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Divine Will Volume Twenty-seven


In Voluntate Dei! Deo Gratias.

September 23, 1929
One who lives in the Divine Will, in her littleness, encloses the All and gives God to God. The divine prodigies.
The Divine Will absorbs me in everything, and as much as I feel reluctance in writing, the Omnipotent Fiat, with Its empire, imposes Itself over me, a little creature, and with Its divine lordship It conquers me, It knocks down my will, and placing it at Its divine feet like a footstool, with Its sweet and strong empire It induces me to write a new volume, while I thought I would take a break. Oh! adorable, ruling and Holy Will, since You want the sacrifice, I do not feel the strength to resist and to fight against You; but rather, I adore your dispositions, and dissolving myself in your Holy Volition, I pray You to help me, to fortify my weakness, and not to permit that I write anything but what You want and the way You want it. O please! may I be your repeater, and may I add nothing of my own. And You, my Love in the Sacrament, from that Holy Cell through which You look at me, and I look at You, do not deny me your help while I write, but come to write together with me. Only in this way will I feel the strength to begin.
I was doing my usual round in the Creation, to follow all the acts that the Supreme Volition had done in all created things; and my sweet Jesus, coming out from my interior, told me: “My daughter, when the creature goes through the works of her Creator it means that she wants to recognize, appreciate, love, what God has done for love of her; and having nothing to give Him in return, while going through His works she takes the whole Creation as though in the palm of her hand, and she gives It back to God, intact and beautiful, for His glory and honor, saying to Him: ‘I recognize You, I glorify You by means of your own works, which alone are worthy of You.’ Now, Our delight in seeing Ourselves recognized in Our works by the creature is such and so great, that We feel as if the Creation were being repeated again, to give Us double glory; and since this double glory is given to Us because the creature recognizes Our works done for love of them and given to them as gift so that they would love Us, by recognizing Our gift, the creature encloses the All in the heaven of her soul, and We see, within her littleness, Our Divine Being with all Our works. More so since, Our Divine Fiat being present in the littleness of this creature, she has capacity and space to be able to enclose the All, and – oh! prodigy, to see the All enclosed in the human littleness, and to see her, brave, giving the All to the All, only to love Him and glorify Him. That the All of Our Supreme Being be the All – there is nothing to be surprised about, because such is Our Divine Nature – to be All. But the All in the human littleness is the wonder of wonders; these are prodigies of Our Divine Volition, that wherever It reigns It cannot make of Our Divine Being a Being by half, but the whole of It. And since the Creation is nothing other than an outpouring of love of Our creating Fiat, wherever It reigns It encloses all Its works, and therefore the human littleness can say: ‘I give God to God.’ This is why, then, when We give Ourselves to the creature, We want everything – even her nothing, so that upon her nothing Our creative word may be repeated, and We may form Our All over the nothing of the creature. If she does not give Us everything – her littleness, her nothing – Our creative word cannot be repeated, nor is it decorous and an honor for Us to repeat it; because when We speak, We want to get rid of anything that does not belong to Us; and when We see that she does not give herself completely, We do not make her Our own, and so she remains the littleness and the nothing that she is, while We remain with the All that We are.”
After this, I continued my abandonment in the Supreme Fiat, but I felt sad because of certain things which it is not necessary to say on paper. And my always lovable Jesus, moved to compassion for me, clasped me in His arms and, all love, told me: “Oh! how dear to Me is the daughter of my Will. Now, you must know that sadness does not enter into my Divine Will. My Will is perennial joy, which renders the dwelling in which It reigns peaceful and happy. Therefore, this sadness, though I know it is because of Me, is old stuff from your human will, and my Divine Will does not receive the old stuff in your soul, because It has so many new things, that the space of your soul is not enough to put them all in. So, out your sadness – out. Oh! if you knew how many rare beauties my Divine Will forms in the soul…. Wherever It reigns It forms Its heaven, Its sun, Its sea and the little wind of Its divine refreshment and freshness. Being the insuperable Artisan, It has within Itself the ability of the art of Creation; and when It enters into the creature to form Its Kingdom, It has such a yearning to repeat Its art, and so It lays the heavens within her, It forms the sun and all the beauties of Creation. In fact, wherever It reigns, It wants Its own things, and It forms them with Its art, and It makes Itself be surrounded by works worthy of my Fiat. Therefore, the beauty of the soul in whom It reigns is indescribable.
Does this not happen also in the human order? When someone does a work, by doing it, he does not lose his art – the art remains inside the creature as his own property, and he has the virtue of repeating his work as many times as he wants to repeat it; and if the work is beautiful, he yearns to have the occasion to repeat his work. Such is my Divine Will: the work of Creation is beautiful, majestic, sumptuous, full of order and unspeakable harmony, therefore It keeps looking for the occasion to repeat it, and this occasion is given to It by the souls who give It possession to let It dominate and extend Its Kingdom within themselves. Therefore, courage, move away from you anything that does not belong to my Divine Fiat, that It may be left free in Its divine work; otherwise you would form clouds around yourself, which would prevent my Light from expanding and shining in your soul with Its refulgent rays.”

September 28, 1929
The first kiss, outpouring between Mother and Son. How all created things contain each its own outpouring. How for one who lives in the Fiat it is continuous creation. Divine contentment.
I was doing my round in the Creation and Redemption, and my little intelligence paused when my charming little Baby, in the act of coming out of the maternal womb, flung Himself into the arms of the Celestial Mama, and feeling the need to make His first outpouring of love, He surrounded the neck of His Mama with His little arms, and kissed Her. The Divine Queen also felt the need to make Her first outpouring of love toward the Divine Infant, and She returned to Him the maternal kiss, with such affection as to feel Her Heart come out of Her chest. These were the first outpourings that Mother and Son made. I thought to myself: ‘Who knows how many goods They enclosed in this outpouring!’ And my sweet Jesus, making Himself seen as a little Baby in the act of kissing His Mama, told me: “My daughter, how I felt the need to make this outpouring with my Mama. Indeed, everything that has been done by Our Supreme Being was nothing other than outpouring of love; and in the Virgin Queen I centralized all Our outpouring of love which We had in Creation, because, since my Divine Will was in Her, She was capable of receiving, with my kiss, this outpouring of Ours, so great, and of returning it to Me. In fact, only one who lives in my Divine Will centralizes within herself the continuous act of all Creation, and the attitude of pouring It back into God.
To one who possesses my Divine Will I can give everything, and she can give Me everything; more so since, as We issued the Creation in an outpouring of love in order to give It to the creature, It lasts and will always last, and one who is in my Divine Will is as though present in Our house, receiving the continuity of this outpouring of Ours with the continuous act of all Creation. In fact, in order to preserve It as We made It, it is as if We were always in the act of creating It, and of saying to the creature: ‘This outpouring of Ours, of having created so many things, says to you: “I loved you, I love you, and will always love you”.’ And the soul who lets herself be dominated by Our Divine Volition, upon Its wings, unable to contain this, Our outpouring of love so great, also pours out and says to Us, repeating Our same refrain: ‘In your Will I loved You, I love You, and will always love You – always.’ In fact, aren’t all created things outpourings of love which Our Fiat, as first actor, attested to the creature? Outpouring of love is the azure sky, and by remaining always stretched out, studded with stars, without ever fading or changing, it gives forth Our continuous outpouring of love toward the creature. Outpouring of love is the sun, and it pours out Our continuous love by filling all the earth with light; and all the effects it produces, which are innumerable, are continuous and repeated outpourings that it attests to the creature. Outpouring of Our love is the sea, and as it murmurs, it repeats its gigantic waves, now placid, now stormy; and as it produces so many fish, these are nothing other than continuous outpourings of Our love. Outpouring of Our love is the earth, and as it rips open to produce flowers, plants, trees and fruits, Our love continues its ardent outpouring. In sum, there is not one thing created by Us in which there isn’t the continuous outpouring of Our love.
But who is aware of so many outpourings of Ours? Who feels herself being invested by Our Creative Strength and touches Our inextinguishable flames with her own hand, to the point of feeling the need to requite Us with her own loving outpourings for her Creator? One who lives in Our Divine Fiat. For her it is continuous creation; she feels the power of Our Creative Strength which, operating in her, makes her touch with her own hand how her Creator is in act of creating continuously for love of her, making her feel His outpourings never interrupted in order to receive her requital. But who can tell you Our contentment when We see that the creature, by possessing Our Divine Fiat, receives and recognizes these outpourings of Ours, and unable to contain the great excess of love of Our divine outpourings, within Our very outpouring of love, forms her own outpouring toward her Creator? Then We feel as though repaid for everything We did in Creation. We feel her, in her delirium of love, saying to Us: ‘Adorable Majesty, if it were in my power I too would like to create for you a heaven, a sun, a sea, and everything that You created, to tell You that I love You with your same love and with your own works, because a love that does not operate cannot be called love; but since your Divine Volition gave me everything of all that You created, I give it back to You to tell You that I love You - I love You.’ And so the harmony, the exchange of gifts, the order, returns between Creator and creature, as it was established by God in Creation.
Now, you must know that, by doing his will, man lost the order, the harmony, and he lost the rights of the gift of Creation, because only in one in whom my Divine Will reigns, since my Will is the Creator of all Creation, wherever It reigns, since the Creation is Its own, It gives It to the creature by right. But one in whom It does not reign can be called an intruder in Its works, and therefore cannot act as the owner, nor give to God what does not belong to her; nor can she feel all the outpourings of love that exist in the Creation, because she does not have Our Divine Will in her possession, which tells her Our love story. Without Our Divine Volition man is the true little ignorant one of his Creator, and like the little pupil without teacher. Oh! how painful it is to see man without Our Fiat. More so, since Our Creation is Our speaker, It is the bearer of Our loving kisses, of Our affectionate embraces. Oh! how my Humanity felt all this while being on earth. As I would go outside, the sun would give Me the kiss which my own Will had deposited in its light in order to give it to creatures. The wind would give Me the caresses, the embraces, which it contained in deposit from my own Divine Will. All Creation was brimful with divine charisms to give them to creatures; and my Humanity received everything, giving in return, so as to give vent to so many kisses repressed, embraces rejected and love unrecognized for so many centuries. In fact, since my Divine Will was not reigning, man was incapable of receiving the good that my Will Itself had placed in all Creation; and my Humanity, possessing my same Divine Will, gave It the first outlet, and received and gave the requital for everything that my same Divine Will had placed in all Creation. And so this is why, as I would go outside, all created things would make feast and, competing with one another, they would give Me what they possessed. Therefore, be attentive, and take to heart only living in my Divine Will, if you want to feel, vividly, what your Jesus tells you about my Supreme Fiat.”

October 2, 1929
Only the Divine Will renders the creature happy; one prey to the other. One who does not have the true will to do a good is a poor cripple, and God does not want to make use of him.
My abandonment and living in the Divine Fiat continues. Oh! how powerful is Its Creative Strength. Oh! how dazzling is Its light which, penetrating into the inmost fibers of the heart, invests them, and caressing them, It makes space for Itself and raises Its throne of dominion and of command – but with such enrapturing sweetness, that the littleness of the creature remains vanished, but happy to remain without life and dissolved in the Divine Fiat. Oh! if all knew You, O adorable Will, oh! how they would love to become lost in You in order to reacquire your Life and be happy of the very divine happiness.
But while my littleness was dissolving in the Divine Fiat, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior, and clasping me very tightly to His Divine Heart, told me: “My daughter, only my Divine Will can render the creature happy. With Its light, It either eclipses or puts to flight all evils, and says with Its Divine Power: ‘I am perennial happiness. Flee – you, all evils; I want to be free, because before my happiness all evils lose life.’ With one who lives completely in my Divine Volition, Its love is so great as to transform the actions of the creature, and an exchange of life takes place between God and her; an exchange of actions, of steps, of heartbeats. God remains clasped to the creature, and the creature to God; they become inseparable beings, and in this exchange of action and of life, the game is formed between Creator and creature – one makes oneself prey to the other. And in this becoming prey to each other, they play in a divine manner, they make each other happy, they make feast, and God and the creature sing glory, they feel victorious because no one has lost, but one has conquered the other. In fact, in my Divine Will no one loses – losses do not exist in It. Only of one who lives in my Will can I say that she is my amusement in Creation, and I feel victorious in lowering Myself to let Myself be conquered by the creature, because I know for sure that she will not be opposed to letting herself be conquered by Me. Therefore, the flight in my Will be always continuous.”
After this, I was thinking about many things that blessed Jesus had told me about His Divine Will, His many ardent yearnings to make It known, and how in spite of the many yearnings of Jesus, nothing would arise to obtain His intent. And I said to myself: ‘What wisdom of God, what profound mysteries – who can ever comprehend them? He wants it, He is sorrowful because there is no one who opens the way for His Will, to make It known; He shows His Heart yearning – longing for His Divine Will to make Its way so as to make Itself known, to form Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures; and then, as if He were an impotent God, the ways are barred, the doors are closed, and Jesus tolerates, and with invincible and unspeakable patience He waits for doors and ways to open, and He knocks at the hearts in order to find those who will be the ones who will occupy themselves with making His Divine Will known.’
But while I was thinking about this, my sweet Jesus, making Himself seen all goodness and tenderness, such as to break the hardest hearts, told me: “My daughter, if you knew how much I suffer when I want to form my works and make them known to creatures in order to give them the good they contain, and I find no one who has true enthusiasm, genuine desire and the will to make my work his life in order to make it known, so as to give to others the life of the good of my work, which he feels within himself. And when I see these dispositions in one who must occupy himself with it, whom I call and choose, with so much love, for the works that belong to Me, I feel so drawn to him, that so that he may do well what I want, I lower Myself, I descend into him and I give him my mind, my mouth, my hands and even my feet, that he may feel the life of my work in everything, and, as life that is felt, not as something extraneous to him, he may feel the need to give it to others. My daughter, when a good is not felt within oneself as life, everything ends up in words, not in works, and I remain outside of them, not inside; and therefore they remain like poor cripples, without intelligence, blind, mute, without hands and without feet. And I, in my works, do not want to make use of poor cripples – I put them aside and, heedless of time, I continue to go around in order to find those who are disposed, who must serve my work. And just as I did not get tired of going around the centuries and the entire earth in order to find the littlest one, so as to place in her littleness the great deposit of the knowledges about my Divine Will, so will I not get tired of going around the earth, over and over again, to find the true disposed ones, who will appreciate, as life, what I have manifested about the Divine Fiat; and these will make any sacrifice in order to make It known.
Therefore, I am not the impotent God, but rather, that patient God who wants His works to be done with decorum and by people who are willing, not forced; because the thing I abhor the most in my works is the unwillingness of the creature, as if I did not deserve their little sacrifices. And for the decorum of a work so great, which is that of making my Divine Will known, I do not want to use poor cripples - in fact, when one who does not have the genuine will to do a good, it is always a mutilation that he does to his soul - but I want to use people who, as I provide them with my divine members, would do it with decorum, as a work which must bring so much good to creatures, and great glory to my Majesty, deserves.”

October 7, 1929
How the Divine Fiat is inseparable from Its works. The terrible moment of the fall of Adam.
I was feeling all immersed in the Divine Fiat; Its Light surrounded me everywhere, inside and out; and my sweet Jesus, making Himself seen, clasped me in His arms, and drawing close to my mouth, sent His breath from His mouth into mine – but so strongly, that I could not contain it. Oh! how gentle, sweet, fortifying, was the breath of Jesus. I felt reborn to new life; and my always lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, everything that comes out of Our creative hands contains continuous preservation and creation. If Our creating and preserving act withdrew from the heavens, from the sun and from all the rest of Creation, all would lose life, because, since Creation is ‘the nothing’, they need the work of ‘the All’ in order to be preserved. This is why Our works are inseparable from Us; and what is not subject to separating, is loved always, is kept always under one’s eyes, and the work and the One who created it form one single thing. Our Fiat, which pronounced Itself in the act of creating all things, remained in the act of always speaking Itself, to constitute Itself act and perennial life of all Creation. Our operating is not like that of man, who does not place his breath, his heartbeat, his life, his warmth in his work; therefore his work is separable from him, nor does he love it with invincible and perfect love, because when something is separable, one can arrive at even forgetting about his work. On the other hand, in Our works, it is life that We place, which is loved so much, that in order to preserve it, We make Our Life always run within Our work; and if We see any danger, as it happened with man, We lay down Our Life in order to save the Life that has run within Our work.
Now, my daughter, your living in my Divine Fiat began with Our asking for your will, which you most willingly gave Me; and when I saw you give Me your will, I felt victorious, and breathing into you, I wanted to pronounce my Omnipotent Fiat in the depth of your soul, to renew the act of Creation. This Fiat I repeat always, in order to give you continuous Life from It; and as It is repeated, It preserves you and maintains Its Life in you. This is why you often feel Me breathe into you, renewing your soul; and the inseparability I feel is my Divine Will that makes Me love, with perennial love, what We have deposited in you. Every time my Fiat is repeated, each of Its truths that It manifests to you, each of Its knowledges or words that It speaks to you, is a love that arises in Us, to love you more and to make itself loved. It is Our creating and preserving Fiat that, loving Its Life and what It has done in you, keeps pronouncing Itself in order to preserve Its Life and the beauty of Its work. Therefore, be attentive to receive continuously the word of my Fiat, for It is bearer of creation, of life and of preservation.”
After this, I was doing my round, to follow the acts of the Divine Fiat in the Creation; and as I arrived at Eden, I paused in the act when man rejected the Divine Will to do his own. Oh! how well I comprehended the great evil of doing the human will. And my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, terrible indeed was the moment of the fall of Adam. As he rejected Our Divine Will to do his own, Our Fiat was in act of withdrawing from the heavens, from the sun and from all Creation to reduce It to nothing, because the one who had rejected Our Divine Will no longer deserved that Our Fiat maintain the continuous act of creation and preservation in all Creation, made for love of man and given to him as gift from his Creator. If it wasn’t that the Eternal Word offered His foreseen merits of the future Redeemer, as He offered them to preserve the Immaculate Virgin from original sin, everything would had gone to ruin: the heavens, the sun, would have withdrawn into Our source; and as Our Divine Will withdraws, all created things would lose life. But the Word Humanate presented Himself before the Divinity, and making present all of His foreseen merits, all things remained in their place, and my Fiat continued His creating and preserving work, waiting for my Humanity in order to give it as legitimate gift, which I deserved; so much so, that the solemn promise was given to man, after his fall, that the future Redeemer would descend to save him, so that he would pray and dispose himself to receive Him.
Our Will did everything and, with justice, had right over everything. By doing his will, man took Its divine rights away from It, therefore he no longer deserved that the sun give him light; and as the light invested him, Our Will would feel the rights of Its light being torn away. For each created thing that he would take and enjoy, it was tearings that he made to It. If it wasn’t for my Humanity, everything was lost for man. Therefore, not doing my Divine Will encloses all evils and is to lose all rights, of Heaven and of the earth; while doing It encloses all goods and acquires all rights, human and divine.”

October 12, 1929
By living in the Divine Will, the human will ascends and the Divine descends. How are the divine prerogatives acquired.
I was doing my usual round in the Divine Fiat, and calling everything It had done in Creation and Redemption, I was offering them to the Divine Majesty to impetrate that the Divine Will be known, so that It might reign and dominate in the midst of creatures. But while I was doing this, I thought to myself: ‘What is the good I do by always repeating these rounds, acts and offerings?’ And my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, every time you go around in Our works, and you unite yourself to those same acts which my Fiat did in Creation and Redemption in order to offer them to Us, you take a step toward Heaven and my Divine Will takes a step toward the earth. So, as you ascend, It descends, and while remaining immense, It makes Itself small and encloses Itself in your soul to repeat your acts, your offerings, your prayers, together with you; and We feel Our Divine Volition praying in you. We feel Its breath coming out from you; We feel Its heartbeat that, while palpitating in Us, at the same time palpitates in you; We feel the power of Our creative works which, lining themselves up around Us, pray with Our Divine Power that Our Divine Will may descend to reign upon earth. More so since, in what you do, you are not an intruder or someone who, not occupying any office, does not have any power; but you have been called, and in a special way you have been given the office of making Our Divine Will known and of impetrating that Our Kingdom be constituted in the midst of the human family. So, there is great difference between one who has received an office from Us, and one who has received no task. One who has received an office, whatever she does, does by right, with freedom, because such is Our Divine Will. She represents all those who must receive the good We want to give by means of the office given to her. So, you are not the only one taking a step toward Heaven, but there are all those who will know my Divine Will; and, in descending, It descends through you into all those who will let It reign. Therefore, the only means in order to obtain the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat is to make use of Our works to obtain a good so great.”
Then, I continued following the acts of the Divine Will, and as I arrived at the point when It called the Sovereign Queen out from nothing, I stopped to comprehend Her – all beautiful, majestic. Her rights of Queen extended everywhere; Heaven and earth bent their knees to recognize Her as Empress of everyone and of everything. And I, from the bottom of my heart, venerated and loved the Sovereign Lady, and, as the little one I am, I wanted to make a jump onto Her maternal knees, to say to Her: ‘Holy Mama, all beautiful are You, and You are so because You lived of Divine Will. O please! You who possess It – pray It to descend upon earth and to come to reign in the midst of your children.’ But while I was doing this, my adored Jesus added: “My daughter, even if my Mother had not been my Mother, only because She did the Divine Will perfectly and knew no other life, and lived in the fullness of It, by virtue of Her continuous living in my Fiat, She would have possessed all the divine prerogatives – She would still be Queen, the most beautiful of all creatures. In fact, wherever my Divine Fiat reigns, It wants to give everything, It holds nothing back; even more, It loves the creature so much that, making use of Its loving stratagems, It hides, It makes Itself small within her, loving to be knocked out by her. Indeed, was is not a knocking out of the Divine Volition that the Sovereign Queen of Heaven did, as She reached the point of making Me be conceived and of hiding Me in Her womb? Oh! if all knew what my Divine Will is able to do and can do, they would make all sacrifices in order to live only of my Will.”

October 15, 1929
How all are in waiting for the narration of the story of the Divine Will. Void of the acts of the creature in the Divine Will.
I was feeling all immersed in the Divine Fiat; before my poor mind I could see the whole Creation and the great prodigies operated by the Divine Will in It. It seemed that each created thing wanted to narrate what it possessed of the great Divine Fiat in order to make It known, loved and glorified. Then, while my mind wandered in looking at the Creation, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and told me: “My daughter, all are in waiting for the narration of the great poem of the Divine Will; and since the Creation was the first external act of the operating of my Fiat, It therefore contains the beginning of Its story of how much It has done for love of the creature. This is the reason why, wanting to tell you the whole story of my Divine Volition, I enclosed in it the whole story of Creation, with so many details and simple and special ways, so that you and all might know what my Divine Fiat has done and what It wants to do, and Its just rights in wanting to reign in the midst of the human generations. Everything that was done in Creation is not completely known by creatures – the love We had in creating It, how each created thing carries a note of love, one distinct from the other, enclosing a special good for creatures, so much so, that theirs lives are bound to Creation with indissoluble bonds, and if the creature wanted to withdraw from the goods of the Creation, she could not live. Who would give her the air in order to breathe, the light in order to see, the water to drink, the food to nourish herself, the solid earth to let her walk? And while my Divine Will has Its continuous act, Its Life and Its story to be made known in each created thing, the creature ignores It, and lives from It without knowing It. And so this is why all are in waiting, Creation Itself, wanting to make known a Will so Holy; and by my having spoken to you with so much love about Creation Itself, and of what my Divine Fiat does in It, Creation shows Its great desire of wanting to be known better. More so, since a good that is not known brings no life, nor the good it contains. Therefore, my Will is as though sterile in the midst of creatures, nor can It produce the fullness of Its Life in each one of them, because It is not known.”
After this, I felt an interior force within me that wanted to follow all the acts that the Divine Fiat had done in Creation and Redemption; but while I was doing it, I thought to myself: ‘What is the good I do in wanting to follow the Divine Volition in everything?’ And my beloved Jesus added: “My daughter, you must know that everything that my Divine Will has done both in Creation and in Redemption, It has done for love of creatures, and so that creatures, by knowing It, would ascend into Its act in order to look at It, love It and unite their act to Its own, so as to keep It company, and place even just one comma, one point, one gaze, one ‘I love You’, on the so many works and divine prodigies that, in the ardor of Its love, my Fiat has done for all. Now, when you follow It in Its acts, It feels your company, It will not feel alone; It feels your little act, your thought that follows Its act, therefore It feels requited. But if you did not follow It, It would feel the void of you and of your acts in the immensity of my Divine Volition, and with sorrow would cry out: ‘Where is the little daughter of my Will? I do not feel her in my acts, I do not enjoy her gazes that admire what I do, to say to me a “thank You”. I do not hear her voice that says to me: “I love You”. Oh! how loneliness weighs upon Me.’ And It would make you hear Its moans in the depth of your heart, saying to you: ‘Follow Me in my works – do not leave Me alone.’ So, the evil you would do would be to form the void of your acts in my Divine Will; while, if you do it, you would do the good of keeping It company; and if you knew how pleasing is company in operating, you would be more attentive. And just as my Divine Fiat would feel the void of your acts if you did not follow It, so would you feel the void of Its acts in your will, and you would feel alone, without the company of my Divine Will that loves to occupy you so much, as to make you feel no longer that your will lives in you.”

October 18, 1929
Beauty of the Creation. For one who lives in the Divine Will, God is in the act of always creating. The creature who lives in the Divine Volition doubles her love toward God. The two arms: immutability and firmness.
I felt myself in the immensity of the light of the Divine Fiat, and in this light one could see the whole Creation lined up as a birth from It; and wanting to delight in Its works, it seemed as if It were in the act of creating them and of always making them by preserving them. And my lovable Jesus, coming out from within my interior in the act of looking at the Creation to glorify Himself by means of His works, told me: “My daughter, how beautiful is Creation - how It glorifies Us, how It magnifies the power of Our Fiat. It is nothing but one single act of Our Divine Volition, and though many things can be seen, one different from the other, they are nothing but the effects of Its single act, which never ceases and contains Its continuous operating act. And since Our act possesses by nature, as Its own exclusive property, light, immensity, empire and multiplicity of innumerable effects, it is no wonder, then, that as Our Fiat formed Its single act, from it came out immensity of heavens, most refulgent sun, vastness of sea, ruling wind, beauty of flowering, species of every kind; and power, such that, as if all Creation were a light breath, a small feather, It keeps It suspended, without any support, enclosed only in Its creative strength. Oh! power of my Fiat – how insuperable and unreachable You are.
Now, you must know that only in the soul in whom my Divine Will reigns, since It reigns in all Creation, what the soul does unites itself to the single act that my Will does in the Creation, to receive the deposit of all the good that was done in It. In fact, this great machine of the universe was done in order to give It to the creature - but to that creature who would let Our Divine Volition reign. It is right that We do not go out of Our established purpose, and that the creature recognize and receive Our gift. But how to receive it if she is not in Our house – that is, in Our Divine Will? She would lack the capacity to receive it and the space in which to contain it. Therefore, only one who possesses my Divine Will can receive it. My Will delights with Its single act; as if It were in the act of creating for love of her, It makes her feel Its continuous act of creating the heavens, the sun and everything, and says to her: ‘See how much I love you – only for you I continue to create all things; and to receive the requital from you, I make use of your acts as material in order to extend the heavens, as material of light in order to form the sun; and so with all the rest. The more acts you do in my Fiat, the more material you administer to Me with which to form more beautiful things in you.’ Therefore, let your flight in my Will never stop, and I will take the occasion to always operate in you.”
After this, I continued my acts in the Divine Volition, and making all of Its acts done in Creation and Redemption my own, I offered them to the Divine Majesty as the most beautiful gift I could give It as requital of my love; and I said to myself: ‘Oh! how I would like to have a heaven, a sun, a sea, a flowery earth, and everything that exists – all my own – to be able to give to my Creator my heaven, a sun that would be my own, a sea and a flowering that would all say: “I love You, I love You, I adore You…”. But while I was thinking of this, my beloved Jesus, clasping me in His arms, told me: “My daughter, for one who lives in Our Will, everything is her own; since her will is one with Ours, what is Ours is hers. Therefore, in all truth you can say to Us: ‘I give You my heaven, my sun and everything.’ The love of the creature rises into Our love and places itself at Our level. In Our Divine Fiat the creature duplicates Our love, Our light, Our power, happiness and beauty, and We feel loved not only with Our own doubled love, but with powerful love, with love that enraptures Us, with love that makes Us happy. And seeing Ourselves being loved with doubled love on the part of the creature who lives in Our Will, for love of her We feel drawn to love all creatures with doubled love. In fact, with the creature in Our Fiat, her act loses life and she acquires Our act as her own; and Our act possesses the fount of light, of power, of love, the fount of happiness and beauty, and the soul can double, triple – multiply Our founts as much as she wants. And since she is in Our Will, We let her do it, We give her all the freedom, because what she does remains all in Our house – nothing goes out of Our divine and endless boundaries, therefore there is no danger that the fount of Our goods might receive the slightest harm. So, if you remain always in Our Divine Will, what is Ours is yours, and you can give Us whatever you want as your own.”
Then, I felt afflicted because of many things which it not necessary to say on paper; and my adorable Jesus added: “My daughter, courage, I do not want you to afflict yourself. I want to see in your soul the peace and the joy of the Celestial Fatherland; I want your very nature to give of fragrance of Divine Will, which is all peace and happiness. It would feel uncomfortable in you, and as though jeopardized in Its light and happiness, if perennial peace and happiness is not in you. And then, don’t you know that one who lives in my Divine Fiat forms two arms for herself? One is immutability, the other arm is firmness in operating continuously. With these two arms she keeps God clasped, in such a way that He cannot free Himself from the creature; not only this, but He enjoys her keeping Him clasped to herself. Therefore, you have no reason to afflict yourself, whatever the circumstances might be, when you have a God who is all your own. So, let your thought be to live in that Fiat that gave you life to form life in you, and I will take care of the rest.”

October 21, 1929
Parallel between the coming of the Word upon earth and the Divine Will.
I was feeling all concerned about the Divine Fiat; a thousand thoughts crowded my mind with what my sweet Jesus had told me about It, especially on Its reigning. And then I was saying to myself: ‘But, does the Divine Will reign upon earth now? It is true that It is everywhere, there is not one point in which It does not exist; but does It hold Its scepter, Its absolute command in the midst of creatures?’ But while my mind wandered amid many thoughts, my lovable Jesus, coming out from within me, told me: “My daughter, my Divine Will reigns. It can be paralleled to Me, Eternal Word, who, in descending from Heaven, enclosed Myself in the womb of my Celestial Mother. Who knew anything? No one, not even Saint Joseph knew, at the beginning of my conception, that I was already in their midst. Only my inseparable Mama was aware of everything. So, the great portent of my descent from Heaven upon earth had occurred, and in reality; and while with my immensity I existed everywhere - Heaven and earth were immersed in Me, with my person I was enclosed in the maternal womb of the Immaculate Queen – no one knew Me, I was ignored by all.
And so, my daughter, here is the first step of the parallel between Me, Divine Word, when I descended from Heaven, and my Divine Will that takes Its first step to come to reign upon earth. Just as I directed my first steps toward the Virgin Mother, so did my Will direct Its first steps in you; and as It asked for your will and you surrendered it, It immediately formed Its first act of conception in your soul; and as It manifested Its knowledges, giving you as though many divine sips, It formed Its Life and gave start to the formation of Its Kingdom. But, for a long time, who knew anything? No one; only you and I were aware of everything; and after some time my representative, the one who directed you, became aware of what was happening in you – symbol of my representative, Saint Joseph, who was to appear as my father before creatures, and who, before I came out of the maternal womb, had the great honor and gift of knowing that I was already in their midst.
After the first steps I took the second: I went to Bethlehem to be born, and I was recognized and visited by the shepherds of that place. But they were not influential people, they kept for themselves the beautiful news that I had already come upon earth, therefore they did not occupy themselves with making Me known, with spreading Me everywhere, and I continued to remain the Jesus hidden and unknown to all. But, though unknown, I was already in their midst – symbol of my Divine Will: very often other representatives of mine have come to you, from afar and from nearby, who have listened to the beautiful news of the Kingdom of my Divine Will, the knowledges about It, and how It wants to be recognized. But, some for lack of influence, some of will, they did not occupy themselves with spreading It, and It remained unknown and ignored, even though It already exists in their midst; but because It is not known, It does not reign – It reigns only in you, just as I was only with my Celestial Mama and with my foster father Saint Joseph.
The third step of my coming upon earth is the exile, and I had this because the Holy Magi came to visit Me, who aroused some interest in searching for Me. This search of Me made Herod fearful, and instead of joining with them to come to visit Me, he wanted to plot against my life in order to kill Me, and by necessity I was forced to go into exile. Symbol of my Divine Will: very often it seems that they arouse some interest, that they want to make It known by publishing It. But – nothing! Some are taken by fear, some are afraid to compromise themselves, some do not feel like sacrificing themselves; now with one pretext, now with another, everything ends up in words, and my Divine Will remains exiled from the midst of creatures. And just as I did not depart for Heaven, but in the exile I remained in the midst of creatures, only with my Divine Mother and with Saint Joseph who knew Me very well and I formed their paradise on earth, while for the others it was as if I did not exist; in the same way, having formed Its Life in you with all the cortege of Its knowledges, if It does not receive the effects, the purpose for which It has made Itself known, how can my Fiat depart? In fact, when We decide to do a work, a good, no one can move Us. Therefore, in spite of the exile and of Its hiddenness, just as I did – doing my public life and making Myself known after thirty years of hidden life – so will my Divine Volition not be able to remain always hidden, but will obtain Its intent of making Itself known in order to reign in the midst of creatures. Therefore, be attentive, and know how to appreciate the great gift of my Divine Will in your soul.”

October 24, 1929
How in the Divine Will the soul has everything in her power, because she finds the fount of the divine works and can repeat them whenever she wants.
I was feeling all abandoned in the Divine Fiat, following and offering all of Its acts, both of Creation and of Redemption, and as I reached the conception of the Word, I said to myself: ‘How I would like, in the Divine Will, to make the conception of the Word my own, to be able to offer to the Supreme Being the love, the glory, the satisfaction as if the Word were being conceived once again.’ But while I was saying this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, in my Divine Will the soul has everything in her power; there is nothing that Our Divinity has done, both in Creation and in Redemption, whose fount Our Divine Fiat does not possess. In fact, It disperses nothing of Our acts, but rather, It is the depositary of everything; and one who possesses Our Divine Volition possesses the fount of my conception, of my birth, of my tears, of my steps, of my works – of everything. Our acts are never exhausted, and as she remembers and wants to offer my conception, my conception is renewed as if I were being conceived again; I rise again to new birth; my tears, my pains, my steps and works rise again to new life and repeat the great good that I did in Redemption.
So, one who lives in Our Divine Will is the repeater of Our works, because just as nothing in the Creation has been dispersed of what was created, so is everything of Redemption in act of arising continuously. But who gives Us the spur? Who gives Us the occasion to move Our founts in order to renew Our works? One who lives in Our Will. By virtue of It, the creature takes part in Our creative strength, therefore she can make everything rise again to new life. With her acts, with her offerings, with her supplications, she moves Our founts continuously, which, moved as though by a pleasant breeze, form the waves, and overflowing with Our acts, multiply and grow to infinity. Our founts are symbolized by the sea: if the wind does not agitate it, if the waves are not formed, the waters do not overflow outside and the cities do not get wet. The same with Our founts of Our so many works: if Our Divine Fiat does not want to move them, or if one who lives in It gives no thought to forming any breeze with her acts, even though they are filled to the brim, they do not overflow outside to multiply their goods for the good of creatures.
In addition to this, with one who lives in Our Divine Fiat, as she keeps forming her acts, these acts ascend to the beginning from which the creature came out; they do not remain down below, but ascend so very high, to look for the bosom of the One from whom the first act of her existence came out. These acts line up around the Beginning, which is God, as divine acts. In seeing the acts of the creature in His Divine Will, God recognizes them as His acts, and feels loved and glorified as He wants, with His very love and with His own glory.”

October 27, 1929
Why the Kingdom of the Divine Will could not come before the coming of Our Lord upon earth. The graft of Jesus Christ and the graft of Adam.
I was doing my round in the Creation, and I was following all the acts done by the Divine Fiat, from Eden up to the descent of the Divine Word upon earth. But while I was doing this, I thought to myself: ‘And why did the Kingdom of the Divine Will not come upon earth before the Son of God came from Heaven to earth?’ And my sweet Jesus, taking the occasion from what I was thinking… or rather, it seems to me that when He wants to speak to me, He gives me the reflections, He makes doubts and difficulties arise in me, and the desire to know many things about His Kingdom; while, when He does not want to speak to me, my mind is silent, I am unable to reflect upon anything, and I go through the acts of the Divine Will within Its light. So, my lovable Jesus, coming out from within my interior, told me: “My daughter, the Kingdom of my Divine Will could not come upon earth before my coming to it, because there was no humanity which possessed, as much as it is possible for a creature, the fullness of my Divine Fiat, and not possessing it, there was no right, either according to the divine order or according to the human order. Heaven was closed; the two wills, human and Divine, were as though scowling at each other; man felt himself in the impossibility of asking for a good so great, so much so, that he would not even think about it. By right of justice, God was in the impossibility of giving it. Before my coming upon earth, God and the creature were with each other like the earth and the sun: the earth does not possess the seed with which, by pulverizing it, it may form the shoot in order to form the plant of that seed; the sun, not finding the shoot, cannot communicate the effects it possesses so as to be able to form, with its vivifying virtue, the development and the formation of that plant. So, earth and sun are as though foreign to each other; it can be said, if they had reason, that they would as though scowl at each other, for the earth cannot produce and receive that good, and the sun cannot give it.
Such was the state of humanity without the seed of my Fiat, and if there is no seed it is useless to hope for the plant. Now, with my coming upon earth, the Divine Word clothed Himself with human flesh and, by this, He formed the graft with the tree of humanity. My Humanity lent Itself as seed to the Eternal Word, and my Divine Will formed the new graft with my human will. From this, since I was the head of all human generations, began the right on both sides, human and Divine – for them, to be able to receive the Kingdom of my Divine Will; for God, to be able to give It. Now, when a graft is made, it does not immediately assimilate the strength of the new humors, but it keeps assimilating the new humors of that graft little by little; therefore, at the very beginning it gives few fruits, but as it keeps forming, the fruits increase, they are bigger and more tasty, until the whole tree is formed, loaded with branches and fruits. Such is the graft made by Me with the tree of humanity. About two thousand years have passed, and humanity has not received all the humors of my graft; but there is reason to hope, because the seed, the graft, is there, and therefore the creature can ask for it. God finds Himself in the possibility of giving it, because there is my Humanity which, possessing my Divine Will by nature by virtue of the Word made flesh, has given back the rights to man and to God. Therefore, everything I did in Redemption is nothing other than preparation, watering, cultivation, to give development to this celestial graft made by Me between the two wills, the human and the Divine.
So, how could the Kingdom of my Divine Will come before my coming upon earth if the graft was missing, as well as the principle of Its Life, Its operating in act in the soul, and Its first act in the act of the human work in order to extend Its Kingdom in each of their acts? It is true that my Divine Fiat, with Its power and immensity, extended Its empire everywhere, but in the human will It was not present as principle of life, but only by power and immensity. It was in the condition in which sun and earth find themselves: the sun invests the earth with its light, and it also gives its effects, but the earth does not become sun and the sun does not become earth, because sun and earth do not fuse together, in such a way as to form life one within the other, and therefore they are always foreign bodies which do not look alike; and as much as the sun illuminates it, warms it, communicates its admirable effects, since it does not communicate its life nor does the earth surrender its rights of life in the sun, the earth will always be earth and the sun will always be sun. Such is the state my Divine Will was and is in: until man surrenders his will in Mine, Mine cannot cast Its principle of life in the human will, the fusion of One with the other cannot take place, the creature will always be creature without the likeness and the Life of her Creator in the depth of her soul, which only my Divine Fiat can form. Therefore, there will always be dissimilarity, distance, even though my Divine Volition illuminates it and communicates to it its admirable effects out of Its goodness and liberality, and by the effect of the power and immensity which It possesses by Its own nature. More so since, by sinning, by doing his human will, Adam not only formed the wood worm in the root of the tree of humanity, but he added the graft to it – a graft which communicated all the bad humors that in the course of the centuries the graft of Adam would produce in the tree of humanity. At the beginning, a graft can produce neither great goods nor great evils, but only the beginning of evil or of good. In fact, Adam did not do the many evils of the human generations, but made only the graft, and was yet the cause of torrents of evils; more so, since he did not have immediately the opposite graft of my coming upon earth, but centuries upon centuries were to pass, therefore the bad humors kept growing and the evils multiplied, and so the Kingdom of my Will could not even be thought of. But when I came upon earth, with my Conception I formed the opposite graft with the tree of humanity, and the evils began to stop, the bad humors to be destroyed; so, there is all the hope that the Kingdom of my Divine Will be formed in the midst of the human generations. The many truths I have manifested to you about my Divine Fiat are sips of life, some of which water, some cultivate, some increase the humors for the tree of humanity grafted by Me. Therefore, if the Life of my Divine Fiat has entered into the tree of my Humanity and has formed the graft, there is all the reason to hope that my Kingdom will have Its scepter, Its just dominion and Its command in the midst of creatures. Therefore, pray and do not doubt.”

October 30, 1929
One who lives in the Divine Will can go around in all the works of God and acquires the divine rights.
The sweet enchantment of the Omnipotent Fiat keeps me as though eclipsed in It with Its light, and I can see nothing but all of Its acts, to place my ‘I love You’ as a seal upon each one of Its acts in order to ask for the Kingdom of Its Divine Will in the midst of creatures. Now, before my mind I saw a great wheel of light which filled the whole earth; and while the center of the wheel was all one light, many rays were sticking out around it for as many acts as the Divine Fiat had done, and I moved from one ray to another to place on them the seal of my ‘I love You’, to then leave it in each ray asking continuously for the Kingdom of Its Divine Will. Now, while I was doing this, my always lovable Jesus, coming out of my interior, told me: “My daughter, with one who lives in my Divine Will and forms her acts in It, these acts remain as the work of the creature, binding God to give her the rights of a Kingdom so holy, and therefore the rights to make It known and to make It reign upon earth. In fact, the soul who lives in my Fiat reacquires all the acts of It done for love of creatures. God renders her the conqueror not only of His Will, but of all Creation; there is not one act of It in which the creature does not place her act, be it even one ‘I love You’, one ‘I adore You’, etc. So, having placed something of her own, everything remains bound, and my Fiat feels happy because finally It has found the fortunate creature to whom It can give what It wanted to give with so much love from the very beginning of the creation of all the universe.
Therefore, by living in my Divine Will, the creature enters into the divine order, she becomes the proprietor of Its works, and, by right, she can give and ask for others that which is her own. And since she lives in It, her rights are divine, and she asks by a right that is divine, not human. Each of her acts is a call that she makes to her Creator, and with His very divine empire, she says to Him: ‘Give me the Kingdom of your Divine Will, that I may give It to creatures, so that It may reign in their midst, and all of them may love You with divine love, and be all reordered in You.’ Now, you must know that every time you go around in my Will to put something of your own, it is one more divine right that you acquire to ask for a Kingdom so holy. This is why, as you go around in It, all the works of Creation come forward before you, and all those of Redemption line up around you, waiting for you, so as to receive, each one of them, your act, to give you the requital of the act of Our works; and you keep tracing them one by one, to recognize them, embrace them, to place your little ‘I love You’, and your kiss of love to make a purchase of them. In Our Fiat there is neither ‘yours’ nor ‘mine’ between Creator and creature, but everything is communion, and therefore, by right, she can ask for whatever she wants. Oh! how afflicted and sorrowful I would feel amid so many pains and acts of mine done while I was on earth, if the little daughter of my Divine Will did not even recognize them and did not try to place around my act the cortege of her love and of her act. How could I give you the right if you did not recognize them? And even less could you make them your own. Recognizing Our works is not only a right that We give, but possession. Therefore, if you want my Divine Will to reign, always go around in Our Fiat, recognize all Our works, from the smallest to the greatest, place your act in each one of them, and everything will be granted to you.”

November 6, 1929
Jesus, center of the Creation. The word, outpouring of the soul; the value of it. Who is the bearer of the works of God.
My abandonment in the Fiat continues, and it seems to me that all of Creation and the many works It encloses are my dear sisters – but so bound to me that we are inseparable, because one is the Will that animates us, and everything that Jesus did while on earth forms my life, and so I feel as though kneaded with Jesus and with all His acts.
So, I felt myself surrounded by everything, and in the center of all things I could see my sweet Jesus, taciturn; though in the midst of so many works, everything was silence, and He had no one to whom to say a word – the most beautiful works were mute for Him. Then, drawing me to Himself, He told me: “My daughter, I am the center of all Creation, but isolated center; everything is around Me, everything depends on Me, but since created things do not have reason, they do not keep Me company; they give Me glory, they honor Me, but they do not break my loneliness. The heavens do not speak, the sun is mute, the sea tumults with its waves, it murmurs tacitly, but does not speak. It is the word that breaks loneliness; two beings who, in words, exchange their thoughts, the affections and what they want to do - this is the most beautiful joy, the purest feast, the sweetest company. Their secrets, manifested in words, form the dearest harmony. And if these two beings blend in their sentiments, in the affections, and one sees his will in the other, this is the most pleasant thing that can exist, because one feels his life in the other. Great gift is the word - it is the outpouring of the soul, the outpouring of love; it is the door of communication, it is the exchange of joys and of sorrows. The word is the crown of the works. In fact, who formed and crowned the work of Creation? The word of Our Fiat. As It spoke, the portents of Our works came out, one more beautiful than the other. The word formed the most beautiful crown for the work of Redemption. Oh! had I not spoken, the Gospel would not exist, and the Church would have nothing to teach to the peoples. The great gift of the word has more value than the whole entire world.
Now, daughter of my Divine Volition, do you want to know who breaks my loneliness in the midst of so many works of mine? One who lives in my Divine Will. She comes into the middle of this center, and she speaks to Me; she speaks to Me about my works, she tells Me that she loves Me for each created thing, she opens her heart to Me and speaks to Me of her intimate secrets; she speaks to Me of my Divine Fiat and of her sorrow for she does not see It reigning. And my Heart, in hearing her, feels in her Its own love and sorrow; It feels as though portrayed again, and as she speaks, my Divine Heart swells with love, with joy, and unable to contain it, I open my mouth and I speak, and speak at length. I open my Heart and I pour my inmost secrets into her heart; I speak to her about my Divine Will as the only purpose of all Our works. And while I speak, I feel true company – but a speaking company, not mute; a company that understands Me, that makes Me happy, and into which I can pour Myself. Has everything I have manifested to you about my Divine Will perhaps not been outpourings of love, transfusion of life that we did, one into the other, and that, while I would speak to you, served to entertain us and to form the sweetest and most pleasant company? A soul that lives in my Divine Will is everything for Me, she makes up for the muteness of my works for Me; she speaks to Me for everything, she makes Me happy, and I do not feel lonely; and having someone to whom to give the great gift of my word, I am no longer left as the mute Jesus who has no one to whom to say a word – and if I want to speak, if my Fiat is not there I will not be understood - but the Jesus who speaks and has His company.”
Then, my poor and little mind kept wandering within the Divine Fiat, and my lovable Jesus added: “My daughter, my Divine Will simplifies the creature, It empties her so much of everything that does not belong to It, that nothing else is left of the human being but a complex of simplicity. Simple the gaze, the word, the manners, the steps; the mark of the divine simplicity can be seen in her as though in a mirror. Therefore, when my Divine Will reigns on earth, pretence, lie, which can be called origin of every evil, will not longer exist; while simplicity, as origin of every true good, will be the true characteristic that will point out that here reigns the Divine Will. Now, you must know that Our love for one who lets herself be dominated by Our Divine Fiat is so great, that everything We want the creature to do is first formed in God Himself, and then it passes into her. And since her will and Ours are one, she keeps it as her own act, and she repeats it to Us as many times as We want. So, one who lives in Our Divine Volition is the bearer of Our works, the continuous copier and repeater. With the eye of light that she possesses, given to her by It, she fixes upon her Creator to see what He is doing, in order to absorb it into herself, to say to Him: ‘I want to do nothing else but what your adorable Majesty does.’ And We feel twice as happy, not because We are not happy without the creature, since, in Us, happiness is Our nature, but because We see the creature happy, who, by virtue of Our Will, comes closer to Our likeness, loves with Our love and glorifies Us with Our own works. We feel that the creative power of Our Fiat reproduces Us and forms Our Life and Our works in the creature.”

November 10, 1929
Only the little ones enter to live in the Divine Will. Example of the little boy. Difference between the creation of the universe and that of man.
The Divine Fiat absorbs me completely within Its light, and in order to give me Its prime act of life, this light palpitates in my heart and makes me feel the heartbeat of Its Light, the heartbeat of Its Sanctity, of Its Beauty and Creative Power; and I feel my little soul like a sponge, all soaked in these divine heartbeats. And unable to contain it because of my littleness, and feeling itself burned by the scorching rays of the Sun of the Divine Fiat, in spasm, it keeps repeating: ‘Fiat! Fiat! have pity on my littleness. I feel I cannot contain your Light – I am too little. So, You Yourself - form the void, make me larger, so I can contain more light, that I may not remain suffocated by this Light, which it is not given to me to be able to embrace completely, so as to enclose It in my little soul.’
But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus told me: “My little daughter, courage, it is true that you are too little, but you must know that, in my Divine Fiat, only the little ones enter to live in Its Light; and at every act that these little ones do in my Divine Will, they suffocate their own, giving a sweet death to the human will, because in Mine there is no room nor place to let it operate. The human volition has no reason nor right, it loses its value before a Will, reason and right which are Divine. It happens between the Divine Will and the human as it could happen to a little boy to whom, on his own, it seems he is able to say and capable of doing something, but if he is placed near someone who possesses all sciences and is skillful in the arts, the poor little one loses his value, remains mute, and is incapable of doing anything; and he remains fascinated and enchanted by the lovely speaking and fine operating of the scientist. My daughter, this is what happens: the little one without the great one feels he is something, but before the great one he feels more little than he is. More so before the height and immensity of my Divine Will.
Now, you must know that as many times as the soul operates in my Divine Will, she empties herself of her own and forms as many doors to let Mine enter. It happens as to a house which could possess a sun inside: the more doors it has, the more rays come out through each door. Or to a piece metal which had holes, and were placed in front of the sun: the more holes it has, the more each little hole is filled with light and possesses the ray of light. Such is the soul; the more acts she does in my Divine Will, the more entrances she gives It, in such a way as to become all irradiated by the light of my Divine Fiat.”
After this, I was continuing my round in the Creation, to follow the acts of the Supreme Fiat done in It; and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, there is great difference between the creation of the whole universe and the creation of man. In the first there was Our creative and preserving act, and after everything was ordered and harmonized, We added nothing else that was new. On the other hand, in the creation of man, there was not only the creative and preserving act, but the active act added to it - and of an activity ever new; and this, because man was created in Our image and likeness, and since the Supreme Being is a new continuous act, man too was to possess the new act of his Creator, which might resemble Him in some way. Therefore, Our active act of continuous novelty remained inside and outside of him; and by virtue of this, Our active act, man can be and is always new in his thoughts, new in his words, new in his works. How many new things do not come out of mankind? And if man does not give his new act as continuous, but at intervals, it is because he does not let himself be dominated by my Divine Will. How beautiful was the creation of man – there was Our creative, preserving and active act; We infused in him, as life, Our Divine Will in his soul, and We created Our Love as blood of his soul.
This is why We love him so much – because he is not only Our work, like all the rest of Creation, but he possesses part of Our Life, in a real way; We feel in him the Life of Our Love. How not to love him? Who does not love one’s own things? And if one did not love them, he would go against nature. Therefore, Our Love toward man gives of the incredible; but the reason is clear: We love him because he came out of Us, he is our child, and a birth from Our very Selves. And if man does not exchange his love with Ours, if he does not surrender his will to Us, to keep Ours, he is more than barbarous and cruel against his Creator and against himself, because, not recognizing his Creator and not loving Him, he forms a maze of miseries, of weaknesses, inside and outside of himself, and he loses his true happiness. And by rejecting Our Divine Will, he puts himself at a distance from his Creator, he destroys the principle of his creation, consuming the blood of Our Love in his soul, to let the poison of his human will flow in it. Therefore, until Our Will is recognized and forms Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures, man will always be a disordered being, and without the likeness of the One who created him.”

November 14, 1929
How the rights of Creation are just and holy. Example of the sun, and how one who lives in the Divine Will is the true sun.
I am always in my dear inheritance of the Divine Fiat. The deeper I remain in It, the more I feel like loving It; the more I move within It, the more It unveils Itself - the more It makes Itself known, and says to me: “Live always in your precious inheritance, which was given to you with so much love. It is yours – It will always be yours, inseparable from you; nor will I ever permit that my little daughter not feel the heartbeat of my Light, the breath of my balsamic air, the Life of my Divine Will.”
But while my little mind was wandering within the Divine Volition, my lovable Jesus, coming out from within that same Light of the Divine Fiat, told me: “My daughter, because the sun possesses the strength of the unity of its light, given to it by its Creator, its light is not subject to separating, and not even to dispersing one little drop of its light. Therefore, by virtue of this one strength of light which the sun possesses, there is nothing it touches and invests to which it does not give its precious effects. The sun seems to play with the earth; it gives its kiss of light to each creature, to each plant; it embraces everything with its heat, it seems to blow and communicate colors, sweetness, flavors. And while it abounds so much in giving its effects, it is also jealous in not giving up to anyone even just one drop of the so much light it possesses. And why this? Because it wants to maintain the rights of its creation and disperse nothing of what God gave it. Oh! if the sun dispersed its light, it would end up happening, little by little, that it would no longer be sun. The first rights of how all things were created, including man, are sacred, are holy and just; and, with justice, all should stick to the first act, as they were created. Only man was unable to maintain for himself the great honor of the way he was created by God; but this cost him so much, and therefore all evils swooped down upon him.
Now, my daughter, one who lives in my Divine Will possesses the rights of her creation, and therefore, more than sun, she lives in the unity of her Creator; she is the reproducer of the effects of the divine unity. In this unity she gathers everything, embraces everyone, warms everyone, and with the breath of the divine unity she produces in the hearts of creatures all the effects which are present in the kingdom of grace. But while, more than sun, she plays in touching everything, with her touches she gives sanctity, virtue, love, divine sweetness; she would want to enclose everyone in the unity of her Creator. But while she wants to give everything, jealous, she preserves for herself the rights of her creation – that is, the Will of her Creator as her first act and the origin of her creation; and she says to all: ‘I cannot descend from within the Divine Fiat, nor do I want to lose even one drop of It – I would lose my rights, which I do not want to do. Rather, come up, all of you, and one will be the Will of all; in this way we will live common life. But for as long as you remain at the low level of the human will, like sun, I will give you the effects of the Divine Will; however, Its Life will be always mine, praying and waiting for all of you in the Will of our Creator.’ One who lives in my Will is the true sun, which is such that apparently one sees nothing but light and feels nothing but heat, but how many goods are there not inside that light and heat? How many effects? The life and the goods of the earth are enclosed inside that light and heat. In the same way, with one who lives in my Divine Fiat, apparently one sees a creature, but inside there is a Divine Will that sustains everything – Heaven and earth, and does not want to keep inactive the one who possesses such a great good.”

November 20, 1929
How peace is the fragrance, the air, the breath of Jesus. How the works of God are all ordered. How He does minor things first, and then greater things. Example of Creation and Redemption.
I was concerned about this blessed printing of the Divine Will, and at any cost I would have wanted to prevent some other things that regarded me, and many other things that my beloved Jesus told me, from being printed. I feel a nail driven inside my soul, which embitters me deep into the marrow of my bones. So, I was thinking to myself: ‘Blessed Jesus could have spoken of His adorable Will first, and then of all the rest. In this way He would have spared me this sorrow that pierces me so much.’ But while I was pouring out my bitternesses, my always lovable Jesus, all goodness, clasped me in His arms and told me: “My daughter, courage, do not lose peace; peace is my fragrance, my air, it is the effect that my breath produces. So, in the soul in whom there is no peace I do not feel I am in my royal palace - I feel uncomfortable. My very Divine Will, which is peace by nature, finds Itself like the sun when clouds advance against the light and prevent the sun from shining in its fullness over the earth. It can be said that when the soul is not all peace, whatever the circumstances might be, it is like a rainy day for her, and the Sun of my Will feels as though hindered from communicating to her Its Life, Its heat, Its Light. Therefore, calm yourself, and don’t form for Me clouds in your soul - they hurt Me, and I cannot say: ‘I am in this creature with perennial peace, with my joys, and with my Light of my Celestial Fatherland.’
Now, daughter of my Volition, you must know that I am order, and therefore all of my works are ordered. Look at how ordered is Creation. The purpose of Creation was man, yet I did not create man as first; had I done it I would not have been orderly. Where to put this man? Where to place him? Without the sun that would illuminate him, without the pavilion of the heavens that would function as room for him, without plants that would nourish him, everything was disorder, and my Fiat reordered and created everything; and after It formed the most beautiful dwelling, It created man. Does the order of your Jesus not show in this? Now, for you also I was to maintain order, and even though Our primary purpose was to make known to you Our Divine Will, that It might reign in you like King in His royal palace, and as It would give you Its divine lessons, you might be the herald in making It known to others, yet, like in Creation, it was necessary to prepare the heaven of your soul, studding it with stars through the many sayings of the beautiful virtues which I manifested to you. I had to descend to the low level of your human will in order to empty it, purify it, embellish it, and reorder it in everything. It can be said that those were many sorts of creations that I was doing in you. I was to make the ancient disordered earth of your human will disappear in order to call back the order of the Divine Fiat in the depth of your interior, which, making the ancient earth of your whole being disappear, would make heavens, suns, seas of surprising truths rise again with Its creative strength. And you know how all this was matured through the cross, through segregating you from everything, making you live on earth as if it were not earth for you, but Heaven, keeping you always absorbed, either with Me, or in the Sun of my Divine Fiat.
Therefore, everything I have done in you has been nothing other than the order which was needed in order to give you the great gift of my Divine Will, as it was given to the first man at the beginning of his creation. And this is why there were so many preparations – because they were to serve that man who was to possess the great gift of Our Will as his beloved inheritance, symbol of the great preparations made in your soul. Therefore, adore my dispositions and thank Me by being faithful to Me.
Another example is my Redemption, and how it is necessary to do secondary works in order to obtain the intent of forming the primary works of a goal We have set. My descent upon earth, taking on human flesh, was precisely this – to lift up humanity again and give to my Divine Will the rights to reign in this humanity, because by reigning in my Humanity, the rights of both sides, human and divine, were placed in force again. Yet, it can be said that I said nothing about it, or just a few words, making it understood that I had come into the world only to do the Will of the Celestial Father, so as to make Its great importance be comprehended. And in another circumstance I said: ‘Those who do the Will of my Father are my mother, my sisters, and belong to Me.’ As for the rest, I kept silent, while the purpose was precisely this, of constituting the Kingdom of my Divine Will in the midst of creatures. In fact, it was right that I not only was to place creatures in safety, but I also was to place my Divine Will in safety, by giving back to It Its rights over all flesh, as I had given It over mine; otherwise, there would have been a disorder in the work of Redemption. How could I come to place creatures in safety, and let Our divine rights, those of Our Fiat, go to rack and ruin? This could not be. But even though the first purpose was to balance all the accounts of my Divine Will, as Celestial Doctor I complied with giving medicines, remedies, I spoke about forgiveness, about detachment, I instituted Sacraments, I suffered atrocious pains, even unto death. It can be said that this was the new creation I prepared so that creatures might receive my Divine Will as King in the midst of His people, in order to let It reign. So I have done with you; first I prepared you, I spoke to you about crosses, about virtues, about love, to dispose you to listen to the lessons of my Fiat, so that, by knowing It, you would love It, and feeling within yourself the great good of Its Life, you would want to give Its Life to all, making It known, loved, and letting It reign.”

November 26, 1929
Each act that is done in the Divine Will is a Divine Life that one encloses. How the creature enraptures God.
I was feeling very afflicted because of the continuous privations of my sweet Jesus; I felt everything missing in me without Him. With Jesus everything is mine, everything belongs to me, it seems to me that I am in the house of Jesus, and He, sweetly, with an admirable gentleness, says to me: “All that is mine is yours. Even more, I do not want you to say to me: ‘Your heavens, your sun, your many created things’, but you must say to me: ‘Our heavens, our sun, our Creation’. In fact, in my Divine Will you were creating with me, and continuing your life in It, you offered yourself together with Me in preserving It. Therefore, my daughter, everything is ours - everything is ours, and if you do not consider what is mine as fully your own, you place yourself at due distance, and you show that you are not one from the Celestial Family, and that you do not live in the house of your Divine Father, and you would break the familiar bond with your Jesus.” So, without Him I feel myself put out of His Family, out of His house, and – oh! what a dismal and sorrowful change I feel in my poor soul. I feel I am without the One who alone can give me life, I experience the true abandonment and what it means to be without Jesus. Oh! how the exile weighs upon me, and I feel, vividly, the extreme need of my Celestial Fatherland.
But while many oppressing thoughts crowded my mind, wounding my little and poor soul and reducing it as if it were in extreme agony, my dear Life, my sweet Jesus, rose like Sun; the oppressing thoughts fled, and with a sweet tone He told me: “My daughter, courage, do not lose heart too much; don’t you know that you must cover your way in my Divine Will? And this way is long, and these oppressions of yours, these thoughts that crowd within you, are stops that you make; and even though you do not go out of It, yet the journey you should make is somehow arrested, and your Jesus does not want this moving back – He wants you to walk always, without ever stopping. In fact, you must know that each step you take in my Divine Will is a Divine Life that you enclose; so, one step less is one Divine Life that is not formed; and you deprive Our Supreme Being of the glory, of the love, of the happiness and satisfaction that another same Life of Ours can give Us; and if you knew what it means to give Us the glory, the love, the happiness of Our very Life! With the strength of Our own Will, as the fortunate creature has the great good of living in It, We feel Ourselves being enraptured, and her enrapturing strength is such and so great, that We bilocate Our Divine Being and We enclose It in the step, in the act, in the little love of the creature, to have Our highest contentment of receiving, through her, Our Life, Our glory, and all Our goods. Therefore, when you always walk in Our Will, We feel the sweet enchantment of your enrapturing that you do to Us; while when you do not walk, We do not feel the enchantment of your enrapturing, the sweet treading of your steps, and We say: ‘The little daughter of Our Will is not walking, and therefore We do not feel within Ourselves her sweet enrapturing of her acts.’ And promptly I reprimand you by saying to you: “Daughter, walk - do not stop; Our Fiat is continuous motion, and you must follow It.”
So, you must know that this is the great difference between one who lives in Our Divine Volition and one who is resigned and, in the circumstances, does Our Divine Will: the first one, it is Divine Lives that she offers to Us by means of her acts; the other one, in operating, encloses the effects of Our Will, and We do not feel within Ourselves Our very enrapturing strength that enraptures Us in her acts, but only the effects; not the whole of Our Love, but a small particle of It; not the source of Our happiness, but its mere shadow. And from Life to effects there is such difference – just as between life and works. Who can say that a work has all the value that a life of creature can possess? Much less can the Divine Life formed by the creature in my Divine Will be compared with her works done outside of It.”

November 30, 1929
Condition of man before sinning. How in each of His acts he looked for God, he found His Creator, he gave and received. How the human will is night for the soul.
I was beginning my round in the Divine Will according to my usual way, and wanting to reorder all created intelligences in order with God, from the first to the last man that will come to earth, I was saying: ‘I place my ‘I love You’ upon each thought of creature, so that, in each thought, I may ask for the dominion of the Divine Fiat over each intelligence.’ But while I was doing this, I thought to myself: ‘How can I arrive at pearling each thought of creature with my ‘I love You’?’ And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, with my Will you can do anything, and can reach anything. Now, you must know that, before sinning, in each thought he made, in each gaze, word, work, step, heartbeat, man gave his act to God, and God gave His continuous act to man. So, his condition was of always giving to His Creator, and of always receiving. There was such harmony between Creator and creature that, on both sides, they could not be without one giving and the other receiving, to then give his act again, be it even a thought, a gaze. Therefore, each thought of man looked for God, and God ran to fill his thought with grace, with sanctity, with light, with life, with Divine Will. It can be said that the smallest act of man loved and recognized the One who had given him life, and God loved him back by requiting him with His Love, and by making His Divine Will grow in each act of man, small and great. He was incapable of receiving the Divine Life all at once – he was too narrow, and God gave It to him sip by sip, in each act he did for love of Him, taking delight in giving him always, to form His Divine Life in him. Therefore, each thought and act of man poured into God, and God poured into him. This was the true order of Creation: to find His Creator in man, in each act of his, so that He might be able to give him His light and what He had established to give him. Our Divine Will, present in Us and in him, made Itself the bearer of one and of the other, and forming the full day in him, It placed in common the goods of both. How happy was the condition of man when Our Divine Fiat reigned in him. It can be said that he was growing on Our paternal knees, attached to Our breast, from which he drew growth and his formation.
This is why I want that, in my Divine Volition, each thought of creature have your ‘I love You’ – to call back the order between Creator and creature. In fact, you must know that, by sinning, man not only rejected Our Fiat, but broke the love toward the One who had loved him so much; he put himself at a distance from His Creator, and a far away love cannot form life, because true love feels the need to be nourished by the love of the Beloved, and to remain so close as to be impossible for it to separate. So, the life of the love created by Us in creating man remained without nourishment and almost dying; more so, since every act he did without Our Divine Will was as many nights that he formed in his soul: if he thought, it was night that he formed; if he looked, spoke, and so forth – everything was darkness, which formed a dark night. Without my Fiat there can be no day nor sun; at the most, a few tiny little flames, which can hardly guide his step.
Oh! if they knew what it means to live without my Divine Will, even if they were not evil and did some good. The human will is always night for the soul, which oppresses her, embitters her, and makes her feel the weight of life. Therefore, be attentive, and let nothing escape you which does not enter into my Divine Fiat, which will make you feel the full day that will give you back the order of Creation. It will call back the harmony, which will place in force the continuous giving of your acts and the continuous receiving of your Creator; and embracing the whole human family, you will be able to impetrate that the order of the way in which they were created may come back, that the night of the human will may cease, and the full day of my Divine Will may arise.”

December 3, 1929
Difference between the sanctity founded in the virtues and the one founded in the Divine Will.
My little mind was wandering in the Supreme Fiat, and I was thinking to myself: ‘What can be the difference that passes between one who has founded his sanctity in the virtues, and one who has founded it only in the Divine Will?’ And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, sighing, told me: “My daughter, if you knew what great difference exists…. Listen – and you yourself know this: the flowery earth is beautiful, the variety of the plants, of the flowers, of the fruits, of the trees, the diversity of colors, of sweetnesses, of flavors – everything is beautiful. But would you be able to find one plant, one flower, be it even one of the most precious, which is not surrounded by earth, as the earth keeps each root as though on its lap, attached to its breast to nourish it? It can be said that it is impossible for man to have a plant if he does not entrust it to its mother earth. Such is the sanctity founded in the virtues – the human earth has to place something of its own. How many human satisfactions in the holiest works, in the virtues that they practice. The earth of esteem, of human glory, always runs and forms its small receptacle, in such a way that the virtues appear as many beautiful fragrant flowers, of such vivid color as to arouse marvel, but around them, underneath them, there is always a little something of human earth. So, the sanctity founded in the virtues can be called flowery earth, and according to the virtues that they practice, some form the flower, some the plant, some the tree; and they need water to water them, and the sun to fecundate them and communicate to them the different effects needed for each one of them – that is, my Grace. Otherwise, they would run the risk of dying at birth.
On the other hand, the Sanctity founded in my Divine Will is Sun – It is up high, the earth has nothing to do with It, nor does the water need to nourish Its light. It draws Its nourishment directly from God, and in Its continuous motion of light, It produces and nourishes all the virtues in a divine manner. Human satisfactions, even holy, vainglory, self-esteem, have lost the way, nor do they have any reason to exist, because they feel, vividly, the Divine Will that does everything in them, and they feel gratitude because this Divine Sun, lowering Itself, dwells in them, and nourishing them with Its Light, makes them undergo Its transformation, to form one single Light with this Divine Fiat.
Furthermore, Its Light has the virtue of sweetly eclipsing the human will, because it is forbidden even for one atom of earth to enter into my Divine Volition; they are two opposite natures – light and earth, darkness and light. It can be said that they shun each other, nor can the light tolerate even just one atom of earth; and therefore it eclipses it, it serves as its sentry, as defense, so that all may become Divine Will in the creature. And just as the sun gives everything to the earth, but receives nothing and is the primary cause of its beautiful flowerings, in the same way, those who found their life, their sanctity in my Will, together with It are the nourishers of the sanctity founded in the virtues.”
After this, I was doing my round in the Divine Fiat, to find all the acts of creatures, past, present and future, so as to ask, in the name of all, for the Kingdom of the Divine Will. But while I was doing this, my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, anything good that has been done from the very beginning of the world outside of my Divine Will, are little lights, as the effects of my Divine Fiat. In fact, even though they have not operated inside of It, as creatures would dispose themselves to do good, Its rays would fix themselves upon them, and, at Its reflections, the tiny little flame would form in their souls, because, since my Will is eternal and immense light, It can produce but light. These little flames, as the effects of It, remain around the Sun of my Divine Will as honor and glory of Its effects, and as the fruits of the good operating of the creatures. In fact, as they want to do good, Its rays fix themselves upon them, and give them the effects of the good they want to do. It can be said It is more than sun, which is such that, as it finds the good seed in the earth, its light warms it, caresses it and communicates to it the effects to form the plant of that seed. There is no good without my Will; just as there is no color, sweetness, maturity, without the effects of the light of the sun, so there can be no good without It. However, who can form the Sun with her acts? One who lives in my Divine Will. My Will not only fixes Its rays upon her, but descends in her with the whole of Its Sun, and with Its creative and vivifying virtue, It forms another Sun in the act of the creature. Do you see, then, the great difference that exists? Just like between plants and sun, and between sun and little flames.”

December 10, 1929
Perfect balance of God in His works. Triple balance.
I was feeling all abandoned in the Divine Will, and continuing to do my acts in It, I heard a voice that whispered to my ear: “How tired I am.” I felt stirred by this voice, and I wanted to know who it might be that was tired; and my sweet Jesus, moving and making Himself heard in my interior, told me: “My daughter, it is I Myself – I who feel all the weight of so much waiting; and this produces such tiredness in Me, that I feel all the weight of wanting to do good and not being able to do it because of the lack of disposition of those who must receive it. Oh! how hard it is wanting to do good, having it prepared and ready to give it, and finding no one who would receive it.
Now, you must know that, when my Fiat places Itself in the act of operating, It has the same Power, Wisdom, Immensity and multiplicity of effects which Its single act produces. If only It decides to go out into Its divine field of action, Its act possesses balance between one and the other, and contains the same value, weight and measure. My Divine Will, in going out into Its field of action in Creation, made display of such great magnificence of works, so much so, that man himself is incapable of numbering them all and of comprehending the right value of each work. And even though he sees them, touches them and enjoys Its beneficial effects, yet he can be called the first little ignorant one of Creation. Who can tell how much light and heat the sun contains; how many effects it produces, and what the light is formed of? No one. Yet, all see it and feel its heat; and so with all other things. Now, my Redemption hold hands with Creation, and possesses as many acts for as many as Creation possesses; they are in perfect balance, one with the other, because Creation was an act of my Divine Will, and an act of It was Redemption. Now, having to do another of Its acts in the great Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven, many other acts are there ready in my Divine Fiat, in such a way that they will have the triple balance of acts, the same value, weight and measure. And in seeing Myself forced to wait, and feeling within Myself the multiplicity of the acts I want to do, and not doing them because the Kingdom of my Fiat is not known and does not reign on earth, I feel such tiredness, that I become fidgety and I say: ‘How is it possible that they do not want to receive my goods?’ And I remain afflicted because my acts, the power of my Divine Volition, Its light, Its happiness and beauty, do not bind themselves as brothers with the creatures, and do not run into their midst. Therefore, compassionate Me if you see Me and hear Me taciturn; it is the too much tiredness I feel from so much waiting that reduces Me to silence.”

December 16, 1929
How Jesus had need of nothing, possessing within Himself the strength creative of all goods. How the Divine Volition is the bearer of all created things. The generative virtue.
I was continuing my round in the Divine Fiat, to unite myself to all the acts done by It for love of us all, Its creatures. But as I arrived at the point in which my lovable Jesus descended into the lowliness of the human acts, such as suckling the milk from His Mama, taking food, drinking water, and lowering Himself even to work, I felt amazed in seeing that Jesus, by His nature, had need of nothing, because, possessing within Himself the strength creative of all goods, He could do without making use of the very things created by Him. But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus, making Himself seen and heard in my interior, told me: “My daughter, you are right that I had need of nothing, but my Love, having descended from the height of the Heavens to the lowliness of the earth, could not remain quiet nor still – I felt the irresistible need to let my Love out, and to love in those very acts which the creature did by necessity; while I did them to let my Love run toward her, and so be able to say to her: ‘See how much I have loved you; I wanted to descend into your littlest acts, in your necessities, in your work – in everything, to tell you that I love you, give you my Love and receive your love.’
But do you want to know the primary reason for which I lowered Myself so much in doing so many lowly and human acts? Necessity did not exist in Me, but I did it in order to fulfill, in each act, the Divine Will. All things would present themselves before Me for what they were in themselves – where they had come from, sealed by the Divine Fiat, and I would take them because it was wanted by It. It can be said that there was a contest between my Divine Will which, by nature, as Word of the Celestial Father, I possessed within Me, and my same Divine Will spread in the whole Creation. So, in all things, I knew and saw nothing but my Divine Will; It was my food, my water, my work – everything would disappear from Me, and it was always my Divine Will that I would deal with. And while my Divine Will would make Me descend into the human acts of creatures, I would call all the human acts of each one of them, that they might receive the great gift of having my Divine Volition descend as prime act and as life of their acts. Oh! if creatures looked at created things for what they are in themselves – their origin, Who it is that nourishes them and preserves them, and Who the Bearer is of so many things that serve the human life – oh! how they would love my Divine Will and would take the substance of created things. But they look at the exteriority of things, and therefore they attach their hearts to them, and feed themselves from the cortex of them, losing the substance present inside created things, which came out of Us so as to let creatures perform many acts of Our Divine Will.
But, to my sorrow, I am forced to see that creatures do not take the food, the water, nor perform their work in order to receive and fulfill my Divine Volition, but out of necessity and to satisfy their human will. And my Divine Fiat is put out of their acts, while We created so many things in order to place Our Divine Will as though in a bank in the midst of creatures; and by not using It, they keep It as though in a continuous act of bankruptcy. All the good which they should take if in all things they fulfilled and took my Divine Will, remains broken for them, and We remain with the sorrow of not seeing It as dominator and Queen of all the human acts of creatures.”
Then, I continued my abandonment in the Divine Fiat. I felt the great need of It and of remaining always in Its sea of light, never to go out. I felt It like heartbeat, like breath, like air that infused life in me and maintained in me the order, the harmony, the dissolving of my little atom within Its Divine Sea. But while my little mind was crowded with thoughts of Divine Will, my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, there is no order, nor rest, nor true life, but in my Divine Fiat. In fact, the life of each creature, her first act of life, is formed within the womb of her Creator; and then, as a birth from Us, We put it out into the light of the day. And since We have within Ourselves the generative virtue, as a child of Ours, it carries with itself the seed that generates; and with this seed the creature forms many other births; and as she keeps carrying out her life, she forms the birth of her holy thoughts, of her chaste words, of the beautiful enchantment of her works, of the sweet treading of her steps, of the refulgent rays of her heartbeats. And as all these births are formed from the creatures, they take their way to ascend to their Creator, to recognize Him as their Father, to love Him, surround Him by cortege, and form His long offspring, as Our glory and that of Our generative virtue. But in order for Our generative virtue to fecundate, it takes Our Divine Will, dominating in the birth come out of Us, otherwise there is the danger for it to be transformed into a brute, and to lose the virtue generative of good; and if it generates, it generates passions, weaknesses, vice; and these not only do not have the virtue of ascending to Us, but, on the contrary, they are condemned as births that do not belong to Us.”

December 18, 1929
Ardor of Love. Specialties of the three ardors of Love of Our Lord. The devouring Love, and how It devoured all souls. Tears of Baby Jesus.
I was thinking about the Incarnation of my sweet Jesus in the maternal womb of the Celestial Sovereign; and my sweet Jesus, coming out of my interior, clasped me in His arms with an unspeakable tenderness, and told me: “My daughter, Creation was ardor of Love, and was so intense and great, that overflowing from Our Divine Being, it invested the whole universe and diffused everywhere. And Our Fiat, pronouncing Itself and operating in this, Our race of Love - that ran and ran without being able to stop if not when It spread everywhere and gave its first kiss of love to all creatures, who did not yet exist; its kiss of love was kiss of joy, of happiness, which it impressed on all generations – and Our Divine Fiat, that ran together with it, did not content Itself with only kisses, but, pronouncing Itself, formed suns, heavens, stars, seas and earth, and everything that can be seen in the great void of the universe. So, the ardor of Our Love in Creation was ardor of celebrating love, of happiness, of joy, with which We were to play with and delight all creatures. On the other hand, in incarnating Myself in the maternal womb, Our ardor of Love which, as We could not contain it, overflowed from Us and did the same race as in Creation, was ardor of love, of tenderness, of compassion, of mercy, and it put at risk the Life of a God in order to find man and give him its kisses of love, tender and compassionate; its kisses of forgiveness; and enclosing the life of all creatures within its sea of love, it gave them the kiss of life, laying down its life of love to give life to man. Our Love reached the excess in the Incarnation, because It was not, as in Creation, love that celebrates, that rejoices, but sorrowful love, suffering love, sacrificed love, that would give its life to make a prey of the life of man.
But Our Love is not yet content. Place your hand upon my Heart and feel how strongly It beats, to the point that I feel It explode. Prick up your ears and hear how It seethes, almost like a stormy sea which, forming its gigantic waves, wants to overflow outside to invade everything and everyone. It wants to do Its third race of Love, and in this ardor of Love It wants to form the Kingdom of my Divine Will. This ardor of Love of Ours will unite together that of Creation and that of my Incarnation, and will make them one; and it will be ardor of triumphing love, and will give its kiss of triumphant love, of conquering love, of love that wins over everything to give its kiss of perennial peace, its kiss of light that will put to flight the night of the human will, and will make the full day of my Divine Will arise, which will be the bearer of all goods. How I long for it; Our Love seethes so much within Me, that I feel the necessity to let It overflow outside. And if you knew what relief I feel when, pouring It out with you, I speak to you of my Divine Volition…. The ardor of my Love, that gives Me the delirious fever, calms down; and feeling refreshment, I put Myself at work so that all may be my Will in your soul. Therefore, be attentive, and let Me do.”
After this, my poor mind was wandering within the Love of my sweet Jesus, and I saw, before me, a great wheel of light, burning more than fire, which contained as many rays for as many creatures as had come and will come out to the light of the day. And these rays invested each creature and, with sweet enrapturing strength, captured them into the center of the great wheel of light, where there was Jesus, waiting for them from the womb of His Love in order to devour them – not to make them die, but to enclose them within His little Humanity, so as to make them be reborn, grow and to nourish them with His devouring flames to give them new life – the life all of love. My little Jesus, just newly conceived, enclosed within Himself the great birth of all generations - more than a tender mother who encloses the birth from herself - to deliver it to the light, formed by His Love, but with unheard-of pains, and even with His death.
Then, my tender Jesus, in the middle of that chasm of flames, so very little, told me: “Look at Me and listen to Me. My daughter, in the middle of this chasm of flames I breathe nothing but flames; and in my breath I feel that the flames of my devouring Love bring Me the breath of all creatures. My tiny little Heart palpitates flames which, extending, capture the heartbeats of all creatures and place them inside my Heart; and I feel all heartbeats palpitating in my little Heart. Everything is flames – flames spout my tiny little hands, my immobile little feet. Ah! how demanding is my Love! In order to enclose Me completely and make Me give life to all, It put Me in the middle of a devouring fire, and – oh! how vividly I feel the sins, the miseries, the pains of all. I am still little, yet, I am spared nothing! I can say: ‘All evils have fallen inside and outside of Me.’ And in the midst of these devouring flames, loaded with so many pains, I look at everyone and, crying, I exclaim: ‘My Love has given Me everyone back as gift; It gave them to Me in Creation, and they escaped from Me; It gives them to Me again in conceiving Me in the womb of my Mama. But, am I sure that they will not escape from Me? Will they be mine forever? Oh! how happy I would be if all would not escape from Me. Their pains would be refreshment for Me if all of my dear children, the dear birth from Me, conceived in my little Humanity, were safe.’ And, crying and sobbing, I looked each one in the face to move them with my tears; and I repeated: ‘My dear children, do not leave Me, don’t go away from Me any more; I am your Father, do not abandon Me. O please! recognize Me, have pity at least on the fire that devours Me, on my ardent tears – and all because of you, because I love you too much, I love you as God, I love you as most passionate Father, I love you as my Life.’
But do you know, little daughter of my Divine Volition, what was the greatest interest of my Love? That of devouring, in creatures, their human will, because it is the origin of all evils, and in spite of all Its devouring flames, it formed clouds so as not to let itself be burned. Oh! what tortured Me the most was the human will, which not only formed clouds, but formed the most sorrowful scenes in my very Humanity. Therefore, pray that my Divine Will be known and reign in it; and then will you be able to call Me the happy Jesus. Otherwise, my tears will not cease, I will always have reason to cry over the lot of poor humanity, as it lies under the nightmare of its miserable will.”

December 22, 1929
How the greatest works cannot be done on one’s own, for they would die at birth. The three prisons of Jesus. The two mamas.
My abandonment in the Divine Fiat continues, and my tender Jesus, making Himself seen as a tiny little Baby, either in my heart or in the womb of the Celestial Mama, but so very tiny, with an enrapturing beauty, all love, with His face wet with tears – and He cries because He wants to be loved – sighing, tells Me: “Ah! ah! why am I not loved? I want to renew in souls all the love I had in incarnating Myself, but I find no one to whom to give it. In incarnating Myself I found my Queen Mama who gave Me the field to pour out my love and to receive in Her maternal Heart all the love that creatures rejected from Me. Ah! She was the depository of my rejected love, the sweet company of my pains, Her ardent love that dried my tears. The greatest works cannot be done on one’s own, but two or three at least are needed, as depositories and nourishment of the work itself. Without nourishment works cannot have life - there is the danger that they might die at birth. This is so true that, in Creation, there were the Three of Us, Divine Persons, in creating It; and then We made man as the depository of Our work. Not content, because works alone do not bring happiness, We gave him the company of the woman. In the Incarnation, the Three Divine Persons were concurring, and in my company – or rather, They were inseparable from Me, with the addition of the Celestial Queen; and She Herself was the divine depository of all the goods of the Incarnation. See, then, how the company of the creature is necessary to Me in order to form my works - a creature who would place herself at my disposal in order to receive the great good I want to give her. So, do you want to be my second mama? Do you want to receive the great good of the renewing of my Incarnation, as the endowment of the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat? In this way I will have two mamas – the first, who let Me form the Kingdom of Redemption; the second, who will let Me form the Kingdom of my Divine Will.” And placing His tiny little hands on my face, caressing me, told me: “My mama! my mama! Maternal love surpasses all loves; so, you will love Me with insuperable love of mother.”
After this, He kept silent, wanting to be rocked in my arms; and then He added: “My daughter, now, you must know the excess of my love – where it led Me. In descending from Heaven to earth it led Me into a most narrow and dark prison, which was the womb of my Mama. But my love was not content; within this very prison it formed for Me another jail, which was my Humanity, which jailed my Divinity. The first prison lasted nine months for Me; the second prison of my Humanity lasted for Me as many as thirty-three years. But my love did not stop; toward the end of the prison of my Humanity it formed for Me the prison of the Eucharist, the smallest of prisons – a little host in which it imprisoned Me, Humanity and Divinity; and I would have content Myself with being there as though dead, letting not one breath, not a movement, nor a heartbeat be heard – and not for a few years, but until the consummation of centuries. So, I went from prison to prison – they are inseparable from Me; therefore I can be called the Divine Inmate, the Celestial Prisoner. In the first two prisons, in the intensity of my love I matured the Kingdom of Redemption; in the third prison of the Eucharist I am maturing the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat. And this is why I called you to the prison of your bed, so that, together, both of us prisoners, in our solitude, bonding together, we may make the good of the Kingdom of my Will mature. If a Mama was necessary to Me for Redemption, so also do I need a mama for the Kingdom of my Fiat, and my demanding love wanted this mother as imprisoned, so as to keep her at my disposal. Therefore, I will be your Prisoner, not only in the little host, but also in your heart; and you will be my dear prisoner, all intent on listening to Me and on breaking the loneliness of my long imprisonment. And even though we are prisoners, we will be happy, because we will mature the Kingdom of the Divine Will to give It to creatures.”

December 24, 1929
When Jesus speaks of His truths He unleashes light. The truths, read and reread, are like wrought iron. Run of the Divine Will.
I was thinking about all that my sweet Jesus, with so much goodness, deigns to tell to my poor soul, and which, as I reread them in the circumstances, sparkle with light. And my always lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, when I speak I unleash light of truth, and I want that it be accepted and caressed by the soul. If this light is accepted and put in a place of honor in her interior, it calls for another light; so, one calls for another. Otherwise, it goes back to its source. And when the soul returns to read them, if they are written, and to ponder them, my truths are like wrought iron – as the iron is beaten, it becomes red-hot and gives out sparkles of light; while, if is not beaten, the iron is hard, black, and an ice-cold metal. So it is with my truths; if the soul reads them over and over again in order to suck the substance that is inside my truths that have been communicated to her soul - which is symbolized by the iron, its blackness and coldness – she remains red-hot; and by pondering them, she strikes blows over herself, who has received the good of hearing my truth, which, feeling honored, sparkles with light of more truths. But if my manifested truths are put into oblivion, nor are they put in a place of honor, they remain as though buried. But the living are not buried; in fact, they are light which possesses and brings life; therefore, since they are not subject to dying, the time will come in which others will treasure them, and will condemn those who have kept them in oblivion and as though buried. If you knew how much light there is in everything I have manifested to you on my Divine Will, and how much more light would sparkle if they were read and reread, you yourself would remain eclipsed and amazed at the great good they would do.”
Then, I was continuing my acts in the Divine Volition, and as I was thinking about the loneliness of Jesus in the womb of His Mama, He added: “My daughter, how sweet and pleasing to Me is the company of the creature. Since my descent from Heaven to earth was precisely for her – to find her, to make her my own, keeping her in my company – I feel it as though repaid. However, know that if I am content with the mere company of the creature who loves Me and tries to break my loneliness, with one who lives in my Divine Will I am not content – I want her always together with Me, as spectator of my baby tears, of my moans, of my sobs, my pains, works and steps, and also of my joys, because I want to make the deposit of them in her. In fact, my Will being in her, it would be too hard for Me if I did not have her always together with Me, keeping her aware of everything. My Divine Will feels the irresistible need to share with the creature everything It does in my Humanity, so that the Will which reigns in Me and that which reigns in the creature might not be a divided Will. And this is the reason why I call you in each of my acts and I want you to know what I have done and do – so as to give it to you as gift and be able to say: ‘The one who lives in my Divine Will never leaves Me – we are clasped and inseparable’.”
And I: ‘My Love, your run of love never stops; You run - You run always, and I feel I am incapable of doing my runs of love as You do them – I am too little and do not have the flight of running everywhere to love You.’ And my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, you too can do runs of love in the immense sea of my Divine Will. You will act as a ship does: when it wants to cross the sea, it plunges into the sea, the waters split and let it pass; and while it moves quickly, it leaves a white wake behind itself, as the sign that the ship is passing through that point of the sea; and then, little by little, the wake disappears, and no sign is left that the ship ever passed. But, in spite of this, the ship has done its run in the sea, and has arrived there where it had established to go. In the same way, if the soul wants to love, she will plunge into the sea of my Divine Fiat and will form her run of love; she will go around all eternity, and it will not happen to her as to the ship – that nothing remains in the sea of its having passed, as the waters, proud, close from behind, leaving no trace that the ship ever passed. On the contrary, in the sea of my Divine Volition, as the soul plunges into It to do her run, Our divine waters seethe, and in their gurgling they form the furrow, which does not disappear, but the sign remains, and it points out to everyone her run of love done within Our sea, in such a way that We are able to say: ‘Through here passed, and did her run of love, the one who lives in Our Will, because what is done in It remains as indelible.’
In the same way, if you want to do your adorations, if you want to be embellished, if you want to be sanctified, if you want to be powerful, wise - plunge yourself into Our Will, and while you do your run, you will remain all love, all beautiful, all holy; you will acquire the science of who your Creator is, and all your motions will be profound adorations. And you will leave in Our sea as many furrows for as many different runs as you have done in the Divine Fiat, in such a way that We will say: ‘In this run that the little daughter of Our Divine Volition did in Our sea, she formed the furrow of sanctity, and We sanctified her and she remained holy; in this other run she plunged into the sea of Our beauty and formed her furrow, and We embellished her and she remained embellished; in this other run she formed the furrow of Our knowledges, and she knew Us, and We spoke to her and made Ourselves known, and spoke to her at length of Our Divine Being; Our word bound her, identified her with Us, and We feel the irresistible need to make Ourselves known more and more, and to give her the greatest gift of manifesting to her Our truths. So, for each run you do in Our Supreme Fiat, you always take of Our own; and Our love, seething, speaks of you to Us, and points out to Us your runs with its gurgling, as the sign that you have been in Our divine sea.”

December 25, 1929
How the birth of Jesus was the rebirth of the Divine Will in His Humanity, and everything He did were rebirths of It, formed in Him in order to make It be reborn in creatures. Jesus was the true Sacrificed One of His Will.
I was thinking of when my most sweet Baby Jesus, fidgeting with love, came out of the womb of His Celestial Mama. What joy for Her to be able to squeeze Him in Her arms, kiss Him, and engage in a contest in loving the One who so much loved Her. But while many thoughts were crowding my mind about the holy birth of the Divine Infant, I felt Him move in my interior, and coming outside, He placed Himself in my arms, and stretching out His tiny little hands to my neck, He told me: “My daughter, you too – kiss Me and squeeze Me to yourself, as I kiss you and squeeze you to Myself; and let us love each other with such contest of love as to never stop.” And abandoning Himself in my arms as a tiny little Baby, He remained silent. But who can say the squeezes of love, the affectionate kisses? I believe it is better to pass over them in silence.
Then, afterwards, resuming His speaking, He added: “My daughter, my birth in time was the rebirth of my Divine Will in my Humanity; and as It was reborn in Me, It brought the good news of Its rebirth in the human generations. My Fiat is eternal, but it can be said that It was as though born in Adam in order to form the long generation of the rebirth in the creature. But since Adam rejected this Divine Will, by rejecting It, he prevented the many rebirths It was to have in each creature; and with constant and invincible love It waited for my Humanity in order to be born again in the midst of the human family. Therefore, everything I did in the whole course of my Life – the baby tears, my moans and wailings – were nothing other than rebirths of my Divine Will that were formed in Me so as to make It be reborn in creatures. In fact, It being reborn in Me, and possessing It as my own, I had the right and the power to give It and make It be reborn in the creature. So, everything that my Humanity would do – steps, works, words, pains, and even my breath, and my very death – formed as many rebirths of my Divine Will for as many creatures as would have the good of the rebirth of my Divine Fiat. Since I am the head of the human family, and it, my members, as the head I called with my acts – I called the many rebirths of my Divine Volition within Me, to let them pass to be reborn in my members, the creatures.
Therefore, there was not one act I did – even my very Sacramental Life, each consecrated Host, are continuous rebirths of my Supreme Volition, which It prepares for the creature. So, I am the true Sacrificed One of a cause so holy – that my Will may reign. I Myself am the One who formed Its Kingdom within Me; and making It be reborn in Me as many times for as many creatures as It would be reborn in, I formed Its most holy empire and Its reigning in the midst of my members.
Now, my daughter, after I placed the Kingdom of my Divine Will in safety within my Humanity, I had to manifest It in order to make It known. Therefore I came to you and I began to narrate to you the long story of my Divine Fiat. Now, you must know that I have made and I make so many manifestations, I have spoken so many truths, so many words, for as many rebirths as my Will did in my Humanity. Its rebirths in Me and Its knowledges that I manifest to you will be in perfect balance; each rebirth of my Divine Volition done in Me and in each consecrated Host will find a manifestation and a truth of Its own that confirms It, and will give It rebirth in the creature. In fact, in God the word forms the life of the good He wants to form in the creature; Our word is bearer of life. Was is not Our word ‘Fiat’ that, pronouncing Itself, created the heavens, the sun and everything that can be seen in the entire universe, and even the very life of man himself? Until We pronounced ‘Fiat’, everything was in Us; as It was pronounced, It populated heavens and earth with so many works, beautiful and worthy of Us, and It gave the start to the long generation of so many human lives. See, then, how everything I tell you on my Divine Will will bring, with the power of my creative word, Its many rebirths done in Me into the midst of the human family. Here is the great reason for a story so long and a speaking of mine so continuous. It will be in balance with everything that was done by Us in Creation, and with everything I did in Redemption. And if it seems that sometimes I remain silent, it is not because I have ceased my speaking, but because I take rest. In fact, it is my usual way to rest in my very word and works that come out of Me. Just as I did in Creation - It was not pronounced always; I would say ‘Fiat’ and I would pause, and then I would pronounce It again - so I do in you: I speak, I give you my lesson and I take rest; first, to enjoy in you the effects of my words; and to dispose you to receive the new life of my lesson. Therefore, be attentive, and let your flight in my Divine Will be continuous.”

December 29, 1929
How, in descending from Heaven to earth, Jesus formed the new Eden. How the Divine Will has always been Queen.
I felt my little intelligence being as though captured and as though transported to look at my little newborn Jesus on the lap of my Celestial Mama – now crying, now wailing, now all numb, shivering with cold. Oh! how my little soul would want to melt in love in order to warm Him and calm His crying. But my celestial and charming Little Baby, calling me close to Himself in the arms of His Mama, told me: “My daughter of the Divine Volition, come to listen to my lessons. In descending from Heaven to earth to form the Redemption, I was to form the new Eden, I was to restore the first act, and the beginning of the creation of man, in my Humanity. So, Bethlehem was the first Eden. I felt within my little Humanity all the strength of Our Creative Power, the ardor of Our Love with which man was created; I felt the fibers of his innocence, of his sanctity, of his dominion with which he was invested. I felt within Me that happy man - oh! how I loved him; and since he had lost his place of honor, I took back his place, because it was befitting for Me to first place in Me the order of how man was created, and then descend into his misfortune in order to lift him up again and place him in safety.
Therefore, in Me there were two continuous acts, fused in one – the happy Eden with which I was to place in force all the beauty, the sanctity, the sublimity of the creation of man; he was innocent and holy, and I, surpassing him, was not only innocent and holy, but was the Eternal Word; and having within Me all possible and imaginable power, and an immutable Will, I was to completely reorder the beginning of the creation of man, and lift the fallen man up again. Otherwise, I would not act as God, nor would I love him as Our work, come out and created in an ardor of Our Love. Our Love would feel stopped and as though impotent – which cannot be – had I not completely mended the lot of fallen man, and the destiny of the way he was created. It would have been a slash to Our Creation, and it would have accused Us of weakness, had We not restored man completely. Therefore, Bethlehem was my first Eden, in which I did and embraced all the acts that innocent Adam did, and those which he would have done had he not fallen. Our Divinity expected with justice my requital in his place; and as I kept redoing what innocent Adam would have done, so I lowered Myself and stretched out my hand to lift him up again from his fallen state.
Therefore, as I would go around and stop, my Humanity did nothing other than form new Edens, because in Me there were all the acts of the beginning of the creation of man, and wherever I stopped I could form new Edens with my innocence and holiness. So, Eden was Egypt, Eden was Nazareth, Eden was the desert, Eden was Jerusalem, Eden was mount Calvary; and these Edens that I formed called the Kingdom of my Divine Will to reign, and are sure proofs that, just as I fulfilled the Kingdom of Redemption and It is making Its round to be established in the whole world, so will these Edens, in which all acts were done by Me as if man had not fallen, follow the acts of Redemption, and will make their round to establish the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat. Therefore, I want you always together with Me, that you may follow Me in all my acts and offer everything so that my Divine Will may reign and dominate, because this is what interests your Jesus the most.
Then He added: “My daughter, my Divine Will acted in Me as Queen, because indeed It has always been such. In fact, It is Queen by nature; in Our very Divinity It holds the first place, It rules and dominates all Our attributes; there is not one act of Ours in which It does not hold Its place of Queen. So, It is Queen in Heaven, on earth, in Creation – It reigns in everything and everywhere. Therefore, wanting that man would do Our Divine Will and would give It the place of Queen was the greatest honor and the most insuperable love that We gave him; and as one single Will would reign, We would let him sit at Our divine table, sharing Our divine goods with him. We wanted him happy, and wanted the glory of seeing him happy, whom We had created with so much love with Our creative hands. So, Our Divine Volition and Our Love could neither content themselves nor stop as the mere work of Redemption, but want to move forward, up to work-fulfilled; more so, since We know not how to leave works half-done, and having the centuries at Our disposal, We can reach wherever We want.”

January 2, 1930
Difference between acts and effects of the Divine Fiat. How many goods an act of It can produce. Example of the sun.
My abandonment in the Fiat continues, and carrying on my round in Its works, I was feeling all surrounded by them, and each of them was waiting for me to recognize them as works of my Creator, so as to bind ourselves together with inseparable bonds. It seemed to me that the Divine Will, with Its light, flowed in all Creation as our blood flows in the body; and so It also flowed in all the acts, words, steps, pains and tears of Jesus; and I went in search of everything as my own things, to love them and recognize them as things that belong to me. But while I was doing this, my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, one who lives in my Divine Will is in communication with all things created by Us, because my Will is of all and belongs to all. Since one is the Will that dominates and operates, all things are to It like members to the body, whose Head is God, who has such bond with all things - because Our Divine Volition flows as prime act of life - that they are inseparable from Him. Only the human will, if it wants to operate on its own, without the union of Ours, can break this beautiful union, this bond of inseparability among God, created things and creatures. Therefore, my Divine Will is the bearer to the creature of all Our acts done in Creation and in Redemption; It is the revealer of Our secrets. Since Our Will is one with the creature who lives in It, how can It hide? And I, my daughter - how bad I would feel if I did not render you aware of my tears, of my inmost pains, and of what I did while I was on earth. And in my sorrow I would say: ‘Not even the little daughter of my Will knows everything I have done and suffered so as to receive the requital, even of her little repeated ‘I love You’, and give her the gift of what belongs to Me.’
Therefore, each thing you know of Me and you love as your own, I give to you as a gift; and making feast, I say: ‘I have always something to give to my daughter, and she has always something to receive; therefore we shall always be together, because we are occupied in the exchange we make – I, in giving, and she, in receiving’.”
After this, I continued my round in all the good acts done from the beginning of the creation of all creatures, not excluding my first father Adam, so as to offer them in order to obtain the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth. And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, there is not one good thing that does not come from my Divine Will; however, there is difference between acts and effects of It. Creation was an act of my Fiat, and - oh! how many beautiful things came out: heavens, suns, stars, air, which was to serve for the natural life of the creature; sea, wind – everything was fullness and multiplicity of works. In fact, one act of my Divine Will is capable of filling everything and of doing everything. The creation of man was an act of It – and what did It not enclose in the small circumference of man? Intelligence, eyes, hearing, mouth, word, heart, and even Our likeness, by which We made him the bearer of his Creator. How many prodigies does he not enclose? Not only this, but the whole Creation was placed around him to serve him, as if a first act of Our Fiat done in Creation wanted to serve the second act done in creating man. Another act of Our Divine Will was the creation of the Immaculate Virgin; the prodigies operated in Her were such and so great, that Heaven and earth were stupefied; so much so, that She arrived at making the Divine Word descend upon earth, which formed another act of my Fiat - and this was my Incarnation; and you know how it was the bearer of all goods to the human family.
All the rest of the goods that there have been in the midst of creatures – virtues, prayers, good works, miracles – are effects of my Divine Volition, which act according to the dispositions of creatures, and therefore are always limited, nor with that fullness as to fill Heaven and earth. On the other hand, the acts of my Divine Fiat are independent of them, and therefore one can see the great difference between acts and effects. And this can be seen so very well also in the sun and among the effects it produces. The sun, as an act, is always fixed in its fullness of light, which, with majesty, fills the earth; nor does it ever cease to give its light and its heat; while the effects of the sun, which can be said to depend on the dispositions of the earth, are inconstant - now one sees the earth flowery, with the variety of all colors; now one sees it stripped and without beauty, as if the sun did not have the communicative virtue of always communicating its admirable effects to the earth; while it can be said that it is the earth’s fault. The sun lacks nothing – what it was yesterday, it is today, and will be. Now, when I see you go around also in the effects of my Divine Fiat, as though wanting to miss nothing, so as to enclose them in It and give It the homages, the love of the effects It produces, to ask It to come upon earth to reign, you dispose Our Will to form another act of It. In fact, you must know that the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven will be another act of Our Supreme Fiat; It will not be an effect, but an act – but with such magnificence, that all will remain stupefied.
Now, you must know that man was created by Us with this prodigy – he was to possess within himself Our continuous act of Divine Will. By rejecting It, he lost the act and remained with the effects, because We knew that just as the earth cannot live without at least the effects that the sun produces, if it does not want to live in the fullness of its light and of its heat, so could man not live without at least the effects of Our Divine Will, since he had rejected the life of It. Therefore, Its Kingdom will be nothing other than calling back the continuous act of Our Divine Fiat operating in the creature. And this is the reason for my long speaking about It – it is nothing other than the beginning of the continuous act of my Divine Fiat, which never ends when It wants to operate in the creature, and is so manifold in the works, in the beauty, in the grace and in the light, that Its boundaries cannot be seen. Therefore, continue going around in everything that my Divine Fiat has done and produces; and never tire, if you want to obtain a Kingdom so holy.”
Then He added: “My daughter, just as the effects are produced by my sole and one Will, and they act according to the dispositions of the creature, so the acts of Our Divine Will, independent of them, are produced by the unity of the single act of Our Divine Fiat. So, in Us, the act is always one, because in Us there is no progression of acts; and if to the creature it seems that now We do the Creation, now the Redemption, and now We want to form the Kingdom of Our Divine Will in the midst of creatures, it is the manifestation that We make to them of what Our sole and one act possesses, such that, while to them it seems that We do and issue many distinct acts, for Us everything was enclosed in one single act. In the unity of Our Divine Volition, which encloses one single act, nothing can escape It – It encloses everything, It does everything, It embraces everything, and It is always one single act. Therefore, both the effects that Our Fiat produces, and the acts of It, always start from the unity of Our sole and one act.”

January 7, 1930
Exchange of gifts between God and the creature. How one who lives in the Divine Will is the divine bank upon earth and forms a nimbus of Heaven.
I was feeling all abandoned in the Supreme Fiat, and I thought to myself: ‘What could I give to my beloved Jesus?’ And He, immediately: “Your will.” And I: “My Love, I gave it to You, and having given it, I believe I am no longer free to give it to You, because it is yours.’ And Jesus: “My daughter, every time you would like to give me the gift of your will, I accept it as a new gift, because I leave the human will in its free willing, in such a way that the creature can be in the act of giving it to Me always. And I accept it as many times for as many as she gives it to Me, because she sacrifices herself as many times for as many as she gives Me the gift of it. And in seeing that the creature is constant in giving Me her continuous gift, I see that there is true decision on her part, and she loves and esteems the gift of my Will; and I, just as she gives Me the continuous gift of hers, give her the continuous gift of Mine; and expanding her capacity – because the creature is incapable of taking the whole endlessness of my Volition – I keep increasing, continuously, more sanctity, more love, more beauty, more light and more knowledge of my Divine Will. So, in the exchange we make – you, of your will, and I, of Mine – we double the gifts, and it remains bound so many times for as many as we make the exchange of it. Therefore, I always have something to give you, and you too, because in my Will things never end, they arise in every instant; and as you gave your will to Me, at the contact with Mine, yours has acquired the prerogative of Mine, of being able to give itself continuously to your Jesus.”
Then, I was following the acts of the Divine Will, accompanying them with my ‘I love You’; and I could comprehend the great difference in greatness and magnitude of the works of the Divine Fiat and of my little ‘I love You’. Oh! how small I felt, and truly just newly born before that Fiat which can do everything and embraces everything. And my lovable Jesus, clasping me in His arms, told me: “My daughter, one who lives in my Divine Will is my rich bank upon earth; and as you say your ‘I love You’, I invest it with my own, and from small it becomes great, it diffuses in the infinite, in such a way that the riches of my love become immeasurable, and I deposit them in the bank of your soul. And as you continue your acts, I invest them with mine, and I deposit them in your bank so as to have my divine bank upon earth. Therefore, your little acts done in my Divine Volition serve Me in order to give Me something to do, to make Our divine qualities, which are infinite, flow in your little acts, which are finite, mix them together and make of them as many acts of Ours, depositing them in the bank of your soul, so that Our bank may find in you Its Heaven. Don’t you know that one who must live in Our Divine Fiat must be a nimbus of Heaven? Such that, as it lowers itself upon earth - but so much as to eliminate any distance - at that point of the earth where there is the fortunate creature, one must see Heaven, not earth. Nor would my Divine Will be without Its Heaven; It Itself would form It for Itself, and the drapes of Heaven would lower themselves to pay homage to that Fiat from which they recognize their existence. Therefore, all the Blessed remain stupefied in seeing a nimbus of Heaven upon earth; but their stupefaction ceases immediately, when they see that that Divine Will which forms their Heaven and all their happiness is present as reigning in that creature, precisely at that point where they see that the drapes of Heaven, lowering themselves, surround that creature to sing the praises of my Supreme Fiat.
Therefore, be attentive, my daughter, and if I tell you this, it is to let you know the great gift of making my Will known to you, and how It wants to form Its Kingdom in you, so that you may thank Me and be grateful.”

January 10, 1930
One who lives in the Divine Will belongs to the Divine Family. Different ways of belonging to God; example of a kingdom. Some live in God, some outside of God.
Though I felt abandoned in the Divine Fiat, I also felt all annihilated, but so much, that I saw myself as smaller than an atom; and I thought to myself: ‘How miserable, small and insignificant I am.’ And my adorable Jesus, interrupting my thought, making Himself felt and seen, told me: “My daughter! whether small or great, you belong to Our Divine Family; you are a member of It, and this is enough for you. Even more, it is everything for you, and is the greatest glory and honor you could possess.”
And I: ‘My Love, we have all come out of You, and we all belong to You, therefore it is no wonder that I belong to You.’ And Jesus: “Indeed everyone belongs to Me by bonds of creation, but there is great difference from one who belongs to Me not only by bonds of creation, but with bond of fusion of wills – that is, Mine is her sole and only will. I can say that these belong to Me with bonds of true Family of Ours, because the will is the most intimate thing that can exist, both in God and in the creature; it is the essential part of life, it is the director, it is the dominator that has the virtue of binding, with inseparable bonds, God and the creature; and from this inseparability it can be recognized that she belongs to Our Divine Family.
Does this not happen inside a kingdom? All belong to the king, but in how many different ways they belong: some belong as people, some as army, some as ministers, some as sentries, some as courtiers, another as the queen of the king, and others as his children. Now, who belongs to the royal family? The king, the queen, their children; all the rest of the kingdom cannot be said to belong to the royal family, though they belong to the kingdom, they are obliged to laws, to subjection, and rebels are put in jail.
Therefore, even though all belong to Us – but in how many different ways; and only one who lives in Our Divine Will lives in Our midst. Our Divine Fiat brings her to Us on Its lap of light, into Our inmost divine womb; nor can We put her outside of Ourselves; in order to do that, We would have to put Our Divine Volition outside of Ourselves, which We cannot do, nor do We want to. On the contrary, We are happy to have her, to cuddle her as Our dear memory, when Our love, overflowing, issued the Creation, wanting the creature to live in Our inheritance of the Divine Will and to amuse herself with her Creator with her innocent smiles. And if you see yourself small, it is the exuberant love of my Fiat, which is all attention and jealousy over you, that concedes you not one act of your human will; therefore the human has no growth, and you feel yourself always small. And this is because my Will wants to form Its Life in your smallness, and when Its Divine Life grows, the human life has no reason to grow; therefore you must content yourself with remaining always small.”
Then, I continued my abandonment in the Holy Will, and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, one who lives in my Divine Fiat lives in God, therefore she possesses and can give the goods that she possesses. The Divine Being surrounds her everywhere, in such a way that she sees, feels, touches nothing but God. In Him she delights, Him alone she comprehends and knows, everything disappears for her, and what is left to her is only the memory that, while she is in her God, she is still a pilgrim, and as a pilgrim she must plead for her brothers, because, finding herself in the condition of giving the goods she possesses, she must give according to their dispositions. Don’t you remember, years ago, when I would show you how I would place you inside my Heart and everything would disappear for you, and you would enjoy it and no longer wanted to go out; and I, to make you remember that you were a pilgrim, would place you outside, at the door of my Heart or in my arms, to let you see the evils of the human kind, so that you would plead for them; and you were displeased with Me, for you did not want to go out of my Heart? It was the beginning of the living in my Divine Will that you felt in my Heart - exempt from any danger, free of all evils, because God Himself posts Himself around the happy creature to keep her defended from everything and from everyone. On the other hand, one who does my Divine Will and does not live in It, finds herself in the condition of being able to receive, but not to give; and since she lives outside of God, not in God, she sees the earth, feels the passions, which put her in continuous danger and give her an intermittent fever, such that they feel now healthy, now sick; now they want to do good, and now they get tired, they are bored, they become irritated and leave good. They are just like those who do not have a home in which to be safe, but live in the middle of the street, exposed to cold, to rain, to the scorching sun, to dangers, and they live of alms. Just penalty, for one who could live in God, while she contents herself with living outside of God.”

January 16, 1930
How, in Creation, Redemption and Kingdom of the Divine Will, the operating role is of the Divine Will, and the Three Divine Persons are concurring. How the Creation wants to narrate the story of the Divine Will. How one who lives in It receives everything, can give everything, and takes part in all the divine qualities.
I was following the Divine Fiat in the work of Creation, and – oh! how beautiful, pure, majestic, ordered It seemed to me, worthy of the One who had created It. It seemed to me that each created thing had its little story to tell me, which it enclosed, about that Fiat which had given it life; and as It issued them to the light of the day, they were to narrate it so as to make known what they knew of the Divine Will. And, united together, they were to narrate the long story of that Fiat which had not only created them, but, in preserving them, gave them the task to narrate Its long story, giving each created thing a lesson to narrate to creatures, to make known that Divine Will which had created them. But while my poor mind was wandering in looking at the Creation, and wanted to listen to the many beautiful lessons that each created thing wanted to give me about the Divine Fiat, my sweet Jesus, coming out from within my interior, told me: “Little daughter of my Eternal Will, I want to make known to you that the work of Creation, of Redemption, and that of the Kingdom of Our Will, are all work of Our Supreme Fiat. It is the Fiat that took on the operating role, and the Three Divine Persons took on the concurring role; but it was to Our Divine Fiat that We gave the task to create the Creation, to form the Redemption, and to re-establish the Kingdom of Our Divine Will. In fact, in the works that come out from within the Divinity, it is always Our Divine Volition that takes on the active role, though all of Our Divine Being concurs together; because Our Will has the directing and operating virtue and office of all Our works. Just as you have hands in order to operate, and feet in order to walk, and if you want to operate, you do not make use of the feet, but of the hands, though all of your being is concurring in the work you want to do – so it is with Our Divine Being: there is not one part of Us which does not concur, but Our Divine Will takes on the directing and operating role. More so, since It has Its dwelling in Our Divinity, Its Life flows within Our divine womb - It is Our Life; and while It goes out of Our divine womb – that is, It goes out and It remains – It carries outside of Ourselves the creative virtue of what It wants to do, direct and preserve.
Now, as you see, everything is work of Our Divine Fiat, and therefore all created things are like as many children who want to tell the story of their Mama, because, feeling Her Life within themselves and knowing the origin from which they come, they feel the need to tell, each one of them, who their Mama is, how good She is, how beautiful She is, and how they are happy and beautiful because they were given birth by such a Mother. Oh! if creatures possessed my Divine Will as life, they would know many beautiful things about It; and knowing It and not speaking about It would be impossible for them; therefore they would do nothing else but speak of It, love It and lay down their lives in order not to lose It.”
Then He added: “My daughter, Our Divine Will is everything, and since It is everywhere, the soul who lives immersed in It does nothing other than take continuously from God; and God is in continuous act of pouring Himself into her – but so much, that He not only fills her, but since she is incapable of containing everything inside, He forms seas around her. In fact, Our Divine Will would not be content if in the soul who lives in It, It were not able to let her share in all the particles of Our divine qualities, as much as it is possible for creature; in such a way, that the soul must be able to say: ‘You give me everything, and everything I give You. In your Divine Will I can give You all of Yourself.’ This is why, then, one who lives in Our Fiat is Our inseparable one; We feel her littleness flow in Our power, and she fills herself with Our power as much as she can, and honors Our power, because she places it in the condition of communicating itself to the creature. We feel her flow in Our beauty, and she fills herself with beauty; in Our love, and she fills herself with Our love; in Our sanctity, and she remains filled with it. But while she remains filled, she honors Us, because she places Us in the condition of embellishing her with Our divine beauty, of filling her with Our love, of impressing Our sanctity, in such a way as to place all Our divine qualities in attitude. In a word, she puts Us in the condition of operating and working hard to communicate Ourselves to her, because it is not befitting for Us to keep her in Our Divine Will as dissimilar from Us. She may be small, she cannot enclose all Our Divine Being, but as for sharing with her all Our divine qualities as much as it is possible for creature, in a way that nothing must be lacking to her - this is possible. Therefore, We want to deny her nothing; and besides, We would deny it to Our Divine Will, and it would be like denying to Our very Selves what We Ourselves want to do. Therefore, be attentive, my daughter; in Our Fiat you will find the true purpose for which you were created, your origin, your divine nobility - you will find everything, will receive everything, and will give Us everything.”

January 20, 1930
How beautiful is the living in the Divine Will. The soul places God in the condition of repeating His works. How the Divine Fiat acts as Actor and Spectator.
I was doing my round in the Divine Will, and I arrived at that point when the Queen of Heaven was created, and the Divinity laid down the garments of Justice; and as though putting on the garments of feast, It renewed the solemn act of the beginning of Creation, calling to life the noble creature who, by living in the Divine Will, the only purpose for which God had created man, would not go out of the house of Her Father, because only our human will puts us outside of God, of His dwelling, outside of His goods, of His sanctity, of His light. In creating the Holy Virgin, God resumed the feasts of Creation, His sweet smiles, His holy conversations with the creature; and He overflowed with love so much, that immediately He made Her Queen of the whole universe, commanding everything and everyone to honor Her as such, and, prostrate at Her venerable feet, recognize Her and sing Her praises as Queen. So, according to my usual way, I was singing the praises of my Mother Queen, hailing Her, in the name of all, Queen of Heaven and earth, Queen of hearts, and Celestial Empress who rules over everything, and even in Her Creator. ‘O please!’, I was saying to Her, ‘with your universal empire rule over all, so that the human will may surrender the rights to the Divine Will. Rule over Our God, that the Divine Fiat may descend into the hearts and reign in them on earth as It does in Heaven.’
Now, while I was doing this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and united Himself with me in singing the praises of the Celestial Mama as Queen; and clasping me to Himself, told me: “My daughter, how beautiful is the living in my Divine Will. It keeps, as though present, everything that has been done by God; and the creature finds everything that her Creator has done, and takes part in His works, and can render to her Creator the honors, the love, the glory of that act. It can be said that one who lives in Our Divine Will places Us in the condition of renewing Our most beautiful works, and makes herself the renewer of Our feasts. The creation of the Virgin says in clear notes what Our Divine Will means and what It can do. As soon as It took possession of Her virgin Heart, We did not wait even one minute, but immediately We made Her Queen. It was Our Will that We were crowning in Her, because it was not befitting for a creature who possessed Our Will not to have the crown of Queen and the scepter of command. Our Divine Will wants to hold nothing back, It wants to give everything to one who lets It form Its Kingdom in her soul. Now, you must know that just as you find, present in the Divine Fiat, the creation of the Sovereign Lady and you sing Her praises as Queen, so did She find you present in the same Divine Fiat and heard your singing. The Mama does not want to be outdone by the daughter; from that time She sang your praises to honor that Divine Will which was to possess you; and in order to requite your singing, how many times She calls the heavens, the sun, the Angels, and everything, to sing the praises of Her little daughter who wants to live in that Fiat which formed all Her glory, Her greatness, beauty and happiness.”
Then, I continued my abandonment in the Divine Fiat, and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, when my Divine Will reigns in the soul, It takes on the acting and directing role within her. There is not one thing she does in which my Divine Will does not take on Its first act in order to call Its divine act upon the act of the creature. So, if she thinks, It forms His first thought and calls all the sanctity, the beauty, the order of the divine intelligence; and since the creature is incapable, nor does she have sufficient space to receive Our intelligence, every time my Fiat does Its first act in the intelligence of the creature, with Its power It keeps expanding her capacity so as to enclose new divine intelligence in the mind of the creature. Therefore, it can be said that, there where It reigns, my Will is the first to breathe, the first to palpitate, the first act of the blood circulation, so as to form in the creature Its divine breathing, Its heartbeat of light, and in the blood circulation the total transformation of Its Divine Will in her soul and body. And while It does this, It gives the virtue to the creature, and renders her capable, of being able to breathe with the divine breath, palpitate with Its heartbeat of light, and feel the whole of Its Divine Life, more than blood, circulate in all her being. Therefore, wherever my Will reigns, It is the continuous Actor that never ceases to operate; and making Itself Spectator, It delights in Its divine scenes which It Itself unfolds in the creature; and she lends her being like matter in Its hands, to let It unfold the most beautiful and delightful scenes, which my Fiat wants to do in the soul in whom my Divine Volition dominates and reigns.”

January 26, 1930
How each word spoken by Jesus on His Fiat is like a child of His that comes out of His womb, and has the communicative strength to communicate itself to all Creation. Empire of the prayer done in the Divine Will.
My flight in the Divine Fiat continues, and I comprehend more how Heaven and earth are filled with It; there is not one created thing that is not the bearer of a Will so Holy. But while my mind was wandering within the Fiat, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, all created things, by virtue of my Divine Will in which they live, perceive when my Divine Volition wants to manifest a truth that belongs to It, a knowledge about It, or wants to do one of Its works. Since the Will that dominates all Creation is one, they feel within themselves the communicative, creative and preserving virtue that wants to operate and make itself known; therefore they feel as if another sister were adding into their midst, and they celebrate the newcomer. So, each word I have spoken to you on my Divine Volition has been a Fiat pronounced by Us, which has come out like a child from the womb of Our Will. This Fiat is the same Fiat as that of Creation, which, forming Its echo, makes Its vital strength felt there where Our Will resides.
It happens, when Our Divine Fiat wants to operate, wants to pronounce Itself by making Itself known and manifest more of Its truths, as to a family when they see that their mother is about to give birth to other little children. The whole family celebrates, because the family becomes larger, and every time it increases by another little brother or little sister, they make feast and delight in the one newly arrived in their midst. Such is the Creation; since It has come out of the womb of my Divine Will, all my works form one family, and are so bound among themselves, that it seems that one cannot live without the other. My Will keeps them so united as to render them inseparable, because they feel that one is the Will that dominates them. Now, hearing a speaking so prolonged of my Fiat, the many of Its knowledges It keeps manifesting to you, they feel that the number of the divine generation of my Fiat increases in their midst, therefore the family of Creation feels Itself expanding and celebrates the prelude of the Kingdom of my Divine Will. Therefore, when I speak to you of my Fiat, and It pronounces Itself by manifesting Itself, the heavens reverently lower themselves to receive the new birth and Its child into their midst, to pay him honors and to celebrate the newcomer. My daughter, when my Divine Will wants to pronounce Itself, It extends everywhere and makes Its echo and Its creative strength felt in all the things in which It reigns.”
After this, I continued to pray so that blessed Jesus would hasten in making the so longed-for Kingdom of the Divine Will come upon earth. And my beloved Jesus, as though wounded by such prayer, for He Himself so much longed to see the triumph of the Divine Will upon earth, told me: “My daughter, the prayers done in my Divine Volition to obtain the advent of Its Kingdom upon earth hold a great empire over God. God Himself cannot rid Himself of it, nor can He not grant it. In fact, as the creature prays in my Divine Fiat, We feel the strength of Our Will that prays with Its empire; with Its immensity, It extends everywhere, and embracing the universal strength, the prayer extends everywhere, in such a way that We feel surrounded from all sides, We feel Our own Will praying within Us; and from prayer it changes into command, and says: ‘I want’. And as it rules over Our Divine Being with its sweet empire, We say: ‘We want.’ Therefore, the prayers done in Our Divine Fiat can be called decisions, commands, which carry the signed deed of that which is wanted; and if what is wanted cannot be seen instantly, it is because We are disposing the secondary causes so as to let what We have decided to give come out of Us. Therefore, it is not to be put in doubt that, sooner or later, one will see, descend from Heaven, that which, with decision, has been granted to him. Therefore, continue the prayers in Our Fiat – prayers that move Heaven and earth, and even God Himself, if you love to see my Kingdom upon earth; and I will pray together with you in order to obtain the intent. More so, since the ultimate purpose of Creation is precisely this – that Our Divine Will was to reign on earth as It does in Heaven.”

January 30, 1930
As Redemption unfolded, so will the Kingdom of the Divine Will unfold. Analogy between the two of them. Leap of joy and of sorrow of Jesus.
I was thinking about how the Kingdom of the Divine Will could come upon earth, and in what way It may unfold. Who will be the first fortunate ones to have such a great good? And my sweet Jesus, making Himself seen, clasped me all to Himself, and giving me three kisses, told me: “My daughter, in the same way as the Kingdom of Redemption unfolded, so will the Kingdom of my Will unfold. It can be said that Redemption is making Its round throughout the whole world, a round which It has not yet entirely completed, because not all the peoples know about my coming upon earth, and therefore they are without its goods. Redemption keeps preparing and disposing the peoples for the Kingdom of my Divine Will. So, just as my Redemption had Its beginning, not in the whole world, but in the center of Judea, because in this nation there was the little core of those who were awaiting Me, there was She whom I had chosen as Mother, and Saint Joseph, who was to be my foster father - in this nation I had manifested Myself to the prophets by letting them know that I was going to come upon earth; it was right that, there where this was known, they be the first ones to have Me in their midst; and even though they were ungrateful, and many did not want to know Me, yet, who can deny that my Celestial Mama, the Apostles, the disciples, were from the Jewish nation, and that they were the first criers who exposed their lives to make known to the other nations my coming upon earth and the goods which are in my Redemption? – so it will be for the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat: the towns, the provinces, the kingdom, which will have been the first to know the knowledges about my Divine Will and Its expressed Will of wanting to come to reign in the midst of creatures, will be the first to receive the goods that Its Kingdom will bring. And then, making Its way with Its knowledges, It will do Its round in the midst of the human generations. My daughter, there is much analogy between the way in which Redemption unfolded and the way in which the Kingdom of my Divine Will will unfold. See, in my Redemption I chose a Virgin; in appearance She had no importance according to the world, either of riches, or of height of dignity or positions which would indicate Her; the very city of Nazareth was not important – a tiny little house was Her whole abode. But even though I chose Her from Nazareth, I wanted for it to belong to the capital city, Jerusalem, in which there was the body of the pontiffs and priests who then represented Me and announced my laws. For the Kingdom of my Divine Will I have chosen another virgin who, in appearance, has no importance, either of great riches or of height of dignity; the very city of Corato is not an important city, but it belongs to Rome, in which resides my representative on earth, the Roman Pontiff, from whom come my divine laws; and just as he makes it his duty to make my Redemption known to the peoples, so will he make it his duty to make known the Kingdom of my Divine Will. It can be said that one and the other will proceed in the same way and manner, as the Kingdom of my Supreme Fiat must unfold.”
After this, I continued my round in the Divine Volition, and as I arrived at Eden, I prayed Jesus that He would soon restore the purpose of the creation of man, just as he came out of His creative hands. But while I was doing this, my beloved Jesus, making Himself felt in my interior, made Me feel His Divine Heart leaping so very strongly, and, all tenderness, told me: “My daughter, every time Eden is mentioned my Heart leaps with joy and with sorrow in remembering the way – the manner in which man was created, his happy state, his enrapturing beauty, his sovereignty, Our innocent joys and his, with which We delighted together. How beautiful was Our child, a birth worthy of Our creative hands. Remembering this is so sweet and pleasing to my Heart, that I cannot help leaping with joy and with love. But then, in seeing him changed in his lot, descended from his happiness into the evils of the human will – because Our Divine Will was the safeguard against all his evils and the preserver of the way in which he came out of Our creative hands, and placing him in a contest with his Creator, It placed him in the condition of being able to give his love, his innocent joys to the One who had created him – so, in seeing him unhappy, my leap of joy is followed immediately by the leap of intense sorrow. And if you knew how pleasing to Me is your coming back into this Eden to place before Me what was done, beautiful, holy, great, in the creation of man…. You give Me the contentment, the joy of letting Me repeat my leap of joy, and of placing a lenitive to my leap of sorrow, which is such that, if it were not followed by the sure hope that my child, by virtue of my Fiat, must return to Me happy, by giving Me his innocent joys, as it was established by Us in creating him, my leap of sorrow would have no respite, and I would emit shouts so loud as to make even the Heavens cry. And therefore, in hearing your continuous refrain: ‘I want the Kingdom of your Divine Will’, my Divine Heart feels Its leap of sorrow being stopped, and, leaping with joy, I say: ‘The little daughter of my Will wants and asks for my Kingdom.’ But why does she want It? Because she knows It, loves It and possesses It, and therefore she prays that other creatures may possess It. In fact, since my Divine Will is the origin of life of the creation of man, It alone gives him the capacity to be able to receive everything from his Creator, and to be able to give back to Him everything he wants, which He wants. My Fiat has the virtue of making the conditions of man, his fortune, change; with It everything smiles at him, all love him, all want to serve him, and they consider themselves fortunate to serve my Divine Will in him – that is, in the creature in whom my Divine Will reigns.”

February 6, 1930
Effects of living in the Divine Will and in the human will. How Its way of operating in the soul symbolizes the Creation. How It does small things first, and then the great ones.
I continue my abandonment in the Divine Volition. My poor mind is always as though crowded with what regards a Will so Holy; even more, it seems to me that my thoughts plunge into Its sea of light, and then come out like many messengers that bring many beautiful news from within that sea in which they have been; and one wants to say something, another something else about that Fiat, which they glory in knowing, and in receiving Its life. And I delight in listening to them, and many times I cannot say with words the many beautiful news which my thoughts bring me about the sea of light of the Divine Will; and I feel the need for Jesus to guide me, to feed me the words, otherwise I would not be able to say anything. So, while I was in the sea of the Divine Fiat, my sweet Jesus, making Himself seen in the act of helping me to change into words what my mind was thinking, told me: “My daughter, the effects of living in my Divine Will are admirable. My Fiat keeps the creature always turned toward Heaven, and It makes her grow, not of earth, but of Heaven; and since my Will is one with my same Will that operates in the creature, this same Will of Mine places the creature in order with her Creator and keeps manifesting to her Who the One is who created her, how much He loves her, and how He wants to be loved. And placing her before the divine reflections, It makes her Creator delight, by dint of reflections, in making grow and portraying His image in she who possesses the Will of He who created her, and makes her will one with His. And since my Fiat keeps her always turned toward Heaven – nor does she have the time to look at the earth, because she is absorbed by the Supreme Being; and even if she looked, all things convert into Heaven, because wherever It reigns, my Will has the virtue of changing the nature of things – so, everything is Heaven for the creature who lives in my Divine Will; she grows for Heaven, because the Heaven of my Divine Will reigns in her soul.
On the other hand, one who lives of human will is always turned toward herself, and by her looking at herself, the human will keeps uncovering for her what is human, and places her in the reflections of what exists in the low world, in such a way that it can be said that she lives of earth and grows without the likeness of the One who created her. There is such difference between one and the other, that if creatures could see it, all would love and yearn to live in my Fiat, and they would abhor living of human will, and would hold it as the greatest misfortune, which makes them lose the purpose and the origin for which they were created. It would happen as to a king who lays down his crown, his royal garments, descends from his throne, and clothes himself with dirty rags, feeds himself with filthy foods and lives in a stable together with the beasts of his passions. Would the lot of this one not to be cried over? Such is the one who lets himself be dominated his human will.”
After this, I continued thinking about the many things that my beloved Jesus has operated in my poor and little soul – His so many loving ways, such that, if I wanted to tell them all, it would be impossible for me. But who can say what I was thinking, and the reason why my little intelligence was as though crowded with what had happened to me in my existence? But while I was prey to so many thoughts, my highest and only Good, Jesus, clasping me all to Himself, with unspeakable tenderness, told me: “My daughter, my way of operating in your soul symbolizes the whole Creation. Great work was the Creation, but since Our works are orderly, We contented Ourselves with creating small things first – the heavens, the stars, the sun, the sea, the plants and everything else – that is, small in comparison with the creation of man, who was to surpass everything and hold supremacy over everything; and when things must serve the one who must master them and be their king, as great as they might be or appear, they are always small compared to the one whom they must serve. So, after the universe was created and all things were at their place of order, waiting for the one around whom, like an ordered army, they were to line up so as to serve him and obey his wishes, We created man. All created things and his very Creator poured themselves over him to sing to him Our eternal loves, and say to Him: ‘We all have the mark of our Creator, and we pour it over you, who are His image.’ Heaven and earth made complete feast, and Our very Divinity celebrated with so much love the creation of man, that at the mere memory of it, Our love seethes so strongly that, overflowing, it forms immense seas around Us.
Now, the Kingdom of my Divine Will is greater than the work of Creation, and therefore, it can be said, it is the call for Our Divine Being to operate more than Creation Itself. So, everything I did in your soul at the beginning symbolizes the Creation. I wanted you all to Myself and all mine, so as to be free to do what I wanted; I wanted the void of everything in your soul, to be able to lay my Heaven; and the many sayings on the virtues were stars which, practiced by you in the way wanted by Me, I used in order to adorn the Heaven I had extended in you. Therefore, I wanted to redo in you and be repaid for everything evil and unworthy that the human family had done; in order to call back the Sun of my Divine Fiat, it was necessary to prepare with decorum the one who was to receive, as the first, the Life of my Divine Will. This is why, then, I made flow seas of grace, the most beautiful flowerings, almost as in the creation of man, in whom my Divine Fiat was to reign. The same in you: everything I did placed itself in waiting, like a divine army, to form the cortege of the Sun of my Eternal Will. And just as in Creation We abounded so much in creating so many things that were to serve man, but because this man was to let my Divine Will reign within himself, the same in you: everything has been done so that my Will would find Its place of honor and of glory. This is why it was necessary that first I was to prepare you with many graces and teachings, as small things compared to the great Sun of my Divine Volition, which, with Its many manifestations, while making Itself known, formed Its Life in order to reign and form Its first Kingdom in the creature.
Therefore, do not be surprised – this is the order of Our Wisdom and Providence, which does small things first and then the great, as cortege and as decorum of the great things. What does my Divine Fiat not deserve? What is not owed to It? And what has not been done by It? Therefore, when it is about my Will, or about making It known, Heaven and earth prostrate themselves, reverent, and all adore in mute silence even just one act of my Divine Will.”

February 11, 1930
How man was created to live in intimacy with God and in His house, and as he withdrew from His Will, by God’s goodness he was given the legal share.
My poor mind undergoes the sweet enchantment of the refulgent Sun of the Eternal Fiat, and – oh! how many beautiful touching scenes It unfolds within me, such that, if I were able to tell them as I see them, all would undergo the sweet enchantment and, in chorus, all would say: “We want to do the Divine Will.” But, alas! I am always the little ignorant one, and only stammering can I say something. But in comprehending the great good of this Divine Volition, and how we swim in Its gigantic waves of light, of unspeakable beauty, of unreachable sanctity, I was thinking to myself: ‘How is it possible for such a great good not to be known? And while we swim inside of it, we ignore the great good that surrounds us, that invests us inside and out, that gives us life; and only because we ignore it, we do not enjoy the admirable effects of all the great goods that a Will so Holy contains? O please! reveal Yourself, Oh Omnipotent Fiat, and the face of the earth will change. And besides, why did Our Blessed Lord not please to manifest, from the beginning of Creation, the many admirable things that this Most Holy Will wants to do and give to creatures?’ And while my mind was wandering, as though enraptured in the sweet enchantment of the Divine Volition, my Love, my Life, Jesus, the Celestial Teacher, who charms with His lovely speaking on His own Will, making Himself seen, told me: “My little daughter of my Will, the creature cannot live, either soul or body, without my Divine Will; and since It is her first act of life, she finds herself in the condition either of receiving Its act of continuous life from It, or of not being able to have existence. And since man was created for him to live in the opulence of the goods of this Divine Will, his beloved inheritance, he was therefore created for him to live of Us and in Our house, like a son who lives with his father. Otherwise, how could he be Our amusement, Our joy and happiness, if he were not to live close to Us, together with Us in Our Divine Will? A son who is far away cannot form the joy of his father, his smile, his amusement, his intimate conversation. From afar, they cannot play together or smile with happiness; on the contrary, the mere distance breaks the love and brings the bitterness of not being able to enjoy the beloved.
See, then, man was created to live in intimacy with Us, in Our house, in Our own Will, for Us to secure Our joys and perennial happiness as well as his. But man, Our son, though he was happy in the house of his Father, rebelled and went out of his paternal house, and by doing his will he lost the smile of his Father, His pure joys; and since he could not live without the concourse of Our Divine Will, We acted as Father and gave him the legal share of Our Divine Will – no longer as life, which carried him on Its lap to render him happy and holy, but as concurring, to preserve him alive – not to make him happy as before, but to give him the things of strict necessity and according to how he would behave. Without my Divine Will there cannot be life. And this is why so little is known about my Divine Fiat, because it is Its mere legal share that creatures know, and many times this legal share is not even recognized completely, because one who lives of the legal share does not live in the house of his Father; he is far away from Him, and many times he finds himself in the condition of spoiling with unworthy acts the very legal share he received.
Therefore, do not be surprised if little is known about my Divine Will, if one does not live in It, if one is not in continuous contact to receive Its Life that makes one happy, that sanctifies and, one being close to It, opens Its secrets and makes Itself known – who It is, what It can give to the creature, and how It yearns to keep her on Its lap to form in her Its Divine Life. More so since, by doing his will, man placed himself in the condition of a servant, not of an heir, and a servant has no right to the inheritance of his master, but to the miserable compensation for him to live life with hardship. Therefore, my daughter, it can be said that with you I have opened the doors, to let you enter to live in Our house, in Our Divine Will. And keeping you with Us, We have manifested to you so much about Our Divine Volition – not as the legal share, but as Our fortunate heiress.”
After this, He added: “My daughter, more so, since in that little which was written of my Divine Will in the whole history of the world, having known only the legal share, they have written of It what they have known of my Fiat after sin, which relationships It has with creatures, even though they offend It and do not live in Our house. But as for the relations that passed between my Fiat and Adam innocent, before sinning, they have written nothing. And how could they write if no one has lived in my Divine Will as in one’s own house? How could they know Its secrets and the great prodigy that the operating Life of a Divine Will can do in the creature? Therefore, they could and can say of my Divine Fiat that It disposes everything, that It commands, that It concurs; but as for saying of my Divine Will how It operates within Itself, in Its house, the power of Its immensity that in one instant does everything, envelops everything, in the creature as It does within Itself - this is science that the creature has ignored until now; it could not be written if not by manifestation of my Divine Fiat, and to one whom It called to live in Our house as Our daughter, close to Us, inside my Will – not far away; such that, being able to amuse Ourselves with her, We would make her aware of Our most intimate secrets. And if We had wanted to manifest what regards Our Will in relationship with the creature, and she were not living in It, she would not have understood Us; it would have been for her like a foreign and unintelligible dialect.”

February 17, 1930
How the Divine Will is the heartbeat, and the creature is the heart; the Divine Will the breath, the creature the body. Inseparability of one from the other.
The Divine Volition continues to occupy my little intelligence, and I, immersing myself in It, feel Its vivifying strength that surrounds me inside and out. And my sweet Jesus, who seems to hide behind the gigantic waves of light of His Divine Volition, very often moves in these waves of light; and making Himself seen, with unspeakable tenderness, He told me: “My daughter, my Divine Will is heartbeat without heart – the creature is the heart, my Will is the heartbeat. See what inseparable union exists between my Fiat and the creature. The heart is nothing, it has no value without the heartbeat; with the heartbeat the life of the creature is constituted, but the heartbeat cannot beat without the heart. Such is my Divine Will; if It does not have the nothingness of the heart of the creature, It has no place in which to form Its heartbeat of life to carry out and form Its Divine Life. See then, not having a heart, my Divine Will has created it in the creature, so as to have Its heart in which to be able to form Its heartbeat.
In addition to this, my Divine Will is breath without body – the creature is the body, my Will is the breath. The body without the breath is dead; so, what forms the breath of the creature is my Divine Will; therefore, one can say: ‘The body of It is that of the creature, and her breath is that of my Divine Volition.’ See what further union exists between one and the other – a union which cannot be separated, because if the breath ceases life ceases. Therefore, my Divine Will is everything for the creature; It is word without mouth, It is light without eye, It is hearing without ears, It is work without hands, It is step without feet, and therefore the soul who lives in my Divine Will serves It as mouth, as eye, as ears, as hands and as feet. My Will restricts Itself to enclose Itself in the creature, while remaining immense; and, victorious, It forms Its Kingdom in her, making use of her as if she were Its body, in which It palpitates, breathes, speaks, operates and walks. Therefore, the sorrow of my Divine Fiat, because creatures do not lend themselves to let It carry out all Its operations in them, to let It reign, and they force It to silence and to inactivity, is incomprehensible; and with divine and unspeakable patience, It waits for those who must live in Its Will, so as to resume Its speaking and Its divine activity, to form Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures. Therefore, be attentive, my daughter; listen to the speaking of my Divine Fiat, give It life in all your acts, and you will see the unexpected portents that my Divine Will will do in you.”
May everything be for the glory of God, and for the fulfillment of His Most Holy Will.
Deo Gratias

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