power which sustains her. We also provided a dose of our Wisdom, which had to animate her intelligence and all her acts; so if new sciences, new inventions and discoveries, almost incredible, can be seen in the creature, it is because of our Wisdom which invests her. In the same way, we put out a dose of our Love, of our Sanctity, of our Goodness, and of all our Attributes, to give her love, sanctity, goodness, and so forth.
The creature did not exist yet, and We were already busy with him (man); in him, we longed for our Power, Wisdom, Love, Sanctity and Beauty, placing Ourselves at his disposal to make him as beautiful as we could, and to say: ‘You are like Us in everything. We could not have made you more beautiful than this.’ The fact that we gave out our divine qualities and all the acts that man had to do, even before he came to the light of time, was for Us a Love so intense as to seem unbelievable. In our delirium of love, we went on saying: ‘Oh man, how much I love you! I love you in my Power. I love you in my Wisdom, in my Love and in my Sanctity. I love you in my Goodness, and even in the acts which you will do. I love you so much that I place them all in waiting for you. Our Divine Volition, to which we entrusted everything - our divine attributes as well as the very acts which will be yours - is in the act of offering them all, as an outpouring of Its Love for you.’ But this was not enough for our Love, which, if It could be what it cannot, would render Us unhappy.
You must know that our Supreme Being possesses, by nature, an Act always new. Therefore these acts, established for each creature, will be new and distinct from one another: distinct in their sanctity, ever new in their beauty, one more beautiful than the other, new in their love, new in the power, new in the goodness. These are acts formed and fed by Us, so they possess all our characteristics; all beautiful, various in sanctity, love and beauty - each one different from the other. They will be our order, the type of our various beauties, the fecundity of our Love, the harmony of our Wisdom.... How it shows in the Creation that all our works - all of them - are beautiful. Heaven is not Sun, wind is not sea, flowers are not fruits - but all of them are beautiful, although different from one another; even more, they form the harmony of the various beauties, the true image of our acts and of the creatures themselves.
You must know that these acts in my Divine Will form an army of new beauties, of new love and new sanctity, and We feel enraptured by merely looking at them; so We anxiously wait for the coming of the creatures who, by possessing our Will, will be equipped with them and possess them. See how certain it is that the Kingdom of my Will will come upon earth. Its acts already exist! Then, they will be unleashed from within my Will, as a noble army; and they will let themselves be possessed by the creatures. My daughter, the whole of Creation - everyone and everything - came out of my Fiat, and into my Will they must return, as a Work worthy of our Power. We will remain fully glorified only when We will recognize ourselves in the creature and in her acts. We can give all, and she can receive all, as long as our Divine Will reigns; but if It does not reign, she forms an abyss of distance between herself and Us, and there is nothing we can give her.
Yet, this is not all, my daughter. Since it is a firm decision to give the Kingdom of our Will to creatures, we want them to know the goods contained within It, and where their acts, done in our Divine Will, can reach. In fact, if they don’t know Its goods, we would have many blind, deaf, mute children, unable to speak of their creator; not knowing these goods, they wouldn’t even love or appreciate what they possess. But in our Will, all have a clear sight, a fine hearing, and a word animated by creative Strength. They will have the gift of gab - always something to say - to the extent that all will remain amazed. Even the Heavens, charmed, will lower themselves to listen. The Children of my Will will be the joy of all and the true narrators of their Creator. Only then will we find some who are capable of speaking about Us, since it is not they who will be speaking, rather, my Will will be speaking within them. Only, and exclusively, my Will is able to, and knows how to speak of our Supreme Being.
Therefore, keep listening. As soon as the creature will possess our Volition, all her acts - small and great, human and spiritual - will be animated by my Will, so as to rise between Heaven and earth, investing and braiding together the sky, the sun, the stars and the whole Creation. Then, they will rise even higher and will invest all the acts of the Queen of Heaven, identifying themselves with them. These acts will have the power to invest the acts of our Divinity, our joys and beatitudes as well as those of all the Saints; and once they’ve enclosed everything within themselves, without leaving anything out, all victorious, they will present them before our Divine Majesty, offering them to Us as complete acts which lack nothing. Oh, what a joy, what a glory for Us, finding in these acts the sky, the sun, all the acts of the Queen of Heaven, the love with which She loved Us, our own acts, our joys and our unceasing Love!
These acts done in our Will, redouble for Us the glory of Creation; redouble the glory and the love which We received from the Sovereign Queen; redouble our glory and the glory of all the Saints. It is sufficient to say that our Will has entered into this, to say everything, and include all. Wherever our Will enters, It knows how to make a fury of love and glory, centralizing Itself in everything. After all, everything is Its own, so It has the right over all.
The wonders that these acts, done in my Will, form in the soul are unspeakable. Through them our Divine Fiat forms seas of Love - not murmuring seas, but speaking seas. They speak about our Love with such eloquence that we like it very much and we want always to keep listening. The voices of this creature wound Us. Her words are like darts. She always has something to say about the story of our Love, and we like it so much that we always remain attentive to listen to her. We don’t want to miss anything that regards our Love. How beautiful it is to hear the creature who possesses our sea of speaking Love, always speaking about our Love! And my Will, possessing the creature who lives in It, is up to things of every stripe: It forms the works which speak of our Works, the steps which speaks of our ways.... In sum, since our Will is Word, wherever It reigns It gives speech to all that the creature does, making a divine prodigy out of it.
Therefore, there is nothing greater, holier, more beautiful - that glorifies Us more, than living in our Will; and there is no good greater than this that we can give to the creature. So, be attentive and follow me, if you don’t want to stop my saying.”

October 12, 1937
The prayers of one who lives in the Divine Volition are like commands, and her acts are messengers between heaven and earth. For the soul who lives in the Divine Volition, all things become Divine Will.

I am at the mercy of the Divine Will. I feel Its anxiety, Its fidgets of Love for desire of making Itself known - not to be feared, but to be loved and possessed; to make all one with It, and then to say to the creature: ‘Let’s live together, so that what I do, you will do as well. I feel that my Love gives Me the need to live heart to heart; or better still, one single heart with you. Please, don’t deny me your company! I know that you lack many things to be able to live together with Me, but, don’t worry - I will take care of everything. I will clothe you with my royal garments of Light. I will arm you with my Power. I will show off all my Love for you, making the Life and the Love of my Will flow into your most intimate fibers. If you only want it, all is done.”
I remained surprised, and I prayed that He would give me the grace to live on the Divine Will, because I feared a lot for myself. And my sweet Jesus, doing His short little visit, all goodness told me: “My little Daughter of my Volition, why do you fear? There are no fears in my Will, but only the highest love, courage and firmness. Once It has decided, It never moves; even more so, since the soul who lives in It does not pray, rather - she commands, and she herself can take, as the owner, whatever she wants. We place everything at her disposal; this, because all is sacred and holy in her; more so, since by living in our Will, she will never want, take or command anything but what We Ourselves want. So, her commands delight Us - make Us joyful; and We say: ‘Take. Tell Us - what else do you want? The more you take, the more you make Us happy.’
Further, when the creature wants our Will, all her acts are like many messengers between Heaven and earth; they go up and down continuously, being messengers now of peace, now of love, now of glory. Sometimes, they even command our Divine Justice to stop, taking Its just fury upon themselves. How much good these messengers do! As soon as We see them coming before our Throne, We recognize Ourselves in these acts which, disguised by the human veils of the acts of the creatures, hide our own Will - but it’s always our Will. So, pleased, We say: ‘What an art of Love It has! It hides inside the acts of the creatures, so as not to be recognized. But We know It anyway, and, since it is Ourselves loving, We let It do whatever It wills.’
So, we call these acts ‘our acts’, and we recognize them as such, although the creature concurred, giving her acts as clothes to cover them. She is the support on which my Divine Will can lean, delighting in developing Its Life, in making unheard-of prodigies, in hiding Itself within the creature - as if It would cover Itself with her remains; even more so, since the Creation and the creatures have their origin in Its Fiat - living, growing and being preserved in It. The Fiat is the Actor and the Audience of all their acts; they will live their lives in my Fiat, and will fly to Heaven with one act wanted by It. Everything belongs to It. All the rights are Its own. Nobody can escape my Fiat. The only difference is that one who lives in It, lives together with It - knows It and is aware of everything It does; delights It with her company; and forms Its joy and the confirmation of what my Will wants to do in her. On the other hand, one who does not live in it, does not know It; she remains isolated and forms Its continuous pain.”
After this, He added with unspeakable tenderness of love: “My blessed daughter, how beautiful it is to live in my Will! The creature who does so, keeps Us always in feast. She knows nothing other than my Will, and everything becomes Will of God for her: the suffering is Divine Will; the joy is Divine Will; her heartbeat, breathing and motion all become Divine Will. Her steps and works feel the steps of my Will as well as the Sanctity of the works of my FIAT. The food she takes, her sleep - the most natural things become Will of God for her. In all that she sees, feels and touches, she sees, feels and touches the palpitating Life of my Will. My Will keeps her so busy and invested with Itself, that - jealous, It doesn’t allow anything, not even the air - not to be Divine Will.
Just as for the creature everything is our Will, so it is for Us. We feel her within the whole of our Divine Being - in the Heartbeat and in the Motion; and we can do nothing, nor do we want to do anything without the creature who lives in our Will. Our Love is such that we make her flow in all our Works; together with Us she maintains and participates in our creative and preserving Act! She is with Us, doing what We do - wanting what We want. And We cannot put her aside, since the Will we possess is one - one the Love, one the Act we do! This is living in our Will: to live always together; to be one single thing. And this was the need of our Love: to have the company of the creature; to delight together, keeping her in our lap in order to be happy together. Then, since the creature is small, we want to give her our Will in order to have the opportunity to give her our Life, our Act and our modes in each of her acts - Ours by nature, hers by grace. This is our joy and our greatest glory.
Do you think it’s trivial to give our Being so that a creature, too small to be able to contain It, can give It back to Us, together with herself, and We, in turn, can give Ourselves again? It is a continuous reciprocal giving, which makes so much love and glory arise that We feel as if we are repaid by her for having given her life. So, each thing she does without allowing our Will to enter, is a rip that we feel; a right which we feel being taken away from us; a joy that we lose. Therefore, be attentive, so that all may become Divine Will for you.
Furthermore, for every act the creature does in our Divine Volition, we redouble our Love for her. As this Love invests her, It brings with It our Sanctity, Goodness and Wisdom, so she remains redoubled in sanctity, in goodness and in the knowledge of her Creator. As we love her with doubled love, she loves us with double love. Our Love is an operative Love, and as It originates from our Supreme Being to love the creature with doubled love, It gives her the grace to make us love with an ever growing love. It is impossible for Us not to add something more to an act made so great by our Will. We can say that these acts are the kidnappers of our Love. They kidnap our sanctity, forming their ways to get to know Who We are and how much We love her.”

October 19, 1937
How the Divine Will forms the Most Holy Trinity in the creature who lives in It. The wonders of Its acts. How true love begins from oneself. The Divine Will fecundates and sows Divine Life within the souls.

The Divine Volition keeps investing me. I feel Its motion within me speaking as It moves, but with such an eloquence that, if It didn’t perform a miracle to make Itself understood, I would not be able to repeat what It says. Even more, It adapts Itself to my capacity, because when It speaks -Its word being a creative word - It wants to create the good contained in Its word; and if I were unable to understand, I couldn’t make that good my own, or even less, give it to others, as property of the Supreme FIAT. So I felt concerned thinking: How is it that Its motion is word? And my sweet Jesus, visiting my poor soul, all love told me: “Blessed daughter of the Divine Volition, know that where my Will reigns with Its creative Power, Its Motion and Its Word, It speaks in the works, in the steps, in the mind, in the breathing.... Wanting to establish Its Kingdom, my Will speaks in order to create Its Divine Life in each one of the acts of the creature. Therefore, it takes the greatest attention to sense where It wants to begin Its teachings.
By the power of Its word, Its Will invests the human act - the breathing, the heartbeat, the thinking and the human word; and forms within it, Its Divine Work - the Breathing, the Heartbeat, the Thinking and the Divine Word. These acts rise up to Heaven and present themselves before the Most Holy Trinity. Our Divinity looks at them, and what do We find? We find Ourselves, our Life and even the Most Holy Trinity reproduced in these acts. We look at the prodigy of our Will which overwhelmed the creature with Its Power, making of her the repetition of our own Life. Oh, how happy, how enraptured We remain, because We find in her the Sanctity that resembles Us, our Love that loves Us, the Intelligence that understands Us, our Power and Goodness which move Us to love mankind through the bonds of our sweetness. We recognize ourselves in her, finding the Work of Creation as We want It to be.
A single one of these acts contains such wonders that they just can’t find enough room in which to place themselves, such is their greatness. Only in our immensity can they find the place in which to stay, remaining fused with our acts. What will Our glory and the glory of the creature not be, since her acts, by virtue of our FIAT, have their place within the acts of her Creator? Oh, if all knew what it means to live in the Divine Will, to let It reign, they would compete with each other to be invested by It and become repeaters of Divine Life.”
Beloved Jesus kept silent. I remained immersed in the sea of the Divine Volition, saying, as if stupefied: My God, what a great extent can be reached by one who lives in your Will...! And a crowd of thoughts, like many voices, were saying and saying... but I am unable to repeat them. Maybe I will be able to repeat them when I will be in the Heavenly Fatherland and possess the same language as up there. So, feeling concerned, my Highest Good Jesus continued: “My daughter, don’t be surprised. Everything is possible to my Will. True Love, when It is perfect, begins from oneself. The true model is the Most Holy Trinity. My Celestial Father loved Himself, and in His Love He generated His Son; so He loved Himself in His Son. I, His Son, loved Myself in the Father, and from this Love the Holy Spirit proceeded. By this loving of Himself, the Heavenly Father generated one single Love, one single Power, Sanctity, and so forth. He tied the inseparable union of the Three Divine Persons.
When We created the Creation We loved Ourselves. We loved Ourselves in laying Heaven and in creating the sun; it was the Love for Ourselves that moved Us to create many beautiful things worthy of Us and inseparable from Us. When We created man the Love of Ourselves became more intense, and as We loved Ourselves in him our Love reproduced our Life and image in the depth of his soul. One can give nothing other than what he possesses. So, since our Love was perfect, as We loved Ourselves, We could not separate Ourselves from what was coming from within Us.
Now, our Will, in wanting the creature to live in It in order to form Its Kingdom, loves Itself, and loving Itself, wants to give what It possesses. Our Will is happy only when It forms the repetition of our Life, and when It operates in the acts of the creature. Then, triumphant and victorious, and with highest glory and honor for Us, It brings them into our divine womb, so that We may recognize our own Life in the acts of the creature who lives in our Will. This is the meaning of loving Itself in all that It wants to do and produce: giving Itself in order to form another being similar to Itself (God).
Our Will is the fecundator and the sower of our Life. Where It finds souls disposed It loves Itself, fecundating them with Its Love - sowing in them Its divine acts, which, united together, form the great prodigy of the Divine Life in the creature. Therefore, abandon yourself completely in my Will. Let It make of you whatever It wants, and we’ll be happy - you and Us.”

October 25, 1937
The Sovereign Queen is the Heiress of the Divine Will, and therefore the Heiress of the Divine Life. How She made herself a precious pledge in the creative hands of God. The great good contained in one act in my FIAT.

I was doing my round in the acts of the Divine Will and, arriving at the Conception of the Blessed Virgin, I stopped to offer to God the Power and the Love which the Divine Persons had in conceiving this Celestial Lady, in order to obtain the coming of Their Kingdom on earth. My sweet Jesus, surprising me, said: “My daughter, as this Holy Virgin was conceived, our feast with mankind started again. In fact, since the first instant of her Conception she inherited our Divine Will, which soon began Its Divine crafting within her beautiful soul. In each of Her heartbeats, thoughts and breathes, our Will formed, with Its Creative Power, enchanting prodigies of Sanctity, Beauty and Grace, to the extent that We Ourselves - Actors and Spectators together with our Divine Will - remained enraptured. In our emphasis of Love We said: ‘How beautiful the creature is, when together with our Will! She gives us ease to form our most beautiful works, and she gives life to our Life within herself!’
Our Love rejoiced and celebrated, because our divine Heiress - the Heiress of our Will and of our very Life, had come into the light of time. And since, by virtue of our Will operating in Her, She was all ours - exclusively ours; looking at Her we felt our breathing, our heartbeat, our ever burning, ever loving Love, and our motions in Hers. Our Beauty shone through the movements of her pupils, of her little hands, and in the sweet enchantment of her enrapturing voice. She kept us so busy and so in feasting, that not even for one instant could we remove our gaze from her. So, she belonged to us - completely our own - and our Will was already hers - by right. We recognized in this Holy Creature our divine Heiress, and by possessing our Will she already possessed all.
This Holy Virgin had her own Humanity, in which she bound the whole human family, as limbs to the body. So, in seeing in her the whole of humankind, as she was conceived, for love of her we gave the first kiss of peace to all humanity, making it heir of our Divine Heiress - with the exclusion of some ungrateful who would not want to receive it. See then, how certain it is that the Kingdom of our Will must come upon earth: there is already a creature who inherited It, and since this creature belongs to the human race, all creatures acquired the right of being able to possess It.
This Celestial Sovereign, taken by love, made herself into a pledge in our creative hands, so that all could receive the Kingdom. This pledge, possessing the Life of my Will, contained an infinite value; therefore she could commit herself for all. What a sweet dear pledge this Holy Creature was, in our hands! By making her life and her acts flow into our Divine Volition, she formed divine coins to be able to pay us for those who were to inherit our Divine FIAT. And then my Humanity came - united to the Eternal Word. With my life, sufferings and death, I paid a sufficient price to buy back our Divine Will and give It to the creatures as their Inheritance. One act, one breath, one movement in my Will contains such value as to be able to buy Heaven and earth - anything that one may desire. Therefore, may my Will, and my Will only, be your life and your all.”
Then, I continued to sink inside the Divine Volition... What an enrapturing strength It possesses! Its sweetness - the attractions of Its enchantments - are such that one would not want to lose, even a breath. My sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, the prodigies of my Will are unheard-of. Its Power is so great that, as the creature operates in my Will, It calls into action all that she has done before, uniting it together, and then offering again to each act, its merit, goodness and Power, as if the creature were doing it again - enriching it with so much grace and beauty as to form the enchantment of all Heaven. Then, as celestial dew, it invests all the Saints, giving them the new glory and happiness which the work of the creature in my Will contains. It pours this dew upon all the pilgrim souls, so that they may feel its power and grace in their own acts. How many souls, burned by passions, sin and brutal pleasures, feel the freshness of this divine dew and remain transformed in good.
One act in my Will overwhelms Heaven and earth, and if It cannot find souls disposed to receive such a good, It puts Itself on the lookout; spying the circumstances, the opportunities and the disillusions of life; ready to invest them, embalm them and give them the good It possesses. The acts in my Will are never lazy. They are full of Light, Love, Sanctity and divine sweetness; they feel the need to give light to those who live in darkness; to give love to those who are cold; to give sanctity to those who live in sin; to give divine sweetness to those who feel embittered. These acts true children of My Divine FIAT - never stop. They keep wandering, even for centuries, if necessary, in order to give the good they possess. And since they are animated and armed by Its Power, they can say: ‘We can do everything, because an omnipotent Divine Will gave us life.’”

October 31, 1937
How an act of Divine Will contains such power and love that, if God didn’t make a miracle, the creature would not be able to contain this infinite act. The passport.

My poor mind continues to cross the sea of the Divine Volition... It seems to me that It wants to say always new things about what It is able to do and wants to do within the creature in whom It reigns. And since my sweet Jesus takes great delight in speaking about His Will, as soon as He sees a creature disposed to listen to His story, He assumes the primary role of narrator in order to make It known and loved. Therefore, repeating His little visit, He told me: “My daughter, if I wanted to speak to you always about my FIAT, I would have always new things to tell you, because Its story is eternal - it never ends - either in what It is Itself, or in what It can do in the creature.
You must know that one act of my Will in the creature contains such Power, Grace, Love and Sanctity that, if my Will did not operate a prodigy, the creature would not be able to contain it, because it is an infinite act, and what is limited cannot embrace it all. Listen to where my Love reaches: as the creature disposes herself, calling my Will in her act, my Divine Will operates. In operating, It calls Its Infinity, Its Eternal Life, Its Power, which imposes Itself over all; Its Immensity which calls and embraces everyone and everything.... Nobody can be put aside in Its operation. Then, once It has enclosed all, my Will forms Its work.
See then, what an act in my Will is: an infinite Act, eternal, armed with divine Power; immense, so that nobody can say, ‘I wasn’t there, in that Act.’ These acts cannot be without producing a great divine glory for our Supreme Majesty, as well as an immense good for the creatures. These acts done together with the creature operate as a God does, binding God and the creature together: God, to give, the creature, to receive. They are like pretexts for our Love, which tell Us: ‘The creature gave Us a place in her act; she gave Us the freedom to do whatever We want.’ So, our Love imposes Itself on Us in order to make Us give what We are, and to honor Ourselves as well as our own operating Will. Our Love reaches such pretexts and fidgets of Love that It would never want Us to stop giving - placing before Us our endless Immensity, our omnipotent Power, our Wisdom, which disposes all.
These acts are divine; they are able to form the passport for other creatures, to let them enter the Kingdom of our Will. They will give a child to our Kingdom, so that the more acts will be performed in our Volition, the more populated our Kingdom will be, and all the good will overflow to those who have been the first to give life to my Will in their acts. You must know that the first passports were formed by Me, and by My Celestial Mother, for the first Children of my Will. These passports carry my signature, written with my blood and with the sufferings of the Most Holy Virgin. All other passports still need my signature, otherwise they would not be recognized.
Therefore, one who lives in my Will has my Life as principle, my Love as heartbeat, my Works and steps as endowment, and my very Will as word. I feel Myself in this creature, and oh, how much I love her and feel loved by my same Love! And the soul feels such joy and content that she loves Me no longer with her little love, but with my eternal Love. She hugs Me with my Works; she runs after Me with my steps; she feels that I am her life - she finds all in Me, and I in her. Therefore, be attentive, daughter, if you want to be happy, and make Me happy as well.”
After this, I felt a little suffering, and I was coughing loudly. At every fit of coughing I asked that the Divine Will might come to reign upon earth. And my sweet Jesus, all tenderness, squeezed me tightly in His arms, telling me: “My daughter, I knew that you would have asked for my Will at every fit of your coughing, and I felt my Heart being wounded - bursting of Love. I felt as if I were receiving, in your coughing, my Immensity, which wrapped me and asked me for my Will; for my Power and Infinity, which made everybody ask for my Will to reign; to the extent that I Myself was forced to say: ‘My Will, come to reign. Do not delay any longer!’ I feel such violence that I just do and say what the creature does and says.
I want you to ask for my Will in your sufferings, in the food you eat, in the water you drink, in the work you do - in sleep. I want you to commit your breath and heartbeat to ask that my Will may come and reign. In this way, everything will be an opportunity for you to ask for my Will - even the sun which fills your eyes, the wind which blows upon you, the sky which lays over your head.... Everything must be an occasion for you to ask me for my Will to reign in the midst of the creatures. By doing this, you will place many pledges in my hands - the first of which being the whole of your being, so that you won’t even move without asking for my Will to be known and desired by all.”

November 7, 1937
How all the truths written about the Divine Will will form the Day for those who will live in It. The Queen of Heaven yearns with love, wanting to endow her children.

I felt my poor mind as though crowded by so many truths that Jesus made me write about the Divine Will; and I was thinking to myself: ‘Who knows when these truths on the Divine FIAT will come to light, and what good they will produce?’ My sweet Jesus, surprising me with His little visit, all goodness and tenderness told me: “My daughter, I too feel the love-need of making you see the order that these truths will have and the good they will produce.
These truths on my Divine Will will form the day of my FIAT in the midst of the creatures. According to their knowledge, this day will be rising. So, as they begin to know the first truths which I have manifested to you, a most splendid dawn will arise - provided that they will have good will and the disposition to make their own life of these truths. However, these truths will also have the virtue of disposing the creatures, and of giving the light to many blind who don’t know my Will or love It.
Then, once the dawn is risen, they will feel invested by a celestial peace, and more strengthened in the good. They, themselves, will yearn to know more truths, which will form the beginning of the day of my Divine Will. This beginning of the day will increase the Light and the Love; all things will turn into good for the creatures; passions will lose the power to make them fall into sin. One can say that they will feel the first order of the divine good, which will facilitate their actions for them. They will feel a strength with which they can do everything, since its primary virtue is exactly this: to inject in the soul a transformation of her nature in good. So, feeling the great good of the beginning of the day, they will long for the day to advance. They will then know more truths which will form the full day.
In this full day they will vividly feel the Life of my Will within themselves - its joy and happiness, Its operative and creative virtue within them. They will feel the possession of my very Life, becoming the bearers of my Divine Will. The full day will provoke in them so much yearning to know more truths that, once known, they will form the full afternoon. In this, the creature will no longer feel alone: between her and my Will there will be no more separation. What my Will will do, she will do as well - operating together. All will be her own by right - Heaven, earth, and God Himself.
Do you see then, how noble, divine and precious will be the scope of these truths which I made you write on my Divine Will in order to form the day of the creature? For some they will form the dawn; for some the beginning of the day; for some others the full day and, lastly, the full afternoon. These truths will form, according to their knowledge, the different categories of the souls who will live in my Will. One knowledge more, or one less, will make then rise or stay in the different categories. Knowledge will be the hand to boost them up to the higher categories - it will be the very life of the fullness of my Will within them. Therefore, I can say that with these truths I formed the day for whoever wants to live in my Divine Will - a day of Heaven, greater than Creation itself; not of sun or stars, because each truth has the virtue of creating our Life in the creature. Oh, how this surpasses the whole of Creation! Our Love surpassed everything in manifesting so many truths on my Divine Will. Our glory, on the part of the creatures, will be full, because they will possess our Life to glorify Us and to love Us.
As far as the emerging of these truths goes, just as I had the power and the love to assist the one to whom I had to manifest them, in the same way I will have power and love to invest the creatures, and transform them into these very truths. And feeling their life, they will also feel a great need to give to the light what they feel within themselves. Therefore, don’t get worried. I, Who can do all, will do all and take care of all.”
After this, I was following the acts of the Divine Will, which contained all the works, love, prayers, sufferings, palpitating life, breaths, and all that the Queen of heaven has done, as if she was just doing them. And I hugged them, I kissed them, I adored them and offered them in order to obtain the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth. Then, my sweet Jesus, continuing His say, added: “My blessed daughter, one who lives in my Will can enter everywhere, and can give Me everything, even my Celestial Mother - as if she were her own; the way She in which loved Me, and everything that I did. This creature can even duplicate my Life - as if It were her own, and give It to me to love me.
You must know that, as I formed the day of the creature by manifesting many truths on my Divine Will to you, so the Sovereign of Heaven, with her Love, sufferings, prayers and acts - which, done in my Divine Will, filled heaven and earth, forming the appropriate endowment for those who will live in It - with great anxiety longs and sighs to be able to equip her children! She sees herself immersed in many riches of Grace, Love and Sanctity, but she can’t find her children to equip them, since they don’t live in that same Will in which she lived. Look, my daughter, how it is written in everything she did and suffered: ‘for my children.’ Therefore, if she loves, she calls her children to receive the endowment of her love in order to make Us recognize them as her children and as Our children too, and to love them as We love Her; if she prays, she wants to give the endowment of her prayer.... In sum, she wants to provide them with all her Sanctity, with her pains, and with the very Life of her Son.
How touching it is to hear her and to look at her keeping her children within her Maternal Heart, as if inside a sacrarium. In all her acts and breaths she calls her children, and says to our Supreme Being: ‘All that I am and possess, is all for my children. Please, listen to me! I feel my Heart bursting for love! Have mercy on a Mother, who loves and wants to provide for her children, to make them happy! My happiness is not full. I feel it halved because I don’t have my children delighting together with Me. Therefore, hurry - may the Divine Will be known, so that they may also know the restlessness of their Mother, and how I want to provide for them, and make them happy and holy!’
Do you think that We remain indifferent before this touching scene; before she, who is in spasms of love - so much that, with her maternal tenderness and with her rights as a Mother, she prays to Us, and begs Us? Ah, no! How many times, because of her concerns, I manifest more surprising truths on my FIAT, to give her free rein to pour out to her children a more extensive provision, since she will be allowed to do it only in accordance with their knowledge. Therefore, you too, enter my Divine Will and, together with this Celestial Mother, pray and supplicate that our Will may be known and reign in all the creatures.”

November 12, 1937
One act done in the Divine Will loves God for everyone, giving Him all that the creature owes God. One who lives in my FIAT gives Us the opportunity to repeat our works in action. How God wants to operate - one on one. The ‘I love you’: jewel of God.

The Divine Volition continues to inundate me with Its Light, which unleashes a Power so great as to form such prodigies in the acts of the creature that one remains enraptured. It really shows the Creative Power, which encloses all and does everything in the little human act. Oh Power and Love of the Divine Will, how insuperable You are! Your Power conquers all, Your Love is incredible!
Then, my adorable Jesus, Who wants that the unheard-of prodigies which His Divine FIAT can do in the creature may be understood, visiting my little soul, told me: “Daughter of my Will, the flames of my Love are such that I feel suffocated. And to be able to unleash my Love, which makes Me burn and fidget, I come back to say what my Will can do in the creature. For my Will to reign, one must know Who It is, the extent of Its Love, what Its Power is, and what It can do. Now listen. As the creature gives It the freedom to operate, It calls Its Immensity and Power and encloses everyone and everything in that act. Our Divinity receives in that act the love of each creature. We hear in that act the voices and the heartbeats of all hearts, saying to Us: ‘We love You. We love You!’ She gives Us the adoration of each one and everything that they owe to their Creator. She animates everything, and we hear in that act even the sun, the Heaven, the stars - the whole of Creation, saying: ‘We love You, we adore you, we glorify you!’
Therefore, We receive everything from our Will operating in the creature - our Love for each creature is returned, and our Glory is complete. Our Will can give Us everything, although It uses the act of the creature; so, taken by love toward the one who let It operate in her act, It says: ‘I give you all, my daughter. I will place you before our Supreme Majesty as the one who loved Us for each and everyone; who gave Us glory and adoration for all; who made Us loved even by the sun, the Heaven.... The whole of Creation harmonized, and all created things were saying among themselves, ‘Love, love to our Creator.’ Therefore, I give you the merit for everything: all is yours.’ My Will is just not capable or willing to operate unless It encloses all and does everything.”
I remained surprised, and I said to myself: ‘Is it possible? Is all this really possible?’ And my Jesus added: “My daughter, don’t be surprised. One single act of my Will is greater than Heaven and earth. Its immensity has no boundaries; Its power has no limit; It has everything and everyone in Its hands. It operates with infinite Love, which can give love for all; and after It has loved for all - oh, how much of it is left! Our Love is perfect. First, we love Ourselves; we secure our interests, our glory and our Love; then, we descend in the creatures, loving in them with our own Love, glorifying Ourselves with our very Works. Who doesn’t think of himself first? Therefore, whether our Will operates within Ourselves or in the creatures, first It has to give to Us, by right, what is due to Us and befits Us, for all, and for each one; then, the creatures will receive according to their disposition.”
After this, I continued to be inundated by the waves of the Divine Volition - waves of Light, crammed with truths and love, wanting to make known Its prodigies, Its Power, and what It wants to give to the creature. So, I was following Its acts of Creation, to make them mine and to be able to say: ‘What belongs to Jesus is mine too.’ And my always adorable Jesus, coming back, continued: “Daughter of my Will, as the creature goes back into our Works, longing for them, loving them and making them her own, our Love makes Us run toward her, to welcome her to Us, and renew our Works, for her alone - as if We were in the act of repeating them. We centralize all our Love in her, as well as our Power, our joys and the stratagems and follies of love, which we felt in creating and delivering the whole of Creation.
So, in our emphasis of love, we look at her and we find the Heaven and the Love we felt in laying its blue vault. Then we look at her again, and we find the variety of stars, while she gives to each one of them her voice to make them say: ‘I love You, I love You, I love You....’ These voices of ‘I love you’ form the most beautiful celestial music, and its harmony and sweet sound are such that We feel inebriated. And in our inebriation We tell her: ‘Daughter, how beautiful you are! You bring Us infinite joys. Not even when everything was created did We receive such melodies and joys, because a creature was missing, who, united to our Will, would make our works say to Us: ‘I love you, I love you, I love you....’
At the sight of such a show of love, we renew the creation of the sun, the wind, the sea and the air, centralizing in her all our love and divine harmony which we felt in creating all these elements. Oh, what a joy for Us, and what return of love she gives Us. Looking at her we find a Sun which burns for love of Us; wind which blows and moans for love and, forming arcane voices of love, tries to surround Us with its love, to tell Us: ‘You loved me, and I love you. Love You gave to me, love I give to You....’ And it forms impetuous waves with its sea, to the extent of giving Us air of love for each breath of creature. We feel as though being wounded continuously and fainting for her love.
A soul who lives in our Will is all for Us. She keeps Us constantly busy - she always loves Us, but with our own Love. Each time she does her acts in our FIAT, we renew the works of Creation, and, to amuse ourselves, love her and make her love us, we use every act she does as material to renew our various created works. And yet, our Love is not satisfied. It wants to add more, so It creates new prodigies of Grace, and even our very Life within the beloved creature. We like very much to operate one-on-one, as if we were doing everything for her alone. This makes more love, esteem and appreciation arise toward Us, Who love her so much. Therefore, depending on how she unites to Us We renew those works; if she unites in the works of Creation, we renew our works of Creation; if she unites to our works of Redemption, we renew the works of Redemption. So I repeat the act of my birth and, looking at her, I find my birth in her, as well as the love for which I was born, while she loves Me with that same love with which I came upon earth. Do you think it’s a trivial thing that I find my own Love, which made me be born, cry, suffer, walk and work? Together with her, one-on-one, I repeat my Life down here, and my Divine Will makes her love Me with the same Love with which I loved her when I was on earth living my Redemptive Life. Therefore, living in my Divine Will is everything for the creature - everything for Us.”
Then I was following the acts of the Divine Volition in Its Works, and I was thinking to myself: ‘What would be a greater glory for God, to follow the acts of Creation or those of Redemption?’ And Jesus, coming back, added: “My daughter, both of them are greatly pleasing to Me. But there is a difference. In the works of Creation the creature finds our Majesty in feast while creating many things with the primary purpose of serving our Will reigning within her. All created things had to serve as a deposit for her return of love, adoration and glory toward Us. All created things speak of our Love toward the creatures, and the creature, through them, was supposed to love her Creator. You must know that each one of your ‘I love You’s’, which you hide in the sun, in Heaven and in the other created things is a jewel for Us. We love them, we kiss them, we hug them and delight in them - we feel glorified and repaid for all that we have done. Do you think we remain indifferent to your many ‘I love You’s’ with which you invested the Creation? Not at all! We look at them, one by one, as our jewels. They give us the glory we had during Creation. Therefore, let our feast continue; and if these ‘I love You’s’ cannot be seen other than by Ourselves, it is because our Will, immense also in the Creation, eclipses with Its Light your ‘I love You’s’, keeping them jealously hidden inside Its womb.
It happens as to the sun whose light and heat are greater and more intense than all the precious effects contained within it. They cannot be seen, but it is certain that the sun possesses these effects. In fact, if its light touches the flower, it gives color to it, painting like an artist the variety of beauties of the colors, so as to form the sweetest enchantment for the human generations. If it touches the plants and the fruits, it gives the variety of sweetnesses and tastes. This shows how the sun is not only light and heat, but it hides other goods inside its womb of light. Such is the creature who lives in our Will. As she loves and adores, she forms the beauty of her rainbow of love in her works; the variety of joys and sweetnesses of her good acts, which she jealously hides within her womb. My Will is the hiding place for love and for all that the creature does in It, forming the most beautiful ornament to our Divine Works, and the sweet enchantment of our eyes. And we are so pleased that we show this to the whole Celestial Court, to let them delight together with Us.
Therefore, the creature cannot give us greater glory than following our acts of Creation, because in doing so she unites herself to our same purpose. She braids herself to our Love and we feel her kissing our Love, while We kiss her own, making one single Love out of it. What Joy, what happiness, having the creature together with Us, loving Us and doing all that We want to do!
Now, in Redemption the purpose is different: it’s the guilty man that we go searching for. In the Creation, all was a feast - our works were smiling at us, with joy, love and glory. Instead, in the Redemption - sufferings, bitterness, tears, remedies, medicines to restore man.... But the creature, by entering our Will, can invest all my pains, bitterness and tears with her tender and compassionate ‘I love You’s’, hiding within them her jewel ‘I love You’s’. So, in kissing these jewels, not only will I feel comforted, sustained and accompanied by the one who lives in my Will, but in the jewels of her ‘I love You’s’ I will also find the one who dries my tears, one who shares my pains - one who defends me. Therefore, I want you always in my Will; so, whether in feast or in sufferings, I will always keep you with Me.”

November 20, 1937
Follows the same topic.
How the Divine Will makes love arise, so that everywhere It may feel loved by the creature. Wherever Our Will is, We find the adaptable material for the conception, birth and growth of our Life.

My poor mind continues to swim in the sea of the Divine Volition. Its surprises are so great and so many, Its eagerness for wanting Its own life in the creature is such, and so much It says about it, that it’s impossible for me to repeat all. And my beloved Jesus, visiting my little soul, with unspeakable love told me: “My blessed daughter, speaking about my Will is for Me the greatest feast. Heaven unites with Me in celebration, and as everyone sees Me speaking about my Will, they are all attentive to listen. There is no greater feast that I may give to the whole Celestial Court than to talk about my Divine Will.
My Will makes arise the operating love in the souls on earth, and the beatifying love in Heaven. Where there’s no love, I don’t even move - I do not go; nor do I know what to do with the creature. But the Love that my Will makes arise is immense, and there’s no place in which one who lives in It cannot be found all invested, almost clumsy, with my Love. Soon she has our same destiny: loving everywhere and in every place - loving always and everyone. We feel that she loves us in the hearts of all. Her love runs to every place and she loves Us in the sun, in the Heavens, in the shining of the stars, in the whispers of the wind, in the murmuring of the sea, in the darting of the fish, in the singing of the birds.... We feel that she loves Us also in the hearts of the Angels and the Saints, and even in our divine womb. Everyone says: ‘May you be welcome! Oh, how we awaited you! Come and take your place of honor! Come and love our Creator in us!’
My jealous Will holds her tightly to Itself and, inundating her with ever new love, makes her do, all for Itself, love songs, love dirges, sweet enchantments of love - wounds of love. It seems to be saying: ‘I found someone who loves Me, and I want to enjoy her. I wouldn’t be happy if she didn’t tell Me, always and everywhere, ‘I love You, I love You....’ The soul who lives in our Will will be our triumph, our victory, the depository of our Love - our continuous glory. My Love feels the need of the company of this creature, to pour Itself out, and to have hers. So, I want to breathe together with her - palpitate and operate with her. Union can produce the most beautiful joys, the most ineffable contents, the greatest works - the most intense love.
My Will will give so much love to this creature who lives in It, as to be able to inundate the whole of Creation. My Volition will lay a new heaven of love upon all human generations, so as to feel embraced and loved by the love of this creature, which was given by my Will Itself, everywhere, in everyone and in every place. And this creature, while hugging and loving my Will, will say: ‘O Supreme Volition, come to reign upon earth! Invest all generations! Win and conquer all!’ Can’t you see how beautiful it is to live in It; having your love in Its power, which contains so much power and virtue that nobody can resist? When this Love will have invested everything and everyone - the love of a creature who lived in our FIAT, and who carries with her the bond of the human family - We will let Ourselves be won. We will demolish all the obstacles and will have our Kingdom on the face of the earth. Therefore, pray and make everything serve to ask Me that my Will may come to reign on earth as in Heaven.”
I continued to be inundated by the Divine FIAT, which was pouring on me Light and Love: Light, to make Itself be known - Love, to be loved. And my sweet Jesus, coming back, added: “My daughter, how beautiful it is to live in my Will! We cannot be without this creature. We keep thinking about new surprises to make for her, something new to give her, new things to tell her, so that she may get to know more about our FIAT. According to her knowledge, we can widen the sea of our Love within her. Knowledge is the little bell which, as it rings, calls our Power, Sanctity, Goodness and Love with sweetest sound, to be enclosed within the creature who lives in my Will - to make Us operate our unheard-of prodigies.
You must know that when we find our Will in the creature, we feel beatified, and we delight so much in looking at her that, to enjoy her even more, we look at her mind, causing the conception, birth and growth of our Intelligence; we look at her mouth, letting our word be conceived, be born and grow, so that she will speak about our Supreme Being with such eloquence and grace as to be loved by all of those who will have the good to listen. We look at her will, making our Will be born again and grow to new life; we look at her heart, conceiving in it our own Love - Its harmonies, Its stratagems to make us win and to make her always be reborn in our Love. We look at her feet, letting our Works and steps be conceived, be born and grow.... We could do this all at once, but we don’t, in order to spend more time with her - to enjoy her more.
Our Love is such that we want to form our own creative hands - our very Life within the creature. All that we are, we want to give her. Our Love is not satisfied if we don’t repeat our Life in her; and we find the adaptable material only when we find our Will, which has prepared, purified and embellished the ground for Us. As we form our Life, we sing victory and glory to our Divine Being. And what does she do? She gives Us the food to be nurtured and to grow within her. She gives Us the water for our thirst; her own being to clothe Us; her soul as our room; her heart as bed for rest, and all her acts to keep Us amused and surrounded by our own celestial joys.
Who can tell you, my daughter, all that we can do and give to the creature who lives in our Will? We give everything and do everything - and she gives Us all.”

November 29, 1937
Our pains, united with the pains of Jesus, form His Life within us. There is no good which doesn’t come from them. How lack of love martyrs the divine Love.

My poor mind swims in the sea of the Divine Volition. I feel that It breathes, palpitates and circulates, more than blood, inside the veins if my soul, saying: ‘I am here, inside and outside of you - more than your own life. I run within each one of your acts. With my Love I make everything easy for you, and I make you happy.”
In the meantime, He was showing me all the pains that I suffered, invested by light - holding them tightly close to His Heart as many conquests of His Will. I remained preoccupied, and my always adorable Jesus, visiting me, said: “My little daughter of my Divine Will, know that all the pains which my Most Holy Humanity suffered on earth - every tear I shed, every drop of my Blood, every step and motion, and even my breath - were and still are invested by one single voice, with which they speak and shout continuously: ‘We want the Kingdom of the Divine Will to reign and dominate in the midst of the creatures. We want our divine rights to be placed in force!...’ And they pray, speak and moan around our Supreme Throne, without ever ceasing, that the Will of Heaven and of the earth may be one.
Now, whoever unites with my sufferings, with my heartbeats, breaths, steps and works - prays, speaks and moans together with all I did and suffered on earth. There is no good which does not arise from my sufferings. United with those of the creature, my sufferings form the depository - the hosts which receive her pains, forming one single prayer together, one single voice - one single Will. Even more, my pains carry the pains of the creature and everything she does before our Majesty, in order to make her want and do what I did. The pains of the creature kidnap my pains on earth in order to involve all the creatures in both my pains and her own, to dispose all the creatures to receive the Life of my Divine Will. The union with Me - of her pains with my pains - produces the great prodigy of my Life in the creature; a Life which operates, speaks and suffers as if I were on earth again. So, I animate the whole being of the creature with the power of my acts. My Life flows even in the most tiny trifles, so that all may be mine, animated by my Creative Power, and she may give Me the Love and the Glory of my own Life.
Do you think that my Will did not take into account all that you’ve suffered? Not at all. My Will preserves within Its womb of Light all your sufferings - big and small, your distressed and sorrowful sighs, your privations. It even used them as material to be able to conceive, deliver and grow Its Life. It could grow through each one of your pains, which were being fed by Its Sanctity, filled with the ardor of Its Love, and embellished with Its unreachable Beauty.
My daughter, how much you must thank me for all that I have disposed for you, and for all that I made you suffer. Everything served to form my Life in you, as well as the triumph of my Will. What a fortune for the creature, seeing that her pains served my Life, so Holy, which will have, as fulfillment, my Divine Will palpitating within her! Do you think it’s trivial that the Creator shows His need for the creature; He, Who is omnipotent and gives life to all? Isn’t this the greatest excess of our Love?”
Jesus remained silent. I remained thinking about what He had just told me, and I saw all my pains lined up within me, spreading rays of light, being transformed into the pains of Jesus, forming the divine support and the defense for the creature - asking, with continuous voices and moans, that the Divine Will may come to reign. Then, Jesus continued: “My good daughter, our Love is such that, everywhere and in every place - even in the most tiny blade of grass, in the air that the creature breathes, in the water she drinks; even underneath her steps, as she treads the ground - we send our voices, our spasming cries of Love - ‘I love you, I love you, I love you!...’ But our Love can’t find peace, feeling That It’s not listened to by the creature, and not hearing her repeating: ‘I love You, I love You...’ And in our delirium of love we say: ‘ anybody listening to Us? Ohh...! Nobody is saying to Us I love you, I love you? Why then say I love you, I love you, if nobody returns it to Us? To whom do we say I love the air, to the wind, to the empty space? Our I love you doesn’t know where to go - where to lean - if it doesn’t find the I love you of the creature to receive it and return it with her own, so that her love may find refuge inside our immense Love, leaning on It, and growing more and more.’
When the creature listens to our I love you and returns it, in our emphasis of love - as if reconciled by her love, we say: ‘Finally, we’ve been heard. Our Love found one to go to, a place for refuge. We have been recognized. We found one who says I love you.’ Then our Love makes a feast. But when we cannot find one who says I love you, we don’t find one who recognizes Us, who listens to Us - one who loves Us. How hard it is to love, not being loved! How I wish that everybody knew that with my Love I sustain them, I hug them, I love them and I make them breathe; I love them and I give them a heartbeat; I love them and I give them speech; I love them and I give them the step; I love them and I give them motion, thinking, food, water.... All that they are and receive is the effect of my flowing Love. So, isn’t not loving me a horrible ingratitude? It is making our Love a martyr - because we loved, and we are not loved.”
After this, I was thinking to myself: ‘but how can the creature know when our Lord tells her His repeated and continuous ‘I love you’, so that she may return them with her own?’ And my sweet Jesus added: “It is indeed very easy to know it, if the creature possesses the Divine Will as her own Life. The Divine Will gives her Its divine hearing, which make her listen when her Creator tells her ‘I love you’. And It gives not only the divine sense of hearing, but also Its divine Word, so that as the hearing listens, the Word says ‘I love you’; or better still, even before It says to her ‘I love you’, she already feels she is about to receive the ‘I love you’ of her God. So, she makes her I love you meet the divine I love you, almost so as to engage in a contest with her Creator.
My Will wants to give everything to the creature who lives in It. It gives her Its arms to hug her, Its steps to run after her. As We feel our Divine nature which is all love, and our need to love - to the extent that, if it were possible to prevent Us from loving, We would suffocate, losing the breath of our Divine Life; since our breathing, motion and our very Will is Love for Us, and it is impossible for Us not to love - in the same way, one who possesses our Will feels the need to love us - to always love us. Therefore, only my Will can put order between the Creator and the creature, keeping her constantly aware of our Love and Sanctity - putting her in communication with our Supreme Being.”

December 6, 1937
As the creature lives in the Divine Volition, Jesus rings His little bell to call the residents of Heaven and those of earth. How the Divine Love urgently needs the company of the creature.

I feel His Life within me overflowing with Love, and as It moves, It pours out seas of Love which, investing all, says to every heart: ‘Please, look at me, know me, receive me in your hearts! Let me dominate! I come loaded with all my goods, to live together with you. But, alas!, I am not recognized. They even reject me. And since I am not known, my laws of Love are not in force for them; my goods remain with Me, and I am not able to give them to my children.’
Then, I was following the acts of the Divine Will and, as I arrived at the blue vault dotted with stars, I called with me the residents of Heaven and the residents of earth, so that, together, we could repay, with our little love, the Love of God, Who with so much love had created the expanse of the Heaven to cover us and hide us inside His Love. All of us, with no exception, have the duty to love the One Who loved us so much. Now, as I was doing this, my Highest Good, Jesus, visiting my little soul, all love told me: “My blessed daughter, if you only knew with what love I was waiting for you to call everyone, to feel within your act the return of love from all! As soon as you start to call, I ring the little bell to the celestial residents and to those of the earth, and I stop ringing only when I see that all of them have run into your act.
The first ones are the celestial residents who, living in my Will, cannot, and will not, put themselves aside. They feel the unifying Divine Will, which unites them in that act. Even more, they anxiously await my call to be able to return my love. Since the one who is calling them is a creature from earth, who possesses her own free will, they feel that they can give me new love through her. Oh, how they rejoice at the sound of my little bell, flying to place themselves within that act of the creature who wants to love me! As for the residents of the earth, it happens that they barely hear the vibrating sound of my bell, because not all of them live in my Will.
When I see them all together in that act, our Divinity places Itself, all attentive, in loving waiting - and oh, how beautiful it is to hear in that act innumerable voices saying to Us: ‘We love You, we love You. We recognize You in Your works! How much You loved us. So, for everything, we return your Love!’ Our Supreme Being, wounded by so many voices, pours out more seas of Love, covering and investing everyone with such joy and happiness that all remain enraptured, enjoying one more Paradise by means of this creature. The one who lives in our Will gives Us the field for new works, and makes our Love gush out more strongly; not being able to contain It, we pour out new seas of Love, to love the creature and to be loved. Oh, how much we love her!
You must know that the thing most urgently needed by our Supreme Being is the company of the creature. We do not want to be the isolated God, or to keep her far away from Us - isolation has never brought great works or happiness. Company matures the birth of good and makes the most beautiful works arise to the light. This is why we created so many things: to have the opportunity to have her company many times for as many created things. And since we always remain in the act of doing what we did once, the one who lives in our Will accompanies Us - always; she receives our creative act, and we receive the glory and the return of created love. Therefore, we keep her company in the celestial spheres, in the shining sun, in the blowing of the wind, in the air which all breathe, in the murmuring of the sea - everywhere and in every place she follows Us, she defends Us and returns Love to Us. She cannot live without Us - without loving Us, and We cannot be without her, so - jealous, We hold her tightly to our divine womb.”
Then He added: “The company of the creature is so dear to Us that We form with her our recreation; We make the most important decisions for our glory and for the good of the human generations; We accomplish our designs while being in her company. Our Love rises to new life, and keeps making up new devices of Love and new surprises in order to chain the creature to our love - always and more. If it wasn’t for her company, with whom could we pour ourselves out? Over whom could we form our designs? Where could we place our ever rising Love? Without the company of the creature, our goods would be depressed, without being able to give life to what we want to do for love of the creatures. See then, how necessary her company is to our Love, to our Works - to the fulfillment of our Will.”

December 8, 1937
The Conception of the Queen of Heaven. Her race of Love. Wherever her Creator was, She was there to love Him. How She remained conceived in each created thing, and was constituted as Queen of Heaven, of the Sun and of all.

Today, while swimming in the Divine Volition, my poor mind found in action the Conception of the Queen of Heaven. Oh, what wonders! What surprises! They just can’t be described! And I was thinking to myself: ‘what else can be said about the Immaculate Conception after so much has been said already?’ My adorable Jesus, surprising me, all festive as if He wanted to celebrate the Conception of the Celestial Queen, said: “My blessed daughter - oh, how many more things I have to say about the Conception of this Celestial Creature! It was a Life that We were creating - not a work. There is a great difference between a work and a life. Further, it was a Life both Divine and human, in which there had be perfect harmony of Sanctity, Love and Power, such that one life had to be able to match with the other. The wonders we made in creating this Life were such that we had to perform the greatest prodigy - a chain of miracles - so that this Life could contain all the good which we deposited within Her.
This Holy Creature, conceived without original sin, felt the Life of her Creator - His operating Will, which did nothing less than make new seas of Love arise. Oh, how much She loved Us! She could feel Us inside and outside of Herself. Oh, how She ran, in order to be everywhere and in every place - wherever the Life of Her Creator was! It would have been the hardest and most cruel martyrdom for Her, not to have been able to be everywhere together with Us, to love Us. Our Will gave Her wings, and our Life, while still being within Her, made Itself found everywhere, to be loved and to enjoy the One It loved so much, and Who loved It in return. Now, listen to another surprise. As soon as she was conceived, she started her race, and We loved her with infinite Love - not loving her would have been the greatest martyrdom for Us, too.
So, as she ran outside to search for our Life which she already possessed within herself - since a good is never complete if it is not possessed both inside and outside - she remained conceived in Heaven, and in the celestial spheres whose stars formed Her crown, praising and declaiming Her as their Queen; and she acquired the rights as Queen over all the celestial spheres. Our Immensity awaited Her in the sun - and She ran, and was conceived in the sun which, becoming diadem for Her adorable Head, invested Her with light and praised Her as Queen of Light. Our Immensity and Power awaited Her also in the wind, in the air, in the sea - and She ran, and ran... without ever stopping. So, She remained conceived in the wind, in the air and in the sea, acquiring the rights as Queen over all.
The Sovereign Lady makes her Power, her Love and her Maternity flow in the Heaven, in the sun, in the wind, in the sea, and even in the air which everybody breathes. She was conceived everywhere - in every place and in everyone. Wherever our Power was, she would raise her Throne to love Us and to love everyone. This was the greatest miracle performed by our Powerful Love: to bilocate her - to multiply her in all things and in all created beings - so that We might find her everywhere and in everyone.
The Celestial Queen is like the sun. Even if someone doesn’t want the light of the sun, this light imposes itself anyway, and says: ‘Whether you want me or not, I must do my course. I must give you light. But if someone could hide from the light of the sun, nobody can hide from the Sovereign Lady; otherwise, she could not, in fact, be called universal Queen and Mother of everyone and everything - and We do not know how to speak words without making facts.
Do you see then, the extent of our Power and our Love in the Conception of this Holy Creature? We reached the point of elevating her to such a height and glory that she can say: ‘Wherever my Creator is, there I am - to love Him. He invested me with such Power and Glory that I am Sovereign over all. Everything is dependent on Me. My dominion reaches everywhere, to the extent that, while I am conceived in all things I keep, conceived within Me, the sun, the wind, the sea - everything. I possess everything in Me - even my Creator, and I am the Sovereign and the Owner of all. This is all of my unreachable height; my Glory - which nobody can equal, and my great honor: with my Love I embrace all, I love all, and I belong to all. I am the Mother of my Creator.’”

December 14, 1937
Just as human nature has its day, the Divine Will forms Its own day in the depth of the soul of the creature who lives in It. Miracles that happen in the Divine Will.

I felt immersed in the Divine Volition. It seemed that, as I was doing my acts in the FIAT within Its waves of light, that light would become larger and would centralize itself more within me; and I felt a growing need to love It and to breathe It - more than my own life. Without It, I felt out of breath, without warmth and without heartbeat; but as I came back to do my acts in the Divine Volition, I felt the breathing, the warmth and the Divine heartbeat coming back, to delight my poor existence. Therefore, it is a need for me - a need of life - to live in the Divine Will.
Then, my sweet Jesus, coming back to visit my little soul, all goodness told me: “My blessed daughter, just as nature has its day in human life, during which all the actions of life are performed, in the same way my Divine Will forms Its Day in the depth of the creature who lives in my Will. As the creature begins to form her acts in It, calling It to her as her own Life, she starts her day, forming a most shining Dawn in the depth of her soul. This Dawn gathers its Power, renewing in the creature the Power of the Father, the Wisdom of the Son, the Virtue and Love of the Holy Spirit. So she starts her Day together with the Most Holy Trinity, Which descends in the most tiny acts and hiding places of the creature in order to live together with her, and to do whatever she does. This Dawn puts to flight the darkness of the soul, so that all becomes light for her, placing Itself as a vigil sentry, so that all her acts may receive the Light of the Divine Will. This Dawn is the first rest of God within the room of the soul - it is the beginning of the eternal Day in which the Life of the Supreme Being starts together with the creature.
My Will does not move - It is not able, nor does It know how to do without the Adorable Trinity. At the most, It goes forward - being the actor, but always pulling with It, in an irresistible way, the Adorable Trinity, forming the divine chamber in which the Divine Persons can enjoy their beloved creature. Wherever It reigns, my Will has the Power to centralize everything - even our Divine Life.
How beautiful is the beginning of the Day of one who lives in our FIAT. It is the enchantment of the all Heaven. If the Celestial Court were subject to envy, It would envy the one who is so fortunate as to possess, within her soul - while still living in time - the beginning of the eternal Day - the precious Day in which God begins to live His Life together with the creature.
Now, as soon as she begins the second act in the Divine Volition, the Sun of my Eternal Will rises. The fullness of Its light is such as to invest the whole of earth, visiting all hearts and bringing the ‘good morning’ of light and new joys to all the Celestial Court. This light is crammed with love, adoration, thanksgiving, gratitude, glory and benediction - but who do these belong to?: to the creature who, with her act in my Will, made the Sun rise which shines over all, so that all may find the one who loved God for them - the one who adored Him, thanked Him, blessed Him and glorified Him. Everyone finds the thing which he was supposed to do for God. She compensates for everyone. One act in my Will must enclose everything. It has the power and the capacity to make up for everyone and to do good to all; otherwise It could not be called ‘act, done in my Will.’ These acts are full of unheard-of prodigies, worthy of our Creative Work.
Now, as she turns to her third act in our Will, the full Afternoon of our Eternal Sun is formed within the creature. Do you know what she gives Us with this full Afternoon? She prepares a banquet for Us. And do you know what she gives Us for food? The Love We have given to her - our divine qualities. Everything carries the mark of our beauty and of our chaste and pure perfumes. We like it so much that we eat our fill; and even if something may be missing for our status, since the creature is in our Will, she is the owner of all our goods; she takes from our treasure whatever is needed, and prepares for Us the most beautiful banquet, worthy of our Supreme Majesty. And We invite all the Angels and the Saints to sit at this celestial banquet, so that they may take and eat with Us, of the Love which We received from the creature who lives in our Will. Now, after we’ve banqueted together, the other acts that she does in our Will serve - some to form for Us celestial melodies, some loving chants, some the most beautiful scenes; some others repeat our Works, which are always in action. In sum, she keeps Us always busy. And when she has given course to all her actions in our Will, we give her rest, resting together with her. After the rest, we begin the work, starting another day, and so forth.
Many times, this loyal daughter of ours - since true loyalty consists in living in our Divine Will - seeing that her brothers and sisters are about to be struck by the deserved chastisements for their sins, doesn’t close her day, but prays and suffers to beseech graces for their souls as well as for their bodies. The life of one who lives in my Divine Will is new joy and glory for Heaven, and help and graces for the earth.”

December 18, 1937
All that is done in the Divine Will acquires Life, and these Lives swim and float in the Seas of Love of the Divine Volition.

I am prey to the Divine Volition. It does nothing other than unleash Seas of Light and Love from Itself, but It seems unsatisfied until It sees Its Life of Light and the little love of the creature being poured out of herself - meeting, kissing and loving each other with one love. Oh, how It celebrates! And in Its emphasis of love, says: ‘The Life of my Will is inside and outside of the creature. I possess her. She is all mine.’ And I was thinking: ‘Doesn’t the little love of the creature disappear within the immense sea of Divine Love?’
My adorable Jesus, returning to visit my little soul, as if inundated within His flames of love, told me: “Daughter of my Will, each thing that the creature does, keeping my Will as principle and Life - no matter how small it might be - contains one Divine Life. Therefore, in the endless sea of my Will and of my Love, one can see many little lives of Love and Light swimming and floating, having taken their place inside our Sea. Oh, how repaid we feel, because what she gave Us in her little love, is Life of Love, and what she gave Us in doing her acts, is Life of Light. They have been formed in the center of the Life of our FIAT, which possesses the true Life; and therefore lives are the things that come from It. My FIAT creates them first, forming them within Itself; then, It puts them out, delivering them from Its Divine Womb.
Therefore, each I love you possesses the Life of Love; each adoration possesses the Life of Divine adoration; each exercised virtue possesses - one, the Life of Divine Goodness, one the Wisdom, one the Fortitude, one the Power, one the Sanctity.... Since they are little lives, which have received life from our Life, they don’t know how to be alone. So they run and come to continue their little lives inside our endless seas. Oh, how they love Us! They may be small, but we know that the creature can only give us little things, because the big ones - immensities - are ours. The creature doesn’t even know where to put them, if we were to give them; so it is necessary for them to take refuge in Us. And We, seeing her in our seas, feel repaid with that love which we want from the creature.”
I remained thinking about what Jesus was saying, and He added: “Do you want to see it, to convince yourself of what I’m telling you?” In that moment, Jesus made me see His endless seas investing Heaven and earth - and the little love of the creature, and all the rest done in His Divine Will, as many little but beautiful lives swimming inside these seas. Some remained on the surface to fix their gaze on their Creator; some would run into His arms - one hugging Him, another kissing Him; another one was diving into the sea. In sum, they were doing a thousand caresses and loving stratagems for the One from Whom they had received life. The Supreme Being was looking at them, but with such love as to call the whole Celestial Court to celebrate together with Him, saying to all: ‘Look at them; how beautiful they are! These lives formed by the acts of the creature - and by my Will - are my Glory, my triumph, my smile; the echo of my Love, of our harmony and happiness!’ I could see all these lives in the Sun, in the stars, in the air, in the wind and in the sea. Each I love you was a Life of Love, which was running to take Its place of honor inside the divine seas. What enchantment! What beauties! How many unspeakable surprises! I remained mute... and I didn’t know what to say. And Jesus: “My daughter, did you see? How many rare beauties of Life my Will can do! Its Love and Its jealousy are such that It keeps them inside Its own sea.
But that is not all, my daughter. I want to tell you another surprise. For the creature who lives in my Will, one I love you does not wait for another. With the Life of Love contained in those prodigious I love you’s, one runs ahead, one behind; one flies to take its place inside our endless sea. They compete among themselves - one runs faster, another wants to put itself ahead; another wants to be the first one to throw itself in our arms; another one makes a jump far ahead to lock itself inside our Divine Womb.... Life cannot be still. These small lives - no matter how small - have a breath, a heartbeat, a step and a voice. They are all eyes to watch us. They breathe love and give Us love - they palpitate with love, and have our same step, since We move and walk because We love. Their voices speak always of love, and they love so much that they always want to hear about our story of Eternal Love.
These little lives never die - they are eternal with Us. The I love you - the acts in my Will populate Heaven. These little lives spread themselves everywhere: in the entire Creation, in the Saints and in the Angels. How many of them run around the Queen! They want their place everywhere, to the extent of descending into the hearts of the creatures on earth, saying among themselves: ‘How can our Creator be inside human hearts without our little Life of Love? Ah, no, no! We are tiny - we can enter into them and love our Creator for them.’
These little lives are the enchantment of all Heaven. They are the greatest wonders of our Supreme Being - the true ones, who repay Us for our Eternal Love. Their follies of love are so unusual, that by only looking at them, it is known that they are our daughters - lives formed and created by our Divine Volition.”
Who can tell my surprise? And Jesus: “Don’t be surprised. Even my Life down here did nothing other than release Life from Myself, to the extent that my steps still walk after everyone - they never stop. All centuries will have the life of my steps. My mouth is still speaking, because each one of my words contained one life which is still speaking. Only those who do not want to listen cannot hear my voice. My tears are full of life and are always in the acts of being shed upon the sinner - to touch him, make him repent and convert him, as well as upon the upright and good souls - to embellish, and to conquer their hearts to love for me. Each pain - each drop of my blood are distinct lives of mine which contain - and so form, strength for the pains of all the creatures, and the bath for all their sins. These are the prodigies of my Will.
Wherever It reigns with Its natural creative virtue, over each trifle - even a tiny one, It creates Life to make Us loved. You must be convinced that, having such great Love, We just cannot be without somebody who loves Us. Therefore our Will, which thinks about everything and knows how to do everything, creates many Lives out of the acts of the creature who lives in It. It compensates for our Love, and renders less restless our anxiety of love and our eternal delirium for desire of love. Therefore, live always in our Will. Love always, and you will be the enchantment of all Heaven and our perennial feast - and We will be yours. We will celebrate each other.”
December 21, 1937
How the Kingdom of the Divine Will on earth has been decreed in the Consistory of the Adorable Trinity. The new Breath of God by which the creature will be restored.

My poor mind was occupied by the great wonders and prodigies which the Divine Volition can do when It reigns in the creature. And I was thinking to myself: ‘ What a happy destiny to live in It! There cannot be a greater fortune, either in Heaven or on earth. But how can It ever come to reign on earth if evils and sins abound so much as to be horrifying? Only a Divine Power, with one of Its greatest prodigies, could do it; otherwise the Kingdom of the Divine Will will be in Heaven, but not on earth...’
As I was thinking this, my sweet Jesus - my sweet Life - visiting my poor soul, with unspeakable goodness told me: “My good daughter, it has been decreed in the Consistory of the Most Holy Trinity that my Divine Will will have Its Kingdom on earth. As many prodigies as this will take, so many We will do. We will not hold back anything in order to have what We want. But in operating We always use the most simple, though powerful ways, to overwhelm Heaven and earth, and all the creatures in the Act We want.
You must know that in the Creation it took nothing other than our omnipotent breath to infuse life into man. But how many prodigies in that breath! We created the soul, providing it with the three powers - true image of our Adorable Trinity. With the soul, he had the heartbeat, the breathing, the circulation of the blood, the motion, the warmth, the speech, the sight.... What did it take to make all these prodigies in man? The simplest of our acts, armed with our Power - our breath - and the running of our Love which, unable to contain It any longer, ran..., ran toward him, even to the point of making of him the greatest prodigy of the entire Work of Creation. Now, my daughter, since man did not live in our Divine Will, his three powers have been obscured, and our adorable Image remained deformed in him, in such a way that he has lost the first heartbeat of God’s Love within his heartbeat, and the divine breathing within his human breathing. Or better, he hasn’t really lost it - he just does not feel it. He doesn’t feel the circulation of the Divine Life; the motion of good; the heat of the Supreme Love; the word of God in his own; the sight to be able to look at his Creator.... All has remained obscured, weakened - maybe even deformed.
What does it take to restore this man? We will return again to breathe on him with stronger and growing love. We will breathe in the depth of his soul; we will blow more strongly into the center of his rebellious will - but so strongly as to shake the evils by which he is trapped. His passions will remain floored and terrified before the Power of our breath. They will feel burning by our divine fire. The human will, will feel the palpitating Life of its Creator, and it will hide Him - like a veil, so that man will return to be the Bearer of his Creator. Oh, how happy he will feel! We will restore him and heal him with our breath. We will be like a most tender mother who has a crippled child, and by breathing, whispering and blowing, she pours herself on her child; only then she will stop blowing on him - when she will have healed him and made him beautiful, like she wanted him to be. The power of Our breath will not leave him. We will stop breathing on him only when We see him coming back into our paternal arms. We want him beautiful, like Us. Only then will we feel that our child has recognized our paternal goodness, and how much we love him.
See then, what it takes to make our Will come and reign upon earth: the power of our omnipotent breath. With It We will renew our Life within him. All the truths I manifested to you - the great prodigies of living in my Will - will be the most beautiful and the greatest properties which I will give to him as a gift. This too is a certain sign that Its Reign will come upon earth, because if I speak - first, I make facts; and then I speak. My word is the confirmation of this gift - of the prodigies I want to do. Why would I expose my divine properties, and make them known, if Its Kingdom didn’t have to come upon earth?”
Now I will continue on the same topic of the date December 18, about how our acts done in the Divine Will turn into Life.
I was thinking to myself: ‘In the divine order, what will become of the many good works which did not come out from the Divine Volition, and so cannot be Life, the seed of Its Life being missing?’
My sweet Jesus, always kind, said: “My daughter, it’s no surprise that each act of the creature - even a little I love you done in my Will and possessing by nature Its creative Life - is matured in the center of Its Divine Life, and naturally re-acquires Life. All that is done in my Will is regenerated in our eternal Love, and acquires the long generation of many Divine Lives, which are exclusively Ours. Now, good works not done in our Will can be like many beautiful ornaments within our Creative Works; some may be more beautiful than others - but never Life. Even in the order of Creation there are lives and there are ornaments. Flowers are not Lives, but they still form a beautiful ornament to the earth - though not a permanent one. Fruits are not Lives, but they serve to feed man, and to make him taste many various sweetnesses - though they are not durable, and man can’t always taste them anytime he wants. If fruits and flowers were Lives, man could enjoy them anytime he wanted. The Sun, the sky, the stars, the wind and the sea are not Lives but, being our works, how much good do they not do? They serve as the most beautiful and primary residence for man.... What are their houses compared to the great residence We made of all the Universe? There is a blue vault dotted with gold, which never fades; there is a Sun which is never extinguished; there is air which, being breathed, gives life; there is a wind which purifies and refreshes... and many more things.
It was necessary for our Love to make a mix of works and lives, because they had to serve to delight man, and they had to serve for decorum, decency and residence of the one We created with so much love. So, since We had made more than sufficient works, he was to enjoy our works and to live in our Divine Will, in order to form many Lives of Love and Glory for the One Who loved him so much. But the difference between works and life is great. Life does not perish, while works are subject to many changes; and if they are not right and holy, instead of forming our ornament, they form our dishonor and their own confusion - maybe even their condemnation.”

December 25, 1937
The descent of the Divine Word. How He left Heaven, while still remaining there. Prodigies of the Incarnation. The beginning of the feast of the Divine Will. How in His Divine works He puts aside human ingratitude. The grafting. How the Love of Jesus

I was following the acts of the Divine Volition, and my poor mind paused in the act of the descent of the Divine Word upon earth. My God! How many wonders, how many surprises of Love, of Power, of Divine Wisdom! They are so great and so many that one doesn’t know where to start to tell them.
My beloved Jesus, as if inundated in His sea of Love which forms Its waves, surprising me said: “My blessed daughter, in my descent upon earth the wonders - the ardor of our Love - were so great and so many that neither Angels nor creatures can understand all that our Divinity operated in the mystery of my Incarnation. You must know that our Supreme Being possesses Its incessant motion by nature. If this motion could cease, even for an instant - which cannot be - all things would remain paralyzed and with no life, because all things - the life, the preservation and all that exists in Heaven and on earth - everything - depends on that Motion. Therefore, in descending from Heaven to earth, I, Word and Son of the Father, departed from our primary Motion; I mean - remaining, I left. The Father and the Holy Spirit descended with Me - they were concurrent (neither did I do any act if not together with Them), and they still remained on the Throne - full of Majesty, in the Celestial regions.
So, as I left, my Immensity, my Love and my Power descended together with Me; and my Love - which is incredible and is not satisfied if It doesn’t form, from my Life, a Life for each existing creature - not only did this, but It formed my Life everywhere and in every place - multiplying It. Keeping my Immensity in Its power, My Love filled It with many of my Lives, so that everyone could have a Life of mine for himself, and the Divinity could have the glory and the honor of a Divine Life for as many things and creatures as We delivered to daylight. Ah! our Love repaid Us for the Work of Creation. And by forming many of our Lives, It not only repaid Us, but It gave Us even more than We had done. Our Divinity remained enraptured, and felt a sweet enchantment in seeing the devices and stratagems of our Love - in seeing so many of our Lives being spread out, since our Love used our own Immensity as the circle in which to place them. Therefore, while my Life was the center, my Immensity and Power were the circumference in which these innumerable Lives were being deposited. These Lives could find everything and everyone, and offered themselves to love Us and to be loved.”
I remained surprised in hearing this, and my sweet Jesus, not giving me time, immediately added: “My daughter, don’t be surprised. When We operate, We do complete works, so that nobody can ever say: ‘He didn’t do this for me. His Life is not all my own.’ Ah, love cannot arise when things are not one’s own and are not kept within one’s power. And then, isn’t this what the Sun also does - work created by Us - in becoming light for the eyes, to the extent of filling them completely with light, and being, at the same time, light - full and entire - for the hand that works, for the step that walks...? In this way, everyone - created things and creatures - can say: ‘The Sun is mine.’ While the center of the Sun is in the height of the atmosphere, its light departs and remains. With its circle of light it invests the earth and becomes light for everyone - even for the little flower and the tiny blade of grass.
The Sun is not life. It has light, and light it gives, together with all the goods contained in its light. Our Divinity is Life - the Author and Life of all. Therefore, in descending from Heaven to earth I had to do complete acts, and - more than Sun - show off my Life, multiplying it into many Lives, so that Heaven, earth and everyone could possess my Life. Otherwise, it would not have been a work worthy of our Wisdom and of our infinite Love.”
Jesus remained silent, and I continued to think about the birth of Little Baby Jesus. And He added: “Little daughter of my Will, the feast of my birth was the feast - the beginning of the feast - of my Divine Will. As the Angels were singing, ‘Glory to God in the highest Heavens, and peace on earth to the men of good will,’ all Angels and the Creation assumed a festive mode and, while celebrating my birth, they celebrated the feast of my Divine Will. In fact, with my birth, our Divinity received true glory unto the highest Heavens; and men will have the true peace, when they will recognize my Will, giving It dominion and allowing It to reign. Only then, they will feel my Will as good - will they feel the divine strength; only then, will Heaven and earth sing together: ‘Glory to God in the highest Heavens, and peace on earth to the men who will possess the Divine Will.’ All will abound in these men, and they will possess the true peace.”
So, I continued to think of the birth of the little King Jesus, and I said to Him: ‘Nice Little Baby, tell me, what did you do when you saw the great human ingratitude to your great Love?’ And Jesus: “My daughter, if I had taken into account the human ingratitude to my great Love, I would have taken the way to go back to Heaven; but I would have saddened and embittered my Love, and turned the feast into mourning. So, would you like to know what I do in my greatest works in order to make them more beautiful? With pomp and with the greatest show of my Love, I put everything aside - human ingratitude, sins, miseries, weaknesses - and I give course to my greatest works, as if those things did not exist. If I had wanted to care about the evils of man, I couldn’t have done great works, or put all my Love on the field. I would have remain hampered - suffocated in my own Love. Instead, in order to be free in my works, and to make them as beautiful as I can, I place everything aside and, if necessary, I cover everything with my Love, so that I see nothing but my Love and my Will. I move forward with my greatest works, and I perform them as if nobody had offended Me. For Our Glory, nothing can be lacking to Our decorum - to the beauty and the greatness of Our works.
This is why I would want that you too did not occupy yourselves with your weaknesses, your evils and your troubles. In fact, the more the creature thinks about those, the weaker she feels, and the more the poor one feels drowned by evils, while her miseries press round her more strongly. By thinking about it, weakness feeds more weakness, and the poor creature falls even more; evils become stronger, miseries reduce her to starvation. But if she doesn’t think about them, they disappear by themselves.
Good is completely the opposite. One good feeds another good - one act of love calls for more love. One abandonment in my Will makes her feel the new Divine Life within herself. Therefore, thinking of good, forms the food and the strength to do more good. This is why I want your thinking to be occupied by nothing other than loving me and living in my Will. My Love will burn all your miseries and all your evils, and my Divine Volition will become your Life, using your miseries as the base on which to raise Its Throne.”
Then, I continued to think about the little newborn Jesus - and oh, how it broke my heart seeing him crying, sobbing, wailing and shivering with cold! I wanted to place one I love you of mine for each pain and each tear of the Divine Little One, to warm him and to calm his crying. And Jesus added: “My daughter, I can feel one who lives in my Will in my tears and in my wailing. I feel her flowing in my crying sobs and in the shivering of my tiny limbs. By virtue of my Will which she possesses, she turns the tears into smiles, and the sobs into Heavenly joys. With her love dirges, she warms me and changes the pains into kisses and hugs. Even more, know that one who lives in my Will receives continuous grafts of all that my Humanity does. If I think, I graft her thoughts; if I speak and pray, I graft her word; if I work, I graft her hands - there is nothing of what I do that does not form a graft for the creature, to make of her the repetition of my Life; even more so, since my Divine Will is in her, and I can find my Power, my Sanctity and my very Life, to do whatever I want with her.
How many prodigies can I not do, when I find my Will in the creature? I came on earth to cover everything with my Love, to drown the very evils, and to burn everything with my Love. By justice, I wanted to repay my Father, because it was right for Him to be restored in His honor, in the glory, in the love and in the gratitude that everyone owed Him - so, my Love couldn’t find peace. It fills the gaps of His glory and of His honor; to the extent that, through love, It repaid the Divinity Who had created a Heaven, a Sun, a wind, a sea, a flowery earth, and all the rest, while man had uttered not even one ‘Thank you’, for the so many goods he had received. He had been the true thief - the ungrateful - the usurper of our goods. My Love ran and ran in order to fill the abysses of distance between the Creator and the creature. It paid my Celestial Father through love, and through love It bought back the human generations, to give back to them the Life of my Divine Will, having already formed many Lives from It, as their ransom. And when my Love pays, the value is such that It can afford to pay for everyone, and to buy back whatever It wants. Therefore, you have already been purchased by my Love; so, let me enjoy you, and possess you.”

December 28, 1937
Just as the Redemption served to rescue the residences, the Kingdom of my Will will serve to rescue and return them to the One Who had created them. How in every act done in the Divine Will God creates His Divine Life.

I kept thinking about the Divine Will. How many touching scenes before my mind...! A Jesus who cries, who prays, who suffers, because He wants to be Life of every creature, and a crowd of crippled children - some blind, some mute, some lame, some others paralyzed, and others covered with sores so as to move to pity. And my sweet Jesus, with a love that only He can have, runs now to one, now to another, holding them close, pressing them to His Heart, touching them with His creative hands to heal them, telling them, slowly and quietly - to their hearts: ‘My child, I love you. Receive my Love and give me yours, and I will heal you - through love.’
My Jesus, my dear Life, how much You love us! While I felt suffocated by His Love - breathed on by His burning breath, He surprised me and said: “Daughter of my Love, let me pour it out - I cannot contain myself any longer. How hard it is to love, not being loved. Not having one to whom I can give my surprises of love is the most inexpressible pain for our Supreme Being. So - listen.
You must know that I came upon earth to rescue my residences. Man is my residence, which I had formed with so much love, and in which - to make it worthy of Me - my Power and the creative art of my Wisdom had concurred. This residence was the prodigy of our Love and of our divine hands. Now, by subtracting itself from our Will, our residence became collapsed and obscured - a residence for enemies and thieves. What pain for Us! Therefore, my Life down here served to return, to restore and to rescue this residence, which We had formed with so much love. It was ours too - it was worthwhile saving it, to be able to reside in it again. I used all possible imaginable remedies to save this residence: I exposed my very Life in order to strengthen it and cement it again; I shed all my blood to wash it from the filth; and with my death I wanted to restore its Life, to make it worthy to receive again - as His residence - the One Who had created it.
Now, having used all the means to save our residence, it was also decorous for Us to rescue the King who had to reside in it. Our Love remained hampered half way through the race - as if suspended and obstructed in Its course. Therefore, the Kingdom of our Will will rescue that FIAT which was rejected by the creature - to allow Its entrance inside Its residence, and to make It reign and dominate as the Sovereign which It is. Saving the residences would not be a work worthy of our Creative Wisdom, if we left the One Who is supposed to reside in them wandering around outside with no Kingdom and no dominion. To save the residences while not saving oneself - being unable to live in the rescued residences - would be absurd; as if We didn’t have enough Power to save Ourselves. This will never be. If We had the Power to save Our creative Work, We will also have the Power to rescue Our own Life within Our Work. Oh yes, We will have our Kingdom, and We’ll make unheard-of prodigies to have It! Our Love will accomplish Its course - It will not stop half way. It will get rid of the shackles, continuing Its race, bringing the balm to the wounds of the human will, and adorning these residences with divine ornaments. With Its empire, It will call our FIAT to reside and reign, giving It all the rights which are due to It. If the Kingdom of my Will were not certain, why would I fix and restore the residences? Ah, my daughter, you don’t understand well what ‘not doing our Will’ means: they take all our rights from Us - they suffocate many of our Divine Lives.
Our Love was - and still is - so great that in every act of the creature We wanted to create Ourselves to be loved, to be known, and to have a continuous exchange of Life between Us and the creatures. It is impossible to do this without our Will. Only our Will has the Power and the virtue of adapting the creature to receive our Divine Life, and to put our Love on the path in order to create Ourselves within the act of the creature. You must know that in everything she does in our Will, an irresistible force calls Us. We look at her, We reflect ourselves in her, and with irresistible Love We create our Life,... if you knew what it means to create our Life! There is such a great display of love that in our emphasis of love We say: ‘Ah, the creature let Us form our Life in her act!’ We feel the equality with our Love, Sanctity and Glory, and remain in anxious waiting for the continuous repetition of her acts in our Will to repeat our Life - to have, in her act, Ourselves loving and glorifying Ourselves. Only then, We fulfill the true scope of the Creation: everything serves Ourselves. Even the most tiny act of the creature serves to repeat our Life, and to display our Love. Therefore, living in our Volition will be everything for Us and everything for the creature.”

January 2, 1938
In the Divine Will, miseries and weaknesses turn into the most beautiful conquests. All that is done in the Divine Volition is first formed in Heaven. The entire Celestial Court participates, and these acts descend to benefit the earth.

I continue my flight in the Divine Volition, thinking to myself: ‘Living in the Divine Will is almost unbelievable. How can one live in It, when the miseries and the weaknesses that one feels... the encounters, the circumstances, are so many that even while one feels them, it seems that the Divine Will wants to invest all with Its Light and burn everything up with Its Love, so that nothing other than Its Will and love may exist between Itself and the creature?’
But as I was thinking this, my dear Jesus, who is always on guard to spot anything passing in me which is not His Will, said: “My good daughter, my jealousy for one who lives in my Will is such that I do not tolerate one thought, one weakness or anything else which does not have Life in It. You must know that to begin living in my Will takes a decision on the part of God, and a firm decision on the part of the creature , to live in It. Now, this decision is animated by a new Life - a new divine strength, so as to render the creature unconquerable by any evils or circumstances of life. This decision is not subject to changes, because when We decide, We do not deal with children who play with their decisions, but with the one who We know must persevere. Therefore, We give of ourselves so that she may not give up. She may feel the miseries, the evils and the weaknesses, but this doesn’t mean anything, since these things die before the Power and the Sanctity of my Will - they feel the pain of death and run away; even more so, because the miseries are not born of the human will, which is sunk inside my Will and therefore cannot want anything but what I want. Many times my Will even uses these miseries to make of them the most beautiful conquests; laying Its Life upon them, to form Its Kingdom, impose Its dominion and convert the weaknesses into victories and triumphs. To one who lives in my Will, all things must serve as the expression of the most beautiful love which the creature gives to the One who forms her Life - almost as stone, brick and even scrap material serve to the one who wants to build himself a beautiful house.

You must know that before she enters to live in our Will, we purify everything - we cover and hide everything inside our Love, so that we won’t see anything but love in this creature. Once our Love has hidden everything - even the miseries - she takes her place inside our Will; further, every time she performs her acts, she is purified first, and then our Will invests her, making of her whatever It wants.

My daughter, in my Will there are neither judgments nor judges; so great and so much is the sanctity, the order, the purity and the utility of our ways, that all have to lower their foreheads and adore whatever We do. Therefore, do not lose peace - don’t think about the miseries and the circumstances. Leave them at the mercy of my Will, so that It may make of them Its portents of love.”

After this, He added: “My daughter, all that the creature does in my Divine Will is first formed in Heaven - in the eternal Day which doesn’t know the night. The entire Celestial Court is already aware that one creature of the earth took refuge in her Celestial Fatherland, which is already her own - but to do what? To enter into the center of the FIAT and call Its Power and Its creative virtue, in order to give It the opportunity to operate in her act. Oh, with how much love she is welcomed - not only by the Divine Volition, but also by the Most Holy Trinity! They harmonized her to themselves; they embalm her act, and blow in it with their Creative Power, making such great wonders out of that act - making the whole of Heaven feel such joy and happiness - that all make the celestial regions resound with harmonious voices: ‘Thank you, thank you. You have given us the great honor of being spectators of your Will operating within the act of the creature!’

Heaven is widened by new joys and new happiness, so that all remain bound and grateful, calling her, all together - ‘our welcomed.’ This more than celestial creature feels loved by God with a double love - she feels inundated by new seas of grace. Just as she rises up to Heaven, bringing her acts and letting God form wonders in them, so she descends again, becoming the bearer of all that God operated in her act. She floods the earth and invests the whole of Creation so that all may receive the glory and the joy of the marvels which the Divine FIAT operated in the act of the creature. There is no greater homage, love and glory that she can give Us, than to let Us do whatever We want in her acts.

We can do the greatest wonders without anybody giving Us anything - and even without anybody telling Us anything - just as We did in the Creation. Nobody said anything to Us, but still, how many wonders did We not create? But then, there was nobody - no one who could give Us even a sigh as a pretext for our Love, and as a refuge in which to place our creative wonders. But now, there are those who can tell Us and give Us the variety of their little acts - even the natural ones; since nature is ours too, and We can use anything to form the greatest marvels in the creature. Our Love gets more of a taste for it - our Power remains more exalted in doing our greatest wonders inside, rather than outside of the little circle of the act of the creature. After all, these are the usual pretexts of our Love which, in order to give, goes in search for the opportunity to do it, and to say: ‘She gave to me and I gave to her. It is true that she is small, but she didn’t keep anything for herself. Therefore, it is right that I give everything to her - even Myself.’”


January 7, 1938
One who lives in the Divine Volition forms the refuge for the Life of the Divine Will. The ‘I love you’ as refreshment for the Divine Love. How God feels obliged toward one who lives in His Will.

My poor mind was flowing in the Divine Volition, and I could see the anxiety, the desires and the happiness It feels in seeing whether the creature wants to live together with It, to love It with Its own Love and, if she cannot do more than this, to enclose Its anxiety and ardent sighs within her soul, to say: ‘I am here with You. I will never leave You alone. I will calm your anxiety of love and make You happy...’ But as I was thinking this, my dear Jesus, my sweet Life, visiting my little soul with such great Love, as if His adorable Heart was ready to explode, told me: “My dearest daughter, Heaven, earth and all the creatures are completely wrapped, as though enclosed within the intensity of our Love. Our Volition flows with such rapidity in every fiber, in every atom, in every instant - with such speed and fullness that nothing remains, not even a breath, which is not Life of our Will. Our Love loves ardently, but with such ardor that It feels the need of someone to bring a little refreshment to the immensity of Its Love.

Now, do you want to know what can give relief to the intensity, totality and fullness of our Love? The I love you of the creature. And the more she says it, the more refreshments she brings to Us. This I love you enters into our flames; it breaks them, it raises them, it soothes them, and as the sweetest refreshment she says: ‘I love you, I love you. You love because You want love, and I am here to love you...’ This I love you finds its way inside our intensity, forming its own little place - the little space in which to place its I love you. Therefore, the I love you of the creature is the support for ours - our refreshment, the quiet for our Love, that It may rave too much. My daughter, to love, not being loved, is like trying to obstruct the course of our Love, restraining It within Ourselves - making Us feel all the pain and the hardness of our unreturned Love. So We go in search of one who loves Us. Her I love you is so sweet and refreshing for Us that who knows what We would give her to have it.

See then, how We find the refuge for our Life in the one who lives in our Will. We do nothing other than exchange our lives continuously: she give Us her life, and We give her Ours. In this exchange of Life, We find the one who can receive our Life; giving Us her own, so We can give of Ourselves and do whatever We want - We feel like God, as We are. Therefore, living in our Will serves Us as a refuge - a theater for our Works, refreshment for our Love and return for the entire Creation. Since there is nothing We don’t find in this creature, We love her so much that We feel obliged to give her whatever she wants. For each additional act she does in our Will, she ties Us more and adds more chains. And do you know what she give to Us to makes Us feel obliged? Our Life, Our Works, our Love and our very Will. Do you think this is trivial? Everything that she gives Us is so exuberant that if it wasn’t for our Power, which can give anything, We would lack the means to repay her. But our Love, which never lets Itself be won and surpassed by the love of the creature, goes in search of new devices - inventing new stratagems - to the extent of giving back our Life many times; to fulfill Its obligation toward Its beloved creature.

In Its emphasis of Love, It says: ‘How happy I am that you live in my Will! You are my joy and my happiness; so much so, that I feel as if obliged to give you air to breathe, and feeling obliged, I breathe together with you. The Sun brings you its light in my hands; but I don’t leave you alone - I remain with you. Therefore, there is nothing - water, fire, food, and all the rest - that I do not bring you with my own hands, because I feel obliged; and I want to remain with you to see how you take it - I want to do everything by Myself...’ And if, as she takes, she tells me, ‘I take everything in Your Will because I love you. I want to love You and glorify You with your own Will’, ...oh, who can tell you, then, of the relief she gives Me as she tries to repay Me. And I let her - but I always come back with my love surprises. Therefore, please, make me happy by living always heart-to-heart and synchronized with my Will, and we’ll be happy and joyful together - you and I.”


January 10, 1937
The first sermon which the little King Jesus preached to the children of Egypt. How each of them had within his heart the Celestial Father, who loved them and wanted to be loved.

I was doing the round in the Divine FIAT - and oh, how I yearned that no act might escape me, of all that It has done, both in the Creation and the Redemption. I feel that I lack something if I don’t recognize all that It did, loving it, kissing it, squeezing it to my heart, as if it were mine. The Divine Volition would remained displeased if one who lives in It did not know all of Its acts, and if It couldn’t find the little I love you from Its beloved one, in everything It did. There is nothing It did not do for this creature.

So I arrived to follow the point when the Celestial Baby was in Egypt, in the act of taking His first steps. I kissed His steps, I placed my I love you in every step He took, and I asked Him for the first steps of His Will for all human generations. I tried to follow Him in everything. If He prayed, if He cried - I asked that His Will might animate all the prayers of the creatures, and that His tears might regenerate the Life of Its FIAT in the human family. So, while I was attentive in following Him in everything, the little Baby King, visiting my poor soul, said to me: “Daughter of my Will, how happy I am when the creature does not leave me alone! I feel her behind me, in front of me, and inside all my acts.

Now, you must know that my exile in Egypt was not without conquests. When I was about three years old, from our little hovel I could hear the children playing and shouting in the street; and as little as I was, I went out in their midst. As soon as they saw Me, they ran around Me, competing with themselves for who could get the closest to me, because my beauty, the enchantment of my gaze and the sweetness of my voice were such that they felt enraptured for love of me. So, they would throng around Me, loving Me so much that they could not detach themselves from Me. I too loved these children, so I gave my first little sermon to these little ones, adapting myself to their tiny capacity- since when love is true, it not only tries to make itself known, but also to give all that may render one happy in time and Eternity; more so, since, possessing innocence, they could easily understand Me.

And would you like to know what my sermon was about? I said to them: ‘My children, listen to me. I love you very much and I want you make you know about your origin. Look up at Heaven. Up there you have a Celestial Father who loves you very much, and who was not satisfied to be your Father only from Heaven - to guide you, to create for you a Sun, a sea, a flowery earth to make you happy; but, loving you with exuberant love, He wanted to descend inside your hearts, to form His Royal Residence in the depth of your souls, making Himself sweet prisoner of each one of you. But, to do what? To give life to your heartbeat, breath and motion. So, as you walk, He walks in your steps; He moves in your little hands; He speaks in your voice..., and because He loves you very much, as you walk or move - now He kisses you, now He squeezes you, now He hugs you and carries you triumphantly as His own dear children. How many hidden kisses and hugs our Celestial Father does not give you! But since, being inattentive, you didn’t let your kiss meet His kiss, and your hugs meet His paternal embrace, He remained with the pain that His children neither hugged Him nor kissed Him.

‘My dear children, do you know what this Celestial Father wants from you? He wants to be recognized within you, as having His own place in the center of your souls; and since He gives you everything - there is nothing He does not give to you - He wants your love in everything you do. Love Him! Let love be always in your little hearts, your lips, your works - in everything - and this will be the delicious food which you will give to His Paternity.

‘He loves you very much and wants to be loved. Nobody can ever love you as He loves you. It is true that you have a father on earth, but how different from the Love of the Celestial Father! Your father on earth does not always follow you, watch over your steps, or sleep together with you; neither does he palpitate within your heart, and if you fall, he may not even know anything about it. On the other hand, your Celestial Father never leaves you. If you are about to fall, He gives you His hand not to let you fall; if you sleep, He watches over you; and even if you play and do something impertinent, He is always with you and knows everything you do. Therefore, love Him very, very much...!’

And, getting more excited, I told them: ‘Give me your word that you will always, always love Him! Say together with Me: “We love You, our Father Who art in the Heavens. We love You, our Father Who dwells in our hearts...!”’

My daughter, at my words some children remained moved, some enraptured; some squeezed themselves to Me so much that they wouldn’t let Me go. I made them feel the palpitating Life of my Celestial Father inside their little hearts, and they rejoiced and made feast, because they no longer had a Father Who was far away form them, but inside their own hearts. And to make them firm and give them the strength to depart from Me, I blessed those children, renewing upon them our Creative Power - invoking the Power of the Father, the Wisdom of Myself, the Son, and the virtue of the Holy Spirit; and I told them: ‘Go - you will return.’ So they left....

But they would come back the following days, almost in a crowd - a throng - of children. They set themselves to spy when I was about to go out, and to see what I was doing in our hovel. And when I went out they would clap their hands, making feast and shouting so much that my Mother would come out the door to see what was happening. Oh, how enraptured she would remain, in seeing her Son speaking to those children with so much grace. She felt her heart bursting with love, and could see the first fruits of my Life down here, since none of these children who listened to Me - not a single one of them - was lost. Knowing that they had a Father inside their hearts was like a deposit, to be able to own the Celestial Fatherland - to love that Father who was in Heaven as well.

My daughter, this sermon which I, as a little Baby, gave to the children of Egypt, was the foundation - the essence of the creation of man. It contains the most indispensable doctrine and the highest Sanctity. It makes love arise in every instant: the love between the Creator and the creature. What pain, in seeing many little lives which do not know the Life of a God within their souls! They grow without Divine Paternity, as if they were alone in the world. They do not feel and do not know how much they are loved. So, how can they love me? Without love, the heart hardens and the life is degraded and - poor youth! - they give themselves to the gravest crimes.... This is a pain for your Jesus, and I want it to be a pain for you as well, so that you pray for many, that they may be taught that I am in their hearts - that I love and I want to be loved.”


January 16, 1938
How the Divine Will calls the creature in Its acts in order to donate Its works to her. If the creature answers, she calls God and receives the gift. Exchange of wills between the creatures and God.

The Divine Volition is always around me - now It calls me, now It squeezes me to Its lap of Light; and if I respond to Its call - if I give It my embrace in return , It loves me so much - It wants to give me so much - that I don’t know where to put it all. I remain confused in the middle of so much love and generosity, so I call the Holy Will which loves me so much. And my sweet Jesus, visiting my little soul, with unspeakable tenderness told me: “Daughter of my Will, you must know that only your Jesus knows all the secrets of my FIAT because, as the Word of the Father, I glorify Myself in becoming the narrator of all that It has done for the creature. Its Love is exuberant. It called you in everything It did, both in the works of Creation and in the works of Redemption. And if you listened to Its call by saying: ‘I’m here. What do you want?’, It would give you the gifts of Its works. If you didn’t answer, It would keep calling you always, until you would listen.

So, if It created Heaven, It called you in that blue vault, saying: ‘My daughter, come and see how beautiful is the Heaven I’ve created for you. I created It to make you a gift. Come and receive this great gift. If you don’t listen to Me I cannot give it to you, and you leave Me here, calling you constantly, holding the gift in my hands. But I won’t stop calling you until I see you possessing my gift.’

Heaven has such a great expanse that the earth is like a little hole compared to it. Therefore, everyone has his own place - one Heaven for each; and I call everyone by name to give them the gift. But what is not the pain of my Will in calling again and again without being heard, while they look at Heaven as if it were not a gift for them? This Will of mine loves so much that, as It created the Sun, It called you with Its voices of light, going in search for you, and for all, to give it as a gift. Therefore, your name is written in the Sun, with characters of light - there is no way I can forget it. And as its light descends from its sphere to reach you, it is calling you always.... It is not satisfied in calling you from the height of its sphere, but loving you more and more, it wants to go down to the bottom, to tell you by means light and heat: ‘Receive my gift. I created this Sun for you.’ And if It is heard, how festive It becomes, seeing that the creature possesses the Sun as her own property - as a gift received from her Creator.

My Will calls you everywhere and in every place. It calls you in the wind: now with authority, now with moans, now as if wanting to cry, to move you to listen, so that you may receive the gift of this element. It calls you in the sea, through its murmuring, to tell you: ‘This sea is yours. Take it as a gift from Me.’ Even in the air you breathe, in the singing little bird, It calls you to say: ‘I give you everything as a gift.’

Now, if the soul responds to the call, the gift is confirmed. If she does not respond, the gifts remain suspended between Heaven and earth. In fact, if my Will calls, it is because It wants to be called, to maintain the exchange between Itself and the creatures - to make Itself known and to make incessant love arise between Itself and the one who lives in Its FIAT. It is easier to hear Its many calls, only for those who live in the Divine Will, since at the same time It calls her from within Its Works, It also makes Itself heard in the depth of her soul - calling from both sides.

What more should I tell you about the many times I called you and still call you in all the acts of my Humanity? I was conceived, and I called you to give you the gift of my Conception. I was born, and I called you more strongly, to the extent of crying, moaning and wailing; to move you to compassion so that you might answer Me soon - to give you the gift of my birth, of my tears, moans and wailings. If my Celestial Mama swaddled Me in bandages, I called you to swaddle you together with Me. In sum, I called you in every word I said, in every step I took, in every pain I suffered, in every drop of my Blood; I called you even in my last breath on the Cross, to give you everything as a gift. And to keep you safe, I placed you with Me in the hands of my Celestial Father.

Where didn’t I call you, to give you all that I did, to pour out my Love, to make you feel how much I loved you, to let the sweetness of my enrapturing voice descend into your heart - a voice which enraptures, creates and conquers; to hear your voice telling Me: ‘Here I am. Tell me, Jesus, what do you want?’- as return for my Love and as a promise to accept my gifts, so that I could say: ‘I have been heard. My daughter recognized Me and loves Me...’

It is true that these are excesses of our Love, but loving without being recognized and loved... nobody could endure or continue to live. Therefore, we will continue our follies of love - our stratagems - to give course to our Life of Love.”

Then He added, with even more intense emphasis of love: “My daughter, our sighs are so many - so great our anxiety for the desire to have the creature always with Us, that we want always to give her of ourselves. But do you know what we want to give her? Our Will. By giving her our Will there is no good we do not give to her. So, having her as though drowned in our Love, Beauty, Sanctity and so forth, we say: ‘We have given you so much, and you - you give Us nothing?’ The creature, confused because she has nothing to give Us - and even if she has something, it is ours - looks at her will and gives it to Us as the most beautiful homage to her Creator. And do you know what We do? If she gave Us her will in every instant, each time We would give her the merit, as if she had a will for each time she has given it to Us. And We give her our Will for each time she gave Us her own, redoubling each time our Sanctity, our Love, etc.”

In hearing this, I said: ‘My dear Jesus, I gain much in receiving the merit each time I give You my will, and having Yours in exchange is the greatest gain for me. But what is your gain?’ And He, with a smile: ‘To you the merit, and to Me the gain of receiving all the Glory of my Divine Will. And each time I give It to you, my divine Glory, which I receive through the creature, is doubled, multiplied - increased a hundredfold. Then I can say: ‘She gives Me all, and I give her all.’”


January 24, 1938
How our Lord left for Heaven remaining on earth in the Tabernacles, to accomplish the Kingdom of the Divine Will. One who lives in the Divine Will can say with Jesus: ‘I leave and I stay.’

My flight in the Divine Volition continues. While I was visiting Jesus in the Sacrament, I wanted to embrace all the Tabernacles and each Sacramental Host in order to live together with my Prisoner Jesus. And I was thinking to myself: ‘What a sacrifice. What a long imprisonment - not of days, but of centuries! Poor Jesus... could He at least be repaid for this!

And my beloved Jesus, visiting my little soul, all immersed in His flames of Love, said to me: “My good daughter, my first prison was Love. It imprisoned Me so much that I had not even have the freedom to breathe, to palpitate or to work if these too were not imprisoned in my Love. Therefore, my Love imprisoned Me inside the Tabernacle, but with reason and with highest divine Wisdom. Now, You must know that the chains of my Love made Me depart from Heaven during my Incarnation. I left to descend upon earth in search of my children and my brothers and sisters, in order to form for them, with my Love, so many prisons of Love as to make it impossible for them to leave. But while I left, I also remained in Heaven, since my Love - being my prison - bound Me within the celestial regions.

Now, having completed my office down here, I left for Heaven, remaining imprisoned inside each Sacramental Host. Do you know why? Because my Love, being my sweet imprisonment, told me: ‘The purpose for which you descended from Heaven to earth is not accomplished. Where is the Kingdom of our Will? It does not exist, neither is it known. So, remain there as a Prisoner in each Sacramental Host. In this way, there will not be only one Jesus, as in your Humanity, but a Jesus for each Sacramental Host which will exist. In a fury of love, your many Lives will make a way to the Divinity, as well as in each heart which will receive You. These Lives will have a little word to say to make our Will known, because when they descend into each heart, they will not be mute, but speaking, and You will speak about our FIAT in the secret of their hearts. You will be the Bearer of our Kingdom.’ I recognized the demands of my Love as just, so I remained willingly on earth in order to form the Kingdom of my Will - until the complete fulfillment of the work.

You see, by departing for Heaven while remaining on earth, my Life, spread in many Sacramental Hosts, will not be useless down here. I will certainly form the Kingdom of my Will. I would never have stayed if I knew I wasn’t going to obtain the intent; more so, since this is for Me a sacrifice greater than my very mortal Life. How many secret tears, how many bitter sighs in the midst of many devouring flames of love! I would like to devour all souls inside my Love to make those who are going to live in my Divine Volition rise again to new Life. This Kingdom will come from the center of my Love. It will burn the evils of the earth, relying upon Itself and arming Its Omnipotence; so, victory after victory, It will win our Reign in the midst of the creatures, to give It to them.

But I was not satisfied to remain prisoner by myself. My Love, flaring up even more, made Me choose you to make you prisoner with chains so strong as to be impossible for you to escape Me. This, as an outpouring of my Love and for company in my imprisonment; to be able to talk to you extensively about my Will - Its anxiety, Its sighs for desire to reign - and also as a pretext of my Love to be able to say before the Supreme Majesty: ‘A creature of the human race is already our prisoner. We speak with her about our Will, to make It known, and extending Its Kingdom. This prisoner is like a deposit for the whole human family, so that we will have our Kingdom by right. I can say that each of my Sacramental Lives is also like a deposit that I give You, sufficient to secure my Kingdom for my children. But to these many deposits, my Love wanted to add the deposit of a simple creature who carries the marks of my imprisonment, so as to strengthen the bonds between creature and Creator, and therefore accomplish and complete the Kingdom of our Will in the midst of the creatures.’

My prayers from each Tabernacle are incessant, so that the creatures may know my Will and may let It reign; and all I suffer - tears and sighs - I send to Heaven in order to move the Divinity to concede a grace so great. I send it to every heart, to move them to compassion for my tears and sufferings - to make them surrender to receive such a great good.”

Jesus remained silent. I was thinking to myself: ‘By making Himself a Prisoner, my dear Jesus did an act of heroism so great, only a God could do it. By while He is Prisoner, He is also free; more so, since He is free in Heaven, where He enjoys the fullness of His freedom. Not only this, but even on earth, how many times does He not come to me without His sacramental veils? But having imprisoned my poor existence..., He’s really done it this time. He knows in what a narrow prison He has put me, and how hard my chains are; and I cannot be like Him, Who while being a Prisoner, is also free... My prison is continuous.’

But as I was thinking this, He continued saying: “My daughter, poor daughter of mine, you were given my own destiny! When my Love wants to do good, It does not hold anything back - neither sacrifices nor pains. It almost seems as if It doesn’t want to hear about anything else: Its whole purpose is to make the good It wants arise. So, certainly I had to do this. This was not about any random good, but about a Kingdom of Divine Will to be established on earth. This good will be so great that no other good can be compared to it; all other goods will be like many little drops before the sea - like little sparks before the Sun. Therefore, don’t be surprised if I’ve ‘really done it this time’, as you say. Your continuous imprisonment was necessary to my Love, to keep Me company and to let Me speak about the knowledge of my Will which is so important to me, and which I felt the need to make known. You must know that as I speak to you about It, my Love repays you and frees you from the shackles of your human will, setting you free in the fields and dominions of the Kingdom of my Will. All the knowledge is directed to this: to unchain the creature from her will, from her passions and from her miseries. Therefore, thank me for what I have made of you. My Love will know how to repay you, and will take into account every single breath of yours, and every instant of your imprisonment.”

After this, I continued to think about the prodigies of the Divine Volition, and my beloved Jesus added: “Daughter of my Will, as your Jesus said, in descending from Heaven to earth - ‘I leave and I stay’; when He ascended into Heaven He said - ‘I stay and I leave.’ My word repeats upon descending as Sacrament in the creatures - ‘I leave and I remain in the Tabernacles.’ In the same way, the creature who lives in my Will can repeat my word in all her acts. As soon as she begins her act, her Jesus is formed in that act. My Life has the virtue of multiplying Itself to infinity as many times I want. Therefore, in all truth, she can say: ‘I leave and I stay. I leave for Heaven to beatify It, to reach my home and to make known to everyone my dear Jesus, Whom I enclosed in my act so that all may enjoy Him and love Him. I stay on earth, as my life, support and defense for all my brothers and sisters.’ How beautiful one act in my Will!”


January 30, 1938
All that is done by one who lives in the Divine Will acquires Divine Nature. Its prodigies in creating the Divine Life within the human act. Feast for the whole of Heaven. The true return for the Creation.

My poor mind swims in the sea of the Divine Volition. Its murmuring is continuous - but about what is It murmuring? Love, souls, and Light which wants to invest each one of Its children, and reign within them. Oh, how many stratagems of love It uses to make them enter again into the womb of Its Light from which they were delivered! And, in pain, It says: ‘My children, my children, let me reign, and I will give you so much Grace that you will recognize that you’re children of your Celestial Father!’

But as my mind was getting lost in this Divine Sea, my dear Jesus, my sweet Life, renewed His short little visit and all goodness told me: “My little daughter of my Divine Volition, so great is the anxiety - so many the sighs because my Will wants to reign in the act of the creature, that It begins spying to see if the soul calls It prime act of her own acts. Once being called, It puts on a festive air and runs, blowing inside the act of the creature to impress Its Creative Strength on it, and to convert it into Divine Nature. Therefore, this creature feels the nature of the Divine Love which invests her, surrounds her and flows like blood in her veins - even in the marrow of her bones, in the beating of her heart.... So, her entire being says nothing other than love.

Converting human acts into Divine Nature are the greatest prodigies that my Will can do. It cannot give other than what It possesses: It possesses Love, and Love It gives. Oh, how happy It feels for not seeing or feeling anything but love - neither can It do without loving. In giving Love to the creature, by nature, My Will placed her in the Divine Order: all is harmony between God and the creature. One can say the my Will threw the creature into our own maze of Love. So, if she adores, thanks or blesses, Its Divine Strength runs to change that adoration, thanksgiving and blessing into Divine Nature. Therefore, the creature has it in her power, as if by nature, always to adore, thank and bless the Supreme Majesty, because what my Will communicates by nature possesses the continuous and unceasing Act.

So, We keep her at our disposal. Our Love finds one who loves It with Its own Love, and feels the need to pour Itself out, having found one to whom to unleash Its outpourings. Our Majesty finds Its eternal adorations in the creature who can really say to It a divine ‘Thank You’ - a divine ‘I bless you.’ In sum, We find someone who can give Us of Ourselves. Oh, how We love this more than celestial creature! She keeps Us always in activity, so that We can give her whatever We want; and giving for Us is being more beatified and more happy. On the other hand, one who does not live in our Volition keeps Us, as if idle - without activity. And if We give something, all is measured, since We don’t know where to put it. We fear that she will waste it and will not be able to appreciate that little which We give her.”

Then, with even stronger anxiety, He added: “My good daughter, the prodigies which my FIAT operates in the act of the creature who lives in It are unheard-of. As It sees that she is about to perform it, my FIAT runs to take the act in Its hands; It purifies it, molds it and invests it with Light. Then It looks at it, to see if that act can receive Its Sanctity and Its Beauty; if It can enclose it within Its Immensity; if It can let flow within it Its Power, Its Love.... Once It has done everything - because nothing can be lacking to Its act - It kisses it, hugs it, and pours Itself all over it; with indescribable solemnity and love, It pronounces Its omnipotent FIAT, and creates another Self in that act. The Heavens become all attentive when my Will is about to operate in the act of the creature; they are moved, remaining amazed and enraptured, exclaiming: ‘Is it possible that a God and His Will, Trice Holy, can reach so much love - to the extent of creating Himself in the act of the creature?’

My very FIAT goes back to look at what It has done in the act of the creature, and It feels enraptured - delighted in seeing its new Life. Taken by indescribable joy, It makes feast for the whole of Heaven, and abounds in pouring out graces upon all the earth. I call these acts ‘my Life, my Act, echo of my Power - the prodigies of my Love.’

My daughter, make Me happy. These are the joys of my Creation - the feasts of my Creative Virtue: being able to form one my Lives for each act done by the creature. Therefore, call Me always in your acts, never put Me aside, and I will always do new things in you - to astonish all peoples. Only then will I have the return and the glory of the whole Creation, when I will have filled Heaven and earth with many of My new Lives.”


February 7, 1938
How God does not love force but spontaneity. Display of magnificence, splendor and sumptuousness which the Divine Volition will do in those who live in It. How Creation is not finished.

I am under the empire of the Divine Volition. Its Creative virtue has such strength that It makes Its sweet empire felt over the poor creature who, sweetly - not feeling forced - agrees with the FIAT, giving It full freedom to do whatever It wants. She even says: ‘How honored I feel that You want to make a portent out of my being, to the extent that You want to use your Creative and Operative Strength inside my poor soul.’

But as my mind was immersed in receiving the creative virtue of the Divine FIAT, my always adorable Jesus, surprising me with His short little visit, with unspeakable love told me: “Daughter of my Will, how beautiful my FIAT is when It operates with Its Creative virtue! You have seen that It doesn’t use violence, but sweetness - but an irresistible sweetness; maybe more than violence itself. With Its sweetness It embalms the creature, making her feel the beauty of the divine, so that she herself says: ‘Hurry up, Holy Will, don’t delay any longer. I languish if I don’t see You operating in me with your Creative Virtue.’

My daughter, We have never liked forced things or a forced will. Actually, We don’t even want these things. They are very human and do not fit with our Love and with our works. All is spontaneity and fullness of Will: We want a good; We long for it - and We do it. And We do it with such fullness of Love and Grace that nobody can match Us...., to the extent that, if We don’t see spontaneity and the willingness to receive the good which We want to do in the creature, We don’t do anything. At the most We wait, letting her hear our sighs - our anxiety; but We don’t move to operate - not before We see her disposed with love to receive the work of her Creator.

You must know that the Life of our Will keeps growing in the creature for every act she does in It; and when she reaches the fullness in which everything is my Will within her, We start displaying our Love and our graces, so that every instant We give her new Love and new surprising graces. We show our divine pomp, as well as the magnificence and splendor of our stratagems of love. All that We do to her carries the mark of the bounty of her Creator. When the soul is filled with of our Divine Volition We don’t hold anything back: what We have, We give - and whatever she wants is hers. The opulence We apply is such that We make one note of our divine melodies flow for each one of her acts, so that not even our music may be lacking within her. And she often plays to Us beautiful little sonatas from our divine notes - oh, how delighted We feel, in the harmonies of our melodies and divine sounds! You must know that for the soul who lives in our Will, We surpass the opulence, the pomp, the magnificence and sumptuousness that We used in the Creation. All was abundance: abundance of light which cannot be measured; extension of Heaven, opulent with beauties and adorned by many stars... Each thing was created with such abundance, invested with such splendor of opulence that nobody could ever need anything else; rather, everyone can give, without the need to receive.

Only the human will puts limits and constraints on the creature, throwing her into the miseries, and preventing her from receiving my goods. Therefore, I anxiously await that my Will may be known and that the creatures may live in It. Then, I will show off so much opulence that every soul will be like a new Creation - beautiful but distinct from all the others. I will amuse Myself; I will be her insuperable Architect; I will display all my Creative art.... Oh, how I long for this, how I want it, how I yearn for it! Creation is not finished. I have yet to do my most beautiful works.

Therefore, my daughter, let Me work. And do you know when I work? When I manifest to you a truth on my Divine Will. I immediately become the Architect, and I work in you with my creative hands, so that that truth may become Life within your soul. Oh, how I enjoy Myself in this work! The soul becomes like soft wax in my hand, being shaped into the Life which I want. Therefore, be attentive and let Me Do.”


February 14, 1938
How the acts of one who lives in the Divine Will are extended for all, and become the narrators of the Supreme Being. Display of Love. How God created forgiveness in creating the Virgin.

My flight continues in the Divine Volition. Oh, how lost I feel inside Its Immensity! Its Power and activity are such that, when It operates in the act of the creature, It wants to give that act to everyone, filling Heaven and earth, to make everyone see and feel what It can do and how It can love. I remained surprised, and me beloved Jesus, visiting my little soul, all goodness told me: “My blessed daughter, the Love of my Will operating in the creature is such as to appear unbelievable. When It works, my Will wants all to receive that act and make it their own. With Its omnipotent breath, It puts wings on that act so as to impose it on the Sun, the Heaven, the stars, the wind, the sea, and even the air which all breathe. Then it flies higher, up to the Celestial regions, and everyone - the Angels, the Saints, the Mother and Queen, and even our Divinity - goes through that act, in such a way that they all must be able to say: ‘This act is mine.’ But do you know why? The Love of my Will is such that It wants everyone to possess Its act, giving Life to each one of them. It wants to decorate, ornament and invest everything and everyone with Its Creative virtue in order to receive the Glory, the love and the honor of my Will from everything and from each one.

My Volition never stops. It is satisfied only when It sees that Its act has filled everything; then, It carries along with Itself - as a triumph - the creature who gave It the freedom to operate in her act, to make it known and be loved by all. These are our feasts - our pure joys of Creation: to be able to place Ourselves in the creature, as if We wanted to duplicate our Power, Immensity, Love and Glory to the infinite, within the human act of the creature. And there’s no wonder about it - our Divine Will is everywhere, therefore our acts which animate the acts of the creatures fly, taking shelter inside our Volition, even in the most tiny hiding places in which my Will is present. These acts serve Us as a return of Love for the whole of Creation, as the sweetest of company - as narrators of our Supreme Being. Therefore, our Love is exuberant for the one who wants to live in our FIAT. We are all eyes over her - almost spying - to see when she gives Us her act; to let our Creative virtue operate in it. This creature is for Us the show of our love - the activity of our Power; and she becomes the repeater of our own Life.”

After this, I continued my round in the Divine Volition, while my sweet Jesus transported my little will inside the Creative Act of His Will. My God, how many surprises! My poor intelligence gets lost and is unable to say anything. Then, my always adorable Jesus, repeating his short little visit, all goodness told me: “My good daughter, our FIAT displayed our Operating, Powerful and Wise Love in the Creation, in such a way that all created things are filled with our Love, Power, Wisdom and unspeakable Beauty. We can call them ‘the administrators of our Supreme Being.’ But We did even more in the creation of the Sovereign Queen. Our Love was not satisfied by the mere display, rather, It wanted to assume the attitude of piety, tenderness and compassion, so profound and intimate, as to be turned into tears for love of the creatures. This is why, as We pronounced our FIAT to create her and call her to life, We created forgiveness, mercy and reconciliation between Us and humankind, and We deposited it in this celestial Creature, as the Administrator between our children and hers. Therefore, the Sovereign Lady possesses seas of forgiveness, mercy and piety, as well as seas of tears of our Love, in which she can cover all human generations, regenerated in these seas created by Us within Her - seas of forgiveness, of mercy, and of a piety so tender as to soften the hardest hearts.

My daughter, it was just that everything was deposited in this Celestial Mother so that, having to possess the Reign of our Will, she might be entrusted with everything. She is the only one who has sufficient space to be able to possess those seas created by Us. With Its creative and preserving Power, our Will maintains whatever It creates intact, without ever lessening, in spite of our continuous giving. Therefore, where our Will is not present We cannot give, or entrust, or deposit - We just do not find the space. Our Love remains hampered, to perform the many beautiful works We want to do in the creatures. Only in the this Sovereign Lady did our Love not find any obstruction, and It displayed so much and did so many wonders, that It gave her Divine Fecundity and made of her the Mother of her Creator.”

So, my beloved Jesus showed me all the acts that He did together with His Celestial Mother, and while they were operating, the seas of Love from both of them became one and, raising their waves up to Heaven, invested everything, “even our Divinity [shift to direct speech from Jesus]; forming a thick rain of love upon our Divine Being, they carried the love of everyone - the refreshment and balm by which our Divine Being remained soothed - turning Justice into motion of love for the creatures. One can say that our Love regenerated the human family with new love, and God loved it with doubled love - but where? In the Queen and in His dear Son.

Now, listen to another surprise. When I, as a little Baby, was suckling the milk from my mama, I suckled the souls, because she kept them in deposit, and in giving me her milk she deposited all souls within Me; she wanted Me to love them, kiss them all, and make of them my victory and her own. Not only this - in giving me milk she also made Me suckle her Maternity and tenderness, imposing herself on Me so that I loved the souls with Maternal and Paternal Love. I received her Maternity and her unspeakable tenderness within Me, so I loved the souls with Divine, Maternal and Paternal Love.

After she deposited all the souls within Me, with one of my stratagems of love - with a breath, with a sweet gaze - I redeposited them again in her maternal Heart, and to repay her I gave her my Paternal Love - my Divine Love which is unceasing, firm, unshakable and never moves. Human love changes easily, so I wanted my inseparable Mother to have the same attributes of my Love, and to love souls the way only a God can love. Therefore, every single act we did, from the tiniest to the greatest, was an exchange of deposit of souls - I in Her, She in Me. Even more, I can say that we duplicated this deposit of souls, because I kept inside my Divine Heart, with highest jealousy, all that I received form my dear Mama, as the greatest gift She could give to Me. And She received my gift so jealously that She used all her Maternity to keep that gift which her Son was giving to her. Now, in these exchanges of deposit, our Love grew and loved all creatures with new love. We formed projects on how to love them more and how to win them all, through love, exposing our Life to rescue them.”


February 20, 1938
How Jesus, in His Incarnation, formed from Himself one Jesus for each creature to exist, so that each one of them might have one Jesus at her disposal.

I am in the arms of the Divine Volition, which loves me so much and, to show me how much, It wants to tell me continuously Its eternal and long love story, adding always new surprises, to the extent that one remains enraptured, finding it impossible not to love It. Only the ungrateful and mindless would not. Then, the Divine FIAT was making me aware of all It did in the descent of the Word upon earth, and my Jesus, repeating His usual little visit, all goodness told me: “My little daughter of my Will, you must know that my Love is so great that It needs to be unleashed, and to entrust Its secrets to the one who lives in my Will, so that making her aware of everything, we may love with one love, and It may repeat in her all that I did within Myself. Listen then, daughter, the excesses which my Love reached, making Me do things, unheard-of and incredible to created minds.

Coming upon earth, I wanted to make Myself into one Jesus for each creature which had existed, were existing, and were going to exist. Therefore, everyone had to have his own Jesus - completely his own - at his disposal. So, each one had to have my Conception to remain conceived in Me - my birth to be reborn, my tears to be washed, my infantile age to be restored and to begin his new Life, my steps to guide his own, my works to make rise his works in mine, my pains as balm and strength for his pains, and as repayment of any debt incurred with the Divine Justice; my Death to find again his Life; my Resurrection to rise again completely in my Will, for the Glory he had to give to his Creator.... And all this, with highest love, with reason, with justice and with highest wisdom.

My Celestial Father had to find in Me as many of my Lives for as many creatures He had given, and was going to give to daylight, in order to be satisfied, glorified and repaid for His great Love. Although not everyone would take this Life of mine, my Celestial Father demanded my Life in order to be glorified for everything He had done in the Work of Creation and Redemption. I can say that, as soon as man subtracted himself from my Will, the Glory which was due to my Divine Father ceased. So, if I didn’t form from Myself one Jesus for each existing creature, the Glory of the Celestial Father would have been incomplete - and I can not do incomplete works. My Love would have waged a war against Me, if I hadn’t formed of Myself many Jesuses - first, for Our own decorum and Glory, and then, to give this complete good to each creature.

Therefore, our greatest pain is that, in spite of the many of my Lives available for each one, some don’t recognize them, some don’t even look at them, some do not use them, some offend them, some just take the scraps of my Life.... Few are the ones who say: ‘I do the Life of Jesus, with Jesus. I love like Jesus loves, and I want what Jesus wants.’ These creatures are, together with Me, the return of the Glory and the Love of Creation and Redemption. But even if not all of these Lives of Mine serve to the creature, they admirably serve to the Glory of my Divine Father, since I did not come on earth only for the creatures, but also to reintegrate the interests and the Glory of my Celestial Father. Oh, if you could see what a beautiful court these many Lives of Mine form around our Divinity. And when Love and Glory pour out of these Lives, you would remain so enraptured that it would be difficult for you to go back into yourself!”

Jesus kept silent. I remained with the scene before my mind, of so many Jesuses for as many existing creatures. But I had a thorn in my heart which tortured me and embittered me - down to the marrow of my bones - for a person very dear to me, and necessary to my poor existence, who was in danger of death, and I wanted to save this person at any cost. Therefore, I took the Divine Will, I made It all mine, and in my pain I said to Jesus: ‘Jesus, Your Will is mine. Your Power and Immensity are in my power. I don’t want it, so neither You must want it.’ My God, I felt as if I were battling a Power; and in order to win, my mind had brought itself before the Divinity, while I was placing around It the expanse of Heaven with all the stars in prayer, the vastness of the light of the sun with the force of its heat, the entire Creation - in prayer; and also the seas of Power and Love of the Queen of Heaven, the pains and the Blood shed by Jesus, like many seas around the Divinity - all in prayer; and then the many Jesuses for each creature, so that they might give a sigh - a prayer, to obtain what I wanted... But what was not my surprise and commotion together, in seeing and hearing that the many Jesuses of all the creatures prayed to obtain what I wanted? I remained confused in seeing so much goodness and divine compliance. May He always be thanked and blessed. And may all be for His Glory.


February 26, 1938
How God recognizes Himself in the one who tries to recognize God in His Works. Happiness which God receives from the love of the creature. The place which man has in the Creation and in the very Divinity. How the Divinity forms the members of one who lives in the Divine Will.

I am under the empire of the Divine Volition, which loves and sighs for desire of being recognized in all Its works. It seems that It takes the little creature by the hand, and carrying her in flight, points out to her all that It did, how much It loved her in each created thing, and how, by right, It wants to be loved in return. To love without receiving love in return is Its greatest pain. I remained surprised, and my always adorable Jesus, visiting my little soul, all goodness told me: “My blessed daughter, to love and to be loved is the greatest refreshment for our Love. The happiness of the earth unites to the happiness of Heaven, and as they kiss each other, We feel that the earth too delights Us, bringing Us the love of the creature who recognizes Us and loves Us. She brings Us the most beautiful joys and the greatest happiness; more so, since the joys of Heaven are Ours, and nobody can take them away from Us. But those which We receive through the love of the creature are new for Us, and form our new conquests.

And then, being recognized in our works... The creature flies up to recognize the One Who created her. To be recognized is for Us the greatest Glory - the most intense love We may receive. By being recognized We form our army, the divine militia - our people, from which We demand nothing other than the tribute of being loved. We put all our works at their disposal to serve them, abounding with all that may make them happy. If they do not recognize Us, We remain like the God with no army, and with no people. How painful it is to give to daylight so many creatures, and to remain without an army and without people!

Now, continue to listen. As soon as the creature recognizes Us in the created things - and loves, she seals in them a note of love and happiness for her Creator; and as she goes up to recognize her Creator, she recognizes Us and We recognize our Divine Being in her. If you knew what it means to recognize each other...! Our Love, being loved, gives Us peace and loves more intensively the one who loves It; reaching such excess that, in order to recognize Itself in the creature, It creates Itself. But to do what? To recognize Itself in her and to be loved.

How beautiful it is when We recognize Ourselves in the creature! She becomes for Us our throne, our divine chamber - our Heaven. The seas of our Love inundate her. Her little acts form waves of love which love Us, glorify Us and bless Us; she recognizes Us in Ourselves; she recognizes Us within herself; she recognizes Us in all created things. And We recognize her in all our works: in the Sky, in the sun, in the wind - in everything. Our Love, united to our FIAT, brings her everywhere, and We place her in order, inside all our works.”

After this, my mind continued to swim in the sea of the Divine Volition. My God, how many surprises, how many wonders...! And my sweet Jesus, visiting my little soul, all inundated within His flames of Love, told me: “Blessed daughter of my Will, my Love gives Me no peace if It doesn’t make Me say new surprises about my Divine FIAT. It wants to make you know the sublimity and nobility of the place It occupies for those who live in the Divine Volition, both in the Creation and within our Divine Being. You must know that the creature who lives in our Divine Will occupies the first place in the Creation. All created things feel so connected together and united to her, that they become her inseparable members. Therefore, the sun is her member, the expanse of heaven, the wind and the air which all breathe are her members. All created things feel happy - honored to be the members of this fortunate creature; and some become her heart, some her hand, some her feet, some her eyes, some her breath.... In sum, there’s no created thing which does not have its distinct place, and does not exercise the office of being her member. Her soul, as the head, keeps her members in order, and receives from God all the love, the sanctity, the glory and all the goods which the created things contain; more so, since all created things are Our members as well.

Therefore, for the creature who lives in our Will, her members are Ours, and Our members are hers. They keep our Supreme Being in communication with the creature, and we become for her, more than blood which circulates in the veins of her soul; the continuous heartbeat of love, as we palpitate in her heart; the divine breathing, as we breathe in her soul. And loving this creature with excessive love, We put into circulation her little love and her acts inside our Divine Being. We are jealous of her heartbeat and of her breath, so We enclose them inside of Ours. Nothing comes out of her which does not remain locked within Ourselves, to repay her with our Love, and to hear her delightful and sweet refrain: ‘I love you, I love you, I love you....’ So, in one who lives in our Will, We see the continuous chain which never breaks; and our Love has Its ledge on which to lean, to be able to say - incessantly: ‘I love you, I love you, I love you....’

When our Love does not find the love of the creature, It remains suspended and shouts in pain, as if It wanted to deafen the creature, telling her: ‘Why don’t you love me? Not loving Us is the most cruel wound for Us.’ But this is not all. If our Love doesn’t reach excess, It is not satisfied. Do you want to know why we made of the Creation many members which had to serve as our members as well as members of the creature? We placed in each created things our gifts, our Sanctity and our Love as the bearers of what we wanted to give to her, and as deliverers of what she would do for Us. All created things are crammed with and depository of all that we wanted to give her. Heaven, with its variety of stars, symbolizes the many of our new and distinct acts, which we wanted to give her; the Sun symbolizes our eternal Light, with which we want to inundate her, and the heat and its effects represent our Love, which almost wants to drown her to make her feel how much we love her, while its effects are the various beauties with which we wanted to invest her. In every blow of the wind we placed our kisses and our loving caresses, and in its impetuous waves our ruling Love, to sweep her into our Love with our squeezes and hugs, so as to render her inseparable from Us. In sum, each created thing possesses our gifts to be given to the creature. But who takes them? Only those who love in our Will. I can say that all created things are filled with our gifts, but they cannot give them - they cannot be their bearers, because they do not find one who lives in our Divine FIAT, which has the virtue and the power of putting her in communication with all our works - more than her own members - and with her very Creator - more than her own Life.

How many unheard-of prodigies will we not deliver from our divine Womb, for those who will let our Will reign! Our works will sing triumphs and victories, and - hands full - we will abound in giving the gifts and the goods of their Creator, which they possess. All will be happy - those who give, and those who receive. Therefore, be attentive and do not care about anything other than living in my Will, because I have much to give you, and you, much to receive.”

I remained surprised in hearing this, and I said to myself: ‘Is it really possible - what He just said? It seems incredible!’ And my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, don’t be surprised. You must know that all which we did had to serve the creature who was to possess my Divine Will as Life. It was necessary to our decorum, Wisdom, Power and to our Majesty. Now, when the creature subtracted herself from our Will, Justice demanded that we withdraw from her all that had to serve as befitting to our Supreme Majesty; and the creature remained like the head without its members... Poor head with no members! What good could it ever do? It is true that the head has the supremacy over the members, but without members the head can do nothing - it has no life, and no works.

Now, since my Will wants to go back into the creature, my Love wants - demands - the restitution of the members; not only this, but also the very Life of the One Who has created them. Our reigning Will will place all Its works in force, and It will give back to the creature all that she lost by doing her own human will, which devastates all goods; breaks all the communications with our works and with its very Creator, and becomes like a dislocated bone that loses communication with all its members - all it gives is pain.”


March 6, 1938
Oppressions and melancholies have no reason to exist in the Divine Will. They form the clouds and the bitter little drops which embitter God and the creature. Prodigies of abandonment in the Divine Volition. How all created things remain animated by one who lives in the FIAT.

The sea of the Divine Volition never ceases to plunge me inside Its waves, as if It wanted nothing to enter into me other than Its Light, growing in me through Light and Heat, and the Life of Its Will. But in spite of everything I felt oppressed, with an air of melancholy, for the circumstances, alas, too painful, of my poor existence down here. They formed clouds around me as if to prevent me from enjoying the beauty of the Light, and the gentleness of the Warmth in which the soul remains fecundated, reborn and growing within her very Creator. And my sweet Jesus, Who jealously watches over my poor soul, all goodness told me: “My good Daughter, courage! The oppressions, the melancholies and the thoughts of the past have no reason to exist for one who lives in my Will. These are notes which clash with my notes of joy, peace and love, and form feeble sounds which sound awful to our divine ears. They are like bitter little drops which, thrown into our Divine Sea, try to embitter It; while by living in our Will, we make the creature the owner of our seas of joy and happiness, and if necessary, we arm her with our Power so that all may be propitious and nothing may do any harm, since nothing has power against our Will. Even more, our Will has the power to flatten and to crush anything, like dust under the empire of an impetuous wind.

How bad it sounds to Us when We notice that a creature in our Will is afflicted or oppressed! And since she lives in our Volition, from the one Will which animates Us, We are forced to hear her afflictions and oppressions. Setting Ourselves aside when the creature feels afflicted is not of our Divine Being - not of our Love. Rather, We make use of our Power, and We inundate her more with our Love, so that We may see her again with a smile on her lips, and with joy inside her heart. And then, the thought of the past is really absurd - it is like wanting to claim divine rights. You must know that all the beautiful and good things which the creature has done are deposited inside Ourselves, attesting to her love and the glory she gives Us, and forming her crown for her first entrance into our Celestial Fatherland. Therefore, the most beautiful act of the creature is to throw herself into our arms - abandon herself - letting Us make whatever We want to make of her, in time as well as in eternity. Only then, do We get all the savor of making her one of the most beautiful statues to adorn our Celestial Jerusalem.”

Then He added: “My daughter, when the creature abandons herself in our Will, our satisfaction is so great that she pours into Us, and We pour into her, giving her our new Life, new love, new sanctity and new knowledge of our Supreme Being. When the creature abandons herself in our Divine Volition, We can make the greatest prodigies and the most surprising graces in her, since our own Will will receive and deposit what We want to give to the creature. By abandoning herself in our Will, she storms Heaven, and her empire is such that she imposes herself over our Divine Being, enclosing It within her littleness; while she, triumphant, encloses herself within our Divine Womb.

The Heavens are amazed, and the Angels and the Saints remain ecstatic; all feel a new life flowing within themselves, by virtue of the act of abandonment of the creature, while still a pilgrim. And finding her abandoned in our FIAT, We find that We can do whatever We want - she lends herself completely to our Power. So We begin the work, and form in the soul many little fountains of Love, Goodness, Sanctity, Mercy, and so on. In this way, when our Love wants to love, We set those little fountains of Love in motion with our omnipotent breath, and she loves Us, letting so much love overflow from the fount, as to float the entire Celestial Court. When We want to use Goodness, Mercy or Grace, We set these founts in motion, and the earth remains floated by our Goodness and Mercy - and some are converted, some receive graces....

We could do all this directly by Ourselves, but We feel more delighted and pleased in using the founts which We Ourselves have formed inside the creature. Through her, We feel more moved to use our mercy toward all. We have our intermediary between Heaven and earth, who, in her abandon, makes Us pour graces and makes Us love all the creatures with new love. Therefore, the more you are abandoned in our Will, the more magnanimous We will be toward you and toward others. And all - at least the more disposed - will find new strength and new guidance.”

I remained surprised, and He added: “My good daughter, how I wish that all knew what it means to live in my Divine Volition. It seems incredible, but do you know why? Because they don’t know what my Will is, and the whole series of prodigies which It can do and wants to do in the creature. So, not knowing It, they believe it’s impossible that my Will can do in the creature all that I’m saying. Oh, if they knew It! What It does and says is little - it is the knowledge that puts Us on the way to the creature, and prepares our place, forming the space in which to put our unheard-of prodigies. It is knowledge which forms the eyes to be able to view and appreciate our divine wonders. All is a prodigy for one who lives in our Will.

You must know that, as a creature does her acts in my Will, all created things remain animated by her will and word. All things possess a voice: some say, ‘Love’, some ‘Glory’, some ‘Adoration’, some others ‘Thank you’, and others still, ‘Blessing’ to our Creator. What harmony they form in the atmosphere, what a sweet enchantment - to such extent that we feel enraptured. But whose voices are these? The voices of those who live in our Will.

It happens as when voices and chants are ingeniously enclosed inside instruments of wood and of metal. The instruments sing and speak. It is the same for the one who lives in my Will: her love to see me loved and glorified is such that she encloses her will, her voice and her love inside the created thing; and some narrate to Me the story of my Love, some sing of my Glory...; it seems that all things have one thing to tell Me. Oh, how happy I feel, seeing that the creature masters the entire creation, and, queen as she is, animates all and makes Me loved by all. Oh, how sweetly she resounds to our divine hearing! I gave her all, and she gives Me all - so I return all again.”


March 12, 1938
How God loves and prays to Himself, to give the Kingdom of the Divine Will. The life of one who lives in It is formed in God. How she is continuously reborn. Sowing of Divine Lives. How she is Welcomed and Loved by all.

I feel myself in the arms of the Divine Volition, which exercises Its power over me and is all attentive - even to my little trifles - to invest them with Its Life and with Its Light, in order to enclose the All, inside the little trifle. What goodness! What love! It seems that It wants, in any way, to have something to do with the creature. But to do what? To give, always. By giving, It pours Itself out. By giving, It feels operative, making many things of Itself - things that love It and praise It, for Who He really is. Then, my dear Jesus, Who always takes great delight in saying ever new thing about His adorable Will, visiting my poor soul, as if He felt the need to entrust me with His secrets, told me: “My blessed daughter, the living of the creature in our Will is our amusement, our enjoyment, our perennial occupation. You must know that, as the creature unites to our Volition and enters into It, our Will kisses the human will, and the human will kisses our Will. We Ourselves love, pray and ask of Ourselves that our Will may come to reign in the human generations. The creature disappears inside our Divine Sea like a little drop of water, and what remains is our prayer, which wants to invest everything with Its power, to obtain what We have asked of Ourselves. We cannot do without answering our own prayer.

Therefore, once We have prayed, We set Ourselves on the way, wandering across all nations and through every heart, to see if We find even a small disposition to live in our Will. So We take that little disposition in our creative hands; We purify it, sanctify it and embellish it, placing inside of it the first act of our Will. And We wait..., to be able to place the second act, the third act of the Life of our FIAT, and so forth. Therefore, all that the creature does in our Will is actually done by Ourselves: We love, We pray,.... One can say that We commit all of Ourselves in order to give what We want, and it is impossible not to grant to Ourselves. Do you see then, what it means to live in our Will? It is the imposition of the creature over Ourselves, making Us do what she wants - making Us give what she wants Us to give.”

After this, my beloved Jesus added: “My daughter, the life of one who lives in our Will is formed within our Divine Being - she is conceived, born, and reborn continuously. Just as our Divine Being is always in the act of generating, in the same way she is always in the act of being born again; and as she is born again, she is reborn to new Love, new Sanctity and new Beauty. As she is reborn, she grows and takes always from Ourselves. These new births are her greatest fortune - and Ours as well, because We feel that not only does the creature live in Us, but she is also born again and she grows in our Life, being renewed in our very Act, which is always new. And as she is reborn, We delight in looking at her because she acquires a new beauty - more beautiful, more attractive than the one before. But, does she, perhaps, remain there? Ah, no. More beauties will invest her, without ever ceasing - so many as to enrapture our gaze, preventing Us from moving it, to enjoy in her our endless beauties. And We love our beauties, from which We incessantly invest her. As We look at this creature under the rain of our various beauties, our Love does not remain behind; It makes her be born again every instant in our Love, which is always new. Therefore, she loves Us always with new love, a love which always grows and never stops.

Who can tell you what this creature’s life is like, formed within Ourselves? It is our Paradise which We form within her. By being born again in Us, she gives Us always new joys, and new surprises of happiness, because as she is reborn, she is born again in our Power, Wisdom, Goodness and Sanctity. Recognizing our Life in her, We love her as We love Ourselves.

Now, as she is born again within Us many times, We give her virtue to be able to receive our sowing, so that We can sow in her as many of our Divine Lives as We want. And here It is - our Will, coming into the picture. With Its FIAT, my Will speaks and creates; It speaks and sows Divine Lives, making them grow with Its breath, feeding them with Its Love, giving them with Its Light the colors of all Its various beauties. And since this is life reborn in Us many times, and grown within Us, We have infused in her all the attributes necessary to be able to receive the sowing of our Divine Lives. These Lives are the most precious. They possess the Creative Virtue - they have our same value. We can say: ‘We Ourselves formed many of our Lives and sowed them within the creature. Comparing these Lives to the sun, its light remains like shadow before them. The expanse of Heaven is small compared to them.’

Would you like to know what the use of these Lives of Ours will be, which have been formed with so much love in the creature? They will serve to populate the earth, and to generate the Life of our Will in the human family. They are Our Lives, my daughter. Our Life never dies - It is eternal, with Us. Therefore, they are all in waiting to take possession of the creatures, in order to form one single life with them. And this is also the cause - our great divine reason for which We have been speaking for so long about our Divine Will. Each word We say is one of our Lives which We deliver - it is a birth which We give to the light. Every word that We pronounce on our FIAT is a Life that We expose, which puts Itself in communication with the creatures. Every knowledge which We manifest carries our kiss, so that the creature may form our Life at every breath. And since life has motion, warmth, heartbeat and breath, she must also feel, by necessity, this Life of ours within herself. This Life will have the virtue of transforming the life of this fortunate creature into Itself. Therefore, my daughter, be attentive. Do not allow even one word on our FIAT to escape you, because they are Lives - Lives which We live inside other creatures. The value of one single word on our FIAT is so great that the whole of Creation...oh, how behind it remains. The Creation is our Work, while one word on our FIAT is Life, and the life always costs more than all the works.

Further, our Love for this creature who receives the sowing of our Divine Lives is so great that, as We speak to her about our Will, our Eternal Love pours over her, unleashing Itself and feeling loved in return. The weight of human ingratitude - of not being loved - remains empty, because We find one who loves Us with our Love; this has the virtue of making up for all the love which all the creatures should give Us - of burning all their evils, and of filling and shortening the greatest distances. Our Love finds in her our refreshments, our revenges; so We love her infinitely. But We are not satisfied in loving her by Ourselves. We make her loved by the Celestial Queen, as a more than tender daughter; by the Angels and the Saints, as their inseparable sister; We make her loved by Heaven, the sun, the wind - by everyone. They feel in her the strength, the virtue of our Love; they feel fortunate to love her, because she is the bearer of joys for all. And our Love and the content We feel are such that We call her ‘our consoler, our FIAT which We keep on earth, our depository.’ All is Ours within her.”


March 16, 1938
How the Divine FIAT reaches the point of counting the breaths and the minutes, to make the creature return to live in It. She knocks on all created things. How God wants to be in continuous act of giving and receiving. The pains of Jesus kiss the pains of the creature.

It seems to me that the Divine Volition awaits me, wants me, and yearns that I may enter It in every instant, so that It may re-enter into all my acts. And if I escape for a few instants,... may this never be! May Heaven never allow it!... It feels isolated, and inconsolably misses the company of the creature, saying in Its pain: ‘What! Are you leaving me? For you I left Myself in the spheres, in the sun, in the air, to make you company and receive yours. But do you know why? To love you, and to be loved; and to be able to say: All that I do in the Heavens, in our Divine Being, I do in the spheres, and I want to do in my beloved creature. But if you don’t remain in my Will, you separate yourself from Me, and I from you, so I remain isolated. But in my pain I never stop calling you.’

Divine Will, how much You love me! How adorable and admirable You are! And I felt the suffering of Its loneliness; but my sweet Jesus, repeating His little visit, told me: “My good daughter of my Volition, the waiting is one of our greatest pains. The creature keeps Us as sentries. We even count the breaths, the heartbeats and the minutes when We don’t feel her with Us. In order to place our Love in her love, and to love each other with one single Love, We feel as if harmonized with the creature, and We bring her as our victory into our Divine Womb. Therefore, minutes without her seem like centuries, and We long for her return. And so, as she enters our Volition, asking Us for our Will to come and reign upon earth, We make a feast, because she wants what We want. The greatest and the most beautiful of all things is for the creature to want what her Creator wants. This forms our rest, and our Loves smiles and finds peace.

Now, as she asks for our Will to come and reign, she knocks on all created things: on the sun, on the wind, on the Heaven, on the stars - on everything. As I, Who dominate, dwelling within them, hear knocking, I open all the doors and put Myself on the path to come and reign. But the creature doesn’t stop there. She goes higher and knocks at our Divinity, and at all the Angels and the Saints, making all ask Me for my FIAT to come. How sweet her penetrating knocking - with such authority that all open, and become all attentive. She gives everyone something to do, and all ask her what she wants. So, living in our Will moves Heaven and earth, putting all our Works in action for a cause, so holy.”

After this, He added: “My daughter, would you like to know why We want the creature to live in our Divine Volition? Because We want to give her always new gifts, new Love and new charisms - We want to give her always new things from our Divine Being. But having to receive and to listen, the creature will not have the space in which to place our gifts, if she does not live in our Will. We do not deliver our gifts if We don’t have a place in which to deposit them, remaining with the pain of wanting to give, but being unable to. We are as though suffocated by Love, and We cannot find relief since there’s no one to take It; so We are force to watch the creature being poor, weak, ignorant... What pain! In our Will, instead, We place our goods in common, and go on telling her: ‘Take whatever you want, and, in recognition, give Us the little tribute of your love and your will.’ Therefore, my daughter, let’s make a pact. Let’s agree on this: I must love you always, and you must always give me your little love. We will always be in communication, and will always have things to do together. We will love with one single love, and be happy with the same happiness.”

Then, I was feeling suffering, with such a restlessness that I couldn’t find a position. My sweet Jesus came back and continued: “My daughter, my pains kiss your pains, hug them, and blow over them with their love. They identify your sufferings with mine, giving them life in my own pains; so your pains receive the same infinite value and the good that mine produce. In my Will, things - and the pains too - remained changed, and from human things they become divine. I feel that it is not the creature who suffers them, but I Myself form and create those pains, in order to suffer them within my beloved creature, and repeat my Life within her, along with the court of my sufferings. This is why I called them ‘My pains’. If you only knew what I do with these pains...! I place them between Heaven and earth as perennial Glory and Love to my Celestial Father; as defense and refuge of the creatures; as regret for those who offend Me; as a cry of Love to those who do not love Me; as light for those who do not know Me. In sum, I make them do all the offices of good needed for the creatures. Therefore, let Me operate; these are works which your Jesus wants to do, and I can do them in the one who lives in my Will.”


March, 20 1938
Love devices of the creature who lives in the Divine Will. Example of a teacher who possesses the sciences, but does not find anyone to whom to teach them; or of a rich man who does not find anyone to whom to give his riches.

I am in the arms of the FIAT. It loves the creature who lives in It so much that It holds her always tightly in Its arms; and even more, Its Love is such that It places her inside Its incessant Motion. The most tiny distances or the gaps of an instant in which It doesn’t feel her within Itself, inside Its own Life, would be for It the most painful martyrdom of Love. In Its pain It would say, ‘Daughter, don’t move away from Me, even for one single instant. You would embitter our Love, because We feel your life as our own. We would feel our Love being torn and tortured. In fact, you must know that the creature who lives in our Will lives and breathes within our breathing, and as she breathes, We feel loved and We love her. Her motion moves within ours, living our same life, working with Us, and speaking with our same Word. We feel her circulating within our Divine Being like the blood that circulates in the veins of the creatures, always repeating: ‘I love you, I love you....’ Not yet satisfied, she takes off in flight, wanders through all created things, gathers our Love which is spread through the entire Creation, and comes to take refuge inside our Supreme Being; she surprises Us by bringing Us all the Love that all created things should give Us, if they had a mind. She always keeps finding new strategies to love Us. At other times, she goes to her Queen and Mother; asks her for all her Love, and surprises Us by bringing Us, redoubled, the Love of the great Lady; then, celebrating, she says: ‘I bring You the Love of my Celestial Mother to love You’...and oh, how happy We feel! It is impossible for Us to be without the one who lives in our Volition.”

Oh, Divine Will, how much Love and Power You contain for those who live in You! And I felt so amazed that I didn’t know what else to say.... My beloved Jesus, repeating His short little visit, with unspeakable love told me: “My daughter, born and reborn in our Will; you must know that living in our Will contains such prodigies and unheard-of marvels that the very Heavens shake and lower themselves in feeling them. In this creature We can develop our Creative Work, and deposit our Love, our delirium, our anxiety, our sighs - our Will. She will make others understand our Supreme Majesty, and love Us with our Love.

Without this creature, We would find ourselves as a teacher who possesses all the sciences, and could give his lessons in all universities and all schools. But, alas, he can’t even find one pupil to whom to teach his sciences. What a suffering for this teacher, possessing so many sciences and having to keep them unused within himself, without being able to make their value known! Oh, if this teacher could only find one pupil who wanted to learn his sciences, he would place him on his knees, and keep the pupil with himself night and day. He would feel that his science would not die, but live within his pupil, almost as a duplication of his own life. Oh, how much he would love him! He would feel reborn in his pupil; his loneliness would be broken, being loved by the one to whom he gives his lessons. His life would change from bitterness into joys.

Such is our Supreme Being. If We don’t find someone who lives in our Divine Will, We are like that Teacher - we have nobody to whom to give our lessons. We possess infinite sciences, but We don’t have anyone to whom to say a word, because the Light of our Will is missing, which would make him understand what We want to teach him. On the other hand, if the creature lives in our Will, We feel our life within her; We can teach her our divine sciences; even more, Lives will arise within her. She will understand perfectly our celestial ‘dialect’, and will love Us as We want her to love Us. Here is the change in our destiny and hers: loneliness will no longer exist; company will be perennial; We will always have something to say, and someone who listens. Our eternal pain will turn into joys and feasts, because We will have the creature living in our Will.

When We do not find anyone who lives in our Will, it happens to Us also as to the one who possesses immense riches - but so many as to feel suffocated by them. And yet, he cannot find anyone disposed to receive or to take his goods. Poor him. He is so unhappy among his riches, and suffers a cruel loneliness. There’s nobody to love him, respect him, or say to him even one ‘Thank you’; rather, it seems that all evade him, because he cannot find one to whom to give his riches - not even one who would take them. Without company, joy dies - and not being able to give to anyone, he feels that his goods - his life - does not live within others. Isolation is the greatest of the bitternesses. Oh, how many times we want to give but we have nobody to whom to give. Further, by not living in our Will, the creature closes all doors, obstructing our entrance. She even puts a distance between Us, surrounding herself with miseries, weaknesses and passions - of the ugliest sort.

This is why living in our Will leaves everyone surprised; and We Ourselves remain surprised, having to enclose Infinity in what is limited - the Immensity within the littleness. We have to make such wonders and prodigies that only our Love, which rule over our Divine Being, can move Us to the most amazing marvels - to the extent that even the Angels and the Saints remain surprised and mute in astonishment.”


March 22, 1938
As the creature decides to live in our Will, all things change for her, and she is placed in the same divine conditions. The function of the children of the Divine FIAT, and how they will carry within them the Life of their Celestial Father. The last sign of Love at the point of death.

I continue my flight in the Divine Volition. Upon entering It, one can feel Its balsamic air and Its pacific waves. All is peace.... Its strength is such that the soul feels invested by such a fortitude as to be able to do everything, reaching any extent, and even doing what God Himself does. Divine Will, how capable You are of changing the human will! Your power is such as to renew the poor creature, making her be born to new Life.

Then, my adorable Jesus, returning for His short little visit, all tenderness told me: “My little daughter of my Will, as the creature decides to live in my Volition, all things change for her. Our divine dominion invests her, and we make her the dominator of everything - dominator of our strength, of our Goodness and of our Sanctity - dominator of the Light. Heavens and earth are hers by right. We place her in an atmosphere of security and imperturbable peace. Nothing of good, of health, of beauty and of divine joys, can be missing to this creature who lives in our Will. All of her most tiny acts are filled with such contents as to capture the smile of all Heaven and of our very Supreme Being. Therefore, we are all attentive to see when she loves and when she works - to enjoy and smile together with her. Our Love is such that We place her in our same conditions: We love even if We are not loved; We continue to give life if We are ignored, and maybe even offended. And if the creature comes back to Us asking for forgiveness, We don’t reproach her; rather, We hug her and squeeze her to our divine lap. One can say that man can trust only Us; not only can he not trust other creatures, but he will find in them inconstancy and deception; and at the moment he believes he is able to rely on them, they will quit. Now, man can trust only the creature who lives in our Will. This creature will do as We do: not being loved, she will love; ignored or offended, she will run after the offender, to save him. We feel Ourselves within the one who lives in our Will, and We love her so much that We do nothing other than pour rivers of love upon her, to be loved more and more, and with doubled and growing love.”

After this, He added with more tender and touching love: “My daughter, the whole of Creation was made in one outpouring of our most intense Love. Therefore, the children of our FIAT will serve the necessity of our Love. Our Love feels the need to pour Itself out, otherwise We feel suffocated within our flames. Here is why the children of our Will are necessary: as a continuous outpouring of our Love, We will put them in our same condition of feeling the need to pour out their love along with Us. We will pour out love on each other. So, just as Creation started in an outpouring of Love, in the same way, we will close it with our children - in an outpouring of Love. These children of Ours will serve to the complete Glory of the entire Creation. It wouldn’t be a work worthy of Us, if We did not receive the glory that the creatures owe Us for having created so many things for love of them.

And then, there is the highest, the most noble, holy and sublime point: We created everything so that all might be enclosed and animated by our Will. Therefore, just as We delivered the Creation, so It must return to Us - into our Adorable FIAT. If We didn’t do so, it would seem as if We didn’t have sufficient Power to do all - Love, through which we can conquer all, or Wisdom, with which we can dispose of all. The children of our FIAT will allow Us to fulfill our Will in them, and therefore they will be our Glory, our triumph, and our victory. They will be our true children, who will not only carry our Image, but the Life of the Celestial Father Himself, dwelling within them, as their own Life. These children of Ours will be our Life, our Heavens and our Suns. Oh, how We will delight in creating in them winds which blow love, and seas which murmur, ‘I love you, I love you’ - We will find everything in them. There will no longer be a difference between Heaven and earth; they will be one single thing for Us, whether We keep them with Us in Heaven, or with Us on earth.

Therefore, cherish the thing that should concern you the most: to live in our Divine Will. Our Love will find Its rest, Its release and Its peace in you - as well as the beginning of our happiness on earth inside the heart of the creature. Our Will will constantly be over you, to let our Life grow within you; our Love will send you Its continuous breeze, to love you always with new love, and to receive yours, as expression and return of Its Love.”

After this, my beloved Jesus added, but with such unspeakable tenderness that I felt my heart breaking: “My good daughter, if everyone knew what I am telling you about all that my Will does with the creature and how It lives with her, they would all throw themselves into Its arms, never to leave It again. You must know that my Will is like a true Mother for the creature: It creates her with Its hands, It conceives her inside Its maternal womb, and never leaves her alone - not even one instant - in this maternal womb; as if inside a sacrarium. It forms her, giving her the use of her members; It rears her with Its breath; It gives her warmth, and once she has been well formed, It delivers her to daylight. But It never leaves her alone. More than a Mother, It hovers always over her - watching over her, assisting her, giving her the motion, the articulation of her members, the breathing, and the heartbeat; and as she grows, It gives her the use of the word, the step to her feet.... There is nothing that the creature does, which my Will does not do together with her, to give her full use of the human life. Therefore, the principle of the human life, of the soul as well as of the body, is formed entirely by my Will, which remains in it as if inside Its refuge, to give it perennial life.

Now, my daughter, until the guilt starts in the creature, everything is my Will within her; and as the guilt begins, so the tears and pains of this Celestial Mother begin. Oh, how It sadly misses Its child. But It doesn’t leave him. Its Love ties It to live to that creature to give her Life, and although It feels Its Divine Life as if suffocated, and maybe not even known or loved, the Love of my Will is so great that It follows her life, regardless of any offense, to make a surprise of Love and save Its child. Our Goodness and our Love are such that We use all the ways and all the means to pull him away from sin - to save him; and if We do not succeed during his life, We make the last surprise of love at the moment of his death. You must know that, in that moment, We give the last sign of love to the creature, providing her with our graces, love and goodness, and placing so many tendernesses of love as to soften and win the hardest hearts. When the creature finds herself between life and death - between the time which is about to end, and the Eternity which is about to begin - almost in the act of leaving her body, I, your Jesus, make Myself seen, with an amiability that enraptures, with a sweetness that chains and sweetens the bitterness of life, especially in that extreme moment. Then, my gaze... I look at her, but with so much love as to pull from her an act of contrition - one act of love, one adhesion to my Will.

In that moment of disillusion, in seeing - in touching with her hands how much we loved her, and do love her, the creature feels so much pain that she repents for not having loved Us; she recognizes our Will as principle and completion of her life and, as satisfaction, she accepts her death, to accomplish one act of our Will. In fact, you must know that if the creature did not do even one act of the Will of God, the doors of Heaven would not be opened; she would not be recognized as heiress of the Celestial Fatherland, and the Angels and the Saints could not admit her in their midst - nor would she want to enter, being aware that it does not belong to her. Without our Will there is no Sanctity and no salvation. How many are saved by virtue of this sign of our love, with the exception of the most perverted and obstinate; although even following the long path of Purgatory would be more convenient for them. The moment of death is our daily catch - the finding of the lost man.”

Then, He added: “My daughter, the moment of death is the time of disillusion. In that point, all things present themselves, one after the other, to say: ‘Good-bye, the earth is over for you; now eternity begins for you... It happens to the creature just as when she is locked inside a room and someone says to her: ‘Behind this room there is another room, in which there is God, Heaven, Purgatory, hell; in sum - the eternity. But she cannot see anything of these things. She hears them being asserted by others; but those who say them cannot see them either, so they speak in a way which is almost not credible; not giving great importance to making all their words believed as reality - as something certain.

So, one day the walls fall down, and she can see with her own eyes what they had told her before. She sees her God and Father, Who loved her with great love; the gifts which He had given to her, one by one; and all the broken rights of love which she owed Him. She sees how her life belonged to God, not to herself. Everything passes before her: eternity, Paradise, Purgatory, and hell - the earth running away; the pleasures turning their back on her. Everything disappears; the only thing which remains present to her is in that room with fallen walls: the eternity. What a change for the poor creature!

My Goodness is such, wanting everyone saved, that I allow the falling of these walls when the creatures find themselves between life and death - at the moment in which the soul exits the body to enter eternity - so that they may do at least one act of contrition and of love for Me, recognizing my adorable Will upon them. I can say that I give them one hour of truth, in order to rescue them. Oh, if all knew my industries of love, which I perform in the last moment of their life, so that they may not escape from my more than Paternal hands - they would not wait for that moment, but they would love Me all their life.”


March 28, 1938
How, for those who live in the Divine Will, the Creation serves as many cities, which the creature can repatriate. How the human act must begin and finish in the Divine Volition in order to be complete. Rain of Light. The greatest pain of Jesus is to see that creatures do not live in His Will.

My poor mind goes always in search for the acts done by the Divine Volition. It seems that as I look for them, they await me in order to be found, because these acts yearn to be found by the creatures, to receive her ‘I love you’, and to let her know how much they love her; while the soul feels as though repatriated in the acts of her Creator, immersed in the sea of joys and happiness. My always adorable Jesus, seeing me surprised, repeated His short little visit and told me: “My blessed daughter, since man was made by Us to live in our Will, all our acts had to serve as many little cities or nations in which man could find, by right, his Fatherland - the different cities where he was to find his amusements, his joys, and the enchanting and delightful scenes which his Creator had prepared for him with so much love. Therefore, one can say that the Sun is a city, and as the soul enters our Will, she finds this city of light, as well as all the various beauties of color and sweetness. She finds our creative and festive Act full of joys, love and unspeakable happiness, and she dives into these seas of beauty, sweetness, love and joy, taking her long walks in her Fatherland, as the owner of all the goods that she finds in It.

Oh, how happy We are, in seeing our works - our cities, created only for man, no longer as deserts, but populated by our children. Upon entering our Will they find the way which leads them to the different cities which We have formed in the Creation; in some place they find a delight, in another a distinct joy, somewhere else a more outstanding knowledge of their Creator, in another place, a love so intense which hugs them, kisses them, and communicates to them the Life of Love.

Each created thing possesses something of Ourselves; not for itself, but to give it to the creatures. However, the creatures must live in our Will, otherwise the doors remain closed, and at the most they can enjoy the effects, but not the fullness of the goods contained in our works. Therefore, my daughter, the act of the creature must begin and finish in our Will in order to be perfect and complete. Our Will Itself gives Its own Life of Light and Love, so that the act may be complete, and nothing beautiful, holy and good may be lacking to it. If this act does not begin in our Will, order, Sanctity and beauty would be missing, and it cannot be signed with the seal of our Will, as ‘act belonging to It.’

It makes one want to cry, my daughter, to see so many deranged and disordered human acts - some left at the beginning, some half way, to some a point is missing, to others another point; and then, even worse, some are smeared with mud, some are rotten; some are as if soaked in guilt, and do nothing other than irritate our just Justice. There cannot be any good in the creature without our Will, and even if it seems that they do some good, it is only apparent good, which cannot last, because the substance of the Life of our FIAT is missing. One challenge, one disappointment is sufficient for that good to end, and for them to regret having done it. Instead, anything done in my Will possesses an unshakable firmness, and doesn’t stop in the face of disappointments or challenges; rather, these acts run even more, to give the life of good which they possess. You must know that the creature who does her acts in our Will, makes complete and perfect acts; but the one who lives always in It, finds herself under a continuous rain of Light, which pours all the effects of the various beauties of our Divine Life over her, as she moves, palpitates or breathes. Our Divine Being is most pure Light and, although being endless Light, It encloses all the possible imaginable goods. It is Light and It is Word and, all eyes, It looks everywhere - nothing can hide from Us. This Light is also work; It is pace and It is Life, which gives life to everyone and everything. It contains inexhaustible beauties, and endless joys and happiness.

Now, one who lives always in our Will is always under the rain of Light of our ruling and creative Word. Oh, how our Word transforms this creature, always speaking to her about our Supreme Being, and producing all our divine effects upon her, with such variety of beauty that We Ourselves remain enraptured. Our gaze of Light is constantly on her; our step always runs toward her; our Works hug her with their arms of Light, and squeeze her to our lap. All of them pour Light upon her, to communicate to her our gaze of Light, our works and steps of Light. Therefore, the one who always lives in our Will is in continuous and direct communication with her Creator, and receives all the effects that a God can produce. On the other hand, one who operates in It is in communication with our Works, and her works are molded with our Works.”

Then, I continued to trace the acts of the Divine Will and, arrived at those which Our Lord did in the Redemption; I kissed them, I adored them, I blessed them - I thanked them, one by one; and using the same Love with which Jesus loved them, I too loved them. And Jesus, all moved and touched in seeing His acts being loved by His same Love, told me: “My daughter, only Love touches Me, wounds Me and moves Me to speak to reveal my secrets to my beloved creature; secrets which are hidden to those who don’t love Me because, not loving Me, they would not understand my dialect of love. You must know that each one of these acts which I performed on earth contains a pain so intense that, if my Divinity had not sustained Me, it would have been enough to make Me die. As I operated, my Will created in Me the pain of not finding the human will inside Mine, so that I might enclose it within my acts, and give it virtue and grace to make it live in my Will. In everything I did, whether I was breathing, palpitating, looking or walking, I searched the human will in order to enclose it and give it the primary place in my breath, heartbeat, gaze and steps.

What pain, my daughter, wanting to do good and not finding anyone to whom to give it! I wanted to put the creature in a safe place, where she could have been happy, since my pains, my works and my very Humanity would not only have been her defense, but they would also have formed her royal palace in which they would have kept her like a Queen; instead of being grateful and listening, she ran away from my hands - from my pains - to live unhappily in the middle of dangers and enemies, with nobody to defend her... What pain! What pain!

I can say that my greatest pain down here, which gave Me a continuous death, was to see the creatures neither living in my Will, nor doing It, because I saw that my acts remained without the purpose for which I was doing them - without giving the Life with which they were invested. And if I were not all-seeing - seeing all the centuries in one present act, as well as my beloved children who were going to live in my Divine Will, and who had to use all that my Humanity did and suffered in order to establish my Kingdom, using It as their most beautiful residence - I could not have born such a great pain. Therefore, continue to trace my acts, my steps and my pains, to ask for my Will to come and reign on earth, and my pain will be soothed, and will turn into love, to shorten the time and make my Will known, loved - and reign. I will keep you as refreshment for Me, and as bearer of the balm to my pains; and when I see my acts and my sufferings embittered with pain because the creature is running away from my Will, I will come and take refuge in you, to soothe and embalm my sufferings, too embittered by the pain.”

Fiat !!!

March 30, 1938
When sacrifices are made in good will, dear Jesus places in them His divine flavors, rendering them pleasant and lovable. How God created in them the Passion for love.

I feel myself in the arms of the Divine FIAT. Its Love is so great that It feeds me with Its Light, and warms me with Its Heat; and if I am tired It rocks me on Its knees to give me rest, making me rise to new Life. Divine Will, how adorable you are! Only You can truly love me; in You, I find the refuge from all my evils!

I was feeling oppressed by seeing that those who surround me suffer and make big sacrifices because of me. How painful it is to see others sacrificed! And my sweet Jesus, squeezing me in His arms in an act of compassion for me, all tenderness told me: “My poor daughter, courage. I don’t want you to think about this. You must know that I can repay and I know how to repay even the small sacrifices and attentions - and certainly the big ones. I count everything, and I do not leave even a breath done for Me without reward; even more, if these sacrifices are done for one who loves Me - for one who wants to live in my Will - I feel as if they were done for Myself. So, in order for these sacrifices to be done in my Will, I place in them my divine flavor, so that they may feel the taste and the pleasure in making these sacrifices, and the need for making them - taste and pleasure in sacrifice. They are like the salt and spices for the food, like the grease for the wheels which could barely move, but once the grease has been applied, they can run. The divine taste empties the sacrifice, making it light and pleasant. This is the reason why, in our Love, we created a holy passion, a taste and a pleasure which makes it impossible for Us not to love the creature.

It was this passion of Love that made Us feel the extreme need to prove our love for the creatures with our works. In fact nobody begged Us to create a Heaven, a sun and many other things. After We created them, We looked at them and found so much taste and pleasure that, in our emphasis of love, We exclaimed: ‘How beautiful our works are! But We will receive more glory and more delight from them, when our works will give themselves to the creatures to love them and to make them love Us. Then, to our passion of Love and to the extreme need to love, more folly and delirium of love was added, to the extent that We could not remain satisfied only by our works. Love reached such an excess that We felt the need to give Life as well.

What did this necessity to love that I felt within Me not make Me do? It made Me suffer unheard-of pains, feel the most humiliating humiliations - and even death, among atrocious spasms. But our passion of love is not satisfied if We do not let the creature participate in it. Therefore, in the sacrifices which we have her make, we create the holy passion, providing it with flavor and pleasure, to have her make the most beautiful conquests. This passion becomes ingenious, finding a thousand new forms, and it seems it cannot remain or live without being operative. If there is not a passion and taste for sacrifice - even in holy works - it seems that these works are just painted - not alive; they have a coldness and an apathy which produce more disgust than savour, and maybe more evil than good. Therefore, my daughter, don’t be concerned for the sacrifices that others make for you. Actually, I must tell you that they do it for Me, not for you; and I will infuse so much grace, taste and pleasure so as to empty the sacrifice. Then, according to the love with which they will do it, I will pour Myself into them, and as they make that sacrifice wanted by Me, I will make my Life grow within them.

Isn’t it, perhaps, my passion of love which makes Me speak so much about my Will in order to create, in man, the passion to live in my Volition? By saying so much, I want to drown the human will with our divine flavors - to the point of making it decide to live in my Will, by virtue of the taste and happiness it feels. And then, can’t you, yourself, tell how many flavors, contentments and joys I placed in the sacrificing state in which I put you? So, let it be done by your Jesus, Who knows how to adjust the sacrifice and to make it lovable, easy, and even desirable; more so, since I add the strength, the support and the Life of my own Sacrifice to the sacrifice of the creature. I can say that my sacrifice take the sacrifice of the creature on its lap, becoming guide, life and light for whoever wants to sacrifice himself for Me.”


April 4, 1938
How God created the necessity for our Will within the creature, and how she could not live without It. Example: how He created the necessity of water and sun for the earth. How one who does not live in the Divine Will wants to confine God in Heaven. Each additional word on the Divine Will gives a new and distinct life.

My poor mind feels the extreme need to trace the acts of the Divine Volition, as the breath and heartbeat of my poor existence. If I didn’t do so, I would feel as if I were losing the air to breathe, the heart to beat.... My God, how can anyone live without the air and the Life of your Will? It seems impossible to me. And my sweet Jesus, visiting my little soul, all goodness told me: “My good daughter of my Will, my love was so great in the creation of man that I gave him my Will as his own primary Life and as absolute necessity, to the extent that he couldn’t do any good without It. The earth cannot produce anything without water, since water is like the soul of the earth. But without the sun which fecundates, purifies and embellishes the earth with its light and heat, the water would serve only to make the earth moldy, rendering it like a muddy sewer, which would release a contagious air capable of infecting the earth. But these three elements - water, earth and sun - are not enough. Seed is needed to produce, from the earth, the most beautiful blooms, plants and fruits which delight the farmer and form the food for all the human generations. You see, if only one of these elements was missing, the earth would be so sterile, gloomy, and obscure as to be frightening. It is the necessity of the union of these elements that forms the beauty, the utility, the goodness and the fecundity of our Creative Works. Separated, they can be harmful and noxious to the poor creatures - united, they can do a world of good.

In the same way, I created the strong necessity of my Will in the creature. I created the soul, like water for the earth, which had to flow - more that water - in the earth of the body. I created my Will in it, like Sun, light and heat, which had to vivify, fecundate and embellish it, but with so much beauty as to continuously enrapture Us for love of her. Then, just as the farmer throws the seeds into the earth to make it produce, my Will assumed the commitment of throwing many divine seeds into the creature, which had to rise like many Suns, one more beautiful than the other, to produce blooms and celestial fruits, which had to serve as food for the creatures, and even as food for their Creator; for our Food - our Life - is our Will.

Do you see then, the necessity of the union of acts which, like seeds, are formed by the creature? This necessity determines the growth of my Will within her; it communicates the virtue of our Divine qualities, producing many prodigies of grace and beauty. And We love her so much that not only do We become inseparable, but We also operate continuously within her. We know that if We love, she loves; if We work, she works - nor can she do anything without Us. If her union with Us were missing, she would be reduced to uselessness, like the earth with no water, no sun and no seed. Therefore, loving her very much, We do everything in her. Do you see, at what painful, harmful and almost horrible point the creature puts herself without our Will?”

Then He added, in a more sorrowful and touching tone: “My daughter, how painful it is for Us not to see the creature living in our Will! By not living in It, she wants to confine Us in our Celestial Fatherland. She doesn’t want Us to live on earth together with her. Our Will is a weight for her; she runs away from our Sanctity, shuts the door to the Light, and looks for darkness.... Poor one. By doing her Will, she will die of cold and starvation, and she will say: ‘Heaven does not belong to me.’ These creatures live in exile on earth, with no support, no defense and no strength; good itself turns into bitterness for them and, if necessary, even into defects - they form our suffering and suffocate our Love continuously.

The Love of our Will is such that every word or knowledge which It manifests about our Volition is a Divine Life; and not only that, but a new Life, each one different from the other - new in Sanctity, in Beauty and in Love. Therefore, We delight very much and celebrate making known what our Will is, what It can do, and at what noble, sublime, high point within our Divine Womb It wants to place the creature. In fact, by making It known, We do nothing other than pour out new Divine Lives, and as these Lives are possessed by the creature, We receive from her our new Love, Beauty, Goodness, and so on. By means of our own Lives, oh, how glorified and loved We feel by the one to whom We revealed Ourselves. Making Ourselves known - finding one who wants to know Us - is the act which glorifies Us the most. Our Love finds the one to whom It can pour Itself out - to give whatever We want. After all, why would We have made the creature if We didn’t want to make ourselves known? It is the knowledge that makes Us descend into her, and gives her the wings to ascend to Us. So, when We see you yearning to know more about our Will, We immediately prepare for you the most beautiful surprises of our Omnipotent FIAT - not just to let you know, but to give you the good We reveal to you.”

After this, He added, all moved: “My daughter, the one who lives in my Will is the creature desired by everyone, because all feel loved by her. Her love runs to all, embraces all, places itself in the hearts of all, to make Us loved by all. Even the most tiny ‘I love you, I adore you, I bless you’ of the creature who lives in our Holy Will, has the right to be enclosed within all. Even the Saints and the Angels feel honored to give a place within themselves to the most tiny ‘I love you’ from this fortunate creature - and so they love Us with this ‘I love you.’ What will not be her joy when she comes to the Celestial Fatherland and will see her ‘I love you’ in all the Blessed who love her God? All this happens in the most simple way: since our Will is everywhere, anything done in It takes its place everywhere, and acquires the continuous act of loving always. Therefore, even the Sun, the Heavens, the stars - the entire Creation - will possess these acts in order to love Us and bless Us.”


April 10, 1938
How Jesus wants to find everything in the creature who lives in the Divine Will, and wants to find her in everyone. How God wants to find in our love the support for His works and the hiding place of His Life.

My poor mind is always returning to the Divine Volition. Having had Communion, I was saying to my adorable Jesus: ‘In your Will all is mine; so I love You with the love of my Mother and Queen - and yours. I kiss You with her lips; I hug You very tight with her arms; and, carrying You with me, I take refuge inside her Heart, to give You her joys, her delights, her Maternity, so that You may find the sweetness and protection that only your Mama can give You....’ But while I was enclosing myself together with Jesus inside my Mama - all tenderness, sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, and daughter of my Mother, how happy I am to find the daughter with my Mother, and my Mama with her daughter. She wants the creatures to love Me with her own Love and to use her lips to kiss Me, and her arms to hug Me. She wants to give them her Maternity to keep Me safe, so that I may have all of them as my Mama. To find the daughter and the Mother loving Me with one single Love, is the greatest joy for Me - I feel that both of them give Me a new Paradise on earth.

But this is not enough. I want to find everything in one who lives in my Will. If something is missing I cannot say that my Will is complete within the creature. Not only do I want to find my Mama within the creature in Her place of honor as Queen and Mother, but also my Celestial Father and the Holy Spirit. Also, I want her to make Their Love her own, and to love Me with the immensity and the infinity of Their Love. So, my daughter, delight Me by telling Me that you love Me as the Father and the Holy Spirit love Me.”

Jesus remained silent, waiting for me to tell Him what He wanted. Although unworthy, to content Him I said: ‘I love You with the immense Power and Love of the Father, and with the endless Love of the Holy Spirit. I love You with the love with which all the Angels and Saints love You. I love You with that love with which all the creatures, past, present and future, love You - or should love You. I love You for all created things, and with the same Love with which You created them....’

My dear Jesus heaved a long sigh, and then He added: “Finally, I feel satisfied in my yearning to find everything in the creature. I find our endless seas of Love, I find the delights of my loving Mama - I find everything and everyone. Therefore, I must find everything and everyone in the creature who lives in my Will, and I must find her in everyone. After all, my Celestial Father generated Me through Love, so I feel together with Me - in the act of giving and receiving continuous Love - those who love Me, and let nothing of our Love escape them.”

Then, He added: “My daughter, this is why, in our Love, We feel an intense need that the creatures know Us - and our Works. If they don’t know Us, We remain as if set aside from them, even though We live inside and outside them; and while We are aware of anything they do and think - loving them in each one of their acts - not only do they not love Us, but they do not even recognize Us. What pain! If they do not recognize Us, love cannot arise; and if love is missing, We don’t have a place for our Works, nor can our Love find a refuge in which to pour Itself out and take shelter. Everything remains suspended. Therefore, We want to find the ‘I love you’ of the creature in our Works, so that, arming it with our Power, We can lean our greatest Works on it. Oh, how happy We are in finding her little ‘I love you’ as the shelf for our Works. It is pain for Us to operate without finding a place for our works - it seems as though the Life of our Works were missing. Our operative Love remains repressed - suffocated.... We are able to do, and cannot do, and only because the creature, ungrateful, does not recognize Us, nor does she love Us.

Creatures tie our hands and confine Us to uselessness, since all our Works are directed to their benefit; We cannot give, because knowledge and love are missing and, with them, the space in which to place our Works. In the end, why should We operate if We cannot find anybody willing to receive our works? Further, you must know that before doing any work, We first look for someone to know that work, receive it and love it - and then We do it. My very Humanity did no act before finding one to love, and to receive that act. And even then, if I didn’t find anyone who would receive it, I could see across the centuries and I directed my act to the one who would love it, know it and receive it. Even when I cried as little newborn Baby, I directed those tears of Mine to those who were going to repent, be sorry for their sins, and be washed, in order to re-acquire the Life of Grace. As I walked, my steps were directed to those who had to walk along the way of good, to be their strength and guide in their path. There was not a work that I did, a word that I said, or a pain that I suffered, in which I did not look for the works of the creatures as the shelf for my works, or for their words in which to place my word. My pains searched for a shelf in their pains in order to give the good contained in all that I did.

It was my passion of love that made Me do nothing other than what could be useful for my children. This is one of the most powerful reasons for which I want the creature to live in my Will. Only then would all my Works - the Creation, the Redemption, and even one sigh of Mine - find a place on which to lean, to become works of the works of the creatures, pains of their pains - life of their life. Then, all that I did and suffered will turn into glory and victory, so as to cast away all enemies, and recall order, harmony, peace, and the celestial smile of the Heavenly Fatherland in the midst of the creatures.”

In hearing this I remained surprised, and my beloved Jesus added: “My blessed daughter, life in my Will will contain such surprises and so many divine novelties as to astonish even the Angels and the Saints; more so, since, in my Will, there are no words, but facts. My will converts words, desires and intentions into facts and accomplished works, while all that the creature wants outside of my Will is reduced to words, desires and intentions. In my Will, which possess the Creative virtue, all that the creature wants becomes accomplished fact and works full of life; more so, since, living in our Will, she is already aware of what We do, and feels what We want. So she follows Us in the works, wanting whatever We want - she just cannot do without it, nor could she put herself aside. Our FIAT becomes her greatest necessity, and she cannot do without It. It is more than breath for her, which has to give and to receive; more than motion, which feels the extreme need to move..... In sum, my Will is everything for her. It is impossible for her to live without It. Therefore, be attentive, and may your flight by always in our FIAT.”


May everything be for the Glory of God and for the fulfillment of the Divine Will.


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