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Divine Will Volume Thirty-Four

Volume 34


In Voluntate Dei. Deo Gratias / In the Will of God. Thanks be to God

(1) December 2,1935 How the Divine Will darts the creature and forms there the Divine nobility, and doing as Actor renders God and the creature inseparable. Example, the Sun.

My King of love Jesus and my Queen Mamma my Divine one, oh! weave my Will with yours and make of it one alone, rather enclose me in your hearts, so that I write not outside of you, but rather inside of the Heart of my Jesus, (and) in the womb of my Celestial Mother, so that I can say: it is Jesus that writes, it is my Mama that feeds me the words. Therefore help me and give me grace to conquer the great repugnance that I feel in beginning another volume, you who know my poor state, I feel the need to be sustained, strengthened and all renewed by the Power of your Divine Fiat in order to be able to do in everything and always your Divine Will.

Whence I felt immersed in the Divine Volition, which took (the) aspect of Actor, in order to be able to enter in the most intimate closets of my soul, and form his working act in me, I remained surprised, and my sweet [Jesus] visiting my little soul, all goodness said to me:

“My blessed daughter, when the creature does and lives in the Divine Will, our Supreme Being darts her continually with his light, he darts her mind and casts there in her the nobility of the divine thoughts, in a way that she feels in her intelligence, memory and will, the sanctity, the remembrance of her Creator, the love, the will of He who doing as Actor forms in her the order, the divine wisdom darting her he casts there with his kisses of light the divine substance in her mind, in a way that everything is noble, everything is holy, everything is sacred in her. This Actor of my Volition, forming his seat in the created intelligence, with his power and mastery forms there his image, darts her heart and forms there the nobility of the love, of the desires, of the affections, of the heartbeats, darts the mouth and forms the nobility of the words, darts the works and the steps and forms the holy works, the nobility of the steps, and not only darting the soul, but also the body and with his light he invests the blood and ennobles it, in a way that the creature feels flow in her blood, in her limbs the fullness, the sanctity, the substance of the Divine nobility. This actor of my Divine Will takes the office of insuperable Craftsman, to transform God in the creature, and the creature in God. When my Will has arrived to this, that is the greatest act that he can do, that is forming of God and of the creature one single life, rendering them inseparable the one from the other, he rests in his work, and feels such happiness, because he has conquered the creature, he has formed his work in her, and has completed his Will. Then it seems that he says in the emphasis of his love: I have done everything, (there) remains none other to me, than to possess her and love her.”

I remained worried in hearing this, and my amiable Jesus added:

“My daughter, why do you doubt? doesn’t the Sun also do this office, as it darts the flower with its light, thus it gives the substance of the color and of the perfume to it, as it darts the fruit, thus it infuses the sweetness and the flavor to it, as it darts the plants, thus it communicates to each one the substance, the effects that they need. If the Sun does this, more so my Divine Will that can do everything, and knows how to do everything, and as the Sun goes finding the [Seed], in order to give that which it possesses, thus my Divine Will goes finding the dispositions of the creatures that want to live of my Will, that he darts immediately and communicates there the Divine substance and nobility, and forms and makes his life grow.”


(2) December 8, 1935 Prodigies of the Immaculate conception. Communication of the divine rights. How God doesn’t want to do anything without his Celestial Mother.

I was doing my round in the acts of the Divine Will and arrived in the act that the omnipotent Fiat created the Immaculate Virgin I stopped, and oh what surprise of prodigies never heard of united together, the enchantment of the Sky, of the Sun and of all the Creation, they can not compare, oh how they remain behind before the Sovereign Queen and my sweet Jesus in seeing me so surprised said to me:

“My blessed daughter, you should know that there is no beauty, nor value, nor prodigies that can compare to the Immaculate Conception of this Celestial Creature, my omnipotent Fiat made of Her a new Creation, oh how much more beautiful, more prodigious than the first, my Divine Volition in himself doesn’t have neither beginning, nor end, and the greatest prodigy was as if in this creature she might be reborn, not once, but in every instant, act, prayers that she might grow, and (in) this growth my Will multiplied his prodigies in (an) infinite way. The Creation of the universe was created by us in admirable way, and is maintained by us under the empire of our creative and conservative act, without adding on other, instead in this Virgin we maintain the creative, conservative and growing act, this is the prodigy of prodigies, the life of our Volition reborn in Her, her growth continuous in every act that she did, and our Fiat in order to be reborn in Her pronounced himself in the act of her conception, and when this was pronounced our act has such sumptuousness, sublimity, height, immensity, power that she took everyone in the net of her love, not putting anyone aside, everyone can take the good that our working Fiat possesses, except someone that might not want it. Our Divinity in seeing in this Holy creature our Will as reborn, participated his divine rights to her, in a way that she was mistress of our love, power, wisdom and goodness, and Queen of our Fiat. She with her growing act of our Volition enraptured us, loved us so much so that she arrived to love us for everyone, and covered all creatures, hid them in her love and made us feel the echo of the love of everyone and of each one.
“Oh! how we feel tied and as made imprisoned by the love of this Most Holy Virgin, more so that as she loved us, adored, prayed, worked, with the growing act of our Fiat that she possessed, she enclosed in herself her Creator, as she loved us thus we felt absorbed in Her without being able to resist her, such was her power that she dominated us and enclosed in herself our Most Holy Trinity, and we loved her so much that we let her do that which she wanted, who had (the) heart to deny her anything? rather we felt more happy to content her because a soul that loves us is our happiness, because we feel the echo, the joy of our happiness in her, and who possesses our Will as life, is everything for us. This is the great prodigy of one who possesses our Will as life to feel herself participate in his same divine right, with this she feels that her love never finishes and she holds so much of it that she can love for everyone, and give love to everyone, with her growing act it never says enough to her sanctity. More so that the Sovereign Queen with possessing our Will as Life holds always to give us, always to say, she holds us always occupied and we always hold to give, and to communicate to her always our loving secrets, so much so that we do nothing without Her, first we sense it with Her, then we deposit it in her Maternal Heart and from her Heart it descends in the fortunate one who should receive that good.
“So that there is no grace that descends upon the earth, there is no sanctity that is formed, nor sinner that converts, there is no love that departs from our throne, that first is not deposited in her Heart of Mother, which forms the maturation of that good, fecundates it with her love, she enriches it with graces and if needed with the virtue of her sorrows and then she deposits it in who should receive it, in a way that who receives it, feels (the) Divine Paternity and the Maternity of her Celestial Mother. We can do it without Her, but we don’t want to, who will have (the) heart to put her aside? our love, our infinite Wisdom, our Fiat himself imposes himself on us and doesn’t let us do anything, that doesn’t descend through means of her.
“You see therefore where our love arrives for the one who lives of the Divine Will even to not want to do anything without Her, she is the harmony of our infinite Wisdom, that always turns around us like the Creation of the universe always turns around us and as they turn they fecundate the earth and maintain the natural life to all creatures, thus this new Creation of the conception of the Immaculate Lady always turns around God, and God always turns around Her, and they maintain the fecundity of the good, they form the sanctity of souls and the re-call of creatures to God.”


(3) December 15, 1935 How true love wants to make itself known, spread itself out and race and fly in search of whom it loves, because it feels the need to be re-loved. Power that the creative act that it receives when it turns in the Creation.

My poor mind is always transported in the sea of the Divine Will, which makes present to me and holds as in act all that which he has done for love of creatures, and he longs that they recognize that which he has done, how much he has loved us, and waits for us in his acts in order to say to them: we do it together, not to work as alone, so that that which I did, you do, and thus we can say with equal love we have loved each other, how beautiful it is to be able to say next to each other you have loved me and I have loved you, it is the compensation of the greatest works and the most sorrowful sacrifices. Whence my mind turned in the Creation, in that act when the omnipotent Fiat pronouncing itself created and extended the azure Sky, and my Eternal love in order to have me together with Him in this act, and my sweet Jesus made feast that I kept him company and detaining me said to me:

“My good daughter, to love and not make oneself known is against the nature of true love, because true love as by itself spreads itself out and races, flies in search of whom it loves, and then stays when finding her if it encloses her, hides her in its love and transforming her in its own flames, it wants to find its same love in her, its same works done by whom it loves for its love. And since the creature can never do that which we do for her, our love in order to make the intent, calls the creature to himself, hides her in his own love, and makes her work together with our creative and conservative act, and thus in reality the creature can say: I have loved you, that which you have done for me, I have done for you; and we really feel re-loved by her, with our love and our same works.
“You should know, that as the creature elevates herself with her will in ours, in the things created by us, our Supreme Being renews over her the creative act, and oh the wonders that we do of graces, of sanctity, of Sky, of Suns in her soul, our act delights itself to repeat itself, and as she turns in created things our love wants to make itself known, wants to make touched with (the) hand how much he loves her, and he repeats over her our creative act that is not ever subject, to stop, in a way that she feels all the strength of our love, the power of our works and taken by stupor she loves us with our creative strength, that we have infused in her. And oh! our contentment in seeing ourselves known and loved by whom we love so much.
“Behold therefore we created so many things, because we awaited the creature in order to make ourselves known how much we love her, and in order to give her in every created thing the potentiality of our love, in order to make ourselves loved; love when it is not known becomes unhappy, and when it is not re-loved by whom it loves it feels itself lose life, impeded, the steps broken, and to put in forgetfulness its most beautiful works. Instead when it is known and loved, its life multiplies itself, behold our creative act over the creature, in order to be loved as we love her, our steps are free, rather they fly in order to take up the beloved creature, to press her to our bosom in order to love her and to make ourselves loved, our love feels the happiness of the love that she brings them.
“Therefore there is no honor greater that one can give us than to come into our Divine Will, we as we see her come we put at her disposition all the Creation, because it is hers, for her everything was done, and as she turns in every created thing, she finds our creative power that investing her communicates our love that each one possesses, and she can love us with our creative strength, that rises, and she can love us as she wants and how much she wants, and thus the love of the Creator and the creature give the kiss, the one rests in the other, and all and both feel the contentment of loving indeed. Oh! how beautiful is the company of one who loves us, so much is our contentment that our love rises and invents other more beautiful works, other loving industries in order to love and make ourselves loved...”


(4) December 29, 1935 The Regal post of the creature in the union of the Divine Unity, how she remains enclosed in him and how she can form the rarest beauties and the enchantment to her own Creator.

I am between the arms of the Divine Fiat, which attracts one so much, that my little nothing feels lost in the All, and although lost it feels its life sustained, fed, revived by the All and if may it never be, I might want to remove myself, that which can not be, because I would not even find a hole where to be able to enclose myself that I might not find my All, oh then I would feel my little nothing without life. Whence I felt that the Divine Volition blew (on) my nothing and made me feel his life, his love, his power, but while my mind swam in the All, in his interminable light, my beloved Jesus visiting my little my soul, all goodness said to me:

“My little daughter of my Will, how surprising, marvelous, sublime it is, to work in my Divine Volition, as the creature does her act in Him, her act remains stripped from the human and uniting itself acquires the union of the unity of the Divine act. Now the creature holds her regal post, her act in the unity of our single act, and hence if she loves, she loves in our unity, if she adores us, if she blesses us, she is inside of our unity, if she understands us it is inside of our unity, she sees, does and feels nothing outside of us, but everything inside of our Divine Being, she can say: I don’t know other, nor love, nor want but the Divine Volition alone, that his unity holds me enclosed within.
“Now the greatest fortune, the most sublime grace for the creature, the glory, the greatest honor for us is to possess the human will, her act in our unity, and do you know why? because we can give love when we want to give, and make ourselves loved when we desire, enrich her with grace, with sanctity, with beauty, as to feel ourselves enraptured by the goods and beauty that we have infused (in) her. In short we can do with the creature, love her, entrust the All to the nothing, since she holds of ours, and she will feel such power and love as to be able to defend the All, and we feel ourselves secure in this nothing, because we have surrendered our weapons to her in order to hold us secure and defended.
“But this is not everything, all that which the creature can do, the natural actions, the most indifferent acts, the words, the works, the steps, possessing her act in our unity they become effect of her act, united with ours, symbol of the Sun, that with the effects of its light forms the beauty, the flowerings, the enchantment to all the creation, thus invested by the light of my Fiat, everything becomes her effect, one is the act, one is the Will, but the effects are innumerable, that they can form the rarest beauties, and the most seductive enchantment to He who has created her, and who possesses her in his Unity.
“My daughter, our Supreme Being possesses one act alone, so that all the Creation, every single creature they are none other than effect of the unity of our act, so that the human will uniting itself becomes our continuous effect. And this effect do you know what it means? to always give to her and to always receive from the creature.”

Now I remained stupefied and fixed in the Divine Volition and I understood so many things of this union in the Divine unity, and while it was one it enclosed all the Creation and everyone was enclosed in this Unity, and lead by Him, but sustained, united, bound in this Unity, and since he is one, he is everything, he sustains and gives life to everything, in this while I looked (at), the Sky, and so many lights of varied beauty were seen that possessed all the variety of the colors, but with an admirable way that these lights enraptured, meandered, in the azure vault and while they were so many they formed one alone, they penetrated in the Heavens, they descended in the depths, they wanted to give life of light to everyone, they never stopped, they raced, they flew. And my sweet Jesus added:

“My daughter, these lights are the wonders of the acts done in my Divine Volition, how beautiful they are, they carry the imprint of their Creator.”


(5) January 5, 1936 Who lives in the Divine Volition forms the little life of the Divine Will in the creature. How she becomes loved with new and doubled love by God.

My little and poor will feels the extreme need of the Divine Volition, without Him I feel fasting, without strength, without heat and without life, rather I feel death at every instant because lacking there is none who can substitute to feed his life in me. Therefore I go repeating: I am hungry, come oh Divine Will to give me your life in order to satiate me of you, otherwise I die. But while I was delirious that I wanted to feel in myself the fullness of the Divine Will, my sweet Jesus repeating his brief little visit with me, all goodness said to me:

“My blessed daughter, your deliriums, your hunger that you feel the extreme need that you want to feel in every instant the life of my Will, they are wounds to my heart, they are tears of love that violating me makes me race, fly, in order to come to make the life of my Will grow in you. You should know that as the creature wants to do my Will in order to live and emitting her acts in Him, she calls her Creator, which feels himself called by the power of his own Volition in the creature, which he is not given to resist or to put forth the least delay. Rather since we never let ourselves (be) conquered in love, as we see that she is about to call us, we don’t give her the time, we call her and she races in our Divine Being as in her own center, she casts herself in our arms and we press her to us so much so as to transform her in us, a perfect accord happens between the Creator and the creature, and so much is our emphasis of love that we love her anew, it is double love; but this is not enough, we give such communication of our Supreme Being as to make ourselves love with new love and doubled by her, and if you might know what it means to be loved by God with new and double love, and to be able love with new and double love, only in our Divine Will are there these wonders and prodigies. God loves himself in the creature, everything is his, hence there is no wonder that he puts in field his always new love, doubles it, hundred folds it how much he wants, and he gives grace to her to make her love with his same love, if this were not so, one would see great disparity between who can love and between who can not love, and the poor creature would remain humble, annihilated, without rush and union of love with her Creator, and when two beings can not love with equal love, the inequality indeed produces unhappiness, while our Will is Unity and freely gives his love to the creature in order to make her love, he gives his sanctity in order to make her holy, his wisdom in order to make her know, there is nothing that he possesses that he would not give her. More so that with living in our Fiat, as she puts aside her will in order to give life to ours in her acts, she has formed the little life of our Volition in her, which demands, longs for the growth, and it’s enough one act more in Him in order to grow, one sigh in order to satisfy the hunger, one total desire that my Volition races in all her being in order to form sufficient food in order to feel herself satisfied of all that which belongs to her Creator. Highest attention is needed and my Will will do all that which is needed in order to form his life in the creature.”


(6) January 22, 1936 Who lives in the Divine Will forms the theater of the works of her Creator and repeats in her the moving scene of the Redemption.

I was doing the round in the acts of the Divine Will and sought to invest with my little love the Sky, the Sun and all the Creation, then I turned in the acts of the Redemption, and sweet Jesus enclosed his acts in me, and repeated the most moving scenes in order to repay me my little love, I remained surprised and my beloved Jesus, all tenderness and love said to me:

“My good daughter, daughter of my Will, you should know that my love is so much that in order to relieve myself I want to repeat my works, but in whom can I repeat them? in whom do I find (the) place in order to enclose them in order to feel myself loved? In whom lives in my Will. As the creature turns in my works, in order to know them, love them and call them in herself, they reproduce themselves in her, and it forms the theater of our works, how many moving scenes, now the Sky is extended, now the Sun rises with all its majesty, now the sea murmurs and forming its waves would like to flood its Creator with its love, and now she forms the most beautiful meadow in bloom, and to every flower she makes said her little refrain to us: I love you, I glorify you, I adore you, and your Fiat come to reign upon the earth, there is no being that she doesn’t call in herself, in order to make her little story spoken, I love you, I love you. My daughter, our love is not content if it doesn’t give everything, and doesn’t repeat our works, in one who lives in our Will.
“But it is not everything, you feel it yet. She with turning in the acts of the Creation repeats my works and I take highest pleasure and delight in assisting in the most splendid scenes of the Creation in the creature, when she turns in the acts of the Redemption in order to make them hers, I repeat my life. So that I repeat my conception, my birth (in) which the Angels repeat the glory in the Heavens and peace to men of good will, and if human ingratitude constrains me to cry, I go to cry in her, because I know that my tears will be repaid and pearled with her I love you. Hence I pass on to repeat my life, my steps, my lessons, and when they renew to me the blows, the sufferings, the Crucifixion, the death, I don’t ever suffer outside of this creature, but I go in her to suffer my sufferings, the cross, the death, because she won’t leave me alone, she will take part in my sufferings, she will remain crucified with me and will give me her life for exchange of my death.
“So that in one who lives in my Will I find the theater of my life, the moving scenes of my infancy and of my passion, I find the speaking Skies, the Suns that love me, the winds that groan with love for me, in short all created things hold to tell me a little word, an I love you, a testament of thankfulness, but who is it that makes it speaking for me? who is it that takes the voice to all things? Who lives in my Will; He transforms her so much that there is no love, that does not give itself nor work that he can not repeat in her, therefore they can call them his living lives, and the repeater of the works of their Creator.”


(7) March 1, 1926 Prodigies of the Incarnation of the Divine Word. How the Heavens are astonished and the Angels remain mute from it. Prodigies when the Divine Will works in the creature. The Divine Trinity called in counsel. How God in creating puts forth a dose of his love in the creature.

I am beneath the press of the privation of my sweet Jesus, I feel pressed, undone, as if my life might want to finish, but the Divine Volition triumphs over my little being rising in my soul, and calls me to make my day in his Will, it seems to me that while I feel myself die without dying, He forms his victory and it is his triumph, and his life re-arises over my dying will more beautiful, all full of Majesty and double love. Oh! Divine Will, how much you love me, you make me feel death in order to centralize your life all the more in me.
Whence I continued my day in his divine acts and arrived at the incarnation of the Word such love was felt, as to feel oneself burn, consumed in his Divine flames. And my Highest Good Jesus, as drowned in his flames of love said to me:

“My blessed daughter, my love was so much in incarnating myself in the bosom of my Celestial Mother that Heavens and earth could not contain it, the act of incarnating myself happened in one act of love so intense, so strong, so great, that it was more than enough to burn everything and everyone with love. You should know, before incarnating myself my Celestial Father looked in himself and in the enthusiasm of his love not being able to contain it seas of love went forth from himself in torrents, in this enthusiasm of love he looked at his Son, and I found myself in the same flames of love and I commanded myself that I might incarnate myself, I wanted this, and in an impetus of love, without my Father leaving, nor the Holy Spirit, the great portent of the incarnation happened. I remained with my Father, and at the same time descended in the bosom of my Mother. The three Divine persons we were inseparable, nor subject to separate ourselves. Therefore I can say: I remained in Heaven, and descended in earth, and the Father and the Holy Spirit, they descended with me in earth and they remained in Heaven. Hence in this act so great our Divine Being overflowed so much in love, that the Heavens were stupefied and the Angels surprised and mute, everyone wounded in our flames of love. The incarnation was none other than an act of our Divine Will, what doesn’t he know how to do and can do[?] everything; with his power and with his infinite love he arrives, even to work the prodigy not ever heard of, nor done, of making us remain in Heaven and descend in the prison of the Maternal bosom. Thus our Will wanted thus it was done.
“Now my daughter, every time that the soul wants to do my Will, my Celestial Father first looks inside of himself, calls as in counsel the Sacrosanct Trinity, in order to fill that act of our Will with all the possible and imaginable goods, then he issues it forth from himself and makes it invest the creature by his working, communicating, transforming Will, and as in the incarnation the three Divine Persons they remained in Heaven, and descended in the bosom of the Immaculate Virgin, thus my Will with his power transports with himself in his operative act the Divine Trinity in the creature, while he leaves him in Heaven, and forms there in the human will his Divine act.
“Now who can tell you the wonders that become enclosed in this act of our Will? our love rises and diffuses itself so much as to not find where to put itself, and when it has filled everything, it retires into our source, our sanctity feels honored with (the) Divine act from our same working Will in the creature and diffuses itself with surprising graces, in order to communicate his sanctity to all creatures, they are unreachable prodigies that He completes, when the creature calls him to work in her. Therefore make everything disappear in my Will, and we will give you everything in your power and you will be able to give us everything, even ourselves.”

After this I felt my little intelligence so full of the Divine Will that it could not contain it, and I followed my round in his divine acts and arrived in the act when the Immaculate Queen was conceived, I understood how the Supreme Being before calling her to life they poured so much love (in) her that as she felt life she felt the need to love her Creator, she felt in herself that love that she expressed forth, I remained surprised and my beloved Jesus added:

“My daughter, do not marvel, it is our usual (way) that to every creature when we put her forth to the light of day in the act of creating her, we give a dose of love, thus giving her part of our Divine substance, and according to our designs that we make over her, thus we increase the dose of our love. So that every creature holds in herself the particle of the substance of the Divine love, otherwise how could she love us, if we ourselves didn’t put forth of ours in order to make ourselves loved? it would be to ask that which one didn’t hold, we already know that the creature has nothing by herself, therefore we must enclose as within a sanctuary our love, our Will, in order to ask that she loves us and does our Volition. And if we ask it is because we know that she holds in her power our love and our Volition, that we ourselves have put in the depth of her soul. Now if she loves us, this dose of our love rises, is magnified and she feels the need to love us more powerfully, and to live of the Will of her Creator, if she doesn’t love us it doesn’t grow and the human weaknesses, the passions form the ash on our love, in a way that she arrives to not feel any need to love us, the ash has covered and suffocated our Divine fire, and while the fire exists, she doesn’t feel it, while every time that she loves us, she doesn’t do other than to blow in order to put in flight the ash, thus she will feel the live fire that burns in her bosom, she will magnify it so much as to not be able to be without loving us.
“Now my daughter, the Immaculate Queen from the first instant of her conception, given that she felt in herself the love for her Creator and our working Will more than her own life, she loved us so much that she didn’t lose an instant without loving us, and with loving us and re-loving us she magnified so much this dose of love, as to be able to love us for everyone, and to give love to everyone, and to love everyone always without ever ceasing; you should know that our love is so much, that with putting this dose of love in the creature we put the germ/seed of happiness inside of her, because true happiness must hold its royal place inside of the soul, happiness outside if it doesn’t reside within, it can not be called true happiness, rather it embitters the poor creature and is as an impetuous wind, that immediately disperses it, no sooner leaving the traces converted into thorns that embitter her, not so the happiness within put (there) by us, it is lasting and always grows; and then to love felicitates oneself and felicitates us, who doesn’t love can not ever be happy, who doesn’t love doesn’t have any purpose nor interest in completing work, nor feels the heroism of doing good to anyone, the sacrifice that gives the most beautiful tints to the love doesn’t exist for her.
“Whence the Most Holy Virgin possessed the sea of happiness, because she possessed so many lives of love for how many creatures exist, not only, but with never doing her will, but always mine, she formed so many lives of my Will in Her, in a way that she can give to each creature a life of love and a life of Divine Volition. Behold therefore with right she is Queen of love and Queen of the Supreme Will. Therefore the Sovereign Queen loves, longs to bring forth these lives in order to deposit them in creatures and form the kingdom of pure love and the kingdom of our Will, and thus she will arrive to the maximum point of loving her Creator, and to the maximum point of loving and of doing good to creatures.”


(8) April 21, 1936 Divine display for who lives in his Will; how he renders her participant of his works. How he always holds to give and to work together with the creature.

I am always in the sea of the Divine Volition where I find strength, peace, love, rather as I enter in Him seeing my littleness that I am good for nothing, the Divinity, that loves so much to make his Will work in my littleness, arms his sanctity, his Wisdom, goodness, strength, the divine light around me in order to have that his Will finds in me his divine qualities, in order to be able to make in me his working act. So that he puts forth his, in order to give grace to the creature to make her work in Him. Whence I followed the acts of the Divine Will and He carried me in his arms, sustained me, breathed me in order to make me receive the participation of his acts. Hence I arrived in the act of the Conception of the Virgin and I found myself in the little heart of the conceived Virgin. My God, I don’t know how to say it, I don’t know how to go ahead anymore, but my sweet Jesus making me understand said to me:

“Blessed daughter of my Volition, you have reason, the waves of my Volition inundate you, drown you and your little capacity remains lost and needs your Jesus in order to better explain that which you see, but don’t know how to say. Now know my daughter, our love is such and so much for one who wants to live and lives in our Divine Volition that we want to make them participant with all our works, for as much as (a) creature it is possible, also giving her the merit of our divine works. As the creature enters in our Will, He calls in act his Divine work as if in that instant the same (was) operating, and uniting her in his act, he makes her see the prodigies of his work, and receives and confirms her in the good, making her feel the new life of his act; you have seen the conception of the Sovereign Queen, and how you being in my Will, you have found yourself conceived in her Maternal Heart, you see the great difference for who lives in my Volition, the prodigies of the Immaculate Conception were unheard of. My Will that animated this conception, which no one can escape from Him, called present all creatures, so that they might remain conceived in her virgin Heart, and might receive her maternity, her help, her defense, they might find the refuge, the support in this Celestial Mother.
“Now who lives in our Volition, finds herself in the act that conceives, she is the daughter that spontaneous of her will, searches her Mama, and takes her place, encloses herself in her Maternal Heart, in order to let the Celestial Queen do to her as Mama. Now this one will take part in the riches of the Sovereign Queen, in her merits, in her love, she will feel in herself the nobility, the sanctity of Her, because she knows to whom it pertains, and God will make her participant of the infinite goods and the exuberant love that was in the conception of this Holy Creature. And thus with all our works, as the creature searches them, she calls them in our Will in order to know them and love them, we call in act our works, we put her in the center of them, we make her feel and experience all our love, the power of our creative strength, and the littleness of the creature undergoes it, it fills her even to not being able to contain anymore.
“My daughter, to not make one participant of our works for who lives in our Will proves impossible to us, nor would it be our true love, because we possess in nature the communicative strength, and we will want to communicate to everyone our divine goods, it is creatures that reject them, but for one who lives in our Volition we show off in communicating our goods, we don’t find in her any opposition, and if this were not so we would impede our Divine Being, rather it is one happiness of ours: to love, to give, to abound to our beloved creatures.
“Now you see therefore the great difference of whom lives in our Will, the other creatures find themselves in our works, in the conception of the Holy Virgin, in the incarnation of the Word, in my sufferings, in my death and even in my Resurrection, but they find themselves (so) in virtue of our Power and immensity, I would almost say by necessity, not by love, nor because they know our goods, or love to make their sojourn in them in order to enjoy themselves of them, in fact it is because from our Divine Being no one can escape, while one who lives in our Volition it is the creature that searches our works, knows them, loves them, appreciates them, and comes to take her place inside of them, and she loves and works together with us, hence she accordingly participates, she acquires new knowledges and new love, while the other ones remain and don’t know them, they don’t love us, they don’t have a word to say to us, one could say they are as encumbering our immensity, and many in order to offend us.
“Therefore it is our ardent sigh that the soul lives in our Volition, we always hold to give and to do always with her, and she holds to do together with us, we don’t give each other the time, one act calls the other, and we quite know each other, our Will first makes her know us, makes her love us and then forms the perennial union of the creature in our Will.”

(9) May 20,1936 Difference that passes between who calls the Divine Will in her acts, and between who does good works without Him. The Ascension; how he departed for Heaven and remained upon the earth.

My poor mind continues to turn in the acts of the Divine Will, and I thought to myself: what is the difference (between) whom calls the Divine Will in her acts, and those that do good works and don’t call him. And my sweet Jesus making for me his brief little visit said to me:

“My daughter, there is no comparison (between) the one and the other, the first one with calling my Will in her acts, strips herself of that which is human and forms the void in her human volition where to give the place to mine, mine embellishes, sanctifies, forms his light in that void, then he pronounces his Creative Fiat, and calls to life his divine work in the human one and the creature not only participates, but remains proprietor of the Divine act, which possesses the power, the immensity, the sanctity and the Divine value, that never becomes exhausted. Therefore in whom lives in our Volition, we look and we find ourselves and our acts that honor us and crown us.
“Instead those that do good works, but not animated by our Volition, we don’t find ourselves, but the finite act of the creature, and since we ourselves don’t know where to hold anything of whatever good that they do, we give them the merit as payment, payment is not property that she can always produce, hence they symbolize those that live to the day, that live however difficultly from the payment that they have, but they are never made rich, they always feel the need of being paid (for) their works in order to live, and if they don’t work, they go through perils of dieing of hunger, that is to not feel the satisfaction of the good, the life of the virtues, but the squalid misery of the passions.
“Instead who lives in our Volition everything is abundance, we ourselves tell them take that which you want and how much more you can take, rather we put at your disposition our riches, our light, our sanctity, our love, because that which is ours is yours and that which is yours is ours, there doesn’t remain other than to live and to work together.”

After this I was accompanying the Ascension of Jesus to Heaven, how beautiful he was, all majesty, vested with the most refulgent light that enraptured and captivated hearts to love him, and my sweet Jesus all goodness and love said to me:

“My blessed daughter, there is not(hing) drawn from my life that doesn’t symbolize the kingdom of my Divine Will, in this day of my Ascension I felt victorious and triumphant, my sufferings were already finished, rather I left my sufferings suffered already, in the midst of my children that I left upon the earth, for help, for strength and for support, and as refuge where to hide in their sufferings, in order to draw from my heroism in their sacrifices, I can say that I left my sufferings, my examples and my Life itself, as seed that growing and maturing itself the kingdom of my Divine Will should arise. So that I departed and I remained, I remained in virtue of my sufferings, I remained in their hearts in order to be loved, afterwards my Most Holy Humanity went up to Heaven, I felt more pressed (by) the bond of the human family, hence I would not be adapted to receive the love of my children and brothers, that I left upon the earth, I remained in the Most Holy Sacrament in order to give myself continually to them and they to give themselves to me, in order to have them find the rest, the relief and the remedy to all their needs. Our works don’t suffer mutability, that which we do one time we always do.
“Beyond this in this day of my Ascension I had double crowns, the crown of my children that I brought with me into the Celestial Country, and the crown of my children that I left upon the earth, they symbolized the few that will have beginning of the kingdom of my Divine Will; all those that saw me ascend to Heaven they received so many graces, that everyone put forth (their) life in order to make the kingdom of the Redemption known, and they cast the foundations in order to form my Church, in order to make gathered in her maternal womb all the human generations, thus the first children of the kingdom of my Will, they will be few, but the graces will be such and so many with which they will be invested, that they will put forth (their) life in order to call everyone to live in this Holy kingdom. A cloud of light invested me, which took my presence away from the sight of my disciples, whom remained as statues in watching my Person, that such was the enchantment of my beauty, that it held their pupils enraptured, so much so that they didn’t know how to abase them in order to look (to) the earth, so much so that there was needed an Angel in order to shake them and to make them return to the Cenacle.
“Also this (is) symbol of the kingdom of my Volition, the light will be such and so much that it will invest his first children that will carry the beauty, the enchantment, the peace of my Divine Fiat, in a way that they will easily surrender themselves to want to know and to love a good so great. Now in the midst of the disciples there was my Mama, that assisted in my departure for Heaven, this it is the most beautiful symbol. So that She is the Queen of my Church, assists it, protects it, defends it. Thus she will sit in the midst of the children of my Will, She will be always the engine, the life, the guide, the perfect model, the Majesty of the kingdom of the Divine Fiat that is so much to her heart, they are her anxieties, her ardent desires, her deliriums of Maternal love, that she wants her children in earth in the kingdom where She lived, she is not content that she holds her children in Heaven in the kingdom of the Divine Will, but she also wants them upon the earth, she feels that the assignment given her by God as Mother and Queen she has not completed it, her mission is not finished, up to such that the Divine Will doesn’t reign upon the earth in the midst of creatures. She wants her children that resemble her and that possesses the inheritance of their Mama.
“Therefore the great Lady is all eye in order to watch, all heart in order to love, in order to help who she sees in some way disposed, that they want to live of Divine Will. Hence in the difficulties think that She is around you, supports you, strengthens you, takes your volition in her maternal hands in order to make it receive the life of the Supreme Fiat.”


(10) May 31, 1936 How the Divine Will contains all the acts of the life of Jesus as in act to always repeat them for love of creatures. The life of Jesus symbolizes the call of the kingdom, of the Divine Will upon the earth.

My poor intelligence followed the life of my sweet Jesus in the Divine Will, in which I found him in act of continuing his life when he was on the earth, and oh how many wonders, how many surprises of love not ever thought of. So that the Divine Fiat contains all the acts of the life of Jesus as in act of always repeating them for love of creatures, in order to give to each one his entire life, his sufferings, his ardent love. Whence my sweet Jesus all goodness said to me:

“My little daughter of my Volition, my love wants to relieve itself, it feels the need to make known to one who wants to live of my Will that which I did and do, so that he returns to reign and to dominate in the midst of creatures; you must know that all my life was none other than the continuous call of my Will in (the) midst of them, and the re-call of creatures in my Supreme Fiat, so much so that as conceived, thus it symbolized the re-call, the return to making him conceived in creatures, that with so much enormity they had put him outside of their souls, and it recalled them to (be) conceived in Him, as born thus it recalled to revive my Volition in all human works, in all my childish tears, whimpers, prayers and sighs, it recalled with my tears and sighs my Will in the tears, sufferings and sighs of creatures, so that nothing might be that they might not feel the strength, the empire of my Will that might reign in them, whom pitying my tears and theirs, it would have given them (the) grace of the return of his kingdom.
“Also my exile symbolized as the creatures were exiled from my Volition, and I wanted to be exiled in order to re-call my Will in the midst of the poor exiled ones, so that it might recall them and might convert the exile into Homeland, where they would be no longer tyrannized by enemies, by foreign people, by vile passions, but with the fullness of the goods of my Will. And my return in Nazareth, how well it symbolizes my Divine Will. I lived in him hidden, his reign was in full vigor in the sacred family, it was the Word, the Divine Will in person, veiled by my Humanity, that same Will that reigned in me diffused himself to everyone, embraced them, was motion and life of each one, I felt in myself the motion and the life of each one, of which my Fiat was the actor, that suffers, what sorrow in not being recognized, nor receiving one thanks, one I love you, one act of thankfulness neither by the entire world, nor by Nazareth itself, that not only my Will, but also my Holy Humanity lived in the midst of them, which didn’t cease giving light to whom might be able to see me and to draw near to me, in order to make myself known, but in my sorrow I always remained the hidden God.
“Such is the fate of my Divine Volition. Man was created with the creative force of the Fiat, he was born, was kneaded, soaked in Him, he administers the continuous motion to him, the heat, the life, he will finish his life in the Fiat, and yet who knows it, who is thankful of this continuous divine act, without ever getting tired, that with so much love involves the life of the creature, in order to give her life [?] almost no one my daughter; to do good, to be (the) primary cause of conservation and to give perennial life to the creature, to maintain the order of all created things around her and only for her, and to not be recognized, it is the sorrow of sorrows, and the patience of my Will gives of the incredible, but do you know the reason this patience so unconquered and constant, because he knows that his kingdom will come, his palpating life will be recognized in the midst of creatures, and in view of the great glory that he will receive in being recognized that he is life of every single life, and while he is life, he will receive every single life in order to reign in them, he won’t be hidden anymore but revealed and recognized, in view of this he supports so much refusal to recognize him and that only a Divine patience could support the prolixity of so many centuries, of so much human ingratitude.
“From Nazareth I passed to the desert where there was maximum solitude and the greatest part had ferocious animals that hardened the desert with their roars that surrounded me, symbol of my Divine Will that since he is not known it forms the desert around the creature and a solitude that makes one horror and fear, the good becomes desert and the soul becomes surrounded by more than ferocious animals, that is her brutal passions that send roars of anger, of bestial furies, of cruelty, of every sort of evil. My Holy Humanity went step-by-step retracing all the sorrows that my Divine Will had suffered in order to repair him and recall him again to reign in the midst of creatures. I can say that my every heartbeat, breath, word, footstep and suffering, was the continuous re-call of my Will in order to make himself known by creatures, in order to make him reign, and he called them in Him in order to make them know the great good, the sanctity, the happiness of living in the Fiat.
“From the desert I passed to public life, in which few were those people that believed me that I was the Messiah, the scholar types almost no one, and I wanted to use my power, seeding miracles in order to form my people so that if they might not believe my words, they might believe the power of my miracles, they were my divine and loving industries that I at whatever cost wanted to make myself known that I was their Savior, because if they didn’t know me they could not receive the good of the Redemption, hence it was necessary to make myself known in order to make that my coming upon the earth might not be useless for them. Oh! how my public life symbolizes the triumph of the kingdom of my Fiat in the midst of creatures, that with surprising truths I will make him known, and in order to have the intent I will make miracles and prodigies, with the power of my Volition I will recall to life the corpses to grace, I will repeat the miracle of the resurrection of Lazarus, that in spite that they had rotted in evil, rendered (a) malodorous corpse like Lazarus, my Fiat will recall them to life, he will stop the stink of sin, he will make them re-arise in good, in short I will use all my divine industries, in order to make my Volition dominate in the midst of the people. You see therefore in every word of mine that I said, and in every miracle that I did I called my Will to reign in the midst of them, and I called the people to live in Him.
“From public life I passed to the Passion, symbol of the Passion of my Will, that for so many centuries had suffered so many rebellious wills of creatures, that with not wanting to submit themselves to Him, they had closed Heaven, broken the communications with their Creator, and they were rendered unhappy slaves of the infernal enemy. My lacerated Humanity, searched for death, crucified, it represented the unhappy humanity without my Volition before the Divine Justice, and in every suffering it called my Fiat to give the kiss of peace with creatures, in order to render them happy, and I called them in Him, in order to make cease the sorrowful Passion of my Will.
“Finally the death, that matured my resurrection, which called everyone to re-arise in my Divine Fiat, and oh how it symbolizes the live Resurrection (of) the kingdom of my Will. My Humanity, injured, deformed, unrecognizable, re-arose healthy, with an enchanting beauty, glorious and triumphant. It prepared the triumph, the glory to my Will, calling all in Him, and impetrating that everyone might re-arise in my Volition, from corpses (to) alive, from ugly (to) beautiful, from unhappy (to) happy. My risen Humanity assures the kingdom to my Will upon the earth, it was my unique act full of triumph and of victory and this was worthwhile for me, because I didn’t want to depart for Heaven if first I might not have given all the helps to creatures, in order to have her reenter in the kingdom of my Volition and all the glory, the honor, the triumph to my Supreme Fiat in order to make him dominate and reign. Therefore unite yourself with me and make that there be no act that you do, and suffering that you suffer, that you don’t call my Will to take his Regal and dominant place, and as victor you will conquer everyone in order to make (him) known, loved and wanted by everyone.”

(11) June 14, 1936 God and his Will, his Will with the Creation, his Will with the Celestial beings, his Will in discord with the human family.

The Divine Volition with powerful strength calls me in the interminable sea of his Will, and oh how one does well in Him, how many surprises, how many beautiful things one understands, which produce infinite joys, divine life, love that never says enough, but that which is (of) more happiness is to see and to feel that everything is Divine Will, all the Creation forms one act alone of Supreme Volition. But while my mind lost itself in Him, sweet Jesus making his brief little visit with me with an inexpressible love said to me:

“Blessed daughter of my Volition, you should know that at (the) head of the kingdom of my Divine Will is God himself, our Divinity doesn’t do other than one continuous act of his, we don’t ever do (the) will of anyone, but always ours, the crown of our attributes are dominated by our Fiat, his kingdom is inside of us and extends outside of us in our immensity, in our love, power and goodness, in everything. So that for us everything is our Will.
“In second place comes the Creation, Heavens, Suns, stars, winds, waters, also the little blade of grass, they don’t do other than a continuous act of the Fiat, between them and us there is a respiratory act, we emit the breath of our Will and the Creation receives it and emitting it gives us the breath that we have given them, that is all the effects that our Will has produced breathed by them, and it unites itself to our single unique act, how much glory and honor don’t we receive, how our Supreme Being becomes exalted only because we make our Will breathed in all the Creation, and it knows how to re-give us the breath that we have given it, there is such unity of Will with all the Creation, that all that which goes forth and enters forms one act alone of Supreme Will, and the multiplicity and diversity of the things that are seen and happen, they are not but the effects that our unique and single act produces. Because our Fiat, never changes, nor is he subject to change, all his power is really in this, to make one act alone in order be able to produce all the possible and imaginable effects.
“In third place comes all the Angels, Saints and blessed of the Celestial Country. They turn around our Supreme Being and they breathe the strength, the sanctity, the love, the infinite joys, the happiness without number of the Divine Volition, they form one single life with Him, this life they feel it inside as proper life, they feel it outside in which he brings them the sea of divine happiness always new, but one is the act that he forms in Heaven, Divine Will, one is the breath, one single thing is needed, Divine Will, if ever in Heaven it might be able to enter (other than) one act alone, one breath alone that might not be Divine Will, the Celestial Country would lose all the enchantment, the beauty, the charm with which it is invested, but this can not be.
“You see therefore that my Fiat holds all the supremacy; the blessed with only breathing him remain filled with seas of joys and incomparable happiness, and while they emit the breath, our Divinity feels happiness that all the Saints enjoy, and we all magnify our Supreme Volition as beginning, font, origin of all goods.
“In fourth place comes the human family, it turns around us, but since their will is not one with ours, they don’t breath our Volition that puts forth the order, the sanctity, the union, the harmony with its Creator, and therefore it remains scattered, disordered and as lost from us, they are unhappy beings, the peace, the happiness, the abundance of goods is far from them, and all the evil comes from that our Will is not theirs, we don’t breathe each other, and this prevents the communication of our goods, the perfect union with our Supreme Being. Our creative hand that should form its masterpiece and the most beautiful one in every single creature, because there lacks our Will, it becomes stopped, it doesn’t find their souls pre-arranged, adaptable in order to make our Divine art feasible, where there lacks our Volition we don’t know what to do with that creature.
“Behold the cause why we long so much that our Divine Will reigns and forms there his life in them, because our creative work is impeded, our works suspended, the work of the Creation is incomplete, and in order to obtain this one must be the Will of Heaven and of earth, one the life, one the love, one the breath, and this is the greatest good that we want for creatures, we still hold to do so many beautiful works, but the human volition impedes our step, ties our arms, and makes inactive our creative hands. Therefore who wants to do our Will and live in Him, gives us the work and we make of her that which we want.
“Now you should know, that as the creature decides to live of Divine Will, she puts to security her salvation, her sanctity, we are in her as in our house, and her will serves us as material in which we pronounce the Fiat in her every act in order to form our worthy works of He who lives in her, we do as a king that makes use of the stones, tufa and bricks and mortar in order to form a sumptuous Palace as to amaze the whole world, poor king if might not have the stones, the necessary material in order to form the palace, with all that he might have his good will and coins to spend in order to form it, yet lacking the prime material, he would remain without palace.
“Thus are we, if there lacks us the will of the soul, with all our power and will that we hold, lacking the material we can not form in the soul the beautiful worthy palace of our residence. Therefore when the creature gives us her will and takes ours, we are secure, we find everything at our disposition, little things and great things, natural things and spiritual things, everything is ours, and of everything we make use (of it) in order to make our omnipotent Fiat work. And since our Will doesn’t know how to be without his work, he makes the re-call of all his works, in the palace that with so much love he has formed in the creature, he surrounds himself with all the works of the creation, Heavens, Sun, stars, they make homage, he puts in order in her all that which I did in the Redemption, my life, my birth, my infantile tears, my sufferings and prayers, everything, where my Will is nothing should lack, because everything from Him has gone forth, with right everything is his, and therefore where He reigns he forms the centralization of all his works. And oh the beauties, the order, the harmony, the divine goods that become formed in this creature, the Heavens (are) stupefied and everyone admires the love, the Power of the Divine Will and trembling they adore him. Therefore leave (the) work to Him, and He will do great things as to make you stupefied.
“Beyond this our love, our eternal Wisdom has established all the graces that we should give to the creature, the degrees of sanctity that she should acquire, the beauty with which we should pearl her, the love with which she should love us, and the acts themselves that she should do, where our Fiat reigns, everything becomes realized, the Divine order is in full vigor, not even a comma becomes moved, our work is in full harmony with the works of the creature, and oh how we delight ourselves, and when we have given her our last love in time, and she will have completed our last act of Divine Will in her mortal life, our love will give her the flight into the Celestial Country and our Will will receive her in Heaven, as triumph of His working and conquering Will that with so much love conquered upon the earth. So that her last act will be the opening that she will make in Heaven, in order to give beginning in our Will so very happy, that will never have end.
“Instead where our Volition doesn’t reign, the divine order doesn’t exist, how many works of ours broken and no effect, how many divine voids, and filled perhaps with passions, with sins, there is no beauty, but deformity to make one pity. Therefore be attentive and make that our Volition reigns and lives in you.”


(12) July 4, 1936 How an act of human will can spoil the Divine order and his most beautiful works. The first thing that God wants is absolute liberty. How the Divine Will will form so many Jesuses where He reigns.

My poor mind doesn’t know how to be without turning and flying in the Divine Volition, and my poor human will, felt as under the pressure of the Divine Will and I thought to myself: Ah! yes it is beautiful, victory is felt, the triumph, the dominion, the happiness, the beautiful conquests of living in the Divine Volition, but the human volition while one feels alive one must continually die, it is true that it is the greatest honor, the greatest love of God, to benign to descend in the will of the creature, and with his majesty and working power, to do that which He wants, and the human one remaining at its place, can do only that which God does, but of hers she must discontinue everything, this is the sacrifice of sacrifices, especially in certain circumstances, oh how sorrowful life feels to her and holds her as if she might not have one, because the Divine Fiat doesn’t tolerate that even a fiber of human volition might act in his, and a crowd of thoughts occupied my poor mind; and my sweet Jesus, compassionating my ignorance and the sorrowful state in which I found myself, with indescribable tenderness, putting his Most Holy hand on my head said to me:

“My blessed daughter, courage, do not batter yourself, my Divine Volition wants everything, because he knows that one little act, one desire, one fiber of human volition, would spoil his most beautiful works, the divine order, his sanctity would remain impeded, his love restricted, his power limited, behold therefore he doesn’t tolerate that even a fiber of human volition might have its life, it is true that it is the sacrifice of sacrifices, no other sacrifice is able to equal the weight, the value, the intensity of the sacrifice of living without will, so much so that there is needed perennial life, the continuous miracle of my Divine Volition in order to be able to withstand this sacrifice, that before the others they can be called shadows, pictures, paintings, games of little boys, that cry for a nothing, because there is the human volition, that in the sufferings, in the sorrowful meetings, in the works one is not felt undone, without life, without satisfactions, therefore the sacrifices are felt oh how much lighter, however emptied of God, of sanctity, of love, of light, of true happiness, and perhaps not even beings/essenti from sins, because the human volition, without mine, can not ever do good and holy things.
“Then if my Fiat might not have the virtue to hold with himself the human volition without giving it life, rather to enclose its life in him, in order to make that it might not find neither place, nor time to be able to act, he could not work with that divine splendor, luxury and pomp (in) which, we usually do our works; if in the Creation there had been another will, it would have impeded the Divine sumptuousness, splendor, pomp that we held in all the Creation, it would have impeded the extension of the Sky, the multiplicity of the stars, the vastness of the light of the Sun, the variety of so many created things, it would have put a limit on us.
“Therefore our Volition wants to be alone, in order to be able to do that which he knows how to do and wants to do. Behold therefore he wants the human will with himself, concurrent, spectator, admirer, of that which he wants to do in her, but she must be convinced, if she wants to live in my Will, that hers can not act anymore, and that it must serve in order to enclose mine in hers, in order to let him do with all liberty his works, with all the sumptuousness, with the luxury of grace, and with the pomp of his divine varieties. The first thing that we want is absolute liberty, we want to be free my daughter, be it whatever the sacrifice that we want, and the works that we want to do, if this might not be, the living in my Will will be a way of speaking, but in reality doesn’t exist.”

Dear Jesus became silent, and I thought of all that which Jesus had said to me, and I said to myself: He has reason, that the human volition can not act before the sanctity and power of his, already by herself, she puts herself at her post of nothingness, there is needed too much [in order] to act before a Divine Will, already one feels incapable, and she herself would pray that she might not give the great misfortune of having formed one motion, one fiber of (her) own volition; but my cross and you know it, in what (a) labyrinth you have put me... I feel impeded and humiliated even in the dust, I had need and you know of whom... without being able to help myself and not a day, a year, oh how hard it is, I know that only your Volition gives me the strength, the grace, that by myself I would not have been able to withstand, and I felt such bitterness as to feel myself die. And my always amiable Jesus, compassionating me resumed, his speaking:

“My daughter, when my Divine Will wants to do a completed act in the creature, and do you know what it means a complete act of my Will? it means complete act, of God, in which he encloses sanctity, beauty, love, power and light to make Heavens and earth astonished, God himself must feel enraptured, but so much so as to form his seat, his throne of glory in this complete act of his, which will serve to himself and will descend as beneficent dew to the benefit of all creatures. Hence in order to do this complete act, I must dispose over you a new cross, not given to any other in order to mature you and to make rise in you the dispositions that are needed there, you in order to receive and I in order to do this complete act of his Will, without anything, one does not do anything, therefore you in order to receive and we in order to give new things, we had to dispose new crosses, that united to the continuous work of our Volition should prepare all for an act so great.
“You must know that my Fiat has never left you, therefore you feel his sweet impression and ruling over every fiber, motion, desire of your volition, jealous of you and of his own complete act that he wanted to do, he held and maintained his royal dominion, but do you know why, a sweet and dear secret, listen to me: as my Volition dominated your mind, your look, your word, thus he formed your Jesus in your mind, his look in yours, his word in yours, as he dominated the fibers, the motion, the heart, thus he formed his fibers, the motion, your Jesus’s heart in you, and as he dominated you the works, the steps, all your being, thus he formed his works, his steps, all Jesus in you. Now if my Will might have given you the liberty to do your acts, even in the most little and innocent things, he would not have been able to form your Jesus in you, and I of human will am not able to, nor do I want to live, nor would my Volition have taken the appointment of forming myself in the soul, if he might not be secure that I might find my same Will, with which my Humanity was animated; it will be really this his reign upon the earth, to form so many Jesuses, for how many creatures want to live of Divine Will, with Jesus in souls, his kingdom will have its sumptuousness, sublimity, its luxury, of unheard of things, and it will be secure. And then in the kingdom of my Divine Fiat I will have so many living Jesuses that love me, glorify me, and will give me complete glory. Therefore I so very long for this kingdom, and you also long for it, nor occupy yourself with other, leave me to do, trust me, and I will think to everything.”

After this I continued to think of the Divine Will and my sweet Jesus added:

“My daughter, the light symbol of my Divine Volition, the nature of it is to spread itself out how much more it can, and whoever it finds, it doesn’t deny its light to anyone, whether they want it or don’t want it, at the most can this happen, that one who wants it uses the light and makes use of it also in order to do great works, instead who doesn’t want it doesn’t do any good, but he can not deny that he has received the good of the light.
“Such is my Will, more than light it spreads itself everywhere, invests everyone and everything and the sign that the soul possesses him is to feel the need together with Him of giving oneself to everyone, to do good to everyone, with her acts to race to everyone and she would like to make so many Jesuses in order to give him to each one. My Will is of everyone, I am Jesus of everyone, and therefore I am then content when the creature makes my Will, my life hers, and she wants to give me to everyone, she is my joy and my continuous feast.”


(13) August 23, 1936 The tiny little field assigned to creatures in the immensity of the Divine Will. Jesus puts his life at (the) disposition of creatures, enough that he obtains that they live in the Divine Volition. The great prodigy, of the Creation of the Virgin.

I continue my abandonment in the Fiat, my poor mind swims in his Divine sea, and understands celestial arcanum, but I don’t know how to repeat them, because there are not words down here, while I am in this Divine sea I look at his immensity, there is no being or thing that can escape him, everyone and everything forms (their) life and they receive it in the Divine Volition, but what can the creature take of this immensity, hardly the drops, so much is her littleness; but while she takes the drops she can not go out from this immensity, she feels it flow inside and outside, to the right and to the left, everywhere, not being able for one single instant to get rid of Him. Oh! Divine Will, how very admirable you are, you are all mine, you raise me in you, everywhere I find you, you love me always even to form the life of my life; but while my mind was lost in this sea, my sweet Jesus, all goodness went forth from inside of this sea and approaching me he said to me:

“Daughter of my Volition, you have seen how the immensity of my Fiat is unattainable? not one created mind for however holy, can embrace him and see where his confines finish, everyone holds their place in Him, rather every creature holds her little field in the immensity of my Divine Will, but who works this little field assigned to them[?], one who lives in Him, because living in Him the first worker is made, and taking the creature in his womb, he holds her busy, united in the work that he wants to do in the little tiny field that has been given them in my Will, and since she possesses his creative strength, that which the creature could do in one century, together with Him she does it in an hour, so that in one hour she can acquire a century of love, of works, of sacrifices, of divine knowledges, of profound adorations, and after the work he calls the soul to rest, in order to felicitate each other and rest together, and then seeing the beauty of the little field, the joy that she experiences, in order to felicitate each other more they return to the work, it is an alternating of work and of rest. Because between the so many qualities that my Divine Will possesses he is continuous motion and attitude, he is not idle, rather to every created thing he has given his continuous work, in order to glorify himself and in order to do good to everyone, him idle doesn’t exist, in my Will, rather in Him everything is work, if she loves it is work, if she occupies herself to know it is work, if she adores, if she suffers, if she prays, it is work and divine work, not human, that converting itself into money of infinite value, they can acquire how to greater form their little field.
“Now my daughter, you should know that it is my absolute Will that the creature does my Will, how I long to see her ruling and working in him, how I want to hear said: the Will of God is mine, that which God wants I want, that which God does, I do. Now it being my Will that lives in Her, he must give her the means, the necessary helps. And behold my Humanity that puts itself at (the) disposition of the creature in the little tiny field of the immensity of my Will assigned to them, that I exhibit my strength in order to sustain her weakness, my sufferings for help of hers, my love in order to hide hers in mine, my sanctity in order to cover her, my life for support and brace of hers, and in order to make of it the model, in short my Divine Will must find so many Jesuses for how many creatures want to live of my Will, and then He won’t find obstacles anymore from them, because I will hold them hidden in me, and will have that we will do more with me than with them, and creatures will find all the necessary superabundant helps in order to live of my Will. It is usual with God that when he wants a thing, he gives all that which is needed, in order to make that that which he wants might have its conclusion.
“Hence I would like that creatures know what I put at (the) disposition of those that want to live of my Will, they will find my life that will supply for all that which is needed in order to have them live in the sea of my Divine Volition. Otherwise their little field in my immensity will remain without work and hence without fruit, without happiness and without joy they will be like those that will live under the Sun, without ever doing anything, and the Sun will serve to burn them and give them an ardent thirst, as to feel oneself die. So that all creatures, through reason of creation they find themselves in this immensity, but if their will doesn’t do it with mine, they live by themselves, they will feel all goods burn, and they will be thirsty from the passions, from the sin, from the weaknesses that will torment them. Therefore there is no greater evil than to not live of my Will.”

After this I was doing my round in the acts done by the Divine Will in the Creation and arrived at the Conception of the Most Holy Virgin, my sweet Jesus stopped me and said to me:

“My daughter, the greatest prodigy of the Creation [is] the Virgin, the Divine Volition which subdued her human volition from the first instant of her conception, and the volition of this Holy Creature which subdued the Divine Fiat, the one conquered the other, they were winners all and both, and as the Divine Volition entered as dominant King in her human volition, the chains of the great divine prodigies began in this sublime creature, the uncreated strength re-poured itself in the created strength but so much so that she could sustain as if she might be a (piece of) straw all the Creation, and all created things felt created strength in the uncreated strength that sustained them and contributed to their conservation, oh how they felt more honored and happy, that a created strength flowed in everything, as their Queen in order to sustain them and conserve them, her strength was so much that she reigned over everyone, even over her Creator, she was invincible, that with the force of the Divine Fiat she conquered everyone and everything, rather everyone let themselves be conquered by this Divine Empress, because she held a powerful and enrapturing strength, that no one could withstand her. The demons themselves felt weakened and didn’t know where to hide from this insuperable strength. All the Supreme Being flowed in this created will that had been subdued by the Divine Will, and the infinite love poured itself into the finite love and everyone and everything felt loved by this Holy creature, her love was so much that more than air she made herself breathed by everyone, in a way that this Queen of love felt the need of loving everyone, as Mother and Queen of everyone; our beauty invested her, but so much so that she possessed the strength, the love, the goodness, the enrapturing grace, that while she loves she makes herself loved by everyone, also by things that do not possess reason.
“So that there was no act, prayer, adoration, reparation, that didn’t fill the Sky and earth. She mastered everything, and her love and all that which she did flowed in Heaven, in the Sun, in the wind, in everything and our Supreme Being felt loved, prayed to, in all created things by this Holy creature, a new life flowed in everything, she loved us for everyone and made us loved by everyone. It was the uncreated Will that had had the place of honor in the created will, that she was able to do everything and give us the exchange, that we had put at her disposition all the Creation. So that with the conception of this Great Queen the true life of God began in the creature, and the life of her in God, and oh the exchanges of love, of fortitude, of beauty, of light, between the one and the other. Therefore the prodigies were continuous, and never heard of, that alternated in Her, Heavens and earth were stupefied, the Angels remained enraptured, before my working Divine Will in the creature.
“My daughter, this Great Lady with living in the Divine Volition felt Queen of everyone and everything with facts, and also Queen of the Great Divine King, but so much so that She formed the door in Heaven in order to make the Eternal Word descend, she prepared the way and the room of her bosom, where he should make his abode, and in the emphasis of her ruling love she said to me: descend oh Eternal Word, you will find in me your Heaven, your joys, that same Will that reigns in the three Divine Persons; not only, but she formed the door and the way in order to make souls climb in the Celestial Country. And only because this Virgin lived in earth of Divine Will as if she lived in Heaven, the blessed were able to enter in the Celestial regions and enjoy her delights, because this Celestial Mother, holds them covered, involved and as hidden in her glory and in all the acts that she did in the Divine Will, so that the blessed feel in their joys the love, the works, the power of this Mother and Queen, that renders them happy. What can’t my Will do? all possible and imaginable goods, and in the creature where He reigns he gives such power, that arrives to say: do that which you want, command, take, give, I will never deny you anything, your strength is irresistible, your power weakens me, therefore I put everything in your hands, because she does as Mistress and as Queen.
“Now you should know that this Holy Creature even from her conception felt the palpation of my Fiat in hers, and in every heartbeat she loved me, and the Divinity re-loved her with duplicate love in her every heartbeat, in her breath she felt the breath of the Divine Volition and she loved us in every breath, and we repaid her with our duplicate love in her every breath, she felt the motion of the Fiat in her hands, in her step, in her feet, in all her Being she felt the life of the Divine Volition, and that which she did, and in everything, she loved us, for herself and for everyone, and we loved her always, always, in every instant, our love raced as (a) rapid torrent, therefore she held us always attentive and in feast, in order to receive her love and to give ours, so much so that she arrived to cover all sins and creatures themselves with our love. Therefore our justice remained disarmed by this invincible Lover, and we can say that she did with our Supreme Being that which she wanted. Oh! how I would like that, everyone might understand what it means to live in the Divine Volition to order to render everyone happy and holy.”


(14) November 3, 1936 Reflections between the Creator and the creature. Inseparability of both. How in every instant God asks that she might receive the life of his Will. How who decides to live of Him God covers all that which she has done, with his Divine Will.

I am always between the arms of the Divine Volition, I feel his creative power inside and outside of me, that not giving me time to any other thing, I don’t want, I don’t ask other for me and for everyone than (that) the Divine Will comes to reign upon the earth. My God, what magnetic force he possesses, that while he gives everything, he invests you from every part, but at the same time he takes all that which belongs to the littleness of the poor creature. But while my mind was immersed in the crowd of so many thoughts that regarded the Divine Fiat, my always amiable Jesus visiting my little soul, all goodness said to me:

“My blessed daughter, our infinite love is always excessive, and it gives of the incredible, it is enough to tell you that it is so much, that we don’t do other than continually reflect in the creature, she lives under our continuous reflections, if we move our incessant motion reflects in her in order to give her life, our love reflects in her in order to say to her continually I love you, our power reflects in her in order to sustain her, in short our wisdom reflects and directs her, our light reflects and illuminates her, our goodness reflects and commiserates her, our beauty reflects and embellishes her, our Supreme Being pours itself out over the creature without ever ceasing; but this is not everything, as we reflect in her, thus she reflects in us, so that if she thinks we feel the reflection of her thoughts, if she speaks she reflects in us her word, we feel the reflection of her heartbeat even in our bosom, the motion of her works, the stamping of her steps, (there) passes such inseparability between the Divine Being and the human one that continually the one pours itself into the other. Our love is so much that we put ourselves in (the) condition as if we can not be without the creature.
“But this is nothing yet, if our love doesn’t give in excesses it is not content. Now knowing that if the creature doesn’t possess the life of our Divine Volition, there is great difference between her reflections and ours, assuming himself to suppliant love, as she thinks he prays her that she let our Will reign in her mind, if she speaks the supplication that she let him reign in her words, if she palpates, works and walks, he implores that she let my Divine Will reign in everything together, in every thing that she does she does a groan, a sigh, a prayer, that involving her continually he says to her: receive my Fiat, be invested by my Fiat, oh! possess my Fiat, let me see in you the life of my Fiat reigning, dominant and rejoicing, I pray you to not deny me your volition, and I will give you mine; and if he obtains this as if he might have obtained the most precious thing, he encloses her in his love, veils her with his light, and gives beginning to his perennial feast in the creature, he changes her groans and sighs into joys, and putting himself to watch, as triumphant he feels in her the notes of his love that both parts say: we love each other with one love alone, we hold and have the same life, your Fiat is yours and mine. So that the harmony, the order of her Creator rises in her. Our Will, our love has obtained its purpose, it doesn’t leave other than to enjoy his beloved creature.
“Therefore my daughter, there is so much to heart the making of our Will as life (a) gift, that is our long sigh of all the centuries, rather our eternal sigh, that we contemplated the creature with pleasure with the portent of our life in her, we felt the joy, the happiness of our so many lives bilocated, multiplied and formed in them. Otherwise the Creation would not have been a great (thing), and if we created and we brought forth so many things to the light of day, it was because it should serve to the portent of portents of forming in virtue of our Fiat our life in the creature, and if this might not have been for us as if we might have done nothing. Hence content your Jesus, give peace to my love that always goes in delirium and uniting yourself with me, yearn, pray, ask that my Will reign in you and in everyone.” And while he said this he took a veil of Light and covered all of me and I didn’t know how to go out from inside of it.

After this I continued to think of the Divine Will, and oh, how many sweet and dear surprises passed in my mind, oh if one might know how to tell them with words, I would have astounded all the world and everyone would love to possess the Divine Will. But ah me, the language of Heaven does not adapt itself to the language of the earth, and therefore I am constrained to pass on, and my beloved Jesus returning to his little and poor ignorant daughter, with an indescribable love said to me:

“Daughter of my Volition, listen to me, pay attention to me, I want to tell you the most beautiful act, most tender and intense love of my Fiat. Now you should know that all the acts, thoughts, words, past, present and future are all present before the Supreme Being. So that the creature didn’t exist in time yet, and their acts shone before us, and because (of) this, because before the creature my Fiat does the act, there is no thought, word, work that my Fiat doesn’t begin. You can say that first it is formed in God, with all his acts and then we bring it forth to the light (of day). Now the creature with doing her will removed herself from the divine acts, but she can not destroy that the life of her acts has had for origin the Fiat, all were his properties, that arbitrating himself has changed into human the divine acts, but if man refuses to acknowledge who has given life to his acts, my Volition doesn’t refuse to acknowledge his acts.
“Hence you sense the greatest excess of the love of my Volition, as the creature decides with immutable firmness, to want to live of my Will, letting him reign and dominate in her, our infinite goodness is so much, our love, that doesn’t know how to resist a true decision of the creature, more so that he doesn’t want to see acts dissimilar from ours in her, do you sense what he does? he covers all that which she has done even then with my Will, moulds them, transforms them in his light, in a way that he sees everything transformed with the prodigy of his love, that everything is his Will in the creature, and with love all divine he follows to form his life and his acts in the creature. Is this not an excessive and astounding love of my Volition, and together to have all decide, even the most ungrateful, to make my Will live in them, knowing that he wants to put everything aside and cover and supply for that which lacks in them of my Will? This also says the absolute(ness) (of) our Will, that he wants to reign in the midst of creatures, that he doesn’t want to mind anything nor to that which she lacks, wanting to give not as payment that he goes finding if she merits, oh no, but as (a) free gift of our great liberality, and as completion of our own Will . And completing our Will for us is everything.”


(15) December 8, 1936 How the Queen of Heaven in her Conception (was) conceived in the merits, in the life, in the love and sufferings of the future Redeemer, in order to be able to then conceive the Divine Word in Her in order to come to save creatures.

My poor mind immersing itself in the Divine Fiat found in act the Conception of the Immaculate Queen. He was all in feast and called everyone around himself, Angels, Saints in order to make seen the unheard of prodigy, the graces, the love with which he called from the nothing this sublime Creature, so that everyone might know and might extol her as their Queen and Mother of everyone. But while I remained surprised, and I would have remained there who knows how long, if my sweet Jesus might not have called me with saying to me:

“I want to honor my Celestial Mother, I want to narrate the story of her Immaculate Conception, only I can speak of it because Author of a prodigy so great. Now my daughter, the first act of this conception was one Fiat of ours pronounced with such solemnity and with such fullness of graces as to enclose everything and everyone, we centralized everything in this conception of the Virgin in our Divine Fiat, what doesn’t exist past and future, the incarnation of the Word held present, and made her conceived and incarnated in the same incarnation of me, future Redeemer, my Blood that was in act, as if I myself was scattering it, watered her, embellished her, confirmed her, strengthened her continually in a Divine way.
“But it was not enough to my love, all her acts, words and steps were first conceived in my acts, words and steps and then they had life. My Humanity was the refuge, the hideaway, the incorporation of this Celestial Creature. So that if she loved us, her love was incarnated and conceived in my love, and oh, how her love loved us, it enclosed everything and everyone, I can say that she loved as a God knows how to love, she had our same follies of love for us, and for all creatures and that loving one time, she loves, loves always, without ever ceasing, her prayer was conceived in my prayer and therefore it had an immense value, a power over our Supreme Being, and who could deny her anything? Her sufferings, her sorrows, her martyrdoms, that were so many, first they were conceived in my Humanity and then she felt in herself the life of the sufferings and the excruciating martyrdoms, all animated by Divine strength. Whence one can say she was conceived in me, from me went forth her life, all that which I did and suffered lined up around this Holy creature in order to court her and to pour myself continually over Her and to be able to say to her: you are the Life of my Life, you are all beautiful, you are the first redeemed, my Divine Fiat has molded you, has breathed you forth and has made you conceived in my works, in my Humanity itself.
“Now my daughter conceiving this Celestial creature in the Word Incarnate, was done by us with highest Wisdom, with unreachable power, with inexhaustible love, and with decorum that is appropriate to our works. Having I(,) Word of the Father, to descend from Heaven in order to incarnate myself in the bosom of a Virgin, it was not sufficient to the sanctity of my Divinity only the Virginity, and to have made her exempt from the stain of original sin, therefore it was necessary to our love and to our sanctity, that this Virgin first be conceived in me, with all those prerogatives, virtues and beauties that the life of the Word Incarnate should possess, and therefore then [I] could be conceived, in who had been in me conceived, and I found in Her my Heaven, the sanctity of my life, my same blood, that had generated and watered her so many times, I found my same Will, that communicating his Divine fecundity to her formed the Life of hers and of the Son of God. My Divine Fiat, in order to make her worthy of being able to conceive me, held her invested and under his continuous empire, that possesses all acts, as if it might be one act alone, in order to give her everything, he called in act my anticipated merits, all my life and poured it continually within her beautiful soul.
“Therefore I alone can tell the true story of the immaculate conception and all her life, because I conceived her in me and am to light of everything, and if the Holy Church speaks of the Celestial Queen, they can say only the first letters of the alphabet of her sanctity, greatness and gifts with which she was enriched. If you might know the contentment that I experience when I speak of my Celestial Mother, who knows how many demands you would make me, in order to give me the joy of making speak of whom I love so much and (who) has loved me.”


(16) December 20, 1936 The Divine Fiat made the Virgin conceived in every creature so that everyone might have a Mother all hers. Dowry that God gave to the Virgin. Triumphs and victories of God, victories and triumphs of the Virgin, in which all creatures are endowed.

My Highest Good Jesus holds me as immersed in the great prodigy of the Sovereign Queen and it seems that he holds (the) Will of wanting to say that which God worked in this Great Lady, and assuming a festive (appearance) and with inexpressible joy he said to me:

“Listen to me…[Hence I follow the same argument of that which is written before.] My blessed daughter, the prodigies are unheard of, the surprises that I will narrate to you they will astound everyone, I feel the need of love to make known what thing we have done with this Celestial Mother and the great good that all the generations have received. Whence you should know that in the act of conceiving this Holy Virgin, our Divine Will that possesses everything, and with his immensity embraces everything, and possesses the omniclairvoyance of all the possible and imaginable beings, and with his virtue all proper that when he works he always does universal works, hence as she was conceived, with his creative virtue he called all creatures to be conceived in the heart of this Virgin; but it was not enough to our love, giving in the most incredible excesses he made this Virgin conceived in every creature, so that each one might have a Mother all her own, they might feel her Maternity in the depth of their souls, her love, that more than children, that while she holds them conceived in herself, bilocating herself to conceive (herself) in every single creature, in order to put herself at (the) disposition of them, in order to raise them, guide them, free them from perils and with her Maternal power feeds them the milk of her love and the food with which She herself was fed, that is the Divine Fiat. Our Will having free life in Her, his total dominion, with his power, while he called everyone in this Celestial Creature, in order to have the joy of seeing everyone contained in Her, in order to hear her say; they are already all in me(,) mine and your children, therefore I love you for everyone; then she bilocated in everyone and in each one, in order to feel in every single soul, the love of this Daughter of ours, all beautiful and all love, we can say, there is no creature that She did not take the pledge of loving us for. Our Fiat elevated her so much as to give her everything, and even from the first instant of her life we constituted her Queen of our Fiat, Queen of our love, and when she loved us her Maternity was felt in her love, and it harmonized the love of all creatures, and oh how beautiful it was, that formed of everything one love alone, how it wounded us, felicitated us, even to feel ourselves languish, her love disarmed us, made us see all things, Sky, Sun, earth, seas and creatures covered and hidden in her love.
“Oh! how beautiful it was to see her, to feel her that she did as Mother in every single creature and forming in them her sea of love, she sent her notes, her arrows, her loving darts to her Creator. And doing as true Mother she carried them to us even before our Throne in the sea of her love, in order to make us look at them, in order to make us propitious, and with the force of our Divine Volition she imposed herself over us, put them in (our) arm (s), made us caress, kiss them, and made us give surprising graces, how much sanctity was formed and impetrated by this Celestial Mother, and in order to be sure her love remained to watch.
“Beyond this, you should know that even from the first instant of the life of this Celestial creature, our love was so much that we endowed her with all of our Divine qualities. So that she held for dowry our Power, Wisdom, love, goodness, light, beauty and all the rest of our Divine qualities. Already to all creatures in putting them forth to the light of day we give the dowry, no one is born if not endowed by her Creator, but since they are drawn away from our Will, one can say that they don’t even know it. Instead this Holy Virgin was not drawn away ever, she made perennial life in the interminable seas of our Fiat, hence she grew together with our Attributes and as she formed her acts in our Divine qualities, thus she formed seas of Power, of wisdom, of light and other. We can say that living with our science we gave her continuous lessons, who her Creator was, she grew in our knowledges, and she knew so much of the Supreme Being, that not one Angel and Saint could arrive to her, rather they are all ignorant before Her, because not one grew and made life together with us. She entered in our divine secrets, in the most intimate hideaways of our Divine Being without beginning or end, in our joys and imperishable beatitudes, and with our Power that she held in her power she dominated and mastered us, and we made/let her do it, indeed we enjoyed ourselves with her mastery and in order to make her more happy, we gave her our chaste embraces, our loving smiles, our condescensions, saying to her: do that which you want. Our Volition has so much love toward creatures, and his great desire of having her live in Him, that if he obtains this he casts her in an abyss of graces, of love, even to drown her (so) that, the human littleness is constrained to say: enough, I am already drowned, I feel devoured by your love itself, I am not able to endure more.
“Now you should know that, our love is not content, it never says enough, how much more it gives more it wants to give and when we give it is our feast, we prepare the table to one who loves us and we press her to remain with us, in order to have life together. Now my daughter, listen to another prodigy of our Fiat in this Holy Creature, and how She loved us and made her Maternity extend to all creatures. In every act that she did, if she loved, prayed, adored, if she suffered, everything even the breath, the heartbeat, the step, being our Fiat, they were triumphs and victories that our Supreme Being made in the acts of the Virgin, the Celestial Lady triumphed and conquered in God, in every instant of her admirable and prodigious life they were triumphs and victories between God and the Virgin; but this is nothing, doing as True Mother she called all her children, and covered and hid all their acts in hers and covered them with her triumphs and with her victories, giving all her acts as dowry, with all her victories and her triumphs. And then with a tenderness and love as to break hearts and feel ourselves conquered she said to us: Adorable majesty, look at them, they are all my children, my victories and triumphs are of my children, they are my conquests that I give to them, and if the Mama has conquered and triumphed, the children have conquered and triumphed. And so many triumphs and victories she did in God, for how many acts all creatures would have done, so that everyone might be able to say: I am endowed by the acts of my Queen Mama, and for seal she has invested them with me with her triumphs and victories that she made with her Creator.
“So that who wants to make herself holy finds the dowry of her Celestial Mother and her triumphs and victories in order to arrive to the greatest sanctity, the weak one finds the strength of the sanctity of her Mama and her triumphs in order to be strong, the afflicted one, the suffering one finds the dowry of the sufferings of her Celestial Mother in order to obtain the triumph, the victory of resignation, the sinner finds the victory and the triumph of pardon, in short everyone finds in this Sovereign Queen the dowry, the support, the help to the state in which they find themselves. And oh, how beautiful it is, it is the most moving scene, enrapturing and enchanting, to see this Celestial Mother in every single creature, that she does as Mama, we feel her that she loves and prays in her children. This is the greatest prodigy between Heaven and earth, good more great we could not give to creatures.
“Now my daughter, I must tell you a sorrow of the Celestial Mother, to so much (of) her love, the ingratitude of creatures, this dowry, that with so many sacrifices even to the heroism of the sacrifice of her Son God with so many atrocious sufferings, some don’t know it, some hardly take a slight interest, and they have life poor of sanctity, and oh how she suffers in seeing her children poor; to possess immense riches of love, of grace, of sanctity, because they are not material riches, but the riches of this Celestial Mother are riches that she has put forth her life in order to acquire them, and not seeing them possessed by her children and she holds them without the purpose (of) why she has acquired them it is a continuous sorrow, and therefore she wants to make this great good known to everyone, because if one doesn’t know one can not possess. And how she acquired these dowries in virtue of the Divine Fiat that reigned in Her, that loved her so much that he let her do that which she wanted and anywhere she might want to arrive to (the) good of creatures. Therefore it will be my ruling Divine Volition that will put to (the light of) day these celestial dowries and will make them take possession. Therefore pray that a good so great be known and wanted by creatures.”


(17) December 24, 1936 The Celestial and Divine Mother and the human Mother. Fast race of love of God in which lets this Mother generate her Jesus in every single creature in virtue of the Fiat.

I follow the same theme on the Most Holy Virgin. A light that descends from the bosom of the Eternal invests my poor mind, but it is a speaking light that says so many things of the Sovereign Celestial Lady, that I don’t know how to do it in order to say everything about her. But my beloved Jesus with his usual goodness says to me:

“Courage my daughter, I will help you, I will administer the words to you, I feel the irresistible need to make known who is this Mother of mine, the dowries, the privileges and great good that she does and that she can do to all the generations. Therefore listen to me and I will tell you things not ever thought of neither by you, nor by (the) others, in a way to as shake the most incredulous, ingrates and sinners, and even where our love arrives. Whence our love didn’t give itself peace, it raced, it raced, but with such a rapidity, that compromised all our Divine Being to give in such excesses, as to make Heaven and earth astounded, as to make everyone exclaim: possible that a God has loved creatures so much?
“Hence you feel, my daughter, what our great love does; creatures held a Celestial Father, our love was not content, in its delirium and folly of love, it wanted to form for them a Celestial Mother and a terrestrial Mother, so that if the solicitudes, the love, the tenderness of the Celestial Paternity might not have been enough for them, in order to love him, the love, the indescribable tendernesses of this Celestial and human Mother, would have been the ring of conjunction, that having disbanded every distance, dread and fears, if they would have abandoned themselves into her arms in order to make themselves conquered by her love, in order to love He who had formed her for their love and in order to make oneself love.
“Therefore the most outstanding portents were needed and a love that never says enough, and that only a God can do, in order to obtain the intent. Now you feel what it does, we called from the nothing this Holy Creature and making use of the same germ/seed of the human generations, however purified, we gave her life, from the first instant of this life was united the celestial virtue of our Divine Fiat and formed together Divine life and human life, which grew divinely and humanly together, and participating her (in) the Divine fecundity, it formed in Her the great prodigy to be able to conceive a man and a God, with the human germ/seed she could form the humanity to the Word incarnate, and with the germ/seed of the Fiat she could conceive the Divine Word. With this the distance between God and man ceased. This Virgin with being human and Celestial approached man and God and gave the brother(hood) to all her children that everyone might be able to approach him, to have life together and contemplating in Him and in Her the same features, invested by the same human nature, they would have had such trust and love as to make oneself conquered, and to love (he) who so very loved them; what love doesn’t a good Mother receive from her own children? more so that she was powerful, rich, and would have put forth (her) life in order to put into safety (her) own children, and what has she not done in order to make them happy and holy?
“So that the humanity of the Word and the Celestial and human Mother are as deposits in order to entrust the love of everyone and to tell them with all love: don’t fear, come to us, we resemble each other in everything, come and we will give you everything, my arms will be always ready to embrace you and in order to defend you I will enclose you in my Heart in order to give you everything, it is enough to tell you that I am your Mother and that so much is my love that I hold you conceived in my Heart.
“But all this is nothing yet, it was God, he had to work as God, our love raced, raced, and went inventing other contrivances more excessive of love, you yourself you will remain stupefied in hearing them, and when the human generations will hear it, they will love us so much, as to reciprocate us to a great part in the great course of our love. Now pay attention to me and thank me my blessed daughter, for that which I am about to say; to our love it was not enough, as said before, that in virtue of our Fiat everyone might be conceived in the Heart of this Virgin, in order to have the true Maternity, not with words but with deeds and She was conceived in every single creature, so that each one might have a Mother all her own, and have the full right and the possession that everyone might be her children, our love now passed to another excess.
“Hence first you should know that this Celestial Queen possessing all the fullness of our Divine Fiat, which possesses in nature his generative and bilocative virtue, She together with the Divine Fiat can generate and bilocate how many times she wants her Son God. Whence our love imposed itself over this Celestial creature, and giving into delirium, with the virtue of my Fiat that she possessed, it gave her the power to let her generate her Jesus in every creature, to make him be born, raise him, do all that which is appropriate to do (for) him, in order to form the life of her Dear Son, she makes up for all that which the creature can’t do, if he cries she dries his tears, if he is cold she warms him, if he suffers she suffers together, and while she does as Mother and raises her Son, she does as Mother and raises the creature. So that it can be said that she raises them together, loves them with one love alone, guides them, feeds them, dresses them and with her maternal arms forms two wings of light, and covering them hides them in her Heart, in order to give them the most beautiful rest.
“Hence it was not enough to our love that the Word might incarnate himself, in order to generate a single Jesus for everyone, and give a single Mother to all the human generations, no, no, our love would not have been excessive, its course was so fast, that it didn’t find one who put for them an enough, and then it quieted itself in some way when with its power it generated this Mother in every single soul, and let (her) generate Jesus, so that each one might have Mother and Son at her disposition. Oh! how beautiful it is to see this Celestial Mother, all love and all intent in every single creature to generate her Jesus, in order to form a portent of love and grace, and this is the honor and the greatest glory that her Creator has given her and the strongest love that God can give to creatures. Nor is there to marvel at, our Fiat can do all and can arrive everywhere, the everything is that he wants it, if he wants it it is already done. Rather the wonder remains in knowing to what excesses he has brought the love toward man.


(18) December 28, 1936 The Celestial Heiress; how she calls her children to inherit her goods. How she arrives to endow souls with her Maternal love, in order to form other Mamas to Jesus.

I follow the same theme. I thought of that which is written above, and said to myself: is all this excessive chain of love possible, that it seems that it never finishes? I know that Our Lord can do everything, but to arrive to so much even to make descend from the Heights of his sanctity, this Celestial Mother into the depth of our souls and raise us as one of her most tender daughters, not only, but to generate her Son Jesus and raise us together, it gives of the incredible; and although I felt my heart burst for love and for joy, more so that I felt her in me, shadowed in his light, that with an indescribable love she raised me as her daughter and together with me raised her dear Son, yet I felt I didn’t know how to say and write it also in order not to arouse difficulty and doubts. But my dear Jesus, taking an imposing aspect, as to not be able to resist said to me.

“My daughter, I want written that which I have said to you, in that which I have said to you there are seas of love, with which creatures will be invested, and I don’t want to be suffocated, therefore if you don’t write I retire; have you forgotten that I must conquer man by way of love, but love that will prove difficult to her to resist us?”

I immediately said Fiat, and my beloved Jesus taking his usual sweet and amiable aspect, with a love that I felt my heart break he added:

“My blessed daughter, there is nothing to be doubted, my Being is all love, and when it seems that I have given in such excesses of love as to not be able to demonstrate anymore other excesses of love, as their descendants. But (these) goods were not destroyed, they exist and will exist, and when a good is not destroyed there is always the certainty that they will come to whom will have the good of possessing them. Now the Great Queen gave beginning to her life in the inheritance of this Divine Will, indeed with such abundance that she felt drowned in the goods of her Creator, but so much so that can render Fiat she inherited the fecundity, the human and Divine maternity, she inherited the Word of the Celestial Father, she inherited all the human generations, and these inherited all the goods of this Celestial Mother.
“Hence as her heirs and as Mother, she holds the right to generate in her Maternal heart her children, but to ours and to her love it was not enough, she wanted to generate in every creature and since she was heiress of the Divine Word, she holds the power to generate him in every one of them. How (is it), if they can inherit the evils, the passions, the weaknesses, why can’t they inherit the goods? Behold therefore the Celestial heiress wants to make known the inheritance that she wants to give to her children, she wants to give her Maternity to creatures, so that while she generates him, they do as Mamas and love him as She loved him, she wants to form so many Mamas to her Jesus in order to make him secure, and so that no one might offend him anymore. Because the love of Mother is well different from other loves, it is a love that always burns, it is a love that puts forth life for her Dear Son. You see, she wants to endow creatures with her Maternal love, and make them heirs of her own Son. Oh! how she will feel honored in seeing that creatures love her Jesus, with her love of Mother.
“You should know that so much is her love toward me and toward creatures, that she feels drowned and not being able to contain it anymore she has prayed to me that I might manifest that which I have said to you, her great inheritance, that she awaits her inheritors, and that which she can do for them saying to me: ‘My Son, do not wait anymore, do it soon, manifest my great inheritance and that which I can do for them, I feel more honored, more glorified, that You say that which your Mama can do, than if I might say it myself.’ However all this will have its full effect, her palpating life of this Sovereign Lady, when my Will will be known and creatures in the inheritance of their Mother will take the possession.”

Whence after this my sweet Jesus gave me a kiss saying to me:

“In the kiss is communicated the breath/[fiato] and therefore I have wanted to kiss you in to order to communicate to you with my omnipotent Breath/[Fiato], the certainty of the goods and the great prodigy that my Mother will do to the human generations, my kiss is confirmation of that which I want to do.” I remained surprised and he added: “And you give me your kiss in order to receive the deposit of all these goods and to reconfirm your will in mine. If there is not one who gives and one who receives, a good can not be neither formed, nor possessed.”


(19) January 1, 1937 The feast that the Queen of Heaven prepared for her Son Jesus in his birth. How love is magnet, transforms and embellishes.

I was thinking of the incarnation of the Word and the excesses of love of the Divinity, that seemed seas, that involving all creatures, they wanted to make felt how much they loved them, in order to be loved and investing them inside and outside they murmur continually without ever ceasing: love, love, love, love we give, and love we want; and our Celestial Mother, feeling herself wounded by the continuous cry of the Eternal, that gave love and wanted love, she saw herself all attentive in order to reciprocate her Dear Son, the incarnate Word, with Her forming a surprise of love. Now in this while the Celestial Infant went forth from the Maternal bosom, and I longed for him, and casting himself in my arms, all festive he said to me:

“My daughter, do you know? my Mama prepared for me the feast in my birth, do you know ever how? She was to light of the seas of love, that descended from Heaven in the descent of the Eternal Word, she felt the continuous cry of God, that wanted to be re-loved, our anxieties, the ardent sighs, she felt my moans in her bosom, often she felt me cry and sob, and my every moan was a sea of love that I sent to every heart in order to be loved, and not seeing myself loved, she/I cried, even to sob, but every tear and hiccup doubled my seas of love in order to conquer creatures by way of love. But what, they converted these seas for me into sufferings, and I made use of the sufferings, in order to convert them into other seas of love for how many sufferings they gave me. Now my Mama wanted to make me smile in my birth and to prepare the feast for her Baby Son. She knew that I can not smile if I am not loved, nor take part in any Feast if love doesn’t race. Therefore loving me as true Mother, and possessing in virtue of my Fiat seas of love, and being Queen of all the Creation, she involved the Sky with her love, and sealed every star with the ‘I love you oh Son’, for me and for everyone, she involved the Sun in her sea of love and she impressed in every drop of light, her ‘I love you oh Son’, and she called the Sun to invest with its light its Creator and warming him he might feel in every drop of light the ‘I love you’ of his Mama. She invested the wind with her love and in every breath sealed the ‘I love you oh Son’, and then she called it so that, with its puffs it caressed him, and he might feel in every breath of wind ‘I love you, I love you oh my Son’. She involved all the air in her seas of love, so that breathing he might feel the breath of love of my Mother. She covered the whole sea with her sea of love, every wriggle of fish, and the sea murmured ‘I love you oh my Son’, and the fishes quivered ‘I love you, I love you’, there was no thing that she didn’t invest with her love, and with her empire of Queen, she commanded everyone that they might receive her love, in order to re-give her Jesus the love of his Mama.
“Hence every bird, some trilled love, some chirruped, some warbled love, even every atom of earth was invested by her love, the breath/[fiato] of the beasts came with the ‘I love you’ of my Mother, the hay was invested by her love, therefore there was no thing that I might see or touch, that I might not feel the sweetness of the love of Her. With this she prepared for me the most beautiful feast, in my birth, the feast all of love, was the exchange of my great love, that made me find my sweet Mother, and it was her love that quieted my weeping, warmed me while in the manger I was numbed by the cold; more so that I found in her love the love of all creatures, and for every one she kissed me, squeezed me to her Heart, and loved me with (the) love of Mother for all her children, and I feeling in every one her Maternal love, I felt myself love them as her children and as my dear brothers.
“My daughter, what can not love do, animated by an Omnipotent Fiat? It makes itself magnet and attracts there in an irresistible way, removing every dissimilarity, with its heat it transforms and confirms He whom it loves. Then it embellishes in an incredible way, as to feel Heavens and earth enraptured to love. To not love a creature that loves us proves impossible, all our Power and Divine strength, are rendered impotent and weak before the winning strength of whom loves us. Therefore you also give me the feast that my Mother gave me in being born, involve Heaven and earth with your ‘I love you oh Jesus’, let nothing escape you if your love doesn’t race, make me smile, because I was not born one single time, but I am always reborn, and many times my rebirths are without smile and without feast and I remain alone (with) my tears, the hiccups, the whimpers and a cold that makes me tremble and numbs all my members.
“Therefore squeeze me to your heart in order to warm me with your love and with the light of my Will, form for me the attire in order to dress me, thus you also will make for me the feast and I will make it for you, with giving you new love and new knowledge of my Will.”


(20) January 4, 1937 How every creature holds even from the beginning of her existence an act wanted and decided by the Divine Will, which creates her, raises her, forms her. Feast of Jesus in every act of the creature that does his Will.

I am between the arms of the Divine Fiat, which surrounds me with his light and recalls over my poor existence his continuous act of his Will, but an act that gives me life, that loves me, without which I could not live, nor find who truly loves me, therefore he wants me all intent to receive this act of life of his Will, so that I don’t expose it to not complete over me that which he wants to do, and I impede his love, because Will of God and love make competition, the one can not be without the other. Now while I found myself under this act of the Fiat, my beloved Jesus with a goodness that I don’t know how to say, all tenderness pressed me to his Divine Heart and said to me:

“My blessed daughter, my Will is everything for the creature, without Him, you could not even have life. You should know that every single creature holds even from the beginning of her existence an act wanted and decided by my Will, which carries with itself an intense act of love toward He, or She, that begins life. You see therefore how the creation of the creature begins under the rule of an act of love and of Divine Will wanted with the all the fullness of knowledge, so much so that these two acts, love and Divine Will, are equipped with all the graces, of power, wisdom, sanctity and beauty, of which the creature will live and perform her life.
“Now as he has formed his first wanted act, he does not move himself anymore from over her, he creates her, forms her, raises her, develops his working act in order to reconfirm her in his wanted act. So that my Will, my love races in every human act, making life, support, defense, refuge, and surrounding her with his power, they feed this life, my love embraces her and holds her pressed to his bosom, my Will surrounds her from all sides, more than residence, in order to hold his wanted act that my Fiat pronounced in order to call her to existence.
“Now this act wanted by our Fiat, is the greatest act, most powerful and that most glorifies our Divine Being, that not even the Heavens can contain and understand; to you it seems little that our Will races in every act of the creature and he does not speak to them with words, but with deeds: I am yours, at your disposition, oh! recognize me, I am your life, your act, if you recognize me you will give me your little exchange of love, and although little I want it, I claim it, in order to reassure myself of my continuous work and of the life that I put forth for you; and my love in order not to remain behind my Fiat, feels the irresistible need to race and to love every single act of the creature, which tells her in her every act, I love you and you love me.
“Beyond this, everything is (in) if she comes to recognize this wanted act of my Fiat, then he makes of her unheard of prodigies, of sanctity and of beauty that will form the most beautiful ornaments of the Celestial Country and the most refulgent lives that resemble their Creator, because our Will doesn’t know how to make beings that don’t resemble us, the first thing that he casts is our likeness, because he wants to find himself in the working act that develops in the creature, otherwise he could say: you don’t resemble me, hence you don’t belong to me. If then he does not become recognized and loved, then it forms the sorrow of my Volition, although he races in every act of the creature and if he might not race he would take away the life. Hence in his sorrow he feels his divine life rejected, the sanctity impeded that he wants to develop, enclosed in his wanted act the seas of graces that he should flood her with, the beauty that he should cover her with. Therefore my Will can say: there is no sorrow similar to my sorrow; more so that there was no good that I did (not) want to give her, there is no act of hers that I have not put there of mine.
“Hence my daughter be attentive, think that in your every act it hangs from a Divine Will that involves it, forms it and gives it life, and because he loves you he wants that you know the life that he gives you and this as confirmation of his acts in you, therefore content yourself to die rather than to impede this wanted act of my Will even from the beginning of your existence. How beautiful it is to be able to say: I am Will of God, because He has done everything in me, he has created me, he has formed me and will bring me in his arms of light into the Celestial Regions, as victory and triumph of the omnipotent Fiat and of his love.”

After this my mind continued to swim in the sea of the Fiat, and oh how beautiful it was to see it, that he was attentive, that as I breathed, palpated, loved, thus he invested my breath in order to form his Divine breath, the Divine heartbeat, and over my little love he formed his sea of love and was delighted so much that he waited with anxiety for my little human acts, in order to form his Divine work, and my beloved Jesus celebrated the triumph, the work of the Fiat in my little soul and all goodness said to me:

“Daughter of my Volition, how I enjoy seeing that my Divine Will puts forth of his in the act of the creature and since the act of her is little, he delights himself with losing it in his great act, that has no confines and as triumphant says: I have conquered, victory is mine and I in every act of my Will in her, I make my feast. Now you should know, that so much is the gratification of our Supreme Being in seeing the little human act lost, lost, identified, as if she might have lost (her) life, in order to give life to ours, that we elevate this act, that we called our act, in the height of our eternal act. All the Eternity how much it makes itself around and surrounds this act and all that which has been done and will be done in the round of her they identify themselves with this act, in a way that all the Eternity belongs to this act, this act leaves in the bosom of the Eternal and forms one feast more to our Supreme Being, hence one feast more to all Heaven, and a help, strength and defense to all the earth. The creature doing our Will, lets him live in her, it is the unique satisfaction that we experience, it is the true exchange that we receive because we have created the Creation, it is the competition of love between the Creator and the creature, it is moving (of) ourselves in order to give new surprises of graces, and she to receive them.
“Therefore if the creature races in our Fiat in order to give him free field of action, in our emphasis of love we say: the creature pays us for all that which we have done, after all didn’t we make all things and the creature herself so that she might do our Volition in everything? she does this, and this is enough for us, although she might not do anything more. If this is enough to us more so should it be enough to them the doing, the living always in our Will, with this she is ours and we are all hers and to you it seems little to be able to say: God is mine, all mine, nor can he escape me, because his omnipotent Fiat holds him bound in me.”


(21) January 10, 1937 Weaving between the Divine Volition and the human, tenderness of Jesus for who lives in his Volition even to feel happy to have cried and suffered. The refuge of the works of God.

I feel beneath the eternal waves of the Fiat, and my poor mind races, races always in order to be invested, and the waves race in order to invest me and this investing of each other, forms the most beautiful rest on both parts. But while it raced, my Highest Good Jesus, detaining me said to me:

“My daughter, how beautiful is the course of my Fiat with the daughter of my Divine Will, a weaving happens between the one and the other, all created things in which my Volition races, one sees that the little thread of the human volition weaves everything, and my Fiat weaving it renders it extended in all her acts, it seems that he is not content, if he doesn’t see this thread of the human volition in the Sky, in the Sun, in everything it is a competition that the Divine Volition forms, he wants to invest the human one, and the human volition wants to make itself invested (by) him.”

And I surprised said: but how can it be, that the human volition so little, can be extended in all created things, and together with the Fiat embrace the great vastness of all the Creation? And my sweet [Jesus] added:

“My daughter, do not wonder, since all things were created for the creature, it was just, decorous, that the soul and human will, might be able to invest and embrace everything, might master over everything and might possess greater wonders than the Creation itself, more so united with my Will, where can’t the creature arrive? she can not embrace our immensity, because to no one is it given to be able to embrace it, but all that which has been done for her, provided that she is in our Fiat, was given her by us(,) the right to be able to enter everywhere, to embrace everything and to make hers our works. And my Fiat could not endure, would feel the purpose torn, if he might not find the human volition in his works, that wanting to have life together, recognizes in them his works, how much he has loved her, and how he wants to be loved.
“Therefore my Will is all eye, he is as spying in order to see when the creature is about to do a little act, an act of love, a breath, a heartbeat, in order to invest it with the power of his Breath/[Fiato] and to say to her: my works I have done them for you, and you must work for me, therefore that which you do is mine, it is my right, as my works are your right. These are the laws of living in my Volition, the yours and mine it ceases on both parts, they form one act alone and they possess the same goods. But this is not everything, for who lives in our Fiat, this thread of the human volition races in my conception, in my birth, in my infantile tears, in my sufferings. You feel, a most tender thing, when this thread of the human volition weaves mine and mine hers, investing all the acts and sufferings of your Jesus, I feel the joy and the purpose of being conceived and born, I feel happy to have cried for her love, rather my tears are stopped on my face, and seeing that the human volition beads mine with hers, kisses them, adores them, loves them, oh how happy and victorious I feel that my tears and sufferings have conquered the human volition, since I feel her flow in all my acts, and even in my death itself.
“Hence as there is nothing that we have not done for their love, thus there is nothing (in) which my Volition doesn’t call this human volition, in order to be more sure he weaves hers with his and with his works, there is no peril that he leaves her behind, and with an emphasis of indescribable love he says to her: my Will is yours, my works are yours, recognize them, love them, nor stop yourself, race, it escapes, let nothing escape you, you would lose a right in that which you don’t know and possess, and you would give me a sorrow, that in my Will, I don’t find yours woven in my works, and I feel the purpose torn, betrayed in the love and as a father that while he holds the children he doesn’t find them in his works, in his possessions, in his residence, they remain distant and they lead a life poor and unworthy of such a father. Therefore the anxieties, the sighs, the avidity of my Fiat are incessant, he would move Heavens and earth, he would not spare anything, provided that the creature might live in harmony with Him and she might be possessor of his own goods.
“Beyond this, all that which we have done as much in the Creation as in the Redemption, is all in act to give itself to man, they hang over his head, but they are as suspended, without being able to give, because he doesn’t know them, and he doesn’t call them, and he doesn’t love them, in order to enclose them in his soul, in order to receive such a good.
“Now who possesses our Volition, our works, all my Life that I passed down here, it finds the refuge, the space, the room where to be able to continue my life, my works, and the soul acquires the practicing act and converts into nature his works and my life. So that this creature is the refuge of our sanctity, of our love and the life of our Will. And when our love not being able to contain it, wants to give in excesses, we find refuge in her and we give vent to our love, and we pour such charismas of graces, that the Heavens stupefied and trembling adore our working Divine Will in the creature.”


(22) January 24, 1937 The Divine Will, for who lives in Him, he forms the repeater of his life and of his love, and forms and extends in her all the Creation, and all that which Jesus did. How he will give her a new name calling her: My Fiat.

I am in the power of the Supreme Fiat, whom always wants to give me of his, in order to keep me occupied and to always have something to do together, through my poor soul, and if he perceives some small void, that is not his Will, with an admirable and inimitable activity, he sees what thing is lacking in me, of all his acts, that he has done for love of creatures and all festive he seals it in my soul, giving me a little lesson. I was surprised and my always amiable Jesus visiting his little daughter, said to me:

“My good daughter, do not wonder, the love of my Volition is exuberant, but with highest Wisdom, because he wants to do for one who lives in his Volition, worthy works of Him, the little repeaters of his Life, of his love, and to hide in them the sanctity and the multiplicity of his works. He wants to continue his creative work, he wants to form, to repeat and to extend all the Creation and even more, in one who lives in his Volition.
“You feel where his love arrives. My Fiat created the Creation, and to every created thing he put a value, a love, a distinct office, as to have to produce a distinct good to creatures, so much so that the Sky possesses a value and a love and an office all it’s own, the Sun, the wind, the sea, possesses another, and they make distinct offices, and thus with all created things. Now you feel what my Will does, for one who lives in Him, all that which she does is his, hence in an act he encloses the value, the love and the office that the Sky does, and he gives to the creature the love and the value of the Sky, in another act he pronounces his Fiat, and he encloses there the value, the love that he had in creating the Sun, and makes it do the office of the Sun, in another he encloses there the value of the wind, his ruling love, and pronouncing his Fiat makes it do the office of the wind, in another he encloses there the value of the sea and pronouncing his Fiat, he makes it do the office of the sea and gives it the virtue to always murmur love, love, love, in short there is no act that she does that he does not delight to pronounce his Fiat and there he encloses the value of the air, there the sweet song of the birds, the bleating of the lambs, there the beauty of the flowers, and if the acts of the creature don’t arrive to extend the work of the Creation, he makes use of the heartbeat, of the breath, of the rapidity as the blood circulates in her veins, he animates everything with his Fiat and forms there the complete Creation.
“And when he has completed everything, of all that which he has done in the Creation for love of creatures, he extends there his dominion and with his creative strength conserves everything, maintains the order of the new Creation, that he has formed in the acts of the creature, and he feels so very loved and glorified, because he doesn’t find the Creation without reason, without will and without life, but he finds the strength of a reason, of a will and life that voluntarily she has undergone the power of his Fiat in her acts, his creative virtue, his same Divine life, his ruling and untiring love, in a word she has let him do with herself even that which he wanted (to do) with her breath and with her acts.
“My blessed daughter, continue to listen to me, let me vent my love, I can not contain it anymore, I want to tell you where my love arrives and where it can arrive and can do to one who lives in my Fiat. Do you believe that my Volition has been content, has said enough because he has enclosed the value, the love and (the) different offices of all the Creation in the creature that lives as (in) harmony in Him, with one Will alone? no, no; you should know that I came upon the earth, and in the heat of my love displayed my life, my sufferings and my death itself, in order to repurchase my Divine Will for (the) benefit of creatures, that with so much ingratitude they had rejected and hence lost. So that my life served as disbursement of the price that was needed in order to reacquire it and to give it in possession of my children, therefore there was needed a God, in order to be able to hold sufficient worth to be able to buy a Divine Will, you see therefore how it is certain that the kingdom of my Volition will come, because the purchase was made by me.
“Now my Will, after having formed the order of the Creation, with all sumptuousness and sublimity of his creative work, as the creature goes repeating her acts, in one act he pronounces his Fiat and forms there my life and encloses its value, in another act he pronounces his Fiat and encloses in her sufferings the value of my sufferings, he pronounces his Fiat over her tears and puts there the value of mine, his Fiat follows in her works, in her footsteps, in her heartbeat and he encloses there the value of my works, of my footsteps and of my love, there is no prayer and even natural acts that he does not enclose the value of my acts.
“So that (in) one who lives in my Will, I feel myself repeat my life, and it doubles the worth in order to buy my Divine Will to the benifit of the human generations; one can say, that there is a competition between me and her, to whom wants to give more, in order to make that my Will might be possessed again by the human family.
“But it is not yet everything, if he doesn’t do complete works he is not content, to the value of the Creation and Redemption that he has enclosed there in the soul, there he adds on with an incredible love, there he encloses the Celestial Country and makes resound his glory, his joys, the eternal beatitudes, as seal and confirmation, of the creative and redeeming work that he has formed in her. After this, being more sure, he creates there his heartbeat, his breath, he makes circulate more than blood his life, his light, and as triumphant he gives her a new name, calling her ‘my Fiat’, this name is the most beautiful name, that will make all (of) Heaven smile and all (of) hell tremble, that name I can not give if not to one who lives in my Volition and has let me do in her that which I want.
“My daughter, what can’t my omnipotent Fiat do and give? he arrives to so much that he gives his rights over his own power, over his love, over his justice, he incorporates with himself the will of the creature and says to her: be attentive, I don’t want other from you than (that) you do that which I do, therefore it is necessary that you be always together with me, and I with you.


(23) February 10, 1937 The Kingdom of the Divine Volition will be the kingdom of the Queen of Heaven; her ardent desires and incessant prayers; assaults of love that she gives to the Divinity in order to obtain it. How she will put her life at (the) dispositionof creatures, in order to give them the grace to make them live of Divine Will.

I felt all immersed in the Divine Volition, it seemed to me that Heavens and earth, they long, they pray that his kingdom comes upon the earth, so that one be the Will of everyone and he reign there as in Heaven so in earth, to this is united the Queen of Heaven, that with her ardent sighs, she moved, united everything to herself, Angels, Saints and all the Creation, in order to ask with her same sighs and with the Divine Will itself that She possess, that Fiat that descends in hearts and forms there his Life. But while I thought this my amiable Jesus, making himself all love sighed strongly, (his) heart beat so much, as if it might want to burst, he said to me:

“Daughter of my Volition, listen to me, my love is about to submerge me, I can not contain it anymore, at whatever cost, although it might have to overwhelm Heaven and earth, I want that my Will comes to reign upon the earth. To this is united my Celestial Mama, whom without ever ceasing says to me, repeats to me: Son do it soon, do not delay anymore, use your stratagems of love, do it as that powerful God that you are, make that your Volition invests everyone and with his power and Majesty, united to a love that no one can resist, take possession of everyone and reign there as in Heaven so in earth; and she says this to me with such ardent sighs, with fiery heartbeats, with her stratagems of love of Mother, that I can not resist, even to add on to me: My Son, Son of my Heart, you have made me Queen and Mother and my people and my children where are they? if I were capable of unhappiness I would be the most unhappy Queen and Mother, because I possess my kingdom and do not have my people whom live with the same Will of their Queen, and if I don’t have my children to whom I can entrust the great inheritance of their Mother, where will I find the joy, the happiness of my Maternity? Therefore make that the Divine Fiat reigns and then your Mama will be happy, and she will have my people and children that will live together with me, with the same Will of the their Mother.
“Do you believe that to this speech of my Mother that she makes resound continuously to the ear and that sweetly invests my Heart, that are arrows and wounds of continuous love, I can remain indifferent? I can not, and I don’t even want to. More so that She has never denied me anything, hence there lacks the strength to deny myself to Her, my Divine Heart presses me to content her; unite yourself with us and long and pray that my Will be known and comes to reign upon the earth, and in order to more greatly confirm you to this, I want to make you hear my sweet Mama.”

In this while I felt her near, that hiding me under her azure mantle and taking me up in her maternal womb, with a love that I don’t know how to say, she said to me:

“Daughter of my Maternal Heart, the kingdom of the Divine Will will be my kingdom, the Sacrosanct Trinity has entrusted it to me, as he entrusted the Eternal Word to me when he descended from Heaven in earth, thus he entrusted to me his and my kingdom, therefore my sighs are ardent, my prayers incessant, I don’t do other than assault the Most Holy Trinity with my love, with the rights of Queen and of Mother that he gave me, so that that which he entrusted to me comes to the light, forms his life, so that my kingdom triumphs upon the face of the earth; you must know that my desire is so much that it burns me, that I feel as if I might not have glory, while I have so much of it that Heavens and earth are filled, if I don’t see it fully formed, the kingdom of the Divine Will in the midst of my children, because, each one of these children that will live in it, will give me so much glory, as to double my glory that I possess, therefore seeing myself deprived, I feel as if I might not have (the) glory of Queen and (the) love of Mother from my children, therefore in my Heart I always call and go repeating, ‘my children, my children, come to your Mama, love me as Mother as I love you as children, if you won’t live with that same Will that I lived, you can not give me the love of true children, nor can it be known where my love arrives for you.’
“You must know that so much is my love and my ardent anxieties that I want that this kingdom exists upon the earth, that I descend from Heaven, turn through souls in order to see who remains more disposed to live of Divine Volition, I do for them (as a) spy, and when I see them disposed I enter in their hearts and I form my life in them, as preparation, honor and decorum of that Fiat that will take possession and will form his life in them. Therefore I will be inseparable from them, I will put my Life, my love, my virtues, my sorrows, at their disposition, as (a) wall of insurmountable fortitude, so that they can find in their Mother that which is needed in order to live in this kingdom so holy.
“And then my feast will be complete, my love will rest in my children, my Maternity will find one who loves me as child, and I will give surprising graces and I will put all Heaven and earth in feast, I will do as (a) Queen lavishing unheard of graces. Therefore my daughter, you will remain united with your Mama, so that you pray and yearn with me the kingdom of the Divine Will.”


(24) February 26, 1837 What one act more is that the creature does in the Divine Will, it is the harmony, the music, it is the sweeping away Heavens and earth, it is the installation that she forms in God and God in her.

My little and poor soul I feel it surrounded by Divine Will inside and outside of me, to the right and to the left, he flows in me even under my feet, everywhere he races in order to say to me: it is I who forms your life, who warms you with my heat, who forms your motion, your breath, recognize me that your life is animated by mine, and I will make worthy things of me in you; but while my mind was lost in the Fiat, my sweet Jesus making me his brief little visit, as if he might feel the need of love of speaking to me of his Volition, said to me:

“My little daughter of my Volition, my love repressed in me feels the need to relieve itself, otherwise it gives me such deliriums, that I feel suffocated by my own flames. Therefore my speaking is a vent of love, it is a relief to my Heart, and in order to restore myself I go finding one who wants to listen to me? Now you feel where my love arrives and the great prodigy of the working life of my Will in the creature. One act more the creature does in my Will, is one harmony more that she casts between Heaven and earth, it is a new celestial music that she forms to her Creator, which is so very pleasant, more so that it comes from earth, because the things of Heaven are ours, no one can say in the Celestial Country that one gives to us, but (it is) we ourselves who give to them, who felicitates and beatifies everyone, instead the soul from the earth can say, I give to my Creator, and we feeling ourselves enraptured give our Will anew, as working life in her, so that she forms for us other new and more beautiful music. How beautiful it is to feel our Heaven in earth, to feel new celestial music, that issues forth from the wayfarer soul, all Heaven makes (a) new feast and we feel that also the earth is ours and we love her more. Every act more that she does in my Divine Will is a sweeping away (of) Heavens and earth in it, because everyone, Angels, Saints, they race in that act, also the Creation itself, in order to take their place of honor in the working act of my Will, no one wants to remain outside of the act of my Divine Fiat. The true centralization of everything and everyone happens, nor could my Will do less, as to put apart in his act, all those where He reigns.
“My Will when he works he wants to enclose everything and to give everything, because He doesn’t know how to do incomplete acts, but completed ones and with the fullness of all goods. But who can tell you my daughter, what happens in that sweeping away (of) Heaven and earth, in that working act of my Volition in the creature? That moving oneself with everyone, that each one wanting his place in that act, such wonders happen, such unheard of prodigies, such moving scenes, that the Heavens are astonished and remain ecstatic before the working power of my Will, but where? in the little circle of the creature, and they remain with the anxiety of being swept away anew in the working act of my Will in her, oh how they long for it, they feel more embellished, and they experience the beautiful happiness of the conquering act of my Will in the creature, that which they lack in Heaven, because there are no conquests for them, nor can they acquire them, that which they have done in earth, there is put an enough and no more.
“But it is still not everything, one act more that one does in my Will is an incorporating of oneself(,) God in the creature and the creature in God, it is an installation in each other, and the life of the one flows in the other, almost as blood in the veins, it is the fusion of the human heartbeat in the Eternal heartbeat, and she feels in herself as life the love, the sanctity, the life of her Creator, and the Eternal feels flow in himself the little love of the creature, that living in himself, forms one love alone and one Will alone, every breath, heartbeat and motion, are wounds, arrows, darts of love that she gives to He who has created her. And oh! all Heaven remains as stupefied, that they watch God and find the creature fused in Him, who loves with his love and with conquering love, they watch the creature in earth and they find their Creator, that while he holds his throne in her, he makes life together with her. These are the greatest excesses of our love towards whom we love so much, when we find the creature that lends herself and denies us nothing, we don’t look at her littleness, but we look rather to that which we know and can do, that we can do everything, and making (a) display of our love and of all our Divine Being, we invest the creature and we make ourselves invested, and we do great things worthy of us, but with such magnanimity, that everyone remains surprised and stupefied, it is enough to tell you that every act more that one does in my Will, as if we might have need of the creature, we give so much that we increase great bonds of union, of love, on both parts and we arrive to give new rights over our Divine Being, and we over her. So great is this working act of our Fiat in her, that there are not enough centuries to say that which happens in It, neither the Angels, nor the Saints, can say all the good that it contains. Only your Jesus can tell you all the good that is formed in this act, because being I the operator I know how to say that which I do, and the great value that I put within you. Therefore be attentive, content, love, greater glory you can not give me than to lend me your little acts, your little love, in order to make my Will descend in them in order to let my Will work, so much is his love that he feels the need to have his field of action in the little acts of the creature.”

(25) March 6, 1937 The Creation first means of help in order to form the life of the Divine Will in us; second, God directly; third, the circumstances of life.

I continue to swim in the immense sea of the Divine Volition and I thought to myself: but how can the creature form this life of the Fiat in him? I feel so tiny that it seems impossible to me, maybe living inside of Him is more easy, because I find so much space that I can not see where the confines arrive, but enclosing him inside of me, I feel that there lacks the space in order to do this. And my always amiable Jesus with his usual goodness said to me:

“My daughter, you should know that our power is so much that we take delight in forming our life in the littleness of the creature, provided that she is not encumbered with other things that to us don’t pertain, rather many times we work over the pure nothing the greatest things, and since it is our Will that this life of our Volition might be formed and possessed in her soul, all that which we have created and that exists in Heaven and in earth, holds the mandate from us that all must help and serve the creature, as means in order to form and raise this life in her. So that the first that lends itself to communicate and to make the power, the love felt of our Will is all the Creation. It holds the virtue given by us, that while it raises, feeds, helps and sustains natural life, thus penetrating in the interior of the soul through human acts, they penetrate in the soul and they do (a) double office, and if they find the little life of my Will, my same Will that finds himself in created things, kisses my same Will that he finds in her, moulds her, blows (in/on) her, enlarges the capacity and finding his little Paradise, rests and administers the helps, the means that that created thing contains, in order to make that nothing lack in order to make grow and maintain the life of my Will in the creature. Whence Heaven is always spread over her head in order to keep watch over her, that nothing might enter that might not be Will of God. The Sun approaches more, and showing off more in love makes its heat felt, fills the eye with light, invests her hands, steps and penetrating in the soul fills her with the love, with the light, with the fecundity with which my Will is filled, and he leaves the deposit of his heat, of his light, so that she might not live but love and light, things that belong to my Will, and this Sun making its course forms the beautiful flowerings, the variety of the colors and all the rest, for love of who possess my Will.
“One can say that every time the Sun invests the creature, my Will visits the creature, in order to see if she needs something, if she doesn’t lack anything in order to make his life grow in her; what have I not done and would I not do in order to have the intent to form this life of my Fiat in the creature? Therefore the air while it serves in order to give the breath to the body, it serves to give the breath of my Will to the soul, the wind while it serves to purify the air to the nature, it serves to give the caresses, the kisses, the rule of my Will to my life that she possesses. So that there is no created thing, that emitting my Volition from within them, races inside the interior of the soul of them, for help, defense and in order to make her grow as I want.
“But this is not everything. My Will in created things must be veiled, in order to form this life of his in them, but how many don’t receive it and he remains in his veils repressed without being able to give the goods that he possesses. Now there is the second way, more splendid, more displayed love, it is so much the love that burns us, the desire that we want that the creature possesses our Will as life, that every act, thought, word, heartbeat, work and step that she does, is a divine emanation that we make her, our Divine Being races in her every act in order to give her of ours, we surround her, vivify her, in order to make her be reborn in our Will, we can say that we put ourselves at (her) disposition to form this life. But do you know why our interest? because we want that our Will forms the beautiful generation of the Divine Will in the will of the creature, and then we will have so many lives of ours that love us, that glorify us. How beautiful will be the creation, everything will be ours, we will find our throne, our palpating life everywhere. Now there is the third way, the circumstances of life, the occasions, the order of my providence around each one, the mortifications, the sorrows, are all means in order to make grow and develop in (an) admirable way, this life of my Will in them, hence there is no thing in which He doesn’t prepare his first act of life to give to creatures. Oh! if everyone might be attentive how happy, secure they would feel under the rain of a Volition so holy, that loves them so much that he arrives to the excess of wanting to form his life in the poor creature.”


(26) March 14,1937 The Divine Will is life, and as life forms the generation of his life in the acts of the creature that will live in Him and forms there the long generation of the children of his Divine Fiat.

The Divine Volition never leaves me, it seems to me that all the more he confirms me and makes me yearn to live in Him, not only me, but all those that will want to live, he wants to say new things and what one act more means that one can do in his Most Holy Will. And my sweet [Jesus] that does as (a) spokesman to a Volition so holy, visiting my little soul, said to me:

“My blessed daughter, I want to still tell you what good one act more encloses that the creature can do in my Volition. My Will is life and doesn’t know how to work, nor do anything, if it doesn’t generate life, nor can he make of it less. Now every act more that one does in Him, the generative act that he possesses becomes enclosed, the creature with doing her act, lends the veil where to form and to hide this Divine birth, as the act is completed, thus my Will turns through the entire world, in order to find the more disposed souls and he deposits his generated birth, and forms there a child of his of the kingdom of his Fiat. You see therefore what one act more is, to form one child more in my kingdom, so that how many more acts are done in Him, so much more will the kingdom of my Volition be populated. My daughter, it is a delirium of our Supreme Being that we hold, that we want that the creature live in our Volition, we will use all the astuteness of love, in order to obtain the purpose. How beautiful it is to see that our first children of the Fiat will make use with their acts, to form the new generation of the life of our Will in the creature. Our love is so much that we take (the) occasion of the act of them, in order to give this great good that encloses Heaven and earth.”

While he said this, my sweet Jesus made seen that he held in his Divine Heart all the acts done in his Volition, including also those of the Celestial Mama, that were many, and inside of every act generated the life of the Divine Will, as if they might not be able to contain anymore, he moves the step, in order to turn for all the generations and where he found some soul more disposed he drew near, embraced her, spoke to her in her ear, breathed (on/in) her, as if he might want to renew the new creation and then as in feast deposited together with the act, the life of his Volition, he didn’t want to separate the act from the life of Him, because being (the) primary act where he had generated his life, he didn’t want to detach it, wanting to serve as custodian of his same life. I in seeing this remained amazed and worried, I said to myself: possible all this? it seems to me that it gives of the incredible. And my sweet Jesus resumed his speech:

“Daughter, why do you marvel? perhaps my Will can not do that which he wants? it is enough (that) he wants it that everything is done. And then the Sun does it, that one can call the shadow of my Fiat, as it finds the flower, the plants, with the touch of its light it generates the color, the perfume, matures the plants and generates the sweetness in the fruits, and so many colors and such diversity of sweetness for how many flowers and fruits it touches with its light and warms with its heat, but if the Sun doesn’t find neither flowers, nor fruits, nor invests anything with its light and with its heat, it gives nothing, it retains in itself all the goods that it possesses. Such is my Will, more than Sun as he finds the creature that wants him, he calls her in his act, descends in the depths of the human act, invests it, warms it, transforms it, and since he possesses life, he generates life and forms there a Divine portent. And as Sun if he doesn’t find one who wants to live in my Volition and there form her acts, to my so many divine lives that I could give, they remain in Him, waiting with unconquered and divine patience, one who lets me generate my life in her acts.
“My Will is as a tender mother, that feels in himself the long generation of his lives, that he wants to go forth to the light, in order to form the long generation of his children, that should form his kingdom, and therefore he goes finding one who lends her acts to him, but do you know why he goes finding the acts of the creature? Having to descend in the depths of the human acts, in order to form his life, he wants to make himself through means of them a way in order to give his same life to creatures, more so that life can not be formed outside of persons, but always within, otherwise it would lack the necessary things, the vital humors, in order to form a life. Thus my Will can not form his life from Heaven, nor outside of the creature, but must descend inside of them, and the human will must surrender the place to the Divine, must be concurrent, because we don’t want forced things. And when we have found her, who can tell you that which we do? the graces that we pour forth, the good that we want, it doesn’t deal with works but our life that we must raise, hence we don’t spare anything and one will know that which we have done only in Heaven. Therefore be attentive and live always under the rain of my Volition, thus investing all your acts he animates them with his life, and thus you will give me so many children for how many acts you will do.”


(27) March 18, 1937 The Divine Will makes (a) gift of all his works to whom lives in Him. The breath of God in his works and in all the holy works of creatures. The Divine Will makes himself supplier of that which the creature lacks.

I was doing my round in the Divine Fiat, in order to follow his Divine acts, the Creation and all the holy acts of creatures for how much it is possible to me, not excluding neither those of my Celestial Mother, nor those of my Dear Jesus; but the great (thing) was, that as I retraced them making them mine, the Divine Volition gave them to me and I as if I might have right over everything offered them to my Creator, as the most beautiful homage, the most intense love, the most profound adoration, to He who had created me. I felt invested by the Sun, by the Sky with all the stars, by the wind, by everything, everything was mine, because everything was of the Divine Will. I remained amazed and my sweet Jesus, repeating his brief little visit said to me:

“My blessed daughter, why do you marvel? you should know that all that which is holy and good belongs to my Fiat, Whom wants to give everything to one who lives together with Him, an exchange on both parts happens, the creature doesn’t want to hold anything for herself, she wants to give everything, and my Volition wants to give everything to her, even himself. More so that the Creation, the Redemption, the Queen of Heaven, all the good and holy acts, are none other than God’s breath; he breathed and said Fiat and created all the Creation, he breathed and called the Most Holy Virgin to life, he breathed and made the Eternal Word descend upon the earth, he breathes and gives life to the good works of all creatures. Now who lives in mine, doesn’t do other than to retrace all his works, in order to find his Divine breath, in order to bring them to God, as fruits and power of the breath of her Creator. Oh! how glorified, loved he feels because he finds in the works offered to him by the creature, his breath, his same life, and how many times she turns in his works so many times he feels re-given his life, his glory, his love, and oh! how he awaits these presents, because he feels re-given that which he has given, he feels re-loved in his works, as He has loved, he feels his love, his Power recognized, and so much is the Divine satisfaction that he pours torrents of love and of graces toward who has known his works and his love.
“Behold therefore my daughter, that my Will, as the creature lives together with Him, thus with a love without equal, he makes (a) gift of all that which he possesses, he makes her mistress of everything, because if a thing is not one’s (own), one doesn’t have the right to be able to give it to the others. Therefore my Volition making her (a) gift of everything, gives her wide field to be able to give to her Creator, and to receive his exchange doubled. But then this gift becomes made when she recognizes our works, appreciates them, loves them, the love gives her the right to make hers that which belongs to my Eternal Volition, if my Volition might not make (a) gift to the creature of all that which is his, he would feel impeded in love, separated in his works, because he could not say that which is mine is yours, that which I do you do. My Will would not support this, he would say: to live together, to form life itself and to not be able to give everything to her, this is impossible to my love, it would be as if I might not be able to entrust myself to her, no, no, I want to give everything to one who lives in my Will.
“You should know that the love of my Fiat is so much toward who lives in Him, that if the creature not for will, but for weakness and impotence, doesn’t follow all the acts of my Volition, or yet through necessity of sufferings or other, her life doesn’t flow in Him, so much is his love that He does that which the creature should do, he makes up for her in everything, recalls his attitude, his order, his love, so that the soul shakes herself and resumes her life together, and this in order to have that the human life might not be neither divided, nor separated from his; if he would not do this, the Divine void would remain, but his love doesn’t tolerate it, and he does as supplier to that which the creature lacks, because he wants that his Divine life, doesn’t ever lack in her, but it must be continuous. Can one give greater love? that he arrives to say: courage, don’t fear, comes with all trust to live with me, trust in me, and if you might lack to flow always in my Fiat, I will commiserate you and will take the working part, that you can not do and I will supply for you in everything. The kingdom of my Volition is kingdom of love, of trust, of accord on both parts.”


(28) March 22, 1937 Need of love that the Divine Fiat feels to be re-loved. How who lives in Him he gives so much love to her, as to make her love in all hearts and in all the Creation in order to be exchanged for the love of everyone. How the soul without the Fiat is as the earth without water. Evils of disturbance.

My flight in the Divine Volition continues, it seems to me that he does none other than to pour love over creatures, whom seeing themselves so intensely loved, can not contain this love so great, they feel the need to love He who so very loves them. One can say that the Divine love is so much, that it shakes, moves in an irresistible way to make itself loved. The arrows of love that He sends in order to wound creatures, serve them, in order to shoot He who has shot them. Now while I found myself under this abyss of love, my dear Jesus, the sweet (of) my Life, surprising me said to me:

“Daughter of my Will, you should know that our love is so much, that if in our Divine Being unhappiness, restlessness could enter, that which can not be, it would render the Divine Being the most unhappy and restless Being. Since we love with infinite and incessant love, that we can drown everything and everyone with our love, hence we feel the need to be re-loved, but alas, we wait in vain, and our love groans, goes into delirium, and instead of halting it races more, but do you know where our (love) goes to relieve and detain itself to rest a little, in order to immediately take its flight in order to pour out its continuous love? in the souls that live in my Will, because they are already drown in my love, they feel my groans, my need to be re-loved, and they immediately reciprocate me in love, and as we feel the need to be re-loved, thus they feel the necessity themselves, the need to be loved by He who so very loves them.
“Now my daughter, our Volition circulates as blood in all the hearts of creatures, in all the Creation, there is no point where he isn’t found, his center is extensible as through everything, and with his powerful and creative love as within a single breathe/[fiato], he conserves and gives life to everything and everyone and in every thing he develops his life of love. So why does he create? because he loves; why does he conserve and circulate in everyone? because he loves. Now who lives in our Volition we want to feel that she loves us in all hearts, how beautiful is the note of love of the creature in every heart, that if these don’t love us, there is one who loves us. In the Sky, in the Sun, in the wind, in the sea, in everything, we want her note of love. More so that our Volition transports her everywhere; living in Him the first gift that he makes them is love, but he gives so much as to be able to receive the exchange of the love of everyone and everything.
“So much is the delirium of love of our Divine Fiat, that he transports this note of love of the creature even in the Empyrean and he says to all the blessed: hear how beautiful is the note of love that lives in earth in my Will; and he makes this loving note resound in the Saints, in the Angels, in the Virgin, in the Sacrosanct Trinity, in a way that all feel the double glory of it and they celebrate the Divine Will working in the creature, and together they celebrate the creature that has let him work, so that she is upon the earth and becomes celebrated in Heaven. My Divine Will would not tolerate that one who lives in Him might not give her the exchange of the love of everything and everyone. My Divine Fiat in the love of the creature finds all that which he wants, he finds the life of her, as his, he finds the glory that is due him, he finds the appreciation, the esteem that is due him, he finds true filial trust in order to be able to give her everything. So that the love is generative, that generates all the divine goods. Therefore my daughter, be attentive you love, and (love) in my Will, and you will find so much love, that you can love everyone, and love for everyone He who loves you so much.”

After this, for the miserable circumstances of my life, that is not necessary to say on paper, better that they will be known in Heaven, I felt oppressed, annoyed and almost disturbed, without my usual peace and full abandonment in the Divine Fiat. And my sweet Jesus surprising me said to me:

“My daughter, what are you doing? don’t you know that the soul without the fullness of my Will and the full abandonment in Him, is as earth without water, as plants without Sun, as the body without the soul? And the poor creature as earth without water, it is not capable of producing a thread of grass, thus she dies of thirst and is incapable of doing one little good, she burns with thirst and there is not one who quenches her, and lacking the Sun of my Fiat, she will die in the darkness, which will darken her eyes and she will not see the good in order to know it, in order to do it, and she will lack the heat in order to mature the good itself. And then without my Will she will feel without Divine life and as the body without the soul it rots and hence it is buried, thus without the Life of my Volition, the passion[s] they rot her and they bury her in sins.
“Beyond this the oppressions, the disturbances, they stop the flight in my Will, she loses velocity and can not follow all his works, and hence if she has not followed all our works I can not bring her to take rest in the bosom of our Divinity.
“Hence be attentive, put in the hands of your Jesus the oppressions, the annoyances, that which disturbs you, and I will put them in the light and heat of my Fiat, so that they remain burnt, and you feeling yourself free, you will follow faster the flight in my Volition, nor do I want you worried, I will think to everything. My daughter, (stay) with peace, otherwise the life of my Will in you can not develop and grow as I want, and this will be greatest sorrow for me, I won’t feel free to breathe, palpate, I will feel impeded in continuing my Life in you.”


(29) March 26, 1937 The Creation, the Humanity of Our Lord, they are the fields in which the soul develops her acts that lives in the Divine Will. How she forms Our Lord’s Humanity and the Paradise for Jesus upon the earth.

My flight in the Divine Fiat continues, and in Him I feel that everything is mine and I feel the need to know, to love that which belongs to me and that with so much love he has given me, and while I turned in the works of the Divine Volition, dear Jesus, the sweet (of) my Life, repeating his brief little visit with me, all goodness said to me:

“My little daughter of my Volition, how true it is that for love to arise one must possess that which one loves, if one doesn’t possess it the love doesn’t arise, not loving one’s own things is almost impossible, it is a connatural love and justice to love that which is one’s. Behold therefore I love creatures so much, I conserve them, I give them life, because they are my works, I have created them, I brought them forth to the light, they are mine, I am the heartbeat of their heartbeat, their breath, the life of their life, I can not do less than love them, if I might not love them, my love would give me continuous reproach, it would say to me: why have you created them when you should not love them? it is a right of love, to love that which is one’s own, my justice would condemn me, all my attributes would make war with me. Behold therefore that in order to be loved by creatures I say: I am your God, your Creator, your Celestial Father, I am all yours; as in fact I am. Behold also the cause that I say to one who wants to live in my Volition: everything is yours, the Sky, the Sun, all the Creation is yours, my Life is yours, my sufferings, also my breath is yours; behold therefore you feel the need to love as I feel it, to love that which is yours, that which your Jesus has given you in possession.
“Now you should know that the Creation, my Humanity, they are fields in which the soul develops her acts that does and lives in my Divine Will, having been given the possession of it she feels the need to circulate as blood in the veins, in the works of her Creator, she wants to know the Value, the good that they do, the office that they occupy, also in order to love them more, in order to appreciate them and also in order to feel more happy, more rich from the so many goods that she possesses. Behold therefore now she approaches the Sun in order to know the secrets of its light, the rainbow of its colors, the virtue of its heat, its continued miracle that it develops on the face of the earth, that only with touching it with its light it revives, colors, sweetens, transforms, and oh how she loves the Sun, because it is hers, and she more so loves He who has created it, thus she does with all the other created things, she wants to know the secret virtue that they contain in order to love them more, and in order to be thankful and love more He who has given her the possession. Hence it is no wonder that who lives in my Divine Fiat becomes called the heiress of all the Creation.
“Now from the field of the Creation she passes to the field of my Humanity, but to tell you then my daughter of the wonders that happen in this living field, not works alone, as in the Creation, but human and Divine life, they put themselves at my post, nor can I refuse them, because I am of them, they have the right over me, and I am happy that they possess me, because they will love me more. Now these creatures in this field, they repeat my life, they love with my same love, their acts fused with mine form so many Suns, Skies and stars oh how much more beautiful than those of the Creation that fill the field of my Humanity. Oh! how I feel loved and glorified, because these Suns, Skies and stars, are not mute like those of the Creation, but they are speaking Suns, with the fullness of reason, and how well they speak of my love, they speak and they love me, they speak and they tell me the story of souls and that of my love and hence they impose themselves on me that I must put them in safety, they speak and they cover themselves with my sufferings in order to repeat my Life, and I feel these souls flow in my tears, in my words, in my works and steps and I find in them the refreshment of my sufferings, my support, my defense, my refuge, and my love is so much for them that I arrive to call them my Life. Oh! how I love them, I possess them, and they possess me, to possess and to love even to folly is all the same.
“Now these souls that live in my Will are disposed to receive all the sufferings of my Humanity, because it being impossible (for me) to suffer, because glorious in Heaven, my Will with his omnipotent puff creates the sufferings, the sorrows, and forms there my living Humanity, that makes up for me in everything and they are the new saviors that put forth (their) life, in order to save the entire world. So that I from Heaven watch the earth and I find as many Jesuses, that taken by the same folly of my love, they put forth (their) life at the cost of sufferings and death, in order to say to me: I am your faithful copy, the sufferings make me smile because I enclose souls; and oh how I love them, I don’t feel alone anymore, I feel happy, victorious, because having company in developing the same life, in suffering the same sufferings, in wanting that which I want, it is my greatest happiness and my paradise in earth.
“You see therefore how many great, portentous things my Divine Will knows how to do, provided that they live in Him, he forms my same living Humanity and procures for me the same joys of my Celestial Country. Therefore take to heart to always live in my Will, do not give thought of other, because if you do this, I feel my love broken in you, and if you might know how much it costs me not to be loved even for one moment, because in that moment I remain alone, you break the happiness with me, and in my delirium of love I go repeating: how (is it?), I always love her and she no. Hence be attentive because I don’t want to remain alone ever.”

(30) April 4, 1937 As the creature gives her will to God, thus (God) acquires his Divine rights over her; how three walls of strength become formed in order to not let her go outside from within the Fiat.

I am beneath the eternal waves of the Divine Volition and if some thought escapes me, these waves make themselves stronger and they suffocate my thought and my fears, in a way that immediately re-pacifies me and I race together with the Divine Fiat. Whence the thought often torments me [if] I still go out from inside of Him. My God, what suffering, I feel myself die only to think it. It seems to me that I won’t be (the) sister anymore with created things, I will remove my place in the midst of them, they will not be mine anymore, and what will I give to my God then? (there) doesn’t remain (of) me other than the pure nothing. I felt so bad in thinking this, that I felt myself tortured, and my sweet Jesus, having compassion on me and of the state in which I was reduced, raced in order to sustain me in his arms and all goodness said to me:

“My daughter, what are you doing? courage, you oppress yourself too much, and your Jesus doesn’t want it, and then the same suffering that you feel means that you don’t want to go out from my Divine Will, and your will is enough to me, it is the most certain pledge, and I hold it closed in my Divine Heart, as the most precious thing, so that no one touches it (but) me; of the feeling of the creature I don’t make an account of it, it is for me as if it were not, and many times it serves to cast her in my arms, so that I free her from this enemy that makes her lose peace.
“Now you should know that when the soul has given me her will with firm decision, and with certain knowledge of that which she did, without wanting to know it anymore, she has already taken (the) place in mine, and I with right am the Proprietor of it, and she with right is of mine. Whence do you believe that these rights are easy to surrender? Indeed, I will use all the arts, I will put in field my power itself, so that which interests me might not become taken away; you should know what is the strongest bond between the Creator and the creature, the transfer of her will, and she remains inseparable as to not be able to separate anymore from us, we feel her life as ours, because one is the Will that animates us. Now do you believe that with a thought, with a feeling these bonds can be broken, to lose our inseparability and we to surrender that which is ours? without decided repeated acts that she wants her will, my daughter, you are mistaken. More so that so much is our love for her, that no sooner than she has given us her volition, (than) we wall up the creature, first with (a) wall of light, in a way, that if she might want to go out, the light eclipses her and she doesn’t know where to move the step, because everywhere she finds light, and not knowing where to go she draws back and hides herself in the bosom of her Creator.
“The second wall is all that which my Humanity did being upon the earth, my tears, my works, steps and words, my sufferings, my wounds, my blood, they wall up around the happy creature, in order to impede her (from) the exit, because He contains the secret, the strength, the life in order to give life to whom lives in the Divine Volition, and do you believe that after having obtained the intent of conquering this will by way of sufferings, I let it escape from me that which cost me blood, life and death. Ah! you have not yet understood well my love, if it dealt with simple resignation it is easy, to do and to do not do my Will, because these have not surrendered to me their rights, their wills they hold it dear, and therefore they are now resigned, now impatient, they now love Heaven, and now the earth, but for the one who has given her will to me she has taken (the) place in the divine order, she wants and does that which we do, she feels herself queen hence it is almost impossible to go out from our Fiat, nor would she be adapted to be a servant, the slave, if she might go out from our Volition.
“The third wall is all the Creation, which feels in her the working virtue of the Divine Volition, of which all possess the life of him, and in order to make for him homage they wall themselves up around(,) the Sun with its light, the wind with its empire, in short all created things feel the creative strength, the working and always new virtue that works in the creature, while they can not do more than that which they do and they race around in order to enjoy the works of that Fiat by which they are animated. Therefore do not give it thought, enjoy the peace of that Volition that you possess, and your Jesus will think to everything.”


(31) April 8, 1937 All that which one does in the Divine Volition constitutes a right for everyone and everyone can do that good. These rights were given by Adam, by the Queen of Heaven, by Our Lord, whom prepared for us the regal attire.

My poor mind doesn’t do other than to plunge into the sea of the Supreme Fiat, and for how much I feel the Heaven of the Divine Volition in me, many times I lose Jesus in the immensity of this Heaven, and I don’t find him, and his privation is the hardest martyrdom of my poor existence down here, and how much is needed in order to find him, even to make myself reduced into a state so pitiful as to feel myself die, and then he comes, now with a stratagem of love(,) now with a most surprising truth as to feel my life return even to forget the pains suffered. Ah! Jesus, how much you know how to do. Whence I thought: and why doesn’t Jesus bring me into his Celestial regions? why does he make it so very hard for me? it seems to me that I see the doors and am about to give a jump in order to enter there, but then, a powerful strength makes me step backwards and return to be the poor exiled one. Whence while I thought this, my sweet Jesus all goodness and compassionating me: he said to me:

“My blessed daughter, courage, courage demolishes the strongest strongholds, it conquers the most trained armies, it weakens our power, rather if she appropriates it and courageous conquers that which she wants, and we seeing that she doesn’t have the least doubt of obtaining that which she wants, because doubt diminishes courage, we give more than what she wants. My daughter courage, trust, insistence without ever ceasing, love, in our Will, they are the weapons that wound us, that weakening us we let her take from us that which she wants.
“Now I want to tell you the reason I still hold you back on this earth, you know that our Divine Will is immense, and the creature lacks, the capacity, the space to be able to embrace it all together, therefore it is necessary for her to take it sip by sip, (of) which you take them, now when you do your acts in my Volition, now when I manifest a truth that pertains to him, if you pray, if you desire, that my kingdom comes, if you suffer in order to obtain it, these are all sips that enlarge your capacity and they form the space where to enclose the sips of Him, and while you do this you come to enclose now one generation, now another, that must possess the kingdom of the Divine Fiat.
“Now you should know that the generations being as a family that everyone has the right to the inheritance of the Father and as members that form a single body and of which I am the Head, when one member does a good, holds it and possesses it, the other members acquire the right to do and to possess that good. Now you have not yet enclosed all those generations that must possess my Will as life, hence they still need the chain of your acts, your insistence, your sufferings in order to drink other sips, in order to form the space, in order to give the right that wanting they can possess my kingdom, no sooner than you will have made the last act that is needed, immediately I will bring you into the Celestial Country.
“Now my daughter, my Divine Will with his immensity involves everyone and everything, there is no being that doesn’t swim in Him, therefore all that which one does becomes (the) right of everyone, and everyone can repeat that act, at the most some don’t want to repeat it and possess it, and don’t want to recognize that she lives in Him, and (that) her life is animated by the Divine Fiat, these are as blind ones, that while the Sun darts them with its light, they don’t see it and lie as if it were night for them, they are as paralyzed, that while they can have the use of the members to do good, they are content to remain immobilized, they are as mute that they don’t know how to speak, but however voluntarily blind, paralyzed and mute, but all the rest, as my Will is life and is in communication with everyone, thus all that which one can do in Him is life and good and right of everyone, and everyone can repeat that act in order to form the working Divine life in them. The first rights to make the kingdom of my Volition possessed by the human generations, was given by Adam, because He (in) the first epoch of his life, his acts were done in the Divine Volition, and although he sinned and voluntarily lost the working life of my Will in Him and He in us, but his acts remained, because that which one does in our Volition doesn’t go out(side), because they are our winnings, our victories over the human volition, hence they are ours, and we never put outside that which is ours. Whence who enters in Him, finds the first love of Adam, his first acts, that gives her the right to possess our Fiat and to repeat the same acts that He did, his acts are still speaking, his love is still fused in ours, and incessantly loves us with our same love.
“Therefore the work in the Divine Volition makes itself eternal with us and is not subject to finish and puts itself at (the) disposition of everyone, in a way that only one who is ungrateful doesn’t take it and doesn’t want to make use of the life, in order to receive life. These rights of possessing my Will as life, was given by the Queen of Heaven, because she is also of the human stock, but in a larger way and with more sacrifices, because it cost her the life of her own Son and God, in order to give the possession of the kingdom of our Fiat to the human generations, and it having cost her so much it is (the thing) that she longs and prays for the most that her children enter into this kingdom so holy.
“There was then my descent from Heaven in earth, that taking human flesh, every act of mine, suffering, prayer, tear, sigh, work and step, constituted a right to make the kingdom of the Fiat possessed by the human generations. I can say my Humanity is yours and of everyone and who wants to enter in this kingdom will find in It the door, the rights and the regal attire in order to enter, my Humanity is the attire that must cover and dress with decency all those that will possess it. My love is so much that I call other creatures that with portentous graces and with the sacrifice of their life, I make them live in my Volition, whom constitute new rights, disbursing their life, in order to give the possession of my kingdom to the human family. Therefore always race your will in mine, so that your acts completed can emit the flight to the Celestial Country.”


(32) April 18, 1937 Continuous meetings between the Divine Volition and the creature. How who lives in Him has formed the little tiny sea of the Fiat. How he always races in everything in order to give new graces and new love.

My flight in the Fiat continues, rather I feel that he comes to meet me in every instant, in everything that I touch, that I do, in the sufferings and in the joys, in every created thing, that he puts them around me in order to let me use them, it seems to me that he is as spying, in order to make himself known, in order to say to me: I am here, tell me what you want, you will make me more happy if you put me in the condition of being able to abound more (on) you, so that felicitating you, I feel more happy, for the happiness of my daughter. Now while my mind was drowned in his Divine sea, my beloved Jesus surprising me with his brief little visit, with a love that he could not contain, said to me:

“My blessed daughter, the excessive love of the Divine Will gives of the incredible, when the creature lives in Him, has formed his little sea of the Fiat in her soul, the which pulled by his same power he wants to magnify always more this little sea of his, in the circle of the soul. You feel what he does, taken with irresistible love he races, races always in every act that she does, if he sees that she must make use of the word, he races, goes to meet her, invests the word with his Fiat and increases his Divine power in the word of the creature, if he sees that she must work he races, takes her hands, squeezes them together, invests them with his Fiat, and augments his divine power in the works of her, if he sees that she is about to move the step he races, invests them and gives them such power as to race always, toward who always races toward her, if she loves he races in order to give her new love, if he sees that she desires that she wants to be always more good, he races and augments his goodness, there is no thought, heartbeat and breath, that he doesn’t invest with his Fiat, in order to make his wisdom, his beauty, the heartbeat of his eternal love grow.
“But it is still not everything, do you believe that my Volition can come to a standstill, in always racing toward who possesses his Volition? Indeed, in order to race he makes use of everything, if the Sun invests her, he races in order to give her more light and since the creature is more than the Sun he gives her the properties that the light contains, rather he augments them, he gives her his Divine sweetness, his fecundity, the variety of his Celestial perfumes, the taste of his divine flavors, his supreme qualities as the most beautiful varieties of the colors, and does it in a way with the power of his Fiat, that his beloved creature, more than Sun (there) doesn’t remain other for her, but Light and heat, in order to invest her and to make himself invested; if the wind blows (on) her, he races, invests her and with his Fiat, he augments the power of his ruling love, his divine groans, in order to make her groan with his same groans and sighs that his kingdom come upon the earth, he kisses her, caresses her, squeezes her strongly, in order to make her feel how much he loves her and how he wants to be re-loved, if she drinks water he races, in order to invest her with his freshness and Celestial refreshments, if she takes food he races, in order to feed her with the food of his Will, so that the divine life grows in the creature, he re-confirms himself and confirms himself all the more in her.
“In short there is nothing (in) which my Volition doesn’t race and oh, the feast that he makes, when he sees that she receives this sweet meeting and receives the good that without ever ceasing he wants to give her, and if the creature also races in everything, toward who races toward her, oh then my Fiat is taken by so much love, that his interminable sea swells, forms its highest waves and discharges in the little tiny sea magnifying in a marvelous and prodigious way, the capacity and breadth of his in the little sea of the soul. My daughter, these are our Divine ways, to always love, without ever ceasing, to always give, without ever finishing to give, if this were not so we should put a limit to our power, an enough to our love, but not even we are able to do it, because our Being being infinite, by himself he races in search of who loves and wants to be re-loved, therefore limits don’t have value and the enough doesn’t exist for us. At the most some ungrateful ones don’t want to recognize us and not recognizing us, it happens as to a blind one, that in spite that the Sun doesn’t deny him its light, indeed it invests him as through everyone, he doesn’t see, nor does he knows it, but he can not deny that he feels its heat.
“But this can not happen for one who lives in our Volition, already He himself holds her in sentinel, in (the) act of continuous expectation of receiving our meetings, in order to meet us, our courses in order to race to us, and if our love in order to make her race more, hides our courses, while we race the same, oh! how the poor daughter is racked with spasms, so much so that we are constrained to immediately break the veil of concealment and say to her: we are here, quiet yourself, do not fear that we will ever leave our daughter, the daughter of our Volition; and in order to quiet her we make her feel our love more alive, and we abound with greater graces.


(33) April 25, 1937 Prodigy of the working act of the Divine Will in the creature. How who lets him work in her is the longed for one, the welcomed one, the darling of the whole Celestial Court. All that which one does in Him, acquires the virtue to produce divine life.

I was thinking of the Divine Will working in the creature. My God, how many surprises, how many moving scenes, how many wonders and prodigies, that only a God can do, and the human littleness remains stupefied, enchanted, in seeing the immensity of the Divine Fiat that while he remains immense he encloses himself in her little act and with the creative power forms there his working act, with a chain of Divine prodigies unheard of, but it such and so much that the Heavens are stupefied and the earth trembles, before the working act of the Divine Volition in the creature; but while my mind lost itself in these surprises, my Highest Good Jesus, repeating his brief little visit, all goodness said to me:

“My little daughter of the Supreme Fiat, so much is our love, that no sooner than the creature calls our Volition in her act, that he races and descends in the act of her, indeed to call him is none other than to prepare the little spot where he should work, calling him means to love him and that one feels the need of the working act of my Will, so that hers doesn’t work alone, but remains as footstool and admirer of a Volition so Holy. Whence descending he carries with himself his creative virtue, his joys and celestial beatitudes, the same Sacrosanct Trinity, as spectator and actor of his work, and while in the little spot of the creature he pronounces his Fiat, forms such prodigies and wonders, that the Sky, the Sun remain behind, and it exceeds all the beauty of the Creation, he creates there his divine music, the most refulgent suns, he creates there his working Life, his new joys, it is such and so much this act that the Angels, the saints, would like to empty the Celestial regions in order to enjoy the working act of their Creator Fiat. It is such and so much the beauty, the sumptuousness, the vivifying virtue of this Divine act that my Divine Volition carries it in Heaven, as conquest and triumph of the soul in which he has worked, in order to gladden with new joys and beatitudes all the Celestial Court, it is such joy, the glory that they receive, that they don’t do other than to thank my Divine Volition that with so much love he has worked in the creature, because there is neither glory, nor greater joy than his working and conquering act in her.”

And I in hearing this surprised said: My love, if this act is carried in Heaven, the poor creature remains without, and as fasting of this act. And Jesus added:

“No, no, my daughter, the act is always hers, no one can take it away and while it gladdens the Celestial Country, it remains as base, foundation and property in the depth of the soul, the conquest is hers and while it gladdens the celestial court, she loses nothing, rather she feels in herself the creative and continuous virtue of my Fiat in act of always making new conquests, and while it remains in the soul, at the same time it is carried in Heaven, as new glory and joy of the Saints and as beneficent rain to all the wayfarers, more so that the human family is bound with Heaven, and Heaven with the earth, there is a bond between them, that everyone has the right to participate in the good that they do, they are members united between them and as connatural the good races in order to give itself to everyone. And then as my Will works in the soul, Heaven puts itself in expectation, because They, swimming in the Fiat, they feel that he is about to work, and therefore they put themselves at attention, they demand, they long to receive the new conquests and joys of the life of the Divine Will that they possess. He is primary life of the Saints in Heaven, hence in the acts that He does everyone concurs, therefore with right they want to receive the new joys and the beautiful conquests, that my Will knows how to do. Whence who lets him work in her acts, is the new joy of Heaven, the welcomed one, the darling, the longed for one of all the Celestial court, more so that there are no joys of conquests up there, and therefore they await them from the earth. Oh! if everyone might know all these secrets of my Divine Fiat, they would put forth (their) life in order to live of Him and to make him reign in the entire world.”

After this I continued to think of the Divine Will, nor can I do less, I feel him inside of me, that he gives me life, I feel him outside of me, that as the most tender of Mothers carries me between her arms, feeds me, raises me and defends me from everything and from everyone and my sweet Jesus added:

“My daughter, how beautiful is my Will, no one can boast to love the creature as He loves her, so much is his love, that He wants to do everything for her, he doesn’t want to entrust it to anyone, with his Fiat he creates her, he raises her, feeds her, carries her always between his arms of light, does for her (as) Teacher teaching her the most sacred sciences, reveals to her the most concealed and hidden secrets of our Supreme Being, puts her to (light)/knowledge of our love, of the flames that burn us, in order to make her burn together with us, in every act that she does, he never leaves her alone, he races in order to put there his life. So that every act is animated by his Divine Life, and possessing the virtue to be able to produce Divine life. And my Will takes these lives from within the acts of the creature in order to give Divine life, life of grace, life of light, life of sanctity, to the other creatures and life of glory to all the Celestial court, He is the true busybody, he wants to give himself to everyone through means of one who lives in his Volition. And when he has formed the fullness of his masterpiece, he carries her to Heaven, as triumph, victory of his power and Divine art, that he knows and can do in the creature, provided that she lends herself to live with Him and lets herself be carried in his arms. Therefore be attentive and let a Volition so Holy work, that loves you so much and that wants to be loved.”


(34) May 6,1937 How Jesus doesn’t know what to do with a soul that doesn’t possess peace. (For) who lives in the Divine Volition God makes for them (a) gift of all his works, and also of his Life itself, in order to make them see how much and how he wants to be loved.

My abandonment in the Divine Volition continues, my poor mind, oppressed for the incidents of life, for me too sorrowful, I search my refuge in the center of the Fiat, in which I feel reborn to new life, rejuvenated, re-made from my sorrowful stages, but as I draw away from his center, my oppressions re-arise so much as to feel the just reproaches of my Dear Jesus, even to say to me: “My daughter, mind, because I don’t know what to do with a soul that it is not pacific, peace is my celestial sojourn, the bell that with its vibrating and sweet sounds calls my Volition to reign, is peace. Peace possesses voices so powerful that it calls all Heaven, puts it at attention in order to make it be spectator of the beautiful conquests of the work of the Divine Volition in the creature. Peace puts in flight the fearful tempests and makes arise the celestial smile of the Saints, the most beautiful enchantment of a Spring(time) that never finishes, therefore do not give me this sorrow to not see you in peace.” Whence I searched how much more I could to plunge myself in the Divine Volition in order not to feel myself anymore, following his acts, as much of the Creation as that of the Redemption, and my beloved Jesus, invested my intellect and with his creative voice, all love he said to me:

“My blessed daughter, leave yourself, and come into my Will, we feel the extreme need to make known where our love arrives for one who lives in Him. And so much is our love that with anxiety we await that she unite herself, identify herself, to our works in order to give the right to her as if they might be hers. And since our creative strength is always in act, as she identifies with us, as if we might renew our works, we make for her (the) gift and we tell her: they are your works, do with them that which you want, with our works in your power you can love us how much you want, you can give us glory in an infinite way, you can do good to whom you want, you take right not only over our works but over He who has created everything, and we take right over you that already you are ours. How sweet are these rights of the human littleness in our Divine Being, they are sweet and loving chains, that make us love with more intense and strong love our creative work, and in our emphasis of love we go repeating: how beautiful she is, she is ours, all ours, and we are everything for her, there doesn’t remain other than to love each other, we will love her with eternal love, and she will love us with eternal love.”

I remained surprised as if I might want to put forth a doubt. And Jesus added:

“Daughter, don’t wonder, it is the pure truth that your Jesus tells you, that wanting to be loved, he wants to make known where the creature can arrive and how much he loves her, as if he might not content her with our interminable joys, we want the contentment, that she possesses that which we possess, and she loves us as we know how to love. You see for one who lives in our Divine Volition it is almost connatural, she finds our Fiat in the act of creating the Sky, the Sun, she unites herself to that act in order to do that which He does, such is our goodness, that with the union we have formed the marriage together and in our Volition, we have formed the decided act to give the Sky, the Sun as a gift to the creature. With this gift she gives us the glory of an extended Sky, she loves us in every point of it, does the good to creatures to make them possess and enjoy a Sky, and since she holds the Sun in her power, she gives us the glory, that the terrestrial globe possesses the light, every man that remains invested by the light and heat of the Sun, is one more glory that she gives us, a little sonata of love that she makes us, that enraptures our love to love more, every plant, every fruit and flower, fecundated and warmed by its heat is one cry more of glory and love that she gives us, the little bird that sings to the rising of the Sun, the little lamb that bleats, they are all accents of glory and of love that she sends us, and the merit of so many goods that the Sun does to the earth, that are incalculable, of whom are they? of whom lives in our Volition, in Him that which is ours is hers and since we don’t need merits, having made a gift of it, we leave the meritorious part to her, and for exchange we always want her cry of love and in every thing, and thus with the good that all created things do, the wind, the air, the water and everything.”

Whence I in hearing this not only remained amazed, but wanted to make a lot of difficulties, and passing to the acts of the Redemption, I found myself immersed in his sufferings, and my always amiable Jesus, perhaps in order to convince me made himself seen in my interior in the act of suffering the sorrowful Crucifixion, I took part in his pains and died together with Him, his divine blood flowed, his wounds were opened. And He with a tender and moving accent, as to feel my heart break said to me:

“I am within you, I am yours, I am at your disposition, my wounds, my blood, all my sufferings are yours, you can do with me that which you want, rather do it as magnanimous, as valiant, as lover, as my true imitator, take my blood in order to give it to whom you want, take my wounds in order to heal the wounds of sinners, take my life in order to give life of grace, of sanctity, of love, of Divine Will, to all souls, take my death in order to make so many souls dead in sin re-arise. I give you all liberty, you do it, you know how to do it my daughter, I have given myself and it’s enough, you will think (to make) everything redound to me (in) glory and how to make me loved. My Will will give you flight in orderto make you bring my blood, my wounds, my kisses, my paternal tenderness, to my children, and to your brothers. Therefore do not marvel, this is truly the divine work, to hold his works in (the) act of repeating them continually in order to give them, in order to make (them) a gift to creatures, each one can say everything is mine, also God himself is mine, and oh, how we enjoy seeing them gifted by our works, possessors of their Creator. They are the excesses of our love, that in order to be loved we want to make touched/(felt) how much we love them and the gifts that we want to give them. For who lives then in our Volition, we feel as if we might defraud the creature if we don’t make for them a gift of everything, and this we don’t know how to do. Hence be attentive, make that your soul is embalmed by our divine peace, because we don’t know what disturbance is, and all things will bring you the smile, the sweetness, the love of your Creator.”


(35) May 10, 1937 How God makes himself food of the creature; the exchange, the harmonizing, the speaking of both parts forms the most beautiful works. How the Queen of Heaven continues the office of Mother and she raises her Son in creatures.

The sea of the Divine Volition continues to inundate me, and I being incapable and unable at everything, it seems that he is delighted as to a tiny little one to feed me with his hands, more than maternal, the food of his Fiat, and teaching me word by word, syllable by syllable, the first vowels, of the science of the Divine Will and when it seems that in some way I have understood him, oh! how he makes festive, because he feels the whole certainty of forming a soul all of Divine Will. And I in seeing his maternal cares, how content I am of it and I thank him from the heart. And my beloved Jesus as spokesman of his Volition, all goodness said to me:

“My little daughter of my Volition, every truth that I manifest to you on my Fiat is a growth that you make of Him, it is one mouthful more, that serves in order to fortify you, warm you and conform you all the more in Him, it is one sip more that you drink from the immense sea of my Will, it is one Divine property more that you acquire. Now you must know, that every act more that you do in Him, we prepare before you our Celestial table, and if you love, he feeds you our love, if you pass to understand us, he feeds you our Wisdom, and oh how many beautiful news and knowledges he gives you of your Creator, so that your God becomes your choice food, therefore in all that which you do, now he feeds you with our Power, now with our Goodness, now with our sweetness, now with our fortitude, light and our mercy. Hence the human littleness, with living in our Eternal Volition absorbs us sip by sip, mouthful by mouthful, because being little, also for how much it is possible for a creature to take all together that which she must take of our Divine Being, more so that this serves to delight each other, we to give, and she to receive, we to give of ours, and she to give us her littleness, we to work her as we want, and she who lends herself to let us work; it is the exchange on both parts, the harmonizing ourselves to each other, the speaking to each other, that forms our most beautiful works and we develop the life of our Will in the creature, without doing anything, she does nothing. Therefore it is necessary to work, to speak, to make ourselves understood, to work, in order to make beautiful statues, the repeaters of our life.
“Hence when we find one who wants to listen to us, to give themselves to us, in order to receive, we don’t spare anything, of that [which] we are able and know how to do for creatures. Now my daughter, when the creature is fed with our Fiat, even to not knowing other food, and having formed the chain of her acts, all sealed by the characteristics of divine virtues, God remains imprisoned in his divine virtues in the creature, and then, if she loves it is God that makes display of the power of his love, of his goodness, sanctity, et cetera, in the acts of the creature, so that the power is such that goes forth through means of these acts that God does in the creature, that it invests Heaven and earth, flutters over all souls and with his powerful love, invests them, sweeps them away, makes her give the kiss of the Divine Volition in a way that the human family will feel his power, his love, that wants to reign.
“More so, that the hidden God gives them this right, through means of a creature that belongs to their human race. Rights that they can not refuse to acknowledge, unless some perfidious, but my power will know (how) to knock down and conquer. Whence leave me to complete the work of my Will in you, do not oppose in anything, and you and I will be content to see him reign in the other creatures.”

After this I made Holy Communion and in my interior my Dear Jesus made himself seen, tiny, tiny, and the Celestial Mother extended her azure mantle over me and the Divine Child, then I don’t know how I felt her inside of me, that she kissed, caressed, took in her arms her Dear Son, she squeezed him to (her) Heart, raised him, fed him, made for him a thousand stratagems of love, I was (a) spectator and amazed. And the Sovereign Celestial Mama said to me, but with a love that made one astonish:

“My daughter there is nothing to be amazed about. I am inseparable from my dear Jesus, where there is the Son, the Mother must be, this is my assignment to raise him in souls. He is tiny, souls do not understand how they must raise him, nor do they have the milk of love in order to feed him, in order to quiet his weeping, in order to warm him when they make him numb from the cold, I who am the Mama I know the little needs of my Divine Child, nor would He know how to remain without his Mama, we are inseparable all and two, I repeat in souls that which I did in his infantile age, and while I raise my Son, lending them all the care in order to make him happy, at the same time I take care of the daughter in order to raise her according that she wants my Son. This is my mission more than Celestial, as I see my Son in souls thus I race, I descend in them and I occupy myself with his growth.
“Much more so that being one the Will of my Son with mine, (it is) as connatural where one finds Him there also am I, and accordingly my love imposes itself to develop the office of Mother, to He who loves me so much and to those people that we love so much, because I feel (them) as twins born at one birth, my Son God and the creature, how not to love them? Then with an accent more tender and moving she added:

“My daughter, how beautiful it is, great (and) prodigious the virtue of the Divine Will. He empties all that which is neither light, nor Divine, he unites the most remote distances, repeats in act, that which had been done through centuries and centuries and makes it as connatural the human act in the Divine, it is his creative strength, that arrives to bilocate, to multiply, to transform his same Life in the creature. Therefore love him a great deal and deny him nothing.”


(36) May 16,1937 The truths Divine birth, and it is the greatest miracle that God can do, and the great good that it carries to creatures.

I am always re-turning in the sea of the Divine Volition, the so many truths manifested to me, they crowd in my little mind as so many refulgent Suns, each one of which wants to tell the story of the Divine Fiat, but one distinct from the other, some want to tell the story of his eternal light, some of his sanctity, some of the way how he forms his life in the center of the soul, in short all have something to say of a Volition so holy, and all have a special assignment to be carrier of the good that each one encloses, that united together formed one life alone. However, in order to be able to deposit the good that they enclose, they want to be listened to, the doors of the soul opened, recognized and as if prayed to and appreciated, in order to make the life that they contain deposited, I lost myself in the midst of so many messengers, that all wanted to tell the eternal story of the Fiat. And my Highest Good Jesus, repeating his brief little visit to me, with an indescribable love said to me:

“My little Daughter of the Divine Volition, you should know that the greatest miracle, that our Divine being can do is to manifest a truth that pertains to us, because It first becomes formed, matured in our bosom and as our birth we bring it forth, as carrier of Divine Life to (the) good of creatures. And then we bring forth this birth, when our love raises its flames so much, that in order not to remain drowned, we feel the need to put forth our divine births. You see therefore what we put forth with manifesting a truth, not the Sky, the Sun, the wind, but our life, as bearer of Divine life to creatures, the other miracles, the creation itself are our works, not life, instead truths are perennial life, and if they find one who receives them, they bilocate themselves, multiply themselves in an incredible way for every creature, so much so that each one can hold it for herself as life that belongs to her. These truths as our births, they resemble us in everything to our Supreme Being, they are not voice and they speak, and they make spoken, they don’t have feet and they walk, but so fast, that no one can catch up to them, nor impede (their) step, they enter in the intelligence and form the thought in order to make themselves known, they transmute the will in order to make themselves possessed, they renew the memory in order not to forget, they walk in the ways of the heart in order to make themselves loved. So that they don’t have hands and they work, they don’t have eyes and they look, they don’t have heart and they generate love.
“The truths are none other than palpitating lives of our Divine Being in the midst of creatures, heartbeat without heart, because our heart is the creature, and we as most pure Spirit, that we find ourselves everywhere, we are the heartbeat, that while it isn’t seen, it is felt and we form the life and we give it to all the human generations. Whence there [is] no miracle similar to the great miracle of when we bring forth from us a truth, it is a life of ours that we expose, which more than Sun, it will make itself light of creatures that darting them with its vital heat, will mature its life, first to whom it becomes directed and then to diffuse itself in whom wants to receive it, and if they find ungrateful ones that don’t want to receive such a good, They are not subject neither to die, nor to lose life, but they wait, with unconquered patience, if needs be centuries, new generations, to which they will give the goods that they possess and they will complete the purpose why they went forth from the Divine bosom.
“We in bringing forth our truths we look at the centuries, and when we are certain that they will bilocate, will multiply our lives in the midst of creatures, then we bring it forth in order to give the good that they possess and in order to receive the Divine honor and glory, that our truths possess. We don’t ever do useless things, do you believe that the so many truths that we have manifested to you on our Will with so much love they won’t bring forth their fruit and they won’t form the life of Themselves in souls? quite, if we brought them forth it is because we know (with) certainty that they will bring forth their fruit and they will establish the kingdom of our Volition in the midst of creatures, and if not today, because it seems to them that is not food adaptable for them, and perhaps despised, that which could form Divine life in them, (the) time will come that they will compete for whom will know these truths more, with knowing them they will love them, the love will render adaptable food for them and thus they will form the life that my truths will offer them.
“Therefore do not give it thought it is (a) question of time, I know how things will go, I will not stop, I continue to manifest my truths, and you follow your flight, and lend yourself to listen to me and to put them in practice.”


(37) May 23, 1937 How the Divine Will is order and peace and it is the sign where He reigns. Who lives in the Divine Volition is always renewed in Divine sanctity, love and freshness and in her act races the creative and growing act of the divine goods.

The sea of the Divine Volition murmurs continually, but with such harmony, order and peace, his waves although most high, are always pacific and as they invest creatures, Heaven and earth, first they give her (an) embrace and the kiss of peace, and then they enter in her soul, if they don’t receive the kiss of peace, it seems that they pass ahead of her, because where there is not peace one is not adapted (for) the Divine Volition, there is no place for Him. But while my mind was lost in this sea, my always amiable Jesus, visiting my little soul, with a Divine sweetness and peace, said to me:

“My blessed daughter, my Will is order, and the sign if he reigns in the soul is perfect order, which generates peace. So that peace is the daughter of order, order is the immediate son and generated by my Fiat. But you don’t know what great good order produces, He gives dominion to the creature and renders her dominator of herself, dominator of all created things and since her dominion is divine, because generated by my Volition, she dominates over my Will himself and over everyone.
“But (this) is not everything yet, the virtue of order is admirable, he binds himself with everyone, he gives his pacifying and dominating waves, he takes and makes his the strength of the Creation, that of the Saints that are in Heaven, the Divine strength itself, he makes it his, his orderly and pacific ways are so penetrating and insinuating that everyone lets him do it, more so that he has given himself to everyone, he has retained nothing for himself, it is just that everyone gives themselves to him. Therefore one feels in oneself the peace, the joy, the happiness of the Celestial sojourn. Everyone feels united, bound with inseparable union, because that which my Will unites is not subject to separation.
“Whence true order carries the union, the accord with everyone, and has a place in everyone, and everyone will find a little place in him, that she will love with that same love, with which their Creator himself loves them. They are the prodigies that my omnipotent Fiat knows how to do, where He reigns, he doesn’t know how to do other than works that resemble him, and they generate in the soul the effects that form his Life itself, so much so that no one will be able to object to anything, and I must be able to say: no one touches me, nor can they touch her, because it is my Will and if someone might dare to, I will know how to defend myself, my love will be converted for them into fire of Justice and I will humiliate them into the dust. Therefore be attentive that everything is order and peace in you, if you feel something contrary put yourself on watch and pray to me, press me that with my dominion I knock down all that which is not order and perennial peace.”

Whence I followed to think of the Divine Will and my sweet Jesus added:

“My daughter, as the creature calls my Will in her acts, in order to live in Him, He invests the creature, and her act, with his creative strength, and he renews his Divine life; and suppose that she calls him while she is working, do you sense what my Volition does: he calls in act how many times she has worked, unites them together, as if they might be one act alone and putting forth his creative strength, transforms into divine all that which she has done and is doing, seals there the sanctity of his works, and gives her the new merit and glory, as if she might have worked everything again, for his love, if she loves, he calls to life how many times she has loved, and makes one love alone of it, if she suffers, he calls to life how many times she has suffered, unites them together, and puts there the seal of divine pains and gives the new merit to her of how many times she has loved and suffered, in short all that which she has done and repeats, all re-turns in act, with uniting herself together in order to receive the new beauty, sanctity, grace, freshness, love and new merit; in my Will there are not separate acts, nor divisions, but highest unity, everything must give of me, with this difference alone, that in the creature, there is our creative and growing act, instead our Supreme Being, is not subject neither to grow, nor to decrease, so much is our fullness, immensity and infinity, that for vent of our love we feel the need of giving and of loving creatures, and to be loved, but without diminishing (in) anything.
“Behold therefore we are all eyes, we are on watch, in order to see when she wants to have life in our Volition, in order to have (the) occasion to love her more, and to enrich her with our love, in order to receive love. We can say, that we cover her with our Divine Being, we harmonize her with us, in order to enjoy ourselves with her and to give her of ours and when she shaken by the fibers of our love, by our burning breath, that says continually to her I love you, I love you, oh daughter, and she makes our echo and repeats to us: I love you, I love you, Life of my life, Love of my love, my Father, Creator mine, all mine, I love you; she puts us in feast and gives us the pure joys that we want because we have given her life.
“Therefore we want her in our Will, in order to hold her as we want, in order to give her that which we want to give her, and in order to receive that which we want from Her; outside of our Fiat, our love for her remains impeded, there is such separation between her and us, that she arrives to feel herself distanced from us and we distant from her, and she even arrives to fear us, and to be afraid of us: human will where it casts the creature (from) me that I love so much.”


(38) May 28, 1937 The Queen Bearer of Jesus, the great gift that was consigned to her. Assignment that she had from the Supreme Being.

The living in the Divine Volition continues, so much is his love that he hides me in his light, so that I don’t see, don’t feel, don’t touch but his Most Holy Will. Rather this morning my Celestial Mother, has made for me a sweet and dear surprise, having made Holy Communion, she made herself seen in my interior that she was as in harmony with the baby Jesus, she held him so tightly to her Maternal Heart, covered with her arms, that in order to look at him and recreate with my little love, I had to abandon myself between her arms in order to also be in harmony with them, so that I might be able to love, as Jesus and the Queen Mama loved. Oh! how content they were that I wanted to have life together with them. Now while I was pressed with them, the Sovereign Queen all goodness and tenderness said to me:

“My dear daughter, you should know that I am the bearer of Jesus, this was a gift that the Supreme Being entrusted to me, and when he was certain that I held grace, love, power and the Divine Will himself, in order to keep him guarded, defended, loved, then he made for me the consignment of the gift, that is the Eternal Word, that incarnated himself in my bosom saying to me: ‘Our daughter, we make for you the great gift of the Life of the Son God, so that you are proprietress of him and you give him to whom you want, however know him(,) keep him defended, do not leave him ever alone to whomever you give him to, in order to make up for if they don’t love him, in order to (make) reparation to him if they offend him, you will do in a way that he lacks nothing for the decency, for the sanctity, for the purity that is appropriate to him, be attentive, it is the greatest gift that we make you, and we give you the power of bilocating him how many times you want, so that who wants him, can receive this great gift and possess him.’ Now this Son is mine, he is my gift, and as mine I know his loving secret, his anxieties, his longings but so much so, that he arrives to cry and with repeated hiccups he says to me: ‘My Mama give me to souls, I want souls;’ I want that which He wants, I can say that I sigh and cry together, because I want that everyone possesses my Son, but I must put his Life in security, the great gift that God entrusted me (with).
“Behold therefore if he descends in hearts Sacramentally, I descend together with him for guarantee of my gift, I can not leave him alone, my poor Son, if he might not have his Mama that descended together with him, how badly they deal with him, some don’t tell him an I love you (from the) heart, and I must love him, some receive him distracted, without thinking of the great gift that they receive, and I pour myself over Him in order not to let him feel their distractions and coldness, some arrive to make him cry, and I must quiet his weeping, and make sweet reproaches to the creature that, they might not make him cry for me. How many moving scenes happen in the hearts that receive him Sacramentally, there are souls that do not ever content themselves with loving him, and I give them my love, and also his, in order to make one love, these are scenes of Heaven, and the Angels themselves remain enraptured by it, and we encourage ourselves from the sufferings that the other creatures have given us.
“But who can tell you everything? I am the Bearer of Jesus, nor does He want to go without me, so much so that when the Priest is about to pronounce the words of the Consecration over the Holy host, I make wings with my Maternal hands, so that he descends by means (of) my hands, in order to consecrate him, so that if unworthy hands touch him, I make (him) feel mine that defend him and cover him with my love.
“But this is not enough, I always remain to watch in order to see if they want my Son, so much so that if some sinner repents of his grave sins and the light of grace dawns in his heart, I immediately bring Jesus to them, as he confirms with pardon, and I think to everything of that which is needed in order to make him remain in that converted heart. I am the Bearer of Jesus, and I am because I possess in myself the kingdom of his Divine Will. He reveals to me who wants him, and I race, I fly in order to bring him, however without ever leaving him, and not only am I Bearer, but spectator, listener of that which he does and says to souls.
“Do you believe, that I was not present to listen to the so many lessons that my Dear Son made you on his Divine Will? I was present, I listened word by word that which he said to you, and in every word I thanked my Son and I felt myself doubly glorified, that he spoke of the reign that I already possessed, that has been all my fortune and the cause of the great gift of my Son, and in seeing him speaking I saw grafted the fortune of my children with mine, oh! how I rejoiced, all the lessons that he has given you and also more, they are already written [in] my Heart and in seeing them repeated to you, I enjoyed in every lesson one Paradise more, and how many times you were not attentive and you forgot, I asked pardon for you, and prayed that he might repeat his lessons, and He in order to content me because he doesn’t know how to deny anything to his Mama, repeated his beautiful lessons to you. My daughter I am always with Jesus, however at times I hide in Him and it seems that He does everything as if he might be without me, instead I am within, I (am) concurrent together and I am to light of that which he does. Other times he is hidden in his Mama and has (things) done by me, but He is always concurrent together. Other times we reveal both of us together, and the souls see, the Mother and the Son who love them so much, according to the circumstances and the good they require and many times it is the love that we can not contain that makes us give into excesses toward them, but be certain that if my Son is (there), (so) am I, and that if I am (there), my Son is (there), it is an assignment that was given me from the Supreme Being, which I am not able, nor do I want to retract. More so that these are the joys of my Maternity, the fruits of my sorrows, the glory of the kingdom that I possess, the Will and the completion of the Sacrosanct Trinity.”


(39) June 6, 1937 Interest that God holds that the creature might live in his Will; dowry that he will give. Sentinel of Jesus in order to supply for that which she lacks, and if needs be he will also do miracles. Example of a king.

I feel between the arms of the Divine Volition and I thought to myself: it seems difficult to me that one can live perfectly in Him, life is full of obstacles, of sufferings and of such circumstances, that one remains as absorbed, and his rapid course escapes that as breathe and heartbeat should race in that Divine Fiat, as breath and heartbeat his in ours, that always races in order to give us life without ever stopping. And my sweet Jesus commiserating my ignorance all goodness said to me:

“My blessed daughter, you should know that the first thing of most interest, is that our Supreme Being wants that the creature do and live in our Will, being this state the unique purpose for which we have given her life. Now when we want, we give all the means, the helps, the necessary things that they need in order to have that she might be able to give us that which we want from her, and if a continuous miracle is needed on our behalf, we do it, provided that we obtain our intent.
“You don’t know what an act means wanted by us and completed in the creature, so much is its value, the glory that it gives us, that it arrives to make itself (a) crown, it embraces the Eternal and so much is the contentment that it gives us, that we put our Divine Being at (the) disposition of the creature, in order to make that our act wanted and completed might have its life in her. Now the first dowry that we give to whom wants to live in our Divine Will, the first support, the sure defense, are the truths; these open the entry, they pave the way and jealous they put themselves as faithful sentinels around whom wants to live in my Fiat, the light of our truths that belong to Him doesn’t move anymore from over the fortunate one, it invests her, caresses her, moulds her, kisses her, and gives itself sip by sip to her intelligence in order to make itself understood, and this for cortege of the life of my Volition that reigns in her. The truths when they issue forth from our bosom, they have their assignment of good that they should do, the souls that they should enclose in the light that they possess and therefore they are all eyes over them, they fix (on) them so much, that they can not escape, nor can they become tired although they might pass centuries they are always at their place.
“You see therefore what great dowry I will give to whom should live in our Eternal Volition, all the knowledges that I have manifested upon Him, the immense values, his merits, his love and the love that he has pushed me to manifest them, it will be the great dowry and the Divine dowry, that I will give to whom will want to live in my Fiat, in which they will find all the superabundant helps, in order to become rich and happy. They will find in these truths the tender Mother that taking them up in her Womb as little babies she wraps them with light, feeds them food, makes them sleep on her bosom, in order to hold them secure she walks in their steps, works in their hands, speaks in the voice, loves and beats in their hearts, and in order to hold them attentive and entertained does for them as Teacher, telling them the enchanting scenes of the Celestial Country. In these truths they will find one who cries and suffers together with them, who knows how to put to traffic/trade even their breath, the littlest things, the nothings themselves, she will change them into divine conquests and eternal values.”

And I: my Jesus you have reason, but the human weakness is so much that I fear that I make little escapes from within your Will. And Jesus resuming his speech added:

“My daughter, your fear displeases me, you should know that so much is my interest, the love that burns me that I want that the soul live in my Will, that I take the pledge of everything, I supply for her in everything, however I do this when there has been a firm and constant decision to want to live in Him, and on her part she doesn’t lack, she does how much more she can. You sense one secret of mine my daughter, and where my love makes me arrive, you sense what I do, when by straights of necessity of human life this life, [that] is also mine, for sufferings that I myself dispose, hence the creature remains as groggy and lost hence she doesn’t know how to follow the acts of the Life that reigns in her, I because I want that this life doesn’t remain broken because He being life, not virtue that they can do acts at intervals and to circumstances, but Life there is the whole necessity of the continuous act, I who am on watch and jealous I maintain the sentinel of her, as I see that she interrupts her course, I do that which she should do, whence my working in my Fiat shakes her and she returns in herself and follows her course in my Volition, and I without even saying anything to her of her stop, I retie from where she left and where I followed my act, in a way that the Life of my Fiat doesn’t remain broken in her, because I have supplied for everything, more so that in her will she wanted to, but weakness interrupted her.
“Behold therefore so much is my love that I want that one live in my Will that at whatever cost, although there might be needed continuous miracles I will do them. But have you noticed my tenderness, my strong love? that having missed her course I don’t reproach her, I don’t say anything to her and if I see that she notices that she has missed it I encourage her, I commiserate her in order to not put mistrust in her and all goodness I say to her: Don’t fear, I have supplied for you and you will be more attentive, isn’t (this) true? And she seeing my goodness loves me more. I know what I must give of mine, in order to have that the creature might live in my Will, and therefore I will do as a king, that greatly loves that his kingdom be populated. He makes it (known) to the whole world, that whoever wants to (can) come into his kingdom and he wants it known, in order to send them money for the trip, that he will make them find a residence at their disposition, attire and abundant foods, the king promises to give to them such riches, as to make them rich and happy; so much will be the goodness of this king, that he will have life together with the people, that he loves so much that with his riches he has ransomed them from the miseries and unhappiness of life.
“Such am I, I will make known to the entire world, that I want the people of my Divine Volition, and provided that they give me their name and they will make me know that they want to come into my kingdom, I will give them all the goods, unhappinesses won’t have a place in her, each one will possess her kingdom, she will be king of herself, and they will have life together with their Creator. I will show off so much in giving, that everyone will remain enraptured by it. My daughter, oh! how I long for it, this living of the creature in my Will, and pray and yearn together with me for it and it (will) be sweet for you to put forth (your) life for a kingdom so holy.”


(40) June 18,1937 What one obtains and what it means (to) submit oneself to the Divine Will. change of abandonments between the Divine Will and the soul; merit that one acquires. Outlet of love. How in every created thing there is the deposit of love for us.

I was following the Divine Volition in his acts and oh how many surprises, how many consoling things, one feels such love, that one remains as drowned in the Divine flames. And my sweet Jesus wanting to make me know more what it means one submission, one act more in the Divine Volition, all goodness he said to me:

“My daughter, if you might know how my love feels an extreme need to relieve itself and to make known what it pours into the creature when she submits herself to my Will and becomes as our daughter to live in Him, as she submits herself and we see her in our divine enclosures, that are interminable, we feel ourselves enraptured and we pour forth a new sea of love to her, but so very great, that she feels drowned and not being able to contain it all, she makes gifts to everyone, to all created things, to the Saints, to the Angels, to her Creator himself, and also to the hearts disposed on the poor earth, of the seas of love that she has received, we feel ourselves give to everyone in order to make ourselves loved by everyone. What traffic/trade, how many loving industries, we feel ourselves repeat our surprises of love, to exchange our divine ways. As the creature submits to our Will in order to make him reign, she forms the place for us in her, in order to let us work as God, in her little field, and the prodigies are such and so many that we do, our industries of love, that the Heavens abase themselves, are shaken and they contemplate stupefied that which we do in the creature where our Divine Fiat reigns.
“You should know that our Creation didn’t finish in man, because it was interrupted by the subtraction that he made from our Volition, not reigning in him, we could not entrust ourselves to Him, and therefore the continuation of our creative work remained as suspended; hence with anxiety we await that she returns in the arms of our Fiat, so that she lets him reign, and then we will resume the continuation of the Creation, and oh how many beautiful things we will do, we will give surprising gifts, our Wisdom will put forth all its divine art and oh how many beautiful images that resemble us will he put forth by his divine light, all beautiful, but distinct the one from the other in sanctity, in power, in beauty, in love, in gifts, our love won’t be impeded anymore, finding our Volition he can do and give that which he wants, hence he will show off so much in giving in order to re-do his repressed love. And since we will be free in giving we will call them our times, we will make known who we are, how much we love them and how they should love us, we will give them our love at their disposition, so that we might be able to love each other with one love alone.
“So that who will live in our Volition will be our triumph, our victory, our divine army, the continuation of our Creation and its completion. Do you believe that it is nothing for us wanting to give, and to not be able to give? the power to create innumerable prodigies of graces, of sanctity, and because our Will doesn’t reign in souls we are as rejected and impeded from being able to create our most beautiful works? This is the climax of our sorrow. Therefore with never doing your will you can soothe this sorrow for us and with always doing ours, you will have our power, our love in your power, thus you can enrapture our Fiat, in order to make him reign in the midst of the human generations.”

Afterwards I continued to think of the Divine Will and said to myself: is it not enough to give oneself one time into the power of the Divine Fiat, what can be the good of always giving oneself? And my always amiable Jesus added:

“My blessed daughter, you don’t know the secrets of our love, and our infinite stratagems that arrive even to the excess, one needs to love indeed in order to know how to find so many discoveries/contrivances of love, in order to be able to give and to receive from whom one loves. You should know that every time that the creature gives herself to us, in the power of our Volition, we give ourselves to her, as abandoning ourselves in the bosom of the creature, and if you might know what it means this our abandoning ourselves, the grace, the good that we leave them, the renewal of our life that we repeat, your heart would burst you with joy, with happiness and with love.
“But this is nothing, every time that she gives herself to us, we give her the merit that she has given us her life, and if she gives it ten, twenty, one hundred, one thousand times and even more, so many times we give her the merit as if she might have given so many lives for how many times she has given it, and as many times we give her our life, we renew her in ours, we repeat the good to her, rather we increase it, for how many times she has given hers to us. So much is our satisfaction, the gusto that we experience when the creature gives herself to us, that we lavish so much on her, that as many times we give her the merit to possess so many Divine lives and bilocating hers, we give her the merit of so many lives for how many times she has given hers. This is our Divine commerce, we want her to give to us (and) we give ourselves, in order to receive the life of the creature in our Supreme Being, this exchange of life maintains the conversation, we make known who we are, we make them feel the ardent heartbeats, the love that consumes us, how we love her and want to be loved.
“And then if she might not feel the need of giving herself continually to us it is a sign that she doesn’t love us, and her heart is not in possession of our irresistible love, this is the sign of true love, to want to always give oneself, almost in every instant to whom one loves; but while he gives himself, the strength of love imposes itself that he wants to receive and if he might not receive he would feel suffocated and would burst into cries of sorrow, as to deafen Heavens and earth. And therefore in order not to arrive to such straights of sorrow, my love waits that the creature gives herself to me, and I immediately give myself to Her, with the whole infinity of our Will.”

Whence I followed my round in the Creation, and oh how many beautiful surprises, every created thing said to me how much God loved me, every one of them possessed the space that contained a deposit of love, that had to say to me always he loves you, your Creator loves you; I remained surprised and my sweet Jesus returning resumed to speak:

“My daughter, you know that the Creation was an outlet of our love and while we brought forth the Creation to the light of day, we held everyone present, not one creature escaped us and we put for each one of them, in every created thing a deposit of love that should love her and tell her always he loves you, your Creator loves you. So that if created things race in order to give to them the good that they possess, it is our love that makes them race. If the Sky extends itself over the head of everyone it is our deposit of love that gives it the right. If the Sun gives its light to everyone it is the inheritance of the love that everyone holds in the Sun of its Creator. If the earth is firm under her steps, it is our deposit of love, that makes it take as in womb from mother earth the creature and assuring her step says to her beneath her plants: he loves you, He who has created you loves you. If the water quenches you, it is our cry of love, that races in the water and quenches you, washes you, gives the humor to the plants and so many other goods that it does. If the fire doesn’t burn you it is our deposit of love, that they are the properties of the creatures that cry out warm my daughter, do her no harm, and thus with all the other things.
“Now I want to tell you a consoling thing, if the creature enters into created things, recognizes this deposit of love of ours in every one of them and makes resound her love in ours, she prepares the table to her Creator. You see in the Sun alone how much diversity of foods of love you can prepare for us, in that light there is the sweetness of our love, and you loving us to the touch of ours you sweeten yours and give us the food of love that sweetens us, in that light there are the tastes of our love and loving us you give us the joys of so many tastes of our love, in that light there is our fecund love, the love that wounds, burns and consumes, and you loving us will acquire the divine fecundity in your love, the virtue to wound us, to burn yourself and consume yourself for us, there is also the variety of the colors that embellishes everything, and you loving us will acquire the virtue of the beautiful love in which you will remain as mantled with an enchanting beauty and oh how we will feel enraptured.
“Daughter if I might want to speak to you (of) the multiplicity and diversity of love that we have put in every created thing for every creature, I would not finish, and how she holds the duty to know this our manifold love, in order to find the model to love us, with so many distinct loves, as we have loved her. But alas! our love remains isolated without the company of the love of the creature and this is a sorrow for us that our love [is] not recognized in every created thing, while everything holds the mandate from us to love her with (a) distinct love, in the wind races the puffs of our kisses, the billows of our loving caresses, the groans of our suffocated love, in the impetuosity of the wind our ruling love that wants to make itself known in order to reign over everyone, and at times it arrives as to almost speak with deafening cries, in order to make that she might be able to hear no other than our love that loves her.
“Oh! if the creature might recognize our love that races in the wind, she would restitute our kisses and our caresses to us with hers, (as) with the rest, because we kiss her and we caress her because we want to be kissed and caressed by her, she would groan together with our love in order to not make us suffocate, she would love us with hers and our ruling [love], and crying out together with our love, she would deafen everyone with saying we love you, we love He who loves us so much; also in the air that everyone breathes how much love doesn’t race, but no, not in intervals as in the other created things, but in every instant, in every breath, if she sleeps, if she works, if she walks, if she eats, our love races always but with a distinct and new love, with all the other created things, in the air our love races that gives life, with an enchanting rapidity that no one can resist, it races in the heart, in the blood, in the bones, in the nerves, in everything, and constitutes itself vital act of the human being and silently says to them, I bring you the continuous love of your Creator and because (it’s) continuous, I can give you life; oh if they might recognize us in the air that they breathe, the act of life that we have put in it, the enthusiasm of our love that races, races always without ever stopping, she would give us for exchange her life in order to love us, in order to tell us our story of love and to repeat our refrain I love you, I love you always in everything, and in every thing, as You have loved me. From the greatest created thing even to the littlest there is one new and distinct love of ours for creatures, and since they don’t know it they don’t reciprocate us, rather with highest ingratitude they reciprocate our love in offenses.
“And therefore we await that our Will is known and dominant in the midst of the human generations, which will be the revealer of our love, and then we will do it again and we will love each other with one love alone. How content we will be and seeing ourselves loved we will add on other new and distinct loves, thus our love won’t be repressed anymore but will have its outlet of love and of being loved in return. Therefore pray that our kingdom comes and you recognize our love, and if you want love(,) love us, if we don’t find our love in the creature, we don’t know what to give her, nor what to do because there lacks the knoll where to put our graces and the first element that forms our life in her.”


(41) June 28, 1937 That which God does to the creature when she enters in his Will. As one decides to live in the Divine Volition, her name is written in Heaven and she remains confirmed in good, in love and Divine sanctity, and she becomes enrolled in the Celestial Militia. Example.

My flight in the Divine Volition continues, I feel myself carried in his arms, but with such love and tenderness as to feel myself confused in seeing myself so very loved, and surrounded everywhere by his maternal goodness. And my sweet Jesus, repeating his brief little visit with me, with a love as to feel my heart burst, all goodness said to me:

“My daughter of my Volition, if you might know what our contentment is in seeing the soul enter in our Will, one can say, that she races towards us, and we towards her, and as we meet each other, our Will invests her with light, our love kisses her, our power takes her in arm, our wisdom directs her, our sanctity invests her and puts there as seal, our beauty to embellish her, in short, all our Divine Being puts itself in attitude around her, in order to give her of ours. But do you know why? because entering into our Volition, not to live of hers, but of ours, we receive that which went forth from us, we feel restituted the purpose for which we created her and therefore we make festive. There is no act more beautiful, scene more enchanting (than) of the creature entering in our Will. And every time that she enters, so many times we renew her in our divine Being, giving her new charismas of love.
“Therefore one who lives in our Volition holds us in feast, she feels the need of living in ours, in order to be fondled by her Creator, and we feel the need to be fondled by her, and to give her new heroisms of graces and of sanctity.”

Jesus became silent, and I felt sunk in the eternal Volition, and amazed in feeling how much we are loved by God if we live in his Volition and (a) thousand thoughts crowded in my mind, and my beloved Jesus, resuming to speak said to me:

“My daughter, do not wonder for that which I have said to you, rather I will tell you more surprising things yet, but how much I would like that everyone might listen, in order to make everyone decide to live in my Volition. You feel how consoling and beautiful it is of that which my love pushes me to say to you, my love is so much that I feel the need to tell you where we arrive for one who lives in our Volition.
“Now, you should know, that as the soul repeatedly and firmly decides to not live anymore of her will, but of ours, her name becomes written in Heaven, with indelible characters of Light and she becomes enrolled in the Celestial militia, as heir and daughter of the kingdom of the Divine Will; but this is not enough for our love, we confirm her in good, in a way that she will feel such horror for every slight sin, that she won’t be capable anymore of falling, not only, but she will remain confirmed in the goods, in the love, in the sanctity, et cetera, of her Creator, she will be as invested by the prerogative of the District, she will not be looked at anymore as exiled, and if she will remain on earth, she will be as officiating of the Celestial militia, not as exiled, she will hold all goods at her disposition, she can say: being that his Will is all mine, that which is of God is mine. Rather she will feel herself possessor of her Creator and since she won’t work anymore with her will but with mine, all the barriers are broken that impeded her from feeling her Creator, the distances have disappeared, the dissimilarities between her and God don’t exist anymore, she will feel so loved by He who has created her, as to feel (her) heart burst with love, in order to love He who loves her, and feeling herself loved by God is the joy, the honor, the greatest glory for the creature. My daughter, do not wonder, they are our goals, the purpose for which the creature was created, to find in her our life, our reigning Will, our love, in order to be loved and in order to love her, if this was not so, all the Creation would be an unworthy work of us.”

I felt my heart burst with joy in hearing that which my Dear Jesus had said to me, and I said to myself: possible, possible all this great good? And sweet Jesus added:

“My daughter, am I not the Proprietor to do and to give that which I want? it is enough that I want it, everything is done, and then also in the base world things happen that in some way resemble (this), if a man gives his name in writing in the army of the government, this in order to be sure of him one makes him swear fidelity to the government, this oath makes him be tied to the army, he dresses himself in the uniform of the militia in a way that he becomes recognized by everyone that he belongs to the army, and when he has demonstrated ability and fidelity he receives the salary for life, with this salary that no one can take away, he lacks nothing, he can hold servants that serve him, he can live with all the comforts of life and although with time he retires in rest. And what thing has he given to the government? it is only the external part of his life that has constituted the right to him to receive the pay during his life.
“Instead who with firm decision has given me her will, has given me the most noble, most precious part, that is her will, in her having given me all the interior and the exterior, even the breath, and with this she has merited to be written in the Divine army, in a way that everyone will know that she belongs to our militia, how can I let her lack anything, as to not love her? if this could be for your Jesus it would the greatest sorrow, it would have taken away the peace for me that by nature I possess, not to love She who has given me everything and that with indescribable love I possess her, hold her in my Heart and I let her have my life itself.”


(42) July 4, 1937 How God wants to form so many of his divine lives in every single creature. How who lives in the Divine Volition makes himself bearer of everyone and of everything to his Creator.

I found myself all invested with the Divine Volition, anywhere and everywhere I found him in act that he wanted to give me his life, and oh! how happy I felt in feeling his empire that at whatever cost, with his loving stratagems he wanted to enclose in me his perennial life. I remained surprised by it, and my always amiable Jesus, visiting my poor and little soul, with his usual goodness and sweetness said to me:

“My blessed daughter, if you might know how I enjoy and how my love is relieved, in manifesting our Celestial arcanum to you, in that state of love is found our Supreme Being, our adorable Will, in order to give me gusto I am attentive to you to make me say in what way we find ourselves in the midst of creatures and the great good that we can do them. Now you know it, that our immensity involves everything, our power and strength is so much, that we carry as in arm everything and everyone, as if it might be a little feather. All this is nature in our Being three times Holy, so much so that if we might want to diminish ourselves, we could not do it, our immensity and power flows in every fiber of the heart, in all the breaths, in the rapidity of the blood that flows in the veins, in the velocity of the thought we are Actors and spectators and to light of everything.
“But this is nothing, they are none other than the qualities of our Supreme Being, that which astonishes more, [is] that we want to form so many of our lives in every single creature. This is (a) work of God, to hold (the) virtue to be able to form so many Divine lives for how many creatures have been put forth to the light of day. After all the creature is ours, created by us, we live together, and because we love her, our love carries us with an irresistible force and power all ours to form ourselves as life in her, and our creative art, that not content with creating creatures, in the enthusiasm of his love he wants to create himself in the created person. You see therefore in what conditions we find ourselves in the midst of the human family, in (the) act of always forming our lives in them, but our creative art remains rejected, suffocated without being able to continue our Divine Creation, while we live together with them, they live at our expense, they live because they live of us, and yet we have the great sorrow of not being able to form our life in them. While this would be our maximum contentment, the greatest glory that they would give us if they might give us the liberty of making us life of every single creature.
“But do you know where we are free to form this life of ours? in one who lives in our Will, our Divine Fiat prepares for us the prime matter in order to form our life, he puts forth in attitude his power, his sanctity, his love and calls us in the depth of the soul, and we finding the adaptable and practical matter, we form with indescribable love our Divine Life, we not only form it, but we raise it and with our highest gusto and delight, we develop our creative art around this Celestial creature, and they commence the chain of the prodigies, she possessing her Creator, our Will working in her, becomes the bearer of everyone and of everything, if she thinks she brings us the thoughts of everyone and makes herself supplier and repairer of all the human intelligences, if she speaks, if she works, if she walks, she carries the words, the works, the steps of everyone, the Creation itself makes for her (a) decorous cortege, and makes herself bearer of the Sky, of the stars, of the Sun, of the wind, of everything, she leaves nothing behind, she brings us the homage, the glory of all our created things, even the homage of the sweet song of the little birdie, possessing the life of He who has created her, she makes them all crown, indeed everything wants to be brought by she who possesses the speaking act, so that for each one she tells the speaking story of love, for which they have been created by their Creator.
“So that who possesses our Volition acquires our Jealousy of love, that we want everything for us, and this with highest justice, because there is no thing that we have not given, hence with justice we want everything. Thus she taken by our same folly of love wants everything, in order to give us everything and jealous she wants to bring us everything in order to say to us for everyone and for every single created thing her little word of love.
“Therefore who lives in our Volition, never remains alone, first she is with her Creator, with whom they always remain in competition of love, how can they love more, and all things being around her she makes herself bearer of everything to He whom she loves, that being infinite Love wants to see converted in the creature all things converted in love for his love.”


(43) July 12,1937 How the human reflections take away the place from the Divine ones and they are rubble that makes the font of the soul turbid. How the Divine Will converts his love in nature, and that which he does (at the) point of death one (can) anticipate it who lives in Him.

I am between the arms of the Divine Volition, Whom more than (a) vigilant sentinel, not only wants to make himself life of my every act, but penetrating in every hideaway of my heart and of my mind, he recalls me if all that which enters into me is not part of the Fiat. And my always amiable Jesus visiting my little soul and assuming to be Teacher, who wants to teach his daughter in everything, said to me.

“Blessed daughter of my Will, you should know that ones own reflections, impressions, oppressions, melancholies, doubts, little fears, they impede the divine reflections, the holy impressions, the rapid flight toward Heaven, the joys of true good, the celestial peace; they are as so much rubble thrown inside of a lake, while the person is gazing in those clear waters as inside of a mirror, and she sees all entire her person, that it is beautiful and ordered.
“Now what happens? while she is gazing in those most clear waters, (there) becomes thrown in that lake a little rubble, the water is rippled, becomes turbid and forms so many rings and more rings as to muddy all the water, and of the poor person that was gazing at herself what happened to her? as they formed the rings in the water, thus they carried away some a foot, some an arm, some a hand, some the head, in a way that she sees herself all strangled by the ripples of those waters, who has made it that she has lost the limpidity of those waters, in a way that she can not see her entire image anymore, but in a way as to make one pity, who has it been(,) a little rubble.
“Such is the soul created by God, more than (a) most clear font, in which more than (a) most clear font, God should gaze at himself in her, and she in God, now the reflections, the oppressions, the doubts, fears, et cetera, are as so much rubble cast in the depth of her soul and God gazing at himself in her, doesn’t see himself all entirely, but as divided into so many parts, hence the strength, the divine joy, the sanctity, the unity of peace is divided, this will impede her from knowing who God is, how much he loves her and what he wants from her, and himself wanting her to gaze in God, these rubbles will impede her step making her limp in the walk, impeding her flight in order to gaze at herself in He who has created her. While they seem things of nothing, and yet in this becomes formed the knowledge of God in the creature, the union, the sanctity, the gazing of God in the creature and she in God. Not if the soul is disturbed by these rubbles that can be called trifles of the soul, that lacking the solidity and substance of true love, they are always made turbid and God is not able to mirror himself in them in order to form his beautiful image, therefore be attentive and always search my Will.”

Jesus became silent and I remained to think of the great evil that reflections on oneself do and my sweet Jesus added:

“My daughter, only in my Will can the soul arrive to the apex of highest sanctity and enclose in herself a complete act for how much it is possible for (a) creature to fill herself so much so as to not leave any void in her, so much so as to convert into (her) own nature the good that she does, if she loves in my Fiat, the wave of love rains on her everywhere, invests her most intimate fibers and while it rains on her sweeping her away in love it constitutes itself queen and converts in nature its love in the creature but so much so that she will feel the breath, the heartbeat, the motion, the step, all (her) being that she doesn’t know how to do other than to love. This wave of love raises itself up even to Heaven, without ceasing to rain on her and takes assault of her Creator and always loves him, because when good is converted into nature, one feels the need of repeating the received good as act that constitutes her life. If she adores she will feel (her) nature changed into adoration, so that in all that which she will feel issues forth profound adorations to her Creator. If she repairs she will feel the course to go tracing all the offenses, in order to put there her reparation. In short my Will with his creative strength doesn’t leave any void and knows how to convert into nature all that which the creature does in Him.
“You see what difference (there is) between one who lives in my Will and possesses him as working life and between who recognizes him as virtue, and perhaps in the most sorrowful circumstances of life and in all the rest as if he might not be for them. Now I want to tell you another consoling surprise, so much is our gratification, when the creature decides with immovable firmness to live in our Volition, that that which we should do at the point of death, of confirming her in the good, in which she finds herself, because you should know that all that which she has done in life, prayers, virtue, pains suffered, good works, these serve to form our little Divine life in her soul, not one blessed enters into Heaven if she doesn’t possess this divine life according to the good that they will have done, and if they have loved me and completed my Will more, thus they will have some a little lesser, some a little greater, because true happiness, true joys must be possessed within, so that they will have every one inside and outside of them their God, who will always give them new joys, so much so that if the souls dying are not filled up to the brim with love and with my Will, I confirm them yes, but they don’t enter into Heaven, I send them into Purgatory to fill these voids of love and of my Will, by way of pains, of anxieties and of longings, and when they are entirely filled in a way that one doesn’t see it in them(,) that they are indeed all transformed in my love and in my Will, then they take flight toward Heaven.
“Now for the one that doesn’t want to do her will anymore but only mine, we don’t want to await that point, our love brings us with an irresistible strength to anticipate the confirmation of the good and to convert in nature our love and our Will, so that she will feel that my love, my Volition is hers, she will feel more my life than hers, but with that difference of those that are confirmed at (the) point of death, they will not grow anymore in good, their merits are finished, instead (with) these, my life will always grow, the merits don’t finish, rather they will have the divine merits, as they continue to love me and to live of my Will, thus they will know me more, and I love her more, and I will augment their glory. I can say that I race in her every act in order to give her my kiss, my love, in order to recognize that it is mine, and give them the value, the merit as if I might have done it.
“Ah! you can not understand what we feel for one who lives in our Volition, how we love her, we want to make her content in everything, because in her we find realized the purpose of the Creation, we center all the glory that all things should give us, and then our completed Will is all for us.”


(44) July 25, 1937 How an act in the Divine Volition can be an impetuous wind, an air, a Celestial atmosphere. Three circles. God if he loves he works, if he speaks he gives.

The sea of the Divine Volition murmurs always and many times forms his impetuous waves in order to assail creatures, in order to involve them in his loving waves, in order to give them his life, but with such insistence and loving astuteness as if he might have need of us poor creatures that one remains astonished. Oh! how true it is that God alone knows how to love us. Now while my mind lost itself in this sea, my sweet Jesus surprising me with his brief little visit said to me:

“My blessed daughter of my Volition, have you seen how sweet was the murmur of the sea of my Will? and the souls that live in him also don’t do other than to murmur together in this sea, they, perfect echoes of my Fiat, don’t ever cease murmuring love, glory, adoration, but in a simple way, if they breathe they murmur love, if they palpate, if blood circulates in the veins, if they think, if they move, in everything they murmur love, love, glory to our Creator, and if they call my Will in their acts they form the impetuous waves in order to involve God and creatures, so that all Heaven and earth make one Will alone. An act in my Will can be an impetuous wind as to transport, to eradicate with its strength the passions, the weaknesses, the bad habits, the putrefied air of sin and to substitute the virtues, the Divine strength, the holy habits, the sanctifying air of my Will.
“An act in my Volition can be a universal air that penetrating everywhere and in everyone, at night and in the daytime, it can make itself breathed in order to infuse its life, its sanctity and taking away the unhealthy air of the human volition, there it substitutes the healthy air of my Fiat in a way as to remain sweetened, embalmed, revived, healed by this Divine air.
“An act in my Fiat can be a Celestial atmosphere, that enclosing in itself all our works, the Creation itself, and with the force of our works assail our Divinity and impose itself on us to make us give graces and gifts as to make creatures capable to be able to receive the kingdom of our Volition. An act in our Will can contain such wonder, that the creature is incapable of being able to understand all of its value.”

Jesus became silent and I remained as soaked in this sea and I don’t know how (but) I felt myself transported in the Celestial Fatherland, in the middle of three circles of light, at (the) head of them there was the Queen of Heaven at one point, and Our Lord at the other, with an enchanting beauty and indescribable love, in the midst of these was a multitude of souls, all transformed in the light in which they lived and grew, but guarded, directed and fed by Jesus and by the Celestial Mother, how many beautiful surprises were seen, these souls possessed the likeness and the life of their Creator and my sweet Jesus and his Mother said to me:

“These circles of light that you see are symbol of the Sacrosanct Trinity and the souls are those that will form the kingdom of the Divine Will, this kingdom will be formed in the bosom of the Divinity, the rulers of this kingdom will be the Mother and the Son that will guard it with jealousy. You see therefore the certainty of this kingdom, it is already formed, because in God things are as already done. Therefore pray that that which is in Heaven is realized in earth.”

After this I found myself in myself with the highest sorrow of finding myself again in my poor prison of my body. After this my Highest Good Jesus all goodness said to me:

“My daughter, our Divine Being is all love, and this love is so much that we feel the need to bring forth out of us this love, nor do we mind if the creature merits it or not, if we might have wanted to mind to the merit, all the Creation would still remain in our bosom. We when we love we work, in fact we loved and we created the Creation, and as gift of our liberality and of the excess of our working love, we made a gift of it to man; we don’t like to give our gifts as payment, or as merit, and where could one find sufficient coins in order to pay us for our gifts, or so many acts in order to merit them? it would impede our love, repress it in us and to not give anything to the creature, and not even to love her, because if we love we must work and give. Our Supreme Being so very often finds itself, in such deliriums of love, that we feel the need to bring forth from our Divine Bosom gifts and graces in order to give them to creatures, but in order to form these gifts we must love, and manifest them in order to make them known. Hence if we love we work, if we speak our creative word consigns the gift, confirms it and endows the creature with our gifts. Our word is the bearer and puts us in the conditions to discharge our repressed love.
“But do you want to know why we don’t give our gifts as payment or as merit? because we give them to our children and when gifts are given to the children, one doesn’t mind if they merit it, one gives because they love each other, at the most they are made to understand, here is the necessity of the word, so that they appreciate them and they guard them and love He who has given them and who loves them so much. Instead one gives as payment or merit to servants, to foreigners and oh! with how many measures. Whence in the excess of our love without which no one might pray or merit, we made the Creation, in order to make a gift of it to man, in another excess we created the Virgin in order to make her a gift, in another excess I the Eternal Word descended from Heaven in order to give myself and to make myself (the) sweet prey of man. In another greater excess of love I will give the great gift of the kingdom of my Volition, the Celestial Virgin heiress of this kingdom will call creatures as her children so that they receive in gift her great inheritance.
“Now, my daughter, if the soul lets my Divine Will reign, her love won’t be sterile anymore, but fertile, nor will she be reduced into words alone or yet in works, she will feel in herself the creative strength of our love and will be put herself in our same conditions, that if we love we work, if we work we give, but what thing do we give, the great gift of our Divine Being, our love is so much that if we give we want to give everything, even ourselves into (the) power of the creature, our love would not be content if it didn’t say: I have given everything, I have nothing more to give her; more so that possessing our Will we are secure, we are in our house, with all the decorum, the honors, the decency that is appropriate to us. Thus the creature possessing our own creative strength, if she loves us, she will give us in her love in exchange for our gift, the gift of her life, so that it is life that we will give each other, to each other and every time that she will love us, our creative strength will multiply her life in order to give it to us in gift, her love won’t remain isolated, but with the fullness of her life that she gives herself into the power of her Creator, and behold equal parts between the Creator and the creature, life she receives in gift and life she gives, and if the creature has her limits, my Will makes up for her, more so that in giving us for gift her life she gives us everything, there remains nothing for herself, hence our love remains satisfied and repaid. Therefore if you want to give us everything and receive everything from us, make it that our Will reigns in you and everything will be granted you.”


(45) August 2, 1937 How the Creation possesses perfect happiness, as to be able to give the terrestrial happiness to creatures. How sin stopped the happiness. The great evil of whom removes himself from the origin. Example.

I was making my round in the Creation, in order to follow the acts of the Divine Will done in It, and oh how many surprises, each one contained such happiness, as to be able to render everything and everyone happy and my always amiable Jesus seeing me surprised, all goodness said to me:

“My daughter, our Supreme Being possesses the font of happiness, therefore from us can not go forth things or beings that were not happy. So that all the Creation possesses such fullness of happiness as to be able to give to all the earth perfect terrestrial happiness. Whence Adam enjoyed the fullness of happiness, all things rained upon him joys and happiness and then in his interior possessing my Volition, he contained seas of contentments, of beatitudes and joys without end, for Him everything was happiness within and without. As he sinned removing himself from my Will, the joy departed from him and all created things retired the joys that they possessed in their bosom, giving to man only the necessary means, not as to (a) proprietor, but as to (an) ungrateful servant. You see therefore from us unhappiness didn’t go forth, nor can we give it, because we don’t hold any, to give that which one doesn’t hold is impossible. Hence it was sin that cast the seed in man of unhappiness, of sorrow and of all the evils that encircle him within and without.
“Whence as the Celestial Lady came upon the earth and then my Most Holy Humanity, all Creation posed to feast, smiled with joy and resumed the course of raining upon us joys and happiness, and as we went out into the open they raced, they bowed, and issued forth above us joys and happiness, the Sun gave us the joys of its light, it gladdened our sight with the variety of its colors, it gave us the joys of the kisses of love that it possessed and reverent extended itself under of our steps in order to adore us, the wind rained on us the joys of freshness and with its puffs, it removed from us the putrid air of so many sins, the birds raced around us in order to give us the joys of their trills and songs, how much beautiful music they made us, so much so that I was constrained to command them that they might remove themselves from around me, that they might take flight in the air, in order to extol their Creator, the earth bloomed for me under my steps, in order to give me the joys of so many flowerings, and I commanded them that they might not make for me such demonstration and (they) obeyed me. The air brought me the joys of our omnipotent breath, when man breathing, we gave life to him overwhelming him with joys and Divine happiness, and as I breathed thus I felt come our joys and happiness that we experienced, in the Creation of man. So that there was no created thing that didn’t want to issue forth the joys that they possessed, not only in order to felicitate me, but in order to give me the homages, the honors as to their Creator. And I offered them to my Celestial Father in order to give him the glory, the honor, the homage, the love, for so many magnificences and marvelous works that we did in the Creation for love of man.
“Now my daughter, these joys in the created things still exist. The Creation was made by us with so much splendor and sumptuousness and with the fullness of happiness, nothing was lost, because we await our children, the children of our Will, that with right they enjoy the joys, the terrestrial happiness, that all the Creation possesses, and I can say that for love of these it exists yet, and creatures enjoy if not the fullness of happiness, but at least the necessary things in order to be able to live. This Creation existing still after so many human ingratitudes, sins that make one horrify, it says the certainty of the kingdom of my Will upon the earth, because the creature possessing it will be become capable of receiving the joys of the Creation, of giving us the glory, the love, the exchange of how much we have done for her and of doing all the possible and imaginable good, that the creature can do.
“Therefore everything is in possessing our Volition, because thus all the Creation had the origin, man understood, everything was our Will, everyone lived enclosed in Him and in Him they found that which they wanted, joys, peace, perfect order, everything was to their disposition. The origin removed, all things changed aspect, happiness was changed into sorrow, strength into weakness, order into disorder, peace into war. Poor man without my Will, he is truly the blind, the poor paralyzed one, that if he does some good, everything is with difficulty and bitterness.
“All things if they are guided from the origin with which they have had existence, find the way, the firm step and the resulting happiness of the works of good that they have undertaken, if they lose the origin they are turned upside-down, they vacillate, they lose the way and they finish with not knowing how to do anything and if it seems that they do something, they make one pity. Also in the human things it happens so, if the teacher would like to teach the little boy the consonants and not the vowels, since the vowels race in every word, in every letter of the lowest science even up to the highest, the poor little boy would never learn to read and if he might want to he would go mad. Who has produced all this evil? the move from the origin of the science, what the vowels are. Ah! my daughter, even to such that man doesn’t return into his origin, doesn’t reenter into my Divine Will, my creative work will be a broken, displaced work, poor man without the first vowels of my Divine Will, for how much (He) can give light to him, can speak to him, he won’t understand me, because he lacks the origin, he lacks the first vowels in order to be able to read my lessons upon my Fiat, hence without base, without foundation, without teacher, without defense, such is his cretinism, that he doesn’t know his poor state, and hence doesn’t implore to reenter into my Volition in order to learn the first vowels with which he was created by God, in order to be able to follow to learn the true Celestial science and thus form all his fortune, as much in earth as in Heaven.
“Therefore I always whisper to the ear of the heart: my child reenter into my Will, come into your origin if you want to resemble me, if you want that I recognize you as my child, oh! how sorrowful it is to have some children that don’t resemble me, ignoble, poor, degraded, unhappy, and why all this? because they rejected the great inheritance of the Celestial Father, and constrain me to cry over their fate. Daughter pray that everyone recognizes my Will, and you recognize him and appreciate him, love him more than your own life, and don’t let escape not even one instant.”

Thanks be to God.

All for the glory of God and for completion of his Will.

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