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Divine Will Volume Thirty-Six

Volume 36

In Voluntate Dei!
April 12, 1938
One who lives in the Divine Will pronounces his Fiat in every act he does and forms many divine lives. The difference between living in the Divine Will and being resigned to it.

I am always in the arms of the Divine Fiat - and oh!, how I feel the need of its life, that breathes, palpitates and circulates in my poor soul. Without It, I feel that everything dies for me: the light, the sanctity, the strength, even the very Heaven dies, as if it wouldn't belong to me anymore. But as soon as I feel Its life, everything rises again in me. The light rises which, with its beauty gives life, purity and sanctity; my Jesus Himself rises with all His works; Heaven rises, which the Holy Will encloses in my soul as in a chapel to make it all my own. If I live in His Will everything is mine and nothing can miss.
O Holy Will, as I start this 36th volume, I pray you, I beg you, I implore you not to leave me - not even one instant - so that you speak, you write. You will make Yourself known, and make known how you want to be the Life of all in order to give your goods to all. If you let me do it, I won't be able to make you known as You want, because I'm incapable, but if You do it, You will triumph, You will be known and You will have Your Kingdom in the whole world. Oh, Holy Will, with your power You eclipse all the evils of the creatures, you put Your Almighty End, so that they leave the way of sin and find themselves in the way of Your Divine Will.
To You, Queen Mother of the Divine Fiat, I consecrate this volume in a special way, so that Your love, Your Maternity may be spread throughout these pages, to call Your children to live together with you in that same Will whose kingdom you possessed. As I start, kneeling at Your feet, I implore Your Maternal blessing.
So, while my mind was immersed in the Divine Fiat, my sweet Jesus, visiting my little soul, with inexpressible goodness told me: "My blessed daughter of my Will, how many wonders my Will can make in the creature, as long as she gives It the first place and all the freedom to operate. My Will takes the will, the word, the act that the creature wants to do, as part of Itself - covers it with Its creative virtue, pronounces Its Fiat in it, and forms as many lives for as many existing creatures. You were asking in my Will for the baptism of all newborn babies that will come to the light of the day - and then, for Its life to reign in them. My Will did not hesitate for a instant; soon it pronounced Its Fiat and formed as many lives from Itself for as many newborn babies coming to the light - baptizing them, as you wanted, with Its first light, and then giving each one of them its life. If these newborn babies, for lack of knowledge, will not possess our life, this life still remains for us, and we will have many divine lives which love us, glorify us, bless us, as we do Ourselves. These Divine Lives are our greatest glory, but they don't put aside the creature who gave our Fiat the opportunity to form so many of our lives for these newborn babies who are coming to the light; rather, they keep her hidden in themselves to let her love as they love, and let her do what they do. Neither would they set the newborn babies aside; rather, they would give them so much attention, guard and defend them as to be able to reign in their soul.
My daughter, who can tell you how much we love this creature who lives in our Will? We love her so much that we leave our Will in her power to let her do what she wants. If she wants to form our lives, we let her do that; if she wants to fill Heaven and earth with our love, we give her the freedom to do it - so much so, that she can make everyone say that they love us. We even hear the 'I love You' of one who lives in our Will in the little bird that trills and warbles and sings. If in the ardor of her love she wants to love more, she can enter our creative act and delight herself with new Suns, Heavens and stars, making us say, unceasingly, 'I love you, I love you', and taking part in narrating our glory. In our Will the sight is long and all attentive to see what she wants and how she can love us more."
My God, how many wonders, how many surprises there are in your Will. Its sweet enchantment is so great that not only does one remain captivated, but as if embalmed - transformed in the wonders of the Fiat in such a way that one doesn't know how to get out of it. So, I was thinking to myself: what is be the difference between one who lives in the Divine Will, one who is resigned to the painful circumstances of life and one who doesn't do the Divine Will at all?
My sweet Jesus, coming back added: "My blessed daughter, the difference is so big that there is no comparison at all. One who lives in my Will has dominion over all and we love her so much that we even let her dominate ourselves. We are so pleased in seeing the little creature dominating us that we feel unusual joy, because we see that our Will dominates in the creature and she dominates together with our Will. Oh!, how many times we let her win. Many times our joy is so great that we let our Will win in the creature instead of in ourselves. Further, by living in the Divine Will - being in continuous contact with It - she acquires divine senses. She acquires a long sight. Her light is so penetrating and clear, that she can even fix herself in God, in whom she sees the divine Mysteries. She can touch our sanctity and beauty, loving them and possessing them. With this eye of light she can find her Creator everywhere - there's nothing in which she can't find Him. With His Majesty and His love, He bundles the creature and makes her feel how much He loves her. In feeling her love, He loves her and, oh!, how unspeakable the joys on both parts - feeling His love and loving Him in everything. She acquires divine hearing, and soon she hears what We want; she is always intent on listening to us, and there is no need to repeat again and again what We want. A small sign is enough and all is done.
She acquires a divine sense of smell. By merely smelling she feels whether that which is around her is good, holy and belongs to us. She acquires divine taste - to the extent that she fills herself with love and all that is Heaven. Finally, in our Will she acquires our touch, so that all is pure and holy, and there is no fear that even the smallest breath may shade her - all beautiful, lovely and pretty - the one who lives in my Fiat.
On the other hand, one who is only resigned does not live in continuous contact with us. It can be said that she does not know anything about our Supreme Being. Her sight is so weak and sickly, that it is painful for her even to look. She suffers from the last stage of myopia, and she can hardly see even the most necessary things. She can hardly hear, and how very much it takes to make her listen - if she listens at all. Her smell, taste and touch sense what is human. She feeds herself with earthly things - feels the touch of passions, and the sweetness of mundane pleasures. She doesn't even do my Will every day, but only in painful circumstances and encounters, when my Will offers her a suffering. Oh, poor creatures without my continuous Will. How weak they grow - so nervous and ill as to move to pity! How I pity them. Finally, one who is not even resigned - blind and with no sense of smell, loses the taste for every good. She is a poor paralytic who can't really help herself. She imprisons herself in a web of unhappiness and sins, and is not able to get out."

April 15, 1938
Those who live in the Divine Will move in the Fiat just by breathing. They can feel within themselves the whole Heavenly Court; Its breathing, Its motion and Its virtue of conquest and happiness. Painful conditions for the Divine Will when It is rejected.

My poor mind runs, flies in the Divine Will toward Its center, to rest - to leave its remains and to take, in exchange, the clothing of Its light, Its breathing, Its heartbeat, and Its motion, which moves in all and gives life to all. Now, while I was swimming in the ocean of joys of the Divine Fiat, my always adorable Jesus, doing His short little visit, with unspeakable love told me: "My little daughter of my Will, how beautiful it is to live in my Will. As the soul enters It, she breathes with our breathing, beats with our heartbeat, and moves in our motion. In communion with all, she does what the Angels, the Saints and all created things do, and makes everybody do what she is doing. The wonders contained in our Will are astonishing; the scenes are so touching and unique as to capture everybody, making all attentive in enjoying them. Who knows what they would do to enjoy, as spectators, such delightful scenes from this soul who lives in the Divine Will.
Now, you have to know that as the soul enters my Divine Will, she breathes, palpitates and moves in our motion; but she does not lose her own breath, heartbeat and motion, although it is never detached from ours. Since our Will is everywhere and circulates more than the breathing, heartbeat and motion of all, then, what happens? The Angels and the Saints, our very Divinity, and the whole creation, together with my Will, feel the breathing and the heartbeat of the creature within them. They all feel her moving inside, even to the center of their souls. They are full of happiness, of new unspeakable joys, which the pilgrim soul brings to each Blessed; since this soul is not enjoying - but suffering and conquering with her free will. It is merely by breathing, palpitating and moving, in the fullness of joy that the soul, always united to my Will, brings ever new joys from breathing in her own will. And since it is the free will that forms the conquering act of the creature, she gives me this new conquering flavor. Oh, how happy the Blessed, our own Divinity, and the whole Creation remain - and in an emphasis of love and fullness of joy they say: 'Who is breathing, palpitating and moving in us? Who, from the earth, is bringing the conquering act of pure joys - of new love, that we do not have in Heaven, and that makes us so happy - increasing in us our reciprocating love?' And all in chorus: 'It is a soul who lives in the Divine Will on earth.' What prodigies! what wonders! how enchanting the scenes! - a breathing that breathes in all, even in its Creator - that moves in all, even through Heaven, in the stars, in the Sun, in the air, in the wind, in the ocean. It takes everything in hand in its own motion, and gives to God love and adoration - all that everyone should give but has never given. She gives to all her God - His love, His Will; and she brings everything to God - and God to everybody.
Even if not all creatures would take us, we remain equally loved and glorified, because such is the fullness of one act, one motion in our Will, that all those creatures remain as many little drops of water before an immense ocean - like many little flames before the great light of the Sun. Therefore this motion, breathing and palpitating of the creature in our Will abounds in all - hugs Eternity. Suns and oceans are formed, so immense that they can give us everything; and even if others do not accept this life, they remain so small that it is as if they didn't exist.
Oh, my Will! How admirable, powerful and adorable you are. The creature in You can give us all and we can give all to her. She covers everything and everyone; she makes love arise with her light and gives us love for all. We can say she offers true reparation, because when the creatures offend us, we find that she can hide us in her love in order to love us, and inside her light to defend us - putting to flight, with her light, those who want to wound us. Therefore, always cherish in your heart living in our Will."
Then He added: "My daughter, the love for one who lives in our Will is so great that, as she breathes, she gives us, as a gift, all that we have done: the Creation, the Angels, the Saints, our own Supreme Being, our love and glory. So, taken by such excess of love, we give her back what she has given us. As she exhales, she returns to us all that we are; as she inhales, we return to her what she gave us. We are in continuous relation and exchange of gifts. By this, we continuously strengthen our love - our inseparability, and we feel so much delight that we give her all that she wants."
But while I was feeling drowned in the Divine Will, the thought of my poor state was troubling me -the fact that I had to succumb to a sort of death every night, for fifty years and more, until someone would come to get me out of that state. My God, I feel such pain, You know how much pain and how much it costs me. Only the fear of displeasing You and not doing your Will holds me on. Otherwise, who knows what I would do not to be submitted to this.
And my sweet Jesus ran toward me and squeezing me tight in His arms told me: "My good daughter, be of good cheer. Don't be too worried, I don't want you worried. It is your Jesus who wants this painful state for you - this succumbing as if you were losing your life. I suffer it together with you, since true love cannot deny anything to the loved one. And then, this state of yours, so painful - as if losing your life, was necessary and wanted by my Divine Will. It wanted to find in you the return and reparation for the many deaths that creatures inflict upon It when they reject It, not giving It life within themselves. Submitting yourself for so long to these pains of death repaid my Divine Will for the many deaths given to It, and called It to kiss the human will - to make peace. It is thanks to this, I could speak so much about my Will.
You must know that anything the creature does in my Will runs to give and form life within It; otherwise, not receiving it, my Life dies for her. Do you think it's nothing for me, this great pain of seeing so many of my divine lives dead for the creatures? Therefore it was necessary to find one who, in some way, would reignite my yearning to form my life in them. My Will is in the same condition as a poor mother, who is ready to deliver but is prevented from giving life, and this life suffocates in her own womb. Poor mother; she feels her baby dying in her womb and she dies of pain with him.
Such is my Will: It feels in Itself the birth of many divine lives already mature which It wants to give to the creatures; but as It is about to deliver them, It feels them suffocating in its womb. The new life dies and my Will with it, since there cannot be a true life of sanctity, love, or anything belonging to our Divine Life, without my Will. Therefore, my daughter, calm down and don't think about it anymore. If We did this, We did it with the Highest Wisdom - with love that We could not contain, and for the sake of the order which We keep in our works. It is necessary to bend and adore what We dispose for love of the creatures."

April 20, 1938
How Jesus on the cross still cries to every heart "I thirst". How the true Resurrection consists in rising in the Divine Will. How nothing is denied to one who lives in It.

My flight in the Divine Will continues and I feel the need to make all that It has done my own, placing there my little love, my loving kisses, my deep adoration, and my 'thank you' for everything It did - everything It suffered, for me and for all. As I reached the point at which my dear Jesus was crucified and lifted on the cross in atrocious agonies and unspeakable pains, with heartbreaking tenderness and compassion He told me: "My good daughter! The pain that most transfixed me on the cross was my ardent thirst. I felt I was burning alive since all the vital humors had gone out through my wounds, which were burning and wanted to quench, like many mouths, their terrible thirst. I just couldn't contain myself anymore, so I shouted: 'I thirst!'. This, 'I thirst', remained and is always in the act of saying: 'I thirst!' I never stop saying it. With my open wounds, with my burnt lips, I am always repeating: 'I am burning - I thirst! Please, Give me a little drop of your love to soothe my ardent thirst.'
In everything the creature does I keep repeating with my mouth, opened and burned: 'Let me drink. I'm burning of thirst.' My dislocated and wounded Humanity had only one cry: 'I thirst!' Therefore, as the creature walks, I shout to her steps with my dry mouth, 'give me your steps - done for love of me, to quench my thirst.' If she works, I ask for her works - made only for love of me, to cool my burning thirst; if she speaks, I ask for her words; if she thinks, I ask for her thoughts - as many little drops to refresh my ardent thirst. It wasn't just my mouth that was burning, but all my Most Holy Humanity felt the urgent need of a refreshing bath for the ardent fire of love that burned within me; and since it was for the creatures that I was burning in excruciating pains, only creatures, with their love, could quench my ardent thirst and give to my Humanity a refreshing bath. Now, I left this cry: 'I thirst!' inside my Will and I made the commitment to make the creatures hear it over and over again - to move them to compassion for my burning thirst; to give them my bath of love and receive theirs - though being just little drops - to quench my devouring thirst. But who is listening to me? Who has compassion for me? Only the one who lives in my Will. All the others play deaf and even increase my thirst with their ingratitude - making me restless and with no hope of refreshment.
And not only my 'I thirst', but all that I did and said in my Will, is always in the act of saying to my sorrowful Mother: 'Mother, here are your children.' I place her at their side as help and guide, to be loved by her children; every instant She feels Her own Son close to all the children. Oh! how much She loves them giving them her Maternity, to make Myself loved as She loves me. Not only this, but by offering her Maternity she offers perfection also among creatures, so that they love each other with maternal love, which is a constant, sacrificing, unselfish love. But who receives all this good? Only the one who lives in our Fiat feels the Maternity of the Queen. She feeds her children with her Maternal Heart, to let them suck and receive the maternity of her love, her sweetness, and all the riches of her Maternal Heart.
My daughter, one who wants to find me - who wants to receive all our goods and my very Mother, must enter our Will and remain there. Our Will is not only our life, but It forms around us - with Its immensity - our house, in which It keeps all our acts, words and being, always in action. Our things never get out of our Will; one who wants It can only live together with It, and then she possesses everything - nothing is denied. If we give our things to one who is not living in our Will, she will neither appreciate them, nor love them; she won't feel the right to make them his own, and when things are not possessed, love does not arise - it dies."
After this, I continued my round in all that Our Lord did on earth and I stopped in the act of Resurrection. What triumph, what glory. Heaven poured Itself on earth to be spectator of such a great glory. My beloved Jesus said: "My daughter, in my Resurrection, the right was given to creatures to rise again in me to new life. It was the confirmation, the seal of my whole life, my works and my words. If I came on earth it was to give to each and every one my Resurrection, as their own - to give them life and make them rise again in my own Resurrection. But do you want to know where is the real resurrection of the creature? Not in the end of her days, but while she is still living on earth. One who lives in my Will rises again to light and says: 'my night is over.' She rises again in the love of her Creator, so that there is no more cold or snow for her, but the smile of the Heavenly Spring; she rises again to sanctity, which puts in rushed flight all weaknesses, miseries and passions; she rises again to all that is Heaven, and if she looks at the earth, Heaven and Sun, she does it to find the works of her Creator - to take the opportunity to narrate to Him His glory and His long love story.
Therefore, one who lives in my Will can say, as the Angel said to the holy women on the way to the sepulcher, 'He is risen. He is not here any more.' One who lives in my Will can also say, 'my will is not with me any longer - it is risen again in the Fiat.' And if the circumstances of life, opportunities and sufferings surround the creature, as if they were looking for her will, she can answer: 'my will is risen again, it is not in my power anymore. I possess, in exchange, the Divine Will, and I want to cover with Its light all things around me - circumstances and sufferings, to make them like many divine conquests.' The soul who lives in our Will finds life in the acts of her Jesus, and as always, in this Life, she finds our operating, conquering, triumphant Will. She gives us so much glory that Heaven cannot contain it. Therefore, live always in our Will - never leave it, if you want to be our triumph and our glory."

April 26, 1938
The sign that the Divine Will reigns in the soul is the need to love It incessantly. The great evil of not doing good in the Divine Will. The little flame fed by the great light of God.

My poor mind runs, flies in the Divine Fiat, and if I don't do this I feel restless, with no strength, no food, no air to breath. I feel as if I had no feet to walk, no hands to work, no heart to love; so I need to run in the Will of the Divine Fiat to find Its acts - shaping with these acts, feet that run, hands that operate and enclose everything, a love beyond heart - fed by Eternal love - to love unceasingly. But while I was thinking all this nonsense, my always adorable Jesus, coming for His short little visit, pleased by my nonsense, all love said: "My blessed daughter, don't be surprised by your nonsense. This is what happens: one who lives in my Will leaves her own being and will by entering mine. She uses our works to form the new members needed to live within It. Therefore she acquires new steps, motion and love to be able to identify herself with our works and to let my Will reign and dominate in her soul. This is the continuous motion of love; and since she knows that this love and these works are unceasing, she multiplies them, giving them to me, to love me.
What does she do, then? She enters the endless fields of my Will, sees the great theater of Creation - the splendor and magnificence of the love that invades all creatures; she runs from work to work picking up all the love that we spread through our Creation, gathers it on her lap and comes before our Majesty to give us the many different varieties of love that we placed there. Then she plays her love song with the various notes of our creative love. Oh!, what a joy we receive from the feasts starting between Heaven and earth, and the oceans of love with which she surrounds our Throne! Then, after celebrating the feast of all Creation, to love us more and with double love, she goes from our Throne to all created things, spreading our doubled love on them, and by the power of our Will, which she possesses, she makes everybody say: ' to our Creator.' The soul who lives in our Will is really like a continuous feast for us - the pouring out of our love."
Then He added with a note of sadness: "My daughter, how the creature sinks to the bottom, when she does not live in our Will. Even if she does good, lacking the light of our Will - the strength of our sanctity and its effects, this good remains covered by smoke, blinding and producing self esteem, pride, and love of self. It remains poisoned - unable to produce any real benefit for anybody. Poor good works without my Will. They are like bells with no sound; coins without the image of the king, which have no value as money - at the most they turn into self satisfaction. Many times I'm forced, for love of the creatures, to embitter the good they do, so that they enter themselves and try to operate truly and generously. On the other hand, for the one who lives in our Will, there is no danger that the smoke of self esteem may enter even the greatest works she may do. She is the little flame fed by the great light that is God, and the light knows how to get rid of the darkness of passion - the smoke of self esteem. Being light, she really knows that all the good she does is done by God Himself, operating within her nothingness; and if this nothingness has not been completely emptied of all that does not belong to God, God will not descend into it to make great works worthy of Him.
Therefore, not even humility can enter our Will; only nothingness - knowing to be nothing. All the good that enters It is only divine work - God Who brings God. In my Will, everything changes for the creature. She is nothing other than the little light which has to absorb, as much as she can, the great light of my Fiat, so that she may be fed only by light, love, goodness and divine sanctity. What an honor to be fed by God! So it is no wonder that, being the creature, the little flame of God, He also feeds Himself with it."
Then He added: "On top of the unceasing love, there is another sign that the soul lives in my Will. This sign reigns inside the soul: the immutability - never moving from good to evil. This can only be of God: a firm, constant character, hard to change in its action; the constancy that only a Divine patience can have - always to repeat an act without ever getting tired; never being bothered - never regretting. It is only of God. Now, one who lives in our Fiat feels her immutability and is invested by such firmness that she would never change her action - not for Heaven and earth. She would rather die than stop doing and redoing what she does. Furthermore, everything she does with a firm heart - without ever changing, had its origin in God; so she feels God in her act, and in repeating it, she feels that act flowing and her action animated by God Himself. How can she ever stop doing what she started together with our Supreme Being? She would have to get out of our Will to change action. Our Will is unchanging in Its works, and It renders so, whoever lives in It. Oh! When one does not live in It, how clearly it shows. Today she wants to do something, tomorrow something else; one time she likes to make a sacrifice, another time she runs away from it. One can't trust her. She is like a stem that bends following the wind of her passions. The mutability of human will is such that it reaches the point of making the creature its own toy and perhaps even a toy for the demons themselves.
This is why I call the creature to live in our Will: to be sustained and strengthened, so that she can give honor to our creative work, since only man is voluble, while all our other works never change. Heaven's place is always fixed, never tiring of its extension. The Sun always runs its course and never changes action in giving light to the earth. The air is always ready to be breathed; all things stay the same and keep doing the same action, the way we created them. Only man, by not wanting to live in our Divine Will, clashes with the modes of his Creator; he can't finish his works, so he can't love or appreciate them - neither can he receive credit for them."

May 2, 1938
How the Divine Will constantly asks for the human will, to be able to say: you did not deny me anything, so neither can I deny you anything. How It forms its little sea of love in the Divine ocean. The Creation. The sweet enchantment of the manifestation of God's love toward creatures.

My flight continues in the Divine Will. Oh! how surprising it is to see It asking continuously for the human will in order to make it into one of Its marvels of love. How touching to see that a Divine Fiat asks the creatures for their human wills. My sweet Jesus, in seeing me so moved, came back for His short little visit, and all goodness said: "My daughter, it is always our love that, with irresistible strength, pushes us toward the creature to say, in the attitude of asking as if we needed her: 'You loved me, and I love you. You gave yourself to me and I give to you.' Now, you must know the extent of our love: every time we ask for her will and she gives it, she also gives us lives for as many times as she gives us her will. So, to give her the opportunity and credit, we remain always in the act of asking her to give us her life - not once but as many times as we ask her. Do you think it's nothing that the creature can then say, 'I gave you many lives; not once but thousands of times - for as many times as you asked me?' And we not only love her with twofold love for each time she gave us her will - deserving it again every time - but we feel more glorified and loved, for as many lives as she gave us. This is nothing other than the exuberance of our love - the keenness, the stratagems, excesses and follies of our operating love - which just can't stop finding ever new ways to deal with the creature; to be able to say: 'this many times we asked for her will and she never denied it. We can we refuse her nothing.' Isn't this an insuperable sign of love, which only a God can make?
Further, our love never stops. We always try to keep the creature within us. As she loves our Will, we let her own little sea of love be formed in the immensity of our ocean of love, in order to feel her love inside of ours - loving together with ours. It will be smaller, we know, since created love can never reach the creative one, but our content is unspeakable in seeing her loving inside our love, and with our love. A detached love, separated from us, could never please or hurt us; it would just lose the best of love itself. So, every time she loves us in our Fiat, her tiny sea of love keeps growing in our Divine ocean, and we feel more glorified and loved in seeing the growth of our creature's love."
After this, I was doing my rounds in the Creation to trace all the acts done by the Divine Will. And my sweet Jesus added: "My blessed daughter, Creation is the sweetest enchantment of our love manifested toward creatures: there is the blue of the Sky with its stars, the bright Sun, air, wind and sea - always fixed, never moving, telling man of our incessant love. Then, on the ground, there are flowers, plants, trees, tiny grass - and each of them has the voice, motion and love life of their Creator - even the most tiny blade of grass - to tell everybody the love story of the One Who created them. It seems that things created in the earth die, but it's not true; rather, they rise again, to be even more beautiful. This is nothing other than the new resurrection of God's love toward creatures. While they seem to be dying - in order to give a sweet surprise of love - they rise again more beautiful; and God puts the new enchantment of blooming and fruits, under everybody's eyes, to be loved. One can say that each flower and plant carries the kiss, the 'I love you' of its Creator to the one who is looking at it and takes it. This is why our supreme love expects that, in everything, the creature recognizes us and sends to us her 'I love you' - but we wait in vain.
In all created things our Supreme Being manifests our power, Wisdom, goodness and the order of our love; and we give it to man so that he may love us with powerful, wise, all good love - being himself the image of our Divine love. All this can be received by the one who lives in our Will, since we can say that she lives from our own Life. On the other hand, outside of our Will, love is weak, wisdom is insipid, goodness turns into defects, order into disorder. Poor creature, without our Will, how we pity her! Furthermore, loving our creature incessantly, we want to find in her unceasing love, but when she doesn't love us she forms big gaps of love in her soul, and our love, unable to find itself in those gaps, does not know where to lean. It remains suspended, goes wandering, runs - flies, not finding who would receive It. It shouts, in agonizing pains: 'I am not loved, I cannot find one who loves me.'."
Then He added, in a more tender tone: "Dearest daughter, if you knew the extent of my love for the soul who lives in my Will, you would love me so much that your heart would burst from joy, and your love and my love would consume you, devour you for pure love of me. Now, you must know that my Divine Will gathers all that the creature living in It does. Nothing done in my Fiat can leave, but remains in our fields of light, and my Will delights in picking up motion, breathing, steps, words and thoughts - all that she has done in our Volition - to incorporate it in our own life. If I didn't do so, Our Life would miss that breath, motion - everything the creature did in our Will; they are really parts of our Life, so we feel the need for them to continue their breathing, moving and walking inside ours. Therefore, we call the creature to live in our Will, breath, heartbeat, motion and love. We are neither able nor do we want to detach ourselves from even a breath of one who lives in our Will. It would be as if our life were torn away. As she moves, breathes and so forth, my Will puts on a festive air and keeps gathering all that the creature does - loving her, as if It would contribute to form breath and motion in the creature, and, at the same time, as if the creature would give breath and motion to God.
These are the excesses and the inventions of our love which is only happy when It can say: 'what I do she does, as we move, sigh and love together.' Then we feel the happiness, glory and appreciation for our creative work, which returns all love into our Divine womb, as it came out, in a fire of love from our paternal bosom."

May 6, 1938
Desiring It and taking the first steps are all that is needed to live in the Divine Will. How the Divine Will possesses the generative life and generates endlessly when It reigns. Inseparability of the works of Our Lord from one who lives in His Will.

My poor mind is crowded with thoughts regarding the Divine Will. These thoughts seem like many messengers that bring lots of news about this Will, so holy. I was surprised; and my sweet Jesus, coming back to His little daughter, all goodness said: "My good daughter, it is very easy to enter my Will, since your Jesus never teaches difficult things. My love makes me adapt to human capabilities, so that the creature can do, with no difficulty, what I teach and what I want. You must know that the first indispensable thing in order to enter my Fiat is wanting and firmly yearning to live in It. The second thing is to take the first step since, once the first step is done, my Divine Will surrounds the creature with so much light and attraction that she loses any desire to do her own will. In fact, as soon as she takes a step she feels powerful. The night of passions, weaknesses, miseries is turned into day - into divine strength; so she feels the irresistible need to take the second step, which calls for the third one, the fourth, the fifth and so on and on.
These are the steps of the light which embellishes the creature, sanctifies her and makes her happy; which puts her on the right way, making her similar to her Creator; to the extent that, not only does she feel the extreme need to live in my Will, but she also feels It as inseparable from herself as her own life. See then, how easy it is. But wanting is necessary. My Paternal goodness wants it too, always present in my Will with grace, love and goodness. Since I also want it, I add my contribution - my own life if necessary, to give her all the help and the means - even my own life, as her own - in order to make her live in my Will. I don't hold anything back when it comes to making a creature live in my Will.
My daughter, our love is so great that we fix different degrees of beauty and sanctity to adorn the soul in our Divine Will. We will make these souls different from one another, distinct in their beauty, sanctity and love, but all beautiful - all unique. Some will remain in the sea of our light and will enjoy the goods of my Will, others will remain under the action of my operating light. These will be the most beautiful ones, with all our creative art and operating action. As we find the creature in our Will, we can do whatever we want. She will be ready to receive our creative power and we will delight in creating new beauties, unseen sanctities - love that we've never given to others and which they could not receive because the life, light and strength of our will was missing. We will hear in her our echo; the creative strength that always generates love and glory; the continuous repetition of our acts and of our own life. This is the life of our Fiat: to generate. And where It reigns It generates continuously, without ever ending: generates in us and keeps the life of the Most Holy Trinity; generates in the creature in which It reigns; generates our image, love and sanctity. So, we still have a lot to do in the work of Creation. We have to reproduce our acts and works, which will serve as the most beautiful ornament for our Heavenly Fatherland."
After this, my mind got lost in the ocean of the Fiat, which made me aware of everything, and all seemed to belong to me as well as to God. Then my beloved Jesus, almost suffocated in His flames of love, added: "My blessed daughter, one who lives in my Will has always been inseparable from her Creator. She was with us from all Eternity. Our Divine Will brought her to our laps to love, court and enjoy her, and since then, we have felt her love palpitating in us, calling for the work of our creative hands, to make of her one of our best images. Oh! how much we delighted in finding in our Will someone in whom we could express our creativity. Now, you must know that since these souls that live, and will live, in our Fiat are inseparable from us, they were coming down with me when I, the Eternal Word, came down from Heaven to earth in the excess of my love. They were guided by the Heavenly Queen; they formed my people, my loyal army, my living Royal Palace, in which I was true King of these children of my Divine Will.
I would never have come down from Heaven without the court of my people; without a reign in which I could dominate with my laws of love. All the centuries are just like a point for us, in which everything is ours, in action. Therefore, when I came down from Heaven as dominator and king of my children, I felt courted and loved - as only We can do - and my love was such that my children were all conceived together with me. I just couldn't be without them; I couldn't have tolerated not finding my loving children. So they grew with me in the womb of my Queen Mother; they were born together with me, cried with me, did everything I did. They walked, worked, prayed and suffered together with me, and I can say that they were with me even on my Cross, to die and rise again to new life for human generations.
Therefore, the kingdom of our Will is already established. We know its numbers, we know them all by name. We already feel them palpitating in ardent love. Oh, how much we love them and yearn for the time to deliver them into the daylight of our Will on earth. Then the children of my Volition will have in their power my conception, my birth, my steps, pains and tears; they will be able to be conceived and born again as many times as they want; they will feel my steps and pains in theirs. Since in my Will, my birth and life repeat are repeated every instant, they can take them for themselves, give them to others, or do whatever they want. I know that they would never do what I do not want. These children of ours, born again, formed and fed by our Will, will be the true glory of our Creation; they will crown our creative work, placing the seal of their love in every created thing for the One Who did all for them and loved them so much."

May 10, 1938
How God - to be loved by creatures - puts in their hearts His love and turns it into coins. The vigils of Jesus. Divine Paternity and the sonship of one who lives in the Divine Will. How God writes the name of His daughter with indelible characters.

I feel the Divine Will calling me every instant, wanting to be loved; and since my love is just little drops, It wants to give me Its own love, so that I may have seas, not just drops to tell God that I love Him very much. The Divine Volition is so good that It wants to give Itself in order to rejoice, saying: 'the creature loves Me.'
So, my always adorable Jesus, coming back to visit my poor soul with His heart beating very fast - squeezing me to Himself in His arms - told me: "My blessed daughter, I burn of love. I feel like fainting, I am delirious for desire of love. And to reach this end, do you know what I do? I put my love in the heart of the creature, I let it flow in her mind, words, works and steps; I turn all this love that flows everywhere into coins of Divine love, and to let it circulate as Our currency we impress on them my image and the writing: 'Jesus, King of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.'
Now, we give this coin of love to the creature to say: 'I loved You by right'. With this love, turned into money by our goodness, she can buy anything she wants and loves, such as our sanctity, our very Will and our virtues. If she wants more love she has enough coins to buy it. Oh, how we delight in seeing that the creature, no longer poor, but rich, has so much that she can even buy our virtues, our very sanctity. How beautiful it is to see her holding our love coins, which make her owner of all our goods. But we give this money only to the soul who lives in our Will, since she won't waste it. She'll keep it and multiply it, to be able to love us more and more, and refresh us from our devouring flames."
Then I started my round in the acts of the Divine Will and I felt such suffering and fidgeting that I couldn't calm down. Minutes were like centuries. What an endless night. And I was waiting for my sweet Jesus to come and calm me down, when finally, after long waiting, my dear Jesus made Himself seen, breathless, and all goodness. He said: "Poor daughter, how hard the vigil is, is it not? How many times your Jesus finds Himself with these pains, so cruel and torturing! How many vigils creatures make me do. I can say I'm always watching, suffering, restless for my love. If the creature sins I feel her running away from my arms, and I watch over her, I look at her, I see her surrounded by demons that make a feast and even make fun of the good she's done. Poor good, how much it becomes covered by the mud of guilt. But since I still love her, I send her some sparkles of light and I watch. I send her remorse to make her stand up again, and I watch. Minutes seem centuries. I cannot calm down if I do not see her coming back into my arms,...and I watch, always watch. I spy on her beating heart, the thoughts of her mind, to provoke in her the memory of how much I love her,... nothing. I am just forced to wait in vain. How hard the vigil is! Only if she comes back to me can I rest a little, otherwise my vigil continues. If another wants to do good but takes time, never making up her mind, I still watch over her. I try to attract her with my love, with inspirations, even with promises, but she does not make up her mind, finding many excuses and difficulties. She keeps me in vigil, how many vigils! So many vigils these creatures make me do, and in so many different ways. Here is the reason for your vigil: to keep me a little company in my continuous vigil. Therefore let us suffer together. Love me and I will find a little rest from so many vigils."
Then He added with a more tender tone: "Daughter of my pains, would you like to know who does not give me such hard suffering? The soul who lives in my Will. Further, as she decides to live in It, I name her my daughter. I call the whole of Heaven and the Most Holy Trinity to celebrate my new daughter. Everybody knows her because I write her name with indelible characters inside my Heart - in my ever burning love: 'my daughter'. She remains always with me in my Will and anything I do, she does. She rises again with me in my continuous resurrections, and if human ingratitude makes me cry, I write her, 'daughter of my birth'. She cries with me, so I write, even in my tears, 'daughter of my tears'. In sum, if I suffer, work or walk, I write her 'daughter' of my pains, works or steps. I keep her impressed in Me, everywhere.
Now, you must know that between Father and child there are permanent bonds. Nobody can deny the rights of the Father and the rights of the child, either in the supernatural or in the natural order. Therefore, as a Father I feel the obligation to make heir of my goods, love and sanctity, the one who so solemnly declared herself to be my daughter, to the extent that I keep her written in my heart. Not loving her would be like defrauding my Paternal love. I just can't. She then has the duty to love me and possess my goods, to defend her Father, to make Him known, even to give her life so that nobody may offend Him.
Oh! how beautiful it is to see these children of mine living in my Will, telling me: 'My Father, You've been waiting and watching for too long; You are tired, please rest. To let your rest be sweet and smooth I'd like You to rest in my love, and I will start watching over souls, taking your place. Who knows, maybe I'll manage to bring someone back by the time You wake up'. So I trust these children and take a rest. Oh, what can't a soul living in my Will do? She can do everything, since her light makes her aware of all my pains, and I do everything for her; we alternate in vigil and rest. How beautiful it is to live in my Will. The creature places herself in our own conditions, and what we want, she wants.
This is the most holy thing, the greatest and the noblest, so full of Majesty and purity: wanting what God wants. Nobody else can reach such a sublime height, such an infinite value: wanting what God wants. God is holy, God is pure, God is order and goodness; by wanting what God wants, the creature wants what is holy, pure and good. In the fullness of His order, she feels reborn in God, and does what He does. God does everything, embraces all, moves in everybody, and she concurs in all God does; there is no higher good she could do. There is nothing superior or even equal to living in my Will. Therefore, live always in my Fiat and we will be happy, you and I."

May 15, 1938
How the Word of God is life enclosing all the centuries. How It looks to all human generations. How Jesus does not know how to deal with those who do not love Him. How Jesus is always there for the needs of the creatures.

I felt immersed in the Divine Will. Its light made me comprehend many of Its truths, but I also felt incapable of enclosing them in my little mind, and reluctant to manifest them in writing on paper. Then my sweet Jesus, visiting my poor soul, all tenderness and compassion for my incapacity, told me: "Poor daughter, she gets confused before the immensity of my Will, and would like to stay there resting in peace, to enjoy all the joys and the happiness with which she is filled. No, my daughter, work is necessary too. In Heaven there is always joy, but on earth there is an alternation of joys and work. For you, manifesting and writing is work, while entering my Will is possessing the purest joys and the greatest happiness. However, I never leave you alone in your work; I actually do more than you do, and without me you could have done nothing.
You must know that our love is so great that when we decide to give a word, to manifest a truth from our Supreme Majesty, we also provide the act in which to do it, enclosing in ourselves the good which that truth has to produce. When the good we have to give to creatures, through those truths we manifest, is all mature and completed, then we give this good to one of them, and she becomes the bearer of that good for the benefit of all human generations. Therefore, our words enclose all centuries, and being words of life they possess a creative strength. Wherever they reach out they will create life and bring the goodness of our truth. So, stopping our words by not manifesting them, means stopping all the good and lives that our words can produce. I know, my daughter, that you would never want to give me such a sorrow, by preventing this great good from reaching the human generation... would you? One who loves me cannot refuse me anything, not even the sacrifice of her own life. Therefore be attentive, since you don't want to be responsible for so many of our divine lives, which are destined to give life to creatures."
After this, I felt in so much pain, it was as if I was going to breathe my last. Jesus immediately ran to sustain me in His arms and said: "What is it, tell me, do you want to come?" And I: "Yes, Heaven willing that you make up your mind to take me", and Jesus: "My daughter, and what are we going to do with the earth?" and I: "I don't know anything and I'm good at nothing, and then, what do I care about the earth?". He said: "My daughter, but you should care, because your Jesus cares, and my concerns and your concerns must be one. Now, you have to know that the Divine Will has not yet been completely manifested, although It will be soon, and the more it is manifested the more souls get caught in the nets of its light. Not only this, but the more it matures and grows in one creature, the more all the others acquire the right to receive it, and we feel more moved to grace the human generations, letting them possess our life and Will. Our goodness and our love is such that in one creature we look at all, and for love of one we also benefit all the others.
But who then, overflows with this good for all? The one who has been the first to receive that good. The one who listened to us and cherished our truths more than her own life. The one who, never looking for her own life, was ready to sacrifice it in every instant for love of us, to let us make of her what we wanted. This has so much power on our Supreme Being, it moves us so much that one alone is enough to let everybody receive that good. Furthermore, the human generations are so linked together - more than the limbs to the body - that it is no wonder that one healthy and good member makes its vital and holy humors flow into the others. In the same way, the strength of one single creature living in our Will is omnipotent, to the extent that it can overwhelm Heaven and earth; it conquer all, God as well as creatures. Therefore, let me finish and I will take you soon."
Then He added: "My daughter, the more one suffers, the more he feels the need to be loved. I am the one who suffered more than anybody else, and my pains, my spilled blood and my tears turned into loving voices, imploring love from those I love so much, and who made me suffer and cry so much. Those who love me bring the sweetest relief to my pains; they dry my tears while my blood turns into a bath of love for them. But do you know who turns my suffering and tears into joy and gladness? Those who live in my Will. They always find in It love with which to love me, sustaining me in my suffering and giving me continuous relief. Then I feel like a triumphant king who, although wounded, won the will of the creature by the weapons of his sufferings and love. Oh! How happy I am in feeling loved and living together with the ones for whom I sustained such a painful and bloody battle. I created everything to be loved and if love is lacking I don't really know what to do with the creature. I can't find what I want. At the most there might be different varieties of love: love of reparation, of compassion, of imitation. But it is always love that I want, and if I don't find it, it is just not for me. Given that love is the child of my Will, if I find this child I have found the Mother. And so I find everything, all that belongs to me; and I rest and rejoice in her and she does the same in me, and we love each other with one single love."
And I: my beloved Jesus, if you yearn so much for love and for creatures to do your will, why don't you inundate them with your graces so that they feel the strength to operate and love you as you want?
And Jesus: "My daughter, I feel like giving to the creature the necessary strength or, rather, an overabundant strength, only in the moment when she sets herself to do what I want - not before. Otherwise she would feel the strength but still not do what I want, and I do not know how to give useless things. How many, before doing an action, feel so helpless; but then as soon as they put themselves to work they feel invested by a new strength, a new light. I am the one who charged them, since I never lack the necessary strength to do good. Rather, this need ties me and forces me, if necessary, to act together with them. But if what they do is not necessary, then I put myself aside and let them do by themselves."
After this, I was thinking to myself: how miserable I am; I feel like I haven't done anything for Jesus, for all the graces He gave me; who knows how much I should love Him. Instead, I am so cold. It's true that I can't love anyone other than Jesus, but I should be all on fire, and I'm not. As I was thinking that, He came back and, reproaching me sweetly, said: "My daughter, what are you doing? Do you want to waste time? Don't you know that all you should care about is knowing whether or not a state is in my Will, and doing it? In my Will everything is love, breathing, heartbeat, motion; even the human will wants nothing other than to love me. My Will, jealous of the creature, surrounds her with an air of love, so that I breathe only that love. Your Jesus never looks at what the creature feels, because many times feelings can deceive her. I look at her will and what she really wants. That's all I take. How many things there are which she feels but does not do; but, if she wills, all is done.
Further, in my will nothing gets lost. For whoever lives in It everything is counted: breaths, heartbeats, the little 'I love you'; all things done in It remain written with indelible characters of light and form the very life of my Will. Often the gifts I have given to the creature as well as her acts, remain hidden as her property in the depth of her will. She feels as if she has not done anything. But that is not true. At the right time these acts will show their light inside that soul - brighter than the Sun - and sanctity is there in its place of honor; virtues are all there ready to act heroically in case of need. My Will knows how to maintain harmony and its divine order. Wherever It reigns and whatever It does acquires the seal of Eternity. Therefore live in It and do not worry about anything. My Will will take care of you better that you would yourself."

May 17, 1938
How the soul is voice, singing, hands to play, while the body is the organ. How the Divine Will wants the smallest acts to let Its Sun rise. The sowing of the Sun on the earth. Sowing of the Divine Will. The marriage that God is preparing with His truths.

Continuing my flight in the Divine Volition, I feel It invading me inside and outside, to take Its Royal place in my smallest acts as well as in the natural ones, and maybe even in my little trifles. If It didn't do so It could not reign in fullness within the creature. Now, my dear Jesus, repeating His short little visit, all goodness said: "My daughter, everything came out of Ourselves and was shaped by our creative hands: both the soul and the body. Both of them must be ours. In fact, we made the body as the organ, and each act done in the Divine Will was to form one key. It had to contain many notes and concerts of music, all different from one another. The soul, in union with the body, was supposed to be voice and song. By playing those keys, it was to create the most beautiful melodies. Now, an organ without a player is like a dead body; it's not fun, neither does it attract anyone. On the other hand, one who is good at music cannot exercise his art as a musician, if he doesn't have an instrument to play. Therefore, a living someone who speaks and moves is needed to create beautiful music; but the instrument is necessary too, with its keys, notes and so on. Both of them are necessary.
Such is the soul and the body. There's such harmony, order and union, that one cannot do without the other. So, be attentive. I watch your steps, your words, the movements of your pupils, your tiniest acts, in order for my Will to have its life - its place. We don't care whether the act is natural or spiritual, big or small; but we watch attentively to see whether all is ours; whether our Will made arise its Sun of Light, sanctity and love. We use even the most insignificant act to make the most prodigious wonders, forming the most beautiful scenes to keep us all amused. Didn't we form the marvelous enchantment of the whole creation from nothing? Wasn't it from nothing that we created so many harmonies up to our very image, in the Creation of man? My daughter, if creation had to give us only what is spiritual, that would have been very little. Instead, by giving us also its natural acts, it can always give. We can be in continuous relation and our bond never breaks; more so, since the small things (breathing, moving, helping oneself in little personal things), are always available and within reach; available for the little and the great, for the ignorant and the learned and they never end. If these little things are done to love us they form in themselves the life of the Divine Will; our victory and triumph: the ultimate purpose of their creation. See, then, how easy it is to live in our Will? The creature doesn't have to do new things, but just what she always does; that is to say, to live her life as we gave it, but in our Will."

After this, my Jesus continued: "My daughter, every day the sun gives light, heat, sweetness, fragrances, color, fecundity and different flavors, and with this, it embellishes the earth. By just touching with its light and molding with its heat, it fecundates the plants and the whole of nature. It sweetens the fruits and gives a variety of colors and fragrances to flowers, forming a sweet enchantment for human generations. The same thing happens with my Will which, immensely exceeding the sowing of the Sun, sows light, love, varieties of beauty and sanctity in the one who lives in It. It gives to each seed, a divine fecundity. Oh, how beautiful it is to see this embellished creature, fecundated by our divine sowing. How special she is, forming the enchantment of our divine pupils. Now, my daughter, in order to receive the sowing of the Sun, the earth, the flowers and the plants must let themselves be touched by its light and heat, otherwise the Sun would remain at the height of its sphere, not being able to sow in the earth. The earth would remain sterile, without fecundity and beauty, since union and agreement from both sides are needed to give and receive any good. Without these, one cannot give and the other cannot receive. In the same way, in order for the soul to receive the sowing of my Will, she has to live in It, being always united with perfect agreement. She must let herself be molded in order to receive a new fecund life. Otherwise, as with the Sun, my Will doesn't sow and the creature remains sterile - without beauty - in the darkness of her human will. This is why I want the creature to live in my Will. Furthermore, I Myself become the farmer in charge of the sowing. I make sure it doesn't get wasted, in order to produce the most various beauties."
Then He added with more loving tenderness: "My good daughter, my love wants to be tied more and more to the creature, and the more truths it manifests regarding my Will, the more bonds I put between God and herself. In manifesting the truth, my love is preparing the marriage between God and the soul. The more it manifests the more pomp and magnificence this marriage will have. Would you like to know what happens then? My truths will be like the dowry needed in order to marry God; to get to know the One who lowers Himself and even ties Himself - only for love - in the bond of marriage. My truths touch the creature over and over; they mold her to new life; they return her to the beauty of our image and resemblance from the time she was created, and impress on her their kiss of inseparable union.
Just one of our truths can make a sea of prodigies and divine creations in the soul who has the goodness to listen to It. One truth can turn a perverted world into a good and holy one, because It is one of our lives, exposed for the good of all. It is a new Sun that we raise in created intellects; a Sun that will let Itself be known through its light and heat, turning into light and heat whoever wants to listen. Therefore, hiding a truth that we give from our Paternal womb, with so much love, is the greatest crime. It deprives human generations of the greatest good.
Further, one who lives in our Will, by marrying us, makes a feast for all Saints. All of them participate in this divine wedding and, because of it, they have their own party in Heaven and another one on earth. Each act the creature does in our Will is a feast; a table sumptuously decked for the Heavenly Regions. In return, the Saints give new gifts. They beseech the Lord to manifest more truths to the soul, to broaden more and more the boundaries of the dowry which God gave to her."

May 19, 1938
How the Divine Will is the paralysis of all the evils, while the human will paralyzes good. How to love and possess. How God is formed in the creature and the creature in God. Fears about the writings.

I was always in the ocean of the Divine Volition which, as if wanting to put me on guard and warn me not to let in my poor restless human will, left me all concerned. My sweet Jesus, visiting my little soul, told me: "My blessed daughter, courage, don't be afraid. The virtue, the power of my Will is such that upon entering into It all the evils, passions, missteps and works remain paralyzed; the human will is defeated to the point of dying, without really dying. However, it understands with great joy, that while the evils are paralyzed, it feels the life of goodness rising again; a light that never dies, a never-ending strength, eternal love, heroic sacrifice and invincible patience. I can say that my Will puts an end to the evils of the creature, since It is the principle and life of every good. Now, as my Fiat has the power to paralyze evils, the human will paralyzes every good when it reigns in the creature. Poor Good, trapped under the paralysis of the human will. It wants to walk but can barely drag itself; it wants to work but it feels its arms sagging; it wants to think good thoughts but it feels stunned and stupid. The human will, without my Will, is the source of all evils and the total ruin of the poor creature."
After that my beloved Jesus added in such a moving tone: "My daughter, the one who wants to possess me must love me. Loving and possessing are the same thing. As you love me, so I remain formed in your soul, and as you love me more, I grow. Only love makes me grow, and through more love I reveal myself so as to be loved even more. So, to the degree that you love me, I let you feel how much I love you. As soon as you love me, I love and possess you, and as we mutually love each other I form you and grow you within me. I feed you with my love and with the life of my Will. I inundate you with my seas of love to make you feel how much I love you; with how much tenderness I grow you within my heart. How jealously I keep you, so that you may love me more and with my own tenderness.
This is the jealousy of love. The soul is all attentive in giving me her life in every instant, to love me, to make me joyful and happy in herself, the way I make her joyful and happy inside my heart. Love wants reciprocity, and if it loves, not being loved, it feels unhappy and embittered because of what it should receive but does not. Therefore, love me always and if you really want to love me do it in my Will, in which you will find endless love to tie me with love chains, chains so long that I won't be able to free myself."
After this, I was thinking of my big sacrifice and my reluctance in writing all this, my interior fights to put the pen on paper. Only the thought of displeasing Jesus made me do it, obeying the one who was imposing this on me. And I was saying to myself: who knows where they will end up; into which hands. Who knows how many quibbles, oppositions, doubts they will cause to arise. I felt restless. My mind was being darkened by such apprehension that I felt like I was dying. But my sweet Jesus came back to calm me down and told me: "My daughter, do not trouble yourself, these writings are mine, not yours, and in whichever hands they go, nobody will be able to touch them to ruin them. I will take care of them, defend them, since they are mine, and whoever will take them in good will, will find my chain of light and love for the creatures.
With these writings I pour out my love. I can call them the expression of the follies, delirium, excesses of my love with which I want to win the creatures, to make them come back into my arms; to make them feel how much I love them. To let them know my love even more, I want to reach the excess of giving them the great gift of my Will as life, since only in It will man be safe and feel the flames, the anxiousness of my love. So, whoever will read these writings with the intention of finding the truth, will feel my flames and all transformed in love, will love me more. But whoever will read them to split hairs and find doubts will remain blinded and confused by my light and my love. My children, the goodness of my truths produces two opposite effects: for those who are disposed, it is light, giving sight to their intelligence, and the life of sanctity, contained in my truths; for those who are not disposed, it is blindness, which deprives them of the good contained in my truths."
Then he added: "My daughter, have courage and don't be troubled. All that your Jesus did was necessary to my love and to the importance of what I had to manifest to you about my Divine Will. I can say it was necessary for my very life and to accomplish the work of Creation. So, at the beginning of this state of yours, I had to use many stratagems of love. I tried so much intimacy with you, that it's almost unbelievable how I reached that point. I also made you suffer much, to see whether you would accept everything. Then I drowned you with my graces, with my love; and again, I gave you more sufferings to be sure you would deny me nothing. All this, to win your will. Oh, if I hadn't shown you my love, I wouldn't have given you my grace. Do you think you would have easily submitted yourself to this state of suffering for so long? It is my love, my truths, that kept you and still keep you there as if magnetized to the one who loves you so much. However, everything I did at the beginning of your state was necessary. It had to serve as the basis, decency, decorum, preparation, sanctity and disposition to the great Truth I was going to manifest to you about my Divine Will. Therefore, I will be more interested in the writings than you, because they are mine; and just one truth about my Fiat is life that I want to give to creatures. You can understand this from all you suffered and from the graces I gave you to manifest to you my truths on my Holy Will. So, be calm and let's love each other. My daughter, let's not break our love, because it costs much to both of us: to you, in keeping your life sacrificed and at my disposal; to me, in sacrificing myself for you."
With all Jesus' talking, I still couldn't feel completely calm. As He was speaking, peace came back to me, but afterwards, thinking about what happened to me during these days - which is not necessary here to say - I started to feel troubled again. So, for about two days after this, my sweet Jesus remained silent and, because of this I felt completely exhausted, extremely weak. Then my beloved Jesus, having compassion for me, all goodness, came and told me: "Poor daughter of mine, you haven't eaten, this is why you have no strength. It's two days since you have taken any food, because you were not at peace, so I couldn't feed you with my truths. My truths are food for the soul but give also strength to the body. By being so troubled you wouldn't have understood me, neither would you have been disposed to take such a delicious food. You must know that peace is the door through which truth enters - the first kiss - the invitation of the creatures disposed to listen, to let it speak. Therefore, if you want me to give you a lot of food go back to your state of peace. Furthermore, during these days you've been so troubled that Heaven, Angels and Saints have been trembling over you. They felt a bad air which did not belong to them coming from you. So, they all prayed for you to find your peace again.
Peace is the smile of Heaven, the source of Celestial joys. Look at your Jesus, I am never troubled over any offense they can give me. I can say that my Throne is peace. So I want you wholly peaceful, my daughter, because in this mode, too, we have to adapt ourselves and to look alike: peaceful me, peaceful you. Otherwise the Kingdom of my Will cannot be established in you, since It is a Kingdom of Peace."

May 27, 1938
Continuous and repeated acts bind God more to the creature and form the strength of her soul. How beautiful it is to live in the Divine Will. How God Himself begs the creature. The rain of love that God pours over the creature and the rain of love from those who live in the Fiat.

I feel the need to enclose myself inside the Divine Volition to continue my life in It. Oh!, how I would love to be imprisoned in its light, so that I could neither see nor hear anything else but what regards its Will. Then my beloved Jesus, coming back to visit my poor soul, all love told me: "My blessed daughter, I want you here, imprisoned in my Will, so that no other things can have life in you. Now, you must know that all the harmony of the creature is in the repetition of her good acts done in my Will. A single act does not form any harmony or beauty, but many continuous acts united together call the attention of God, Who puts Himself in waiting for the acts of the creature. As she performs them, He communicates to her, now beauty, now sanctity, now goodness, wisdom or love. In sum, He provides her with His ornaments and divine qualities. All the acts repeated by the creature form the strength of her soul, binding God even more to herself. They form Heaven in the depth of the soul and as she goes on repeating her acts, some are turned into star, others into wind blowing whispers of love, others become a sea continuously murmuring love, glory, adoration to God the Creator. In sum, the whole atmosphere is reproduced in her. However, when the acts are not continuously repeated, they lack that unifying power that gives strength to all; they lack that divine mode of acting unceasingly, sustaining each of them with creative strength in perennial attitude of doing and redoing again.
Furthermore, a single act has never formed any sanctity because it has no strength; it does not possess the life of love, since true love never says 'basta' - never stops - and if it does, it's dead. Only continuously repeated acts can send good surprises to Heaven where, as one arriving act is being enjoyed, another one follows and more and more arrive forming the enchantment for the Heavenly Fatherland. Therefore, in my Will there is always something to do and time can't be wasted."
Then, with a more tender tone and stronger love, He added: "My daughter, how beautiful it is when a soul loves to do the Divine Will. Heaven lowers Itself and everybody assumes the posture of venerating and adoring the Supreme Volition. They see Its Majesty, height and power enclosed in the little circle of the creature, doing what It does in Its Celestial Royal Palace; sumptuously showing Its love and works, being honored as great Queen; to the extent that Royal lives arise for as many acts as the creature does. Then my Fiat feels all Its Divine power, Its ruling scepter brandished in royal modes, while the creature renders It all the honors It deserves. Since my Fiat embraces all, It feels so glorified that it is as if all would let It reign. In sum, we can't find truer beauty, receive greater love, operate more exceptional prodigies than in the soul who loves to live in our Will.
My desire for the soul to live in our Will, my anxiety and my ardent sighs are such that I keep repeating to the ear of her heart: 'Make me content, don't make me sigh any more. If you live in my Fiat, the night will be over for you and you will enjoy the fullness of the day; or better still, every act done in It will be a new day, bringing new graces, new love and unexpected joys. All the virtues will have a celebration for you in their place of honor; like many princesses they will court your Jesus, and your soul. You will form in yourself my Throne of brightest light, where I will dominate as a King. In all freedom I will dominate your whole being, even your breathing. I will court you with all my works, my pains, my steps, my love, my own strength, to be your defense, your help and your food. There is nothing I won't give you if you live in my Will.'
Now, you must know that our Supreme Being keeps the creature under a thick rain of love. All created things pour a rain of love upon her: the Sun pours light of love; the wind pours waves - blows freshness and caresses of love; the air pours continuous lives of love - my immensity surrounding her - my power sustaining and bringing her, as in my arms; my creative act preserving her. All pour on her infinite and powerful love, love that every instant creates more love. We are always over the creature, to enclose and drown her with love. She makes us delirious for so much love, and still she doesn't let herself be won over to loving us. What pain, what suffering!
But, would you like to know who has exact knowledge of our uninterrupted rain of love? The one who lives in our Will. Only she feels our continuous rain of love. Furthermore, by living in It, everything is hers. Not knowing what to do to give to us in return, or how to shower her rain of love, she takes all created things; our immensity and power; our creative virtue - always in the act of creating only for the sake of love - and she ascends in our very Will, beginning to pour on our divine Being light and caresses of love; immense and powerful love, as if she wanted to match us; taking us in her arms and saying: 'see, how much I love you. You pour on me and I pour on you. I have in my power your immensity and power, which allows me to bring everything back to you.'
My daughter, you cannot comprehend how much relief we feel, how our flames remain refreshed and soothed under this rain of love from the creature. Our contentment is such that we feel as if we are repaid for the whole work of Creation, and paid by the same coins of love with which we loved her so much. Our love has the virtue of letting form in the creature sufficient and abundant coins to pay us for what we have done for her. Therefore, in the midst of our joy we say: 'tell us, what do you want? Do you want us to make up more stratagems of love? We'll do it for you. Tell us, what do you want? We will please you in everything; we will refuse you nothing. Denying you something, not pleasing you in all, would be like denying something to ourselves; like placing a discontent into our endless joys'. Therefore, we find everything in the soul who lives in our Will, and she finds everything in us."

(......., 1938)
The sign of whether the creature lives in the Divine Will is in feeling Its life within herself - Its operating act - which is the greatest gift ever given to the creature. Centralization of God in the creature and of the creature in God.

I continue my flight in the Divine Will and I feel Its desire to breathe, palpitate, move and think in me. It seems to be putting aside Its immensity - Its height, depth and power - to become smaller in me, to do what I do. It seems to delight in lowering Itself to my level; breathing as I do, palpitating and moving in my motion, but still keeping Its immensity and power which invests and surrounds everything outside of me. Therefore, while my mind wanted to enjoy the Divine Will inside of me, it also wanted to go outside to travel all over Its immensity, power, height and depth. I could find no frontiers. Nothing other than abyss of light, with no bottom and no height, completely boundless. While my mind was getting lost, my sweet Jesus, visiting my little soul, all goodness told me: "My little daughter of my Volition, my Will invests and involves everything and everyone. It possesses all in Its womb of light and nothing can escape It. All live in It, although they do not recognize It as source of life, motion, step, warmth and even breath. We can say that every creature lives in our Will as though in our house. We give her what she needs, we feed her with Paternal tenderness, but she doesn't recognize us. Many times she attributes to herself what we are actually doing. She even reaches the point of offending the One who's giving her life and preserving her.
We can say that we keep many enemies in our house who live at our expense, stealing our goods. Our love is such that it forces us to give them life, to feed them as if they were our friends. How painful it is that our Will serves as residence for those who do not recognize us, and who offend us. They stay in It by right of Creation, because of our immensity. If they didn't want to be in our Will, there would still be no other place for them, since our Will is everywhere on Heaven and earth. Now, in order for the creature to claim that she lives in our Will, she must want it and recognize it, because by wanting it she feels that everything is Will of God for her, and by recognizing it she feels our operating act over her. This is living in my Will: feeling our operating power inside and outside of herself, and operating together with It. If she feels we love, she loves together with us; if we want to make ourselves more known, she is all attentive to listen and receive with love the new life of our knowledge. In sum, she feels our operating life and she wants to do - and does - whatever we do, following us in everything.
This is living in our Will: feeling our life that gives life to her; feeling our operating act moving, breathing, working in her being. These are our Celestial inhabitants, the glory in our house. We live as children and Father. All that is ours is theirs, but they do indeed recognize it. They are not blind thieves who have no eyes to look at our light, or ears to listen to our Paternal attentions, and who do not feel our operating act over them. On the contrary, those who live in our Will feel through our operating act, and this is the greatest gift that we can give to the creature. Therefore, be attentive. Recognize that your life comes from us, that we give you all, breathing and motion, to live together with you."
After this, I kept thinking of the great wonders of the Divine Will: how many surprises, how many unheard-of prodigies that only the divine Fiat could do. Then my always adorable Jesus, coming back, added: "My blessed daughter, I did the Creation and all the creatures to form my delights in them; to express from our Supreme Being the excesses of our love and the marvelous power of our works. If we delighted so much in creating so many different things in the order of Creation, having to serve man, we delighted even more in doing unheard-of prodigies, works never before considered, enrapturing beauties for the one who had to serve us: Man, the prime act of Creation. We were to be always so delighted in Him as to keep us always busy, doing as many things as we could for Him. He, on the other side, was supposed to remain always with us, to love us and let himself be loved, receiving the great wonders of our works. It was his escape from our Will that stopped our delights and the course of the works that, with so much love, we wanted to do for man. But what we established has to be accomplished. This is why we come back fighting, calling the creatures to live in our Will: to let all that has been decreed and established be punctually accomplished.
Now, you must know that as the soul does her acts in our Will, our love is such that we centralize our Supreme Being in her, together with all our works. Oh! what delights and joys we feel, in seeing our dominating Majesty in her surrounded by all our works. The Angels and Saints pour into her, to honor their Creator, because everybody runs where God is and wants their place of honor around us. But while everything is centralized in her, an even greater wonder occurs. The creature is centralized in everybody, she reaches the center of each created thing. Our Will loves her so much that It multiplies her and gives her a place wherever It is, keeping her close in all Its works. We just can't stay without this creature who lives in our Will. We would have to split our Will in two, but our Will cannot be divided - It is always one, and one single act. Furthermore, if we put aside one who lives in our Will, our own love would wage a war against us. Rather, the reason for which we want her to live in our Will is that we want her with us to show her our works, to make her feel the heartbeats and the notes of our love. From afar our works cannot be known and our love cannot be felt; so we need to be with her to love each other, to know each other and to work; otherwise the creature goes on her own way and we on ours, remaining deprived of our delights and of the freedom to do what we want - in absolute pain. Therefore, be attentive, live always in our Will if you want us to live in you and you within us."

June 12, 1938
The truth, bearer of divine seeds. How knowledge forms new divine lives. The glory that the soul will receive in return, in Heaven. One who lives abandoned in Jesus's arms is His favorite.

I am always returning to the Divine Volition. Its immensity is such that while I am in the middle of Its ocean, trying in vain to embrace all Its acts (since it takes centuries to do it, and still, they would not be enough to embrace all Its acts), I seem to come back to my smallness. So, while I was wandering in the Fiat, my sweet Jesus, who needs the love of those who want to live in His Will, told me: "My blessed daughter, it is only when I speak about my Will that my love can find peace, and that it calms down from its anxiety and delirium. In the word, in the truth I manifest, It finds sweet rest, because It sees Its love taking place in the creatures, in order to receive love in return and form Its life. It is necessary to manifest the merits and the goods contained in It in order to attract and enchant the creature to live in It, otherwise they won't move.
Now, you must know that every knowledge I manifest and every act done in my Will, thanks to this knowledge, is like a divine seed acquired by the soul. This seed will produce new divine science. Oh! how she will be able to speak the language of her Creator. Every truth will be a new celestial language with the virtue of being understandable to those who listen and want to receive this divine seed. This seed will produce new life of sanctity, new love, new goodness, new joy and happiness. These seeds of truth will be as many divine properties acquired by the soul.
The joy we receive when the soul operates in our Will is such that we communicate it to all the Blessed. You must know that as many are the divine seeds which the soul acquires by knowledge of my Fiat, so many more degrees of our knowledge and glory will we extend to her when, having finished her life down here, she will come to our Heavenly Fatherland. To each knowledge acquired on earth will correspond a double knowledge of our Supreme Entity in our Celestial residence. To each Divine seed a degree of glory, joy and happiness. Therefore, the happiness, joy and glory of the Blessed will be in proportion to how much they will have known us. Consider, for example, a man who did not study different languages. In hearing them being spoken, he will not understand a thing. Moreover, he certainly could not be employed as a teacher of these languages to let him earn a higher salary. He will only be able to teach the little he knows and earn little money.
In the same way, if men do not know us on earth, they won't make enough room in their souls to be able to receive all our joy and happiness. Even if we desire to give it to them, it would just not fit, and they would not understand anything. Therefore, the glory of the Blessed will correspond to how many acts in our Will they have done: glory and joy will be higher the more knowledge they acquired. This can make the Blessed reach such a height that all the Celestial Court will be amazed, because each additional knowledge is a new divine Life that the soul acquires, a life with infinite goods and joys.
Do you think it's nothing for the souls to possess many of our new divine lives as her own property? What we will not give of joy, happiness and love, in return for these new divine lives that she possesses! We long for our children who will live in our Will, to make Ourselves known on earth, since It will be their Teacher of the new sciences of their Creator and will make them beautiful, wise, holy and noble, according to the knowledge acquired. We await them in our Celestial Court to inundate them with our new joys, beauties and happiness, which we haven't been able to give until now. And since in Heaven all the Blessed are bound together as a family, loving each other in a perfect way, they will all participate in the glory and joy of these children; not as direct glory and joy, but in an indirect way, thanks to the bond of love among themselves. So, we want our Will to be known on earth in order to show, from the depth of our divine womb, new infinite joys and happiness to those who live in It."
Then He added with unspeakable tenderness: "My good daughter, I love creatures very much, but I feel more captured, won and attracted to love the soul that lives abandoned in my arms, as if she had nobody in the world - only her Jesus - trusting me and me only. If she is offered other kinds of support she refuses them, to have only the support of her Jesus who holds her tightly in His arms, defending her and taking care of her completely. These are the souls that I love very, very much - my favorite ones. I surround them with my divine power. I build around them the wall of my love. Woe to those who touch them! My love will know how to defend them and my power will know how to topple those who want to displease her.
The souls abandoned in me, live only of me and I of them, as if we lived on one breath and one love. If some human support arises, they look into it to see if I'm there, and if I'm not, they run away to find shelter in my arms. Only these are the souls I can really trust, confide to them my secrets, and lean on them as well. I am certain that they do not get out of my Will because they are always with me. The one who doesn't live abandoned in me, instead, runs away from my arms; she does not refuse human supports. Rather, she gets a taste for them. She is inconstant. One moment she looks for me, another, for creatures. She is forced to feel the disillusion from creatures which opens deep gashes in the soul, and she feels the earth in her heart - my Will as Life, far away from herself.
Oh, if everyone abandoned themselves in my arms! The earth would disappear for them, they wouldn't pay attention to anybody, I would be enough for all. I love, so much, the one who lives abandoned in my arms that I show her the greatest excesses of my love, my love jokes, my caresses. I reach the point of inventing new love tricks to keep them busy and centered in my love. Therefore, live abandoned in my arms and in everything you will find your Jesus defending, helping and sustaining you."

June 16, 1938
How the Divine Will always wants to give and receive from the creatures; mutual exchange; rights that are lost and empire acquired. How God finds everything in one act done in His Will.

Continuing my flight in the Divine Will, I feel It doesn't give me time; always wanting to give me of Itself and to receive what is mine. If I don't know what to give - being just nothing - It wants my will again and again. This is Its feast: receiving the will of the creature as a gift and, if necessary, receiving always the same thing It gave, happy to give these back again redoubled with new love, light and sanctity. Divine Will, how much you love me! Oh! how much I'd like to love you in return. I felt completely immersed in the Fiat when my always adorable Jesus, visiting my little soul, all goodness said: "My little daughter of my Will, you don't know how far my love goes for the soul who lives in It; how many new things I'm up to, taking her by new surprises; always having something to do with her and always keeping her captured by me. I don't give her time: now I tell her a truth, now I give her a gift, now I show her our enrapturing beauty, and our whispering burning delirious love that wants love in return. In sum, I just don't give her time, and what I want the most, and always, is for her not to give me time either.
Listen to what I do. In order, always, to give and receive, I call the creature to live in my Will and I offer her Its sanctity, light, Life, love and infinite joys - as much as she can contain them. After a while, finding her loyal, I go to her and I say: 'give me back what I gave to you'. She promptly delivers everything, without hesitating an instant, to show me how much she loves me; even her breath, her heartbeat, her motion - everything - she gives me everything, not keeping anything for herself. Rather, she's happy to give all to her Jesus. And I take it all. I look and look again at what she gave me, to delight and amuse myself with her gifts. Then I put them inside my heart to enjoy them as the property of my daughter. But do you think I remain satisfied? For the creature I am, but not for myself - never. My love doesn't give me peace. It swells up, it overflows, driving me to the greatest excesses, and do you know what I do? I give my whole Being to my beloved creature, I double everything she gave me. I give her doubled love, light, sanctity, my breath, my motion, my very life, so that I breathe in her breathing, I move in her motion, I love in her love. There is nothing I don't do within her. I just do not want to do anything without her. I would feel as if I didn't love her in all my things and this would be unbearable. I must give all to the one who gave me all.
Do you think it's nothing that your Jesus gives you His life to let you live in me, asking for your life to live within you? Trying, almost, to find ever new excuses to give and to receive; to have a chance to tell you the long story of my Will and my eternal love story? This is not just to give you simple news, to show you how good, holy and powerful I am, but to actually provide you with my love, Will, sanctity, goodness and beauty. Isn't such an excessive love, almost unbelievable? Just by wanting to always keep her with me, I show my great love. I give her something of myself, since she possesses nothing by herself that is worthy of me. Then, making it her own, she can say: 'You gave to me and I give to you'. Isn't this the kind of love to break and move even the hardest hearts? Only your Jesus can love in this way. Only your Jesus knows how to love in this way. Nobody can claim to be able to reach me in love; I Myself do it for one who lives in my Will.
Every act she does in It is like a Sun rising in fullness of glory and sanctity. I take shelter in these Suns to delight and rest. Then I find my beloved creature all immersed in these Suns, she looks so beautiful to me. Moreover, by living in my Will, there is nothing human in her. She loses the rights on her will and on all that is human. All rights over her will become ours while she acquires the rule over all that is divine. Oh! how beautiful! How pleased and happy we are in seeing her with the right of ruling all that belongs to us. She rules over our love and takes as much as she wants to love us; she also rules over our love to be loved. She rules over our wisdom and makes us reveal unspoken truths on our Supreme Being; she rules over our goodness and makes us pour this more than beneficial rain over all creatures. Her empire on our Paternal lap is so sweet and powerful that we even say: 'who can resist you daughter? What you want we want'. Therefore, if you want all, never leave our Will: everything will be yours and you will be all ours."
After this, I kept on thinking about the Divine Will - Its great wonders - how sometimes, while crossing Its sea everything is serenity and profound peace. Its divine Sun glows with light, but all is silent, and since Its word is life, the new life It desires seems to be missing. While I was thinking this, my sweet Jesus said: "My daughter, the Sun of my Will always speaks. The light is not silent but speaks with its warmth, its fecundity, and by impressing its various beauties into the soul living in It. Then, here I am, the bearer of its word, lowering myself to the human intellect, making easier and in simpler terms, the height of the word of my Fiat's light. Therefore, my Will is never silent where It reigns, but speaks through light or through my word. However, when you are not attentive you don't ruminate well, you don't eat so you can't digest what I tell you, then you forget it and say I did not tell you anything. You must know that in every word or act done in my Will, all centuries are embraced, all creatures are enclosed and present. Past and future do not exist for us and for who lives in our Will.
Even more, our truths contain all centuries, all times. They are the bearer of all creatures in the act of those who live in our Will, and in that act we find Ourselves and the love and the glory that everybody should give us. For this reason, when the creature is about to operate and to receive the operating act of our Fiat, all Heaven bows in reverence, amazed to see a Divine Volition operating in this act. Therefore, We find everything in this act done by the creature in our Will: our power that honors us as we deserve; our immensity that contains all and puts all at disposal; our Wisdom which sings to us the most beautiful notes; our Divine Being; the Angels who praise us; the Saints who, enraptured, repeat: 'Holy, Holy, Trice Holy, the Lord our God, Who works with such goodness and manifests His love'.
We can say that nothing is missing in the act of the creature. Our glory is complete, our love finds sweet rest and perfect return. This is why We long so much for one who lives in our Will, and it seems as if We had not done anything in Creation, because the greatest act we can do is missing: Our Life repeating itself in the human act, in which we will find ourselves, everything and everybody. There isn't good we won't give to our beloved creature, and there will not be love or glory that she won't give us. She will find everything she wants in us, and we in her. Daughter, wanting to give all but being able to give only a small part of our goods; having to keep our love constrained and hampered, is a suffering for us, and all because our Will as Life is missing in the creature. Not being able to receive everything from her is the greatest pain of our creative work. Therefore our love, our power and Wisdom, all our creative work demand that the creature live in our Will. The centuries will not pass away until our Fiat will form Its Kingdom, and when It will reign, It will give all the goods and the dominion over them to the human generation. Therefore pray, and may your life be a continuous act in our Will, to obtain the coming of Its Kingdom."

June 20, 1938
One who lives in the Divine Volition is in continuous communication with God. New birth and rising love. How it gives happiness and joy to all. How Jesus Himself will become the vigil custodian of these writings, the interest being all His own.

I am under the empire of the Divine Will. Its power raises me in its center; Its love, embalming me, brings me its celestial air; Its light purifies, embellishes, transforms me, enclosing me in the range of the Divine Will, so that all is forgotten; so great and so many are the joys, so enchanting the scenes of the Supreme Being that one remains enraptured. Oh, Divine Will, how I'd love for all to know you, to enjoy joys so pure, gladness so ineffable, which can be found only in you! And while my mind was feeling such an unspeakable happiness, my beloved Jesus, repeating His short little visit, all goodness told me: "My little daughter of my Will, see, how beautiful it is to live in my Will? We are in continuous communication with the creature. We prepare for her new joys for every new act she does, to make her more and more happy in our residence. The actions done in the Fiat remain always in the act of being done; our life rises again continuously; our love ascends and, investing everyone with its waves, calls all into that act, so that all would repeat it, and We hear the echo of them loving and glorifying us. The Angels and the Saints are all attentive, and anxiously long for the act of the creature done in our Will. Do you know why? Because in this way they receive double glory: the glory of Heaven, and the new glory, joy and happiness of the act done in my Fiat. How grateful they are to me and how much they love the creatures that redouble for them new happiness and endless joys!
Who would not love the one who lives in my Will; the one who gives us joys and happiness; the one who gives us the great glory of letting us do what we want in her; the one who gives happiness and joys to all? There is no good that does not come from her. Therefore, one who lives in our Will is not subject to discouragement or fear. Distrust just doesn't find its way in, because the creature possesses everything. She feels as though she were the owner of everything and she takes what she wants. Her life is nothing other than our love and Will, to the extent that she even suffers our same love follies, and would be happy to give her life for anyone, to give us the glory of making our Will known."
After this, I was feeling concerned for these blessed writings here, and for the insistence of my beloved Jesus in wanting me to keep writing: after so many sacrifices, where will they end up? And my Jesus, interrupting my thinking, told me: "My daughter, don't trouble yourself. I will be their vigil custodian, they cost me too much. They cost me my Will that enters these writings as primary life. I could call them 'Testament of Love' which my Will does for the creatures. It donates Itself and calls them in Its heritage, but with such supplicant, attractive, loving modes that only the hearts of stone won't be moved to compassion and won't feel the need to receive such a great good. Therefore these writings are full of divine lives that cannot be destroyed. If anyone tried to do so, the same would happen to him as to one who would try to destroy Heaven. Offended, It would fall back upon him, from every side, annihilating him under Its blue vault; or, as to one trying to destroy the Sun, which would laugh at him and burn him up; or, as to another one would want to destroy the waters of the sea, and be drowned by them. It would take too much to touch what I made you write on my Will. I can call this a new living and speaking Creation: it will be the last display of my love to the human generation.
You must know that, at each word I have you write on my Fiat, I double my love for you and towards those who will read them, to make them remain embalmed by my love. Therefore, as you write, you give me the space to love you more; I see the great good these writings will do for you. I feel each one of my words and the palpitating lives of the creatures who will know the goodness of my word, forming within themselves the life of my Will. So, the interest is all mine, and you, leave everything to me. You have to know that these writings came out of the center of the great Sun of my Will, whose rays are full of the truths coming from this center, and embrace all times, all centuries, all generations. This great wheel of light fills Heaven and earth, and, through light, it knocks at every heart; praying, begging them to receive the palpitating life of my Fiat, which our Paternal goodness condescended and deigned to dictate from within Its center with the most unusual, charming, affable, sweet modes, and with such a great love, as to seem almost incredible - to astound the very Angels.
Every word can be called a 'portent of love', one greater than the other. Therefore trying to touch these writings is wanting to touch Myself, the center of my love, the loving keenness with which I love creatures. I will know how to defend Myself and confound anyone who would slightly disapprove of even one word of what is written on my divine Will. Therefore, continue to listen to me, my daughter; don't obstruct my love, don't tie my arms by rejecting back into my womb what you keep writing. These writings cost me too much. They cost me as much as Myself. Therefore, I will take so much care of them that I will not allow even a word to be lost."

June 26, 1938
The human will, united to the Divine Will, can also do prodigies, but without the Divine Will, it is like a poor cripple. One who lives in the Divine Will acquires the conquering act.

I am always in the arms of the Divine Will. Its light puts to flight the night of my will; Its beauty enraptures me; Its love chains me so much that I can't find the way to get out of Its womb of light. I don't know why, but I was scared and afraid of my will. And my dear Jesus, visiting my little soul, told me: "My blessed daughter, the human will, together with my Will, can do prodigies too. However, without my Will it is a poor cripple, completely unable to help herself. Without my Will, it remains like a pupil without his master. Poor him! Without his master he will always remain ignorant, with neither science nor art, incapable of earning even a piece of bread for living. The human will without my Will is, again, like a person with legs but no feet; arms without hands; eyes without pupils; head with no reason. Poor creature! What an abyss of miseries in she finds herself! One would say: 'It would be better if she was never born'. So, the most terrible and frightening thing is, for her, not living united with my Will; all the misfortunes just fall upon her. But, if she is united with my Will, she will have, inside of It, her Master at her disposal, who will teach her the highest and most difficult sciences, the most beautiful art, so much as to become a portent of science on earth and in Heaven.
The human will, together with Mine, will have human legs and divine feet, which will make it run on the way of good without ever tiring. It will have human arms and divine motion, providing the virtue for doing the greatest works, which make it most like its Creator. With our divine motion it will embrace Eternity, it will keep us always courted and tightly close to its heart. United to our Will it will have a human mouth, but word and voice will be divine. Oh! how well We will speak of our Supreme Being. In sum, it will have the pupil of our eye so that, looking at all created things, it will recognize in them our life, our love, and the way to love us. United to our Will, it will have a divine mind, it will feel a sort of innate knowledge, which will form the man in order, all in the order of his Creator. Everything will turn into good, or better still, there is no good he will not possess by living in our Will. Our Will means the true failure of all evils, of all misfortunes, and It calls back to life all goods, since It possesses their source.
Furthermore, for one who lives in our Will, each motion, breath, heartbeat, anything she can do, are continuous conquests for her: divine conquests. I can say that, by living in my Will, she breathes with my breathing, moves at my motion, beats with my eternal heartbeat. Therefore she acquires the conquering act in each of her acts. All this is given to her with justice and exuberant love, since by living in our Will, not giving life to her will anymore, she has to be in the Celestial region by right to delight and enjoy our delightful Will. Now, in order to live off of our Will on earth, the poor daughter deprives herself of the joys of Heaven: this is the most heroic act, the most intense love, by which all Heaven, our Divinity and the Queen of Heaven, remain wounded. And We love the heroism of this creature. Oh! how much all of us love her! So our love, which lets itself be won by anybody, surrenders to each of her breaths, to every little motion. If she thinks, looks and speaks with a conquering divine act, the conquests are innumerable. We feel that it is not the creature who breathes and moves, but We Ourselves, giving the value that Our breath and motion contain, which is the highest that could possibly be conceived. Therefore, this creature is the conqueror of our life and acts. This happy creature, with her conquering act, becomes our continuous expression of love, our very happiness, our rest. Her conquests are continuous seals on our decree of the coming of the Kingdom of Our Will on earth. These conquests shorten the time, and, even more, our operating life is not a stranger on earth anymore, but it already exists, having formed its kingdom in this lucky creature. Therefore, be attentive; never stop, and I will take everything into account, even your breath, to love you more and to make you do many conquests, one more beautiful than the other."
Then He added: "My daughter, as the creature donates her will to me in order to live in Mine, I too, give her my Will. But do you know what my Will does before donating Itself ? It pours into the act of the creature and embellishes it, forming its day, sanctifying it, inserting Its divine joys, and then locking Itself inside the act of the creature. As my Fiat operates in this act, all created things receive a new life, a new creation. They feel renewed in beauty, love and joy of their Creator, and as the creature does her divine act, it remains as her own, and everybody is attentive to see what the creature is going to do with this act. Since it encloses all, they too feel enclosed in it. Then, what does the happy creature do? She enjoys it, kissing and hugging it, and, knowing that such a great act cannot be only for herself. In her emphasis of love and joy, she says: 'Adorable Will. You gave to me Divine Will, and Divine Will I give back to You, to render back to You the appreciation, thanksgiving, glory, joy and love that You gave to me; I am incapable of containing them'. This act runs to all, sanctifying, embellishing, giving happiness and honor to all. This is the most beautiful act the creature can give to me. Nobody can equal this act: to give My Will in order to have It returned, and to give It back, yet again."

June 30, 1938
How true love wants to find itself in the loved one. How Our Lord formed many lives to let Himself be found. Our field. How knowledge opens all the doors between God and the creature.

My poor mind is under the empire of the Fiat, which, pulling it to Itself, makes it follow all It did for love of the creatures. While I was following the acts of Redemption, my sweet Jesus, visiting my little soul, all goodness told me: "Daughter of my Will, my love feels the need to open up to one who loves me, and confide to her my most intimate secrets. True love has this virtue of breaking any secret, because it wants to find in the loved one anything It possesses: its own love, its own joys, its same qualities. Love wants to find itself in the loved one. Know my daughter, as I came on earth, my love never gave me rest. As soon as I was conceived, I began to form many ways, which serve to help the creatures to come to me. As I was forming these ways, I stretched them but without detaching myself them from; I remained as the center from which each of them started. Therefore, every act, word, thought and step were ways of light, sanctity, love, virtue and heroism which I was forming so that, in every act the creature does, she might find the way to come to me.
At the head of these innumerable ways I put my Will as Queen, while I put Myself in waiting at every cross road to receive her in my arms; but many times I wait in vain. My love does not give me peace or rest, so I put myself on her way in order to reach her, at least half way; and if I find her, I invest the act of the creature so I Myself become her act and her way. Then, with exuberant love, I cover her, hiding her in my love. I cover her with my very acts, to the extent that I find myself in her, and I carry her to keep her safe in the arms of my Will. Therefore, every thought of the creature has the way to my thought; every word, every work has the way of my works, thoughts and steps. If she suffers she has the way and life of my sufferings. If she wants to love me she has the way of my love. I surrounded creatures with so many of my ways that they can't escape me; and if someone does escape me, I become delirious, I run, I fly, to reach him. I stop only when I find him and I enclose him in my ways so as not to let him go again.
My coming on the earth has been nothing other than the outpouring of my love, repressed for many centuries. It was for this love, reaching excesses, that I formed the new creation - even overcoming it, in the variety of my works and the intensity of my love. But my love is still repressed, and to vent it, I want to give my will as Life, to give creatures the greatest good I can give, and to receive the great glory of having the children of my Will in Our Kingdom. As the creature enters our Will, our joy is such that she gives us the field on which to repeat in her all we have done in the Creation and Redemption. Our love wants to see in action, as if they were being created, Heaven stretching out, the Sun resplendent of light, the winds blowing continuously (within those who live in our Will) waves of grace and love, seas murmuring love, glory, adoration to their Creator. In action, my Will repeats the descent of the Word, and my Will is the repeater of all that my Humanity did in the creature.
So we remain always in the act of operating in her. We never stop, because nothing can possibly be missing in the one living in our Will. Our very acts will be our Throne, our court and the very life of the creature. Our love for her seems almost unbelievable. We are all eyes over her, to see whether she is enclosing all and how many times. Because we love her too much, we keep repeating our operating act, placing new beauty and new sanctity over the masterpieces we've done for her. We like to give to her always, keeping her busy under the rain of our operating acts, to give her the occasion to receive more love and to love us more. Therefore, live always in our Will and you will feel in It the continuous outpouring of our love - our operating act - which not only will repeat our works in action but will also add new things to astonish Heaven and earth."
After this, He added: "My daughter, everybody lives in my Will. If they did not, they just wouldn't find a space in which to live. But, who feels our Divine Life? Who feels surrounded by our sanctity? Who feels the joy of being touched by our creative hands to be embellished from our very beauty? Who feels drowned inside our love? (answer): the one who wants to live in our Will. Not the one who is there by necessity of Creation, merely because of our immensity which involves everything and everyone. These creatures are there without knowing us, like real usurpers of our goods; like disloyal, ungrateful, degenerate children of their Father. Because they do not know us, they do not love us. They cannot find in themselves a place for our sanctity - our love. Their souls are incapable of receiving our ever increasing beauty. They give us nothing, not even our rights as Creator, and while they live together in our Divine sea, they are as if far away from us. By not knowing us, they build the bars, they shut the doors: they have broken any communication between them and Us.
It is knowledge which is the first joining link between them and us. It is wanting to live in our Will that takes away the bars and opens the doors, to let them come into our arms and delight with us. It is loving us that makes us pour rivers of our love and graces, to the point of covering them with our divine qualities. Without the knowledge, we cannot give anything, neither can they receive. One who lives in our Will, instead knows us. As she enters It, she gives her kiss to her Daddy, she hugs us and surrounds us with her little love so we give her our seas of love, and she exchanges her kisses with all Heaven. We can say that the celebrations are opened between us - between Heaven and earth. We Ourselves call her blessed and we tell her: you are the most happy and fortunate creature, because you live in our love, covered by our arms and under the rain of our graces."

July 6, 1938
How everything triumphs in the Divine Volition: joys and conquests. The Divine Will as Mother; example of the sea and those who live in it.

I am in the arms of the Divine Will, and I can say that I spend every day in Its sea. Anything It did both in Creation and in Redemption (all Its acts) comes toward me, telling me: 'We are already yours. See, with how much love the Creator donated us to you. And you - insert your little love, so that the Creative love may love in the created love, and the created love may love in the Creative love, and both of them may be victorious'. But as I was following the acts of the Divine Volition, I wanted to take all Heaven in one jump, locking myself in the celestial region never to leave again. Oh! How heavy is this exile for me! If it wasn't for the Divine Fiat, which lets flow Its rivulets of joys and Celestial happiness, I don't know how I could bear it! and I felt embittered. So my beloved Jesus, who watches over me in everything and wants me occupy myself with nothing other than living in His Will, having compassion for me and sweetly scolding me, said: "My good daughter, why do you embitter yourself? Bitterness clashes against my Will, because It is the source of all the sweetness, triumphs and conquests. If the creatures feel bitterness it is because they don't live in my Will, and their will tyrannizes them so they suffer from bitterness and remain defeated. Therefore, courage, my daughter. You must know that, as the creature lives in my Will, she feels the need for her Heavenly Fatherland. She feels It already her own, so, depriving herself of the Heavenly Glory for love of me, I feel as if she would give back to me everything, in each of her acts: she gives me all Heaven, the whole ocean of joys and happiness contained in the Celestial regions. Wouldn't you give this content to your Jesus? Moreover, if I don't finish forming in you the Kingdom of my Will, how can I transmit It to the others? So, please, just let Me Do."
After this, He added: "My daughter, my love toward one who lives in my Will is such that I behave as a mother who had a crippled son, but possesses the power to give her son the rarest beauty. This mother lies over him, warming him with her heat. By kissing and hugging him over and over again, she restores the use of his limbs. She makes him beautiful, and, looking at him, as the fruit of her maternal love, she feels happy. However, the mother doesn't really have this power, so she will always be unhappy with her son. But what the Mother doesn't have, I do have. My love is such that, as she enters into my Will, I lay over her, warming her with my love, to call her to new life; I kiss her again and again, I squeeze her to my heart to remove any evil that may shade her and take away from her divine freshness and beauty; then I blow, sending her my recreating breath to regenerate her into new life and to give back to her the rarest beauty. Not satisfied yet, I form the throne of all my works and I put my Will on It, like a King on his Throne, reigning and dominating in this creature. Then, I can say: 'what else could I have done that I did not do? Could I, perhaps, have loved you more, and did not?'
You have to know that my love reaches the point of excess: as the creature does her own acts in my Will, I call in each act all of our acts - all possible imaginable acts that we have done - even the very generation of the Word, done by the Holy Spirit; the whole Creation and my Incarnation in time. Everything - in that act we enclose everything - to be able to say: 'It is our act, a complete act, nothing can miss'. And the creature must be able to say: 'In your Will everything is mine, and I can give you everything, even Your very Self'. Therefore our glory and love echoes in all our works, gathering everything, it pours even into our divine womb. Oh! How sweet it is to hear everything resound with 'Glory and love to our Creator'. But, who gives us the opportunity to receive so much glory? The one who lives in our Will."
After a while He added: "My daughter, as the creature calls my Will in her acts - in her prayer - my Will repeats that act together with her, praying together with the creature; and since Its immensity is everywhere, the creation, the Sun, all Heaven, the Angels and the Saints feel within themselves the strength of that creative prayer, and all of them pray. The prodigy of this prayer is omnipotent and it involves all, giving itself to all. Only those who, ungrateful, don't want to receive it, remain without its effects. Therefore, my Will possesses the virtue of prayer. Oh! how beautiful it is to see It praying in Its divine way, and with Its creative virtue which imposes itself on all, making everything pray. This prayer imposes itself on our divine attributes, making us pour rains of mercy, graces, forgiveness and love. It is sufficient to know that it is Our prayer, to say: 'It can give everything'. Now, you must know that, whether the creature does or does not do our Will, whether she lives in It or not, she is already in Its immensity; or better still, my Will is life of her life and act of her acts, and It continuously assists her with Its creative and preserving act. Therefore, one who lives in It, can feel Its Life, Its power, Its sanctity and how much I love her.
It happens to her as to the fish who lives in the sea and who knows it. She feels this divine sea that is her bed carrying her in the arms of its Celestial waters. It feeds her, it makes her consume herself within it. It amuses and embellishes her, and if she wants to sleep, it forms her bed in its depths; permits nobody to awaken her. It even sleeps together with her. Such is the love of My Will for the one who lives inside Its sea - and who knows it - that It does in her all the arts It wants to do. If It wants to think It thinks in her; if It wants to look It looks through her eyes; if It wants to speak It speaks, keeping her in continuous communication, telling her many of the wonders of our Eternal love. If It wants to work It works; if It wants to walk It walks; if It wants to love It loves. My Fiat is always busy with her, and she not only recognizes It, but she never leaves It alone. She sinks more and more in Its sea, because she knows that if she get out of the sea she'll lose her life. The creatures that live in our Will are our Celestial residents, and with their love, they delight in forming the waves of our sea, to amuse us and make us happy.
On the other hand, those who live in the immensity of our love, but do not know us, don't feel anything of this. They don't feel our Paternal attentions which press them to our womb. They live inside our sea as if they did not live at all - so unhappy - as if they were not our children. They are like strangers, and since We are not known, We are forced by their ingratitude not to tell them even a word, and to keep repressed inside Our womb the goods which We had to give them. And seeing our poor children dissimilar from us, only because they don't know us, is a suffering for us. Even if We gave to them, it would happen as the Gospel says: don't give pearls to the pigs, because they don't know what they are, and they would cover them with mud and trample on them. Therefore, it is knowledge that allows creatures to understand where We are, with Whom they live, what they can receive and what they have to do. So, those who do not know are the true blind because they can't see anything, no matter how many goods are placed around them: they are the vagabonds of Creation."

July 11, 1938
How, with true love, anything one wants the other does too. Every act of Divine Will is a way being opened between Heaven and earth. The breath of God in the creature.

I am always in the arms of the Divine Volition, and as I was writing I felt the weight of the great sacrifice of writing, and I offered it to my dear Jesus, to obtain that the Divine Will may be known, wanted and loved by all. Oh! How much I would give my life to let It be known by all. Since I was suffering, with difficulty I continued to write, and my sweet Jesus, to give me strength, told me: "My blessed daughter, courage, I am with you; I am so pleased when you write that, for each word you write, I give you a kiss, a hug and one of my divine lives, as a gift. Do you know why? Because I see, copied in these writings our Life of Eternal love; the copy of our operating Divine Will. Also, Our love, repressed for six thousand years, bursts out, and finds relief for our flames, in making known how much it loves the creature; to the extent that it wants to give her its own Will as life. This, so that on both sides we can say: what is mine is yours.
Only then true love is satisfied, when it can say: 'we love each other with equal love. What I want she wants. If there were any disparity of love, it would make both of us unhappy, and if one wanted something and the other something else, the union, the love would cease'. Since my love is true love, knowing that the creature has a limited love and will, we can say that we love each other with one love, that we have only one Will. If one doesn't become the will of the other, true love doesn't exist and cannot arise. Therefore, you should be happy to be used for the outpouring of my love - for many centuries repressed - and for the refreshment of my flames which are such as to make me delirious. So, let's love each other with one love and let's say together: what you want I want. Say: Jesus, dissolve my will into Yours, and give me Yours to live."
Then, after we promised each other to live of one Will, my beloved Jesus added with more tenderness: "My good daughter, you must know that the power of each act done in my Will is such that it opens a way to Heaven for oneself, and others who follow. Therefore every act is a way that leads to Heaven. All these ways, coming down from Heaven, braid the earth they spread everywhere and become safe paths and safe guides for anyone who wants to enter, guiding her up to the womb of her Creator. See then, what an act in my Will can do: it is one more way which opens between Heaven and earth. How beautiful it is living in my Will. The act is not only a way but, as the soul is about to do it, the divine breath descends into it and, blowing, fills all creation with its omnipotent breath. Everybody feels the refreshment, the love and the power of the creative breath, which has the power to enclose everyone and everything, embalming with Its divine and Celestial air My operating Will, within Ourselves as much as in the creature. It makes wonders to the extent that It can say: 'I am a divine act, I can do anything.'
There is no greater honor that we can give to the creatures, and no glory we can receive from the creatures that makes us more glorified, happy and triumphant, than letting our Will operate in their act. We feel locked in her act, while still being free to operate in the human circle as only God can. Doing this is an exuberant love for us: we love our act in which we see the action of our power and unreachable beauty, our sanctity, love and goodness, covering all, kissing and embracing everybody in our divine qualities: how not to love such a great act? We love the one who called us and gave us her act, allowing us do an act so great: how not to love her? She, who served as our bearer, to operate so many of our wonders. What wouldn't we give to her, and who could ever refuse her anything? It is sufficient to tell you that one who lives in our Will leaves everyone behind. She is first in sanctity, beauty and love. We can feel our echo, our breath in hers; she doesn't pray for, but takes what she wants from our divine treasures. Therefore, cherish always in your heart to live in our Divine Will."
After this He added: "My daughter, our Will circulates in all created things as blood in the veins. The primary act, the motion, the heat is always Its own. But if my Will finds a creature who recognizes It and lives in It - while It keeps circulating in everything - It concentrates in this creature, forming Its own support to operate Its marvels; and while, with power and immensity, It never leaves anyone, It opens Its communications with this creature for the benefit of those who will have ears to listen to them, intelligence to understand them, heart to receive them and love them. In this creature, It will deposit Its graces and Its keenness of love, while the human will living in It will serve as the room in which to continue Its operating act, forming Its center - Its Divine chamber - for Its continuous expression of love. As the creature does her acts in my Will, she is reborn in God and God in her, and these births will make new horizons arise: more beautiful Heavens, brighter Suns, new divine knowledge. For every additional act she does in our Will, we feel more moved to make Ourselves known, we feel more confident in placing our trust in her, since our Will is in her. She will know how to keep with jealousy what we tell her and what we give her. Therefore, in every new birth she will rise to new love, new sanctity, new beauty. Then, looking at her in a delirium of love, we say to her: 'our Will makes you more and more beautiful, more and more saint, and the more you live in It the more you grow and rise again in our Divine Being. For every new act you do, our Will imposes Itself to make us give you what is ours, and to tell you new secrets, grant you new discoveries of our love.
If we did not always give to this creature, we would feel motion lacking to our Divine life. This cannot be. Neither can she live without receiving, otherwise she would feel lacking the food of love, the tenderness of her Heavenly Father. Therefore, be attentive, and recognize that you are being carried by the arms of the Divine Paternity."

July 18, 1938
How beautiful it is to see the creature in the Divine Will. How created things await It, to love their Creator. The exuberant love of God for those who live in It.

My flight in the Divine Will continues. It is as if Its power and immensity feel the need of the company of Its beloved creature to take her everywhere It is. As It finds Its works, It pauses to tell her the different story of each work and the diversity of love which animates them. It delights so much in manifesting the source, the specialty of Its works that, not only does It donate these works to those who listen, but It celebrates the works together with them. Now, while my mind was surprised and enchanted, my always adorable Jesus, surprising me, told me: "My blessed daughter, there isn't enchantment more beautiful, delighting our supreme Being, than seeing the creature enter our Will. As she enters, she takes us, as if in her arms, and she clothes herself, inside and outside with our divine Being; we, in return, take her in our arms to enjoy her. Oh! how beautiful it is to see her, little but beautiful, little but powerful, little but wise, little but strong; to the extent that she can carry her Creator. There is nothing in which she is not similar to us. So, just by entering our Will, she acquires and wears our divine qualities. With the right given by us she takes ownership of all, giving herself to all, loving all, wanting to be loved by all, wanting love for us from all. Seeing a creature who wants everybody to love us is the purest joy for us, the most beautiful, the greatest one. We can really hear our echo: 'we want everyone to love us - we love everyone.' And if many don't love us we feel offended and deprived of our rights as Creator - Father - Who loves His children very much. Therefore, we feel recreated by this creature, finding in her our same follies of love: how not to love her? To her our first kiss, to her our squeezing hugs. The love tricks we make up for her are unheard-of, and the more we love her, the more we want to love her."
Jesus kept silent for a while. Then He added: "My daughter, all created things await you, but do you know why? Because, thanks to my Fiat which animates all, they feel their union with you, their inseparability from you; and since the creature has the supremacy, they all await you in their midst, so that together with the creature they can glorify and love us, each one according to the office assigned by us. Each created thing possesses the fullness of its own good. The Sun possesses the fullness of the light, and each act of light it produces, each effect and good it unleashes from its womb of light, is like a continuous little sonata of glory and love that it gives to us. But it doesn't want to give it alone, rather, it wants the one for whom it has been created. Only then are we truly loved and glorified: when the creature animated by our Will, flows into that act of light, loving and glorifying us with the love and glory of light. So we feel our purpose - the reason for which we created light - when we find the creature hidden inside that light, loving us with the fullness of the light and heat. We find in her love that wounds us, love that sweetens us, love that says, always, 'love.' Therefore we placed the Sun in the power of the creature, to love us. But if we don't find the creature in the created things, we are not happy. They remain like instruments with no sound or life; at the most we love and glorify Ourselves, but it is not the creature loving and glorifying us. So our purpose fails.
The wind is waiting for you, for your voice to flow in its whispers, waiting to feel your whispering love toward its Creator. Oh! how honored it feels when all see, in the impetuosity of the wind, your impetuous love - almost prevailing - towards the One Who created it: its blows; its breaths invested by your 'I love you'; and as we feel your love breathing, we breathe love to you, to be loved more. The air that all breathe is waiting for you, to be animated by your voice. So, in the air everyone inhales, they receive the 'I love you' of their Creator; in the air they exhale, your 'I love you' runs, to bring us, within its womb, every life, every breath changed into as many loving voices. All created things wait for you, to receive the new life of love brought by the soul who lives in my Will. Even the Saints, the Angels, the very Queen of Heaven await, to receive the freshness and the joy of the love operating in the creature. Although the soul is on earth, she lives with their same Will, and they are as if watered by the love of this happy creature. They feel the new love from which my Will has filled her, investing all; they feel the joy of the conquering love she bears. My daughter, what order, what harmony one who lives in my Will establishes between Heaven and earth! All her acts, motions and thoughts turn into voices, sounds and harmonies which, investing all created things, make everyone say they love us; and as we remain loved, all of them together with us are loved with a new love. The whole Heaven remains enraptured in seeing the wonders, the sweet enchantment of those who live in our divine Fiat.
Now you must know that my love is not satisfied if I don't do and give new surprises of love to one who lives in my Will, and if I don't add new things to reveal to her. So, my daughter, my Celestial Father generated me, when I loved you, and I loved Him; and in that love I loved you too, because my Will was bringing you along, always present. I generate continuously, and in the ardor of our love as Father and Son, the Holy Spirit proceeded. In that ardor I also loved you from a continuous love. I created the whole Creation, and for each thing I was creating, I loved you first, then I created it, laying it to your service. Even in the love between Me and my Heavenly Mother, I love you. Oh! how much I loved you in the Incarnation in her Virginal womb. I loved you in each breath, each motion, each tear. My Will had you present so that I loved you and you received - as a gift from Me - my breathing, my tears, my motion. My love for the creature who was going to live in my Will reached the extent that, even in doing graces and in loving my Saints - in that same love - she was enclosed. I can say that I loved you always, I loved you in everyone and in everything. I loved you at all times. I loved you in every place. I loved you everywhere.
Oh! if everybody knew what it means to live in my Will, and the seas of love and graces by which they are inundated! A God Who loves with love always new. As in our Divine Being we keep our divine and predominant passion - that the creature live in our Will - so it would become the creatures' predominant passion, and so that at any cost, they would give their life to live in that Fiat that loves them so much."

July 24, 1938
Difference between Divine Will and love. How one who lives in God's Will receives the deposit of love of all created things and forms the shelf for the acts of Our Lord. Appeal to all.

I feel invested by the Fiat. It seems to me It calls me in all created things, to give me Its love so that I could love It more. But I was thinking to myself: what is the difference between love and Divine Will? And my adorable Jesus, repeating His short little visit, told me: "Daughter of my Will, my Will is life, my love is food; life cannot be without food, while if there were food with no life taking it, it would be useless, and God does not know how to do useless things. Life makes food arise. So, both of them are necessary: life cannot be formed, neither can it grow nor develop its great works without food. Food would remain without works, without giving itself in marvelous things, if it didn't have a life which receives it.
Furthermore, my Will is light while love is heat; they are inseparable. Light cannot stay without heat, neither can heat be with no light. They seem to be twins born of one birth; however, the first one to be born is the light and then heat arises; so, the heat is son of the light. In the same way, my Will holds Its primary act, while love remains Its favorite daughter - Its inseparable first born. If my Will does not want, does not move, does not want to work, love would remain hidden inside its Mother, doing nothing. If instead my Will wants to operate, love runs, flies, is all attentive in works and steps, without ever tiring. It is this way also with the creature. If she lets my Will move her, she will have true love, she will be still, constant, unshakable in the good, but if she is not animated by my Will, her love will be as a painted love, with no life - inconstant. Poor love, without the life of my Will! The good and the works it will do will be exposed to the cold, the frost of the night and the burning sun, which have the virtue to burn and dry even the most beautiful works. See then, daughter, the difference between my Will and love: the daughter cannot be born without the Mother. Therefore, cherish the possession of its life in your heart if you don't want to be sterile in the good, with no generations to populate Heaven and earth."
After this He added: "My blessed daughter, living in my Will puts everything in order, and makes known the good that all created things possess - the love with which they are invested. They pour themselves on the creature, to love her with a distinct love which each created thing possesses. Therefore, in one who lives in our Will, we find the love with which we created Heaven; the variety of our distinct love with which we dotted It with stars. Each star is a different love and we see it sealed in the creature. As she loves us with so many different varieties of love - as many as are the stars - we feel our immense, infinite love being crowned by the crown of the love of the creature. Oh! how happy we feel in finding in her the love that crowns ours; so we redouble, in return, our love in her, to make her love us more, more than Heaven with all Its stars. We find in her the love with which we created the Sun. The Sun is one, but the variety of the effects and goods It produces are innumerable. Each effect is a distinct love: it can be a kiss, a caress of light from the Creator to His creature, a loving hug, or many acts of life, inside of which we make arise those effects that can be called 'food' for the creatures. So we find in one who lives in our Will the love and the variety of effects with which we created the Sun. Oh!, how we feel the return of love, kisses, hugs - of the variety of effects of love that the light possesses. And we feel our inaccessible light as being crowned by her crown of light and love. What doesn't our Will let us find in one who lives in It?
It makes us find the love with which we created the wind, the air, the sea, the tiny flower in the field, everyone and everything; and It gives us back this love, redoubled, and we redouble again this love with which we created all things. Our love then makes a feast, feeling loved - returned - and it prepares new love surprises and forms the operating creation in the creature. This love binds all Heaven and earth, it flows everywhere and becomes like cement, reuniting the division caused by lack of love between God and the creature.
My love for one who lives in my divine Will is such that I let her do whatever I do; I give her the right over my acts as if they were hers. And I stay there, anxiously waiting that she take my steps to let her walk, my hands to let her work, my voice to let her speak; so much so, that if sometimes she stops using me my love reproaches her sweetly, and with tenderness I say: 'Today you didn't let me walk, my steps were there waiting for you, to walk in you, but you stopped them; my works today are suspended because you didn't give me the space to operate in your hands; I have been silent because you didn't let me speak in your voice. See, I even keep my tears on my face, because you did not take them to use them, to wash yourselves, to be refreshed in my love, to take a bath for those who offend me; so, I still feel my face wet from the crying. My pains are without kisses today, they are not softened by those who love me, so I feel them all embittered. Therefore, take all from me, do not leave anything. Let my Being with all my acts lean on you - on all your acts. So I will call you my support and my refuge. I will put in you - on the shelves of my Will reigning in you - all the things I did and suffered while on earth. I will multiply them, increase them a hundredfold. I will make them rise continuously to new life, so that you may take for yourself whatever you want, giving myself to all, so that everybody may know me and love me.'
Further, you must know that, as the creature enters my Will to do her acts, she roll-calls all created things, the Saints as well as the Angels, so that each of them may be enclosed in that act. Oh! how beautiful it is to feel that - in that act - all love me, recognize me, adore me, and do the same thing. My Will calls everyone, It imposes Itself on all, and all remain happy and honored to be enclosed in that act done in the Divine Will - to love with new love, and with the love of all, the One Who loved them so much."

July 30, 1938
How in Heaven there are different roles: each Blessed will have a God all for himself. How Jesus loved us in all created things. Spontaneity of Jesus in the Good.

My poor mind is often invested by the ardor of love of the Divine Will. Its marvels are always surprising, one more beautiful than the other. Then my adorable Jesus, surprising me with His short little visit, with a love that enraptured my little soul, told me: "My little daughter of my Will, the prodigies, the marvels, the enchanting scenes I make in one who lives in my Will are various and so beautiful and enchanting that nobody can imitate them. You must know that in Heaven there are innumerable tasks, but those prepared for the souls who will have lived more beautifully and distinctly than others will possess divine enchanting harmonies and scenes - joys always new, that will arise from the depth of my Will in which they lived. They will have in their power joys and happiness, always new. They will form them in their power - as many as they want - since my Fiat has the virtue of creating always new joys. These tasks will be the new enchantment of that Celestial residence.
Now I want to tell you of another surprise, an even more beautiful one: in Heaven each Blessed will have me inside of themselves - have me as his own Creator, King, Father, Glorifier; but he will also have Me outside of himself - really close to him - as if I would carry him in my arms. We will love together and delight together. I will not be a God for all, but a God for each one. Better still, he will keep Me bilocated inside and outside of himself; and I will possess him inside and outside of Myself. They will possess Me inside and outside, as if I was entirely for each and every one of them. With one God for all, happiness would not be full. Someone would be close - someone else far away. Some on the left, some on the right. Therefore, some could enjoy my caresses, some could not. Some would feel more loved and delighted by my close presence, someone else would not. But by being inside and outside of each and everyone, we will never lose sight of each other. We will enjoy love closely - not from far away - and the more we will have loved and known each other on earth, the more we will love each other in Heaven. Moreover, what I will give to those who lived in my Will on earth will be so great that all the Blessed will enjoy doubled happiness.
It is true that I have my Throne, from which seas of joys arise, widening the whole Celestial Fatherland, but my love is not satisfied if I don't bilocate Myself and descend in order to be one on one - single to single - with my beloved creature; so that we may love each other more and delight together. Also, how could I live far away from one who lives in my Will? If between us there is the inseparability of Will and Love - if one is the love with which we love each other, and one is the Will with which we operate - how could I possibly live even a step away from her? Furthermore, you must know that one who lives in our Will cannot be separated from anyone - even from Our created things, since as she does her act in It, she calls and embraces everyone in her act, imposing herself on all by doing what she does. Therefore, in one act done in my Will I receive all, even my own Creation, to love me and glorify me."
After this He added: "My daughter, I am like a King who has many Queens, and they love each other with such love that one cannot live without the other. This King forms many sumptuous palaces, puts music and the most delightful scenes in them, to make his queen happy, and himself together with her. Then I bilocate Myself for each one so that all can possess Me, being delighted by my possession. The King cannot bilocate himself to make his Queens happy and he has to content himself with being now with one, now with another. This makes their love unhappy and they feel tyrannized by a broken love, never completely enjoyed. And if I did not possess the virtue to give Myself to each one of them as if I was only for her, my love would make me unhappy, having to leave the creature without Me even for one instant. I am, instead, a King Who always courts His Queens, and they court Me. If this were not the case, the fullness of joy would be lacking in the Celestial residence."
Then I continued my round in the divine Fiat, and I paused on what Jesus did while on earth. My sweet Jesus added: "My daughter, it is hard for me to be silent with one who lives in my Will. My love always wants to say and reveal where it reaches and in how many ways it loves her. Now, you must know that while I was on earth, there was not one thing that I did without looking for my beloved creature - kissing her, squeezing her to My Heart, looking at her with Paternal tenderness. So, if I met with the Sun, I found my beloved creatures in its light, since, having created it for them, by right I could claim my lordship in its light, and nobody can claim to be lord of a good if he cannot look inside of it.
Therefore I found my creatures inside the Sun, and I kissed them. I hugged them and I squeezed them to My Heart and, keeping them also inside of me, I kissed them outside and inside of me, squeezing them so tightly as to render them part of my own Life. If I was in the wind, I ran to kiss her; if I drank some water, even in this I could find her; and oh!, with how much love I looked at them and kissed them. Even in the air I breathed I met them all, feeling their breath, and in every breath I buried them in kisses of love. Therefore, in every created thing, in the starry Sky, in the sea, in the plants, in the flowers - in everything - I met my beloved creatures, to redouble in them my love and make them feast, to hug them again and tell them: 'your unhappiness is over, because I have come on earth from Heaven to make you happy. I am the One Who has taken your unhappiness upon Myself - you may be certain. A God who loves you will be your fortune, your defense, your powerful help.'
The most beautiful characteristic of my love is spontaneity; to the extent that in the very suffering they gave me during the Passion, I formed those pains in myself first - loving them, covering them with kisses - then I passed them to the minds of the creatures so that they would inflict them upon My Humanity. There was no pain given to me by the creatures that was not wanted by me first. The creatures came in secondary order, so my pains were soaked by my love, covered with my ardent kisses, and they possessed the creative virtue of making rise souls rise to love me. The truth can be seen in spontaneity, a forced love cannot be called true. It loses freshness, beauty and purity; and oh!, how inconstant and unhappy in the sacrifices it renders creatures. While it seems that they love, they are unhappy and embittered, since this a love forced either by necessity or by people from whom they cannot be freed: forced love makes slaves out of the poor creatures. My love, instead, was free. It was wanted by Me, neither did I need anybody: I loved, I sacrificed Myself to the extent of giving my life, because I wanted it. Therefore, when I see in the soul a spontaneous love, I feel enraptured and I say: 'my love and yours hold each other's hands, so we can love each other with one love.'"
After this He added: "My daughter, one who lives in my Will is kept in my divine room. She possesses all our goods; strength and light are in her power. On the other hand, one who does my Will forms the way to arrive to enter It. There are dangers on the way, and she has to be exposed to the cold and the frost. She won't find water ready to drink, good food to feed herself or a bed in which to rest; one can say she is like a poor wayfarer who never arrives at her home. What a difference there is between one who lives in my Will and one who does my Will! But it is still necessary to form the way - living resigned - doing my Will in all circumstances of life in order to be able to live in my Will. Here she will find her divine room, the center of her rest, the exile changed into Fatherland."

August 6, 1938
Exchange of Life between the Divine Will and the human Victory of Jesus. There is no greater offense than subtracting oneself from the Divine Will. The speaking Creation. Divine heartbeat and breath. Necessity for God to speak to the creature.

I feel the need to give myself continuously to the Divine Will. I am like the little girl who looks for the lap of her Mother to take shelter in It, and stays there safe - all abandoned in Her arms. But as I was thinking this, my beloved Jesus, visiting my little soul, all goodness told me: "My little daughter of my Will, you look for your shelter in me and I look for my shelter in you, to enjoy my creature and rest in her, so that her love may defend me from all the offenses of the creatures. You have to know that, each time the creature enters my Will to do her acts, I give her my divine Life, while she gives me her human life. Therefore she remains provisioned with a divine life for each act done in my Will, and I remain honored and glorified, surrounded by many human lives, since one act in my Will must be complete. I give all Myself, not keeping anything of my Supreme Being, and she gives Me all of her human being. What good does the creature not receive, then, by possessing many of my divine lives. As she keeps repeating her acts, so many of my Lives are added, and I give virtue to free her life to be able to say: 'so many lives I gave her, as many lives she gave me.'
I can say that I find all my satisfaction only when I see her giving me her life in every instant - giving her will. Seeing her giving me her human will is my greatest triumph and, taken by love, I sing my victory, victory that costs me my Life and a wait of around six thousand years, during which, with so many anxious bitter ardent sighs, I yearned for the return of the human will into mine. Having obtained it, I feel the need to rest and sing my victory. Therefore, there is no more beautiful joy that she can give me than living in my Will. And there is no greater pain she can give me than subtracting herself from It; I feel this offense coming in the Sun, in the wind, in Heaven - even in my womb: to see the great gift of the human will which I gave to the creature, and which was to serve for the exchange of love and life between me and her, being converted into a deadly weapon to wound me. What pain! Now, the soul who comes to live in my Will, makes such a harsh pain disappear. How then, could I not give all of Myself in her power, and give her what she wants?"
Then He added: "My love for who lives in my Fiat is such that, as the creature feels the need to breathe, eat, move, I feel the need to form one single life with her; since my Will, living in her, transforms her in my breath, my heartbeat, my motion, my food. See then, how much I need her permanent union with me and inside of me. Otherwise I would feel the breath, motion, heartbeat and food of my love missing from the whole of Creation. Oh! how bad I would feel. Since one who lives in my Will is inside our Supreme Being, she is the speaking, moving, palpitating Creation who, in the name of all created things, brings us the food of love which all should give us. We can say that Our love feeds all created things. Therefore we feel the need to receive the return of love - not to remain on an empty stomach - and only one who lives in our Will, who embraces all and loves us for all, can feed us with her love in return. How beautiful it is to see the creature picking up our love, spread through the whole Creation - even love which has not been taken because of human ingratitude. Then she brings it to us to give us the food of love in the name of everyone and everything, enchanting the whole Heaven; and We welcome her as the bearer of all our works, returning our love - in her we can repeat all our marvels."
Then, with more tender affection, He added: "My daughter, our love for one who lives in our divine Fiat is such that it is easier for a mother to separate herself from her daughter than for us to be away from this creature. We cannot do it. Our Will unites her to us and transforms her in us, making her want what we want, and do what we do. As soon as she enters It, my Will carries her everywhere, giving her a place in all created things, to keep her everywhere and always united, and to say: 'In how many ways do You love her?' It is impossible to be without her. In order to do it, we would have to separate ourselves from our Will, but we cannot do this either. Therefore, I give her her place in the starry Heaven. Oh! How beautiful it is to keep her with me in that blue vault, in the infinite extension of Heaven - no ending point can be seen. I tell her the story of our Eternal love which has no beginning, and can have no end, neither can it change at all. Since our love never ceases, we take the creature from all sides - from above, from below, from the right and from the left - to stud her with our love. Just as Heaven covers and hides the whole world under its star-dotted vault to keep it sheltered and covered, so our immutable love - beyond Heaven - keeps everyone covered and hidden in the Heaven of our love. We feel the need to tell the creature how much and in how many ways we love her, and, in order to be loved, she forms refreshment for our love. As she loves us - though she is small - she gives us a Heaven of love, and with her repeated acts of love, we feel as though studded by many stars which pour on us love love love.
See then, how necessary it is for our Heart to give her a place in every created thing; to tell her the distinct love story that each created thing contains. I give her the place in the Sun, and oh!, how many things I tell her about our Supreme Being - our inaccessible light - investing all with its ardent love; investing and then hiding, in every fiber of the heart - in every thought and word. With my light, my balm, I purify and embellish the creature, forming in her - with my light, brighter than the Sun - my life of love. And she feels my light. Through this light, she wants to enter into the most intimate hiding places of our Supreme Being, to love us and to be loved. How beautiful it is to find one who loves us. Our love finds its refuge, its rest, its expression, its return. Therefore, we give her a place everywhere, because in each created thing we have one of our love secrets to tell her. how many things we still have to say, and if the creature does not live in our Will, she won't understand us, forcing us to be silent.
Now you must know that, as the creature does her acts in my Will, many Suns arise, and since one act in my Will is so great that it cannot be without doing good to all, these rising Suns run in the middle of the peoples, bringing to some the kiss of light; to some strength; to some they put darkness to flight; to some they prepare the way; to some others they call to good with the voice of the source of light. An act in my Will just cannot be without producing great goods. As soon as the Sun rises at the horizon to become, with its light, light for every eye, it runs to mature the plant, give color to the flowers, purify the air - to give itself to all, almost renewing and strengthening the earth, forming its joy and feast. So, if it did not rise, the earth would wear mourning, bursting into tears. More than Sun is an act in my Will. Its light runs and benefits all, renewing and strengthening all in Its light, except those who would not want to receive it. And even if they did not want to receive it, they would be forced to receive the good of the light and of the Sun; forced to feel its heat by the empire of the light. Such is the empire of one act in my Fiat. It cannot be without operating prodigies of grace and immense goods. Therefore, one who lives in our Will does all. She embraces everyone and gives us everything. If we want love, she gives us love; if we want glory, she gives us glory; if we want to speak, we have one who listens; if we want to do great works, we have the one in whom to do them - who will give to us in return. This is why I want you always in our Will. Never leave It."

August 12,1938
When the creature enters the Divine Will, Heaven lowers Itself and the earth rises to exchange the kiss of peace. The love of God in manifesting the truth. How everything becomes life. How all created things are members of Jesus. Varieties of love.

The Divine Will is always around me, wanting to invest my acts with Its light - to lay Its life in them. It seems to me that It is attentive to the extent of persecuting me with love and light, because It wants, in everything I do, that I ask for Its Life. Oh! how happy I am in feeling persecuted with love and light by the Supreme Fiat. Then my sweet Jesus, surprising me, said: "So you see, my daughter, in wanting that the creature live in my Will, my love reaches such an excessive point that I even persecute her with love and light. Love eclipses all evils, in such a way that, seeing only my Will, the creature abandons herself in It and makes us do what we want. Love attracts her, delights her, so that she would let us win. You must know that, as the creature enters our Will to form her act, Heaven lowers Itself while the earth rises. So they meet. What a happy encounter! Heaven, feeling transported to earth by the creative strength of the divine Fiat, kisses the earth - the human generations - and, at any cost, wants to give to them what it possesses; to content the Divine Volition which brought It on earth, because It wants to reign in all. As the earth is being raised to Heaven, the creatures feel an unknown strength, which leads to good; a Celestial air, which imposes itself on all, making them breathe a new life.
An act in my Will is almost incredible. These acts will form the new day. The human generations will feel as though being renewed through them, rejuvenated in good. They will form the disposition to dispose the human generations to receive their Life - to let It reign. These acts of the creature done in my Volition, will be the endowment, the potent preparation, the most effective means to obtain a good so great." After this He added: "My daughter, our love is almost unbelievable. When we have to manifest a truth regarding our Will, first we love it within Ourselves; we make it easier; we adapt it to the human intelligence, so that the creature can easily understand it and make it her own life. We provide it with our love, and then we make it known, as a sweetheart who wants to give himself to her - as life feeling the need to be formed in her. But not yet satisfied, we purify the human intelligence. We invest it with our light and we renew it, so that it may know Our truth, kiss It, enclose It within itself, and give It all the freedom to form Its life - remaining transformed in that Truth. So, each one of our truths brings our divine life into the creature as a lover that loves and wants to be loved. Our love is such that we adapt ourselves to the human conditions to facilitate this knowledge, since, if we know each other, it is easier to win the human will to Ourselves - it will have the interest in possessing its God. Without knowledge, the ways are closed, the communications broken, and we remain as the God far away from the creatures, even though we are inside and outside of them. And they remain far away from us. Nobody can possess a good without knowing it.
Therefore, we want to make known that everything becomes divine Life within one who lives in the Divine Will. In everything she does - thinking, speaking, working, walking, loving - my Fiat, possessing Its creative virtue, lays Its life down, and thinks, speaks, works, walks and loves; forming the [hoping] speaking Creation; using that creature to continue Its Creation, or to do even more beautiful things. So, Creation is not finished, but still continues in the souls who live in our will, and if the order, beauty and power of our works can be seen in the Creation, then the love, order and beauty of our creative virtue will be seen in the creature, repeating our divine Lives each time the creature gives us her acts to let us work. The creature is life. It operates differently than Creation. Therefore we feel an irresistible love to form our lives within her. Oh!, how we fling ourselves - how happy we are - how our love finds its rest and our Will Its completion, which is forming our life in her! The works and the steps of those who do not live in our Will are, instead, without life - like painted pictures which cannot receive any life. They can neither give life, nor can they produce any good: there cannot be life or good without my Will."
Then, I was adding my acts in the Divine Will after having had Holy Communion, when my sweet Jesus told me: "How beautiful it is when I descend, as Sacrament, in the heart, and I find it in my Will. I find everything in it. I find my Mother and Queen and I feel that I receive again the glory - as if I were incarnating Myself again. I find all my works surrounding me, honoring me, loving me; and since my Will circulates as blood and palpitates in all created things, they are united with me; as if they were limbs originating from me - remaining in me. Therefore, everything I did on earth and all created things are like my arms, my feet, my heart, my mouth. They love me and glorify me in an infinite way. For the creature living in my Will, all that is mine is hers too, so she can give me my living Humanity to love me, to keep me separated and protected from all. She can give me the love I had in creating the Sun. What speciality of love this light contains. It is filled with many different and innumerable effects of sweetness, colors and fragrances. In each effect there is a distinct love of mine, and you can see it in the varieties of sweetness; each one is different from the other. My love is insuperable. Not satisfied with letting man taste only one sweetness of its love - delighting him with one color, one single fragrance - it wanted to place many different sweetnesses; to drown and feed him with my love.
My primary food was my love; all other things came in secondary order. So the Sun, which does so much good to the earth, lays its light under man's steps. It fills his eye with light; it invests him completely, following him everywhere. It is my love that runs within its light and, loving him, lets itself be tread upon by his steps. My love fills his eye with light, investing him completely, following him everywhere. That light contains my infinite extensions of love: my love that languishes, that wounds and enraptures; my love that burns, that sweetens everything, that gives back life to all; my love that takes the creature from every side, carrying her in its arms. Look my daughter, look at this light, and even you will not be able to count the many varieties of my love. If you will live in my Will, the Sun will be yours - a part of you. You will be able to give me as many varieties of love for as many as I have given to you.
All created things are my members. Heaven and each star are distinct loves of mine toward the creature; the wind - a limb of mine - does nothing other than blow my distinct love. Now it blows to her the freshness of my love, now the caress of my love, now it blows to her with my impetuous love, now it brings her the refreshment of my love. Even the drops of water in the sea squeeze together to never cease to murmur the varieties of love with which I love the creatures. Even in the air they breathe, I send, with each breath, a distinct 'I love you'. Therefore, descending in the Sacrament, I bring created things with me as my own members, together with enchanting scenes of my love - so diverse and various - and I place them inside the creature like an army, to love her and to be loved. How hard and painful it is to love and not be loved. So, live always in my Will and It will present to you the many ways with which I loved you. In this way, you will love me the way I want you to."

August 15, 1938
The feast of Assumption is the most beautiful, the most sublime feast. It is the feast of the Divine Will operating in the Heavenly Queen.

While my mind was swimming in the sea of the Divine Will, I stopped at the act in which my Mother and Queen was assumed into Heaven. How many wonders, how many enrapturing surprises of love. And my sweet Jesus, as if He felt the need to speak about His Celestial Mother, all festive told me: "My blessed daughter, today is the feast of Assumption. This is the most beautiful, the most sublime, the greatest feast, in which we remain glorified, loved and honored the most! Heaven and earth are invested with an unusual joy, never before felt. The Angels and the Saints feel as if invested with new joys and new happiness, and they all praise with new songs the Sovereign Queen who, in her empire, rules over all, giving joy to all!
Today is the feast of feasts - the unique one, the new one, which was never repeated again. Today, the day of the Assumption, celebrated for the first time the Divine Will operating in the Sovereign Queen and Lady; the marvels are enchanting in each of her smallest acts, even in her breathing, in her motion. Many of our divine lives can be seen flowing in her act as many Kings which, more than bright Suns, inundate - surround and embellish her - making her so beautiful as to form the enchantment of the Celestial Regions. Do you think it's nothing, that each one of her breaths, motions, works and pains were filled with many of our divine lives? This is exactly the great prodigy of my Will operating in the creature: to form a divine life for each time It could enter the motion and the acts of the creature. Then, since my Fiat possesses the virtue of bilocation and repetition - doing again and again without ceasing everything she does - so the Great Lady feels these divine lives multiplied within herself, which do nothing other than further extend her seas of love, beauty, power and infinite Wisdom! You must know that the divine lives she possesses are so great and so many that, upon entering Heaven, they crowded the whole Celestial Region and, being impossible to contain them, they filled the whole Creation as well. Therefore, there is no place where her seas of love and power do not flow, along with the many of Our Lives of which She is possessor and Queen.
We can say that she dominates Us and that We dominate her. By clothing herself with our immensity, power and love, she populated all our Attributes with her acts and with the many of our divine Lives which she had conquered! Therefore, from every place and everywhere, we feel ourselves being loved and glorified - inside and outside of ourselves, from within all created things, in the most remote hiding places - by this Celestial Creature and by those same divine lives which our Fiat formed in Her. Oh! Power of our Will, only You can do such prodigies to make us loved and glorified as we deserve and want - to the extent of creating many of our lives in the one who lets You dominate. This is why She can give Her God to all, because She possesses Him. Even more, when She sees a creature disposed to receive our Will, without losing one of our Divine Lives, She has the virtue of reproducing, from within these divine Lives which She possesses, yet another of our Divine Lives to give to whomever she wants.
This Virgin Queen is a continuous prodigy. What She did on earth, She continues in Heaven; because, when the Divine Will operates, both in the creature and in ourselves, her acts never end, and, while remaining in It, they can be given to all. Does the Sun, perhaps, cease to give its light to the human generation because it has given too much of it? Not at all. Even if it has given much, it is always rich in its light, and does not lose a single drop of it. Therefore, the glory of this Queen is insuperable because She possesses our operating Will, which has the virtue of forming in the creature eternal and infinite acts. She loves us always and unceasingly with our lives which She possesses. She loves us with our own love. She loves us everywhere. Her love fills Heaven and earth and runs to pour itself inside our Divine womb. And we love her so much that we cannot live without loving her. While, in loving us, She loves all, making everyone love us. How could we resist and not give her anything She wants? It is our own Will that asks for what She wants, tying us with Its eternal bonds so that we can refuse her nothing. This is why the feast of the Assumption is the most beautiful one: it is the feast of my Will operating in this Great Lady, making her so rich and beautiful that the Heavens cannot contain her. Even the Angels remain speechless, and don't know how to describe what my Will does in the creature."
After this, while my mind remained stupefied in thinking about the great prodigies that the divine Fiat worked and continues to work in the Celestial Queen, my beloved Jesus added: "My daughter, her beauty is unreachable. It enchants, it charms, it conquers. Her love is such that She offers herself to all, loving all - leaving behind her seas of love. She can be called Queen of love, winner of love, because She loved much, and through love She won her God. You must know that, by doing his will, man broke the bonds with his Creator and with all created things. By the power of our Fiat, which She possessed, this Heavenly Queen tied her Creator to the creatures; tied all beings together - united them - put them back in order and with her love, gave new life to the human generations. Her love was so great as to cover and hide, inside its seas, weaknesses, evils, sins - the creatures themselves. Oh! If this Holy Virgin did not possess so much love, it would be difficult for us to look at the earth. Only her love makes us look at it, but we want to give our Will to reign in the middle of the creatures because She wants it so. She wants to give to her children what She possesses, and by love She will win Us and her children."

August 21, 1938
Difference between the life that Jesus forms in the Sacramental Hosts and the life Jesus forms in one who lives in His Will.

I was always along the way of the Divine Will and, feeling worried, I said to myself: how can it be that so many divine lives can be formed in us for as many acts that we do in It? And my always adorable Jesus, in order to let me understand better, told me: "My daughter, everything is easy to us because when we find one who gives her human will to live in Ours, we delight to form even in the motion, in the breathing, in the step, new lives which move, breathe and speak. The human will gives us many veils in which we form many of our lives. This is the ultimate expression of our love, and we like it so much that, provided that the human will gives us its little veil, we populate all its acts with the variety of our divine lives. And, then, my Eucharistic Life proves and confirms what I am telling you: aren't, perhaps, the accidents of the Bread like small veils in which I am consecrated, alive and real in body, blood, soul and Divinity? If there are one thousand Hosts, I form my life in each one of them. If there's one Host only, I form one life.
But what does the Host give to me? Nothing. Not one 'I love you'- not a breath, not a heartbeat; not a single step to accompany. I am lonely and many times this loneliness oppresses me - embitters me - and I burst into tears. How heavy it is for me not having one to whom I can say a word. I am in the nightmare of a deep silence. What can the Host give to me? The hiding place in which to hide myself. The tiny little prison to make me, I would almost say... to make me unhappy. But since it is my Will that wants me to remain in each Sacramental Host - and my Will never brings unhappiness, either to Us or to the creatures who live in It - It makes flow in my Sacramental Life our celestial joys, which are inseparable from us. This, from our side, but the Host never gives me anything. It doesn't defend me, it doesn't love me. Now, if I form my lives in the Hosts that give Me nothing, how much more would I form them those who live in my Will.
The difference between my Sacramental lives and the many lives I form in one who lives in my Will is incalculable. It is greater than the difference between Heaven and earth. It is, primarily, that we are never alone, and having company is the greatest joy that delights both the divine and the human life. Now you must know that, as I form my Life in the thought of the creature who lives in my Will, I feel the company of the human intelligence, which courts me and loves me. It comprehends me, placing its memory, intellect and will in my power. Since these three powers were created in our image, I feel our eternal memory - which forgets nothing - given to us for company. I feel the company of my Wisdom, which understands me and also the company of the human will fused with Mine - loving me with my eternal love. How could I not multiply, for each of her thoughts, as many of our lives. When we find her understanding and loving us more, we can say that we find our reward, since the more lives we form, the more we let ourselves be understood. We redouble our love and she loves us more. If we form our life in her word, we find company in her word, and since our Fiat is her own, we also find all the prodigies it operated when our Fiat was pronounced. If we form our life in her breath we find her breath, which breathes together with ours and keeps company with our omnipotent breath which, in creating her, gave her life. If we form our life in her motion, oh!, we find her hands that hug us, squeeze us tightly and don't want to leave us, ever again. If we form it in her steps, they follow us everywhere.
What beautiful company is one who lives in our Will. There is no danger that she may leave us alone - we are mutually inseparable. Therefore living in our Will is the prodigy of prodigies, in which we show off our many different lives; so we let her know who we are, what we can do, and we put the creature in order with us, as we created her. You must know that these, our divine lives, bring with them seas of light and love, seas of Wisdom, beauty and goodness that invest the creature, letting her possess ever increasing light, never ceasing love, understanding Wisdom, ever growing beauty. This is why we love, so much, that the creature live in our Will: because we want to give; we want her to understand us; we want to crowd all the human acts with our divine lives. We don't want to be constrained - repressed in our Divine circle. We have the power to give, but can not. How painful this is. And until the creatures live in our Will, they will always be the little ignorant of our Supreme Being, incapable of learning even the vowels of how much we love them and of how much we can give to them. They will always be our children - dissimilar from Us, who perhaps do not even know Us - degenerate of their Father."

August 28, 1938
How an act in the Divine Will contains all and loves all. How everyone runs in this act. Every act done in

I continue to cross the sea of the Divine Will, in which it seems that all things are mine - light, sanctity, love - and I feel them assailing me from every side, to give themselves to me. And my sweet Jesus, visiting my little soul, told me: "My daughter, don't be surprised. As the creature enters my Will, all created beings feel an irresistible force causing them to run toward one who is operating in my Will, because, in order to operate, my Will wants the courting of all of Its works - first, since It is inseparable from anything It has done; second, because in operating, everything and everyone has to take part in what It does, in order to be able to say, as a matter of fact, 'my act belongs to everyone, it rises to Heaven, delighting all the Celestial regions, then it goes down in the lowest depth of the earth and becomes step, work, word and heart of all.'
If I didn't centralize everything and everyone in my act, the strength of communication would be lacking; the strength that allows everyone to receive my act full of life - that with one act can give life to all, sustain and delight all, do good to all. Therefore when I operate, all things created by me run - enclose themselves in that act, to receive new life, beauty and happiness, and they all feel honored and glorified in my act. When the creature enters my Will and is about to operate - to love - nobody wants to be put aside, so they run; the Most Holy Trinity runs, the Virgin Queen runs, because we want the primacy in that act; and then everyone and everything runs, except those who, ungrateful, not knowing such a good, don't want to receive it. In one act in my Will there can be prodigies so great, that the creature is not able to say them all. In fact, you must know that she does everything that all other creatures should do. If she thinks in my Will, my Will circulates in every creature thought, while she, being in my Will, circulates together with It - giving me the honor, love, glory and adoration of every thought. The creatures don't know anything about it, but I, Who am aware of everything, receive the glory of all created minds. If she speaks in my Will, since mine is the voice of each word, I feel as if I were receiving in return the glory and love of every word. If she walks in my Fiat - the is step of every foot - she gives me the love and the glory of each step, and so on for all the other things.
But the creatures don't know anything about it. Through one living in my Will, I take the glory that they should give me. These are secrets between me and the one who lives in my Will. And there is even more. She gives me the glory and the love that the lost souls should give me. The communicative virtue of my Fiat reaches all, gives all to everyone, and receives all. One who does and gives all has the right to receive from all, but to do so the soul must live in our Volition - united with us, wanting what we want. My Will did this in my Humanity, feeling loved, glorified and satisfied for all in each single act I did. It did this in the Queen of Heaven, and if It hadn't found in her acts, love that loved It for all - glory and satisfaction for all - I, the Eternal Word, wouldn't have found the way to descend from Heaven to earth. Therefore one act in my Will can give me all, love me for all, and make me do the greatest excesses of love and works toward the creatures. And when, in my Will, I find her in the steps of all, loving me in their thoughts and words, my joy is such that, in my emphasis of love, I say to her: you are doing what I did. For this, I call you 'my echo, my love - little echo of my life.'"
Such was the spate of His love while saying this, that He kept silent. Then He added: "My daughter, blessed one, every act done in my Divine Will by the creature is like a day for her; a day full of happiness and of all goods. If she does ten, twenty acts, she acquires so many days. In these days she takes the sky as her own and, being still on earth, she takes the Sun, the wind, the air, the sea as her own. Her nature takes the most beautiful blossoms that never wither. Oh! What a beautiful appearance she will make once in our Celestial Fatherland. For as many acts done in my Will, she will possess as many days - each one with its own different Sun; its blue sky studded with stars; its murmuring sea; its whistling wind - whispering and blowing impetuous, dominating love. Nor will even the most beautiful blossoms be lacking - one different from the other, for as many acts as she has done in my Will. Nothing beautiful and good will be lacking to one who lived in my Eternal Fiat."
Then I continued to wander in the acts of the Divine Will, and my poor mind got lost in the enchantment of Creation. How many wonderful surprises, how many secrets of love are contained in it - and the most beautiful work of the Creation, man. And my Jesus continued: "My daughter, I can call the Creation of beings and the Creation of man 'my two arms', because they were in the Divinity since eternity, and in delivering them I never detached them from me. I considered them as my limbs, in which I let flow the life, the motion, the strength, the creative and preserving virtue. The arm of the Creation of beings serves the arm of the Creation of man, but in that arm, I Myself had to serve man, and I still do it: now with light, now with wind, now with air to make him breathe, now with water to soothe his thirst, now with food to feed him - and even with earth, to let him enjoy the most beautiful blossoms and abundance of fruits. In this arm I put myself at man's service. My love wouldn't let me care about anything else. I ran to Him, through the created things, and carried Him, as if in my arms, so that all things could bring Him joy and Happiness. In this arm I find all things the way I delivered them. Nothing got lost, not even a drop of light. Nothing has changed, everything that was given is in its place of honor giving me the glory of my Eternal love, revealing me Who is the One who created them - my power, my inaccessible light, my unreachable beauty. Each created thing is a story of my Eternal Love and of how much I love the One for whom all things were created.
Now, from the Creation of beings I went to the Creation of man. How much love in creating him. Our Divine Being poured love and, in creating him, our love was flowing, investing every fiber of his heart, every tiny little piece of his bones. Our love laid in his nerves; we made it also flow in his blood; we invested his steps, motion, voice, heartbeat and each one of his love-thoughts. When our love molded him it filled him so much that in every created thing, even in his breath, he had to give us love, just as we loved him in everything. Then our love reached the excess of breathing over him to leave him our love breath. For completion and crowning we created our image in his soul, providing it with memory, intelligence and will, remaining in him as our bearer. Therefore man is united to us as limbs, and we are within him as if in our house. But, how much suffering we receive from him. Our love is not in force; our image is there, but it is not recognized; our house is full of enemies that offend us. We can say that man changed our destiny as well as his own. He turned upside down our designs for him, and he keeps causing pain to our arm, which continues to love him and to give him life.
My daughter, our love wants to reach the greatest excesses; it wants to save our arm, which is man, and put him back in order at any cost. We will be forced by our love to breathe over him again; to cast away his enemies and ours. We will cover him again with our love, letting the life of our Majesty, sanctity, power and wisdom enter into Him. Having our creature in this disorder that dishonors us so much...oh no! We will triumph in man, and the certain sign is that we are manifesting the wonders of our Will as well as how to live in It. If we didn't do so, our power would be altered, as if we were incapable of saving our work - our very arm. This cannot be. It would be as if we were not able to do what we want. Ah no...No! Our love and our Will will conquer and will triumph in everything."

September 5, 1938
The human will, cross of the Divine; the Divine, cross of the human. How in the Divine Will things change, dissimilarities disappear. How Jesus compensates for anything that may be lacking to one who lives in His Will.

I feel the life of the Divine Fiat inside my soul wanting to be my motion, my breath and heartbeat. It wants such a union with the human will that It can be opposed in nothing, otherwise It starts complaining, disappointed, and feeling as if crucified by the human will. Then my beloved one, repeating His short little visit, told me: "My blessed daughter, how much my Will suffers in the creature. It is sufficient to tell you that every time she does her will she crucifies mine. Therefore, the cross of my Will is the human will; but not with three nails, as I was crucified on the cross, rather, with a nail for each time that she opposes my Will. How many times my Will is not recognized; and, while It wants to do good, It is rejected with the nails of ingratitude. How excruciating is this crucifixion of my Will in the creature. How many times It feels as if being nailed by her breath, heartbeat and motion because, not being known as the life of that breath, heartbeat and motion, the human breath, heartbeat and motion become nails for It - preventing It from doing, in them, the good that It wants.
Oh! How my Will feels crucified within the human will. With Its divine motion, It wants to make the day arise inside the human motion, while the creature crucifies the divine motion, causing the night to come, putting light on the cross too. How sorrowed my light feels in being repressed - crucified - put in a state of incapacity by the human will; and this, to give it the life of its sanctity and strength; while the creature, by not accepting it, sticks into it the nail of sin - of her passions and weaknesses. Poor Will of Mine. In what a state of pain and continuous crucifixion It finds Itself in the human will, which just keeps putting our love on the cross - filling with nails all the goods we want to give her. On the other hand, one who lives in my Will, does not crucify my Will; rather, I can say that I become her cross - but this cross is very different. With my cross, my Will knows how to put nails of light, sanctity and love - to strengthen her with our own divine strength. These nails don't give sufferings, rather, they make her happy and beautiful with an enchanting beauty. They are the bearers of great conquests, and one who experiences them feels so happy that he prays to us and begs us to keep him always on the cross with our divine nails. From there, nobody can escape. If the two wills - the human and the divine - are not united, one will form the cross of the other. Further, our love and jealousy are such that we don't leave her free - not even a breath without our nail of light and love - to have her always with us and to say: 'she does what we do and wants what we want.'
You must know that as the creature enters our Will, everything is transformed: darkness is turned into light, weakness into fortitude, poverty into riches, passions into virtue. Her mutation is such that she is not the same as before; her state is no longer one of a most wicked slave, but of a noble Queen. Our divine Being loves her so much that It runs into her acts to do whatever she does, and since our motion is continuous, we move and love her - move and hug her. Our motion moves and kisses her, making her more beautiful and more the saint. In every motion we give from ourselves and, in the emphasis of our love we tell her about our Supreme Being, making known who we are and how much we love her. We identify ourselves in her and she in us. Our Will and her Will are one - to the extent that we feel her in our divine motion, and as she takes what is ours, she loves us with our love; she gives us our inaccessible light to glorify our sanctity - to praise us and say: 'Holy, Holy, Trice Holy are You. You enclose all, You are all.' How beautiful it is to see the human smallness inside of our Will, having in its power our Divine Being, to give it back to us, to love us and glorify us as we want and justly deserve. In our Will the parts become equal, dissimilarities disappear. Our Unity unites everything and everyone, making one the acts of all, to become the act of all."
In hearing this I could understand the sanctity, the beauty and the greatness of living in the Divine Will, and I was thinking to myself: it seems to me difficult to live in It; how can the creature reach this point? The human weaknesses, the circumstances of life, many times, are too painful; the unexpected encounters, the so many difficulties that one doesn't even know what to do - wouldn't all these things lead the creature astray from a life so holy that it would take a perfect attention not to? And my sweet Jesus, continuing His say with such a tenderness that I felt my heart exploding, added: "My little daughter of my Will, my interest and my continuous yearning for the creature to live in my Will is such that, once we've made the agreement, Myself and her, with a firm decision that she must live in my Fiat - this being My Will - I am the first one who makes the sacrifice to obtain the intent, so that she may live in It. I place Myself at her disposal. I give her all the graces, light, love and the very knowledge of my Will, so that she herself has to feel the need to live in It. When I want something, and she promptly accepts doing what I want, I take care of everything; and when she fails for weakness, for inconstancy or for negligence, not for will, I come to compensate, and I do what she was supposed to do, transferring to her what I did as if she had done it.
My daughter, living in my Will is life - not virtue - that I must form. And life needs me, and continuous acts - otherwise it would not be life. At the most it could be a work, which doesn't need either continuous acts or life. Therefore, I do not break the life because of involuntary indisposition or weakness, but I continue it; and it may be that in those same indispositions there is even my Will, allowing those weaknesses; in which case the will of the creature would be running into mine anyway. And then, among everything, I look at the agreement done together - the firm decision taken - against which there has been no other decision. Looking at this, I keep compensating her in anything that is missing. Even more, I redouble the graces. I surround her with new love - with new stratagems of love to make her more attentive, and I provoke in her heart an extreme need to live in my Will, and I pray her to hold It so tight as to always be able to live together with It."

September 11, 1938
One act done in the Divine Will is everything. Jesus grows His life in those who live in It. Horrible state of God in those who live on human will. Every time a creature enters into Our Will we renew Our works.

I feel the sea of the Divine Will always murmuring inside and outside of me, and very often It forms Its waves - very very high ones - and inundates me so much that I feel It as being greater than my life. Oh! Divine Will, how much You love me; so much that You want to give Yourself always, without ceasing, to form Your life in my poor soul. Your love is such that it besieges me with light, love and sighs to obtain the purpose. Then, my always adorable Jesus, taking me by surprise told me: "My blessed daughter, our fulfilled Will encloses all the glory that the creature can give us - the love with which we have to love her and the love with which she must love us. Therefore, in one act of our fulfilled Will, we can say that we've done everything; we have given everything, even ourselves, and we have received everything. In fact, by living in It, we give all to the creature. She takes all, and can give us all. On the other hand, if she does not live in our Will, if our Will is not fulfilled, we can't give everything. She will be incapable of receiving our love or of loving us as much as we want to be loved. We are not happy to give from Ourselves almost in tiny little pieces, as if we were poor. We don't like to half-give our things. Being able to give and not to give is always a suffering for us, our love remains repressed and makes us delirious. This is why we want the soul to live in our Divine Volition: we want to give all, always, without ever ceasing. Our divine Being is never exhausted: the more we give the more we can give, and giving for us is relief and happiness; is expression of love; is communication of the life that we do. My love is so great that I remain in the soul to grow.
Now, having to grow Myself, I watch over her continuously so that what she does may serve to make known and grow my life within her. I use her acts and her love to form my limbs, my Heart, the food to feed myself, and the clothes to cover me and give me warmth. I remain always in the attitude of unifying her motion with mine - her breath with mine - in order to find her motion inside mine and her breath as if it were mine. I let nothing escape me, nothing of what she does, thinks, says, works or suffers, because it has to serve me and make my life grow. Therefore I am always in action, I never give myself any rest. Oh!, how glad I am - how happy I feel to be always busy in my work of making myself grow within her. I did not create the creature so that she would remain isolated - certainly not. She was my work so I had to do it in order to form a work worthy of myself. But if she doesn't live in my Will I don't find the raw material with which to form and grow my life. We live as if far away - as isolated; and loneliness saddens me; silence is heavy. If I am not able to do my work, I have fidgets of love, and I feel like a God made unhappy by His creatures. Therefore my daughter, be attentive, live always in my Will. Give me your acts. Let me work and don't keep me within you as a God Who couldn't and wouldn't know how to do anything. Actually, I have to do the greatest work - growing and forming my Life, which will be so beautiful as to form the sweet enchantment of the whole Celestial Court.
On the other hand, in the creature who doesn't live in our Will our state is horrible. Our life remains as if strangled, broken, divided by the human will, whose acts cannot serve to form and grow our life. Rather, they serve to break it in such a way that one foot is some place, one hand in another, one eye somewhere else. We feel pity for ourselves, being so shattered, since our Will is one; where it reigns, It forms one act out of many, to form one single life. The human will, instead, can only do fragmented acts with no virtue of uniting themselves. Rather, they break our Divine life into pieces within them. There isn't a scene more horrible, that would make even the stones cry, than seeing in the soul who does her will the harrowing way in which she reduces our Life within her; her shameful acts, degenerating from the origin of her creation and dissimilar from the Creator, form the knife that cuts our Divine Life into pieces. What a sorrow for us. How deformed and dishonored our creative work remains - how destroyed our scope for Creation. Ah! If we were capable of pain, the human will would embitter the ocean of our immense joys and happiness."
Then I was following all that the Divine Will did, both in the Creation and in the Redemption, and I found all in action as if everything wanted to give itself to me. My sweet Jesus added: "My daughter, everything that has been done by our Supreme Being is all in action, as if we were in the act of doing it for love of the creatures, since all our works were done for them. Now, the creature that enters our Divine Will finds all the other creatures. All want to give themselves to her, so she, feeling loved, makes them her own, loving them and loving us for all the gifts we give her. In return for each of our gifts she would give us her life in gratitude - in appreciation - and to thank me for all the things we gave her. So, she feels as if receiving the gift of the Sun, of the starry Heaven, of the sea and wind, of the whole Creation - and more, my birth, my tears, my works, my steps, my sufferings and the love with which I loved her and I still do. Oh! how happy she feels, and making all our works and my very life her own, she loves us in the Sun and in all other things, with that same love with which I created it. She loves me in my birth, in my tears, in my steps, in my pains - in everything. Oh! how she delights and glorifies us, and our joy is such that it gives us the opportunity to renew our works, as if we were creating them again. So, our love overflows from us, investing all with new love. Our power is redoubled to sustain all; our Wisdom puts all into order, while our creative work runs through the whole Creation and Redemption to say to the creature: 'everything is yours.'
Every single time you enter into our Will, recognizing these gifts and making them yours, you are giving us the opportunity and the glory as if we were repeating again all that we have done for love of the creatures. Our Will is the repeater of all our works. It repeats them - renews them always in every instant - each time the creature wants to receive them. And while they give themselves, they remain at their place. They give themselves still remaining. By giving themselves they lose nothing, rather, they are more glorified. Therefore be attentive to live always in our Will."

September 18, 1938
How Jesus feels His sufferings being repeated in ours. How He never moves in His works and in His love for us. Example of the flower for those who do not live in Divine Will.

I am in the sea of the Divine Volition among immense bitternesses and the most humiliating humiliations, like a poor condemned; and if it wasn't for Jesus, my support, strength and help, I don't know how I could live. Then my sweet Jesus, sharing my pains, was suffering together with me, and in the ardor of His pains and love told me: "My dear daughter, if you knew how much I suffer, if I let you see it, you would die of pain. I am forced to hide everything - all the torment and the rawness of the pain I feel - not to distress you even more. Know that they didn't condemn you, but Me, together with you. I Myself feel as though being condemned, since condemning good, is condemning Myself. You, however, unite in my Will our condemnation to the one I received when I was crucified and I will give you the merit of my condemnation and all the goods that It produces: It made me die, then It called to life my Resurrection, in which everyone was to find life and resurrection of all goods. With their sentence they believe they can kill what I said on my Divine Will, but I will allow such chastisements and sad events that I will make my truths rise again more beautifully - more majestic, in the midst of the peoples. Therefore, from your side and mine, let's move nothing. Let's keep doing what we have done, even if everybody should be against us.
This is my Divine way: for all evils creatures may do, I never move my works. I always preserve them with my creative power and virtue. For love of those who offend me, I always love them without ceasing. If we never move, our works are accomplished, remaining always beautiful, doing good to all; but if we moved, all things would go into ruin and no good would be accomplished. Therefore, in this too I want you with me - always still, never moving from inside my Will, and doing what you've done until now - attentive to listen to me, to be the narrator of my Will. My daughter, what is not enjoyed today, will be enjoyed tomorrow; what now seems darkness because it finds blind minds, will turn into Sun tomorrow for those who have eyes. How much good they will do. So, let's keep doing what we've done. Let's do what is needed from our side so that nothing may be missing of help, light, good and surprising truth to make my Will known and to make It reign. I will use every means of love, grace and chastisement. I will touch all sides of creatures in order to have my Will reign. When it will seem that the true good is about to die, then, it will rise again more beautiful and majestic."
But while He was saying this He showed me a sea of fire in which the whole world was about to be wrapped. I was shaken, and my adorable Jesus, pulling me towards Himself, told me: "My blessed daughter - courage, don't be afraid. Come into my Divine Will so that Its light may remove from you the sad sight of what is happening in the world, and as I talk to you about my Will, let us soothe the pains that, unfortunately, both of us are suffering. See, how beautiful it is to live in my Will. What I do, the soul does; as she hears my 'I love you', she soon repeats to me 'I love you', and I, feeling loved, transform her so much into Myself that in one voice we say, 'we love everyone, we do good to all, we give life to all.' If I bless, we bless together; we adore and glorify together; we run together to help anyone, and if they offend me we suffer together. Oh!, how happy I am in seeing that a creature never leaves me alone. How beautiful is the company of one who wants what I want, does what I do. The union makes happiness arise - heroism in doing good, tolerance in bearing. Even more, since she is a human creature, belonging to the human family - which does nothing other than send me nails, thorns and pains - not to sadden her, I abstain from sending their deserved chastisement, while finding in this creature my hiding place and my desired company. I know that she would be sad if I punished them as they deserve. Therefore, never leave me alone. Loneliness is one of the hardest and most intimate pains of my Heart. Not having one to whom to say a word both in sufferings and joys makes me so delirious of pain and love that, if you could experience it, you would die of pure pain.
This is exactly not living in my Will: leaving me alone. The human will takes the creature away from her Creator, and as she goes, peace leaves while anxiety take its place within her - tormenting her. Lack of strength debilitates her; beauty fades away; good dies while evil arises; passions keep her company. Poor creature without my Will, into what an abyss of miseries she throws herself. It happens as to the flower which, not being watered, feels as if it's losing its life. It becomes faded - bends on its own stem, and waits for death; and if the Sun enwraps it, finding it with no water, It burns it and dries it completely. Such is the soul without my Will. She is like a soul with no water. My very truths which are brighter than the Sun, not finding her watered by the life of my Will, burn her even more - blinding her, so she is incapable of understanding them in order to receive the good and the life they possess. She even reaches the excess of making war on good and against my very truths which bring life to the creatures. Therefore, I want you always in my Will so that neither of us suffer the hard pain of loneliness."

September 27, 1938
The sea as symbol of the Divine Will. How seas of joys were flowing close to the pains of Jesus. The power of innocent suffering. The manifested truth as a new Creation.

I am always in the sea of the Divine Will and my pains and bitterness are unspeakable. I let them flow into It, so that they may be invested by Its light and turn into light for me. Then my sweet Jesus, visiting my little soul, all goodness told me: "My blessed daughter, the sea gives room to all the things that dive into it. It gives room to the fish, keeping them submerged in its waters, giving them everything they need to survive. The fish are most fortunate and rich because they miss nothing, living always in the sea; but if they went out of the sea they would lose their lives. The sea receives anyone, taking all inside its waters. If the sailor wants to cross the sea to go to different regions, the water of the sea receives the ship, becomes its way, accompanying him, never leaving him alone until he reaches his destination. Everybody can find a place in the sea. Such is my Will: everyone can find a place in It, and with unspeakable love, It becomes life of all - the way to guide them, light to dissolve the darkness of life, strength to sustain them. It never leaves them alone. It wants to do together with them whatever they do. Oh! How saddened It becomes in seeing Its creature outside of Its sea, because It sees them so ugly, dirty and dissimilar as to be disgusting. Therefore the most fortunate ones are those who live in my Will. They are brought on the lap of Its waves and, provided that they live in it, It will take care of all that is needed for their good."
After this, I followed my Jesus in His pains, uniting mine to His and receiving their strength to sustain mine which kept me crushed. Then my dear Jesus added with unspeakable tenderness: "My blessed daughter, I suffered unheard-of pains; but close to these pains, seas of joys, of endless happiness were flowing. I could see the good they were going to produce. I could see, enclosed in them, the souls that were going to be saved; and since my pains were filled with love, they matured with their heat the most beautiful sanctities, the most difficult conversions, the most astonishing graces. In my pains I felt excruciating sufferings, which gave me the most ruthless and cruel death; but also seas of joys that sustained me and gave me life. If I were not sustained by the joys contained in my sufferings, the torment was so much I would have died at the first pain I suffered - I could not have prolonged my life. Now, your pains are not only similar to mine but I can say that they are mine. If you knew how much I suffer. I feel their rawness - their torment - embittering me to the depth of my Heart, but in these pains I also see seas of joy flowing, which will make my Will rise again more beautiful and majestic in the middle of the creatures. You don't know what an innocent pain suffered on my behalf means. It can form by its power seas of graces, light and love for the benefit of all. If it wasn't for these innocent pains which sustain my Justice, I would send to ruin the whole world. Therefore, don't lose heart my daughter, trust me and I will take care of everything, to defend the rights of my Will and to make It reign.
I can say that everything I said regarding my Will is like a new Creation - more beautiful, more various, more majestic than the Creation that everybody sees. Oh!, how this visible creation remains behind It. As it is impossible for men to destroy or suffocate the light of the Sun, to stop the impetuosity of the wind or the air that everybody breathes, or to make of everything a pile of ruins - in the same way, they cannot suffocate, much less, destroy what I have said. This is a new, speaking Creation, and each truth carries the seal of our divine life. So, in the truth I have manifested to you there are speaking Suns, speaking and overwhelming winds in my Will - to the extent of besieging the creature with the empire of its power. In these truths there exist my various beauties which will enrapture the creatures; the seas of love by which they will be continuously inundated and which will win all hearts to love me with their sweet murmuring. In these truths I placed all the possible imaginable goods: love which conquers, enraptures, sweetens and shakes. Nothing is missing to dominate the creature and to make my Will descend with decorum and majesty, together with the army of my truths - to make It reign among them. And the creature won't be given the chance to shut out this new Creation of mine. I will know how to guard It and defend It.
Moreover, my daughter, this new Creation costs me the work, not of six days, but of fifty years and more. How could I ever permit It to be repressed - not to have Its life, or to come to light? This would be as if I had not enough power, which cannot be. I will know how to protect them. Not single a word will be touched or destroyed - it costs me too much; and when things cost a lot, all the means, all the arts are used - even one's own life - in order to obtain the purpose. Therefore let me accomplish the job of this new Creation and do not worry about what they say or do. These are the usual human volubilities: at one wind's blow they see black, at another blow they take off the bandage and see white. I will know how to take over everyone and unleash the aggressive army of my truths to dominate the creature. It takes patience from my side and from your side; so, without moving, let's go forward."

October 2, 1938
How the Kingdom of the Divine Will is a Decree which must come on earth. How It has to sweep the earth. The Queen of Heaven prays and cries. The Divine Will is like the lymph for the plants.

I am always in the Divine Will, although in inexpressible bitternesses, as if they wanted to muddy Its sea; but this sea of the Fiat forms Its waves and, covering and hiding me inside of Itself, sweetens my bitterness - gives me back strength and makes me continue my way in Its Will. Its power is such as to reduce to nothing my bitterness, making rise again from within itself Its life full of sweetness, all beautiful and majestic; and I adore It, I thank It, I pray It never to leave me alone and abandoned. Then my sweet Jesus, repeating His little visit told me: "My good daughter, courage. If you lose heart you will lose the strength to live always in my Will. Don't worry about what they say and do. Our victory is in the fact that they cannot prevent us from doing what we want to do. So, I can talk to you about my Divine Will and you can listen; no power can obstruct this. All that I tell you about my Will is nothing other than the accomplishment of Our decree, established since eternity in the council of our Most Holy Trinity: our Will must have Its Kingdom on earth. Our decrees are infallible, nothing can prevent them from being fulfilled. Just as Creation and Redemption were Our decrees, so Our decree is the Kingdom of Our Will on earth! Therefore, in order to fulfill this decree I have to manifest the goods contained in It - Its qualities, Its beauties and marvels. Here is the necessity I had to talk to you so much: to accomplish this decree.
Daughter, I wanted to do this, by winning man through my love, but human perfidy does not allow me. Therefore I will use Justice. I will sweep the earth, I will take away all the harmful creatures who, like poisoned plants, poison the innocent plants. Once I have purified everything, My Truths will find the way to give to the survivors the life, the balm and the peace that They contain; and everybody will receive Them, giving them the kiss of peace, to the confusion of those who did not believe in Them and even condemned Them. My Truths will reign and I will have my Kingdom on earth: my Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven. Therefore, once again, let's not move in anything. Let's do our way and we will sing victory; they can do their way, in which they will find confusion and shame of themselves. It will happen to them as to the blind, who don't believe in the light of the Sun because they don't see it: they will remain in their blindness, while those who see it will enjoy and show off the goods of the light with complete happiness."
Jesus remained silent. My poor mind was troubled by the so many evils which invest and will invest the earth. In the meantime the Sovereign Queen made herself seen, with her eyes all red, as if bleeding for so much crying. What a heartbreak, in seeing my Heavenly Mother crying. Then, with her maternal tone, with inexpressible tenderness - crying - she told me: "Dearest daughter of mine, pray together with me. It breaks my heart to see the chastisements that will invest the whole humanity. The volubility of the Leaders - today they say something, tomorrow something else - will throw the peoples in a sea of pains, and of blood too. Poor children of mine! Pray my daughter, don't leave me alone in my suffering. May all happen for the triumph of the Divine Will."
Then I was following the Divine Will in Its acts, all abandoned in Its arms, when my sweet Jesus continued: "My daughter, as the creature enters our Will to make It her own, It makes Our Will her own, and we make her will Our own. In everything she does, loving, adoring, working, suffering and praying, our Will forms Its divine seed in her acts. Oh! how beautiful, fresh and saintly she grows. Our Will is like the lymph for the plants. If there is lymph in the plants they grow beautifully - green, thick of leaf, producing mature, big, tasty fruits; but if the lymph begins to be missing, the poor plant loses the green - the leaves fall; she can't produce her nice fruits, so in the end it dries up. The lymph is like the soul of the plant, like the vital humors that sustain the plant and make it bloom. Such is the soul without my Will. It loses the principle, the life, the soul of the good; it loses the vegetation, the freshness, the strength; it becomes faded, moronic, weak and ends up losing the seed of good. If you knew how much I pity a soul who lives without my Will. I could call her 'the painful scene of the creation.' I, Who created all things with such beauty and harmony, am forced, because of human ingratitude, to see the most beautiful creatures I made, poor, weak, covered with wounds - to move to pity. And still, my Will is at everyone's disposal. It is not denied to anybody. Only those who reject It, who, ungrateful, do not want to know It, voluntarily deprive themselves of It. Great pain for Us."

October 10, 1938
The Creation as the first field of action of God. Fields of action: those who live in His Will. How God cannot refuse anything to one who lives in It.

I am always in the sea of the Supreme Fiat, and Its love is such that It cannot contain it, so It wants to show to Its creature new surprises of this love - how much it loved her and still does. If It finds a loving creature, It makes arise new love, to let her touch with her own hand Its unstoppable, always new and growing love. Then my always adorable Jesus, repeating His short little visit, all goodness told me: "My little daughter of my Divine Will, you must know that our first field of action was the Creation. This was a labor that we kept in our Divine womb since eternity. We loved man in every created thing that we were to deliver to daylight. It was only for Him, because we loved Him much, that we had decreed to create many things; to form for him the light of the day; the blue vault that was never to fade away; a flowered earth as pavement; and then, the greatest thing: the concentration of our love in each created thing which had to serve Him as our lap; to carry Him in our arms; to delight Him and give Him continuous life.
Do you know the reason for all these preparations; to the extent of making Us go out of Ourselves, as if into a field of action, to work for the love of who had to let Our Will reign? For such a great work we wanted our reward - our divine scope - which man and all created things had to keep as life and rule, feeding it with our Will. This field of action still lasts; our love still runs at incredible speed, because we are not subject to change; we are immutable, and what we do once, we do always. Still, even with such an extended field of action - so much work, so much love palpitating in every created thing and in every fiber of man - Our scope, Our Will reigning and dominating in the heart of man, has not yet been fulfilled. Could we ever form a field so extended, and still maintain it at work, without obtaining the purpose? This could never be. The fact that the Creation is still enduring is the certain sign that the Kingdom of my Will will have Its life and full triumph in the midst of the creatures. We do not know how to do useless things; rather, we first establish with highest Wisdom the good, utility and glory that we have to receive, and then we act. Now, I want to tell you of another surprise. As the creature enters our Will to let It reign, we put ourselves again in this field of action; we renew our work, and only for her do we centralize our new love in each created thing. Then, in the emphasis of our love, we say to her: 'see how much we love you. Only for you do we develop our field of action. Only for do you we repeat all our works.'
Be all ears and you will hear something: our new love notes tell you how we love you; how you are covered and hidden in our love. Oh!, the happiness, the joys that you give us; to the extent that we can repeat our field of action for the one who lives in our Will, and who does not want to know anything other than our Will. Now, the whole Creation as well as Ourselves, finding in her our Will, recognize her as our daughter. Since our Will gives her the right over all, the whole Creation remains centralized within her, and she within Us, so that she becomes inseparable from all created things. Our field of action finds here its reward, the return for our work.: this one creature, living in our Will, works together with us; she wants to do what we do and love us with equal love. Since it is one Will which animates us, there can be no dissimilarity or disparity. We no longer feel isolated inside the field of Creation - we have our company. This is our triumph, our victory, and the greatest good we can ever give to the creatures.
Furthermore, although the Creation surrounds her on the outside, we develop our field of action in the interior of her soul, creating in her the brightest Suns, the most beautiful stars, winds which blow continuous loves, seas of graces - divine and balsamic air. And she receives all, freeing us in our field of action; our true Creation, which was never opposed to anything we wanted to do, and in which all our works found their place. So, we can place all our most beautiful works within the soul who lives in our Will, and our Will prepares for us the space in which to place them. Therefore, our field of action never ends in those who live in our Fiat. Be attentive then, to receive what we want to make of you."
After this He added with a love which I cannot express: "My daughter, the interest that most concerns us and our most assiduous attention is on the soul who lives in our Will. We are all eyes over her. It seems that we neither know how, nor can we do anything if we don't extend our operating and creative virtue over her. Our love leads us to watch her to see what she wants to do. If she wants to love our creative virtue, we create our love in the depth of her soul; if she wants to know us, we create our knowledge; if she wants to be saint, our creative virtue creates sanctity. In sum, our creative virtue is ready to create any good she wants, so that she can feel in herself the nature and the life of that good. We neither can nor do we want to refuse anything to one who lives in our Will. It would be as though denying something to our own Will - denying it to Ourselves. It would be too hard not using our creative virtue for Ourselves. See then, the high, noble and sublime point at which one who is in our Will lives. Therefore, be attentive; do not care about anything except living in It, and you will feel our creative and operating virtue."
October 12, 1938
One who lives abandoned in God finds in Him her Paternity, refuge and hiding place. The Fiat as support and Life of the whole Creation. How God winds up one who lives in It.

I am in the arms of the Divine Volition, although under the nightmare of the hardest sufferings, so as to move to pity the whole Heaven and make It run to my rescue - to give me strength in such a painful state. My Jesus help me, do not abandon me, I feel like succumbing. How hard my state is. As I was saying this my sweet Jesus, more tenderly than the most tender Mother, stretched His arms out to me and squeezed me, and uniting His tears to mine, all goodness told me: "Poor daughter of mine, your pains are Mine, and I suffer together with you. Therefore courage, abandon yourself in me and you will find the strength for you sufferings. The soul who abandons herself in me grows like a baby who is kept under the care of his Mommy, who swaddles him to let his members be strengthened, feeds him with her milk, holds him in her arms, kisses him, caresses him; and if he cries she mixes her tears with those of her baby. So, the mother is the life of her baby. Oh!, if the little one didn't have his Mother, how badly he would grow without the one who feeds him with her milk; without clothing - without her warmth. He would grow sickly, weak and lonely, only a miracle can make him survive. Such is the soul who lives abandoned in my arms. She has her Jesus, who is more than a Mother for her. I feed her with the milk of my graces; I swaddle her with the light of my Will, so that she may be strengthened and confirmed in good; I keep her cuddled to my chest, so that she may feel only my love and the ardent beats of my Heart; I rock her in my arms. If she cries I cry with her, so that I feel my life as being more hers, while she grows together with me, and I do with her what I want. On the other hand, one who doesn't live abandoned in me lives as though isolated, without milk, with nobody to take care of her existence.
The soul who lives abandoned in me finds the refuge from her sufferings; the hiding place in which to hide so that nobody can touch her. If anybody wants to touch her, I will know how to defend her, because touching the one who loves me is even more than touching myself. I hide her in me, and I confound those who want to strike the one who loves me. I love the one who lives abandoned in me so much that I make of her the greatest portent, so as to astonish the whole of Heaven and to leave all confused those who believed they could strike her and leave her covered by shame and humiliation. Let's not add this to the many pains we already suffer, since it would be the most painful one: you, not living all abandoned in me, and I in you. My daughter, let them say and do, as long as they don't touch our union. Nobody can enter into our secrets, in the abysses of my love; nor can they stop me from doing what I want with my creatures. Let us live, one Will, and all things will be fine between you and me."
Then He added, with even more tender love: "My blessed daughter, my Fiat is the support of the whole Creation. Everything is placed upon It; there is nothing that is not animated by Its power. If it wasn't for my Fiat, all things, even the creatures, would be nothing other than many painted pictures or inanimate statues, incapable of generating, vegetating or reproducing any good. Poor Creation! If it wasn't for my Will..., and still, they don't want to recognize It. What great pain!, being the life of all and feeling suffocated in things created by Us because they do not know Us. What bitterness. If it wasn't for our love and if we were able to change, we would withdraw our Will from everyone and everything, and all would be reduced to nothing. But since we are immutable and we know with certainty that our Will will be known, wanted, loved, and that everyone will possess It more than their own life, We wait for It to be recognized - with invincible patience, a patience that only our Divinity can possess. All this, we do with judgment and our Highest Wisdom, since we do not do useless things. If we do, it is because we want our reward, which is receiving glory and honor from all our works, even from the most tiny little flower in the field. If this was not the case, we would be like a God who didn't know how to appreciate or to give the right value to our works. Therefore, it is Our Justice that Our Will be known as life of all, so that we fulfill the scope for which we made the whole Creation.
Now, you must know that as the creature wants to do our Will and enters It, she remains rehabilitated in It. She is rehabilitated in sanctity, in purity, in love; she rises again in the beauty and in the scope with which we created her, dissolving all the evils of the human will. She starts the life of good. As soon as my Will sees that the soul wants to live in It, It does like one does with the clock which is not working: by winding it, it starts ticking, showing the hours and the minutes, becoming the guide of man's days. In the same way, my Will, as she enters It, seeing her stopped in the good of the human will, gives her a divine winding, so that the whole being, human and spiritual, feels the new life and the virtue of this winding by which she feels invested. This divine winding runs in the mind, in the heartbeat, in everything; so that, with irresistible strength, she runs in all that is holy and good. This winding ticks the minutes and the eternal hours of the divine life in the soul. Oh! how she runs in all that is divine. We rehabilitate her in everything. We let her run everywhere in the immensity of our sea, to do and take the things she wants; and although she cannot embrace all our immensity, she still lives in our sea, feeding herself on it, acquiring more of our beauty, wearing the clothes of our Will. In our sea she finds rest, the chaste embraces of her Jesus, His reciprocal love, sharing with Him joys and pains, and growing always in the good. My Will becomes her life for her - her predominant passion. Our winding makes her run so much that she even forms her own little Divine Royal Palace within our sea, which will be populated by the Most Holy Trinity, Who delights in this fortunate creature, filling her always with new graces and gifts. Therefore, cherish in your heart to live in our Fiat, so that We may find in you the joys and the glory of the whole Creation - the scope for which We created it."

October 26, 1938
The effects of disturbance. The little ill one in the Divine Will. One who lives in the Divine Will forms the support for her Creator, so the Holy Trinity secures Its interests.

My poor being feels the extreme need to live in the Divine Will. The bitterness and the pains that invade me are such that I feel as if they wanted to tear out the divine Fiat from inside of me. I feel, more than ever, the desire to live in It. But with all the efforts I make to live abandoned in Its arms, I still can't do without feeling embittered, stunned, disturbed by the many troubles and hard pains that surround me, so much that I can't take it anymore. My Jesus, Celestial Mother, help me. Can't you see that I am about to succumb? If you don't hold me in your arms, if you don't continue to inundate me with the waves of your Divine Volition, I tremble and fear. What will happen to me? Please, don't leave me! Don't abandon me to myself in such a hard state. But as I was thinking this, my always adorable Jesus ran to sustain me in His arms, and all goodness told me: "My good daughter, do not fear, courage; I won't leave you. I cannot leave you. The chains of my love tie me to you and make us inseparable; but then, why do you fear to be leaving my Will? Just as to enter It, it took a firm resolute act of wanting to live in It, in the same way, to get out of It, it would take another firm and resolute act; and you didn't do this, neither will my daughter ever do it, will you?
All I want is that you do not let yourself be surprised by any disturbance. It pales you, it makes you lose freshness, it debilitates your strength, it makes you lose the liveliness of the light of the Fiat; so my love remains repressed, attention loses its pace, and although you are in my Will, you stay there as if inside a house in which you don't bother doing your duties - to decorate it, put it in order and give it all the sumptuousness that befits it. So, being troubled like this in my Will, you don't pay attention to receiving my creative and operating act; you are as if idle. But, courage then; since your pains are because of me, we keep you in our Will as the little ill one. I am the first who suffers with you, since your pains are mine and I suffer more than you; I am like your nurse; I assist you, I make your bed out of my arms, and I place my pains around you to strengthen you. Our Mother and Queen runs to put you on her lap, to protect her little ill daughter. Since one who operated in my Will brought glory and joy to all Heaven, all the Angels and Saints run around our little infirm one to assist her and serve her needs, in our Will. But they cannot enter into strange things that do not belong to Us. Even the pains must be our pains, otherwise they can't find the way to enter them. Therefore, courage, all that I want is that you be at peace. How many times I too, under the press of hard pains, became infirm, and the Angels ran to sustain me. Even my Heavenly Father, in seeing me in excruciating pains, ran to me and took me in His arms to strengthen my groaning Humanity. And how many times my Mother fell ill in my Will, in seeing the sufferings of her Son - to the point of feeling as though dying - and I ran to sustain her, holding her to my Heart, not letting her succumb. All I want is courage and peace. Don't trouble yourself too much, and I'll take care of everything."
Then He added: "My daughter, you don't know yet all the good the creature receives by living in my Will, and the great glory she gives to her Creator. Every act she does in It is a leaning of God on the creature, leaning His power of love and of sanctity. The more acts she repeats the more we trust her and the more we can lean on what is ours, since our Will is there, giving capacity and strength to the creature to receive what we want to give. But if we don't find our Will and her acts repeated in It, we don't know where to lean; she doesn't have strength, capacity, or the space in which to receive our gifts and graces, so that I can trust her. Poor creature, without our Will. She, the true citadel, without doors and without sentries to defend it - exposed to all the dangers. If we want to give, it would be like exposing our gifts and our very life to uselessness and to the danger of receiving offenses and ingratitude, so that they make us turn gifts and graces into chastisements.
You have to know that when the creature does our Will, we settle our interests. We never operate to our disadvantage: first we secure the interests - our glory - and then we operate; otherwise it would be as if we didn't have heart for our sanctity, or as if we did not appreciate our gifts or what we do, or as if we didn't know ourselves - our power and our ability. Who would ever start an enterprise without first securing his interests? Nobody. It may happen that, by disgrace, his enterprise suffers some losses, but by having thought of securing his interests first, he won't have to leave his situation - he can maintain his status. But if he hadn't put his interests in a safe place, he could reduce himself to starvation. This is why we want the creature in our Will: because we want to secure our concerns - what we give of love, sanctity, goodness, and all the rest. Our Divine Will takes charge of having them returned to us in as many divine acts - we gave divine love, she gives us divine love back. Our Will transforms the creature into our sanctity and goodness, and makes her give us back holy and good acts. Therefore, even her breath, her motion and her steps are pure and holy. We feel in her acts their similarity with Ours, because they are rendered so by our Will. So when we receive from the creature what is ours, made divine by our Fiat, our interest is settled; our love celebrates, our glory triumphs, and we prepare new surprises of love, gifts, graces. When our interest is returned, we don't mind about anything. We abound. So much that the Heavens overflow."

October 30, 1938
How We redouble Our love to the creature who loves in Our Will. Astonishment of Heaven. How the creature acquires the right to judge.

My little walk in the Divine Will continues, even though it seems that I do it with difficulty, step after step. But my Jesus seems to be satisfied, as long as I don't deviate, getting out of His Fiat. I can say that I am really ill, because of the many painful incidents of my poor existence - this is why He is happy with the little I do. However, He never stops pushing me and attracting me, telling me new surprises about His Will, to make me restart my flight. So, visiting my little soul, He told me: "My blessed daughter of my Will, how I yearn for the soul to live in our divine Will. I am so pleased when she repeats her acts in It that I go on preparing new gifts, graces, love and knowledge, to make her know my Will more and more, and to make her appreciate and esteem the celestial residence in which she had the great honor to reside. Therefore, if she loves I redouble my love for her; and if she returns to love me I always come back with new love, to surprise her; so much so, that the creature feels inundated and, confused. She repeats: 'is it possible that a God loves me so much?' And as she says so, taken by the ardor of my love, she returns to love me and I, again, surprise her with my love. It is like a contest of love - the human smallness which harmonizes with the love of her Creator. And she doesn't love me only for herself. Her love is such that she loves me for everyone and everything. Then, what does my Fiat do?
By Its power and immensity, It puts wings on this love we gave to the creature, making it soar everywhere. We feel that she loves us in each step, motion, thought, word and heartbeat of all the creatures. She loves us in the sun, wind, air and sea; there is nothing in which she doesn't love us. Oh! how happy and glorified we feel that the creature loves us in all and everywhere. For this, not only do We love her, but We love all creatures with new love. At an act of love in my Will, such great prodigies happen that the Heavens compete to be spectators and enjoy the new surprises of our love. Our very Divinity waits with unspeakable joy for the creature to enter into our Will to love us - to be able to show off our love - to feel loved by all. We unleash our love, to become her life, and not only our love: as the creature goes repeating her acts in our Fiat, we unleash new power, goodness and wisdom, so that she will feel animated by new power, goodness and wisdom. All will take part in it, and We will have the joy of seeing the human creatures (generations) being invested by our new power, goodness and wisdom. What wouldn't we make of this creature who lives in our Will?
We even reach the extent of giving her the right to judge together with us, and if we see that she suffers because the sinner is under a rigorous judgment, to soothe her pain we mitigate our just chastisements. She makes us give the kiss of forgiveness, and to make her happy we say to her: 'poor daughter, your are right. You are Ours and belong also to them. You feel in you the bonds of the human family, therefore you would want that we forgive everybody. We'll do as much as we can to please you, unless he despises or refuses our forgiveness.' This creature in our Will is the new Esther wanting to rescue her peoples. Oh! how happy we are to keep her always with us in our Will because, through her, we feel more inclined to use mercy, to concede graces, to forgive the most obstinate sinners, and to abbreviate the pains of the purging souls. Poor daughter! She has a thought for everyone, and a pain similar to ours, seeing the human family swimming in our Will without recognizing It - living in the middle of enemies in the most wretched misery."
Then He added: "My daughter, you must know that as the creature recognizes our Will, she loves It, wanting to make her life in It. So she pours into her God, and God pours into her. With this pouring from both sides, God makes the creature His own, making her take part in all His acts, resting in her, feeding her, making her grow more and more in His acts - and the creature makes God her own, feeling Him everywhere, taking her sweet rest in the One she loves and Who forms her life. God is All for her. Further, as the creature does her act in our Fiat, we feel her bond with all created beings. In that act she wants to give us everyone and everything; it seems she makes all beings visit us, so all may recognize us, love us and fulfill their duties towards their Creator. She makes up for all, loves for everyone and everything. Nothing can miss in one act done in our Will, otherwise we cannot say it is our act. Our Will, for decorum and honor, offers to the creature all that she should give us and do to us; It offers all the other creatures and the whole of Creation, as if it was her right.
If we didn't find in our Will, in which the creature operates, all the glory, honor and the return we deserve for having given life to all, and for having created many things to maintain these lives, where could we find it? Our Will is diffused in all, It is love and support for all; and our greatest glory is that the creature who lives in our Will gives It the opportunity to make her do what each creature should do to give of glory and compensation for having been created. We knew that the creature was limited. Her littleness couldn't give us either complete love or complete glory; therefore, we exposed our divine Being - the power of our Will - in order to receive what was due to us. The creature living in our Will was to be a guarantee of love and glory from all, through her. Therefore, these are the rights we demand: that she live in It. We demand rights of Creation, of Redemption, rights of Power, justice, immensity, so that, at least, what she can't do by herself, she does united with our Will. Then we can say: 'the creature loves us - she glorifies us as we want and deserve.' Therefore, if you want to give us all, and love us for all, live always in my Will - so We'll find everything and our rights will be satisfied."

November 6, 1938
One act in the Divine Will encloses and embraces all. All that the creature has to do is in God. How the human acts find the Divine acts.

My poor mind feels transported by a Supreme force in the sea of the Divine Will, and no matter how I travel around in It I can never do it all. Its immensity is such that my littleness cannot see it or embrace it all, and no matter how long I walk, because of Its great immensity, I seem to have done only a few steps. So I remained amazed, and my sweet Jesus, surprising me with His short little visit, told me: "My good daughter, my immensity is unreachable. The creature can never embrace it all, and no matter how much we give her of ourselves, she is like 'little drops', compared to our immensity. It is sufficient to say that even one single act of our Will is so huge as to surpass all possible imaginable beings; It encloses and embraces everyone and everything. Therefore, when the creature offers her act to be invested by our Will, the glory we receive is so great that it occupies the whole Creation. The Creation, in fact, is without reason, while the act in which the creature lets Us operate, has the fullness of the human reason which, invested by the Divine reason, surpasses Heaven, Sun - and all else.
So, if the glory we receive is great, the love we receive in return is almost incredible, and the good that the creature receives is incalculable. As soon as she gives us her act and we make it ours, all things want to give themselves to her: the Sun with its track, the Heaven with its immensity, the wind with its power and empire. All things find a place in that act and want to donate themselves so that their God may be glorified with the fullness of the human reason which they do not possess." Then Jesus was silent. And I was thinking to myself: how is it possible that just upon entering the Divine Will our acts acquire such a good? Then Jesus added: "My daughter, this happens in a simple and natural way, because our Divine Being is very, very simple - as well as our acts. Now, you must know that everything good the creature was supposed to do, has been done, formed and fed by our divine Volition; one can say that her acts existed, exist and will exist in It - they are as if lined up in order, each with its place in our Will. Even more, they are first formed in us and then, in time, we deliver them to light.
Now, upon entering our Will, the soul finds that which is already hers, and we want her to take it; so, the human acts find our divine acts, established by us for her. They fling themselves - they transform themselves - kissing and locking themselves inside our divine acts - possessing them already. So the human becomes divine. Since our divine act is great and immense, the human act, so small, feels as if it is dissolving in the divine - as if it is losing its life. But this is not true. The little life exists, the human reason is dissolved in Ours, locked in Ours, occupied by Ours, with great honor for itself and great glory for Us, Who gave Ourselves to the creature. Playing with the little atom of the human will we make such prodigies of love, glory and sanctity as to astonish the whole of Heaven and earth. We feel rewarded for having created the creature with the whole Creation.
You must know that everything the creature does in our Will remains written in our Fiat with indelible characters of light. These are acts that, with their infinite value, will have the power to give the creature her kingdom. Therefore we wait for these acts to be performed. They will return so much love and glory to us, and so many graces to the living creatures, as to even up the sides, between Creator and creature, and let our Will reign in the middle of the human family. One act in our Will is so great that We can do and give everything."
After this He added: "My daughter, as the soul enters my Will, she finds all the truths that I manifested to her and that she has learned about my Will. When they were revealed to her she received the seed of each of them, so she feels their possession. Now, as she enters It, she feels those truths within herself but she also finds them in my Fiat. They are like many Queens who take her by the hand and bring her higher up in God - by letting themselves be more known, and by giving her new light and graces. My truths form the ascent through which to reach God, and God, seeing this creature rising toward His arms, feels so much love that He then descends into the depth of the creature to delight in His truths, and to strengthen and instruct her on how she has to live her life in those truths which she has learned. We can say that the soul and God form a Divine society, working together and loving with one love. Now, you must know that the acts done in my Will unite all times making one single time - there is no distance among them. They are so much centered within each other that, although innumerable, they form as one; so much so, that within my Will one loves and adores, uniting all times. They are found all together with the very acts that innocent Adam did when he loved and worked in the divine fields of our Fiat. All acts are incorporated with the acts of love of our Supreme Being, which have the power to center themselves in all - to take their place of honor everywhere. They can say: ' wherever my Will is, that is our place.'
These acts done in our Will are provided with divine value. Each one possesses a new happiness - a new joy - so that the creature can form in her own acts innumerable joys, content and endless happiness; she can form by herself a Paradise of delights and beatitudes in addition to the one that her Creator will give her. This is natural, because when my Will operates within Us as well as in the creature, It makes rise the fullness of Its joys and delights, investing all It does. Possessing by nature ever new seas of infinite joys, It cannot operate without generating new joys and delights. Therefore, all things done in my Volition, acquire by Its virtue the joys of the celestial creatures, the inseparability of all the goods. All times are mine and I make only one time out of them. What a joy in being able to say: 'I myself formed my own Paradise, because the divine Fiat worked together with me.'"

November 13, 1938
How the truths on the Divine Will will form the regime, the law, the fierce army. The knowledge will open eyes for the possession of such a good. The seal of the Most Holy Trinity as a sign to know whether we live in the Divine will.

My flight in the divine Volition continues. I can't do without It, I would feel as if I myself were killing my own soul. Heaven is watching me, and how could I live without my life? Then, I was thinking to myself about the truths that Jesus told me about His Holy Divine Will, but like I wanted to raise doubts, not understanding well. So I said to myself: how is it possible that one can reach such a point by living in the Divine Volition? And my beloved Jesus, surprising me, all goodness said: "My blessed daughter, do not be surprised; my Will has the power to let the creature reach every place, as long as she remains with It. Now, you must know that Its kingdom will be formed and founded on the truths I have manifested. The more truths I manifest, the more sumptuous, beautiful, majestic and superabundant in goods and joys this kingdom will be. My truths will form the regime, the laws, the food, the fierce army, the defense and the very life of those who will live in It. Each of my truths will have its own distinct office: one will be the Master; one the most loving Father; one the most tender Mother who carries her daughter on her lap to protect her from every danger, rocking her in Her arms, feeding her with Her love, clothing her in light. In sum, every truth will be the bearer of a special good.
See how this kingdom of my Will will be; I have been talking so much about It. I feel sorry when you are not attentive enough to write everything, because you will cause an additional good to be missing, since creatures will enjoy according to their knowledge. Knowledge will reveal the life, the light and the good for them to possess. It is almost impossible to possess a good without knowing it. It would be as if they had no eyes to see, no intelligence to understand, no hands to work, no feet to walk, and no heart to love. On the other hand, the first thing knowledge does is to give them eyes, to prevent them from being like the poor blind. It lets them look, understand and desire the good and the life it wants to give them. Furthermore, the knowledge of my truths becomes, itself, the actor and spectator transmitting its own life to the creature.
Now, you must know that the acts done in my Will are inseparable, although distinct among themselves - distinct in their sanctity, in their beauty, in love and in wisdom. They will carry the seal of the Most Holy Trinity, for while the divine persons are distinct among each other, they remain inseparable: one is the Will, one the sanctity, one the beauty, and so forth. In the same way, these acts will be inseparable yet distinct, enclosing within themselves the seal of the Supreme Holy Trinity, One and Three, Three and One. Even more, these acts will possess It as their own life. They will be the greatest glory for Us, and the whole of Heaven, in seeing in them our divine Lives being multiplied for as many acts performed in our Will."
Then, I was thinking to myself: how can one know whether he is living in the Divine Will? My sweet Jesus added: "My daughter, it's easy to know it. You must know that, when my Fiat reigns in the soul, It keeps Its act in continuous operation. It cannot be present and not do something. It is life, and It must breathe, move, palpitate, make itself heard. It must have its primary operating act so the creature feels Its empire, and follows Its acts, almost continuously, in the Divine Will. Therefore, continuation is a sure sign that one lives in It. With this continuation, he feels the need of Divine breathing, motion and attitude. Therefore, if he stops his continuous acts he feels as though he is missing life, motion and everything else. Soon he restarts his continuous acts, because he knows that it would cost too much to do otherwise. It would cost him divine life, and one who has possessed It can hardly let It go.
Now, what is this action of the creature in the Divine Will? It is the sequence of my Life and of my Will in the creature, because only my Will has the virtue of being unceasing in Its continuous acts. Otherwise, if it could be said so, everyone and everything would remain as if paralyzed and with no life; but this cannot be. Now the creature does not possess by herself this virtue of operating continuously, but when united with my Will, she has the virtue, the strength, the will and the love to do it. How much she can change things. In fact, the creature who lets herself be carried and possessed by It can make such changes that she no longer recognizes herself, if she even retains a distant memory of her past life. There is also another sign. When my Will sees the soul being disposed, It first embalms her - her will, her pains - with an air of peace; then It forms Its Throne. Therefore, one who lives in my Will possesses a strength that is never extinguished; a love that does not love anybody, but truly loves all in God. To how many sacrifices she exposes herself for all - and for each one in particular. Poor daughter, she is the true martyr and victim of all. Oh!, how many times in seeing her suffering, I look at her with so much tenderness and compassion, and to cheer her up I say: 'My daughter, you received my same destiny. Poor daughter, courage; your Jesus loves you more.' And in feeling more loved by me, she smiles in the sufferings and abandons herself in my arms. My daughter, to experience, to possess what my Will can do, creatures need to be inside of It; otherwise they won't understand a thing."

November 20, 1938
The soul in-waiting for the Divine Will. The Divine Will forms the adaptable material for the works of God. The little Divine Field.

I feel the Divine Will inside and outside of me, surprising me whenever I'm about to do my little actions, or to say my little 'I love you' - to invest them with Its light and make them Its own. It has such an astonishing inimitable attention that it's almost incredible. If the creature is not attentive in giving It her little acts, oh!, how much It suffers. Oh! how much I too would like to be all attentive - to imitate It by letting nothing escape me, so that we can surprise each other. But as I was thinking this, my sweet Jesus, visiting my little soul, all love told me: "My blessed daughter, the soul that wants to live in my Will lives in waiting for It; she waits for It when she loves, because she wants to love together with It. If she operates she awaits my Will, because It wants to be Actor and Audience. My Will is in continuous and anxious expectation of everything the creature does, in order to inhabit her - to be the Actor, to make her acts Its own.
Furthermore, you must know that as the creature enters my Will, she finds the sanctity of God investing her, Its beauty embellishing her, Its love transforming her in God. Its Purity makes her so limpid that she no longer recognizes herself; Its light makes her Godlike. Oh! how the power of my Will can change the human destiny. This is why It becomes spectator of the creature, wanting to do Its work, which has been prepared from all eternity and which has to be done for that creature. My Will does not want to be repressed in Its incessant motion, and It reaches the point of locking the creature within Its Eternal motion, to be able to receive and to give, and not to suffer in waiting for one to live in Its Will. It cannot bear not having the creature living closely together with It. If It does not feel the creature within Its divine motion and sanctity, Its love remains as if arrested and suffocated. Therefore, we keep our little divine Field within one who lives in our Will. Here we can do our job, while our Will provides us with the adaptable material to make the most beautiful works. In fact, when we want to work in the little field of the soul, we expect to find the material of our sanctity, since we would never put our holy hands in the human mud.
In order to do our most beautiful works, we want to find our purity, which attracts us; our beauty which enraptures us; our love, which imposes itself on us to make us work. Only our Will can provide these divine materials for our job. Everything is adaptable for us, so we can make such works as to astonish Heaven and earth. On the other hand, we are forced to do nothing where our Will is not present. We do not find our adaptable materials, and if there is any good, it is only an apparent good, stained by self-esteem, self-glorification and distorted intentions. We are averse to working in that creature, because we would put in danger our most beautiful works. We make certain first, and then we operate. You must know that the more acts the creature does in our Will, the more she enters into God; the more we extend that little field within our Divine womb, the more beautiful the works we can do, and the more we can give of ourselves.
Therefore, the creature is always under the increasing action of our Divine life. Our love for her is so great that we carry her in our arms, continuously repeating 'we make you in our image and resemblance.' We nurture her with our divine breath, with our sanctity, power and goodness; we look at her, finding our reflection, our wisdom, our enchanting beauty. How could we ever stay without this creature if we are tied together by our divine attributes - if she possesses us and continuously gives us in return what we gave her, in order to love and repay us? Beyond this, by living in our Will she received from us the virtue of producing life - not works. In fact, by giving her our sanctity, love, and everything else, we give her the generative virtue; she continuously generates life of sanctity, life of love, life of light, beauty, power and wisdom, offering it to us. She surrounds us and never stops returning to us - turning into life, all that we gave her. Oh! What a conception, what a feast and glory for us, in seeing so many lives returned to us, which love and glorify our sanctity; and seeing this done in our light, wisdom and beauty. Other creatures can give us, at the most, works of sanctity and of love, but not of life. Only one who lives in our Will can form many lives with her acts, because she has received from us the generative virtue - to be able to generate as many lives as she wants, and say: 'life You gave me, life I give back to You.'
See, then, the great difference: life can speak and is not subject to end. It can generate. Works cannot speak, cannot generate, and they are subject to dispersion. Therefore, nobody can reach the one who lives in our Will, and the love she has for us. No matter how many great works they might do, they will always be like little drops of water before an ocean - the little light in front of the Sun. One single 'I love you' of a creature living in my Will is enough to leave behind all the love of all the creatures put together. This 'I love you', although small, runs, embraces and rises over all; it comes into our arms and hugs us; it gives us a thousand caresses, telling us many beautiful things about our love; it takes refuge in our womb, and we hear it always repeating: 'I love you, I love you, I love you; life of my life - you generated me and I will love you forever.' In anything these creatures should want to do, they do nothing less than form life. If they perform good and holy acts, by possessing the life of our Will, they generate the life of our beauty and the life of our sanctity; coming into our arms, they tell us the story of our beauty and sanctity, and oh!, how many beautiful things they tell us - with how much grace they narrate the extension of our goodness, and the height and greatness of our sanctity. They never stop repeating how good and holy we are, and throwing themselves into our divine womb, they penetrate into the most intimate hiding places to get to know, even more, how good and holy we are - so they keep singing to us again and again how good and holy we are. Oh!, how beautiful it is to hear the narration of our Divine history from a human will united with our own, whispering to her Who her Creator is.
In sum, if she wants to glorify us, she generates the life of our glory; if she admires our power, wisdom and beauty, she feels within herself the life of our Divine qualities; she narrates to us how powerful, wise and beautiful we are. She says: 'life of my life, now that I've known you, I feel the need to talk about You and to narrate your Divine story.' These lives are the greatest glory for us, our long and inseparable generation, always in motion, always speaking about our Supreme Being. No life waits for another: as one comes, another follows behind, and then another again - they never end. Our happiness is full - the purpose of creation fulfilled, which is having the company of the creature who know us. And while we delight in her and she is with us, we make her more and more like us. How could we not love the company of the one who belongs to us? And, even more, we love the company of the creature, because we are Life of her life.
This is why our pain was great when Adam, the first one of our Sons, descended from within our Will, to do his own will. Poor Adam. He lost the generative virtue to generate divine lives with his acts; at the most, he could make works, but not lives. When he was united with our Will, he possessed that divine virtue, so he could form with his acts as many lives as he wanted. It happened to him as to the sterile mother who cannot give life, or as to a person who possesses the most pure and bright golden thread and wants to do a work with it, but then throws away that golden thread: he pushes my Will as life away from himself - he has to use the thread of his own will, which is like an iron thread. Poor creature. He could no longer do golden works; works invested by the bright sun of my Will. He had to remain doing only works of iron, and if necessary, even works filthy with passions. The destiny of Adam was so reversed that he almost couldn't recognize himself. He went down into the abyss of miseries; the strength and the light were not in his power any more. Before he sinned, our image and resemblance were growing in all his acts. That was a task we assumed in the act of creating him, and we did want to maintain our task, keeping in force our creative word through his very acts. We wanted also to keep him always together with us, and in continuous communication with us. So, our pain was great, and if we, being all-seeing, had not seen how our Will was to reign again as life in the future centuries - like a little balm to our intense suffering - we would have reduced the whole of Creation to nothing, not knowing what to do with it when our Will no longer reigned. Creation was supposed to serve only the creatures, and we created all things for Ourselves and for the creatures. Therefore, pray that my Will may return as life. You, yourself, be Its victim."

November 26, 1938
The disposition calls the divine work. The Divine Will places a divine motion in one who lives in It. How the creature can give all to His Creator. Enchantment for the divine eyes. The Blessed and the pilgrim soul.

I am under the waves of the Divine Volition which always wants to give Itself to the creatures. But the creatures have to want this. The Divine Will does not want to be an intruder who drops in without the creature even knowing It. It wants to be created. It wants to give her Its kiss of love and then, triumphant and loaded with gifts enter into her and fill her with Its gifts. But as I was thinking this, my Jesus, feeling the need to confide His secrets to His little one, told me: "My blessed daughter, my Will wants to give, but It wants to find the soul disposed. It is like the earth for the farmer: no matter how many seeds he may possess, if there were no earth on which he could throw those seeds, and if the earth had a mind and was not disposed to receive his seeds, the poor farmer would feel as if those seeds, meant to enrich the earth, were thrown back in his face and his eyes. Such is my Will: It wants to give, but if It doesn't find the soul disposed, It cannot find a place for Its gifts. With great pain, It would feel as if they were being thrown back in Its face; so if It wants to talk to her, It would find her deaf. Therefore, disposition prepares the soul, opening divine doors and providing the sense of hearing. But if the soul first hears what my Will wants to give, she is placed in communication so that she may love It and long for what she is about to receive. If she is not disposed we don't give anything, because we do not want to expose our gifts to uselessness.
On the other hand, disposition is like the earth which surrenders to the farmer - surrenders to anything he wants, letting him work, hoe and plow, to safely cover the seeds with which he fills it. In the same way, if our Supreme Being finds the disposition, We do our works. We prepare her, we participate in her, and with our creative hands we prepare the place for our gifts and form our most beautiful works. But if she is not disposed, with all our power we can do nothing, because her interior is cluttered up with stones, thorns, wicked passions; and since she is not disposed, she does not allow us to take them out. How many sanctities go up in smoke for lack of disposition. Further, if she is not disposed, she does not adapt herself to living in our Divine Will. On the contrary, it seems that It is just not for her. Its sanctity floors her; Its purity makes her feel ashamed; Its light blinds her. But if she is disposed, she flings herself into Its arms, and she lets us do whatever we want with her. She even remains there like a tiny little baby receiving our works with so much love as to feel enraptured. And what does our Will do? It makes flow in her Its divine motion, and with this divine motion she finds all our works in action; she kisses them, hugs them and invests them with her little love. She finds my conception and my birth in action, and with her love she wants to be conceived and reborn with me. And not do only I let her do this, but, finding one who is reborn together with me, I feel such a joy as to be repaid for having come upon earth.
But she doesn't stop here. The divine motion she possesses makes her run everywhere to find all that my Humanity - like a fierce army - did: my tears, my words, my prayers, my steps, my pains; she takes, she kisses, she adores - everything. There is nothing I did that she does not invest with her love. What does she do then? She makes everything her own, and, in a manner all childish and graceful, she locks all things up inside her womb. Then she rises high. She comes before our Divinity, places these things all around us, and with emphasis of love she says: 'adorable Majesty, how many beautiful things I am bringing to you. All are mine and I bring you all, because all love you, adore you, glorify you, and return to you the great love that you have for me and for all.'
This divine motion, which is our Will, places in the creature who lives in It, the new life It has just received. With this motion the creature has right over all. All that is Ours is hers, therefore she can give all. Oh! How many surprises she gives us. She always has something to give to us, and with this divine motion she has the ability to run everywhere: now she brings us the creation to love us as we loved her in all created things; now she brings us all that I did while on earth to tell Us 'I love you as you love me.' She never stops. It seems she can't be without giving us new love surprises in order to be able to say: 'I love you, I love always.' And we call her our joy and our perennial happiness, because there is no greater joy for us than the continuous love of the creature.
You must know that one act done in our Will is greater than a rising Sun, which invests the entire earth, the sea and the founts. Everything is invested by Its light; not even the most tiny little blade of grass is left out. Just so, each act done in my Will runs and searches, investing all. It forms the most shining silver mantle inside and outside the creature. Then, so greatly adorned, it brings the creature before our adorable Majesty, making our own Will pray to us with a voice of light, a voice of love speaking for all. Producing a sweet enchantment for the pupils of our divine eyes, it makes us see all the creatures clothed with our divine light; and We Ourselves exalt the power of our Fiat, which can hide human miseries by the power of Its light, turning them into light. There is nothing we can deny to that act, because it has the power to give us all and compensate for all."
In hearing this, I thought to myself: if a creature living in His Will, still on her journey on earth can do so much with one single act, how much more will the Blessed do in Heaven, since they have perennial life in It? And my sweet Jesus added: "My daughter, there is a great difference between the Blessed and the traveling soul. The Blessed have nothing to add, since their life, their acts and their will remain fixed within Us. They say: 'we accomplished our day, we cannot do more; at the most we can give new joys and new love.' But the pilgrim soul has not yet completed her day. If she wants to live in our Will she can make prodigies of grace and light for the whole world, and prodigies of love for her Creator. Therefore, all our attention is on the traveling soul, because her work is still in process and is not yet finished. If she is disposed, we can do works never done before, so beautiful as to astonish Heaven and earth. Our pain is great when we find the traveling soul not disposed to letting us perform our most beautiful works. How many of our works have been started and not finished, with others shattered at their peak moment. Only in our Will and for those who live in It, can we accomplish our works with their unreachable beauty, since our Will provides the adaptable materials to do anything we want. Outside of It, we cannot find sufficient light, nor a rising love, nor divine materials; we are forced to fold our arms, because we just can't move forward with any of those who don't live in our Will!
Furthermore, for the soul on her journey, we circulate the coin of merit. Our divine image is coined on each of her acts animated by our Will. These coins have infinite value, so whenever she wants, she has the money to pay me for anything she wants. Therefore, our concern and interest is for the souls on their journey, because this is the time for conquest, while there are no conquests in Heaven, but only joy and happiness."

November 30, 1938
One who wanders in the Divine Volition, goes around Its works. She receives the endowment that God prepared for her, and forms her days. She becomes a messenger of peace between Heaven and earth. The bearer of divine generations.

I was doing my round in the acts of the Divine Volition - done for love of us, and it seemed to me that each act wanted to be recognized for all that it did; for how much it loved us and still loves us, since its love never ends. So, I was thinking to myself: what good do I do by always returning in the acts of the Divine Will? And my always adorable Jesus, surprising me, all goodness told me: "My blessed daughter, you must know that in all we have done in Creation, as well as in Redemption, we formed the dowry to provide the creature with our own goods and works. The soul who enters our Will comes to take possession of her endowment - to recognize it and to love it. As she wanders in our Will to get to know this most extensive dowry given to her by her Creator, she forms her day in time. She forms days for as many times as she wanders, walks, loves and knows. I gave her this great endowment, which she can receive and know in time, for this reason: to let her form her days which will crown her eternal day of an eternity which never ends. The more she wanders in our Will, the more days she forms, which will make her more rich and glorious in Heaven.
If the creature did not take the care of recognizing, possessing and loving this great endowment, she would be a poor unhappy one, living in miseries and forced into starvation, though owning many goods. It would happen as to the father who gives to his son his very large properties, but the son doesn't bother to get to know them, or to go there often enough to possess and enjoy the endowment he received from his father. With all these goods which he could possess, this son, not caring about them or recognizing them, goes from rich to poor. One can say that he declined from the nobility of his Father as if he was no longer his legitimate son.
What wouldn't the pain be for the poor father who, though being so rich, has to see his son like a poor ragamuffin begging others for bread? If he had the power, this son would make his own father die of pain. This is the state of our Supreme Being. All that we have created was supposed to be the endowment for the creature, to make her happy and rich, to let her know who we are, how much we have loved her and how much we have done for her. Therefore, those who don't wander around in our works do not recognize them or possess them, and they cannot gain the merit of their days within time. Isn't this a great pain for us? So, enter always into our works. The more you come, the more you will recognize them, love them, and possess them by right.
Furthermore, each act done in my Will is a messenger of peace which leaves the earth and goes into Heaven. It comes to bring peace between Heaven and earth. Every single word said in my Will carries the bond of peace, and one who comes to live in It receives, as the prime good, the bond of peace between herself and us. She feels as if embalmed by our divine peace. With this bond of peace, she feels within herself the virtue of becoming the peacemaker between Heaven and earth. Everything is peace within her: peaceful are the words, peaceful the glances, peaceful the movements. Oh!, how many times with one word she places peace between Us and the creature. One single glance from her - sweet and peaceful, wounds us and makes us turn chastisements into graces. So, her acts are nothing other than bonds of peace - the peaceful messengers which bring the kiss of peace of the creatures to God, and the kiss of God to the creatures. Further, the more the creature lives in our Will, the more she comes deeply into our divine family, acquiring our modes and receiving our secrets. She looks more like Us, we love each other more, and she puts us in the condition of giving her always new graces - new love surprises. We keep her in our home as a member of our family. She eats at our table and sleeps on our knees. We just cannot live without her. Our Will ties her so much to us, feeling her love and attraction, that we cannot be without her, nor she without us."
After this, He added: "My daughter, our desire that the creatures live in our Will is so great, that we find ourselves in the condition of a poor mother who feels the need to give birth to her baby, but cannot. She does not know where to place him, or from whom she can find care, or who can take him. Poor mother, how much she suffers. Our Supreme Being is in this state. We feel the need to generate ourselves, but, where can we be placed? If our Will is not the life of the creature, there is no place for us. We have no one to whom we can give ourselves, no one who can feed us - not even the court that is needed for our adorable Majesty. Since our Most Holy Trinity is always in the act of generating, these births remain repressed within ourselves. We want to generate our Divine Trinity within creatures, but since they don't live in our Will, there is no one to receive our divine generation. What a suffering, seeing Ourselves being rejected back into Ourselves; not being able to produce the great good that our eternal generation can form within the creatures.
Our Will embraces all, and as the soul forms her acts, she becomes the bearer of all. If she adores, she brings us the adoration of all; if she suffers, she encloses the reparation of all. One act in our Will must surpass, enclose and embrace everyone and everything, to the extent of becoming the bearer of our Supreme Being, since we never get out of our Will. So, one who lives in It can enclose us within each one of her acts, to bring us wherever she wants: to the creatures, to make ourselves known; to the whole Creation, to tell us how beautiful our works are; to Ourselves, to tell us: 'see how much I love you, I even get to bring you Yourselves.'
We find ourselves in the same condition as the sphere of the Sun, which never goes out of the circle of its rays. Even if the rays descend to the bottom of the earth, investing all - even the most tiny plant, the sphere never moves from its light, from the high place where it is; but it still walks together with its rays, doing whatever they do. Such are We, the bearer of our Will; while our Will is our own bearer. We are one single Life, and whoever lives in It becomes the bearer of our Divine Being, while we become the bearers of the little human will. And we love it so much that it forms our victory and our most beautiful joy: to see our Will being accomplished within it."

December 5, 1938
God sighs for souls to live in His Will. How it is established that He will form a divine Life for each created thing, and for each act the creature will do in His Will. How His sanctity and His love will remain formed in them.

The ocean of the Divine Will is always murmuring, forming Its huge waves to assault the creature, now with light, now with love, now with enchanting beauty, now with Its sighs; longing for a little place in the creatures, to be able to live in them. Its love is unspeakable. It would reach the excesses; It would use all Its stratagems of love, to have the freedom to live and make us live in Its Fiat! I remained surprised in seeing this, and my adorable Jesus told me: "Daughter of my Will, you don't know the extent our love reaches, and what we will do to make the creature live in our Will. This is the most beautiful point of creation, and if we didn't do so, we could say that our work is not accomplished, or that we have not done what we know how to do, and can do. We could say that we haven't done anything of what is still left to do.
You must know that it has been established from eternity that we will form in ourselves a life for each created thing and for each act the creature will do in our Will. Since our Being is Superior to all, it is right that It surpasses in Its lives the number of all created things, and all the acts of the human family. But if the creature does not live in our Will we can't do this. The divine material would be missing in order to form our life in her acts - the place in which to put it would me missing. Forming our lives without someone to receive them... what for? See then, how this is really the most beautiful, the most powerful and wisest act - it is about exposing the lives which we have already generated in our womb. But we can't deliver them, because our Will does not reign. Do you think it is trivial that something is still missing in the work of Creation? It is the most interesting act, the culminating point, in which the creation and all the acts will be wrapped, with a beauty so rare, with a blooming so great that the beauty that creatures have known of us, and the glory that they gave us in the past will all remain like little drops.
My daughter, oh!, how much we long for it. How much our delirious love is yearning and sighing for the creature to live in our Will. And since we know that she will be lacking many things for us in order to use her acts to form our Life, we are available to work continuously to compensate for anything. In each of her acts we will give her our love, sanctity, goodness and beauty, so that nothing can miss of what is needed to form our life. We will generate and reproduce ourselves, and - oh!, how much love, sanctity and goodness we will receive in return. How could we not sigh for the creatures to live in our Will - not only would we have the creatures, but also our very life generated in their acts. While enjoying one life, another one will be coming - and another, according to all the acts they will do. As soon as we see that the creature is about to do one act, we will position ourselves, becoming actors and spectators of our very life. What joy! What happiness, my daughter, to be able to form ourselves; to have someone who knows us and loves us; to possess our royal palace within the creature!
Further, there is the great good that the creature will receive; her little sanctity will remain in ours. Her little love will remain in our love; her goodness and beauty within ours. In this way, if she does a holy act, she will have our sanctity in her power; if she loves, she will love with our love, and so forth. All her acts will rise from within our acts. So, she will love us always and we will feel always loved. She will grow more and more in sanctity, goodness and beauty, and with this, she will acquire ever new knowledge of the love of her Creator - she will feel it palpitating in her acts. My Will will reveal to her ever new things about our Divine Being, to make her appreciate more our life which she possesses. The knowledge will make new love arise, by communicating more truths about our beauty. It won't stop telling her new things, as if feeding her with what We are. The happy creature will feel as if caught in the net of our love, invested by our light and by the enchantment of our beauty, and we will be so enraptured by her love that we will take refuge within her, to love and to release our love. We will embellish her so much that we will let ourselves be conquered by such a rare beauty. All other things are like little drops compared to the living of the creature in our Will. Therefore, be attentive. If you live in my Will, you will give me the greatest joy and will make me happy."
After this, I kept on thinking about the great good of living in the Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus added: "My daughter, this good is so great that I vividly feel Our life palpitating in the creature; so much so, that we no longer need any words in order to make ourselves understood. Our breath in hers is Word which invests the whole human being, turning it into our Word. It speaks in the mind, in the works, in the steps - the virtue of our creative word invests her in such a way as to be felt inside the most intimate fibers of her heart. I turn the creature into my very Word; my Word becomes her nature. Not doing what I say and want, would be as if going against herself. This cannot be.
For one who lives in my Will, I am the Word in the breathing, in the motion, in the intelligence, in the glance, in everything; to the extent that, while feeling fused and soaked inside my Word, not having heard the sound of my voice, she is surprised and says: 'I feel as if my nature has changed into His word, and I don't know when He spoke to me.' And I: 'Don't you know that I am Word in every instant? And although you aren't listening, I speak, knowing that, when you will enter the room of your soul, you will find it, and will take the gift of My Word.' My words don't run away, but they remain and transform the human nature into themselves.
There is such a union and a transformation that, those who live in our Will, and We, Ourselves, understand each other without talking - we speak without words. This the greatest gift that we can give to the creature: to speak with her breath and motion. She identified with us in so much, that we use the same modes with her which we use with ourselves. Since our divine Being is all word and voice, when we do not want, we do not let anybody hear. Therefore, be attentive and let my Will guide you in everything."

December 8, 1938
How the Humanity of Our Lord served as a veil for His Divinity and for the prodigies of the Divine Volition. How all created things and the very creature are veils which hide the Divinity. The Immaculate Conception and the new birth of all.

My flight in the Divine Will continues. It seems to me that It can be found in all things, natural and spiritual, saying with unspeakable love: 'I am here, let's act together - do not do it by yourself. Without me you wouldn't know how to do it the way I would. I would remain with the pain of having been put aside, while you would remain with the sorrow of not having in your acts the value of one single act of a Divine Will.'
While I was thinking this, my sweet Jesus, repeating His short little visit, all goodness told me: "My blessed daughter, my Most Holy Humanity was the depository of my Divine Will. There was no act, little or great, even the breathing and the motion, that my Humanity, like a veil, did not hide completely in my divine Fiat. Even more, I would not have been capable of a breath or a movement if I did not enclose It within me. Therefore, my Humanity served as the veil in which to hide my Divinity as well as the great prodigy of the work of my Will in all my acts. Otherwise, no one could have come close to me. My Majesty and the shining light of my Divinity would have eclipsed him and, would just have floored him - all would have run away from me. Who would have dared to cause me the smallest pain? But I loved the creature and I came on earth not to show off my Divinity, but my love. So I wanted to hide myself inside the veil of my Humanity to get acquainted with man, to do what he did, reaching the point of letting him give me unheard-of pains and even death.
The soul that unites with my Humanity in all her acts and pains, by wanting to find my Will and make It her own, breaks the veil of my Humanity, finding in my acts the fruit, the life, the prodigies that my Humanity did within me, and receiving all that I did within me as her own life. My Humanity will serve to help and guide her, showing her how to live within It. In this way, I will still be on earth, continuing to be the veil hiding what my Will wants to do. But if creatures will look for me without my Will, they will find only my veil, not the life of my Will. They will not be able to produce the prodigies which It operated in the hiding place of my Humanity. It is always my Will which knows how to place inside the creature the greatest prodigies - the brightest Suns; wonders never before seen - as if inside each of my Humanities on earth. But, alas, I search them and I cannot find them because no one, in total firmness, is looking for my Will."
Then dear Jesus kept silent. I remained thinking of what He had just said, and I could really see how everything Jesus had done and suffered became bearer of the Divine Volition. Then He continued: "My good daughter, it wasn't only my Humanity which - though in a more special way - was hiding my Divinity and my Will; all created things and the very creatures are veils which hide our Divinity and our adorable Will. Even Heaven is a veil which hides our immense Divinity, our firmness and immutability; while the variety of stars hides the multiple effects that our immensity, firmness and immutability possess. Oh! If man could see our Divinity revealed under that blue vault without the veil of that blue which covers us and hides us, his littleness would remain crushed under our Majesty. He would walk trembling, feeling continuously upon him the gaze of a pure, holy, strong and powerful God. But since we love man, we veil ourselves, lending ourselves secretly to all that is needed.
The Sun is the veil which hides our shining Majesty - we must perform a miracle to restrain our uncreated light so as not to scare the creature. Veiled by this light created by us, we approach the creature, kissing her and warming her; we lay this veil of light even under her steps - on the right, on the left, under her head. We even fill her eye with light, and, who knows, maybe the frail pupil of her eye will recognize us; but no, in vain - she takes only the veil of light which hides us and we remain the unknown God in the middle of the creatures. What pain! The wind, too, is a veil which hides our empire; the air is a veil, hiding our life which continuously gives to the creatures; the sea is a veil, which hides our purity, our refreshments and divine freshness - its murmuring hides our continuous love, and when we see we are not listened to, we even storm in huge waves so as to be recognized and loved. For every good that man receives, our life is hidden inside, offering that good to him.
Our Divinity loves man so much that It even hides inside the earth, making it firm and stable under his steps, not allowing him to vacillate. Even in the singing bird, in the flowered fields, in the various sweetnesses of the fruits - Our joys, to make him taste the innocent delights of our Divine Being. And how much more could I tell you about the many prodigies of love by which we are veiled and hidden inside man? We veil ourselves in the breathing, in the heartbeat, in the motion, in the memory, in the intellect, in the will; we veil ourselves in the pupil of his eyes, in his word, in his love, and - oh!, how painful it is not to be recognized or loved. We can say that we live in him, we carry him and we let ourselves be carried by him. He could do nothing without us; but still, we live together without knowing each other. What pain! If only he knew us.
The life of man was supposed to be the first, the greatest prodigy of our love and omnipotence. We had only to offer him, from within its veils, our sanctity and our love, covering him with our beauty - making him enjoy our delights. But since he does not recognize us, he keeps us like the far away God - away from himself. If we are not recognized, we cannot give our goods to the blind. He is forced to live under the nightmare of his own miseries and passions. Poor man, who does not recognize us, either in the veils which hide us within him, or in the veils of each created thing; he just keeps running away from our life and from the scope for which he was created; so, many times, when we cannot tolerate his ingratitude, the very goods contained in our veils are turned into chastisement for him. Therefore, do recognize that you are nothing other than a veil hiding your Creator, in order for you to receive, and for us to administer, our Divine Life in all your acts. Recognize It in the veils of all created things, so that all may help you to receive a great so good."
After this, I was doing my round in the acts of the Divine Volition. How many surprises in this Will, so Holy. It is this Will, which most awaits the creature keeping her aware of all Its works, letting her know how much It loves her, and offering her everything It does. It fidgets to give without ceasing, and It is content with a little 'I love you' from the creature in return. Then I arrived at the Conception of my Mother and Queen: how many wonders. And my sweet Jesus continued: "My blessed daughter, today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. It is the most beautiful Feast, the greatest one for Us - for Heaven and for earth. In the act of creating this Celestial Creature from nothing, we made such prodigies and wonders that the Heavens and the earth remained completely filled. We called everyone - nobody was put aside, so that all could be reborn together with Her. It was the new birth of everyone and everything.
Our Divine Being overflowed so much that, in the act of her conception, we put at her disposal seas of love, of sanctity and light, with which she could love all, make saints of all, and give light to all. The Celestial Little One felt an innumerable population being reborn in her little Heart. And what did our Paternal goodness do? First, we donated her to ourselves, so that we could delight and court Her, and She could delight and court us; then, we donated Her to every creature. Oh! How much She loved us, and loved all - with such intensity and fullness that there is no point in which Her love does not arise. The whole Creation - the Sun, the wind, the sea, are filled with the love of this Holy Creature, because they too felt reborn with Her to new glory. They even had the great glory of possessing their Queen, to the extent that when She prays to us for the good of Her people with a love which we cannot resist, she says: 'Adorable Majesty, remember that You offered me. I am yours and I am theirs too; so, by right, you must grant what I ask.'"

December 18, 1938
God does not give if the creature does not want to receive. Painful conditions when one doesn't live in the Divine Volition. The depository of the whole Creation. Divine food: love. Conditions of God when creatures don't live in the Divine Volition. How they degenerate from His image.

I am always in the arms of the Divine Volition which makes me aware of everything, telling me: 'I have done everything for you, but I want you to recognize the excesses of my love.' While my mind was wandering around, my always adorable Jesus, Who always wants to be the first narrator of the Fiat and of Its works, all goodness told me: "My blessed daughter, to make known all that we have done for the creatures is already for us the return for what we have done. But who can we let know? To the one who lives in our Will because our Will gives the capacity to understand us, the hearing to listen; It transforms the human will so that it wills what we want. We never give if the creature doesn't want to receive and doesn't know what we want to give.
See then, in what painful conditions they leave us by not living in our Will. They turn us into the mute God. We cannot make known how much we love them and how much they should love us; one can say that the communications between Heaven and earth remain severed. You must know that everything was created as a gift for the creatures. We made each created thing as the bearer of the gift and of the love which we placed inside that gift. Do you know why? Because the creature had nothing to give to us; and we loved her with great love and wanted her to have something to give us. If there's nothing to give, the correspondence ends, friendship is broken - love dies. So we provided the creature with many of our gifts, as if they were her own, so that she could have something to give us. Therefore we make of the one who lives in our Will the depository of the whole of Creation.
Oh! What a joy, what happiness for us, when we see her using our gifts to love us and say: 'see how much I love you. I give you the Sun to love you, and I love you with the same love with which you loved me in the Sun; I give you the homage and the adoration of its light, the variety of its effects to love you - its continuous act of light, to spread myself everywhere and put my 'I love you' in everything touched by its light.' Then, do you know what happens? We see the light of the Sun, all its effects, and all the places where that light penetrates, all studded with the 'I love you' - the adoration, the tributes of the creature. And there is even more: the Sun carries in triumph the love of the Creator and of the creature, so we feel united within It, with one single Will and one single heart; and if the creature feels she wants to love us more, bravely she says: 'see how much I love you - but it's not enough, I want to love you more; so I enter into its inaccessible, immense, eternal light which never ends. From within that light I want to love you with your eternal love.' You cannot comprehend our joy in seeing that she loves us not only in our gifts, but also in ourselves. Conquered by her love, we redouble the gift in return, and abandon ourselves to her to be loved - not only in the way in which we love our works, but in the way we love within ourselves. All this, to love her.
In this way she uses all created things to make for us new surprises of love in return for our gifts - to maintain the correspondence and to continuously say that she loves us. And we, who do not know how to receive without giving, redouble our gifts. But the greatest gift is when we see her carried in the arms of our Will. We feel so much attracted that we can't remain without speaking about our Supreme Being. Giving her an additional knowledge of what we are is the greatest gift we can give - it surpasses the whole Creation. To know our works is a gift, but making Our very Self known is giving our own life; it is admitting her to our secrets; it is the Creator trusting the creature.
To live in our Will and be loved is everything for us; more so, since the love for ourselves forms our continuous food. Because His Son loves, my Heavenly Father generates unceasingly, and by generating me, He forms the food with which we feed ourselves. I am His Son and I love with His same love - and the Holy Spirit proceeds; with this we form more food to feed Ourselves. If we created the Creation, it is because we love; and if we sustain it with our creative and preserving act, it is because we love. This love serves as our food. If we want the creature to know us in our works and in ourselves, it is because we want to be loved, and we use this love to feed ourselves. We never despise love - love is love, it is Ours. The hunger of our love is satisfied only by being loved. We want Heaven, earth and creatures to be nothing other than love for us. And if all is not love, pain enters, causing in us the delirium of loving without being loved.
Our Will is our Life, love is the food. See, the high, noble and sublime point at which we want the creature: we want to form in Her the life of our Will. It will convert all things - circumstances, crosses, even the air she breathes, into love; feeding her in order to say, 'the life of our Will is yours and ours; we eat the same food.' Through this, we see the creature growing in our image and resemblance. These are the true joys in our Creation - being able to say to our children: 'we look alike.' And what wouldn't the joy of the creature be, in saying: 'I look like my Heavenly Father.' This is why I want the creatures to live in my Will. I want my children to look like Me.
If these children do not come back in my Will, we find ourselves in the condition of a poor Father who is noble - so full of knowledge as to be able to give lessons to all, rich and filled with goodness and rare beauty. But his children don't look like him at all. They have degenerated from the nobility of their Father; they are so poor, moronic, ugly, and filthy as to be disgusting. The poor father feels dishonored by his children. He even looks at them and almost doesn't recognize them, seeing them blind, crippled and sick - they don't even recognize their father. These children are the pain of their own Father.
The same happens to Us. Those who don't live in our Will dishonor us and become our pain. How can they look like Us if our Will is not their own? Our Will feeds our children with our own food, which forms our sanctity in them as they eat it; they are embellished with our beauty, acquiring great knowledge of their Father. Our Fiat speaks through Its light and tells them many things about their Father, until they fall in love with Him to the extent that they just cannot be without Him. This makes them look like the Father. Daughter, without my Will there is no one who can feed It, understand It, form It, or grow It, as can children who look like us. Instead, they leave our house, and do not know what we do, what we are, how much we love them, or what they need to do to be like us; therefore, our image is far away from them. How can we ever look alike, if they do not know us, and if nobody talks to them about our Divine Being?"

December 25, 1938
The descent of the Word. How easy it is to make Jesus be born as long as we live in His Will. The Paradise that the Queen of Heaven made Jesus find on earth.

My poor mind continues its path in the Divine Will. Oh! how happy It feels in seeing that Its little newborn wanders in search of its acts, to know them, kiss them, adore them, make them her own, and say: 'how much You loved me.' I stopped at the descent of the Word upon earth, and I felt sorry in seeing Him all alone. My sweet Jesus, with unspeakable tenderness, surprising me, told me: "My dearest daughter, you're wrong. Loneliness is part of human ingratitude; but from the divine side, all our works accompanied me, never leaving me alone. Further, you must know that the Father and the Holy Spirit descended together with me, while I still remained in Heaven with them. They came down on earth within me, since we are inseparable. We cannot be separated, not even if we wished to be so - at the most we bilocate ourselves, so as to maintain our Throne in Heaven while forming our throne on earth. Being separated - never. At the most, the Word took the operative part, but always with the concourse of the Father and the Holy Spirit.
Furthermore, in the act of my descent from Heaven, everyone moved to be my court and render me the honors I deserve. The Sky courted me with all its stars, rendering me the honor of my immutability and of my everlasting love. The Sun courted me, paying me the honor of my eternal light - oh! how well it praised the variety of its effects. I can say that, as I found myself with its light and heat, in its mute language it told me: 'You are the light, and I honor you, I adore you, I love you with the same light with which you created me.' All surrounded me: the wind, the sea, the little bird - everyone and everything, to give me the love and the glory with which I had created them. And they praised my empire, my immensity, my infinite joys. All created things made me a feast, and if I cried they cried together with me, because my Will, residing in them, kept them aware of all that I was doing. Oh!, how honored they felt, in doing all that their Creator was doing. Then I received the courting of the Angels, who never left me alone. And since all times belong to me, I was also courted by all the many peoples, who were going to live in my Will. My Will was carrying them in Its arms, and I felt them beating in my Heart, in my blood and in my steps. In feeling invested by these people, loved by my own Will, I felt repaid for my descent from Heaven to earth.
This was my primary scope: to reorder the Kingdom of my Will in the midst of my children. I would never have created the world if I was not to have children who looked like me and lived in my own Will. My Will would find Itself in the same condition as a poor sterile mother who is not able to generate, and therefore form her own family. But my Will does have the power to generate and to form Its long generations - Its own family." Then I continued to think about the descent of the Divine Word, saying to myself: how could Jesus be born within our souls? And my Dear Baby said: "My daughter, to make me be born is the easiest thing - more so, since we do not know how to do difficult things. Our power facilitates everything. Provided that the creature lives in our Will, all is done. As soon as the soul wants to live in It, she has already formed the home for your Jesus; at the moment she wants to start doing her acts, she conceives me; as she does her act, she makes me be born. As she loves in my Will, so she clothes me with light, warming me from the great coldness of the creatures. Every time she gives me her will to take my own, I am amused - I have my toy to play with, and I sing my victory over the human will, feeling like the little Triumphant King.
See then, my daughter, how easy this is for your little Jesus, because when we find our Will in the creature, we can do anything. It provides us with all that is needed and all that we want, to form our Life and our most beautiful works. But without our Will, we remain hampered: now love is missing, now sanctity, now power, now purity, and all that it takes to make our Life rise again and to form it within the creatures. Therefore, all depends on the creatures, since, from our side, we place ourselves at their disposal.
Further, during my birth my Divine Mama made me a beautiful surprise with her acts, with her love - with the Life of my Will which she possessed. She formed my Paradise on earth. She did nothing other than braid the whole Creation with her love, laying seas of beauty - making me enjoy our divine beauties within which her beauty was shining. How beautiful my Mother was - how beautiful to find her in the whole of Creation; she made me enjoy her beauty and the beauty of her acts. She spread her sea of love to make me find her love - my Paradise of love - in all created things. I delighted and exulted in my Mama's seas of love. She made for me, in my Will, the most beautiful tunes and the most delightful concerts, so that her little Jesus would not miss the music of the Heavenly Fatherland. My Mother took care of everything, so that nothing would be lacking of the enjoyment of the Paradise I had left. She kept forming, in each one of her acts, new joys to make me happy. By just leaning on her Heart I could feel such harmonies and contents as to be enraptured. By living in my Will, my Dear Mother carried Paradise in her lap and let her Son enjoy it. All her acts did nothing less than make me happy and redouble my Paradise on earth.
Now, my daughter, let me tell you another surprise. One who lives in my Will is inseparable from me; she is born again each time together with me. Therefore, I am never alone. I make her be born again with me to divine life - to new love, to new sanctity and to new beauty. She is reborn in the knowledge of her Creator - reborn in each one of her acts. More than this, in every act she does, she calls me to be born again, forming a new Paradise for her Jesus; and I make her be born again with me, to make her happy. One of my greatest joys is to make those who live together with me happy. Therefore, be attentive to live in my Will if you want to make me happy - if you want me to find in your acts my Paradise on earth; and I will take care to make you enjoy the sea of my joy and happiness. We will make each other happy."

December 28, 1938
The echo between Creator and creature. How one act in the Divine Will can be found everywhere. The King and the army. The Maternity of the Queen of Heaven.

Although my poor mind is under the nightmare of tormenting sufferings, to the extent of feeling as if I were dying, I do what I can to follow the acts of the Supreme Volition. I look for It, though with difficulty, as my refuge, to draw strength in this painful state in which I find myself. My beloved Jesus, feeling compassion for me, all tenderness told me: "Daughter of my Will, courage; don't lose too much heart. Despondency makes you lose strength, and makes you feel as if the One Who lives in you and loves you so much, is far away from you. You must know that as the creature enters our Will to give her will and to take Ours, she starts our divine echo in It. As we hear this echo in our divine being, we say: 'who has so much virtue as to produce the echo of her love, of her breathing and heartbeat in our Supreme Being? Ah! It is a creature who has recognized our Will and entered to live in It. Be welcome.' We will make her hear our echo in return, so that we'll breathe with one breath, love with one love, beat with one heartbeat; so we will feel the life of that creature within us. We will never feel lonely, and she too will feel our life in her - the company of her Creator who never leaves her alone.
You have to know that no act done in our Will ever ends; rather, it is continuously repeated, since my Will is everywhere. That act is repeated in Heaven, in created things and in all else. Therefore, one act in my Will surpasses everything, filling Heaven and earth, and giving us so much love and glory that all other works remain like many little drops before the ocean. We glorify ourselves through the creature who, covered by her Creator, operates together with Him. No matter how many beautiful things we may do outside of our Will, they will never please us, because they are not ours. They cannot be diffused everywhere - such love is so small that it barely covers the act it made, if it covers it at all. You must know that, although we love the creature very much, we cannot tolerate having her with us so indecent, filthy, without beauty, naked, and covered with miserable rags. It would not be worthy of our Majesty to have children who do not look like us, or who are not, somehow, well dressed with the clothes of our Fiat. It would happen as to the King whose army and subjects are covered with filth - disgusting just to look at: one is blind, one crippled, another deformed. Wouldn't it be a dishonor for this King, to be surrounded by an army of pathetic wretches? Shouldn't this king be condemned if he doesn't bother to form an army worthy of Himself? Shouldn't all remain in admiration not only at the sight of the Majesty of this King, but also at His ordered and beautiful army - the blooming of the young, and the way they are dressed? Would it not be an honor for the king to be surrounded by Ministers and an army pleasing to his sight?
Now, since we want to deal with the creature, one on one, we have disposed in our invincible love and infinite wisdom to give her our Will, so that she would be embellished with Its light - clothed with Its love, and sanctified with Its sanctity. See then, how necessary it is that our Will reign in the creature: only our Will has the power to purify and embellish, so as to form our Divine army. And we will feel honored to live with them, and they with us - they will be our children surrounding us, dressed with our divine clothes, and embellished with our image. Therefore, our Will purifies, sanctifies and embellishes first; then It admits them into our Will, to live together with us. Furthermore, as the creature enters our Will, our love is such that We shower her with our rain of love, and all run around her seeing that we love her so much. The Angels and the Saints run to her to love her; the very Creation joyfully exults in seeing our Will triumphant in that creature. They all pour love on her - and oh!, how beautiful she is, loved by all of us; and she feels so grateful for this love that she loves everyone in return."
After this, I continued my round in the Divine Volition and I arrived at the point of the birth of little Jesus, who was shivering for the cold, and wept and cried bitterly, with his eyes all swallowed in tears. He looked at me, asking for help, and between sobs and sighs he told me: "My good daughter, the lack of love from the creatures makes my cry bitterly. As I see that I am not loved, I feel wounded and the pain is so great that I burst into tears. My love runs over each creature, chasing her; it hides her while I replace her life with my life of love. But creatures, ungrateful, don't even say one 'I love you'. How could I not cry? Therefore, love me and calm my tears.
Now, my daughter, listen to me and pay attention. I want to tell you a great surprise of our love, and nothing must escape you. I want you to know the extent of the Maternity of my Celestial Mother - what she did, how much it cost to her, and what she is still doing. You must know that the Great Queen was not my Mother only in conceiving me, delivering me to the light, feeding me with her milk, and offering me all the possible cares that I needed during my infancy; this was not enough, either to her Maternal love, or to my love as her Son. Her Maternal love was always running through my mind, and if sorrowful thoughts were troubling me, she laid her Maternity in each one of them, hiding them inside her love and kissing them. I could always feel my mind as if it was hidden under her maternal wings, which never left me alone; each one of my thoughts was kept by my loving Mother, who gave me all her Maternal attentions. Her Maternity was placed in each one of my breaths and heartbeats; and if my breath and heartbeats felt smothered by my love and suffering, she would run with her maternity to free me from my suffocating love and put balm on my pierced Heart. If she looked, spoke, worked and walked - she ran, as a Mother, to receive in her maternal love my glances, words, works and steps, investing them with her love and hiding them in her Heart. She would also make her maternal love flow in the food she prepared for me, so that while eating it, I could feel her loving maternity. How much more could I tell you of the expression of her maternity in my sufferings? There was not a pain, not a drop of the blood I shed that was not felt by my Mother. But after doing these things as my Mother, she would then take all my pains and my blood, and hide them inside her Maternal Heart to love them and continue her Maternity.
Who could say how much she loved me and how much I loved her? My love was such that in everything, I could not be without feeling her Maternity within me. I can say that She would run, never to leave me alone, not even in my breathing. And I called her. Her Maternity was for me a need, a relief, a support for my Life down here.
Now, my daughter, listen to another love surprise of your Jesus and of our Heavenly Mother. In all we did, love was never obstructed between us; the love of one ran into the love of the other to form one single life. But in wanting to do the same with creatures, how many obstructions, rejections, ingratitudes do we find. You must know that as my inseparable Mother laid her Maternity inside and outside of my Humanity, so she was made and confirmed as Mother of every thought, every breath, every heartbeat and word of creatures, placing her Maternity in their works, in their steps and in all their sufferings. Her Maternity runs everywhere. If creatures are in danger of falling into sin, she covers them with her Maternity to prevent them from falling; and if they do, she leaves her Maternity as help and defense, to make them stand up again. Her Maternity runs and lays also on the souls who want to be good and holy, as if she found her Jesus in them. She becomes Mother of their intelligence, and guide of their words, covering and hiding them in her maternal love, in order to grow as many other Jesuses. Her Maternity shows on the beds of the dying. Using the rights of authority as Mother given to her by me, in such a tender tone that I cannot refuse her anything, she says: 'My Son, I am the Mother, and they are my children; I must save them. If you don't grant me this, my Maternity would be compromised.' And as she says this, she covers them with her love, hiding them with their Maternity to rescue them.
My love was such that I told her: 'Mother, I want you to be the Mother of all, and I want you to do for all creatures all that you have done for me, laying your Maternity in all their acts so that I will see them covered and hidden in your Maternal love.' My Mother accepted and remained confirmed, not only as the Mother of all, but also as the One who would invest each of their acts with her maternal love. This was one of the greatest graces I have given to the whole of human generations. But what pains does my Mother not receive? Creatures even reach the point of not wanting to recognize her Maternity - of denying it. Therefore the whole of Heaven prays and anxiously waits for the Divine Will to be known and to reign. Then, the Great Queen will do to the children of my Will what she did for her Jesus, and her Maternity will have life in her children.
I will give my own place in her Maternal Heart to those who live in my Will. She will raise them for me, guiding their steps and hiding them in her Maternity and sanctity. Her Maternal love and her sanctity will be impressed in all their acts; they will be her true children, being like me in everything. Oh! how I would love everyone to know that if they want to live in my Will, they have a Queen and a powerful Mother who will compensate for all they lack. She will raise them on her maternal lap, being with them in everything they do, molding their acts as her own; to the extent that they will be known as the children grown, kept and educated by the loving Maternity of my Mama. These will be the ones who will make Her happy, the ones who will be Her glory and honor."
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