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Divine Will Volume Nineteen


Fiat, always.

February 23, 1926
Jesus calls her “the little newborn” so that she may be reborn continuously in His Holy Will to new beauty, to new sanctity, to new light, to new likeness of her Creator.

My Love and my Life, Jesus, come to the help of my weakness and of my reluctance in writing; even more, let your own Will come to write, that I may put nothing of my own, but only all that You want me to write. And You, my Mama and Celestial Mother of the Divine Will, come to guide my hand while I write. Lend me the words, facilitate for me the concepts which Jesus places in my mind, that I may worthily write about the Most Holy Will, so as to make my sweet Jesus content.

I was thinking to myself: ‘Why does blessed Jesus so often call me “the little newborn of His Most Holy Will”? Maybe because I am still bad, and since I have not taken one step in His Will, with reason He calls me just newborn….’

Now, while I was thinking of this, my adorable Jesus clasped His arms around my neck, and squeezing me tightly to His Heart, told me: “To my little newborn of my Will I want to deny nothing. Do you want to know, then, why I call you little newborn? Newborn means to be in the act of being born, and you must be reborn in each one of your acts in my Will. Not only this, but in order to be repaid for all the oppositions of the human wills, my Will wants to call you into my Volition to make you be reborn so many times for as many times as the human wills have opposed It. Therefore, it is necessary to keep you always a newborn. When one is in the act of being born, it is easy to make her be reborn as many times as one wants, and to preserve her without the growth of the human will. But when the soul grows, it becomes more difficult to keep her without the life of her own self.

But this is not all. It was necessary, befitting and decorous for the newborn of my Will and for Our Will Itself, that she would unite herself to that single Act of the Eternal One, which has no succession of acts. And just as this single Act gives the Divine Being all the greatness, the magnificence, the immensity, the eternity, the power – in sum, It encloses everything, to make whatever It wants come out of this one Act – in the same way, Our little newborn of Our Will, uniting with the single Act of the Eternal One, was to do always one single act – that is, to remain always in continuous act of being born, doing always one single act: Our Will. And while doing one single act, she would be reborn continuously - but reborn to what? To new beauty, to new sanctity, to new light, to new likeness of her Creator. And as you are reborn in Our Will, the Divinity feels repaid of the purpose for which It issued the Creation, and It feels the joys and the happiness that the creature was to give It, come back to It. Clasping you to the divine bosom, It fills you with joy and with infinite graces, and It manifests to you more knowledges about Our Will; and giving you no time, It makes you be reborn again in Our Will.

Moreover, these continuous births make you die continuously to your will, to your weaknesses, to miseries, and to all that does not belong to Our Will. How beautiful is the destiny of my little newborn! So, aren’t you happy?

See, I too was born one time, but that birth makes Me be born continuously. I am reborn in each consecrated Host; I am reborn every time the creature returns to my grace. The first birth gave Me the field to make Me be reborn always. This is how divine works are: after they are done once, their continuous act remains, without ever ending. The same will be with my little newborn of my Will: after she is born once, the act of her continuous birth will remain. This is why I am so careful not to let your will enter into you, and I surround you with so much grace – so that you may always be reborn in my Will, and my Will may be reborn in you.”

February 28, 1926
Every time the soul occupies herself with herself, she loses one act in the Divine Will. What it means to lose this act.

I continued amid my usual fears, and my always lovable Jesus, making Himself seen, all goodness told me: “My daughter, do not lose time, because every time you occupy yourself with yourself it is an act of my Will that you lose; and if you knew what it means to lose one single act in my Will…! You lose a divine act - that act which embraces everything and everyone, and which contains all the goods that exist in Heaven and on earth. More so, since my Will is a continuous act which never stops Its course, nor can It wait for you when you stop with your fears. It is more appropriate for you to follow It in Its continuous course, than for It to wait for you to place yourself on the way in order to follow It. And not only do you lose time, but having to pacify you and to raise you from your fears in order to put you on the way in my Will, you force Me to occupy Myself with things which do not regard the Supreme Volition. Your very Angel, who is near you, remains on an empty stomach, because every act you do in It, as you follow Its course, is one more accidental beatitude which he enjoys, being near you; and it is a doubled paradise of joys that you offer him, in such a way that he feels happy in his destiny of having you in his custody. And since the joys of Heaven are communal, your Angel offers the accidental beatitude he has received from you, his doubled paradise, to the whole Celestial Court as the fruit of the Divine Will of his protected one. All make feast and magnify and praise the power, the sanctity, the immensity of my Will. Therefore, be attentive; in my Will one cannot lose time - there is much to do; you have to follow the act of a God, which is never interrupted.”

Having said this, He disappeared, and I remained concerned in seeing the evil I was doing; and I said to myself: ‘How can it ever be possible that by placing myself in the Divine Volition, forgetting about everything else, as if nothing else existed for me but the Eternal Will alone, I take part in all that this lovable Will contains?’ And Jesus, returning, added: “My daughter, it is just for one who is born in my Will to know the secrets It contains; and besides, the thing in itself is very easy and as though natural. Suppose that you went to live in a house, either for a short time or forever, in which there is beautiful music and a fragrant air, through which one feels infused with new life. Indeed you had not put that music or that balsamic air in it, but since you find yourself in that house, which is not yours, you come to enjoy both the music and the fragrant air, which regenerates your strengths to new life. Add that this house contains enchanting paintings, beautiful things that enrapture, gardens which you had never seen before, with so many different plants and flowers that it is impossible to count them all; delicious lunches which you had never enjoyed before.… Oh! how you amuse yourself; how you delight and enjoy yourself in admiring so many beauties, in savoring foods so tasty. However, of all this, nothing was made or placed by you; yet, you take part in everything just because you are in that house.

Now, if this happens in the natural order, much more easily can it happen in the supernatural order of my Will. By entering into It, the soul forms one single act with the Divine Will, and as though naturally she takes part in what It does and contains. More so, since in order to live in my Will, the soul is first stripped of the garments of the old guilty Adam, and is clothed anew with the garments of the new and holy Adam. Her garment is the light of the Supreme Will Itself, through which all Its divine manners are communicated to her, which are noble and communicative to all. This light makes her lose the human features and restores in her the physiognomy of her Creator. What is the wonder, then, if you take part in all that the Divine Will possesses, since one is the life and one the Will? Therefore, be attentive. I recommend to you - be always faithful to Me, and your Jesus will keep the pace of making you live always in my Will. I will be on guard, that you may never go out of It.”

March 2, 1926
Silence on that which regards the truths of the Divine Will forms the tomb of these truths, while the word forms the resurrection. The “Glory Be” of the soul in the Divine Will.

I felt oppressed and with such reluctance to open my soul to manifest what my blessed Jesus tells me, that I would rather have remained silent forever, so that nothing would be known any more. I lamented to my sweet Jesus, saying to Him: ‘Oh! if You told me not to say anything to any one, ever again, of what passes between You and me, from what an enormous weight You would free me - how happy I would be. Don’t You see my great repugnance, and the effort I have to make?’

But while I was saying this, my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, would you want to bury the light, the grace, the truth, and so prepare the tomb for your Jesus? Silence on anything which is truth forms the burial of the truth, while the word forms the resurrection of the truth - it makes light, grace and good rise again; more so, since the word on the truth comes from the Supreme Fiat. The word had its divine field when, in Creation, with the word “Fiat” I issued the whole Creation. I could have created It remaining silent also, but I wanted to use the word “Fiat” so that the word too might have divine origin; and since it would contain the creative power, whoever would use it to manifest what belongs to Me might have the power to communicate those truths to whomever would have the fortune to listen to him. For you, then, there is a stronger reason. In fact, since the greater part of everything I tell you are things which regard my Supreme Will, it is not only the original word, but the Fiat Itself which, entering the field again as in Creation, wants to make known the immense goods that my Will contains. And It communicates so much power to everything I manifest about It, as to be enough to form the new Creation of my Will within souls. Is this the love you have for Me, that with your silence you want to form the tomb for my Will?”

I remained frightened and more afflicted than before; and I prayed Jesus to give me the grace to fulfill His Most Holy Will. And my beloved Jesus, as though wanting to cheer me, came out from within my interior, and squeezing me tightly to His Most Holy Heart, infused new strength in me. At that moment, the Heavens opened and I heard everyone say, in chorus: “Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit”. I don’t know how, but it was my turn to answer: ‘As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.’ But who can say what was happening? In the word “Father” one could see the creative power flowing everywhere, preserving everything, giving life to everything. The mere breath of this word was enough to maintain everything He had created intact, beautiful and ever new. In the word “Son” one could see all the works of the Word, renewed, ordered, and all in act of filling Heaven and earth to give themselves for the good of creatures. In the word “Holy Spirit” one could see all things being invested with a speaking, operative and vivifying love. But who can say everything? I felt my poor mind immersed in the eternal beatitudes, and my adorable Jesus, wanting to call me back into myself, told me: “My daughter, do you know why it was your turn to say the second part of the ‘Glory be’? Since my Will is in you, it befitted you to bring the earth up to Heaven, in order to give, in the name of all, together with the Celestial Court, that glory which will never end - ‘world without end’. Eternal things, which never end, can be found only in my Will, and one who possesses It is in communication with Heaven. This soul takes part in everything they do in the celestial regions, and she is as though in act together with the celestial Blessed.”

March 6, 1926
Only the most important thing was known about the Celestial Mama – that the Son of God was Her Son. The same will happen with the daughter of the Divine Will – the most important thing only will be known, so as to make the Divine Will known. A good which is not known has no ways to communicate itself.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus came, and holding my hand in His, He drew me to Himself - up high, between Heaven and earth. Almost fearing, I clung to Jesus, holding on tightly to His most holy hand; and wanting to pour out my pain with Him, which so much oppresses me, I said to Him: ‘My Love and my Life, Jesus, some time ago You told me that You wanted to make of me a copy of my Celestial Mama; yet, almost nothing was known about Her, of the many seas of grace with which, in every instant, She was inundated by You. She said nothing to no one – She kept everything within Herself; nor does the Gospel say anything. It is known only that She was your Mama, and that She gave You, Eternal Word, to the world; but everything that passed between You and Her – the favors, the graces – She kept all within Herself. With me, then, You want the opposite – You want me to manifest what You tell me; You do not want the secret of what passes between You and me. I feel sorrow because of this; where, then, is the copy You want to make between me and my Mama?’

And my sweet Jesus, clasping me tightly to His Heart, all tenderness told me: “My daughter, courage, do not fear. Nothing was known about my Mama but that which it was necessary and sufficient to be known – that I was Her Son; that through Her I came to redeem the generations, and that She was the first one in whose soul I had my first field of divine actions. Everything else – the favors and the seas of graces which She received – remained in the sacrarium of the divine secrets. However, the most important, the greatest, the holiest thing was indeed known – that the Son of God was Her Son. This was the greatest honor for Her, which raised Her above all creatures. Therefore, since the greatest was known about my Mama, the lesser was not necessary.

The same will happen with my daughter: it will be known only that my Will had Its first field of divine action in your soul, as well as everything that is necessary in order to make known what regards my Will; how It wants to enter the field so that the creature may return to her origin, and how It anxiously awaits her into Its arms, so that there may be no more division between her and Me. If this were not made known, how could creatures long for this great good? How could they dispose themselves to receive a grace so great? If my Mama had not wanted to make known that I was the Eternal Word and Her Son, what good would Redemption have produced? A good which is not known, as great as it may be, has no ways to communicate the good it possesses. And just as my Mama was not opposed, so must my daughter not oppose what regards my Will. All the rest of the secrets - the flights you do in my Will, the goods you take, and the most intimate things between you and Me – will remain in the sacrarium of the divine secrets. Do not fear, your Jesus will content you in everything.”

March 9, 1926
Creation forms the mute glory of God. How, in creating man, God played a risky game; but it failed, and He has to make up for it.

My poor mind was swimming in the endless sea of the Divine Volition, and my always lovable Jesus made me see the whole Creation in act. What order, what harmony, how many different beauties! Each thing carried the seal of an uncreated love that ran toward creatures, and in descending into the depth of each heart, all things cried out in their mute language: ‘Love – love the One who so much loves you!’ I felt a sweet enchantment in seeing the whole Creation. Its loving muteness, more than powerful voice, wounded my poor heart, to the point that I felt faint. And my sweet Jesus, sustaining me in His arms, told me: “My daughter, all Creation says: ‘Glory and adoration to our Creator - love to creatures!’ So, Creation is a mute glory and adoration for Us, because no freedom was conceded to It – either to grow, or to decrease. We issued It from Ourselves, but We kept It within Us – that is, in Our Will - to sing, though mute, the praises of Our power, beauty, magnificence and glory. So, We Ourselves sing the praises of Our own power, of Our glory, of Our infinite love, power, goodness, harmony and beauty. Creation gives Us nothing by Itself; although, being the outpouring of all Our Divine Being, It serves man as mirror in order to look at and to know his Creator, and It gives to him sublime lessons of order, of harmonies, of sanctity and of love. One can say that the Creator Himself, assuming the attitude of Divine Master, gives as many lessons for as many things as He created – from the greatest to the littlest work which came out of His creative hands.

It was not so in creating man. Our love for him was so great as to surpass all the love We had in Creation. Therefore We endowed him with reason, memory and will; and placing Our Will within his, as though in a bank, We wanted him to multiply It, to increase It a hundredfold - not for Us, who did not need it, but for his own good, that he might not remain like the other created things, mute and fixed in that point at which We issued them, but he might grow ever more in glory, in riches, in love and in the likeness of his Creator. And so that he might find all possible imaginable aids, We gave him Our Will at his disposal, that he might achieve, with Our very power, the good, the growth and the likeness of his Creator that he wanted to acquire.

In creating man, Our love wanted to play a risky game by placing Our things within the little circle of the human will, as though in a bank: Our beauty, wisdom, sanctity, love, etc. And Our Will was to become the guide and the actor of his operating, not only to make him grow in Our likeness, but to give him the shape of a little god. Therefore, Our sorrow was great in seeing these great goods being rejected by the creature; and for the time being Our risky game failed. But, even though it failed, it was always a divine game, which could and had to make up for its failure. Therefore, after many years, my love wanted to gamble again, and It did so with my Immaculate Mama. In Her Our game did not fail; it obtained its full effect, and therefore We gave Her everything and We entrusted everything to Her. Even more, we competed – We in giving, She in receiving.

Now, you must know that Our love wants to play this risky game with you also, so that you, united with the Celestial Mama, may let Us win the game by allowing Us to make up for the failure which the first man, Adam, caused Us; and so that Our Will, restored in Its victories, may place Its goods in the field once again, which, with so much love, It wants to give to creatures. And just as through the Holy Virgin - because I had made up in my game - I made the Sun of Redemption rise in order to save the lost humanity; in the same way, through you, I will make the Sun of my Will rise again, that It may follow Its course in the midst of creatures. This is the reason for so many graces of mine which I pour into you, and for the many knowledges about my Will: it is nothing else but my risky game which I am forming in you. Therefore be attentive, that you may not cause Me the greatest sorrow I could receive in the whole history of the world: the failure of my second game. Ah, no, you will not do this to Me - my love will be victorious, and my Will will find Its fulfillment.”

Jesus disappeared, and I remained concerned about what He had told me, though all abandoned in the Supreme Volition. Jesus alone knows the torment of my soul about everything I am writing, and my great repugnance in putting these things on paper, which I would rather have buried. I felt like fighting against obedience itself, but the Fiat of Jesus won, and so I continue to write what I did not want to.

Then, my sweet Jesus came back, and seeing me concerned, told me: “My daughter, why do you fear? Do you not want Me to play with you? You will put in nothing of your own but the little flame of your will, which I Myself gave you in creating you; so, all the risk of my goods will be my own. Do you not want to be the copy of my Mama? Therefore, come with Me before the divine throne, and there you will find the little flame of the will of the Queen of Heaven at the feet of the Supreme Majesty, which She placed into the divine game. In fact, in order to play, one must always put something of one’s own, otherwise the one who wins has nothing to take, and the one who loses has nothing to leave. And since I won in the game with my Mama, She lost the little flame of Her will. But, happy loss! - by having lost Her little flame, leaving it as continuous homage at the feet of Her Creator, She formed Her life in the great divine fire, growing within the sea of the divine goods; and therefore She could obtain the longed for Redeemer.

Now it is your turn to place the little flame of your little will near that of my inseparable Mama, so that you too may be formed in the divine fire, and may grow with the reflections of your Creator, in order to find grace before the Supreme Majesty to be able to obtain the longed for Fiat. These two little flames will be seen at the foot of the supreme throne for all eternity, having had no life of their own; and one of them obtained Redemption, the other the fulfillment of my Will - the only purpose of Creation, of Redemption, and of my ‘return match’ in the risky game of creating man.”

In one instant, I found myself before that inaccessible light, and my will, in the shape of a little flame, placed itself near that of my Celestial Mama to do what it was doing. But who can say what I could see, comprehend and do? I lack the words, and so I stop here.

And my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, I have won the little flame of your will, and you have won Mine. Had you not lost yours, you could not have won Mine. Now we are both happy – we are both victorious. But, look at the great difference which exists in my Will: it is enough to do an act, a prayer, an ‘I love You’ once, that, taking its place in the Supreme Volition, that same act, prayer or ‘I love You’, remains always in the act of being done, without ever ceasing. In fact, when an act is done in my Will, that act is no longer subject to interruption: after it is done once, it is done forever, as if it were continuously being done. The operating of the soul in my Will comes to partake in the ways of the divine operating: when it operates, it does always the same act, with no need of repeating it. What will your many ‘I love You’s’ in my Will be, always repeating their refrain: ‘I love You, I love You…’? They will be many wounds for Me, and will prepare Me to concede the greatest grace: that my Will be known, loved and fulfilled. Therefore, in my Will, prayers, works, love, enter into the divine order, and one can say that it is I Myself who prays, works, loves. And what could I deny to Myself? In what would I not delight?”

March 14, 1926
One who lives in the Divine Will must be the voice of all created things. In order to fulfill this office, the soul must be newly born in the Divine Will. The great difference that exists between one who is newly born in the Divine Will in time, like the Celestial Mama, and one who is reborn in the Divine Will at the thresholds of eternity.

I continue to dissolve myself in the Holy Divine Will. I would like to embrace everything and everyone, to be able to bring everything to my God as my own things, given to me by Him as gifts, in order to give Him, for each created thing, a little word of love, a ‘thank You’, an ‘I bless You’, an ‘I adore You’. And my always lovable Jesus came out from within my interior, and with His Omnipotent Fiat, He called the whole Creation in order to place It on my lap, to give It to me as a gift; and with tenderness, all of love, He told me: “My daughter, all is yours. For one who must live in my Will, everything which came out of my Will, and which my Will preserves and possesses, must be fully hers by right.

Now, it was my Omnipotent Fiat that extended the heavens and studded them with stars; my Fiat called the light to life and created the sun, as well as all the other created things; and my Fiat remained inside the Creation as triumphant, dominating and preserving life. Now, one who has won the Divine Will has won the whole Creation, and even God Himself; therefore, by right of justice, she must possess all that my Will possesses. More so, since the Creation is mute for Its Creator; and I made It mute because the one to whom I was to give It and who was to live in my Will, would, herself, have speech in all created things, so that all things made by Me might be speaking, not mute. So, you will be the voice of the heavens; and echoing from one point to another, it will make your word heard, which, resounding through the whole celestial atmosphere, will say: ‘I love, I glorify, I adore my Creator…’. You will be the voice of each star, of the sun, of the wind, of the thunder, of the sea, of plants, of mountains – of everything, repeating continuously: ‘I love, I bless, I glorify, I adore, I thank the One who created us…’. Oh, how beautiful will be the voice of my newborn of my Will - of the little daughter of my Volition - in all things! It will render the whole Creation speaking, and Creation will be more beautiful than if I had given It the use of the word. I love you so much that I want to hear your voice in the sun – loving, adoring, glorifying. I want to hear it in the celestial spheres, in the murmuring of the sea, in the darting of the fish, in the bird that sings and warbles, in the lamb that bleats, the turtledove that moans… I want to hear you everywhere. I would not be content if, in all created things, in which my Will has first place, I did not hear the voice of my little newborn who, rendering the whole Creation speaking, gives Me love for love, glory and adoration for each thing created by Me. Therefore, my daughter, be attentive; I have given you much, and much do I want. Your mission is great: it is the life of my Will that must be carried out in you, which embraces everything and possesses everything.”

Then, after this, I was thinking to myself: ‘How can I do all that blessed Jesus tells me – being present in all created things, having one act for everything that the Supreme Volition does, as if It were to be my echo, and I Its echo – if I am just newly born in the Divine Will? I should at least grow a little bit, to be able to diffuse myself a little more, as best I can, in all created things, as my beloved Jesus wants.’ Now, while I was thinking of this, He came out from within my interior and told me: “My daughter, do not be surprised if I tell you that you are the newborn of my Will. You must know that my Immaculate Mama Herself is the newborn of my Will, because in comparing what the Creator is and what the creature can be, and take from God, she can be called a little newborn. And because She was the newborn of my Will, She was formed in the likeness of Her Creator and could be Queen of all Creation; and, as Queen, She dominated everything, and Her echo ran well with the echo of the Divine Will. And not only the Celestial Sovereign Lady, but all Saints, Angels and Blessed can be called just newly born in the Eternal Volition. In fact, as soon as the soul leaves her mortal body, she is reborn in my Will; and if she is not reborn in It, not only can she not enter the Celestial Fatherland, but she cannot even be saved, because no one enters the eternal glory if one is not a birth from my Will.

However, I must tell you of the great difference that exists between one who is the newborn of the Supreme Will in time, and those who are reborn at the thresholds of Eternity. One example is my Queen Mama, who was the newborn of the Divine Will in time, and because She was newly born, She had the power to make Her Creator descend upon earth; and while He was still immense, She made Him become little within Her maternal womb, to clothe Him with Her own nature and to offer Him as the Savior of the human generations. By being newly born, She formed seas of graces, of light, of sanctity, of science, in which to contain the One who had created Her. By the power of the Life of the Supreme Will which She possessed, She was able to do everything and to impetrate everything. God Himself could not deny what this Celestial Creature was asking for, because it was His own Will that was asking, to which He could not, and should not, deny anything. So, one who is newly born in my Will in time, forms seas of grace while being in exile; and upon departing from the earth, she carries with herself all the seas of the goods which the Divine Will possesses, and therefore she carries with her God Himself. To bring from the exile that Will - that God who reigns in the Heavens - is a portent. You yourself cannot comprehend clearly the great goods - the prodigies of one who is newly born in my Will in time. Therefore, of all that I tell you, you can do everything; more so, since my Will Itself will do it, as though identified with your little being. On the other hand, for one who is reborn in my Will upon departing from the earth, it is the Divine Will that makes her find Its immense seas to make the soul be reborn in It. She does not carry her God with herself - it is God that makes Himself found by her. What a difference between the two! Therefore, greater grace I could not give you than making of you the newborn of my Will; and if you love to grow, let my Will alone grow.”

March 19, 1926
How the Most Holy Will of God eclipses everything, even Creation and Redemption; and being Life of everything, It will produce greater fruits.

I write only to obey and to fulfill the Will of God alone.

I was thinking to myself: ‘My always lovable Jesus tells me many times that I must be the copy of my Celestial Mama, and therefore embrace everything and make up for all, to be able to impetrate the longed for Fiat, just as the Sovereign Queen impetrated the longed for Redeemer. But how can I do this? She was holy, conceived without original sin; I, on the other hand, am one of the littlest and poorest creatures, conceived with original sin, like all the children of Adam, full of miseries and weaknesses. How, then, shall I be able to follow the flights of the Sovereign Lady in the Divine Volition, in order to impetrate upon the earth the so longed for Fiat, which my sweet Jesus wants to reign?’

Now, while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and clasping me tightly in His arms, told me: “My daughter, my Mama was conceived without original sin so that She might be able to impetrate the longed for Redeemer, because it was right and decorous that not even the seed of guilt would ever have existence in the one who was to be my Mother. She was to be the noblest, the holiest of all creatures - but of a divine nobility and of a holiness all similar to Her Creator, that He might find in Her so much grace and capacity as to be able to conceive the Holy of Holies – the Eternal Word.

Many times creatures also do this, when, having to keep precious things and of great value, they prepare most clear vases, and of a value equivalent to the precious things which are to be kept in them. On the other hand, if those are ordinary things and of little value, they prepare vases of clay and of very little value, nor do they have the care of keeping them under lock and key, as they do with the most clear vase; rather, they keep them exposed. So, from the preciousness of the vase and from the way it is kept, one can know whether the things contained in it are precious and of great value. Now, since I was to receive Her blood in order to be conceived in Her womb, it was right that both Her soul and Her body be most clear, and that She be enriched with all possible imaginable graces, privileges and prerogatives that God can give and the creature can receive.

Now, my daughter, if all this happened in my dear Mama because She was to make the longed for Redeemer descend upon earth, to you also, since I have chosen you for the longed for Fiat – longed for by Heaven and by the earth; longed for with great love and yearning by the very Divinity; even more, longed for more by God than by men – I was to give you so much grace as not to place the knowledges pertaining to my Will in a corrupted soul and body; and not only the knowledges, but the very Life of my Will, which It was to form and carry out within you. Therefore, making use of Its power, even though It did not exempt you from original sin, with Its power It repressed the inclination to sin and stood firm over it, that it might not produce its corrupted effects. So, in you my Will keeps original sin crushed and without life. This was right and necessary for the nobility, the decorum and the sanctity of the Supreme Will. If any effects which are not good were present in you, my Will would find shadows - fogs, and would not be able to spread Its rays of truth like the sun in its full midday; and even less could It form in you the center of the carrying out of Its Divine Life, because my Will is so clear and holy that It cannot be, nor adapt Itself to living together, with the slightest spot.”

On hearing this, trembling, I said: ‘Jesus, what are You saying? Is all this possible? Yet, I feel so miserable and little as to feel the need of You, of your assistance and of your presence to be able to continue to live. And You know to what a pitiful state I reduce myself when You deprive me of Yourself.’ And Jesus, interrupting my speaking, added: “My daughter, do not be surprised – it is the Sanctity of my Will that requires it; what this is about is the greatest thing that exists in Heaven and on earth: if in Redemption I came to save man, now it is about rescuing my Will in the creatures, and therefore making known the purpose of Creation and of Redemption, the goods which my Will wants to give, the life It wants to form within each creature, and the rights which befit It. Therefore, placing a Divine Will in safety in the midst of creatures is the greatest thing, and my Will, known and reigning, will surpass the fruits of Creation and of Redemption; It will be the crowning of my works and the triumph of Our works. And if my Will is not known, loved and fulfilled, neither Creation nor Redemption will obtain their full purpose and their complete fruit. Creation and Redemption came out from within my Omnipotent Fiat; and so that Our glory may be complete and the creature may receive all the effects and the goods which They contain, everything must return into Our Will.”

Now, who can say how my poor mind swam in the immensity of the Eternal Will, and what I comprehended? But the point that impressed me the most, was that the Fiat was to surpass even the good of Redemption, with the addition of a terrible reluctance to manifest what is written above, for fear that obedience would impose on me to write. Oh, how I would have wanted to keep silent! But with the Fiat one cannot argue, because in one way or another the victory must always be Its own.

Then, my sweet Jesus, always benign, coming back told me: “My daughter, it is necessary that you manifest this – not for yourself, but for the decorum and the sanctity which befit my Will. Do you think that all the crafting I have done in your soul, for forty years and more, has been only for yourself, and for the love I had and do have for you? Ah, no! It has been, above all, for the decorum of that which befitted my Will, so that, in coming to reign in you, It would find my crafting, my incessant prayers inviting It to come; the throne of my works and of my pains, on which It might dominate and form Its dwelling; the light of Its very knowledge, so that It might find in you Its honors and Its very divine glory. Therefore, my many manifestations about the Supreme Will were necessary for the decency that befitted It.

Now, you must know that my Will is greater and more endless than Redemption Itself; and what is greater always brings greater fruits and goods. My Will is eternal in time and eternity - It had no beginning, nor will It ever end. On the other hand, though being eternal in the divine mind, Redemption had Its beginning in time, and was a product of the Eternal Will. So, it was not Redemption that gave life to the Divine Will, but it was my Will that gave life to Redemption; and whatever has the power to give life, by nature and by necessity must become more fruitful than the one who has received life.

But this is not all. In Creation, the Divinity issued from Itself the shadows of Its light, the shadows of Its wisdom, of Its power; It touched the whole Creation lightly with Its whole Being. So, the beauty, the harmony, the order, the love, the goodness of God, which can be seen in the whole Creation, are divine similes – shadows of the Supreme Majesty. On the other hand, my Will – not a simile or a shadow of Ours – came out into the field of Creation as the life of all created things; and so It is life, foundation, support, vivification and preservation of everything that came out of Our creative hands. Therefore, everything is owed to the Supreme Will; my Redemption Itself bent Its knees before It, to implore that It would constitute Itself life of each act, heartbeat and suffering of mine - and even of my breathing, so as to let vital aids flow within the creatures in order to save them. My Redemption can be called the tree, whose root is the Divine Will; and since It has produced the trunk, the branches, the leaves, the flowers of all the goods which are present in the Church, It must therefore produce the fruit of life, which the root of this tree contains. Moreover, the Creation came out from Ourselves with the only purpose that Our Will be known and loved more than life itself; and therefore Our Will constituted Itself life of everything, so as to be fulfilled. All the other things created by Us, and even Redemption Itself, were given as aids in order to facilitate Our purpose. So, if We do not obtain Our primary purpose, how can We obtain Our complete glory, and how can the creature receive the good established by Us?

Furthermore, Creation, Redemption and the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven, symbolize the Sacrosanct Trinity. In fact, just as the Divine Persons are inseparable from one another, so these works are inseparable from one another: each one gives the hand to the other; each one helps the other – the triumph, the glory, belongs to all three of them. And since Our Will has held the primary place in all Our works, Creation and Redemption remain eclipsed and as though dissolved within the immensity and the endlessness of the Supreme Will. Our Will envelops everything and keeps the very things done by Us as Its throne, from which It reigns and dominates. So, if Our Will is everything, why are you surprised that It will produce greater fruits than Our other works? And man will receive that Life which he has, but does not know, because he keeps It as though compressed, drowned, weakened, while It moans and sighs, because It wants to carry out Its Life, but It is not allowed to do so.

Therefore, be attentive, because the knowledge of my Will will shake man, and will be like cement on the woodworm which original sin produced in the tree of the human generations; so that, once the root has been strengthened, the creature may allow that Life, which she had rejected with so much ingratitude, to live within herself.”

March 28, 1926
How, by living in the Divine Will, all goods are centralized within the soul. The primary purpose of Redemption was the Divine Fiat.

Having received Holy Communion, I was calling everyone - my Queen Mama, the Saints, the first man Adam with the retinue of all generations, up to the last man who will come upon earth, and then all created things - so that, all together, prostrate with me around Jesus, we might adore Him, bless Him, love Him; so that nothing might be missing around Jesus, of all the works which came out of His hands – not a heart that palpitates, nor a sun that shines, nor the vastness of the blue heavens studded with stars, nor the sea that murmurs, and not even the tiny little flower that gives off its fragrance. I wanted to centralize everything and everyone around Jesus-Host, so that we might render Him the honors due to Him. His Will made everything present to me as if everything were mine, and I wanted to give everything to Jesus.

Now, while I was doing this, it seemed to me that Jesus was happy in looking at all generations and all of His things around Himself; and clasping me to Himself, He told me: “My daughter, how content I am in seeing all of my works around Me! I feel I am given back the joy and the happiness which I gave them in creating them; and I repay them with new happiness. This is the great good which my Will contains and brings; and in one who lives in It, It centralizes the goods of all, because there is no good which my Will does not bring, and It binds the soul to everyone and to everything that belongs to It. So, if the creature had not withdrawn from my Will, I would have found everyone within each one, and each one in everyone. The goods, the light, the strength, the science, the love, the beauty, were to be common to all. There was to be neither ‘yours’ nor ‘mine’, both in the natural and in the spiritual order – each one could have taken as much as he wanted.

The human life in my Will was to be symbolized by the sun: everyone can take its light, as much as they want of it, without anyone lacking it. However, as man withdrew from my Will, the goods, the light, the strength, the love, the beauty, remained divided and as though halved among creatures. Therefore, there was no more order, nor harmony, nor true love - either toward God or among themselves. Oh, if the sun could be divided into many rays, these solar rays, detaching from the center of light, would end up becoming darkness. And what would happen to the earth? Ah, indeed no one could ever again have a light of his own, and all for himself. So it was with my Will. By withdrawing from It, man lost the fullness of goods, the fullness of light, of strength, of beauty, etc., and therefore he was forced to live a life of hardships. Therefore, be attentive; let your living in my Will be continuous, that you may contain everything, and I may find everything in you.”

Then, I was thinking to myself: ‘If the true living in the Supreme Will contains so much good, why did my Celestial Mama, who was all Will of God, not impetrate the “Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven” together with the longed for Redeemer, so as to let man return into that Supreme Fiat from which he came, to give back to him all the goods and the purpose for which he had been created? More so, since, being all Will of God, She had no nourishment extraneous to God, therefore She possessed the very divine power, and with It She could impetrate everything.’ And my sweet Jesus, moving again in my interior, sighing, added: “My daughter, the primary purpose of all that my Mama did, and of all that I did in Redemption, was that my Fiat would reign upon earth. It would not have been decorous, nor a true love, nor a great magnanimity, and even less an operating worthy of the God that I was, if in coming into the world I had given and wanted to give to creatures the smaller thing – which was the means to be saved – but not the greater one, which was my Will, which contains not only the remedies, but all possible goods that exist in Heaven and on earth; and not only salvation and sanctity, but that Sanctity which raises them to the very Sanctity of their Creator.

Oh, if you could penetrate into each prayer, act, word and pain of my inseparable Mama, you would find in them the Fiat which She longed for and impetrated. If you could penetrate into each drop of my Blood, into each one of my heartbeats, breaths, steps, works, sorrows and tears, you would find the Fiat having primacy in them, which I longed and asked for, for creatures. But while the primary purpose was the Fiat, my goodness had to descend to the secondary purpose and act almost like a teacher who, though possessing the highest sciences and being able to give noble and sublime lessons, worthy of himself, since his students are all illiterate, has to lower himself to giving lessons in ‘a b c’, to then be able to reach, little by little, his primary purpose of imparting the lessons in the science he possesses, to make of them as many teachers worthy of such a teacher. If this teacher did not want to lower himself to giving lessons in inferior studies, and wanted to give lessons in his high science, the students, being illiterate, would not understand him and, confused by such a great science which they ignored, would leave him. And the poor teacher, by not wanting to lower himself, would give neither the small good, nor the great good of his science.

Now, my daughter, when I came upon earth creatures were all illiterate in the things of Heaven, and if I had wanted to speak about the Fiat and of the true living in It, they would have been incapable of comprehending. Since they did not know the way to come to Me, the majority of them being crippled, blind, sick, I had to lower Myself within the guise of my Humanity which covered that Fiat which I wanted to give, becoming their brother, associating with everyone, to be able to teach the first rudiments – the ‘a b c’ of the Supreme Fiat. And everything I taught, did and suffered, was nothing but preparing the way, the Kingdom and the dominion of my Will.

This is the usual way of Our works: to do minor things as a preparatory act for greater things. Did I not do the same with you? At the beginning, I certainly did not speak to you about the Supreme Fiat, or about the height, the sanctity which I wanted you to reach in my Will; nor did I ever mention the greater mission to which I was calling you; rather, I kept you like a little child, to whom I delighted in teaching obedience, love of suffering, detachment from everyone, death to your own self. And as you corresponded, I rejoiced because I could see, prepared in you, the place in which to put my Fiat and the sublime lessons that pertained to my Will.

The same happened in Redemption: everything was done for the purpose that the Fiat might reign again in the creature, just as when we issued him from Our creative hands. We have no hurry in Our works, because We have not only the centuries, but all eternity at Our disposal. Therefore We proceed at a slow pace - but for Our own triumph; first We prepare, and then We act. Nor do I have less power after returning to Heaven, than I would have if I continued to be on earth - my power is always the same, whether I am in Heaven or on earth. Did I not call and choose my Mama while being in my Celestial Fatherland? In the same way, I have called and chosen you for the longed for Fiat with the same power which no one can resist. Even more, I tell you that in order to obtain this, you have at your disposal greater and more important things than my beloved Mama did. Therefore, you are more fortunate because She did not have a mama, nor her works as help, in order to obtain the longed for Redeemer, but She had only the cortege of the acts of the prophets, the patriarchs and the good of the Old Testament, and of the great foreseen goods of the future Redeemer. You, on the other hand, have a Mama and all of Her works as help; you have the helps, the pains, the prayers and the very Life – not foreseen, but carried out – of your Redeemer. There are no goods nor prayers that have been done, and are being done in the Church, which are not with you, to help you to obtain the longed for Fiat. Since the primary purpose of all that was done by Me, by the Queen of Heaven and by all the good was the fulfillment of my Will, everything is with you, to impetrate the realization of their purpose. Therefore, be attentive; I will always be with you, and so will my Mama. You will not be alone in longing for the triumph of Our Will.”

March 31, 1926
One who does the Divine Will must possess everything that belongs to It. The soul who lives in the Divine Will must do the Will of God as God does It.

My poor mind was dissolving in the Divine Will, and an endless light invaded the little circle of my intelligence; and while it seemed that this light was as though centralized in my mind, it would spread outside and fill the whole atmosphere; and penetrating even into the Heavens, it seemed as though centralized in the Divinity. But who can say what one could feel and comprehend while being in that light? One could feel the fullness of happiness. Nothing could penetrate into that light which might shade the joy, the beauty, the strength, the penetration of the divine secrets and the knowledge of the supreme mysteries.

Then, while I was swimming in that light, my always lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, this light, this dwelling so enchanting, which knows neither sunset nor night, is my Will. Everything is complete in It: happiness, strength, beauty, knowledge of the Supreme Being, etc. This light so endless, which is Our Will, came out of the womb of the Divinity as the heritage of man – the most beautiful inheritance We could give him. It came out of Our inmost womb, bringing with Itself a share of all Our goods, to let the creature inherit them, and to form him as all beautiful and holy, in the likeness of the One who had created him.

See, then, my daughter, what it means to do my Will and to live in It: there is no good that exists in Heaven and on earth, which It does not possess. I want you to know them; otherwise, how can you love them, possess them, and use them in the different circumstances, if you do not know them? If you do not know that you have a divine strength at your disposal, you will lose heart for a trifle. If you do not know that you possess a divine beauty, you will not have the courage to be with Me in a familiar way; you will feel dissimilar from Me, and will not have the audacity to snatch from Me that the Fiat may come to reign upon earth. If you do not know that everything I have created is yours, you will not love Me in all things, and will not have the fullness of true love; and so with all the other things. If you do not know all the goods which my Will possesses – that there is nothing which does not belong to It, and which you must possess - it would happen to you as to a poor one who was given a million, but without letting him know that such an amount had been placed in his little hovel. Poor one, because he does not know the good he possesses, he continues his poor life - his stomach half-empty, his clothes tattered; and he drinks in sips the bitternesses of his poverty. But if he knows it, he changes his fortune; he turns the hovel into a palace; he feeds himself abundantly, clothes himself with decency, and drinks the sweet sips of his richness. So, as many goods as one might possess, if he does not know them, it is as if he did not have them.

This is the reason why so very often I expand your capacity, I give you more knowledges about my Will, and I make known to you everything that belongs to It – so that you may possess, not only my Will, but everything that belongs to It. Besides, in order to come to reign in the soul, my Supreme Will wants to find Its goods, Its dominions; and the soul must make them her own, so that, upon coming to reign within her, It may find Its own dominions over which to lay Its regime - Its command. If It does not find Heaven and earth within the soul, over what can It reign? Here is the necessity for which my Will wants to centralize all goods in you; and you must know them, love them and possess them, so that, being in you, It may find Its Kingdom, and It may dominate and rule over It.”

Afterwards, I was thinking about what Jesus had told me and, more than ever, I could see my littleness. I said to myself: ‘How can I centralize within myself everything that the Divine Will contains? It seems to me that the more He speaks, the littler I become and the more incapable I feel. So, how can this be?’ And Jesus, coming back, added: “My daughter, you must know that my Celestial Mama was able to conceive Me, Eternal Word, within Her most pure womb, because She did the Will of God as God did It. All the other prerogatives which She possessed – that is, virginity, conception without original sin, sanctity, and seas of grace that She possessed – were not sufficient means to be able to conceive a God, because all these prerogatives gave Her neither the immensity, nor the all-seeingness to be able to conceive a God who is immense and who sees everything; and even less the fecundity to be able to conceive Him. In sum, She would have lacked the seed of divine fecundity. But by possessing the Supreme Will as Her own life, and by doing the Will of God as God does It, She received the seed of divine fecundity and, with it, the immensity and the all-seeingness. Therefore, in a natural way, I could be conceived in Her, because I lacked neither immensity nor all that belongs to my Being.

Now, my daughter, the centralization of everything that belongs to my Will will be as though natural for you also, if you arrive at doing the Divine Will as God Himself does It. The Will of God in you and That which reigns within God Himself will be one. What is the wonder, then, if everything which is of God, and which this Will rules, preserves and dominates, is also yours? Rather, what is needed is that you know what belongs to It, so that you may love the goods you possess, and in loving them, you may acquire the right of possession. Doing the Will of God as God does It was the highest, the most substantial, the most necessary point for my Mama, in order to obtain the longed for Redeemer. All of Her other prerogatives were the superficial part, the decency, the decorum which befitted Her. The same for you: if you want to obtain the longed for Fiat, you must arrive at this – doing the Will of God as God does It.”

April 4, 1926
Everything that Our Lord does in the soul who lives in the Divine Will surpasses all that He did in Creation. The Divine Will forms the complete resurrection of the soul in God.

Finding myself in my usual state, I felt all immersed in my lovable Jesus, and my poor mind wandered through the divine knowledges; but everything was silence, on my part and on the part of Jesus, nor am I able to say what my mind comprehended. Afterwards, however, He resumed His speaking, and said to me: “My daughter, everything I do in the soul – oh, how it surpasses all that I did in Creation! See, each knowledge of my perfections which I manifest, each truth which pertains to the Divinity, is a new heaven that I extend within the soul. And as the soul rises in the truths she has known in order to resemble her Creator, it is new suns that I come to form within the space of these heavens. Each grace I pour and each time I renew her union with Me, are seas that are laid in the soul; and her love and correspondence form the sweet murmuring of these seas, as well as mighty waves which rise up to Heaven and come to unload themselves at the foot of the divine throne. As the soul practices her virtues, since the body too contributes to the exercise of them, the body can be called the little field of the soul, over which I lay the most beautiful flowery meadows, in which I delight in creating ever new flowers, plants and fruits.

Just as I am one single act which, after it is done once, is done forever, Creation also was to be one single act; and just as in Creation my single act continues by preserving It ever new, whole and fresh, so is my creating in souls continuous - I never stop. I am always – always in the act of forming more beautiful things, surprising and new things, unless I find souls who close the doors to Me and arrest my continuous act of creation. Then I find another device: I abound, I multiply my continuous act in the souls who keep the doors open, and with them I delight and continue the office of Creator. But do you know where this continuous act of mine is never interrupted? In the soul who lives in my Will. Ah, yes, only in her can I do, freely, whatever I want, because my Will, which the soul contains, prepares her for Me to receive my Fiat that came out in Creation. So, my Will, possessed by the soul, and That which I Myself keep, extend hands to each other, kiss each other, and form the greatest portents. Therefore, be always attentive, and let your flight be always in my Will.”

After this, I was thinking about the Resurrection of Our Lord, and, coming back again, He added: “My daughter, my Resurrection completed, sealed and returned to Me all honors; It called to life all of my works, which I did in the course of my Life on earth, and formed the seed of the resurrection of the souls, and even of the bodies, on the Universal Judgment. So, without my Resurrection, my Redemption would have been incomplete, and my most beautiful works would have been buried. The same for the soul: if she does not rise again completely in my Will, all of her works remain incomplete. And if coldness for divine things creeps into her, if passions oppress her and vices tyrannize her, these will form the tomb in which to bury her, because, since the Life of my Will is missing, the one who makes the divine fire rise again will be missing; the one who, with one blow, kills all passions and makes all virtues rise again, will be missing. My Will is more than sun which eclipses everything, fecundates everything, converts everything into light, and forms the complete resurrection of the soul in God.”

April 9, 1926
Difference between the virtues and the Divine Will. The Divine Will, symbolized by the rising sun and the overflowing sea. Difference between the soul who lets herself be dominated by the Divine Will and the soul who lets herself be dominated by the human will.

I was thinking to myself: ‘My sweet Jesus says many great, admirable, highest and wonderful things about the Will of God, yet it seems to me that creatures do not have that concept which It deserves, nor that great impression of the wonders which are in It. On the contrary, it seems that they place It on the same level as the virtues, and maybe they care more about those, than about the Most Holy Will of God.’ And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, do you want to know why? Because their palates are not purged, and they are accustomed to the ordinary foods of this low world, which are the virtues, and not to the celestial and divine food, which is my Will. This celestial food is appreciated only by those who consider earth, things, and even people, as nothing, or as fully ordered in God. The virtues which can be practiced on earth are rarely exempt from human purposes, from self-esteem, from self-glory, love of appearing and of pleasing people. All these aims are like many tastes for the ordinary palate of the soul; and many times one operates more for these tastes than for the good that the virtue contains. This is why virtues breach more easily – because the human will always gains something. On the other hand, the first thing that my Will knocks down is the human will, and It tolerates no purpose which gives of human. My Will is from Heaven, and wants to place in the soul that which is divine and which belongs to Heaven; therefore one’s own self remains on an empty stomach and feels itself dying. So, in feeling her own self dying and in losing the hope of having any other food left, the soul makes up her mind to take the food of my Will; and as she takes it, her palate being purged, she feels the taste of the food of my Will, which is such that she would not exchange it at the cost of her life.

My Will does not know how to compromise, as virtues do, with the low and little things that can be done on earth; rather, It wants to keep everything and everyone as a footstool at Its feet, and change the whole interior of the soul and the very virtues into Divine Will. In a word, It wants Its own heaven in the depth of the soul, otherwise It would remain hindered, and would not be able to carry out Its Divine Life. So, here is the great difference which exists between the virtues and my Will - between the sanctity of one and of the other: the virtues can be of creatures and can form a human sanctity at the most; my Will is of God and can form a Sanctity which is fully divine. What a difference! However, since the creatures are used to looking down below, they are more impressed by the little lamps of the virtues, than by the great Sun of my Will.”

Afterwards, I found myself outside of myself, in the act in which the sun was rising. All things changed their appearance: the plants became brilliant, the flowers received the life of their fragrance and of the different colors which the light of the sun brought to each flower; all things received, sip by sip, the life of the light of the sun in order to develop and to be formed. Yet, one was the light, one the heat – nothing else could be seen. But where did so many different effects, so many different colors, which it gave to nature, come from? And my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, why does the sun contain the seed of fecundity, the seed of the substance of all colors? Because light is greater than the goods it contains; therefore it keeps them all eclipsed within itself. One cannot give something if he does not possess it. In the same way, the sun would not be able to give either fecundity, or sweetness to fruits, or color to flowers, nor could it work so many wonders on earth as to transform it from an abyss of darkness into an abyss of light, if it did not contain within itself all the effects it produces. The sun is the symbol of my Will. As It rises over the soul, It vivifies her, It bejewels her with graces, It gives her the most beautiful shades of the divine colors, It transforms her in God. And It does this all at once - it is enough to let It rise for It to operate wonderful things. By giving, my Will loses nothing, just as the sun loses nothing by doing so much good to the earth; on the contrary, It remains glorified in the work of the creature. Our Being is always in perfect balance; It neither increases, nor can It decrease. But do you know how this happens? Imagine a sea full to the brim; a wind invests its surface and forms the waves, which overflow outside of the sea. In swelling, this sea has lost nothing, and just as the waters have overflowed outside, so have they immediately risen, and they appear at the same level as before. The same happens between the soul and God: she can be called the little wind which forms the waves in the divine sea, in such a way that she can take as much water as she wants; but Our sea will remain always at its level, because Our nature is not subject to undergoing mutations. Therefore, the more you take, the more delight you will give Me and the more glorified I will be in you.”

Then, afterwards, I was thinking about the difference that exists between one who lets herself be dominated by the Will of God and one who lets herself be dominated by the human will. At that moment, I saw a person before my mind - bent over, her forehead touching her knees, covered with a black veil, enwrapped within a thick fog which prevented her from seeing the light. Poor one, she seemed to be drunk and staggering; she fell now to the right, now to the left. Truly, she aroused pity. Now, while I was seeing this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, telling me: “My daughter, this is the image of one who lets herself be dominated by her own will. The human will bends the soul so much, that she is forced to always look at the earth; and by looking at the earth, this is what she knows and loves. This knowledge and this love form many exhalations; they form that thick and black fog which enwraps her completely, and removes from her the sight of Heaven and the beautiful light of the eternal truths. Therefore, the endowment of the human reason is left drunk with the things of the earth, and so she does not have a firm step, but she staggers to the right and to the left, wrapping herself more in the thick darkness that surrounds her. Therefore, there is no greater misfortune than a soul who lets herself be dominated by her will.

The complete opposite for one who lets herself be dominated by my Will. My Will makes the soul grow straight, in such a way that she cannot bend toward the earth, but she always looks at Heaven. Her constant looking toward Heaven forms many exhalations of light which envelop her completely. This cloud of light is so thick that, eclipsing all the things of the earth, it makes them all disappear, and, in exchange, it makes reappear for her everything that is Heaven. So, it can be said that Heaven is what she knows, and all that belongs to Heaven is what she loves. My Will renders her step firm, therefore there is no danger that she might stagger, even slightly; and the beautiful endowment of a healthy reason is so illuminated by the light which envelops her, as to move from one truth to another. This light uncovers for her divine mysteries, ineffable things, celestial joys. Therefore, the greatest fortune for a soul is to let herself be dominated by my Will. She holds supremacy over everything; she occupies the first place of honor in the whole Creation; she never moves away from the point in which God delivered her. God finds her always on His paternal knees, singing to Him His glory, His love and His Eternal Will. So, since she is on the knees of the Celestial Father, the first love is for her, the seas of graces which overflow continuously from the divine womb are hers; the first kisses, the most loving caresses, are precisely for her. Only to her can We entrust Our secrets, because, being the one who is closest to Us and who remains more with Us, We let her share in all Our things. We form her life, her joy and happiness, and she forms Our joy and Our happiness. In fact, since her will is one with Ours, and since Our Will possesses Our very happiness, it is no wonder that, by possessing Our Will, the soul can give joys and happiness to Us. And so we make each other happy.”

Then, my poor mind continued to think about the difference that exists between one who lets herself be dominated by the Supreme Will and one who lets herself be dominated by the human will; and my highest and only Good added: “My daughter, my Will contains the creative power; therefore It creates in the soul the strength, the grace, the light and the very beauty with which It wants Its own things to be done by the soul. So, the soul feels a divine strength within herself, as if it were her own; a grace which is sufficient for the good that she must do, or for a pain that she is given to suffer; a light which, as though naturally, makes her see the good that she does. And attracted by the beauty of the divine work that she performs, she rejoices and makes feast, because the works that my Will performs in the soul carry the mark of joy and of a perennial feast. This feast was started by my Fiat in Creation, but it was interrupted by the split of the human will from that of God; and as the soul lets the Supreme Will operate and dominate, the feast resumes its course, and the amusements, the games, the delights, continue between the creature and Us. There is no unhappiness or sorrow within Us – how could We give it to creatures? And if they feel unhappiness, it is because they leave the Divine Will and enclose themselves within the little field of the human will. Therefore, as they return to the Supreme Volition, they find the joys, the happiness, the power, the strength, the light, the beauty of their Creator; and making them their own, they feel within themselves a natural divine substance, which reaches the point of giving them joy and happiness even in sorrow. Therefore, it is always a feast between the soul and Us - we play and we delight together.

On the other hand, in the human will there is not a creative power which, if one wants to exercise the virtues, might be able to create patience, humility, obedience, etc. This is why one feels hardship, fatigue, in order to be able to practice the virtues: because the divine strength that sustains them, the creative power that nourishes them and gives them life, is missing. And so inconstancy appears, and one passes easily from virtues to vices, from prayer to dissipation, from church to amusements, from patience to impatience - all this mix of good and evil produces unhappiness in the creature. On the other hand, one who lets my Will reign within herself feels firmness in good; she feels that all things bring her happiness and joy. More so, since all the things created by Us carry the mark - the seed of the joy and the happiness of the One who created them; and they were created by Us so that all of them might bring happiness to man. Each created thing has the mandate from Us to bring to the creature the happiness and the joy it possesses. In fact, what joy and happiness does the light of the sun not bring? What pleasure do the blue heavens, a flowery field, a murmuring sea, not bring to one’s sight? What enjoyment do a sweet and tasty fruit, some very fresh water, and many – many other things, not bring to one’s palate? All created things say to man in their mute language: ‘We bring you the happiness, the joy of our Creator.’ But do you want to know in whom all created things find the echo of their joy and happiness? In one in whom they find my Will reigning and dominating, because that Will which reigns in them as whole, That which God Himself possesses, and That which reigns in the soul, become one and make seas of joys, of happiness and of contentments overflow into one another. Indeed, it is a true feast.

Therefore, my daughter, every time you fuse yourself in my Will, and you go around through all created things to impress your love, your glory, your adoration upon each thing I created to make you happy, I feel joy, happiness and glory being renewed in Me, as in the act in which We issued the whole Creation. You cannot understand the feast You make for Us, when We see your littleness, which, wanting to embrace everything in Our Will, repays Us in love and in glory for all created things. Our joy is so great, that We put everything aside to enjoy the joy and the feast that you give Us. Therefore, to live in the Supreme Will is the greatest thing for Us and for the soul - it is the outpouring of the Creator over the creature; and pouring Himself over her, He gives her His shape and makes her share in all the divine qualities, in such a way that We feel Our works, Our joy, Our happiness, being repeated by her.”

April 16, 1926
How, in order to live in the Divine Will, it takes full abandonment in the arms of the Celestial Father. How ‘the nothing’ must surrender its life to ‘the All’. How the Celestial Mama is the true image of the living in the Divine Will.

I was feeling so very little and incapable of doing anything, and I called my Queen Mama to my help, so that, together, we might love, adore, glorify my highest and only Good, for all and in the name of all. In the meantime, I found myself within an immensity of light and all abandoned in the arms of my Celestial Father - even more, so identified with Him, as though forming one single thing with Him, in such a way that I no longer felt my own life, but that of God. But who can say what I experienced and did?

Then, afterwards, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior and told me: “My daughter, everything you experienced – your full abandonment in the arms of our Celestial Father, no longer feeling your own life – is the image of the living in my Will. In fact, in order to live in It, the creature must live more of God than of herself; even more, ‘the nothing’ must give life to ‘the All’, to be able to do everything, and to have her act at the top of all the other acts of each creature. Such was the life of my Divine Mama. She was the true image of the living in my Will. Her living in It was so perfect, that She did nothing but receive from God, continuously, all that She was to do in order to live in the Supreme Volition. So, She received the act of supreme adoration, to be able to place Herself at the top of every adoration which all creatures were obliged to do for their Creator. In fact, true adoration has life within the Three Divine Persons. Our perfect concord, Our reciprocal love, Our one Will, form the most profound and perfect adoration within the Sacrosanct Trinity. Therefore, if the creature adores Me, but her will is not in accord with Me, it is vain word – not adoration.

So, my Mama took everything from Us, to be able to diffuse Herself in everything and to place Herself at the top of every act of creature – at the top of every love, of every step, of every word, of every thought; at the top of every created thing. She placed Her prime act upon all things, and this gave Her the right of Queen of all and of everything; and She surpassed, in sanctity, in love, in grace, all the Saints who have been and will be, as well as all Angels united together. The Creator poured Himself upon Her, giving Her so much love that She possessed enough love to be able to love Him for all. He communicated to Her the highest concord and the One Will of the Three Divine Persons, in such a way that She was able to adore for all in a divine manner, and to make up for all the duties of creatures. Had it not been so, it would not be a truth, but just a manner of speaking, that the Celestial Mama surpassed everyone in sanctity and in love. But whenever We speak, it is facts, not words. Therefore, We found everything in Her; and having found everything and everyone, We gave Her everything, constituting Her Queen and Mother of Her very Creator.

Now, daughter of my Supreme Will, one who wants everything must enclose everything and place herself at the top of the acts of all, as prime act. So, the soul must be at the top of every love, adoration, glory, of each creature. My Will is everything – this is why the mission of the Sovereign Queen and yours can be called one; and you must follow, step by step, the way She conducted Herself with God, to be able to receive the divine attitude in order to have within yourself a love which says love for all, an adoration which adores for all, a glory which diffuses throughout all created things. You must be Our echo, the echo of Our Celestial Mama, because She alone lived perfectly and fully in the Supreme Volition, therefore She can be your guide and act as your teacher. Ah! if you knew with how much love I am around you, with how much jealousy I watch over you, so that your living in my Eternal Will may not be interrupted. You must know that I am doing more with you than with my very Celestial Mama, because She did not have your needs, nor any tendencies or passions which might, even slightly, prevent the course of my Will in Her. With greatest ease the Creator would pour into Her, and She into Him; my Will was always triumphant in Her, therefore She had no need of either spurs or admonitions. With you, on the other hand, I must use more attentions. When I see that some little passion, some little tendency, wants to arise within you, and also when your human will would want to have some act of its own life within you, I must admonish you. The power of my Will must remain in the act of knocking down whatever arises within you which does not belong to It; and my grace and my love must flow into that rot which the human will keeps forming, or, with anticipated graces, prevent the rot from forming in your soul. This, because I love so much the soul in whom my Will reigns, and in whom the Supreme Fiat has Its field of divine action – the only purpose of all Creation, and of Redemption Itself – and she costs Me so much, that I love her and she costs Me more than all Creation, and of Redemption Itself.

In fact, the Creation was the beginning of Our work toward the creatures, the Redemption was the means, and the Fiat will be the end; and when works are accomplished, they are loved more and they acquire their complete value. Until a work is accomplished, there is always something to do, to work on, to suffer, nor can one calculate its right value. But when it is accomplished, all that is left is to possess and to enjoy the work done; and its complete value comes to complete the glory of the one who has formed it. Therefore, Creation and Redemption must be enclosed in the Supreme Fiat. Do you see, then, how much you cost Me, and how drawn I am to loving you? The Fiat, operating and triumphant in the creature, is the greatest thing for Us, because the glory which was established by Us, to be received through Creation, is given back to Us, and Our purpose, Our rights, acquire their full power. This is the reason for my attentions, all for you; for my manifestations to you, and for my love for all Creation and Redemption, all centralized in you – because in you I want to see the triumph of my Will.”

April 18, 1926
The Divine Will symbolized by the wind. The Divine Will is the depository of the divine works, and It must also be the depository of the works of creatures.

I felt all shrunken within myself, and I tried to fuse myself in the Holy Divine Will, to run along with It so as to keep It company in Its works, and to requite It at least with my little ‘I love You’. Now, while I was doing this, my sweet Jesus, coming out from within my interior, told me: “My daughter, courage, do not pay attention to your littleness. What you must care about is to keep your littleness in my Will, because by being in It you will be dissolved in It, and my Will, like wind, will bring the freshness It possesses into your act, as refreshment for all creatures. It will bring a warm wind to enflame them with my love; It will bring a cold wind to extinguish the fire of their passions; and finally, It will bring a humid wind to produce the vegetation of the seed of my Will. Have you ever experienced the effects of the wind – how It can turn the air, almost instantly, from warm into cold, from humid into a most fresh and refrigerating air? My Will is more than wind, and your acts in It, by agitating It, move the winds It contains and produce admirable effects. Then, all these winds, united together, invest the divine throne and bring to their Creator the glory of His Will operating in the creature. Oh! if everyone knew what it means to operate in the Supreme Fiat and the prodigies It contains, they would all compete to operate in It.

See, Our Will is so great that We Ourselves make It the depository of Our works: in Our Will We deposited the Creation, that It might remain ever beautiful, fresh, whole, new, just as We issued It from Our creative hands; in Our Will We deposited the Redemption, that It might be always in the act of redeeming, and my birth, my life, my Passion and death might be always in the act of being born, of living, of suffering and of dying for the creature. In fact, Our Will alone has the virtue and the power to maintain the work done always in act, and to reproduce that good as many times as one wants. Our works would not be safe if they were not deposited in Our Will. If it is so with Our works, much more so should it be with the works of the creatures. To how many dangers are they not subject when they are not deposited in Our Will! How many changes do they not undergo! Therefore, all Our contentment is when We see that the creature makes the deposit of her acts in the Supreme Volition. These acts, though small, and also the trifles of the creature, compete with Our acts, and We delight in seeing her industriousness - that in order to place her trifles in safety, she deposits them in Our Will.

Now, if Our Will was the depository of Creation and of Redemption, It must also keep the deposit of the Fiat on earth as It is in Heaven. Here is the reason for my pushing so that you may do nothing without depositing it in It. If you do not form this deposit of all of yourself, of your little acts, and even of your trifles, not having Its full triumph over you, my Fiat will not be able to carry out Its Fiat on earth as It is in Heaven.”

April 25, 1926
Currents and waves of love among God, the Creation, and the soul who lives in Divine Will. How the Fiat is triumphant in Heaven, and conquering on earth.

I am going through most bitter days because of the privations of my sweet Jesus. I feel I am breathing a poisonous air, which is enough to give me, not one death, but a thousand deaths. But as I am about to succumb under the mortal blow, I feel the vital and balsamic air of the Supreme Volition, which serves me as counter-poison so as not to let me die; and it keeps me alive, that I may suffer continuous deaths under the incalculable weight of the privation of my highest and only Good. Oh! privation of my Jesus, how painful you are! You are the true martyrdom of my poor soul! Oh, Supreme Will, how strong and powerful You are – by giving me life, You prevent my flight toward the Celestial Fatherland, to find the One whom I so much long for and desire. O please! have pity on my hard exile – pity on me, who live without the One who alone can give me life.

But while I was feeling crushed under the weight of His privation, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior and fixed His gaze on me. At His compassionate gaze, I felt restored from death to life; and since I was doing my usual acts in His Supreme Volition, He said to me: “My daughter, while you were impressing your ‘I love You’ in my Will upon all created things, all Creation felt the love of Its Creator being doubled; and since created things do not have reason, that love flowed with impetus toward the One who had created them. And the Celestial Father, in seeing the love that He issued in Creation being doubled by the little newborn of His Will, so as not to be surpassed in love, redoubles His love and makes it flow over all created things, to follow the same course which His little daughter has followed. Then He centralizes all this love in the one who sent Him His love doubled, and with paternal tenderness He awaits the new surprise – that His newborn would double His love again.

Oh! if you knew the currents and the waves of love which come and go from earth to Heaven, and from Heaven to earth – how all the things of Creation, though in their mute language and without intellect, feel this doubled love of the One who created them, and of she for whom they were created; and they all assume the attitude of smile, of feast, and of letting flow, benevolent, their effects toward creatures.

The living in my Will moves everything, invests everything and fulfills the work of the Creator in the Creation. The Fiat on earth as It is in Heaven has a prodigy, a note more harmonious, a characteristic more beautiful, which It does not enjoy and possess even in Heaven. In fact, in Heaven It possesses the prodigy of a Fiat of absolute triumph, which no one can resist; and all the enjoyment in the celestial regions comes from the Supreme Fiat. But here in exile, in the depth of the soul, It contains the prodigy of a conquering Fiat, and of new conquests; while in Heaven there aren’t new conquests, because everything belongs to It. In the pilgrim soul my Fiat is not absolute, but wants the soul with It in Its own work; and so It delights in manifesting Itself, in commanding, and even in praying her to operate with It. And when the soul surrenders and lets herself be invested by the Supreme Fiat, such harmonious notes are formed, produced on both sides, that the Creator Himself feels cheered by His own divine notes coming from the creature. These notes do not exist in Heaven, because Heaven is not a dwelling of works, but of enjoyments. Therefore my Fiat on earth has the beautiful characteristic of impressing Its own divine operating within the soul, and of making her the repeater of Its works. So, in Heaven my Fiat is triumphant, and no one in the celestial regions can say: ‘Here I have done a work to prove my love, my sacrifice, to the Supreme Fiat.' Here on earth It is conquering, and if one likes the throne, much more does one like new conquests. Indeed, what would my Fiat not do in order to conquer one soul, to make her operate in Its Volition? How much has It not done, and does It not do for you?”

Then, afterwards, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen crucified, and He was suffering very much. I did not know what to do to relieve Him; I felt annihilated by the privations suffered. And Jesus, unnailing Himself from the Cross, threw Himself into my arms, telling me: “Help Me to placate Divine Justice, for It wants to strike the creatures.” A strong earthquake could be felt, such as to cause the destruction of towns. I was left frightened; Jesus disappeared, and I found myself inside myself.

April 28, 1926
The Creation and the Celestial Mama are the most perfect examples of the living in the Divine Will. How the Virgin surpassed everyone in suffering.

I was thinking to myself: ‘When my sweet Jesus speaks of His Will, He often unites with It the Sovereign Queen of Heaven or the Creation. He seems to delight so much in speaking of both one and the other that He keeps looking for opportunities, pretexts and devices in order to manifest what His Most Holy Will does, both in the Celestial Mama and in the Creation.’

Now, while I was thinking of this, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior, and, all tenderness, squeezed me to Himself and told me: “My daughter, if I do so, I have strong reasons. You must know that only in the Creation and in my Celestial Mama has my Will remained ever intact, and has kept Its field of action free. Therefore, having to call you to live in my Will as one of them, I had to propose them to you as examples - as an image for you to imitate. So, in order to be able to do great things, in such a way that all may perceive that good, unless they did not want to, the first thing is that my Will must act wholly in the soul.

Look at Creation – how my Will is whole in it. And because It is whole, Creation remains always in its place and contains the fullness of that good with which it was created. This is why it remains always new, noble, pure, fresh, and can share the good it possesses with all. But the beautiful thing is that while it gives itself to all, it loses nothing, and remains always the same, just as it was created by God. What has the sun lost by giving so much light and heat to the earth? Nothing. What have the azure heavens lost by remaining extended in the atmosphere, or the earth by producing so many and so various plants? Nothing. And so with all the things created by Me. Oh! in what an admirable way does Creation sing that saying about Me: ‘He is ever old and ever new’. So, my Will in Creation is center of life, is fullness of good, is order and harmony; It keeps all things in the place wanted by It. Where can you find a more beautiful example, a more perfect image of the living in my Will, if not in Creation? This is why I call you to live in the midst of created things as their sister, that you may learn to live in the Supreme Volition, and you too may remain in the place wanted by Me, to be able to enclose within yourself the fullness of good that my Will wants to enclose in you, so that whoever wants it, may take of that good. And since you are endowed with reason, you must surpass them all, and requite your Creator in love and glory for each created thing, as if they were all endowed with reason. So, you will be the substitutor for all Creation, and Creation will be a mirror for you in which you can reflect yourself in order to copy the living in my Will, so that you may not move from your place. It will be your guide and teacher, giving you the highest and most perfect lessons in the living in my Will.

But the one who surpasses all is my Celestial Mama. She is the new heaven, the most refulgent sun, the brightest moon, the most flowery earth; She encloses everything – everything within Herself. If each created thing encloses the fullness of its own good received by God, my Mama encloses all goods together, because, since She is endowed with reason and my Will lived wholly in Her, the fullness of grace, of light, of sanctity, grew in every instant. Every act She did was suns and stars that my Will formed in Her. So, She surpassed the whole Creation; and my Will, whole and permanent in Her, did the greatest thing and impetrated the longed for Redeemer. This is why my Mama is Queen in the midst of Creation - because She surpassed everything, and my Will found in Her the nourishment of Her reason, which made It live as whole and permanent in Her. There was highest accord, they held each other’s hand, there was not one fiber of Her Heart, or word or thought, over which my Will did not possess Its Life. And what can a Divine Will not do? It can do everything. There is no power It lacks, or thing It cannot do. Therefore it can be said that my Mama did everything; and everything that all others together could not do, nor will be able to do, She did by Herself.

Therefore, do not be surprised if I point out to you the Creation and the Sovereign Queen, because I must point out to you the most perfect examples in which my Will has perennial life, and has never found an obstacle to Its field of divine action, in order to be able to operate things worthy of Itself. My daughter, if you want my Supreme Fiat to reign as It does in Heaven – which is the greatest thing that is left for Us to do for the human generations – let my Will have the place of sovereign in you, and live as whole and permanent. Do not be concerned about anything else, be it your incapacity, or the circumstances, or the new things which may arise around you, because as my Will reigns in you, they will serve as raw material and nourishment so that my Fiat may have Its fulfillment.”

Afterwards, I was thinking to myself: ‘It is true that my Queen Mama made the greatest of sacrifices, which no one else has made - that is, not even wanting to know Her own will, but only that of God; and through this She embraced all sorrows, all pains, up to the heroism of sacrifice, sacrificing Her own Son in order to do the Supreme Will - but once She made this sacrifice, everything She suffered afterwards was the effect of Her first act. Nor did She have to struggle as we do, in different circumstances, in unforeseen encounters, in unexpected losses… It is a constant struggle, to the point of making our hearts bleed for fear that we might surrender to our own belligerent human wills. How much attention one must have, so that the Supreme Will may always keep Its place of honor and Its supremacy over everything; and many times this struggle is harsher than the pain itself.’

But while I was thinking of this, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior, telling me: “My daughter, you are wrong. The maximum sacrifice of my Mama was not only one, but they were so great and so many - for as many as were the sorrows, the pains, the circumstances and the encounters to which Her existence and Mine were exposed. Pains were always doubled in Her, because my pains were Hers - more than Her own pains. Besides, my wisdom did not change direction with my Mama; in each pain She was to receive, I always asked Her whether She wanted to accept it, in order to hear that ‘Fiat’ being repeated to Me in each pain, in each circumstance, and even in each heartbeat of Hers. That ‘Fiat’ resounded so sweet, gentle and harmonious to Me, that I wanted to hear It being repeated in every instant of Her life. This is why I would always ask Her: ‘Mama, do you want to do this? Do you want to suffer this pain?’ And my Fiat would bring Her the seas of the goods It contains, and would make Her understand the intensity of the pain She was accepting. This understanding, through divine light, of that which, step by step, She was to suffer, gave Her such martyrdom as to infinitely surpass the struggle which creatures suffer. In fact, since the seed of sin was missing in Her, the seed of the struggle was missing, and so my Will had to find another device, that She might not be inferior to the other creatures in suffering, because, having to acquire by justice the right of Queen of Sorrows, She was to surpass in suffering all creatures together.

How many times have you yourself not experienced this – that while you felt no struggle within you, as my Will would make you understand the pains It inflicted upon you, you would remain petrified by the intensity of the pain; and while you were undone in that pain, you were the tiny little lamb in my arms, ready to accept yet more pains to which my Will would want you to be submitted. Ah, did you not suffer more than in the struggle itself? The struggle is a sign of vehement passions, while my Will, if It brings suffering, gives intrepidness; and with the knowledge of the intensity of the pain, It gives one such merit that only a Divine Will can give. Therefore, just as I act with you – that in everything I want from you, first I ask you whether you want it, whether you accept it – so I did with my Mama. This, so that the sacrifice may be always new, and may give Me the opportunity to converse with the creature, to be with her, and my Volition may have Its field of divine action in the human will.”

Now, as I was writing what is written above, I could not continue on, because my mind was estranged from my senses by a beautiful and harmonious chant, accompanied by a sound never before heard. This chant called the attention of everyone, and harmonized with the whole of Creation and with the Celestial Fatherland. I write all this to obey. As I was hearing that chant, my Jesus told me: “My daughter, hear how beautiful it is! This sound and chant is a new canticle, formed by the Angels as homage, glory and honor to the union of the Divine Will with your human will. The joy of all Heaven and of all Creation is so great that, unable to contain it, they play and sing.” After He said this, I found myself inside myself.

May 1, 1926
How one who lives in the Divine Will is nourished by the Divine Breath, while one who does not live in It is an intruder and a usurper of the goods of God, and receives them as alms. The Divine Will has a continuous motion that never stops.

I felt all immersed in the Supreme Volition, and my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and squeezing me tightly to Himself, He placed His mouth close to my lips, and sent me His omnipotent breath. But who can say what I felt within me? That breath penetrated deep into my most intimate fibers; it filled me completely, to the point that I no longer felt my littleness, my existence, but only Jesus within all of me. Then, after repeating several times this act of sending me His breath, as it seemed He was not content if He did not see me completely filled with that divine breath, He told me: “My daughter, since you are born in my Will, it is necessary, it is right and decorous that you live, grow and be nourished in It, and that you acquire the prerogatives of a true daughter of my Volition. No extraneous feature, nor anything which does not belong to my Will must appear in you. Therefore, from your physiognomy, from your manners, from your speaking, and even from the way you love and pray, it must be recognized that you are the daughter of my Will. Do you see, then, how I love you, and with what jealousy I keep you and nourish you? With my very breath, because only my breath can preserve, whole and permanent, the Life of my Will in one who must live in my Volition. And so, that breath which, with so much love, I released from my bosom in the creation of man, to infuse in him my likeness, I continue to infuse in the soul who lives in my Will, in order to form my true images and the great portents which I had established to form in Creation, and for which all things were made.

This is why I long so much for one who lives in my Will, because she alone will not leave Me disappointed in the purpose of Creation. She alone will enjoy, by right, the things created by Me, because since my Will is one with hers, what is mine is hers and, by right, she can say: ‘The heavens, the sun, the earth and all the other things, are mine. Therefore I want to enjoy them, also to give honor to that Supreme Will which created them, and which reigns in me.’ On the other hand, the soul in whom my Will does not reign has no right, and if she enjoys them, she is a usurper, because they do not belong to her – she is an intruder in my goods; and because my goodness is great, I let her enjoy them as alms, but not by right. This is why many times the elements unload themselves over man, to his harm – because he has no right, and what is left for him of the things of the earth is the alms that the Creator sends to him. But one who lives in my Will is like a queen in the midst of Creation, and I greatly delight in seeing her reign in the midst of my goods.”

After this, I continued to pray, and my sweet Jesus came back, making Himself seen with two fountains of light coming out of His Most Holy hands. One of them descended over my poor soul, and through a device which was formed in the hands of Jesus, while descending, it went up again. It seemed to be a continuous current which, while descending, ascended. Jesus was all delighted in the midst of these fountains of light, and was all attentive so that one of them would remain all centralized in me. Then He said to me: “My daughter, this fountain of light which descends from my hands is my Will which descends from Heaven and makes Its way into the soul in order to accomplish what It wants to do within her. This action of my Will forms the other fountain of light which, through my hands, ascends again toward Heaven to bring the fulfillment of my Will from the creature to the Eternal Creator. But while ascending, at the same time it descends again doubled, to continue its divine action in the creature. My Will has a continuous motion – It never stops. If Its motion could be stopped, which cannot be, life would cease for the whole Creation – for the sun, for the starry heavens, for the plants, for the water, for the fire, for creatures – all of them would be reduced to nothing. Therefore, with Its continuous motion, my Will is life of each created thing; It binds everything; It is more than air which, with Its breath, makes all the things which came out of Our hands, breathe, develop and vegetate.

See, then, what an affront is given by creatures, because while my Will is life of everything and center of all things, and without It nothing and no good would exist, they do not want to recognize Its dominion, nor Its life which flows within them. This is why one who recognizes the Life of my Will within herself and in all things is the triumph of Our Will and the conquest of Our victories; she is the recompense of Our Love to Our continuous motion. Our Will binds this creature to the whole Creation, making her do all the good that my Will Itself does. So, everything is hers; and I love her so much that I am unable to do anything without her, because by virtue of my Will, we have the same life, the same love, one single heartbeat and one single breath.” And while saying this, He threw Himself into my arms, as though faint with love, and he disappeared.

May 3, 1926
How only in the Divine Will is prayer universal. How the Divine Will, bilocating, reigns in the soul as in Its own dwelling. The Divine Will holds supremacy over the Divine Being, and is the ruler of all the divine attributes.

I was about to fuse myself in the Holy Divine Volition according to my usual way, and I said: ‘Supreme Majesty, I come in the name of all, from the first to the last man which will exist on earth, to give You all the homages, the adorations, the praises, the love that each creature owes You, and to make all reparations, for all and for each sin.’ Now, while I was saying this, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, this way of praying is only of my Will, because It alone can say: ‘I come in the name of all before the Supreme Majesty’. In fact, with Its all-seeingness and immensity, It sees everything and embraces everyone; so It can say – not as a manner of speaking, but in reality: ‘I come in the name of all, to do for You all that the creatures owe You’. No human will can say – in reality: ‘I come in the name of all’. This is the sign that my Will reigns in you.”

While He was saying this, my Jesus continued to pray in a loud voice. I followed Him, and, together, we found ourselves before the Supreme Majesty. Oh! how beautiful it was to pray with Jesus. All things were invested by His words and acts; and since His Will was everywhere and in each created thing, one could hear His creative words, His adorations, and everything He was doing, being repeated everywhere. I felt myself becoming even smaller, being together with Jesus; I was all amazed, and He added: “My daughter, do not be surprised; it is my Will that, bilocating, while reigning in God, reigns in the soul at the same time; and with Its divine ways, It prays, loves and operates within her. So, it is impossible for Us not to enjoy, not to love, not to listen to Our Will bilocated in the creature; on the contrary, It alone brings to Us, as if on Its lap, Our joy, happiness and love which overflowed from Our womb in Our work ‘ad extra’ – the Creation. It repeats the feast for Us, It renews in Us the joy We felt in creating so many beautiful things, worthy of Us. How not to love the one who gives Us the occasion to bilocate Our Will, by letting It reign within herself, to give Us divine love, adoration and glory?

Therefore, the living in my Will is the prodigy of prodigies, because everything is in the will, both for God and for the creature. How many things We could do, but because We do not want them, We do not do them. When We want something, We are all love, all power, all eyes, hands and feet; in sum, all of Our Being is centralized in that act which Our Will wants to do. On the other hand, if Our Will does not want it, none of Our attributes moves; it seems they have no life for anything that Our Will does not want to do. So, Our Will holds supremacy - dominion over Our Being, and It is the ruler of all Our attributes. This is why the greatest thing We could give to the creature was Our Will, and in It We centralized Our whole Being. Could there be a love more intense, a miracle more sensational than this? Even more, as much as We can give to the creature, it seems nothing to Us compared to giving her Our Will, reigning and dominating in her. In fact, the other things We can give her are the fruits of Our works, of Our dominions; while by giving her Our Will, it is not fruits, but Our very Life and Our very dominions. What has more value: the fruits or the life? Certainly the life, because by giving the Life of Our Will, with It We give the fount of all Our goods; and one who possesses the fount of goods does not need the fruits. Even if the creature gave Us everything, or made the greatest sacrifices, but did not give Us her little will in order to let Ours reign, she would still give Us nothing. Even more, when things are not produced by Our Will, as great as they might be, We look at them as extraneous to Us – as things which do not belong to Us.”

I was thinking of what Jesus had told me, and I said to myself: ‘Is all this possible? That the Divine Will reaches the point of bilocating in order to reign in the creature as in Its own dwelling – in Its divine womb?’ And Jesus added: “My daughter, do you know how this happens? Imagine a little and poor hovel, in which a king, taken by love for it, wants to reside. So, the voice of the king can be heard coming from within that hovel; from it come his commands, as well as his works. Inside of the hovel there are foods apt to nourish the king, and the chair worthy of him, on which He can sit. So, the king has changed nothing of that which befits his royal person; he has only changed His residence – from the royal palace, of his own will and with greatest delight, he has chosen the hovel. The little hovel is the soul; the king is my Will. How many times do I not hear the voice of my Will that prays, speaks, teaches, in the little hovel of your soul? How many times do I not see my works come out of it, and I rule, vivify and preserve all created things from your little hovel? My Will does not take into account your littleness - on the contrary, It likes it greatly; what It looks for is absolute dominion, because through absolute dominion It can do whatever It wants, and place whatever It likes.”

May 6, 1926
How the ones who live in the Divine Will are the first in the eyes of God and form His crown. The Divine Will unites all who live in It and the acts done in It, as one single act. The origin of one who lives in It is eternal.

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition according to my usual way, and I prayed the Celestial Mama to be with me and to give me Her hand, so that, guided by Her, I might requite my God with all the love, the adoration and the glory that everyone owes Him. Now, while I was saying this, my beloved Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, you must know that the first before the Supreme Majesty are those who have lived in my Volition and who have never gone out of my Will. My Mama came to the world after four thousand years; yet, in the eyes if God She came before Adam. Her acts, Her love, are in the first order of creatures, therefore Her acts come before all the acts of creatures, because She was the closest to God, bound to Him with the tightest bonds of sanctity, of union, and of likeness. By living in Our Will, Her acts became inseparable from Ours, and, being inseparable, these acts are the closest, as something natural to Her Creator. ‘Before’ and ‘after’ do not exist in Our Will, but everything is first act. Therefore, one who lives in Our Will, even if she came as last, comes always before everything. So, it is not the era in which souls come out to the light of time that will be considered, but whether the Life of my Will has been in them as center of life, reigning and dominating in all of their acts, just as It reigns and dominates in the womb of the Divinity. These will be the first; their acts done in Our Will will rise above all the acts of the other creatures, and all will remain behind; therefore these souls will be Our crown.

See, as you were calling my Mama in my Will, to give Me return of love, of adoration and of glory, my Will united the two of you together, and the love, the glory, the adoration which the Sovereign Queen did, have become your acts; and yours have become those of my Mama. My Will placed everything in common; the one has become inseparable from the other, and I heard in you the voice of my Mama - Her love, Her adoration, Her glory; and in my Mama I heard your voice, loving Me, adoring Me, glorifying Me. How happy I felt in finding and hearing the Mama in the daughter, and the daughter in the Mama! My Will unites everyone and everything. It would not be true living in my Will, nor a work of my Will, if It did not centralize everything that belongs to It and all of Its eternal works in the soul who lives in It, in whom It has Its Kingdom and dominion. If it were not so, the Kingdom of my Will would be a divided Kingdom – which cannot be, because my Will unites all Its works together and makes of them one single act. And even though it is said that It creates, It redeems, It sanctifies and so on, these are the effects of that single act, which never changes Its action. Therefore, the origin of one who lives in my Will is eternal – inseparable from her Creator and from all those in whom my Will has had Its Kingdom and Its dominion.”

May 10, 1926
Just as the sun is life of all nature, the Divine Will is life of the soul. Effects of the rising of the Sun of the Divine Will in the soul. The innumerable bilocations and the continuous course of the Sun of the Divine Will in the acts of the creature.

My poor mind was swimming in the immense sea of the Eternal Volition, and my sweet Jesus transported me outside of myself, in the act in which the sun was rising. What enchantment, to see the earth, the plants, the flowers, the sea, undergoing such a transformation! All of them freed themselves of a nightmare that oppressed them; all rose to the new life which the light gave to them, and acquired their beauty and development, which the light and the heat gave them in order to make them grow. The light seemed to take them by the hand in investing them to give fecundity to plants and color to flowers; to dispel the shadows of darkness from the sea and give it its silvery shades with its light. But who can say all the effects that the solar light produced by investing all the earth, covering everything with its garment of light? I would be too long if I wanted to describe everything.

Now, while I was seeing this, my beloved Jesus told me: “My daughter, how beautiful is the rising of the sun. How it changes all of nature; and by transforming it into its very light, it gives to each thing the effects needed to make them produce the good they contain. But in order to do this, the light must invest them, touch them, mold them, penetrate so deep into them as to give them sips of light, in order to infuse the life of the good which they must produce. So, if the plants, the flowers, the sea, did not let themselves be invested by the light, the light would be as though dead for them, and they would remain in the nightmare of darkness, which would serve as the tomb to bury them. The virtue of darkness is to give death; the virtue of light is to give life. So, if it wasn’t for the light of the sun, on which all created things are dependent, and from which all of them receive life, nothing good would be on earth – on the contrary, it would be frightening and horrible to the sight. Therefore, the life of the earth is bound to the light.

Now, my daughter, the sun is the symbol of my Will, and you have seen how beautiful and enchanting is its rising over the earth; how many effects it produces, how many different colors, how many beauties, how many transformations its light can produce, and how this sun has been placed there by its Creator in order to give life, growth and beauty to all nature. So, if this is what the sun does in order to fulfill its office given to it by God, much more does the Sun of my Will, which was given to man to infuse in him the Life of his Creator. Oh! how much more enchanting and beautiful is the rising of the Sun of my Will over the creature. By pounding on her, Its light transforms her, and gives her the different colors of the beauty of her Creator. By investing her and molding her, It penetrates into her and gives her sips of Divine Life, that she may grow and produce the effects of the goods which the Life of her Creator contains. Now, what would happen to the earth without the sun? Much more ugly and frightening would the soul be without my Will. How she decays from her origin! How the nightmare of passions and vices, more than darkness, makes her die, and prepares the tomb in which to bury her. But you have seen that the light of the sun can do good insofar as the plants, the flowers and the other things let themselves be touched and invested by the light, remaining with their mouths open in order to receive the sips of life which the sun gives to them. So it is with my Will. It can do so much good, it can infuse so much beauty and Divine Life, for as much as the soul lets herself be touched, invested, molded by the hands of light of my Will. If the soul gives herself prey to this light, abandoning herself completely in it, my Supreme Will will perform the greatest prodigy of Creation – the Divine Life in the creature.

Oh! if the sun could form with the reflection of its light as many other suns on each plant, in the seas, on the mountains, in the valleys – what more beautiful enchantment, what beauty more radiant, how many more prodigies would there not be in the order of nature? Yet, what the sun does not do, my Will does in the soul who lives in It, and who remains with her mouth open, like a little flower, in order to receive the sips of light which my Will gives her, to form the life of the Divine Sun within her. Therefore, be attentive, take, in every instant, these sips of light of my Will, that It may accomplish in you the greatest of prodigies – that my Will may have Its Divine Life in the creature.”

After this, I was saying to my highest and only Good: ‘My Love, I unite my intelligence to yours, so that my thoughts may have life in yours; and diffusing in your Will, they may flow over each thought of creature. And rising together before our Celestial Father, we will bring Him the homages, the subjection, the love of each thought of creature, and we will impetrate that all created intelligences may be reordered and harmonized with their Creator.’ And the same with the gazes of Jesus, with His words, with His works, with His steps, and even with His heartbeat. I felt all transformed in Jesus, in such a way that I found myself, as though in act, in everything that my Jesus had done, and was doing to restore the glory of the Father, and in the good He had impetrated for creatures. His work was one with mine – one the love, one the Will. And my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, how beautiful is the prayer, the love, the work of the creature in my Will! Her acts are filled with the whole of the divine fullness. Their fullness is such that they embrace everything and everyone – even God Himself. See, for all eternity your thoughts will be seen in mine, your eyes, your words in mine, your works and steps in mine, your heartbeat palpitating in mine, because one is the Will that gives us life, one the love that moves us, that pushes us, and that binds us in an inseparable way.

This is why the Sun of my Will surpasses in an infinite and more surprising way the sun present in the atmosphere. See the great difference: the sun created by God, while pounding on the earth, invests it, it produces admirable and innumerable effects, but it does not depart from its source. It descends down below, it rises up high, it touches the stars, but the fullness of light remains always within its sphere; otherwise it would not be able to invest everything with its light, always equally. But in spite of all this, the solar light does not penetrate into the heavens to invest the throne of God, to penetrate into God Himself and make its light one with the inaccessible Light of the Supreme Being; nor can it invest the Angels, the Saints, or the Celestial Mama. On the other hand, when the Sun of my Will reigns in the soul with all Its fullness, Its light penetrates everywhere – into the hearts and into the minds of the creatures who live down on earth. But what surprises is that It rises up high, It invests the whole Creation, and brings the kiss of the light of the Supreme Will to the sun, to the stars, to the heavens. The Divine Will which reigns in the Creation and the Sun of the Divine Will which reigns in the soul meet, they kiss each other, love each other and make each other happy. And while remaining in the Creation – because the Sun of my Will leaves nothing behind, but brings everything with Itself – It penetrates into the Heavens, It invests everyone, the Angels, the Saints, the Sovereign Queen; It gives Its kiss to all, It gives new joys, new contentments, new love. But this is not all. It pours Itself mightily into the womb of the Eternal One. The Divine Will bilocated in the creature, kisses, loves, adores the Will reigning in God Himself; It brings everyone and everything to Him, and as they dive into each other, It rises again to follow Its course. In fact, since the fullness of the Sun of the Eternal Will is in the soul, this Sun is at her disposal, and as she emits her acts, loving, praying, repairing, etc., this Sun continues Its course, to give to all the surprise of Its light, of Its love, of Its life. So, while this Sun of the Eternal Will rises and follows Its course to perform Its setting in the womb of the Divinity, another one rises to follow Its way, enveloping everything, even the Celestial Fatherland, to then have Its golden sunset in the womb of the Supreme Majesty. So, the bilocations of my Will are innumerable; this Sun rises at each act of the creature done within the Sun of the Supreme Volition – which does not happen with the sun present in the atmosphere, which is always one, and does not multiply. Oh! if the sun had the virtue of making as many suns rise for as many times as it does its course over the earth - how many suns could one not see up there? What enchantment, how many more goods would the earth not receive? Therefore, how many goods does the soul who lives completely in my Will not do, by giving her God the occasion to bilocate His Will, to let Him repeat the prodigies which only a God can do?” Having said this, He disappeared, and I found myself inside myself.

May 13, 1926
In the fulfillment of one’s duty there is sanctity. Image of one who operates for human purposes and of one who operates to do the Divine Will. How Our Lord is the heartbeat of all Creation.

I was doing my usual adoration to my crucified Jesus, and while praying, I felt my sweet Jesus near me. Throwing His arm around my neck, He clasped me tightly to Himself, and at the same time He made me see my last late confessor[1]. I seemed to see him pensive, all recollected, but without saying anything to me. My Jesus looked at him and told me: “My daughter, your confessor has found great things before Me, because when he would undertake an office, a commitment, he would neglect nothing so as to fulfill that office exactly. He was most attentive, he would make great sacrifices, and if necessary, he would even dispose himself to lay down his own life so that his office might be fulfilled exactly. He had a fear that, if he did not operate as befitted his office in the works entrusted to him, he himself might be an obstacle to the very work entrusted to him. This means that he appreciated and gave the right value to my works, and his attentiveness attracted the grace which was needed for the fulfillment of his office. This may not appear to be such a great thing – but rather, it is everything. In fact, when one is called to an office and fulfills the duties pertaining to that office, it means that he does it for God; and in the fulfillment of one’s duty there is sanctity. So, he came before Me with the fulfillment of his own duties, which had been entrusted to him – how could I not reward him as he deserved?”

Now, while Jesus was saying this, the confessor seemed to become more engrossed in more profound recollection, and the light of Jesus was reflected on his face; but he did not say even one word to me. Then Jesus resumed His speaking: “My daughter, when an individual occupies an office and makes a mistake, or is not attentive to the duties which his office demands, he may cause great troubles. Imagine one who has the office of judge, of king, of minister, or of mayor. If he makes a mistake, or is not attentive to his own duties, he may cause the ruin of families, of towns, and even of entire kingdoms. If that mistake, if that lack of attention, came from a private individual who does not occupy that given office, it would not cause so much trouble. Therefore, faults in offices weigh more heavily and cause graver consequences. So, when I call a confessor to give him an office, and in this office I entrust to Him a work of mine, if I do not see attention and the fulfillment of his duties pertaining to that office, I give him neither the necessary grace, nor enough light to make him comprehend all the importance of my work; nor can I trust him, because I see that he does not appreciate the work entrusted to him by Me. My daughter, if one carries out his office exactly, it means that he does it to fulfill my Will; but if one does otherwise, it means that he does it for human purposes - and if you knew the difference between the two….”

In the meantime, I saw two people before me. One of them went on picking up rocks, old rags, rusty iron, pieces of clay - all things which are heavy and of very little value. Poor one, he struggled and sweated under the weight of that rubbish; more so, since it did not give him the value necessary to satisfy his hunger. The other one went on picking up grains of diamond, little gems and precious stones – all things which are very light but of incalculable value. My sweet Jesus added: “The one who keeps picking up rubbish is the image of one who operates for human purposes. That which is human always carries the weight of matter. The other is the image of one who operates in order to do the Divine Will. What a difference between the two! The grains of diamond are my truths – the knowledges regarding my Will which, picked up by the soul, form as many diamonds for her. Now, if one loses some of that rubbish or does not pick it up, he will cause almost no harm; but if one loses or does not pick up one of these tiny grains of diamond, he will cause great harm, because they are of incalculable value and they weigh as much as a God can weigh. And if it is lost because of someone who has the office of picking them up, what account will he not have to give, having caused the loss of a grain of infinite value, which could have done who knows how much good to the other creatures?”

After this, my sweet Jesus placed His Heart within me, and made me feel His heartbeat, saying to me: “My daughter, I am the heartbeat of all Creation. If my heartbeat were missing, life would be missing to all created things. Now, I love so much one who lives in my Will, that I do not know how to be without her, and I want her together with Me to do whatever I do. So, you will palpitate together with Me, and among the many prerogatives I will give you, I will give you the prerogative of the heartbeat of all Creation. In the heartbeat there is life, motion, heat; so, you will be with Me, giving life, motion and heat to everything.” As He was saying this, I felt myself moving and palpitating in all created things, and Jesus added: “One who lives in my Will is inseparable from Me, and I do not know how to be without her company. I do not want to be isolated, because company renders the works one undertakes more pleasant, more delightful, more beautiful. Therefore, your company is necessary to Me, in order to break my isolation, in which the other creatures leave Me.”

May 15, 1926
Diversity of sanctity and beauty in the souls who live in the Divine Will. How the whole order and variety of Creation will be veiled in the human nature.

I was thinking: ‘If the creature had not withdrawn from the Supreme Will, one would be the sanctity, one the beauty, one the science, one the light, and there would be the same knowledge of our Creator for all.’ Now, while I was thinking of this, my beloved Jesus – and it seems to me that He Himself makes these thoughts, some doubts and difficulties, arise within my mind, in order to have the opportunity to speak to me and act as my Teacher – told me: “My daughter, you are wrong. My wisdom would not adapt itself to forming only one sanctity, only one beauty, or to communicating only one science and the same knowledge of Me to everyone. More so since, through highest accord between my Will and those of creatures, the Kingdom of my Will would have had free field of action. Therefore, all would have been saints, but one distinct from the other – all beautiful, but varied, one more beautiful than the other. And according to the sanctity of each one, I was to communicate a distinct science; and with this science, some would know one attribute of their Creator more, some another. You must know that as much as We can give to the creature, she only takes the little drops of her Creator, so great is the distance between Creator and creatures; and We have always new and different things to give.

And besides, since Creation was created by Us so that We might delight in It, where would Our delight be, had We formed in the creature only one sanctity, or given only one beauty and only one knowledge of Our incomprehensible, immense and infinite Being? Our wisdom would have grown bored with doing only one thing. What would be said of Our wisdom, love and power, if in creating this terrestrial globe, We had made it all sky, or all earth, or all sea? What would Our glory have been? Instead, the multiplicity of so many things created by Us, while singing the praises of wisdom, love and power, speaks also of the variety of sanctity and beauty in which creatures were to arise, for love of whom they were created. See, the sky studded with stars is beautiful, but the sun also is beautiful, though they are distinct from each other, and the sky does one office, the sun, another. The sea is beautiful, but the flowery earth, the height of the mountains, the expanse of the plains also are beautiful, though the beauties and the offices are distinct among them. A garden is beautiful, but how many varieties of plants and beauties are in it? There is the tiny little flower, beautiful in its littleness; there is the violet, the rose, the lily – all beautiful, but distinct in color, in fragrance, in size. There is the little plant and the highest tree… What enchantment is a garden guided by an experienced gardener!

Now, my daughter, in the order of human nature also there will be some who will surpass the sky in sanctity and in beauty; some the sun, some the sea, some the flowery earth, some the height of the mountains, some the tiny little flower, some the little plant, and some the highest tree. And even if man should withdraw from my Will, I will multiply the centuries so as to have, in the human nature, all the order and the multiplicity of created things and of their beauty - and to have it even surpassed in a more admirable and enchanting way.”

May 18, 1926
Just as the Virgin had to embrace everything and do the acts of all, in order to obtain the longed for Redeemer and conceive Him, in the same way, the one who must obtain the Supreme Fiat has to embrace all and answer for all. Luisa feels the weight of her responsibility; Jesus reassures her.

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Will, and after going around all created things in order to impress my ‘I love You’, so that my ‘I love You’ might resound everywhere and over all to requite my Jesus for His great love, I arrived at that point at which I would be requiting my God for all the love He had in the act of being conceived in the womb of the Celestial Mama. At that moment my beloved Jesus came out from within my interior and told me: “My daughter, in order to conceive Me, Eternal Word, my inseparable Mama was enriched with seas of grace, of light and of sanctity by the Supreme Majesty. And She did such and so many acts of virtue, of love, of prayer, of desire and of ardent sighs, as to surpass all the love, virtues and acts of all generations, which were needed in order to obtain the longed for Redeemer. So, when I saw in the Sovereign Queen the complete love of all creatures and all the acts needed to deserve that the Word be conceived, I found in Her the requital of the love of all, Our glory restored, all the acts of the redeemed ones, and even of those for whom my Redemption was to serve as condemnation because of their ingratitude. Then did my love make Its final display, and I was conceived. Therefore, the right to the name of Mother is natural for Her – it is sacred, because by embracing all the acts of the generations, and substituting for all, it was as if She delivered them all to new life from her maternal womb.

Now, you must know that when We do Our works, We have to give so much love, light and grace to the creature who is chosen and to whom the work is entrusted, that she may be able to give Us all the requital and the glory of the work entrusted to her. Our power and wisdom would not deposit themselves in the bank of the creature from the very beginning of a work of Ours, as though in the act of going bankrupt. Our work must be safe in the creature who is called as primary act, and We must collect all the interest and the glory equivalent to Our work entrusted to her. And even if Our work were later communicated to the other creatures, and because of their ingratitude it ran the risk of failing, this would be more tolerable for Us, because the one to whom it was entrusted at the beginning allowed Us to collect all the interest in place of the failures of the other creatures. This is why We gave Her everything and received everything from Her: so that all the capital of Redemption might remain intact, and through Her, Our glory might be completed and Our love requited. Who is the wise man who, from the very beginning, would put his capital in a bank that is about to go bankrupt? First he makes sure, and then he entrusts his capital. However, it may happen that later on it fails, but this cannot cause him grave damage, because he has already made up for his capital through the much interest received. If man does so, much more so does God, whose wisdom is incomprehensible. And this was not about just any work, or a small capital, but it was about the great work of Redemption, and all the cost of the infinite and incalculable value of the Eternal Word. It was a unique work, nor could a new descent of the Eternal Word on earth be repeated. Therefore We had to place it in safety in the Celestial Sovereign Lady. And since We entrusted everything to Her – even the very Life of a God - She, as Our trustworthy one, had to answer for all, becoming the guarantor and the one responsible for this Divine Life entrusted to Her – as indeed She did.

Now, my daughter, what I did and wanted from my Celestial Mama in the great work of Redemption, I want to do with you in the great work of the Supreme Fiat. The work of the Divine Fiat is a work that must embrace everything - Creation, Redemption and Sanctification. It is the basis of everything, it is the life that flows in everything and encloses everything within itself. Because it has no beginning, it is the beginning of all things, and the end and fulfillment of Our works. See, then: the capital We want to entrust to you is exuberant - you have not calculated it. But do you know what it is that We entrust to you in the Supreme Fiat? We entrust to you the whole Creation, all the capital of Redemption, and that of Sanctification. My Will is universal, and in all things It has been the operator. So, it is right that what belongs to It be entrusted to you. Would you perhaps want my Will without Its works? We do not know how to give Our Life without Our works and Our goods - when We give, We give everything. And just as by giving the Word to the Celestial Queen, We centralized all His works and His goods in Her, in the same way, by giving you Our Supreme Will, reigning and dominating in you, We give you all the works that belong to It. This is why We are giving you so many graces, knowledges and capacities – so that from the very beginning the Supreme Fiat might suffer no failure. And you, placing It in safety, must give It the requital of love and glory of all Creation, Redemption and Sanctification. Your task is great – it is universal, and must embrace everyone and everything, in such a way that if Our Will, communicated to the other creatures, should suffer some failure, in you We must find the compensation for the void of others. And as you place It in safety within yourself, and you give Us the love, the glory and all the acts that the other creatures should do for Us, Our glory will always be complete and Our love will collect Its just interest. So, you too will be Our trustworthy one, the one responsible for the Divine Will entrusted to you, and Its guarantor.”

Now, while Jesus was saying this, I was taken by such fright. I comprehended all the weight of my responsibility, and fearing strongly that I might put in danger nothing less than all the weight and works of a Divine Will, I said: ‘My Love, thank You for so much goodness of yours toward me, but I feel that what You want to give me is too much. I feel an infinite weight that crushes me, and my littleness and incapacity have neither strength nor ability. As I fear that I might displease You, and I might be unable to embrace everything – go to some other creature, more capable, so that all this capital of your Supreme Will may be safer, and You may receive all the interest equivalent to such a great capital. I had never thought of such a great responsibility, but now that You are making me understand it, I feel my strengths fail me and I fear my weakness.’ And Jesus, clasping me to Himself to relieve me from the fear that crushed me, added: “My daughter, courage, do not fear. It is your Jesus that wants to give you too much. Am I perhaps not free to give whatever I want? Do you perhaps want to put a limit to my complete work, which I want to entrust to you? What would you say if my Celestial Mama had wanted to accept Me, the Eternal Word, but without His goods and without the acts that were needed to be able to conceive Me? Would this be true love and true acceptance? Certainly not. So, would you want my Will without Its works and without the acts that befit It?

Now, so that you may remove this fright, you must know that everything I have told you – that is, this capital so great - is already in you. After I had you acquire the practice of giving Me the requital of the glory and the love of all Creation, Redemption and Sanctification, making you embrace everything and everyone, and having seen that the equivalent interest was coming to Me easily – only then did I want to make known to you, with more clarity, the great capital of my Will entrusted to you, so that you may know the great good you possess, and as you come to know it, I may sign the deed of the capital entrusted to you, and also make for you the receipt of the interest you give Me. If you did not know it, neither the deed of the capital, nor the receipt of the interest could be made. Here is, therefore, the necessity to make it known to you. Besides, why do you fear to the point of wanting to send Me to another creature? Do you not have a love within you that says, ‘I love You for everyone and for everything’, and a motion that repays Me for the motion of all, and that in everything you do, embraces everyone, to give Me the acts, the prayers, the glory and the reparations of all, as though in one single embrace? If you already do this, why do you fear?”

At that moment, I saw other souls around me. Jesus went to them, and checking them all, He seemed to touch them to see whether, at His touch, the motion of His Divine Life would come out – but nothing came out. Then He came back to me, and taking my hand, He squeezed it tightly. At His touch a light came out of me, and Jesus, all content, told me: “This light is the motion of the Divine Life in you. I went to the other creatures, as you saw, but I did not find my motion. How, then, can I entrust the great capital of my Will? This is why I have chosen you, and that’s enough. Be attentive and do not fear.”

May 23, 1926
The Divine Will is seed of life, and wherever It enters, It produces life and sanctity. Just as the Virgin had Her time, the one who must impetrate the Supreme FIAT also has her time.

I was accompanying my sweet Jesus in His sorrowful agony in the Garden, especially when all the weight of our sins unloaded itself upon His Most Holy Humanity, to the point of making Him shed living blood. Oh! how I would have wanted to relieve Him from pains so excruciating. And while I compassionated His whole Being, He told me: “My daughter, my Will has the power to give death and to give life; and since my Humanity knew no other life but the Life of my Divine Will, as the sins crowded over Me, my Will made Me feel a distinct death for each sin. My Humanity moaned under the pain of the real death which my Supreme Will gave Me; but over that very death which this Divine Will gave Me, It made the new life of grace rise again for creatures. So, as evil and bad as a creature might be, if she has the fortune of letting one act of my Will enter into herself, even at the point of death, since my Will is life, It sows the seed of life in the soul. And as she possesses this seed of life, there is great hope that the soul may be saved, because the power of my Will will be careful so that this act of life of Its own, which has entered the soul, may not perish and turn into death. In fact, my Will has the power to give death, but my Will Itself and all of Its acts are untouchable and not subject to any death. Now, if one act alone of my Will contains the seed of life, what will not be the fortune of one who embraces within her soul, not one act alone, but continuous acts of my Will? This creature receives, not just the seed, but the fullness of life, and places her sanctity in safety.”

Then, afterwards, my poor mind was wandering in the Holy Divine Will, doing my usual acts in It. It seemed to me that everything was mine, and as I went around through all created things to impress everywhere my ‘I love You’, my adoration, my ‘Glory to my Creator’, I acquired new knowledge of what God has done for the creature, and of how much He has loved us. The Supreme Will seemed to delight in making known the new surprises of Its love, so that I might follow Its acts in order for It to give me the right to possess what has come out of Its creative Will. My littleness wandered amid Its immense goods. In the meantime, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and told me: “My daughter, when my Queen Mama came out to the light of the day, everyone was turned toward Her, and as though having one single gaze, all pupils looked at She who was to dry their tears by bringing to them the Life of the longed for Redeemer. All Creation was centered in Her, feeling honored to obey Her wishes. The Divinity Itself was all for Her and all intent on Her, in order to prepare Her and to form in Her, with surprising graces, the space into which the Eternal Word was to descend to take on human flesh. If the virtue were not present within Us that, while We operate, deal with or speak with one creature, We do not neglect the others, all would have said to Us: ‘Leave all of us aside, think of this Virgin; give – centralize everything in Her, that She may let the One come in whom our hopes, our life, all of our good, are placed.’ Therefore, the time in which the Sovereign Queen came out to the light of the day can be called the time of my Mama.

This, my daughter, can be called your time. All are turned toward you; I hear the voice of all, as if it were one alone, praying Me, pressing Me, that my Will may reacquire Its absolute divine rights over you, so that, acquiring Its total dominion, It may pour into you all the fullness of goods It had established to give if the creature had not withdrawn from my Will. So, the whole of Heaven, the Celestial Mama, the Angels and Saints – all are turned toward you for the triumph of my Will, because their glory in Heaven will not be complete if my Will does not have Its complete triumph on earth. Everything was created for the total fulfillment of the Supreme Will, and until Heaven and earth return into this circle of the Eternal Volition, they feel their works, their glory and beatitude as though halved, because, not having found Its complete fulfillment in the Creation, the Divine Will cannot give what It had established to give – that is, the fullness of Its goods, of Its effects, joys and happinesses which It contains. This is why they are all longing; my Will Itself is all for you and intent on you; It holds nothing back of graces, of light and whatever it takes to form in you the greatest of prodigies, which is Its fulfillment and Its total triumph. Which one do you think is a greater prodigy: that a little light remains enclosed in the sun, or that the sun remains enclosed in the little light?”

And I: ‘It would certainly be more prodigious if the little light enclosed the sun; and indeed, it seems impossible to me that this may happen.’ And Jesus: “What is impossible for the creature is possible for God. The little light is the soul, and my Will is the sun. Now, my Will must give so much to the little light as to be able to make of it a circle and be enclosed in It. And since the nature of light is to spread its rays everywhere, while remaining in triumph within this circle, It will spread Its divine rays to give the Life of my Will to all. This is the prodigy of prodigies, which the whole of Heaven longs for. Therefore, give broad field to my Will – be opposed in nothing, so that what was established by God in the work of Creation may have its fulfillment.”

May 27, 1926
The Divine Will envelops everything and everyone in the unity of Its Light. How the whole Creation possesses unity, and one who must live in the Divine Will also possesses this unity.

I was doing my usual acts in the Supreme Volition, and an inaccessible light enveloped my little being; it made as though present to me all the works of my Creator, and I had an ‘I love You’ for each created thing, a motion for each motion, an adoration and a ‘thank You’ of gratitude for all Creation. However, I comprehended that it was the light itself that administered to me that ‘I love You’ for each thing, that motion, that adoration; I was just prey to that light, while it enlarged me, it made me smaller and did whatever it wanted with my littleness. Now, while in this state, I was sorrowful because I could not see my sweet Jesus, and I thought to myself: ‘Jesus has left me, and in this blessed light I do not know where to turn my steps in order to find Him, because one can see neither where it begins nor where it ends. Oh! holy light, let me find the One who is my whole life - my highest Good.’ But while I poured myself out because of the pain of the privation of Jesus, all goodness, He came out from within my interior, and, all tenderness, He told me: “My daughter, why do you fear? I do not leave you; rather, it is my Supreme Will that eclipses Me within you. The light of my Will is endless, infinite – Its boundaries cannot be found, neither where It begins nor where It ends. On the other hand, my Humanity does have Its boundaries, Its limits, and therefore, since my Humanity is smaller than my Eternal Will, I remain enwrapped and as though eclipsed within It; and while I am with you, I give the field of action to my Will, I enjoy Its divine operating in the littleness of your soul, and I prepare a new lesson to give you, to make known to you, more and more, the wonders of my Supreme Will. Therefore, when you swim in It, be certain that I am with you; even more, I do what you do together with you, and in order to give It complete field of action I remain as though hidden in you, to enjoy Its fruits.

Now, my daughter, you must know that true light is not separable. Look: the sun which is in the atmosphere also has this prerogative and possesses the unity of light; the light is so compacted together within its sphere as to lose not one atom; and even though it descends down below, filling the whole earth with light, the light never separates. It is so compact within itself, united, not separable, that it never loses anything of its solar light; so much so that, all together, it spreads its rays, dispelling everywhere the darkness from the earth, and, all together, it withdraws its light, leaving not even the traces of its atoms. If the light of the sun were divisible, for how long would the sun have been poor in light, having no more strength to illuminate all the earth. One could say: ‘Divided light – desolate earth.’ So, the sun can sing victory and it possesses all its strength and its effects thanks to the unity of its light; and if the earth receives so many admirable and innumerable effects, to the point that the sun can be called the life of the earth, everything comes from the unity of the light it possesses, which, after so many centuries, has lost not even one atom of light which was entrusted to it by God, and therefore it is always triumphant, majestic and fixed, and always stable in its light, in singing the praises of the triumph and the glory of the eternal light of its Creator.

Now, my daughter, the sun is the symbol of my Eternal Will; and if this symbol possesses the unity of light, much more so does my Will, which is not a symbol, but the reality of light, while the sun can be called the budding of the inaccessible light of my Will. And you have seen Its immensity, and how one does not see a globe of light like the sun, but vastness, such that the human eye cannot arrive at seeing where It ends or where It begins. Yet, all this endlessness of light is one single act of the Eternal Will. All this uncreated light is so compacted together as to become inseparable, indivisible; and so, more than sun, it possesses the eternal unity, in which the triumph of God and of all Our works is founded. Now, this triumph of the unity of the Supreme Will, the center of its dwelling place, of its throne, is the center of the Sacrosanct Trinity. From this divine center start its most refulgent rays, which invest the whole Celestial Fatherland; all Saints and Angels are invested by the unity of my Will, they all receive Its innumerable effects, and abducting them all to Itself, It makes of them one single unity with the supreme unity of my Will. These rays invest the whole Creation and form its unity with the soul who lives in my Will. Look: the unity of this light of my Will which resides in the center of the Three Divine Persons is already fixed in you; so, one is the light and the act, one is the Will. Now, while you do your acts in this unity, they are already incorporated in that single act of the center, and the Divinity is already with you, doing what you do. The Celestial Mama, the Saints and Angels, and the whole Creation – all in chorus repeat your act, and feel the effects of the Supreme Will. Watch - listen to the prodigy never before seen of that single act which fills Heaven and earth, with the very Trinity unifying Itself with the creature and placing Itself as the primary act of the act of the creature.”

At that moment I could see the eternal light fixed in me, and I could hear the chorus of the whole of Heaven and of all Creation in its mute language. But who can say everything and what I comprehended of the unity of the light of the Supreme Will? Jesus added: “My daughter, in order for each act to be good and holy, its origin must come from God, and - behold, for the soul who lives in my Will, in the unity of this light, her adoration, her love, her motion and everything she may do, begin from the Divine Trinity. So, she receives the origin of her acts from God Himself, and here is how her adoration, her love, her motion, are the same adoration which the Three Divine Persons have among themselves, the same reciprocal love which reigns among the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and her motion is that eternal motion which never ceases and gives motion to all. The unity of this light places everything in common; whatever God does, the soul does, and whatever the soul does, God does – God by His own virtue, the soul by virtue of the unity of the light that envelops her. Therefore, the prodigy of living in my Will is the prodigy of God Himself - it is primary prodigy, while all other prodigies, all other works, even good and holy ones, remain eclipsed - they disappear before the acts done in the unity of this light. Imagine the sun, spreading its rays in the unity of its light, invading all the earth; and then the creatures, placing before the blazing light of the sun all the lights that exist in the low world – electric light, private lights. As many as they would want to put there, their light would always be meager before the sun, almost as if they did not exist, and no one would use all those lights to give light to their steps in order to walk, to their hands in order to work, to their eyes in order to see, but all would use the sun; and all those lights would remain idle, without doing good to anyone.

Such are all the other works which are not done in the unity of the light of my Will. They are the little lights before the great sun, which one almost does not notice. However, those very lights which are useless, which make no impression and do no good when the sun is present, once the sun disappears, acquire their little value, do their little good, are light in the darkness of the night, serve the work of man. However, they are never sun, nor can they do the great good which the sun can do. Yet, the purpose of Creation was that, all things having come out from within the unity of this light of the Supreme Fiat, all should have remained in the unity of It. Only the creature did not want to recognize this purpose; he went out of the unity of the light of the sun of my Will, and reduced himself to begging for the effects of this light, almost as the earth begs its vegetation and the development of the seeds it hides in its womb, from the sun. What sorrow, my daughter – to reduce oneself from king to beggar, and to beg from those which were to be at his service.”

All afflicted and sorrowful, Jesus kept silent, and I comprehended all the sorrow that pierced Him. I could feel His sorrow within me, penetrating deep into the inmost fibers of my soul. But I wanted to cheer Jesus at any cost, so I returned to my usual acts in the unity of His Will, knowing that He easily passes from sorrow to joy when my littleness dives into the inaccessible light of His Will. And Jesus loved together with me, and love healed His sorrow. Then He resumed His speaking: “My daughter, since I am raising you in my Will, O please! do not want ever to give Me this sorrow, so piercing, of going out of the unity of the light of the Supreme Fiat. Promise Me - swear that you will always be the newborn of my Will.” And I: ‘My Love, be consoled, I promise - I swear; and You must promise me to keep me always in your arms and sunken in your Will. You must never leave me if You want me to be always, always, the little daughter of your Will, for I tremble and I fear myself; more so, since the more You speak about this Supreme Volition, the more I feel that I am no good, and the nothingness of my nothing makes itself felt more.’

And Jesus, sighing, added: “My daughter, feeling your nothingness more does not oppose the living in my Will; on the contrary, it is a duty of yours. All of my works are formed over nothing, and this is why the All can do what He wants. If the sun had reason, and someone asked it: ‘What good do you do? What are your effects? How much light and heat do you contain?’; it would answer: ‘I do nothing, I just know that the light given to me by God is invested with the Supreme Will, and I do whatever It wants. I extend wherever It wants, and I produce the effects It wants; and while I do so much, I remain always nothing and the Divine Will does everything in me.’ The same for all my other works - all their glory is to remain in their nothingness in order to give the whole field to my Will, to let It operate. Only man wanted to do without the Will of his Creator, he wanted to make his nothingness operate, believing himself to be good at something; and the All, feeling Himself placed after the nothing, went out of man, who reduced himself from superior to all, to inferior to all.

Therefore, let your nothingness be always at the mercy of my Will, if you want the unity of Its light to operate in you and call the purpose of Creation back to new life.”

May 31, 1926
Difference between one who lives in the Divine Will and one who is resigned and submitted to It. The first one is sun, the second is earth, which lives of the effects of the light.

The light of the Divine Will continues to envelop me; and my little intelligence, while swimming in the immense sea of this light, can just barely take a few drops of light and a few little flames of the so many truths, knowledges and happinesses that this endless sea of the Eternal Will contains. And many times I cannot find the right words in order to put on paper that little bit of light; I say little compared to the much I leave out, because my little and poor intelligence takes as much as is enough to fill me – the rest I have to leave out. It happens as to a person who dives into the sea: he becomes all wet, water flows everywhere on him, and maybe even in his bowels; but as he goes out of the sea, how much of all the water of the sea does he carry with himself? Very little – indeed almost nothing compared to the water that remains in the sea. And by having been in the sea, can he perhaps say how much water, how many species of fish and quantities of them there are in the sea? Certainly not; but he will be able to speak of the little he has seen of the sea. Such is my poor soul.

Then, while I was in this light, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior and told me: “My daughter, this is the unity of the light of my Will, and so that you may love It more and more and be confirmed more in It, I want to make known to you the great difference which exists between one who lives in my Will, in the unity of this light, and one who resigns and submits himself to my Will. In order to make you comprehend this well, I will give you a simile from the sun which is there on the horizon. The sun, being in the vault of the heavens, spreads its rays over the surface of the earth. Look: between the earth and the sun there is a sort of agreement – the sun touches the earth, and the earth receives the light and the touch of the sun. Now, by receiving the touch of the light, submitting to the sun, the earth receives the effects which the light contains, and these effects transmute the face of the earth; they make it turn green again, they make it flower - plants develop, fruits mature, and many other wonders which can be seen on the face of the earth, always produced by the effects contained in the solar light. But by giving its effects, the sun does not give its light; on the contrary, it jealously preserves its unity, and its effects are not lasting, and therefore one sees the poor earth, now all flowery, now all stripped – it changes almost at each season, and undergoes continuous mutations. If the sun gave to the earth effects and light, the earth would change into sun and would have no more need to beg for the effects, because, containing the light within itself, it would become the owner of the source of the effects which the sun contains.

Now, such is the soul who resigns and submits to my Will: she lives of the effects contained in It. Not possessing the light, she does not possess the source of the effects contained in the Sun of the Eternal Volition, and therefore she looks almost like the earth – now rich in virtues, now poor; she changes at every circumstance. Even more, if she is not always resigned and submitted to my Will, she would be like an earth that does not want to let itself be touched by the light of the sun. In fact, if the earth receives its effects it is because it lets itself be touched by its light, otherwise it would remain squalid, unable to produce a single blade of grass. So remained Adam after sin; he lost the unity of the light, and therefore the source of the goods and effects which the Sun of my Will contains. He could no longer feel the fullness of the Divine Sun within himself; he could no longer see within himself that unity of light which his Creator had fixed in the depth of his soul, and which, communicating His likeness to him, made of him His faithful copy. Before sinning, since he possessed the source of the unity of light with his Creator, each little act of his was a ray of light which, invading the whole Creation, went to fix itself in the center of his Creator, bringing Him the love and the return for all that had been made for him in the whole Creation. He was the one who harmonized everything and formed the note of accord between Heaven and earth. But as soon as he withdrew from my Will, his acts no longer invaded Heaven and earth like rays, but they shrank, almost like plants and flowers, within the little circle of his field. So, losing the harmony with all Creation, he became the clashing note of all Creation. Oh! how low he descended, and cried bitterly over the lost unity of light, which, raising him above all created things, made of Adam the little god of the earth.

Now, my daughter, from what I have told you, you can comprehend that the living in my Will is to possess the source of the unity of the light of my Will, with all the fullness of the effects contained in It. So, light, love, adoration… arise in each act of the creature, which, constituting itself act for each act, love for each love, like solar light invades everything, harmonizes everything, centralizes everything within itself; and like a shining ray it brings to her Creator the return for all that He has made for all creatures and the true note of accord between Heaven and earth. What a difference between one who possesses the source of the goods which the Sun of my Will contains, and one who lives of the effects of It! It is the difference that exists between the sun and the earth. The sun always possesses the fullness of its light and effects, it is always blazing and majestic in the vault of the heavens, nor does it need the earth. While it touches everything, it is untouchable, it does not let itself be touched by anyone; and if anyone dared even to fix on it, it would eclipse him, blind him and knock him down with its light. On the other hand, the earth is in need of everything, it lets itself be touched and stripped; and if it wasn’t for the light of the sun and its effects, it would be a gloomy prison, full of squalid misery. Therefore, there is no comparison that holds between one who lives in my Will and one who submits to It.

So, before sinning, Adam did possess the unity of light, but he could no longer recover it during his life; it happened to him as to the earth that turns around the sun: not being fixed, in turning around, it opposes the sun and forms the night. Now, in order to render him firm again so that he might sustain the unity of this light, a repairer was needed, and this repairer was supposed to be superior to him; a divine strength was needed in order to straighten him up. Here is the necessity of Redemption.

My Celestial Mama also possessed the unity of this light, and this is why, more than sun, She can give light to all. It was never nighttime, nor was there ever a shadow between Her and the Supreme Majesty, but always full daylight. Therefore, in each instant, this unity of the light of my Will made the whole of the Divine Life flow within Her, which brought Her seas of light, of joys, of happinesses, of divine knowledges, seas of beauty, of glory, of love. And She, as though in triumph, brought all these seas to Her Creator as Her own, to attest to Him Her love, Her adoration, and to charm Him with Her beauty; and the Divinity made flow yet more and new beautiful seas. She possessed so much love that, as though naturally, She could love all, adore and make up for all. Her littlest acts done in the unity of this light were superior to the greatest acts and to all the acts of all creatures together. Therefore, the sacrifices, the works, the love of all other creatures can be called little flames before the sun, little drops of water before the sea, compared to the acts of the Sovereign Queen; and this is why, by virtue of the unity of this light of the Supreme Volition, She triumphed over everything and conquered Her very Creator, making Him a Prisoner in Her maternal womb. Ah! only the unity of this light of my Will, which She who ruled over everything possessed, was able to form this prodigy which had never before occurred, administering to Her acts worthy of this Divine Prisoner.

By losing this unity of light, Adam turned himself upside down and formed night, weaknesses, passions, for himself and for the generations. By never doing Her own will, this excelling Virgin remained always straight, and facing the Eternal Sun; therefore it was always daylight for Her, and She made the day of the Sun of Justice arise for all generations. If this Virgin Queen had done nothing else but preserve the unity of the light of the Eternal Volition in the depth of Her immaculate soul, this would have been enough to give Us back the glory of all, the acts of all, and the requital of love of all Creation. Through Her, by virtue of my Will, the Divinity felt come back to Itself, the joys and the happiness which It had established to receive through Creation. Therefore She can be called the Queen, the Mother, the Foundress, the Base and the Mirror of my Will, in which all can reflect themselves to receive Its Life from Her.”

After this, I felt as though soaked with this light, and I comprehended the great prodigy of living in the unity of this light of the Supreme Volition; and my sweet Jesus, coming back, added: “My daughter, Adam in the state of innocence and my Celestial Mama possessed the unity of light of my Will - not by their own virtue, but by virtue communicated by God. On the other hand, my Humanity possessed it by Its own virtue, because in It there was not only the unity of the light of the Supreme Volition, but there was the Eternal Word; and since I am inseparable from the Father and the Holy Spirit, the true and perfect bilocation occurred – that while I remained in Heaven, I descended into the womb of my Mama; and since the Father and the Holy Spirit are inseparable from Me, They too descended into it, and at the same time They remained in the heights of the Heavens.”

Now, while Jesus was saying this, the doubt came to me about whether the Three Divine Persons had suffered, all Three of Them, or the Word alone; and Jesus resumed His speaking, saying: “My daughter, because They are inseparable from Me, the Father and the Holy Spirit descended with Me and I remained with Them in the Heavens; but the task of satisfying, of suffering, and of redeeming man was taken by Me. I, Son of the Father, took on the role of reconciling God with man. Our Divinity was untouchable by the suffering of the slightest pain; it was my Humanity that, united with the Three Divine Persons in an inseparable way, placing Itself at the mercy of the Divinity, suffered unheard-of pains and satisfied in a divine manner. And since my Humanity possessed not only the fullness of my Will as Its own virtue, but the Word Himself, as well as the Father and the Holy Spirit as a consequence of Our inseparability, It surpassed in a more perfect way both innocent Adam and my very Mama. In fact, in them it was grace, in Me it was nature; they had to draw light, grace, power, beauty from God; in Me there was the springing fount of light, beauty, grace…. So, the difference between Me, as nature, and my very Mama, as grace, was so great, that She remained eclipsed before my Humanity. Therefore, my daughter, be attentive, your Jesus possesses the springing fount, and has always something to give you, and you have always something to take. As much as I may tell you about my Will, I have always something to tell you, and neither the short life of the exile nor the whole eternity will be enough to make known to you the long story of my Supreme Will, and to enumerate for you the great prodigies contained in It.”

June 6, 1926
Jesus wants our link with everything He has done. Just as God established the epoch and the time of Redemption, so it is for the Kingdom of His Will. The Redemption is means to help man, the Divine Will is origin and end of man.

I was doing my acts in the Supreme Will according to my usual way, and I tried to trace everything that my Jesus, my Celestial Mama, the Creation and all creatures did. Now, while I was doing this, my sweet Jesus helped me by making present to me all of His acts which I omitted to trace, not having the capacity to do it. And Jesus, all goodness, would make his act present to me, telling me: “My daughter, in my Will all of my acts are all present, as though lined up together. Look – here are all the acts of my childhood; there are all my tears, my wailings; there is also when, as a little child, I picked flowers while walking through the fields. Come to place your ‘I love You’ on the flowers I pick, and on my hands that stretch out to pick them. It was you that I looked at in those flowers; it was you that I picked, as tiny little flower of my Will. Don’t you want, then, to keep Me company with your love in all my acts as a child, amusing yourself with Me in these innocent acts? Keep looking: there is when, a little child, tired from crying for souls, I would have some very short sleep; but before closing my eyes I wanted you, so that you might favor my sleep. First I wanted to see you kiss my tears by impressing your ‘I love You’ in each tear, and to have Me close my eyes to sleep with the lullaby of your ‘I love You’. But, do not leave Me alone while I sleep – wait until I wake up, so that, just as you closed my sleep, you may open my vigil in your ‘I love you’.

My daughter, one for whom it was established that she would live in my Will was inseparable from Me, and even though at that time you were not there, my Will made you present and gave Me your company, your acts, your ‘I love You’. And do you know what an ‘I love You’ in my Will means? That ‘I love You’ encloses an eternal happiness, a divine love, and for my tender age that was enough to make Me happy and to form a sea of joy around Me - enough to make Me put aside all the bitternesses that the other creatures gave Me. If you do not follow Me in all my acts, there will be a void of your acts in my Will, and I will remain isolated, without your company. But I want your link with everything I have done, because, since one is the Will that unites us, as a consequence, one must be the act. But, keep following Me - look at Me here, when at my tender age of two or three years I would withdraw from my Mama and, kneeling, with my little arms stretched in the shape of the cross, I prayed to my Celestial Father that He would have pity on mankind, and in my open little arms I embraced all generations. My position was excruciating – so little, on my knees with my arms stretched out, crying, praying…. My Mama could not have endured seeing Me; Her maternal love that loved Me so much would have made Her succumb. Therefore, come, you who do not have the love of my Mama – come to sustain my little arms, to dry my tears; place an ‘I love You’ of your own upon that ground against which my little knees were leaning, so that it may not be so hard for me. And then, throw yourself into my little arms, that I may offer you to my Celestial Father as daughter of my Will. Even from that time I called you, and when I saw Myself alone, abandoned by all, I would say to Myself: ‘If everyone leaves Me, the newborn of my Will will never leave Me alone.’ Isolation is too hard for Me, therefore my acts await yours and your company.”

But who can say all that my sweet Jesus made present to me of all the acts of His life? If I wanted to tell them all I would be too long - I should fill entire volumes, therefore I stop here.

Then, after this, I was saying to my lovable Jesus: ‘My Love, if You so much love that your Most Holy Will be known and reign with Its full dominion in the midst of creatures, why did You not form, together with Redemption, the fulfillment of your Most Holy Will when You came upon earth, united with your Celestial Mama who, just as She obtained the longed for Redeemer, could also obtain the longed for Fiat? Your visible presence would have helped and facilitated the Kingdom of the Supreme Will upon earth in an admirable way. But, doing it through this poor, wretched and incapable creature... it seems to me as if it would not have all the glory and the total triumph.’ And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, everything was established – the epoch and the time, both that of Redemption and that for making my Will known upon earth, so that It might reign. It was established that my Redemption was to serve as means of help; Redemption had not been the origin of man, but It arose as means, after man moved away from his origin. On the other hand, my Will was the origin of man and the end in which he must enclose himself. All things have their origin from my Will and everything must return into It; and if not everyone will do it in time, no one will be able to escape It in eternity. Therefore, also for this reason, the primacy is always of my Will.

Now, in order to form Redemption I needed a Virgin Mother, conceived without the shadow of original sin, because, having to take on human flesh, it was decorous for Me, Eternal Word, not to take an infected blood to form my Most Holy Humanity. Now, in order to make my Will known, so that It might reign, I do not need to have a second mother according to the natural order, but rather, I need a second mother according to the order of grace. In fact, in order for my Will to reign, I have no need of another Humanity, but to give such knowledge of It that, drawn by Its prodigies, by Its beauty and sanctity, and by the immense good that comes to them, creatures may submit with all love to Its dominion. Therefore, in choosing you for the mission of my Will, I took you from the common stock according to the natural order, but for the decorum of my Will I had to raise you so high according to the order of grace, that not one infected shadow might remain in your soul, because of which my Will might feel reluctant to reign in you. Just as the pure blood of the Immaculate Virgin was needed to form my Humanity, to be able to redeem man, so was the purity, the candidness, the sanctity, the beauty of your soul needed to form in you the Life of my Will. And just as by forming my Humanity in the womb of my Mama, this Humanity gave Itself to all – it is understood, to those who want It – as means of salvation, of light, of sanctity; in the same way, this Life of my Will which has been formed in you, will give Itself to all, to make Itself known and to acquire Its dominion.

Had I wanted to free you of original sin as I did with my Celestial Mama, so that my Will might take life in you, no one would have given a thought to letting my Will reign within himself. They would have said: ‘One needs to be a second Mother of Jesus and to have Her privileges so that the Life of the Supreme Will might reign in us.’ On the other hand, by knowing that you are from their stock, conceived just like them, if they want it, helped by their own good will they too will be able to know the Supreme Will – what they must do to let It reign within them, the good that comes to them, the terrestrial and celestial happiness prepared in a distinct way for those who will let my Will reign. My Redemption was to serve to plant the tree of my Will which, watered with my Blood, cultivated and hoed with my sweats and unheard-of pains, fertilized with the Sacraments, first would make the tree develop, then would make the flowers bloom, and finally would make the celestial fruits of my Will mature. And in order to make these precious fruits mature, the course of my thirty-three years was not enough, nor were the creatures prepared and disposed to receive a food so delicate, all of Heaven, which I was giving. Therefore I contented Myself with planting the tree, leaving all possible means to make it grow, beautiful and gigantic; and at the appropriate time, as the fruits are about to mature and so that they may be picked, I chose you in a way all special, to make known to you the good it contains, and how I want to raise the creature back to her origin. Banishing her will, the cause for which she descended from her happy state, she will eat of these precious fruits, which will give her such taste as to remove from her all the infection of passions and of her own will, and give back the dominion to my Will. Embracing everything as though in one single embrace, my Will will unite everything together: Creation, Redemption, and the fulfillment of the purpose for which all things were created - that is, that my Will be known, loved and done on earth as It is in Heaven.”

And I: ‘Jesus, my Love, the more You tell me, the more I feel the weight of my littleness, and I fear that I might be an obstacle to the Kingdom of your Will on earth. Oh! if You and my Mama had done this directly while being on earth, your Will would have had Its full effect.’ And Jesus, interrupting my speaking, added: “My daughter, Our task was perfectly accomplished – now you be attentive on accomplishing your own. This is your task; more so, since the Sovereign Queen and I are untouchable by pains, We are in the state of impassivity and of complete glory, and therefore pains can no longer have anything to do with Us. You, on the contrary, have the pains as help to impetrate the Supreme Fiat, new knowledges, new graces; and even though I am in Heaven, I will be hidden in you to form the Kingdom for my Will. My power is always the same; while being in Heaven I can do what I would have done while being visible on earth. When I want it, and the creature lends herself, giving all of herself prey to my Will, I invest her and make her do what I Myself should do. Therefore be attentive, and mind your own task.”

June 15, 1926
How the ‘nothing’ is frightened and trembles under the ‘All’. How the Virgin loves Her celestial children and performs in Heaven Her office of Mother. Just as knowledge gave life to the fruits of Redemption, so it will give life to the fruits of the Divine Will.

I was feeling all full of defects, especially because of the great repugnance I feel when it comes to writing of the intimate things between myself and Our Lord. The weight I feel is so great, that I don’t know what I would do in order not to do it; and since the obedience of the one who is above me imposes itself, though I would like to oppose myself and tell my reasons for not doing it, I always end up surrendering.

So, having gone through a similar contrast, I felt full of defects and totally bad; therefore, as blessed Jesus came, I told Him: ‘Jesus, my life, have pity on me – look at how full of defects I am, and how much badness there is in me.’ And He, all goodness and tenderness, told me: “My daughter, do not fear, I am here, watching over you and keeping your soul in custody, so that not even the slightest sin may enter into your soul. And where you or others see defects and badnesses, I find none; rather, I see that your ‘nothing’ feels the weight of the ‘All’. In fact, the more I elevate you intimately to Me and I make known to you what the ‘All’ wants to do with your ‘nothing’, the more you feel your nothingness and, almost frightened and crushed under the All, you would want escape from manifesting and, even more, from writing on paper that which the ‘All’ wants to make of this ‘nothing’ of yours. More so since, as much reluctance as you feel, I always win and make you do what I want.

This happened also to my Celestial Mama, when She was told: ‘I hail You, Mary, full of grace; You will conceive the Son of God.’ On hearing this, She was frightened, She trembled, and said: ‘How can this happen?’ But She ended up saying: ‘Fiat Mihi secundum verbum tuum.’ She felt all the weight of the All over Her nothing and, naturally, She was frightened. So, when I manifest to you what I want to do with you, and your nothing is frightened, I see the fright of the Sovereign Queen being repeated; and compassionating you, I lift your nothing, I strengthen it, that it may endure sustaining the All. Therefore, do not be concerned about this, but rather, think of letting the All operate in you.”

Then, after this, I was doing my usual acts in the Supreme Volition, embracing everything and everyone to be able to bring to my Creator the acts of all as one single act. Now, while I was doing this, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and embracing everything together with me, He united Himself with me, doing what I was doing. Then, all love, He told me: “My daughter, I love so much the acts done in my Will, that I Myself take on the commitment to keep them in custody in the unity of my supreme light, in such a way as to render them inseparable from Me and from my own acts. If you knew how jealous I am of these acts, how they glorify Me in a wholly divine way…. It can be said that each of these acts is a new feast that starts in the whole Creation and in the whole Celestial Fatherland. Flowing in my Will like ray of light, these acts bring new joys, feasts and happinesses wherever my Will is. These acts are the joys, the feast and the happiness that the creature forms in the Will of her Creator. And do you think it is trivial that the creature can form and bring feast, joy and happiness to her Creator and wherever Our Will reigns?

The same happened with my Queen Mama. As She always operated in the unity of the light of the Supreme Will, all of Her acts, Her office of Mother, Her rights of Queen remained inseparable from Her Creator; so much so, that when the Divinity unleashes the acts of beatitude to make the whole Celestial Fatherland happy, It unleashes with them all the acts of the Celestial Mama. So, all the Saints feel invested, not only with Our joys and beatitudes, but also with the maternal love of their Mother, with the glory of their Queen, and with all of Her acts converted into joys for the whole Celestial Jerusalem. Every fiber of Her maternal Heart loves all the children of the Celestial Fatherland with love of Mother, and She shares Her joys of Mother and Her glory of Queen with everyone. So, on earth She was Mother of love and of sorrow for Her children, who cost Her so much, as much as the Life of Her Son God, and by virtue of the unity of the light of the Supreme Will which She possessed, Her acts remained inseparable from Ours; while in Heaven She is Mother of love, of joys and of glory for all of Her celestial children; so, all the Saints have greater love, more glory and more joys, by virtue of their Mother and Sovereign Queen. Therefore, I love so much one who lives in my Will, that I lower Myself to her, to do what she does together with her, to raise her up to the bosom of the Eternal One, to render her act one with her Creator.”

After this, I remained thinking about the blessed Will of God, and many things wandered through my mind, which it is not necessary to put on paper; and my sweet Jesus, coming back, added: “My daughter, the triumph of my Will is connected with Creation and with Redemption – it can be called one single triumph. Since a woman was the cause of the ruin of man, it was a Virgin Woman that, after four thousand years, letting my Humanity, united to the Eternal Word, be born of Her, provided the remedy for the ruin of fallen man. Now that the remedy for man is formed, is my Will alone to be left without Its full completion, while It has Its prime act both in Creation and in Redemption? This is why, after two thousand years more, We have chosen another virgin as the triumph and fulfillment of Our Will. Forming Its Kingdom in your soul and making Itself known, with Its knowledge, my Will has given you Its hand to raise you to living in the unity of Its light, so that you may form your life in It and the Divine Will may form Its Life in you. And having formed Its dominion in you, It forms the connection through which to communicate Its dominion to the other creatures; and just as, in descending into the womb of the Immaculate Virgin, the Word did not remain in it for Her alone, but I formed the connection of communication for creatures, and I gave Myself to all and as a remedy for all - the same will happen with you: by having formed Its Kingdom in you, my Supreme Volition forms the communications to make Itself known to creatures. Everything I have told you about It, the knowledges I have given you, the ‘way’ and the ‘how’ of the living in my Will, my making known to you how It wants – how It yearns for man to return into Its arms and enter once again into his origin of the Eternal Will from which he came - are all ways of communication, bonds of love, transmission of light, a breeze to make them breathe the air of my Will and therefore disinfect the air of the human will, and a mighty wind to conquer and uproot the most rebellious wills.

Each knowledge I have given you about my Will contains a creative power; and everything is in letting these knowledges out, because the power they contain will know how to breach its way into the hearts, to submit them to its dominion. Did the same perhaps not happen in Redemption? As long as I remained with my Mama in the hidden life of Nazareth, everything was silent around Me, although this hiddenness of mine, together with the Celestial Queen, served in an admirable way to form the substance of Redemption and so that I might announce Myself as being already present in their midst. But when did Its fruits communicate themselves in the midst of the peoples? When I went out in public, made Myself known, and spoke to them with the power of my creative word. And as all that I did and said spread and keeps spreading still now in the midst of the peoples, then did the fruits of Redemption have their effects, and still do. Indeed, my daughter, if no one had known that I had come upon earth, Redemption would have been something dead and without effects for creatures. So, knowledge gave life to Its fruits.

The same will be for my Will: knowledge will give life to the fruits of my Will. This is why I wanted to renew what I did in Redemption, choosing another virgin, remaining hidden with her for forty years and more, segregating her from everyone as if in a new Nazareth, to be free with her to tell the whole story, the prodigies and the goods contained in It, so as to be able to form the life of my Will in you. And just as I chose Saint Joseph to be together with Me and my Mama, as our cooperator, tutor and vigilant sentry for Me and for the Sovereign Queen, in the same way, I have placed near you the vigilant assistance of my ministers, as cooperators, tutors and depositories of the knowledges, goods and prodigies contained in my Will. And since my Will wants to establish Its Kingdom in the midst of peoples, through you I want to deposit this celestial doctrine in my ministers as my new apostles, so that first I may form with them the link of connection with my Will, and then they may transmit it into the midst of peoples. If it were not so, or were not to be so, I would not have insisted so much on having you write, nor would I have permitted the daily coming of the priest, but I would have left all my work between Me and you. Therefore, be attentive and leave Me free to do what I want in you.”

Now, who can say how confused I remained at this speaking of Jesus? I remained mute, and from the depth of my heart I repeated: ‘Fiat, Fiat, Fiat…’

June 20, 1926
“Ecce Homo”. Jesus felt as many deaths for as many as were those who cried out: “Crucify Him!” One who lives in the Divine Will takes the fruit of the pains of Jesus. The ideal of Jesus in Creation was the Kingdom of His Will in souls.

After going through most bitter days because of the privation of my sweet Jesus, I felt I could take no more; I moaned under a press that crushed my soul and body, and I longed for my Celestial Fatherland, in which not even for one instant would I be without the One who is all my life and my highest and only Good. Then, when I reduced myself to the extremes without Jesus, I felt myself being filled completely with Him, in such a way that I remained like a veil that covered Him. And since I was thinking about the pains of His Passion and accompanying Him, especially in the act in which Pilate showed Him to the people, saying, ‘Ecce Homo’, my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, as Pilate said ‘Ecce Homo’, all cried out: ‘Crucify Him, crucify Him – we want Him dead!’ And so did my very Celestial Father and my inseparable and pierced Mama, and not only those who were present, but all the absent and all generations, past and future. And if someone did not say it with words, he said it with facts, because there was not a single one who said he wanted Me alive, and to keep silent is confirmation of what others want.

This cry of death from all was so very painful for Me; I felt as many deaths for as many as were the people who cried out: ‘Crucify Him!’ I felt as though drowned with pains and with death; more so, since I could see that each death of mine would not bring life to each one, and those who received life because of my death would not receive all the complete fruit of my Passion and Death. My sorrow was so great, that my moaning Humanity was about to succumb and breathe Its last; but while I was dying, with Its all-seeingness my Supreme Will made present to my dying Humanity all those who would let the Eternal Volition reign in them with absolute dominion, who would take the complete fruit of my Passion and Death. Among them there was my dear Mother, as their head. She took all the deposit of all my goods and of the fruits contained in my Life, Passion and Death – not even one breath of mine did She allow to be lost, nor did She fail to keep its precious fruit in Her custody. And from Her they were to be transmitted to the little newborn of my Will and to all those in whom the Supreme Volition would have Its Life and Its Kingdom.

When my extinguishing Humanity saw the complete fruit of my Life, Passion and Death placed in safety and secured, It was able to resume and continue the course of Its sorrowful Passion. So, it is my Will alone that brings all the fullness of my goods and the complete fruit contained in Creation, Redemption and Sanctification. Wherever It reigns, Our works are all full of life – nothing is halved or incomplete; while where It does not reign, even if some virtues were present, everything is misery, everything incomplete, and if they produce any fruit at all, it is unripe and without maturity. And if they take the fruits of my Redemption, they take them with measure and without abundance, therefore they grow as weak, sick and feverish; and if they do a little bit of good, they do it strained and they feel crushed under the weight of that bit of good that they do. On the other hand, my Will empties the human will and in that void It places the divine strength and the life of good. Therefore, one who lets It reign within herself does good without strain, and the life she contains leads her to operate good with an irresistible strength. So, my Humanity found life in my Passion and Death, and in those in whom my Will would reign; therefore Creation and Redemption will always be incomplete until my Will has Its Kingdom in souls.”

After this, I was doing my usual acts in the Supreme Volition, and my sweet Jesus, coming out from within my interior, followed everything I did with His gaze. And since He saw that all my acts identified with His, and by virtue of the Supreme Will, they followed the same course as His acts, and repeated the same good and the same glory for our Celestial Father, taken by emphasis of love He clasped me to His Heart and told me: “My daughter, even though you are little and newly born in my Will, and you live in the Kingdom of my Will, your littleness is my triumph; and when I see you operate in It I find Myself in the Kingdom of my Will like a king who has fought a long war. Since his ideal was victory, in seeing himself victorious he feels cheered of the bloody battle, from the hardships suffered and from the wounds still impressed on his person, and his triumph is formed as he sees himself surrounded by the conquests he has made. The king wants to look at everything, his gaze wants to delight in the kingdom conquered, and, triumphant, he smiles and makes feast.

So I am. My ideal in Creation was the Kingdom of my Will in the soul of the creature; my primary purpose was to make of man the image of the Divine Trinity by virtue of the fulfillment of my Will upon him. But as man withdrew from It, I lost my Kingdom in him, and for as long as six thousand years I had to sustain a long battle. But, long as it has been, I have not dismissed my ideal and my primary purpose, nor will I dismiss it; and if I came in Redemption, I came to realize my ideal and my primary purpose – that is, the Kingdom of my Will in souls. This is so true, that in order to come, I formed my first Kingdom of the Supreme Volition in the Heart of my Immaculate Mama - outside of my Kingdom I would never have come upon earth. Then I suffered hardships and pains, I was wounded and killed at last, but the Kingdom of my Will was not realized; I laid the foundations, I made some preparations, but the bloody battle between the human will and the Divine has yet continued.

Now, my little daughter, when I see you operate in the Kingdom of my Will and, as you operate, Its Kingdom is established more and more in you, I feel victorious in my long battle and everything around Me takes the attitude of triumph and feast. My pains, the hardships, the wounds, smile at Me, and my very death gives Me back the life of my Will in you. So I feel victorious in Creation and in Redemption; even more, they serve to form the long rounds for the newborn of my Will – her rapid flights, her endless strolls in the Kingdom of my Will. And so I boast in triumph, and delighting, I follow with my gaze all the steps and acts of my little daughter.

See, all have their ideal, and when they realize it, only then are they content. The little baby also has his ideal – to attach himself to the breast of his mama – and while he cries and sobs, as soon as his mama opens her lap to him, the baby stops crying, takes on a smile, and flinging himself, he attaches himself to the breast of his mama and, victorious, he suckles and suckles until he is full; and while he suckles, triumphant, he takes his sweet sleep. So I am. After long crying, when I see the lap of a soul who opens the doors to Me, to give place to the Kingdom of my Will, my tears stop, and flinging Myself onto her lap, I attach Myself to her, and suckling her love and the fruits of the Kingdom of my Will, I take my sweet sleep and I rest victorious. Even the tiny little bird - its ideal is the seed, and when it sees it, it beats its wings, it runs, hurls itself over the seed; victorious, it grabs it with its beak and, triumphant, it continues its flight. So I am. I fly and fly, I go round and round to form the Kingdom of my Will in the soul, that she may form for Me the seed to nourish Me, because I use no other food but that which is formed in my Kingdom; and when I see this celestial seed, more than little bird, I fly to make of it my food.

So, for each, everything is in realizing the ideal one has set for himself. This is why, when I see you operate in the Kingdom of my Will, I see my ideal realized, and I feel repaid for the work of Creation and Redemption, and the triumph of my Will established in you. Therefore be attentive, and let the victory of your Jesus be permanent in you.”

Then after this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, and, all tenderness, told me: “My daughter, tell Me, what about your ideal, your purpose – what is it?” And I: ‘My love, Jesus, my ideal is to fulfill your Will, and all my purpose is to reach the point at which no thought, word, heartbeat and work of mine may ever go out of the Kingdom of your Supreme Will; even more, in It may they be conceived, nourished, raised and form their life, and if needed, also their death, though I know that in your Will no act dies, but once it is born it lives eternally. So, it is the Kingdom of your Will in my poor soul that I long for, and this is all my ideal and my primary and ultimate purpose.’ And Jesus, all love and making feast, added: “My daughter, so, my ideal and yours are one, and therefore one is our purpose. Brava, brava, the little daughter of my Will! And since your ideal and mine are one, you too have sustained the battle of long years to conquer the Kingdom of my Will. You had to endure pains, privations, and have been even a prisoner in your little room, bound to your little bed, to conquer that Kingdom so much wanted and longed for by Me and by you. It cost much to both of us, and now we are both triumphant and conquerors. So, you too are the little queen in the Kingdom of my Will, and even though little, you are always queen because you are the daughter of the great King - of our Celestial Father. Therefore, as conqueror of a Kingdom so great, take possession of all Creation, of all Redemption and of all Heaven – everything is yours, because your rights of possession extend wherever my Will reigns as whole and permanent. All are waiting for you to give you the honors that befit your victory.

You too are the little baby who has so much cried and longed for her Jesus. But as soon as you have seen Me your tears have stopped, and flinging yourself onto my lap, you have attached yourself to my breast and, victorious, you have suckled my Will and my love. As though in triumph, you have taken rest in my very arms, and I rocked you so that your sleep might be longer, and I might enjoy my newborn in my own arms; and, triumphant, I extended the Kingdom of my Will in you. Also, you are the tiny little dove that has gone around and around Me, and while I spoke to you about my Will, manifesting to you the knowledges about It, Its goods, Its prodigies and even Its sorrow, you beat your wings, and hurling yourself over the many seeds I placed before you, you grabbed them with your beak and, triumphant, you continued your flight around Me, waiting for more seeds of my Will which I would place before you. And, again, grabbing them with your beak, you nourished yourself and, victorious, continued your flight, manifesting the Kingdom of my Will. So, my prerogatives are yours, my Kingdom and yours are one; we have suffered together – it is right that together we enjoy our conquests.”

I remained surprised on hearing this, and I thought to myself: ‘But, is it really true that in my poor soul there is this Kingdom of the Supreme Will?’ I felt all confused, and if I wrote this, I did it to obey. But, as I am writing, Jesus has surprised me, and coming out from within my interior He has thrown His arms around my neck, squeezing me so very tightly, to the point that I could not write any more because my poor head was no longer in me. But immediately Jesus disappeared, and I continue writing….

So, while I was afraid, Jesus told me: “My daughter, my Celestial Mama was able to give Me to others because She conceived Me within Herself, She raised Me and nourished Me. No one can give something he does not have, and if She gave Me to the other creatures it was because She possessed Me. Now, I would never have told you so much about my Will had I not wanted to form Its Kingdom in you; nor would you have loved It so much had It not been yours. The things that are not one’s own are kept reluctantly, and cause bother and weight. Had you not had the springing fount of the Kingdom of my Will within you, you would not have been able to repeat what I have told you, nor put it on paper; lacking the possession, you would lack the light and the love to manifest it. So, if the Sun shines in you, and with Its rays It feeds you the words, the knowledges, and how It wants to reign, it is a sign that you possess It, and therefore your task is to make It known, just as the task of the Sovereign Queen was to make Me known and to give Me for the salvation of all.”

June 21, 1926
Saint Aloysius was a flower that bloomed from the Humanity of Our Lord, made bright by the rays of the Divine Will. The souls who will possess the Kingdom of the Divine Will will have their roots within Its Sun.

This morning, having received Holy Communion, I received It as usual in the Most Holy Will of God, offering It to my dear Saint Aloysius – not only the Communion, but all the goods contained in the Most Holy Will of God, for his accidental glory. Now, while doing this, I saw that all the goods contained in the Supreme Volition, like many rays of light, rays of beauty and of multiple colors, inundated the dear Saint, giving him an infinite glory. And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, Aloysius is a flower and a Saint bloomed from the earth of my Humanity and made bright by the reflections of the rays of the Sun of my Will. In fact, though, holy, pure, noble and united hypostatically to the Word, my Humanity was earth; and Aloysius, more than flower, bloomed from my Humanity - pure, holy, noble, possessing the root of pure love, in such a way that in each leaf of his flower one can see written, ‘love’. But what renders him more beautiful and brilliant are the rays of my Will, to which he was always submitted - rays which gave such development to this flower as to render it unique on earth and in Heaven. Now, my daughter, if Aloysius is so beautiful because he bloomed from my Humanity, what will be of you and of all those who will possess the Kingdom of my Will? These flowers will not bloom from my Humanity, but will have their roots within the Sun of my Will. In It is formed the flower of their life; they grow and bloom in the very Sun of my Volition which, jealous of these flowers, will keep them eclipsed within Its own light. In each petal of these flowers one will see, written, all the specialties of the divine qualities; they will be the enchantment of all Heaven, and all will recognize in them the complete work of their Creator.”

And while He was saying this, my sweet Jesus opened His breast and showed, inside it, an immense Sun, in which He was to plant all these flowers; and His love and jealousy toward them was so great, that He would not let them bloom outside His Humanity, but inside Himself.

June 26, 1926
One who possesses the Kingdom of the Divine Will operates in a universal way and will possess universal glory. Universal requital to the Sovereign Queen.

I was doing my usual acts in the Supreme Volition according to my usual way, that is, embracing everything - Creation, Redemption and everyone - to be able to give back to my Creator the return of love and of glory that everyone owes Him. And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the little daughter of my Will must not only think about and occupy herself with defending the universal rights of her Creator, giving Him the return of love and of glory that everyone owes Him as if all were one, in such a way that He may find everything in her - because Our Will involves everything and everyone, and one who lives in It possesses universal ways, therefore she can give Us everything and We can recover everything - but, as Our daughter, she must also defend the rights of the Sovereign Queen. She operated in a universal way, and therefore She had a love, a glory, a prayer, a reparation, a sorrow, for Her Creator, for all and for each creature. She let not one act escape Her which creatures owed their Creator; and enclosing all in Her maternal Heart, She loved all and each one in a universal way. So, in Her We found all Our glory - She denied nothing to Us; She gave Us not only that which She was supposed to give Us directly, but also that which the other creatures denied to Us. And to act as a magnanimous and most loving Mother, who pours Her own self out for Her children, She generated everyone in Her sorrowful Heart. Each fiber of It was a piercing sorrow in which She gave life to each of Her children, up to the fatal blow of the death of Her Son God. The sorrow of this death placed the seal of the regeneration of life upon the new children of this sorrowful Mother.

Now, a Virgin Queen who loved Us so much, who defended all of Our rights, a Mother so tender who had love and sorrows for all, deserves that Our little newborn of Our Supreme Will love Her for all, requite Her for all, and embracing all of Her acts in Our Will, place her act united to Hers; because She is inseparable from Us - Her glory is Ours, and Ours is Hers; more so, since Our Will places everything in common.”

On hearing this, I remained a little confused, and as though unable to do what Jesus was saying; and I prayed Him to give me the ability to do it. And Jesus, resuming His speaking, told me: “My daughter, my Will contains everything, and as though jealous, It preserves all of Its acts as if they were one alone; so It preserves all the acts of the Sovereign Queen as if they were all Its own, because She did everything in It. Therefore, my Will Itself will make them present to you.

Now, you must know that one who has done good to all, who has loved all, and has operated in a universal way for God and for all, has rights over everything and over everyone - and with justice. Operating in a universal way is the divine way, and my Celestial Mama was able to operate with the ways of Her Creator because She possessed the Kingdom of Our Will. Now, having operated in Our Supreme Will, She has the rights of the possessions which She formed in Our Kingdom; and who else can requite Her if not one who lives in the same Kingdom? In fact, only in this Kingdom is there universal operation – the love that loves everyone, that embraces everything, and from which nothing escapes. But you must know that one who possesses the Kingdom of my Will on earth, has the right to universal glory in Heaven; and this, in a natural and simple way. My Will embraces everything and involves everyone; so, from one who possesses It come all goods along with the glory that these goods contain; and while universal glory comes from her, she also receives it. And do you think it is trivial to possess universal glory in the Celestial Fatherland? Therefore, be attentive, the Kingdom of the Supreme Will is immensely rich; there are coins that spring forth; so, everyone expects something from you, and also my Mama wants the return for the universal love She had for all generations. And you, in return, are due universal glory in the Celestial Fatherland – the exclusive inheritance of one who has possessed the Kingdom of my Will on earth.”

June 29, 1926
Each created thing contains an image of the divine qualities, and the Divine Will glorifies these qualities in each created thing.

After I had gone through most bitter days of privations, when my beloved Jesus came, to cheer me, He spent several hours with me. He made Himself seen of a very young age, of a rare enrapturing beauty; He sat on my bed, near me, and told me: “My daughter, I know, I know that you cannot be without Me, because I am more than your very life for you; so, if I did not come you would lack the substance of life. Besides, we have so many things to do together in the Kingdom of the Supreme Will. Therefore, when you see that I do not come quickly do not oppress yourself so much – be sure that I will come, because my coming is necessary for you and for Me, because I must see the things of my Kingdom, and while directing It, I must enjoy It. How can you have the slightest doubt that in a Kingdom so longed for by Me, the King of triumph might be missing? Therefore, come into my arms, that your Jesus may strengthen you.” And while saying this, He took me in His arms, He clasped me tightly to His breast, and rocking me He told me: “Sleep, sleep on my breast, my little newborn of my Will.”

In the arms of Jesus I was so very little, and did not feel like sleeping; I wanted to enjoy Jesus, I wanted to tell Him so many things, now that I had the good of His prolonged presence with me. But Jesus continued to rock me, and I, without wanting to, fell into a sweet, sweet sleep; but while sleeping I could hear the beating of the Heart of Jesus speaking. It was saying: “My Will”; and then another heartbeat, as though answering: “Love do I want to infuse in the little daughter of my Will.” In the heartbeat “My Will” a large circle of light was formed, and in the heartbeat “Love” another circle, smaller, in such a way that the large one would enclose the small one. While I was sleeping, Jesus would take these circles formed by His heartbeat and would seal them in my whole person. I felt I was being all fortified and strengthened in the arms of Jesus – how happy I felt! But, clasping me more tightly to His breast, Jesus woke me up and told me: “My little daughter, let us go around throughout the whole Creation in which the Supreme Will contains Its Life, does Its distinct act in each created thing and, triumphant of Itself, magnifies and glorifies all of Its supreme qualities in a perfect way. If you look at the sky, your eye cannot see its boundaries - wherever it looks there is sky, nor can you tell where it ends or where it begins. This is the image of Our Supreme Being, which has no beginning and no end; and in the azure sky Our Will praises and glorifies Our Eternal Being which has no beginning and no end. This sky, studded with stars, is the image of Our Being: just as the sky is one, so is the Divinity one single act. But in the multiplicity of the stars, Our works ad extra which descend from this single act, and the effects and the works of this single act, are innumerable; and in the stars Our Will magnifies and glorifies the effects and the multiplicity of Our works, which include the Angels, man and all created things.

See how beautiful it is to live in my Will, in the unity of this supreme light, and to be aware of the meaning of all created things, and to praise, magnify, glorify the Supreme Creator with His very Will in all of Our images which each created thing contains. But, move on to look at the sun. Under the vault of the heavens one can see a limited circumference of light which contains light and heat, and descending down below, invests all the earth. This is the image of the light and love of the Supreme Maker, who loves everyone and does good to all. From the height of His Majesty He descends down below, deep into the hearts, even into hell, but He does it quietly, without clamor, wherever He is. Oh! how Our Will glorifies and magnifies Our eternal light, Our inextinguishable love and Our all-seeingness. Our Will murmurs in the sea; and in the immensity of the waters which hide innumerable fishes of every species and color, It glorifies Our immensity that envelopes everything and holds all things as though in the palm of Its hand. Our Will glorifies the image of Our immutability in the firmness of the mountains; the image of Our justice in the roaring of the thunder and in the bolt of lightning; the image of Our joy in the little bird that sings, trills and warbles; the image of Our moaning love in the turtledove that moans; the image of the continuous call that We make to man in the lamb that bleats, saying in each bleating: ‘Me, Me, come to Me, come to Me…’; and Our Will glorifies Us in the continuous call We make to the creature. All created things have a symbol of Ours, an image of Ours; and Our Will has the commitment to magnify Us and glorify Us in all Our works, because, since the work of Creation is work of the Supreme Fiat, it was befitting for It to preserve Our glory, whole and permanent, in all created things.

Now, Our Supreme Will wants to give this commitment as inheritance to one who must live in the unity of Its light, because It would not be befitting to live in Its light and not identify with the acts of the Supreme Fiat. Therefore, my little daughter, all created things as well as my Will await you in each created thing, to repeat Its very acts, to glorify and magnify your Creator with the very Divine Will.” Now, who can say all the images of our Creator that all Creation encloses? If I wanted to say everything I would never end; so, in order not to be too long I had to say just a few things, and I did it to obey, and for fear of displeasing Jesus….

July 1, 1926
There is no sanctity without the Will of God. The coming of Jesus upon earth served to form the ways and the stairs to reach the Kingdom of His Will.

I was doing my usual acts in the Supreme Volition, and I thought to myself: ‘How is it possible that among the many Saints of the Old Testament who have so distinguished themselves with the power of miracles, like a Moses, an Elijah and the many prophets; and among so many Saints after the coming of Our Lord, who have rendered themselves so marvelous because of their virtues and miracles – none of these has possessed the Kingdom of the Divine Will and has lived in the unity of Its light? It seems incredible.’ Now, while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and clasping me to Himself, told me: “My daughter, yet it is really true that until now no one has possessed the Kingdom of my Will or enjoyed all the fullness of the unity of the light It contains. Had it been so, since it is the thing that interests Me the most, that glorifies Me the most and that, no less, will place all the divine rights in safety and will complete the work of Creation and Redemption - and not only this, but will bring to the creature the greatest good that can exist in Heaven and on earth - I would have acted in such a way as to make it known. Just as I have made known the many virtues and wonders of my Saints, I would have made known the one who had possessed the Kingdom of my Will, which I hold so dear, so as to transmit It to others, by imitating the one who had possessed It.

Now, the Saints of the Old Testament found themselves in the same condition as Adam: a Divine Repairer was missing who, while rejoining the human will and the Divine, was to pay the debt of guilty man in a divine way. However, both the ancient Saints and the modern ones have taken of my Will as much as they have known. The very miracles they performed were particles of the power of my Will communicated to them. So, all my Saints have lived, some in the shadow of my Will, some in the reflections of Its light, some submitted to Its power, some to the order of Its commands, because there is no sanctity without my Will. But they have possessed of It the little they have known - no more, because only when a good is known, does one then long for it and arrives at possessing it. No one can possess a good, a property, without knowing it; and suppose one did possess it without knowing it – that good is as though dead for him, because the life of knowledge is missing.

Now, since my Will is the greatest thing, which encompasses everything, and all things from the greatest to the smallest remain dissolved before It, so many things should be known about my Will as to surpass what is known about Creation, about Redemption, about all virtues and all sciences. My Will was to be a book for each step, for each act, a book for each created thing; the whole earth was to be filled with volumes of knowledges regarding the Kingdom of my Will, such as to surpass the number of created things. Now, where are these books? There is no book – only a few sayings are known about It, while It should be at the origin of each knowledge - of anything. Being the life of each thing, It should be on everything, like the image of the king impressed on the currency that circulates in a kingdom; like the light of the sun that shines over each plant to give it life; like water that quenches the thirst of burning lips; like food that satiates the hungry man after a long fast. Everything should be filled with the knowledges regarding my Will; and if it is not so, it is a sign that the Kingdom of my Will is not known, and therefore not possessed.

Would you perhaps be able to tell me which Saint said that he possessed this Kingdom and the unity of the light of the Supreme Volition? Certainly not. I Myself spoke little about it. Had I wanted to speak extensively about the Kingdom of my Will and about wanting to form It in man just as innocent Adam possessed It, since this is the highest point, the most proximal to God and the closest to the divine likeness, and since the fall of Adam was still fresh, they would all have become discouraged, and turning their backs to Me, would have said: ‘If innocent Adam could not manage, nor had the constancy to live in the sanctity of this Kingdom, so much so as to cause his own fall and that of all generations into miseries, into passions and irreparable evils, how can we, guilty ones, live in a Kingdom so holy? Beautiful, yes, but we can say that It is not for us.’ Not only this, but since my Will is the highest point, the ways, the means of transportation, the stairs, the decent clothes, the appropriate foods were needed in order to be able to dwell in this Kingdom. So, my coming upon earth served to form all this; each one of my sayings, works, pains, prayers, examples, instituted Sacraments, were ways that I formed, means of transportation to let them arrive more quickly, stairs to let them ascend. It can be said that I gave them the clothes of my Humanity reddened with my Blood to let them be clothed decently in this Kingdom of my Will, so holy, which, in Creation, the Uncreated Wisdom established to give to man as inheritance. So, even though I spoke little about this – because when I speak, I speak at time and circumstance, as the necessity and the utility of the good which my word contains must be enclosed in it – instead of speaking I did the deeds, intending to speak to you about the Kingdom of my Will.

Now, how could they possess It if they did not have full knowledge of It? On the other hand, you must know that all the manifestations I have made to you about It – Its prodigies, Its goods, what the soul must do to be able to settle in this Kingdom, my very expressed Will for man to return into my Kingdom, and how I have done everything – Creation, Redemption - so that he might come to possess my Kingdom which he had lost – are bonds of transmission, are doors to let him enter, are donations that I make, are laws, instructions on how to live in It, intelligence to make them comprehend and appreciate the good they possess. If all this was missing, how could they possess this Kingdom of my Will? It would be as if someone wanted to go to live in another kingdom without a passport, without knowing either its laws or its customs or its dialect. Poor one, his entrance would be impossible; and if he did enter as an intruder, he would be so ill-at-ease, that he himself would rather go out of a kingdom he knows nothing about.

Now, my daughter, does it not seem easier to you, more encouraging, more within the reach of the human nature, that after they have known the Kingdom of Redemption in which the blind, the lame and the sick can be healed - because the blind cannot enter the Kingdom of my Will, for in It all are straight and glowing with health - finding all possible means in the Kingdom of Redemption and the very passport of my Passion and death in order to pass into the Kingdom of my Will, animated at the sight of such a great good, they will decide to take possession of It? Therefore, be attentive, and do not want to constrain or reduce the goods which are in the Kingdom of my Will – and you do this when you do not manifest everything of what I make known to you – because knowledge is the bearer of the gift; and if now I abound in the knowledges about It, it is gifts that I make, and in these gifts I establish the more or the less to be placed in the Kingdom of my Will for the good of those who are to possess It.”

July 2, 1926
The great difference between the sanctity of virtues and that of living in the unity of the light of the Divine Will.

As I was in my usual state, my sweet Jesus showed Divine Justice in the act of unloading Itself over the earth, commanding the elements to rage against creatures. I trembled in seeing that somewhere there were waters inundating towns almost to bury them; somewhere the wind transported and eradicated plants, trees and houses with a mighty power, to the point of making a heap of them, leaving various regions in the most squalid misery; somewhere else there were earthquakes crawling with considerable damage. But who can say all the evils that are about to swoop down on earth? In addition to this, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen in my interior as suffering in a harrowing way because of the many offenses that creatures were giving Him, especially because of the many hypocrisies. It seemed that under the apparent good, they had poison, swords, spears and nails hidden, to wound Him in every way. Then, as if Jesus wanted me together with Him, to suffer, He told me: “My daughter, the scale of my Justice is full and is overflowing upon creatures. As daughter of my Will, do you want me to place you in the reflections of my Justice, that you may share in Its blows? Indeed, It is about to make a heap of the earth, and while satisfying Justice, with your suffering you will spare your brothers. One who lives in the high Kingdom of the Supreme Will must defend and help those who are down below.”

Now, while He was saying this, I felt as if Divine Justice was pouring Its reflections over me, and as Jesus identified me with Himself, I suffered His blows, His wounds and His pains together with Him. They were so many that I myself did not know whether I would be left alive or dead. But to my highest sorrow, withdrawing, my Jesus mitigated my pains, and I remained, once again, crossing my hard and long exile. But, always Fiat! Fiat!… I would rather have passed over all this, but obedience imposed itself, and to my greatest reluctance I had to make a little mention of it. Who can say how I was left? And my sweet Jesus, to cheer me, resumed His speaking about His Most Holy Will: “My daughter, come with Me in the midst of Creation. Heaven and earth await you – they want the one who, animated by that same Will that animates them and gives them life, would make the whole Creation resound with that most sweet echo of the eternal love of their Maker. They want your voice which, flowing in each created thing, would animate their mute language with that perennial glory and adoration to their Creator. And since all things are bound to one another, and one is the strength of the other because one is the Supreme Will that vivifies them and preserves them, one who possesses It is bound to them with the same strength and with the same union. So, if you are not present in the midst of Creation, because of your absence they would feel the universal strength and the bond of inseparability lacking to them. Therefore, come into Our dominions, for everyone longs for you, and at the same time I will make you comprehend more things about the great distance that exists between the sanctity of one who possesses the unity of the light of the Kingdom of my Will and the sanctity of submission, of resignation and of virtues.”

Now, while He was saying this, I found myself outside of myself, and I tried to make my ‘I love You’, my adoration, resound over all created things. And Jesus, all goodness, added: “My daughter, look at the heavens, the stars, the sun, the moon, the plants, the flowers, the sea… look at everything. Each created thing has its distinct nature, its own color, its littleness and its height; each of them has its distinct office, and one cannot do what the other does, nor produce the same effects. So, each created thing is a symbol of the sanctity of virtues, of submission and resignation to my Will. According to the virtues they have practiced, souls have drawn a distinct color within themselves; therefore it can be said that one is red flower, another, purple, another, white; one is plant, one is tree, another is star; and according to how they have submitted to the reflections of the Supreme Will, so have they developed in fecundity, in height, in beauty. But one is their shade, because my Will, like solar ray, gave them the color of the seed which they themselves had placed in their souls. On the other hand, the sanctity of one who lives in the unity of the light of my Will is a birth from that single act of her Creator, which is one in the creative hands, and yet, the rays of His Will, coming out of God, invade everything and produce works and effects so innumerable that man cannot arrive at counting them all. So, since this sanctity is a birth from that single act, it will be the Supreme Will’s care and jealousy for it to enclose all colors, all the different beauties and all possible imaginable goods within itself. And so, more than blazing sun, it will enclose and eclipse within itself all of Creation with its different beauties; one will see all the goods of Redemption enclosed in it, as well as all sanctities; and I, showing off my love more than ever, will place the seal of my very sanctity within one who has possessed the Kingdom of my Will.

Do you know how it will be for your Creator with regard to this sanctity of living in my Will? It will happen as to a king who has no offspring. This king never enjoys the affection of a child of his own, nor does he feel like lavishing all his paternal caresses and his affectionate kisses, because in no one does he see his own progeny, his own features, someone to whom to entrust the destiny of his kingdom. Poor one, he lives always with a nail in his heart; he lives always surrounded by servants, by people who do not resemble him, and if they remain around him, it is not out of pure love, but out of self-interest, to gain riches and glory, and maybe even to betray him. Now, suppose that a son comes to the light for him after a long time – what is not the feast of this king? How he kisses him, caresses him - he cannot remove his gaze from his son, in whom he recognizes his own image. Just newly born, he gives him his kingdom and all of his goods as inheritance; and his complete joy and feast is that his kingdom will no longer belong to some strangers, to his servants, but to his dear son. So it can be said that what belongs to the father belongs to the son, and what belongs to the son belongs to the father.

Now, one who will possess the Kingdom of my Will will be for Us like a child born after about six thousand years. What joy, what feast will not be Ours in seeing Our image in him, intact, beautiful, just as We delivered it from Our paternal womb. All the caresses, the kisses, the gifts, will be for this child; more so since, having given in Creation the Kingdom of Our Will to man as his special inheritance, and since this Kingdom of Ours has been in the hands of strangers, of servants, of traitors for so long a time, in seeing this son who will possess It as a son and will give Us the glory of the Kingdom of Our Will, Our inheritance will be placed in safety on the part of this son. Is it not right that We give him everything, even Our very Selves, and that he enclose everything and everyone?”

While Jesus was saying this, I became concerned and I said to Him: ‘How can all this be possible, my love?’ And Jesus added: “My daughter, do not be surprised. By possessing the Kingdom of the Supreme Will, the soul will possess a divine, infinite, eternal Will, which encloses all goods; and one who possesses everything can give Us everything. What will be Our contentment, Our happiness and his, in seeing the littleness of the creature in this Kingdom of Ours, taking from Us continuously as the owner - as Our true child! And since what he takes from Us is divine, he takes the divine, and the divine he gives to Us; he takes the infinite, and the infinite he gives to Us; he takes immense things from Us, and immense things he gives to Us; he takes light from Us, and light he brings to Us. He will do nothing but take and give to Us. We will place all Our things at his disposal, so that, in the Kingdom of Our Will, given to him by Us, nothing extraneous to Us may enter any more, but only Our own things, and We may receive the fruits, the glory, the love, the honor of the Kingdom of Our Will. Therefore, be attentive, and let your flight in Our Volition be continuous.”

July 5, 1926
Jesus makes Himself seen while writing what He says about His Will in the depth of the soul; and then He gives a short account of it in words.

I was feeling invested by and prey to the supreme light of the Eternal Volition, and my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen standing in the depth of my soul, with a pen of light in His hand, in the act of writing on thick light, which seemed to be a canvas, but was light extended within my soul. And Jesus was writing and writing in the depth of this light. How beautiful it was to see Him write with indescribable mastery and speed. Then, after He had written, as though opening the doors of my interior, He called the confessor with His hand, saying to him: “Come to see what I Myself write in the depth of this soul. I never write on paper or canvas, because they are subject to perishing; but I delight in writing in the depth of the light enclosed in this soul by virtue of my Will. My characters of light are indelible and of infinite value. So, when I have to manifest to her the truths about my Will, first I do the work of writing them in the depth of her being, and then I speak to her, giving a short account of what is written in her. This is why when she says what I have told her, she says it with few words, while when she writes, she does it at length: it is my writing that, overflowing outside of her soul, does not give a short account, but my extended truth, just as I Myself wrote it in her inmost interior.”

I remained surprised and with an unspeakable joy in seeing my sweet Jesus writing inside of me; and I could touch with my own hand that while in speaking I am able to say little of what He tells me – even more, it seems to me that He has only given me the topic – then, in writing, it is His interest to help me develop it as He pleases. And Jesus, all goodness, told me: “My daughter, now your marvel ceases that while you write you feel the truths arise within you as though from within a fount. It is the work of your Jesus done in you that, overflowing from every part of your soul, pours order on paper, and the truths written in you, marked with characters of light. Therefore, let your fears cease, and do not want to limit yourself to the short account of my words, nor resist Me when I want to go into more details and have you write on paper what I wrote in your soul with so much love. How many times you force Me to use my power and to overwhelm you, so that you may not resist Me in writing what I want. Therefore, let Me do - it will be your Jesus’ care that the truth may shine in everything.”

July 8, 1926
Threats of new chastisements. How one who must do a universal good must do and suffer more than anyone.

I was fusing all of myself in the Holy Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus made Himself seen in my interior with His arms raised, in the act of preventing Divine Justice from pouring over the creatures, putting me also in His same position, to have me do what He Himself was doing. But creatures seemed to incite Divine Justice to strike them; and Jesus, as though tired, lowering His arms, told me: “My daughter, what human perfidy! But it is right - it is necessary that after so much tolerance I free Myself of so many old things that occupy Creation, which, being infected, bring the infection to the new things, to the new little plants. I am tired of the fact that Creation, my dwelling given to man – but still mine, because preserved and vivified by Me continuously – is occupied by servants, by ungrateful ones, by enemies, and even by those who don’t even recognize Me. Therefore I want to move on by destroying entire regions and what serves as their nourishment. The ministers of Justice will be the elements which, investing them, will make them feel the divine power over them. I want to purify the earth in order to prepare the dwelling place for my children. You will be always with Me; my Will will always be your starting point even in your littlest acts, because even in the littlest things my Will wants to have Its Divine Life, Its beginning and Its end, nor does It tolerate that the human will may make its little appearances into Its Kingdom. Otherwise, you would often go out into the kingdom of your will, which would disennoble you – and this does not at all befit one who must live in the Kingdom of my Will.

Now, my daughter, just as the pains of the Celestial Queen and mine, as well as my death, like sun made the fruits present in the Kingdom of Redemption mature, fecundate and become sweet, in such a way that everyone can take them, and they are fruits which bring health to the sick and sanctity to the healthy – in the same way, your pains, grafted with Ours and matured with the heat of the Sun of my Will, will make the fruits present in the Kingdom of my Will mature. They will be so many and so sweet and delicious, that whoever wants to take them and enjoy them will no longer adapt himself to the unripe, tasteless and noxious fruits of the miserable and squalid kingdom of the human will. You must know that one who must be the first to form a kingdom, to bring a good, to form a work, must suffer more than anyone, and do more that anyone; he must direct, facilitate things and means, and prepare what is needed so that, finding the raw materials of that work and seeing it done, others may imitate it. This is why much have I given you, and do give you, so that you may form the raw materials for those who must live in the Kingdom of my Will. Therefore, be attentive and disposed to what I give you, and to do what I want from you.”

July 11, 1926
Just as it was necessary to make known who They were who suffered more than anyone to form the Kingdom of Redemption, so it is necessary to make known she who has suffered for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.

For quite a few days my sweet Jesus had not told me anything about His Most Holy Will; rather, He would make Himself seen sad, in the act of striking the creatures. Today, as though wanting to go out of His sadness – because when He speaks about His Will it seems He puts Himself in feast, coming out from within my interior, He told me: “My daughter, I want to cheer Myself up – let Me speak of the Kingdom of my Supreme Will.” And I: ‘My Love and my Life, Jesus, if You do not tell me all the secrets that are in It, not knowing everything, I will not enjoy the fullness of the goods that this Kingdom possesses, nor will I be able to give You the return of love for the goods that You hide; and I would feel unhappy in the midst of so much happiness, because my “I Love You” would not be flowing in everything that You possess in It. It may be small, but it is the “I love You” of your little daughter, whom You love so much.’

And Jesus, taking my own words, told me: “My little daughter, you yourself are saying how necessary knowledge is. If it is necessary for you, much more so for others. Now, you must know that in order to form the Kingdom of Redemption, those who distinguished themselves the most in suffering were my Mama and I. And even though apparently She suffered none of the pains that the other creatures knew, except for my death which was known by all, and which was the fatal and harrowing blow for Her maternal Heart, more than any most sorrowful death, however, since She possessed the unity of the light of my Will, this light brought to Her pierced Heart, not only the seven swords told by the Church, but all swords, spears and pricks of all sins and pains of creatures, which martyred Her maternal Heart in a harrowing way. But this is nothing. This light brought Her all my pains, my humiliations, my torments, my thorns, my nails, the most intimate pains of my Heart. The Heart of my Mama was the true Sun: though one can see nothing but light, this light contains all the goods and effects that the earth receives and possesses; so, one can say that the earth is enclosed in the Sun. The same for the Sovereign Queen: one could only see Her person, but the light of my Supreme Will enclosed in Her all possible imaginable pains; and the more intimate and unknown these pains were, the more valuable and powerful they were over the Divine Heart, to impetrate the longed for Redeemer; and more than solar light, they descended into the hearts of creatures, to conquer them and bind them in the Kingdom of Redemption.

So, the Church knows so very little of the pains of the Celestial Sovereign Queen, that one can say that She knows only the visible pains, and this is why She gives the number of the seven swords. But if She knew that Her maternal Heart was the refuge, the deposit of all pains, and that the light of my Will brought everything to Her, sparing Her nothing, the Church would not speak of seven swords, but of millions of swords. More so, since they were intimate pains, and therefore God alone knows the intensity of the sorrow. This is why, by right, She was constituted Queen of martyrs and of all sorrows. Creatures can give a weight, a value to exterior pains, but they do not know enough of the interior ones to be able to attribute to them the right price. Now, in order to form in my Mama, first the Kingdom of my Will, and then that of Redemption, so many pains were not necessary because, since She had no sin, the inheritance of pains was not for Her – Her inheritance was the Kingdom of my Will. But in order to give the Kingdom of Redemption to creatures, She had to submit Herself to so many pains. So, the fruits of Redemption were matured in the Kingdom of my Will possessed by Me and by my Mama. There is nothing beautiful, good or useful, which does not come from my Will.

Now, united to the Sovereign Queen came my Humanity. She remained hidden in Me, in my sorrows, in my pains, therefore little was known about Her; but as for my Humanity, it was necessary that what I did, how much I suffered and how much I loved be known. If nothing were known, I could not form the Kingdom of Redemption. The knowledge of my pains and of my love is magnet and spur, incitement and light to draw souls to taking the remedies, the goods contained in It. Knowing how much their sins and their salvation cost Me is chain that binds them to Me and prevents new sins. If, on the other hand, they had known nothing of my pains and of my death, not knowing how much their salvation cost Me, no one would have given a thought to loving Me and saving his soul. See then, how necessary it is to make known how much he or she who has formed within him or herself a universal good to give it to others, has done and suffered.

Now, my daughter, just as it was necessary to make known to creatures who He and She were, and how much it cost Them to form the Kingdom of Redemption, so it is necessary to make known she whom my paternal goodness has chosen, first, to form the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat within her, and then, to give rise to Its transmission to others. Just as it was for Redemption, which was formed between Me and my Celestial Mama first, and then became known to creatures, so it will be for the Supreme Fiat. Therefore, it is necessary to make known how much this Kingdom of my Will costs Me; that - so that man might enter once again into the Kingdom he had lost - I had to sacrifice the littlest of all creatures, keeping her nailed to a bed for forty years and more, without air, without the fullness of the light of the sun that everyone enjoys; how her little heart has been the refuge of my pains and of those of creatures; how she has loved all, prayed for all, defended all; how many times she has exposed herself to the blows of Divine Justice to defend all of her brothers; and then, her intimate pains, and the very privations of Me that martyred her little heart, giving her continuous death. In fact, since she has known no other life but mine, no other Will but mine, all of these pains laid the foundations of the Kingdom of my Will, and, like solar rays, matured the fruits of the Supreme Fiat. So, it is necessary to make known how much this Kingdom cost you and Me, so that, from Its cost, they may know how much I yearn for them to acquire It; and from Its cost they may appreciate It, love It and aspire to enter, to live in the Kingdom of my Supreme Will.”

I wrote this to obey, but the effort has been so great, that I could just barely mention my poor existence, since, because of the great reluctance, I feel my blood freeze in my veins. However, I can but repeat always: ‘Fiat! Fiat! Fiat!…’

July 14, 1926
How Jesus kept the Kingdom of His Will prepared in His Humanity to give It back to creatures. All divine and human interests are in danger if one does not live in the Divine Will.

I continue my usual fusions in the Holy Will. Many times my sweet Jesus accompanies me in the repetition of these acts; other times He stays there, to see whether anything escapes me of all that He has done, both in Creation and in Redemption; and, all goodness, He makes it present to me, that I may place even just one little ‘I love You’, one ‘thank You’, one adoration, telling me that it is necessary to recognize to what point His Will has extended the boundaries of the Kingdom of His Volition for love of the creature, that she may go around in this Kingdom to enjoy It, and through her love, her possession of It may become more stable; and seeing her always in It, everyone – Heaven and earth – may recognize that the Kingdom of His Will has now delivered Its heiress, who loves It and is happy to possess It.

Now, while I was feeling sunken in this Eternal Volition, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen with His Heart open, and at each heartbeat of His a ray of light came out, at the tip of which one could see a ‘Fiat’ impressed. And since the beating of the Heart is continuous, as one ray would come out another would follow, and then another one – they never stopped coming out. These rays invaded Heaven and earth, but all of them carried the ‘Fiat’ impressed on them. And not only His Heart, but as He looked, rays would come out of His eyes; as He spoke, as He moved His hands and feet, rays would come out, all of them carrying the Supreme Fiat as glory and triumph. It was an enchantment to see Jesus – beautiful, all transfused in these rays of light that came out of His adorable Person. But what gave Him sumptuousness, majesty, magnificence, glory, beauty, was the ‘Fiat’. Its light eclipsed me, and I would have stayed there for centuries before Jesus, without saying anything to Him, if He Himself had not broken the silence, telling me: “My daughter, the perfect glory and the complete honor were given to my Will by my Humanity. It was precisely in my interior, in the center of this Heart, that I formed the Kingdom of the Supreme Will. And since man had lost It and there was no hope that he might be able to acquire It, my Humanity reacquired It through intimate and unheard-of pains, giving It all the honors due to It and the glory that the creature took away from It, so as to give It back to the creature. So, the Kingdom of my Will was formed inside my Humanity, therefore everything that was formed in my Humanity and came out of It carried the mark of the Fiat. Each one of my thoughts, gazes, breaths, heartbeats, each drop of my Blood, everything – everything carried the seal of the Fiat of my Supreme Kingdom. This gave Me so much glory and embellished Me so much, that Heaven and earth remained below and as though obscured before Me, because my Divine Will is superior to everything, and puts everything under Itself as Its footstool.

Now, in the round of the centuries I looked for one to whom to entrust this Kingdom, and I have been like a pregnant mother, who agonizes, who suffers because she wants to deliver her baby but cannot do it. Poor mother, how much she suffers, for she cannot enjoy the fruit of her womb! More so, since the existence of this birth, which is mature and does not come out, is always in danger. More than pregnant mother have I been for so many centuries – how much I have suffered! How I have agonized in seeing the interests of my glory in danger – both of Creation and of Redemption. More so, since I kept this Kingdom as though in secret and hidden in my Heart, without even the outlet of manifesting It; and this made Me agonize even more, because not seeing in the creatures the true dispositions, that I might give this birth from Myself, and since they had not taken all the goods contained in the Kingdom of Redemption, I could not venture to give them the Kingdom of my Will, which contains greater goods. More so, since the goods of Redemption will serve as provision, as antidote, so that on entering the Kingdom of my Will, they might not repeat a second fall, like that of Adam. So, if not all of these goods had been taken – on the contrary, they have been tampered with and trampled upon - how could this birth, my Kingdom, come out from within my Humanity?

Therefore I contented Myself with agonizing, suffering, waiting - more than a mother, so as not to expose this dear birth from Myself, my Kingdom, to any danger. And so, while agonizing, for I wanted to deliver of It to give It to the creature as gift, and to secure the interest of Creation and Redemption which were all in danger – in fact, until man returns into the Kingdom of the Supreme Will, Our interests and his will always be in danger, because outside of Our Will man is always a disorder in Our creative work, he is a clashing note that takes the perfect harmony away from the sanctity of Our works – I looked at the round of centuries, waiting for my little newborn in the Kingdom of my Will, placing around her all the goods of Redemption for the safety of the Kingdom of my Will. And more than a suffering mother, who has agonized for so long, I entrust to you this birth from Myself and the destiny of this, my Kingdom. And it is not only my Humanity that wants to deliver of this birth that cost Me so much, but the whole Creation is pregnant with my Will, and agonizes because It wants to deliver of It for the creatures, to establish once again the Kingdom of their God in the midst of creatures. Therefore Creation is like a veil that hides my Will, which is like a birth within It; but creatures take the veil and reject the birth present inside of It. The Kingdom of my Will is the sun, but while they take the effects of the sun which, like veil, conceals my Will and the goods It produces, they reject my Will, they do not recognize It, nor do they let themselves be dominated by It. So, they take the natural goods present in the sun, but reject the goods of the soul – the Kingdom of my Will that reigns in the sun and wants to give Itself to them. Oh, how my Will agonizes in the sun, wanting to give birth from the height of its sphere in order to reign in the midst of creatures! The Kingdom of my Will is the sky, looking at the creatures with its eyes of light, which are the stars, to see if they want to receive It so that It may reign in their midst. The Kingdom of my Will is the sea; It makes Itself heard with its roaring waves, and its waters hide It like a veil. But man makes use of the sea, he takes its fish, but does not bother about my Will, and causes It to agonize, like a birth constrained in the womb of the waters. So, all the elements are pregnant with my Will: the wind, the fire, the flower, the whole earth – they are all veils that conceal It.

Now, who will give this outlet and relief to my Humanity? Who will break these veils of so many created things that conceal It? One who will recognize in all things the bearers of my Will, and paying the honors due to It, will let It reign in her soul, giving It dominion and her subjection. Therefore, my daughter, be attentive, give this contentment to your Jesus, who has agonized so much until now to release this birth of my Supreme Kingdom; and together with Me, the whole Creation, as a single act, will break the veils and will deposit in you the birth of my Will that all things conceal.”

July 18, 1926
Why Our Lord did not manifest the Kingdom of His Will when He came upon earth.

My poor mind was thinking about what is written above, and my sweet Jesus continued on the same topic, telling me: “My daughter, see then, the necessity for Me not to give the Kingdom of my Will and not to make It known when I came upon earth. I wanted to test the creature once again; I wanted to give her things inferior to those which I gave her in Creation – remedies and goods to heal her. In fact, when I created man he was not ill, but healthy and holy, therefore he could very well live in the Kingdom of my Will. But as he withdrew from the Supreme Volition, he fell ill, and I came upon earth as the Celestial Doctor to see whether he would accept the remedies, the medicines for his illness; and after this test, then would I give him the surprise of manifesting the Kingdom of my Will, which I kept in my Humanity, prepared for him. Those who think that Our highest goodness and infinite wisdom would have left man with only the goods of Redemption, without raising him again to the original state in which he was created by Us, deceive themselves. In that case Our Creation would have remained without Its purpose, and therefore without Its full effect, which cannot be in the works of a God. At the most, We might let centuries pass and turn, giving now one surprise, now another; entrusting now one little good to the creature, now a greater one. We will act like a father who wants to give his property to his children, but these children have wasted much of the goods of their father. In spite of this, he is determined to give his property to his children, so he thinks of another device: he no longer gives large amounts to his children, but a little bit at a time, lira by lira; and as he sees that his children preserve that little, he keeps increasing the small amounts. Through this, they come to recognize the love of the father and to appreciate the goods he entrusts to them, which they would not do before, when they had large amounts. This serves to strengthen them and to teach them how to preserve the goods received. So, once he has trained them, the father confirms his decision and gives his property to his children.

Now, this is how the paternal goodness is acting. In Creation I placed man in the opulence of goods, with no restriction at all; but only because I wanted to test him in something that did not cost him much, with an act of his will contrary to mine he wasted all these goods. But my love did not stop; more than a father, I began to give him a little at a time - and before that, to heal him. Many times one uses more attention with the little than when he possesses great things. In fact, if one possesses great properties and they are wasted, there is always something from which to take; but if the little is wasted, he remains on an empty stomach. However, the decision of giving the Kingdom of my Will to man I have not changed; man changes, God does not change. Now things are easier, because the goods of Redemption have made their way, they have made known many surprises of my love for man – how I have loved him, not by the Fiat alone, but by giving him my very Life, though my Fiat costs Me more than my very Humanity, because the Fiat is divine, immense, eternal, while my Humanity is human, limited and has its beginning in time. However, not knowing in depth what the Fiat means - Its value, Its power and what It can do - the human minds let themselves be conquered more by all that I did and suffered in coming to redeem them, not knowing that under my pains and my death there was my Fiat, hidden, which gave life to my pains.

Now, had I wanted to manifest the Kingdom of my Will, either when I came upon earth or before the goods of Redemption would be recognized and, for the most part, possessed by creatures, my greatest Saints would have been frightened; all would have thought and said: ‘Adam, innocent and holy, was unable to live nor to persevere in this Kingdom of endless light and of divine sanctity – how can we do it?’ And you yourself – how many times have you not become frightened? And trembling before the immense goods and the sanctity, fully divine, of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, you wanted to draw back, saying to Me: ‘Jesus, think of some other creature – I am incapable of this.’ You were not so much frightened by the suffering; rather, many times you prayed Me - you incited Me to let you suffer. Therefore my more than paternal goodness acted with you as with a second Mother of mine: from Her I hid my conception in Her womb; first I prepared Her, I formed Her, so as not to frighten Her; and when the appropriate time came, in the very act in which I was to be conceived, then I made it known to Her through the Angel; and even though at first She trembled and was troubled, immediately She became serene again, because She was used to living with Her God, in the midst of His light and before His sanctity. So I have done with you: for many years and years I hid from you that I wanted to form this Supreme Kingdom in you; I prepared you, I formed you, I enclosed Myself in you, in the depth of your soul in order to form It; and when everything was done, I manifested the secret to you, I spoke to you about your special mission, I asked you in a formal way whether you wanted to accept living in my Will; and even though you trembled and feared, I reassured you, saying to you: ‘Why do you trouble yourself? Have you perhaps not lived with Me until now in the Kingdom of my Will?’ And you, serene again, would make more of a practice of the living in It, and I would delight in expanding ever more the boundaries of my Kingdom; because it is established up to what point the creature must take possession of this Kingdom, since Its boundaries are endless, and the creature is incapable of embracing them all, because she is limited.”

And I: ‘My love, yet, my fears have not completely ceased, and many times I am so frightened that I fear I might act like a second Adam.’ And Jesus: “My daughter, do not fear, you have more help than Adam did - you have the help of a God Humanate, and all His works and pains as your defense, as your support, as your cortege, which he did not have. Why, then, do you want to fear? Rather, be attentive to the sanctity that befits the living in this Celestial Kingdom, and on your happiness and fortune, because by living in It, one gaze of mine is enough for you – it is enough for you to hear one of my words alone to comprehend Its goods; while for those who are outside, one can say that they understand only that the Kingdom of my Will exists, but as for what is inside of It, what it takes to comprehend It, they can just barely understand the alphabet of my Will.”

July 20, 1926
The word of Jesus is work, His silence is rest. The rest of Jesus in the midst of His works.

As I continued to feel all abandoned in the Supreme Volition, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen all silent, in the act of looking at the whole Creation - at all of his works. While looking at them, He was as though enraptured profoundly before the magnificence, sanctity, multiplicity and greatness of His works; and I, together with Jesus, felt a profound silence within me in contemplating His works. Many things could be comprehended, but everything would remain in the depth of my intelligence, with no words whatsoever. How beautiful it was to be together with Jesus in profound silence. Then, afterwards, my dear Good, my sweet Life, told me: “My dearest daughter, you must know that my word is work, while my silence is rest; and my word is work not only for Me, but also for you. It is my usual way that, after I have worked, I want to rest in the midst of my very works – they are my softest bed in my rest; and since you have listened to my word and have worked together with Me, with Me you must take rest. Look, my daughter – how beautiful the whole Creation is! It was the word of your Jesus that worked It with one Fiat. But do you know what is the enchantment that enraptures Me? Your little ‘I love You’ on each created thing. With this little ‘I love You’ of yours impressed on each of them, they all speak to Me of your love, they speak to Me of my newborn of my Will; I hear the harmonious echo of the whole Creation that speaks to Me about you. Oh! how it enraptures Me, how happy I am to see that my Fiat in Creation and the one taught to you hold hands, intertwine together, and fulfilling my Will, they give Me rest.

But I am not content with resting alone, I want the one who gives Me rest together with Me, that she may take rest, and we may enjoy together the fruits of our work. Look – do all Creation and all the works of my Redemption not seem to you more beautiful with your ‘I love You’, with your adoration and with your will transfused in mine, carrying out its life in the midst of the celestial spheres? There is no more solitude, nor that sepulchral silence that was there before in the celestial spheres and in all my works; but there is the little daughter of my Will keeping them company, making her voice heard, loving, adoring, praying. Holding on to her rights, given to her by my Will, she possesses everything, and when there is someone who possesses, there is no more solitude, nor the silence of a grave. This is why, after having spoken to you at length, I keep silent – it is the rest necessary for Me and for you, so that I may be able to resume my word again, and therefore continue my work and yours. But while I rest I contemplate all my works; my love rises within Me, and as it is reflected in Me, I delight, and I conceive within Myself more images similar to Me; and my Will places them outside of Me as triumph of my love, and as the beloved generation of my Supreme Fiat. So, in my rest I generate children for my Will, all similar to Me, and in my word I deliver them and give them development, beauty, height; and my word keeps forming them as worthy children of the Supreme Fiat. Therefore, my daughter, each word of mine is a gift that I give you; and if I call you to rest it is so that you may contemplate my gift, and delighting in it and loving it, you may let more gifts arise within you, similar to those I have given you; and as you release them, they may form, together, the generation of the children of the Supreme Fiat. How happy we will be!”

July 23, 1926
Fears of being left by Jesus. One who lives in the Divine Will loses every way out: neither can Jesus leave her, nor can she leave Jesus. The Creation is mirror, the Divine Will is Life.

After much waiting and longing for the coming of my sweet Jesus, I was thinking to myself: ‘How shall I go on, if the One who forms my life leaves me alone and abandoned! How can I possibly live? And if I do live… because now I understand how it is not the pains that make one die; if it were so, after so many of His privations I would be dead; at the most, they make one feel death, but they are unable to give it; they make one live as though under a press - squeezed, crushed, but the Supreme Will alone has the power of death….’ But while I was thinking of this, my adorable Jesus moved in my interior and made Himself seen with a little gold chain in His hands, delighting in making it pass between me and Himself, in such a way that we remained bound together. And with love and goodness, all paternal, He told me: “My daughter, why do you fear that I may leave you? Listen: I cannot tolerate this fear in you. You must know that the condition in which I have placed you, the sea of my Will that flows inside and outside of you, to which - voluntarily, not by force - you gave yourself, has expanded its boundaries so much that neither I nor you will find the way out. So, if you want to leave Me, you will not find the way, and as much as you may go around, you will always go around within the endless boundaries of my Will; more so, since your acts done in It have closed every way out for you. And if I wanted to leave you, I could not, because I would not know where to go to place Myself outside of the boundaries of my Will. My Will is everywhere, and wherever I might go, I would always find Myself together with you. At the most, I act like someone who possesses a large house, and since he loves someone else who is inferior to him, in mutual agreement, one takes the house and the other goes. Now, since the house is large, he ranges about and moves around within his house. The other person loses sight of him and laments – but wrongly: if the house belongs to him, how can he leave her? One does not leave his own things; so, either he will come home soon, or maybe he is already there, in some apartment of his own house.

Therefore, since I have given you my Will as your house, how can I leave you and separate from It? As powerful as I am, in this I am impotent, because I am inseparable from my Will. At the most I range within my boundaries and you lose sight of Me, but it is not that I leave you; and if you went around within our boundaries, immediately you would find Me. So, instead of fearing, wait for Me, and when you least expect it, you will find Me all clasped to you.”

After this, I was doing my usual acts in the Supreme Volition, and the whole order that one must have in the Divine Will, what one must do and where one can reach - in sum, everything that Jesus Himself has taught me, became present before my mind. So I thought to myself: ‘How will creatures be able to do all this? If it seems to me that I, who draw from the source, don’t do everything, leave many things behind and do not reach that height that Jesus tells me, what must it be for those who will draw from my tiny little fount?’ And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, of the many things that I created in Creation, you do not use nor enjoy all of them, and many others you do not know. But if they don’t serve you, they serve others; if you are not the one who enjoys them and knows them, others do enjoy them and know them. And if creatures don’t take everything, all things still serve my great glory, and to make known my power, my majesty, my great love; and the multiplicity of many created things makes known the wisdom, the value of the Divine Maker, who is so skillful that there is nothing He cannot do. Now, if in the Creation of the world He released so many things which were to serve man’s nature, and which were to be like a mirror in which, by reflecting himself in it, man was to recognize his Creator, and all created things were to be paths through which he could return to the paternal womb from which he came – much more necessary is it to make known more things about the Kingdom of my Will, which is to serve as life of the soul, and as the center in which God must have His throne. Now, the multiplicity of the things I have made known to you serves to show what this Divine Will is, how there is nothing more important, more holy, more immense, more powerful, more beneficial and which has the virtue of giving more life than It does. All other things, as good and holy as they may be, are always in the secondary order; It alone has always the first place, and wherever It is not present, there cannot be life.

So, the many knowledges about my Will will serve my Will Itself as glory and triumph, and will serve the creatures as path to find life and to receive it. The height and immensity of my Will will serve creatures so as to never let them stop, but always move forward in order to reach It as much as they can; and the multiplicity of these knowledges will serve the freedom of each one to take what they want. In fact, each knowledge contains Life; if the veil of each knowledge is broken, they will find in it, as queen, the Life of my Will. The more they take and do, the more the Life of my Will will grow in them. Therefore, be attentive in manifesting the qualities, the infinite riches It possesses, so that the Heaven of my Will may be more beautiful, more charming, more majestic – as indeed It is - than the heaven of Creation; so that, enraptured by Its beauty, by the goods It contains, all may yearn to come to live in the Kingdom of my Will.”

July 26, 1926
The four degrees of the living in the Supreme Will.

I continue in my usual abandonment in the Supreme Volition, and my always lovable Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter, the light of the sun is not enjoyed equally by all - not because of the sun, since my works, containing the universal good, do good to all with no restriction of any kind; but because of creatures. Imagine a person who remains in his room: he does not enjoy all the vividness of the light; and if he enjoys a mild light, he does not enjoy its heat. There is someone else, then, who is outside of the built-up area: he enjoys more light, he feels the heat of the sun; the heat purifies and disinfects the putrid air, and in enjoying the purified air he becomes stronger and feels healthier. So, the second person enjoys more of the goods that the sun brings to the earth. But, move forward. There is a third person who goes and puts himself at that point in which the solar rays hit the surface of the earth. This one feels invested by its rays, he feels burned by the heat of the sun; the vividness of its light is such that, his eyes being filled with it, he can hardly look at the earth. He sees himself as though transfused, one could say, into the very light; he feels little of the earth, of himself, and only because he has his feet on the ground, but he lives only for the sun. See what a great difference exists between the first, the second and the third. But, move even further. A fourth person takes flight into the solar rays, and rises up to the center of its sphere. This one remains burned by the intensity of the heat that the sun contains in its center; the intensity of the light eclipses him completely, in such a way that he remains dissolved, consumed, within the sun itself. This fourth person can no longer look at the earth nor think of himself; and if he does look, he will look at light, he will feel fire. So, for him all things have ended; light and heat have taken the place of his life. What a difference between the third and the fourth! However, all this difference does not depend on the sun, but on creatures, and on how they expose themselves to the light of the sun.

Now, the sun is the image of my Will which, more than sun, shoots its rays to convert those who want to live in Its Kingdom completely into light and love. These people are the image of the four degrees of the living in my Will. One can say that the first one does not live in Its Kingdom, but only in the light which, from my Kingdom, the Sun of my Will diffuses to all. One can say that he is outside of Its boundaries, and if he enjoys a limited light, it is because of the nature of light, which diffuses everywhere. His nature, his weaknesses and passions form as though a house around him; they form infected and putrid air; and in breathing it, he lives as sickly and without liveliness of strength in doing good. But in spite of all this, he is resigned; he bears to his best the encounters of life, because the light of my Will, mild as it may be, always brings its good. The second is the image of one who has entered the first steps of the boundaries of the Kingdom of the Supreme Will. This one enjoys not only more light, but also the heat, therefore the air he breathes is pure; and in breathing it, he feels passions die within him, he is constant in good, he bears the crosses not only with resignation, but with love. However, since he is at the first steps of the boundaries, he looks at the earth and feels the weight of the human nature. On the other hand, the third is the image of one who has advanced into the boundaries of this Kingdom; and Its light is such and so great as to make him forget everything. He no longer feels anything of himself; good, virtues, crosses, change into his own nature; the light eclipses him, transforms him, and just barely allows him to look from afar at what no longer belongs to him. The fourth is the happiest, because he is the image of one who not only lives in my Kingdom, but has acquired It. This one undergoes the total consummation in the Supreme Sun of my Will; the eclipse caused by Its light is so intense, that he himself becomes light and heat, nor can he look at anything else but light and fire; and all things convert for him into light and love.

Therefore, there will be a difference of degrees in the Kingdom of my Will according to how much creatures will want to take from Its goods. But the first degrees will be spurs and paths in order to reach the last one. For you, then, who must make It known, there is all the necessity to live in the last degree."

July 29, 1926
Everything that Our Lord did invested the whole Creation by virtue of the Divine Will. Who will put all Creation in feast once again?

I was doing my usual rounds in the Kingdom of the Supreme Volition, and as I arrived at the point of what the Divine Will had done in the Humanity of Our Lord, I looked at His tears, His sighs, His moans and everything He did, invested with the light of His Will. Its rays were beaded with the tears of Jesus, filled with His sighs, invested with His sorrowful and loving moans; and since the Creation is filled and invested with the Divine Will, as Its rays of light invested everything, they beaded all created things with His tears. All things were invested with His sighs, with His love, and all moaned together with Jesus. Now, sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and leaning His head on my forehead, told me: “My daughter, by sinning, the first man lost a Divine Will, and therefore my Humanity was needed, united with the Eternal Word, which was to sacrifice the human will of my Humanity entirely and completely in order to reacquire this Divine Will, so as to give It back to the creature. So, my Humanity gave not even a breath of life to Its human will, but kept it only to sacrifice it, and to pay for the freedom that man had taken, of rejecting this Supreme Will with so much ingratitude; and as he lost It, all of Its goods, Its happiness, Its dominion, Its sanctity, failed him – everything failed him. If man had lost something human given to him by God, a Saint could have rendered it back to him, but since he lost a Divine Will, another Man and God was needed, who would be able to give It back to him.

Now, had I come upon earth to redeem him, one drop of my Blood, one little pain of mine would have been enough to put him in safety; but since I came not only to save him, but to give him back my Will, which he had lost, this Divine Will wanted to descend into all my pains, into my tears, into my sighs and moans – into everything I did and suffered, in order to reacquire the dominion in all and over all human acts, and therefore be able to form, once again, Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures. So, as a little child, when I cried, wailed, moaned, my Divine Will, more than solar ray, invested all Creation with my tears, with my moans and sighs. The stars, the sun, the starry sky, the sea, the little flower – all cried, moaned, wailed and sighed, because the Divine Will present in Me was the same as That which reigned in all Creation, and therefore, as though naturally, the stars cried, the sky moaned, the sun wailed, the sea sighed. The light of my Will brought my echo into all created things, and repeating my acts, they kept company with their Creator.

Oh, if you knew the assault that the Divine Majesty received in hearing my crying, my moans and sighs in all Creation! All created things, animated by my Will, prostrate at the foot of the divine throne, deafened It with their moans, drew It with their tears, moved It to pity with their sighs and prayers; and my pains, reverberating in them, bound It to surrender the keys of Heaven, and implored that the Kingdom of the Divine Will come upon earth once again. My Celestial Father, moved to compassion and tenderness by His own Will that cried, moaned, prayed and suffered in all His works, surrendered the keys and gave His Kingdom once again. But in order to be sure, He placed It in my Humanity, so that at the appropriate time He might give It back again to the human family. Here is the necessity for Me to do the human actions and to descend into the order of the human actions – because my Divine Will was to take Its dominion and substitute the order of Its Divine Will in all the acts of creatures. See, then, how much this Kingdom cost Me, with how many pains I ransomed It. This is why I love It so much, and I want to establish It in the midst of creatures at any cost.”

And I: ‘But, tell me, my love, if everything You did was invested with the unity of the light of the Supreme Volition, since this Will is one and cannot be detached nor separated from Its acts, the Creation is no longer alone, but has the company of your acts, of your love, of your moans. Therefore, there isn’t that sepulchral silence You told me about the other time.’ And Jesus, all goodness, added: “My daughter, you must know that as long as my Humanity remained on earth, and as long as the Sovereign Queen also was there, there was no solitude nor sepulchral silence in the Creation, because by virtue of the light of the Divine Will, wherever this Will was It spread as light, and diffusing in everything, It multiplied in all created things, and everywhere my act was repeated – because one was the Will. This is so true, that the Creation gave sensible signs both at my birth, and even more so at my death, to the point that the sun became dark, the stones split, the earth trembled, as if all were crying for their Creator, for their King. They cried for the One who had kept them in feast, who had broken their solitude and sepulchral silence; and, all feeling the bitterness of such a hard privation, they gave signs of sorrow and crying, and returned once again to the mourning of their solitude and silence. In fact, as I departed from the earth, the One who, in the light of my Will, emitted the voice which, forming the echo, rendered the Creation speaking and operating, was no longer there. It happened as to those metal instruments which, with artfulness, enclose the voice of one who speaks or sings: the instrument speaks, sings, cries, laughs, but this happens by virtue of the echo of the voice that has spoken; however, if the intelligence that produces that singing is taken away, the instrument remains mute. More so, since I did not come upon earth for the Creation, but I came for man, and therefore everything I did – pains, prayers, moans, sighs… – I left for the good of souls as more than a new Creation. In fact, since everything I did was done by virtue of my creative power, everything is in the act of saving man.

In addition to this, Creation was made for man – in It he was to be the king of all created things. But by withdrawing from my Divine Will, man lost the regime, the dominion, nor could he form laws in the Kingdom of Creation as is usual with a king when he possesses a kingdom. In fact, having lost the unity of the light of my Will, he was no longer able to rule, he had no more strength of dominion, his laws had no value; Creation was for him like a people that rebels against the king and makes of him its laughing-stock. And this is why my Humanity was immediately recognized by the whole Creation as Its King – because It felt in Me the strength of the union of one single Will. But as I departed, It remained without King again, enclosed in Its silence, waiting again for someone who, in the Kingdom of my Will, would emit his voice to let It resound in it. But do you know who she is who will put all Creation in feast once again – the one who will form Its echo and will render It speaking again? It is you, my daughter, who will take back the dominion, the regime, in the Kingdom of my Will. Therefore, be attentive, and let your flight in my Volition be continuous….”

August 1, 1926
The secret of Jesus. The power and goodness of His secret.

I was longing for my sweet Good, the Life of my life, and since He was not coming I thought to myself: ‘How hard is His privation. Ah! Jesus does not love me any more; and not only have the caresses, the kisses, His great shows of love which He so abundantly gave me before ended, but His lovable and enrapturing presence also keeps me waiting longer and longer. Oh, God, what pain! What a continuous martyrdom…! What a life without life, without air, without breath…! My Jesus, have pity on me, on your little exiled one.’ But while I was thinking of this and other things, my always lovable Jesus came out from within my interior, and leaning His arms on my breast, told me: “My daughter, you deceive yourself in saying that I no longer love you as before. On the contrary, you must know that my kisses, my caresses, the shows of love I gave you, were the outpouring of my love. Unable to contain it in my interior, I showed it to you with many loving signs; and since between you and Me there wasn’t a great work to do, I amused Myself with you with many signs and stratagems of love. But this served to prepare you for the great work that was to be carried out between you and Me; and when one works there is no time to amuse oneself. However, in spite of this, love does not cease, but is increased a hundred times, strengthened and sealed.

Now, my daughter, having shown to you the outpouring of my constrained love, I wanted to move on to give you what I contained within Me; I wanted to communicate to you the great secret of the Kingdom of my Will, giving you the goods It contains. And when important secrets are communicated – and this is the most important secret of the whole history of Creation – amusements, kisses and caresses are put aside; more so, since the work of the Kingdom of the Supreme Volition is exuberant, and the greatest that can exist in the whole history of the world. Therefore, manifesting my secret to you surpasses all loves together, because in the secret there is the sharing of one’s life, of one’s goods; in the secret there is trust, there is reliance. And do you think it is trivial that your Jesus has trust in you, and that you are the object of my hope? But not just any trust and hope; rather, the trust of entrusting to you the Kingdom of my Will, and the hope that you will place Its rights in safety and that you will make It known for Me. Now, having entrusted to you the secret of my Will, my Will being the essential part of the Divine Life, I would not know what to give you that is greater than this. How can you say, then, that I love you less than before? Rather, you must say that this is the great work required of you and of Me in the Kingdom of my Will. You must know that I am always occupied and all intent on working in you: now I expand your capacity, now I instruct you, many times I move on to work together with you, other times I make up for you; in sum, I am always occupied, and this says that I love you more and more - but with stronger and more substantial love.”

August 4, 1926
One who is in the Divine Will is safe, wherever she might be, because in It there are four floors.

My days, my hours, are always in the nightmare of the so very hard privations of my sweet Jesus. Oh! how painful it is to pass from light to darkness; and while one thinks she is going to enjoy the light, He escapes like a flash, and one remains in the dark, more than before. Now, while I was under the press of the privation of the light of my sweet Jesus, and feeling that I could take no more, my dear Life, my highest Good, moved in my interior, and as I felt Him I said to Him: ‘Jesus, how can You leave me! Without You I don’t know where I am.’ And He, all goodness, told me: “My daughter, what? You don’t know where you are? Are you not in my Will? The house of my Will is large, and if you are not on one floor you must be on another. In fact, my Will contains four floors: the first one is the low level of the earth - that is, the sea, the earth, the plants, the flowers, the mountains, and everything else that exists in the lower part of the universe. My Will dominates and rules everywhere; Its place is always of Queen, and It holds everything in the palm of Its hand. The second floor is the sun, the stars, the spheres. The third is the azure sky. The fourth is the Fatherland, mine and of the Saints. In all of these floors my Will is Queen, It occupies the first place of honor; therefore, whichever of these floors you might be on, be certain that you are always in my Will. If you go around in the lower part of the universe, you will find It awaiting you in the sea, that you may unite with It to do what It does. As It carries out Its love, Its glory, Its power, It awaits you on the mountains, down below in the valleys, in the flowery fields – It awaits you in all things, that you may keep It company, so that you may omit nothing. Even more, you will be the repeater of Its acts, and once you have gone through the first floor, move on to the second, and you will find It awaiting you with majesty in the sun, so that its light and its heat may transform you and make you lose your being, and you may know how to love and glorify as a Divine Will knows how to love and glorify.

Therefore, go around within Our house, in the works of your Creator, because He awaits you everywhere, that you may learn His ways and repeat what my Will does in all created things. In this way you will be sure of being always in the Supreme Volition. Not only this, but you will be always with Me; and even though you do not always see Me, you must know that I am inseparable from my Will and from my works, and therefore, since you are in It, I will be with you and you will be with Me.”

Having said this, He disappeared like a flash, and I remained in the dark, more than before, continuing my acts in the Supreme Volition. But while I was doing this, I prayed Him to come back to His little daughter, saying to Him: ‘My Jesus, I pray You by virtue of your own Will; and since your Will is spread throughout the whole Creation, filling It completely, it is your very Will that prays You in the sun to come back to your little newborn; It prays You in each star, It prays You in the azure sky to hasten to come to the one who cannot live without You; It supplicates You in the sea, in its roaring waves, in its sweet murmuring, to come quickly to your little exiled one. Don’t You hear, my Love, my voice in your Will resounding in all created things, and all Creation praying, supplicating, sighing, crying for You to return to the little one of your Will? How can so many voices not move You to pity? How can so many sighs not push You, and not make You fly? Don’t You know, O Jesus, that it is your Will that prays You, and if You do not listen to It, it is your Will that pays the price? And I believe You cannot do without listening to It.’ But while I was saying this and yet more, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, transforming me completely in Him and sharing His bitternesses with me, which were already too many. Oh, God, how many sad things He showed! – and His Heart was pierced.

Then, afterwards, as though wanting to cheer Himself, making Himself seen with His usual pen of light in His hand, He told me: “My daughter, let us put everything aside – let us speak of the Kingdom of the Supreme Will, which interests Me so much. Don’t you see how I am always in the act of writing Its qualities, Its celestial laws, Its power, Its divine prodigies, Its enchanting beauty, Its infinite joys, the order and the perfect harmony that reigns in this Kingdom of the Divine Fiat - in the depth of your soul? First I make the preparations, I form in you all the properties of It, and then I speak to you, so that, by feeling Its properties within yourself, you may be the spokesperson of my Will, the crier of It, Its telegraph and the little trumpet which, with a shrill sound, may call the attention of those passing by to listen to you. The teachings I give you about the Kingdom of my Will will be like many electric wires, which are such that, when the appropriate communications are established and the necessary preparations are made, a single wire is enough to give light to entire cities and provinces. The power of the electricity, with rapidity greater than that of the wind, gives light to public and private places. The teachings about my Will will be the wires; the power of the electricity will be the Fiat Itself which, with enchanting rapidity, will form the light that will cast away the night of the human will, the darkness of passions. Oh, how beautiful the light of my Will will be! In seeing it, creatures will dispose the devices in their souls in order to connect the wires of the teachings, so as to enjoy and receive the power of the light that the electricity of my Supreme Will contains. Do you want to see what will happen? Look: I take one wire of my teachings linked to your soul, and you emit your voice within the wire. Say: ‘I love You, I adore You, I bless You…’ – whatever you want to say, and be attentive on looking.”

I said ‘I love You’, and that ‘I love You’ changed into characters of light and the electric power of the Supreme Volition multiplied it, in such a way that that ‘I love You’ of light would go through the whole vault of the heavens, fix itself in the sun and in each star, penetrate into Heaven, fix itself in each Blessed, form its crown of light at the foot of the divine throne, and enter even into the bosom of the Supreme Majesty – in sum, wherever the Divine Will was, there it would form its electric light. And Jesus continued: “My daughter, have you seen what power the electricity of the Supreme Fiat has, and how it reaches everywhere? The electricity of the earth diffuses down below at the most – it does not have the power to reach even the stars; but the power of my electricity diffuses down below, up high, in the hearts – everywhere; and when the wires are disposed, with enchanting rapidity it will make its way into the midst of creatures.”

August 8, 1926
The more the soul is identified with God, the more He can give her and she can take. Example of the sea and the little stream.

As I was in my usual state, I felt all abandoned in the arms of Jesus; and He, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the more the soul is identified with Me, the more I can give her and she can take from Me. It happens as between the sea and a little stream which is separated from the sea only by a wall; so much so, that if the wall were removed, the sea and the little stream would become one single sea. Now, if the sea overflows, being near it, the little stream receives the water of the sea. If its roaring waves rise, in lowering again they unload themselves into the nearby little stream. The water of the sea pours into it through the cracks of the wall. So, the tiny little stream constantly receives the waters of the sea, and because it is little, it keeps swelling up and it gives back to the sea the water it has received, to then receive it again. However, this happens because the little stream is near the sea; but if it were far away, neither could the sea give, nor could it receive – its distance would put it in the condition of not even knowing the sea.”

While saying this, He showed to my mind, in practice, the act of the sea and of the little stream; and then He continued: “My daughter, the sea is God, the tiny little stream is the soul, the wall that separates them is the human nature, which makes one distinguish God and the creature; the overflowings, the waves which rise continuously to unload themselves into the little stream, are my Divine Will that wants to give so much to the creature, that the little stream, being filled and swelling up, may overflow, may form its waves, swollen by the wind of the Supreme Will, and may pour back into the divine sea, to be filled again, in such a way as to be able to say: ‘I live the life of the sea, and even though I am little, I too do what it does; I overflow, I form my waves, I rise and I try to give to the sea what it gives to me.’ So, the soul who is identified with Me and lets herself be dominated by my Will is the repeater of the divine acts. Her love, her adorations, her prayers and everything she does, is the outpouring of God which she receives, so as to be able to say: ‘It is your love that loves You, your adorations that adore You, your prayers that pray You; it is your Will that, investing me, makes me do what You do, to give it back to You as your own things’.”

Jesus kept silent; but then, as though taken by an irresistible emphasis of love, He added: “Oh, power of my Will, how great You are! You alone unite the greatest and highest Being with the littlest and lowest being, making them one. You alone have the virtue of emptying the creature of all that does not belong to You, to be able to form in her, with your reflections, that Eternal Sun which, filling Heaven and earth with Its rays, goes to blend with the Sun of the Supreme Majesty. You alone have this virtue of communicating the supreme strength, in such a way that, with your strength, the creature can rise to that single act of God the Creator. Ah, my daughter, when the creature does not live in the unity of my Will, she loses the one strength and remains as though disunited from that strength that fills Heaven and earth and sustains the whole universe as if it were the littlest feather. Now, when the soul does not let herself be dominated by my Will, she loses the one strength in all of her actions, therefore all her acts, not coming out of the same single strength, remain divided among themselves – love is divided, the action separated, the prayer disjointed. Being divided, all the acts of the creature are poor, meager, without light; and so patience is poor, charity is weak, obedience is crippled, humility is blind, prayer is mute, sacrifice is without life, without vigor, because since my Will is missing, the one strength is missing which, uniting everything, gives the same strength to each act of the creature. Therefore, they are left not only divided among themselves, but adulterated by the human will, and so each one is left with its own defect.

This happened to Adam. By withdrawing from the Supreme Will, he lost the one single strength of His Creator, and since he was left with his limited human strength, he felt hardship in his operating; more so, since the strength that he employed in performing one action would debilitate him, and in having to do another, he would not feel the same strength. So, he touched the poverty of his actions with his own hand: not having the same strength, they were not only divided, but each one had its own defect. It happened as to a rich lord who possesses most extensive properties: as long as they belong to one owner only, he shows off, he makes big purchases; who knows how many servants he maintains under himself, and with the large proceeds he receives, he keeps making new purchases. But, suppose that this property were to be divided among other heirs: that’s it - his great power is already lost; he can no longer show off as before, nor make new purchases; he must limit himself in his expenditures, and his servants are few. So, his greatness, his lordship, has vanished; what is left are just barely the traces of it. So it happened to Adam; by withdrawing from my Will, he lost the one single strength of his Creator, and with it he lost his lordship, his dominion, nor did he feel the strength to show off in good any more. The same happens for one who is not completely abandoned in the arms of my Will, because with It the strength of good converts into one’s nature, and poverty does not exist.”

August 12, 1926
The Divine Will cannot reign if the three powers of the soul are not ordered with God.

The privations of my sweet Jesus are getting longer. Oh! how He makes me yearn for His return! How hours and days seem like centuries without Him! – but centuries of night, not of days!

So, while I was anxiously waiting for His return, like a rising flash He came out from within my interior, and clasping me to Himself, told me: “My daughter, man was created by God with three powers: memory, intellect and will; and this, so that he might have the links of communications with the Divine Persons of the Sacrosanct Trinity. These were like paths along which to ascend to God, like doors through which to enter, like rooms in which to form the continuous dwelling – the creature for God, God for the creature. These are the royal paths of both of them, the gold doors which God placed in the depth of the soul through which the Supreme Sovereignty of the Divine Majesty might enter; the safe and unshakeable room in which God was to have His celestial dwelling. Now, in order to be able to form Its Kingdom in the inmost place of the soul, my Will wants to find these three powers, given to the creature to raise her to the likeness of the Creator, in order with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit. My Will would not go out of Its dominions if these three powers of the soul were in order with God, and Its reigning would be happy and as though natural, because, her three powers being in order with God, the creature would have order within herself and outside of herself, and the Kingdom of the Will of God and that of the creature would not be a divided Kingdom, but a single one, and therefore Its dominion and regime would be one. More so, since my Will does not know how to reign where there is no order and harmony - inseparable qualities and indispensable properties of the Divine Persons; and the soul can never be ordered and harmonize with her Creator if she does not have her three powers open to receive from God His qualities ordered and His properties harmonized, in such a way that, finding the divine harmonies and the supreme order of the Divine Kingdom and of the human kingdom, my Will may make them one and reign in It with Its full dominion.

Ah! my daughter, how much disorder reigns in the three powers of the human soul. One can say that they have shut the door on Our face, they have barricaded the paths to prevent Our passing and to break the communications with Us, while it was the greatest gift We gave man in creating him. These three powers were to serve him to comprehend the One who had created him, to grow in His likeness, and, his will being transfused in that of his Creator, to give Him the right to let It reign. This is why the Supreme Volition cannot reign in the soul if these three powers – intellect, memory and will – do not hold hands in order to return to the purpose for which God created man. Therefore, pray that these three powers may return to the order and the harmony of their Creator, so that my Supreme Will may reign with Its full triumph.”

August 14, 1926
Bitternesses of the soul because of the news of the upcoming printing of the writings on the Will of God. Words of Jesus in this regard.

My poor heart swims in the sea of the bitternesses of the privations of my sweet Jesus. If He comes at all, He is like a flash that escapes, and in that light of the flash I see the poor world, its grave evils, the bonds among nations which are binding themselves to one another in order to start wars and revolutions, and by doing this, they draw the chastisements of Heaven – but so grave as to destroy entire cities and peoples. Oh, God, how great is the human blindness! But as the flash of His lovable presence ends, I remain in the dark, more than before, with the thought of my poor brothers, scattered in the hard exile of life!

But this was not enough to fill my poor heart with intense bitternesses; something else added to suffocate my poor existence with those roaring waves that overwhelm my poor soul – that is, the news of the upcoming printing of the writings on the Most Holy Will of God, since our Monsignor Archbishop had given His approval, placing the imprimatur Himself. But this was nothing; the most fatal blow to my poor soul has been the news that they were going to put not only what regarded the Divine Will – because after so much insistence from Our Lord and the superiors, I had convinced myself that the glory of God required this, and, miserable and little as I am, it is not for me to oppose what blessed Jesus wants - but they were going to put out for printing also the order that Jesus has kept with me and everything He has told me, also about the other virtues and circumstances. This was too painful for me, and I spoke out my reasons over and over again, so that it would not be done.

Then, while I was so oppressed, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, as though feeling the weight of my oppression, clasped me in His arms, and shaking me up, told me: “My daughter, what’s the matter, what’s the matter? Be cheered - I do not want you to be so oppressed. Instead of thanking Me, you oppress yourself? You must know that, so that my Supreme Will might be known, I had to prepare things, dispose means, overwhelm the Archbishop with those acts of absolute dominion of my Will, which man cannot resist; I had to make one of my great prodigies. Do you think it is easy to obtain the approval of a Bishop? How hard it is – how many quibbles, how many difficulties. And if they approve at all, it is with many restrictions, almost removing the most beautiful shades, the most striking colors from all that my goodness has revealed with so much love. Don’t you see, then, the triumph of my Will in the approval of the Archbishop, and therefore my great glory and the great necessity that the knowledges about the Supreme Will become known and, like beneficial dew, dampen the ardor of passions? Like rising sun, my Will dispels the darkness of the human will, and removes the torpor which almost all creatures have, also in doing good, because the life of my Will is missing. My manifestations about It will be like the balm which will heal the wounds produced by the human will. Those who will have the good of knowing them will feel a new life of light, of grace, of strength flow within them, to fulfill my Will in everything. Not only this, but in comprehending the great evil of their own will, they will abhor it and will shake themselves from the yoke, so very hard, of the human will, to place themselves under the gentle dominion of mine. Ah! You do not know nor see what I know and see; therefore, let Me do it, and do not oppress yourself. Rather, you yourself should have urged and pushed the one whom I have disposed with so much love to take on this commitment; even more, you should have told him to hurry, and not to lose time.

My daughter, the Kingdom of my Will is unshakeable, and in these knowledges about It I have placed so much light, grace and attraction as to render It victorious, in such a way that, as they become known, they will wage a sweet battle against the human will, and creatures will be conquered. These knowledges will be an immensely high and strong wall, more than the terrestrial Eden, which will prevent the enemy from entering in order to molest those who, conquered by It, will pass to live in the Kingdom of my Will. Therefore, do not become disturbed and let Me do – and I will dispose everything so that the Supreme Fiat may be known.”

August 18, 1926
Jesus encourages the one who must undertake the printing of the writings on the Most Holy Will of God. Power of the acts done in the Divine Will.

While I was praying, I found myself outside of myself, and at the same time I saw the reverend father who must occupy himself with the printing of the writings on the Most Holy Will of God. Our Lord was near him, taking all the knowledges, the effects and the values He has manifested about the Supreme Will, which had changed into threads of light, and impressing them in his intelligence, in such a way as to form a crown of light around his head. And while doing this, He said to him: “My son, the task I have given you is great, and therefore it is necessary that I give you much light in order to make you comprehend with clarity what I have revealed. In fact, they will produce their effects according to the clarity with which they will be exposed, even though they are most clear in themselves. Indeed, that which regards my Will is light that descends from Heaven, which does not confuse and dazzle the sight of the intelligence, but has the virtue of strengthening and enlightening the human intellect so as to be comprehended and loved, and of casting into the depth of the soul the source of her origin, the true purpose for which man was created, the order between Creator and creature. And each one of my sayings, manifestations, knowledges about my Supreme Will are as many strokes of the brush to make the soul return to the likeness of her Creator. Everything I have said about my Will is nothing other than preparing the way, forming the army, gathering the chosen people, preparing the royal palace, disposing the ground on which the Kingdom of my Will must be formed, and so rule and dominate. Therefore, the task I am entrusting to you is great. I will guide you, I will be near you, so that everything may be done according to my Will.”

Then, after this, He blessed him and came to my little soul, resuming His speaking: “My daughter, how much I care about my Will, how I love, how I yearn that It become known. My interest is so great that I am disposed to give any grace to whomever wants to occupy himself with making It known. Oh, how I wish that they would hurry, because I see that all my rights will be given back to Me, the order between God and the creature will be re-established. I will no longer give my gifts to the human generations as halved, but as whole, nor will I ever again receive from them things that are incomplete, but whole. Ah! my daughter, being able to give and wanting to give, but finding no one to whom to give is always a pain and a weight with no hope of relief. If you knew with how much jealousy of love I stay around the soul when I see her disposed to do her acts in my Will! Before she begins her act I make the light and the virtue of my Will flow in it, so that her act may take its origin on the virtue that my Will contains. As she keeps forming it, the divine light and virtue invest it and carry it out. As she completes it, the light is sealed over it and gives it the form of a divine act, and – oh! how my Supreme Goodness delights in seeing that the creature possesses this divine act. To these acts my eternal love never says enough; it gives, and gives always, because with these divine acts formed by the creature in my Will, my love cannot limit itself – since they are divine, it must repay them with infinite love and without limits.

Don’t you yourself see and feel with how much love I guide you, I accompany you, and many times I reach the point of doing what you do together with you? And this, in order to give to your acts the value of a divine value. How happy I am in seeing that by virtue of my Will, your acts are divine, similar to mine. There is no more distance between your little love and mine, between your adoration and mine, between your prayers and mine. Invested by the light of the Eternal Volition, they lose their finiteness, their human appearances, and acquire the infinite and the divine substance; and transforming, all together, the working of God and of the soul, my Will makes them one. Therefore, be attentive, and let your flight in my Will be continuous.”

After this, my always lovable Jesus came back and made Himself seen all worried, suffering and as though restless because of the great offenses of creatures. I wanted to calm Him, give Him rest, but I could not manage to. Then the thought came to me of doing my usual acts in the Supreme Fiat, and as I was doing this, Jesus would calm down and take rest. Then He told me: “My daughter, the acts in my Will are more than solar rays which are such that, if one wants to look at them, one’s sight is eclipsed by the light, in such a way that one can neither look nor distinguish anything any more. If the light of the sun has so much power, much more do the acts done in my Will. The light of my Will has the power to eclipse and take evil away from creatures, that they may not do worse things; and with the power of its light it prevents the offenses from reaching Me. And just as the light of the sun, because it contains the simile of the Eternal Sun of the Supreme Fiat, contains all colors and from them derive innumerable effects which unleash countless goods for the human generations, while one seems to see nothing but radiant and white light - the same for the Eternal Sun of my Will: while It is the light of my Will alone, inside of It there are as though many colors, all the divine similes, enclosed, which contain infinite effects and unleash fountains of love, of goodness, of mercy, of power, of science – in sum, all the divine qualities. Therefore the working of my Will contains such power and harmony as to favor the rest of your beloved Jesus.”

August 22, 1926
The acts done in the Divine Will assume the image of the divine qualities. What privation of God means, and how the Sovereign Queen suffered this privation. What it means to be the head of a mission.

I feel as though immersed in the Eternal Will of my adorable Jesus, and as much as I can, I do my round throughout the whole Creation, to keep company with all the acts that the Divine Will operates in It. But while I was doing this, my highest and only Good made Himself seen in my interior, looking at all of me, counting all my acts, one by one, and placing them around Himself to enjoy them. Then He told me: “My daughter, I am making the count of all your acts to see whether they reach the number established by Me. And since my Will encloses all the divine qualities, each of your acts done in It assumes the image of a supreme quality. Look at them – how beautiful they are! Some possess the image of my Wisdom, some the image of Goodness, some of Love, some of Strength, some of Beauty, some of Mercy, some of Immutability, some of Order – in sum, all of my supreme qualities. Each act of yours assumes a distinct image, but they resemble one another, they harmonize, they hold hands and form one single act. How beautiful is the working of the creature in my Will! She does nothing but produce divine images, and I delight in surrounding Myself with these images of mine to enjoy, in the creature, the fruits of my qualities; and I give her the virtue of reproducing more of my divine images, so as to be able to see the Supreme Being copied and impressed in them. This is why I have so much interest that the creature do my Will and live in It - to repeat my works.”

After this, I was thinking to myself: ‘How hard is the privation of my sweet Jesus… One feels the true death of the soul, and it happens as when the soul departs from the body: while it possesses the same members, they are emptied of life, they are inert, without motion, and have no more value. So does my little soul appear to me without Jesus: it possesses the same faculties, but emptied of life; once Jesus has departed, life, motion, warmth, are ended. This is why this pain is harrowing and indescribable, and cannot be compared to any other pain. Ah! the Celestial Mama did not suffer this pain, because Her sanctity rendered Her inseparable from Jesus, and therefore She never remained without Him.’ But while I was thinking of this, my beloved Jesus moved in my interior, telling me: “My daughter, you are wrong - the privation of Me is not separation, but pain. You are right in saying that it is more than mortal, but this pain has the virtue, not of separating, but of joining with stronger and more stable bonds the inseparable union with Me. Not only this, but each time the soul remains as though without Me, with no guilt on her part, I rise again for her to new life of knowledges, allowing Myself to be comprehended more with more love, loving her more, and with new grace, to enrich her and embellish her more. And she rises again to new Divine Life, to new love and to new beauty; because it is justice that, since the soul suffers mortal pains, she be substituted with new Divine Life. If it were not so, I would let Myself be surpassed by the love of the creature, which cannot be.

And besides, it is not true that the Sovereign Queen was never without Me; separated – never; but without Me - yes. But this did not prejudice the height of Her sanctity; on the contrary, it increased it. How many times I left Her in the state of pure faith, because, having to be the Queen of sorrows and the Mother of all the living, She could not lack the most beautiful adornment, the most refulgent gem, which gave Her the characteristic of Queen of martyrs and Sovereign Mother of all sorrows. This pain of being left in pure faith prepared Her to receive the deposit of my doctrines, the treasure of the Sacraments and all the goods of my Redemption. In fact, since the privation of Me is the greatest pain, it places the soul in the condition of deserving to be the depository of the greatest gifts of her Creator, of His highest knowledges, and of His secrets. How many times have I not done this for you? After a privation of Me, I would manifest to you the highest knowledges about my Will; and with this, I would make you the depository, not only of Its knowledges, but of my Will Itself. Moreover, the Sovereign Queen, as Mother, had to possess all of the interior states, therefore also the state of pure faith, to be able to give to Her children that unshakeable faith that makes one lay down one’s blood and life to defend and prove one’s faith. Had She not possessed this gift of faith, how could She give it to Her children?”

Having said this, He disappeared. But my mind wanted to think about many strange things, and maybe even senseless; and I would try hard to do my acts in the adorable Will of God. But while doing this, I thought to myself: ‘If living in the supreme Kingdom of the Divine Will requires so much attention, so many sacrifices, very few will be those who will want to live in a Kingdom so holy.’ And my sweet Jesus, coming back, told me: “My daughter, one who is called to be the head of a mission must not only embrace all the members, but rule them, dominate them and constitute himself life of each of them; while the members do not give life to the head, nor do all that it does, but rather, each one does its own office. So, one who is called to be the head of a mission, embracing all that is needed in order to be able to carry out the task entrusted to him, suffering more than anyone and loving everyone, prepares the food, the life, the lessons, the offices, according to the capacity of those who want to follow his mission. That which is necessary for you, who must form the tree with all the fullness of its branches and the multiplicity of its fruits, will not be necessary for one who must only be branch or fruit. Their task will be to remain incorporated in the tree, in order to receive the vital humors it contains – that is, to let themselves be dominated by my Will, never giving life to their volition in anything, either internal or external, to know my Will, and to receive It as their own life, so as to let It carry out Its Divine Life; in sum, to let It reign and dominate as Queen.

So, my daughter, one who must be the head needs to suffer, to work, and to do, himself alone, everything that all others together will do. This is what I did; because I was the head of Redemption, I can say that I did everything for love of all, to give them life and to place them all in safety. The Immaculate Virgin also; because She was Mother and Queen of all – how much did She not suffer? How much did She not love and work for all creatures? No one can claim having reached Us, either in suffering or in loving. At the most, they may resemble Us in part; but reaching Us – no one. However, by having been at the head of all, both the Sovereign Queen and I enclosed all graces and all goods; strength was in Our power, dominion was Ours, Heaven and earth obeyed Our every wish and trembled before Our power and sanctity. The redeemed ones have taken Our crumbs and have eaten Our fruits; they have been healed with Our remedies, they have been strengthened with Our examples, they have learned Our lessons, they have risen again at the cost of Our lives; and if they have been glorified, it has been by virtue of Our glory. But the power is always Ours, the living fount of all goods springs always from Us; so much so, that if the redeemed ones move away from Us, they lose all goods and return to be ill and poor, more than before. This is what it means to be head; it is true that one suffers greatly, works much, and must prepare the good for all, but all that one possesses surpasses everything and everyone. There is such distance between one who is head of a mission and one who must be a member, that the head can be compared to the sun and the member to a little light. This is why I have told you many times that your mission is great – because this is not about mere personal sanctity, but about embracing everything and everyone, and preparing the Kingdom of my Will for the human generations.”

After this, I was following the acts in the Supreme Volition, which converted all into light and formed a horizon of radiant light that formed clouds of quicksilver; and wherever this light penetrated, everything converted into light. It had the power, the strength to empty everything, filling everything with its most refulgent light. And Jesus added: “My daughter, there is nothing more penetrating than light. It diffuses everywhere with enchanting rapidity, bringing its beneficial effects to all those who let themselves be invested by it. The light refuses to do its good to no one, be they people, earth, water, plant or other things; its nature is to illuminate and to do good, and therefore it leaves no one behind – to all it brings its kiss of light and gives the good it contains. My Will is more than light; It diffuses everywhere and brings the good It contains; and the acts done in It form the atmosphere of gold and silver which has the virtue of emptying all the darkness of the night of the human will, and with its beneficial light, it brings the kiss of the Eternal Volition, to dispose the creatures to wanting to come into the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. Each act of yours done in It is a new horizon that you make arise for the eye of the human intellect, to make it long for the light of the good that my Will possesses. My daughter, in order to prepare this Kingdom it takes work, it takes celestial laws, which are laws all of love. The laws of fears, of penalties, of condemnation do not enter into It, because the laws of love of my Will will be friendly, filial, of reciprocal love between Creator and creature. Therefore fears and condemnations will have neither force nor life; and if there will be some suffering, it will be full of triumph and of glory. Therefore, be attentive, because this is about making known a Celestial Kingdom – about manifesting Its secrets, Its prerogatives, Its goods, to draw souls to love It, long for It, and to take possession of It.”

August 25, 1926
The Divine Will makes of the whole Life of Our Lord one single act in His interior.

I was remembering all the acts of Our Lord so as to unite myself with Him; and not only this, but to find His Most Holy Will operating in all of His acts, to be able to identify with It and make one single act with mine. So, I would have wanted to be conceived with Jesus, be born with Jesus, moan, cry, suffer, pray, shed my blood together with His, and die together with Jesus. Now, while I was thinking of this, He moved in my interior, making His presence felt in my heart, and raising His arm in the act of clasping me to Himself, told me: “My daughter, my whole Life was one single act coming from that single act of the Eternal One, which has no succession of acts; and if in my Humanity, externally, one could see the gradual succession of my acts – that is, being conceived, being born, growing, operating, walking, suffering, dying – in the interior of my Humanity, my Divinity, the Eternal Word united to my soul, formed one single act of my whole Life. Therefore the succession of the external acts that could be seen in It was the outpouring of the single act which, overflowing outside, formed the succession of my external Life. But in my interior, as I was conceived, at the same time I was also born, I cried, I moaned, I walked, I operated, I spoke, I preached the Gospel, I instituted the Sacraments, I suffered and was crucified.

Therefore, all that could be seen on the outside of my Humanity little by little, step by step, inside of It was one single act, long and continuous, and which still continues. So, as I was conceived, coming from the single act of the Eternal One, I remained always as being conceived, always as being born, always moaning and crying; in sum, everything I did remained in act - and as continuous act, because everything that comes from God and remains in God undergoes no mutations, nor increase, nor diminution. Once the act is done, it remains with the fullness of life that never ends and can give life to all, as much as they want of it. So, my Will maintained and does maintain everything in act – my whole Life, just as It maintains the life of the sun in act, without allowing it to decrease or increase in its light, in its heat and in its effects; just as It preserves the expanse of the heavens with all the stars, without ever shrinking, or dispersing even one star; and so with many other things created by Me. In the same way, my Supreme Will maintains the life of all the acts of my Humanity, without dispersing even one breath. Now, wherever It reigns, this Will of mine does not know how to do separated acts; Its nature is one single act, multiple in its effects, but always one in its act. Therefore It calls the soul who lets herself be dominated by It to union with Its single act, that she may find all the goods, all the effects that only the single act of a God can possess.

Therefore, may your attention be to remain united to that single act of the Eternal One, if you want to find the whole Creation and the whole Redemption in act; and in that single act you will find the length of my pains, of my steps, my continuous crucifixion – you will find everything. My Will disperses nothing, and in It you will be identified with my acts and will take the fruit of my whole Life. If it were not so, there would not be a great difference between my operating and that of my Saints; on the other hand, since my operating is one single act, between mine and theirs there is the difference that passes between the sun and a tiny little flame, between the great sea and a drop of water, between the vastness of the heavens and a little hole. Only the power of my one act has the power to give itself to all and to embrace everything; and while it gives itself, it never loses anything.”

August 27, 1926
Jesus gives the title to the Book about His Will.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made me see the reverend father who must occupy himself with the printing of the writings on the adorable Will of God. And Jesus, placing Himself near him, said to him: “My son, the title you will give to the book you will print about my Will is this: ‘The Kingdom of my Divine Will in the midst of creatures. Book of Heaven. The call of the creature to the order, the place and the purpose for which he was created by God’. See, I want the title also to correspond to the great work of my Will. I want the creature to comprehend that his place, assigned to him by God, is in my Will, and until he enters into It, he will be without place, without order, without purpose; he will be an intruder in the Creation, with no right at all, and therefore he will go wandering without peace, without inheritance. And I, moved to compassion for him, will cry out to him continuously: ‘Enter into your place, come into the order, come to take your inheritance – to live in your house. Why do you want to live in a foreign house? Why do you want to occupy a land that is not yours? And because it is not yours, you live unhappy, and you are the servant and the laughing-stock of all created things. All things created by Me, because they remain in their place, are in order and in perfect harmony, with all the fullness of their goods, assigned to them by God. You alone want to be unhappy – but of a voluntary unhappiness. Therefore come to your place – it is there that I call you and await you’. Therefore, he or she who will offer to make my Will known, will be my spokesperson, and I will entrust to them the secrets of Its Kingdom.”

Then, after this, He showed the whole Creation – how all created things remain in their place, wanted by God, and therefore in perfect order and in perfect harmony among themselves. And because they remain in their place, the Supreme Will maintains their existence whole, beautiful, fresh and ever new; and order brings communal happiness and universal strength to all. What enchantment to see the order, the harmony of all Creation! And Jesus, resuming His speaking, added: “My daughter, how beautiful are Our works – they are Our honor and Our perennial glory. All of them remain at their place, and each created thing fulfills its office perfectly. Man alone is Our dishonor in Our creative work, because by withdrawing from Our Will, he walks upside down, with his head down on the earth and his feet up in the air. What disorder! What disorder! It is disgusting to see him. By walking with his head upside down, he crawls on the earth, he becomes all upset, he transforms himself. His sight lacks the necessary span to be able to look; he cannot move around in space in order to know things, nor defend himself if his enemy is behind his shoulders; and he cannot go too far, because – poor one – he has to drag himself with his head instead of walking, because the office of walking belongs to the feet, while that of the head is to dominate. So, doing his own will is the true and perfect tumble of man, and the disorder of the human family. This is why I care so much that my Will be known – so that he may return to his place, no longer dragging himself with his head upside down, but walking on his feet; no longer forming my dishonor and his, but my honor and his. Look, yourself: do creatures not look ugly, in seeing them walk with their heads on the ground? Don’t you too feel sorry in seeing them so disordered?”

I looked, and I saw the heads down and the feet up in the air. Jesus disappeared, and I remained looking at this ugly scene of the human generations; and from the heart I prayed that His Will may be known.

August 29, 1926
Only the Supreme Will possesses the nature of true good. Blessing of Jesus of the title to be given to the Writings about His Most Holy Will.

My poor mind is always returning to the supreme center of the Eternal Will; and if sometimes I think about something else, Jesus Himself, with a speaking of His, calls my attention to crossing the unending sea of His Most Holy Will. So, since I was thinking about something else, my sweet Jesus, jealous, clasped me to Himself and told me: “My daughter, always in my Will do I want you, because in It is the nature of good. Only when a good never ends and has no beginning and no end, then can it be called true good. When it has its beginning and its end, a good is full of bitternesses, of fear, of anxiety, and also of disillusion. All this renders good itself unhappy, and many times one passes easily from the good of riches to miseries, from fortune to misfortune, from health to sickness, because all the goods that have a beginning are unstable, fleeting, short-lived, and end up in nothing.

It is my Supreme Will that possesses the nature of true good, because It has no beginning and no end, and therefore Its good is always the same, always full, always stable, not subject to any change. This is why all that the soul makes enter into the Supreme Will - all of her acts formed in It - acquire the nature of true good: because they are done in a stable, immovable Will, which contains eternal and immeasurable goods. So, your love, your prayer, your thanksgivings and everything you can do, take their place in an eternal beginning that never ends, and therefore acquire the fullness of the nature of good. So, your prayer acquires full value and complete fruit, in such a way that you yourself will not be able to comprehend where the fruits and the goods of your prayer will extend. It will go around throughout eternity, it will give itself to all, and at the same time it will remain always full in its effects. Your love acquires the nature of true love – of that unshakeable love that never fails, that never ends, that loves all, gives itself to all, and remains always with the fullness of good of the nature of true love; and so with all the rest.

To everything that enters into my Will, the creative strength of my Will communicates Its own nature and converts it into Its own acts, because It does not tolerate having within Itself acts dissimilar from Its own. Therefore it can be said that the acts of the creature done in my Will enter the inscrutable ways of God, nor can anyone know all of their innumerable effects. That which has no beginning and no end renders itself incomprehensible to created minds, which have a beginning, because since the power of an act that has no beginning is missing in them, all the divine things and everything that enters my Will render themselves impenetrable and inscrutable. See then, the great good of operating in my Will – to what high place it raises the creature, how she is given back the nature of good, just as she was delivered from the womb of her Creator. On the other hand, anything that can be done outside of my Will, be it even good, cannot be called true good – first of all, because the divine nourishment and its light are missing, and these acts are dissimilar from my acts, taking away from the soul the likeness of the divine image. In fact, it is my Will alone that makes her grow in my likeness; once my Will is removed, the best is removed – the greatest value of the human works. Therefore those are works emptied of substance, of life and of value – they are like plants without fruit, food without substance, statues without life, works without retribution, which tire the limbs of the strongest. Oh! how great is the difference between operating in my Will and operating without It. Therefore, be attentive, and do not give Me this sorrow of making Me see even one act in you which does not give of my likeness.”

After this, He disappeared, but He came back a little later, as though restless because of offenses received. Taking refuge in me, He wanted to take rest, and I said to Him: ‘My Love, I have many things to tell You – many things to establish between You and me; I must ask of You that your Will be known and that Its Kingdom have Its full triumph. If You rest, I cannot tell You anything – I must be silent to let You rest.’ And Jesus, interrupting my speaking, with unspeakable tenderness pressed me so very tightly to Himself, and kissing me told me: “My daughter, how beautiful on your lips is the prayer for the triumph of the Kingdom of the Supreme Will. It is the echo of my own prayer, of my sighs and of all my works. Now I want to see what you wrote about the title to be given to the writings about my Will.” And as He was saying this, He took this book in His hands, and He seemed to be reading what is written on August 27. As He was reading, He remained pensive, as though placing Himself in profound contemplation, in such a way that I did not dare to tell Him anything; I could only hear that His Heart was beating very, very strongly, almost wanting to explode. Then He pressed the book to His breast, saying: “I bless this title – I bless it from my Heart, and I bless all the words that regard my Will.” And raising His right hand, with enchanting majesty, He pronounced the words of the blessing. Having done this, He disappeared.

August 31, 1926
Just as Our Lord issued the Creation, so did He issue all the goods contained in the Kingdom of His Will for the good of creatures. The human will paralyzes the life of the Divine Will in the soul.

I was doing my acts, my little rounds in the Holy Divine Will according to my usual way. I myself see how I can do nothing but go around in It, in my dear inheritance, given to me by my sweet Jesus, in which there is so much to do and to learn, that neither my short life in the exile nor the whole of eternity will be enough for me to fulfill all my offices in this most extensive inheritance, whose boundaries cannot be seen – neither where It begins nor where It ends. And the more one goes around in It, the more new things one learns; however, many things can be seen but cannot be comprehended, and one wants sweet Jesus, that He may give His explanations; otherwise one admires them, but cannot describe them.

So, surprising me while I was doing my acts in His adorable Will, my always lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, look at how many things We issued in Creation with Our Fiat for the good of man’s nature: everything that Our Will had established to issue – nothing was missing for Its fulfillment. Now, just as everything that We were to release in Creation was established, and nothing was absent from Our roll call, so was everything that We were to issue for the good of souls also established; and in fact, We did issue it, and it was so great as to surpass by thousands and thousands of times all the goods that can be seen in the Creation. But both those which were to serve the good of man’s nature and those which were to serve the good of his soul – everything remained deposited in Our Will, because We do not entrust Our things to anyone, knowing that Our Will alone would preserve them for Us, whole and beautiful, just as We delivered them from Our divine womb. More so, since It alone has the preserving and multiplying power which, while it gives, loses nothing and keeps all things in the place wanted by Us.

Now, how many things there are in my Will which I must give to creatures - but they have to come into Its Kingdom in order to receive them. Just as the human nature could never partake in the goods of Creation if it did not want to live under the heavens and have a place on earth, where the things created by Me surround it like a crown; in the same way, if the soul does not come to live under the heaven of my Will, in the midst of the goods which Our paternal goodness issued in order to make her happy, to embellish her, to enrich her, she will never be able to partake in these goods – they will be as though foreign and unknown for her. More so, since each soul would be a distinct heaven, which Our Supreme Will would delight in adorning with a sun more radiant and with stars brighter than those which can be seen in Creation - one more beautiful than the other. See the great difference: for the human nature there is one sun for everyone, while for souls there is a sun for each of them, there is an individual heaven, there is an ever springing fount, there is a fire that is never extinguished, there is a divine air to be breathed, there is a celestial food that makes the soul grow in an admirable way in the likeness of the One who created her. Oh! how many things my Will keeps prepared and has established to give to one who wants to live in Its Kingdom, under Its liberal and sweet regime. It does not want to entrust Its goods outside of Its Kingdom, because It knows that if they get out of Its boundaries they will neither be appreciated nor understood. More so, since It alone knows how to preserve and keep Its goods alive, and only one who lives in It is capable of comprehending Its celestial language, of receiving Its gifts, of looking at Its beauties, and of forming one single life with my Will. On the other hand, one who does not want to live in Its Kingdom is incapable of comprehending Its goods; her tongue will not be able to speak nor adapt itself to the language of my Kingdom; nor will she be able to look at Its beauties – on the contrary, she will remain blind because of the intense light that reigns in It.

See then, for how long have all the goods that We must give to the children of Our Supreme Fiat been issued from Our paternal womb – everything has been prepared since the time of Creation; nor will We withdraw because of the delay – We will keep waiting. No sooner than the creature places her will as the footstool of Ours to let It dominate, will We open the doors for her, to let her enter, because it was the human will that closed the doors to Ours and opened the doors to miseries, to weaknesses, to passions. It was not her memory or her intelligence that placed themselves against their Creator, even though they concurred, but it was the human will that had its first act and broke all the bonds, all the relations with a Will so holy. More so, since all good and all evil is enclosed in it - the regime, the dominion is its own; and so once the will has failed in good, everything fails, loses order, decays from its origin, becomes ugly. And since it was the human will that placed itself against Mine, causing all goods to fail man, this is why I want his will, and in exchange I want to give him Mine, to give back to him all the goods that had failed him. Therefore, my daughter, be attentive, never give life to your will if you want Mine to reign in you.”

After this He kept silent, remaining all afflicted because of the great evil produced in creatures by the human will, to the point of disfiguring His beautiful image, infused in them in creating them. And, sighing, He added: “My daughter, the human will paralyzes the life of my Will in the soul, because without my Will the Divine Life does not circulate in the soul, which, more than pure blood, preserves her motion, her vigor, the perfect use of all mental faculties, in such a way as to make her grow healthy and holy, so that We may recognize Our likeness in her. How many souls paralyzed without my Will! What a pitiful scene, to see the human generations almost all paralyzed in the soul, and therefore irrational, blind for seeing good, deaf for listening to the truth, mute for teaching it, inert for holy works, immobile in walking on the path of Heaven, because the human will, preventing the circulation of my Will, forms the general paralysis in the souls of creatures. It happens as to the body: the majority of illnesses, especially then, those of paralysis, are caused by lack of blood circulation. If the blood circulates well, man is robust and strong, he feels no disquiet; but if some irregularity begins in the blood circulation, indispositions, weaknesses and consumption begin; and if the circulation becomes quite irregular, he remains paralyzed, because that blood which does not circulate and does not flow rapidly in his veins forms the grave evils of the human nature. What would creatures not do if they knew that there is a remedy for the regularity of blood circulation! They would go who knows where to have it, so as to incur no malady. And yet, there is the great remedy of my Will to avoid any evil of the soul, so as not to become paralyzed in good, but to grow strong and robust in sanctity – and who takes it? And still, it is a remedy given out for free, nor do they have to wander round in order to get It; rather, It is always ready to give Itself and constitute Itself as the regular life of the creature. What sorrow, my daughter! What sorrow!” Having said this, He disappeared.

September 3, 1926
The desire purges the soul and whets her appetite for the goods of Jesus. How the Divine Will is penetrating and converts Its effects into one’s nature.

I was feeling all identified with my sweet Jesus, and I was praying Him from the heart to watch over my poor soul, so that nothing might enter into me which was not His Will. Now, while I was doing this, my dear Good, my sweet Life, moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, the desire for a good, for knowing it, purges the soul and disposes her intelligence to comprehend it, her memory to remember it; her will feels its appetite for it being whet, to make of it its food and life; and it moves God to give her that good and to make it known. So, the desire for a good, for knowing it, is like the appetite for food. When there is appetite, one feels the taste, eats with pleasure, remains satisfied and content with having taken that food, and is left with the desire to enjoy it again. On the other hand, if there is no appetite, that same food which is enjoyed so eagerly by someone, causes nausea and disgust to someone else who has no appetite, and he may reach the point of suffering because of it. Such is the desire for the soul - it is like appetite; and in seeing that the desire for my things is her delight, to the point of making of them her food and life, I abound – I abound so much in giving, that I never tire of giving. On the other hand, one who does not desire them, because the appetite is missing, will feel nausea for my things, and that Gospel saying will be repeated: ‘It will be given to one who has, while one who does not desire my goods, my truths, celestial things, will be deprived of the little he has’. Just penalty for one who does not desire, has no appetite for, and wants to know nothing about the things that belong to Me. And if he has any little thing at all, it is right that it be taken away from him and be given to those who possess much.”

Then, after this, I was thinking about and identifying with the Holy Divine Will, and finding myself in Its immense light, I felt Its divine rays penetrating so deep into me as to transform me into Its very light. And Jesus, coming out of my interior, told me: “My daughter, how beautiful, penetrating, communicative, transforming is the light of my Will! It is more than sun which, pounding on the earth, gives with liberality the effects that its light contains; nor does it wait to be asked, but, spontaneously, as its light fills the surface of the earth, it gives what it has to everything it encounters. It gives sweetness and taste to the fruit, color and fragrance to the flower, development to the plants; to all things it gives the effects and goods it contains, it makes no exception with anyone – it is enough that its light touches them, penetrates into them and warms them for it to accomplish its work. My Will is more than sun; as long as the soul exposes herself to Its vivifying rays and banishes the darkness and the night of her human will, Its light rises and invests the soul, penetrating into her inmost fibers to dispel from her the shadows and the atoms of the human will. As Its light pounds on the soul and she receives It, It communicates all the effects It contains, because, coming out of the Supreme Being, my Will contains all the qualities of the Divine Nature. So, in investing her, It communicates the goodness, the love, the power, the firmness, the mercy and all the divine qualities – not in a superficial way, but in a real way, such as to transmute all of Its qualities into the human nature; so much so, that the soul will feel within herself, as her own, the nature of true goodness, of power, of sweetness, of mercy; and so with all the rest of the supreme qualities. My Will alone has this power to convert Its virtues into one’s nature – but only for one who abandons herself prey to Its light and to Its heat, and keeps the tenebrous night of her own will away from her, the true and perfect night of the poor creature.”

September 5, 1926
One who lives in the Divine Will possesses a vast paternity and a long daughtership; she is a daughter to all.

I was feeling oppressed, or rather, as though lifeless because of the privation of my sweet Jesus. This pain is always new and ever more piercing, in such a way as to form new wounds that make my poor soul bleed with pain. Now, while I was in the nightmare of the pain of His privation, my beloved Jesus moved in my interior, clasping me to His Most Holy Heart, telling me: “My daughter, Our daughter, the daughter of the Celestial Mama, the daughter of the Angels and of the Saints, the daughter of the heavens, the daughter of the sun, the daughter of the stars, the daughter of the sea; in sum, you are the daughter of all - all are fathers to you, and you are a daughter to all. See how vast is the paternity! How long is your daughtership! Instead of oppressing yourself you should delight, thinking that all are fathers to you and you are a daughter to all. Only one who lives in my Will can have the right to such vast paternity and to such a long daughtership – to be loved by all with paternal love, because all recognize in her their daughter. In fact, since created things are all invested with my Will, wherever It reigns as triumphant and dominating, they see in you the same Will that reigns in them, therefore all hold you as the daughter of their wombs. There are so many bonds between you and them as to surpass in an infinite way the natural bonds that exist between father and son. Do you know who is not your father? Only those who do not let my Will reign in them; these have no right over you, nor do you have any duty toward them – they are like something that does not belong to you.

But do you know what it means to possess such a vast paternity and such a long daughtership? It means to be bound with bonds of justice to all the riches, the glory, the honor, the privileges that such vast paternity possesses. So, as my daughter, your Jesus gives you all the goods of Redemption as gifts; as Our daughter, you are endowed with all the goods of the Sacrosanct Trinity; as daughter of the Sovereign Queen, She gives to you Her sorrows, Her works, Her love and all of Her maternal merits as gifts; as daughter of the Angels and of the Saints, they compete among themselves to give you all of their goods; as daughter of the heavens, of the stars, of the sun, of the sea and of all created things, they feel honored to finally have their daughter, to be able to give their inheritance; and my very Will reigning in them, with Its endless light forms for you the deed of all Creation, and all feel the happiness, the joy of being able to give their inheritance, because by being able to give, they no longer feel sterile, but fecund, and fecundity brings joy, company, harmony, glory, the repetition of one’s very life. How many fathers and mothers are unhappy, even though they are rich, because they have no offspring! In fact, sterility in itself brings isolation, bitterness, lack of any support and of happiness; and if it may appear that they enjoy, in their hearts they have the thorn of sterility that embitters all their enjoyments. So, your vast paternity which you possess, and your long daughtership is a cause of joy for all - and much more for my Will which, bilocating, reigns in you and constitutes you the daughter of all the things created by It, in such a way that all feel your support and the contentment of being able to give the goods they possess. Therefore, your oppression is not justified in the midst of so many goods, of so much happiness, and of so many who protect you, defend you and love you as their true daughter.”

After this, I abandoned myself in the arms of Jesus and in the current of the Divine Will to do my usual acts; and Jesus, coming back, told me: “My daughter, my Will preserves the soul in her origin and does not allow her to go out of her beginning, which is God. It maintains intact the divine image in the depth of her being, which is enclosed in her intellect, memory and will; and as long as the soul lets my Will reign in her, everything is linked, everything is in relationship between Creator and creature. Even more, she lives in the reflections of the Supreme Majesty, and Our likeness in her grows continuously, and this makes her be distinguished as Our daughter. On the other hand, the human will causes her to deny her origin, it makes her decay from her beginning; her intellect, memory and will remain without light, and the divine image remains deformed and unrecognizable. The human will breaks all the divine bonds and relationships, and therefore it makes the soul live in the reflections of all passions, in such a way that she becomes ugly and the daughter of the infernal enemy, who tries to engrave his ugly image in her. How many evils does one’s own will not cause! It devastates every good and produces all evils.”

After this, blessed Jesus brought me outside of myself and showed me how deformed His image had become in creatures. It was horrifying to see it so unrecognizable and ugly. The sanctity of the gaze of Jesus was reluctant to look at them, but the compassion of His Most Holy Heart pushed Him to have pity on the works of His hands, deformed into being so ugly because of their fault. But while Jesus was grieved to the summit in seeing His image so transformed, we arrived at some place in which the offenses they were giving Him were so many, that unable to take any more, He changed His appearance of goodness, assuming the aspect of justice. He threatened chastisements, and earthquakes, water and fire were put against the peoples, to destroy men and cities. I prayed Him to spare the peoples, and Jesus, taking me back into my bed, shared His pains with me.

September 7, 1926
How God has His Throne, His Royal Palace, His stable and fixed dwelling. The Divine Will is Sun, the human will is a spark formed by the tip of the rays of the Supreme Volition.

I was about to resume my flight in the Supreme Volition, to make my usual visit in the Kingdom of the Divine Will and to extend myself within Its boundaries in order to let my ‘I love You’, my adoration, my ‘thank You’ echo for each created thing. Now, as I was about to do this, I thought to myself: ‘If God is everywhere, why take flight in the Divine Volition to go up to the height of the Heavens, before the Supreme Majesty, as though carrying all human wills of the generations on my little lap, to do my act of subjection, of love and of abandonment for each rebellious will, in order to conquer the Divine Will to come and reign upon earth, dominating and triumphant in the midst of creatures? Since It is everywhere, I can also do it from here.’ While I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, look at the sun: its light descends and fills the whole earth, but the sun remains always up there, under the vault of the heavens, with all majesty in its sphere, lording and dominating over everyone and everything with its light. But even though it does not descend down below, it gives the same effects, it communicates the same goods by means of its rays, as if it itself would descend from the height of its sphere. More so because, if the sun descended from its height, since the earth is much smaller and creatures are incapable of sustaining a light so great, in descending it would ignite and eclipse everything with its light and with its heat; but since all things created by Me contain the similarity with the bosom of mercy of their Creator, the sun remains up there, emitting its rays full of goodness, of love and of goods for the little earth.

Now, if the sun does this, image of the true light of the Divine Sun, much more so does God, true Sun of light, of justice and of love. My Majesty does not move from the height of Its throne, but is always firm and stable in Its place, in Its celestial royal palace; more than sun, It emits Its endless rays, which carry Its effects, Its goods, and communicate Its very Life, as if It Itself would descend to those who want to receive It. So, what It does not do by descending in person, It does through the emanation of Its endless rays, bilocating in them, to give Its very Life and Its goods to the human generations. Now, my daughter, because of your condition as creature, and because of your office of the mission of the Supreme Fiat, it is your duty to go up on those very rays that the Supreme Majesty emits, to bring yourself before It and fulfill your office in the bosom of the Eternal Sun, plunging into the origin from which you came in order to take the fullness of my Will as much as is possible for creature, to know It and to manifest It to others.

Now, you must know what bonds of identification exist between the Divine Will and the human will, and therefore why I so much love and want, by right of creation, of paternity, of love and of justice, that the human will would surrender its place to Mine, and throwing itself into Its arms like a little child, would let itself be held, nourished and dominated by It. In creating man, the Supreme Being placed my Will out into the field, although all of Our attributes concurred with It as a consequence, and naturally. But the Supreme Volition was the primary act, by which It took to heart the life of all Creation, including man, therefore making Itself the life of all, dominating everything, making everything Its own: since everything had come out of It, by justice everything was to be Its own. More than sun, my Will emitted Its rays, and with the tips of these rays, animating the human nature, It formed the will in the creature. Do you see, then, what the will is in the human generations? Many different tips of rays, which were like sparks in creatures, to form the will in them - but without detaching these sparks from the ray unleashed by the center of the Sun of the Supreme Volition. So, all human generations turn around this Sun, because each creature contains the tip of one ray of this eternal Sun of my Will.

Now, what is not the affront for this Sun, to see the circumference of these rays, whose tips formed the will of each creature, converted – transmuted into darkness, into human nature, denying the light, the dominion and the life of that Sun which gave Its Will with so much love, so that Its Will and those of creatures might be one, and so It might be able to form Divine Life in them? Can there be a stronger, more stable and inseparable bond than the one between the center of the sun and its rays? Light is indivisible, and if it could be separated, the detached part would go wandering and would end up turning into darkness. So, there is such union of identification between the Divine Will and the human, as to be comparable to the union that exists between the sun and the solar ray, between heat and light. Would it not be a right of the sun to dominate its rays and to receive their subjection so as to form its kingdom of light over its very solar circumference? So it is for my Will. When the creature withdraws from It, It remains as though without Kingdom, without dominion, without subjects – It feels Itself being robbed of that which is Its own. Each act which does not depend upon Its Volition is a tearing, a theft made against Its light; and in seeing Itself being robbed of Its light, converted into darkness, It agonizes more than a mother who sees the fruit of her womb being snatched away from her – not to give him life, but to kill him! So, the losses that my Will suffers when the creature is not united to Its center and does not live of the Volition of Its light, are divine losses, and of infinite value. The evils for creatures, the ugliness they acquire, are incalculable and indescribable: my Will remains without Kingdom in the creatures, and they remain stripped, without inheritance, with no right to any good whatsoever. Therefore, there is nothing more important, nothing greater, which will establish the balance, the order, the harmony, the likeness between Creator and creature, than my Will. This is why I want to make known what the Divine Will and the human will are – so that we may reconcile, and my Will may acquire Its Kingdom, and creatures may be given back all the goods they lost.”

September 9, 1926
When Jesus speaks, He gives the good which His word encloses. In the Divine Will there will be neither slaves, nor rebels, nor laws, nor commands.

I was thinking: ‘How much power, how many goods are enclosed in the Holy Divine Will. How everything is peace in It, everything is happiness, nor does one need commands in order to operate, but one’s own nature feels so much strength of good within itself that it cannot help doing it. What happiness, to feel one’s own nature converted into good, into sanctity, into strength. So, in the Kingdom of the Supreme Will there will be no laws, but everything will be love, and one’s nature will be converted into divine law, in such a way that, of its own, it will want to do what the Supreme Fiat wants it to do.’

Now, while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus, with His usual light which He sent forth from His intelligence, told me: “My daughter, everything I have told you about my Will has been gifts that I have given you. Knowledge is not enough if one does not possess the good which that very knowledge contains. If it were not so, the knowledge would render you unhappy, because knowing a good and not possessing it is always a sorrow. More so, since I do not know how to leave things half-done, but only fully complete; therefore, first I dispose the soul, I expand her capacity, and then I give the knowledge together with the good it contains. And since the knowledges about my Will are divine, this is why her nature remains endowed with the likeness of the Divine Nature and, more than a daughter, she does not wait for a command but, without being told, feels honored to do what her father wants.

Laws and commands are for servants, for slaves, for rebels. In the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat there will be no servants, no slaves, no rebels, but one will be the Will – that of God and that of the creature – and therefore one will be the life. This is also the reason why I am saying so much and so many things about my Will - to abound in gifts, not only for you, but for any soul who wants to come to live in my Kingdom, so that she may lack nothing, need nothing, but possess the source of goods within herself. I would not act as the God that I am - great, powerful, rich, magnanimous - if in having to constitute the Kingdom of my Will I did not endow those who must live in It with the prerogatives and qualities that my very Will possesses. Even more, you must know that just as all things have come out of that single act of God, so must everything return to that single act which has no succession of acts. But only one who leaves everything to live only of my Will can return to that single act, because as the soul lives in It, everything she does converts into light, and her acts are naturally incorporated and identified with the eternal light of the Sun of my Will, and, as a consequence, they become one single act with the single act of It. On the other hand, in one who operates outside of It one can see, not light, but each of the materials that her work contains, which cannot be incorporated with the light of the single act of God, and therefore it will show immediately that it is not Our thing - that it does not belong to Us. So, anything which is not done by virtue of the Divine Fiat will not be recognized by God.

Suppose you wanted to unite light and darkness, copper and gold, rocks and earth: would one not distinguish with clarity the light from the darkness, the copper from the gold, the rocks from the earth? And this, because these are materials, one different from the other. But if you united, all together, light with light, darkness with darkness, gold with gold, you would not be able to distinguish nor separate the first light from the second, the first darkness from the second, the first mass of gold from the second. So it is with my Will: what It Itself does in the creature is light, and it is no wonder that it becomes incorporated in the single act of Its Eternal Light. Therefore, in these times so stormy and with a vertiginous race in evil, I could not give greater grace than making known that I want to give the great gift of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. And as a confirmation of this, I am preparing It within you with so many knowledges and gifts, so that nothing may be lacking to the triumph of my Will. Therefore, be attentive on the deposit of this Kingdom which I am making in you.”

After this, I felt concerned because holy obedience had imposed on me not to neglect even one word of that which my sweet Jesus might say to me, while I easily leave them out because I am convinced that it is not necessary to write and to entrust to the paper certain intimate things, certain outpourings that Jesus makes to my poor soul, but that they should remain in the depths of the heart. So I was praying that He would give me the grace not to fail the obedience. And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, if the one who guides you and directs you gives you this obedience, it means that he has understood that it is I who speaks to you, as well as the value that even a single word of mine contains. My word is light, and is full of life, and one who possesses life can give it; more so, since my word contains the creative strength, and therefore a single word of mine can create innumerable lives of grace, lives of love, lives of light, lives of my Will within souls. You yourself will not be able to comprehend the long way that a single word of mine can cover. Those who have ears will listen; those who have heart will be wounded. So, the one who guides you is right in giving you this obedience. Ah! you do not know how I assist him and remain around him while he reads my writings and yours about my Will, so as to make him comprehend all the strength of the truths and of the great good contained in them. And he turns around my Will, and by virtue of the light that he feels, he is sending you this obedience. Therefore, be attentive, and I will help you and facilitate that which seems difficult to you.

You must know that my Heart is swollen, It agonizes and sighs because I want to make known the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, the great goods which are in It, and the great good which those who will possess It will receive. It is precisely in my Heart that I keep It, and I feel my Heart explode for I want to let It out. Don’t you want, then, to give Me this relief, so that, by letting It out, my Heart may deflate, and so It will not have to agonize and sigh with sorrowful sighs any more? And you will do this by making known what I manifest to you about my Will, because when you do this, you give Me the field in order to open the ways and prepare the place in which I must lay the Kingdom of my Will. And if you do not manifest what I say to you, you close these ways and my Heart swells even more. Therefore, let Me do, and you - follow Me and do not be concerned.”

September 12, 1926
The bond of the soul with the Divine Will is an eternal bond. The Humanity of Our Lord possesses the Kingdom of the Divine Will, so much so, that His whole Life was dependent upon It. To form the Kingdom of the Divine Will in the soul is to transmit to her what the Humanity of Jesus possesses.

While it seems that my always lovable Jesus comes back and I believe I will lose Him no more, all of a sudden He escapes me like a flash, and I remain without Him – without the One who forms the life of my poor existence, with the harsh nail of my delirium for the return of the One who makes the sun rise in my poor soul. But while I was raving for His return and I feared He might have left me, all of a sudden He came back and told me: “My daughter, don’t you want to convince yourself that I cannot leave you? If your union with me were bound, formed, sealed on a basis other than my Will, you could fear; but since it is bound, written, signed on the eternal basis of my Will, what is eternal is not subject to mutations. On the contrary, your whole being, your desires, your affections and even your inmost fibers are bound with eternal bonds, and my Will flows in them to constitute Itself their life and form them with the divine and eternal substance It possesses. Can eternity ever be split? Can a God ever change? Can the Supreme Being ever separate from His Will? All this is inseparable, indivisible. In the same way, everything that my Will unites enters into the divine order and becomes inseparable from Me. So, how can I leave you? If it were not so, everything that my Will has done in you, Its crafting, Its foundation, Its very manifestations, would be a game, something superficial, a way of speaking – not a reality.

Therefore, remove these thoughts that I might leave you, because it is not something that my Will produces or that belongs to It. My Will is firmness and indissoluble bond. It seems unseemly for one who possesses my Will as life to occupy herself with anything else; rather, you should remain firm on how to expand the boundaries of Its Kingdom, so that It may triumph, It may be formed in you, and you may transmit It to the poor generations which are now wriggling about and forming the current of the chasms into which they will be swept. But the chastisements also are necessary; this will serve to prepare the ground so that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat may form in the midst of the human family. So, many lives, which will be an obstacle to the triumph of my Kingdom, will disappear from the face of the earth, and therefore many chastisements of destruction will take place; others will be formed by creatures themselves to destroy one another. However, this must not worry you; rather, pray that everything may take place for the triumph of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.” Having said this, He disappeared.

So I became occupied with doing my usual round in the Supreme Will. Its light made everything present to me – both what It has done in Creation and what It has done in Redemption. The Divine Will, bilocated in each act It does in Them, awaited a little visit of mine to each of Its acts - be it even a passing visit there where It reigned and dominated as Queen - to have Its little daughter as Its company. Oh! how It enjoyed my little visit in each of Its acts – my little “I love You”, my meager adoration, my gratitude, my “thank You”, my subjection; and since Its acts are innumerable, I never finished reaching them all. Then, as we reached the acts of Redemption, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen as a little child, but so little that He could be enclosed within my breast. How beautiful, pretty, charming He was – to see Him so little, strolling, sitting, placing Himself on His throne of majesty in my little soul, administering to me His Life, His breath, His acts, so that I might take everything from Him. But while I could see Him within me as a little child, at the same time He also came crucified. The tension of His members was such that one could count all His bones and nerves, one by one. Now, while the little child was enclosed in my breast, the crucified Jesus laid Himself within all of my members, leaving not a particle of me which was not possessed by His adorable person; I could feel His Life more than my own.

Then, after I remained in this position for some time with Jesus, He told me: “My daughter, my Humanity possesses the Kingdom of my Will, so much so, that my whole Life was dependent upon It; and by being dependent on It, I had the intelligence of the Supreme Volition, Its gaze, Its breath, Its operating, Its steps, Its motion and eternal heartbeat. In this way I formed the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, Its Life and Its goods, in my Humanity. Do you see, then, what it means to form Its Kingdom in you? I must transmit to you what my Humanity possesses, which will administer to you Its thought, Its gaze, Its breath and everything I possess for the formation of It. See how much I love this Kingdom – I place my whole Life, my pains, my death at Its disposal, as Its foundation, guard, defense, support. I will leave out nothing of Myself which will not serve to maintain the triumph and the absolute dominion of my Will in full vigor. Therefore do not be surprised if you see the different stages of my age and of my works being as though repeated in you, and you see Me now as a child, now young, now crucified. This is the Kingdom of my Will present in you, and my whole Life lines up inside and outside of you as guard and defense of my Kingdom. Therefore, be attentive, and when some fear assails you, think that you are not alone, but that you have my whole Life as help to form this Kingdom of mine within you; and continue your flight, constantly, in the unity of the supreme light of the Divine Will. It is there that I await you, to give you my surprises in return - to give you my lessons.”

September 13, 1926
The Divine Being is balanced. The gift of the Divine Fiat places everything in common. In giving, Justice wants to find the prop of the acts of creatures.

After doing my usual round in the Supreme Volition, I was praying to good Jesus in the name of His Creation and Redemption, in the name of all, from the first to the last man, in the name of the Sovereign Queen and of everything She did and suffered, that the Supreme Fiat may be known, so that Its Kingdom may be established with Its full triumph and dominion. But while doing this, I thought to myself: ‘If Jesus Himself wants and loves so much that His Kingdom be established in the midst of creatures, why does He want one to pray for It with such insistence? If He wants It, He can give It without so many continuous acts.’ And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, my Supreme Being possesses the perfect balance, and also in giving my graces and my gifts to creatures; much more so, then, for this Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, which is the greatest gift, that I had already given at the beginning of Creation, and which man rejected with so much ingratitude. Does it seem trivial to you to place a Divine Will at his disposal, with all the goods It contains? And not for one hour, or one day, but for his whole life? The Creator placing His adorable Will in the creature to be able to put His likeness, His beauty, His infinite seas of riches, of joys, of endless happiness, in common? Only by possessing Our Will could the creature acquire the rights of communion, of likeness and of all the goods of his Creator. Without It there can be no communion with Us; and if he takes anything at all, it is just Our flowerings and the crumbs of Our endless goods.

Now, with a gift so great, a happiness so immense, a right of divine likeness with the acquisition of the nobility of Our offspring which had been rejected, do you think it is something easy that the Divine Sovereignty, without being prayed, with no one giving a thought to receiving this Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, would give It to creatures? It would be like repeating the story that took place in the terrestrial Eden, and maybe even worse. And besides, Our Justice would be justly opposed to this. Therefore, everything I have you do, the continuous rounds in the Supreme Volition, your incessant prayers for my Will to come to reign, your sacrificed life of so many years, knowing neither heaven nor earth, directed to the sole purpose of the coming of my Kingdom – are many props that I place before my Justice, that It may surrender Its rights, and balancing Itself with all Our attributes, It may find it just for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat to be given back to the human generations. The same happened in Redemption; if Our Justice had not found the prayers, the sighs, the tears, the penances of the patriarchs, of the prophets and of all the good of the Old Testament, and then a Virgin Queen who possessed Our Will as whole, and who took everything to heart with so many insistent prayers, taking upon Herself the whole task of the satisfaction for all mankind, Our Justice would never have conceded the descent of the longed for Redeemer into the midst of creatures. It would have been inexorable and would have uttered a curt ‘no’ to my coming upon earth. And when it is about preserving the balance of Our Supreme Being, nothing can be done.

Now, who until now has ever prayed with interest, with insistence, laying down the sacrifice of his own life so that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat may come upon earth, and may triumph and dominate? No one. It is true that the Church has been reciting the ‘Our Father’ from the time I came upon earth, in which one asks, ‘Thy Kingdom come’, so that my Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven, but who thinks about the request they make? It can be said that the whole importance of such a request remained in my Will and that creatures recite it just to recite it, without understanding and without any interest in obtaining what they ask for. Therefore, my daughter, everything is hidden in secret while one lives on earth, and therefore everything seems a mystery; and if anything is known it is so limited, that man has always something to say about all that I operate in my works through the veils of creatures. They reach the point of saying: ‘And why have this good and these knowledges not been given before, while there have been so many great Saints?’ But in eternity there will be no secrets, I will reveal everything, and will show all things and my works with Justice, and how Justice could never have given, had there not been sufficient acts in the creature to be able to give what the Supreme Majesty wants to give. It is true that everything that the creature does is my grace, but my grace itself wants to find the prop of the dispositions and good will of the creature. Therefore, in order to restore the Kingdom of my Will upon earth it takes sufficient acts of the creature, so that my Kingdom may not remain in the air, but may descend, to be formed upon the very acts of the creature formed by her to obtain a good so great.

This is why I push you so much to go around in all Our works – Creation and Redemption – so that you may place the share of your acts, your ‘I love You’, your adoration, your gratitude, your ‘thank You’ upon all Our works. Many times I have done this together with you; and then, as the fulfillment, after your round in Our Will comes your refrain, so pleasing to Us: ‘Supreme Majesty, your little daughter comes before You, on your paternal knees, to ask You for your Fiat, your Kingdom, that It be known by all. I ask You for the triumph of your Will, that It may dominate and reign over all. I am not the only one who asks this of You, but with me are your works and your very Will. Therefore, in the name of all, I ask – I plead for your Fiat.’ If you knew what a breach in Our Supreme Being is this refrain of yours! We feel We are being prayed by all Our works, beseeched by Our very Will; Heaven and earth pray on their knees to ask Us for the Kingdom of the Eternal Will. Therefore, if you want It, continue your acts, so that, by reaching the established number, you may obtain what you long for with so much insistence.”

September 15, 1926
Custody and vigilance of Jesus while she writes. How the Kingdom of the Fiat costs very much. The acts done in the Fiat are more than sun.

After writing for four hours and more, I was feeling completely exhausted in my strengths, and as I began to pray in His Most Holy Will according to my usual way, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and clasping me to Himself, all tenderness, told me: “My daughter, you are tired – rest in my arms. How much the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat costs Me and you. While at night all other creatures… some sleep, some enjoy themselves and some reach the point of offending Me, for Me and for you there are no rests even at night: you, occupied with writing, and I, with watching over you, imparting to you the words and the teachings that regard the Kingdom of the Supreme Will. And while I see you write, so as to have you do it at length and not become tired, I sustain you in my arms, that you may write what I want, to be able to give all the teachings and prerogatives, the privileges, the sanctity and the infinite riches that this Kingdom of mine possesses. If you knew how much I love you, and how I delight in seeing you sacrifice even your sleep and all of yourself for love of my Fiat which so much loves to make Itself known to the human generations…. It costs us very much, it is true my daughter; and to repay you, almost always, after you have written I let you rest on my Heart, which is overcome with sorrow and with love: with the sorrow that my Kingdom is not known, and with the love with which I want to make It known, so that in feeling my sorrow and the fire that burns Me, you may sacrifice all of yourself and spare yourself nothing for the triumph of my Will.”

Then, while I was in the arms of Jesus, the immense light of the Divine Will that filled Heaven and earth called me to go around in It, to have me do my usual acts, to have my ‘I love You’, my adoration echo in the whole Creation, that It might have the company of Its little daughter in each created thing in which It reigns and dominates. Then, after I did this, my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, what light, what power, what glory the act of the creature acquires done in my Will! These acts are more than sun. While the sun remains up high, its light eclipses the stars and fills the whole earth, bringing its kiss to all things, its heat, its beneficial effects; and the light’s nature is to diffuse, nor does it do any more work by giving the goods it naturally possesses to those who want them. The acts done in my Will are symbolized by the sun: as the act is formed, my Will administers to it the light to form the sun, which rises up high, because the sun’s nature is to be up high, not down below, otherwise it would not be able to do the good it does. In fact, the things that are down below are always circumscribed, individual, limited in time and space; they are not, nor can they produce universal goods. So, this sun formed by my Will and by the act of the creature, in rising up high even to the throne of its God, forms the true eclipse: it eclipses Heaven, the Saints, the Angels; it is as if the length of its rays would take control of the earth; its beneficial light brings glory, joy, happiness to Heaven, and the light of the truths to the earth; it dispels the darkness, the pain caused by sin, the dis-illusion of passing things. The sun is one, but its light contains all colors and all effects to give life to the earth. In the same way, the act is one – one is the Sun of my Will formed in it, but Its goods and effects are innumerable. Therefore the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat will be a Kingdom of light, a Kingdom of glory and of triumph. The night of sin will not enter into It, but it will be always full day; Its refulgent rays will be so penetrating as to triumph from the abyss in which poor humanity has fallen.

This is why I have told you many times: ‘Your task is great, because I have entrusted to you my Divine Will, so that by making It known, you may place Its rights in safety - so very unknown to the human generations. The goods that will come will be immense, and you and I will be twice happy for having worked for the formation of this Kingdom’.”

Then, after this, I was thinking to myself: ‘My beloved Jesus says so many admirable things about this Kingdom of the Supreme Will, so holy, but nothing of these admirable things seem to show on the outside. If Its prodigies, Its great goods and happiness could be seen, the face of the earth would change and a pure, holy, noble blood would flow in the human veins, such as to convert one’s nature into sanctity, into joy and into perennial peace.’ At that moment He came out from within my interior and told me: “My daughter, this Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat must first be well established, formed and matured between you and Me, and then It must be transmitted to creatures. The same happened between the Virgin and Me: first I was formed within Her, I grew within Her womb, I was nourished at Her breast, we lived together to form the Kingdom of Redemption between the two of us, one on one, as if no one else existed; and then my very Life and the fruits of Redemption which my Life Itself contained were transmitted to the other creatures. So it will be for the Supreme Fiat: first we will do it between the two of us only, one on one; and once It is formed I will take care of transmitting It to creatures. It is easier to have a work come out well when it is formed in private, in the hiddenness of the silence of two persons who really love that work; and once it is formed it is easier to manifest it, and to give it to others as gift. Therefore, let Me do, and do not be concerned.”

Deo Gratias

[1] Fr. Francesco De Benedictis, who died on January 30, 1926.

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