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Divine Will Volume Eighteen



August 9, 1925
How requiting God in love for all created things enters the first duty of the creature. The Divine Will was given as primary life of the creature.

My Jesus, give me strength; You who see the great repugnances I feel in writing, such that, if it wasn’t for blessed obedience and for fear of displeasing You, I would not have written a single word any more. Your long privations daze me and render me incapable of anything, therefore I need greater help in order to put on paper what your Holy Will whispers to me. Therefore, give me your hand, and be always with me.

Now, while I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition in order to requite God in love for everything He had done in Creation for love of creatures, a thought was telling me that it was not necessary to do that; that this way of praying was not pleasing to my Jesus; that these are inventions of my mind. And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, you must know that this way of praying – that is, to requite God in love for all the things created by Him – is a divine right, and it enters the first duty of the creature. The Creation was made for love of man; even more, Our love was so great that, had it been necessary, We would have created as many heavens, as many suns, stars, seas, earths, plants and all the rest, for as many creatures as were to come to the light of this world, so that each one of them might have a Creation for herself, a universe of her own. And, in fact, when everything was created, Adam was the only spectator of all Creation - he could enjoy all the good he wanted. And if We did not do so, it was because man could enjoy everything anyway, as if it were his own, even if others also might enjoy it. In fact, who cannot say, ‘the sun is mine’, and enjoy the light of the sun as much as he wants? Or, ‘the water is mine’, and quench his thirst and make use of it there where he needs it? Or, ‘the sea, the earth, the fire, the air, are my things’, and so with many other things created by Me? And if it seems that man lacks something, that life suffers hardships, it is because of sin which, barring the way of my benefits, prevents the things created by Me from being abundant for the ungrateful creature.

So, given all this – that in all created things God bound His love toward each creature – hers was the duty to requite God with her little love, with her gratitude, with her ‘thank You’ to the One who had done so much for her. Not requiting God in love for everything He has done for man in Creation, is the first fraud that the creature makes against God; it is to usurp His gifts without even recognizing where they come from, and the One who has loved her so much. Therefore, this is the first duty of the creature, and this duty is so indispensable and important, that She who took to heart all Our glory, Our defense, Our interest, did nothing but go around through all the spheres, from the smallest to the greatest thing created by God, in order to impress Her requital of love, of glory, of thanksgiving, for all and in the name of all human generations. Ah! yes, it was precisely my Celestial Mama who filled Heaven and earth with the requital for everything that God had done in Creation. After Her came my Humanity, which fulfilled this duty so sacrosanct, in which the creature had so very much failed, and rendered my Celestial Father benevolent toward guilty man. So, these were my prayers, and those of my inseparable Mama. Don’t you want, then, to repeat my very prayers? Even more, this is why I have called you into my Will – that you may associate yourself with Us, and follow and repeat Our acts.”

So I tried, as much as I could, to go around through all created things, to give to my God the requital of love, of glory, of gratitude, for everything He had done in Creation. I seemed to see in all created things the requital of love of my Empress Mama and of my beloved Jesus. This requital formed the most beautiful harmony between Heaven and earth, and bound the Creator to the creature. Each requital of love was a key, a little sonata of enrapturing celestial music. And my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, all created things were nothing other than an act of Our Will that issued them; nor can they move, or change the effects, the position or the office which each of them received by its Creator. They are nothing other than mirrors in which man was to admire the reflections of the qualities of his Creator: in some the power, in some the beauty, in other created things the goodness, the immensity, the light, etc. In sum, each created thing preaches to man the qualities of its Creator, and with mute voices they tell him how much I love him. On the other hand, in creating man, it was not just Our Will, but an emanation that came out of Our womb - a part of Ourselves that We infused in him; and this is why We created him with a free will – that he might grow always, in beauty, in wisdom, in virtue. In Our likeness, he could multiply his goods, his graces.

Oh! if a sun had a free will and could make two suns from one, four suns from two, what glory, what honor would it not give to its Creator, and how much glory also to itself? Yet, what the created things cannot do, because they are without a free will, and because they were created to serve man, man can do, because he was to serve God. So, all Our love was centralized in man, and this is why We placed all Creation at his disposal, all ordered around him – that man might make use of Our works like as many stairs and ways in order to come to Us, to know Us, and to love Us. But what is Our sorrow in seeing man below Our created things - even more, his beautiful soul, given by Us, transformed into ugliness by sin, and not only ungrown in good, but horrid to the sight? Yet, as if everything that was created for him were not enough to Our love, in order to preserve this free will, We gave him the greatest gift, which surpassed all other gifts: we gave him Our Will, as preserver, as antidote, as prevenience and help for his free will. So, Our Will placed Itself at his disposal, to give him all those aids which man might need. Our Will was given to him as primary life, and as the first act of all his works. Having to grow in grace and in beauty, he needed a Supreme Will, which would not only keep company with his human will, but would substitute for the operating of the creature. But this great gift also he despised and did not want to know. See, then, how Our Will enters the primary life of the creature; and as long as It maintains Its first act, Its life, the creature grows always in grace, in light, in beauty; she preserves the bond of the first act of her creation, and We receive the glory of all created things, because they serve Our Will operating in the creature – the only purpose of all Creation. Therefore, I recommend to you – let Our Will be more than life for you, and the first act of all your actions.”

August 15, 1925
All created things run toward man. The Feast of the Assumption should be called Feast of the Divine Will.

I continued to fuse myself in the Holy Divine Volition to requite my Jesus with my little love for everything He has done for mankind in Creation; and my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, in order to give more value to my little love, did what I was doing together with me. Meanwhile, He told me: “My daughter, all created things were made for man, and all of them run toward man. They have no feet, but they all walk, they all have motion, either to find him, or to be found. The light of the sun departs from the height of the heavens in order to find the creature, illuminate him and warm him. The water walks in order to reach even into the human bowels, to quench his thirst and to refresh him. The plant, the seed, walks, rips the earth and forms its fruit to give itself to man. There is not one created thing which does not have a step, a motion, toward the one to whom the Eternal Maker had directed it in its creation. My Will maintains the order, the harmony, and keeps them all on their way toward the creatures. So, it is my Will that walks constantly toward the creature within created things; It never stops, It is all motion toward the one whom It loves so much. Yet, who says a ‘thank you’ to my Will, which brings him the light of the sun, the water for drinking in order to quench his thirst, the bread to satisfy his hunger, the fruit, the flower to cheer him; and many other things which It brings to him to make him happy? Is it not right that, since my Will does everything for man, man should do everything to fulfill my Will?

Oh, if you knew the feast that my Will makes in created things, when It walks to and serves one who fulfills my Will! My Will, operating and fulfilled in the creature, and my Will operating in created things, kiss each other as they meet, they harmonize, they love each other, and form the hymn of adoration for their Creator and the greatest portent of all Creation. Created things feel honored when they serve a creature who is animated by that same Will which forms their very life. On the other hand, my Will takes the attitude of sorrow in those same created things when It has to serve one who does not fulfill my Will. This is why it happens that many times created things place themselves against man, they strike him, they chastise him – because they become superior to man, as they keep intact within themselves that Divine Will by which they were animated from the very beginning of their creation, while man has descended down below, for he does not keep the Will of his Creator within himself.”

After this, I began to think about the feast of my Celestial Mama Assumed into Heaven; and my sweet Jesus, with a tender and moving tone, added: “My daughter, the true name of this Feast should be Feast of the Divine Will. It was the human will that closed Heaven, broke the bonds with its Creator, made miseries and sorrow enter the field, and put an end to the feast that the creature was to enjoy in Heaven. Now, this creature, Queen of all, by doing the Will of the Eternal One always and in everything – even more, it can be said that Her life was Divine Will alone – opened the Heavens, bound Herself to the Eternal One, and restored in Heaven the feasts with the creature. Every act She did in the Supreme Will was a feast that She started in Heaven, it was suns that She formed to adorn this feast, it was melodies that She sent to delight the Celestial Jerusalem. So, the true cause of this feast is the Eternal Will operating and fulfilled in my Celestial Mama. It operated such prodigies in Her as to astonish Heaven and earth, chain the Eternal One with indissoluble bonds of love, and capture the Word even into Her womb. The very Angels, enraptured, repeated among themselves: ‘From where comes so much glory, so much honor, such greatness and prodigies never before seen, in this excelling Creature? Yet, it is from the exile that She is coming.’ Astonished, they recognized the Will of their Creator as Life operating in Her; and, trembling, they said: ‘Holy, Holy, Holy - honor and glory to the Will of Our Sovereign Lord. And glory, and trice Holy - She who let this Supreme Will operate.’

So, it is my Will that, more than anything, was and is celebrated on the day of the Assumption into Heaven of my Most Holy Mother. It was my Will alone that made Her ascend so high as to distinguish Her among all. Everything else would have been as nothing, had She not possessed the prodigy of my Will. It was my Will that gave Her Divine Fecundity and made Her the Mother of the Word. It was my Will that made Her see and embrace all creatures together, becoming the Mother of all, and loving all with a love of Divine Maternity. And making Her the Queen of all, It made Her rule and dominate. On that day, my Will received the first honors, the glory and the abundant fruit of Its work in Creation, and It began Its feast, which It never interrupts, for the glorification of Its operating in my beloved Mother. And even though Heaven was opened by Me, and many Saints were already in possession of the Celestial Fatherland when the Celestial Queen was assumed into Heaven, however, She Herself was the primary cause, having fulfilled the Supreme Will in everything, and therefore we waited for She who had honored It so much and contained the true prodigy of the Most Holy Will, to make the first feast for the Supreme Volition. Oh! how the whole of Heaven magnified, blessed and praised the Eternal Will, upon seeing this sublime Queen enter the Empyreum, in the midst of the Celestial Court, all circumfused by the Eternal Sun of the Supreme Volition! They saw Her all studded with the power of the Supreme Fiat; there had been not even a heartbeat in Her which did not have this Fiat impressed on it. And, astonished, they looked at Her and said to Her: ‘Ascend, ascend higher. It is right that She who so much honored the Supreme Fiat, and through whom we find ourselves in the Celestial Fatherland, have the highest throne and be our Queen.’ And the greatest honor that my Mama received, was to see the Divine Will glorified.”

September 16, 1925
Jesus was always the same in His pains. To be always the same is a divine virtue. The silence of Jesus.

My days are ever more bitter because of the long privations of my sweet Jesus. His Will alone is left to me, as precious inheritance of the so many visits He made to my poor soul. And now I have been left alone, forgotten by the One who formed my life; so much so, that it seemed to me that we were fused together, and that neither could He be without me, nor I without Him. And while I think: ‘Where - where did the One go who loved me so much? What have I done that He has left me? Ah! Jesus, come back, come back, for I can take no more!’; and while I would like to abandon myself to sorrow, and think of my great misfortune of having lost the One in whom I had enclosed all my hopes and my happiness, the Holy Divine Volition imposes Itself on me, making me follow the course of my acts in His adorable Will. And It almost prevents me from grieving more for being without my only good. So I remain as though petrified, intrepid, all alone, without the slightest comfort, either from Heaven or from the earth.

Now, while I was in this state, I was thinking about various pains of the Passion of Jesus, who, making Himself seen for a little while, told me: “My daughter, in all my pains I was always the same – I never changed. My gaze was always sweet, my face always serene, my words always calm and dignified. In my whole person I had such equality of manners, that if they had wanted to recognize Me as their Redeemer, merely by my way, always the same, in everything and for everything, they would have recognized Me. It is true that my pains were so many as to eclipse Me and surround Me like many clouds, but this says nothing: after the heat of the pains, I would reappear in the midst of my enemies like majestic sun, with my usual serenity, and with my same manners, always equal and peaceful. To be always the same is only of God, and of the true children of God. The way that is always equal to itself impresses the divine character in the soul, and reveals the operating of creatures as pure and holy. On the other hand, a changing character is of creatures, and it is a sign of passions that roar within the human heart, that tyrannize it, in such a way as to show an unpleasant character also on the outside, which displeases everyone. Therefore, I recommend to you that you be always the same, with Me, with yourself, and with others – the same in the pains, and even in my very privation. The unchanging character must be indelible in you; and even though the pains of my privation knock you down and form the clouds of sorrow inside and outside of you, your unchanging manners will be light which will dispel these clouds, and will reveal how, though hidden, I dwell within you.”

After this, I continued to think about the pains of the Passion of my adorable Jesus, with the nail of His privation in my heart; and my lovable Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, all taciturn and so afflicted as to arouse pity. And I said to Him: ‘My love, why are You silent? It seems to me that You don’t want to tell me anything any more, nor confide to me your secrets and your pains any longer.’ And Jesus, all goodness, but afflicted, told me: “My daughter, being silent says something greater than what speaking says. To be silent is the decision of one who, not wanting to be dissuaded, keeps silent. The silence of a father with a beloved son of his, while in the midst of other unruly sons, is a sign that he wants to strike the perverted sons. Do you think it is nothing that I do not come to you and that I am sparing in the sharing of my pains with you? Ah! my daughter, it isn’t nothing; on the contrary, it is something great. As I do not come to you, my Justice becomes filled with scourges in order to strike man; so much so, that all the past evils, the earthquakes, the wars, will be as nothing compared to the evils which will come, and to the great war and revolution which they are preparing. Sins are so many that men do not deserve that I share my pains with you in order to free them from the scourges deserved. Therefore, have patience; my Will will make up for my visible presence, though I remain hidden in you. And if it were not so, you could not have kept the pace in doing your usual rounds in my Will. It is I who, though hidden, do them within you; and you follow the One whom you do not see. However, once my Justice has completed the filling of scourges, I will be with you like before. Therefore, courage, wait for Me and do not fear.”

Now, while He was saying this, I found myself outside of myself, in the midst of the world. In almost all nations one could see preparations for war, new more tragic ways of fighting, which struck fright at the mere sight; and then, the great human blindness which, becoming yet more blind, acted like a beast, not like a man; and because it was blind, it could not see that, while wounding others, it wounded itself. Then, all frightened, I found myself back inside myself, all alone, without my Jesus, and with the nail in my heart that the One whom I love had departed from me, leaving me alone and abandoned. And while I raving and agonizing because of the pain, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior and sighing because of my hard state, told me: “My daughter, calm yourself, calm yourself, I am within you, I do not leave you. And besides, how can I leave you? Look, my Will is everywhere; if you are in my Will, I do not know where to go, nor do I find a place in order to move away from you. I would have to render my Will limited and gather It in one point in order to leave you – but I cannot do this either. My immensity extends everywhere, and my nature renders all that belongs to Me immense; therefore, immense is my Will, my power, my love, my wisdom, etc. So, how can I leave you if I find you everywhere in my Will? Therefore, be sure that I do not leave you, and plunge yourself ever more deeply into the immensity of the abyss of my Will.”

October 1, 1925
The Divine Will is the center of the Humanity of Our Lord. One who lives in It, lives in this center.

I was accompanying the pains of the Passion of my sweet Jesus according to my usual way, and I offered the very privation of Him and the torture it caused me, as attestation of my sorrowful love, for His relief and as compassion for His pains. Now, while I was doing this, my beloved Good moved one arm within my interior, raising His right hand and letting rivulets of blood and of light flow from His fingers over my poor soul, which was withered and burned by the powerful blowing of His privation - and with such sadness that Jesus Himself was shaken; and moved to compassion, wanting to cheer me, He said to me: “My daughter, courage, do not fear. One who lives in my Will is in the center of my Humanity, because the Divine Will is in Me like the sun within its sphere: even though the rays invade the earth, it never departs from up high, from its center; it remains always encircled within its sphere, in its majestic throne; and while its light reaches everywhere, dominating everything, everything serves as its footstool, as all await its beneficial light. So was my Divine Will within Me – like center in the sphere of my Humanity; and from my sphere started the light, reaching everyone and every place. This had been the first act of man - to reject my Supreme Will; therefore it was appropriate for my Humanity to take the first step toward It, centralizing this Eternal Will within Me, as center of life, and bringing It to man once again, through my life, my works and pains, so that he might return to his Creator, placing himself in the order for which he had been created.

Do you see, then, my daughter? The soul who lives in my Will is in the center of my Humanity, and everything I did and suffered is all around her, and for her help. If she is weak, it administers to her my strength; if shaded, my blood washes her and embellishes her; my prayers sustain her; my arms hold her tightly and cover her with my works. In sum, everything is for her defense and help. This is why the thought of my pains is as though natural in you – because, since you live in my Will, they surround you like many clouds of light and of grace. Within the sphere of my Humanity, my Will placed my works, my steps, my words, my blood, my wounds, my pains, and everything I did, as though on the way, in order to call man and give him sufficient aids and means to save him and to make him come back again into the womb of my Will. If my Will had wanted to enter the field on Its own in order to call man, he would have been frightened. Instead, I wanted to call him with everything I did and suffered, like many enticements, pushes, encouragements and means, to make him return into my arms. So, everything I did and suffered is the carrier of man to God. Now, one who lives in my Will, by living in the center of my Humanity, takes all the fruits of everything I did and suffered, and enters the order of Creation; and my Will fulfills in him the full purpose for which he was created. Others, then, who do not live in my Will, find the means to be saved, but do not enjoy all the fruits of Creation and of Redemption.”

Now, while my lovable Jesus was saying this, I said to Him: ‘My Love, I don’t’ know – You tell me that I live in your Will, and then You leave me? Ah! what a hard martyrdom You make me go through. As You leave me, everything changes for me; I myself no longer recognize myself; everything dies for me – the light dies, the love, the good. You alone maintain the beating of life in my poor soul; as soon as You depart and leave me, everything dies. See, then, in what hard and painful conditions You leave me. O please! have pity on me and do not leave me any more, for I can take no more.’ And while I wanted to say more, my Jesus, sighing, added: “My daughter, be quiet, do not go any further - your words wound my Heart. Oh! how I would like to remove from your heart this nail so hard – that I leave you, that I might leave you. I too know that, for one who loves Me, this nail is unbearable, it kills one continuously, without pity. Therefore, lay down the thought that I might leave you. You should be convinced that, instead of leaving you, I penetrate more deeply into you, and I remain silent in the little ship of your soul; and this is so true, that nothing has moved within you: the preparations that were there, are still there – they are all in the order; so much so, that it is enough for my Will to want it, and I give a little spin to the preparations which are there, and quickly I am with you. And besides, how can I leave you? One who does my Will and lives in It maintains whole the bonds of Creation which exist between Creator and creature, the bonds of Redemption, and the bonds between the Sanctifier and the ones who are being sanctified. My Will seals all these bonds and renders the creature inseparable from Me. Therefore, be sure that your Jesus does not leave you.”

Now, while He was saying this, I saw as though many threads of light bound to my heart. Some of them were bound to all the created things; other threads of light were coming out from all that Jesus had done and suffered; others from the Sacraments. May everything be for the glory of God, and for the good of my soul and of all souls. Amen.

October 4, 1925
Repeating the same good serves to form the water with which to water the seed of the virtues. Everything that Our Lord has done is suspended in the Divine Will, in waiting, to give itself to creatures.

I was fusing myself in the Most Holy Will of God according to my usual way, and while going around in It to place my ‘I love You’ upon all things, I wished that my Jesus would see or hear nothing but my ‘I love You’, or through this ‘I love You’ of mine. And while repeating the singsong of my ‘I love You’, I thought to myself: ‘It shows that I am really a little child, who can say nothing but the little story she has learned. And then, what good comes to me by repeating ‘I love You, I love You…’ over and over again?’ But while I was thinking of this, my adorable Jesus came out from within my interior, showing my ‘I love You’ impressed everywhere in all of His Divine Person: on His lips, on His face, on His forehead, in His eyes, in the middle of His breast, on the back and in the center of the palms of His hands, on the tips of His fingers – in sum, everywhere. And with a tender tone, He told me: “My daughter, aren’t you happy that none of the ‘I love You’s’ that come out of you go lost, but all remain impressed in Me? And then, do you know what good comes to you by repeating them? You must know that when the soul decides to do some good, to exercise a virtue, she forms the seed of that virtue. By repeating those acts, she forms the water with which to water that seed in the earth of her heart; and the more often she repeats them, the more she waters that seed, and the plant grows beautiful and green, in such a way that it quickly produces the fruits of that seed. On the other hand, if she is slow in repeating, many times the seed remains suffocated; and if it comes out at all, it grows thin and never gives fruit. Poor seed, without enough water in order to grow. My Sun does not rise over that seed, to give it fecundity, maturity and a beautiful color to its fruits, because it is not fecund. On the other hand, by always repeating those same acts, the soul contains much water with which to water that seed; my Sun rises over that seed every time It sees it being watered; and It delights so much, knowing that it has much strength in order to grow, that It makes its branches reach up to Me; and in seeing its many fruits, I pick them with pleasure, and I rest under its shadow.

So, repeating your ‘I love You’ for Me procures for you the water with which to water and form the tree of love. Repeating patience waters and forms the tree of patience; repeating your acts in my Will forms the water with which to water and form the divine and eternal tree of my Will. Nothing can be formed with one single act, but with many upon many repeated acts. Only your Jesus contains the virtue of forming all things, and the greatest things, with one single act, because I contain the creative power. But the creature, by dint of repeating the same act, forms the good she wants to do, bit by bit. Through habit, that good or that virtue becomes her nature, and the creature becomes the possessor of it, and it forms all of her fortune. This happens also in the natural order. No one becomes a teacher by having read the vowels and the consonants once or a few times, but by repeating them constantly, to the point of filling his mind, his will and his heart with all that science that is needed in order to be able to be a teacher to others. No one feels satiated if he does not eat, bite after bite, the food that is needed in order be satiated. No one harvests the seeds if he does not repeat, who knows how many times, his work in his little field; and so with many other things. To repeat the same act is a sign that one loves, appreciates and wants to possess that very act which he does. Therefore, repeat, and repeat incessantly, without ever tiring.”

Afterwards, I found myself outside of myself, and my sweet Jesus carried me around, through all those places in which, while being on earth, He had operated, suffered, prayed, and also cried. Everything was in act – everything He had done. And my beloved Good told me: “My daughter, daughter of my Supreme Volition, my Will wants to make you take part in everything. Everything you see is all the works I have done while being on earth, which my Will keeps suspended within Itself, because creatures do not dispose themselves to wanting to receive them, partly because they still do not know what I have done. See, here are the prayers I did at nighttime, covered with bitter tears and with ardent sighs for the salvation of all. They are all in waiting, to give themselves to creatures, in order to give them the fruits which they contain. Daughter, enter into them, cover yourself with my tears, clothe yourself with my prayers, so that my Will may accomplish in you the effects which are in my tears, prayers and sighs. My Will keeps, as though lined up within Itself, the pains of my childhood, all of my interior acts of my hidden life, which are prodigies of grace and of sanctity; all the humiliations, glories and pains of my public life, and the most hidden pains of my Passion. Everything is suspended - the complete fruit has not been taken by creatures; and I am waiting for the ones who must live in my Will, so that they may no longer be suspended, but may pour themselves upon them, to give them their complete fruit. Only the ones who must live in my Will will make my goods no longer be suspended. Therefore, enter into my every act and pain, that my Will may be fulfilled in you. Between you and Me I do not want suspended things, nor do I tolerate being unable to tell you what I want. This is why I want to find my own Will in you – so that nothing may oppose what my Will Itself wants to give you.” And while Jesus was saying this, I moved from one act of Jesus to another, and I remained as though transformed, covered with His own acts, prayers, tears and pains. But who can say what I experienced? I hope that blessed Jesus will give me the grace to correspond, and to fulfill His adorable Will in me, and in all. Amen.

October 10, 1925
Exchange of wills between the Celestial Father and the Most Holy Virgin, and Luisa. The Most Holy Virgin repeats for the soul who lives in the Divine Will that which She did for Her Son.

As I was in my usual state, my poor mind found itself within an extremely high atmosphere. I seemed to see the Divinity, and upon one knee of the Celestial Father, the Queen Mama, dead, as if She had no life. Surprised, I thought to myself: ‘My Mama is dead; but what a happy death – to die on the knees of our Creator!’ But, looking more closely, I saw Her will as though detached from Her body, held in the hands of the Divine Father. Amazed, I looked, and I could not give myself a reason for what I was seeing; but a voice coming from the divine throne said: “This is the elect among all the elect; She is the all beautiful; She is the only creature who gave Us Her will as gift, and left it, dead, upon Our knees, in Our hands. And We, in exchange, gave Her the gift of Our Will. Greater gift We could not give Her, because by acquiring this Supreme Will, She had the power to make the Word descend upon earth, and to have the Redemption of mankind be formed. A human will would have no power nor attraction over Us; but a Divine Will, given by Ourselves to this incomparable creature, won over Us, conquered Us, enraptured Us; and unable to resist, We surrendered to Her petitions to make the Word descend upon earth. Now We are waiting for you to come to die upon Our other knee, giving Us your will; and We, in seeing it dead in Our hands, as if it no longer existed for you, will give you the gift of Our Will, and through you – that is, through this Will of Ours given to you – Our Fiat will return to live upon earth. These two wills, dead upon Our knees, will be the ransom for many rebellious wills, and We will keep them as a precious pledge, which will repay Us for all the evils of the other creatures, because with Our Will they will be able to satisfy Us.”

The voice could no longer be heard, and I found myself on the other paternal knee, in the act of breathing my last, and dying. But at that moment I found myself inside myself, but I am unable to say what I felt within me; only, I prayed from the heart that my will might never again enter into me, but only the Divine might have life in me. Ah! It alone is the bearer of all goods and the repeater of Jesus within souls; and echoing the Fiat of Creation, It embraces everything and everyone as though in one breath, and requites God for the work of Creation, Redemption and Sanctification. The Divine Will operating in us can do anything; It is the true Queen who reigns and rules over everything.

Then, afterwards, I saw my Celestial Mama with Baby Jesus in Her arms, as She kissed Him and placed Him to Her breast to give Him Her most pure milk; and I said to Her: ‘My Mama, and what about me - don’t You give anything to me? O please! allow me at least to place my ‘I love You’ between your mouth and that of Jesus while You kiss, so that my little ‘I love You’ may run within everything You do. And She said to me: “My daughter, please do, place your little ‘I love You’, not only in the mouth, but in all the acts that pass between Me and my Son. You must know that everything I did toward my Son, I intended to do toward those souls who were to live in the Divine Will, because, being in It, they would be disposed to receive all the acts I did toward Jesus, and I would find sufficient space in which to place them. So, if I kissed my Son, I kissed them, because I found them together with Him in His Supreme Will. They were the first to be as though lined up within Him, and my maternal love pushed Me to let them partake in everything I did to my Son. Great graces were needed for those who were to live in this Holy Will, and I placed all my goods, my graces, my sorrows, at their disposal, as their help, as defense, as strength, as support and as light; and I felt happy and honored with the greatest honors, to have, as my children, the children of the Will of the Celestial Father, which I too possessed; and therefore I looked at them also as births from Me. Even more, it can be said of them what is said about my Son: that the first generations found salvation in the merits of the future Redeemer. In the same way, these souls, these future daughters, by virtue of the Divine Will operating in them, are the ones who incessantly implore salvation and graces for the future generations. They are with Jesus, and Jesus is in them; and they repeat together with Jesus that which Jesus contains. Therefore, if you want Me to repeat for you what I did for my Son, let Me always find you in His Will, and I will be generous with my favors toward you.”

October 17, 1925
The Eternal Wisdom has established that the food of man’s soul be the Will of God.

After two days of most bitter privations of my highest Good, Jesus, I felt Him move in my interior. I seemed to see Him in my interior, sitting, with His head leaning on one side, upon my shoulder; with His mouth turned toward my mouth, in the act of administering the words to me. I clasped Him to myself, and I began to listen to Him, abandoning all of myself in Him. So, it seemed that He was saying to me: “My daughter, my Will is more than food. Food gives strength to the body, it warms it, it increases the blood, it enlivens the intelligence if it is dim, it puts liveliness in all the members, and pushes the creature to new works and sacrifices. On the other hand, one who is on an empty stomach, not giving the necessary food to her body, is weak, cold, lacking in blood, her intelligence dim, exhausted in all of her members; and this leads her to melancholy and pushes her to do nothing, with no desire to sacrifice herself in anything. Poor one, she feels life missing in all of her person; and this is so true that, when an illness is mortal for a creature, she abandons food, and by abandoning food, she disposes herself to death.

Now, since the Eternal Wisdom has established that the soul too should have food, she was assigned the Supreme Will as delicious food. So, one who takes this food is strong in doing good; she is as though soaked with love for her God. This food increases the divine blood in order to form the growth of the Life of God within her. Like sun, it is reflected in her intelligence, to make her know her Creator and be formed in His likeness. It puts liveliness in the whole soul, in order to put all virtues in force, and it pushes her to new works and to sacrifices unheard-of. The food of my Will gives itself in every instant, at each breath, at night, during the day, in each thing, and as many times as one wants; nor is there any danger, as with corporal food, that in taking too much of it, it may do harm and even produce illnesses - no, no; rather, the more one takes of it, the more it fortifies and raises the soul to the likeness of her Creator. One can remain with one’s mouth always opened, in the act of taking this celestial food. All the opposite for one who does not take this food of my Will. For one who does not take it at all, it can be said that she disposes herself to die eternally. As for one who seldom feeds herself, she is weak and inconstant in good, she is cold in love, she is lacking in divine blood, in such a way that the Divine Life grows as though anemic within her. The light of her intelligence is so dim, that she knows little or nothing of her Creator; and not knowing Him, His likeness is so far away from her, for as much as she is far away from the food of His Will. She is without liveliness in doing good, because she does not have sufficient food; and now patience escapes her, now charity, now detachment from everything; so, the poor virtues live as though strangled, without enough food of my Will. Ah! if one could see a soul without this celestial food, one would weep over her, so many are the miseries and the rubbish with which she is covered. However, there is more for one to compassionate if one sees a creature starved of corporal food, because many times she lacks the means in order to buy it; but the food of my Will is given out for free, therefore one who does not take it deserves condemnation; and the condemnation is formed by herself, because she has rejected the food which gave her life.”

Then, afterwards, I heard that various people had suffered contrasts, humiliations and other things; and my sweet Jesus resumed His speaking: “My daughter, just as the body contains bad blood which infects the good one, and it is necessary to apply vesicants, leeches, bloodlettings, in order to draw out the bad blood, otherwise one is in danger of remaining paralyzed for the rest of one’s life; in the same way, the soul who lacks the continuous food of my Will, contains many bad humors, and it is necessary to apply the vesicants of humiliations, in order to draw out the bad humor of self-esteem; the bites of leeches, in order to extract the infected humor of the vainglory of one’s own self; immediate bloodlettings, to block and draw out the bad blood of the little attachments which she keeps forming in her heart toward the people whom she approaches in doing good. Otherwise, those humors would grow so much as to infect everything she does, in such a way as to remain paralyzed in good for the rest of her life. Punctures always do good; they are the sentries of the heart which maintain the blood pure – that is, the intention of the soul upright in doing good. Therefore, if all did good only in order to fulfill my Will, punctures would not be necessary, because my Will is the safeguard against all bad humors. So, punctures are also the penalties for those who do not take enough food of my Will.”

October 21, 1925
Effects of one act in the Divine Will. The sorrow of Jesus is suspended in the Divine Will, waiting for the sinner.

This morning, on coming, my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, I bring you the kiss of all Heaven.” And as He was saying this, He kissed me and added: “All of Heaven is in my Will, and because they are in this Supreme Volition, whatever I do, they feel the echo of my acts, and as though responding to my echo, they repeat what I do.” Having said this, He disappeared. But after a few hours He came back, telling me: “My daughter, return to Me the kiss I gave you, because all of Heaven, my Mama, our Celestial Father and the Divine Spirit, are awaiting the requital of your kiss, because, since an act of theirs has come out in my Will toward the creature who lives in the exile, they yearn for the requital of it to be returned to them in my same Will.” So, as He drew His mouth close to mine, almost trembling, I gave Him my kiss, which produced a harmonious sound, never before heard, which rose up high and diffused in everything and to everyone. And Jesus, with unspeakable love, added: “How beautiful are the acts in my Will. Ah! you do not know the power, the greatness, the marvel of one act in my Will. This act moves everything - Heaven and earth - as if they were one single act; and all Creation, the Angels, the Saints, give and receive the return of that act. Therefore, an act done in my Will cannot be without return, otherwise all would feel the sorrow of a divine act which has moved everyone, everyone putting of his own into it; and yet, it is not requited. The operating of the soul in my Will is like the silvery sound of a vibrant and shrill bell, which sounds so loudly as to call the attention of all; and it sounds and sounds again, so sweetly, that all recognize, at that sound, the operating of the soul in my Will, all receiving the glory and the honor of a divine act.” Having said this, He disappeared.

Then, I was continuing the fusing of myself in the Divine Will, feeling sorrow for each offense which has ever been given to my Jesus, from the first to the last man who will come upon earth. And while feeling sorrow, I asked for forgiveness. But while I was doing this, I said to myself: ‘My Jesus, my Love, it is not enough for me to feel sorrow and to ask for forgiveness, but I would like to annihilate any sin, so that You may never – never again be offended.’ And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, I had a special sorrow for each sin, and upon my sorrow hung the pardon for the sinner. Now, this sorrow of mine is suspended in my Will, waiting for the sinner when he offends Me, so that, as he feels sorrow for having offended Me, my sorrow may descend to feel sorrow together with his, and immediately grant him forgiveness. But, how many offend Me and do not feel sorrow? So, my sorrow and forgiveness are suspended in my Will, and as though isolated. Thank you, my daughter, for coming into my Will to keep company with my sorrow and with my forgiveness. Please continue to go around in my Will; and making my sorrow your own, cry out, for each offense: ‘Sorrow! Forgiveness!’, so that I may not be the only One who feels sorrow and impetrates forgiveness, but I may have the company of the little daughter of my Will, who feels sorrow together with Me.”

October 24, 1925
The Divine Will is one single act, immense and eternal, which contains, all together, Creation, Redemption and Sanctification. One who lives in the Divine Will possesses this single act and takes part in all Its works, forming one single act with her God.

As I was in my usual state, I felt my sweet Jesus move in my interior, in the act of laying Himself within me, as if He were placing Himself in agony. I could hear His rattle of agony, and I too felt I was agonizing together with Him. Then, after I had suffered for a little while together with Jesus, He said to me: “My daughter, thinking about my Passion, compassionating Me in my pains, is very pleasing to Me. I feel I am not alone in my pains, but I have with Me the company of the creature, because of whom I suffer, and whom I love so much; and as I have her with Me, my suffering becomes sweeter for Me. How hard is isolation in suffering! When I see Myself alone, I have no one to whom to entrust my pains, nor anyone to whom to give the fruit which my pains contain; and so I remain as though drowned with pains and love. Therefore, as my love can endure no more, I come to You, to suffer within you, and you with Me, the pains of my Passion, in act, in order to repeat what I did and suffered in my Humanity. To repeat my Passion in act in the creature is different from one who only thinks about and compassionates my pains. The first is an act of my Life, which takes my place in order to repeat my pains, and I feel I am given back the effects and the value of a Divine Life. On the other hand, when one thinks about my pains and compassionates Me, it is the mere company of the creature that I feel. But do you know in whom I can repeat the pains of my Passion in act? In one who has my Will as center of life.

My Will alone is one single act which has no succession of acts. This single act is as though fixed to one point which never moves; and this point is Eternity. And while being one single act, prime act, endless act, Its circumference is so immense that nothing can escape It; It embraces everything and everyone with one single embrace, because everything starts from that prime act, as one single act. So, the Creation, the Redemption and the Sanctification are one single act for the Divinity; and only because it is one single act, it has the power to make all acts its own, as if they were one alone. Now, one who lives in my Will possesses this single act, and it is no wonder that she takes part in the pains of my Passion, as though in act. In this single act she finds, as though in act, her Creator creating the Creation; and forming one single act with her God, she creates together with Him, flowing as one single act in all created things, and forming the glory of Creation for her Creator. Her love shines over all created things; she enjoys and takes pleasure in them; she loves them as things belonging to herself and to her God. In that single act she has a note that echoes the whole of the divine operating; and in her emphasis of love, she says: ‘What is yours is mine, and what is mine is yours. Be glory, honor and love to my Creator.’ In this single act she finds the Redemption in act; she makes It all her own, she suffers my pains as if they were her own, she flows within everything I did - in my prayers, in my pains, in my words - in everything; she has a note of reparation, of compassion, of love and of substitution for my Life. In this single act she finds everything; she makes everything her own, and places her requital of love everywhere. This is why the living in my Will is the prodigy of prodigies; it is the enchantment of God and of all Heaven, as they see the littleness of the creature flow in all the things of their Creator. Like solar ray, bound to this single act, she diffuses everywhere and in everyone. Therefore I recommend to you: even at the cost of your life, never go out of this single act of my Will, that I may repeat in you, as though in act, the Creation, the Redemption and the Sanctification.

See, also nature contains the similes of this single act. In the atmosphere, the sun has one single act; from the moment it was created by God, it always does one single act. Its light, its heat, are so transfused together as to become inseparable from each other, and, from up high, it remains always in the act of sending light and heat. And while, from up high, it knows how to do but one single act, the circumference of its light which descends down below is so great as to embrace all the earth, and with its embrace it produces innumerable effects, constituting itself life and glory of all created things. By virtue of this single act, it has the virtue of enclosing each plant within itself, and to some it administers development, to some maturation of fruits, to some sweetness, to some fragrance. It can be said that the whole earth begs life from the sun, and that each plant, even the littlest blade of grass, from the sun beseeches its growth and each fruit it must produce. But the sun never changes its action; it glories in doing always one single act.

The human nature also contains the simile of one single act, and this is contained in the beating of the heart. Human life begins with the heartbeat. The heartbeat does always one single act - it can do nothing but beating; however, the virtue of this heartbeat, its effects in the human life, are innumerable. As it palpitates, and at each heartbeat, it makes the blood circulate in the members, up to the outermost parts. And as it palpitates, it gives strength to the feet in order to walk, to the hands in order to work, to the mouth in order to speak, to the mind in order to think; it administers warmth and strength to the whole person. Everything depends on the heartbeat; so much so, that if the heartbeat is a little labored, one loses energy and the will to operate; the intelligence becomes dim, one is full of pains: a general ill-being. And if the heartbeat ceases, life ceases. The power of a single act repeated continuously is great; much more so, for the single act of an Eternal God, who has the virtue of doing everything with one single act. Therefore, neither past, nor present, nor future exist in this act, and one who lives in my Will already finds herself in this single act; and just as the heart does always a heartbeat in the human nature, which constitutes itself life of it, so does my Will palpitate continuously in the depth of the soul - but with one single heartbeat. And as It palpitates, It gives her beauty, sanctity, strength, love, goodness, wisdom. This heartbeat encloses Heaven and earth; it is like blood circulation; like circumference of light, it can be found in the highest points and in the outermost parts. Wherever this single act, this heartbeat of the soul, has full vigor and reigns completely, there is a continuous prodigy – the prodigy which only a God can do; and therefore new heavens, new abysses of graces, surprising truths are discovered in her. But if one asks: ‘Where does so much good come from?’, she would answer, united with the sun, together with the human heartbeat, and with the single act of the Eternal God: ‘I do only one thing - I do always the Will of God and I live in It. This is all my secret and all my fortune.’

Having said this, He disappeared; but later I found myself outside of myself, with little Baby Jesus in my arms. He was very pale, He was shivering all over, His lips were blue, and He was cold and so emaciated as to arouse pity. It seemed to me that He had taken refuge in my arms in order to be defended. I pressed Him to my heart to warm Him; I took His little hands and feet in my hands, and I squeezed them so that He would not shiver; I kissed Him and kissed Him, over and over again; I told Him that I loved Him very, very much. And while I was doing this, the little Baby regained color, He stopped shivering, He was all restored and He clung more tightly to me. But while I thought that He would remain always with me, to my surprise I saw that, very gently, He was going down from my knees. I cried out, pulling Him by one arm: ‘Jesus, where are You going? How can this be - You leave me?’ And He: “I must go.” And I: ‘And when are You coming back?’ And Jesus: “In three years from now”; and He took His way to leave. But who can say my sorrow? I repeated to myself, among tears and convulsions: ‘I will see Him again in three years from now – oh! God, how shall I go on?’ And the pain was so great that I fainted and could not understand anything any more. But while I was languishing, faint, I just barely opened my eyes and I saw that He had turned back and was coming up from my other knee, and, very gently, He crouched down on my lap, and He caressed me with His little hands, He kissed me, and repeated to me: “Calm yourself, calm yourself, for I do not leave you.” And as He would say: “I do not leave you”, I would feel myself come round and life given back to me. And I found myself inside myself, but with such fear that I felt myself dying.

November 1, 1925
The pain of the privation of Jesus surpasses the very pains of hell. What it means to suffer in the Divine Will.

I went through most bitter days, without my sweet Jesus. The thought of not seeing Him any more hammered my poor heart, like an anvil - with repeated cruel hammer blows. Ah! Jesus, You have put me in a living hell; even more, my pains surpass the very infernal pains. Ah! the damned do not love You, and since the seed of love is missing, they run away from You, nor do they long for your embrace; their pains would become harsher with your presence. A love that is hated cannot stand the presence of the person who is hated; therefore, for them your privation is more bearable; but for me, unhappy one, it is all the opposite. I love You; I feel the seed of love deep inside my bones, in my nerves, in my blood. Ah! don’t You remember that, having lived together for as long as forty years, You filled my bones, my nerves, my blood – all of myself, with Yourself? I felt like a garment that covered You and concealed You within me. And now, without You, I feel emptied of everything; so, my bones cry out, my nerves and my blood cry out - for they want the One who used to fill them. There is a continuous cry inside me, that lacerates me, tortures me – for they want You, who used to fill my life. Do You see, then, how many cruel tearings my poor existence suffers? Ah! in hell there aren’t these atrocious pains, these cruel tearings, this void of a God, possessed and loved! Ah! Jesus, come back to the one who loves You; come back to the unhappy one among the unhappy, but rendered unhappy only for You, only because of You. Ah! I can say this – You alone have rendered me unhappy; other unhappinesses I do not know!

Now, while I was swimming in the bitter sea of the privation of my Jesus, I began to consider the pains of the Heart of my Jesus, to make a comparison with the pains of my poor heart. But instead of finding comfort in the pains of Jesus, my pains became harsher, thinking to myself that my pains surpassed the pains of my Jesus, because, as great as they were, the pains of the Heart of Jesus were pains given to Him by creatures; and even if, ungrateful, they offend Him and run away from Him, they are always finite creatures - not the Infinite Being. But, for me, these are pains that a God gives me; it is not a creature that runs away from me, but a God - the Infinite Being. Jesus does not have another God who might leave Him, nor can He have Him; therefore, He cannot suffer the pain which surpasses every pain – that of being without a God. Instead, my pain of being without a God is great, is infinite, as great and infinite as God is. Ah! His pierced Heart has not suffered this pain, and the piercing of the pain of the divine privation is missing in His pierced Heart. And besides, as many pains as creatures might give Him, my Jesus never loses His sovereignty, His dominion, even over those who offend Him; neither do they make Him smaller, nor do they fade Him - He loses nothing of what He is. He is always dominant over all; He is always the Eternal, Immense, Infinite, lovable and adorable Being. But, as for me, I do not have sovereignty, nor dominion, and by being without Jesus, I become smaller, I fade, I feel reduced to nothing, I become nauseating and unbearable, even to myself. See, then, O Jesus, how my pains are greater than Yours. Ah! You know the pains that creatures give You, but do not know the pains that a God can give, and how heavy is your privation.

My poor mind was speaking nonsense; I felt that there was no pain which could be compared to the pain of the privation of Jesus. It is a pain without beginning and without end, incalculable and irreparable - that which Jesus is, such becomes the pain. My poor heart was drowned and without life; and in order not to speak more nonsense, I forced myself to stop comparing my pains with those of Jesus, and to move on to something else. Only, I prayed that He would give me strength; and since the pain of His privation was so great and had a mysterious and divine sound which other pains do not have, and a weight which surpasses the weight of all other pains together, I prayed that, by His goodness, He would accept my pain, and in view of it, He would grant me the greatest grace: that all may know His Most Holy Will, and with Its mysterious and divine sound, It may resound in all hearts, and call everyone to fulfill the Most Holy Will, crushing with Its weight the human will, the passions and sin, so that all may know You, love You, and comprehend what the loss of a God means. But who can say all that I was thinking? I would be too long; rather, I would have wanted to keep everything in silence and not to entrust my secrets to the paper, but obedience imposed itself, and I had to say Fiat.

Then, I felt exhausted and I could take no more. And my sweet Jesus, having compassion for me, came out from within my interior, all labored, with His mouth all filled with blood. The blood was so much that it prevented Him from speaking; but with His sad gaze, He asked for my help. Before the pains of Jesus, I forgot about my own; even more, since He was present, I had no more pain, and I prayed Him to let us suffer together. Then, after we suffered together for a little while, the blood from His mouth stopped, and looking at the way I had reduced myself because of His privation, He clasped me to Himself, He laid Himself within me in order to fill me with Himself; and then He told me: “Poor daughter, how you have reduced yourself. You are right, the pain of the privation of a God is the greatest pain; and because it is great, it took all the strength of my Will to sustain you. But you do not know what it means to suffer in my Will. Wherever my Will was, there ran your pain – on earth, in Heaven, within the Saints and the Angels. And as it reached them, all placed themselves in the act of looking at you and of helping you. So, all were turned toward you; and if paradise were capable of suffering, it would have changed all of their joys and happinesses into sorrow; but since it is not capable of suffering, all beseeched graces in exchange for a pain so great. The pains of the soul who lives in my Will are the cross of all, they satisfy for everything, and convert the fury of Divine Justice into celestial dew. Therefore, pluck up courage and never want to go out of my Will.” I remained confused; I was expecting a reproach from Jesus because of my nonsense, but – nothing; and we remained in perfect peace.

November 5, 1925
The moans of the Holy Spirit in the Sacraments. The requital of love of the soul.

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition according to my usual way; and while I was trying, as much as I could, to requite my Jesus with my little love for all that He has done in Redemption, my lovable and sweet Love, Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, with your flight in my Will, reach all the Sacraments instituted by Me; descend into the depths of them, to give Me your little requital of love. Oh! how many of my secret tears you will find, how many bitter sighs, how many suffocated moans of the Holy Spirit. His moaning is continuous, before the many disillusions of Our love. The Sacraments were instituted in order to continue my Life on earth in the midst of my children. But, alas!, how many sorrows. This is why I feel the necessity of your little love. It may be small, but my Will will make it great. My love does not tolerate for one who must live in my Will not to associate herself with my sorrows, and not to give Me her little requital of love for all that I have done and that I suffer. Therefore, my daughter, see how my love moans in the Sacraments.

If I see a newborn being baptized, I cry with sorrow, because, while through Baptism I restore his innocence, I find my child again, I give back to him the rights over Creation which he had lost, I smile at him with love and satisfaction, I make the enemy flee from him, that he may no longer have any right over him, I entrust him to the Angels, and all of Heaven makes feast for him – soon my smile turns into sorrow, the feast into mourning. I see that the one who is baptized will be an enemy of mine, a new Adam, and maybe even a lost soul. Oh! how my love moans in each Baptism; especially, then, if one adds that the minister who is baptizing does not do it with that respect, dignity and decorum which befit a Sacrament that contains the new regeneration. Ah! many times they pay more attention to a bagatelle, to whatever show, than to administering a Sacrament. So, my love feels itself being pricked by the baptizer and by the one who is baptized, and it moans with unutterable moans. Would you not want, then, to give Me a requital of love, a loving moan, for each Baptism, so as to keep company with my sorrowful moans?

Move on to the Sacrament of Confirmation. Ah! how many bitter sighs. While, through Confirmation, I restore his courage, I give back to him the lost strengths, rendering him invincible to all enemies and to his passions, and he is admitted to the ranks of the militia of his Creator, that he may fight for the acquisition of the Celestial Fatherland, and the Holy Spirit gives him His loving kiss again, lavishes a thousand caresses on him, and offers Himself as the companion of his career – yet, many times He feels Himself being requited with the kiss of a traitor, His caresses being despised, His company shunned. How many moans, how many sighs for his return, how many secret voices to the heart, for the one who shuns Him - to the point of tiring Himself from speaking. But – no, it is in vain. Therefore, do you not want to give your requital of love, your loving kiss, your company to the Holy Spirit, who moans because of so much neglection?

But, do not stop, keep flying, and you will hear the anguishing moans of the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Penance. How much ingratitude, how many abuses and profanations, on the part of those who administer it and on the part of those who receive it. In this Sacrament, my Blood places Itself in act over the contrite sinner, in order to descend upon his soul, to wash him, embellish him, heal him and strengthen him, to give back to him the lost grace, to place in his hands the keys of Heaven, which sin had snatched away from him; to impress on his forehead the peacemaking kiss of forgiveness. But, ah! how many harrowing moans, in seeing souls approaching this Sacrament of Penance without sorrow, out of habit, almost as a vent of the human heart. Others – horrible to be said – instead of going to find the life of their souls, of grace, go to find death, to pour out their passions. So, the Sacrament is reduced to a mockery, to a nice chat; and my Blood, instead of descending as a bath, descends as fire, which withers them even more. And so, in each Confession, Our love cries inconsolably and, sobbing, repeats: ‘Human ingratitude, how great you are. Everywhere you try to offend Me; and while I offer you life, you turn the very life I offer you into death.’ See, then, how Our moans await your requital of love in the Sacrament of Penance.

Do not let your love stop; go through all the Tabernacles, through each Sacramental Host, and in each Host you will hear the Holy Spirit moan with unutterable sorrow. The Sacrament of the Eucharist is not only their own life that souls receive, but is my very Life that gives Itself to them. So, the fruit of this Sacrament is to form my Life in them, and each Communion serves to make my Life grow, to develop It, in such a way that one may be able to say: ‘I am another Christ’. But, alas!, how few take advantage of it. Even more, how many times I descend into hearts and they make Me find the weapons to wound Me, and repeat for Me the tragedy of my Passion. And as the sacramental species are consumed, instead of pressing Me to stay with them, I am forced to leave bathed with tears, crying over my sacramental lot; and I find no one who calms my crying and my sorrowful moans. If you could break those veils of the Host, which cover Me, you would find Me bathed with crying, knowing the lot that awaits Me in descending into hearts. Therefore, let your requital of love for each Host be continuous, in order to calm my crying, and to render less sorrowful the moans of the Holy Spirit.

Do not stop, otherwise We will not find you always together with Us in Our moans and in Our secret tears; We will feel the void of your requital of love. Descend into the Sacrament of Ordination. Here, yes, you will find Our most intimate hidden sorrows, the most bitter tears, the most harrowing moans. The Ordination constitutes man to a supreme height, to a divine character – the repeater of my Life, the administer of the Sacraments, the revealer of my secrets, of my Gospel, of the most sacred science; the peacemaker between Heaven and earth, the bearer of Jesus to souls. But, alas!, how many times We see, in the ordained one, how he will be a Judas for Us, a usurper of the character which is being impressed in him. Oh! how the Holy Spirit moans in seeing, in the ordained one, the most sacred things, the greatest character which exists between Heaven and earth, being snatched away from Him. How many profanations! Each act of this ordained one, not done according to the character impressed, will be a cry of sorrow, a bitter crying, a harrowing moan. The Ordination is the Sacrament which encloses all other Sacraments together. Therefore, if the ordained one is able to preserve whole within himself the character he has received, he will almost place all other Sacraments in safety, he will be the defender and the savior of Jesus Himself. But, not seeing this in the ordained one, Our sorrows are sharpened more, Our moans become more continuous and sorrowful. Therefore, let your requital of love flow in each priestly act, to keep company with the moaning love of the Holy Spirit.

Lend Us the ear of your heart and listen to Our profound moans in the Sacrament of Marriage. How many disorders in it! Marriage was elevated by Me to a Sacrament, in order to place in it a sacred bond, the symbol of the Sacrosanct Trinity, the divine love which It encloses. So, the love which was to reign in the father, mother and children, the concord, the peace, was to symbolize the Celestial Family. I was to have on earth as many other families similar to the Family of the Creator, destined to populate the earth like as many terrestrial angels, to then bring them back to populate the celestial regions. But, ah! how many moans in seeing families of sin being formed in the Marriage, which symbolize hell, with discord, with lack of love, with hatred, and which populate the earth like many rebellious angels, who will serve to populate hell. The Holy Spirit moans with harrowing moans in each Marriage, in seeing so many infernal dens being formed on earth. Therefore, place your requital of love in each Marriage, in each creature which comes to the light; in this way, your loving moan will render less sorrowful Our continuous moans.

Our moans are not yet finished; therefore, let your requital of love reach the bed of the dying one when the Sacrament of the Extreme Unction is administered. But, ah! how many moans, how many of Our secret tears! This Sacrament has the virtue of placing the dying sinner in safety at any cost; it is the confirmation of sanctity for the good and the holy; it is the last bond which it establishes, through its Unction, between the creature and God; it is the seal of Heaven which it impresses in the redeemed soul; it is the infusion of the merits of the Redeemer, in order to enrich her, purify her and embellish her; it is the final brush stroke which the Holy Spirit gives her in order to dispose her to depart from the earth, so as to make her appear before her Creator. In sum, the Extreme Unction is the final display of Our love, and the final clothing of the soul; it is the rearranging of all the good works; therefore, it acts in a surprising way in those who are alive to grace. With the Extreme Unction, the soul is as though covered by a celestial dew, which extinguishes, as though in one breath, her passions, her attachment to the earth and to all that does not belong to Heaven. But, alas!, how many moans, how many bitter tears, how many indispositions, how many negligences. How many losses of souls; how few the sanctities it finds to be confirmed; how scarce the good works to be reordered and rearranged. Oh! if all could hear Our moans, Our crying, over the bed of the dying one, in the act of administering the Sacrament of the Extreme Unction - all would cry with sorrow. Do you not want, then, to give Us your requital of love for each time this Sacrament is administered, which is the final display of Our love toward the creature? Our Will awaits you everywhere, to have your requital of love and your company with Our moans and sighs.”

November 9, 1925
Fusing oneself in the Divine Will is the greatest act, and the one which most honors our Creator.

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition according to my usual way, to then do my adoration to my crucified Good; and since, more than once, while doing my acts in the Supreme Volition, I had been caught by sleep – which would never happen before – I had not completed the first thing, nor done the adoration. So I said to myself: ‘First I will do the adoration to the crucifix, and then, if I am not caught by sleep, I will fuse myself in the Divine Volition to do my usual acts.’

But while I was thinking this, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and placing His face close to mine, told me: “My daughter, I want you to fuse yourself in my Will first, coming before the Supreme Majesty to reorder all human wills in the Will of their Creator, to repair with my own Will for all the acts of the wills of creatures opposed to Mine. Will came out of Us in order to divinize the creature, and Will do We want. And when this Will is rejected by them, to do their own will, it is the most direct offense to the Creator – it is to deny all the goods of Creation and to move away from His likeness. And do you think it is trivial that, fusing yourself in my Will, you place the whole of this Will of Mine as though on your lap, which, though it is one, brings Its divinizing act to each creature; and reuniting all these acts of my Will together, you bring them before the Supreme Majesty, to requite them with your will together with Mine, with your love, redoing all the acts opposite those of creatures, and you press this same my Will of Mine to surprise the creatures once again with more repeated acts, that they may know It, receive It within themselves as prime act, love It, and fulfill this Holy Will in everything? The adoration of my wounds - more than one does it for Me; but giving Me back the rights of my Will, as the prime act which I did toward man – this, no one does for Me. Therefore, it is your duty to do it, as you have a special mission about my Will. And if sleep catches you while you are doing it, our Celestial Father will look at you with love, in seeing you sleep in His arms - seeing His little daughter, who, even while sleeping, holds on her little lap all the acts of His Will, to repair them, requite them in love, and give to each act of Our Will the honor, the sovereignty, and the right that befits It. Therefore, first fulfill your duty, and then, if you can, you will also do the adoration of my wounds.”

May Jesus be always thanked. Last night, by His goodness, I did both one and the other.

November 12, 1925
How one who is called to be the head of a mission must enclose all the goods pertaining to that mission in order to communicate them to others. It is the usual way of the Eternal Wisdom to establish the acts of the creature in order to give completion to the good which It wants to do to her.

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition according to my usual way, and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, clasped me all to Himself, placed Himself in the act of giving me a lesson and correction, and told me: “My daughter, be attentive in doing your acts in my Will. You must know that for one who is called to be the head of a mission, the more he encloses of the good pertaining to that mission, the more good he will be able to communicate to others. Those goods will be like many seeds which he will lend to others, so that whoever has the fortune of wanting to acquire those seeds, may become the possessor of the harvest of those seeds. This happened in Adam who, being the first man, was constituted the head of all generations; and, he being the head, it was necessary for him to possess the seeds in order to give to others what is necessary for the development of human life. Regardless of the fact that these seeds have been expanded, dilucidated, known more, according to the goodwill of the following generations, to the capacity and the application they have used over these very seeds; nevertheless, Adam had them all within himself, and it can be said that everything comes from him. So, it can be said that, in being created by God, he was endowed with all sciences. What others learn with so many efforts, he possessed as gift in a surprising way. So, he possessed the knowledge of all the things of this earth; he had the science of all plants, of all herbs and of the virtue which each of them contained; he had the science of all species of animals and of how he should use them; he had the science of music, of singing, of writing, of medicine – in sum, of everything. And if the generations possessed each one its special science, Adam possessed them all. See, then, how it is necessary for one who must be the head to enclose within himself all the good which he must share with others.

The same with you, my daughter. Since I have called you as the head of a special mission, more than a new Adam – and here it is not about human sciences, but about the science of sciences, which is my Will, science all of Heaven – I want you to enclose within yourself all the seeds which my Will contains. And the more acts you do in It, and the more knowledges you acquire, the more rays of light you will place on the Sun of my Will, so that, with greater fullness of light, It will be able to diffuse more for the good of the generations; in such a way that, stirred by the fullness of light, they will be able to know with greater clarity the good which my Will contains, what it means to live in It, and the great good with which they are enriched.

It will happen as with the sun which, because it possesses such great fullness of light, can easily take the whole earth as though in its power, warm it, illuminate it and fecundate it, in such a way that all may know, some more, some less, the good it does by bringing its light to all. But if the sun, in the height of its sphere, were poor in light, the light which descends down below could not fully illuminate all the earth. At the most, some small portion of the earth which rotates closer to the sun. And if to the sun, which was to illuminate the earth naturally, I gave such fullness of light for the good of all generations, much more do I want to fill with fullness of light the Sun of my Will, which must illuminate souls, warm them, and cast into them the fecundity of the seed of Divine Sanctity. Just as I chose Adam as the head, just as I chose a point in the heavens in which to fix the center of the sun which was to illuminate the earth, so did I choose you as the center of the Sun of my Will; and the fullness of light must be so great, that all may be able to enjoy it and be invested by this light, and each one may make it his own. This is why your complete acts in my Will are needed, as well as the knowledge which I keep manifesting to you, in order to form the fullness of this light.

It is the usual way of the Eternal Wisdom to establish the acts of the creature in order to give completion to the good which It wants to do to her. So it happened for the coming of Redemption upon earth by the Eternal Word. It took the course of four thousand years; and during this time, all the acts which creatures were to do in order to dispose themselves to earn the great good of Redemption had been established, as well as all the graces and knowledges which the Supreme Majesty was to give in order to make known that same good which the descent of the Word would bring into their midst. And so, here come the patriarchs, the holy fathers, the prophets and all the good of the Old Testament, who, with their acts, were to cover the way, the staircase, in order to reach the fulfillment of the longed-for Redemption.

But this is not enough. As good and holy as their acts were, there was the so very high wall of original sin, which maintained the division between them and God. This is why a Virgin was needed, conceived without original sin, innocent, holy, and enriched by God with all graces, who made all the good acts of the course of four thousand years as though Her own. She covered them with Her innocence, sanctity and purity, in such a way that the Divinity would see those acts through the acts of this innocent and holy Creature, who not only embraced all the acts of the ancients, but surpassed them all with Her own; and this is why She obtained the descent of the Word upon earth. It happened to all the good acts of the ancients as to one who has much gold and silver, but the image of the king, which gives the value of money to that precious metal, is not impressed on it. So, even though it contains value in itself, it cannot be called value of money, which can circulate in the kingdom with the right of currency. However, suppose that that gold or silver were acquired by the king, and that, giving it the shape of coins, he impressed his image upon them: here is the right of currency acquired by that gold. So the Virgin did: She impressed Her innocence, Her sanctity, the Divine Will which She possessed as whole, upon them; She presented them all together to the Divinity, and She obtained the longed-for Redeemer. So, the Virgin completed all the acts which were needed in order to make the Word descend upon earth.

But this was not the end. So that the Redeemer might have His field of action upon earth, and whoever wanted to, might use those acts as coins with which to purchase Heaven for himself, the imprint of innocence, of sanctity and of the Divine Will was needed; and the imprint of the operating of the Word Himself was needed in order to make man rise to Heaven. If that of the Virgin was enough to make Me descend into the midst of creatures, in order to make man rise, my divine operating was needed. And so, this is why I embraced all those acts and I made them my own, I made up for all, I accomplished everything, and for all I placed the divine imprint on all the good acts, from the first to the last man who is to come upon earth. And this imprint was made by Me with unheard-of pains, and with the shedding of my Blood. And so, like magnanimous King, I gave to all the coins with which to purchase Heaven for themselves. All this had been established by the Uncreated Wisdom, and not even one act of all this could be missing in order for Redemption to take place.

Now, my daughter, just as it was with Redemption, so it will be with my Will. In order to make It known and to make It reign as prime act of life in the creature, the fulfillment of the acts is needed . You too, on the example of my Celestial Mama and of mine, must embrace in my Will all the acts done in the Old Testament, those of the Queen of Heaven, those done by Me, those which are done and will be done by all the good and the saints, up to the last day; and upon each one of them you will place your seal of requital of love, of blessing, of adoration, with the Sanctity and the Power of my Will. Nothing must escape you. My Will embraces everything; you too must embrace everything and everyone, and place my Will alone at the first place of honor upon all the acts of creatures. It will be your imprint, with which you will imprint the image of my Will on all the acts of creatures. Therefore, your field is vast; I want to see you in my Will, flowing over all the graces and the prodigies which I did in the Old Testament, to give Me your requital of love and of thanksgiving; and in the acts of the patriarchs and prophets, to make up for their love. There is not one act in which I do not want to find you. I would not be satisfied nor content if I did not find you in all the acts of creatures which have been done and will be done; nor would you be able to say that you have completed everything in my Will - you would lack something of the true living in my Will. Therefore, be attentive, if you want the fullness of light to be enough as to be able to illuminate all peoples with the Sun of my Will. One who wants to give light to all must embrace all as though in one single embrace, by making himself life and substitution of everything and of everyone. Is my Will perhaps not life of everything? And is this life not requited with so many bitternesses? Is there not the need, then, for one who would flow in everyone in order to sweeten these bitternesses, by substituting, as act of life with my own Will, for each act of the ungrateful creature?”

November 19, 1925
The Divine Will wants the company of the creature to be able to enrich her, instruct her and give her the possession of the good which It makes known to her.

I felt as though immersed in the immense sea of the Supreme Will, and I would have wanted - as my lovable Jesus tells me - to let nothing escape me of all the acts It has done, does and will do, which for Jesus are one single act; and to be always with this Divine Will in order to give It my little requital of love and of thanksgiving. I would have wanted to at least make a long note of all the acts of this Supreme Will, in order to admire and praise what It can do, and to be always with It, never leave It alone. But, alas!, my littleness is such that I get lost and I don’t know from what point to take It in order to follow It, because I find It everywhere, and always in the act of operating surprising things, both in the great and in the small things. But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus, coming out from my interior, told me: “Daughter of my Holy Will, one who is daughter must know what her father does; she must know what he possesses, and must be able to say to her father: ‘What is yours is mine’. If it is not so, it means that there isn’t highest accord between father and daughter, or that maybe she is not a legitimate daughter of this father. In the same way, one who is a true daughter of my Will, must know what It does and the immense goods It possesses.

To live in my Will is precisely this: to keep company with all the acts which my Will does. My Will does not want to live isolated in the midst of Creation, but wants the company of the creature, because of whom – because It loves her so much – It maintains the order of the whole Creation and makes Itself life of each thing. And when It finds the soul who keeps It company in this life which It maintains in the whole universe, my Will rejoices, makes feast and feels happy. It finds the one whom It loves, and by whom It is loved in return; It finds one to whom It can make Itself known, and what It possesses; and in Its happiness, It narrates to the soul the secrets of Its Volition, Its value and Its surprising effects. But this is nothing. As It narrates Its knowledges, what It does and what It is, so It makes to her the donation of what It manifests to her. More than a valid script, it is knowledge itself that has impressed in the soul, with characters of light, the possession of the goods which the knowledge of It contains. Oh! how beautiful it is to see the sanctity, the power, the immensity of my Will, dwell with the littleness of the human will, in the act in which it keeps It company. It wants to give always, It never stops; It wants to see the littleness beautiful, rich, powerful; It wants to keep it always close to Itself, to be able to give to it always. There is nothing more beautiful, more gracious, more surprising to be seen, than a soul who tries to follow the acts of the Will of her Creator. There is a continuous contest between them, a reciprocal love, a continuous giving and receiving. Oh! if you knew how rich you are. As many things as you know about my Will, so many goods do you possess; and if you enumerate them, you will get lost and will remain drowned within them. Therefore, be attentive in following the acts of my Will, if you want to keep It continuous company.”

November 22, 1925
The great good which the soul receives by living in the Supreme Will. The acts done in It form a celestial dew which covers all creatures.

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition according to my usual way, trying, as much as is possible for me, to embrace everything in my little lap, in order to place my little ‘I love You’, my ‘thank You’, my adoration, my ‘I bless You’, upon all created things, with the power of the Supreme Fiat, so as to keep company with this Supreme Will, which is spread in the Creation with so much love. But while I was doing this, I thought to myself: ‘What does the soul receive by living in this celestial atmosphere of the Supreme Will?’ At that moment, my lovable Jesus came out from within my interior, and clasping me all to Himself, told me: “My daughter, do you want to know what the soul receives by living in my Will? She receives the union of the Supreme Will with hers, and in this union my Will takes on the task of giving the parity with Itself to the will of the soul. So, my Will is holy, is pure, is light, and It wants to make the soul equal to Itself in holiness, purity and light; and if the task of the soul is to live in my Will, the task of Mine is to give my likeness to the human will in a perfect way. And this is why I want you always in It – so that It may not only keep you in Its company, but It may make you grow in Its likeness. And this is why I feed you the food of Its knowledges – to make you grow in a divine manner and with Its perfect likeness. And it is for this reason that my Will wants you always with Itself, wherever It operates – that It may give you the act of Its operating, the value which the operating of a Divine Will contains; and you may receive it.”

On hearing this, I said: ‘My Love, your Will is everywhere; so, everyone lives in It; yet, not everyone receives this likeness.’ And Jesus immediately added: “And what does this has to do with it, my daughter? It is true that all live in my Will, because there is not one point in which my Will is not present, but almost all live in It as foreigners, or as mercenaries; others, by force; others, as rebels. These live in It but do not know It, nor do they know Its goods; on the contrary, they are the usurpers of that very life which they have received from my Will. Each act of these is a dissimilarity that they acquire between their will and that of their Creator; it is the confirmation of their poverty, of their passions, and of the thick darkness with which they fill themselves, in such a way that they are blind to all that is Heaven. In order to reach the parity with my Will, one cannot live as a foreigner, but as the owner; one must look at all things as one’s own, and have all the care for them. Therefore, it is necessary to know them, in order to love them and possess them. As beautiful and good as something may be, if it is not totally one’s own, one does not love it, does not esteem it, does not use all the care which it deserves; one always has a cold eye in looking at it, and a heartbeat without life for loving it. On the other hand, if that something is one’s own, one is all eyes to look at it, and all heart to love it; one esteems it, and reaches the point of making of it an idol for his heart. That something in itself has not become more beautiful; what it was, it still is - it has not gone through any change. It is the person who went through a change by acquiring it and keeping it as something exclusively his own.

This is what the soul receives by living in my Will: she receives It as her own, she possesses It, she feels Its celestial aura, Its Life of Heaven, the likeness of the One who created her; and as she lives in my Will, she feels studded with the reflections of her Creator. In everything she feels the power of that Fiat which gives life to all things; and in the sea of goods which she possesses, she says: ‘How happy I am, the Will of God is mine - I possess It and I love It.’ Therefore, all the acts done in my Will diffuse over all, and all take part in them. See, when, at daybreak, you were saying: ‘May my mind rise in the Supreme Will, in order to cover all the intelligences of creatures with your Will, so that all may rise in It; and in the name of all I give You the adoration, the love, the submission of all created intelligences…’ - while you were saying this, a celestial dew poured upon all creatures, covering them, to bring the requital of your act to all. Oh! how beautiful it was to see all creatures covered by this celestial dew which my Will formed, symbolized by the night dew which can be found in the morning over all plants, to embellish them, to fecundate them, and to prevent those which are about to wither from drying up. With its celestial touch, it seems to place a touch of life in order to make them vegetate. How enchanting is the dew at daybreak. But much more enchanting and beautiful is the dew of the acts which the soul forms in my Will.”

And I: ‘Yet, My Love and my Life, with all this dew, creatures do not change.’ And Jesus: “If the night dew does so much good to the plants, unless it falls on dry wood, severed from the plants, or upon things which contain no life, such that, even though they remain covered with dew and somehow embellished, the dew is as though dead for them, and as the sun rises, little by little It withdraws it from them – much more good does the dew which my Will makes descend upon souls, unless they are completely dead to grace. And yet, by the vivifying virtue It possesses, even if they are dead, It tries to infuse in them a breath of life. But all others, some more, some less, according to their dispositions, feel the effects of this beneficial dew.”

December 6, 1925
The true living in the Supreme Will is precisely this: Jesus must find everything and everyone in the depth of the soul, and, with her love, everything must be bound in the soul. Communion of goods in the Divine Will. Example of the starry heavens.

I was doing in my interior my usual acts in the Supreme Volition, embracing all Creation and all creatures, in order to make all of their acts my own, and requite my God with my little love, for everything He has done in Creation and for everything that all creatures should do. But while I was doing this, a thought told me: ‘You take so much time in doing this; and what is the good that you do? What is the glory that you give to your God?’ At that moment, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, and stretching out His arms, He seemed to want to embrace everyone and everything. Then, raising them up, He offered everything to His Celestial Father; and then He said to me: “My daughter, the true living in the Supreme Will is precisely this: I must find everything and everyone in the depth of the soul; everything that my Will has issued in Creation for the good of creatures must be bound in the soul with her love. By living in my Will and by her requital of love, she is already bound to and in possession of all that my Will has done and will do; and she loves as my Will loves and can love. So, given all this, by her living truly in It and having bound everything to herself, I find in the soul the starry heavens, the refulgent sun, the vastness of the seas, the prairies of flowers – I find everything in her. Therefore, is it not right that the soul, hopping from one thing to another, over all that is mine and hers, recognize it; and that playing upon all created things, she impress on each one of them her kiss and her little ‘I love You’ for the One who has created so many things to give them to creatures as gifts, displaying to man, by this, a variety of love for as many things as He created, and how He loves that man be happy, giving him not only what is necessary, but also the surplus?

But this is not all. Not only must I find the whole Creation, but the true living in my Will binds everyone, and therefore I must find in the soul, as though in act, Adam holy, as he came out of my creative hands, as well as Adam guilty, humiliated and crying, so that she may bind herself to him in the state of sanctity, and taking part in his innocent and holy acts, she may give Me glory and make the whole Creation smile again; and sharing in his tears, with him she may long for that Fiat rejected, which had caused so much ruin. I must find in her the prophets, the patriarchs, the holy fathers, with all their acts. And if those longed for the Redeemer, you will long for my Supreme Fiat, as the triumph and fulfillment of their sighs. I want to find my inseparable Mama, with all Her acts, in which my Will operated so many portents, having full dominion. I want to find all of Myself and all my acts. In sum, I want to find all my things, all that belongs to Me, all that my Supreme Will has done and will do, because these are all things which are inseparable from Me, and it is just and necessary that they become inseparable from one who lives in my Will. So, if I do not find everything, it cannot be said that she lives completely in my Will; and in looking at her, I do not find in her all of my things, but I see them scattered outside of the soul, and I cannot receive her requital of love for all that belongs to Me. Have I perhaps not created the creature so that she be a little world and a little god?

This is why I always say to you that the living in my Will is not yet known; and I keep teaching you now one thing, now another, and I expand your capacity so that all my things and all the good which my Will has issued, may enter into you. I want to hear you repeat to Me your requital of love in everything that belongs to Me. I do not tolerate for one who lives in my Will not to know all of my things, and not to love them and possess them. Otherwise, what would be the great prodigy of living in my Will?”

After this, my sweet Jesus remained silent, and I wandered in the Divine Volition. Oh! how I would have wanted to place my loving and grateful kiss upon all created things, and my little ‘I love You’ on all the supreme acts of the Divine Volition, so as to remain bound - I to them, and they to me, to be able to surround my Jesus in me, with all the acts of the Eternal Will. At that moment, I saw the starry heavens, and my lovable Jesus resumed His speaking: “My daughter, look at the heavens - what order, what harmony among the stars. One star cannot be without the other; they are so bound together, that each one sustains the other, each one is the strength of the other. If – may this never be – even a single star moved from its place, there would be such confusion and disorder in the atmosphere, that there would be the danger for everything to end up in ruin. So, all the beauty of the heavens lies in the star’s remaining each one in its place, in the common union and in the communicative and attractive force which they have among themselves, and which, more than electricity, keeps them suspended and bound to one another.

Man is the new heaven – more than the heavens above the earth. It can be said that each creature is an animated star. That which the first man Adam did, up to the last one who will come - everything was to be in common among them. So, man was to possess, not his own strength alone, but the strength of all; all goods were to be in common among them. My Will, more than electricity, was to bring the bond among them and the communication of all that is good and holy; and even though each man was to do his own office and occupy himself with different actions, since all were to start from the primary point of my Will, all were to be converted into light, and therefore each one was to be light for the other. Therefore, my sorrow in seeing this heaven of creatures messed up was so great, as to be incomprehensible to human creature! Once my Will was removed, which binds everyone and links everything, entered disorder, confusion, disunion, weakness, darkness. Poor heaven of creatures, it can no longer be recognized. And only the living in my Will will reorder this heaven again, and will make it shine with new light. This is why I tell you that I want to find everyone and everything in you. My Will, primary act of all celestial and terrestrial creatures, will bring you the communication of all their acts, and you will remain bound to them, and they to you. So, the living in my Will encloses everything and everyone. Therefore, be attentive, for I want to give you the greatest thing that exists; but I want from you great things and highest attention. One who gives much, much wants to receive.”

December 20, 1925
The tears of Jesus; how He shed the tears of all creatures. To live in the Divine Will means to possess It as one’s own.

I was thinking of the tears that Baby Jesus shed at His birth, and I said to myself: ‘How bitter these tears must have been for Him; how they must have now frozen, now burned that tender face.’ In fact, from what I know, tears have two effects depending on the reason for which they are shed: if their cause comes from love, they burn and make one sob; if then they are produced by sorrow, they are ice-cold and make one shiver. For my royal little Baby there was intense and infinite love, and endless sorrow; so, His tears must have cost Him very much.’ Now, while I was thinking about this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, and showed His face wet with tears – but so many, that one flowed after the other, to the point of wetting His chest and His hands. And, sighing, He said to me: “My daughter, my tears began from the very first instant of my conception in the womb of my Celestial Mama, up to my last breath on the Cross. The Will of my Celestial Father entrusted to Me also the task of tears, and I was to shed so many of them from my eyes, for as many as all creatures together would shed. Just as I conceived all of their souls within Me, so was I to shed all of their tears from my eyes.

See, then, how much I had to cry. I had to shed from my eyes the tears which creatures shed out of passion, so that mine might extinguish their passions. I had to shed the tears which are needed after sin, to give them the sorrow for having offended Me and the conviction of the evil they had done, preparing, with my tears, the resolution not to offend Me any more. I had to shed the tears in order to move souls to compassion, to make them comprehend the pains of my Passion; and I also shed abundant tears of love, in order to electrify souls to love Me, to draw their sympathy and their hearts, all for Me. It is enough to tell you that there is not one tear that arises on the human eye, which I did not shed from my eyes. No one knew of my many tears, of my much crying, hidden and secret. How many times, even as a tender Child, I flew from earth up to Heaven, and leaning my little head upon the knees of my Celestial Father, I cried and cried, and, sobbing, I said to Him: ‘My Father, You see, I am born in the world to tears and to sorrow, just like my brothers, who are born to tears, and die amidst crying. And I love these brothers so much, that I want to shed all of their tears from my eyes. Not even one do I want to let escape, so as to give to their tears, tears of love, of sorrow, of victory, of sanctification and of divinization.’ How many times my dear Mama, in looking at Me, was pierced in seeing Me all wet with crying; and because of the pain of seeing Me cry, She united Her tears to mine, and we cried together. And sometimes I was forced to hide Myself to give vent to crying, so as not to always pierce Her maternal and innocent Heart. Other times, I waited for the moment when my Celestial Mama, out of necessity, had to occupy Herself with housework, to give vent to my tears, in order to complete the number of tears of all creatures.”

On hearing this, I said to Him: ‘My Love, Jesus, so, your eyes have shed also my tears, as well as those of our first father Adam. And I want You to pour them upon my soul, to give me the grace not only to do your Most Holy Will, but to possess It as my own thing and my own will.’ At that moment, Jesus shook His head, and from His face tears flowed onto my poor soul; and He added: “Daughter of my Will, indeed I shed your tears, so that, as they would pass through my eyes, I might give you the great gift of my Will. That which Adam could not receive with his tears, even though they too passed through my eyes, you can receive. In fact, before sinning, Adam possessed my Will, and with the possession of my Will he grew in the likeness of his Creator; and he grew so much as to form the enchantment of all Heaven, and all felt honored in serving him. After sin, he lost the possession of my Will, and even though he wept over his fault and he sinned no more, he was able to do my Will, but not to possess It, because the Divine Offended One was missing, who was to form the new divine graft between the creature and the Creator, in order to let him cross again the thresholds of the possessions of the Eternal Volition.

This graft was made by Me, Eternal Word, after four thousand years, when Adam had already passed on to the thresholds of Eternity. But in spite of this divine graft done by Me with tears and sighs and unheard-of pains, how many reduce themselves to the conditions of Adam after sin – merely doing my Will? Others do not want to know It; others rebel against It. Only one who lives in my Will rises to the state of Adam innocent, before falling into sin. In fact, there is great distance between those who do my Will and those who possess It – the same distance which passes between Adam innocent and Adam after sin. And I, in coming upon earth, was to act as God; I was to complete the work of man in everything; I was to raise him to the first point of his origin, by giving him the possession of my Will. And even though many make use of my coming as remedy for their salvation, and therefore take my Will as medicine, as strength and as antidote in order not to go to hell, I will still wait, that souls may arise who take It as life; and by making It known, they may take possession of It. In this way, I will complete the work of my coming upon earth, and the divine graft, formed anew with the creature, will have fruit. Then will my tears turn into celestial and divine smiles, for Me and for them.”

December 25, 1925
The dispositions are needed in order to possess the gift of the Divine Will. Similes of It. The living in Supreme Volition is the greatest thing, it is to live Divine Life, and the soul operates in the unity of the Eternal Light.

I was thinking about what is said above – that the Divine Will is a gift, and, as gift, one possesses It as one’s own; on the other hand, one who does the Will of God must submit to commands, and ask very often what he must do, and to be lent the gift - not to be owner of it, but to do that action which God wants, and, once it is done, give back the gift he had borrowed. Many images and similes formed in my mind about one who lives in the Divine Volition and possesses It as a gift, and one who does the Most Holy Will of God, who not only does not possess the fullness of the gift, but, if he possesses It, it is at intervals and as a loan. I am going to tell some of those similes.

I imagined I had a gold coin, which had the virtue of making arise as many coins as I wanted. Oh! how rich I could become with this gift. On the other hand, someone else receives this gift as a loan for one hour, or in order to carry out one action of his, to then give it back immediately. What difference between my richness because of the gift I possess, and that of one who receives it as a loan! Or, [I imagined] I had received the gift of a light which never goes out; so, both at night and during the day, I am safe, I always have the good of seeing this light, which no one can take away from me. It becomes as though a natural part of me, and it gives me the good of knowing what is good in order to do it, and what is evil in order to escape it. So, with this light that I received as gift, I sneer at all – at the world, at the enemy, at my passions, and even at myself. This light is perennial source of happiness for me; it is without weapons, and it defends me; it is without voice, and it instructs me; it is without hands and feet, and it directs my way, making itself the sure guide to bring me to Heaven. On the other hand, someone else has to go and ask for this light when he feels the need for it, therefore he does not have it at his disposal. Not being used to always looking with this light, he does not possess the knowledge of good and evil, and has not enough strength to do good and to avoid evil. So, not possessing the light, turned on and continuous, in how many deceptions, dangers and narrow ways does he not find himself? What difference between one who possesses this light as his own gift, and one who has to go and ask for it when he needs it.

Now, while my mind wandered amid many similes, I said to myself: ‘So, the living in the Will of God is to possess the Will of God, and this is a gift. Therefore, if the goodness of God does not condescend to give It, what can the poor creature do?’ At that moment, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior, as though clasping me all to Himself, and told me: “My daughter, it is true that the living in my Will is a gift, and it is to possess the greatest gift; but this gift - which contains infinite value, which is currency that arises at each instant, which is light that never goes out, which is sun that never sets, which puts the soul in her place, established by God in the divine order, and therefore she takes her place of honor and of sovereignty in the Creation – is given but to one who is disposed, to one who will not waste it, to one who will esteem it so much and love it more than his own life; even more, he must be ready to sacrifice his own life so that this gift of my Will may have supremacy over everything, and be held as more than life itself - even more, his life be nothing compared to It.

Therefore, first I want to see that the soul really wants to do my Will and never her own, that she is ready to make any sacrifice in order to do Mine, and that in everything she does, she always asks Me for the gift of my Will, even just as a loan. Then, when I see that she does nothing without the loan my Will, I give it as gift, because by asking for it over and over again, she has formed the void within her soul, in which to place this celestial gift; and by becoming used to living with the loan of this divine food, she has lost the taste for her own will, her palate has been ennobled and will no longer adapt itself to the vile foods of her own self. Therefore, in seeing herself in possession of that gift which she longed for, yearned for, and loved so much, she will live of the Life of that gift, she will love It, and will give It the esteem It deserves.

Would you not condemn a man who, taken by a childish affection for a child, only to have him around a little bit, to amuse himself with him, would give him a banknote worth a thousand; and the little boy, not knowing the value of it, tears it to a thousand pieces after a few minutes? But if, on the other hand, first he makes the child desire it, then he makes him know its value, then the good which that banknote of a thousand can do for him, and then he gives it to him - that child will not tear it to pieces, but will go put it under lock and key, appreciating the gift and loving the giver more; and you would praise that man who had the ability to make known to the little child the value of money. If man does so, much more I do, who give my gifts with wisdom, with justice and with true love. Here is, therefore, the necessity of the dispositions, of the knowledge of the gift, of the esteem and appreciation, and of love for the gift itself. Therefore, knowledge of It is like the herald of the gift of my Will which I want to give to the creature. Knowledge prepares the way; knowledge is like the contract I want to make of the gift I want to give; and the more knowledge I send to the soul, the more she is spurred on to desire the gift and to solicit the Divine Writer to place the final signature – that the gift is hers and she possesses it. So, the sign that in these times I want to give this gift of my Will is the knowledge of It. Therefore, be attentive not to let anything escape you of what I manifest to you about my Will, if you want Me to place the final signature on the gift which I yearn to give to creatures.”

After this, my poor mind was wandering in the Supreme Volition, and I did as much as I could in order to do all my acts in the Divine Will. I felt invested with a supreme light, and as my little acts came out of me, they took their place within that light and converted into light; and I could see neither the point of the light in which I had done them, nor where to find them. I could only see that they had become incorporated in that endless light and nothing else, and it was impossible for me to navigate through all that inaccessible light: to remain inside of it, yes, but to cross the whole of it was not given to my littleness. At that moment, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, how beautiful is the operating of the soul in my Will. Her act unites to the single act of her Creator, which knows no succession of acts. In fact, the eternal light is not divisible, and if it could be divided – which cannot be – the separated part would become darkness; and so, being light, the divine act forms one single act of all her operating. So, by operating in the light of my Volition, the soul unites herself to that single act of her Creator and takes her place within the atmosphere of the eternal light. This is why you cannot see your acts, either the point of the light in which you performed them, or where they are: because it is impossible for the creature to cross the whole of eternal light of God, although she knows that her act is certainly present in that light, and takes its place in the past, in the present, and in the future. See, the sun also, being the image of the shadow of the divine light, possesses this property in part. Suppose you were operating in a place upon which the sun spreads its solar light: you see its light in front of you, above and behind you, on the right and on the left. If you wanted to see which was the part of the light of the sun that surrounded you completely, you would not be able to find it, or distinguish it; you could only say that the light was certainly upon you. Now, that light was there from the first instant in which the sun was created; and it is and will be. If your act could convert into solar light as it converts into divine light, would you be able to find your particle of light, and the light which was given to you by the sun in order to let you operate? Certainly not. However, you know that an act has come out of you, which was incorporated into the light of the sun. This is why I say that the living in the Supreme Volition is the greatest thing – it is to live Divine Life. As soon as He sees the soul in His Will, the Celestial Creator takes her in His arms, and placing her on His lap, He lets her operate with His very hands, and with the power of that Fiat with which all things were made. He lets all His reflections descend upon the creature, in order to give her the likeness of His operating. This is why the operating of the creature becomes light, it unites to that single act of her Creator, and constitutes itself eternal glory and continuous praise of her Creator. Therefore, be attentive, and let the living in my Will be for you your All, that you may never descend from your origin – that is, from the lap of your Creator.”

January 10, 1926
The way and the crafting which the Divine Will makes in all created things in order to reach the creature, so that she may place the final point of Its fulfillment.

I was fusing all of myself in the Holy Divine Volition, and the littleness of my mind wandered within It. I could see It everywhere and in every place, always in the act of operating in the whole Creation. Oh! how I would have wanted to follow It, in order to give It my little requital of love in everything It was doing; my ‘thank you’, my profound adoration, my meager company. Now, while I was thinking of this, my adorable Jesus moved in my interior, telling me: “My daughter, my Will is always on the way in the created things, in order to go toward creatures. But who fulfills It? Who places the final point on the work of my Will? The creature; or rather, the creature who takes all created things as the fulfillment of my Will.

My Will makes Its way in the seed, as It makes the earth receive it, giving it the virtue of making it germinate and multiply. It performs Its crafting by calling the water to water it, the sun to fecundate it, the wind to purify it, the cold to make it take root, the heat to develop it and make it reach the proper maturity. Then It gives virtue to the machines to cut it, to thresh it, to grind it, so as to be able to give it the substance of bread; and calling the fire to cook it, It offers it to the mouth of the creature, that she may eat of it and preserve her life. See, then, how long a way and a crafting has my Will done in that seed; how many things It has called over that seed, to make it reach, as bread, the mouth of creatures! Now, who gives the final step to the way of my Will, and the fulfillment of the final act of my Supreme Volition? One who takes that bread and eats it as bearer of the Divine Will within it; and as she eats that bread, she eats my Will in it, to increase the strengths of her body and soul, as the Divine Will’s fulfillment of everything. The creature, one can say, is the center of the rest to which my Will aspires in all the ways and crafting It makes in all created things, in order to reach the creature. The same with all other created things which serve man. My Will makes Its way in the sea, and works in the multiplication of the fish; It makes Its way on the earth, and It multiplies plants, animals and birds; It makes Its way in the celestial spheres in order to have everything under Its eyes, so that nothing may escape It, and It may make Itself feet, hands and heart for each creature, to offer each of them the fruit of Its innumerable harvests. But all Its feast is only for those who take of Its own as the final point and fulfillment of Its Supreme Volition. If it wasn’t for my Will, which, as Its Fiat was released, left Itself on the way in all created things in order to make them reach man, so that the Supreme Fiat might have Its first place in the one for whom all things had been created, therefore being the ruler and the actor of the very life of the creature, all things would remain paralyzed and like many painted pictures in which the life of the things that they portray is absent. So, poor creature, if my Will withdrew from making Its way in all created things, these would all remain like painted pictures, no longer producing the good that each thing contains toward man. Therefore, I can say that it is not created things that serve him, but it is my Will, veiled, hidden, that makes Itself the servant of man. Is it not right, then, and the most sacred duty, for him to look at my Supreme Will in all things, and to fulfill It in everything, and, returning the service, to serve the One who does not disdain to serve him even in the smallest things? And I feel as though compensated, repaid of my crafting, when I see that they reach him, and he takes them as the fulfillment of my Will. And therefore I make feast, because the purpose of my long way in the created things has obtained my intent and the fulfillment of my Will realized in the creature.

It happens to my Will as to an actor who must present his show to the audience. Poor one! How many hidden works, how many vigils, how many preparations; how much art does he not prepare even in his movements so that his postures may make the audience, now smile, now cry! In all this crafting, the actor does not make feast; on the contrary, he sweats, toils and labors. And when everything seems to be prepared, he prepares himself to call the public to see his show; and the more people he sees, the more he feels joy arise in his heart, for, who knows, he might be able to make a beautiful feast. But the true fulfillment of his feast is when, the show having been performed, full-handed, he feels coins of gold and silver flow in his hands, as appreciation and triumph of his show. But if after so many preparations, he sets everything up, he plays and plays toy trumpets, but nobody shows up, or just a few people who leave him alone at the first acts of the show – poor one, how he suffers, and the hope of his feast turns into mourning. Who is it that so much embittered that poor actor, so capable and kind in performing his scenes? Ah! the ungrateful people, who did not even want to be spectators of the scenes of that poor actor.

Such is my Will, which, like capable actor, prepares the most beautiful scenes in order to amuse man in the theater of the whole Creation – not to receive, but to give. It prepares scenes of light - of the most refulgent; scenes of flowerings and of beauties - the most radiant; scenes of strength in the roaring of the thunder, in the bursting of the thunderbolt, in the continuous rising of the waves, and even on the height of the highest mountains; the most moving scenes of a Baby who cries, shivers, and is numb with cold; sorrowful and tragic scenes of blood, and even of death, in my Passion. No actor, as capable as he might be, can match Me in the varieties of my loving scenes. But, alas!, how many do not look at my Will in all these scenes, and do not take the substance of the fruit which is in them, and turn the feasts which my Will prepared in Creation and in Redemption into mourning. Therefore, my daughter, let nothing escape you; take all things as a gift that my Will gives you; whether they are small or great, natural or supernatural, bitter or sweet, let them all enter into you as gifts and as the fulfillment of my Will.”

January 24, 1926
The Divine Will is Mother of all human wills. In the Divine Will there are no deaths.

I felt all abandoned by Heaven and by the earth, and I thought to myself that Jesus had told me a long time before that I was to live in the hard exile of life as if there were no one else but Jesus and I; everyone was to disappear from my mind and from my heart. And now, after everything has disappeared from me and I am used to living only with Jesus, He too has run away, leaving me alone, prey to unspeakable bitternesses, in this hard state of isolation. Oh! God, what pain. Have pity on me - come back to the one who feels the need of your Life, more than of her own life.

Now, while I was thinking of this, and of other yet more harrowing things, which it would be too long to say, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, and sighing, told me: “Daughter of my Supreme Volition, courage in your isolation. This serves as company for my Will, abandoned by creatures. The sorrow of Its isolation – oh! how harder than yours it is. My Will is the Mother of all the wills of creatures. As most tender Mother, She left Herself in the center of Creation in order to deliver the human wills and keep them all around Herself, to raise them upon Her knees, nourish them with the milk of Her celestial teachings, and make them grow in Her likeness, giving them all Creation in which to amuse themselves. And since my Will is center of each created thing, wherever the creatures would go, She, as center of all things, would remain always near them, more than affectionate Mother, that they might never lack Her maternal cares, nor descend from Her nobility and likeness.

But, alas!, these daughters, the human wills, delivered by this Celestial Mother, my Will, despising and neglecting all Her maternal cares, Her love, Her tendernesses and attentions, even though my Will is near them - these human wills are far away from this Mother; many of them don’t even know Her; others despise Her and make fun of Her. Poor Mother, which is my Will, in the midst of so many daughters delivered by Her - She remains isolated, abandoned; and while all of them take from Her own in order to live, they use it to grow in dissimilarity from Her, and to offend Her. Can there be greater sorrow for a mother than the abandonment of her children? Not to be known by the fruit of her own womb, which, turning into enemies, offend the one who brought them to the light? Therefore, the sorrow of isolation of my Will is great and inconceivable. So, may your isolation be the company of this isolated Mother, who cries and searches for Her children; but as much as She cries, shouts, and calls Her children, whether with the most tender voices, with the most bitter tears, with the most ardent sighs, or with the most thundering voices of chastisements, these unruly children keep far away from the womb of She who generated them. My daughter, do you not want to share, as true faithful daughter of my Will, in Her sorrow and in Her isolation?”

Then, after this, I began to do the adoration to my Crucified Good; but before my mind passed a long line of soldiers, all armed up, which never ended. I would have wanted to think about my Crucified Jesus, rather than see soldiers, but, against my will, I was forced to see these soldiers, equipped for anything. So I prayed my sweet Jesus to take that sight away from me, that I might be free to be with Him; and Jesus, all afflicted, told me: “My daughter, the more it seems that the world is apparently in peace, and they sing the praises of peace, the more they hide wars, revolutions and tragic scenes for poor humanity, under that ephemeral and masked peace. And the more it seems that they favor my Church, and sing hymns of victories and triumphs, and practices of union between State and Church, the closer the brawl is which they are preparing against Her. The same was for Me. Up until they acclaimed Me as King and received Me in triumph, I was able to live in the midst of the peoples; but after my triumphant entrance into Jerusalem, they no longer let Me live; and after a few days they shouted at Me: ‘Crucify Him!’; and all taking arms against Me, they made Me die. When things do not start from a foundation of truth, they have no strength to reign for a long time, because, since truth is missing, love is missing, and the life that sustains it is missing. Therefore, what they were hiding easily comes out, and they turn peace into war, and favors into revenges. Oh! how many unexpected things they are preparing.”

Jesus disappeared, and I remained all afflicted, thinking to myself: ‘My beloved Jesus has told me many times that I was the little newborn of the Divine Will – just newly born, without having formed my little life in this Supreme Volition. And now that I am most in need in order to form my growth, Jesus leaves me alone. So, I will be like an aborted birth in the Divine Will, without having existence. Don’t You see, then, my Love, in what pitiful state I find myself, and how your very designs upon Me are reduced to nothing? O please! if You do not want to have pity on me, have pity on Yourself, on your designs and on your works which You have made for my poor soul.’ But while my poor mind wanted to go further into the sorrowful state I was in, my beloved Good came out from within my interior, and looking at me thoroughly, from head to foot, told me: “My daughter, in my Will there are neither deaths nor abortions, and one who lives in It contains, as life, the Life of my Will; and even if she feels herself dying, or even dead, she is in my Will which, containing Life, makes her rise again, in every instant, to new light, to new beauty, grace and happiness, delighting in preserving her always little within Itself, so as to have her great with Itself – little but strong, little but beautiful, just newly born, so that she might have nothing human, but everything divine. So, her life is my Will alone, which will carry out all my designs, without dispersing anything. You will be like the drop of water submerged within the great sea; like the grain of wheat amidst the great masses of grains: as much as the drop of water seems as though disappeared within the sea, just as the grain amidst the innumerable grains, no one can deny or take away from them the right that their life exists. Therefore, do not fear, and make it so that you lose your life, in order to acquire the right to have my Will alone as life.”

January 28, 1926
After sin, Adam did the same acts as before, but because he had withdrawn from the Supreme Will, they were empty of the substance of Divine Life. The Humanity of Jesus, the Tree of Life which will produce the fruit of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.

I was thinking about the Holy Divine Volition, and I thought to myself: ‘How can it be that Adam, after sin, having broken his will from that of God, lost strength, dominion, and his acts were not so pleasing to God as to form His delight? Indeed, before sinning, Adam had done his acts toward God, he had learned them; why then, in repeating them afterwards, they no longer sounded the same sound, they no longer contained the fullness of divine love and the complete glory of God?’ Now, while I was thinking of this, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior, and through a light that He sent to me, told me: “My daughter, first of all, before he withdrew from my Will, Adam was my son; he contained my Will as center of his life and of all his acts, therefore he possessed a strength, a dominion, an attractiveness which was all divine. His breath, his heartbeat, his acts, gave of divine; all of his being gave off a celestial fragrance, which drew Us All toward him. So, We felt wounded from all sides by this son; if he breathed, if he spoke, if he did even the most innocent, indifferent and natural things, those were wounds of love for Us. And We, amusing Ourselves with him, filled him more and more with Our goods, because everything he did came from one single point, which was Our Will; therefore We liked him all - We found nothing which might displease Us.

Now, after sin, Adam descended from the state of son and reduced himself to the state of servant; and as soon as he broke up with the Supreme Will, the divine strength, the dominion, the attractiveness, the celestial fragrance, went out of him. Therefore, his acts, his being, no longer gave of divine, but were filled with a human sensation, which, making him lose attractiveness, caused that We no longer felt wounded, but rather, we kept our distance – he from Us, and We from him. His repeating the same acts as those he did before sinning, as in fact he did, says nothing. But do you know what the acts of the creature are without the fullness of Our Will? They are like those foods without condiments and without substance, which, instead of being enjoyed, disgust the human palate; and so do they disgust the divine palate. They are like those unripe fruits, which contain neither sweetness nor taste; they are like those flowers without fragrance; they are like those vases, which are full, yes, but of old, fragile and ragged things. All this can serve a strict necessity of man, and maybe a shadow, a shade of the glory of God, but not the happiness and the complete well-being of the creature, and the fullness of the glory of God.

Now, on the other hand, with what pleasure does one not eat a food which is well flavored and nourishing? How it strengthens the whole person; the mere smell of its condiment whets one’s appetite and the eagerness to eat it. In the same way, before sinning, Adam flavored all of his acts with the substance of Our Will, and therefore he whetted the appetite of Our love to take all his acts as the most enjoyable food for Us; and We, in return, gave him Our delicious food – Our Will. But after sin, poor one, he lost the direct way of communication with his Creator; pure love was no longer reigning in him; love was divided by apprehension, by fear, and since he no longer contained the absolute dominion of the Supreme Will, his acts of before, done after sin, no longer had the same value. More so, since the whole Creation, including man, came out of the Eternal Creator as their source of Life, in which they were to be preserved only with the Life of the Divine Will. Everything was to be founded upon It, and this foundation of the Divine Will was to preserve all things as beautiful and noble, just as they had come out of God. And, in fact, all created things are just as they were created – none of them has lost anything of its origin; only man lost the life, the foundation, and therefore he lost his nobility, the strength, and the likeness to his Creator.

But in spite of this, my Will did not leave man completely. Unable to still be his source of life and the foundation that would sustain him, because he himself had withdrawn from It, It offered Itself as medicine so that he might not perish completely. So, my Will is medicine, is sanity, is preservation, is food, is life, is fullness of the highest sanctity. In whatever way the creature wants It, so does It offer Itself. If she wants It as medicine, It offers Itself in order to take away from her the fever of passions, the weaknesses of impatience, the vertigo of pride, the sickliness of attachments; and so with all the rest of evils. If she wants It as sanity, It offers Itself to preserve her healthy, to free her from any spiritual illness. If she wants It as food, It gives Itself as food to make her strengths develop and grow more in sanctity. If she wants It as life and as fullness of sanctity – oh! then my Will makes feast, because It sees man returning into the womb of his origin, from which he came; and It offers Itself to give him the likeness of his Creator, the only purpose of his creation. My Will never leaves man; if It left him, he would resolve into nothing. And if man does not give himself to letting my Will make him a saint, my Will uses the ways to at least save him.”

On hearing this, I said to myself: ‘Jesus, my Love, if You love so much that your Will operate in the creature as in the act in which You created her – as if there had been no fracture between your Will and that of the creature – why, in coming upon earth to redeem us, did You not give us this great good - that your Will, triumphant of everything, would place us in the order of Creation, just as we came out of the hands of our Celestial Father?’ And Jesus, coming out from my interior, pressed me all to His Heart, and with unspeakable tenderness, told me: “My daughter, the primary purpose of my coming upon earth was indeed this one – that man would return into the womb of my Will, as he came out of it when he was created. But in order to do this, I had to form, by means of my Humanity, the root, the trunk, the branches, the leaves, the flowers, from which the celestial fruits of my Will were to come out. No one can have the fruit without the tree. This tree was watered by my Blood; it was cultivated by my pains, by my sighs and tears; the sun which shone upon it was the Sun of my Will alone. Therefore, the fruits of my Will will certainly come, but in order to desire the fruits, one must know how precious they are, the good which they bring, the riches they produce. Here is the reason, then, for the many manifestations of my Will which I have made to you. In fact, knowledge will bring the desire to eat it; and once they have enjoyed what it means to live only to do my Will, if not all, at least part of them will return to the path of my Volition. The two wills will exchange the perennial kiss; there will be no more dispute between the human will and that of the Creator; and after the many fruits It has given, my Redemption will give also the fruit of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven. Therefore, you, be the first one to take this fruit, and want no other food, nor any other life but my Will alone.”

January 30, 1926
Death of the confessor Fr. Francesco De Benedictis. Fear that she might do her own will.

I was at the summit of my affliction because of the almost sudden death of my confessor. To my many interior pains due to the frequent privations of my sweet Jesus, He wanted to add such a painful blow for my poor heart, depriving me of he who was the only one who knew my poor soul. But may the Fiat Voluntas Tua be always done, loved and adored. The earth was not worthy to possess such a person, therefore the Lord, to chastise us, brought him to Heaven with Himself. So, in my intense bitterness for having been left without confessor, not knowing, myself, to whom to turn, I prayed to my lovable Jesus for that blessed soul, saying: ‘My Love, if You took him away from me, at least bring him straight to Heaven with You.’ And, crying, I said to Him: ‘I place him in your Will. Your Will contains everything – love, light, beauty, all the good which has been done and will be done; may these purify him, embellish him, enrich him with all that is needed in order to be in your presence, so You will find nothing in him which might prevent his entrance into Heaven.’

Now, while I was doing and saying this, a globe of light came before me, and within that light there was the soul of my confessor, taking its way toward the vault of the Heavens, without saying to me even one word. I remained consoled, yes, for his destiny, but embittered to the summit for my own. And I prayed Jesus that, since He had taken the confessor away from me and I myself had no one to whom to turn, by His goodness He would free me from the bother I gave to the confessor – however, not because it was wanted by me, but as something wanted by Jesus; because I feel that if Jesus conceded this to me as something wanted by me, I would feel as if I were lacking the earth under my feet, the heavens above my head, the heartbeat in my heart; so, for me it would be disgrace rather than grace. And all abandoned in sorrow, I offered everything to Jesus, that He would give me the grace to do His Most Holy Will in everything. And Jesus, compassionating my sorrow, clasped me all to Himself, and told me: “My daughter, courage, do not fear, I do not leave you, I will always be with you; and I promise you that if no priest wants to make himself available for your assistance, not wanting to follow my Will, I will free you from this bother for them – not because you want it, but because I Myself want it. Therefore, do not fear, for I will not let your will enter into this. I will do everything Myself; I will be jealous even of your breath, that your will may not enter into it, but only Mine.”

Then, when the night came, I felt such fear that blessed Jesus might take me by surprise and make me fall into the state of my usual sufferings, that I trembled and cried; more so, since I felt as if I wanted Him to free me. And blessed Jesus came out from within my interior, and placing His face close to mine, He cried - so much that I felt my face too wetted by His tears. And, sobbing, He said to me: “My daughter, have patience; remember that the destiny of the world weighs upon you. Ah! you do not know what it means to be in this state of pain together with Me, even for half an hour or five minutes. It is my real Life that is repeated upon earth; it is this Divine Life that suffers, that prays, that repairs in you, and transmutes my very Will into you, so that It may operate in you as It operated in my Humanity. And do you think this is trivial?” And, keeping silent, He continued to cry. I felt my heart break in seeing Jesus cry, and I comprehended that He was crying for me, to give me the grace that His Will have Its full rights over me, that It maintain Its Life whole within my soul, and that my will would never have life. So, the reason for His tears was to place His Will in safety within my poor soul. And He cried for priests, in order to give them the grace to comprehend His works, that they too would be willing to do His Will.

February 7, 1926
The Divine Will reigning in the soul elevates her above everything; and loving with the love of a God, she can love all things with His very love, and is constituted possessor and queen of all Creation.

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition according to my usual way, and taking the eternal ‘I love you’ of my sweet Jesus, and making it my own, I was going around throughout the whole Creation in order to impress it upon each thing, so that everything and everyone might have one single note, one single sound, one single harmony – ‘I love You, I love You, I love You’ – for myself and for all, toward my Creator, who so much loved me. Now, while I was doing this, my lovable Jesus came out from within my interior, and pressing me to His Heart, all tenderness, told me: “My daughter, how beautiful is the ‘I love You’ of one who lives in my Will. I hear the echo of mine together with hers over all created things, therefore I feel the requital of love of the creature for everything I have done. And then, to love means to possess what one loves, or wanting to possess that which is loved. So, you love the whole Creation because It is Mine, and I let you love It because I want to make It yours. Your repeated ‘I love You’ for Me upon each created thing is the way and the right of possession – the right to possess them. In feeling loved, all Creation recognizes their master, and therefore they make feast in hearing your ‘I love You’ being repeated upon them. Love makes one recognize what is one’s own, and they give themselves only to those by whom they are loved; and my Will reigning in the soul is the confirmation that what is mine is hers. Now, when something is in common between two persons, highest accord is needed, one cannot do without the other; and here is the necessity of their inseparable union, of continuous communications on what to do with what they possess. Oh! how my Will reigning in the soul elevates her above everything; and loving with the love of a God, she can love all things with His very love, and is constituted possessor and queen of all Creation.

My daughter, it is in this happy state that I created man; my Will was to make up for all that was lacking in him, and to elevate him to the likeness of his Creator. And this is precisely my aim upon you - to make you return to the origin, as We created man. Therefore, I do not want division between Me and you, nor that what is mine be not yours; but in order to give you your rights, I want you to recognize what is mine, so that, as you love everything and your ‘I love You’ flows over all things, all of Creation may recognize you. They will feel in you the echo of the beginning of the creation of man, and delighting in it, they will yearn to be possessed by you.

I act for you like a king who is despised by his peoples, offended, forgotten; these peoples are no longer under the regime of the laws of the king; and if they observe any of the laws, it is force that imposes itself on them, not love. So, the poor king is forced to live in his royal palace, isolated, without the love, the subjection and the submission of the peoples to his will. But among many, he notices that there is one alone who maintains himself whole in letting himself be subdued, entirely and completely, by the will of the king. Even more, he repairs, he cries for the rebellious wills of the entire people, and would want to compensate the king by making himself act for each creature, so that he might find in him everything that he should find in all the rest of the people. The king feels drawn to love this one, and keeps him always under his eyes to see whether he is constant - and not for one day, but for a period of his life, because only constancy is what the king can rely upon, so as to be sure of what he wants to make of the creature. To sacrifice oneself, to do good for one day, is something easy for the creature; but to sacrifice oneself and do good for one’s own life – oh! how difficult it is. And if it happens, it is a divine virtue operating in the creature. So, when the king feels sure about him, he calls him to himself into his royal palace, he gives to him all that he should give to the whole people, and putting the others aside, he makes the new generation of his chosen people come out from this one, which will have no other ambition than to live of the will of the king alone, all submitted to him, like many births from his womb.

Don’t you think, my daughter, that this is precisely what I am doing for you? My continuous calling you into my Will, so that, not yours, but Mine may live in you; my wanting from you that you let Me find the note of your ‘I love You’, of your adoration for your Creator, of your reparation for each offense, upon all created things and from the first to the last man that will come – does this not say in clear notes that I want everything in order to give you everything, and that, elevating you above everything, I want my Will to be restored in you, whole, beautiful, triumphant, just as It came out of Us in the beginning of Creation? My Will was the prime act of the creature; the creature had her prime act in my Will, and therefore It wants to do Its course of life in her. And even though It was suffocated at Its very first arising in the creature, It was not extinguished, and therefore It awaits Its field of life in her. Don’t you want to be Its first little field? Therefore, be attentive; when you want something, never do it on your own, but pray to Me that my Will may do it in you. In fact, that same thing, if you do it yourself, sounds bad, gives of human; but if my Will does it, it sounds good, it harmonizes with Heaven, it is sustained by a divine grace and power, it is the Creator that operates in the creature, its fragrance is divine; and rising everywhere, it embraces everyone with one single embrace, in such a way that all feel the good of the operating of the Creator in the creature.”

February 11, 1926
The human will is the wood worm that gnaws at all goods and the key that opens all evils. Each act of human will not connected with that of God forms an abyss of distance between Creator and creature.

I was thinking to myself: ‘Why so much fear in me, to the point of feeling my life missing in me, that – may this never be – I might not do the Most Holy Will of God entirely and completely? The mere thought of this destroys me; what would it be, then, if I came to the point of withdrawing, even for one single instant, from the Supreme and Adorable Will of my Creator?’ Now, while I was thinking of this, my lovable Jesus came out from within my interior, and taking my hands in His, He kissed them with unspeakable love. Then He pressed them so very tightly to His breast, and, all tenderness, told me: “My daughter, how beautiful is my Will operating in your hands. Your motions are wounds for Me – but divine wounds, because they come form the depth of my Will, dominating, operating and triumphant in you; so, I feel wounded as though by another Me. With just reason do you fear. If you went out of my Supreme Will even for one instant – oh! how low you would descend. You would reduce yourself as though from the state of Adam innocent to the state of Adam guilty. And since Adam had been created as the head of all generations, his will, withdrawn from his Creator, formed the wood worm in the root of the tree of all generations. Therefore, all feel the ruins which the wood worm of the human will formed from the very beginning of the creation of man. Each act of human will not connected with that of God forms an abyss of distance between Creator and creature, and therefore distance of sanctity, of beauty, of nobility, of light, of science, etc.

So, by withdrawing from the Divine Will, Adam did nothing but put himself at a distance from his Creator. This distance debilitated him, impoverished him, unbalanced him completely, and caused imbalance in all generations, because when evil is in the root, the whole tree is forced to feel the malignant effects, the bad humors, which are in the root. Therefore, my daughter, since I have called you as the first, and as the head of the mission of my Will, this Will of Mine must lay in you the balance between you and the Creator, and therefore remove the distance which exists between the human will and the Divine, so as to be able to form in you the root of the tree without bad humors, making only the vital humor of my Will flow, so that the tree may not be jeopardized in its vegetation, in the development and in the preciousness of its fruits.

Now, if you wanted to do an act of your will, not connected with Mine, you would come to form the wood worm to the mission which I have entrusted to you, and like a second Adam, you would ruin the root of the tree of my Will, which I want to form in you, and would jeopardize all those who will want to graft themselves to this tree, because they would not find all the fullness of my Will in the one in whom It had Its beginning. Therefore, it is I who cast this fear into your soul, so that my Will may always be dominant in you, and all the manifestations which I have made to you may always be in vegetation, in order to form the divine root, trunk, branches, flowers and fruits, without the shadow of your human will. In this way, you would return to your origin, into the womb of your Creator, all beautiful, grown and formed with the fullness of the Supreme Will. And the Divinity, satisfied in you of the work of the creation of man, would make Its chosen people of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven come out from you and from the mission entrusted to you. Therefore, be attentive, my daughter, and do not want to ruin the work of my Will in you. I love it so much and it costs Me so much, that I will use all my infinite jealousies; I Myself will guard my Will, so that yours may never have life.”

I remained surprised, and I comprehended with such clarity what an act of human will means, compared to an act of Divine Will, and how the soul, by doing her own will, loses the physiognomy of her Creator; and stripping herself of the beauty with which she was created, she clothes herself with miserable rags, she barely drags herself in good, she acquires the diabolical likeness, she feeds herself with dirty foods. My Jesus, give us all the grace never to do our own will, which is like calling all passions back to life. So, almost trembling, I tried to plunge more deeply into the Supreme Will, and I called my Celestial Mama to my help, so that, together, in the name of all, we might adore the Supreme Will on behalf of all the human wills opposed to It. Now, while I was doing this, the Heavens opened, and my Jesus came out from within my interior, all in feast, and told me: “Daughter of my Volition, you must know that when my Will reigns in the soul, It integrates everything she does and the development of the Life of my Eternal Will in her. So, it was not you who called my Divine Mama, but it was my Will that called Her. And She, feeling called by a Divine Will which has always been whole and triumphant within Her, immediately perceived that one from the Celestial Family was calling Her upon earth; and She said to all Heaven: ‘Let us go, let us go. It is one from our Family that is calling us to fulfill the duties of the Family to which we belong.’ And here they are – look at them, all around us: the Virgin, the Saints, the Angels, to do the act of adoration which you want to do; and the Divinity, to receive it.

My Will has such power as to enclose everything and make everyone do the same thing, as if it were one single act; hence the great difference that passes between one who lets my Will reign within herself and one who lives of her own self. In the first one there is a Divine Will that prays, that operates, that thinks, that looks, that suffers. At each motion of hers, It moves Heaven and earth and connects everything together, in such a way that all feel the power of the Divine Will operating in the creature, and recognize in her the nobility, the likeness, the offspring of their Creator; and, as daughter of the Celestial Family, all protect her, assist her, defend her and long to have her together with them in the Celestial Fatherland. All the opposite for one who lives of her own will, which is the key of hell, of miseries, of inconstancy; whatever place it opens, it can open only there where evil is. And if she does any good at all, it is apparent, because inside of it there is the wood worm of her will which gnaws at everything. Therefore, even if it should cost you your life, never – never go out of my Will.”

February 18, 1926
Each manifestation on the Divine Will is a beatitude that is released by God. Each act of the human will rejects this beatitude.

I felt oppressed because of many thoughts that went through my mind, with the addition of the privation of my sweet Jesus. And while I struggled between the hope that He would not leave me without Him for too long and the fear of no longer seeing Him, my lovable Jesus took me by surprise and filled me all with Himself, in such a way that I could no longer see myself, but only Jesus, who formed around Himself an immense sea of many little flames, and these were all the truths that regarded His Divinity and His lovable Will. I would have wanted to take all those little flames, in order to know the One who is everything for me, and to make Him known to all, but – no: now I could not find the human terms in order to express them; now the littleness of my mind, to contain them; now the infinity, which it was not given to me to embrace; now the immensity, in which I remained lost. I could comprehend a little bit of everything, but, alas!, the celestial language is very different from the terrestrial language, therefore I could not find the right words to make myself understood. More so, since when I am with Jesus, I have the same language as Jesus, we understand each other perfectly; but once Jesus has withdrawn and I find myself inside myself, I feel such a change, that I am just barely able to say a few things, and maybe half-mangled, and while babbling like a little child.

Then, while I was swimming inside that sea of little flames, my beloved Jesus told me: “It is right that the little newborn of my Supreme Volition take part in the beatitudes, joys and happinesses of She[1] who delivered her to the light. All these little flames that you see in the endless sea of my Will are the symbol of the secret beatitudes, joys and happinesses which It contains. I say secret because, since I have not yet manifested the fullness of the knowledge which the Eternal Will contains, nor are there the right dispositions in creatures in order to manifest them, all these beatitudes remain ‘ad intra’, inside the Divinity, as We are waiting to put them out for the one who would be born, live and carry out her life in Our Will, with no interruption, because, her will being one with Ours, all the divine doors are opened and Our most intimate secrets revealed. The joys and the beatitudes are placed in common, as much as it is possible for a creature, and as much as she is capable of. So, you see, my daughter, each manifestation that I make to you about my Will is a beatitude released from the womb of the Divinity, which not only makes you happy and disposes you more to live in my Will, but prepares you for more new knowledges. And not only this, but all of Heaven remains inundated by that new beatitude which has come out of Our womb. Oh! how grateful they are to you, and how they pray that I continue the manifestations on my Will! These beatitudes were closed into Ourselves by the human will, and each act of human will is a lock to these celestial beatitudes – not only in time, but also in Eternity, because each act of my Will done on earth sows in the soul the seed of that beatitude which she will enjoy in Heaven. Without the seed, it is useless to hope for the plant. Therefore, deeper and deeper do I want you, inside my Will.”

February 21, 1926
Each manifestation on the Divine Will is a birth from It. Each act done in It is water which is formed in order to expand the sea of the Eternal Will around the soul.

I was feeling all immersed in the Holy Divine Volition. A celestial and divine air surrounded me, and an inaccessible light made present to me, as though in act, all the acts of the Supreme Will, which, finding the same Will in me, gave me their kiss and their love, and I gave them my kiss in return, and I impressed my ‘I love You’ in each act of the Eternal Volition. It seemed to me that all of them wanted to be recognized by me, in order to have my requital, perfect accord and mutual possession. Now, while I was in this state, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and with His divine hands He bound me within that light, in such a way that I could see nothing else but Jesus, His Will and everything that It was doing. How happy I felt - how many inexpressible joys I experienced. Jesus Himself was all in feast, and felt such contentment in seeing me all for His Will and in His Will, that it seemed He would forget about everything, to occupy Himself only with His Will, so that It might be complete in me, and, triumphing in everything, It might obtain the purpose for which all things were created.

Then, afterwards, He said to me: “My daughter, little newborn of my Will, you must know that one who is born in my Will can also be a mother, by giving birth to many children for my Supreme Volition. In order to be mother, it is necessary to have sufficient matter in one’s own interior, so as to be able to form, with one’s own blood, with one’s own flesh and with continuous nourishment, the birth which one wants to give to the light. If there is no seed and not enough matter, it is useless to hope to become a mother. Now, since you have been born in my Will, in you there is the seed of fecundity, and there is also the fully sufficient matter of all the manifestations I have made to you on my Will. It can be said that each knowledge I have given you can give birth to a child for my Will. Your continuous acts in my Will are abundant nourishment in order to first form these children of Heaven within yourself, and then deliver them as triumph, honor, glory and crown of my Will, and as perennial joy of the mother who delivered them. See, then, what each additional manifestation means - it is one more birth that my Will delivers, it is a Divine Life that goes out for the good of creatures, it is to debilitate the strengths of the human will in order to establish in it the fortress of the Divine Will. How attentive, then, you must be not to disperse anything, even from the smallest manifestations I make to you, because you would deprive Me of the honor of having one more child, which can narrate to all one more good about my Will in order to give it to creatures, that they might love It more and let themselves be subdued by the power of my Supreme Volition.”

Then, I don’t know how, I felt the usual fear that I might, even just slightly, go out of the Most Holy Will. And my always lovable Jesus came back again, and, all love, told me: “My daughter, why do you fear? Listen: when you worry and afflict yourself for fear that you might go out of my Will, I laugh to Myself and I make it a joke for you, because I know that the water of the sea of my Will that surrounds you is so much, that you would not be able to find its boundaries in order to get out. Wherever you wanted to turn your step – to the right, to the left, to the front or to the back – you would be walking, yes, but always inside the water of the sea of my Will. And you yourself have formed this water with the many acts you have done in It; in fact, since my Will is endless, by doing your acts in It, you have formed a sea around yourself from which you cannot go out. So, each act you do comes to form new water to expand even more the sea of the Supreme Will, inside and outside of you. Your very fears that you might go out of the origin in which you were born, are waves that you form, which, in agitating you, plunge you more deeply into the abyss of the sea of my Will. This is why I do not reproach you – because I know where you are, and how you are. Rather, I call your attention to live in peace in my Will, or I give you a surprise by telling you more surprising things on the Eternal Volition, in such a way that, surprised, you forget about everything, including your fears, and with peace you navigate the sea of my Will. And I, Divine Helmsman, delight in guiding the one who lives in Our Supreme Will, and is all for It.”

May everything be for the glory of God and to my confusion, as I am the most miserable of all creatures.

Deo gratias

[1] The Divine Will.

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