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Divine Will Volume Thirteen




May 1, 1921
The human will casts dissimilarity between Creator and creature. For one who lives in the Divine Will everything is harmony.

Continuing in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself in the midst of a multitude of people; and up high there was the Queen Mama, speaking to that people and crying, so much so that, holding a bunch of roses on Her lap, She wet them with Her tears. I could not understand anything of what She was saying; I could only see that the people wanted to make tumults, and that the Celestial Mama was praying them, crying, to calm down. Then She detached one rose and, pointing to me in the midst of so many people, She threw it to me. I looked at it; the rose was pearled with the tears of my dear Mama, and those tears invited me to pray for the peace of the peoples.

Then, afterwards, I found myself together with my sweet Jesus, and I prayed Him for the peace of the peoples; and He, drawing me to Himself, spoke to me about His Most Holy Will, saying to me: “My daughter, my Will contains the creative power, and just as my Will gave life to all things, so It has the power to destroy them. Now, the soul who lives in my Volition also has the power to give life to good and to give death to evil. In the immensity, she finds herself in the past, and wherever there are voids to my glory, offenses not repaired, love not given to Me, she fills the voids of my glory, she makes for Me the most beautiful reparations, and she gives Me love for all. In my Will, she diffuses herself in the present, she extends to the future centuries, and everywhere and for everyone she gives Me that which Creation owes Me. In the soul who lives in my Will I hear the echo of my power, of my love, of my sanctity; in all my acts I hear the echo of her own. She runs everywhere - before Me, behind Me, and even inside of Me. Wherever my Will is, there is hers; as my acts multiply themselves, hers also multiply. Only the human will puts disharmony between creature and Creator; one single act of human will puts chaos between Heaven and earth, and casts dissimilarity between Creator and creature. On the other hand, for one who lives in my Will everything is harmony; her things and mine harmonize together; I am with her on earth, and she is with Me in Heaven - one is the interest, one the life, one the Will.

See, because Creation has not moved from my Will in anything, the sky is always azure and starry, the sun is full of light and heat. The whole Creation is in perfect harmony; one thing is support of the other. It is always beautiful, fresh, young; It never grows old, nor does It lose one shadow of Its beauty; on the contrary, It seems that each day It rises as more majestic, giving a sweet enchantment to all creatures. So would man have been, had he not withdrawn from my Will; and so are the souls who live in my Will: they are the new heavens, the new suns, the new earth - all flowery; even more, more varied with beauty and enchantment.”

May 21, 1921
Jesus finds rest in the souls who live in His Will.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen in my arms, in act of taking rest. I clasped Him to my heart, saying to Him: ‘My Love, say a word to me - why are You silent?’ And Jesus: “My beloved daughter, rest is necessary to Me; after having spoken to you so much, I want in you the first effects of my words. You - work, doing what I have taught you, and I will rest; and when you have put my teachings into execution, I will come back again to speak to you of higher and more sublime things, to be able to find rest more beautiful in you. And besides, if I do not rest in the souls who live in my Will, in whom could I hope for rest? Only the souls who live in my Will are capable of giving Me rest. The living in my Will forms the room for Me; the acts done in my Will form for Me the bed; the repeated acts, the constancy in repeating, are the lullabies, the musics and the opium to favor my sleep. But, while I sleep, I watch over you, in such a way that your will is nothing other than the outpouring of Mine, your thoughts the outpouring of my Intelligence, your word the outpouring of Mine, your heart the outpouring of my Heart. So, even though you do not hear Me speak, there is such dissolving of yourself in Me, that you do not want, nor think, nor do, anything but what I Myself want and do. So, as long as you live in my Will, you can be sure that everything that goes on within you, is Me.”

June 2, 1921
In coming upon earth, Jesus said almost nothing or very little about His Will.

I was feeling very oppressed because they told me that they wanted to print everything that my sweet Jesus had manifested to me about His Most Holy Will; and my anguish was so great that I felt also agitated. And my sweet Jesus, in my interior, said to me: “Do you want to arbitrate yourself? That’s nice. Only because a teacher wanted to dictate a doctrine of his to one pupil, the doctrine cannot be made public? Or the good that can be done with it? This would be absurd, and would sadden one’s teacher. And besides, of you there is nothing - it is all my doctrine. You have been nothing other than a clerk. And only because I have chosen you, you would want to bury my teachings, and therefore also my glory?”

But with all this, I felt restless; and my always lovable Jesus, coming out from within my interior, surrounded my neck with His arm, and clasping me tightly, told me: “My beloved daughter, calm yourself, calm yourself, and make your Jesus content.”

And I: ‘My Love, the sacrifice is too hard; at the mere thought that everything that has passed between You and me has to come out, I feel myself dying and my heart cracks for the pain. If I wrote, it was only to obey and for fear that You might be displeased; and now look at what a maze obedience is casting me into. My Life, have pity on me, and put your holy hand into this.’

And Jesus: “My daughter, and if I want the sacrifice? You must be ready to make it, and must not deny Me anything. Now, you must know that, in coming upon earth, I came to manifest my celestial doctrine, to make known my Humanity, my Fatherland, and the order that the creature was to have in order to reach Heaven - in a word, the Gospel. But of my Will I said almost nothing or very little. I almost passed over It, making them understand that the thing about which I cared the most was the Will of my Father. Of Its qualities, of Its height and greatness, of the great goods that the creature receives by living in my Volition, I said almost nothing, because the creature, being too much of an infant in the celestial things, would have understood nothing. I only taught her to pray: ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua, sicut in coelo et in terra’, so that she might dispose herself to know this Will of Mine in order to love It and do It, and therefore receive the gifts It contains. Now, what I was to do at that time - the teachings about my Will which I was to give to all - I have given to you. So, making them known is nothing other than making up for what I Myself was to do while on earth, as the fulfillment of my coming. Don’t you want Me, then, to fulfill the purpose of my coming upon earth? Therefore, let Me do; I will watch over everything and dispose everything - and you, follow Me and be at peace.”

June 6, 1921
The greatest miracle that God can perform is for a soul to live in His Fiat.

I was dissolving myself in the Holy Will of blessed Jesus, and I thought to myself: ‘Which one is greater, more varied, more complex - the work of Creation or the Redeeming work?’ And my always lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, the Redeeming work is greater, more varied and complex than the work of Creation. Even more, It is so much greater, that each act of the Redeeming work is immense seas that surround the work of Creation; and the work of Creation, surrounded by the Redeeming work, remains as nothing other than little rivulets surrounded by the immensely vast seas of the Redeeming work. Now, one who lives in my Will, who takes my Fiat Voluntas Tua as life, flows within these immense seas of the Redeeming work, she diffuses and expands together with them, in such a way as to surpass the very work of Creation. Therefore, only the Life of my Fiat can give true honor and glory to the work of Creation, because my Fiat multiplies, extends everywhere - It has no limits. On the other hand, the work of Creation has its limits, nor can it become larger than it is.

My daughter, the greatest miracle that my Omnipotence can perform is for a soul to live in my Fiat. Do you think it is trivial that my Will, Holy, Immense, Eternal, would descend into a creature, and putting my Will and hers together, I dissolve her in Me, and make Myself life of the whole operating of the creature, even of the littlest things? So, her heartbeat, the word, the thought, the motion, the breath, are of the God living in the creature. She conceals Heaven and earth within herself, and, in appearance, one sees a creature. Greater grace, a prodigy more portentous, a sanctity more heroic than my Fiat, I could not give.

See, the work of Creation is great; the work of Redemption is even greater; my Fiat - making the creature live in my Will - surpasses both one and the other. In fact, in Creation my Fiat created and put out my works, but did not remain as center of life in the created things. In Redemption, my Fiat remained as center of life in my Humanity, but did not remain as center of life in the creatures; rather, if their will does not adhere to Mine, they render vain the fruits of my Redemption. But with my Fiat – making the creature live in my Will – I remain as center of life of the creature; and therefore I repeat to you, as other times, that my Fiat Voluntas Tua will be the true glory of the work of Creation and the fulfillment of the abundant fruits of the work of Redemption. Here is the reason why I want nothing else from you but that my Fiat be your life, and that you look at nothing other than my Will: because I want to be as center of your life.”

June 12, 1921
Jesus finds His Life in the soul who lives in His Will.

Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus continues to speak to me of His Holy Will, telling me: “My beloved daughter, birth from my Will, I do not want you sky studded with stars; it would please Me – I would find my work, but it would not satisfy Me because I would not find Myself. Nor do I want you sun, though I would find delight in it - I would find the shadow of my light and of my heat, but not finding my Life, I would pass over you. Nor do I want you flowery earth with flowers, plants and fruits, although it could be pleasing to Me, since I would find the breath of my fragrances, traces of my sweetness, the mastery of my creative hand. In sum, I would find my works - but not my Life. Therefore, I would pass over everything, I would continue to wander without stopping - to find what? My Life. And where will I find this, my Life? In the soul who lives in my Will. This is why I do not want you either sky or sun or flowery earth, but center of my Will; there where I find my Life I will stop and dwell forever. Only then will I be content; I will rest, not in my work, as in Creation, but in my own Life.

Know that your life must be the Fiat. My Fiat issued you to the light, and, like noble queen, carrying the Fiat Creator in your womb, you must walk the field of life upon the wings of the same Fiat, sowing everywhere the seed of my Will, to be able to form many other centers of my Life upon earth, and then come back into my same Fiat in Heaven. Be faithful to Me, and my Will will be your life, the hand to lead you, the feet to walk, the mouth to speak - in sum, It will take the place of everything.”

June 20, 1921
Simile of the sun and one who lives in the Divine Will.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus came, but all majesty and love. He took my right hand in His, and drawing close to my heart, He kissed it; then, with both hands, He clasped my head in His hands, keeping them upon my head for some time. Who can say what I felt being infused in me? He alone can say what He infused in me. Then He told me: “Daughter of my Will, my Will fills you; and in order to keep this Will of Mine in you, I offer my very self as the keeper of my own Will. The gift that I placed in you is so great, that I do not want to leave it at the mercy of yourself, because you would not have sufficient care to keep it. Therefore, not only will I be as defense, but I will help you to make it pour outside, in such a way that everywhere will the imprint of my Will be seen.”

Then, afterwards, He added: “One who lives in my Will must be as center of everything. Look at the sun up high in the heavens: one can see the center of the light, its circumference; but the light and the heat that it spreads beat and fill the whole earth, making themselves life and light of all nature. In the same way, one who lives in my Will must live as though circumfused in my own center, which is life of everything. These souls are more than sun - they are also light, heat and fecundity of all goods. So, those who do not live completely in my Will can be called plants, flowers, trees, which receive light, heat, fecundity and life from these suns; and living down below, they are subject to growing and decreasing, exposed to winds, to frost, to storms. On the other hand, one who lives in my Will, like sun, excels over everything, triumphs and conquers everything; and while he touches everything and makes himself life of everything, he is untouchable, nor does he let himself be touched by anyone, because, since he lives up high, no one can reach him.”

June 28, 1921
The souls who live in the Divine Will do whatever God does. True reigning is to not be excluded from anything created by God.

I was pouring all of myself into the Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, the souls who live in my Will are the reverberation of everyone and of everything; and since they are reflected in everything, as a consequence they receive the reverberation of all. And since my Will is life of everything, in my Will they run to give life to everything. So, even inanimate things and plants receive their reflections, and they receive the reflection of all Creation; they harmonize together with all things created by Me. In my Will they give to all, they are friends and sisters with all, and receive love and glory from all. My Will renders them inseparable from Me and therefore whatever I do, they do as well; my Will does not know how to do things that are dissimilar from Me. The Kingdom of my Will is ‘to reign’, therefore all of them are queens; but true reigning is to not be excluded from anything created by Me.”

July 14, 1921
Just as the sun forms the life of all nature, the Divine Will forms the life of souls.

My will was swimming in the Eternal Volition, and an incomprehensible light made me comprehend and told me: “My daughter, for one who lives in my Will it happens as to the earth that is exposed to the sun. The sun, king of all Creation, dwells above everything, and the whole of nature seems to beg from the sun that which forms its life, its beauty, its fecundity. The flower begs from the sun its beauty, its color, its fragrance; and as it goes on blooming and opening, it opens its mouth to receive from the sun the heat and the light in order to be colored and perfumed, and to form its life. The plants beg from the sun maturity, sweetness, flavor. All things beg their life from the sun.

My Will is more than sun; and as the soul enters into Its burning rays, she receives life; and as she keeps repeating her acts in my Volition, she receives now my beauty, now my sweetness and fecundity, now my goodness and sanctity. So, each time she enters into the rays of my Will, so many more divine qualities she receives. Oh! how many varied beauties, how much liveliness of colors, how many fragrances she acquires. If these souls could be seen by the other creatures, they would form their paradise on earth, so great is their beauty. They are my reflectors - my true images.”

July 20, 1921
Simile of water and the Divine Will.

Continuing in my usual state, I was feeling very much embittered, and was saying to myself: ‘Your Will alone is left to me; I have nothing else - everything has disappeared.’ And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, my Will is all that must be left to you. It is symbolized by water: while it appears abundant in the seas, in the rivers, in the wells, the rest of the earth appears as if there were no water. Yet, there is not one point of the earth which is not soaked with water; there are no buildings in which water has not been the first element in order to build them; there is no food in which water does not hold its primary place; otherwise it would be arid food, which man could not even swallow. The strength that water contains is such and so great, that if it had free field to go out of the bounds of the sea, it would devastate and terrify the entire earth.

My Will is more than water. It is true that in certain points, epochs and circumstances, It is as though embounded within most extensive seas, rivers and wells; but there is not one thing, from the greatest to the smallest, in which my Will does not run and does not hold Its primary place – but as though hidden, just as the water is hidden in the earth, such that, although it does not appear, it is the one that makes the plants vegetate and gives life to the roots. However, when my love will make the Era of my Will arise - the New Era of the maximum benefit toward creatures - then will the seas, the rivers of my Volition overflow; and as Its gigantic waves come out, they will overwhelm everything into my Will – but no longer as hidden; rather, Its roaring waves will make themselves seen by all and will touch all. And those who want to resist the current, will run the risk of losing their lives.

Now, since my Will alone is left to you, you are like water which holds the primary place over all goods and in all things, both in Heaven and on earth; and when my Volition will come out of Its bounds, your will, disappeared within Mine, will have its primacy. What more do you want?”

July 26, 1921
The Divine Will is like water; It flows within everything, and no one can live without It.

My sweet Jesus continues to speak to me about His Holy Will: “My daughter, if the sun is the king of the universe; if with its light it symbolizes my Majesty, and with its heat my Love and my Justice, such that, when it finds earth that does not want to lend itself to fecundity, with its burning breath it finishes withering it and renders it sterile – water can be called queen of the earth, such that, symbolizing my Will, there is not one point into which it does not enter, nor is there creature who can live without it. Maybe one could live without the sun, but without water – no one. Water enters into everything, even into the veins, into the human bowels, just as into the deep bowels of the earth. In mute silence, it does its continuous course. It can be said that water is not only queen, but it is like the soul of the earth: without water the earth would be like a dead body.

Such is my Will; It is not only queen, but more than soul of all created things; It is life of each heartbeat, of each fiber of the heart. My Will, like water, flows within everything - now silent and hidden, and now palpitating and visible. Man can subtract himself from my light, from my love, from my grace, but from my Will – never. He would be like someone who wanted to live without water. It is true that there might be some lunatic who hates water; but in spite of the fact that he hates it, that he does not love it, he will be forced to drink it - either water or death. So it is with my Will; since It is life of everything, creatures will keep It with them either with love or with hatred, but, even though unwillingly, they will be forced to let my Will flow in them, like blood in the veins. And for those who wanted to subtract themselves from my Will, it would be like suiciding their own souls. Yet, my Will would still not leave them; It would follow the course of justice over them, since It could not follow over them the course of the goods that my Volition contains. If man knew what it means to do or not to do my Will, all would tremble with fright at the mere thought of subtracting themselves, for one single instant, from my Will.”

August 9, 1921
Effects of the acts done in the Divine Will. Example of the machine.

Continuing in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself in the midst of a most extensive sea; and I saw a machine, and as the engine moved, water would spurt out from all sides of the machine, in such a way that, rising up to Heaven, these waves of water spouted upon all Saints and Angels, and reaching up to the throne of the Eternal One, they poured mightily at His feet, and then descended again into the depths of the same sea. I remained amazed in seeing this, and I said to myself: ‘What can this machine be?’ And a light that came from the same sea told me: “The sea is my Will, the machine is the soul who lives in my Volition, the engine is the human will that operates in the Divine Will. Every time the soul makes her own special intentions in my Will, the engine sets the machine in motion; and since my Will is life of the Blessed, just as It is also life of the machine, it is no wonder that my Will that spurts out of this machine enters into Heaven and glows with light, with glory, spouting upon all, up to my throne, and then descends again into the sea of my Will on earth, for the good of pilgrim souls. My Will is everywhere, and the acts done in my Will run everywhere - both in Heaven and on earth. They run to the past, because my Will existed; to the present, because It has lost nothing of Its activity; to the future, because It will exist eternally. How beautiful are the acts in my Will! And since my Will contains ever new contentments, these acts are the new contentments of the very Blessed; they are the substitutes for the acts of the Saints, which have not been done in my Will; they are the new graces of all creatures.”

Then, afterwards, I remained all afflicted because I had not seen my sweet Jesus; and He, moving in my interior, clasped me in His arms, saying to me: “My daughter, why are you so afflicted? Am I not the sea Myself?”

August 13, 1921
Melancholy does not enter the Divine Will. The Divine Will contains the substance of all joys, the fount of all happinesses.

I was feeling very afflicted, and my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, courage, I do not want you afflicted; because for one who lives in my Will, the smile of Heaven, the contentment of the Blessed, the peace of the Saints, hover upon all her being. My Will contains the substance of all joys, the fount of all happinesses, and one who lives in my Will, even in sorrow, feels sorrow and joy, tears and smile, bitterness and sweetness, kneaded together within her. Contentment is inseparable from my Will.

You must know that, as you think in my Will, as you speak, as you operate, as you love, etc., as many children do you deliver to my Will for as many thoughts as you make, for as many words as you speak, for as many works and acts of love as you emit. These children multiply to the infinite in my Will and go around throughout Heaven and through all the earth, bringing new joy, new glory and contentment to Heaven, and new grace to the earth; going around through all hearts, carrying my sighs, my moans, the pleas of their Mother[1] who wants them saved, and who wants to give them Her Life.

Now, these children, birth from my Will, in order to be recognized as my children, must resemble and have the same manners as the Mother who delivered them. If they look melancholic, they will be put out of Heaven, and they will say to them: ‘Melancholy does enter our dwelling’. They will not breach their way into creatures, because in seeing them melancholic, it will be put in doubt whether they be true legitimate children of my Will. And besides, one who is melancholic does not have the grace to insinuate himself into others, to conquer them and dominate them. One who is melancholic is not capable of heroism, and of giving himself for the good of all. Many times these children remain aborted and die during labor, without coming out to the light of the Divine Will.”

August 20, 1921
The acts done in the Divine Will are new heavens of love and of glory.

Continuing in my state of privation and of unspeakable bitterness, my lovable Jesus came for just a little, and forming a circle around me with His arms, told me: “My daughter, daughter of my Volition, I love so much one who lives in my Will, that I make Myself her custody, and I keep her defended in my own arms. I am jealous that not even one act be lost, because in each act there is the involvement of my own Life.

The Fiat issued the Creation, and from the Fiat It receives continuous preservation. If my Fiat withdrew, It would resolve into nothing; and if It remains intact, without changing, it is because It has not gone out of the Fiat. However, I have not repeated a new Fiat, otherwise other new heavens, other new suns and stars would come out, but one different from the other. On the other hand, in the soul who lives in my Will it is not just one Fiat, but repeated Fiats. Therefore, as the soul operates in my Will, I repeat the Fiat, and new heavens are extended, new suns and stars; and since the soul contains an intelligence, these heavens are new heavens of love, of glory, of light, of adoration, of knowledge - forming such variety of beauty that I Myself remain enraptured. The whole of Heaven, the Saints, the Angels, cannot detach their gaze from her, because while they are looking at the variety of the heavens that she contains, other new ones extend, one more beautiful than the other. They see the Celestial Fatherland copied in the soul who lives in my Will - the multiplicity of the new things multiply to the infinite.

How could I not keep this soul guarded and not be highly jealous of her, if one single act of hers is worth more than Creation Itself? In fact, the heavens, the sun, are without intelligence, therefore they have no value on their part - all the value is mine. On the other hand, for one who lives in my Will, since she contains an intelligence, there is her will that runs within Mine, and the power of my Fiat uses it as material in order to extend these new heavens. So, as the soul operates in my Will, she gives Me the delight of forming new Creations. Her acts are the unfolding of the Life of my Will, the prodigies of my Volition - my repeated Fiat. How could I not love this soul?”

August 25, 1921
The more knowledge one has about the Divine Will, the more value his acts acquire.

I was fusing all of myself in the Holy Divine Volition, and my Jesus told me: “Daughter of my Will, the more you immerse yourself in my Volition, the more the circle of your will expands within Mine. It is yet true that the acts done in my Will fill everything, just as the light of the sun fills the earth; however, by repeating the acts in my Will, the circumference of the sun itself expands and the soul acquires greater intensity of light and of heat. And as she repeats her acts in my Will, her will remains knotted to Mine as many times; and these knots make many divine rivulets flow over the whole earth, which prevent the free course of Justice.” And I: ‘Yet, O my Jesus, many scourges fill the earth, such as to be horrifying.’

“Ah! my daughter - yet, it can be said that this is still nothing. And if it wasn’t for these rivulets, for these knots of the human will made in the Divine Will, I would look at the earth as if it no longer belonged to Me, and therefore I would make chasms open everywhere to swallow it. Oh! how the earth weighs upon Me.” But He was saying this with such bitterness as to make the stones cry.

Then He added: “Every time I speak to you about my Will and you acquire new cognitions and knowledges, your act in my Will has more value and you acquire more immense riches. It happens as to a man who possesses a gem, and knows that this gem has the value of a penny: he is rich one penny. Now, it happens that he shows his gem to a competent expert, who tells him that his gem has a value of five thousand lira. That man no longer possesses one penny, but he is rich five thousand lira. Now, after some time he has the opportunity to show his gem to another expert, even more competent, and this one assures him that his gem contains the value of one hundred thousand lira, and is ready to buy it if he wants to sell it. Now that man is rich one hundred thousand lira. According to his knowledge of the value of his gem, he becomes richer, and feels greater love and appreciation for the gem; he keeps it in custody more jealously, knowing that it is all his fortune, while before he held it as a trifle. Yet, the gem has not changed – as it was, so it is; he is the one who went through the change, by understanding the value that the gem contains.

Now, the same happens with my Will, as well as with virtues. According to how the soul understands their value and acquires knowledge of them, she comes to acquire new values and new riches in her acts. So, the more you get to know about my Will, the more your act will acquire Its value. Oh! if you knew what seas of graces I open between you and Me every time I speak to you about the effects of my Will, you would die of joy, and would make feast, as if you had acquired new kingdoms to dominate.”

September 2, 1921
One who goes out of the Divine Will goes to meet all miseries. Each additional knowledge prepares the soul for another greater knowledge.

I was lamenting to my sweet Jesus because of these blessed writings that they want to put out. I felt as if I wanted to withdraw from His Will, and my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, what is this? You would want to withdraw from my Will? Too late. After you yourself have bound yourself in my Will, my Will, in order to keep you safer, has bound you with double chains to Its own. You have lived as queen in my Will; you have accustomed yourself to living with most delicate and nourishing foods; dominated by no one, but dominator of everything, even of yourself. You are used to living with all the comforts, immersed in immense riches. If you go out of my Will, you will immediately perceive that, as soon as you go out of my Will, you will feel the misery, the cold, the lost dominion; all goods will disappear from you, and from queen you will become a most miserable servant. So, you yourself, perceiving the great contrast that exists between living in my Will and going out of It, will plunge yourself even more into the depth of my Will. This is why I say to you: ‘Too late’. And then, you would take a great contentment away from Me.

You must know that I acted with you like a king who begins to love a friend, who is very dissimilar from him in status; but his love is so great, that he has decided to render him similar to himself. Now, this king cannot do everything at once and render his friend like himself; he does it little by little. First he prepares for him a royal palace similar to his own; then he sends him the decorations to adorn the royal palace. He forms for him a little army; after that, he gives him half of the kingdom, so as to be able to say: ‘What you possess, I possess. King am I - king are you’. However, each time the king gave him his gifts, he looked at his faithfulness; and giving the gift to him was the occasion of new contentment, of greater glory and honor for himself, and of a new feast. If the king had wanted to give to his friend, all at once, everything that he gave him little by little, he would have embarrassed his friend, because he was not trained to be able to dominate. But, little by little, through his faithfulness, he has become instructed, and he finds everything easy.

So I have done with you. Having chosen you in a special way to live in the height of my Will, I have taught you little by little, in making It known to you. And as I kept making It known to you, I expanded your capacity, and I prepared it for another greater knowledge; and every time I manifest to you one value, one effect of my Will, I feel a greater contentment, and together with Heaven I make feast. Now, as these truths of mine go out, you double my contentments and my feasts. Therefore, let Me do - and you, sink deeper into my Will.”

September 6, 1921
As the truths are known, new union with Jesus is formed. Jesus wants to make known what His Will did in His Humanity in order to constitute the new generations as heirs of His Will, of the effects, of the value It contains.

I was fusing all of myself in the Holy Will of my sweet Jesus, and was saying to Him: ‘My Love, I enter into your Will, and here I find all the thoughts of your mind and all those of creatures. And I, with my thoughts and with those of all my brothers, form a crown around yours, and then I unite them together, making them one, to give You the homage, the adoration, the glory, the love, the reparation of your own Intelligence.’ And while I was saying this, my Jesus moved in my interior, and standing up, told me: “Inseparable daughter of my Will, how happy I am in hearing repeated what my Humanity did in my Will. And I kiss your thoughts in mine, your words in mine, your heartbeat in mine.” And as He was saying this, He covered all of me with kisses. Then I said to Him: ‘My Life, why do You enjoy so much and make feast every time You manifest another effect of your Will?’ And Jesus: “You must know that every time I manifest to you one more truth about my Will, it is one more nuptial that I form between you and Me, and with the whole human family. It is a greater union; it is a tighter bond; it is sharing my inheritances; and as I manifest them I form the deed of donation, and in seeing my children richer and sharing in the inheritance, I feel new contentments and I make feast.

It happens to Me as to a father who possesses many properties; but these properties are unknown to his children; so, they do not know that they are children of a father so rich. Now, as the children come of age, day by day the father keeps telling them that he possesses such and such farm. In hearing this, the children make feast and draw closer, with a greater bond of love, around the father. In seeing the feast of the children, the father makes feast and prepares for them another greater surprise. He says to them: ‘Such and such province is mine.’ And then: ‘Such and such kingdom....’ The children remain enchanted, and not only make feast, but consider themselves fortunate to be the children of such a father. But the father not only makes his possessions known to his children, but he constitutes them heirs of his goods.

The same happens with Me. Up until now I have made known what my Humanity did - Its virtues, Its pains - in order to constitute the human family as heir of the goods of my Humanity. Now I want to move beyond, and I want to make known to it what my Will did in my Humanity in order to constitute the new generations as heirs of my Will, of the effects, of the value It contains. Therefore, be attentive in listening to Me, and do not lose anything of the effects and the value of this Will of Mine, so that you may be the faithful relater of these goods, the first bond of union with my Will, and of communication with the other creatures.”

September 14, 1921
Each time the soul does her acts in the Divine Will, she grows more and more in sanctity.

Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter, each time the soul does her acts in my Will, she grows more and more before Me in wisdom, in goodness, power and beauty. In fact, as she keeps repeating her acts in my Will, she takes as many bites of wisdom, of goodness, etc.; and the soul grows from that food with which she feeds herself. This is why in the Holy Gospel it is written of Me that I grew in wisdom before God and before men. As God, I could neither grow nor decrease; my growth was no other than my Humanity which, growing in age, came to multiply my acts in the Supreme Volition; and each additional act that I did was additional growth in the wisdom of my Celestial Father. And this growth of mine was so true, that even creatures noticed it. Each one of my acts ran in the immense sea of the Divine Will; and as I operated, I nourished Myself with this celestial food. It would take too long to tell you of the seas of wisdom, of goodness, of beauty, of power, that my Humanity swallowed in each additional act It did.

The same happens to the soul. My daughter, the sanctity in my Will grows at each instant - there is nothing that can escape growing, and that the soul cannot let flow in the infinite sea of my Will. The most indifferent things - sleep, food, work, etc. - can enter into my Will and take their place of honor in It as agents of my Will. If only the soul wants it, all things, from the greatest to the smallest, can be occasions to enter into my Will - which does not happen with the virtues. In fact, if one wants to exercise the virtues, many times the occasion is missing. If the soul wants to exercise obedience, it takes someone who commands her, and it may happen that for days and weeks there is no one to give new commands for her to obey; therefore, as much goodwill to obey as she might have, the poor obedience will remain idle. The same with patience, humility and all the other virtues; since they are virtues of this low world, other creatures are needed in order to keep them exercised. On the other hand, my Will is virtue of Heaven, and I alone am enough to keep the soul, in each instant, in continuous exercise. It is easy for Me to keep her up above, night and day, in order to keep her exercised in my Will.”

September 16, 1921
Jesus mocked by Herod. How these pains are renewed by creatures. With His acts, Jesus molded the acts of the creature in His Will.

I was doing the hour of the Passion in which my sweet Jesus was in the palace of Herod, clothed as a madman and mocked. And my always lovable Jesus, making Himself seen, told me: “My daughter, not only then was I clothed like a madman, sneered at and mocked, but creatures continue to give Me these pains; even more, I am amid continuous mockeries, and from all kinds of people. If a person goes to Confession and does not maintain his resolutions not to offend Me - this is a mockery that he makes of Me. If a priest confesses, preaches, administers the Sacraments, and his life does not correspond to the words he speaks and to the dignity of the Sacraments he administers - he mocks Me as many times for as many words as he speaks, and for as many Sacraments as he administers. And while in the Sacraments I gave them new life, they give Me scorns, mockeries; and by profaning them, they prepare for Me the garment to clothe Me as a madman. If superiors command sacrifice to their subjects, virtue, prayer, disinterest, while they conduct a life of comfort, of vice, of interest - these are as many mockeries that they make of Me. If civilian and ecclesiastical leaders want the observance of the laws, and they are the first transgressors - these are mockeries that they make of Me.

Oh! how many mockeries they make of Me. They are so many that I am tired of them, especially when, under good, they put the poison of evil. Oh! how they make fun of Me, as if I were their amusement and their pastime. But my Justice, sooner or later, will make fun of them, by punishing them severely. You - pray and repair for these mockeries that grieve Me so much, and are the cause of my not being known for Who I am.”

Afterwards, having coming back again, and since I was fusing all of myself in the Divine Will, He told me: “Dearest daughter of my Will, I anxiously await these fusions of yours in my Will. You must know that, as I thought in my Will, I kept molding your thoughts in my Will, preparing the place for them; as I operated, I molded your works in my Will; and so with all the rest. Now, whatever I did, I did not do for Myself, who did not need it - but for you. This is why I await you in my Will, that you may come to take the places which my Humanity prepared for you, and over my moldings you come to do yours. Only then am I content and receive complete glory, when I see you do what I did.”

September 21, 1921
God wants to give His goods to His children. Jesus before Caiphas. The operating of the Divine Will is daylight.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter, in what painful conditions creatures put Me! I am like a most rich father who loves His children immensely, but the children are immensely ungrateful, to the point that, while the father wants to clothe the children, these refuse the clothes and want to remain naked; the father gives them food, and they want to remain starving; and if they eat, they feed themselves with filthy and vile foods. The father offers them riches, he wants to keep them around himself, he gives them his own residence, and the children do not want to accept anything, contenting themselves with going wandering, homeless and poor. Poor father, how many sorrows - how many tears does he not shed? He would be less unhappy if he had nothing to give; but possessing goods and not being able to use them, while seeing his children perishing – this is a sorrow that surpasses every sorrow.

So I am - I want to give, and there is no one who takes; so, creatures are the cause of my shedding bitter tears, and of continuous sorrow. But do you know who dries my tears and turns my sorrow into joy? One who wants to be always together with Me; one who takes my riches with love and with filial trust; one who eats at my own table and clothes himself with my own garments. To these I give without measure; they are my confidants and I let them rest upon my own breast.”

After this, I found myself outside of myself, and I saw new revolutions arise among different parties, and how these will be the cause of greater fights. And my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, if parties are not formed, true revolutions, especially against the Church, cannot happen. In fact, if the party did not exist, the element against which one would want to fight would be missing. But how many from this party, which in appearance is said to be catholic, are true wolves covered with the mantle of lambs, and will give many sorrows to my Church. Many believe that with this party religion will be defended; but it will be the complete opposite, and the enemies will use it to rail more against Her.”

Then, afterwards, I came back into myself, and it was the hour at which my beloved Jesus went out of prison and was brought again before Caiphas. I tried to accompany Him in this mystery, and Jesus told me: “My daughter, when I was presented to Caiphas it was full daylight, and the love I had toward creatures was so great, that I went out on this last day before the Pontiff, all deformed, wounded, to receive my condemnation to death. But how many pains this condemnation would cost Me! And I converted these pains into eternal days with which I surrounded each creature, so that, by dispelling the darkness from them, each one might find the necessary light in order to be saved, and my condemnation to death at her disposal in order to find her life in it. So, each pain, and each good that I did, was one more day that I gave to the creature; and not only Me, but also the good which creatures do is always day that they form, just as evil is night. It happens as when a person possesses a light, and ten or twenty people are near him: even though the light does not belong to all, but to one, the others benefit from the light; they can work, read; and while they enjoy the use of the light, they cause no harm to the person who possesses it. So it is with doing good; it is daylight not only for one creature, but who knows for how many others can she form daylight. Good is always communicative; and my love not only pushed Me, but it gave to the creatures who love Me the grace to form as many days for their brothers as good works that they do.”

September 28, 1921
Jesus is Eternal Light, and everything that comes out of Him is light. Living in the Divine Will and the path of virtues; similes of the sea and of the earth.

Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen close to me, with His Heart all in flames, and at each beat that His Heart emitted, a light came out. These lights surrounded me completely and diffused over the whole Creation. I remained surprised, and Jesus told me: “My daughter, I am Eternal Light, and everything that comes out of Me is light. So, it is not just my heartbeat that unleashes light, but each one of my thoughts, breaths, words, steps, each drop of my Blood, are light that is unleashed from Me, and diffusing in the midst of all creatures, they take their place as life of each one of them, wanting the requital of their little lights. In fact, they too are light, for they too were unleashed from within my own Light; but sin converts the operating of the creature into darkness.

My daughter, I love the creature so much, that I conceived her in my breath and I delivered her upon my knees, to let her rest on my lap and keep her safe. But the creature runs away from Me; and as I do not feel her in my breath and do not find her upon my knees, my breath calls her continuously, and my knees are tired of waiting for her, and I go searching for her everywhere, to have her back with Me. Ah! in what constraints of sorrow and of love do creatures put Me.”

Then, after this, as I had heard someone speak about humility, and I am convinced that this virtue does not exist in me, nor do I ever think about it, when my sweet Jesus came I told Him of my concern, and He said to me: “My daughter, do not fear; I raised you in the sea, and one who lives in the sea doesn’t know much about the earth. If one wanted to ask the fish what the earth is like, what its fruits, plants and flowers are like, if they had reason they would answer: ‘We were born in the sea - we live in the sea. The water nourishes us; and while others would be drowned in it, we dart, and it gives us life. And while, to other beings, water would freeze the blood in their veins, to us it gives warmth. The sea is everything for us; it serves us as room, as bed - we stroll in it; we are the only fortunate beings which don’t need to tire themselves in order to find food. Whatever we want – everything is ready at our disposal. So, we can tell you about the sea, not about the earth. Water alone serves us as everything, and we find everything.’ But if, instead, one asked the birds, these would answer: ‘We know the plants, the heights of the trees, the flowers, the fruits.’ They would tell of how much they toil in order to find a seed to nourish themselves, or a hiding place to be sheltered from the cold, from the rain.

The simile of the sea is for one who lives in my Will; the simile of the earth is for one who walks along the path of virtues. Therefore, since you live in the sea of my Will, it is no wonder that my Will alone is enough for you in everything. If water serves and does many different offices for the fish - food, warmth, bed, room… everything - much more can my Will do it, in a more admirable way. Even more, in my Will virtues are at the most heroic and divine degree. My Will absorbs everything and melts everything within Itself; and the soul remains absorbed in my Will, she feeds herself with It, in It she walks, she knows my Will alone, and my Will is enough for her in everything. It can be said that, among all, she is the only fortunate one who does not need to beg for bread – no, but the water of my Will inundates her above and below, to the right and to the left; and if she wants food, she eats; if she wants strength, she finds it; if she wants to sleep, she finds the softest bed in order to rest. Everything is ready at her disposal.”

October 6, 1921
Sin is the black point of man, but the state of grace and of doing good is the luminous point of man.

I was praying and adoring the wounds of my crucified Jesus, and I thought to myself: ‘How ugly sin is, to have reduced my highest Good to such a harrowing state.’ And my always lovable Jesus, leaning His most holy head upon my shoulder, sighing, told me: “My daughter, sin is not only ugly, but horrible - it is the black point of man! While he sins, he undergoes a brutal transformation: all the beauty I gave him is covered with such ugliness, horrible to the sight - and not only the sense which sins, but the whole of man runs along with it. So, sin is the thought, the heartbeat, the breath, the motion, the step. The will has dragged man to one single point, and from his whole being he emits thick darkness that blinds him, and a poisonous air that poisons him. Everything is black around him - everything is deadly; and whoever approaches him puts himself in a dangerous state. Horrible and frightening - such is man in the state of sin.”

I remained terrified, and Jesus continued: “If man is horrible in the state of guilt, he is also beautiful in the state of grace and of doing good. Good, be it even the tiniest, is the luminous point of man. While he does good, he undergoes a celestial, angelic and divine transformation. His goodwill drags his whole being to one single point; therefore, good is the thought, the word, the heartbeat, the motion, the step - everything is light, inside and outside of him. His air is balmy and vital; and whoever approaches him places himself in safety. How beautiful, gracious, attractive, lovable, striking is the soul in grace, in doing good; so much so, that I Myself remain enamored. Each good he does is one more shade of beauty that he acquires; it is a greater likeness to his Creator, which makes him to be distinguished as His child; it is a divine power that he puts in circulation. Every good he does is a spokesman between Heaven and earth; they are the couriers, the electric wires that maintain the communications with God.”

October 9, 1921
The will of man is that which most resembles His Creator. The human will is the depository of all the operating of man.

I was thinking, in the act in which my sweet Jesus was having the Last Supper with His disciples; and my lovable Jesus, in my interior, told me: “My daughter, while I was having supper with my disciples, it was not only them that I had around Me, but the whole human family. One by one, I had them near Me, I knew them all, I called them by name. I also called you, I gave you the place of honor between Me and John, and I constituted you little secretary of my Will. And while I divided the lamb, in offering it to my Apostles, I gave it to all and to each one. That lamb, bled dry, roasted, cut to pieces, spoke of Me; it was the symbol of my Life and of how I was to reduce Myself for love of all. And I wanted to give it to all as delicious food, which represented my Passion, because everything I did, said and suffered, my love converted into food for man. But do you know why I called all and gave the lamb to all? Because I too wanted food from them; each thing that they would do, I wanted to be food for Me. I wanted the food of their love, of their works, of their words - of everything.”

And I: ‘My Love, how can it be that our operating becomes food for You?’ And Jesus: “It is not on bread alone that one can live, but on that to which my Will gives the virtue of being able to make one live; and if bread nourishes man, it is because I want it so. Now, whatever the creature, with her will, disposes to make of her operating – that is the form it assumes. If with her operating she wants to form food for Me, she forms food for Me; if love, she gives Me love; if reparation, she forms for Me reparation. And if in her will she wants to offend Me, she makes of her operating the knife to wound Me, and maybe even to kill Me.”

Then He added: “The will of man is that which most resembles his Creator. In the human will I placed part of my immensity and of my power, and giving it the place of honor, I constituted it queen of the whole of man and depository of all of his operating. Just as creatures have chests in which to keep their things in order to hold them secure, so does the soul have her will in order to keep and secure everything she thinks, says and does - not even one thought will be lost. What she cannot do with her eyes, with her mouth, with her works, she can do with her will - in one instant she can will a thousand goods and a thousand evils. The will makes her thought fly up to Heaven, to the farthest places and even into the abysses. She might be prevented from operating, from seeing, from speaking, but all this she can do in her will. But everything she does and wants, forms an act, which is left deposited in her own will. Oh! how the will can extend - how many goods and how many evils can it not contain? This is why, among all things, I want the will of man: because if I have this, I have everything - the fortress is conquered.”

October 13, 1921
All the words of Jesus are founts which lead and spring up to Eternal Life.

I felt oppressed in thinking that I am forced to say and write even the littlest things that good Jesus tells me. So, on coming, He told me: “My daughter, each time I speak to you, I intend to open a little fountain in your heart, because all my words are founts which lead and spring up to Eternal Life. But so that these founts may form in your heart, you must also put something of your own - that is, you must masticate them thoroughly to be able to swallow them into your heart and open the fount. By thinking about them, over and over again, you form the mastication. By telling them to those who have authority over you, and as you are assured that it is my word, you swallow it with no doubt and you open the fount for yourself; and on the occasions of your need you make use of it, and you drink in large gulps from the fount of my truth. By writing them, you open the channels, which can serve whoever would want to quench his thirst, so as not to let them die of thirst. Now, by not telling them, you don’t think about them; and by not masticating them, you cannot swallow them. So, you run the risk that the fount will not be formed and that the water will not spring; and when you need that water, you will be the first to suffer thirst. And if you do not write them, not opening the channels, of how many goods will you not deprive others?”

Now, while writing, I was thinking to myself: ‘It is some time that my sweet Jesus has not spoken to me about His Most Holy Will, but about other truths. I feel more inclined to write about His Most Holy Volition; I feel more pleasure, and as if It were something exclusively mine; and His Will is enough for me, for everything.’ And my always benign Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter, you should not be surprised if you find more pleasure and you feel more inclined to write about my Will. In fact, hearing, speaking, writing about my Will is the most sublime thing that can exist in Heaven and on earth. It is that which glorifies Me the most, and takes all goods together, and the whole of sanctity at once. On the other hand, the other truths each enclose their own distinct good; they are drunk sip by sip, climbed step by step, and they adapt themselves to the human way. With my Will, instead, it is the soul that adapts herself to the divine way; it is not sips that one drinks - but seas; not stairs that one climbs – but flights which seize Heaven in the twinkling of an eye. Oh! my Will, my Will! In just hearing It from you, It brings Me so much joy and sweetness; and as I feel surrounded by my Will that the creature contains, as though by another immensity of mine, I feel so much pleasure that it makes Me forget the evil of the other creatures. However, you must know that great things have I manifested to you about my Will, but you have not yet masticated them well and digested them, in such a way as to take all the substance, so as to form the whole mass of blood in your soul. Once you have formed all the substance, I will come back again, and I will manifest to you other things, more sublime, about my Will. And while I wait for you to digest them well, I will keep you occupied on other truths that belong to Me, so that, if creatures do not want to avail themselves of the sea - of the sun of my Will in order to come to Me, they may make use of the little fountains, of the channels, to come to Me and take, for their own good, the things that belong to Me.”

October 16, 1921
As Jesus was conceived, He made all creatures be reborn in Him.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen - all creatures coming out from within His Most Holy Humanity; and, all tenderness, He told me: “My daughter, look at the great prodigy of the Incarnation. As I was conceived and my Humanity was formed, I made all creatures be reborn in Me. So, in my Humanity, as they were being reborn in Me, I felt all of their distinct acts. In my mind I contained each thought of creature, good and evil. The good ones I confirmed in good, I surrounded them with my grace, I invested them with my light, so that, being reborn from the sanctity of my mind, they might be worthy parts of my intelligence. The evil ones, then, I repaired, I made penance for them, I multiplied my thoughts to infinity in order to give to the Father the glory of each thought of creatures. In my gazes, in my words, in my hands, in my feet, and even in my Heart, I contained the gazes, the words, the works, the steps, the hearts of each one; and being reborn in Me, everything remained confirmed in the Sanctity of my Humanity; everything was repaired, and for each offense I suffered a special pain. And having made all of them be reborn in Me, I carried them within Me through the whole course of my Life. And do you know when I delivered them? I delivered them on the Cross, on the bed of my bitter pains, among atrocious spasms, in the last breath of my Life. And as I died, so were they born again to new life, all sealed and marked with the whole operating of my Humanity. Not content with having made them be reborn, to each one I gave everything I had done, so as to keep them defended and safe. Do you see what sanctity man contains? The Sanctity of my Humanity, which could never bring to light unworthy children, and dissimilar from Me. This is why I love man so much – because he is a birth from Me. But man is always ungrateful, and reaches the point of not recognizing the Father who delivered him with so much love and pain.”

After this, He showed Himself all in flames, and Jesus was burned and consumed in those flames, and could no longer be seen – one could see nothing but fire. But then one could see Him being reborn again, and then, again, He would remain consumed in fire. Then He added: “My daughter, I am burning - love consumes Me. The love, the flames that burn Me, are such that I die of love for each creature. It was not of pains alone that I died - but my deaths of love are continuous. Yet, there is no one who gives Me his love for refreshment.”

October 18, 1921
The disturbance of the soul is night, and it prevents the Sun-Jesus from rising. Disturbance is nothing other than lack of abandonment in God.

I spent a day distracted because of some things I heard - which it is not necessary here to say – and also a little disturbed; and as much as I tried, I could not manage to free myself. So, for the whole day I did not see my sweet Jesus, the Life of my soul, as if the disturbance were a veil which, placing itself between me and Him, prevented me from being able to see Him. Then, at dead of night, my mind, tired, calmed itself; and my lovable Jesus, as if He were there waiting, made Himself seen and, sorrowful, told me: “My daughter, today with your disturbance you have prevented the Sun of my Person from rising in you. Disturbance is cloud between Me and you, which prevents the rays from descending into you. And if the rays do not descend, how can you see the Sun? If you knew what it means not to let my Sun rise, the great harm for you and for the whole world, you would be well attentive never to trouble yourself. In fact, it is always nighttime for disturbed souls, and at night the sun does not rise. On the other hand, it is always daylight for the peaceful ones, and at whatever hour I – my Sun - want to rise, the soul is always ready to receive the good of my coming. Besides, disturbance is nothing other than lack of abandonment in Me, and I want you so abandoned in my arms, that you must have not even one thought of yourself; and I will take care of everything. Do not fear; your Jesus cannot do without taking care of you, keeping you defended from all. You cost Me much - much have I placed in you; I alone have the right over you. So, if the rights are mine, the custody will be all mine. Therefore, be at peace and do not fear.”

October 21, 1921
Everything that Jesus did and suffered is in continuous act of giving itself to man. All the remedies needed for the whole of humanity are in His Life and Passion. The soul in the Divine Will receives the fragrances of the Divinity.

I was thinking about the Passion of my sweet Jesus, and upon coming, He told me: “My daughter, every time the soul thinks about my Passion, remembers what I suffered, or compassionates Me, the application of my pains is renewed in her; my Blood rises to inundate her, and my wounds place themselves on the way to heal her if she is wounded, or to embellish her if she is healthy – and all my merits, to enrich her. The traffic she produces is surprising - it is as if she placed everything I did and suffered in a bank, and collected twice as much. In fact, everything I did and suffered is in continuous act of giving itself to man, just as the sun is in continuous act of giving light and heat to the earth. My operating is not subject to exhaustion; if the soul just wants it so, and as many times as she wants it, she receives the fruit of my Life. So, if she remembers my Passion twenty, a hundred - a thousand times, so many more times will she enjoy the effects of It. But how few are those who treasure It! With all the good of my Passion, one can see souls who are weak, blind, deaf, mute, crippled - living cadavers, such as to be disgusting - because my Passion is put into oblivion. My pains, my wounds, my Blood, are strength that removes weaknesses, light that gives sight to the blind, tongue that loosens the tongues and opens the hearing, way that straightens the crippled, life that raises the cadavers. All the remedies that are needed for the whole of humanity are in my Life and Passion. But the creature despises the medicine and does not care about the remedies; and this is why one can see, in spite of my Redemption, the state of man perishing, as though affected by an incurable consumption. But what grieves Me the most is to see religious people who tire themselves out in order to acquire doctrines, speculations, stories - but about my Passion, nothing. So, many times my Passion is banished from the churches, from the mouths of the priests; therefore, their speech is without light, and the peoples remain more starved than before.”

After this, I found myself in front of a sun, whose rays poured all upon me, penetrating inside. I felt invested in such a way as to feel myself prey to the sun. Its vibrating light did not prevent me from looking at it; and every time I looked at it, I felt a greater joy and happiness. Then, from within that sun, my sweet Jesus came out, and He told me: “Beloved daughter of my Volition, like sun, my Will inundates you. You are nothing other than the prey, the amusement, the contentment of my Volition; and as you immerse yourself in It, my Will pours upon you, like solar rays, the fragrances of my sanctity, of my power, wisdom, goodness, etc. And since my Will is eternal, the more you try to be in It and make It more than your own life, the more you come to absorb within yourself my immutability and impassivity. Eternity, like wheel, spins around you, so that you may take part in everything, and nothing may escape you; and this, so that my Will in you may remain honored and fully glorified. To the first daughter of my Will I want nothing to be lacking – not one distinction that belongs to Me, which may make her be distinguished before the whole of Heaven as the first beginning of the Sanctity of living in my Will. Therefore, be attentive; never go out of my Will, that you may receive all the fragrances of my Divinity, so that, letting all that is yours come out, I may confirm all that is mine, and my Will may remain in you as center of life.”

October 23, 1921
The truths about the Divine Will are channels that are opened from the sea of the Divine Will for the good of all creatures.

I was feeling all immersed in the Divine Volition, and my lovable Jesus, on coming, told me: “Daughter of my Will, look into your interior - how peacefully flows the immense sea of my Will. But do not think that this sea has been flowing in you for a short time because you hear Me speak often about my Will – but for a long, long time, as my usual way is to act first, and then to speak. It is true that your beginning was the sea of my Passion, because there is no sanctity which does not pass through the harbor of my Humanity. In fact, there are Saints who remain in the harbor of my Humanity, while others move beyond. But then I quickly grafted the sea of my Will; and when I saw you disposed, and you surrendered your will to Me, Mine took life in you, and the sea kept flowing and growing always. Each additional act of yours in my Will was a greater growth. I spoke to you little about this; our wills were linked together and understood each other without speaking; and then, by just seeing each other, we understood each other. I delighted in you, feeling the delights of Heaven, in nothing dissimilar to those which the Saints give Me, which are such that, while I delight them, they delight Me. Being immersed in my Volition, they cannot help but give Me joys and delights. But my happiness was not complete - I wanted other children of mine to share in such a great good. Therefore I began to speak to you about my Will in a surprising way; and as many truths, as many effects and values as I spoke to you, so many channels did I open from the sea for the good of others, so that these channels might give abundant water to all the earth.

My operating is communicative and always in act, without ever stopping. But many times these channels are covered with mud by creatures; others throw stones into them, and the water does not flow – it flows with difficulty. It is not the sea that does not want to give water, nor is it the water that cannot penetrate everywhere because it is not clear; but it is the side of creatures that opposes such a great good. Therefore, if they read these truths, if they are not disposed they will not understand a thing - they will remain confused and dazzled by the light of my truths. For those who are disposed, it will be light that lights them up, and water that quenches their thirst, in such a way that they will never want to detach themselves from these channels because of the great good they feel, and the new life that flows in them. Therefore, you too should be happy to open these channels for the good of your brothers, neglecting nothing about my truths – be it even the littlest, because as little as it might be, it can serve one of your brothers to draw water. So, be attentive to open these channels, and to content your Jesus, who has done so much for you.”

October 27, 1921
The Divine Will must be like the soul to the body.

I was saying to my always lovable Jesus: ‘It has been a long time since You put me inside of You; I felt safer, I shared more in your Divinity, and as if the earth did not belong to me, and Heaven were my dwelling. How many tears did I not have to shed, when your Volition would put me out! The mere sensing the air of the earth was an unbearable weight for me. But your Will would win, and I, bowing my forehead, would resign myself. Now I feel You always inside of me; and when I become delirious for seeing You, by just moving in my interior, or putting out one arm, You calm me and give me life. Tell me, what is the reason?’

And Jesus: “My daughter, it is right; after I carried you in my interior for my whole life, it is your duty to carry Me in your interior for your whole life. And if I placed you in my interior, it was in order to perfume your soul and extend in you a new heaven, so as to render it a worthy dwelling for my Person. It is true that you felt safer, and joys poured down upon you; but the earth is not a place of delights – pain is its heritage, and the cross is the bread of the strong. More so since, having to establish in you the center of my Will, it was necessary that It live in you and serve you as soul to the body. My Will could never descend into a soul in a singular way and outside of the ordinary, if she did not have her distinct prerogatives; just as with my beloved Mama: I, Eternal Word, could not have descended, had She not had Her distinct prerogatives and the divine breath had not breathed into Her as into a new Creation, to the point of rendering Her admirable to all and superior to all created things. The same in you: first my Humanity wanted to have stable dwelling in order to prepare you; and then, like soul to the body, It is giving you the Life of my Will.

You must know that my Will must be like the soul to the body. See, this happens also within Us, the Three Divine Persons. Our love is great, infinite, eternal, but if We did not have a Will that animates and gives life to this love, Our love would be without life, without works. Our wisdom gives of the incredible, Our power can crush everything in one minute, and in another minute It can redo everything. But if We did not have a Will that wanted to manifest the mastery of Our wisdom, as It manifested it in Creation - in which It ordered and harmonized everything together, and with Its power It pinned it up in such way that it cannot move one bit - both wisdom and power would have had nothing to do. And so with all the rest of Our attributes.

Now, in the same way I want my Will to be like soul to the body. The body without the soul is without life; even though it contains all the senses, it cannot see, nor can it speak, hear or work - it is almost a useless thing, and maybe even unbearable. But if it is animated, how many things can it not do? Yet, oh! how many render themselves useless and unbearable because they are not animated by my Will! They are like those electrical installations without light; like those machines without motion, covered with rust and with dust, and almost impotent of motion. Ah! how they arouse pity. So, anything which is not animated by my Will is a life of sanctity that comes to be missing. This is why I want to be in you like soul to the body; and my Will will make new surprises of creations, giving new life to my love, new works and mastery of my wisdom, and giving new motion to my power. Therefore, be attentive and let Me do, so that I may accomplish my great design - that the creature be animated by my Will.”

October 29, 1921
Meanings and effects of the imprisonment of Jesus.

I spent last night in vigil, and my mind would often fly to my Jesus, bound in prison. I wanted to embrace those knees that staggered for the painful and cruel position in which the enemies had tied Him; I wanted to clean Him of that spit with which He was smeared. But while I was thinking of this, my Jesus, my Life, made Himself seen as though within thick darkness, through which one could barely see His adorable Person; and, sobbing, He told me: “Daughter, the enemies left Me alone in prison, horribly bound and in the dark. Everything around Me was thick darkness. Oh! how this darkness afflicted Me. My clothes were wet from the filthy waters of the stream. I could smell the stench of the prison and of the spit with which I was smeared. My hair was disheveled, without a pitying hand that would move it away from my eyes and from my mouth. My hands were bound by chains, and the darkness did not allow Me to see my state - alas, too painful and humiliating. Oh! how many things did my state, so painful, tell in this prison.

I remained in prison for three hours. With this I wanted to rehabilitate the three ages of the world: that of the law of nature, that of the written law, and that of the law of grace. I wanted to unprison all, reuniting them all together, and give them the freedom of my children. By remaining there three hours I wanted to rehabilitate the three ages of man: childhood, youth and old age. I wanted to rehabilitate him when he sins out of passion, out of his will, and out of obstinacy. Oh! how the obscurity that I saw around Me made Me feel the thick darkness which sin produces in man. Oh! how I cried over him, and said to him: ‘Oh! man, it is your sins that have thrown Me into this thick darkness, which I suffer in order to give you light. It is your evils that have smeared Me like this, and their darkness is such as to prevent Me even from seeing them. Look at Me - I am the image of your sins. If you want to know them, look at them in Me!’

Know, however, that on the last hour that I spent in prison the dawn broke, and a few glimmers of light entered through the fissures. Oh! how my Heart breathed in being able to see my state, so painful. But this signified when, man being tired of the night of sin, grace, like dawn, draws around him, sending him glimmers of light to call him back. So, my Heart heaved a sigh of relief; and in this dawn I saw you, my beloved prisoner, whom my love was to bind in this state, and who would not leave Me alone in the darkness of the prison, waiting for the dawn at my feet; and following my sighs, you would cry with Me over the night of man. This relieved Me, and I offered my imprisonment to give you the grace to follow Me.

But this prison and this darkness contained another meaning. This was the long stay of my imprisonment in the Tabernacles; the loneliness in which I am left, such that many times I have no one to whom to say a word, or send a gaze of love. Other times, I feel in the Holy Host the impressions of unworthy touches, the stench of rotten and muddy hands; and there is no one who touches Me with pure hands and perfumes Me with his love. And how many times the human ingratitude leaves Me in darkness, without even the miserable light of a lamp! So, my imprisonment lasts, and will still last. And since both of us are prisoners - you, prisoner in bed, only for love of Me; I, Prisoner for you, and with my love I want to bind all creatures with the chains that keep Me bound - we will keep each other company, and you will help Me to extend the chains in order to bind all hearts to my love.”

Then, afterwards, I thought to myself: ‘How few are the things that are known about Jesus, while He has done so much. Why have they spoken so little about all that my Jesus has done and suffered?’ And coming back again, He added: “My daughter, everyone is stingy with Me; even the good - how much stinginess they have toward Me, how many restrictions; how many things they do not manifest of what I tell them and they comprehend about Me! And you, how many times are you not stingy with Me? Each time you either do not write what I tell you, or do not manifest it, is an act of stinginess that you use with Me, because each additional knowledge that one acquires about Me is one more glory and one more love that I receive from creatures. Therefore, be attentive, and be more generous with Me, and I will be more generous with you.”

November 4, 1921
Sanctity in the creature must be between her and Jesus: He, giving His Life and communicating His Sanctity to her as her faithful companion; and she, receiving It as His faithful and inseparable companion.

I felt all identified with my sweet Jesus, and as He came, I flung myself into His arms, abandoning myself completely in Him, as in my own center. I felt an irresistible force to be in His arms; and my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, this is the creature seeking the bosom of her Creator, to rest in His arms. It is your duty to come into the arms of your Creator, and to rest in that bosom from which you came out. In fact, you must know that many electric wires of communication and of union pass between the creature and the Creator, which render her almost inseparable from Me, as long as she has not withdrawn from my Will; because withdrawing is nothing other than snapping the wires of communication, and breaking the union. The Life of the Creator, more than electricity, flows within the creature, and she flows within Me. My Life is spread within the creature. In creating her, I linked my wisdom to her intelligence, so that it might be nothing other than the reverberation on mine; and if man reaches such great extent with his science as to give of the incredible, it is the reflection of mine that is reflected in his. If his eye is animated by a light, it is nothing other than the reflection of my Eternal Light being reflected in his eye.

Among Ourselves, the Three Divine Persons, We had no need to speak in order to understand One Another. In Creation I wanted to use the word, and I said ‘Fiat’, and things were made. But to this ‘Fiat’ I bound and gave the power that creatures might have the word in order to understand one another. So, the human voices also are bound, as by an electric wire, to my first word, from which all others descend. And as I created man, I breathed on him with my breath, infusing life in him; but in this life that I infused in him I placed the whole of my Life, according to what the human capacity could contain. But I placed everything in him - there was nothing of my own which I did not share with him. See, even his breath is the reflection of my breath with which I give him continuous life; and his breath is reflected in mine, and I feel it continuously in Me.

See then, how many relations there are between Me and the creature. This is why I love her so much - because I look at her as a birth from Me, and exclusively mine. And then, how did I ennoble the will of man? I linked it with Mine, giving it all my prerogatives; I made it free like Mine; and if to the body I had given two little lights, limited, circumscribed, which started from my Eternal Light, the human will I made all eyes. So, as many acts as the human will forms, so many eyes can it say it possesses; it looks to the right and to the left, to the back, to the front; and if the human life is not animated by this will, it will do nothing good. In creating it, I said to it: ‘You will be my sister on earth; my Will from Heaven will animate yours; we will be in continuous reflections, and whatever I will do, you will do as well - I, by nature, and you, by the grace of my continuous reflections. I will follow you like a shadow; I will never leave you.’

My only purpose in creating the creature was that she would do my Will in everything. But with this I wanted to bring into existence new births of Myself. I wanted to make of her a portentous prodigy, worthy of Me and fully similar to Me. But alas! the first to put itself against Me was going to be the human will.

Take a look - all things are done between two: you have eyes, but if you did not have an external light that illuminates you, you would not be able to see anything. You have hands, but if you did not have the things that are needed in order to form works, you would do nothing; and so with all the rest. Now, this is how I want sanctity in the creature - between her and Me, between the two of us; I on one side, and she on the other; I, giving my Life and communicating my Sanctity to her as her faithful companion, and she, receiving It as my faithful and inseparable companion. In this way, she would be the eye that sees, and I the sun that gives her light; she the mouth, and I the word; she the hands, and I the One who administers the work to let her operate; she the foot, and I the step; she the heart, and I the heartbeat. But do you know who forms this Sanctity? My Will alone is what maintains the purpose of Creation in order. The Sanctity in my Will is that which maintains perfect balance between creatures and Creator; these are the true images that came out of Me.”

November 8, 1921
To live in the Divine Will means to multiply the Life of Jesus; to repeat all the good that His Life contains. “Blessed are you, and all generations will call you blessed”.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen while taking a light that was in my interior, and carrying it away. I cried out: ‘Jesus, what are you doing? You want to leave me in the dark?’ And He, with all sweetness, told me: “My daughter, do not fear; I am taking your little light with Me, and I leave you Mine. This little light of yours is nothing other than your will which, having placed itself in front of Mine, has received the reflection of my Will; this is why it has become a light. I am taking it with Me in order to let it go around; I will take it to Heaven as the most rare and beautiful thing – which is the human will that has received the reflection of the Will of its Creator. I will let it go around among the Divine Persons, so that They may receive the homages, the adorations of Their own reflections - the only ones worthy of Them. Then I will show it to all the Saints, so that they too may receive the glory of the reflections of the Divine Will in the human will. And then I will make it flow through all the earth, so that all may take part in such a great good.”

Immediately, I added: ‘My Love, forgive me. I thought You wanted to leave me in the dark. This is why I said: “What are You doing?” But when it is about my will, feel free to take it and do whatever You want.’

Now, while Jesus was carrying this little light in His hands, I am unable to say what happened – I lack the words to express myself. I just remember that He placed the little light in front of His Person, and the little light received all His reflections, in such a way as to form another Jesus. And every time my will repeated the acts, so many Jesuses were multiplied. And my Jesus told me: “Do you see what it means to live in my Will? To multiply my Life as many times as one wants; to repeat all the good which my Life contains.”

After this, I was saying to my Jesus: ‘My Life, I enter into your Will to be able to extend myself in everyone and to everything - from the first to the last thought, from the first to the last word, from the first to the last action and step that were done, are done, and will be done. I want to seal everything with your Will, so that You may receive from everything the glory of your sanctity, of your love, of your power; and all that is human may remain covered, hidden, marked by your Volition, so that nothing - nothing human may remain, in which You do not receive divine glory.’

Now, while I was doing this and other things, my sweet Jesus came all festive, accompanied by innumerable Blessed, and said: “All of Creation says to Me: ‘My glory, my glory!’”

And all the Saints responded: “Behold, O Lord, we give You divine glory for everything!” An echo could be heard from all sides, saying: “For everything we give You love and glory!”

And Jesus added: “Blessed are you, and all generations will call you blessed. My arm will make works of power in you. You will be the divine reflection; and filling the whole earth, you will make Me receive from all generations that glory which they deny to Me.”

On hearing this, I remained confounded, annihilated, and I did not want to write. And He, caressing me, told me: “No, no, you will do it - I want it. What I said will serve for the honor of my Will. I Myself wanted to pay the just homage that befits the Sanctity in my Will; even more, I said nothing compared to what I could say.”

November 12, 1921
The Sanctity in the Divine Will has no boundaries; It is the Sanctity which is the closest to the Creator; It will have primacy over all other sanctities. The Divine Will is eternal miracle.

I write only to obey, otherwise I would not be good at marking down a single word; and only the fear that I might sadden my sweet Jesus if I did not do it, gives me drive and strength. Now, He continues to speak about His Most Holy Will, and, on coming, He said to me: “My daughter, the Sanctity in my Will is not yet known. This is the reason for their wonderment; in fact, when something has been known, the wonderment ceases. All sanctities are symbolized by something that is spread in Creation: there are sanctities symbolized by mountains, others by trees, others by plants, the little flower, the stars; and many other similes. All of these sanctities have their own limited and individual good; they have their beginning, as well as an end; they cannot embrace everything and do good to all, just as a tree or a flower cannot do so.

Now, the Sanctity in my Will will be symbolized by the sun. The sun has always been, and will always be; and even though it had a beginning in illuminating the world, since it is light that took origin from my Eternal Light, it can be said that it has no beginning. The sun does good to all, it extends to all with its light; it makes no exception with anyone. With its majesty and its dominion it rules over everything and gives life to everything, even to the littlest flower - but silently, without noise, and almost unobserved. Oh! if a plant did a little something, a shadow of what the sun does, giving heat to another plant, all would proclaim a miracle. All would want to see it, and would talk about it with amazement. The sun that gives life and heat to everything, and is the continued miracle – no one talks about it; no amazement. And this happens because man keeps his eyes always down below and on earthly things - never up high and on celestial things.

Now, the Sanctity in my Will, symbolized by the sun, will come out from the center of my Sanctity; It will be a ray delivered by my Sanctity, which has no beginning. So, these souls existed in my Sanctity; they exist, and will exist. They were together with Me in the good I did; they never went out of the ray in which I had issued them to the light. As they never departed from my Will, I amused Myself with them, and I still do. My union with them is permanent. I see them floating above everything; human supports do not exist for them, just as the sun does not lean on anything - it lives up high as though isolated, but with its light it encloses everything within itself. The same for these souls: they live up high like the sun, but their light descends to the deepest bottom and extends to all. I would feel as if I defrauded them if I did not keep them aware of, and did not let them do what I do. So, there is no good which does not descend from them.

In this Sanctity I see my shadows, my images, hovering over the whole earth, in the air, in Heaven. And this is why I love and will love the world - because I am waiting for my Sanctity to have Its echo upon earth; for my rays to come out to the light and give Me complete glory, returning to Me the love and the honor which others have not given Me. However, just like the sun, they will be the most unobserved, without any clamor. But if anyone wants to look at them, my jealousy will be such that they will run the risk of remaining blinded, and will be forced to lower their gazes in order to regain their sight. Do you see how beautiful is the Sanctity in my Will? It is the Sanctity which is the closest to your Creator; therefore It will have primacy over all other sanctities, It will enclose within Itself all other sanctities together, and will be life of all other sanctities.

What grace for you to know It! To be the first, like solar ray, to come out from the center of my Sanctity, without ever detaching from It! Greater grace I could not give you - more portentous a miracle I could not operate in you. Be attentive, my daughter, my ray, because every time you enter into my Will and operate, it happens as when the sun hits the glass: many suns are formed in it. In the same way, you repeat my Life as many times; you multiply It, you give new life to my love.”

Then, after this, I was thinking to myself: ‘In this Holy Will one does see miracles, portentous things, for which creatures are so greedy, and would go around half the world in order to have some. On the contrary, everything passes between the soul and God; and if creatures receive, they do not know where the good has come from. Truly, It is like the sun, which is such that, while it gives life and heat to everything, nobody points at it.’ Now, as I was thinking of this, my Jesus, coming back, added, but with an imposing appearance: “What miracles, what miracles! Isn’t perhaps doing my Will the greatest miracle? My Will is eternal, and is eternal miracle that never ends. For the human will to have a continuous connection with the Divine Will – this is miracle of each instant. Raising the dead, giving sight to the blind, and the like, are not eternal things - they are subject to perishing; therefore they can be called shadows of miracles, fleeting miracles, compared to the great and permanent miracle of living in my Will. You - pay no attention to those miracles; I know when they are appropriate and when they are needed.”

November 16, 1921
Sin is chain that binds man, and Jesus wanted to be bound in order to break his chains.

This morning my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen all bound; bound were His hands, His feet, His waist; a thick iron chain came down from His neck. But He was bound so tightly, that His Divine Person was deprived of motion. What a harsh position, such as to make even the stones cry. And my Highest Good, Jesus, told me: “My daughter, during the course of my Passion all other pains competed among themselves, but they would alternate, and one would give place to another. Almost like sentries, they would mount guard to do the worst to Me, to boast of having been better than the other. But the ropes they never removed from Me - from the moment I was taken, up to mount Calvary, I remained always bound; rather, they kept adding more and more ropes and chains for fear that I might escape, and to make more fun of Me. But how many pains, confusions, humiliations and falls did these chains procure Me!

However, know that in these chains there was great mystery and great expiation. Man, as he begins to fall into sin, remains bound with the chains of his own sin; if it is grave, they are iron chains; if venial, they are chains of rope. So, as he tries to walk in good, he feels the hindrance of the chains, and his step remains hindered. The hindrance that he feels wears him out, debilitates him, and leads him to new falls. If he operates, he feels the hindrance in his hands and remains almost as if he had no hands to do good. In seeing him bound like this, passions make feast and say: ‘The victory is ours’; and from king as he is, they render him slave of brutal passions. How abominable man is in the state of sin! And I, in order to break his chains, wanted to be bound, and never wanted to be without chains, so as to keep my chains ever ready to break his. And when the blows, the shoves, made Me fall, I stretched my hands toward him to untie him and render him free again.”

But as He was saying this, I saw almost all people bound by chains, such as to arouse pity; and I prayed Jesus to touch their chains with His chains, so that, at the touch of His chains, those of the creatures would all be shattered.

November 19, 1921
The two props. In order to know the truths, it is necessary to have the will, the desire, to know them. The truths must be simple.

I was keeping company with my Jesus, agonizing in the Garden of Gethsemani, and as much as I could, I compassionated Him, I pressed Him tightly to my heart, trying to wipe His mortal sweats. And my sorrowful Jesus, with faint and expiring voice, told me: “My daughter, hard and painful was my agony in the garden - maybe more painful than that of the Cross. In fact, if that was the fulfillment and the triumph over all, here in the garden it was the beginning, and evils are felt more at the beginning than when they are ended. But in this agony the most harrowing pain was when all sins came before Me, one by one. My Humanity comprehended all their enormity, and each crime carried the mark ‘Death to a God’, armed with sword to kill Me. Before the Divinity, sin appeared to Me as so horrid, and more horrible than death itself. In just comprehending what sin means, I felt Myself dying - and I really died. I cried out to the Father, and He was inexorable. There was no one who would at least give Me some help, so as not to let Me die. I cried out to all creatures to have pity on Me - but in vain. So, my Humanity languished, and I was about to receive the final death-blow.

But do you know who prevented its execution and sustained my Humanity from dying? The first was my inseparable Mama. In hearing Me ask for help, She flew to my side and sustained Me; and I leaned my right arm on Her. Almost dying, I looked at Her, and I found in Her the immensity of my Will intact, without ever a break between my Will and hers. My Will is life, and since the Will of the Father was immovable and death was coming to Me from creatures, another creature, who enclosed the life of my Will, would give Me life. And here is my Mama, who in the portent of my Will conceived Me and gave Me birth in time, now giving Me life a second time to let Me accomplish the work of Redemption.

Then I looked to the left, and I found the little daughter of my Will. I found you as the first, with the retinue of the other daughters of my Will. And since I wanted my Mama with Me as the first link of Mercy, by which we were to open the doors to all creatures, I therefore wanted to lean my right arm on Her. As for you, I wanted you as the first link of Justice, to prevent It from unloading Itself upon all creatures, as they deserve; therefore I wanted to lean my left arm on you, so that you might sustain It together with Me.

With these two props, I felt life being given back to Me, and as if I had suffered nothing, with firm step I went to meet my enemies; and in all the pains that I suffered during my Passion, many of which were capable of giving Me death, these two props never left Me. And when they saw Me nearly dying, with my own Will which they contained, they sustained Me, and gave Me as though many sips of life. Oh! prodigies of my Will - who can ever number them and calculate their value? This is why I love so much one who lives in my Will - I recognize in her my portrait, my noble features; I feel my own breath, my voice. And if I did not love her I would defraud Myself; I would be like a father without offspring, without the noble cortege of his court, and without the crown of his children. And if I did not have the offspring, the court, the crown, how could I call Myself King? So, my Kingdom is formed of those who live in my Will; from this Kingdom I choose the Mother, the Queen, the children, the ministers, the army, the people. I am everything for them, and they are everything for Me.”

Then, afterwards, I was thinking about what Jesus had been telling me, and I said to myself: ‘How can it be put into practice?’ And Jesus, returning, added: “My daughter, in order to know the truths, it is necessary to have the will, the desire, to know them. Imagine a room in which the shutters are closed: as much sunlight as there might be outside, the room remains always in the dark. Now, opening the shutters means wanting the light. But this is not enough, if one does not take advantage of the light to reorder the room, dust it, get down to work, almost so as not to kill the light that one is given, and render oneself ungrateful. In the same way, it is not enough to have the will to know the truths, if in the light of the truth that illuminates him one does not try to dust himself of his weaknesses, and reorder himself according to the light of the truth he knows, and, together with the light of the truth, get down to work, making of it his own substance, in such a way that the light of the truth which he has absorbed may shine forth from his mouth, from his hands, from his bearing. It would then be as if he killed the truth; and by not putting it into practice, it would be like remaining in total disorder before the light. Poor room, full of light, but all messy, upside down, and in total disorder, and someone in it who does not bother reordering it – what pity would it not arouse? Such is one who knows the truths and does not put them into practice.

Know, however, that in all the truths simplicity enters as the first nourishment. If the truths were not simple, they would not be light, and would not be able to penetrate into the human minds in order to illuminate them; and where there is no light, objects cannot be distinguished. Simplicity is not only light, but is like the air that one breathes which, while it cannot be seen, gives the respiration to everything; and if it wasn’t for the air, the earth and everyone would remain without motion. So, if the virtues, the truths, do not carry the mark of simplicity, they will be without light and without air.”

November 22, 1921
The acts done in the Divine Will are light. The pain that most pierced Jesus in His Passion was pretense.

Continuing in my usual state, and keeping vigil almost all night, my thought flew very often to my prisoner Jesus; and He made Himself seen in thick darkness, such that I could feel His labored breath, the touch of His Person, but I could not see Him. So I tried to fuse myself in His Most Holy Will, doing my usual acts of compassion and reparation, and a ray of light, brighter than the sun, came out from within my interior and was reflected on the Face of Jesus. At that ray, His most Holy Face was lightened, and as daylight arose, darkness was dispelled, and I was able to embrace His knees. And He told me: “My daughter, the acts done in my Will are daylight for Me; and if man, with his sins, surrounds Me with darkness, these acts, more than solar rays, defend Me from darkness, surround Me with light, and take Me by the hand to make Me known to creatures for Who I am. This is why I love so much one who lives in my Will - because in my Will she can give Me everything, she defends Me from all, and I feel like giving her everything and enclosing in her all the goods which I should give to all others. Suppose that the sun had reason, and that plants were rational, and of their own will they refused the light and the heat of the sun, and did not love to fecundate and produce fruits; and that only one plant receives the light of the sun with love, and would want to give to the sun all the fruits that the other plants do not want to produce. Would it not be fair that the sun, withdrawing its light from all the other plants, would pour all of its light and its heat upon that plant? I believe so. Now, what does not happen to the sun, because it does not have reason, can happen between the soul and Myself.” Having said this, He disappeared.

Then, afterwards, He came back and added: “My daughter, the pain that most pierced Me in my Passion was the affectation of the Pharisees. They feigned justice, and they were the most unjust. They feigned sanctity, regularity, order, and they were the most perverted, outside of any rule, and in full disorder. And while they pretended to honor God, they were honoring themselves, their self-interest, their own comfort. Therefore, light could not enter into them, because their affected manners were closing the doors to it, and pretense was the key which, with double locks, closing them to death, obstinately blocked even a few glimmers of light. So much so, that Pilate, idolatrous, found more light than the very Pharisees, because everything he did and said started not from pretense, but, at most, from fear; and I feel more drawn toward the most perverted sinner, not false, than to those who are good but false. Oh! how disgusted I am by one who in appearance does good, pretends to be good, prays, but inside nurses evil, self-interest; and while the lips are praying, his heart is far away from Me; and in the very act of doing good he is thinking of how to satisfy his brutal passions. Moreover, a man who is false in the good which he apparently does and says, is incapable of giving light to others, since he has shut the doors to it. So they act like incarnate devils, who many times attract men under the appearance of good; and these, in seeing this good, let themselves be drawn in; but right in the middle of the way, they make them fall into graver sins. Oh! how much safer are the temptations under appearance of sin, than those under appearance of good. In the same way, it is safer to deal with perverted people than with good people, but false. How much poison do they not hide? How many souls do they not poison? If it wasn’t for pretenses, and if all let themselves be known for what they are, the root of evil would be removed from the face of the earth, and all would remain free of illusion.”

November 26, 1921
Centralization of the purpose of Creation, of Redemption and of Glorification. Living in the Divine Will is the greatest miracle.

I was thinking about what is written on the 19th of the current month, and I said to myself: ‘How is it possible that, after my Mama, I be the second prop?’ And my sweet Jesus, drawing me to Himself, within an immense light, told me: “My daughter, why do you doubt? What is the reason?”

And I: ‘My great misery.’

And He: “This you must banish. And besides, if I did not choose you, I certainly should have chosen another one from the human family. In fact, the human family rebelled against my Will, and by rebelling, it took away from Me the purpose of the glory, of the honor which Creation was supposed to give Me. Therefore, another one from the same human family, by having a continuous connection with my Will, by living more with my Will than with her own, embracing everything within my Volition, was to rise over everything in order to lay at the foot of my throne the glory, the honor, the love, which all others have not given Me.

The only purpose of Creation was that all would fulfill my Will - not that man would do great things; rather, I look at those as a trifle and with contempt if they are not fruits of my Will. And this is why many works, at their very peak, turn to ruin - because the Life of my Will was not in them. So, having broken his will from Mine, man destroyed the best for Me - the purpose for which I had created him. He ruined himself completely, and denied Me all the rights which he owed to Me as Creator. But my works carry the mark of Eternity, and my infinite wisdom and my eternal love could not leave the work of Creation without Its effects and the rights that were due to Me. Here is the reason for Redemption. With so many pains, I wanted to expiate all the sins of man – and by never doing my own will, but always that of the Divinity, even in the littlest things, such as breathing, looking, speaking, etc. My Humanity would not move, nor would It have life, if It was not animated by the Will of my Father; I would have contented Myself with dying a thousand times rather than take one breath without His Will. With this, I tied again the human will with the Divine, and in my Person alone, I being true Man and true God, I returned to my Father all the glory and the rights which befitted Him.

But my Will and my love do not want to be alone in my works - they want to make other images similar to Me. After my Humanity had restored the purpose of Creation, I saw, because of the ingratitude of man, the purpose of Redemption in danger, and going almost to ruin for many. Therefore, so that Redemption might bring Me complete glory and give Me all the rights that were due to Me, I took another creature from the human family – which was my Mama, faithful copy of my Life, in whom my Will was preserved as whole, and I centralized in Her all the fruits of Redemption. So I placed the purpose of Creation and Redemption in safety; and if no one had taken advantage of Redemption, my Mama would give Me, Herself, everything that the creatures would not give Me.

Now I come to you. I was true Man and true God, my dear Mama was innocent and holy, and Our love pushed Us even further: We wanted another creature who, conceived like all the other children of men, would take the third place at my side. I was not satisfied with the fact that only Myself and my Mama were unbroken with the Divine Will; We wanted other children who, in the name of all, living in full accord with Our Will, would give Us divine glory and love for all. Therefore I called you ab æterno[2], when nothing yet existed down here; and just as I longed for my dear Mama, delighting in Her, caressing Her, and pouring upon Her, in torrents, all the goods of the Divinity, so I longed for you, I caressed you, and the torrents that poured upon my Mama inundated you, for as much as you were capable of containing. And they prepared you, they anticipated you, and, embellishing you, they gave you the grace that my Will be whole in you, and that, not yours, but Mine would animate even your littlest acts. In each act of yours flowed my Life, my Will and all my love. What contentment, how many joys did I not feel! This is why I call you second prop after my Mama. Not upon you did I lean, because you were nothing, and lean I could not - but upon my Will, which you were to contain. My Will is life, and whoever possesses It possesses life, and is able to sustain the Author of life itself.

So, just as I centralized in Me the purpose of Creation, and in my Mama I centralized the fruits of Redemption, in you I centralized the purpose of the glory as if my Will were whole in everyone; and from you will come the group of the other creatures. The generations will not pass away if I do not obtain the intent.”

And I, stupefied, said: ‘My Love, is it possible that your Will is whole in me, and that in all my life there has been no break between your Will and mine? It seems to me that you are making fun of me.’ And Jesus, with a tone even sweeter: “No, I am not making fun of you, it is really true that there has been no break; an injury at the most, sometimes. And my love, like strong cement, has repaired these injuries, and has rendered the integrity stronger. I have guarded each one of your acts, and immediately I would make my Will flow, as if to Its place of honor. I knew that many graces were needed, having to operate the greatest miracle that exists in the world, which is the continued living in my Will: the soul must absorb the whole of a God into her act, to give Him back again as whole as she absorbed Him; and then absorb Him again. Therefore, it surpasses even the miracle of the Eucharist. The accidents[3] have no reason, nor a will, nor desires that might oppose my Sacramental Life; so, the host contributes nothing - all the work is mine; if I want it, I do it. On the other hand, in order to make the miracle of the living in my Will happen, I have to bend a reason, a human will, a desire, a love which is purely free. And how much does this not take? Therefore, there are plenty of souls who receive Communion and take part in the miracle of the Eucharist, because they sacrifice less; but having to sacrifice more in order to let the miracle that my Will may have life in them happen - very few are those who dispose themselves.”

November 28, 1921
The sea of the Divine Will and the little boat of light.

Continuing in my usual state, I found myself in an immense sea of light – one could see neither where it ended nor where it began; and there was a little boat, also made of light: of light was the bottom of the boat, of light the sails - in sum, it was all light. However, the different things that are needed to form the boat could be distinguished by the diversity of the light - one brighter than another. This little boat was crossing this sea of light at incredible speed. I remained enchanted; more so, in seeing that now it would get lost in the sea and could no longer be seen, now it would come out; and while it was far away, plunging itself into the sea, it would find itself at the same point from which it had come out. My always lovable Jesus amused Himself very much in watching this little boat, and, calling me, told me: “My daughter, the sea that you see is my Will. My Will is light, and no one can cross this sea but one who wants to live of light. The boat that you see crossing this sea with so much grace is the soul who lives in my Will. With the continuous living in my Volition, it has breathed the air of my Will, and my Will has emptied it of the wood, of the sails, of the anchor, of the mast, and has converted it completely into light. So, as the soul keeps doing her acts in my Will, she empties herself of herself, and fills herself with light.

The Captain of this boat is I - I Myself guide her on the course of her speed; I Myself plunge her deep inside to give her rest, and to give her the time to be entrusted with the secrets of my Will. No one could be capable of guiding her, because not knowing the sea, they cannot know the way to guide her; nor would I trust anyone. At the most, I choose the guide as spectator and listener of the great prodigies that my Will performs. Who can ever be capable of guiding the races in my Will? While I, in one single instant, make her do the races which another guide would make her do in one century.”

Then He added: “See how beautiful she is - she runs, she dives, and she finds herself at the beginning. It is the sphere of Eternity that envelops her, always still at one single point. It is my immutable Will that makes her run within Its sphere, which has no beginning and no end, such that, while she runs, she finds herself at that steady point of my immutability. Look at the sun - it is fixed, it does not move, but in one instant its light covers the whole earth. The same for this boat: she is immutable with Me, nor does she move from that point from which my Will issued her – she came out of an eternal point, and there she remains; and if she appears to be running, those are her acts that run, which, like solar light, go everywhere and to every place. This is the wonder: to run and to stay still. So I am, and so must I render one who lives in my Will.

But do you want to know who this boat is? The soul who lives in my Will. As she emits her acts in my Volition, she does her races, giving my Will the occasion to issue many other vital acts of grace, of love, of glory, from Its center. And I, her Captain, guide that act; I run together with it, that it may be an act which lacks nothing, and which is worthy of my Will. But in these things I amuse Myself very much; I see the little daughter of my Will that, together with Me, runs and remains still. She has no feet, and is the step of all; no hands, and is the motion of all works; no eyes, and in the light of my Will she is more than eyes and light for all. Oh! how well she imitates her Creator - how she renders herself similar to Me. Only in my Will can there be true imitation. I hear my most sweet and creative voice resound to my ear: ‘Let Us make man in Our image and likeness.’ And with unending joy, I say: ‘Here are my images - the rights of Creation are given back to Me, the purpose for which I created man is completed. How happy I am.’ And I call all Heaven to make feast.”

December 3, 1921
Redemption is salvation; the Divine Will is Sanctity.

I was feeling all doubtful and annihilated about all that my Jesus says of His Divine Will, and I thought to myself: ‘How is it possible that He let so many centuries pass without making known these prodigies of the Divine Will, and that He did not choose, among so many Saints, one who would give rise to this Sanctity, fully divine? Yet, there were the Apostles, and many other great Saints, who made the whole world stunned.’

Now, as I was thinking of this, not giving me time and interrupting my thought, He came and told me: “The little daughter of my Will does not want to convince herself. Why do you still doubt?”

‘Because I see myself bad, and the more You say, the more annihilated I feel.’

And Jesus: “And this is what I want - your annihilation; and the more I speak to you about my Will, since my word is creative, it creates my Will in yours; and yours, before the power of Mine, remains annihilated and lost - here is the reason for your annihilation. Know that your will must dissolve within Mine, just as the snow dissolves at the rays of a burning sun.

Now, you must know that the greater is the work I want to do, the more preparations are needed. How many prophecies, how many preparations, how many centuries did not precede my Redemption? How many symbols and figures did not anticipate the conception of my Celestial Mama? Then, after Redemption was accomplished, I had to strengthen man in the goods of Redemption; and for this I chose the Apostles as the strengtheners of the fruits of Redemption, in which, with the Sacraments, they were to seek after the lost man and lead him to safety. So, Redemption is salvation - it is to save man from any precipice. This is why I told you another time that making the soul live in my Will is greater than Redemption Itself - because being saved by living a life in the middle, now falling and now standing up, is not so difficult after all. And this was impetrated by my Redemption, because I wanted to save man at any cost; and this I entrusted to my Apostles, as depositories of the fruits of Redemption. So, having yet to do the lesser, I left out the greater then, reserving other times for the fulfillment of my high designs.

Now, the living in my Will is not only salvation, but is sanctity which must rise over all other sanctities, and which must carry the mark of the Sanctity of its Creator. Therefore, minor sanctities were to come first, as cortege, bearers, messengers, preparations for this Sanctity, fully divine. And just as in Redemption I chose my incomparable Mama as link of connection with Me, from which were to descend all the fruits of Redemption, so I chose you as link of connection from which the Sanctity of living in my Will was to have Its beginning; and having come out of my Will to bring Me the complete glory of the purpose for which man was created, It was to return along the same step of my Will, in order to return to Its Creator. What is your wonderment then? These are things established ab æterno[4], and no one will be able to move them. And since the thing is great – it is to establish my Kingdom in the soul also on earth - I have acted like a king when he must take possession of a kingdom. He does not go there first, but first he has his royal palace prepared; then he sends his soldiers to prepare the kingdom and to dispose the peoples to his subjection; then follow the guards of honor, the ministers – and the last one is the king. This is decorous for a king. So I have done: I had my Royal Palace prepared, which is the Church; the soldiers have been the Saints, to make Me known to the peoples; then came the Saints who have sowed miracles, as the most intimate ministers. Now I Myself come to reign as King; therefore I had to choose a soul in whom to make my first dwelling, and to found this Kingdom of my Will. So, let Me reign, and give Me full freedom.”

December 5, 1921
One who does not accept the gifts of God is ungrateful. Doubts and difficulties.

After I wrote what is said above, I felt all concerned and more than ever annihilated; and as I had begun to pray, my always lovable Jesus came, and pressing me tightly to His Heart, told me: “Daughter of my Will, why do you not want to recognize the gifts that your Jesus wants to give you? This is a highest ingratitude. Imagine a king, surrounded by his faithful ministers, and a poor boy, barefooted, ragged, who, taken by love of seeing the king, goes up to the royal palace, and making himself smaller than he is, looks at the king from behind the ministers, and then lowers himself for fear of being discovered. The king notices this, and while the boy is there huddled behind the ministers, he calls him and takes him aside. The little one trembles, blushes, he fears to be punished, but the king presses him to his heart and says to him: ‘Do not fear, I took you aside to tell you that I want to elevate you above all. I want you to surpass all the gifts that I have given to my ministers, nor do I want you to leave my royal palace any more.’ If the boy is good, he will accept with love the proposal of the king; he will tell everyone how good the king is; he will tell the ministers, calling everyone to thank the king. If, though, he is ungrateful, he will refuse to accept, saying: ‘What do you want from me? I am a little one - poor, ragged, barefooted. These gifts are not for me.’ And he will keep in his heart the secret of his ingratitude. Is this not a horrendous ingratitude? And what will happen to that boy? So you are: because you see yourself unworthy, you would want to get rid of my gifts.”

And I: ‘My Love, You are right, but what concerns me the most is that You always want to speak about me.’ And He: “It is right, it is necessary, that I speak about you. Would it be nice if a bridegroom who wants to marry a bride, would have to deal with others and not with her; while it is necessary that they confide their secrets to each other, that one know what the other possesses, that their parents endow this couple, and that, in advance, they become used to each other’s ways?”

And I added: ‘Tell me, my Life, and who is my family? What is my dowry and yours?’ And smiling, He continued: “Your family is the Trinity. Don’t you remember when, in the first years of bed, I took you to Heaven, and before the Sacrosanct Trinity we celebrated our union? And the Trinity endowed you with such gifts, that you yourself have not yet known them; and as I speak to you of my Will, of the effects and value, the gifts with which, from that time, you were endowed, are uncovered. I do not speak to you of my dowry, because what is mine is yours. And then, after a few days, We, all Three Divine Persons, descended from Heaven, took possession of your heart, and formed Our perpetual dwelling. We took the reins of your intelligence, of your heart, and of all of you; and everything you did was an outpouring of Our Creative Will over you, and the confirmation that your will was animated by an Eternal Will.

The work is already done; there is nothing left but to make it known, so that, not only you, but also others may take part in these great goods. And this I am doing, calling now one minister of mine, now another, and even ministers from places afar, to make known to them these great truths. Therefore, this thing is mine - not yours; so, let Me do. Even more, you must know that every time you manifest one additional value of my Will, I feel so much contentment that I love you with multiplied love.”

And I, blushing about my difficulties, said: ‘My highest and only Good, see how I have become more bad. Before I used to have no doubts about what You were telling me; now – no; how many doubts, how many difficulties. I myself don’t know where I go fishing for them.’ And Jesus: “Do not worry about this either. Many times I Myself provoke these difficulties in order to answer, not only you, confirming to you the truths that I tell you, but to answer all those who, in reading these truths, may find doubts and difficulties. And I answer them in advance, so that they may find light, and the melting of all their difficulties. Criticism will not be lacking, therefore everything is necessary.”

December 10, 1921
The fecundity of an act done in the Divine Will.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus came, telling me: “My daughter, how great is an act done in my Will. See, if you asked the sun: ‘How many seeds have you fecundated, how many of them have you multiplied from the moment you rose above our horizon?’; neither the sun, nor any other creature, as learned as he might be, would be able to tell you, even with an approximate number, either how many seeds it fecundated or how many of them it multiplied.

Now, an act done in my Will is more than sun, which multiplies, not human, but divine seeds, to infinity. Oh! how greatly it surpasses the fecundity and the multiplicity of the seeds which the sun has fecundated. An innovation in the spiritual world takes place - such a harmony, that all are attracted. In hearing this harmony, those who are most disposed get warm; thousands and thousands of effects arise like many seeds; and since the act done in my Will carries with itself the creative power, it fecundates those seeds in a way which is incalculable to the finite mind. So, the acts done in my Will are divine seeds which carry with themselves the creative power, and which, more than suns, not only fecundate, but create seeds, and multiply them to infinity. They give Me the field for new creations, set my power in motion, and are the bearers of the Divine Life.”

December 15, 1921
Only the acts done in the Divine Will give themselves back to the origin in which the soul was created, and take life in the sphere of Eternity.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter, reorder yourself in Me. And do you know how you can reorder yourself in Me? By fusing all of yourself in my Will. Even the breath, the heartbeat, the air that you breathe, must be nothing other than fusion in my Will. So does order enter between Creator and creature, and she returns to the origin from which she came out. All things are in order, have their place of honor, are perfect, when they do not move from the origin from which they came out. Once they have moved from the origin, all is disorder, dishonor, imperfection. Only the acts done in my Will give themselves back to the origin in which the soul was created, and take life in the sphere of Eternity, bringing to their Creator the divine homages and the glory of their own Will. All other acts remain down below, waiting for the last hour of life, each to undergo its own judgment and the penalty it deserves, because there is not one act done outside of my Will, even good, which can be called pure. The mere not having the aim at my Will is to throw mud over the most beautiful works; and then, the mere moving from one’s origin deserves a penalty. Creation was issued on the wings of my Volition, and upon those same wings I would want It to return to Me - but I wait in vain. Here is why everything is disorder and confusion. Therefore, come into my Will to give Me, in the name of all, reparation for such great disorder.”

December 18, 1921
Peace is the springtime of the soul.

I was feeling very oppressed and distressed because of the privation of my sweet Jesus. Then, after one entire day of pain, at dead of night He came, and holding me tightly with His arms around my neck, He told me: “My daughter, what’s wrong? I see in you a mood, a shadow, which render you dissimilar from Me, and break the current of the beatitude between Me and you which has almost always existed. Everything is peace in Me, therefore I do not tolerate in you even a shadow that might shadow your soul. Peace is the springtime of the soul. All virtues bloom, grow and smile, like plants and flowers at the rays of the sun in spring, and dispose all nature to produce each one its own fruit. If it wasn’t for the spring which, with its enchanting smile, stirs the plants from the torpor of the cold, and clothes the earth with a flowery mantle which, with its sweet enchantment, calls everyone to admire it, the earth would be horrid and the plants would end up withering. So, peace is the divine smile which stirs the soul from every torpor. Like celestial spring, it stirs the soul from the cold of passions, of weaknesses, of thoughtlessness, etc., and with its smile it makes all flowers bloom, more than in a flowery field, and it makes all plants grow, amid which the Celestial Farmer is pleased to stroll and pick the fruits, to make of them His food. So, the peaceful soul is my garden, in which I enjoy and amuse Myself. Peace is light, and everything that the soul thinks, says and does, is light that she sends out; and the enemy cannot get close to her, because he feels struck by this light, wounded and dazzled, and is forced to flee so as not to be blinded. Peace is dominion, not only of oneself, but of others. So, before a peaceful soul, they remain either conquered or confounded and humiliated; therefore, they either let themselves be dominated, remaining friends, or they leave confounded, unable to sustain the dignity, the imperturbability, the sweetness of a soul who possesses peace. Even the most perverted ones feel the power that she contains. This is why I glory so much in having Myself called God of peace - Prince of peace. There is no peace without Me; I alone possess it and give it to my children, as to legitimate children of mine, who remain bound as heirs of all my goods.

The world, creatures, do not have this peace; and what is not possessed cannot be given. At the most, they can give an apparent peace, which torments them inside - a false peace, which contains a poisonous sip within; and this poison puts to sleep the remorses of conscience, and leads one to the kingdom of vice. Therefore, true peace is I, and I want to overshadow you in my peace, so that you may never be disturbed, and the shadow of my peace, like dazzling light, may keep far away from you anything or anyone that might shadow your peace.”

December 22, 1921
Only the purpose of loving God keeps souls open to receiving the current of all His graces. The Divine Will is the greatest of all virtues.

Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen within a dazzling light; and this light, melting into rain of light, rained down upon souls. However, many did not receive this current of light, being as though closed; and the current ran there where it found souls open to receive it. And my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, the current of my grace enters into the souls who operate out of pure love. Only the purpose of loving Me keeps souls open to receiving the current of all my graces. Love I am - love are they. So, they are in continuous currents for Me, and I for them. On the other hand, those who operate with a human aim are closed to Me; their current is open to all that is human, and they receive the current of what is human. One who operates with the aim of sinning receives the current of guilt; and one who operates with a diabolical aim receives the current of hell. The aim of operating gives man many different tints; it transforms him either into beauty or into ugliness; either into light or into darkness; either into sanctity or into sin. Whatever the purpose of the operating is, such is man. This is why my current does not enter into everyone; and since it is rejected by the souls who are closed with Me, it unloads itself more mightily and abundantly upon the souls who are open.”

Having said this, He disappeared. But later He came back and added: “Would you be able to tell Me why the sun illuminates all the earth? Because it is much greater than the earth; and since it is greater, it has the capacity of enclosing in its light the whole circumference of the earth. If it were smaller, it would illuminate part of it, but not all of it. So, smaller things are enveloped and absorbed by greater things.

Now, my Will is the greatest of all virtues; therefore all virtues remain shrunken and lost within my Will. Even more, before the virtue of the sanctity of my Will, the other virtues tremble in reverence for my Will. And if, without It, the virtues think that they do something great, at contact with the sanctity and power of the virtue of my Will, they see that they have done nothing; and in order to give them the mark of virtues, I am forced to plunge them into the immense sea of my Will. Not only does my Will excel over everything, but It gives the different tints of beauty to the virtues; It places on them the divine tints, the celestial glaze, the dazzling light. So, if the virtues are not covered by my Will, they may be good, but not beautiful of that beauty that enraptures, enchants and enamors Heaven and earth.”

Then, afterwards, my sweet Jesus transported me outside of myself, and showed me that channels of water were opening under the sea, which, making their way underground, inundated the foundations of the cities - and at some places buildings were collapsing, somewhere else they would make them disappear, as these chasms of water opened and swallowed them into the earth. And Jesus, all afflicted: “Man does not want to stop it, and my Justice is forced to strike him. Many are the cities which will be struck by water, by fire, by earthquakes.” And I: ‘My Love, what are You saying? You will not do this.’ And while I wanted to pray Him, He disappeared.

December 23, 1921
One who operates and lives in the Divine Will gives Jesus the field to issue new works, new love and new power. Effects of the sleep of Jesus.

I felt all immersed in the Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus, on coming, told me: “Daughter of my Will, as you operate and live in my Will, you make other new acts come out from within my Will, and you give Me the field for new works, new love and new power. How happy I feel that the creature, by living in my Will, gives Me the field to act. On the other hand, one who does not live in my Will folds my arms and renders my Will useless for her, while my Being is led to motion, to work, by the irresistible force of my love. And only one who lives in my Will gives Me free field, and I animate even the littlest acts of my Divine Volition; I do not disdain to place the seal of divine virtue even on the lowliest things. This is why I love so much one who lives in my Will, and I surround each of her acts with so much grace, with such dignity and decorum - because I want the honor, the glory, of my divine operating. Therefore, be attentive, and think well that if all that you do, you do not do in my Will, you will give uselessness to your Jesus. Ah! if you knew how idleness weighs on Me, how it saddens Me - you would be more attentive, wouldn’t you?”

Then, after this, I was about to close my eyes to sleep, and I said to myself: ‘My sleep too in your Will. Even more, may my breath be transformed into yours, so that what Jesus did when He would sleep, I may do as well. But then, did my Jesus really sleep?’ And Jesus came back and added: “My daughter, my sleep was extremely brief, but I did sleep. However, I did not sleep for Myself, but for creatures. I, as the Head, represented the whole human family, and I had to lay my Humanity over all in order to give them rest. I could see all creatures covered with a mantle of disturbances, of struggles, of restlessness - some were falling into sin, and remained sad; some were dominated by tyrannical passions which they wanted to conquer, and remained disturbed; some wanted to do good, and struggled in order to do it. In sum, there was no peace, because true peace is possessed when the will of the creature returns into the Will of its Creator, from which it came out. Outside of the center, shifted from the origin, there is no peace. So, while sleeping, my Humanity laid Itself over all, wrapping them as though within a mantle, just like the hen when it calls its chicks under its maternal wings to make them sleep. In the same way, extending Myself over all, I called all my children under my wings, to give to some forgiveness of sin, to some victory over passions, to some strength in the struggle - to give peace and rest to all. And in order not to strike fear in them, and to give them courage, I did this while sleeping. Who would fear someone who is sleeping?

Now the world has not changed; rather, it is in struggles more than ever, and therefore I want someone who would sleep in my Will, to be able to repeat the effects of the sleep of my Humanity.” Then, with an afflicted tone, He repeated: “And my other children - where are they? Why do they not all come to Me, to receive rest and peace? Let us call them - let us call them together.” And it seemed that Jesus would call them by name - one by one. But few were those who would come.

December 25, 1921
How the Humanity of Jesus was nourished by His Will. One who lives in the Divine Will is the most immediate to Jesus.

As I was in my usual state, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen as a Little Baby, all numb with cold; and flinging Himself into my arms, He told me: “What cold, what cold - warm Me, for pity’s sake; do not let Me freeze any more.” I pressed Him to my heart, saying to Him: ‘In my heart I possess your Will; so, Its warmth is more than sufficient to warm You.’ And Jesus, all content: “My daughter, my Will contains everything, and one who possesses It can give Me everything. My Will was everything for Me: It conceived Me, It formed Me, It made Me grow, and It made Me be born. And if my Mama contributed by giving Me the blood, She could do so because She contained my Will, absorbed within Her. Had She not possessed my Will, She could not have contributed to forming my Humanity. So, my direct Will, and my Will which was absorbed within my Mama, gave Me life. What is human had no power over Me, to give me anything; only the Divine Will, with Its breath, nourished Me and delivered Me to the light.

But do you think it was the cold of the air that made Me freeze? Ah! no, it was the cold of the hearts that made Me grow numb; and it was ingratitude that made Me cry bitterly at my very first coming out to the light. But my beloved Mother calmed my crying, though She too cried; and Our tears blended together, and exchanging the first kisses, We poured Ourselves out in love. But our life was to be sorrow and crying, and I had Her place Me in the manger, to go back to crying and call my children with my sobs and with my tears. I wanted to move them to pity with my tears and with my moans, so as to be listened to.

But do you know who was the first, after my Mama, whom I called with my tears to be close to Me in my same manger, to pour Myself out in love? It was you - the little daughter of my Will. You were so little as to surpass my dear Mama in littleness, so much so, that I was able to keep you near Me, in my same manger, and I could pour my tears into your heart. But these tears sealed my Will in you, and constituted you legitimate daughter of my Will. My Heart rejoiced in seeing, returning in you, as whole in my Will, what my Volition had issued in Creation. This was important and indispensable for Me; at my very first coming out to the light of this world, I was to restore the rights of Creation and receive the glory as if the creature had never departed from my Will. So, the first kiss and the first gifts of my tender age were for you.”

And I: ‘My Love, how could this be, since I did not exist then?’ And Jesus: “In my Will everything existed, and all things were one single point for Me. I saw you then, just as I see you now, and all the graces I have given you are nothing other than the confirmation of that which, ab æterno[5], you had been given. And I saw not only you, but in you I saw my little family, which would live in my Will. How content I felt; these calmed my crying, warmed Me, and surrounding Me like a crown, defended Me from the perfidy of the other creatures.”

I remained pensive and doubtful. And Jesus: “What? You doubt? I have told you nothing yet about the relations which exist between Me and the soul who lives in my Will. For now I will tell you that my Humanity lived of the continuous outpouring of the Divine Will. Had I taken a single breath which was not animated by the Divine Volition, it would have been as though degrading and disennobling Myself. Now, one who lives in my Will is the most immediate to Me, and in everything that my Humanity did and suffered, she is the first among all to receive the fruits and the effects which It contains.”

December 27, 1921
The soul who lives in the Divine Will puts the proceeds of Creation in force, and everything she does is an outpouring of Jesus that comes to her.

Continuing in my usual state, my sweet Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter, every time the soul enters into my Will, she comes to reflect herself in the mirror of my Divinity; and in reflecting herself, she receives the divine features, and these features bind her to the Divinity. And finding in her Their own physiognomy, the Divine Persons recognize her as one from Their Family, They give her a place in Their midst, They admit her to Their secrets. And recognizing Their own Will in her as center of life, They admit her to that eternal point, and enrich her with all that eternity contains. Oh! how beautiful it is to see this little image of Ours inundated with all that eternity contains. She, as a little one, feels lost, drowned, unable to contain It within herself; but Love, the carrying out of the Life of Our Volition in her, pushes her to reflect herself in Us, and Our eternal waves continue in her, like a machine that never ceases its motion. Oh! how We amuse Ourselves. This was the only purpose of the creation of man: by the exchange of our wills, he with Us, and We with him, to form Our amusement as well as to render man happy in everything. Once the union with Our Will was broken by man, Our bitternesses began, and also his unhappiness. So, the purpose of Creation failed for Us.

Now, who compensates Us for this failure? Who puts the proceeds of Creation in force? The soul who lives in Our Will. She leaves all generations behind, and as though being the first to be created by Us, she places herself in order within the purpose for which We created man. Our Will and hers are one, and as she operates with the Divine Will, Our Will acts in the human will - and here begin Our divine proceeds in the human will; the purpose of Creation is now in force. And since Our Will has infinite ways, as long as It finds a soul who offers herself to letting Our Will act, immediately It recovers from the failure of all the other human wills. This is why We love her so much, as to surpass all the love for all the other creatures together. To Our Will, trampled upon, despised in the other creatures, she has rendered decorum, honor, glory, regime, life. How could We not give everything to her?”

Then, as if He could not contain His love, He pressed me to His Heart and added: “Everything - everything to the little daughter of my Will. I will be in continuous outpouring over you - your thoughts will be the outpouring of my wisdom, your gazes will be the outpouring of my light; your breath, your heartbeat, your action, will be preceded by my outpourings first, and then they will have life. Be attentive, and in everything you do, think that it is an outpouring of Jesus that comes to you.”

December 28, 1921
Fears of not doing the Divine Will. Jesus gives her peace. Scourges.

I was feeling very afflicted, and with such an oppression as to feel myself dying, because of certain things which it is not necessary to write here. Now, my sweet Jesus, on coming, took me in His arms in order to sustain me and give me strength; and then, all sweetness and goodness, told me: “My daughter, what’s wrong? what’s wrong? You oppress yourself too much, and I do not want this.” And I: ‘My Jesus, help me, do not abandon me in so much bitterness. And what oppresses me the most is that I feel a volition arise in me, which would want to say to You: “This time You will do my will - not I Yours.” The mere thought of this gives me death. Oh! how true it is that your Will is life. But the circumstances push me. O please! help me.’ And I burst into tears. And Jesus, letting His hands be wet by my tears and squeezing me more, added: “My daughter, courage, do not fear - I am all for you. See how beautiful my hands are, pearled with the tears of one who fears not doing my Will. Not one of them fell to the ground. Now listen and calm yourself: I will do what you want, but not because you want it; rather, as if I Myself wanted it. Aren’t you happy? After all, a little suspension of your state is necessary; I have no one to whom to entrust you. Who could do it? They have hearts covered with an armor of iron. My voices are neither listened to, nor understood; the sins are horrendous, the sacrileges enormous; the scourges are already at the doors of the city - there will be great mortality. Therefore, a little suspension of your state, which prevents the course of my Justice, is needed. You will give Me free time to come, and I, withdrawing, without letting you go out of my Will, will give you what is necessary for you.”

I remained embittered more than ever, because of many other things that Jesus told me regarding our sad times - but calm, because He assured me that He would not let me go out of His Will. But the following day my Queen Mama came, and bringing Little Baby Jesus to me, She placed Him in my arms and told me: “My daughter, hold Him tightly, don’t let Him go. If you knew what He wants to do.... Pray Him, pray Him - prayer in His Will enraptures Him, enchains Him; some of the scourges at least would be held back.” Having said this, She disappeared, and I returned to the tragic doubt that I had induced Jesus to do my will.

January 3, 1922
Relations which exist between the Divine Will and the human will.

Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus, on coming, told me: “Daughter of my Volition, come into my Will that you may know the relations which exist between the Divine Will and the human will, which the creature shattered even from the terrestrial Eden. And the soul who knows no other life but the Life of my Will, rebuilds It, binds It again, returning to It all the relations which the creature had broken - relations of creation, of origin of existence. These were bonds of union between Creator and creature - relations of likeness, sanctity, science, power. Everything I contain I placed in relationship with man - relations in the order of all created things, and to him I gave primacy over everything.

Now, by withdrawing from my Will, man broke all these relations, and placed himself in relationship with sin, with passions, with his fiercest enemy. Therefore, the soul who lives in my Will rises so high as to leave everyone behind; she places herself in order between Me and her; she gives herself back to the origin, and puts all broken relations in force. All created things form her cortege and recognize her as their legitimate sister, and they feel honored in letting themselves be dominated by her. The purpose for which they were created, to be commanded and to obey her slightest wishes, is now fulfilled. So, all nature remains reverent around her, and exults in seeing that finally its God receives the glory of the purpose for which He had created it - that of serving man. And so, fire, light, water, cold, will let themselves be commanded, and will faithfully obey. And just as my love immediately prepared the remedy to save man, descending from Heaven by becoming Man, so this soul who lives in my Will, by giving herself back to the beginning, to her eternal origin from which she came, even before my Humanity was formed already kissed and adored my Blood, my wounds; she honored my steps, my works, and formed a worthy cortege to my Humanity.

Oh! soul who lives in my Will, you alone are the purpose of the glory of Creation, the decorum, the honor of my works, and the fulfillment of my Redemption. In you I centralize everything; may all relations be given back to you. And if you, out of weakness, should fail, I, for the decorum and honor of my Will, will make up for you in everything. Therefore, be attentive, and give this highest contentment to your Jesus.”

January 5, 1922
The Divine Being is led by an irresistible force to communicate Itself to the creature.

I was feeling very embittered, and my sweet Jesus, on coming, clasping me all to Himself, told me: “My daughter, your affliction weighs upon my Heart, more than if it were my own; I cannot bear that you be so embittered, and at any cost I want to see you happy. I want to see the smile that the beatitude of my Will brings, arise on your lips again. Tell me then, what do you want so that I may render you happy again? Is it possible that after so much time in which you have denied Me nothing, I should not give you what you want and make you content?”

And I: ‘My Love, what I want is that You give me the grace to always, always do your Will - this is enough for Me. How much I fear that I might not do this. Is this not the greatest misfortune - not doing your Will, even in the littlest thing? Yet, your proposals, your very attentions, induce me to this, because I see that You want to do my will, not because this is your Will, but because You want to make me happy and empty my heart of the bitterness with which it is as though soaked. Ah! Jesus, Jesus, do not permit this. If You want to make me happy, your power does not lack other means to take me away from my affliction.”

And Jesus: “My daughter, my daughter, daughter of my Will - no, do not fear; it will never be that our wills be even just injured. If a miracle is necessary, I will do it, but our wills will never separate. Therefore, calm yourself in this regard, and be cheered.

Listen: my Being is led by an irresistible force to communicate Itself to the creature; I have yet many more things to tell you - many more truths which you do not know. And all my truths carry the happiness that each of them possesses, and as many truths as the soul knows, so many different happinesses does she acquire. Now, in finding your heart embittered, they feel their happiness being shaded, and they cannot communicate themselves freely. I am like a happy father, who possesses the fullness of the whole of happiness, and wants to make all his children happy. Now, if he sees one of his children who really loves him, and he sees him melancholic, pensive, at any cost he wants to render his child happy and to free him from that disquiet. And if he knows that that melancholy is because of the love that the child has for him - oh! then he gives himself no peace, he uses all his arts, and makes any sacrifice to render his child happy. So I am; and since I know that your affliction is because of Me, if I do not see you come back again to your state of gladness, and marked by my own happiness, I will render Myself unhappy, waiting for you to return into the arms of my happiness.”

January 11, 1922
The souls who live in the Divine Will will be for the mystical body of the Church like skin to the body, and will bring to all of its members the circulation of life.

Finding myself in my usual state, I was thinking about the Holy Divine Volition, and I said to myself: ‘All the children of the Church are members of the mystical body, of which Jesus is the Head. What will be the place that the souls who do the Will of God will occupy in this mystical body?’ And Jesus, always benign, on coming, told me: “My daughter, the Church is my mystical body, of which I glory in being the Head; but in order to be able to enter this mystical body, the members must grow to the proper stature, otherwise they would deform my body. But alas! how many not only do not have the due proportion, but are rotten, wounded - so much as to be disgusting to my Head and to the other healthy members. Now, the souls who live in my Will, or will live, will be for the body of my Church like skin to the body. The body contains internal skin and external skin, and because in the skin there is the blood circulation, which gives life to the whole body, it is by virtue of this circulation that the members reach the proper stature. If it wasn’t for the skin and for the blood circulation, the human body would be horrid to the sight, and the members would not grow to due proportion.

Now, see how these souls who live in my Will are necessary to Me. Since I have destined them to be like skin to the body of my Church, and like circulation of life for all the members, they will be the ones who will give the proper growth to the ungrown members; who will heal the wounded members, and who, by the continuous living in my Will, will restore the freshness, the beauty, the splendor of the whole mystical body, rendering it fully similar to my Head, which will sit with all majesty upon all these members. This is why the end of days cannot come if I do not have these souls who live as though dissolved in my Will - they interest Me more than anything. What impression would this mystical body make in the Celestial Jerusalem without them? And if this interests Me more than anything, it must interest you also more than anything, if you love Me; and I, from now on, will give to all your acts done in my Will the virtue of circulation of life for the whole mystical body of the Church. Like blood circulation for the human body, your acts, extended within the immensity of my Will, will extend over all and, like skin, will cover these members, giving them proper growth. Therefore, be attentive and faithful.”

Then, afterwards, I was praying, all abandoned in the Will of Jesus, and almost without thinking, I said: ‘My Love - everything in your Will: my little pains, my prayers, my heartbeat, my breath - all that I am and can, united to all that You are, to give proper growth to the members of the mystical body.’ In hearing me, Jesus made Himself seen again, and smiling with satisfaction, added: “How beautiful it is to see my truths in your heart as fount of life, immediately having the development and the effect for which they have communicated themselves. Therefore, correspond, and I will make it an honor for Myself, that as soon as I see one truth developed, I will make another fount of truth arise.”

January 14, 1922
The Most Holy Trinity, inaccessible Light that gives life to all.

I found myself outside of myself, and I saw the Heavens opened, and a Light, inaccessible to any creature. Rays descended from within this Light, which invested all creatures - celestial, terrestrial and purging. Some rays were so dazzling that, though remaining invested, enraptured, delighted, one would not know how to repeat anything of what they contained. Other rays were less dazzling, and one would be able to repeat the beauty, the happiness, the truths which they contained. But the power of the Light was so great, that I myself didn’t know whether my little mind would ever be capable of going back into myself again. If my Jesus had not stirred me with His words, no human force could have pulled me back from that Light, to call me back to life. But alas! I am not yet worthy of my dear and Celestial Fatherland. My unworthiness forces me to wander in exile, but – oh! how hard this is for me!

Then Jesus told me: “My daughter, let us go back together into your bed. What you see is the Most Holy Trinity, which holds all creatures as though in the palm of Its hand; and as though from Its mere breath, It gives life, It preserves, It purges and delights - there is no creature which does not hang upon It. Its Light is inaccessible to created mind. If anyone wanted to enter, it would happen to him as to a person who would want to enter into a great fire: not having sufficient heat and power to withstand this fire, he would be consumed by the fire; therefore, being extinguished, he would never be able to tell either how much or what kind of heat that fire contained. The rays are the divine virtues. Some virtues are less adaptable to created mind; this is why the created mind is delighted, it sees them, but is unable to repeat anything. The other virtues, which are more adaptable to the human mind, can be described, but like a stammerer would, because no one can speak about them in a way that is right and worthy. The virtues which are more adaptable to the human mind are: Love, Mercy, Goodness, Beauty, Justice, Science. Therefore, together with Me, let us send our homages in the name of all, to thank It, praise It and bless It for so much goodness toward all creatures.”

Then, after having prayed together with Jesus, I came back into myself.

January 17, 1922
Each good that the creature does is a sip of life that she gives to her soul.

I was following the Passion of my sweet Jesus; in one instant I found myself outside of myself, and I saw my always lovable Jesus being dragged along the streets, trampled, beaten, more than in the very Passion; treated in such a barbaric way as to be repugnant to the sight. I drew near my sweet Jesus to snatch Him from under the feet of those enemies, who looked like many incarnate demons. He threw Himself into my arms, as if He were waiting for me to defend Him, and I brought Him into my bed. Then, after quite a few minutes of silence, as though wanting to rest, He said to me: “My daughter, have you seen how vice, passions, triumph in these sad times; how victoriously they walk along all the streets, while good is trampled, beaten and annihilated? Good is I - there is no good that the creature might do, in which I am not involved. And each good that the creature does is a sip of life that she gives to her soul; so, the more good acts the creature does, the more the life of her soul grows, rendering her stronger and more disposed to do more good acts. However, in order to be exempt from any poisonous substance, these acts must be upright, without human purpose, only to please Me. Otherwise, the most beautiful acts, the holiest in appearance - who knows how much poison they contain; and I, being pure good, shun these contaminated acts, and I do not communicate the life. So, even though it seems that they do good, their good is empty of life, and they feed themselves with foods which give them death. Evil strips the soul of the garment of grace, it deforms her, it forces her to swallow poison, to make her die immediately. Poor creatures, made for life, for happiness, for beauty; and sin does nothing other than give her sips of death, sips of unhappiness, sips of ugliness, which, taking all vital humors away from her, render her as dry wood, to burn with greater intensity in hell.”

January 20, 1922
What the soul who lives in the Divine Will must do with her rags.

I was all worried, with the addition that I saw myself as so bad that only Jesus can know the miserable state of my soul. And my sweet Jesus, all goodness, told me: “My daughter, why do you oppress yourself? In my Will, do you know how one’s own things are? They are like many miserable rags - tatters which give more dishonor than honor to the soul, and cause her to remember that she used to be a poor one, and that she did not possess a single garment that was whole. When I want to call a soul into my Will, so that she may establish her dwelling in It, I act like a great lord who would want to take one of the poorest women into his palace, so that, laying down the clothing of a poor one, she may clothe herself according to his condition, living life together with him, and sharing in all his goods. Now, this lord goes around all the streets of the city, and there where he finds one of the poorest women, without a roof, without a bed, with only the filthy rags that cover her, he takes her and brings her to his palace as triumph of his charity. However, he orders that she lay down her rags, that she clean herself and clothe herself with the most beautiful garments and, so as to keep no memory of her poverty, that she burn her rags. In fact, since he is immensely rich, he does not admit anything into his house that might give of poverty. Now, if the poor one sadly misses her rags, and afflicts herself because she has brought nothing of her own, would she not offend the goodness, the magnanimity of that lord?

So I am; and if that lord goes around one city, I go around the whole world, and maybe all generations; and there where I find the littlest, the poorest one, I take her and place her in the eternal sphere of my Volition; and I say to her: ‘Work together with Me in my Will - what is mine is yours. If you have something of your own, lay it down, because in the sanctity and immense riches of my Will, they are nothing but miserable rags. Wanting to have one’s own merits is of servants, of slaves - not of sons and daughters. What belongs to the father belongs to the children. And besides, what are all the merits that you could acquire compared to one single act of my Will? All merits have their own little value, weight and measure, but who could ever measure one single act of my Will? No one - no one. And then, what are your merits compared to mine? In my Will you will find them all, and I make you the owner. Aren’t you happy?

Listen, my daughter, I want you to leave everything aside; your mission is immense, and more than words, it is the acts that I expect from you. I want you to be in continuous act in my Will; I want the strolling of your thoughts in my Will, which, strolling over all human intelligences, may lay the mantle of my Will over all created minds; and rising up to the throne of the Eternal One, you may offer all human thoughts sealed with the honor and the glory of my Divine Will. Then, lay the mantle of my Will over all human gazes, over all words, placing your eyes and your words over all of their own, as though strolling; and sealing them with my Will, may you rise before the Supreme Majesty once again, and offer the homage as if all had made use of the sight and the speech according to my Will. In the same way, if you work, if you breathe, if your heart palpitates, may your strolling be continuous. Your way is extremely long – it is the whole of Eternity that you must cover. If you knew how much you lose with one stop of yours, and how you deprive Me, not of a human honor, but of a divine honor…. These are the merits which you should fear losing - not your rags and your miseries. Therefore, more attention in doing your races in my Will.”

January 25, 1922
Each truth contains within itself a distinct beatitude, happiness, joy and beauty. What it means to have known on earth one more truth about the Divine Will when the soul is in Heaven.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter, the more truths I manifest to you, the more specialties of beatitudes I give to you as gift. Each truth contains within itself a distinct beatitude, happiness, joy and beauty; so, each additional truth you know brings beatitude, happiness, joy, beauty into yourself, with which you remain enriched. These are divine seeds that the soul receives, and by manifesting them to others, she communicates these seeds and enriches whomever receives them. Now, since the truths that one has known on earth are divine seeds which sprout with beatitudes, joy, etc. in Heaven, when the soul is in her Fatherland they will be electric wires of communication through which the Divinity will unleash from Its womb so many acts of beatitude for as many truths as she has known. Oh! how she will remain inundated by them, as though by many different immense seas. She already has the seed, and by having the seed, she has the void in which to be able to receive these immense seas of happiness, of joy and of beauty. One who does not have the seed, who has not known a truth while on earth, lacks the void in order to be able to receive these beatitudes.

It happens as when a little one has not wanted to study all the languages. As he grows up, and hears others speak in those languages, which he did not want to study, or he was not given the opportunity to study, he will understand nothing. In fact, by not wanting to study, his intelligence remained closed, and made no effort to prepare a little space in order to comprehend those languages. At the most, he will remain amazed, he will enjoy from someone else’s happiness, but neither will he possess it, nor will he be the cause of happiness for others. See then, what it means to know one truth more, or one truth less - if all knew what great goods they miss, they would compete in order to acquire truths.

Now, the truths are the secretaries of my beatitudes, and if I do not manifest them to souls, they do not crack the secret which they contain. They swim within my Divinity, waiting for their turn to act as divine agents, and make Me known - how many more beatitudes I contain. And the longer they have remained hidden in my womb, the more uproariously and majestically they come out to inundate the creatures and manifest my glory.

Do you think that all of Heaven is aware of all my goods? No, no! Oh! how much remains for It to enjoy, which It does not enjoy today. Each creature who enters into Heaven having known one more truth, unknown to others, will bring within herself the seed so as to have new contentments, new joys and new beauty unleashed from Me, of which that soul will be as though the cause and fount, while others will take part in them. The last day will not come if I do not find souls who are disposed, in order for Me to reveal all my truths, so that the Celestial Jerusalem may resound with my complete glory, and all the Blessed may take part in all my beatitudes - some as direct cause, for having known that truth, and some as indirect cause, through the one who has known it.

Now, my daughter, in order to console you, and so that you may be attentive in listening to my truths, I want to tell you which ones are the truths that glorify Me the most: they are those which regard my Will, primary cause with which I created man - that his will be one with his Creator. But man, having withdrawn from my Will, rendered himself unworthy to know the values and the effects and all the truths It contains. This is the reason for all my attentions with you, so that, between Me and you, our wills would run together and be always in highest accord. In fact, so that the soul may open the doors and render herself disposed to knowing the truths that my Will contains, the first thing is wanting to live of my Will, the second is wanting to know It, the third is to appreciate It. Therefore, with you I opened the doors of my Will, that you might know Its secrets, which man had buried inside my womb, and the effects and the value It contains; and as many truths as you know about my Will, so many seeds you receive, and so many divine secretaries form your cortege. Oh! how they make feast around you, having found one to whom to confide their secret. But they will make the most beautiful feast when they take you to Heaven - when the Divinity, at your very entrance, will unleash so many different beatitudes distinct among themselves, of joy, of happiness and of beauty, which will not only inundate you, but all the Blessed will take part in them. Oh! how Heaven awaits your coming, to enjoy these new contentments!”

January 28, 1922
How Jesus opened for us many founts in His Will.

I was praying, and my sweet Jesus drew me to Himself, transforming me completely into Himself; and He told me: “My daughter, let us pray together, so as to be able to hold Heaven in our power, and prevent the earth from falling more into the current of evil.” So we prayed together, and then He added: “My Humanity, while on earth, saw Itself as very narrow before the Divinity; and since It was inseparable from the Divinity, I did nothing but enter into the immensity of the Eternal Will and open many founts for the good of creatures. In fact, since they were opened by a Man-God, I gave the human family the right to draw near these founts, and take whatever they wanted. So, I formed the fount of love, that of prayer, another of reparation, the fount of forgiveness, that of my Blood, another of glory.

Now, do you want to know who agitates these founts so as to make them rise and overflow, in such a way that all the earth may remain inundated? The soul who enters into my Will. As she enters, if she wants to love, she draws near the fount of love and, loving, or even by placing the intention to love, she agitates the fount. The waters, being agitated, swell, overflow and flood the whole earth; and sometimes these agitations are so strong, that the waves rise so high as to touch Heaven and flood the Celestial Fatherland. If she wants to pray, repair, impetrate forgiveness for sinners, give Me glory, she agitates the founts of prayer, of reparation, of forgiveness - and they rise, overflow and flood everyone. How many goods did my Humanity not impetrate for man? I left the doors open, so that they might enter with all ease - but how few are those who enter!”

January 30, 1922
The truths are new creations. The truth is light, and light spreads by itself; but in order for it to spread, it is necessary to make it known - the rest it will do by itself.

As I was in my usual state, my adorable Jesus, on coming, seeing me all reluctant in manifesting and writing what He tells me, with such an imposing appearance as to make me tremble, said to me: “My daughter, my word is creative, and when I speak, making known a truth that belongs to Me, it is nothing less than new divine creations that I make in the soul. And just as when I created the heavens, with one single Fiat I stretched out the heavens and studded them with billions of stars - so much so, that there is not one place of the earth from which this heaven cannot be seen; and if from some points it could not be seen, it would be a dishonor for the creative power, and some might say that the creative force did not have the power to extend everywhere - in the same way, my truths are more than heavens, which I would want to make known to all, from one end of the earth to another, and make them pass from mouth to mouth like many stars, to adorn for Me the heaven of the truths I have manifested.

If the creature wanted to hide my truths, it would be as if she wanted to prevent Me from creating the heavens; and by the secret she would want to keep, she would give Me dishonor, as if someone wanted to prevent others from looking at the heavens, the sun, and all the things created by Me, so as not to make Me known. Ah! my daughter, the truth is light, and light spreads by itself; but in order for it to spread, it is necessary to make it known - the rest it will do by itself. Otherwise, it will remain compressed, without the good of being able to illuminate and do the course it wants. Therefore, be attentive, and do not prevent Me from spreading the light of my truths.”

February 2, 1922
In order for Jesus to operate in the soul, it takes highest equality in all her things. The Divine Will is seed that multiplies the images of God. The acts done in the Divine Will are wanted and demanded by all.

This morning my always lovable Jesus came all goodness and sweetness. He was carrying a rope around His neck, and an instrument in His hand, as if He wanted to do something. Then, He removed the rope from His neck and put it around mine; then He fixed the instrument at the center of my person, and with a ruler which He made rotate from a little wheel that was in the center of that instrument, He measured me all over, to see whether in all the parts of my person He would find all parts as equal. He was all attentive to see whether the ruler, in rotating, would find perfect equality; and having found it, He heaved a sigh of great contentment, saying: “Had I not found her equal, I could not have accomplished what I want. At any cost, I am determined to make of her a portent of grace.”

Now, that little wheel which was in the center seemed to be a little circle of sun, and Jesus gazed at Himself within It, to see whether His adorable Person would appear as whole within that little circle of sun. And since it did appear, all content, He seemed to pray. In the meantime, another little wheel of light descended from Heaven, similar to the one which I had in the center of my person, but without detaching its rays from within Heaven. And they identified with each other, and Jesus impressed them in me with His most holy hands, and added: “For now I have made the incision, I have placed the seal; then I will take care of developing what I have done.” And He disappeared.

I remained amazed, but I don’t know what that is. I only understood that in order for Jesus to operate in us, it takes highest equality in all things; otherwise, He operates at one point of our soul, and we destroy at some other point. Unequal things are always bothersome, defective; and if one wants to place something on them, there is the danger that the unequal part may let it fall to the ground. A soul who is not always the same, one day wants to do good - she wants to bear everything; another day she can no longer be recognized - indolent, impatient. So, one can place no reliance on her.

After this, my Jesus came back, and having drawn me into His Will, He said to me: “My daughter, as the seed is cast into the earth, the earth germinates and multiplies the seed that was sown. My Will extends more than earth, and It casts the seed of my Volition into souls, and It makes many other images similar to Me germinate and multiply. My Volition germinates my children, and multiplies them. Know, however, that the acts done in my Will are like the sun: everyone demands the light, the heat and the good that the sun contains; nor can anyone prevent someone else from enjoying its goods. Without anyone defrauding anyone else, all enjoy it, all are owners of the sun; each one can say: ‘The sun is mine.’ In the same way, the acts done in my Will, more than sun, are wanted and demanded by all. The past generations await them, to receive the dazzling light of my Will over everything they have done; the present ones await them, to feel fecundated and invested by this light; the future ones await them, as the fulfillment of the good that they will do. In sum, my Will is I, and the acts done in my Volition will always go around within the endless wheel of Eternity, to constitute themselves life, light and heat of all.”

February 4, 1922
The souls who live in the Divine Will take part in the eternal activity of the Divine Will, like little wheels going around within the great wheel of Eternity.

Continuing in my usual state, my sweet Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter, the souls who live in my Will are the tiny little wheels that rotate within the great wheel of Eternity. My Will is the motion and the life of the wheel of endless Eternity. As they enter into my Will to pray, to love, to operate, etc., the wheel of Eternity makes them go around within its interminable circumference. And since in that wheel they find everything that has been done and must be done, and everything that should be done but is not done, as they rotate, they cast light and divine waves into what has been done and must be done, giving divine honor to their Creator in the name of all; and they redo what has not been done by creatures. Oh! how beautiful it is to see a soul enter into my Will. As she enters, the great wheel of Eternity winds her up, to make her go around within its great expanse; and the tiny little wheel does its eternal rounds. The winding by the great wheel puts her in communication with all the divine windings, and while she goes around, she does what her very Creator does. Therefore, they are as though the first to be created by Me, and as though the last, because in going around, they find themselves at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. So, they will be the crown of the whole human family; the glory, the honor and the substitution of everything; and the return to God of the whole order of things created by Him. Therefore, let your rounds be continuous in my Will; I will give you the winding, and you will offer yourself to receive it, won’t you?”

Afterwards, He added: “You have not told of all the rounds that the little wheel of your will does within the great wheel of Eternity.” And I: ‘How could I tell them, if I don’t know?’ And He: “As the soul enters into my Will - even a simple adhesion, an abandonment - I wind her so as to make her go around. And do you know how many times she goes around? She goes around for as many thinking intelligences, for as many gazes as creatures give, for as many words as they speak, for as many works as are done and as many steps as are taken. They go around at each divine act, at each motion, at each grace that descends from Heaven. In sum, they form their round in whatever is done in Heaven and on earth. The rounds of these little wheels are fast, rapid; so, they themselves cannot calculate them. But I count them all - first, to take for Myself the glory and the eternal love that they give Me; and then, to fuse all the eternal good, to give them the capacity to surpass everything, to be able to embrace everyone and make themselves crown of everything.”

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[2] From eternity.

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[5] From eternity.

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