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Divine Will Volume Thirty-Three


Volume 33 on the Divine Will



In the Will of God! Thanks be to God/[In Voluntate Dei! D. Gratias]

(1) November 19, 1933 How one who disposes herself to do the Divine Will forms the passport, the way, the train/retinue, how Jesus wants to re-make himself in the creature. The Signer and the Celestial motor.

My Sovereign Celestial Jesus and my great Lady Queen of Heaven, come to my help, put this tiny little ignorant one in the midst of your Most Holy Hearts and while I write, my dear Jesus do as (a) prompter to me and my Celestial Mama as her daughter, carry my hand on the paper, in a way that while I write, I will be in the midst of Jesus and my Mama, so that, not even one word more will I write, of that which they say to me and want.
With this trust in heart, I give beginning to write in (the) thirty-third volume, perhaps it will be the last, but I don’t know, although I have all hope, that all of Heaven might have compassion on the little exiled one, and that soon they will repatriate her with them, but of the rest Fiat! Fiat!
Whence I continued to think of the Divine Will, life and center of my poor existence and my sweet Jesus repeating his fugitive little visit, said to me:

“My good daughter, you should know, that as the soul is disposed to do my Divine Will, it forms the passport in order to enter into the interminable confines of the kingdom of the Fiat; but do you know, who lends you the material in order to form it, and who lends himself to sign it and to give it the value of passage into my kingdom?
“My daughter, the act of disposing oneself to do my Will is so very great, that my life itself, my merits, form the paper, the characters, and your Jesus makes the signature in order to make it known, and to give her free entrance. One can say that all Heaven races in help of whom wants to do my Will, and I feel such love that I take (the) post in the fortunate creature and I feel loved by her, by my same Will. Now seeing myself loved by her, by my same Will, my love makes itself jealous, and not wanting to lose not even one breath, one heartbeat of (the) love of this creature. Imagine yourself my (solicitude)[premuta], the defenses that I take, the helps that I give, the loving stratagems, who uses them, in a word I want to remake myself with her, and in order to remake myself I expose Myself, in order to form another Jesus in the creature, therefore I put forth all my Divine art, in order to obtain the intent; I don’t spare anything, I will do everything, give everything, where my Will reigns, I can not deny anything, because I would deny it to myself.
“Now disposing oneself to do my Will, forms the passport, the beginning act forms the way, that one must cross in Him, way of Heaven, holy, divine, therefore to one who enters in Him I whisper to the ear of (her) heart: forget the earth, already it is yours no more, from now on you will see (none) other than Heaven, my kingdom has no confines, hence your walk will be long, therefore it is appropriate that with your acts you expedite the step, in order to form (for) you many ways and thus take many of the goods that are in my kingdom. Whence the beginning act, it forms the way, performing it forms the train/retinue and when I see the train/retinue formed, I do as (a) motor in order to put her in (a) fast walk, and oh how beautiful it is, delightful to walk in these ways, that the creature has done in my Will. These acts done in my Will are centuries that contain merits and incalculable goods, because there is the Divine motor that walks, which has so much speed that in the minutes it encloses the centuries, and renders the creature so rich, beautiful and holy, as to give boast to us, before the whole Celestial Court, showing her as the greatest prodigy of his creative art.
“Beyond this as the creature goes forming her act in my Divine Will, thus the veins of the soul are emptied of that which is human and I could say there flows a Divine blood, which makes felt in substance, the Divine virtues in the creature that hold (the) virtue to flow almost as blood in the same life that animates her Creator that renders them inseparable the one from the other, so much so that who wants to find God, can find him in his post of honor in the creature and who wants to find the creature, will find her in the Divine center.”


(2) November 26, 1933 How the works of God prepare the table to the creature and living in his Divine Volition she does as (a) queen in the seas of the Supreme Being. How one who does her volition is set apart by everyone and remains alone, and remains the (abandoned one)[deleritta] and the (lost one) of the Creation.

I was doing my round in the works of the Divine Fiat, and since I am too little, I feel the need to be carried between his arms. Otherwise now I lose myself in his immensity and the multiplicity of his works, now I don’t know how to go forward, but since he wants to make his works known to me, where one finds his speaking and working love, and it says how much and how he has loved me, therefore he carries me between his arms, and conducts me through the interminable ways of his Holy Will, but this is not enough. In his every work he encloses it in me, for how much I can contain of it, the love of every single work, he wants to hear in me the sound of the love that every work contains, I am also a work of his, an act of his Will, and having done everything for my love, he wants that I enclose in myself all the sounds and keys of love that his works contain.
Whence while I turned in his works, beloved Jesus surprising me said to me:

“My blessed daughter, you can not understand how much pleasure it gives me to see you turn in the works created by us, they are pregnant with love and as you turn in the midst of them, they pour forth love, and give you the love with which they are filled, and this is one of the reasons for which I want you to turn in our works. They prepare the table of our love to creatures, and they felt honored that they have one little sister of theirs in their midst, that she feeds on it, and that it forms in her so many sounds of love to their Creator, for how many works were created. But this is not everything, my Divine Will is not content to make her turn in our works, but after he has made her turn, making so many things of the Creation known and filling her to the brim with love, he conducts her between his arms into the bosom of the Supreme Being, which casts her as a little pebble into the interminable seas of his attributes, and the little daughter of our Volition what does she do? As a little pebble cast in the sea, she makes all the waters of the sea rippled, thus she moves the whole sea of our Divine Being, and while she swims in Him she drowns with love, with light, with sanctity, with wisdom, with goodness, and so on. And oh! How beautiful it is to see her, to hear her, what she says while she feels drowned: all your love is mine, and I put it in act to pray (to) you that you make the kingdom of your Will come upon the earth, your sanctity is mine, your light, your goodness, your mercy is mine, it is not my littleness that prays (to) you no, but your seas of power, of goodness, that pray (to) you, that press you, that assail you, and want your ruling Will upon the earth. So that one sees the littleness of the creature do as queen in our Divine Being, to reunite our immensity and power together and she makes us ask of ourselves, that which she wants and we want, she understands well that there is no other good than our Will alone, and in order to obtain the intent, she makes asked through the infinities of our Divine qualities and one sees the tiny little one, little and powerful, enriched with the prerogatives of our Divine qualities, as if they might be hers, that gives such charm of beauty as to enrapture us, weaken us, in order to make us do that which she wants, and we want, she becomes our echo, and she doesn’t know how to say other to us, nor to ask for other than (that) our Will might invade everything and might form one Will alone with all creatures. So that, when the creature has understood what Divine Will means and she feels his life flow in her, she doesn’t feel the need of anything anymore, because possessing my Volition, she possesses all the possible and imaginable goods, (there) remains for her only the delirium, the yearnings, the sighs that she wants that my Will embraces everyone and (that) he constitutes himself life of everything and this is because she sees that my Will wants this, and her littleness wants this.”

Whence I followed to think of the Divine Will and the great evil that doing the human will brings, and my beloved Jesus sighing added:

“My daughter, one who does their own will sets themselves apart from everyone and works alone, there is no one who helps her, nor one who gives her strength, nor one who gives her light, in order to do the best of that which she does, so that everyone leaves her in the power of herself, isolated, without support, and without defense. One can call her the (abandoned one)[deleritta], the lost one in the Creation, just suffering for one who wants to do her will, to feel all the weight of solitude, in which she has put herself, and the lack of all the helps, and oh the sorrow that I feel in seeing so many creatures set apart also by Me, and I in order to make them touch with (their) hand, what it means to do without my Will, I am as far away, making them feel the whole weight of the human volition, which never gives her rest and becomes her most cruel tyrant. All to the contrary for one who does my Will, all are with her, Heaven, the Saints, the Angels, because for honor and respect of my Divine Volition everyone is obligated to help that creature and sustain her in those acts where my Will enters. He himself puts her in communication with everyone, and commands everyone that they help, defend, and make her the cortege of their company, the grace, the shimmering light already smiles at her in her soul, and he administers the best to her, the most beautiful in her act, I myself remain busy in one who does my Will and I will make flow in her acts, mine, in order to have the honor, the love, the glory, of my acts in the act of the creature, that has worked in my Will, behold therefore she feels the connection with everyone, the strength, the support, the company, the defense of everyone. So that one who does my Will and lives in Him can be called the re-found one of the Creation, the daughter, the sister, the friend of everyone. She does as the sun that from the heights of its sphere rains light, and enlarging itself encloses all in its light, gives itself to everyone, doesn’t deny itself to anyone, and as faithful sister embraces all things, and gives as pledge of its love to every created thing, its beneficent effect, constituting itself life of the effect that it gives. In some it forms the life of sweetness, in other created things the life of perfume, in others the life of the colors and so on. Thus my Will, from the heights of his throne, rains his light, and where he finds the creature that wants to receive him in order to let him dominate, he surrounds her, embraces her, warms her, moulds her in order to make her mature, and thus encloses his admirable life as if he might be life of the creature and with this life everything and everyone are with her, as everything is of my adorable Will.”


(3) December 10, 1933 The first word that Adam pronounced, that was the first lesson that God gave him. The Divine Will working in man.

I am always the little tiny ignorant one of the Supreme Being, and when the Divine Will plunges me in his seas, I see that hardly the vowels, if yet, I know of his adorable Majesty, my littleness is so much, that hardly some drop I know how to swallow of so much that the Creator possesses.
Whence turning in the works of the Divine Fiat I detained myself in Eden, in which was made present to me the Creation of man and I thought to myself: what could be the first word that Adam said when he was created by God, and my Highest Good Jesus, visiting me with his brief little visit, all goodness, as if He himself wanted to tell me it said to me:

“My daughter, I also feel the desire to tell you what was the first word pronounced from the lips of the first creature created by Us. You should know that no sooner than Adam felt life, motion, reason, he saw his God before himself and understood that He had formed him, he felt in himself, in all his yet fresh being the impressions, the touch of his created and thankful hands, in an impetus of love he pronounced his first word: ‘I love you my God, my Father, author of this my life’, but it was not only the word, but the breath, the heartbeat, the drops of his blood, that raced in his veins, the motion, all his being, united together they said as in chorus: ‘I love you, I love you, I love you.’ So that the first lesson that he learned from his Creator, the first word that he learned to say, the first thought that had life in his mind, the first beat that formed in his heart, it was I love you, I love you, he felt himself loved, and he loved. I could say that his I love you never ended, it was so long that then it was interrupted when he had the misfortune to fall into sin. Whence our Divinity felt wounded in hearing on the lips of man I love you, I love you, it was the same word that we had created in the organ of his voice, that said to us I love you, it was our love created by us in the creature, that said to us I love you, how not to be wounded? How not to repay him with a larger love, stronger(,) worthy of our magnificence, as we heard said I love you, thus We repeated to them I love you, but in our I love you, we made it flow in all, his being, the working life of our Divine Will. So that we enclosed in man, as within one of our Temples, our Will, so that he was enclosed in the human circle, while he remained in us, so that he might work great things and He might be the thought, the word, the heartbeat, the step and the work of man, our I love you could not give a thing more holy, more beautiful, more powerful, that alone could form the life of the Creator in the creature, than our Will working in Him, and oh how pleasant it proved to us to see that our Will held his post of actress, and the human volition dazzled by his light, enjoyed his Paradise, and giving him full liberty, let him do that which he wanted, giving him supremacy in everything, and the post of honor that is appropriate to a Volition so holy.
“You see therefore the beginning of the life of Adam was an act full of love toward God with all his being, what sublime lesson, as the beginning of love should race in all the work of the creature. The first lesson that he received from our Supreme Being, in the exchange of his I love you, was that while he loved tenderly responding to him I love you, he gave him the first lesson on our Divine Will and while he instructed him he communicated the life to him of Him and the infused science of what our Divine Fiat means and every time that turn he said to us I love you, our love prepared for him other more beautiful lessons on our Volition. He remained enraptured and we delighted ourselves in conversing with him and we made flow over him rivers of love and perennial joys, so that the human life became enclosed by Us in love and in our Will.
“Therefore my daughter, there is no greater sorrow for Us, than to see our love as broken in the creature and our Will impeded, smothered, without his working life and as subject to the human volition. Hence be attentive and in all things have for beginning love and my Divine Will.”


(4) December 18, 1933 How the creature has been formed by God ab eterno, beloved with eternal love. How the human will is the deranged one of the works of her Creator.

My poor mind continues to cross the infinite sea of the Fiat and for how much one walks one never finishes, the soul in this sea feels her God, whom fills her up even to the brim all with his Divine Being in a way that one can say: God has given me all of himself and if he has not given me his immensity by enclosing it in me, it is because I am little. Now in this sea I found in act the order, the harmony, the arcane mysteries of how God has created man and the prodigies are unheard of, the love is exuberant, the mastery is insuperable, there is so much of the mysterious, that man himself nor the sciences can repeat with clarity on the formation of man. Whence I remained surprised by the magnificence and prerogatives that the human nature possesses. And my beloved Jesus in seeing me so surprised said to me:

“My blessed daughter, you will cease your wondering if looking well in this sea of my Volition you will see where, who, how and when every creature was fully formed. Hence where? In the Eternal bosom of God. Who? God himself gave them origin. How? The Supreme Being himself formed the series of her thoughts, the number of her words, the order of her works, the motion of her steps, and the continuous palpation of her heart. So that God gave such beauty, order and harmony as to be able to find Himself in the creature with such fullness that she would not find place where to put some of hers, that had not been put (there) by God(.) We in looking at her remained enraptured in seeing that in the little human circle, our power had enclosed our Divine work, and in our emphasis of love we said to her: how very beautiful you are, you are our work, you will be our glory, the stornello/sonnet of our love, the reflection of our wisdom, the echo of our power, the bearer of our Eternal love, and we loved her with eternal love, without beginning and without end, and when was this creature formed in us? Ab eterno, therefore she didn’t exist in time, but in eternity she always existed, she had her post in us, her palpating life, her Creator’s love. So that the creature has always been for us our ideal, the little space where to develop our creative work, the knoll of our life, the vent of our eternal love. Behold therefore so many things humans don’t understand, they don’t know how to explain, because it is the work of the Divine incomprehensibility, they are our arcane celestial mysteries, our Divine fibers, for which we alone know the mysterious secrets, the keys that we must touch when we want to do new and unusual things in the creature and since they don’t know our secrets, nor can they understand our incomprehensible ways that we have put in the human nature, they arrive to judge by their ways and they don’t know how to give reason of that which We go working in the creature, while she is obliged to bow before that which she doesn’t understand.
“Now who doesn’t have our Will puts in disorder all our acts, ordered ab eterno in the creature, therefore she disfigures herself and forms the void of our Divine acts, formed and ordered by Us in the human creature. We loved ourselves in her, the series of our acts formed by our pure love and putting her forth in time we wanted her as concurrent to that which we had done, but in order to have this ability the creature needed our Will, that giving her his Divine virtue it made them do in time that which had been done by us, without her, in eternity, nor is there any wonder if the Divine Being had formed her in eternity, the same Divine Volition confirmed and repeated it in time, that is I continued his creative work in the creature. But without my Divine Will how can she ever elevate herself, conform herself, unite herself, resemble herself to those same acts, that we with so much love have formed and ordered in her? Hence the human will doesn’t do other than to derange our most beautiful works, break our love, empty our works, which remain in Us because We lose nothing of that which we have done, all the evil remains for the poor creature, because she feels the abyss of the Divine void, her works are without strength and without light, her footsteps are shaky, her mind confused. So that she remains without my Will, as a food without substance, as a paralyzed body, as a ground without cultivation, as a tree without fruit, as a flower that sends forth a bad odor. Oh! If our Divinity might be subject to tears we would regret bitterly she who does not let herself be dominated by our Will.”


(5) January 2, 1934 When the soul does the Divine Will, God can freely do that which he wants in her, work the greatest things, because he finds capacity, space to that which he wants to give to creatures.

My little soul, although it swims in the sea of the Divine Will yet I feel the transfixing nail of the privation of my sweet Jesus. My God what agonizing suffering, what torture (is) my sorrowful existence! Oh! How I would like to pour forth rivers of tears, I would like it if it might be possible to transform the immensity of the Divine Will himself into bitter weeping, in order to move my sweet Jesus to pity, that he steals away from me, without even telling me the place of his abode, nor lets me see the way, the imprint of his steps, in order to be able catch up. My God! My Jesus! How aren’t you moved to compassion for this little exiled one heartbroken only for you, and for your cause? But while I was delirious for his privation, I thought to myself of the Divine Will and I feared that his dominion, his life might not be in me, and therefore my Eternal Love Jesus, leaves me, hiding himself and does not take care of me and I asked heart felt pardon of him and my beloved Jesus, after much difficulty having compassion on me that I could endure no more, he returned for a little and looking at me with love, all goodness he said to me:

“My little daughter of my Volition, one sees that you are little and it is enough that I make a little standstill, that you lose yourself, you fear, you doubt, you oppress yourself, but do you know where you lose yourself? In my Will and seeing you in Him, I don’t rush in coming, because I know that you are in a secure place. Now you should know that when the soul does my Divine Will I can freely do in the soul that which I want, to work the greatest things, my Volition empties her for me of everything and forms (for) me the space where I can put the sanctity of my one infinite act, and the soul puts herself at our disposition, our Will has matured her and has made her adaptable and it feasible (for her) to receive the creative and operative virtue of our Supreme Being. Instead when my Divine Will is not done, we must adapt ourselves, restrict ourselves, nor can we be lake/sea according to our Divine way, we must give sip by sip our graces, while we can give rivers. Oh! How it weighs on us to work in one who doesn’t have our Will, if we want to make ourselves known she makes us incapable, because the human intelligence, without our Will is like a cloudy Sky, that obscuring the beautiful light of reason is as blind before the light of our knowledges, so that she will be in the midst of the light, but incapable of understanding anything, she will be always illiterate before the light of our truths, if we want to give her our sanctity, goodness, and love we must give them in little doses, as minced, because the human volition is encumbered with miseries, with weaknesses and defects, hence it makes her incapable, and also unworthy to receive our gifts, and that which we want to give, poor human volition, without our Will she doesn’t know how to adapt herself to receive the virtue of our creative works, the strong embraces of her Creator, our loving stratagems, the wounds of our love and many times she tires our Divine patience and constrains us to not be able to give her anything, and if our love constrains us to give something, it is for her as a food that she doesn’t know how to digest because not being united with our Will, she lacks the strength and digestive virtue, to digest that which pertains to us. Therefore one immediately sees when there is not our Will in the soul, true good is not for her, before the light of my truths, she has gone blind and becomes more stupid, nor does she love to know them, rather she looks at them as if they didn’t belong to her. All the opposite for one who does and lives in my Will.”


(6) January 14, 1934 Sweet, enchantment, on both parts of God and of the creature. How she acquires the power to make hers the Divine Will. The sufferings smile before the glory, the triumphs, the conquests. Jesus hidden by the sufferings.

I am under the rain of the Divine Fiat, that bathing all of me, inside and outside and penetrating even in the marrow of the bones, it says to all my poor being, Fiat, Fiat, Fiat. I feel between his arms and as I call him with my incessant saying that he might form his life in my acts, his heartbeat in my heart, his breath in mine, his thought in my mind, thus a flash of light emitted itself from me and would have wanted to tie the Holy Divine Volition in order to make him all mine, so that (he) himself might have been in my power, to form his life in me, all of Divine Will. Whence I felt worried by my this way of doing and my Highest Good Jesus repeating his brief little visit said to me:

“My little daughter of my Volition, you should know that as the creature invokes, calls my Fiat, imploring his Life in order to form it in hers, thus she emits light and forms there the enchantment to God that enraptures his Divine pupil, which enraptured, looks at the creature and forms there the exchange of his sweet enchantment and the void in the act of the creature, in order to be able to give and enclose in her act the Divine Will, which while he forms it, he develops his life, the happy creature acquires the power to make it hers, and since it is hers, she loves it powerfully more than her own life. My daughter, even to such that my Will is not kept as (one’s) own life, exclusively hers, that no one can take away, in spite that she knows that it is a gift received by God, but in spite that it is already received she is fortunate and victorious to hold the possession of it, never can she love as is appropriate (to) my Divine Will, nor feel the need of his life, nor can He fully develop with all liberty his Divine life in the creature. Therefore calling him disposes you, making him yours makes him known and you will feel the great good of possessing his life and you will love him as he merits to be loved, and you will be jealous to guard him with such attention, as to not lose even a breath of Him.”

Whence finding myself suffering a little more than usual, I thought to myself: oh, how I would love that my sufferings might form wings in order to make me fly to my Celestial Country, and instead of afflicting me my little sufferings would make for me a feast, and I felt worried by this, and my beloved Jesus added:

“My daughter, do not marvel, sufferings before the glory smile, they feel triumphant in seeing the conquests that they have acquired, the sufferings confirm and establish the greater or lesser glory in the creature, and according to the sufferings, thus one feels painted the most beautiful and varied shades of beauty, and seeing themselves transformed into the rarest beauty, they celebrate. So that the sufferings in earth cry, at the doors of Heaven they commence their eternal smile, that doesn’t end anymore; the sufferings in earth are bearers of humiliation, at the eternal doors they are bearers of glory. In earth they make the poor creature unhappy, but with the miraculous secret that they possess, they work in the most intimate fibers, and in the whole human being, the eternal kingdom, in a way that every suffering takes its distinct office, some make themselves chisel, some hammer, some files, some brush, some color, and then they leave the creature entrusted to them, when every suffering has completed its work and triumphant they conduct her to Heaven, and then they leave when they see exchanged every suffering into distinct joys, and into perennial happiness, however provided that the creature receives them with love and they feel and receive in every suffering the kiss, the embraces and the strong holds of my Divine Will the sufferings then possess this miraculous virtue. Otherwise they become as if they might not have proper tools in order to complete their work. But do you want to know who the suffering is? The suffering am I, that hiding me inside of it in order to form the dark/deep works for my Celestial Country and exchange to usury the brief abode that they have given me upon the earth. I am imprisoned in the poor jail of the creature in order to continue my life of sufferings down here, it is just that this life of mine receives its joys, its happinesses, its exchange of glory in the Celestial Region, therefore cease your wondering in feeling that your sufferings smile before the victories, the triumphs and the conquests.”


(7) January 28, 1934 Fraternization between the Supreme Being and the creature in earth, fraternization in the glory. Power over Jesus himself. How one who works in the Divine Will acquires the united, communicative and diffusive strength.

I was making my round in the Divine Fiat and my poor mind, now it stopped at one point of his Divine acts(,) now at another, in order to look at in some the beauty, in some the power, in some the interminability and other, of the creative Divine Will. There seemed (to be) all the Supreme qualities exposed in all the Creation, in order to love creatures, in order to make himself known, to unite themselves with them and take them up as in womb and bring them into the bosom of the Creator, from where everything had gone forth. So that all the acts of the Divine Will are powerful helps, revealers and who lets himself be dominated by Them, they make themselves carriers of souls to the Celestial Country. Whence I came to stop when the Divine Fiat made the solemn act of the creation of man and my beloved Jesus surprising me said to me:

“My blessed daughter, stop together with us to look at with how much mastery, sumptuousness, nobility, power and beauty man was created, all our Divine qualities flowed over man, each one of them wanted to show off and to flow more than dense rain over him, that wanted to unite themselves with them. Everyone put themselves to the work, our light poured itself over him in order to form his brother of light, goodness poured itself out in order to form his brother all goodness, love poured itself out in order to fill him with love and form his brother all love, power, wisdom, beauty, justice, poured itself over him, in order to form his powerful brother, wise, just and with an enchanting beauty, and our Supreme Being rejoiced in seeing our Divine qualities all at work, in order to unite themselves with man. And our Will, that taking life in man, maintained the order of our same Divine qualities in order to make him how much more graced and more beautiful they could. So that our occupation was man, our look was fixed over him in order to let us imitate, copy and unite him with Us, and this not only in creating him, but for the whole course of his life, our qualities exhibited themselves to the continuous work of maintaining the fraternization with he, whom they so very loved, and after having him united in earth they prepared the great feast of the fraternization to the glory in the Celestial Country, fraternization of joy, of beatitude, of perennial happiness. Therefore I love him so much, because he was created by Us, hence he is all ours, I love him because our Divine Being always races over him and re-pours itself out over him, more than (an) impetuous torrent, and to leave of ours, and to re-take the new course in order to always give, hence because he possesses of mine, therefore I love myself in him, I love him because he is destined to populate Heaven and being my brother of glory we will glorify each other. I will be his glory as life, and he will be my glory as my work. Behold therefore I love so much that one does and lives in my Will, because with Him my Divine qualities find their place of honor and they can maintain the fraternization with the creature, without Him they don’t find the post, nor do they know where to put themselves, the fraternization remains broken and my life remains smothered. My daughter, what deadly change, when the creature withdrew from my Will, I don’t find my image anymore, nor my life growing in her, my qualities are ashamed to be united with her, because the human volition disunited from the Divine one, everything has been upset and becomes numbed. Therefore take to heart to not go out from my Will, with Him you will be united with all that which is holy, you will be the sister of all our works, and you will hold in (your) power your Jesus himself.”

After this I continued my acts in the Divine Volition and my Sovereign Jesus added:

“My daughter, all that which one does in my Will, remains identified with Him, she acquires the united, communicative and diffusive strength, and since our Divine acts extend themselves to everyone, there is no creature that becomes put aside, thus one who works in our Volition, together with our act, extends themselves to everyone, she wants to do good to everyone and remains honored and glorified to have been (the) universal carrier of good to everything and everyone.”

And I: My love, and yet one doesn’t see in creatures the fruit of such a universal good, oh if everyone might receive it, how many transformations there would be in the base world. And Jesus repeated:

“This means that they don’t receive it with love, and their hearts are as sterile earth, that they don’t have any generative seed (with) which our light can bring forth the fecundity. It happens as to the Sun, that in spite that it illuminates and heats all earths, but if it doesn’t find the seed in order to fecundate it it can not communicate its generative and productive virtue and in spite that with its light and heat it has shaped that earth, not one good have they received, they remained what they were, in their sterility, but with this the Sun has remained honored and glorified, that to all it has given its light, no one has been able to escape, and it remains triumphant only because, it has given its light in a universal way to everyone and over everything. Such are our works, our acts, only because they possess extensible virtues to be able to give themselves in a universal way to everyone, and to do good to everyone, it is the greatest honor, it is the greatest glory for us. There is no greater honor, greater glory, to be able to say I am the Carrier of good to everyone, in my act I take everyone in fist, I embrace everyone and I hold (the) virtue to generate good over everything. And since my ideal is the creature, therefore I call her in my Will, so that together with Him, she becomes extended to everyone and knows with how much love and how my Will works.”


(8) February 4, 1934 Love of God hidden in the Virgin. The Divine Paternity gives her the Divine Maternity and generates in Her the human generations as her children. How the Divine immensity renders all his works inseparable.

My abandonment continues in the Divine Volition and finding all that which had been done in Him, the little atom of my soul turns and returns in order to also give my little I love you, for all that which in the turn of Eternity he had done for love of all creatures, and my beloved Jesus stopped me, in the waves of the interminable love of the Conception of my Celestial Mama and all goodness he said to me:

“Little daughter of my Volition, your I love you, for how very little wounds our love and from those wounds that it makes us, it gives us the occasion to make our hidden love go forth and to make himself revealing of our intimate secrets and how we have loved creatures. Now you should know that We loved all mankind, but we were constrained to hold hidden in our Divine Being all the immense enthusiasm of our love, because we didn’t find in him neither beauty that enraptured our love, nor love that wounding us might make our love emerge in order to flood them in order to make himself known, to love them, and to make himself loved. Rather they were immersed in the lethargy of the faults as to make us horrified only to look at them. But our love burned, we loved him and we wanted to make our love arrive to everyone. How to do it? We had to use a great contrivance of our love in order to arrive to this and behold how. We called to life the Little Tiny Virgin Maria, and creating her all pure, all holy, all beautiful, all love, without stain of original sin, and making our own Divine Will conceived together with Her so that between Her and Us there might be free access, perennial union and inseparability. Now the Celestial Queen with her beauty enraptured us and our love raced, raced, with her love she wounded us and our love overflowing hid itself in Her, and looking through her beauty, and with her love (of) all creatures our love vented itself, and I loved all creatures with hidden love in this Celestial Queen. So that we loved everyone in Her, through her beauty they don’t seem ugly to us anymore, our love was not restrained in Us anymore, but diffused in the heart of a creature so holy, that communicating our Divine Paternity to her, and loving everyone in Her, she acquired the Divine Maternity in order to be able to love everyone as her children, generated by her Celestial Father, as she felt that we loved all creatures in Her, thus she felt that our love, formed the new generation of mankind in her Maternal heart. Can one say greater contrivance of love, stratagems more loving, than our Paternal goodness in order to love creatures, and even those that offended us, to elect from this same stock a creature, to form her how much more beautiful we were able to, so that our love might not be able to find obstacles in order to be able to love everyone in Her and to make her love everyone? In this Celestial Queen everyone can find our hidden love in Her, much more so that possessing our Divine Will she dominated us, to make us love everyone and We with our sweet empire we dominated Her to be the most affectionate Mother of everyone. True love doesn’t know how to be without loving, and uses all the arts, takes (the) occasion from the littlest things, as (well as) from the greatest in order to love, our love now is hidden, now it is made clear, now direct, and now in an indirect way, in order to make itself known that we love with incessant love She whom we brought forth from the depth of our love. Greater gift we could not give to all the generations, (than) in giving this inimitable creature as Mother of everyone, and as bearer of our hidden love in Her, in order to take it to all her children.”

After this I continued to think of the Divine Will, the thought that my Celestial Mama possessed in her Maternal Heart the hidden love with which my Creator loved me, it filled me with joy, and to think that I was looked at by God, from inside my dear Celestial Mother, through her Sanctity and with her enrapturing beauty, oh! How happy I felt with all trust that I no more had to be loved and looked at alone, but loved and looked at together with my Mama. Oh! She in order to make me loved more by my Jesus, will cover me with her virtues, will dress me with her beauty and will hide my miseries and my weaknesses, but a thought wanted to devastate my joy, that Our Lord might do this as long as the Queen of Heaven lived upon the earth, but when she was carried into Heaven, this contrivance of Divine love ended, and my sweet Jesus returning added:

“My blessed daughter, our works always continue and they are inseparable from Us, so that our hidden love continues in the Queen of Heaven and will always continue, it would not be (a) work from God, if all that which we do might be able to separate from Us, and not have perennial life. Therefore We love, we flow over creatures, it seems that our love departs from Us, but no, it departs and remains with Us and the love that flows over creatures is inseparable from Us, and renders inseparable She who has received our love. So that all our works, Heaven and earth, creatures that went forth to the light of day, it seems that they depart from Us, but no, they are all inseparable from Us, and this in virtue of our immensity, that involving everything, there is no point where he doesn’t find himself and he renders inseparable all that which We do, hence neither our works can be separated from Us, nor We from them, one can say that they form one single body for Us, and our immensity and power it is as circulation of blood that maintains everyone and all life, at the most there can be distinct works the one from the other, but separable not ever.”

Whence I in hearing this was amazed I said: “And yet my Love there are the reprobates already separated from you, they are also works gone forth from you, how is it therefore that they don’t belong to you anymore?” And Jesus:

“You are wrong my daughter, they don’t belong to me by way of love, but by way of justice, my immensity that involves them holds his power over them, and if they might not belong to my punitive justice it would not have to punish (them), because if things might not belong to me at the instant they lose life, but if this life exists there is one who conserves it and who justly punishes it. Therefore our hidden love toward every single creature in Heaven, the Sovereign Lady possesses it still, rather it is her greatest triumph and contentment that she feels all creatures loved by her Creator in her Maternal Heart, and doing as true Mother how many times she hides them (from) me in her love, in order to make them loved, in her sorrows in order to make them forgiven, in her prayers in order to make given to them the greatest graces. Oh! She is the copier who knows how to cover and to excuse her children near the throne of our Majesty, therefore let your Celestial Mama cover (you) who will think to the needs of her daughter.”


(9) February 10, 1934 One who lives in my Divine Will becomes raised in his arms, which with his fortitude forms her the little victor. She is the little Queen, that repeats his life with her Jesus in (her) heart.

I feel (as) the little daughter, but so very little that I feel the extreme need that the Divine Will more than my Mother, carries me between his arms, feeds me the words, administers to me the motion to my hands, sustains my step, forms for me the heartbeat in (my) heart and the thought in my mind. Oh! Divine Will how much you love me, I feel your life re-pour in me, in order to give me life, and how he remains in expectation to want the atoms of my acts, in order to invest them with his creative strength and say to me: the atoms of my daughter equalize me, because they possess my invincible strength. But while my mind remained surprised in seeing the loving and maternal contrivances of the Divine Will, my always amiable Jesus, who always remains at watch in order to be spectator of that which the Divine Volition does in me, said to me:

“My little daughter, you should know that my Supreme Volition looks (for) who wants to live in Him as his birth, who wants to grow in his arms, with his maternal cares, and as he sees that his little one wants to give of herself, with her little works in order to say to him that she loves him, this Divine Mother presses his daughter to breast, and strengthens with his fortitude the motion, the word, the step of his daughter, this fortitude, it invests everything, transforms her, and although little she sees herself little and strong, little and victor, and this Mother takes gusto to make himself won over by his little daughter. So that this creature sees herself strong in love, strong in suffering, strong in the work, the fortitude and the aureole, she is the invincible one near God, over herself, her weaknesses and passions tremble before this little victor, God himself smiles and changes justice into love, into pardon before the infantile fortitude of this creature, and the fortitude of her Mama, his perennial care, that they render her strong and invincible.
“Therefore if you want to be the victor over everything grow in the arms of my Will. He will pour himself in you and you will feel his palpating life in you and he will raise you to his likeness, and you will be his honor, his triumph and his glory.”

Whence I continued to think of the Divine Will and before my mind was made the most beautiful scenes of the Divine work, as all in act of giving itself to me, in order to make itself known, in order to receive my little love, my gratitude and my thanksgiving, and my beloved Jesus added:

“My blessed daughter, for one who lives in my Will all times are hers, and I love to hear repeated to me by her, that which creatures have not done for me, because with so much love I have worked for them, and that which they have done to me, therefore one who lives in my Will finds the Creation in act, and she in the azure Sky, in the radiant Sun, in the twinkling stars, gives me her kisses, her filial love, and oh, how content I feel that in so many created things, I find the love, the kisses, the thankful act of my daughter and I convert all things for her, into joy, into defense, into her property. Oh! How beautiful it is to be recognized, loved in those same works, because we have done them, and we have loved. She finds the little epoch of innocent Adam and she together with Him, gives me his innocent embraces, his chaste kisses, his love as child, and I oh, how happy I feel that I see my Paternity recognized, loved, honored, oh, how beautiful it is to feel myself Father and as such to feel myself loved by my children, and I reciprocate my kisses, my paternal embraces and I give them as right of her property, the infinite joy of my Paternity. What won’t I give to my children after I have been loved and recognized as Father? Everything, I won’t deny them anything, and they give me the right, the joy of my children. For one who lives in my Will, I don’t know how to deny her anything, if I might do this I would deny it to myself, therefore I give everything, and she repeats the scenes to me to give me everything. Therefore in Him there are exchanges of works, reciprocal love, which forms such moving scenes as to form the Paradise of God and of the soul. Oh! Thousands and thousands of times blessed (is) one who comes to live in the Celestial sojourn of my Will.
“You should know that one who does the Divine Will, enters in Him as Queen, and as such comes before Us, courted by all our works. So that she makes hers the conception of the Virgin and uniting herself with Her, and with Us, she gives Us that which We give to Her, and that which She gave Us, and we feel given to us the love, the glory, of the immense seas with which we endowed this Virgin, and to re-move/(re-do) all her acts, as if in act she was repeating them, and oh, what abysses of grace are renewed between Heaven and earth. The soul in our Will puts him in (the) condition of letting him do (as) the repeater of his works, and while he repeats them he endows she who has given him the occasion. And since the creature is incapable of giving us everything in one act, that which by Us is formed in one act alone, her littleness goes spacing in our Will, and she now takes one work of ours, and now another, and with the dominion that our Will gives her, she descends in the Incarnation of the Word, and oh how beautiful it is to see her invested with his love, pearled with his tears, adorned with his wounds, possessor of his prayers, all the works of the Word surround her inside and outside, and that which is more, it converts for her, into joys, into beatitude, into fortitude with the inseparability of her Jesus as in (a) sacred temple held in her heart in order to make her the repeater of his Life. And oh, what moving scenes she does before God, with her Jesus in (her) heart, she prays, suffers, loves together with Jesus, and in her infantile littleness she says: I possess Jesus, He dominates me and I Him, indeed I give him that which He doesn’t hold, my sufferings in order to form his complete life in me. He is poor of sufferings because glorious, he can not have any, and I supply him in that which he doesn’t hold, and He supplies me in that which I lack. So that in our Will the creature is the true queen, everything is hers, and she makes us such surprises with our works, that it enraptures us, and forms our happiness, that the creature can give to us in our Most Holy Will.”


(10) February 24, 1934 The creature with doing her will loses the head, the divine reason, the order, the regime. Jesus is head of the creature.

While I continued my round in the Divine Will, his sweet empire, his irresistible strength, his love and his inextinguishable light, it re-poured over my littleness, which as enraptured found itself in the sea of the Divine Will, and oh the sweet surprises, his always new ways, his enrapturing beauty, his immensity that carries as in his womb everyone and everything; but that which more strikes one is his love for the creature, it seems that he is all eye in order to watch her, all heart in order to love her, all hands and feet in order to carry her pressed to his bosom, and in order to give her the step. Oh! How he longs to give his life to the creature, so that she might be able to live of his, it seems that it is a delirium that he holds, a pledge that he has taken, a victory that at whatever cost he wants to do, that his life might form the life of the creature. Hence my mind was lost in the midst of this spectacle of love of the Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus all tenderness said to me:

“My daughter, man with doing his will lost the head, the divine reason, the regime, the order of his Creator, and since he lost the head, all the members wanted to do as head, but it not being (the) office of the members to hold (the) virtue and ability to do as head, they didn’t know how to hold the regime, nor the order between themselves and one member put itself against the other, and they were divided between themselves, so that they remained as scattered members, because they didn’t possess the unity of the head. But our Supreme Being loved man and seeing him without (a) head, it made us suffer and it was the greatest of dishonors to our creative work, nor could we tolerate a torment so great, in he whom we so very loved. Behold therefore our Divine Will dominated us, and our love conquered us and making me descend from Heaven in earth he constituted Me Head of man and reunited all the scattered members under my Head, and the members acquired the regime, the order, the union and the nobility of the head. So that my Incarnation, all that which I did and suffered and my death itself, was none other than (the) way that I made in order to search out these scattered members, and in order to make flow by virtue of my divine Head, the life, the heat and the resurrection of the dead members, in order to form of all the human generations one single body, under my divine Head; how much it cost Me, but my love made me overcome everything, to face all the sufferings and to triumph over everything. Now my daughter you see therefore what it means to not do my Will, to lose the head, to divide oneself from my body and as detached members, with difficultly and gropingly, to walk down here as so many monsters, as to make one pity. All the good of the creature is centralized in my Divine Will and it forms our glory and that of the human generations. Behold therefore our delirium, our pledge, and we want to conquer by way of love and unheard of sacrifices, that the creature live in our Will. Hence be attentive and content your Jesus.”


(11) March 4, 1934 The acts done in the Divine Will form the ways, they embrace the centuries. Who forms the prison. The Divine Engineer and the insuperable Craftsman.

My poor intelligence always turns in the Divine Fiat in order to meet me with his acts, uniting myself with Them, to court them, love them, and to be able to say to him: I have the love of your acts in my power, therefore I love You, as You love me, and that which You do I do. Oh! How beautiful to be able to say(:) I have disappeared in the Divine Will and therefore his strength, his love, his sanctity, his work is mine, we make one step alone, we have one motion alone and one love alone, and the Divine Will all in feast it seems that he says(:) how content I am, I am not alone anymore, I feel in myself one heartbeat, one motion, one will that races in me, and fused together, she never leaves me alone, and does that which I do. Whence while my mind was lost in the Divine Volition I thought to myself: but what do these acts of mine do in the Divine Will, while I don’t do anything, He does everything and since I am together, inside of Him, he tells me I do that which He does, and says it with reason, because being in Him, and to not do that which He does is impossible, because his power is so much, that he invests my nothing and does that which the All does, nor can he do, nor does he know how to do otherwise.
Hence my sweet Jesus surprising me with his brief little visit said to me:

“My little daughter of my Will, how beautiful it is, the creature can not receive greater honor than to become admitted inside of Him, the instances, the littlest acts done in Him, they embrace centuries, and since they are Divine they are invested with such power, that that which one wants to do with them, one can do everything, and obtain everything, the Divine Being remains tied in these acts, because they are his acts, and he must give them the value that they merit. Beyond this you should know that the acts done in my Will, form the ways that must serve souls, in order to let them enter in Him, and they are so very necessary that if first heroic souls don’t go forth that live in Him, in order to form the principal ways of his kingdom, the generations not finding the ways, won’t know how to do it, in order to enter into my Will. My daughter, in order to form a city first the ways are formed that form the order that must hold a city, and then the foundations are cast in order to construct it; if the ways are not formed, the exits, the communications, that it must hold, (there) passes (the) danger that instead of a city, the citizens could form a prison, because not being equipped with ways they don’t know from where to go out. You see how very necessary are the ways. Now the city without way(s) is the human will, that in its prison has closed all the ways in order to enter into the celestial city of my Divine Will. Now the soul that enters in Him, breaks the prison, knocks down the unhappy city without ways, without exits and united with the power of my Volition, the Divine Engineer forms the plan of the city, orders the ways, the communications, and doing as (an) insuperable Craftsman, he forms the new citadel of the soul, with such mastery, as to form the ways of communication in order to make the other souls enter and to form so many citadels, in order to be able to form a kingdom, the first one will be the model of the others. You see, therefore what the acts done in my Will will serve (to do), they are so very necessary that without them, I would lack the way in order to make him reign. Therefore I want you always in my Will, do not go out ever, if you want to make your Jesus content.”


(12) March 11, 1934 How one who doesn’t live in the Divine Will it puts him in solitude and reduces him into silence. Who is the Temple of God. The Divine Will Temple of the soul. The little Host. Sign in order to know if one lives in the Divine Will.

It seems to me (I) feel the continuous echo of the Divine Fiat, that booms in my soul, that with his invincible power, calls my little acts, in his acts to make of them one alone, and it seems he delights himself with his creature, he doesn’t feel alone, he holds someone to tell his joys and his sorrows, in short he doesn’t feel, neither solitude, nor reduced to silence. Instead for one who doesn’t live in the Divine Volition he feels the weight of the solitude and if he wants to speak and entrust his secrets, he is not understood, because there lacks the light of his Will, that makes her understand his Celestial language, and oh, how he remains sorrowful from it, that while he is all voice and all word, he doesn’t have one to whom to say a word.
Oh! Adorable Will, make me always live in You, so that you break your solitude and I might give you the field to let you speak. But while my mind was lost in the vast horizons of the Divine Fiat my sweet Jesus, repeating his little visit, all goodness said to me:

“My little daughter of my Volition, it is really true that one who doesn’t live in our Will, it puts him in solitude and reduces him to silence; you should know that every creature is a new and distinct work that we hold to do, and hence new things to say; if she doesn’t live in our Volition we feel that that creature is distant from Us because her will is not in ours, therefore apart from her, we feel alone, impeded in our work, and if we want to speak, it is as if we might want to speak to the deaf, to the mute. Therefore one who doesn’t live in our Volition is our cross, impedes our step, ties our arms, knocks down our most beautiful works, and I who am the Word am reduced to silence. Now you should know that the soul in grace is the Temple of God. However when the soul lives in our Will, God makes himself Temple of the soul, and oh, the great difference between the creature Temple of God and between God Temple of the soul; the first one is a temple exposed to perils, to enemies, subject to passions, many times our Supreme Being, finds himself in these temples as in temples of stone, not cared for, not loved as is appropriate, and the little lamp of her continuous love, that she should hold as homage to her God that resides in her, without pure oil is extinguished, and if ever she were to fall into grave sin, our temple collapses and she becomes occupied by thieves, ours and her enemies, that profane her and they make her foolish.
“The second Temple, that is God Temple of the soul, is not exposed to dangers, enemies can not draw near, the passions lose life, the soul in this Divine Temple of ours is like the little Host that holds consecrated in Herself her Jesus, which with the perennial love that she draws, she receives and is fed, forms the little living lamp, that always burns, without ever going out, this Temple of ours occupies its regal post, his complete Volition and she is our glory and our triumph. And the little Host what does she do in this Temple of ours? She prays, loves, lives of Divine Will, substitutes for my Humanity upon the earth, takes my post of sufferings, calls the whole army of our works to make cortege, the Creation, the Redemption, she holds it as hers, and does (as) the commander above, and now puts it as army around in act of prayer, of adoration, now as army in act of loving us and glorifying us, but she (is) always at (the) head, to do that which she wants that our works do, and she always finishes with her little refrain so very appreciated by Us: your Volition be known, loved and reign and dominate in the entire world. So that all the anxieties, the sighs, the interests, the solicitudes, the prayers of this little Host, that lives in our Divine Temple, that our Fiat embraces everyone, puts apart all the evils of creatures, and with his almighty puff he makes his the post in the hearts of everyone, in order to make himself life of every creature.
“Can one ever do (a) more beautiful office, more holy, more important, more useful to Heaven and earth, (than) this little Host that lives in our Temple? Beyond this our love, our power makes all the shows, all the industries, all the stratagems, with one who lives in our Will, he makes himself little and encloses himself in the soul, in order to form his life, and of this remains only the castoffs in order to remain covered, he makes himself immense that is, and he forms (of) himself (a) sumptuous Temple, in order to hold her secure within, and to enjoy her company. For one who does our Will she is always occupied with Us, and We are always occupied with her, therefore watch well to make yourself found always in our Will.”

After this I continued to think of the Divine Volition and my beloved Jesus added:

“The sign if the soul lives in my Will is if all things interior and external are bearers of my Will, because to say that they bear his life and to not feel him is impossible, hence she will feel him in the heartbeat, in the breath, in the blood that circulates in her veins, in the thought that formulates in her mind, in the voice that gives life to her word, and so on. Whence the interior act making echo to the exterior, makes my Will found in the air that she breathes, in the water that she drinks, in the food that she takes, in the sun that gives her light and heat, in short the interior and the exterior give (a) hand and they form so many acts, in order to form the life of my Will in them, one act alone doesn’t form life, but continuous and repeated acts form life. Then in my will everything is present as in act of doing all that which has been done by Us, and the creature in Him enters in the power of our present acts and does that which We do, she remains invested by our creative strength, by our love that always rises, she understands that it is really for her that he does everything and oh, how she loves, and how she wants to do everything for her Creator. Instead outside of our Fiat, that which We have done they are seen as past things, done for everyone, not for her alone, hence the love doesn’t awaken (in) her, she sleeps, remains as in lethargy and they think (as) to a distant love, not in act.
“Therefore there is such difference between one who lives in my Will and between one who lives outside of Him that there is no comparison that holds up. Therefore be attentive and thank me for the great good that I have done (for) you (in) making you know what it means to live in my Volition.”


(13) March 25, 1934 How prayer in the Divine Will makes itself spokesman of the acts of the Divine Fiat. How the humanity of Our Lord possesses the generative virtue. How Divine Love consists in this to be reproduced in everyone and in each one.

My poor mind, it seems that it doesn’t know how to be without going in search of the acts done in the Divine Will, if it might do this it seems to me that it lacks the palace where to reside, the food in order to feed me, the air in order to breathe, the step in order to be able to place me in his interminable confines. Ah! They are the acts of the Divine Will that while I search, they call me, and uniting themselves with me, it seems that they whisper to (my) ear: we are in your power and with the power of these acts you have sufficient coins in order to ask and to impetrate the Kingdom of our Supreme Fiat, in order to obtain a Divine Volition there is needed divine acts, and the creature as she comes in Him, our acts extend themselves around hers, and our act takes, as in triumph the act of them, and asks together with them the triumph, the dominion of our Will upon the earth.
But while my mind enjoyed the enchanting sight of my little acts surrounded by the seas of the divine acts, my little love surrounded by the sea of the Divine Love that with (an) arcane and incessant voice, didn’t know how to ask for other than the Fiat Voluntas Tua, as in Heaven so in earth, my Sovereign Jesus surprising me all love said to me:

“My blessed daughter, how sweet, comforting, powerful it is, to hear my Will with all his acts, in the little act, love, adoration of the creature to ask the reigning Fiat upon the earth. He makes use of the little love of the creature, as spokesman in order to make it resound in all her acts, in order to make her ask for his kingdom, he doesn’t want to do it alone, but wants the intermediary of her in order to do this. But do you want to know to what this prayer serves that contains power, value and divine weapons that wage war on us with incessant ways? It serves to call God upon the earth, to make life in every single creature, it serves to make my same Divine Will, and all his works pray, that he comes to reign upon the earth, it serves to prepare the post in God himself for the creature, it is a divine prayer, prodigious, that knows how to obtain everything.”

After this I continued my abandonment in the arms of Jesus, his Divine Heart jumped so very strongly with love, with joys, with happiness and with sorrow and my sweet Jesus added:

“My daughter, all the acts of my Humanity (possessed) the generative virtue, hence the mind thinks and generates holy thoughts, thinks and generates light, science, wisdom, divine knowledges, new truth, and while it generates, it flows as (a) torrent in the mind of creatures, without ever ceasing to generate. So that every creature holds in her mind the storeroom of these my children generated by my mind, with the difference that some hold them honored, courted, giving them the liberty to let him produce the good that they possess, and some hold them without taking care of them and as suffocated. My looks generate looks of love, of compassion, of tenderness, of mercy, I never lose sight of anyone, my looks multiply themselves for everyone, and oh, the power of my looks, with how much pity is re-poured over the human miseries, it is so much that in order to put them in safety, he encloses the creature in my pupil in order to hold her defended and surrounded with affection and with inexpressible tenderness as to make all of Heaven stupefied. My tongue speaks and generates words that give life, sublime teachings, it generates prayers, speaks and generates hurts and arrows of love in order to give the generation of my ardent love to everyone and to make me loved by everyone. My hands generate works, wounds, nails, blood, embraces, in order to make me work of each one, balm in order to sweeten their wounds, nails in order to wound them and to purge them, blood in order to wash them, embraces in order to embrace them and bring them as in triumph in my arms. All my Humanity continually generates in order to reproduce him in every single creature, our Divine Love consists really in this, to reproduce himself in everyone and in each one and if we might not have the generative virtue it could not be a reality but a way of speaking, while in Us first we do the deeds and if we use the speech, it is in order to confirm the deeds. Much more so that my Humanity is inseparable from the Divinity, which possesses in nature the generative virtue and is over creatures as a Mother with open arms and he generates in an admirable way his life in them. But do you know who receives the effects, the complete fruit of this my continuous generation? In one in whom my Will reigns, which not only receives the generation of my acts, but reproduces them in an admirable way.”

(14) April 28, 1934 How the Divine Will in every act that he does, calls all creatures in order to give the good that his act contains. Example: the sun.

I am always in my dear inheritance of the Fiat, I feel his sweet empire that holds me absorbed and so very invested, that he doesn’t leave me time to sorrow for the privations of my beloved Jesus, for me, alas, too sorrowful. The multiplicity and infinity of his continuous acts impose themselves over me, in order to make present to me and participate me (in) the good that they contain and to say to me how much he loves me. And you how much do you love us? Whence my mind was lost and remained enraptured in seeing that he always wanted to give me of his, and therefore he wanted to present his acts to me. What goodness! What love! Hence my Sovereign Jesus, surprising me said to me:

“My little daughter of my Volition, your Jesus holds the assignment to manifest the secrets of my Divine Will, his love that arrives that he doesn’t know how to be, nor can he be, if he doesn’t give of his, in a continuous way, to the creature. You should know that when my Will does an act, he calls in his act all creatures, he wants her all to himself, in order to give to each one the good that that act possesses. So that everyone is contained in his act, and they receive the good of the divine inheritance, with this difference, that one who is in our Will voluntarily and for love, remains possessor of it, and (for) one who is not the good doesn’t remain lost, but awaits its heiress, one who knows how to decide to have life in our Will, in order to give the possession of it and for liberality all Divine, we give her the interest of the good assigned to them, that is the effects, in order to have that she might not die of hunger of the goods of her Creator. Therefore our Will possesses in nature the universal virtue, and therefore in his every act, he calls everyone, embraces everyone, involves everyone, and hands to everyone his divine goods.
“Symbol and image the Sun, that having been created by my Fiat with his universal virtue, it hands its light to everyone, it doesn’t deny it to anyone, and if someone might not want to take the good of its light, the Sun doesn’t destroy the light that belongs to that one, nor can it destroy it, but it awaits when that one decides to take the good of the light, it doesn’t deny it, immediately it gives itself and even to such that one doesn’t directly decide to take the good of the light, it gives the interest by means of the other created things, in which the Sun holds its first act, in all created things, to some it gives, the fecundity and the maturation, to some the development and the sweetness, there is no created thing which the Sun does not give of its (own), hence the creature taking the food, making use of the plants, takes the effects and the interests that the light gives that belongs to it and that voluntarily she doesn’t take.
“More than Sun is my Will in all the acts that he does, he calls and holds present all creatures and hands his divine goods to everyone.
“Now one who lives in our Will, since she possesses as her property, the good that my Volition has given her in every act, she feels in herself the nature of the good, since the good is in her power. The goodness, the patience, the love, the light, the heroism, of sacrifice, is at her disposition, and if she has the occasion to practice them without effort she practices them, and if she doesn’t have the occasion to practice them, she possesses them always, as so many noble princesses, that form the honor, the glory, of the property that my Will has given her. It happens as to the eye that possesses the sight, if it is necessary that it must look, that it must help with the sight it does it, if it is not necessary she doesn’t lose the sight, but keeps her eye, as glory and honor that she possesses her eye that sees. To possess my Will and to not possess the virtues, as in her nature is almost impossible, it would be as a sun without heat, as a food without substance, as a life without heartbeat. Therefore one who possesses my Will possesses everything, as gifts and property that my Divine Volition brings with himself!”

(15) May 6, 1934 First purpose of the Redemption, to restore the life of the Divine Will in the creature. How God does the minor things before giving the post to his greater works.

I am beneath the highest waves of the Divine Fiat, which makes seen and touched with (the) hand that things and all his Divine acts everyone has origin of the Divine Volition and all are bearers of a Volition so holy. So that (the) primary aim of God, as much in the Creation, as in the Redemption, his purpose was none other than to form his palpating life of Divine Will in every creature, and in everything, he wanted his regal post and transfusion of all things and every act in his Will, and with justice and with reason, being He the Author of everything, and of everyone, what wonder that he wants his post with right in everything?
Whence following the Divine Will in his acts, I arrived at the Redemption, and my beloved Jesus detaining me and sighing said to me:

“My daughter, and yet (the) primary aim of the Redemption, in our mind, was reviving the kingdom of the Divine Will in the creature, it was this of (the) Divine, our working Will, that we had put in her, the most noble act, most beautiful, and that in virtue of this we loved the creature even to folly, because she had of ours, we loved Ourselves in her, and therefore our love was perfect, full and incessant, and as if we might not be able to undo ourselves of her, we felt our same Will that from within the creature imposed himself to love her, and if I descended from Heaven in earth, it was the empire, the power of my Fiat, that called me, because he wanted his rights, and to revive and to put in safety, his noble and Divine act. There would have lacked the order and we would have acted against nature, if descending from Heaven, I might have put creatures in safety and our Will; that which of Divine, our most beautiful act put in them, beginning, origin and aim of everything, not to put him in safety, and restore to him his kingdom, in them. But who is it that doesn’t think of saving oneself first, and then the others? No one, and if he can not save himself, it is a sign that he wouldn’t hold neither virtue, nor power to be able to save the others. With restoring the kingdom of my Will in the creature I did the greatest act, act that only a God can do, that is to put in safety my life itself in the creature, and saving myself, everyone was put in safety, no more dangers, because they held a Divine life in their power, in which they would have found all the goods that they needed. Hence my Redemption, my life, my sufferings, my death, it will serve to dispose creatures to such a good, and as preparation to the great portent of the kingdom of my Will in the human generations, and if they don’t yet see the fruits, the life of Him, this says nothing, because in my Humanity there is the germ/seed, the life of my Fiat, hence this germ/seed possesses the virtue to form the long generation of so many other germs/seeds in hearts, in order to regenerate in them, the revival of the life of my Will in creatures. Therefore there is no act done by the Supreme Being, that doesn’t go forth from our Will, and so much is his love, that he puts himself as life in our act and as life, he demands his rights, that he wants to develop his life; hence how could I come to redeem if I didn’t restore these rights to my Will? These rights in order to come to redeem they were restored in my Celestial Mother, in my Humanity, and only because he had these rights first could I come to redeem, otherwise I would not find neither the way, nor the place where to descend, and my Humanity was compromised with Him, by way of sufferings, to restore to him these rights, to make him reign in his time in the human family. Therefore pray, and united with me, do not spare the sacrifice of your life, for a cause so holy and divine, and for love more heroic and great towards all creatures.”

Whence I remained worried of that which is written above and I thought to myself: how can it be, that while he says that his primary aim with his coming upon the earth, was in order to establish the kingdom of the Divine Will, although the Redemption might be connected together, while the fruits of the Redemption are seen abundantly, and those of his reigning Fiat one sees almost nothing yet?
And Jesus added:

“My daughter, it would be absurd and against the Divine order, to not give the primacy to our Will, as in fact we gave it. I can say that first commenced the kingdom of the Divine Will in my Celestial Mother, then in my Humanity itself, which possessed the whole fullness of the Supreme Will, and then the Redemption came, and since I and the Queen of Heaven, we represented the whole human family, in virtue of this kingdom that we possessed in his full vigor, as heads in order to reunite all the scattered members, therefore the Redemption could come. It was truly from within the kingdom of my Will that the Redemption went forth, if I and my Mother might not have possessed him, it would have been a dream and remained in our Divine mind. Now being the Head, the King, the Savior and the true sacrificiary of mankind, that which there is in the Head, the members have the right to, that which the Mother possesses, the children have the right to inherit, behold therefore the Redemption; the Head wants to heal the members and bind them by way of sufferings and death in order to enjoy in them the virtues of the Head. The Mother wants to reunite the children, to make herself known, in order to constitute them heirs of that which she possesses, behold the necessity of time, in a way that from the kingdom of my Will went forth the Redemption as first act, and the Redemption will serve as (a) powerful means in order to communicate to the members the kingdom that the Head possesses, the one and the other will give the hand/(assistance). And then if I love so much, want, insist, that creatures in all things have for sole beginning my Will alone. I then who possesses the life of him and that I should descend from Heaven in earth, and that it should cost me so much, should I not give the primacy to my Will? Oh! My daughter, this says, that one doesn’t thoroughly know in depth, while an act of my Will has more value, than all creatures united together, and it is so very certain, that the Redemption had life from my Will, while the Redemption didn’t hold the virtue of giving life to my Will. My Fiat is eternal, he didn’t have beginning neither in eternity, nor in time, while the Redemption had its origin in time, and since my Volition doesn’t have beginning and is the only one that can give life to everything hence he possesses in his nature his primacy over everything and there is nothing that we do that we don’t have our primary aim that our Will doesn’t have his dominant, working and reigning life; but you say that the fruits of the Redemption are seen, while those of the Kingdom of the Divine Will one doesn’t see anything, this says that they don’t understand our divine ways, we do the minor things in order to give the post to our greater works and in order to effect our primary aim. Listen to me my daughter, in the Creation our primary purpose was man, but instead of creating man first, we created Heavens, sun, sea, earth, air, winds as habitation where to put this man, and making him find all that which was necessary in order to let him live, in the creation of man himself first we made the body and then infused in him the soul, more precious, more noble and that contains more value than the body; many times it is necessary to do the minor works first, in order to prepare with decency the post to our greater works. What wonder, therefore, that in descending from Heaven in earth, in our divine mind, our primary aim was to constitute the kingdom of our Will in the midst of the human family? Much more so that the first offense that man did to us, was really direct to our Will, hence with justice, our first aim, should be directed to consolidate the offended part of our Will and to restitute to him his regal post, and then the Redemption came, and the Redemption came in a superabundant way with such excesses of love as to make Heaven and earth astounded. But why first? Because it had to serve to prepare with decency, with decorum, with sumptuousness, with the outfit of my sufferings and my death itself, as kingdom, as army, as habitation and as cortege to make my Will reign. In order to heal man there was needed my sufferings, in order to give him life there was needed my death, and yet one tear of mine, one sigh of mine, one single drop of my blood would have been enough in order to save everyone, because all that which I did was animated by my Supreme Will. I can say that it was Him in my Humanity that raced in all my acts, in my most excruciating sufferings, in order to search (out) man and to put him in safety; how therefore can one deny the first purpose to a Volition so holy, so powerful, that embraces everything and in which there is no life, nor good without Him? Therefore it is absurd to even think it. Hence I want that in all things you recognize him as (the) first act of everything, thus you will put yourself in our Divine order, that there is nothing in which we don’t give the primacy to our Will.”


(16) May 12, 1934 Extreme need of the abandonment in the Divine Volition, virtue of It. How everyone turns around God; only the human will goes wandering and is the disturber of everyone.

My abandonment in the Fiat is for me an extreme need of my poor heart, because I feel his Divine Paternity and Maternity, that with his arms of light, he holds me pressed to his bosom, in order to pour himself into me, as a most tender Mother, that loves his daughter with inseparable love, but so much so that he wants to generate his life in his daughter. It seems that it is a delirium, a Divine passion of this Holy Mother, that makes him all eyes, all attention and solicitude, all heart, and in (the) continuous act of working, in order to conceive, to (make) born and raise his life in his daughter, all abandoned in his arms. So that the abandonment in the Divine Will facilitates the cares, and makes practicable the solicitudes of this Celestial Mother to form his life all of Divine Will in the creature.
My beautiful mama, oh! Don’t detach me from your bosom of light so that I can feel your life in me, that brushing me continually makes me know how much you love me, who you are and how very beautiful, amiable and adorable you are.
But while my mind was lost in the total abandonment of the Divine Volition, my sweet Jesus, repeating his brief little visit, said to me:

“My blessed daughter, how much more one understands of my Volition, so much more one enjoys his beauty and sanctity, and so much more one participates in his goods, and the abandonment in Him destroys all the obstacles and keeps the soul so very pressed in his arms, that without effort, my Fiat, can regenerate his Divine life in the creature. True and full abandonment says with deeds: do with me that which you want, my life is yours, and of mine I don’t want to know anything more of it. So that the abandonment holds (the) virtue to put the creature in the power of my Divine Will. Because you should know that all things and the human nature itself takes from the Eternal motion of God, in a way that everything turns around him, all the Creation, the breath, the heartbeat, the circulation of blood, they are under the empire of the Eternal motion, and since everyone and everything, have life from this motion, they are inseparable from God and as they have life, thus with an unanimous course, they turn around the Supreme Being. So that the breath, the heartbeat, the human motion it is not in their power to breathe, to palpitate, to move themselves, if they want, or don’t want, being incessant the motion of the Eternal they also feel the incessant act of the breath, of the heartbeat and of the motion, one can say they have life together with God, and with all created things, that they turn around him without ever stopping. Only the human will, having created it with the great gift of free liberty/will, so that she might be able to say to us that freely she loved us, not because she is constrained as is constrained the breath to breathe, the heart to palpitate and to receive the motion of her Creator, but with wanted will, not forced she can love us and be together with Us in order to receive the working life in our Volition, it was the honor and the greatest gift that we gave to the creature and she ungrateful drew away from our union and inseparability, and hence from the union of everyone and everything, and therefore lost herself, degraded herself, weakened herself, lost the unique strength, and is the only one that in all the Creation, who lost her course, her post of honor, her beauty, her glory, and she goes wandering moved from her post, that she holds in our Will, that calls her, longs for her to her post of honor, so that everyone has a post, also the breath and the human heartbeat, and since everyone and everything have a post, they never lose the life and their incessant motion, no one feels poor, weak, but rich in the Eternal motion of their Creator. Only the human will, because she doesn’t want to be in the regal post of our Divine Volition she is the lost one and the poorest of everyone, and since she feels poor, she feels unhappy, and is the disturber of the human family. Therefore if you want to be rich, happy, never descend from your post of honor, that is inside of our Will, then you will have everything in your power, strength, light, and also my Will himself.”


(17) May 20, 1934 How the Divine Will devours everything as within a single breath/[fiato] all the acts done in Him and of it he forms one alone. How the Divine Will forms the cast-offs of the Humanity of Our Lord, and makes it present to creatures.

I felt very poor of love, but with the will of wanting to love him a great deal, a great deal, I had received sweet Jesus Sacramentally and He was as drowned with love and I as hardly some little drop, and yet he asked me (for) love, in order to give me love, but how to be able to equalize him in some way? Then I thought to myself: my Celestial Mama, she wants that I love my and her Jesus a great deal, hence these drops of my of love, I want to pour them into her seas of love and thus I will give to him and I will tell him: I love you so much that I love you as your Mama loves you. Now it seemed to me that the Sovereign Lady rejoiced and felt happy that her daughter loved Jesus with her love, and He still more content, that he felt himself loved by me with the love of his Mama. And all content, he said to me:

“My little daughter of my Volition, you should know that one who lives in my Fiat is never alone in her acts, she is incorporated in all that which he has done, does and will do, as much in herself, as in all creatures. So that I felt in the love of my Mother the love of my daughter, and in the love of the daughter, the love of my Divine Mother. Oh! How beautiful were your little drops of love, invested by the seas of love of my Mama. For one who lives in my Volition I feel Heaven flow in her acts, in her love, in her will, and I feel the creature in Heaven and her acts, her love, her will invests the Empyrean, to invade everyone and forms one act alone, one love alone and one will alone, and all Heaven feels itself loved, glorified in the creature, and she feels herself loved by all Heaven. In my Will everything is unity, inseparability doesn’t exist, nor exists distance of places, or of times, the centuries disappear in my Volition and with his power he devours everything in one single breath/[fiato], and forms one single continuous act of everything. What fortune for the one that lives in my Volition that can say: I do that which one does in Heaven, and my love is not dissimilar from their love. Only for one who doesn’t live in my Volition, her acts are separable, they suffer solitude, and are dissimilar from our acts, because not being invested by his power, that holds (the) virtue to convert into light that which one does in Him, hence not being light, they can not incorporate themselves with the acts of our Will, that being inaccessible light knows how to convert everything into light, and no wonder that light and light incorporate themselves together.”

Whence I abandoned myself in the arms of the Baby Jesus, thus he made himself seen, and He, drowned with love abandoned himself in mine, in order to enjoy the love that I gave him of his and my Mama and then he added:

“My daughter, if you see me (a) little Baby, it is (in) virtue of my Divine Will that possesses in himself all the periods of my life down here, my tears, my sufferings, and all that which I did; hence He in every instant repeats different periods of my life, in order to give his admirable effects to creatures, and now he forms Me (as) Baby in order to give her the fruits of my infancy, my most tender love that I arrive to cry in order to have love from them, and to let me receive the tenderness, the compassion for my tears. He now forms me (as) little boy, with an enchanting beauty in order to make me known and to enrapture her to love me. Now young, in order to enchain her with inseparable union, now Crucified, in order to have me repair and sympathize and thus with all the rest, of the life of my Humanity down here. Oh! Power and insuperable love of my Will, that which I did in the little round of thirty-three years, and settling Myself I went to Heaven, He will do it for centuries and centuries, holding my Life ready in order to give it to every single creature.
“Now you should know that if the Holy Church has the great honor to have souls that have the good of seeing me, of hearing me speak, as if I was again living together with them, everything owes itself to my Divine Will, it is He that forms my castoffs and makes Me as present to creatures. My Humanity is enclosed in his immensity and holds in virtue of Him the present act as if in act I am born and he gives Me the castoffs of Baby, I grow and he gives Me the castoffs of little boy, all my Life is in his power, and forms it because he wants to give it to Me, in whatever age he wants to show Me, he forms the castoffs for Me and maintains all my life as present act in the midst of creatures. My Will holds your Jesus living, and according to their dispositions thus gives Me the castoffs and I give them and it makes them feel that I cry, suffer, I continue, to be born and to die, and I burn with love because I want to be loved. What doesn’t my Will do? He does everything, there is nothing that doesn’t hold his supremacy, the conservative virtue and the perfect and continuous equilibrium without ever ceasing all our works. My daughter, with my sorrow I say that that which lacks is the knowledge of that which my adorable Will does, the great good that he continually hands to creatures and therefore he wants to be known. And because not known, he is neither appreciated, nor loved, and she doesn’t give the supremacy to all our works. While my Will is the primary font and all our works they are like so many little fonts that receive and draw the life and the goods that they give to creatures. Oh! If one might know what it means Will of God, the good that he offers to creatures, the earth would remain transformed and so very attracted, that one would remain with one’s gaze fixed to look at him and to receive his perennial goods, but since he is not known, they don’t even think of it and they partly lose his goods, because now they want it, now they don’t want it, now they know(,) now they don’t know, now they believe(,) now they don’t believe, it is my Divine Fiat that gives life, motion and everything, he is the motive of all the Creation. And therefore he loves so much that he be known (in) that which He does and can do, all his Divine story in order to be able to lavish with new gifts, and to show off in love with more abundance toward creatures, that in order to do this I have wanted the sacrifice of your life, sacrifice that I have not asked of anyone, sacrifice that costs you so much, although you calculate this sacrifice when the obstacles, the circumstances arise, but I calculate it all days, I measure the intensity, the hardness and the loss of daily life to which you submit yourself from it. Good daughter, your sacrifice was necessary to my Will in order to make himself known, in order to give his knowledges he needed to make use of you as (a) channel in order to make himself known, and your sacrifice as powerful arms in order to conquer, in order to reveal himself, to open his bosom of light and to manifest who He is. More so that the creature with doing her human will rejected and lost the life of the Divine Will, hence it was necessary that a creature might submit herself to the sacrifice of losing her life, losing the mastery of herself, in order to have that my Volition might move himself to make himself known, in order to restore his Divine life. It is always so in our work, when we want to superabound more toward the creature, we ask the sacrifice of one creature, as pretext, and then we make known the good that we want to do, and the good becomes given according to the knowledges that they acquire. Therefore be attentive, and do not want to occupy yourself with useless thoughts of the reason for your state, it was necessary to our Will and (that is) enough, and you should be content and thank him.”


(18) June 16,1934 The human will (was) created Queen in the midst of Creation. How all flows between the fingers of our Creator.

I continue my abandonment in the Divine Fiat, his acts are for me as so many foods that feeding me I feel the growth of his life in me, his strength that imposing itself over my human will conquers it and enraptures it in his in order to say to it: we live together and you will be happy with my same happiness, you have gone out to the light of day, not in order to hold you distant, but together with Me, in my same Will, if I have created you it is because I felt the need to love you and to be loved, so that your creation was necessary to my love, the knoll of my Will, as my little tiny field. I want to make a show of my works, of my mastery, and this in order to form and give vent to my love.
Oh! Adorable Will, how very amiable and admirable you are, so that you want me in You, in order to give life to your vent of love and you so very love that the creature lives in your Divine Volition because you didn’t create us as the Sky, the sun, without will, so that you might be able to do that which you want. But while I thought this my sweet Jesus surprising me, all goodness said to me:

“Blessed daughter, you should know that the most beautiful thing created by Us was the human will, among all created things it is the most beautiful, that which resembles Us more, therefore one can call it the queen among everyone, as in fact it is. All things are beautiful, beautiful is the sun that with its vivifying light gladdens, smiles at everyone, with its light it makes itself eye, hand and step of everyone, beautiful is the Sky that covers everyone with its starry mantle. But for how very beautiful all created things are, no one can boast of having made for us the littlest act of really loving us, there is not one vent of exchange, everything is mute silence and all that which we do, we do it alone, no one echoes Us to respond to the so many seas of love that there are, in all created things not even the littlest vent becomes given to Us, because the vent becomes formed between two wills that have reason and know if they do good or bad. Therefore the human will was created queen in the midst of the Creation, queen of herself, outlet of love with her Creator, queen of all the created things, freely she can do a world of goods, prodigies of valor, heroism of sacrifices, if she puts herself on the side of good, but if she puts herself on the side of evil, as queen she can do a world of ruin and can precipitate from the highest place even into the base of the greatest miseries. Behold therefore among all things we love the human will, because we made her queen, she can say that she loves Us, she can feed our outlet of love, she can put herself in competition with Us, We to love her and she to love us, therefore we endowed her with such prerogatives, even to give her our similarity, she is none other than a simple act, and yet she is the hand, the foot, the voice of her human being. If the creature might not have will she would be similar to the beasts, slave of everyone, without the imprint of Divine nobility, our Divinity most pure spirit, there is no shadow in Us of material, and yet we invest everyone and everything and we are the life, the motion, the foot, the hand, the eye of everyone, the human life flows in the midst of our fingers as actor and spectator, breath and heartbeat of every heart and that which We are for everything and for everyone, the human will is for herself; one can say that for the prerogatives that she possesses, she can mirror herself in Us, and We find our little mirror in her, our power, wisdom, goodness, love, can form its reflections in the simple act of the human will. Oh! Human will, how beautiful you have been created by your Creator, beautiful is the Sky, the sun, but you surpass it, and even if you might not have other beauty, only because you alone can say to us that you love Us, you possess the greatest glory, the enchantment that you can enrapture your Creator.”


(19) June 24, 1934 One who lives in our Will feels the Divine heartbeat in her works, knows his designs, works together and is the welcome one in our Fiat.

I feel between the arms of the Divine Will, which with an insuperable goodness makes present to me all that which he has done for love of creatures, in order to receive the pleasure of making me know them and in order to renew the glory, of all that which he has done for our love, and since he has done everything for pure love, it seems that he is not content if he does not feel himself known and re-loved by whom was (the) cause of making him work, work so great and of indescribable magnificence. But while my mind was lost in the multiplicity of so many Divine works, my always amiable Jesus, repeating his brief little visit said to me:

“My little daughter, our love, our works, they want to have life in the creature, they want to make themselves be felt palpating, in order to give her the love and the fruits that our works contain, which as giving birth in them they also produce love and Divine fruits.
“All that which We have done is always in act, and We call the creature in the act proper that we are working, in order to make her know our works, how much love they contain, with how much wisdom and power they have been formed, and how in all that which we do our aim is always toward them. We have brought forth nothing of us, if It didn’t palpitate love and called the heartbeat of the creature and to make her love us, We have no need of anything, because we possess in Ourselves, in our own Divine Being, all possible and imaginable goods, and possessing the creative virtue, how many goods we want to create, they are in our power. Therefore all our external works were done for them, in order to give them love, in order to make known who it is that has loved them so much, and as staircases in order to have them climb to Us and give us their little love, who doesn’t know Us we feel Ourselves robbed, and who doesn’t love Us, We feel Ourselves betrayed. Now my daughter, do you want to know who receives our heartbeat of created things, our design, the knowledges, and (who) gives Us her heartbeat, her exchange of love? One who lives in our Will. As the creature enters into Him, with his wings of light as arms, he presses her to his bosom and since she possesses his incessant act he says: watch me how I am working, rather lets do it together so that you know that which I do, my love (is) distinct one created thing from the other, and you receive all these degrees of my ardent love, in a way as to cover yourself and to make you drowned with love but so much so that you won’t know how to say to me but you love Me, you love Me, you love Me, if you don’t know, you won’t be able to receive the fullness of the love, nor taste the fruits of our works. Now I want to tell you another surprise, as the creature enters into our Will not only to that which we have done in the Creation, in the Redemption, in everything, and she remains in an admirable way enriched by the works of her Creator, but she gives Us the new glory, as if our works might be repeated anew. All that which we have done passes through the channel of the creature, that is our Will, that which might happen, and We feel Ourselves repeat in virtue of Him the glory as if we might extend a new Heaven, we might work a new creation. And as we feel her come into our Volition we welcome her, and overflowing with new love we say to her: come, touch with (your) hand that which we have done, our works are alive for you, not dead, and with knowing them you will repeat the new glory and the new exchange of love. It is true that our works praise Us and glorify Us by themselves, indeed it is We ourselves that praise and glorify Ourselves continually. But the creature in our Will gives Us something more, she gives Us her working will in our works, her intelligence in order to know them, and her love in order to love us, hence we feel the glory that a human will repeats the glory for Us, as if our works might be repeated. Therefore I want you always in my Divine Fiat, in order to receive his secrets and to drink in large sips his admirable knowledges. With being known the life is communicated, the works are repeated, and one obtains the purpose.”


(20) June 29, 1934 The attention, eye of the soul. How in the Divine Will there are no blind ones. The magnet, the mintage of the Divine image in our acts. How God, makes himself Prisoner of the creature.

The Divine Volition never leaves me alone, it seems to me that he always watches me in order to invest my thought, my word, the littlest of my acts, but he wants my attention, he wants that I know that he wants to invest my acts, and that watching each other, He gives and I receive and if I don’t keep attention he reproaches me, but with such a sweet way as to feel (my) heart break and he says to me:

“The attention is the eye of the soul that knows the gift that I want to make, and she disposes the action to receive my investment. I don’t want to give my goods to the blind, I want that you see and know it, but do you know why? With seeing it you appreciate my gift, and with knowing it you know and love it, and I make you feel my light, my power alive, my love and I feel repeated in your little thought, word and action that which he knows how to do, as my same Divine Will knows how to love. Therefore the first thing that he does to one who wants to live in Him is give the eye in order to look at us and know us, when we are known everything is done, the living in my Divine Will is assured with his full rigor.”

Whence my mind was lost in a sea of light and thoughts and my sweet Jesus surprising me said to me:

“Ah! My daughter, the living in my Will is the living of Heaven, it is to feel in the soul the life of the light, of the love, the life of the Divine action, the life of the prayer, that which she does, for her everything is palpating life in her acts. You should know that one who does the Divine Will and lives in Him becomes the magnet of the Divine acts, her little motion, thought and works are magnetic, with such a powerful magnet, as to magnetize her Creator, in a way that, this magnet attracts Him so much that he can not move himself away from the creature. Our Supreme Being feels the look magnetized and he is always fixed in looking at her, he feels the arms magnetized and tightly holds her to his bosom, the magnet to our love and we pour forth so much that we arrive to feel that she loves Us as we Ourselves love.
“Now, when the creature has formed for Us this magnet, our love arrives to the excesses, as she forms her acts, even the least, she impresses our Divine mintage and we make them pass as our acts, with the imprint of our supreme image and we put them in our Divine treasures as our coins, that the creature has given Us; and if you might know what it means to be able to say that our Supreme Being has received our coins from creatures, has our image coined by ourselves, they ensure them, it would burst your heart with pure love. To give Ourselves to creatures is power that we hold, that possessing everything, to give is none other than an outlet of our love, but to put the creature in (the) condition to be able to give Us and to give us our acts not hers, coins coined with our image, and the love that overcomes everything that not being able to contain it in our emphasis of love we say: you have wounded Us, the magnet of your acts has enraptured Us, and has made Us sweet prisoners in your soul and we will make for you the equivalent to wound you, to enrapture you and to imprison you in Us. Therefore, my daughter I want you all eyes, so that you look and you know well that which my Divine Will wants to do in you.”


(21) July 8, 1934 What is needed in order to form the life of the Divine Will in the creature. Veil that hides him, exchange of life.

The Divine Volition it seems to me that with inquiring eye he goes always watching me, if in all my interior flows as first act his adorable Will, and with an admirable and Divine jealousy invests all, surrounds all, watches the act whether it is little or great, but watches, if there races the life of his Will, because all the value and the greatness of an act, becomes confirmed if there is his Will within, all the rest reduces itself for when it might be great, to a most thin veil, that it is enough to cover and to hide the great treasure, the inimitable life of the Divine Will. Now while my mind was all occupied by the Divine Will, my Highest Good Jesus that it seems that he takes inexpressible gusto, when he wants to speak of his Will, all goodness said to me:

“My blessed daughter, in order to have that an act might be pleasant to Me and my Will might be able to form entire life in it, the whole interior of the creature must be centralized in my Fiat! The will must want it, the desire must ardently desire that which the volition wants, the affections, the tendencies, must desire it and be inclined only in order to receive the life of my Will in their act, the heart to love and to enclose in her heartbeat, the life of my Will, the memory to remember him, the intelligence to understand him. So that everything must be centralized in the act in which my Will wants to form his life. Since in order to form a life there is needed will, desire, heart, affections, tendencies, memory, intelligence, otherwise one could not call it whole and perfect life, thus my Divine Will wanting to form life in the act of the creature, centralizes in her act, now life, that he wants to form, otherwise one could not say whole and perfect life. Behold therefore my Will voids everything, in order to be able to reciprocate the life of his love in the love of the creature, his desires and Divine tendencies, in those of them, his uncreated heartbeat in the created heartbeat, his eternal memory in the finite memory, in short everything, he wants to be free with everything, in order to be able to form whole life not half, and as the creature surrenders hers, thus my Divine Will makes exchange of his. And then his life is fecund and generates in the veil of the creature that covers him, love, desires, tendencies, memory all his, and forms there the great prodigy of his life in her. Otherwise one could not say life, but simple adherence to my Will, not yet in everything, but partly, hence it would not bring either the effects, or the goods that He possesses. (An) image would be the sun if its light might not possess heat, sweetnesses, tastes, perfumes, heats, it could not form the beautiful tints of the colors, the variety of sweetnesses, the softness of the tastes and perfumes, if it gives them to the earth it is because it possesses them, and if it might not possess them, it would not be true life of light, but sterile light without fecundity. Thus the creature, if she doesn’t surrender the post of all her interior to my Will, she could not possess his love that never extinguishes itself, the sweetnesses and Divine tastes, and all that which composes the life of my Will. Therefore do not keep anything of you and for you, and you will give Us the great glory to have a life of our Will upon the earth veiled by your mortal castoffs, and you the great good of possessing him, you will feel flow in your castoffs, as rapid sea, the happiness, the joys, the firmness of good, the love that always loves, the sweetness, the tastes, the conquests of your Jesus will also be yours. Your castoffs will continue the office of sufferings down here, but they will have a life of Divine Will that will sustain him, and he will make use of them to develop the life of his conquests and Divine victories in the human castoffs. Hence always ahead in my Will.”


(22) July 15, 1934 One who lives in the Divine Will puts herself in (the) condition of receiving and of being able to always give to her Creator. How one who prays disburses the coin, forms the void, and acquires the capacity to possess that which she asks.

I was making my round in the Divine Will and my little human volition, lost in Him, burned from the desire to weave all his acts, in order to make them mine, in order to be able to master over everything, and have in my power an infinite glory, an eternal love, innumerable acts, distinct the one from the other, that never finishes in order to be able to always give love, glory, works to my Creator. As daughter of his Will I feel the need to possess everything, in order to hold the love, that never says enough, and Divine acts worthy of the Supreme Majesty. And my always adorable Jesus, almost in order to confirm that which I thought he said to me.

“My daughter, for one who does my Will and lives in Him everything is hers, if He gives to the Creature He doesn’t give as alone, but brings all his works, because they are inseparable from Him, and he makes use of them in order to make space, to feed, to felicitate, to enrich, with his immense riches, she that lives in Him, and he puts the creature in (the) condition to be able to always receive. If my Divine Volition might not be able to give all, and always give and always receive from one who lives in his Volition, it would not be (a) true happy life in him, because the substance of happiness becomes formed by new surprises, by the exchanges of gifts, by the various and manifold works, possessing every source of various joys that the one makes gift to the other, and to each other they attest their love, the one flows into the other, and in this pouring of themselves they communicate the secrets and the creature makes new discoveries of the Divinity and acquires other knowledges of the Supreme Being. Life in my Will is not a joke, but working life and continuous activity. Rather you should know that there is no thing that has been done by God, by the Saints and by everyone that is not given to one who lives in my Volition, because there is nothing of good that to Him doesn’t belong, and as you feel the need to possess everything, thus everyone feels the need to give themselves to you. But do you know why they want to pass through the channel of the human volition? To order to give the good that they possess and to duplicate the good, the glory of the their acts to their Creator. So that as you desire to re-trace them, thus our works and those of all Heaven, they desire to be re-traced, it seems that they say the one behind the other: to me it is not given to go ahead, take me up in your power, unite everyone together, so that one is the love of everyone, the glory to that Supreme Will that has given birth to us in his womb and has given life to us. Therefore the living in my Will is the prodigy of prodigies, it is the unity of everything, it is to possess everything, to receive and to give everything, and since I always want to give to the creature, ardently I long for her in my Fiat, in order to give that which I want and to make my desires completed.”

After this I thought to myself: but what good comes to me, what glory do I give to my God, with always asking that his Will be known, and take his regal post that awaits him in creatures? It seems to me that I don’t know how to ask for other, it seems to me that Jesus himself is tired of hearing me say the same story, I want your Fiat as life, for me and for everyone, but while I thought this my sweet Jesus added:

“My blessed daughter, you should know that when the creature prays incessantly to obtain a good, she acquires the capacity to possess that good, and possessing it she will hold (the) virtue to make it possessed by the others. The prayer is as disbursement of the coin in order to buy the good that she wants, the prayer forms the respect, the appreciation, the love that is needed in order to be able possess it. The prayer forms the void in the soul where to be able to enclose the wanted good, otherwise if I wanted to give it to her, she will not have where to put it, and then you can not give me greater glory, than to ask me that my Will be known and reigns. This is my same prayer, it is the longing and the heartbeat of my Heart, they are my ardent anxieties, and you should know that my love is so much, that I want to make my Will known, that not being able to hold it back it flows over you, and I make you say: your Fiat come, your Will be known. So that it is I that prays in you, it is not you, they are my outlets of love, my loving vents, that feel the need to unite me with the creature in order to not be alone to pray for such a good, and in order to give more value to this prayer, I put in your power my works, all the Creation, my life, my tears, my sufferings, so that it not be a prayer of words alone, but (a) prayer confirmed by my works, life, sufferings and my tears. Oh! How sweetly your refrain sounds to my hearing, your loving sing-songs in which is made my echo: come your Fiat, your Will be known, and if you might not do this, you would suffocate my prayer in you, and I would remain embittered and I would remain alone, alone to pray. But I must still tell you, you should know that I feel the need to re-trace all my works and sufferings in order to ask me that my Will be known and reign; who has known him and loves him in sight of the great good, can not abstain from asking repeatedly that everyone knows and possesses him, therefore think that I am with you and I pray together with you, when you feel that you can not do less than to pray for the triumph of my Will.”


(23) July 20, 1934 All that which goes forth from God is all innocent and holy. How the Creation is one single act of Divine Will. Who is the triumphant one in the space of the universe.

My little intelligence feels the irresistible strength of the Divine Volition that calls it, he wants her in the midst of all the Creation, in order to make them see and understand the harmony, the order, of all created things and how each one gives its tribute to its Creator. Not one created thing, for however little or great, destined to occupy the great space of the atmosphere, it doesn’t give its distinct tribute to He who has created it, and in spite that they have no reason they are mute, yet with never changing action, with never moving from the post in which God has put it, it is perennial glory.
Whence I thought to myself: I also occupy space in the great void of the Creation and can I say that I am at my post wanted by God? Does my will always do one act alone of Will of God as all the Creation does? But while I thought this my beloved Jesus surprising me, all goodness said to me:

“My blessed daughter, all that which goes forth from our Supreme Being, everything is innocent and holy, nor can go forth from our Sanctity and infinite Wisdom beings or things with (a) shadow of stain and that don’t contain the utility of a good, all created things feel in their nature creative virtue, and hence the continuous tribute and the glory that is due Us, because we have put them forth to the light of day, nor do We know how to do things in the least stained, nor useless things. So that all that which became created by Us is all holy, pure and beautiful, and we receive from everyone the tribute and our Will his completed act. My daughter there is no created thing animate and inanimate that doesn’t commence life with completing our Will and giving us their tribute, already all the Creation is none other than one act alone of our Will, already it is at its regal post, and although unconscious, yet He holds his working life of light in the Sun, his working life of fortitude and empire in the wind, working life of immensity, in the immensity of the space, in every created thing he develops his life, and holds in his womb everyone and everything, in a way that no one can move themselves, nor make a motion, if he doesn’t want it, and the veils of created things give Us the continuous tribute and the great glory of the great honor, that they are dominated by our Will. Now the creature remains, one can say (that with) original sin taken away that the newborn is not innocent and holy? And if one adds Baptism, a period of the life of the baby, even to such that the actual sin doesn’t enter in her soul, is not the baby an act of my Will? And if she moves the step, if she speaks, if she thinks, if she makes her little hands act, all these little acts wanted and disposed by my Will, are they not tributes and glory that we receive? Perhaps they will be unconscious, but my Will receives from that little nature, that which He wants, it is only sin that makes one lose the Sanctity and puts the working life of my Will outside of the creature, because if there is no sin, We carry her in womb, we surround her with our Sanctity, and hence she can do no less than feel in herself the working life of my Will. You see therefore everyone and everything have beginning and are born together with my Will, innocent, holy and worthy of He who has created them, but who conserves this innocence and sanctity, one who is always at her post in my Will, she alone is the triumphant one in the space of the universe, she is the standard-bearer and she gathers the whole army of the Creation, in order to bring it to God with speaking voice and with full knowledge, the glory, the honor and the tribute of everything and everyone. Therefore one can say that my Will is everything for the creature, and her first act of being born is the continuation of his conservation, nor does he ever leave her not by way of love, nor by way of grace, nor by way of operative work, as who lives by will and know(ledge) to live in Him, and if the sin sweeps her away, he doesn’t even leave her, he involves her with his dominion in his punitive justice, so that the creature and all things are inseparable from my Will. Therefore be to your heart my Will alone, recognize him as life, as Mother that raises you and feeds and wants to form of you his greatest glory and honor.”


(24) July 24, 1934 How it is established, by God the truths that must be manifested on the Divine Will. How He bilocates, repeats, traps Divine life. How the Creation didn’t finish, but continues.

I felt myself all immersed in the Divine Volition, all the truths manifested to me that regard him crowded in my mind and they wanted to say and to re-say, in order to make themselves known. But alas! Their saying was of Heaven, too high, there lacked many words in order to be able to repeat their Celestial lessons, only that I felt that they were bearers of the sanctity of Heaven and of Divine joys. But while I felt all immersed in the Fiat my always amiable Jesus with an indescribable love said to me:

“My little daughter of my Will, as his daughter, I feel the need of love that the daughter knows his secrets, if I might not do this often, I would remain suffocated by the highest waves of love that issues forth from Me, so that speaking to you of my Will is for Me refreshment, it is relief, it is balm, that mitigates my flames, in order not to make me remain suffocated and burnt by my love. I am Jesus all love and I manifest my greatest love in speaking of my Divine Volition. But do you know why? The essence of our Life becomes recognized with speaking of Him and my Fiat in my word bilocates and repeats our life, in the midst of creatures, nor is there greater glory for Us, nor fullness of vent of our excessive love, than to see our life bilocated in order to give himself, to install himself, to make him our place of center, for how much the creature is capable it is a kingdom more of love and of our Will that we acquire. Hence our creative work didn’t finish, but continues, but not with creating new skies and suns in the universe, no, no, but our Divine Fiat is reserved to continue the Creation in virtue of his creative power, that as he pronounces his Fiat to create, to bilocate, to repeat our Divine Life in the midst of creatures, there can not be (the) continuation of (a) more beautiful Creation, therefore pay attention to me and listen to me. Our Supreme Majesty holds established ab eterno, all the truths of the Divine Will, that he must manifest, which are as so many queens in our Divine Being, waiting with unconquered love to make the way for earth, in order to bring as queens the great good to creatures, of these knowledges of our Fiat, which will bring the office of teacher in order to form her according to the truths that they announce. These queens of my truths will give the first kiss of the life of the Fiat and will be endowed with the virtue of transformers and of transforming into truth itself those people that will listen and will remain with them, ready to their needs, in order to help them and instruct them, we will be all love for them, disposed to give them that which they want, provided that they listen to them and let themselves be conducted and managed by them. Now all the truths on our Will, have not all gone forth yet, and those that remain wait with anxiety to depart from within our Divinity, in order to complete their office and be bearers and transformers of the good that they possess, and when all the truths that we have disposed to go forth will be manifested, all together these noble queens, they will give the assault to Us to our Divine Being and as (an) invincible army with our same Divine weapons, they will conquer Us and obtain the triumph of the kingdom of the Divine Will upon the earth, resisting them will be impossible to Us and with conquering God, they will also conquer creatures. Behold the reason my speaking continues yet, because all the queens have not gone forth from our Divinity, in order to complete their office and since the speaking of my Will is (the) continuation of the Creation of the Fiat that created the universe, and as then the Creation of the universe, it was preparation to the creation of man, thus today my speaking on my Fiat is none other than (the) continuation of Creation, in order to prepare the sumptuousness, the decency to my kingdom and those that will possess it. Hence be attentive and do not let anything escape, otherwise you would suffocate an act of my Will and you would constrain Me to repeat my lessons.”


(25) August 5, 1934 Story of the love of God, the Creation enclosed in man. Sorrowful notes in the Divine love.

I was doing my round in the acts of the Divine Will, and passing from one work to the other, I arrived at the Creation of man and my sweet Jesus detaining me with an inexpressible love, that he could not contain, said to me:

“My daughter, my love makes Me feel the need to speak of the Creation of man, already all the Creation is pregnant with our love and speaks, although in mute language, and if it doesn’t speak, it says with deeds and it is the greatest narrator of our love toward man, and when our love was extended in everything, in a way that she should find no point (in) which our love might not cover her, and might race toward her and more than Sun might dart her. When in everything the Creation was completed, we created man, but before creating him listen to the story of our love toward Him. Our adorable Majesty had established to construct man king of all the Creation, to give him the dominion over everything and to make him master over all our works, but in order to say true king with deeds, not with words, he had to possess in him(self) all that which we had scattered in the Creation. So that in order to be king of the sky, of the sun, of the wind, of the sea and of everything, he had to possess inside of himself a Sky, a sun, and so on, in a way that the Creation should reflect in him, and he should possess the same qualities, to reflect in the Creation and to master it. In fact, if he might not have an eye full of sight, how could he enjoy the light of the Sun and take of it when he might want some? If he might not have feet and hands in order to cross the earth and take that which the earth produces, how could he call himself king of the earth? If he might not have the respiratory organ in order to breathe the air, how could he make use of it? And thus with all the rest. Hence before creating man we looked at the whole Creation in our emphasis of love and we exclaimed: how very beautiful are our works, but among all the most beautiful we will make man, we will centralize everything in him, in a way that we will find the Creation outside and inside of him. And as we went molding him, thus we enclosed in him the Sky of reason, the sun of intelligence, the rapidity of the wind in the thought, the extension of the space, the fortitude, the empire in the will, the motion in the soul in which we contained the sea of graces, the celestial air of our love and all the senses of the body, as the most beautiful flowering. Oh! Man how very beautiful you are, but not content with this we put in him the great Sun of our Will, and giving him the great gift of the word, so that he might with deeds and with words be the eloquent narrator of his Creator, it was our image with which We delighted ourselves to enrich him with our most beautiful qualities.
“But not content with of all this, we were taken with love so exuberant toward him, that our immensity involved him anywhere, everywhere, and in every instant, our omniclairvoyance looked at him in every thing and even in the fibers of his heart our Power sustained him, bringing him everywhere in our Paternal arms; our life, our motion, palpated in his heartbeat, breathed in his breath, worked in his hands, walked in his feet, and arrived to make himself footstool even under his steps; our Fatherly goodness in order to hold this dear son of ours secure, put forth (the) conditions that he could not be separated from Us, nor We from him. What else couldn’t we do and didn’t we do? Behold therefore we love him so much, because he cost us much, we disbursed for him our love, our power, our Will and we put in attitude our infinite Wisdom, and we didn’t want other than he might love Us, and that freely he might live in all in our Will and might recognize how much we have loved him and done for him. These our loving pretensions, who (so) cruel will want to deny them? But alas! There is unfortunately some who denies them and forms there his sorrowful notes in our love. Therefore be attentive and your flight in our Will be continuous.”

After this I continued my round in the Creation, and not knowing how to do other I offered the extension of the Sky to God in order to adore him, the twinkling of the stars for profound genuflections, the light of the sun in order to love him, but while I did this I thought to myself: but the Sky, the stars, the sun, they are not animate beings, they have no reason, how can they do that which I want? And my beloved Jesus always benign added:

“My daughter, in order to create the Creation first there was needed our wanted and decided Will to create it, and when this Will of ours wanted, then he converted into work that which he wanted. So that in every created thing is our wanted and working Will, which always remained in act to want and to work. Hence offering, to our Supreme Majesty, the Sky, the sun, and other, one offers not the material and superficial thing that one sees but the same wanted and working Will of God that there is inside of every created thing, and if they don’t have reason there is inside a Divine reason, and a wanted and working Will of God that animates everything, and offering them one offers us the greatest act, the most holy Will, the most beautiful works, and not interrupted, but continuous, in which there are the most profound adorations, the most perfect love, the greatest glory that the creature can give us through means of our wanted and working Will in all the Creation, and if the Sky, the stars, the sun, the wind, don’t intend anything, my Will and yours intends that we want to make use of them, and it is enough.”


(26) September 24, 1934 How one who lives in the Divine Will becomes members of Him and acquires the inseparability of all the works of her Creator.

I feel as if I might swim in the immense abyss of the Divine Will, and since I am too little, I go in order to take and it doesn’t succeed me other than to take some little drops of Him, and that little that I take, they remain in me, and inseparable from the Supreme Fiat, and they make me feel the inseparability of Him and all his acts. Oh! Divine Will you love so much one who lives in You, that you don’t want to do anything, nor do you know how to do anything, if you don’t put in part She who already lives in you, it is so much your enthusiasm of love that says: that which I do you who lives in me must do, it seems to me that you would become unhappy if you might not be able to do and say that which the creature does I do, that which I do she does.
But while my mind was lost in Him and I felt the strong ties of his inseparability, my sweet Jesus repeating his little visit to my soul, said to me:

“My little daughter of my Volition, you should know that the inseparability from Him is such and so much for one who lives in my Will, that there is no thing that he does in Heaven and in all the Creation that he doesn’t make one who lives in Him part of. As the body possesses the inseparability of its members, and that which one member does, all the other members centralize themselves in the member that works, they are to light of everything, and all take part, thus one who lives in my Will becomes (a) member of Him, and as connatural on both parts they feel such inseparability, and that which one does the other does. Whence my Volition in Heaven felicitates, beatifies, with his smiles of love he enchants the whole Celestial court and makes one experience unheard of joys, in earth to one who lives in his Volition, he develops his working, sanctifying, strengthening life and doing as (a) conqueror he makes so many conquests for how many acts, heartbeats, words, thoughts, footsteps, she does in Him. Now (in) Heaven, the blessed feel and take part in the working and conquering life that my Will does upon the earth in the souls that live in Him, they feel the inseparability of their acts, breaths and heartbeats, and the happiness of my conquering Will, through which they feel new joys, the beautiful surprises that my conquering Fiat knows how to give in creatures, and since they are conquests of a Divine Will the blessed that already live of Him feel them, conquerors of his goods and his works, and oh, how many new seas of happiness they enjoy. And behold Heaven feels itself inseparable even from the breaths of the creature that lives in my Will upon the earth, and the creature feels in virtue of Him, the inseparability of the joys and happiness of Heaven, the peace of the Saints and his, the firmness and confirmation in the good are converted into nature, the life of Heaven one feels flow in her members, more than blood in her veins. Everything is inseparable for one who lives in my Will, from the sky, from the sun, from all the Creation, there is no thing that can separate itself from her, it seems that everyone and everything says to her: we are inseparable from you, my same sufferings suffered upon the earth, my life, my works, they say to her: we are yours, they surround her, invest her, and take the post of honor and they bind themselves with inseparable ways (to) her. Behold therefore that the creature who lives in my Volition always feels little, because feeling the inseparability from my so many works, great and innumerable of my love, of my light and sanctity she is the true tiny one in the midst of all my works, but tiny fortunate one, loved by everyone, that she arrives even to give beauties, new conquests, new joys to Heaven. Therefore if you want everything, live always in my Volition and you will feel yourself (to be) the happiest creature.”


(27) October 7, 1934 Reciprocal love between God and the creature exchange of action, labyrinth of love, in which one becomes put who lives in my Fiat. God sower of the field of souls.

I am beneath the eternal waves of the Divine Fiat and my poor mind feels his sweet enchantment, his Power and operative virtue, that investing me makes me do that which He does, it seems to me that with his eye of light, he gives life and makes everything rise, and with his empire, he reigns over everything, keeps track of everything, not even a breath escapes, he gives everything, and wants everything, but with so much love that it gives of the incredible, and what stupefies one more is that he wants that the creature knows that which he does, in order to have her inseparable with himself, and have her do that which the Divine Will himself does. I remained spellbound and my littleness lost itself and if it were not that my sweet Jesus shook me making me his little visit, I would have remained there, who knows how long, and all goodness and love he said to me:

“My good daughter, do not wonder, everything is possible to one who lives in my Will. There is a reciprocal love on both parts, between God and the creature, but so much so that the human littleness arrives to want and to do her acts of God, and as hers she loves them so much, that she would she put forth (her) life in order to defend, love and give him all the glory, the first place of honor, to one of these Divine acts alone. God for exchange, makes his the acts of the creature, he finds in these acts himself, the vent of his love, the height of his sanctity, and oh, how he loves them, and in this reciprocal love, they love each other so much, that they remain imprisoned the one in the other, but voluntary imprisonment, that while it makes them inseparable, they feel happy that God feels loved and he finds his post in the creature, and she feels loved by God and holds her post in the Supreme Being. There is no greater happiness for the creature to be able to say, and to be certain of being loved by God, and there is no greater happiness for Us, (than) to be loved by one who was created by Us, only in order to love us and to complete our Will. Now the creature, while she finds herself in her Creator, she would like that everyone might love him, that they might recognize him, and in virtue of the Divine Fiat with which she is animated, she wants to make arise and recalls all the acts of creatures in God, in order to tell him(,) I give you everything, and for everyone(,) I love you, hence she makes herself together with the Divine Volition thought for every intelligence, look for every eye, word for every voice, heartbeat for every heart, motion for every work, step for every foot, what thing doesn’t one want to give Me who lives in my Will? Everyone and everything. Therefore she says to my Will: I feel the need to possess your love, your power, in order to be able to have a love that says to you for everyone I love you. So that in her our Will makes us find the love and the exchange of all the acts of creatures. Oh! My Will, in what power you cast the soul, and a labyrinth of love, one who lives in you, and such and so much that the human littleness feels drowned by love and as refreshment she feels the need of retracing everything, in order to say her continuous little refrain, I love you, I love you, as vent, of the great love that my Divine Will gives her. This is our life, all of love, our story woven ab eterno all of love, such must be one who lives in our Will, there must be such accord between her and Us, as to form one act alone and one love alone. Now my blessed daughter I want to make you know how we love creatures and our continuous outlets of love that we pour over them, our first act of our happiness, is love and to give love, if we don’t give love there lacks us the breath, the motion and the food to our Supreme Being, if we don’t give love, and with deeds we love, we would halt the course to our Divine life, that which can not be. Behold therefore our contrivances, the industries, the stratagems of love, they are innumerable, and to love not only with words, but with deeds and works working without ever ceasing. Now as in the Creation we created a sun that with its working light and heat it gives light to everyone, it transforms the face of the earth and goes sowing in every single plant to some the color, to some the perfume, to some the sweetness there is no thing in which the Sun doesn’t cast its effect, almost as seed of maturation, in order to make all plants suitable in order to feed man and give him pleasure with so many tastes, almost innumerable. Thus our Supreme Being keeping for himself the noblest part of man, that is the soul, more than sun, we fix his interior, we dart it, mould it, and as we touch it more than solar light, we cast the seed of the thought in the intelligence, the seed of our memory in the memory, the seed of our Will in his, the seed of the word in the voice, the seed of the motion in the works, the seed of our love in the heart, and so on with all the rest. Now if she is attentive to Us working the field of her soul together with Us, because we never withdraw our Divine sun, at night and in the daytime we are above her, more than (a) tender mother, now to feed her, now to warm her, now to defend her, now to work together, and to cover her and hide her in our love. Hence we will make a beautiful harvest that will serve to feed them with Us, and to praise our love, our infinite power and wisdom and if she doesn’t stay attentive to Us, our Divine seed remains suffocated, without producing the good that it possesses and she remains fasting, without the Divine foods, and We remain fasting of her love. How sorrowful it is to sow without harvesting, but with everything our love is so much, that we don’t leave, we continue to dart her, to warm her, almost as sun that is not tired of making its little pass of light, in spite that it doesn’t find neither plant, nor flowers, where to cast the seed of its effects. Oh! How many more goods would the sun do if it might not find so many sterile earths, stones and abandonment by man. Thus We, if we might find more souls that might give Us attention, we would give so many goods as to transform creatures into living saints and our faithful copies. However in our Divine Will there is no danger that she doesn’t receive our daily sowing, and that she doesn’t work together with her Creator in the field of her soul. Therefore always in my Fiat I want you, nor give thought of other, thus we will make a beautiful harvest, and you and I we will have abundant foods, to be able to furnish the others, and we will be happy with one sole happiness.”


(28) October 21, 1934 How the characteristic and property of the Divine Will is spontaneity. How all the beauty, the sanctity, the greatness is in It.

I am always en route in the Divine Fiat, my little intelligence never stops, it races, races always in order to be able to find myself, for how much it is possible for me, together with the course of the incessant acts that the Divine Will does for love of creatures, to think that He always loves me, nor does he ever cease loving me, and I not to race in his love, in order to love him, I can not do it, I feel that I do him a wrong, indeed I feel myself in the labyrinth of his love, and without effort I love him and I want to investigate his love in order to see how much more he loves me(.) And I remained surprised in seeing his immense seas of love, and my love, hardly (a) little drop and what is more, drawn from his same sea.
Hence it is worthwhile to me to remain in his same sea and say to him: your love is mine, therefore we love each other with one love alone, thus I calm down, and the Divine Volition is content, it is necessary to take his, to be bold, otherwise one remains without giving anything, with a love so tiny that it dies on the lips. But while my mind blundered, my sweet Jesus, the dear (of) my Life, making his brief little visit, that it seemed that he took gusto to listen to me, said to me:

“My little daughter, the love, the acts, the spontaneous sacrifices, without force, that the creature does for Me are so pleasant to Me, that in order to enjoy Myself more I enclose them in my Heart and so much is my contentment that I go always repeating: how beautiful they are, how sweet is her love. Aye! I find in them my Divine way, my spontaneous sufferings, my love that, always loves, without anyone forcing Me, (or) praying Me. You should know that one of the most beautiful characteristics, and as his legitimate property is that my Divine Will possesses in nature the virtue spontaneity. Everything is spontaneous in Him, if he loves, if he works, if with one single act he gives life and conserves everything, he doesn’t put forth not one effort, nor is he prayed by anyone, his motto is I want and I do, because effort says necessity and We don’t have (to) neither by any need, nor by anyone. Effort says lack of power, while we are powerful by nature and everyone hangs from our power and in one instant we can do everything, and in another instant if we want we can knock down everything, force says lack of love, while our love is such and so much that it gives of the incredible. Behold therefore we created everything without anyone praying to us, or saying anything to Us, and in the Redemption itself, not one law was over Me, no one could obligate me to suffer so much even to die, but my law was love and the operative virtue of my Divine spontaneity, so much so that the sufferings were first formed in Me, I gave them life, and then investing creatures they re-gave them to me, and with that spontaneous love with which I had given them life, thus I received them, no one could have been able to touch me, if I might not have wanted it. So that all the beauty, the good, the sanctity, the greatness, is in working with spontaneous ways, while one who works and loves forced, loses the most beautiful (thing), and they can be called and are works and love without life, and accordingly subject to a mutable way, while spontaneity produces the firmness in the good.
“Now my daughter, the sign that the soul lives in my Divine Will is to love, to work and also to suffer spontaneously, force doesn’t exist. My Will that she holds with herself communicates his spontaneity to her, in order to have her with himself, in his love, that races, in his works that never ceases, otherwise it would be (an) annoyance to hold her in his womb of light without the characteristic of his spontaneous way; rather the creature is all eyes in order to look at my Divine Fiat that she doesn’t want to remain behind, but she wants to race together, in order to love with his love and in order to find herself in his works, in order to repay them and to praise his power and creative magnificence. Hence race, race always, and make that your soul without force plunges itself into my Divine Volition in order to cross together his loving ways and floods of stratagems for love of creatures.”


In the Will of God!

(29) November 5, 1934 True love in the creature forms the little post in the Divine works, in order to be able to enclose the life of the Divine Will.

I feel an irresistible force that never allows me to stop, and it seems that every created thing, all that which my sweet Jesus has done, has done and suffered, says to me: “For you I have created it, for your love, and you nothing, you want to put forth for my love, nothing of yours in that which I have done for you? I have cried for you, I have suffered, I am dead for you, and you want to put nothing in my tears, in my sufferings, in my death, my whole Being searches you, and don’t you want to invest and search all my things in order to invest them and enclose in them your I love you? I am all love, and don’t you want to be all love for Me.”
I remained confused and my poor mind took the course of the acts done by the Divine Will in order to be able to say: I also have put there mine in your acts, it might be a little I love you of mine, but in my I love you I put all (of) myself. But while I made my course, my sweet Jesus surprising me with his brief little visit, all goodness said to me:

“My blessed daughter, you should know that true love in the creature puts Me in the conditions of making me forget everything and disposing myself to concede that my Will comes to reign upon the earth, not that I suffer forgetfulness, this can not be in Me, it would be (a) defect, but rather I experience so much gusto in the true love of the creature, when I find that all the particles of her being says to Me that they love Me, and this love of hers for me flowing outside, invests Me and races in all my Being, in my works, and as kneading itself with Me, it makes Me feel her love anywhere and everywhere. In order to enjoy this love of the creature I put everything aside, and as if I might forget she inclines Me so much that she disposes Me and imposes herself over Me, to give her surprising things and that which she wants, and finish the kingdom of my Will. True love holds such power that it calls my Will as life in the human being. You should know that when I extended the Heavens, I created the sun, since from them in my omniclairvoyance, I saw your love race in the Sky, investing the light of the sun, and in all created things you formed a little post in order to love me, and oh, how I rejoiced and my Will even from then raced toward you and of those that would have loved Me, in order to give himself as life, in that little post of love. You see therefore, my Will crossed the centuries, assembled them into one single point, all in act, and I found the post of love where to put his life, in order to continue it with all his majesty and Divine decorum. I came upon the earth, but do you know in whom I found the little post to enclose my life? In the true love of the creature, even from then I already saw your love, that crowning me invested all my Humanity and flowed in my blood, in all my particles, almost kneading itself with Me. Everything was in act for Me and as present, and my tears found the little place where to pour itself out, my love, my sufferings, my life, the refuge where to be able to be in a secure place, and my death found even the resurrection in the true love of the creature, and my Divine Will found his kingdom where to reign. Therefore if you want that my Divine Will comes to reign as life in creatures, make me find your love everywhere, anywhere and in every thing, make me feel it always, with this you will form the fire where to burn everything, which consuming all that which is not of my Will, you will form the post where to be able to enclose my Will, and then all my works will find (their) post, their hideaway where to be able to continue the good and the working virtue that they possess, and thus we will do it on both parts (the) exchange of post, you will find your little post in Me and in all my works, and I will find it in you and in all your acts. Hence always ahead in my Divine Will in order to form the fire of love where you will burn yourself and all the impediments that impede his reign in the midst of creatures.”


(30) November 18, 1934 Love of God, in the Creation, the glory that it would have given if it might have reason. Sacrifice that love makes of his glory, his continuous cry. The army, armed with love, exchanges of love between God and the creature.

I am always in search of the acts that the Divine Will continually does, and since he is not ever found without doing anything, but always in (the) working act, oh, how beautiful it is to be able to say to my Creator that his Divine Fiat loves me so much that he is extending the Sky, creating the sun, giving life to the wind and to all the other things, because he loves me, and so much is his love that he says to me with deeds and with words: for you I do this, I didn’t do but I do for Us, as much as it costs Us creating so much conserving our works. Whence I turned in the Creation, and the Sky, the stars, the sun and it seemed that everything came to meet me with their little refrain: for you our Creator has created us, because he loves you, therefore come to love (He) who so very has loved you. I dispersed myself in the created things and my always amiable Jesus making himself met, detaining me said to me:

“My little daughter of my Divine Volition, our love was so much and is still in the Creation, that if the creature might pay attention she would remain drowned by our love, and she would not know how to do other than love us. Do you feel my daughter, where our love for the creature arrives, We created all the Creation without reason, oh, if we might have endowed it with reason what glory wouldn’t it have given Us, a Sky always extended without ever moving from its post, because such was our Will? A sun that does faithfully without ever changing itself (as) the administrator of our light, of our love, of our sweetness, of our perfumes and of all our goods, without ever changing (the) action and only because we wanted it thus? If it might have reason what glory wouldn’t be given Us? A wind that always blows ruling in the great void of the universe, a sea that always murmurs, if they might have reason what glory wouldn’t they have given Us? But no, the cry of our love cried out more strongly than our glory and almost impeded Us from giving reason to the Creation, and crying out strongly said to Us: it is for love of the creature that we have created everything, hence to her the reason, so that she comes in the Sky, in order to reciprocate us in incessant love and in perennial glory, because we extended a Sky over her head, and in every star we feel her cry of love that loves Us with immovable love. She comes in the sun and transforming herself in it as if it were hers, she reciprocates Us with love of light, with love of sweetness and gives Us the exchange of love of the administration of our goods that the sun gives her. Therefore we want the creature in all created things with right of justice, because she gives Us the exchange that they would have given Us if all the Creation might have reason. Behold therefore we endowed her with reason, and we want that our Will might dominate her and might have his regal post as he holds it in the Creation, so that uniting her with all created things she might understand all our notes of love toward her, and she might exchange Us with her notes of incessant love and of perennial glory. We never stop loving her with deeds and with words, and she is obligated to always love us and to not remain behind, but to come to meet us and to put her love over our same loving notes.
“Beyond this, our love that never says enough, always wants to give to the creature, nor does he remain content, if he doesn’t find new inventions of love in order to tell her I have always loved you and with working love, hence in every single created thing our Fiat put within and invested them with a distinct love the one from the other, in order to tell her I love you powerfully, in another it put the sweetness of our love and there the amiability and there the gentleness and there our love that enraptures, that binds, that conquers, in a way that the creature would not have been able to resist Us, in short in every created thing we put the weapon of our distinct love. We can say that our Fiat put in the Creation an army armed with love, with weapons one more powerful than the other, and endowing the creature with reason she should understand and receive all these weapons of love through means of created things, and she remaining invested by these specialties of weapons of love, should be able to say to us, not only with words, but with deeds, as we do: I love you with powerful love, my love is sweet, is amiable and gentle for you, so much so that I feel myself languish, I come to less, I feel the need of your arms in order to sustain me, and supported by you, I feel that my love enraptures you, binds you, conquers you, they are your same weapons of love, with which you have armed me that love you, that move to battle to love each other. My daughter, how much hidden love the Creation contains and since the creature does not elevate herself in our Will, she doesn’t come to live in Him, with all that she has her reason, she doesn’t understand anything, and We remain without the exchange to Us with owed justice. And our love does what? With unconquered patience he waits and continues his cry, that he wants to be loved by the creature, because for her love he would have sacrificed an interminable glory, if he had given reason to all the Creation, for love of creatures. Hence be attentive to live in our Divine Volition, so that making himself revealer of our love he surrenders the weapons to you in order to let us each other love, with the quality of our same love, and oh, how I will be content and also you will be content from it.”


(31) November 25, 1934 Living in the Divine Will is as one might live between Father and child. Her acts are visits to the Celestial Father. Divine abyss in which one who lives in the Divine Will is put.

I am always returning in the celestial inheritance of the Divine Fiat, every act that I do it seems to me that I return in the arms of my Celestial Father, but in order to do what? In order to receive a look, a kiss, a caress, a little word of love, one knowledge more of his Supreme Being, in order to be able love him more, and not only in order to receive, but also in order to give the exchange of his Paternal tenderness to him. In the Divine Volition none other is done than, God develops his Paternity with a tender and indescribable love, as if he himself awaits the creature in order to cradle her in his arms, in order to say to her: know that I am your Father, and you are my daughter. Oh! How I love the crown of my children around Me, with them around Me I feel more happy, I feel myself Father, and there is no greater contentment than to possess numerous offspring, that attest the love, the progeny to their Father. And the creature with entering in the Divine Volition doesn’t do other than do (as) daughter to her Father. Instead outside of the Divine Volition the rights of Paternity and progeny cease. But while my mind was lost in the crowd of so many thoughts on the Divine Fiat, the Sovereign Celestial Jesus, the dear (of) my Life, surprising me with a love more than Paternal in (the) act of taking me up between his arms, said to me:

“My daughter, my daughter, if you might know what are my anxieties, my sighs, and how I await and re-await to see you return in my Will, you would be more attentive to return there more often, my love arrives to render me restless, when I don’t see you jump into my arms, in order to give you my love, my Paternal tenderness and to receive yours, but do you know when you jump into my arms? When seeing you tiny, tiny you want to love me and you don’t know how to love me, you tell Me an I love You, and your I love You forms the jump in order to fling you into my arms, and since you see that your I love You is little, boldly you take my love and you tell Me an I love You, great, great, and I enjoy that my daughter loves Me with my love, and I delight so much to exchange my acts with that creature, in my Will after all; it is not to strangers that I give, that I must use the weights, the measure, but I give to my children, therefore I let them take that which they want. So that every time that you remember to make your acts flow in my Will, your prayer, your sufferings, your I love you, your work, they are little visits that you make your Father, in order to ask whatever thing, and He in order to say to you: tell me what you want? And be certain that you will always obtain other gifts and favors.”

Jesus became silent, and I felt the extreme need to rest between his arms, in order to reassure myself from his so many privations, but with my surprise, I saw sweet Jesus with a brush in hand, and with an admirable mastery he painted in my soul alive, the acts of the Divine Will done in the Creation and Redemption and then taking up the word he added:

“My Will encloses everything, inside and outside of oneself, and where He reigns he doesn’t know how to be, nor can he be without the life of his acts, because one can call his acts the arms, the step, the word of my Will, hence (for) my Will to be in the creature, without his works, it would be as a broken life, that which can not be, therefore I don’t do other than paint his works, so that where there is the life his works becomes centralized, you see therefore in what (a) Divine abyss one finds the creature that possesses my Will, inside of herself she feels his life, with all his works, centralized in her littleness, for how much it is possible for a creature, outside of herself she feels his interminability of which one doesn’t see the confinements, which possessing the communicative strength, one feels as under a copious rain that rains on her his works, his love, the multiplicity of his Divine goods. My Divine Will encloses everything and wants to give everything to the creature. He wants to be able to say I have denied her nothing, I have given everything to one who lives in my Will.”


(32) January 20, 1935 Living in the Divine Volition makes the Paternity of her Creator felt and she feels the right to be his daughter. Three prerogatives that one acquires who lives in Him.

My poor mind loses itself in the Divine Volition, but so much so that I don’t know how to repeat that which it understands, nor that which I experience in that celestial sojourn of the Divine Fiat, I know how to say only that I feel the Divine Paternity, that awaits me between his arms in order to say to me with all love: we are as children and Father, come to enjoy my Paternal tenderness, my loving traits, my infinite sweetness, allow me to do for you as Father, there is no greater gusto that I experience, than to be able to develop my Paternity, and you come, without fear, come to give me your progeny/(daughterhood), give me the love, the tenderness of daughter. Being my Will (is) one with yours, to Me is given the Paternity toward you, and to you is given the right of daughter. Oh! Divine will how very admirable and powerful you are, you alone have the virtue to unite whatever distance and dissimilarity with our Celestial Father, it seems to me that this living in You is truly, to feel the Divine Paternity and to feel oneself daughter of the Supreme Being. But while my mind was crowded by so many thoughts over Him, my sweet Jesus making me his brief little visit said to me:

“My blessed daughter, it is really this to live in my Will, to acquire the right of daughter, and God acquires the supremacy, the command, the right of Father, only He knows how to unite together the one and the other, and form one life alone. Now you should know that one who lives in my Divine Volition acquires three prerogatives. First: the right of Divine life. All that which she does is life that she feels, if she loves she feels the life of love, and as life she feels it flow in the mind, in the breath, in the heart, in everything she feels the vital virtue that forms in herself not the act that is subject to cease, but the continuation of an act that forms life, if she prays, if she adores, if she repairs, she feels the incessant life of the Divine prayer, adoration, reparation, not human, that is not subject to interruption. So that every act done in my Will is a vital act, that the soul acquires, in Him everything is life and the soul acquires the life of the good that she does in Him, what great difference between a good that possesses life and a good or act that as she does it, the life of that act finishes, as life she holds it in her power, and feels the continuation of the life of that good, instead as act, she won’t hold it in her power, nor will she feel the continuation of it, and that which is not continuous, can not be called life. And only in my Will are these acts found full of life, because they have for beginning the Divine life which is not subject to finish, and therefore can give life to everything and everyone, instead outside of Him all things, even the greatest works, find the end, and oh, what (a) beautiful prerogative that only my Will can give, to feel her acts changed in the soul into perennial Divine life.
“Now to the first prerogative goes out in field the second, that is the right of property. But who is it who endows her? Who constitutes her proprietor? My Will himself, because in Him there is not poverty, everything is abundance, abundance of sanctity, of light, of graces, of love, and since he possesses these as life, it is just that she possesses as hers these Divine properties, so that she feels herself mistress of the sanctity, mistress of the light, of the grace, of the love and of all the Divine goods, and only in my Will there is this Mastery outside of Him, (the human) one gives everything by measure and without making them owners, what difference between the one and the other. From the second is born the third prerogative: the right of glory. There is no thing that she does, little or great, natural or supernatural, that is not given the right of glory to her, right to glorify their Creator in every thing, even in the breath, in the heartbeat, right to be glorified themselves, in the glory of He from whom there is no glory that doesn’t come forth. Therefore in my Will you will find all and all at your disposition and with right, not human but Divine, of which my Will himself loves to surrender these Divine rights of his to you, loving the creature as his true daughter.”


(33) February 24, 1935 The reason, the eye of the soul, and light that makes known the beauty of her good works. What are the rights of the Divine Will, how in Him, there are not intentions but acts.

I am always between the arms of the Divine Will and although between the intense bitterness of the privations of my sweet Jesus, that more than sea inundates my poor soul, his light is inaccessible and it is not given me neither to enclose it all in my soul, nor to understand it, he doesn’t leave me ever, rather overcoming the sea of my bitternesses, he makes use of it as victory and conquest that which he does over my poor human will. Whence I thought to myself that the whole value, the whole good it seems to me that it is all of the Divine Will, and to me (there) remains nothing (else), but while I thought this my sweet Jesus, the dear (of) my life, making for me his brief little visit, all goodness said to me:

“My blessed daughter, you should know that We endowed the creature with reason, so that she might know the good and the evil that she might do, and in every act that she might do, if good she might be endowed with new merit, new grace, new beauty and greater union with her Creator, if bad, she might undergo a suffering from it, which (as) she suffers, it makes her feel the weakness and distance from He who had created her. The reason is the eye of the soul and light that while it makes (its) way to the creature, it makes known the beauty of her good works, the fruits of her sacrifices, and when she does evil she knows how to tear it to pieces. The reason holds this virtue, if the creature works good she feels herself at her post of honor and as king of herself, she holds the order, and in virtue of the merit that she acquires she feels the strength and the peace, and if she does evil she feels all thrown into confusion and enslaved by her same evils. Now if the creature does good acts in my Divine Will in virtue of the reason that she holds, we give her the merit of Divine acts, the merit becomes given to her according to what she knows and according to whether the human volition wants to work, if in ours, she elevates herself so much that she doesn’t remain in the depths of human actions although good but she comes into our Divine Volition, as sponge she plunges herself within and impregnates her acts with light, with sanctity, with love, in a way that her act disappears in ours and our Divine act reappears, hence with justice the Divine merit should race, and since in our Divine Will she loses the human prestige, one believes that the creature doesn’t do anything, but this is not true. If He works it is in virtue of the thread of the human volition that he has received in his hands, that forms his triumph and conquests over the act of the creature, and the human reason that voluntarily comes to surrender her received rights, as homage and mastery to He who has received her, and this is more than to do, because God has received the exchange of the most beautiful gifts that he gave to the creature, that is the reason and the will, with this she gives Us all that which she can give us, she recognizes Us, she strips herself of herself, she loves Us with pure love, and our love is so much, that we dress her with Ourselves, we give her our works, in a way that We and she we can say that we do it together, we will put Ourselves in the conditions that the creature can not do anything without our Will. And so much is our goodness, that even when the creature does good humanly, since in the good always races the reason, we give her the human merit, because it is our usual way to not leave without reward not one good act of the creature. One can say that we remain all eyes over her in order to see in what we should credit her?”

After this he became silent, and I continued to think how this Divine Will is all eyes over us, he loves us so much, and doesn’t leave us one instant and my sweet Jesus resumed to speak:

“My daughter, my Divine Will is everything for the creature, without Him, she could not even live not even a minute, all her acts, motions and steps can be called fed (to her), parts that my Volition makes them and the creature receives them, she feels them in herself and doesn’t know neither who feeds her, nor who gives the life to her life, therefore for many it is as if my Will isn’t for them, and she doesn’t give Him the owed rights that is appropriate to give him. Hence it is necessary to know what these rights of my Divine Volition are in order to have that she knowing them, she might be able to exchange it and know who He is that is life of their life, and that they are not other than the naked ones, the animated statues animated by Him. Now, the rights are innumerable, right of creation, right of conservation, of continuous animation, all that which he had created and that serves to the well-being of man, constitutes one of his rights over her, therefore the sun, the air, the wind, the water, the earth and everything, have been created and given to man by my Will, hence for how many things he has given her so many rights more he holds over man, my Redemption, the pardon after sin, my grace, the good to work, they are greater rights that he acquires over her. One can say that she is as kneaded in my Will, and yet not known. What sorrow to not be recognized! Now in order to have the triumph, the life of my Will in the creature, it is necessary that she knows what he has done, what he does for love of them, and what are (his) just rights and, when she will have known this she will put herself in order with my Volition, she will feel who it is that forms her life, who moves in her motion, who beats in her heart, and while she will receive from Him the life that forms her life, she will re-give to Him as homage, love and glory that same life that he forms in her, and my Will will receive his rights, and she will return in his bosom of light, all that which is his, that he had given her with so much love, in short he will feel reborn anew in his arms she who with so much love he had created. Oh! If everyone might know the rights of my Will, his ardent and constant love, that is so much that while he gives her life, he puts her forth to the light of day, more than Mother, his jealousy of love is so much, that he doesn’t leave her an instant, he invests her inside and outside, above and below, to the right and to left, and although the creature might not know Him, nor love Him, He with Divine heroism continues to love her and makes himself life and provider of the acts of the creature. Oh! My will, You alone know how to love with heroic, strong, incredible and infinite love, she whom you created and doesn’t even recognize you. Human ingratitude how very great you are.”

Whence I felt that I touched with (my) hand the great love of the Divine Fiat and I thought to myself: how can one live in Him, perhaps (by) always putting forth the intention to live in Him? And my amiable Jesus added:

“My good daughter, living in my Will, there are no intentions, the intention serves when the acts can not be done, because it lacks one who holds the virtue to give life to all the good that the creature wants to do, and this is outside of living in my Volition, and I give the merit to them not as acts, but as holy intentions. Instead in my Will there is the vivifying, active and operative virtue, in a way that all that which the creature wants to do, she finds one who forms the life to her acts, she feels the vivifying strength that vivifies her act and converts it into work. Therefore in my Will all things change, all things possess the life, the love, the prayer, the adoration, the good that one wants to do, all the virtues are full of life, hence not subject to finish, to change, because who administers life to her, holds them with himself because they have life together and I give her the merit of works animated by my Will. What difference between the intention and the works, the intention symbolizes the poor, the sick, that not being able to they would like, at least with good will, to exercise charity, to propagate good, to do who knows how many beautiful things, but the poverty, the infirmity, impedes them and renders them almost prisoners without being able to effect the good that they want. Instead working in my Divine Will symbolizes the rich, that holding the riches at his disposition, the intention doesn’t have value, because if he wants he can do charity, he can go where he wants, he can do good to everyone, help everyone. They are such and so many the riches of my Volition, that the creature loses herself in Him, and with full hands she can take that which she wants in order to help everyone, and much more so without making neither shout, nor rumor, almost as tacit light, she offers the help and withdraws.”


(34) March 10, 1935 That which one does in the Divine Will doesn’t remain in the depths of the earth, but departs for Heaven, in order to take the regal place in the Celestial Country.

I am always returning in the interminable sea of the Divine Will, in order to take his drops, that feed, conserve and make the life of the Divine Will grow that I feel in me. So that every truth that regards Him, is a lunch that Jesus gives me all Celestial and Divine, in order to feed me and the Supreme Fiat, every truth is an edge of Heaven that descends in me, and surrounding me awaits until I complete my acts in order to carry them to the Celestial Country. Whence while I dispersed myself in his Divine light my beloved Good Jesus repeating his brief little visit said to me:

“My blessed daughter, Heaven is always opened for one who lives in my Will, He abases himself and does together with the creature that which she does, loves together, works, prays, suffers, adores, repairs, and loves so much these acts done together with Him, that he doesn’t leave them in the depths of the earth, but brings them into the Celestial sojourn, in order to have them take up their regal post, as conquests done in the base world, that belong to Him and to his beloved creature. That which one does in my Volition belongs to Heaven, the earth is not worthy of possessing it, and oh, the security, the happiness, that the creature acquires, thinking that her acts are in (the) power of the Divine Fiat and they find themselves in Heaven as her property not human but Divine, that they await she who they want to court and form her throne of glory. So much is the love, his jealousy, the identification that he feels with these acts done in his Volition, that he doesn’t even leave them in the creature, but holds them with himself, as parts of his life and parts of the creature, in order to enjoy them and to feel the gusto of being loved, and as an advance that he should give her of glory in the Celestial Country. These acts done in my Volition do as narrators of the story of love that passes between the Creator and the creature, and there is no greater gusto than to feel narrated how much I have loved, how my love arrives to the excesses, even to abase myself, to want to do together that which the creature does, not only but it narrates to Me her love, that she has received my act in hers, therefore a reciprocal love forms between the one and the other, that felicitates each other. Oh! How beautiful it is to see that while she yet crosses the exile, her acts are in Heaven as my conquests, that I have done in the human will, and they each taking their office, some love Me, as I know how to love, some adore Me, with Divine adorations, and some form for Me celestial music, in order to extol me, praise me and thank me for the great portent of the work of my Will. Therefore be attentive and do not let anything escape, in which you don’t call mine, so that that which you do remains animated by my Divine Will.”

Whence I continued to think of the Supreme Fiat, (a) thousand thoughts crowded in my mind and my amiable Jesus added:

“My daughter, the creature was created by Us, all in order to Us, hence it is her sacrosanct duty, that in her every act that she does, with calling He who has created her, in order to give him the dominion and the regal post, in her act, that he is by right due them, and thus the act of the creature would receive the honor, that in her act she possesses a strength, a light, a Divine act, it is our Will that it should be all filled with the Divine Being and if this isn’t done she denies us a right of ours, she puts Us outside of her acts, and her acts remain human acts emptied of strength and of Divine light, with a darkness so dense, that her intelligence sees so many black shadows, that gropingly she makes some step, just suffering for whom can turn on the light and doesn’t turn it on, for whom can call the strength and doesn’t call it, and while she makes use of the act and conservative and active work of God, she puts it outside of her act. Now it is our decree that no one enters into Heaven, if her soul is not filled even to the brim, all with our Will and with our love, it is enough a little void of this, that Heaven is not opened for her, behold therefore the necessity of Purgatory, in order to empty herself by way of sufferings and fire, of all that which is human and to fill herself by ways of anxieties, longings and martyrdoms, with pure love and with Divine Will, in order to be able to enter into the Celestial Country and without acquiring with so many sufferings, neither merit, nor great glory, but only for the conditions that they want to be admitted to the Celestial sojourn. Instead if they might have done in earth with calling our life in their acts, every act (would) be one greater glory, one beauty more sealed by the works of her Creator. Oh! With how much love these souls are received that in them they have given the post to the Divine act with Us, We recognize Ourselves in her, and she recognizes herself in Us and recognizing each other, the happiness is such and so much on both parts that all Heaven remains surprised in seeing the joys, the glory, the beatitudes that the Supreme Being pours over this fortunate creature. Therefore I want you always in my Will and in my love, so that the love burns that which doesn’t belong to Me, and my Will with his brush of light forms there our act, in your act.”

(35) March 19, 1935 The Divine Will and the human volition, two spiritual powers, facility of whom wants to possess as life; how Jesus doesn’t teach, nor wants impossible things.

I feel as swept away in the eternal waves of the Divine Volition, I feel his continuous motion that as life murmurs continually, but what does he murmur? He murmurs love and gives love to everyone, he murmurs and felicitates, he murmurs and strengthens, he murmurs and gives light, he murmurs and gives life to everyone, conserves everyone, and forms the act of everyone, invests everything, involves and hides everything in himself in order to give himself to everyone and to receive everything. Oh! Power of the Divine Volition, oh, how I would like to possess you as life in the soul, to live of you, in order to not know other life than yours, but oh, how very distant you are, too much is needed in order to arrive to live of Divine Will. But while I thought this, my sweet Jesus, my dear Life, surprising me all goodness said to me:

“My blessed daughter, tell me what you want? Do you want that my Will reign and live in you as life. If you truly want it, everything is done, because so much is our love and the ardent desire that the creature possesses our Will as life, in order to have her live of him, that as her human will truly wants it, thus ours fills the human volition with our Supreme Volition in order to form there his life and live in her as, in his own center. You should know the Divine Will and the human one are two spiritual powers, the Divine one, immense with an inarrivable power, the human one, little power, but for however little, it has its power, and both being spiritual, the one can pour itself into the other and form one life alone, all the power is in the volition, and being spiritual power, it holds (the) space to be able to put inside of its will, the good that she wants, and also the evil. So that that which the will wants she will find within herself, if she wants self-esteem, glory, the love of pleasures, riches she will find within her volition the life of self-esteem, of glory, the life of the pleasures, of the riches and if she wants sin, also sin will form its life. More so if she wants the life of our Will in hers, wanted, commanded by Us, with so many sighs, if indeed she wants it, she will have the great good to possess our Will as life, and if this were not so, the sanctity of living in my Volition, it would be a difficult sanctity and almost impossible, and I don’t know how to teach neither difficult things, nor do I want impossible things, rather it is my usual way to facilitate, for how much it is possible to the creature, the most arduous things and the hardest sacrifices, and if needs be I put there of mine, in order to make that the little power of her volition, becomes sustained, helped, animated by the invincible power of mine, and thus render easy the good, of the life of my Volition, that the creature wants to possess, and so much is my love, that in order to facilitate it all the more I whisper to the ear of her heart: if you indeed want this good, I will do it together with you, I won’t leave you alone, I will put at your disposition my grace, my strength, my light, my sanctity, we will be two to do the good that you want to possess. Therefore there is not needed much to live of my Will, the too much is in the volition, if this is decided and she wants it firmly and perseveringly, already she has conquered mine and has made him hers. Oh, how many things the human volition can enclose being (a) spiritual power that more so gathers and loses nothing, it resembles the light of the Sun, how many things doesn’t the Sun enclose while one doesn’t see other than light and heat, and yet the goods that it encloses are almost innumerable, and one sees that as it touches the earth, thus it communicates admirable goods, and yet one doesn’t see other than light; such is the human will, how many goods can’t she enclose if she wants, she can enclose love, sanctity, light, reparation, patience, all the virtues and also her Creator himself. Being (a) spiritual power she holds (the) virtue and capacity to enclose all that which she wants and not only, she holds the power to enclose the good that she wants, but of transmutating herself into the good that she encloses. So that the human will changes into the nature of good that which she wants, and although many things that she truly wants, she doesn’t do them, in the will they remain as done and one sees that at the occasion to do that good that she wanted, possessing the life of it, with promptness, with all love, without a point of hesitating, she does that good that from so much time (ago) she wanted to do, symbol of the sun that not finding neither the seed, nor the flower, it does not give neither the good of maturing the seed, nor the good of the color to the flowers, but no sooner than it is given it to touch them with its light, possessing the life of it, immediately it gives maturation to the seed, color to the flowers. The human will possesses with indelible characters all that which it does and that which it wants to do, and if the memory forgets, but the will loses nothing, it contains the deposit of all her acts without losing anything. Therefore one can say that all (of) man is in the will, if this is holy, also the most indifferent things are holy for him, if then he is bad, perhaps also the good is changed for him into perverse act, hence if you truly want my Divine Will as life there is not needed much, more so that united to yours there is mine that wants it, there is a power that can do everything, and on your behalf one will see with facts, if in all things you will be involved as possessor of a Divine Will. Therefore be attentive my daughter, and your flight be always continuous in the Supreme Fiat.”


(36) April 12, 1935 One who lives in the Divine Will leaves her cast-offs, reduces herself into nothing, and the All forms her life in the nothing. How the Celestial Queen loves us in her conception, prodigies that the Divine Volition did in Her.

I feel my little atom, rather the nothing is lost in the All of the Divine Volition. Oh, how I feel this All in the nothing of the creature, his Life frees his working Power, his creative virtue that can do all that which he wants inside of this nothing. One can say that this nothing is the game of the Divine Fiat that with his dominion, he entices her, enraptures her, fills her and the nothing lets him do everything, and she loses nothing of the good that she receives. Now while I thought this my sweet Jesus, making his brief little visit with me, said to me:

“My daughter, when the soul lives in my Divine Will, she leaves her cast-offs, she empties herself of everything, in a way that she remains the pure nothing, and my Volition invests her, fills her with the All, dominates her and forms there prodigies of sanctity, of grace, of beauty, worthy of his creative power. But what is more, in this void of the nothing, he generates his love and forms there his Divine life and rendering himself dominator of the nothing and of his same Divine Life formed in her, and oh, his love for this nothing, arrives to so much that it renders her in the meanwhile dominant together with the Supreme Fiat, and since her dominion comes from the All that she possesses, she feels his same dominating virtue and, dominates the Divine Will himself. So that they are both dominant, but with highest accord, possessing one love alone and one Will alone. The human volition feels her life in mine and does nothing, if she didn’t feel my working act that wants to work in order to do it together, and mine, feels my life in hers and, with his dominion, imposes himself over the nothing, in order to make her work in the All. So that as the creature is decided with a firm will to live in mine, my Volition gives the beginning to form his life in her, there is no will that not possessing his life, through means of which, he develops his goodness, his power, his sanctity, the fullness of his love. The life is the manifestation of the will that she possesses, it is the attire that covers him, it is the sound of his voice, it is the narrator of his wonders, of his infinity, of his power, hence my Divine Will is not content to have the creature live in Him, the nothing in the All, no, no, he is then content when he encloses the All in the nothing and forms there his working and dominate life and gives in the nothing that which he wants. Behold therefore when I speak to you of my Will, it is your Jesus that speaks to you, because I am his life, his representative, the narrator of my Fiat, that hides in me. Whence the greatest prodigy is to form my Divine Life in the nothing of the creature, that only my Volition holds this virtue, because possessing the creative strength, he can create himself, his life in whom wants to receive him. Now, possessing my life, the soul takes part in my sanctity, in my love, and oh, how beautiful it is to hear that the nothing says together with the All, love, glory, and with the dominating strength that she feels, diffuses herself in the Divine acts and dominates together with my Will. For Us there is no greater contentment, (than) to feel the nothing working and dominant in our Divine Being. Therefore be attentive to always live in my Will.”

After this I continued with my round in the Divine Will and arrived at the Immaculate Conception, my sweet Jesus, stopped me saying to me:

“My daughter, I want to make you penetrate more within the Immaculate Conception of my Most Holy Mother, her prodigies, how she loved her Creator and how for our love she loved all creatures. The Little Queen, in the act of (the) conception commenced her life together with the Divine Will, and hence together with her Creator, whence she felt all the strength, the immensity, the enthusiasm of the Divine love, and it was so much that she felt lost, drowned with love, that she didn’t know how to do other than love He who loved her so much, she felt loved, but so much so even to give her Will in his power to hold as proper life, that one can call the greatest love of God, the most heroic love, the love that alone can say: I have nothing more that I can give you, I have given you everything. And the little Queen made use of this life in order to love him for how much she was loved, she didn’t lose an instant without loving him and sought to equal him in loving him. Now our Divine Will that possesses the omniclairvoyance of everything, nothing was hidden to her, it made present to this Holy creature all the human generations, every fault that they had done and that they should do, and even from the first instant of her conception the little Celestial one that didn’t know other life than the Divine Will alone commenced to sorrow with Divine sorrow, for every fault of the creature, so much so that she formed around every fault of them a sea of Divine love and sorrow. My Will that doesn’t know how to do little things, formed in her beautiful soul seas of sorrow and of love for every single fault and for every single creature. Therefore the Holy Little Virgin even from the first instant of her life was Queen of sorrow and of love, because our Will that can do all gave Her such sorrow and love that if he might not have sustained her with his power, she would have died for every fault and so many times consumed with love for how many creatures should exist. And our Divinity commenced to have, in virtue of our Will Divine sorrow and Divine love for everyone and for each one. Oh! How We feel Ourselves satisfied and repaid for everyone, and in virtue of this sorrow and Divine love we feel ourselves inclined toward everyone. Her love was so much that mastering us she made Us love those people that she loved, so much so that the Eternal Word, as this Sublime Creature came to the light, races in order to come to search out man and save him. Who can resist the working power of our Will in the creature, and what thing can’t she do and obtain when she wants [? pg.200]? Oh if everyone might know the great good that we do to the human generations with giving them this Celestial Queen, it was She who prepared the Redemption, who conquered her Creator and who was the bearer of the Eternal Word upon the earth. Oh! Everyone would press themselves around her Maternal knees, in order to implore from Her that Divine Will, of which she possesses the life.”

(37) May 14, 1935 One who does the Divine Will doesn’t have need of laws, one who lives in Him gives work to everyone, to the Celestial Father, to the Celestial Mother, and to Jesus himself.

I am in the arms of my adorable Divine Volition although immersed in the sorrow of the privation of my blessed Jesus, the hours are centuries without Him, what suffering, what continuous death, without piety and mercy, justly he punishes me because I have been too ungrateful and incorrespondent. But ah! My love, hide my miseries in your wounds, cover me with your blood, my sufferings I unite them to your sufferings, so that they cry out together pity, pardon, for this poor creature, but without You I am not able to endure anymore. But while I vented my sorrow, my sweet Jesus moved to compassion over my long martyrdom, as (a) lightning flash that flees me he made his brief little visit and said to me:

“My blessed daughter, courage, do not alarm yourself, my Divine Will gives everything in your power, in a way that you can say everything is mine, my sufferings, my wounds, my Blood, everything is yours, so that you don’t need to ask them of me, but take them in order to make use of them for your needs, so very true that in whom my Divine Will reigns she doesn’t have need of laws, but feels in herself the nature changed into Divine law, as in nature she feels the strength of the breath, of the heartbeat, thus she feels the strength of the law as substantial of her life. And since my law, is law of love, of sanctity, of order, therefore she feels in herself the nature of love, of sanctity, of order. Where my Will reigns so much is his love that it transforms into nature the goods that he wants to give to the creature, so that she be proprietor of it, no one can take them away and I myself make Myself the custodian of the gifts in nature conceded to this creature.”

Sweet Jesus became silent and my mind swam in the sea of the Divine Will, and resuming his speaking he added:

“My daughter, you should know that one who lives in my Will gives work to everyone, my Celestial Father seeing the creature in his Divine Volition puts himself around in order to form the work of his image and likeness, more so that finding his Will in her he finds the adaptable material that lends itself to receive his work, in order to form the most beautiful image that resembles him. And oh, his contentment that with his work he can produce his images, give work to the Celestial Mother, because finding my Divine Will in the creature, She finds one who keeps her company, who receives her Maternity as daughter, She finds one to whom she can communicate her fecundity, her acts done in my Volition, She finds one in whom she can make her model and her faithful copy, and oh, the contentment of this Celestial Mother, her diligent work, her cares, her Maternal solicitudes, that She can do as true Mother and that She can give her inheritance, and the Will being one of the Mother and the daughter, She can make herself understood and put in common her graces, her love, her sanctity, in her work she feels happy because she finds one who courts her, who resembles her and lives with her same Divine Will. Who lives in Him they are her favorite daughters, her darlings, her secretaries, one can say that in virtue of my Divine Volition they possess a powerful magnet that so attracts this Celestial Mother that she can not remove her gaze from over them. And the great Lady in order to hold them secure, works with putting around them her virtues, her sorrows, her love and the life itself of her Son. But this is not everything, your Jesus(,) as I see that the soul has put her will aside in order to live of mine, I put Myself to work in order to form my members, my Head is Holy and I feel the need of holy members in order to lean my Head on and thus be able to communicate his virtue in them and who can ever form for me Holy members if not my Will? Hence my work is incessant for one who lives in Him, one can say that I put Myself to watch inside and outside of her, so that no one enters there in order to interrupt my work and in order form these members, I repeat the work of completing again, in order to regenerate them, I am reborn in order to make them be reborn, I cry, I suffer, I preach, I die, in order to communicate my vital and Divine humors in these members, so that they are strengthened and divinized worthy of my Most Holy Head. And oh, my contentment, that although I work, I repeat my life and form the repeaters of It, but what thing wouldn’t I do and wouldn’t I give in one who lives in my Will? He encloses me in the creature in order to make me work and make me form worthy members with my creative hands and as the soul receives my work thus I feel happy and repaid for the work of the Creation and Redemption. Now the Angels, the Saints, seeing the Celestial Father, the Sovereign Queen and their King, all intent working in this creature, they also want to help us in the work and lining up around the fortunate creature, they work with defending her, they remove the enemies, they free her from the perils and form walls of fortitude, so that no one can molest her. You see therefore how one who lives in my Divine Volition gives work to everyone, and everyone occupies themselves with her.”


(38) May 26, 1935 Fear(,) human virtue, love (,) Divine virtue. How trust enraptures Jesus. Who does the Divine Will is found with all the Divine works and remains confirmed in Him.

Although I feel abandoned in the arms of the Divine Volition, I feel my mind flooded with apprehension and with fears, but I offered them to my sweet Jesus so that he might invest them with his Fiat and might change them for me into peace and love and He making his brief little visit with me all goodness said to me:

“My blessed daughter, fear although it might be holy is always human virtue, it breaks the flight to love and dread and difficulty becomes born, in walking in the way by making one always look to the right and to the left and one arrives to fear He who so very loves her, it removes the sweet enchantment of trust that lets one live in the arms of her Jesus and if she fears too much, she loses Jesus and lives by herself. Instead love is Divine virtue and with its fire holds the purifying virtue to purify the soul from whatever stain, it unites her and transforms her in her Jesus, and gives her such trust as to make her enraptured by her Jesus, the sweet enchantment of trust is such and so much that they enrapture each other that the one can not remain without the other, and if she looks, she looks only if she loves He who so very loves her. So that all her being becomes enclosed in the love and since love is the inseparable child of the Divine Volition, therefore it gives the first post of dominion to my Divine Will. He extends himself in all the acts of the creature human and spiritual, ennobles everything, and although the human acts remain in the form and material with which they are formed, they don’t undergo any external change, all the change remains in the depth of the human will, all that which she does remains, even the most indifferent things, to change into Divine and confirmed by the Divine Will. His work is incessant and over all that which the creature does he extends his sojourn of peace, and as true Mother he doesn’t do other than to enrich with Divine conquests his dear daughter. Therefore scatter every fear, in my Volition neither dread, nor fears, nor mistrust have any right to exist, they are not things that belong to Us, and you should not do other than to live of love and of my Will. You should know that one of the purest joys that the creature can give Me is trust in Me, I feel her (as) my daughter to Me and I do that that I want with her, I can say that trust in Me makes known who I am, that I am the immense Being, my goodness without end, my mercy without limits, and when I find more trust, I love her more and I abound more toward creatures.”

Whence I followed my abandonment in the Divine Volition and I prayed Him that he might pour himself into my little soul and might make Me re-arise all in the Divine Fiat. Oh, how I would like to be one act alone of Divine Will and my sweet Jesus resuming to speak said to me:

“My daughter, you should know that all created things and all that which I did and suffered in the Redemption, they race after the creature in order to say to her: we bring you the love of your Creator in order to receive yours, we are his messengers that while we descend into the baseness of the earth, we re-arise on high, in order to bring as in triumph your little love to our Creator. But do you know the great good that comes to you? You remain confirmed in love and in his works, in his life, in his sufferings, in his tears, in everything. So that my daughter, you find yourself and race in all our works, our Will carries you everywhere and We find Ourselves confirmed in you, an exchange of acts and life happens, the creature in the Creator and the Creator in the creature, she makes herself repeater of the Divine acts. Greater grace I could not do, nor the creature receive, this confirmation in our works reproduces in her all our goods. Our Sanctity, goodness, love, our attributes become transmitted in her, and We enraptured contemplate her and in our emphasis of love we say: beautiful, holy, perfect is our Being in our immensity, light, power, wisdom, love, interminable goodness, but beautiful yet to see enclosed in the creature this immensity of our attributes. Oh, how she glorifies Us and loves Us, it seems that she says to Us: I am little nor is it given me to enclose and to contain all your immensity, but what You are, such am I, your Divine Will has enclosed you in me and I love You with your same love, I glorify You with your light, I adore you with your sanctity, I can give you everything because I possess my Creator. What thing can not my Divine Will do in the creature, when she lets herself be dominated by Him? Everything. Therefore be attentive, if you want everything and to give everything.”


(39) May 31, 1935 How the Divine Power has no limits. Certainty that the Kingdom of the Divine Will must come. How the Redemption and his kingdom are inseparable.

I am between the arms of my amiable Jesus, whom surrounds me so much with his Holy Volition that I would not know how to live without Him, I feel Him inside of me, that with his sweet empire dominates over all my interior, and with an indescribable love, makes himself life of my thought, of my heartbeat and breath, and he thinks, palpates, breathes together with me, and it seems that he says to me: “How happy I am that you feel, know that the life of your thought, of your heartbeat, of all of you, am I, you feel Me in you, and I feel you in Me, we are both happy to do with one sole thing all and two. This is my Will that the creature feels, she knows that I am together with her, I abase myself to all her acts and I do them together with her, in order to give her the simile of my life, and of my Divine acts, how much I grieve when they put Me aside and don’t recognize my dominion and that I am really He who forms their life.”
In this while I thought to myself: it seems impossible to me that the Kingdom of the Divine Will can come, how can it come if evils abound in a horrifying way? And my sweet Jesus being displeased said to me:

“My blessed daughter, if you doubt this, you don’t believe and recognize my power that doesn’t have limits and when I want I can (do) everything. You should know that in creating man, our life was put in him, and he was our residence, now if we don’t put in safety this Life of ours, with his decorum, with his dominion, with our full triumph, making ourselves known that we are in this residence, and that she feels honored to be dominated and lived (in) by a God. If we don’t do this it means that our power is limited, it is not infinite power, who doesn’t have (the) power to save oneself, even less can save the others, rather the true good, the power that has no limits, first it serves and puts in safety oneself and then it flows into the others. Now, with coming upon the earth, to suffer and die, I came to put man in safety, that is my residence, does it not also seem strange to you, if while I put in safety the residence, the Proprietor, the dweller of it, without his rights, without dominion and without power to put himself in safety? Ah, no, no, my daughter, it would have been absurd and without the order of our infinite wisdom. The Redemption and the kingdom of my Will are all one, inseparable between themselves. My coming upon the earth I came to form the Redemption of man and at the same time I came to form the Kingdom of my Will in order to save myself, in order to retake my rights that with justice are due to Me as Creator. And as in the Redemption I exhibited Myself to so many humiliations, to unheard of suffering, even to die Crucified, I underwent everything, in order to put in safety my residence and to restitute her with all the sumptuousness, beauty, magnificence with which I had formed her, so that she again might be worthy of Me. Now, when it seemed that everything was finished and my enemies satisfied that they had taken away (my) life, my power that has no limits, it recalled to life my Humanity and with re-arising, everything re-arose together with Me, creatures, my sufferings, the goods acquired for them, and as the Humanity triumphed over death, so my Will re-arose and triumphed in creatures, awaiting his Kingdom. If my Humanity might not have re-arisen, if I might not have had this power, the Redemption would be bankrupt and it could be doubted that it might not be work of a God, it was my Resurrection that made Me known who I was, and it put the seal to all the goods that I came to bring upon the earth. Thus my Divine Will will be the double seal, the transmission in creatures of his Kingdom, which my Humanity possessed, more so that for creatures I formed this Kingdom of my Divine Will in my Humanity, why then should you doubt I give it? At the most it will be a question of time and for Us the times are one single point, our power will make such prodigies, he will abound man with new graces, new love, new light, that our residences will recognize Us, and they themselves with spontaneous will, will give Us the dominion and our life will be secure, with its full rights in the creature. With time you will see that which my power knows how to do and can do, how he knows how to conquer everything and knock down the most obstinate rebellious ones, who ever can resist my power, that with one single breath I knock down, I will destroy and I remake everything, as pleases Me more. Therefore pray and your cry be continuous: come the Kingdom of your Fiat and your Will be done, as in Heaven so in earth.”

(40) June 6, 1935 How who lives in the Volition of God holds God himself in her power. The Queen of Heaven turns through all the nations in order to put in safety her children.

My poor mind continues its flight in the interminable light of the Divine Volition, there is no thing, neither in Heaven, nor in earth, that is not his birth, and everything and everyone have that to say of He who has generated them. Rather they are never tired of narrating his eternal origin, his inarrivable Sanctity, his love that always generates, without ever ceasing, his Fiat that always speaks, speaks to the mind, speaks in the heart, speaks on the tongue, and now speaks with articulate voices, now with groans, now suppliant, now with rule, now with such sweetness as to move the hardest and most obstinate hearts. My God what power your Volition contains. Oh! Make it that I always live of Him, but while I thought this my sweet Jesus making for me his brief little visit with an indescribable goodness said to me:

“My daughter, my Will! My Will! He is everything, does everything, gives (to) everyone. Who can ever say that she has not received everything from Him? You should know that the creature herself possesses so much sanctity for how much she is in order, in rapport with my Will, so much more she elevates herself to the union with God, for how much more she is united with Him, her value, her merits without measure by the relations that she has held with my Will. So that the whole foundation, the base, the substance, the origin of the goods in the creature, depends on how many acts she has done of my Will, by how much she knows of Him. So that if in all her acts she has made my Volition enter, she can say everything is holy, everything is pure and Divine in me, we can give her everything, even our life in her power. Instead if she has done nothing of my Will and knows nothing, we have nothing to give her, because she merits nothing, because she lacks the seed to generate the good that belongs to Us. Hence she doesn’t receive one right of the pay from her Celestial Father, if she has not worked in our field, we can say: I don’t know you. Therefore if in everything, or at least partly, she has not done anything of my Will, Heaven is closed for the creature, she doesn’t have any right to the Celestial Country. Behold the cause why we insist so much that one always does our Will, that he be known, because we want to populate Heaven with our beloved children, and since everything has gone forth from Us, we want that everything returns in our Divine womb.”

Whence after this, I continued to think of the Divine Will and I prayed that it might be expedited, and that with his omnipotence that can do all, he might conquer all the obstacles and might make his Kingdom come and that his Will might reign as in Heaven so in earth. But while I thought this, before my mind, my sweet Jesus made seen so many deadly and horrifying things before which the hardest hearts were shaken, and the most obstinate were knocked down, everything was terror and fright, I remained so afflicted as to feel myself die and I prayed that he might spare so many scourges. And my beloved Jesus as if he had pity on my affliction said to me:

“My daughter courage, everything will serve to the triumph of my Will, if I strike it is because I want to restore health, my love is so much, that when I can not conquer by way of love and graces, I seek to conquer by way of terror and fright, human weakness is so much that many times she doesn’t care for my graces, she is deaf to my voices, laughs at my love, but it is enough to touch (her) skin, to take away the necessary things to natural life, that she abases her arrogance, feels so humiliated that she makes herself a rag, and I do that which I want with her, especially if they don’t have a perfidious and obstinate will, it is enough one chastisement, to see herself on the edge of the sepulcher, that they return in my arms. You should know that I always love my children, my beloved creatures, I would eviscerate Myself in order not to see them stricken, so much so that in the deadly times to come, I have put them all in the hands of my Celestial Mama, to Her I have entrusted them, so that she holds them for Me under her secure mantle, I will give (to Her) all those that She will want, death itself won’t have power over those that will be in (the) custody of my Mama.”

Now while he said this, my dear Jesus made me see with facts that the Sovereign Queen descended from Heaven with an indescribable Majesty, and a tenderness all Maternal, and turned in the midst of creatures, in all the nations and marked her dear children and those that should not be touched by the scourges, whomever my Celestial Mama touched, the scourges didn’t have power to touch the creatures. Sweet Jesus gave the right to his Mama to put in safety whom She pleased. How moving it was to see the Celestial Empress turn in all the parts of the world that she took between (her) Maternal hands, she assembled them to her breast, hid them under her mantle, so that not one evil might be able to harm those people that her Maternal goodness held in her custody, guarded and defended. Oh! If everyone might be able to see with how much love and tenderness the Celestial Queen did this office, they would cry from consolation and would love She who so very loves us.


(41) June 10, 1935 Rain of love that Our Lord pours from within created things over creatures, and how he bilocates himself in her and sees himself equaled in his love.

I was doing my round in the acts of the Divine Will, but while I did this I felt rain on me a rain of acts of love that my sweet Jesus made me. So that as the Sun turned in the Sky, in the wind and in all the other created things, thus rained on me a multiplicity of acts of love. To be loved by God is the greatest of happinesses, it is the most beautiful glory that can be found in Heaven and in earth and I also felt the extreme need of loving him, and oh, how I would like to be Jesus himself in order to also make for him my rain of love. But alas, I felt the great distance, because in Him were done real works, but me poor little one I had to make use of his works in order to tell him that I loved Him, so that all my love was reduced into will and hence I felt afflicted because I didn’t love Him as Jesus could love me.
But while I thought this my Highest Good Jesus with an indescribable love and goodness said to me:

“My blessed daughter, do not afflict yourself, don’t you know that I have the power to make up for everything and to make myself equalized by the love of the creature? When one deals with her wanting to love, I don’t ever render her discontent, because love is one of my passions, and do you know what I do in order to make one who loves Me content? I bilocate Myself and I take (the) post in every created thing and I rain love, then I take (the) post in the creature and I give her (the) virtue to make her love rain over Me, the love that I give her I make it hers and with right she can give it to me as if it were hers, and I feel the contentment that she loves Me as I have loved her and although I know that it is mine, I don’t mind to this, I am not stingy, but I mind if in her will she wants to love me as I love her and if she might be able to do that which I have done for her, this is enough for me and I am content to be able to say to her: You have loved Me as I have loved you. Beyond this you should know that I created the entire universe in order to make it (a) gift to the creature and I remained in every created thing to rain love over them. Now who recognizes this gift as a great love that her Creator does for her, the gift is hers, the rain of our love is hers, hence re-giving it to Us, with all her being she loves Us, We feel Ourselves equalized by the love of the creature and conquered by her love, we re-give it again to her in order to find the continuous exchange of our love and hers. And if you might know how very content I am with it and my love remains wounded in feeling you repeat that you want to love me and you love Me in every created thing, you love Me in my conception, in my birth, in every infantile tear, I feel it pearled for Me with your love, every suffering, every drop of Blood, I feel the life of your love, and in order to exchange you in every thing that I did in my life down here, I don’t do other than to form rain of love. Oh! If you might be able to see how much love I pour on you, it is such and so much that taken by the enthusiasm of my love itself, I embrace and kiss my love in you, and in seeing that you feel my embraces and my kisses, how content I am and I await yours as in order to be paid and reciprocated for such a love.”

Whence I followed my abandonment in the Supreme Volition and turning in the extension of the Sky that serves as floor and footstool of the Celestial Country and as vault to the wayfarers down here, that blue vault seemed to me that it made (a) double office, it served as (a) sumptuous floor to the comprehenders and as regal vault to the wayfarers, uniting the one and the other together in order to make that one might be the will and the love of everyone. Therefore prostrating myself together with the Sky, I called those of up there and those of the earth to adore my Creator prostrating ourselves all together, so that one might be the adoration, the will, the love of everyone. Whence, while I did this my sweet Jesus added:

“My daughter, the first duty of the creature is to adore He who has created her, the first act that says sanctity is duty; duty calls the order and the order makes arise the most beautiful harmony between the Creator and the creature, harmony of will, harmony of love, of ways and of imitation, duty is the substance of sanctity, and since all created things possess and hold as in nature the imprint of true adoration, the creature united with them can lend the most perfect adoration to He who has created her. Whence every created thing is a profound adoration that they send to He who has created them and the creature uniting herself together, in virtue of our Volition, puts them all in adoration, giving to God the duty of each one, and elevating herself over everyone brings Us everyone and comes to palpate in our heartbeat and breathe in our breath. Oh! How sweet and pleasant (is) this heartbeat and breath in ours and We in order to exchange it we palpate in her heart and breathe in her breath, giving her Divine heartbeat and breath, as life, heritage and growth of our Supreme Being in her. And behold that to the duty of adoration rises the first duty of the act of the (creature) of giving life to her Creator in her own soul, giving him the dominion, the liberty of forming himself, to palpate and breathe, to fill her with love, in order to be able to say with facts: this creature is the bearer of her Creator and she lets Me do that which I want, so very true that I possess her heartbeat, nothing she holds is hers, that which is hers is mine and that which is mine is hers, I hold my post of love in her and she holds the post of honor in mine. So that Heaven and earth give the kiss of peace and permanent union.”

(42) June 17, 1935 How God, with giving us free human will put himself at our disposition, to feel him to her, to adapt himself with her, as if he might have need of the creature. Loving conditions in which God put himself for love of creatures.

I was doing my round in the Divine Volition and I stopped in all that which my Celestial Mama had done in the Divine Will; my God what surprise this Divine Fiat bilocated, multiplied, worked, that formed such enchantment of beauty, of grace, of works, as to make not only Heaven and earth stupefied, but God himself, seeing himself enclosed in the Sovereign Queen and work as God in Her as he worked in Himself. And oh, how I would have liked to give, on my part, to give to my God, all that glory that the Sovereign Lady gave Him of all those acts that the Divine Will had done in the sanctuary, in the hide-a-way, within the veils of the Immaculate Lady. But while I thought this my Highest Good Jesus surprising me with his brief little visit said to me:

“My little daughter of my Divine Volition, there is no greater prodigy, nor goodness and love more great, nor magnanimity on our part that has no limits, than to descend into the depths in the human will and work as (the) God that we are in her, as if we might work in ourselves. Behold therefore our infinite Wisdom, taken by (an) excess of love toward the creature, we gave her little free human will, independent from everyone; with giving her this free will we put Ourselves at her disposition, if she might want that we might descend in her littleness and baseness and work as God, and our Will to do in her that which he can do in our Supreme Being. This was the greatest prodigy and the love that no other love can equalize, to give the human will to the creature, almost in order to remain subject to her, as to want to depend on her, the good that we want to work in her, the works that we should develop, is this not a finesse of insuperable love and then to give this will at her free arbitration, so that the creature might be able to say to Us: you have come into my house and I must come into your house, therefore You do that which you want in me, and to me you will let me do that which I want in You. It was the accord that we put between her and Us, and giving her free will, she could say to us that she gave Us some thing that she held in her power, is this not a magnanimity, a love that exceeds everything, that only our Supreme Being could and wanted to do? But this is not everything, our love contemplated this free will of the creature with pleasure and formed so many centers in order to bilocate himself in them and form so many kingdoms of dominions where we should show off in our Divine works, multiplying them to the infinite, without restriction, without limits, working in these centers as God, as if we might work in ourselves. More so that in the little human wills our love showed off more, he used more power, because it needs more art to restrict our immensity in the little circle of the human wills, almost to put a limit to our Power, in order to abase ourselves in the depths of the human volition, and then to feel her to us with her, in that which we should do, because we want it worked together with Us, as if she adapts herself to Us, and We must adapt ourselves to her, and our love is so much that it also adapted to her human ways, this gave Us more to do, our love is discharged more and loves even to the excesses this human will that gives him his regal post, his free dominion. Instead working outside of the human circle, who knows what we can do and we have an immensity that can arrive to everything, a power without limits, and if needs be can do everything, a wisdom that can dispose everything, a love that loves everyone, involves everything and although he might not be loved. Our Supreme Being is free, he doesn’t have need of anyone and can do that which he wants, and since we are capable of everything we don’t work in doing the greatest works, but it is enough that we want it, that in an instant we do everything. Instead when we want to work in the creature, almost that we have need of her, we must entice her, we must tell her the good that we want (for) her and that which we want to work, we don’t want a forced will, therefore we want that she know it and spontaneous opens the doors to Us, feeling herself honored to give us the working post in her will. In these conditions our love put Us in the creation of man, it loved him so much that it arrived to give him free will so that he might be able to say: I can give to my Creator; he could love him more. Therefore the glory, the honor, that the creature gives Me when she lets Me work in her will is so very great that no one can understand it, it is our same glory and honor that she gives Us, in all her acts our life races, our love can say: I give God to God; it is the highest point where the creature can arrive, it is the most excessive love where a God can arrive. Oh! If creatures might understand the love, the great gift that we gave them with giving them a free will, it elevated her above the Sky, the sun, the entire universe, I can do over all that which I want, without anyone knowing anything, instead with the creature I abase Myself, I ask them with love a little spot in their will, in order to be able to work in them and to do some good for her. But alas! Many deny it to Me and render my Will inoperative in the human will, my sorrow is infinite to so much of their ingratitude. Now what would you admire more a king that works in his palace where he holds everything in his power, commands over everyone, does good to everyone, his palace lends itself to all that which the king wants, or else a king that descends into the depths of a hovel and does the same action that he would do in his palace? Would not one admire more, would it not be more sacrifice, more intensity of love, to work as king in the little hovel than in the palace? In the palace all things lend themselves to let him work as king, instead in the hovel the king must adapt himself to the hovel and strive so much to do the same actions that he would do in his palace. Such are We, to work in the Palace of our Divinity, to do great things, in Us it is nature; but to do them in the hovel of the human volition, it gives of the incredible, it is the excess of our greatest love.”


(43) July 8, 1935 Inseparability of one who lives in the Divine Will with her Creator. The Queen of Heaven together with Jesus in instituting the Most Holy Sacrament, the children of the Divine Will will be suns and stars that will crown the Sovereign Celestial Lady.

It seems to me that I don’t know how to find rest if I don’t abandon myself in the arms of the Divine Will, which flings me in his interminable sea where I find that which he has done for love of creatures, and I now stop at one point and now at another of his manifold works, and I admire them, love them, kiss them and thank Him for so much magnificence and so many loving industries toward us, miserable creatures. But while I turned, with my surprise I found myself before the Great Queen Lady and our Mama, the most beautiful work of the Sacrosanct Trinity, I remained to contemplate her, but I don’t have words in order to say that which I understood, and my amiable Jesus with a sweetness and indescribable love said to me:

“My daughter, how beautiful is my Mama, her empire extends itself everywhere, her beauty enraptures and enchains everyone, there is no being that doesn’t fall on its knees in order to venerate her. My Divine Will made her such for Me, he made her inseparable from Me, in a way that there was no act that I did that the Sovereign Queen didn’t do it together with Me. The power of that Divine Fiat pronounced by Me and by Her, that made Me conceived in her Virginal Bosom, giving me life to my Humanity, that Fiat always [identical? pag.236], and every time that I worked, the Divine Fiat of my Mother hold the right in my Divine Fiat to do that which I did. Now you should know that when I instituted the Sacrament of the Eucharist, her Divine Fiat was together with mine, and together we pronounced the Fiat that the bread and wine might be transubstantiated into my Body, Blood, soul and Divinity. Ah! As in the conception I wanted her Fiat, thus I wanted it in this solemn act that gave beginning to my Sacramental Life; who would have had the heart to put my Mama aside, in an act in which my love showed off with excesses so exuberant that it gives of the incredible! Rather, not only was she together with Me, (but) I constituted Her Queen of love of my Sacramental Life, and She with (the) love of my true Mother, offered her bosom again to Me, her beautiful soul in order to hold me defended and repaired from the horrendous ingratitudes and enormous sacrileges that I unfortunately would have received in this Sacrament of love. My daughter, this is my purpose, I want that my Will be life of the creature, in order to hold her together with me, in order to make her love with my love, work in my works, in short the company that I want in my acts, I don’t want to be alone, and if this might not be to what advantage to call the creature in my Will if I should remain as (the) isolated God and she alone, without taking part in our Divine works? And not only in instituting the Most Holy Sacrament, but in all the acts that I did the whole course of my Life, in virtue of the unique Volition with which we were animated, that which I did, my Mama did, if I did miracles, she was together with Me to work the prodigy, I felt in the power of my Will the Sovereign Lady of Heaven, that together with me, we called to life the corpses, if I suffered she was together with Me to suffer, there was no thing in which I didn’t have the company of Her, and her and my work fused together. This was the greatest honor that my Fiat gave Her, the inseparability with her Son, the unity with his works. And the Virgin, the greatest glory that attested to Me, so much so that I deposited it and She received the deposit of the completed works, in her Maternal heart, jealous of guarding even the breath. This unity of Will and of works, ignited such love between the one and the other than it was enough to set afire the whole entire world and to consume it with pure love.”

Jesus became silent and I remained in the seas of the Celestial Sovereign Lady, but who can say that which I understood? And my Highest Good Jesus resumed his speech:

“My daughter, how beautiful is my Mama, her Majesty is enchanting, before her Sanctity the Heavens abased themselves, her riches are interminable and incalculable, no one can say themselves (to be) similar to Her, therefore She is Lady, Mother and Queen; but do you know what are her riches? Souls. Every soul is worth more than an entire world, no one enters in Heaven if not through her means and in virtue of her Maternity and of her sorrows, so that every soul is a property of hers, therefore one can give (Her) with fact the name of true Lady. You see therefore how rich she is, her riches are special, they are full of speaking lives, lovers that extol the Celestial Lady. As Mother she holds her innumerable children, as Queen she will hold her people of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. These children and this people will form her most radiant crown, some as sun and some as stars they will crown her august Head with such beauty as to enrapture all Heaven. So that the children of the Kingdom of my Divine Will will be those that will render Her the honors of Queen and transforming themselves into suns they will form for Her the most beautiful crown. Therefore yearn so much that this Kingdom comes, because to her radiant crown with which the Most Holy Trinity crowned Her, she awaits the crown of her people, that extolling her as Queen, they offer Her their lives transformed into Suns as testament of love and of glory. Oh! If one might understand what it means to live in my Volition, how many Divine secrets would be revealed, how many discoveries they would make of their Creator. Therefore be content to die rather than to not live of my Will.”

(44) July 14, 1935 Certainty of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon the earth. Impetuous wind in order to purify the generations. The Queen of Heaven put at (the) head of this Kingdom.

My mind is always returning in the interminable sea of the Divine Volition, which as it murmurs smiles with love at the creature and wants her smiles of love, he does not want that she remains behind and doesn’t make her pairing. Not to do that which the Divine Will does while one lives in Him, is almost impossible, but who can say what the creature feels in this Divine sea? The purity of his kisses, his chaste embraces that infuse Celestial peace, Divine life, such fortitude as to conquer God himself. Oh! How I would love that everyone might experience, might come to live in this sea, certainly they would never go out anymore. But while I thought this I said to myself: but who knows who will see when this Kingdom of the Divine Fiat will come? Oh! How difficult it seems, and my beloved Jesus, making his brief little visit with me said to me:

“My daughter, and yet it will come, you measure the human one, the sad times that involve the present generations and therefore it seems difficult to you, but the Supreme Being holds the Divine measures, which are so very long that that which to the human is impossible to Us it is easy. We should not do other than (as) an impetuous wind which will be so very strong that they will make carried by the currents of the wind, that will purify the unhealthy air of the human will and of all the sad things of these times, it will make of it a heap and will disperse it as dust invested by an impetuous wind. Our wind will be so very strong, impetuous and working that it will not prove easy to resist him, more so that his waves will be stuffed full of graces, of light, of love that will drown the human generations and they will feel themselves transformed. How many times doesn’t a strong wind remove (an) entire city and transports men, trees, earth, water, to other places and perhaps also distant, without them being able to oppose it? More so our Divine wind, wanted, decreed by Us with our creative strength. And then there is the Queen of Heaven that prays continually with her empire that the Kingdom of the Divine Will comes upon the earth, and when ever have we denied Her anything? Her prayers are impetuous winds for Us, that we can not resist her and the same strength that She possesses of our Will is for Us empire, command, She holds the whole right to impetrate it, because she possessed him in earth and possesses him in Heaven, hence as possessor she can give that which is hers, so much so that this Kingdom will be called the Kingdom of the Celestial Empress, she will do as Queen in the midst of her children in earth, she will put at their disposition her seas of graces, of sanctity, of power, she will put in flight all enemies, she will raise them in her womb, she will hide them in her light, covering them with her love, feeding them with her own hands, with the food of the Divine Will. What won’t this Mother and Queen do in the midst of this her Kingdom, as her children and as her people? She will give unheard of graces, surprises never seen, miracles that will shake Heavens and earth, we will give Her the whole field free, because she will form for Us the Kingdom of our Will upon the earth, she will be the guide, the true model, the Kingdom of the Sovereign Celestial Queen will be pure. Therefore you also pray together with Her and in her time you will obtain the intent.”

(45) July 21, 1935 The most intimate and most sorrowful sufferings of Jesus are the anticipations, his inventions, deliriums, contrivances of love.

I am between the arms of the Divine Will but with (a) nail in (my) heart for the privation of my sweet Jesus, I wait and re-await and only to wait it is the suffering that most tortures me, the hours seem centuries to me, the days interminable and if may it never be the doubt presents itself that my dear Life, sweet Jesus won’t come anymore, oh, then I don’t know what happens to me, I want to undo myself of me, of the Divine Will himself that holds me imprisoned on this earth, and with enraptured flight go myself from it to Heaven but even this is not given me, because his chains are so very strong that they are not subject to break and I feel myself tied more strongly, so much so that as soon as it is given me to think it I finish with a most intense abandonment in the Supreme Fiat. But while I was delirious, not being able to endure anymore, my always amiable Jesus returned to his little daughter making himself seen with a wound in the Heart that poured forth Blood and flames, as if he might want to cover all souls with his Blood and burn them with his love and all goodness he said to me:

“My daughter, courage, your Jesus also suffers and the more sorrowful sufferings that they give Me are the intimate sufferings, that make Me pour forth Blood and flames, but my greater suffering is the continuous anticipation, my looks are always fixed on souls and (as) I see that one creature is fallen in sin and I await and re-await her return to my Heart, in order to pardon her and not seeing her come, I wait with pardon in my hands, that waiting (makes) the suffering renewed for Me and forms for Me such a torment, as to make me pour forth Blood and flames from my transfixed Heart, the hours, the days that I wait seem years to Me, oh, how hard it is to wait. We pass ahead, my love so very loves the creature that in putting her forth to the light of day, I established how many acts of love she should do (for) me, how many prayers, how many good works she should do and this in order to give her the right that I might always love her, that I might concede her the graces, the helps in order to work good, but creatures make use of it in order to form for me the suffering of waiting. Oh, how many anticipations from one act of love to the other, even if they do it for Me, how much slowness in working good, in praying, even if they do it, and I wait for it, re-await, I feel the restlessness of my love that gives Me delirium, yearnings and forms for Me such (an) intimate suffering that if I might be subject to die, I would have died so many times, for how many times I am not loved by creatures. Beyond this there is the long anticipation in the Sacrament of my love, I await everyone, I arrive to count the minutes, not at all, I await many of them in vain, others come with a glacial coldness, as to put me (on) the height of the hard martyrdom of my waiting, few are those that we await each other and only in these that I feel encouraged, I feel as repatriated in their hearts, I vent my love and I find a refreshment to the hard martyrdom of my continuous waiting, to some it seems that is nothing this suffering, instead it is the maximum which constitutes the hardest martyrdom, and you can say how much it costs you to wait for me, so much so that if I might not come to put (an) end to it and sustain you, you would not have been able to last. And then there is another anticipation more sorrowful yet, the longing, the ardent desire, the long anxieties of the Kingdom of my Divine Will, it is around six thousand years that I await that the creature reenters into Him, I love her so much that I want, I long to see her happy, but in order to obtain this we must live with one Will alone, so that every act opposite to mine is a nail that transfixes Me. But do you know why? Because it renders her all the more unhappy and dissimilar from Me, and seeing myself in the immense sea of my happiness, and my children unhappy, oh, how I suffer, and while I wait and re-await, I am around them, I abound them with graces, with light, in a way that they themselves can race, in order to have life together with Me, and with one Volition alone, it will change their fate, we will have common goods, happiness without end, the other sufferings they give me some respite, but the suffering of waiting never ceases, it always holds Me in sentinel, it makes Me use the most excessive contrivances, it makes Me form the inventions of love, to make Heavens and earth astounded, it makes Me arrive to pray to the creature, to beg her that she might not make Me wait anymore, that I can do no more, it weighs on Me too much. Therefore my daughter, unite yourself together with Me, to await the Kingdom of my Will and to all the anticipations that creatures make Me suffer, at least we will be two, and your company will give Me a refreshment to a suffering so hard.”


(46) September 28, 1935 The Divine love invests every act of the creature. How God, in all his works calls everyone and does good to everyone. How one forms the Divine life in the creature, how one feeds him and makes him grow.

I was following the acts of the Divine Will, which transported me into a sea of interminable light in which he made present to me with how much love God had loved the creature, and so great that if one might be able to understand, her heart would burst of pure love, not being able to resist beneath the enthusiasm, the stratagems, the industries, the finesses of this love of God. Being too little, these flames devour me, and my beloved Jesus visiting my little soul, in order to sustain me said to me:

“My blessed daughter, let me relieve my love, listen to me, you should know that the creature has been always with Us in our Divine mind, she has always held her post in the bosom of her Creator, and ab eterno her every act, thought, word, work and step was decorated with a special love of ours. So that in every act of hers there is the chain of so many of our acts of love that, involves the act, the thought, et cetera, of the creature, and this love of ours gives life, feeds the repetitions of all her acts, and oh, how beautiful she is in our Divine mind, because she becomes formed by the continuous puff of our love, wanted love, not forced, love not of necessity, but rather generative virtue of our Supreme Being, which always generates and puts there its continuous love over her works, virtue of our omnipotent Fiat that if he might not generate new works and might not hold the continuous act of love, he would feel as suffocated in his flames and paralyzed in his continuous motion. Now wanting the creature to go forth from our Divine bosom, we make her do her little way in time, and our love doesn’t leave from assailing, investing, courting, all her acts with his special love, if she might lack this, she would lack the generative, vivifying strength and engine of the human being. Oh! If creatures might know that in their every thought races a distinct love of ours, words and works, also in their breath and heartbeat, oh, how they would love Us and would not profane with unworthy acts our love so great. You see therefore how I love you and (how) your Jesus knows how to love, therefore learn from Me to love me. This is the prerogative of our love, to always love all that which has gone forth from Us, to make all the acts of the creature rise from within our love.”

Jesus became silent, and I remained to think of the excesses of the Divine love and my beloved Jesus added:

“My daughter, listen still to me, so much is our love that in every single work that we do we call everyone, as if they might be one alone, in order to give to each one the good of the work that we do, we would not work as God if our acts might not have (the) virtue to be able to give itself to everyone in order to give the good that they contain. You feel therefore, my conception in the bosom of a Virgin was the greatest work of the whole story of the world, only that our Fiat wanted it and it become incarnate, without anyone forcing Us, meriting it, without Us having need (of) anyone, the need was our love, and only because he wanted it, it was such a great act that enclosed and embraced everyone and contained so much love that it gives of the incredible, so much so that Heavens and earth are stupefied by it and still enraptured and everyone feels invaded by so much love, as to be able to feel my Life conceived in everyone. You see therefore, where my love carries Me to conceive in every single soul, in every instant, it is always conceived one time, conceived always. Is it not as if I might be conceived in the consecrated Host, in every act of creature that loves Me and does my Divine Will? Now it is not yet everything, if my love does not give in excesses to be able to say: ‘you see how much I have loved you, I have nothing more to do and give you in order to love you’, it is not content. You feel where I arrive, as in the bosom of the Holy Virgin I breathed through her breath, warmed by her heat, fed by her Blood, thus I await from the creature that possesses Me the breath, the heat, the growth in order to develop my Life. But do you know in what straits my love puts Me? When the creature loves Me, gives Me the breath, gives Me the heat, every good that she does, if she prays, if she suffers for Me, she adores and glorifies Me, she makes Me grow, gives Me the motion, contributes to form me in her soul, so that if she does not love Me she gives me nothing, I feel I lack the breath, the heat, the food, and I don’t grow; alas, in what conditions my love puts Me and the ingratitude of the creature. Now if she gives Me the good of making me grow, in a way as to have me fill all her soul with my Life, then my Life develops in her, I walk in her feet, I work in her hands, I speak in her voice, I think in her mind, I love in her heart, and I have my contentment. How happy I am with the creature, she doesn’t remain other than a veil that covers Me, I am the Proprietor, the Actor, I form my field of action, I can do that which I want, my Divine Will repeats his omnipotent Fiat, continually, my love has received its conception, it goes into follies, that it has formed its life in the creature. Hence there is nothing that I do as much in the Creation, in the Redemption, in the Sanctification, in my Sacramental Life, in Heaven, and in earth, (in) which my love with rapid flight, (doesn’t) race in order to give to everyone the good that I do, the sanctity of my works, whence no one can say he has not done this for me, I have not received this good, that then ungrateful they don’t receive it, the fault is all theirs, on my part it lacked to no one. But do you see where my love arrives, in spite that they don’t let Me grow, making me lack the breath of their love, the food of my Will, they make Me numb with cold because their wills are not with Me, I arrive to remain without attire, as the most perverse and abject, because their works are not upright, holy, and distant from pleasing Me alone, that they should serve Me in order to cover me, yet I don’t depart, supporting so much human ingratitude and awaiting with unconquered patience and preparing a surprise of love, a grace that strikes her more, in order to make me give that which is necessary, in order to make me grow in her soul, because at whatever cost I want to form my life in the creature, use all the arts in order to obtain my intent and many times I am constrained to put (my) hand to the scourges, in order to make myself known that I am in her soul. My daughter, compassionate me and repair me (for) so much human ingratitude, that I am everything for them, I give them the breath and continuous heartbeat, the motion, the heat, the food and they ingrates deny Me that which I give them, after having given them the great honor of forming them, my living temple, my palace upon the earth. What suffering, what pain. Therefore I recommend to you not to let Me lack the breath of your love, give me at least that which is necessary to Me in order to let me grow, make that my Will be your life, in order to have me remain in your palace with decorum and with the sumptuousness that your Jesus merits.”

(47) October 4, 1935 All the glory, the love, is in the power to say with facts: I am a continuous act of Will of my Creator. Necessity of diversity of offices and action.

I was doing my round in the Divine Will in order to trace all his acts done in the Creation, in order to put my little I love you and to unite myself with all created things, in order to glorify my Creator and to be able to say: I am at my post of honor, I do my office, I am a continuous act of Divine Will, I can say that I am nothing, I do nothing, but I do everything, because I do the Divine Will. But while I thought this my Highest Good Jesus, making me his brief little visit, all goodness said to me:

“My blessed daughter, every created thing is a distinct office that it occupies, and although the will of all is one, not all however do the same thing, it would not be order, nor virtue of Divine Wisdom, that one created thing might repeat that which the other does, but since one is the Will that dominates them, the glory that one receives, I give the other, because all the substance that they possess and the good and the value with which they are invested, is that they can say: I am one continuous act of Will of my Creator, glory, honor, virtue more great he could not give me, than to be one single act of Divine Will, so much so that the little blade of grass, with its littleness, the little space that it occupies of the earth, it seems that it does nothing, no one looks at it, and yet, because thus my Will wanted it, nor does it seek to do more than that which a blade of grass can do, in order to do my Will equals the glory that the sun gives Me, that rules with so much majesty over the earth, that one can call it continuous miracle of all the Creation. And since all created things are united between themselves, the sun with all its majesty, with its light kisses and warms, the little blade of grass, the wind caress it, the water waters it, the earth gives the little spot where to form its little life, and yet what thing does a blade of grass do? One can say nothing, but since it possess my Will, it will hold its virtue of doing good to the human generations, because having created everything for love, and in order to do good to creatures, all hold a secret virtue to give the good that they possess.
“You see therefore that everything is in doing my Will, to never go out from his Divine and interminable enclosures; already with doing my Will, although it seems that one does nothing, it is not true, already one finds oneself together with the Divine work and one can say: that which God does, I do. And to you it seems little? God does everything and the soul takes part in everything. So that it is not the diversity of the actions or of the offices that the creature can say that she does great things, but my Will that confirms, annuls them, puts them in the Divine order and puts there his image, as seal of his works.
“In regards to the diversity of offices and of action instead it is order, harmony of my infinite Wisdom, also in Heaven there is diversity of choirs of Angels, diversity of Saints, one is martyr, one is virgin, one is confessor. Upon the earth my providence maintains so many diverse offices, one is king, one is judge, one priest, one is people, one commands, one is under, if everyone might do one single office, what would be of the earth? A complete disorder. Oh! If everyone might understand that only my Divine Will knows how to do great things, and although they might be little and insignificant, oh, how content everyone would be, and each one would love the little spot, the office in which God has put her, but since they let themselves be controlled by the human volition, they would like to give of themselves, to make great actions, that they can not do, therefore they are always discontent with the conditions or posts in which the Divine Providence has put them for their good. Therefore content yourself to do the little united with my Will, and not the great without Him, more so than being immense you will find yourself in all his acts, and you will find yourself in his love, in his power, in his works, in a way that you can not do anything without Him, and He can not do anything without you. Behold therefore that with living in my Volition such prodigies race together that it gives of the incredible, the nothing of the creature in the power of the all, the nothing in prey of a Will that can do everything. What thing wouldn’t this nothing do? She will do works worthy of a Supreme Fiat. Hence the most beautiful act, most solemn, most pleasant for Us is the nothing of the creature, giving us freely in order to let us do that which we want.”


(48) October 7, 1935 One who doesn’t live of Will of God forms his living Purgatory upon the earth, and in prison. The Divine love. An impetuous tempest, excruciating scenes.

My poor mind, feels the need to flow in the Divine Volition as its center, in which flinging itself it feels the breath, the heartbeat, the love, the Divine life as its own. Who can say who can live without breath, without heartbeat, no one, thus the poor soul would form the most excruciating Purgatory without the Fiat and my human will would cast me in the abyss of all evils. But while I thought this my beloved Jesus surprising me all tenderness said to me:

“Blessed daughter of my Volition, how happy I feel that you have understood that you can not live without my Fiat, for the one who doesn’t live in Him, it not only forms her living Purgatory, but impedes all my prepared goods for her, she closes them for Me in my Heart and makes me racked with spasms of pain, she forms the Purgatory to my love, suppresses my flames without the relief of being able to communicate my breath, my life, hence I feel my breath suffocated, my Life impeded, without the good of being able to communicate myself to the creature. Now you should know that there is no thing done by me in which there is not my primary purpose of making her live of my Will. The Creation truly serves to this, to make the creature live of my Will and not living she suffocates this life of mine in created things and my coming upon the earth was the life of Him that I came to give her. Rather you should know that no sooner than the soul decides to want to live in my Volition, my Most Holy Humanity takes post in her, my Blood as copious rain rains on her, my sufferings as impregnable wall surround her, strengthen her, embellish her in an admirable way as to enrapture this Divine Will of mine to live in her, my death itself forms the continuous resurrection of the soul to live in Him. So that the creature feels continually regenerated in my Blood, in my sufferings, in my love, even in my breath, in which she finds sufficient grace in order to live of my Divine Will, because I put all at her disposition, as my Most Holy Humanity held my Divine Volition at its disposition, thus I put him inside and outside of the creature, in order to give life to my Will in her. Now, even to such that she doesn’t decide to live in Him, my Blood doesn’t rain, because it doesn’t have whom to regenerate into Divine, my sufferings don’t form the wall of defense, because the human volition forms the continuous collapse to my works and renders my death as impotent, so that all might re-arise in my Volition. Now my Life, my sufferings, my Blood, if the soul does not live of Him, they remain at the door of the human volition, waiting with unconquered patience in order to enter, to assail her from all sides, in order to give her grace to live of my Volition, and everything not entering it remains as suffocated in Me, my Blood, my sufferings, my Life, and oh, how I suffer in seeing that she does not give Me liberty to give her the good that I want, my love tortures Me, my sufferings, my wounds, my blood, my works, as so many compassionate voices say continually to Me: this creature impedes Us, renders Us useless and as without life for her, because she doesn’t want to live of Divine Will. My daughter, how sorrowful it is to want to do good, to be able to do it and not do it.”

After this I continued my abandonment in the Divine Volition, which had transported me outside of myself, and oh, how horrifying it was to look at the earth, I would have liked to withdraw into myself in order to not see anything, but my sweet Jesus, as if he wanted that I might see scenes so excruciating, stopped me and said to me:

“My daughter, how sorrowful it is to see so much human perfidy, one nation that deceives the other, and they drag by circumstances the poor people into the torment and into the fire, my poor children. You should know that the tempest will be so very strong that it will happen as when an impetuous wind transports with its strength stones, earth, trees, in a way that it remains emptied by everyone, so much so that with more ease new plants can place themselves. Thus this tempest will serve to purify the peoples and to make arise the serene day of peace and brotherly union. Pray so that all serves to my glory, to the triumph of my Will and to the good of everyone.”


(49) October 13, 1935 So much is the love of Jesus that he feels the need to relieve himself with the creature. He in the middle between his Celestial Father and creatures and he remains stricken with love for them.

I felt accordingly the usual all abandoned in the arms of my sweet Jesus, whom felt the need to relieve his ardent love; to speak of his love is a relief, to make understood in what sufferings, straights, impediments his love puts Him, it is for Him the greatest relief. And oh, how excruciating it is to hear him with a suffocated voice weeping, toiled, at half voice: love me, love me, I don’t want other than love, it is the greatest of my sorrows not to be loved..., it is because I am not loved, because my Will is not done. He is bearer of my love, and makes Me loved by the creature with Divine love, and feeling my love, I feel freed from the intensities of my flames and I feel the sweet refreshment, rest, relief in my own love, that the creature gives Me.
Now, while I thought this my Highest Good Jesus visiting my little soul, made himself seen involved in his flames, he said to me:

“My daughter, if you might know in what straights my love puts Me. Listen to me, my Celestial Father was mine, I loved him with such intensity of love that I would consider Myself happy to put forth (my) life, so that no one might be able to offend Him, I was one sole thing with Him, my same Life, and not to love him I could not do it, nor wanted to , our Divine virtue, forms one sole love with my Celestial Father, hence inseparable, creatures departed from my Humanity, they were mine, incorporated in Me, I could say that they formed my Humanity itself, how (then) not to love them? It would be as not to love one’s own life, and oh, in what conditions, intrigues, impediments, my love puts Me, I loved my Father, to see him offended was the greatest of my martyrdoms, I loved creatures, they were already mine, I felt them in Me, and (of) these there were no offences that they didn’t do, ingratitudes that they didn’t commit. My dear Celestial Father justly wanted to strike them, to unmake them, and in the middle between the one and the other I remained struck by He whom I so very loved, and underwent the sufferings of those people, suffering myself for them, and while with the Father I remained offended I also, loved them even to folly, and I put forth (my) life in order to save every single creature, I could not, nor did I want to remove myself from my Celestial Father, because he was mine and I loved him, rather it was my duty as his true Son, to re-give him all the glory, the love, the satisfaction, that all creatures owed Him and although struck by indescribable sufferings, I wanted the same to make me struck, because I loved him, and I loved those people for which I was stricken. Ah! Only my love, because Divine, knows how to form such loving inventions, such impediments that it gives of the incredible, and forms the heroism of true love, so much so that one finishes with remaining burnt, consumed over the fire of love, for the one loved and holds them as incorporated in oneself, that forms one’s same life. Aye! In what straights my love puts Me, it fills Me so much that I feel the need of an outlet to go forth from Me(,) works, sufferings, light, surprising graces in order to give vent to my love, and it is such and so much that I am always inside and outside of her to serve her, and now I serve her with light in the sun, in order to be able to continue this outlet of love, now I serve her in the air in order to make her breathe, now I serve her in the water in order to quench her, now in the plants in order to feed her, now in the wind in order to caress her, in the fire in order to warm her, there is no thing done by Me, as much in the Creation, as in the Redemption, (in) which my love not being able to contain itself inside of itself it went forth in order to give vent of love toward creatures. Now who can tell you how much I suffer in not seeing myself loved, how my love remains tortured by human ingratitude. I arrive even to make her faults mine in order to grieve as if they might be mine, even to do the penitence of it owed to her, I take upon my shoulders all her evils, in order to exchange them into goods, I make it mine, all mine, even to give her the post in my Humanity as a most dear member to Me, I go inventing always new contrivances of love, in order to make them feel how much I love her, and not seeing myself loved what pain, what sorrow. Therefore, my daughter, love me! Love me! When I feel loved my love finds its rest and its loving tortures are changed into sweets refreshments.”


(50) October 20, 1935 Love and the Divine Will go equal steps, the love forms the prime adaptable material in order to form the Life of God in the Creature.

My poor mind feels the need to rest in the Divine Volition, to feel loved only by whom knows how to love it, it feels life in Him and the greatest happiness with his sweet company, but while it feels the need to be loved, it feels the ardent fever to love him, and would like to be consumed with love, to go forth from the exile, in order to be able to love with more perfect love in Heaven. My Jesus! When will you have compassion on me(?)
But while I thought this my beloved Jesus, repeating his brief little visit said to me:

“My daughter, love and Will of God go equal steps, they are never separated, and form one life alone. So that my Will created, worked so many things, but created and worked loving, nor would it have been worthy work of our infinite wisdom, if we might not love that which was created by Us, therefore every created thing, even the littlest, possesses the source of our love and has a sigh, a heartbeat, a continuous voice: love, I am Divine Will and am holy, pure, powerful, beautiful, I am love and I love, nor will I ever cease loving, even to such that I don’t convert everything into love.
“You see therefore my daughter, my Divine Will loved and then created that which he loved, love is our breath, our heartbeat, our air and since the air is communicative and there is no person or thing that can escape from the air, thus our love, true air, invests everyone, adorns everyone and everything, with right it wants to master over everything and wants to be loved by everyone, and it feels the breath, the heartbeat, the air, the life taken away, when it is not loved and they impede it, its virtue is not communicative. Now if the creature does my Will and doesn’t love, it can not be said with facts that she does my Will, it will be perhaps Will of God by circumstance, by necessity, by time, because only the Divine love holds unitive virtue, that unites and centralizes everything in my Divine Will in order to form the life, then lacking my love, that alone knows how to render and transmute the creature into adaptable material, in order to form of her the life of Divine Will, would she be as (a) hard object, that can not receive any impression of the Supreme Being my love that, as cement can fill all the lesions of the human volition, renders it soft in a way that can give it the form that is wanted, and engraves as seal Divine Life. Therefore, Will of God and love are inseparable, if you will do my Will you will love, and if you love you put in security my Will in you, the one and the other go hand in hand, my Will creates, love lends itself as material in order to undergo the creative act, in order to put forth our most beautiful works. Therefore when we are not loved, we go into delirium, We feel our arms broken, our creative hands don’t find the material in order to form our life in the creature. Hence we race together in loving each other, we always love and we will be happy on both parts, rather if you will live in my Volition, I will put at your disposition my love, and you will have in your power the heroic and incessant love that never says enough.”


(51) October 27, 1935 How the Divine Will descends in the human act and creates his palpating life in it. How he anticipates the purgatory of one who lives in his Will.

I feel in myself the power of the Supreme Volition, but so much so that he wants that I undergo in my little acts the power of his Divine act, and while he wants it, he wants to be called by the creature, he doesn’t want to be an intruder, nor to enter through force, but he wants that she knows it, and the human volition giving the kiss to the Divine Volition surrenders the post to his work, and puts herself in cortege to the Divine act, feeling honored that a Divine Volition has worked in her act. My mind lost itself, and oh, how many things it understood, but incapable of being able to repeat them with words, and my beloved Jesus all goodness said to me:

“My blessed daughter, you have not yet understood what it means my Will working in the human act of the creature. He descends in the human act with his creative power, with his Majesty, with his light and with his luxury of innumerable graces, and pouring himself out again in the human act he makes use of his power and creates his act in it, and the human act remains as material with which he has made use of it in order to create his act, and to create means that he creates so many acts as many acts as he wants to create and of the times he creates so many of it, for how many creatures are disposed that can receive that act of his, in which contains unheard of prodigies of graces, of light, of love, it contains the palpating and creative life of a Divine Volition. Behold therefore, having to do an act so great, he doesn’t want to do it if the creature doesn’t know it and that she herself doesn’t long for and want it, she calls him to undergo in the act his creative Will of a Volition so Holy and Powerful. What difference, my daughter, between one who works the good, prays because she feels the duty to do it, or that necessity imposes itself on her, or else she suffers, because she can not free herself, for however good, they are always human acts without the virtue of multiplying themselves how much they want, not possessing the fullness of goods, nor of sanctity, nor of love, and at times they are mingled with the most vile passions, because there lacks the creative strength which creates the good and knows and can undo by itself all that which doesn’t belong to his sanctity. So that the soul that lets my Divine Will work in her act, gives the field to the continuous creation, and oh, how glorified, loved he feels, because he can create that which he wants in the act of her, she feels the Sovereignty, his dominion, the royalty recognized, beloved and respected. Therefore the Heavens are trembling and everyone is attentive and in the act of profound adoration when they see my Divine Will create in the act of the creature.
“Oh! If creatures might know what it means to live in my Divine Volition they would make competition in order to live in Him, and he would be populated with children of my Will, and since in mine, the human will feels incapable of working it would do none other than to undergo the continuity of the acts of Divine Volition and it is the continuation of the acts of a good that forms the order, the harmony, the diversity of beauties that forms the enchantment and the formation of the life and of the good that one needs to acquire, is not our own life perhaps continuous repetition? We love always, we repeat the conservation of the universe and with this we maintain the order, the harmony, the life of the universe. Oh, if we might not always repeat even an instant one would see the disarrangement in all things, therefore always in my Will repeat your continuous little refrains, always undergo my Will in your acts, so that you repeat in yourself his creative act, thus he will be able to form not only the act, but the fullness of his life.”

After this I thought of all that which regards the Divine Will and I said to myself: possible that the creature can arrive to so much and my sweet Jesus repeating to speak said to me:

“My daughter, you should know that no sooner than the creature truly decides to want to live in my Divine Will, and at whatever cost to not ever do hers, my Fiat, with an indescribable love, forms the germ/seed of his life in the depth of the soul, this with such power, with such sanctity, that he doesn’t grow if first he doesn’t put the soul at post, freeing her from her weaknesses, miseries and stains if there are (some), one can say that he forms the anticipated purgatory, purging her of all that which might impede that a life of Divine Will might be formed in her, because my Will and sins can not exist, nor remain together, at the most some apparent weakness could belong, that with his light and heat becomes immediately purified. He always holds the purificatory act in his hands, so that no obstacle might be in the soul, that might impede not only growth, but development of his acts in the acts of the creature. Hence the first thing that my Will does is to take away the purgatory beforehand, making it done anticipated, in order to be more free to make her live in Him and to form his life as pleases him more. Whence if the creature might die after a definite and willed act to live in my Volition, she will take the flight toward Heaven, rather my same Will will carry her in his arms of light as triumph, as his birth, and as his dear child, and if this were not so, it could not be said: be done your Will as in Heaven so in earth; it would be a way of saying, not a reality, in Heaven because He reigns there are neither sins, nor purgatory, thus in earth if he reigns in the soul, there can be neither sin, nor fear of purgatory. He knows how to clear everything, because he wants to be alone in his post regent and dominant.”


(52) November 4, 1935 Who lives in the Divine Will possesses her Jesus in a perennial way and He repeats the miracle that he worked in instituting the Most Holy Sacrament of receiving Himself.

My abandonment continues in the Divine Volition but how much more I walk in his sea, so much more I feel the need of his life in order to continue to live, and having made Holy Communion, I felt the need to love him. But my poor nothing, didn’t have sufficient love in order to love He who loves me so much, my love was so scarce, that I felt shame before the love of Jesus whom had so much, that the confines of it weren’t seen, and yet I wanted to love him. And my beloved Jesus giving me courage said to me:

“My blessed daughter, do not batter yourself, for one who lives in my Will, the nothing holds it in the all, and wanting to love me, she loves Me with my same love, I find in her my powerful, wise, attractive, immense love, in a way that this nothing of the creature takes Me from all sides, and I feel myself tied by her love that is my same love, in a way that I can not escape her, and now she wounds Me, now controls Me even to make me come to less and I feel the need to rest in the arms of her love. But this is not everything, one who lives in my Will possesses her Jesus in perennial way, because He holds the virtue to form, to raise and to feed my Life in the creature, and receiving me in the Sacrament I find another Jesus, that is myself, that she loves Me, adores Me, thanks Me, repairs Me, I can say that I repeat the great miracle that I did in instituting the Sacrament of the Eucharist, (in) which I communicated myself, that is your Jesus received Jesus, it was the greatest honor, the most complete satisfaction, the exchange of the heroism of my love to receive myself, I lacked nothing of all that which was owed Me to my Sacramental Life, a God equalized God himself, I could say that that which I gave Myself she re-gives. Now for one who lives in my Will, not possessing her Jesus is impossible, hence receiving me in (the) Sacrament I can say: I go to find myself in the creature and I find that which I want, my Life that uniting us together forms one alone, I find my palace, I find the love that always loves Me, I find the compensation of the great sacrifice of all that which I do and suffer in my Sacramental Life. My excessive love brings Me with an irresistible strength to repeat the miracle of receiving myself, but it is given Me to do it only in the creature where my Divine Will reigns.”


(53) November 17, 1935 All that which one does in the Divine Will takes its post in God.

I feel in the arms of the Divine Will, it seems to Me that he awaits Me in order to work in the my little act, in order to give me rest in his works, and for Him to rest also, and my sweet Jesus surprising me with his brief little visit said to Me:

“My daughter, as the creature works in my Will, thus her acts take their post in our Divine Being, our goodness is so much that it holds so many voids in order to receive all the human acts, that possess the creative virtue in our Volition, they come to their Creator all festive and fill these voids that our love holds at beautiful post formed in Us in order to be able to say with facts: they are our acts, that which We do the creature does, that which one does in our Will nothing remains outside of Us, nor can they remain (so), it would be this if one might be able to give, as if our Life might be subject to separate itself, that which can not be, because we not only possess the inseparability of our Supreme Being, but of all our acts and of one who lives in our Volition we hold posts for everyone and of everything we form one act alone. Now these acts find in Us, not only their place of honor, (but) the perennial life and their rest, and We feel the happiness, the joy, that the creature enclosed in her act with doing it in our Will, we feel that our Fiat loves Us, glorifies Us, felicitates Us, beatifies Us in the act of the creature, as We merit. Oh! How happy we feel, to feel happiness in Us is nature, to feel the happiness that the creature can give us, we feel the exchange of the work of the Creation and does it seem little to you that we give the virtue to the creature to be able to felicitate her Creator? It is such and so much the joy that we experience that we abandon Ourselves in the arms of the creature and pressing her in ours, we rest in her, and she rests in Us, and then our rest becomes broken, when she surprises Us with her other acts, in order to enjoy the happiness that she brings Us. So that we don’t do other than to pass from happiness to rest, from rest to happiness, blessed creature that living in our Divine Will can felicitate He who possesses the sea of infinite joys and happiness without end.”


(54) November 24, 1935 True love always calls He whom it loves and encloses Him within. How all is veiled without the Divine Will. Example.

My poor mind found itself under the impetuous waves of the Divine Volition impetuous but pacific with happiness, so much so that the poor creature feels pressed and incapable of being able to receive everything and while I followed the acts of the Fiat, I arrived at the point of the Creation of man, and I thought to myself with how much love could the Lord love innocent Adam, before sinning. And my beloved Jesus surprising me said to me:

“My daughter, love Me for how much it is possible for a creature. He was a complex of love, not even a fiber was empty of love toward his Creator, he felt the life of his Creator alive palpating in his heart, indeed true love calls in every instant He whom it loves and giving him with its love its life, it re-takes for its own life He whom it loves. Now my Divine Will loving found in the creature himself, he facilitates his regime, nothing opposes itself to his dominion, his noble post is as dominant King, he forms his longed for kingdom in her. When the creature loves Me how much more she can, not one void of God can one find in her, rather with her love she encloses Me in the center of her soul, in a way that I can not go out, nor can I free myself from her, and if I might be able to go out, that which I can never do, she would come after Me, without being able neither I, nor she to separate from each other, because the love is (the) same. Therefore who loves Me indeed can say: I have conquered He who has created Me, I have Him inside me, I possess Him, He is all mine, no one can take Him away from me. Now, my daughter, the love in Adam before sinning was perfect, total, my Will held his life in a way that he felt Him more than his own life, as he sinned, the life of my Fiat withdrew himself and the light remained (to) him, because He without Him could not live, he would have returned into the nothing. In creating him we did as a Father that puts his goods and his life itself in common with (his) own child. Now this disobedience, to rebel (against) one’s own Father, the Father with sorrow is constrained to put him outside of his residence, not letting him possess in common anymore neither his goods, nor his life, but so much is his love that although distant he doesn’t let him lack the necessary things, the means of strict necessity, because he knows that if the Father withdraws himself, the life of the child is finished. Thus my Divine Will did, he withdrew his Life but left his light, as help, support and as necessary means so that his child might not perish entirely. Now with withdrawing his Life, all things and works of God remained, veiled for man. He himself, veiled the intelligence, the memory, the will, he remained as those poor unhappy dying ones, that covering the pupil of the eye with a thin veil, they don’t see clearly anymore the life of the light. My Divinity itself in descending from Heaven in earth, veiled itself with my Humanity. Oh! If creatures might possess as Life my Will, immediately they would have known Me, because He himself would have revealed who I was, my Volition in her and that same Divine Volition in Me they would have immediately known, loved each other, they would have made crowds around Me, nor would they have been able to separate from Me, recognizing me under the likeness of their cast offs as Word Eternal, He who loved them so much, that he had dressed himself as one of them. So that I would have had no need to manifest myself, my Will residing in them, would have revealed Me, nor would I have been able to hide myself instead I had to tell them who I was, and how many did not believe Me? Therefore even to such that my Will doesn’t reign in creatures everything is veiled, the Sacraments themselves, that more than (a) new Creation with so much love I left in my Church, are veiled for them, how many surprises, how many beautiful secrets, and marvelous things a veiled pupil impedes (one) from understanding, from seeing, from tasting, more so that this veil is the human volition that forms and impedes her from seeing the things that are in herself. Whence my Will reigning in creatures as life will take away this veil and all things will be revealed, and then they will see the caresses that we make them through means of created things, the kisses, the loving embraces, in every single created thing they will feel our ardent heartbeat that loves them, they will see in the Sacraments our Life flow, in order to give itself continually to them and they will feel the need of giving themselves to Us. This will be the great prodigy that my Divine Will will do, to break all the veils, to abound with unheard of graces, to take possession of souls as proper life, in a way that no one will be able to resist him and thus he will have his kingdom upon the earth.”

Jesus expedite and complete that which You say and want and your Will be done as in Heaven so in earth.

Deo Gratias!/Thanks be to God!

Always and in every instant.

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