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Divine Will Volume Twenty-six


Always and eternally
In Voluntate Dei! Deo Gratias.

April 7, 1929
Kisses to the sun. Exit into the garden. Contest between wind and sun. Feast of the whole Creation. Clashing note and note of accord. The new Eve.
My poor mind is always back into the center of the Divine Volition. I feel I cannot do without crossing Its endless sea and diving ever more deeply into It, so as to see, hear and touch nothing but Divine Will. Oh! adorable Will, raise your gigantic waves up into the celestial regions, and transport the little exiled one, your newborn, from your Will on earth up into your Will in Heaven. O please! have pity on my littleness, and fulfill over me your last act on earth, so as to resume your continuous act in Heaven….
So, I write only to obey and to my great repugnance. After forty years and more without going out in the open air, today they wanted to take me out into the garden on a wheelchair. Now, as I went out, I found myself with the sun investing me with its rays, as if it wanted to give me its first greeting and its kiss of light. I wanted to give it tit for tat by giving it my kiss, and I prayed the little girls and the sisters who were accompanying me to all give their kiss to the sun, kissing in it that Divine Will which, like Queen, was veiled with light. All of them kissed it. Now, who can say my emotion after so many years, in finding myself in front of that sun which my lovable Jesus had used in order to give me so many similes and images of His adorable Will? I felt invested not only by its light, but also by its heat; and the wind, wanting to compete with the sun, kissed me with its light breeze, in order to refresh the hot kisses that the sun was giving me. So, I felt like they would never stop kissing me – the sun on one hand, and the wind on the other. Oh! how vividly I could feel the touch, the life, the breath, the air, the love of the Divine Fiat in the sun and in the wind. I could touch with my own hand how created things are veils which hide that Volition which created them.
Now, while I was under the empire of the sun, of the wind, of the vastness of the azure heavens, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior in a sensible way, as if He did not want to be outdone by the sun, by the wind, by the heavens; and He told me: “Beloved daughter of my Volition, today everyone makes feast because of your exit. The whole celestial court felt the gaiety of the sun, the joy of the wind, the smile of the heavens, and all ran to see what was new; and in seeing you invested by the light of the sun that was kissing you, the wind caressing you, the heavens smiling at you, they all comprehended that the power of my Divine Fiat was moving the elements to celebrate Its little newborn. Therefore, the whole celestial court, uniting with all Creation, not only makes feast, but feels the new joys and happinesses that my Divine Will gives it because of your exit. And I, being spectator of all this, not only make feast within you, but I do not regret having created the heavens, the sun and all Creation; on the contrary, I feel happier, because It is enjoyed by my little daughter. The joys, the contentments, the glory of when everything was created are repeated for Me – when Adam innocent had not yet made the note of sorrow of his rebellious will resound in the whole Creation, which broke the gaiety, the happiness, the sweet smile that my Divine Will had in the sun, in the wind, in the starry heavens, to be given to creatures. In fact, my daughter, by not doing my Divine Will, man put his clashing note in Our work of Creation, therefore he lost the accord with all created things, and We feel the sorrow and the dishonor that there is a string out of tune in Our work, which does not produce a beautiful sound; and this sound out of tune moves away from the earth the kisses, the joys, the smiles which my Divine Will contains in the Creation. Therefore, one who does my Will and lives in It is the note of accord with all; her sound contains a note, not of sorrow, but of joy and of happiness, and is so harmonious that all perceive, even the very elements, that there is the note of my Will in the creature; and as though putting everything aside, they want to enjoy she who possesses that Will by which they all are animated and preserved.”
Jesus kept silent, and I said to Him: ‘My Love, You have told me many times that one who lives in your Divine Will is a sister to all created things. I want to see whether my sister light recognizes me. And do You know how? If, in looking at it, it does not dazzle my sight.’
And Jesus: “Certainly it will recognize you. Try and you will see.”
I looked straight into the center of the sphere of the sun, and the light seemed to caress my pupil, but without dazzling me, in such a way that I was able to look into its center, at its great sea of light. How clear and beautiful it was. How true it is that it symbolizes the infinite, endless sea of light of the Divine Fiat. I said: ‘Thank you, oh Jesus, for letting me be recognized by my sister light.’ And Jesus resumed His speaking: “My daughter, even from the breath is one who lives in my Will recognized by all Creation, because each created thing feels in that creature the power of the Fiat, and the supremacy which God gave her over the whole Creation. Look and listen, my daughter: in the beginning, when Adam and Eve were created, Eden was given to them as their dwelling, in which they were happy and holy. This garden is a simile of that Eden, though it is not as beautiful and flowery. Now, know that I have permitted your coming to this house, which is surrounded by a garden, for you to be the new Eve; not Eve the tempter, who deserved to be put out of happy Eden, but Eve the reformer and the restorer, who will call again the Kingdom of my Divine Will upon earth. Ah! yes, you will be the seed, the cement on the wood worm that the human will has; you will be the beginning of a new happy era, and this is why I centralize in you the joy, the goods, the happiness of the beginning of Creation, and I love to repeat the conversations, the lessons, the instructions which I would have given if man had not withdrawn from Our Divine Will. Therefore, be attentive, and let your flight in It be continuous.”

April 12, 1929
The Creation, act of profound adoration of the Divine Trinity.
I was all abandoned in the Divine Fiat; Its light eclipsed my littleness and transported me up there, even into the womb of the Eternal One, where nothing but Light, Sanctity, Beauty could be seen, which infused in me profound adoration, such that I felt my little existence changed into one single act of adoration for that God who so much loved me and loves me. Then, while my mind was wandering within the light of the Divine Volition, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, the Sanctity of Our Divine Being, the one Power of Our Will with which We are invested - in such a way that, even though We are distinct as Persons, yet Our Will which operates in Us, which dominates, which rules, is always one - Our equal, reciprocal and incessant Love, produce in Us the most profound adoration among the Divine Persons. So, everything that comes out of Us is but acts of profound adoration of all Our Divine Being.
Therefore, when Our Divine Fiat wanted to issue the whole Creation into the field with Its creating, operating and vivifying Power, as Our Fiat was being pronounced, We kept issuing from within Ourselves acts of profound adoration. So, the heavens are nothing other than an act of profound adoration of the immensity of Our Divine Being, and therefore everywhere one can see heavens, both at night and at daytime. The immensity of Our Being released from Our womb the immensity of Our adoration, and extended the starry heavens over the universe, to call all those who would inhabit the earth in Our one Will, so as to unify them within the immensity of Our adoration, in such a way that, by virtue of Our Fiat, man was to extend himself within the immensity of his Creator, to form his heaven of profound adoration for the One who had created him. The sun is an act of adoration of Our endless light, and the ardor of its adoration is such and so great, that it is not content with letting itself be seen up high, under the vault of the heavens, but from the center of its sphere it lowers its rays down to the level of the earth. Molding and touching everything with its hands of light, it invests everything and everyone with its adoration of light, and it calls plants, flowers, trees, birds and creatures to form one single adoration in the Will of the One who created them. The sea, the air, the wind and all created things, are nothing other than acts of profound adoration of Our Divine Being, which, some from afar, some from nearby, call the creature into the unity of Our Fiat, to repeat the profound acts of Our adoration; and as she makes what is Ours her own, she can give Us the sun, the wind, the sea, the flowery earth, as profound adorations which Our one Will knows how to, and can produce in the creature. What can Our Fiat not do? With Its one strength It can do anything, It unites everything, It keeps everything in act, and It unites Heaven and earth, Creator and creature, making them one.”
Having said this, He withdrew into the depth of His light, and He kept silent; and I remained there, continuing my round in the Creation, to follow that profound adoration of my Creator in all created things. Oh! how one could feel the fragrance of the divine adoration in each created thing. One could touch with one’s own hand Their adored breath; one could feel in the wind the penetrating, ruling adoration of Our Creator, which, investing the whole earth, now with light blowing, now with mighty waves, now with caressing breaths, invests us so much and calls us to the adoration of its Creator which the wind possesses. Who can tell of the strength of the wind? In a few minutes, it goes around the entire world, and now with empire, now with moans, now with feeble voice, and now screaming, it invests us and calls us to unite ourselves to that divine adoration which it gives to its Creator. Then, continuing my round, I could see the sea. In those crystal clear waters, in that continuous murmuring, in its gigantic waves, Jesus was saying that that sea was nothing other than an act of profound adoration of the divine purity, adoration of Their love which murmurs continuously, and, in the waves, adoration of the divine strength which moves everything and everyone like light straw. Oh! if the Divine Fiat were reigning in the creatures, It would let everyone read, in each created thing, the distinct adoration of Our Creator which each thing possesses; and as It would unify us with all Creation, one would be the adoration, one the love, one the glory for the Supreme Being. Oh! Divine Will, come to reign, and make it so that the Will of all be one….

April 16, 1929
For one who lives in the Fiat, there is an exchange of life between the Fiat and the soul. Doubled Love.
The privations of my sweet Jesus become longer, and I do nothing but long and moan for His return. And as much as I live all abandoned in the Divine Fiat, His privations are wounds so deep and bitter, that, more than a wounded deer, I send my cries of sorrow, such that, if I could, I would deafen Heaven and earth, and would move everything to cry because of a pain so excruciating and a privation so great, which makes me feel the weight of an infinite pain and of a wound always open, except for those few moments in which He speaks to me about His Divine Volition; then it seems to me that it closes, but only to reopen with a pain yet more bitter. And so I am forced, in my writings, to inscribe my sorrowful note of my little soul, which, more than a wounded deer, sends my cries of sorrow, to wound that Jesus who wounds me – who knows, wounded, He might come back and give respite to my sorrowful note.
So, while I was feeling immersed in the pain of His privation, and all abandoned in His Will, He moved in my interior, and told me: “Courage, O daughter, do not abandon yourself within your sorrow, but ascend higher. You know that you have a task to fulfill, and this task is so great, that not even the pain of my privation must stop you. On the contrary, it must serve you to ascend higher, in the light of my Divine Will. Your encounter with It must be continuous, because it is an exchange of life that you must have: It must give Itself continuously to you, and you to It. And you know that the motion, the heartbeat, the breathing, must be continuous, otherwise life cannot exist, and you would cause your life to be missing in my Fiat, and It would feel the sorrow that Its little daughter, Its dear newborn, would cause her motion, her heartbeat, her breathing to be missing in It; It would feel the tearing of Its newborn, whom It keeps always in the act of being born, without putting her out of Its womb, not even to let her take one step, so as to feel her life as Its own Life. And you would feel the Life of Its continuous motion, of Its heartbeat, of Its breathing, missing in you; you would feel the void of a Divine Will in your soul. No, no, my daughter, I do not want any void of my Will in you. Now, you must know that all the manifestations about my Divine Fiat which I make to you, are like many stairs through which my Will descends into the soul, to take possession of her, to form Its Kingdom; while the soul ascends toward Heaven, to transport my Will from Heaven to earth. Therefore, it is a great task, and it is unbefitting to lose time, whatever the reason, be it even holy. And you see how I Myself eclipse Myself within my Divine Will so as to give the whole place to It; and if I make my little escapes in coming, it is only in order to deal with, to reorder, and to make you know what belongs to my Divine Will. Therefore, be attentive, and let your flight in It be continuous.”
After this, I continued to feel oppressed because of the privations of Jesus, and I was thinking to myself: ‘How His love for me has died down, compared to the love He had for me before; it seems to me that only the shadows of the Love of Jesus are left to me.’ But while I was thinking about this, He moved in my interior, and told me: “My daughter, each act done in my Divine Will doubles my Love toward you. Therefore, after so many years you have been in It, I can say that my Love has grown so much, that I have to expand your capacity so as to allow you to receive my growing Love which arises in Me in each act you do in my Divine Will. Therefore, my Love is more intense, and increased a hundredfold compared to that of before. So, you can be sure that my Love will never be lacking to you – never.”

April 21, 1929
How the Divine Will is fullness. How Adam, before sinning, possessed the fullness of Sanctity. The Virgin and all created things possess this fullness.
My abandonment in the Divine Fiat continues. I feel I cannot be without remaining in my dear inheritance, which my sweet Jesus, with so much love, gave me, saying to me: “Daughter, I entrust it to you, that you may never go out of it, and may make your continuous echo resound from one point to another, in such a way that all of Heaven may hear that Our endless inheritance of Our Fiat on earth is not isolated, but is inhabited by the Our little daughter. She will always go around within It, to keep company with all the acts of Our Will, and with all of Its apartments.” Therefore, it is dear and sweet to me living in my celestial inheritance; I would feel life missing in me without It.
So, while I was going around in It, my always lovable Jesus was going around with me, and, all love, told me: “My daughter, my Divine Will is all fullness; there is nothing which It does not possess: immensity of light, unreachable Sanctity, endlessness without boundaries, incessant generation; It sees everything, It feels and molds everything. All this is Its nature in my Divine Fiat, therefore Its acts possess the fullness of all goods. So, in order to be able to enclose even a single act of It in the depth of the soul, it is necessary that she empty herself of all of herself, and return to the void of her nothingness, as in the act in which she was created, so that my Divine Volition may find the space of the nothingness to be able to deposit an act of fullness of Its own, which is such that, possessing the incessant generative virtue, one act calls for another, in a way that nothing must be lacking – neither fullness of light, of Sanctity, of love, of beauty, nor multiplicity of divine acts. Therefore, the Sanctity done in my Divine Will possesses all the fullness – but so much, that if God wanted to give her more, He would not find the space in which to put more light, more beauty. We would say: ‘You are all beautiful, nor can We add for you any more beauty, so beautiful you are. You are the work of Our Volition, and this is enough for you to be a work worthy of Us.’ And the soul will say: “I am the triumph of your Divine Fiat, therefore I am all rich and beautiful. I possess the fullness of an act of your Divine Will, which fills me completely; and if You wanted to give me more, I would not know where to put it.’
Such was the fullness of the Sanctity of Adam before he fell into the maze of his human will, because he possessed the first act of Our Fiat, generator of his creation, and therefore he possessed fullness of light, of beauty, of strength, of grace. All the qualities of Our Fiat were reflected in him and embellished him so much, that We Ourselves felt enraptured in looking at him, in seeing in him, so well sculpted, Our dear image which Our Divine Being formed in him. And this is why, even though he fell, he did not lose the life nor the regenerative hope of Our Fiat, because, having possessed the fullness of Its act in the beginning of his life, he did not want to lose the One who had possessed him. The Divinity felt so bound to Adam, that It did not feel like banishing him forever. It takes too much to lose what once was possessed by Our Fiat; Our Strength would feel weak; Our Love, the fire It possesses, would shrink in order not to do it. It would be the true divine embarrassment – to lose the one who has possessed even just one act of the fullness of Our Will.
Such fullness of Sanctity was possessed by the height of the Sovereign Queen, and therefore there is no void in Her; She filled Herself so much, as to possess seas of light, of graces, of beauty, of power. Her fullness is such and so great, that We have no place in which to put, and She has no place in which to receive, because She is the only celestial creature who lived under the empire of the act of Our Divine Fiat, and who can say: ‘I am an act of Divine Will, and in this is all the secret of my beauty, power, greatness, and even of my Maternity.’ What can one act of Our Fiat not do? It can do anything. Its prerogative is the fullness of everything. An act of It is the sun, and it possesses the fullness of the light; and if one could ask the sun: ‘Would you like to have more light?’, it would answer: ‘I have so much of it that I can give light to all; and while I give it, I do not lose it, because I possess the source of the light of the act of the Divine Fiat.’ The sky is an act of It, therefore it extends everywhere; its fullness is such that it finds no place in which to extend more its azure drapes. The wind is an act of Our Divine Fiat, and therefore it possesses the fullness of the empire, of the strength. Who can resist the strength of the wind? No one. It makes a fool of everything, and with its ruling strength it uproots cities and trees, and it lifts up and knocks down everything as if it were straw. All Creation, each created thing, possesses the fullness of the act of Our Fiat, and therefore not one thing is poor – they are all rich in the fullness wanted by Our Divine Volition; nor is anything in need of anything – they are rich of their own, by nature. The sea possesses the fullness of the waters; the earth, the fullness of the plants, and of many varieties of plants, because all of them are births from the act of Our Divine Volition. Now, my daughter, the living in my Divine Will is precisely this: to possess and enjoy the fullness of the divine goods, in such a way that nothing must be lacking to her – neither Sanctity, nor light, nor beauty. They will be the true births from my adorable Fiat.”

April 28, 1929
How the Divine Fiat renders the creature inseparable from God. Divine overflowing for the creature. Everything is safe in one who lives in the Fiat, while everything is in danger in one who does the human will.
I was doing my round in the Divine Fiat, to follow Its acts in the Creation; and as I reached Eden, my poor mind paused in the act in which It created man, and breathing over him, It infused life in him; and I prayed Jesus to breathe over my poor soul, to infuse in me the first divine breath of Creation, so that, with Their regenerative breath, I might begin my life again, all in the Fiat, according to the purpose for which They had created me. But while I was doing this, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior as though in the act of wanting to breathe over me, and He told me: “My daughter, it is Our Will that the creature ascend again into Our womb, in Our creative arms, that We may give her again Our continuous breath, and, in this breath, give her the current that generates all goods, joys and happinesses. But in order for Us to be able to give this breath, man must live in Our Will, because only in It can he receive it, and We, give it.
Our Fiat has such virtue as to render the creature inseparable from Us, and what We do and are by nature, she can do by grace. In creating man, We did not put him at a distance from Us; rather, in order to have him together with Us, We gave him Our very Divine Will, which would give him the first act, to operate together with his Creator. This was the reason why Our Love, Our Light, Our joys, Our Power and Beauty gushed out all together, and overflowing outside of Our Divine Being, they spread the table before the one whom, with so much love, We had formed with Our creative hands, and generated with Our very breath. We wanted to enjoy Our work, see him happy of Our own happiness, embellished with Our beauty, rich with Our richness; more so, since it was Our Will for Us to remain close to the creature, to operate together and to amuse Ourselves together with her; and games cannot be played from a distance, but in closeness.
This is why, by necessity of creation and in order to maintain intact Our work and the purpose for which We had created it, the only means was to endow man with Divine Will, which would preserve him just as he came out of Our creative hands; he would enjoy all Our goods, and We were to enjoy because he was happy. Therefore, so that man may return to his place of honor and enter once again to operate together with his Creator, and they may amuse themselves together, there are no means other than his reentering into Our Fiat, that It may bring him to Us triumphantly, into Our arms which are waiting for him to clasp him tightly within Our divine womb, and say to him: ‘Finally, after six thousand years you have come back. You have gone wandering, you have experienced all evils, because there is no good without Our Fiat. You have experienced enough, and have touched with your own hand what it means to go out of It; so, never go out of It again, and come to rest and enjoy what is yours, because in Our Volition everything was given to you.’ Therefore, my daughter, be attentive; We will give you everything if you live always in Our Fiat. Our breath will take delight in breathing over you always, to make Our joys, Our Light, Our Sanctity overflow upon you, and communicate to you the attitude of Our works, that We may keep the little daughter, regenerated by Our Divine Will, always together with Us.”
Having said this, He withdrew within my interior, and I continued to follow the innumerable acts of the Divine Fiat; and blessed Jesus continued, saying: “My daughter, it is a prerogative of my Divine Volition to place everything It possesses in safety. When It enters into the soul, as the possessor of her, It places all things in safety: It places sanctity, grace, beauty, all virtues, in safety; and so that everything may be safe, It substitutes them in the soul with Its own Divine Sanctity, Its Beauty, Its virtues – all in a divine manner; and placing on her Its seal, which is untouchable by any change, It renders the creature untouchable by any danger. So, for one who lives in my Will there is nothing to fear any more, because It has secured everything with Its divine security. On the other hand, the human will renders everything unsafe, even sanctity itself. The virtues that are not under the continuous dominion of my Fiat are subject to continuous dangers and continuous oscillations; passions have the ways open to put everything upside down and cast virtues and sanctity to the ground, formed with many sacrifices. If the continuous vivifying and nourishing virtue of my Will is not present, which closes all doors and all ways to all evils, the human will has door and ways to let the enemy, the world, self-esteem, miseries, disturbances, enter, which are the wood worm of virtues and of sanctity; and when there is the wood worm, there is not sufficient strength to remain firm and persevering in good. Therefore, everything is unsafe when my Divine Will does not reign.
Moreover, the evil that Our Divine Will does not reign in the midst of creatures is so great, that all things are in continuous oscillation. Our very Creation, all the goods of Redemption, are intermittent, because, not finding Our Fiat reigning in the human family, they cannot always give the same goods. Even more, many times We have to make use of Creation and Redemption to arm them against man, because the human will puts itself against Ours, and We, by justice, have to strike them in order to make them comprehend that, because Our Will is not reigning, the human rejects Our goods and forces Us to punish them. The very glory which the creature gives Us through Creation and Redemption is not fixed, but it changes at each act of the human will. Therefore, the small interest which the creature was to give Us - her love and her glory which she should give to Us because We have given so much to her - is not even a fixed revenue, but everything is intermittent, because Our Will alone has the virtue of rendering unshakeable and continuous Its own acts, and those of the one in whom It reigns. So, until Our Divine Fiat reigns, everything is unsafe; the Creation, the Redemption, the Sacraments – they are all in danger, because the human will now abuses, now does not recognize the One who has so much loved it and benefited it, now tramples Our very goods under its feet. Therefore, until Our Will reigns, which will spread the divine order, Its firmness and harmony, and Its perennial day of light and of peace in the midst of creatures, everything will be in danger for him and for Us; Our things themselves will remain in the nightmare of danger, and will not be able to give to creatures the abundant goods which they contain.”

May 4, 1929
Power, enchantment and empire of a soul who lives in the Divine Will. How everything turns around her and she lords over her very Creator.
My abandonment in the Divine Fiat continues, and my poor mind pauses now in one point of It, now in another; but it is unable to go out from within the immensity of Its endless boundaries; even more, it finds neither ways nor doors to go out of It. And while I move within the Divine Volition, I leave It behind me, and while I leave It behind me, It presents Itself before me with Its majesty, to the right and to the left, and even under my steps; and It says to me: “I am all for you, to give you my Life and to form It in you. So, there is nothing else for you but my Divine and Adorable Will.”
Now, while my poor mind was wandering within It, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, one who lives in my Divine Volition feels within herself the continuous and constant act of the divine operating of my Divine Fiat. This continuous act, generated by Its Power in the creature, has such strength, such empire over all, that it captivates all with its sweet enchantment, in such a way that all turn around her – the Angels, the Saints, the Sacrosanct Trinity, the spheres and all Creation. All want to be spectators, to enjoy a scene so sweet, enchanting and beautiful of the continuous act of the creature in the Divine Fiat. She enters into the bank of the Supreme Being, and unifying herself in the continuous act of her Creator, she does nothing but put out, with her continuous act, the innumerable beauties, the sweetest sounds, the insuperable rarities of the qualities of her Creator. And what enraptures the most is to see her littleness that, all daring and courageous, without fearing anything, as if she wanted to lord over her very Creator, to give Him pleasure, to captivate Him to herself, to ask Him for the Kingdom of His Will upon earth, takes and puts out, from within the divine bank, all Our joys and happinesses, as if she wanted to exhaust them. And seeing that she does not exhaust them, she does not tire, she repeats her continuous act, in such a way that all wait for her to finish; and seeing that she does not finish, they press themselves around her, so much so, that she becomes place of center, and all turn around, so as not to lose a scene so consoling and never before seen – that is, the continuous act of the human littleness in the unity of the Supreme Fiat. More so, since the continuous operating is only of God, and as one sees it being repeated by the creature, it causes the greatest surprises and makes Heaven and earth astonished.
My little daughter, if you knew what a continuous act in my Will means…. This act is incomprehensible to created mind. The creature is the bilocator of Our continuous act, she enters into Our act and makes arise and puts out Our rare Beauty, Our invincible Love, Our Power that can do anything, Our Immensity that embraces everything; and showing them to all, she would like to say to all: ‘Look Who is our Creator.’ And We let her do it, and We enjoy in seeing that the littleness of the creature wants to give Us Our paradise and Our Divine Being, as Ours and as her own. What can one who lives in Our Fiat not do and not give to Us? Anything! More so since, because this happy creature is on earth, by virtue of her free will, she possesses the conquering virtue which not even the Saints in Heaven possess; and with it she can conquer and multiply whatever good she wants. And Our Will, which keeps her within Itself, renders her the conqueror of Our Divine Being.”

May 9, 1929
How it was necessary that Jesus centralize in Luisa the human sanctity in order to consummate it and give rise to the Sanctity of living in the Divine Will. How voluntary suffering is something great before God.
I had read in the first volume of my writings how Our Lord had told me that He wanted me to accept going into battle against the infernal enemy, in the hard trials to which I submitted myself. So I was thinking to myself: ‘It seems to me that there is contradiction, because Jesus has told me many times that one who lives in His Divine Will is not subject to either temptations or disturbances; nor does the enemy have the power to enter into the Divine Fiat, because It would burn him more than the very fire of hell, and in order not to be burned more, he runs away from the soul who lives in It.’
Now, while I was thinking about this and many other things, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, you are wrong, nor are there contradictions. You must know that, since I was to call you in a way all special to live in my Divine Will, to make It known to you and, through you, make known to others the Sanctity of living in It, so that It might reign on earth, it was necessary that I centralize in you the whole of the human sanctity, in order to consummate it in you and to give rise to the true Sanctity of the living in my Divine Volition. Sanctity in the human order was to be the footstool, the throne, of the Sanctity in the order of my Divine Will. And this is why, from the very beginning, when I called you to the state of victim and to all that you suffered during that time, first I would tell you, to ask you whether you would accept, and after you had accepted, then I would put you in that state of pain. From you I wanted voluntary suffering, not forced, because it was your will that I wanted to make die and, over your will, almost like a little flame that is extinguished, ignite the great fire of the Sun of my Fiat.
Voluntary suffering is something great before Our Supreme Majesty, and therefore, over the death of your will, drowned with pains, Our Will could have dominion and could dispose you to receive the greater good of Its knowledges. Was it not my suffering, all voluntary – no one could impose himself on Me – that formed the great good of Redemption? So, everything you suffered at that time was nothing other than the completion of the order of sanctity in the human way; and this is why I told you almost nothing about the Sanctity of living in my Divine Will - I wanted to complete one in order to start the other. And when I saw that you denied Me nothing of what I wanted, even at the cost of your life, and as you would deny Me nothing, your will would lose the way and would find itself in the continuous act of dying, my Will made Its way and reacquired Its Life in you; and as It kept reacquiring Its Life, so It kept revealing Itself, telling you Its long story, Its sorrow, and how It yearns to come to reign in the midst of creatures. My word is life, and as I kept speaking to you about my Fiat, more than tender father, so I kept forming Its Life in you. In fact, you could never have understood what regarded my Will, had you not had Its Life in you, because it is what forms one’s life that one has true interest in comprehending and defending; what does not form one’s life enters into the secondary order, not the primary, and one does not feel the true love which one can have for one’s own life. So, to the very Life of my Fiat, formed in you, I could entrust all of Its knowledges, to be able to form as many other Lives of It in the creatures. And besides, I was to do with you what I did with Myself: when I came upon earth, I observed all laws, I submitted Myself to all sacrifices of the ancient law in a perfect way, as no one else had observed up to that time; and after I completed everything within Me, consummating in my Humanity all the laws and sanctities of the ancient world, I abolished them and gave rise to the new law of grace and to the new sanctity which I brought upon earth. So I have done with you: I centralized in you the pains, the sacrifices, the battles of the present sanctity in order to complete it and therefore be able to start again the new Sanctity of living in my Will – that is, the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.
Now, where are the contradictions you are saying? When the soul enters into my Will to live perennial life in It, the enemy cannot get close, his sight is dazzled by the Light of my Fiat, nor is he able to see what the happy creature does in this Divine Light. Light shields itself from everything, it dominates all, it is intangible, it does not let itself be offended, nor does it offend; and if anyone wants to touch it or clasp it in his hands, with enchanting rapidity it escapes, and, almost playfully, it sprays him with light. It touches everything, it embraces all, to do good to all, but does not let itself be touched by anyone. Such is my Divine Will. It encloses the soul within Its Light, and with Its empire It eclipses all evils; and as the soul lives of light, everything converts into light, into sanctity and perennial peace. So, evils get lost and lose their way; disturbances, temptations, passions, sin, remain all with their legs broken and can no longer walk. Therefore, be attentive, and let your living in my Fiat be continuous.”

May 12, 1929
How one who lives in the Divine Fiat is the narrator of the divine works. The Ascension. The reason why Jesus did not leave the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.
Continuing in my usual abandonment in the Divine Fiat, I was following the acts of It in the Creation. It seemed to me that, by uniting myself to Its acts, I would do now an act of light, now an act of immensity, now an act of power, and so on and so forth. But while I was doing this, my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, one who lives in my Divine Will and follows Its acts is the narrator of all Our works. So, as you go around in the sun to repeat together with my Will what I did in creating the sun, you act for Us as the narrator of the story of its light; and the Supreme Being, in hearing all the story of the sun - what it encloses, the good it does - being repeated to It by you, feels all the glory of its light being given back to It. And as the light shines over all things, invests everything, fills the air, It hears your echo near and far, down below and in the height of the heavens; and whispering to Our ear, you act for Us as the narrator of the light, and glorify Us so much as to give Us a sun of glory.
Oh! how delighted We are on the part of the creature, because a sphere so beneficial for the whole earth was created by Us. And how not to love one who lives in Our Divine Fiat? She gathers all Our qualities and happinesses spread in the whole Creation, and now she acts for Us as the narrator of the heavens and tells Us the story of their immensity, and gives Us the glory of the entire heavens; now she tells Us the story of the sea, and she murmurs together with the waters: ‘Love and glory of all the sea to my Creator’. Now she narrates to Us the story of the flowery earth, and all the plants and flowers elevate their fragrance, and you give Us the glory of all the earth; and now you act for Us as the narrator of the story of the wind, now of the water, now of the little bird that sings, now of the lamb that bleats. In sum, she always has things to narrate to Us among the many things which We have done in Creation, in order to give Us the love and the glory which We had in creating It. Oh! how sweet and pleasant it is to hear you act as the narrator of Our works. We feel Our love, Our glory, being doubled; more so, since she who does the narration for Us lives in Our Will, which, instructing her, makes her speak the loving secrets which are present in all created things.”
Having said this, He kept silent. Then, as though unable to contain the love of His Divine Heart, He added: “My beloved daughter, you are my hope – the hope of the Kingdom of my Divine Will upon earth; that hope which does not say ‘doubt’, but ‘certainty’, because its Kingdom is already present in you. Your ways, your prerogatives, your narrations, are all apartments for my Divine Fiat; in you there are Its foundations, Its knowledges, therefore I hope that Its Kingdom will be formed and will spread upon earth.”
After this, I was thinking about when Our Lord ascended into Heaven, glorious and triumphant, with His Humanity no longer humiliated, subject to pains, with the insignia of Adam decayed, but untouchable by any pain, with the insignia of the new innocent Adam, with all the most beautiful prerogatives of Creation, clothed with light and immortal. But while I was thinking about this, my most sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, my Humanity redid within Itself, and over Itself, all the evils of decayed humanity, to the point of dying, in order to give to it the virtue of rising again from the death to which it was subject. This is the reason why I did not leave the Kingdom of my Divine Will upon earth - because the humanity of innocent Adam was missing, glorious and immortal, in order to be able to impetrate It and to receive the great gift of my Fiat. Therefore, it was necessary that my Humanity first redo decayed humanity and give to it all the remedies in order to raise it again, and then die and rise again with the qualities of innocent Adam, so as to be able to give to man what he lost. Not only this, but I wanted to ascend into Heaven with my Humanity as beautiful, clothed with light, just as it came out of Our creative hands, so as to say to the Celestial Father: ‘My Father, look at Me, how my Humanity is redone, how the Kingdom of Our Will is safe in It. I am the Head of all, and the One who prays You has all the rights to ask and to give what I possess.’
My daughter, an innocent humanity, with all the qualities with which it came out of Our creative hands, was needed in order to impetrate again the Kingdom of Our Will into the midst of creatures. Up to that time it was missing, and I purchased it with my death, and I ascended into Heaven in order to fulfill, with my first task, my second task of impetrating and giving the Kingdom of my Divine Will upon earth. It is about two thousand years that this Humanity of Mine has been praying, and Our Divine Majesty, feeling the love of Creation which We had in creating man overflow from Itself again - or rather, with greater intensity - and feeling Itself being enraptured and charmed by the beauties of my Humanity, has poured Itself out again; and opening the Heavens, It has made the rain of light of the many knowledges about my Fiat rain down in torrents, so that, like rain, It may descend upon souls, and with Its light It may vivify and heal the human will, and transforming it, It may cast the root of my Will into the hearts, and may lay Its Kingdom upon earth. In order for my Kingdom to come upon earth, first I had to make It known, I had to make known that It wants to come to reign. And I, and as an elder brother of the human family, am doing all the paperwork in Heaven before the Divinity, in order to give to it a purchase so great. Therefore, it was necessary that I ascend into Heaven with my Humanity glorified, in order to be able to purchase again the Kingdom of my Fiat for my brothers and children of mine.”

May 16, 1929
How the knowledges about the Divine Will are the army; the acts done in It, the weapons; Its Light, the Royal Palace; the Ministry, the Sacrosanct Trinity. Divine ardor for establishing Its Kingdom. Divine need; Its silence; the sorrow of Its secrets.
Continuing in my usual abandonment in the Divine Fiat, I was feeling concerned about the privations of my sweet Jesus. Oh! how my poor soul moaned under the infinite weight of a sorrow which makes all created things say: “Where is your Jesus – the One who so much loved you? Ah! you feel that He sustains everything, you touch His beauty which He has strewn over all Creation, you see His immensity which you cannot reach. What you see are nothing other than the marks of His steps which, in passing by, He impressed upon all things created by Him; but He is not here. And you – run, search for Him, and we will accompany you, moaning together with you, to make you find the One whom you want.” And I feel like everyone speaks to me about Jesus with sorrowful notes, and as they echo in my poor heart, it is tortured by a sorrow which I myself cannot express. And the impression was such - as if I wanted to go out of my usual state.
But, meanwhile, my lovable and good Jesus surprised me, and throwing His arms around my neck, told me: “My daughter, what’s wrong? What’s wrong? Calm yourself, calm yourself. How can this be? Do you perhaps want to go out from within the army of my Divine Will? Look, what an orderly, formidable and large army, such that, as it lines up within your soul, it will not be easy for you to get out. But do you know what this army is? All the knowledges about my Divine Will. In fact, having formed Its Royal Palace in you, It could not, nor was it decorous for It to remain without Its army. This army We have issued from Our divine womb in order for them to form the cortege, to defend and to all stand at attention, so as to make known to all who Our Fiat is – their Divine King – and how It wants to descend with Its whole celestial army into the midst of the peoples in order to fight the human will; but not with weapons that kill, because in Heaven there aren’t these deadly weapons, but with weapons of light, which fight in order to form the Life of my Will in the creatures. Now, you must know that the weapons of this army are the acts done in my Divine Will. Look how beautiful it is! The Royal Palace is the Light of my Fiat! The King that dominates is my Will! The Ministry, the Sacrosanct Trinity; the army, the knowledges about It; the weapons, your acts done in It. In fact, as you would have the good of knowing one of the knowledges about It, and would operate by virtue of It, you would form, in my Fiat, the weapons in the hands of each knowledge, so as to give the life of it to other creatures.
But this is not all yet. Each knowledge possesses a different weapon, one different from the other. So, each knowledge I have given you about my Divine Will possesses a special and distinct weapon: one possesses the weapon of Light in order to illuminate, warm and fecundate the seed of my Fiat; another possesses the weapon of the conquering Power that dominates and rules; another, the weapon of the Beauty that enraptures and conquers; another, the weapon of the Wisdom that orders and disposes; another, the weapon of the Love that burns, transforms and consumes; another, the weapon of the Strength that knocks down, makes one die and rise again in my Divine Volition. In sum, each knowledge of mine is a divine soldier which, manifesting itself to your soul, has let the weapon of each of the offices they possess be placed by you into its hands. Look at what order they have, how attentive they are to their office, and to handling the weapon which each of them possesses in order to dispose and form the people of the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat. This army and these weapons possess the prodigious virtue of the infinite, which is such that they diffuse everywhere; and wherever there is a light, even small, in the creatures, they fight with weapons of Light against the darkness of the human will, to eclipse it and give it the Life of my Fiat; and wherever there is a seed of power or of strength, there runs the divine little soldier with its weapon of Power and of Strength, to fight the human power and strength, and make the Power and Strength of my Divine Will rise again. For all human acts this army has the opposite weapon with which to fight them, so as to make the act of my Divine Will rise again over the human act.
Therefore, my daughter, it is necessary that you remain in my Divine Will in order to form sufficient weapons with your acts done in It, for the great army of Its knowledges. If you knew how this army anxiously awaits the weapons of your acts into their hands, in order to wage war on and destroy the poor kingdom of the human will, and to build Our Kingdom of Light, of Sanctity and of happiness! More so, since I am within you, in the great Royal Palace of my Divine Will, in the midst of my army, with the continuous council of the Ministry of the Divine Persons, as the reproducer of Our works; because We are the operating Being, and wherever We are present We want to operate always, without ever ceasing. Therefore, it is a necessity that you remain always in Our Fiat, to unite yourself to Us in Our continuous operating, and to give Us the field to always operate within you. In fact, the sign of the divine operating is precisely this: to operate always – always, without ever ceasing.”
After this, He kept silent. Then, with a more tender emphasis, He added: “My daughter, if you knew the ardor of my love that I feel, because I want to establish the Kingdom of my Divine Will upon earth, so as to realize the only purpose for which man was created. In fact, in everything that has been done by the Divine Persons, from the time when the world was created, and in what We will do, Our principle will always be that one, nor will We ever cease it: that man return into the inheritance of the Kingdom of Our Fiat, which he rejected from Us. This is so true, that in my very Incarnation, when I descended from Heaven to earth, the first purpose was the Kingdom of my Divine Will; it is into Its Kingdom – that is, in my Immaculate Mother who possessed It - that I directed my first steps; my first dwelling was within Her most pure womb, in which my Fiat held Its absolute dominion and Its Kingdom, whole and beautiful. And in this Kingdom of my Will which my Celestial Mama possessed, I began and I formed my life down here – made of pains, of tears and of expiations. I knew that I was to be the Jesus neglected, unloved, nor sought for, but I wanted to come because I could see through the centuries how my coming upon earth was to serve to form the Kingdom of my Divine Will and, by necessity, I was to redeem them first in order to obtain my first purpose. And so, even from that time, I descended from Heaven in order to come to find, to search for and to clasp to my breast the children of my Kingdom, who would search for Me, love Me, recognize Me, to the point of being unable to be without Me. Therefore, in what I did and suffered, I put a mark and I said: ‘Here I shall wait for the children of my Will; I shall embrace them, we shall love one another with one single love, with one single Will.’ And for love of them, my pains, my tears, my steps, my works, changed for Me into refreshment, into joy for my Heart drowned with love.
My daughter, don’t you yourself feel how you cannot be without Me? And when, in the world, they will read these papers, they will remain astounded in hearing of the long chain of my graces, my daily comings - and for such a long time, which I have done with no one else; my long conversations which I have had with you, the many teachings I have given you, and everything that was to serve the Kingdom of my Divine Will. I felt the irresistible need to resume and redo with you all the conversations, to give you the graces and the teachings which I would have given to Adam innocent, had he not rejected the precious inheritance of my Fiat. But he broke my speaking and reduced Me to silence; and after six thousand years of silence I felt the extreme need to resume my speaking with the creature. Oh! how painful it was to contain so many secrets within my Heart, which I was to confide to her; and it was for her alone that these secrets were kept – not for others; and if you knew how much it cost Me to remain silent for such a long time! My Heart was suffocated and, delirious, It repeated dolefully: ‘Alas! I created man to have someone with whom to speak; but he was to possess my Divine Will in order to understand Me; and because he has rejected It from Me, he has rendered Me the God taciturn. What sorrow I feel!’ What suffocated love, which made Me faint – and I raved!
Therefore, unable to endure any longer, I wanted to break my long silence with you – I snapped it; and from here the necessity of the ardor of my speaking - for so long, and so often, and repeatedly. And as I pour Myself out with you in speaking, I feel as if I were just now giving start to Creation; and this is why, in these papers, I am making you write the true reason for Creation, what my Will is, Its infinite value, how one is to live in It, Its Kingdom, and how It wants to reign to render everyone holy and happy. All will remain surprised in reading these papers, and will feel the need for my Fiat to live in their midst. The Divinity feels an irresistible necessity to complete the work of Creation, and It will be completed by the reigning of Our Divine Will in the midst of creatures. What would a creature do, after she has made a work with unheard-of sacrifices and for a long time - a work which costs her her life, a work of incalculable value, and which only lacked one point, one shade, one color – if she cannot complete the work that costs her so much? And as beautiful as her work is, as precious and of incalculable value as it is, such that it would form her fortune, her glory and her complete happiness, she cannot present it to the public, nor can she say that it is a complete work, because one point is missing. For this person life would change into sorrow, and she would feel the weight of her work – beautiful, yes, but incomplete. And therefore she feels unhappy, and instead of glory, she feels humiliation; and how many sacrifices would she not make? She would lay down her life in order to place that point, so as to make her work complete.
Such is the state We are in; nothing is lacking to Our work of Creation – heavens, suns, works and magnificence of every kind; but one point is missing – yet a point which disfigures a work so beautiful. This point is the most important; it is the most beautiful shade, it is the most vivid color that is missing in the Creation: everyone and everything lives in my Fiat, but one point of It – that is, the human family – is outside of It, outside of my Kingdom, and it lives unhappy. What sorrow! There is room for everyone in my Volition, and yet, there are some who live outside. Oh! how they disfigure It and render It incomplete. And what would We not do to see It complete? Any sacrifice, my daughter; We are willing to do anything. I have already laid down my Life in the Redemption to place this point in the creative work. And when they come to know what Will of God means, the great good It can do, and how the only thing that most interests Us is to place the rights of Our Divine Fiat in safety and to make It reign, so as to see everyone happy in Our Will, of Our own happiness – they will no longer be surprised in reading, in these papers, the great things I have told you and I have done in your soul. On the contrary, they will say: ‘For a Will so holy, which has done everything, it was right that there be such a display of graces and so many sublime teachings in the one in whom It was to make the first deposit of Its Kingdom, so as to make us comprehend It, love It and long for It.’ Therefore, be attentive, because this is about giving a Divine Will Its rights, so as to render the work of Creation complete.”

May 21, 1929
The Divine Will: light; love: heat. Divine nourishment and outpouring.
I am always back into my dear inheritance of the Divine Volition, and it seems to me that I go around gleaning within It; and Jesus, so very good, does not neglect to give me His beautiful lessons about each of those ears of grain which I keep gathering. But while I was going around, I kept repeating my refrain over each thing: ‘I love You – and let my love be the sweet chain which, binding the eternal Fiat, may draw It - do violence on It, to make It come to reign upon earth.’ Now, while I was doing this, my adored Jesus told me: “My daughter, my Divine Will is Light, Love is Heat. Light and heat are inseparable from each other, and form the same life; this is the necessity of the fusion of my Will and of my Love: a will which does not love is not operative, a love which has no will is without life. However, my Will has the first act; it can be said that Its light makes the heat arise. It does the first act and calls the life of love within Its light, forming one single thing. Who can ever separate the heat from the light? No one. However, the bigger the light, the stronger the heat; so, with a small light one can just barely feel the strength of the heat; a big light gives much heat and produces admirable effects. How many and what effects does the sun not produce, because its light is so great as to embrace the whole earth? It can be said that it is the king of the earth; with its light and with its heat it caresses everyone, it embraces everything and does good to all – and without asking anything from anyone. Why? First, because it does not need anything; second, because all would feel impotent to repay the sun for the great good it does to all the earth. So, this is why you feel within yourself two infinite powers, fused into one: my Divine Will and my Love; and the Light of my Volition makes you run to make you place your ‘I love You’, which It unleashes from Its womb of Light, upon all created things, so as to see the whole Creation bejeweled by Its ‘I love you’ and yours.
In addition to this, life needs nourishment; my Divine Will is Life, my Love is food. Each ‘I love You’ of yours is a sip of nourishment which you give to my Fiat within you, and each act of yours done in my Will makes the Life of It grow within you. Oh! how the Life of my Will delights and grows admirably in the creature when It finds much Divine Love. It can be said that my Fiat finds Its food, and my Love finds Its Life.”
After this, I continued to think about the adorable Fiat, and my sweet Jesus continued, saying: “My daughter, one who lives in my Divine Will is under the continuous outpouring of her Creator. Our Love toward her is so great, that We are so enraptured in seeing Our Fiat in the littleness of the creature, that We want to give her always – always, without ever ceasing. Now, this divine outpouring of Ours fills her so much as to leave not one void within her, in such a way that, whatever place she leans on, she always finds the fullness of Our outpouring that sustains her, in such a way that she cannot bend over herself because Our outpouring sustains her and carries her as though in triumph in its arms. But do you know what We pour out? Love, Light, Grace, Sanctity, Power, etc. Now, all these qualities of Ours compete among themselves for carrying this little creature in their arms. It seems that they vie with one another for her, and they take turns, so as to say: ‘We all have carried her.’ And while each of them carries her in its arms, if it is Love that carries her, It fills her so much with love as to take pleasure in seeing the tiny little one drowned – drowned with Its Love; and only when It sees her overflow with love, then does It content Itself with letting her pass into the arms of Light; because they want to see, being repeated in the tiny little one, what her Creator has done. The Light takes delight in drowning her with light; Grace, in drowning her with grace; Power, in drowning her with power – but so much, as to captivate the Creator Himself. In sum, this little creature lives under the continuous outpouring of God, which fills her so much that she feels drowned and cannot contain it, in such a way that she is forced to pour it outside. So, what you say about my Divine Will is nothing other than the outpouring of what you contain inside.”

May 25, 1929
Power of one who lives in the Divine Fiat. Virtue of the acts done in It. How all generations hung upon the acts done by Adam.
Continuing in my usual abandonment in the Fiat, I found myself outside of myself, and to my surprise I found the infernal enemy near me, as if he wanted to jump over me. I felt such strength within me as to put myself over him; and as I was putting myself over, he was all shattered and smashed to pieces. I felt concerned, and I thought to myself: ‘It is a long time since I had seen the enemy; even more, if he would see me, he would run away from me. And now, what does he want with his drawing near me?’ And my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the soul who possesses my Divine Fiat has such power as to shatter the diabolical power to pieces; and I allowed you to touch with your own hand how, by just placing yourself over him, he was crushed, so that you may not fear him, and he might feel the power of one who possesses my Will, which scatters the diabolical strength like dust in the wind. Therefore, do not be concerned about him, and continue your life in my Fiat. Indeed, you must know that each prayer, each act and motion of one who lives in It, encloses within itself an infinite and indelible strength and weight; and the infinite extends everywhere, it contains the virtue-producer of all goods, it embraces eternity, it encloses God Himself. Therefore, an act done in my Will is an act that never ends, and has such power as to enclose Heaven and earth. And Our Fiat, with Its infinite power, encloses Our Divinity in the act of the creature, forming with Its veils of light the most beautiful and delightful Royal Palace for Our Divine Being.” Jesus disappeared, and I felt sunken in the abyss of light of the Supreme Fiat.
After this, I was continuing my acts in the Divine Fiat, and as I arrived at Eden, I thought to myself: ‘In this Eden, our first father Adam did the first acts in the Divine Fiat. The whole Creation had Its beginning within an act of Divine Will operating in all created things; and so did the first man. The Divine Will extended the fullness of Its Sanctity, Power, Beauty and Light in each thing, making Itself actor and spectator, enclosing everything in one single act of Its Divine Will. How beautiful was the Creation at Its beginning – one was the Will that operated; and the different acts were nothing other than the effects of It.’ But while I was thinking about this, my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, all generations hung upon the first acts done by Adam in the fullness of my Divine Will, because, being done in It, they were acts full of life, and could give origin and life to all the other acts of all creatures. And even though creatures do not live of my Will, but of their own, yet, it is always my Will that gives them life; and while It gives them life, they keep It as though suffocated and agonizing in their acts. Therefore, all the acts of Adam done in my Will are there as prime act of all the acts of creatures. Who can destroy an act done in my Divine Will? Who can ever take away from It the Sovereignty, the Power, the Beauty, the Life? No one. There is nothing which does not hang upon the first act; all created things hung upon the first act done by the One who created them. And if I so much love, yearn and want that my Will be known and reign in the midst of creatures, the reason is precisely this – that Its rights, just and holy, be given back to It, and that all Creation, just as It had Its beginning, may, all of It, return into Our Divine Will.”

May 28, 1929
Every time Jesus has spoken about His Will the Heavens have lowered themselves. The feast of all Heaven. The Divine Will, crown of Creation and Redemption. Sorrow of Jesus because the Divine Fiat is not known.
My little intelligence does nothing but keep crossing the unending sea of the Divine Fiat; and as It forms Its waves of light, so It murmurs Its celestial and divine language, and puts out Its secrets; and with arcane words It manifests Itself to my little soul. And many times my sweet Jesus comes out from within those waves of light, He runs, He embraces me, and placing His hand upon His Heart in order to sustain It, so great is the ardor of His Love which He feels, He speaks about His Most Holy Volition.
So, while I was in this state, my beloved Jesus told me: “Daughter of my Will, if you knew what love I feel when I decide to speak to you about my Divine Fiat…. Every time I have spoken to you about It, the Heavens have lowered themselves, so great was the esteem and the veneration they felt; and paying homage to what I would be about to say, and lowering themselves, they would overflow from the Celestial Fatherland and would all come to attention to listen to Me; and while I would speak, they would feel within themselves new creations of Divine Lives, new joys, new beauties. In fact, when it comes to speaking to you about more knowledges on my Divine Fiat, the whole of Heaven feels the power of It, and they compete among themselves to listen, and to receive the new effects of those knowledges. So, it has been the feast of all Heaven, every time I have spoken to you about my Most Holy Will, because It has felt Its happiness being doubled, and only Heaven could contain all the admirable effects, the pure joys, of even just one knowledge of my Fiat. Only in this way could I speak to you about It – with the Heavens lowered, so as to receive their reverent acts and the homages due to my Divine Will.
The love and the desire I feel to make It known is so great, that if it were necessary I would incarnate Myself again in order to obtain that my Will be known and that It reign upon earth. But this is not necessary because, having incarnated Myself once, my incarnation is always in act, and has the virtue of reproducing the same effects as if I were incarnating Myself again. And it was only for the decorum of my Fiat that I chose you, I purified you of any seed of corruption, I enclosed Myself in your soul - not only in a spiritual way, but also in the natural - so as to make use of you as a veil to cover Myself, almost as I made use of my Humanity, as a veil to hide my Divinity. And in order to have you at my disposal, I segregated you from everything, I confined you inside a bed - and for so many years, to give you the sublime lessons about my eternal Fiat, and to make you drink, sip by sip, Its knowledges and Its Life. Its long story required time, in order to narrate it to you and make you comprehend it. I can say I have done more than in Creation and Redemption, because my Will encloses both one and the other, It is origin and means of them, and It will be end and crown of Creation and Redemption, in such way that, without my Will, unknown and not reigning and dominating upon earth, Our works would be works without crown and incomplete. And so, this is the reason for so much interest in making It known. Our very works, done with so much love and magnificence, are in the nightmare of an unutterable moan, and almost of a profound humiliation, because the Life, the essential substance which they hide, is not yet known. The veils, the exterior of Creation and Redemption are known, but the Life which they hide is ignored. How can they give the Life they hide and the goods they possess? Therefore, Our works long for – demand their just rights: that my Divine Will be known. Ah! yes, It alone will be the glory, the everlasting crown and the fulfillment of Our works.
Now, you must know that I am here hidden within you, with sorrow in my Heart, just as I was in my last years, when my Humanity lived down here on earth, and I, Word of the Father, was hidden within It. After so many sacrifices, after so much speaking of mine and so many examples given, I looked at the earth, I looked at the peoples, and also those who surrounded Me - without the effects of my coming upon earth. The fruits, the goods of my coming upon earth were so scarce, that my Heart was tortured in feeling the so many goods which I wanted to give them being rejected from Me; and my sorrow increased in seeing that, having fulfilled within my Humanity what I was to do in order to redeem them, I was about to depart for Heaven. How painful it is wanting to do good, even at the cost of one’s life, and finding no one to whom to give these goods.
Now, so I am within you; I look at my sacrifices and yours, I look at the order I have kept, at the many lessons I have given you, enough to make my Divine Will known in order to form Its Kingdom; and if I do not stop speaking, it is because Its story is eternal, and what is eternal has its eternal speaking, which never ends – and the speaking about my Fiat will be eternal in Heaven. I look at those who surround you, and who know what regards my Will – without true interest in making known a good so great. I look at your humanity itself, which serves Me as cathedra from which I impart my lessons – and you yourself cannot deny that you feel Me within yourself, sensibly, moving, speaking, suffering, and that I am really inside you, to form my Kingdom and make It known. And while I look at you, I see that your humanity also will not remain on earth for much longer; and my Heart feels the grips of the sorrow that the great good which my Divine Will wants to do is not even known, Its knowledges are as though buried, and while they want to give life, happiness, light, they remain as though imprisoned between Me and you, and in the papers which, with so much tenderness of love, I have made you write. Therefore, my daughter, compassionate my sorrow, adore my dispositions in keeping you on earth still. I know that this is very hard for you, and I compassionate you; and while we compassionate each other, let us do what is up to us in order to make my Divine Will known.”
After this, I was doing my usual acts in the Divine Volition, and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, my Fiat has Its prime act in Our Divinity, Its prime act in the Creation and Redemption and in all things, and therefore It has Its just right to dominate everything and to envelop all, and to be the primary wheel which, in moving, moves everything around itself, and all turn around it. So, one who takes my Will as life takes everything; and as the primary wheel moves, all things give themselves to the soul; so much so, that she has no need to ask – as they turn around my Will, they all give themselves to her. Therefore, the most necessary thing is to take my Divine Will; and if she has done this, she has done everything and has taken everything – everything is hers. It happens as to an engine: if the primary wheel in the center of it moves, all the secondary wheels rotate as well; but if the primary wheel does not move, all remain motionless, and there is no power nor artisan who would have the virtue of moving the secondary wheels. But if the first one moves, the others rotate of their own and do their office. Therefore, the attention and the art must be on the primary wheel – everything else comes of its own. Such is my Will – one who possesses It has no need of anything.

May 31, 1929
How true love needs an outpouring. Creation was an outpouring of love, as well as Redemption and Divine Fiat. What a divine outpouring means.
While writing, I was thinking to myself: ‘How many sacrifices in order to write, how many nights of vigil, how much time employed; only Jesus has been the witness, who, having compassion for me, would sustain me, help me, feed me the words; and many times He has worked as dictator. But what will be the utility of so many cares of Jesus for making me write? And of so many interior struggles of mine in order to impress on the paper what Jesus would make me feel inside of me? What the utility of so many sacrifices borne? Who will take the trouble to read them, to make them known, so that they may bring the good of so many truths about the Divine Will into the midst of creatures? No one, I believe; and all the sacrifices will remain in the papers. After all, if I wrote, I have done it only for fear of displeasing Jesus, so as not to displease Him, and only and always to obey.
So, with these thoughts I continued to write. Then, after I finished, I began to pray, and my sweet Jesus came out from my interior, and clasping me in His arms, told me: “My daughter, true love needs an outpouring. I could no longer contain within Myself this intense outpouring of making known my Will, Its knowledges, Its immense value, and how It wants to form Its Kingdom upon earth. My Heart finds Itself amidst the ardor of flames, for I want to give this surprise to the human generations – the Kingdom of my Divine Will on earth; a surprise not expected by them. And my contained Love was moaning, raving, and was devoured by inextinguishable flames, for It wanted to make known that It wanted to give them this great good, a good that surpasses all other goods - which is the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat. This great good I gave at the beginning of Creation, because from Our Divinity never do incomplete goods and works come out. But it was rejected by man, and We had the sorrow of feeling the life, the substance, the goods and the most essential part of Creation being rejected back; and man rendered all Our works incomplete for himself, and has never given a thought to reacquiring what he rejected from Us.
But while he would not think about it, We did think about it, and this formed Our martyrdom of love, a martyrdom which has lasted about six thousand years, a secret martyrdom which increased Our flames. And they devoured Us so much, that unable to contain them any longer, I wanted to come to you in order to break the secret, as I felt the need to make for you an outpouring of love, and say to you: ‘I want to give what man rejected; I want my Will to reign upon earth.’ And in order to make It come to reign, I had to make It known to you; therefore the necessity to manifest to you so many knowledges about It. So, if your sacrifices of writing will bring no good and utility – which will not be – they were necessary to my Love, and have served to form my outpouring, and to relieve Me of the flames that devoured Me. So, each knowledge about my Divine Fiat was an outpouring of contained love that I made for you; it was a new creation that I put out; it was like binding the Divine Will to the human, in order to reorder it again according to the order created by Us. It was life that came out of Me, substance and essential part to be able to form the Kingdom of my Divine Will upon earth. If you knew what a divine outpouring means…. Outpouring of love was the Creation, and – oh! how many goods came out of this outpouring! Heavens, stars, seas, flowery earth; and then man, formed with such art, that Heaven and earth are astounded at the way man is formed.
This outpouring would have continued, and yet more beautiful things were to come out of Us; but man, by rejecting Our Divine Will from Us, closed this outlet of Ours, and he blocked Our works; and for as many as four thousand years, Our outpouring had no more way out. But Our Love felt the need to pour out, It wanted Its rights, It wanted to release Its vital flames, and bursting out Its long outpouring, It created the Most Holy Virgin, from whom proceeded the Incarnation of the Word. How many wonders in this second outpouring; what utility, how many goods have creatures not received! But this second outpouring of Ours remained halved, and Our Love had to content Itself and wait two more thousand years to be able to burst Its outpouring again, and put out all Its secrets, the inmost wonders of Our Divinity, the greatest goods that are needed in order to make Our Divine Will reign in the midst of creatures. If you knew what a divine outpouring means…. And just as in Creation Our outpouring made great and magnanimous works, and it is useful and it continues its life; just as the outpouring of Redemption will bring its admirable effects and the redeeming life to the human generations; in the same way, this outpouring of making known that my Divine Fiat wants to form Its Kingdom, and everything you have written about Its knowledges, will have life in the midst of creatures. Therefore, let Me pour out for now, and I will take care of rendering what I have manifested to you useful.”

June 4, 1929
As the soul keeps doing the Divine Will, so does It expand in the soul, and the Divine Life grows within her; and the soul grows within the womb of her Celestial Father. How one who lives in It makes the roll call of all Creation. How, if one goes out of the Divine Will, he goes out while his acts remain.
My abandonment in the Fiat continues. I feel within me such a need to live in It, that It has become more necessary to me than my own nature. Even more, I feel my nature changed into Will of God; I feel it dissolved within It, and in all things, instead of finding myself, I find that Fiat which says to me: “I am your life; run – run always within Me, in the sea of my Light, to live of my acts, of my Sanctity, of my happiness and of all the goods I possess.” But while I was crossing the sea of the Divine Fiat, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, as the soul keeps operating in my Divine Volition, so does It expand more within the creature, in such a way that for each additional act done in It, as much more growth does It form within her; and so, the Divine Life can be seen growing in the creature in an admirable way.
But this is not all; as the Divine Life grows in the creature, the more acts she does in my Divine Fiat, the more the creature grows within the womb of her Celestial Father. The Supreme Being opens His womb and encloses in it this happy creature, to raise her in a divine manner, to clothe her with royal garments, to feed her the food with Their own hands, to embellish her with rare beauty. All of Heaven remains amazed, enraptured, in seeing that their Creator raises a creature within His womb; and they say among themselves: ‘He must be doing something great with her, for He loves her so much, and keeps her in such great custody as to raise her within His paternal womb.’ And all await the full growth of this creature, to see what will become of her. Therefore, the prodigy of living of my Will is unique; It communicates such power to one who lives in It, that she enters everywhere, and God Himself loves and wants to raise her within His divine womb. Furthermore, the potential and the diffusion of the act done in my Divine Will is such and so great, that she diffuses everywhere: she extends in the heavens, and it is as if she made the roll-call of the stars; she extends in the sun, and she roll-calls the light; she invests the air, the wind, the sea, and she roll-calls the birds, the power of the wind, the waters and the fish; and placing them all in order, she says to all with her act: ‘Bow down, and let us adore, with double homage, our Creator. That Fiat which created us is in my act, and with It I want to create new love, new adoration and glory for our Creator.’ And she extends not only in all created things, but she extends within the acts of the Virgin, in all the acts which I did upon earth, in the acts of her Creator, in those of all the Saints; and from the first to the last, she calls the roll for all of them, and she makes the new life of love, of adoration, of glory for the One who created her, flow within them.
It can be said that wherever my Divine Will is present there extends the act of the creature done in my Will. Even in hell they feel the power of a creature operating in my Divine Fiat, because just as all of Heaven feels the new happiness, the glory and the new love of the act of the creature done in my Volition, so does hell feel the new torment of that Divine Will which they rejected, and which, while It is present with them with justice, is there to torment them, and every time the creature operates in It, they feel the weight of justice more heavily upon them, and they feel themselves burning more. Just as nothing escapes my Divine Fiat, so does nothing escape one who operates in It; and as many times as she repeats her acts, so many times does she make the roll-call, to be sure that no one is missing in her act, to give the new glory, adoration and love to that God, trice holy, and to that Divine Will which, with so much love, makes room for her to let her live within Itself, and allows her to extend within Its endlessness.”
After this, I was doing my round in the Divine Fiat, and I was gathering all created things, all the acts of creatures, to form one single act in the unity of It. And my lovable Jesus added: “My daughter, only my Divine Will possesses the one single act, and in Its unity It embraces everything, It does everything, It gives life to everything. But while It does one act alone, this act possesses the fount of all acts together, such that, while they are the effects of the single act, they spread in the whole Creation and descend for the good of creatures as real acts, while in the unity of the single act of the Divine Fiat, it is always one act alone; so much so, that it never detaches a single effect from itself, nor can it detach it, because all the effects form the unity of its one single act. It happens as to the sun: one is the light, one is the act of light which it continuously sends to the earth; but as this one light touches the earth, the effects are innumerable and real. And this is so true, that as the light touches the earth, one sees the effects changed into acts, in such a way that one can see the variety of colors for the flowers, the diversity of sweetnesses for the fruits, and many other things. Has the sun perhaps lost even just one of the many effects which, as real acts, it has communicated to the earth? Ah! no. Jealous, it preserves them within its single act of light; more so, since the strength, the fullness and its one single act of light are formed of all the effects which it possesses. So, the sun, symbol of my Divine Will, possesses innumerable effects; it gives them to the earth as real acts, without losing even one of them, and it does always one single act. If the sun, created by Us, does this, much more so does my Divine Will.
Now, my daughter, by doing his will, man went out of the unity of Mine, and all his acts lost that strength of the unity and remained scattered, some in one point, some in another, and divided among themselves. These human acts, not having unity, have no founts of effects, nor fullness of light, and therefore they are symbolized by those plants and flowers which grow without sun; and because they are scattered and divided among themselves, they do not have a lasting strength, and they grow as meager and faded. So, by doing his will, man loses the unity with Mine, he loses the fount of life, he loses the fullness of light. Now, one who lives in my Divine Volition keeps gathering all the goods scattered by creatures, and forms one single act; and these acts become the right of one who does and lives in my Divine Fiat. There is no good which one who lives in my Will cannot take. With the bilocating power of It, she calls, gathers and unites all acts together; and ordering them all in my Fiat, she gives Me everything, and I give her everything.”
After this, I was continuing my acts in the Supreme Volition, and a thousand thoughts crowded my mind about Its many wonders; but in order not to make it too long on paper, I will only say what Jesus told me. “My daughter, what is done in my Divine Will remains dissolved in It, and just as light and heat are inseparable, and if the light is extinguished, the heat also is extinguished, and if the light is given life, by its own nature, the light makes the life of the heat arise together with it; in the same way, the acts of the creature done in It are inseparable from my Volition. More so, since It is not subject to becoming extinguished, because It is eternal and immense Light. This is why, though Adam went out of my Will when he sinned, his acts remained in It. He was able to detach himself from his own acts, but his acts done in my Will could neither go out nor detach themselves, because they had already formed their life of light and of heat within It. What enters into my Will loses its own life in It, it forms one same life with It, it loses the rights to go out; and my Will says: ‘These acts have been done in my house, within my Light; the rights are mine, and there is no power, either human or divine, which can make an act done by the creature in my Will to go out of It and separate from It.’ This is why the acts of Adam done in It before he sinned are there present as prime act on which depend the Creation and the acts of the human generations.
Now, suppose that you went out from within my Will: you go out and remain outside, but your acts do not go out - they neither have the right to go out, nor can they do it; and as long as you remain in my Will, your acts are mine and yours, but if you go out, you lose the rights. And because they were done in the Kingdom of my Divine Will, and not in the human will, they remain as my rights, even though they appear and are known as having been done by you. Now, you must know that everything that you do in my Fiat will serve as prime act for the other creatures in order to live in the Kingdom of It; as order, regime and life of those who will live in the Kingdom of my Fiat. This is why I exhort you so much in your going around in It, I watch over you, I accompany you, and many times I do it together with you – because not only do they serve you, but they must serve as prime acts and as models for those who must live in the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat.”

June 9, 1929
Inseparability of one who lives in the Divine Will; example of the breath. Example of the sun; how it lords over everything and goes in search of everything; such is the Divine Will. Contest between the two suns.
My abandonment in the Divine Fiat is continuous, and Its Light eclipses my little intelligence so much, that I can do nothing else but think now about one truth, now about another, concerning the Divine Will. And the more I think about It, the more beautiful and majestic It makes Itself before me; and with an unspeakable love, more than a tender mother, It opens Its womb of light and delivers a birth of light, to enclose it in Its little daughter. Now, while I was in this state, my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, each breath is the life of the next one that follows; so much so, that as one is about to release one breath, before it is emitted completely, it calls for another breath. So, it can be said that the breath has its life and gives life to the creature because it is continuous; they are so united and close among themselves as to be inseparable. And so also for the beating of the heart: one heartbeat calls for the life of the next heartbeat, and the continuous beating forms the life; so much so, that if the breathing and the beating cease, life no longer exists. Such is the soul who does and lives in my Divine Will; her identification, her closeness with It, is such and so great – more than are breaths and heartbeats close among themselves. Therefore, the acts done in my Divine Fiat are like many breaths or heartbeats which the creature does in God, in such a way that she becomes the divine breathing, and my Fiat forms her breathing; so, it is life that they mutually exchange, to form one single life. Therefore, the acts done in Our Divine Will are inseparable from Us, and We feel the contentment of breathing Our work, and of feeling, as Our own, the work which has come out of Us, and of letting her live in Our house – and so close to Us as to breathe her very breath.”
Then, I continued doing my acts in the adorable Fiat, and my always lovable Jesus added: “My daughter, from the height of its sphere, the sun extends its great wheel of light and embraces the earth, giving it the life of its effects of light, so as to make it germinate. It gives the kiss of life of its light to each plant, to each flower, to each tree, so as to impress upon each plant – for some the life of fragrance, for some color, for some sweetness. It wants to give its embrace and kiss of life to all; it denies itself to no one; it does not reject, whatever the thing might be, even the tiniest blade of grass. On the contrary, wanting to act as a queen who wants to pour her own self out, it goes in search of all, it wants to recognize everything, so as to form in all things the life which is needed for each plant. It would not feel itself queen, nor the right to be queen, if its light did not give its life to everything; so much so, that in its great wheel of light it encloses everything, and it seems that all lap up the life, the beauty, the variety of colors, the growth, from the light of the sun. Nor does it skip over the sea, the rivers, the mountains, to form in them its silvery shades, and the horizon of gold and of silver in the background behind them.
Oh! how the sun lords over everything with its light – but not in order to oppress, or do harm to anyone; rather, to vivify, to embellish and to give itself as life of everything. It seems that, in its mute silence, it says to all: ‘How much I love you – my love is as vast as my great wheel of light; my love for the earth is substantial and full of life. Nor do I ever change; from the height of my sphere I am always at my place, to embrace it, love it and give it life.’ Therefore, the earth lives within the great wheel of its light, and each thing keeps its mouth open in order to receive the life of the effects of the light of the sun. Oh! if - may this never be – the sun could withdraw from the earth, or the earth could oppose receiving the goods and the life of the light of the sun, there would be no daylight, but perennial nighttime, and the earth would remain without life, without heat, sweetness would not exist – more than squalid misery. What a dismal change - what terror would the earth become.
Such is my Divine Will – more than sun for creatures. In Its endless great wheel of light, It goes in search of everyone, to make Itself be recognized and to form in each creature the Life of Beauty, of Sanctity, of Light and of infinite sweetness. It wants to destroy all bitternesses, uglinesses, miseries in them, and with Its kiss of life, breathing over them, It wants to transform them into what is good, beautiful and holy. But, alas!, the sun created by my Fiat does so many prodigies for the earth, and with its own unique majesty it lays over it its mantle of light, of beauty; and at each of its touches, it gives the life it possesses to each plant; and my Fiat remains with the sorrow of not being able to communicate the goods It possesses and Its Divine Life to souls, because they oppose receiving It, and do not want to lap up the light of my Volition, and therefore they are like the earth if it could oppose receiving the light of the sun – in full nighttime, squalid, weak; and many of them are terrifying to look at. My Divine Will is brimful of so many Divine Lives, of so many beauties and of so many goods that It wants to give to them; It would want to pour Its own self out in order to enclose the creatures within Its womb of light, and make of each of them a prodigy of sanctity, of beauty, one distinct from the other, to form Its heaven on earth. But the human will opposes itself, and my Fiat feels the intense pain – more than a mother when she cannot deliver her child to the light.
And so this is why, my daughter, my Divine Will wants to make Itself known, It wants to form Its Kingdom – because these children belonging to It will live voluntarily within and of Its light; they will remain with their mouths open to receive Its kisses, Its embraces and Its affections, in order to form Its Divine Life in them. Then, yes!, will the prodigies that my Volition knows how to do, and can do, be seen. Everything will be transformed, and the earth will become Heaven. And then, the sun which is there under the vault of the heavens and the Sun of my eternal Volition will hold hands; even more, they will engage in a contest, to see which one can make more prodigies – the sun for the earth, and my Will for souls. But my Will will make greater display, so much so, as to form a new enchantment of prodigious beauties never before seen, for the whole of Heaven and for all the earth.

June 14, 1929
Accounts with Jesus. The soul, bank of the Divine Will. Unforgettable memories. Eden.
I was continuing my round in the Supreme Fiat, and my little mind, arriving at Eden, was saying: ‘Adorable Majesty, I come before You to bring You my small interest of my ‘I love You’, ‘I adore You’, ‘I glorify You’, ‘I thank You’, ‘I bless You’, to give You my small interest because You have given me a heaven, a sun, an air, a sea, a flowery earth, and everything that You have created for me. You once told me that each day you want to do the accounts with me and receive this small interest of mine, so that we may always be in agreement; and keep the whole Creation, given to me by You as little daughter of your Will, safe inside the little bank of my soul.’ But while I was doing this, a thought told me: ‘But, how can you satisfy an interest so great? And besides, how great at all is your ‘I love You’, ‘I adore You’, ‘I thank You’?
But while I was thinking this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, this was an agreement between Me and you – that I would put the whole Creation in the bank of your soul, and you would have to give Me the interest, filling It with your ‘I love You’, ‘I adore You’, ‘I thank You’. And since I saw you hampered because of a capital so great, and fearing that you might want to reject this great gift from Me, in order to encourage you to receive it, I said to you: ‘I am content with a small interest, and we will do the accounts every day here in Eden. In this way we will remain in agreement and always in peace, and you will not be worried that your Jesus has placed in your bank a capital so great.’ And then, don’t you know the value of an ‘I love You’ in my Divine Will? My Will fills the heavens, the sun, the sea, the wind – Its Life extends everywhere; therefore, as you say your ‘I love You’, ‘I adore You’ and everything else you might say, my Fiat extends your ‘I love You’ in the heavens, and your ‘I love You’ becomes more extensive than the heavens; your ‘I adore You’ extends in the sun, and it becomes larger and longer than its light. Your ‘I glorify You’ extends in the wind, and it wanders through the air, throughout the whole earth, and its moans, the blows of the wind, now caressing, now mighty, say: ‘I glorify You’. Your ‘I thank You’ extends within the sea, and the drops of water and the darting of the fish say: ‘I thank You’. And I see the heavens, the stars, the sun, the sea, the wind, filled with your ‘I love You’, with your adorations, and the like; and I say: ‘How content I am that I placed everything in the bank of the little daughter of my Will – because she pays Me the interest wanted by Me. And since she lives in It, she gives Me a divine and equivalent interest, because my Fiat extends her little acts and renders them more extensive than the whole Creation.’ And when I see you coming into Eden to give Me your small interest, I look at you and I see in you my Divine Will doubled – one in you, and the other in Me, while It is one; and I see Myself being paid the interest by my Will Itself – and I remain satisfied, and, oh! how content I am in seeing that my Fiat has given to the creature the virtue of making Itself be doubled, so as to let her satisfy her Creator.
My daughter, how many unforgettable things there are in this Eden. Here Our Fiat created man, and made such display of love, that It poured Itself in torrents upon him; so much so, that We still feel the sweet murmuring with which We poured Ourselves over him. Here began the Life of Our Fiat in the creature, and the sweet and dear memory of the acts of the first man done in It. These acts exist still now in Our Volition, and are as though pledges for him to be reborn in order to have the Kingdom of Our Fiat again. In this Eden there is the sorrowful memory of the fall of man, the exit he made from Our Kingdom. We still hear his steps when he went out of Our Divine Fiat; and since this Eden had been given to him so that he would live in It, We were forced to put him out, and We had the sorrow of seeing the work dearest to Us without his Kingdom, wandering and sorrowful. Our only relief were the pledges of his acts, which had remained in Our Will; these called for the rights of humanity to enter again the place from which it had gone out. This is why I await you in Eden to receive your small interest, to renew what We did in the Creation, and to receive the return for a love so great, not understood by creatures, and to find a loving pretext to give the Kingdom of Our Divine Will. Therefore, I want this Eden to be dear to you as well, that you may pray Us and press Us that the beginning of Creation, the Life of Our Fiat, may return into the midst of the human family.”

June 19, 1929
The Divine Will and the operating Life of It in the creature. Difference between one who lives in the Fiat and one who does not.
My poor mind was wandering in the Divine Fiat; I felt the sweet enchantment of Its enrapturing light, and I thought to myself: ‘But, what is this Divine Will in my poor soul?’ And my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, what fortune yours is to live under the sweet enchantment of my Divine Volition. Don’t you know that when It takes possession of the creature, It forms in her Its operating Life, in such a way that It operates in the one in whom It reigns just as It operates within Itself? And, more than Queen, It imposes Itself over everything, It extends with Its light in the littleness of the creature, It forms in her Its sweet enchantment for the human will so as to be more free to form Its Life. And since the Divine Life of my Fiat is composed of repeated acts never interrupted, It is not subject to stopping, and this is why you feel within yourself an act that never ends, a light that is never extinguished, a love that always burns. Not so for those who do not live in my Volition. They feel the Divine Life interrupted in their interior, their acts broken; they feel themselves now one way, now another; their will is not invested by a continuous light that sweetly nourishes them and enchants them, such that, feeling the sweetness of my Volition, they would give not a thought to entering the field in order to operate in a human way; and if they feel the light, it is at intervals.
A symbol of one who lives in my Divine Will is one who were able to remain always under the sun. Its light never ends, nor does it need to be fed in order not to become extinguished. So, one who could live under the sun would feel light raining down constantly upon herself; and since the light contains admirable effects, she would nourish herself with sweetnesses, with fragrances, with varieties of colors, with lights, in such a way as to feel the very life of the sun being formed within herself. On the other hand, one who does not live in my Will, be it even one who is not evil, is symbolized by one who lives under the light of the low world, which has neither the virtue nor the power to form a sweet enchantment of light, such as to eclipse her so much that she would not be able to look at anything but light. And it is subject to becoming extinguished very often, because it does not possess by nature the continuous nourishing virtue; and if it is not nourished, her light ends; and since a light formed by the creature possesses neither sweetness, nor colors, nor fragrances, she cannot feel the life of that light being formed within herself. What great difference between one who lives in my Divine Will and one who lives outside of It.”
May everything be for the glory of God, and for the good of my poor soul.

June 27, 1929
Present for Saint Aloysius. How it was necessary that Jesus intertwine Luisa in the manifestations on the Divine Will. Transmission of human and Divine. Divine rights that the creature acquires.
Having received Holy Communion, I was offering It for the glory of Saint Aloysius, and I offered, as a present for him, everything that Our Lord had done in His Divine Will with His mind, with His words, works and steps, for the accidental glory of Saint Aloysius on his feast day. Now, while I was doing this, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, a more beautiful present you could not give to dear Saint Aloysius on the day of his feast. As you were offering your Communion and all my acts done in my Divine Will, so many suns were formed for as many acts as I did in It while being on earth; and these suns invested Saint Aloysius, in such a way that he received so much accidental glory from the earth, that he could not receive more. Only the offerings of acts done in my Divine Will have the virtue of forming their suns, because, containing the fullness of light, it is no wonder that It converts into suns the human acts done in It.”
After this, I was thinking to myself: ‘How is this? In all the things that blessed Jesus has told me about His Divine Will, my poor person is always intertwined in the middle; only rarely, a few times, has He spoken only about His Supreme Fiat.’ But while I was thinking about this, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior and told me: “My daughter, it was necessary that I intertwine your person in the manifestations I have given you about my Divine Fiat: first, because each manifestation I gave you was bonds that I formed between you and my Divine Will; it was gifts and properties that I entrusted to you, such that, as you were endowed with them, the human family was being bound to the new acquisition of the Kingdom of It. If I did not intertwine you in the middle, it would be neither bonds nor gifts that I would give, but simple news; and therefore, in order to give you a manifestation about my Divine Will, I would wait for an act of yours, a little pain of yours, and even just one ‘I love You’ of yours, so as to take the occasion to speak to you. I wanted of your own in order to give you of my own, and be able to give you the great gift of my Divine Volition. And then, all Our external works are a transmission of Divine and human. In the very Creation there is a continuous transmission: Our Fiat created the heavens, It studded them with stars, but It called to life matter in order to do it; It created the sun, but It called to life the light and the heat as the material with which to form it. It created man; first I formed his statue made of earth; I infused the human soul in him, and then I created the life of my love over this soul; and then, my Divine Will transmitted Itself with his, in order to form Its Kingdom in the creature. There is not one thing come out of Us and created by Us in which there isn’t this transmission of human and Divine. In Our most beautiful works – the Creation, the Immaculate Queen, the Word Humanate – the human and the Divine are so bound together as to be inseparable; and so the heavens are brimful of God, narrating my glory and Our Power and Wisdom; the Immaculate Queen - my bearer; my Humanity - the Incarnate Word. Now, wanting to make my Divine Will known, after the first transmission I made in Eden, which was rejected from Me, in order to be able to put the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat out in the field again, it was necessary for me to form the second transmission. And how could I do it if I did not intertwine another creature, with bonds almost inseparable, in the knowledges, in the light and in the very Life of my Eternal Volition? And if I did not intertwine you in It, transmitting you into It, and It into you, you would not have felt within you either Its life or Its permanent light; nor would you have felt within you the necessity to love It and the yearning to know It more. And so, this is why I put you and Me in the condition, you of giving to Me, and I of giving to you; and in that reciprocal giving I would form the knowledge that I wanted to give you; and the transmission of my Divine Will with yours was realized, rendering you the conqueror of the great good that I was doing to you.”
Then, continuing in my abandonment in the Divine Fiat… which is such that, as much as I hasten to cross all of It, I can never manage; on the contrary, I see that much way is left to me to go within Its sea of light, to the point that I cannot even catch sight of where Its endless boundaries end. So, as much as I hasten, my journey will never end, I will always have something to do and way to go within the sea of the Eternal Volition. Then, my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, how great is the sea of my Will. It has no beginning and no end, therefore the littleness of the creature can neither cross it, nor embrace it all. However, one who lives in It finds herself on the way in the center of the sea, as it will never be given to her to go out from within its center, because she will never find either a shore or a boundary of It. On the contrary, in the front and in the back, on the right and on the left, she will find nothing but sea of Divine Will, and for each act that she emits in It, she is given a divine right back. In fact, since her act has been done within and together with my Divine Volition, with Divine Justice, It communicates to the soul the right of the Divine Light, the right of Its Sanctity, the right of Its Beauty, of Its Goodness, of Its Love. She lives in the sea of my Will by right - not as a stranger, but as the owner, because she has her acts changed into divine rights which have rendered her the conqueror of my Divine Will. And if you knew how much We delight, how happy We feel, in seeing the littleness of the creature living in the sea of Our Volition – not as a stranger, but as the owner; not as servant, but as queen; not as poor, but as immensely rich – and rich in Our conquests which she has made in Our Fiat. Therefore, one who lives in Our Divine Volition will feel within herself, by right, the dominion of light, the dominion of sanctity, the dominion of beauty, and of making herself as beautiful as she wants. She has goodness at her disposal, love as the substance of her acts, my Divine Will as her own Life – and completely her own; and all this by divine right, given by Our very selves. Therefore, be attentive in multiplying your acts in Our adorable Fiat!”

July 8, 1929
Flowers which the Divine Will makes bloom. Continuous singing and murmuring of Love; delirious Love and dolorous Love. One who does the Divine Will forms the sea of refreshment for the Divine Love.
My littleness becomes lost and remains suffocated in the sea of sorrow of the privation of my beloved Jesus. Feeling in suffering, more than ever I was yearning for my nature to become undone, so as to get out of my prison and take flight toward my Celestial Fatherland. I would have wanted to go around everywhere in His Most Holy Will, and move Heaven and earth, so that, together with me, all might have a cry, a tear, a sigh, for this poor exiled one, so that all might ask for the end of my exile. But while I was pouring myself out in my bitternesses, my lovable Jesus came out from within my interior, and giving me a kiss and clasping me in His arms, He told me: “My daughter, calm yourself, I am here within you; but while I am with you, I leave the work field free for my Divine Will. And since It has Its prime act in you, it happens that you perceive what It does within you, Its crafting, while you do not feel that I, who am inside of It, am already with It in Its work. In fact, I am inseparable from my Divine Will, and whatever It does, I do.
Now, you must know that my Divine Will wants to make Its work, Its field of action and absolute dominion, completely Its own, not only in your soul, but also of your body. Over your sufferings It spreads Its kiss of light and of heat; with Its light It produces the seed; with Its heat It fecundates it and forms the germ; and nourishing this germ with continuous light and heat, It makes flowers of light bloom with such variety of colors, always animated by the light, because It can do nothing, whether big or small, in which It does not make Its light flow. These flowers are not like those of the earth which have no light and are subject to withering; they have perennial life, because they are nourished by the light of my Fiat, and the variety of their beauty is such and so great, that it will form the most beautiful ornament to the earth of your humanity.”
Having said this, He kept silent; and I felt immersed in the sea of the Divine Volition. Then my sweet Jesus continued: “My daughter, the sea of Our Divinity always murmurs, without ever ceasing. But do you know what it says in its murmuring? ‘Love! Love toward the creature!’ And the ardor of Our Love is so great, that in Our continuous murmuring We overflow with Love, and We form such gigantic waves as to be able to drown Heaven and earth, and all creatures, all with Love. And seeing that they do not let themselves be filled completely with Our Love, with the desire to see creatures overflow with Our Love, the delirious Love forms within Us; and in Our delirium, putting the human ingratitude aside, and murmuring, We repeat more loudly: ‘Love! Always love to the one who denies and does not take Our Love to let herself be loved and give Us love.’
Now, Our Love, rejected, takes the attitude of dolorous Love! But do you know who comes to give refreshment and calm to Our deliriums of love? Who soothes Our dolorous Love and makes It smile? The soul who lives in Our Divine Will. Our Will forms Its sea within the creature; Our sea and hers plunge together, and one flows within the other, and - oh! how sweet is the murmuring of the creature within Our murmuring, repeating continuously: ‘Love! love! always love to my Creator, to my Eternal Life, to the One who loves me so much!’ See then, one who lives in Our Divine Fiat is Our refreshment for Our Love that devours Us, and forms the sweet sea for Our dolorous Love. Oh! prodigy of Our Divine Volition, that making use of Its Power, forms Its sea in the creature; and putting her in a contest with Us, not only makes her murmur continuously, but raises her so high that, plunging her into Our sea, when We feel drowned, devoured by Our Love and, unable to contain It, We feel the necessity of love, it makes Us overflow into the sea which Our Fiat has formed in the creature who lives in It. And she gives respite to Our deliriums of love, and refreshing Us with her love, she soothes Us. How not to love one who lives in Our Will?”

July 14, 1929
How the Divine Will wants absolute freedom in order to form Its Life. Different ways of acting of Our Lord.
My usual abandonment in the Supreme Fiat continues. I feel that It leaves me not a free minute; It wants everything for Itself, in a way that is ruling, but sweet and strong at the same time. It is so attractive, that the soul would, herself, let It put Its sweet chains on her, so as not to oppose even slightly what the Divine Volition would want to do over her and within her. So, while I was thinking about this, my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, do not be surprised if my Divine Will does not leave you free in anything – because It does not want to form simple acts and works, but life, and to one who must form a life continuous acts are needed; and if the continuous act ceases, the life cannot grow, nor be formed, nor have its true existence. And so this is why my Divine Will, wanting to form Its Divine Life in you, wants to be free, It wants absolute freedom, and with Its incessant act which It possesses by nature, It pours Itself over the creature, and extending with Its more than maternal wings of light, It invests each fiber of the heart, each heartbeat, breath, thought, word, work and step; It warms it, and with Its kiss of light It impresses Its Life in each act of the creature. And while destroying the human life, It constitutes Its very self as Divine Life within her. And since nothing but tenebrous acts can come out of the human will, my Will does not want to mix with it, and therefore It stands at attention to be able to form Its Life, all of light, in one who, freely, has given It freedom to reign. Therefore, Its attitude is admirable, It is all eyes so that nothing may escape It; and with unspeakable love, in order to see Its Life formed in the creature, It makes Itself heartbeat for each heartbeat, breath for each breath, work for each work, step for each step; even over the little trifles of the creature, It runs, It extends, It places the Power of Its Fiat, and creates Its vital act in them. Therefore, be attentive in receiving Its continuous act, because this is about life, and life has need of breath, of continuous heartbeat and of daily nourishment. Works are done and are put aside, nor do they need to be kept always in hand in order to be works; but life cannot be put aside – if the act ceases, it dies. Therefore, the continuous act of my Will is necessary for you – you, in receiving it, and my Will in giving it to you – so that Its Life in you may live, be formed and grow with Its divine fullness.”
After this, I was feeling oppressed in thinking about my poor existence, especially the state I find myself in. How many changes I had to go through, even on the part of Our Lord. But while I was thinking of this and other things, which it is not necessary to say on paper, my sweet Jesus, making Himself seen in my interior, told me: “My daughter, my Love for you has been exuberant, and in order to lead you there where my Divine Will wanted you, I had to have different ways of acting in the periods of your life. In the first period, my Love and my acting toward you were so tender, sweet and gentle, and so jealous, that I wanted to do everything by Myself in your soul, and I wanted no one else, or that anyone might know what I was doing in you and saying to you. My jealousy was so great, that I put you in the impotence of opening yourself with anyone, not even with your confessor. I wanted to be alone, free, in my work, and I wanted no one else to meddle in it or be able to scrutinize what I was doing. I cared so much about this first period of your life - about my being with you one on one - that I can say that my Love used all the divine weapons; and waging war on you, I assailed you in every way so that you would not be able to resist. All this was necessary to my Love, because knowing what It wanted to do with you – no less than restoring the Creation, giving my Divine Will the rights to reign, making the new era arise in the midst of the human family – It used all arts and stratagems in order to obtain the intent.
Now, after I became sure about you and I secured my work, my acting changed - I made you break the silence; and the ardor of my instructions and of my speaking was such and so great, that I can call you the cathedra of my Divine Will, the secretary of Its most intimate secrets, such that, as you were unable to contain them all within yourself, I commanded you to manifest them to my minister. And this acting of mine was necessary; otherwise, how would my Divine Will have become known? Now, my daughter, in this last period of your life, you feel another way of acting of mine. Do not be concerned, let Me do, and I will know how to give my work the last coat. Courage, then, you have the Divine Will in your power – what do you fear? Therefore, always forward in my Will.”

July 18, 1929
Work of Jesus for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.
While I was in the nightmare of the privation of my lovable Jesus, and most resigned, I wasn’t even thinking that He might unveil Himself to my little soul, making His short little visit, to give Me His sip of life, so as not to let me succumb completely. All of a sudden, He moved in my interior, making Himself seen all intent and occupied on His work; and as He raised His eyes, sparkling with light, toward me, His eyes met with mine, and compassionating my affliction, He told me: “My daughter, I am working in your soul continuously, and while working, I am finalizing, so that nothing may be missing, and solidifying, to give to my work the divine stability and immutability, and waiting with invincible patience for my work to become known, so that all may know my great Love, my great sacrifice and yours, and the great good which, if they want to, all can receive. What this is about is that this work of mine is the renewal of the whole Creation, it is the centralization of all Our works, it is to establish my Divine Will in the midst of creatures, operating and dominating in their midst. Whoever will know this, my work, will be a Kingdom of Mine. Therefore, I will have as many Kingdoms for as many as are the ones who will know what I have done and said in the littleness of your soul; and, fused together, they will form one single Kingdom. So, my silence is centralization of more intense work that I am doing in you. Therefore, if I speak to you, it is new work that I undertake, calling you together with the work, giving you knowledge of what we are doing, so as to place new shades of beauty, of magnificence and of happiness in the Kingdom of my Divine Will which creatures must possess; if I keep silent, I reorder, I harmonize, I confirm what I have done. Therefore, my silence must not be cause of affliction for you, but occasion for more work, in order to carry out the Kingdom of my Divine Will.”

July 24, 1929
How the Divine Will holds the primary act over all created things. It is like the head over the members.
I was thinking about the Supreme Fiat, and I thought to myself: ‘If the Divine Volition wants to form Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures, in what way, then, was the Divine Will in relationship with creatures before the coming of Our Lord upon earth, when He came, and after His coming?’ And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, my Will, with Its immensity, has always been present in the midst of creatures, because, by Its own nature, there is not one point in which It is not present, and creatures cannot do without It. It would be like being unable to have or receive life; without my Divine Will all things would resolve into nothing. More so, since the prime act of all created things is my Divine Fiat; It is like the head to the members, and if one wanted to say: ‘I can live without head’, it would impossible for him – the mere thinking it is the greatest of follies. However, reigning is one thing: it is to be recognized, loved, longed for, and to hang upon It like the members hang upon the head - this is reigning; whereas being in the midst of creatures is not reigning if one does not hang completely upon It.
Now, before my coming upon earth, even though my Divine Will was present in the midst of creatures with Its immensity, the relationships that existed between It and them, however, were as if It lived in a foreign land, and they received from afar the scarce communications, the brief news, which announced to them my coming upon earth. What sorrow, for It to be in their midst, while they do not recognize It, and they keep It so far away from their wills, as if It were in a foreign land. With my coming, since I possessed It as life and my Humanity recognized It, loved It and let It reign, through Me It drew closer to the creatures, and the relationships It had with them were as if It lived no longer in a foreign land, but in their own lands. But since they did not know It, nor did they give It dominion in order to let It reign, it cannot be said that my Divine Volition formed Its Kingdom. Therefore, my coming upon earth served to draw the two wills, human and Divine, closer to each other, and to place them in intimate relations, and to increase the news in order to make It known; so much so, that I taught the ‘Our Father’, making them say: ‘Your Kingdom come, your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.’ If my Will does not live on earth as It does in Heaven, it cannot be said that It has Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures. And therefore, in the time of Its Kingdom, It will be present not only in their midst, but inside each one of them as perennial Life; and in order to come to this, It must be recognized – how It is like head and primary life of each creature; and because this head is not recognized, Its Strength, Its Sanctity, Its Beauty, does not flow to the members, nor can It let Its noble and divine blood flow in their veins, and therefore the life of Heaven cannot be seen in creatures. So, this is why I love so much that my Divine Will be known – knowledge will make love arise; and feeling loved and longed for, It will feel drawn to come to reign in the midst of creatures.”

July 27, 1929
How the Kingdom of the Divine Will and that of Redemption have always proceeded together. How Jesus formed the materials and the buildings, and nothing else is needed but the peoples.
I was doing my round in the Creation, to follow all the acts of the Divine Will, which It had done in It; and as I arrived at the point in which the Supreme Being created the Virgin, I paused to consider the great portent from which Redemption had Its beginning. And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the Redemption and the Kingdom of my Divine Will have always proceeded together. In order for Redemption to come, a creature was needed who would live of Divine Will, as Adam innocent lived in Eden before sinning; and this, with justice, with wisdom, for Our decorum, so that the ransom of fallen man would be based on the principle of how the order of Our wisdom created man. Had there not been a creature in whom my Divine Fiat had Its Kingdom, Redemption could be a dream, not a reality. In fact, had there not been Its total dominion in the Virgin, the Divine Will and the human would have remained as though scowling at each other, and at a distance from humanity, therefore Redemption would have been impossible. But, on the contrary, the Virgin Queen bent Her will under the Divine Will, and She let It reign freely. Because of this, the two wills fused, they reconciled; the human volition underwent the continuous act of the Divine Volition, and it let It act without ever opposing itself. So, Its Kingdom had Its Life, Its vigor and Its full dominion.
See, then, how the Redemption and the Kingdom of my Fiat started together! Even more, I could say that the Kingdom of my Fiat started before, to then continue together, both one and the other. And just as, because a man and a woman withdrew from my Divine Will, began the kingdom of sin and of all the miseries of the human family, in the same way, because a woman let my Fiat reign, and by virtue of It was made Queen of Heaven and earth, united with the Eternal Word made Man, Redemption began, not excluding even the Kingdom of my Divine Will. Even more, everything that was done by Me and by the height of the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, is nothing but materials and buildings which prepare Its Kingdom. My Gospel can be called vowels, consonants which, acting as trumpeters, called the attention of the peoples to await some more important lessons which were to bring them a good greater than Redemption Itself. My very pains, my death and my Resurrection, confirmation of Redemption, are preparation for the Kingdom of my Divine Will. They were lessons more sublime, and made everyone stand at attention, awaiting yet higher lessons. And this I have already done, after so many centuries – which are the many manifestations I have made to you about my Divine Will, and that which I have made known to you more: how It wants to come to reign in the midst of creatures, to give back to them the right of Its Kingdom which they had lost, to lavish upon them all the goods and all the happinesses It possesses.
So, as you see, the materials are already prepared, the buildings exist - the knowledges about my Will which, more than sun, must illuminate Its Kingdom and have vaster buildings be raised from the material formed by Me. So, nothing else is needed but the peoples that must populate this Kingdom of my Fiat; and the peoples will form and will enter as the knowledges about It are published. See then: two creatures which go down from the Divine Will and give the field of action to the human will form the ruin of the human generations; two other creatures – the Queen of Heaven who lives in my Divine Fiat by grace, and my Humanity who lives in It by nature – form the salvation and the restoration, and give back the Kingdom of my Divine Will. And just as it cannot be doubted that Redemption has come, since one is connected with the other, with certainty will then the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat arise; it may be a matter of time at the most.”
On hearing this, I said: ‘My Love, how can this Kingdom of your Will come? One can see no change; it seems that the world does not stop in its vertiginous race of evil.’ And Jesus continued, saying: “What do you know of what I must do, and of how I can overwhelm everything so that the Kingdom of the Divine Will may have Its Life in the midst of creatures? If everything is decided, why do you doubt about it?”

July 30, 1929
Difference between one who operates in a saintly way in the human order, and one who operates in the Divine Will. How, without It, one has the strength of a child. How all evil is of the human will.
My poor mind keeps going around and within the Supreme Fiat, and – oh! how many surprises, how many wonders of this Will so Holy. My little intelligence gets lost within Its immensely vast sea, and many things I feel incapable of narrating, nor do I have the terms to do it, and therefore I feel like someone who ate a food or saw something beautiful, and does not know what they are called. If the Divine Volition did not make a prodigy in making me say what It manifests, how many more things would I leave inside Its very sea, unable to say anything. So, while I felt dissolved in the Divine Fiat, my always lovable Jesus, making Himself felt in my interior, told me: “My daughter, what difference between those who operate the virtues in a saintly way, but in the human order, and one who operates the virtues in the divine order of my Divine Will. As the first ones practice the virtues, these remain separated among themselves, in such a way that the diversity of their acts appears – one virtue appears as patience, another as obedience, a third one as charity; each of them has its distinction, unable to fuse together so as to be able form one single act, which gives of the divine and embraces eternity and infinity. On the other hand, for one who operates in my Divine Will, Its light has the communicative and unifying virtue, such that, fusing together, because they are all done within the source of Its light, they form one single act with innumerable effects, such as to embrace the very Creator with the infinity of its light. Symbol of this is the sun: because it is one, because it possesses the source of light that is never extinguished, it embraces the earth, and with its innumerable effects it gives all colors and communicates the life of its light to everyone and to everything. The unifying strength possesses the communicative virtue, in such a way that, if they want to, all can take a good that is placed at everyone’s disposal. On the other hand, one who operates in the human order is symbolized by the lights of the low world: even though there are many of them, they do not have the virtue of dispelling the darkness of the night and of forming full daylight, or of embracing the whole earth with such great multiplicity of light. Therefore, they can be called personal, local light, and at time and circumstance. Oh! if all knew the great secret of operating in my Divine Volition, they would compete so as not to let anything escape them which would not pass from within Its most pure light.”
I continued to follow the Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, the creature without my Will is like a child who has no strength to be able to sustain a weight, or to do works so useful as to allow him to support, himself, his little existence. And if one wanted to force him to lift a heavy object or to sustain a work, the child, seeing himself impotent and without strength, maybe would try, but in seeing that he cannot even move that object, nor sustain that work, the poor little one would burst into tears and would do nothing about it; and in order to put him in feast it would be enough to give him a candy. On the other hand, one who possesses my Divine Will has the strength of an adult man – or rather, the divine strength; and if he were told to lift the heavy object, without becoming troubled, he takes it as if it were nothing; while the poor little one would remain crushed under it. If one wants him to sustain a work, he will put himself in feast because of the gain and the profit he will be given; and if one wanted to give him a candy, he would despise it and would say: ‘Give me the just profit for my work, for I must live from it.’ See then, one who has my Divine Will has sufficient strength for anything; so, everything is easy for her; even suffering, as she feels strong, she looks at it as a new gain. Why are many unable to bear anything, and it seems that a child’s weakness follows them? It is the strength of my Divine Will that is missing – this is the cause of all evils. Therefore, be attentive, my daughter, never to go out of my Divine Will.”
Then, I continued to do my acts in the Divine Fiat, and as I arrived at the point when It called to life, to daylight, the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, I thought to myself: ‘In creating the Most Holy Virgin, God not only enriched Her beautiful soul with many privileges, but Her nature also He must have transformed in order to render it as pure and holy as it is.’ And my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, there was nothing to add to Her nature, because it was not the human nature that sinned, but the human will. In fact, the human nature was at its place, just as it came out of Our creative hands, therefore We used that same nature of other creatures in creating the Virgin. What contaminated itself in man was his will; and since this human nature was animated by this rebellious will, which dwelled in the human nature, it participated and remained contaminated. So, once the Divine Will and the human are placed in harmony, giving dominion and regime to the Divine, as it is wanted by Us, the human nature loses the sad effects and remains as beautiful as it came out of Our creative hands. Now, in the Queen of Heaven, all Our work was on Her human will, which received with joy the dominion of Ours; and Our Will, finding no opposition on Her part, operated prodigies of graces, and by virtue of my Divine Volition, She remained sanctified and did not feel the sad effects and the evils which the other creatures feel. Therefore, my daughter, once the cause is removed, the effects end. Oh! if my Divine Will enters into creatures and reigns in them, It will banish all evils in them, and will communicate to them all goods – to soul and body.”

August 3, 1929
When God decides to do works which must serve for all, in His ardor of love He puts everyone aside. How the Supreme Being possesses the inexhaustible vein.
I continue in my usual abandonment in the Divine Fiat; I feel It as though centralized over my little existence; I feel Its Immensity, Its Power, Its creative and enrapturing Strength, which is such that, as It envelops me everywhere, it is not given to me to be able to resist It. But I feel happy with this, my weakness, and voluntarily I want to be weak in order to feel all the Power of the Divine Volition over my littleness. But while I was feeling sunken within It, my sweet Jesus, making Himself felt and seen, told me: “My daughter, when Our Divinity decides to do universal works, with the soul who is chosen as the first, to whom We entrust a work that must serve for the good of all, the ardor of Our Love is so great, that We put everything and everyone aside, as if no one else existed, and We centralize the whole of Our Divine Being over her, and We give her so much of Our own, to the point of forming seas around her and of drowning her with all Our goods. And We want to give so much, because the ardor of Our Love leads Us to never stop, so as to see in her Our work accomplished, through which everything and everyone can enjoy and take the universal goods which Our work encloses. With this, it is not that We do not see what the other creatures do, because Our All-seeingness and Immensity conceals nothing from Us - We are aware of everything, and from Us come the life and helps for all - but We act in such a way, and behave as if nothing else existed.
So We acted in Creation. After having formed heavens, suns, earth, ordering everything with such harmony and magnificence as to be stunning, in creating man, We centralized Ourselves over him, and the ardor of Our Love was so great, it overflowed so strongly, that forming a veil around Us, It made everything disappear for Us – while We saw everything - and We occupied Ourselves only with man. What did We not pour into him? Everything. While in the Creation there was the magnificence and beauty of Our works, in man there was not only the centralization of all Our works fused in him, but, what’s more, the settling of Our Life. Our Love overflowed, It gave Itself no rest, It wanted to give always, because It saw in him all the human generations.
So We acted in the Queen of Heaven. Everything was put aside – all the evil of the other creatures, and We occupied Ourselves only with Her; and We poured so much, that She was the Full of Grace, because She was to be the universal Mother, and cause of the Redemption of all.
So We are acting with you, for the Kingdom of Our Divine Will - We are behaving as if nothing else existed. If We wanted to look at what the other creatures are doing, the evils they commit, the ingratitudes, the Kingdom of Our Will would remain always in Heaven; not only this, but We would not even feel disposed to tell a single truth about Our Supreme Fiat. But Our Love, forming Its veil of love over all the evils of creatures, puts everything aside for Us, and overflowing strongly, not only makes Us speak about It, but, what’s more, makes Us decide to give the great gift of the Kingdom of Our Fiat to creatures. When Our Love is dead set on something, it seems It does not reason, and It wants to win by dint of love, not of reason; therefore, as if It saw and heard nothing, at any cost It wants to give what It has decided. So, this is why It holds nothing back, and It pours the whole of Itself out over the creature who is chosen for the great universal good that must descend for the good of all human generations. And this is the reason for the so much giving and saying to you – these are the ardors of Our Love, which wants to hold nothing back; It wants to give everything as long as the Kingdom of the Divine Will may reign upon earth.”
Then, my mind continued to think about many things regarding the Divine Will; and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, Our Supreme Being is inexhaustible vein – We are never exhausted, nor can We say that We have finished giving, because as much as We give, We have always something to give; and while We give one good, another one arises to put itself on the way in order to give itself to creatures. But as inexhaustible as We are, We do not give Our goods, Our graces, nor do We tell Our truths to one who is not disposed, to one who does not pay attention to listen to Us in order to learn Our sublime lessons and model her life according to Our teachings, in such a way that We may see Our teachings written in her, and see her enriched with Our gifts. If We do not see this, Our gifts do not depart from Us, nor does Our voice reach the hearing of the creature; and if she hears anything at all, it is as though of a voice that comes from afar, such that she is unable to comprehend clearly what We want to tell her. Therefore, Our inexhaustible vein is arrested by the lack of dispositions of creatures. But do you know who gives the true dispositions to the soul? Our Divine Will. It empties her of everything, It reorders her, It disposes her in an admirable way - in such a way that Our inexhaustible vein never ceases to give and to let her hear Its sublime lessons. Therefore, let yourself be always dominated by my Divine Fiat, and Our inexhaustible vein will never cease to pour itself over you; and We will have the contentment of making new graces, new gifts, and lessons never before heard, arise from Our Divine Being.”

August 7, 1929
The principal means in order to make the Divine Will reign: the knowledges. Difference between one who lives in the Divine Will and one who lives in the human will.
I was continuing my acts in the Divine Volition, and I thought to myself: ‘How can the Divine Will come to reign? What will be the means, the helps, the graces in order to dispose the creatures to let themselves be dominated by It?’ And my always beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, all goodness and tenderness, told me: “My daughter, the principal means in order to make my Divine Fiat reign upon earth are the knowledges about It. The knowledges will form the ways, will dispose the earth to become Its Kingdom; they will form the cities, will act as telegraphs, as telephone, as postal service, as trumpeters, in order to communicate, city to city, creature to creature, nation to nation, the news, the important knowledges about my Divine Will. And the knowledges about It will cast into the hearts the hope, the desire to receive a good so great. From here one cannot escape: a good cannot be wanted nor received if it is not known; and if it were received without knowing it, it is as if it were not received. Therefore, the foundations, the hope, the certainty of the Kingdom of my Divine Will will be formed by the knowledges about It. This is why I have told so many of them – because they will be the riches, the nourishment, and the new suns, the new heavens, which the peoples of the Kingdom of my Volition will possess.
Now, when the knowledges about my Fiat will make their way, disposing those who will have the good of knowing them, my more than paternal goodness, in order to show the excess of my Love, will place my very Humanity, all the good I did, in each creature, at her disposal, in a way that they will feel such strength and grace as to let themselves be dominated by my Divine Will. And my Humanity will be in the midst of the children of my Kingdom, like Heart in their midst, for the decorum and the honor of my Fiat, and as antidote, grace and defense from all the evils which the human will has produced. The ardor of my Love that wants It to reign is such and so great, that I will perform such excesses of love as to win the most rebellious wills.”
On hearing this, I remained surprised, and as if I wanted to cast a doubt on what Jesus had told me. And He, resuming His speaking, added: “My daughter, why do you doubt about it? Am I perhaps not Free to do what I want and to give Myself as I please to give Myself? Is my Humanity perhaps not the first firstborn Brother who possessed the Kingdom of my Divine Will, and, as the first Brother, I have the right to communicate the right to possess It to the other brothers, placing my very self at their disposal in order to give them a good so great? Am I not the Head of the whole human family, who can make the virtue of the Head flow in their members and make the vital act of my Divine Will descend into the members? And besides, is it perhaps not my Humanity that dwells in you continuously, that gives you such strength and grace for wanting to live only of my Will, and makes you feel such peace and happiness, as to eclipse your human will, in a way that it itself feels happy to live as though without life under the empire of my Divine Will? Therefore, what I need is that they know the knowledges about my Fiat – the rest will come by itself.”
After this, I continued in my abandonment in the Divine Fiat. It seemed to me that in It there are no stops, there is always something to do – but a doing that does not tire; on the contrary, it fortifies, it makes one happy and rejoice in one’s long journey. But while I was thinking about this, my Highest Good, Jesus, added: “My daughter, one who lives in my Divine Volition always walks, because she has the round of eternity at her disposal, which never ends. And by never stopping, she always takes; and if she stopped, one little stop, one step less, would cost her the loss of a divine step and happiness. In fact, my Fiat is an act ever new of happiness, of grace and of indescribable and unreachable beauty, and if the soul walks, she takes, while if she stops, she does not take, because not having followed, step by step, the path of my Divine Volition, she has known nothing of the happiness and beauty which my Will has issued in that step. And who can tell you the great difference between one who lives in my Divine Will and one who lives in the human will? One who lives in the human will stops constantly, her round is so short that if she wants to extend her step, she finds no place on which to put her foot. At each step she takes, she gets now a displeasure, now a disillusion, and she feels one more weakness, which drags her even to sin. Oh! how brief is the circle of the human will - full of miseries, of precipices and of bitternesses. Yet, they love so much to live in its circle! What madness, what foolishness to be deplored!”

August 12, 1929
Magnificence of the Creation. The black speck of the human will.
I was doing my round in the Divine Volition, and my sweet Jesus, drawing me outside of myself, made me see the whole Creation in the act of coming out of His creative hands. Each thing carried the mark of the creative hand of its Maker, therefore everything was perfect, of an enchanting beauty. Each created thing was animated by vivid light, either as property of nature given to it by God, or indirectly, communicated by one who possessed it. Everything was light and beauty. But amid so much light and enchantment of beauty, one could see a black speck, which appeared so ugly, especially being in the midst of so many works, so beautiful, majestic and refulgent. This black speck aroused terror and compassion, because it seemed that, in its own nature, God had not created it black, but beautiful; even more, it once was a work of the most beautiful created by the Supreme Being.
But while I was seeing this, my always lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, everything that was done by Us in Creation remains always in the act of being done, as if We were continuously in the act of doing It. This is Our creative Strength, that when It does a work, It never withdraws – It remains inside of it as perennial act of life; It forms in it Its continuous heartbeat and Its uninterrupted breath; therefore, while it was done once, It remains within it in act of doing it always. This is almost symbolized by the human nature which, while it was formed once, beginning its life with the heartbeat and the breathing, by necessity of living it must breathe and palpitate continuously, otherwise the life ceases. We are inseparable from Our works, and We like them so much that We delight in doing them continuously, and this is why they maintain themselves majestic, beautiful, fresh, as if, there and then, they were receiving the beginning of their life. Look at them – how beautiful they are; they are the narrators of Our Divine Being and Our perennial glory. But amid so much glory of Ours, look – there is the black speck of the human will. Loving man with greater love, We endowed him with a free will, but, abusing, he wanted to breathe and palpitate in his human will, not with Ours, and therefore it changes continuously to the extent of blackening, losing its beauty and freshness, and it reaches the point of losing the Divine Life in its human nature.
So, who will put to flight the thick darkening of the human will? Who will give back to it the freshness, the beauty of its creation? The acts done in Our Divine Will. They will be light which will dispel the darkness, and heat which, molding it with its heat, will destroy in it all the bad humors that have rendered it ugly. The acts done in my Will will be the rebound to all the human acts done with the human will. This rebound will restore the freshness, the beauty, the order, as the human will was created. Therefore, many acts are needed, done by the creature in Our Divine Volition, in order to prepare the counterpoison, the beauty, the freshness, the act opposite to everything evil that the human will has done. Then will Our works in Creation appear all beautiful; the black speck will disappear, and it will convert into a point, the most luminous one, in the midst of the magnificence of Our created works; and Our Divine Will will take the dominion of all, and will reign on earth as It does in Heaven. Therefore, be attentive to operate in my Divine Will, because for each human act, the divine act is needed which, with empire, knocks down, purifies and embellishes the evil done by the human will.”

August 25, 1929
How Jesus created the seed of the Divine Fiat in forming the ‘Our Father’. The virtue that the light possesses.
I was thinking about the Divine Fiat and how Its Kingdom could ever be realized upon earth. It seemed impossible to me – first, because there is no one who occupies himself with making It known, and if anything is said or planned, it all resolves into words, while facts are – oh! how far away, and who knows which generation will have the good of knowing what regards the knowledges about the Divine Will and Its Kingdom; second, it seems to me that the earth is unprepared, and I believe that in order to have such a great good - that the Kingdom of the Divine Will, Its knowledges, dominate the earth - who knows how many prodigies will precede it!
But while I was thinking about this and other things, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, and told me: “My daughter, you must know that my coming upon earth and everything I did in Redemption, my very Death and Resurrection, was nothing other than preparatory act for the Kingdom of my Divine Will; and when I formed the ‘Our Father’, I formed the seed of the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat in the midst of creatures. And if, when I speak, I create and I make the greatest, most beautiful and marvelous works come out of nothing, much more so when, with the empire of my speaking prayer, I have the virtue of creating what I want. Therefore, the seed of the Kingdom of my Will was created by Me in the act of my praying, as I formed and recited the ‘Our Father’. And if I taught it to the Apostles, it was so that the Church, by reciting it, might water and fecundate this seed, and they might dispose themselves to model their lives according to the dispositions of my Divine Fiat.
My knowledges about It, my many manifestations, have developed this seed; and since they have been accompanied by the acts done by you in my Divine Will, so many little grains have formed as to form a great mass, from which each one can take his part - always if they want to - in order to live of the Life of the Divine Will. Therefore, everything is there, my daughter – the most necessary acts. There is the seed created by Me, because if there is no seed, it is useless to hope for the plant; but if the seed is there, it takes work, the will of wanting the fruit of that seed; and one is sure of having the plant, because, by possessing the seed, one has in his power the life of the plant of that seed. There are those who water this seed in order to make it grow - each ‘Our Father’ that is recited serves to water it; there are my manifestations in order to make it known. All that is needed are those who would offer themselves to be the criers - and with courage, without fearing anything, facing sacrifices in order to make it known. So, the substantial part is there – the greatest is there; the minor is needed – that is, the superficial part, and your Jesus will know how to make His way in order to find the one who will accomplish the mission of making known my Divine Will in the midst of the peoples. Therefore, on your part, do not place any obstacle - do what you can, and I will do the rest. You do not know how I will overwhelm things and will dispose the circumstances, and this is why you reach the point of doubting that my Fiat will be known and Its Kingdom will have Its Life upon earth.”
Then, I abandoned all of myself in the Divine Volition in order to follow Its acts, and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, one who places himself in the unity of my Will, places himself in the light; and just as the light has the virtue of descending down below and of laying itself like a mantle of light over each thing it invests, so it has the virtue of rising up high and of investing with its light that which is up high. In the same way, one who places himself in the Light of my Fiat, in Its unity of Light, with his acts descends down below to all generations, and with his acts of light he invests everyone in order to do good to all; and he rises up high and invests the whole of Heaven to glorify all. Therefore, in my Divine Will the soul acquires the right to be able to offer the Light of the Eternal Fiat to all, through the gift of her acts multiplied into as many as are those who want to receive It.”

September 4, 1929
Why does the sun form the day? Because it is an act of Divine Will.
My days are most bitter because of the privation of my highest and only Good, Jesus. I can say that my continuous food is the intense sorrow of being without the One who formed the whole of my life down here. How painful it is to remember that I once would breathe Jesus, the heartbeat of Jesus would palpitate in my heart, Jesus would circulate in my veins, I would feel the nourishment of Jesus feeding my works, my steps. In sum, I felt Jesus in everything; and now everything is over, and has changed for me into nourishment of sorrow. Oh! God, what pain, to breathe and palpitate the intense sorrow of being without the One who was more than my own life, such that only the abandonment in the Fiat gives me the strength to bear a sorrow so great.
But while I was feeling this, my sweet Jesus, coming out of my interior and clasping me in His arms, told me: “My daughter, courage, do not lose heart too much. Tell Me: who forms the day? The sun, doesn’t it? And why does it form the day? Because it is an act of my Divine Will. Now, as the earth rotates, the side that moves away from the sun remains in the dark and forms the night, and the poor earth remains gloomy, as though under a mantle of sadness, in such a way that all feel the reality of the night, and the great change that the earth undergoes by having lost the beneficial sphere of the light – that is, the act of my Divine Will which created the sun and preserves it with Its continuous act. In the same way, as long as the soul goes around under the continuous act of my Will, it is always full daylight for her - night, darkness, sadness, do not exist. The continuous act of my Fiat, more than sun, smiles at her, it keeps her in feast; but if she wanders about within her human will, more than earth, she remains in the dark, in the nighttime of her human will which, lording over the soul, produces darkness, doubts, sadness, such as to form the true real night for the poor creature. Who can tell you the great good, the most refulgent day, that an act of my Divine Will produces over the creature? With Its continuous act, It produces all goods, and happiness in time and eternity. Therefore, be attentive, enclose all of yourself within a single act of my Divine Will – never go out of It, if you want to live happy and have in your power the Life of the light and the day that never sets. An act of my Divine Will is everything for the creature; with Its continuous act that never ceases and never changes, more than tender mother, It keeps one who abandons herself in Its act of light clasped to Its breast; and nourishing her with light, It raises her as a birth from Itself, noble and holy, and It keeps her sheltered within Its very light.”

September 8, 1929
The birth of the Virgin was the rebirth of all humanity.
My poor mind was wandering in the immense sea of the Divine Fiat, in which everything is in act, as if there were no past and no future, but everything present and everything in act. So, whatever thing it wants to find of the works of its Creator in the Divine Will, my little soul finds it as if It were just doing it, in act. And since I was thinking about the birth of my Celestial Mama, to give Her my poor homages, and I was calling all Creation together with me to sing the praises of the Sovereign Queen, my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, I too, together with you and with all Creation, want to sing the praises of the birth of the Height of my Mama.
You must know that this birth enclosed within itself the rebirth of the whole human family, and all Creation felt reborn in the birth of the Queen of Heaven. Everything exulted with gladness - they felt happy to have their Queen. Up to that moment, they had felt like a people without its Queen, and in their muteness they were waiting for that happy day in order to break their silence, and say: ‘Glory, love, honor to She who comes into our midst as our Queen. We shall no longer be without defense, without anyone who dominates us, without feast, because She has arisen, who forms our everlasting glory.’ This Celestial Baby Girl, by keeping Our Divine Will intact within Her soul, without ever doing Her own, reacquired all the rights of Adam innocent before Her Creator, and the sovereignty over all Creation. Therefore, all felt themselves being reborn in Her, and We saw in this Holy Virgin, in Her little Heart, all the seeds of the human generations. So, through Her, humanity reacquired the rights lost, and this is why Her birth was the most beautiful, the most glorious birth. From Her very birth, She enclosed within Her maternal little Heart, as though in-between two wings, all generations, as children reborn in Her virginal Heart, so as to warm them, keep them sheltered, and raise them and nourish them with the blood of Her maternal Heart. This is the reason why this tender Celestial Mother loves creatures so much – because all are reborn in Her, and She feels the life of Her children within Her Heart. What can Our Divine Will not do wherever It reigns and has Its Life? It encloses everything and everyone, and makes one the provider of good to all. So, all feel, under Her blue mantle, the maternal wing of their Celestial Mother, and they find in Her maternal Heart their little place in which to take cover.
Now, my daughter, one who lives in my Divine Will renews her rebirth and redoubles the rebirths for all human generations. When my Supreme Will lives inside a heart and lays the fullness of Its endless light within it, It centralizes everything and everyone, It does everything, It renews everything, It gives back all that, for centuries upon centuries, It has not been able to give through the other creatures. So, this creature can be called the dawn of the day, the daybreak that calls the sun, the sun that gladdens all the earth, illuminates it, warms it, and with its wings of light, more than tender mother, embraces everything, fecundates everything; and with its kiss of light, it gives the most beautiful shades to flowers, the most delicious sweetness to fruits, maturity to all plants. Oh! if my Divine Will reigned in the midst of creatures, how many prodigies would It not operate in their midst? Therefore, be attentive; everything you do in my Divine Fiat is a rebirth that you have in It; and to be reborn in It means to be reborn in the divine order, to be reborn in the light, to be reborn in the sanctity, in the love, in the beauty. And in each act of my Will, the human will undergoes a death, dying to all evils, and it lives again to all goods.”

September 15, 1929
How the sun returns every day to visit the earth; symbol of the Sun of the Divine Will. The germ of the Divine Will in the act of the creature.
I was repeating my acts in the Divine Volition, to follow Its acts in all of Its works; and I thought to myself: ‘Why repeat always the same acts? What glory can I give to my Creator?’ And my sweet Jesus, coming out from within my interior, clasped me in His arms to strengthen me, and told me: “My daughter, the repetition of your acts in the Divine Fiat breaks Its isolation and generates company for all the acts that my Divine Will does. So, It no longer feels alone, but has one to whom It can tell Its pains, Its joys, and entrust Its secrets. And besides, an act continuously repeated is divine virtue, and has the virtue of generating goods that do not exist, of reproducing them and communicating them to all. Only a continuous act is capable of forming life and of giving life.
Look at the sun, symbol of my Divine Will, that never leaves the creature and never tires of doing its continuous act of light. Every day it returns to visit the earth, always giving its goods; it returns to trace the goods already given with its eye of light – and many times it does not find them. It does not find the flower which it colored with the beauty of its shades, and perfumed by just touching it with its hands of light. It does not find the fruit to which, pouring its own self out, it communicated its sweetness, and which it matured with its heat. How many things the sun does not find, after it has poured its very self out with many acts, more than maternal, in order to form the most beautiful flowerings, and form so many plants, and raise so many fruits with its breath of light and of heat – because man, snatching them from the earth, has used them to nourish his life. Oh! if the sun had capacity of reason and of sorrow, it would turn into tears of light and of burning fire, to cry over each thing it formed and does not find. And, in its sorrow, it would not change its will by ceasing to communicate its goods to the earth in order to form again what was taken away from it; because, no matter how much wrong they might do to it, its nature is to always give its act of light in which all goods are present, without ever ceasing. Such is my Divine Will; more than sun, It pours Its own self out over each creature, to give her continuous life. It can be said that It invests the creatures with Its omnipotent breath of light and of love, It forms them and raises them. And while the sun gives place to the night, my Divine Will never leaves on their own the dear births that came from It – molded, vivified, formed, raised with Its breath and burning kiss of light. There is not one instant in which my Divine Will leaves the creature, and pouring Itself over her, does not communicate to her Its various shades of beauty, Its infinite sweetness, Its inextinguishable love. What does my Divine Will not do for her and give to her? Everything. Yet, It is not recognized nor loved; nor do they preserve within themselves the goods It communicates to them. What sorrow! While It pours Its own self out over each creature, It does not find the goods It communicates; and, in Its sorrow, It continues Its act of light over them without ever ceasing. So, this is why one who must live in my Fiat must have her repeated and continuous acts, so as to keep It company and soothe It in Its intense sorrow.”
After this, I continued to cross the endless sea of the Divine Fiat, and as I emitted my little acts in the Eternal Volition, many germs formed in my soul; and the seed of these germs was of light of Divine Will – varied with many colors, but all animated with light. And my sweet Jesus, making Himself seen, was breathing on those germs, one by one; and as He breathed on them, those germs would grow so much as to touch the divine immensity. I remained surprised in seeing the goodness of my Highest Good, Jesus, taking those germs in His most holy hands, with so much love, in order to breathe on them, and then placing them all in order in my soul. And looking at me with love, He told me: “My daughter, wherever there is the creative force of my Divine Will, my divine breath has the power to render the acts of the creature immense. In fact, as the creature operates in my Fiat, the creative force enters her act, placing in it the fount of the divine immensity; and the little act of the creature converts, one into fount of light, another into fount of love, others into founts of goodness, of beauty, of sanctity. In sum, the more acts she does, the more divine founts she acquires; and they grow so much, as to spread within the immensity of her Creator. It happens as to the yeast, which has the virtue of fermenting the flour, as long as, in forming the bread, one puts in it the little yeast as the germ of fermentation. But if one does not put the yeast, even though the flour is the same, the bread will never come out leavened, but unleavened. Such is my Divine Will - more than yeast that casts the divine fermentation into the human act; and the human act becomes divine act. And when I find the germ of my Divine Will in the act of the creature, I delight in breathing on her act, and I raise it so much as to render it immense; more so, since We can call that act ‘Our act’ - ‘Our Will operating in the creature’.”

September 20, 1929
How Jesus alone has sufficient words in order to speak about the Divine Will. How the creature can say: “I possess everything”. How the Divine Will forms Its Paradise wherever It reigns.
My little intelligence keeps wandering freely within the immense sea of the Divine Volition, and it can just barely retain little drops of the many truths and innumerable beauties that belong to It. Oh! unreachable, lovable and adorable Will – who will ever be able to say about You the All that You are, and to narrate your long and eternal story? Neither Angels nor Saints will have sufficient words in order to speak about You; and much less do I, who am the tiny little ignorant one, who can only babble about a Will so Holy.
So, while my mind was wandering in the Divine Fiat, my lovable Jesus, making Himself seen, told me: “My daughter, only your Jesus can have sufficient words in order to speak to you about my Eternal Volition, because, by divine nature, I am the Will Itself. But I must limit Myself in speaking, because your small capacity cannot embrace and comprehend and enclose all that belongs to It, and I have to content Myself with making known to you little drops of It, because your created mind cannot contain Its immense and uncreated sea; and these little drops I change into words, in order to adapt Myself to your small capacity, and so make you comprehend something about my indescribable and immeasurable Fiat. It is enough to say that my Divine Will is everything, encloses everything; if even just a coma of all that exists were missing in It, It could not be called the All.
Therefore, in order to enter into my Fiat, the creature must empty herself of everything, reduce herself to that point as when her Creator, calling her from nothing, gave her existence – to the way in which the creative power of my Divine Will created her, beautiful, empty of everything, and filled only with the Life of the One who had created her. In the same way, as the soul lets herself be invested again by the creative power of my Fiat, Its light and Its heat will empty her and will make her again beautiful, just as when she came out of nothing, and will admit her to live in the All of my Will. And, in It, the creature will breathe the All, she will feel herself all sanctity, all love, all beauty, because the All of my Divine Fiat will keep her within Its sea, in which the All will be at her disposal. Nothing will be given to her by half or in small proportions, because One who is the All is able to give all of Himself, not by measure; and only in my Will can the creature say: ‘I possess everything – even more, the All is mine.’ On the other hand, one who does not live in my Divine Will, since her being is not under the empire of a creative power, cannot possess all the fullness of a Divine Life, nor will she feel herself all filled to the brim of her soul with light, with sanctity, with love, to the point of overflowing outside and forming seas around her, to the extent of feeling that everything is hers. At the most, she may feel small divine particles, the impression of grace, of love, of sanctity – but not everything. And so, this is why only one who lives in my Fiat is the only fortunate one to be preserved in the prodigy of her creation and to have the rights to possess and to live in the abundance of the goods of her Creator.”
After this, I continued my acts in the Divine Will, and my lovable Jesus added: “My daughter, one who lives in my Fiat will have the great good of possessing a Divine Will on earth, which will be for her the bearer of imperturbable peace, of immutable firmness. My Fiat will raise her in a divine manner; in each act she does, It will give her a sip of Our Divine Being, so that there might be no quality of Ours which is not centralized in this creature. Not only this, but my Volition will delight in enclosing in her my Divine Will-bearer of happiness, with which It makes all the Blessed happy, so that not even this may be missing in one who lives in It; in such a way that, when she comes into Our Celestial Fatherland, she will bring her paradise of joy and of happiness, all divine, as the triumph of her having lived in Our Fiat. And while she comes to find yet more surprising beatitudes, because my Will is never exhausted and has always something to give, the creature will find her own joys and the happiness which my Will enclosed in her when she was on earth. Therefore, rise ever more in It, expand your boundaries, because the more of Divine Will you take on earth, the more Our Life will grow in you, and the more happiness and joys you will enclose in your soul. And the more of them you will bring, the more you will be given in Heaven, in Our Celestial Fatherland.”
May everything be for the glory of God and the fulfillment of His Most Holy Will.

Deo Gratias.

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