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Divine Will Volume Twenty-one

February 23, 1927
How living in the Divine Will is to form a surprise visit to Jesus.
I felt my poor heart under a press, so very hard, because of the privation of my sweet Jesus. Oh, how I moaned and fidgeted; and doing my usual round in the Creation in order to follow the acts of His Will in It, as I reached the sea, I called Him and said to Him: ‘My Jesus, come - come back; your little daughter is calling You from the sea. I call you together with the vastness of these waters, with their murmuring; I call You in the darting of the fish; I call You with the power of your own Will which extends within this sea. If You do not want to listen to my voice calling you, listen to the many innocent voices which are unleashed by this sea, and which call You. O please, don’t let me be crushed any longer, for I cannot take it any more.’
But – no, with all the voices of the sea, He would not come. Therefore I had to move into the sun, and I called Him from within the sun; I called Him with the immensity of its light. So, wherever I went, I called Him in the name of each created thing, and of His very Will which dominated within it.
Then, as I arrived under the blue vault of the heavens, I said to Him: ‘Listen, oh Jesus, I am bringing You all your works; don’t You hear the voice of all heaven - the innumerable voices of the stars, calling You? They all want to surround You, and make You a visit, as their Creator and Father. And You – do You want to send us all back?’
Now, while I was saying this, my sweet Jesus came out, and as though placing Himself in the midst of all His works, told me: “My daughter, what a beautiful surprise you gave Me today. You brought Me all my works to visit Me; I feel my glory, my happiness, being redoubled, in seeing Myself surrounded by all my works, which I recognize as many children of Mine.
Today, you acted like a child who loves his Father very much, and who knows that he greatly enjoys seeing himself being surrounded and visited by all of his children. This child calls them all and loves them; he gathers, one by one, all of his brothers and sisters together, and he goes to give his surprise to his Father. The Father is pleased in seeing himself surrounded by all of his children – not one of them is missing; and he recognizes all the members of his family. Oh, how glorified he feels by all his children - his happiness reaches the summit; and as fulfillment of his joy, he prepares a sumptuous banquet, and all together, Father and children, they celebrate. Then, in the fullness of his happiness, he recognizes the child who has gathered the whole family to give a surprise to the Father, and to please him so much. This child will be loved more, because he has been the cause of so much happiness for him.
Now, my little daughter, while you were calling Me from the sea, with all its voices, I listened to you, and I said: “Let her go around all created things, that she may gather them all together for Me; and then, I will let Myself be found. In this way, I will be able to receive the visit of all my works, which are like as many children of Mine; so, they will make Me happy, and I will make them happy.
Therefore, the living in my Will contains indescribable surprises. I can say that wherever It reigns, the soul becomes my happiness, my joy, my glory; and I prepare for her the banquet of Its knowledges, so that, delighting in each other, we may extend the Kingdom of the Supreme FIAT, that It may be known, loved and glorified. Therefore, often do I expect these surprises of my daughter, who brings Me the visit of the whole family which belongs to Me.
Furthermore, since all Our divine qualities are as though spread throughout Creation, and each created thing occupies one office of Our attributes – so, one is the child of Our power, another of justice, one of light, another of peace, another of goodness; in sum, each created thing is the child of each one of Our attributes – when you bring Me the whole creation, you are the bearer of my own happiness which is spread within It, and I recognize the child of my light in the sun, the child of my justice in the sea, that of my empire in the wind, that of peace in the flowery earth. In sum, in all created things I recognize each part of my attributes, and I enjoy recognizing my children, whom the little daughter of my Will brings to Me.
I act just like a father who has many children, and each one of them occupies one office of love – one is prince, one is judge, one is deputy, one senator, one governor. The father feels happier as he recognizes, in the birth of his womb, each office and position of honor of his children. In the same way, since all things were created so they might flow to make the children of the Supreme Fiat happy, in seeing you bring Our works back to Us we recognize Our own purpose in you, and – oh! how We enjoy seeing you go around, gathering all Our works together, in order to bring back to Us Our own happiness spread throughout the whole Creation. Therefore, may your flight in my Will be continuous.”
Then, afterwards, having received Holy Communion, I was saying to my beloved Jesus: ‘My Love and my life, your Will has the virtue of multiplying your Life for as many beings as exist and will exist on earth. So, in your Will I want to form as many Jesuses, in order to give the whole of You to each soul of Purgatory, to each Blessed of Heaven, and to each being living on the earth.’
Now, while I was saying this, my celestial Jesus told me: “My daughter, in one who lives in my Volition, my Will does exactly this: It multiplies the acts of the soul by Its own virtue, for as many as are the created beings. The soul receives the divine attitude, and her act becomes act of all. The divine work is exactly this: each act It does, multiplies into many, and everyone can make that act his own, as if it had been done for each being alone - while the act was one. Therefore, the soul in whom my Will reigns places herself in the conditions of God Himself – both of glory and of sorrow, depending on whether the creatures receive it or reject it. The glory - the good, and the life of Jesus, which her act can bring to all, is great, exuberant, infinite. The sorrow, because not all creatures take that good, and because my very Life remains suspended - unable to bring the benefit of my Divine Life - is a sorrow which surpasses all sorrows.”

February 26, 1927
Wherever the Divine Will reigns, It forms three little cords of most pure gold. How the Divine Will makes Its exposition in all Creation.
My adorable Jesus makes me struggle very much for His return. Oh, how I long for Him. My poor soul without Him is reduced to an earth without water and without sun. And while it burns with thirst, the darkness is such that I do not know where to direct my step in order to find the One who alone can give me the water that quenches my thirst, and who makes the sun rise for me, which gives light to my steps, to find the One who moves away from me.
Ah! Jesus! Jesus! Come back! Don’t You feel my heartbeat in Yours, which calls You; and having no more vital humor, it palpitates with difficulty, and has no more strength to call You?
But while I was saying these and other things, my Highest Good, Jesus, moved in my interior, and showed three little cords which, tied together, all three of them, were bound to the depth of my soul. These cords were descending from Heaven, and they were linked to three bells. Jesus was a little child, and with the grace of His tiny little hands, He pulled them strongly – but so much that, in Heaven, those bells seemed to form a peal so loud that all Heaven came out to see the one who was ringing them with such hurry and power as to call the attention of all Heaven. I too remain stupefied, and my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, the soul who lives in my Will has these little cords of most pure gold, which descend from the Power of the Father, from the Wisdom of I, the Son, from the Love of the Holy Spirit. As she works, loves, prays, suffers, I take these little cords in my hands, and I put Our Power, Wisdom and Love in motion, for the good and glory of all Blessed and of all creatures. The sound of these bells is so loud and harmonious as to call everyone, like a sound of invitation to celebrate. This is why all came out to enjoy the feast of your act.
Therefore, as you see, the acts of the soul in whom my Will reigns, are formed in Heaven, in the womb of her Creator; then, the three cords of Our Power, Wisdom and Love descend upon earth, to ascend again to their source, in order to bring back the glory to Our Divinity. And I delight very much in pulling these cords, to make everyone hear the sound of these mysterious bells.”
Then, afterwards, having heard about the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament which was made in Church, I thought to myself: ‘For me there are neither expositions nor services’. And my sweet Jesus, giving me no time to think of anything else, came out from within my interior and told me: “My daughter, for you there is no need of exposition, because one who does my Will has the greater and more continuous exposition which my Will displays in all Creation – or rather, in each created thing. In fact, since each thing is animated by It, It forms innumerable expositions, for as many existing things. Who forms my Divine Life in the Eucharist? My Will. If the Sacramental Host were not animated by my Supreme Will, the Divine Life would not exist in it – it would be a simple white host which would not deserve the adoration of the faithful.
Now, my daughter, my Will makes Its exposition in the sun; and just as my Will has the veils of the Host which conceal my Life, so does It have the veils of the light which conceal It in the sun. Yet, who makes a genuflection, who sends a kiss of adoration, who says a ‘thank You’ to my Will exposed in the sun? No one. What ingratitude! And yet, in spite of this, It does not stop; It is always stable in doing good through Its veils of light. It follows the steps of man; It invests his actions, and whatever way he takes, Its light lets Itself be found ahead of him and behind him, carrying him as though in triumph; carrying him within Its womb of light in order to do good to him - disposed to do good to him and to give him light, even if he did not want it. Oh! My Will, how invincible, adorable, admirable You are – immutable in good, and untiring, without ever drawing back.
Do you see the great difference between the exposition of the Eucharist, and that which my Will Itself makes in created things, in a continuous act? In that of the Eucharist, man must put himself out; he himself must go to It, draw near It, and dispose himself to receive good; otherwise he receives nothing. On the other hand, in the exposition of my Will in created things, it is my Will Itself that goes to man, and puts Itself out. And even if he is not disposed, my Will abounds, and drowns him with Its goods. Yet, there is no one who adores my Eternal Will in Its many expositions.
It makes Its exposition in the sea; and while in the sun, the symbol of the Eucharist, It gives Its light, Its heat, Its innumerable goods, though always in silence, never saying a word, never making a reproach, for as many horrendous evils as It may see - in the sea, instead, in the veils of the water, It makes Its exposition in a different way. It seems to speak while forming its murmuring in the veils of the water; It strikes fear in its turbulent billows and in the roaring waves; such that, if it inundates ships and people, it buries them in the depths of the sea, and no one is able to resist it. My Will in the sea makes the exposition of Its power; and It speaks in the murmuring, It speaks in the billows, It speaks in the high waves, calling man to love It and to fear It. And in seeing Itself not being listened to, It makes the exposition of Divine Justice which, turning those veils into a storm, hurls at man - inexorably.
Oh! If the creatures paid attention to all the expositions that my Will makes in the whole Creation, they should remain in continuous act of adoration – to adore my Will exposed in the flowery fields, through which It spreads Its fragrances; in the trees loaded with fruits, from which It spreads the variety of Its sweetnesses. There is no created thing in which It does not make Its divine and special exposition; and since the creatures do not pay the honors due to It, it is your task to maintain the perpetual adoration of the exposition which the Supreme Fiat makes in the whole Creation. My daughter, may you be the one who offers herself as perpetual adorer of this Will, which has no adorers and no return of love on the part of creatures.”

March 3, 1927
The soul in whom the Divine Will reigns, calls God to operate within her. The offering of one’s own actions to God, purifies them and disinfects them.
I was offering my little acts as homage of adoration and of love to the Supreme Will, and I thought to myself: ‘Is it really true that whatever the soul who does the Divine Will does, God Himself does?’ And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, don’t you feel Me within you, as I follow your acts?
Wherever my Will reigns, all things, even the most tiny and natural, turn into a delight for Me and for the creature, because they are the effect of a Divine Will reigning in her, which cannot release from Itself even a shadow of unhappiness. Even more, you must know that in creation Our Supreme Fiat established all the human acts, investing them with delight, with joys, and with happiness. Therefore, work itself was to be no burden for man, nor give him a shadow of tiredness, because, by possessing my Will, he possessed the strength which never tires, and which is never exhausted. See, created things are also a symbol of this. Does the sun perhaps tire of always giving its light? Certainly not. Does the sea tire of murmuring continuously, of forming its waves, of nourishing and multiplying its fish? Certainly not. Do the heavens tire of remaining always stretched out, or the earth of blooming? Certainly not. But why do they not get tired? Because in them there is the power of the Divine Fiat, which possesses the strength that is never exhausted. Therefore, all the human acts enter the order of all created things, and all of them receive the mark of happiness: the work, the food, the sleep, the word, the gaze, the step – everything.
Now, as long as man remained in Our Will, he remained holy and healthy, full of vigor and of untiring strength - capable of enjoying the happiness of his acts, and of delighting the One who gave him so much happiness. As soon as he withdrew from It, he fell ill and lost the happiness, the untiring strength, the power and the taste to enjoy the happiness of his acts, which the Divine Will had invested with so much love. This happens also between one who is healthy and one who is ill: the first enjoys the food, works with more energy, takes pleasure in amusing himself, in strolling around, in chatting; the one who is ill feels disgusted by food, has no strength to work, feels bothered by amusements, becomes annoyed with chatting – everything is bad for him; his illness has changed his nature, his acts, into pains. Now, suppose that the sick person returned to the vigor of his health: his strengths, his taste – everything would be restored in him.
Therefore, going out of my Will has been the cause of his illness; and returning to It, allowing It to reign, will be the cause of the return of the order of happiness into the human acts, and of the regaining of its attitude within the acts of the creature. And as he offers his work, the food he takes, and everything he does, the happiness which was placed in those acts by my Will is unleashed from them, and he rises to his Creator to give Him the glory of His own happiness.
This is why the soul in whom my Will reigns not only calls Me to operate together with her, but gives Me the honor, the glory of that very happiness with which We invested the human acts. Even if the creature should not possess all the fullness of the unity of the light of my Will, as long as she offers her acts to her Creator as homage and adoration – since she is the one who is ill, not God – God receives the glory of the happiness of her human acts.
Imagine a sick person who did some work or prepared some food, which was then taken by someone who is healthy. The one who enjoys the fullness of health perceives nothing – neither the tiredness of that work, nor the hardship which the sick person experienced in doing it, nor the disgust for that food which the sick person would have felt, if he had taken it. On the contrary, he enjoys the fullness of his health, of the good, of the glory and of the happiness which that work will bring to him, and he enjoys the food he has been offered.
In the same way, the offering of one’s own actions purifies - disinfects the human actions, and God receives the glory which is due to Him; and in exchange, He makes His glory descend upon the one who offers his actions to Him.”

March 5, 1927
How firmness in good is only of God, for once He has done an act, it never ceases. Effects of firmness. How the Humanity of Our Lord was the bond of times, the remedy and the model. How God wants the rights of the Divine Will to be secured.
I felt myself in a slumber of affliction because of the privation of my sweet Jesus, and in my interior I said to Him: ‘My Love and my life, how is it? You have departed from me without saying good-bye, without teaching me where to direct my steps, or the way I must follow in order to find You. Even more, it seems to me that You Yourself have burned away the paths through which You may be found. And as much as I wander around and call You, You do not listen to me – the paths are closed; and exhausted with tiredness, I am forced to stop, longing for the One whom I wish to find at any cost, but I don’t. Ah! Jesus! Jesus! Come back - come to the one who cannot live without You.’
But while I was pouring out my pain, He just barely moved in my interior; and as I felt Him move, I said to Him: ‘My Jesus, my life, how is it? You make me wait for so long, to the point that I cannot take anymore; and if You make Yourself seen, You just flash by, and You don’t say anything to me. So it becomes darker than before, and I remain fidgety and delirious with pain; I search for You; I call You – but I wait for You in vain.’
And Jesus, compassionating me, told me: “My daughter, do not fear, I am here with you. What I want is that you never go out of my Will, and that you continue your acts - always, without ever moving from the boundaries of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. This will give you the firmness which will make you be like your Creator – once He has done an act, that act has the virtue of continuing, without ever ceasing. An act which is always continuous, is only of God, who suffers no interruption in His acts. This is why Our firmness is unshakable, and extending everywhere with Our immensity, it renders Our acts uninterrupted. Wherever We lean, We find Our firmness, which gives Us the greatest honor – it makes Us known as the Supreme Being, Creator of all, and renders Our Being and Our acts inexorable. In fact, whatever place We want to lean on, We find Our firmness, which sustains everything.
My daughter, firmness is of divine nature, and a divine endowment; and so it is right that We give this participation and endowment of divine nature to one who must be daughter of Our Divine Fiat, and who must live in Our Kingdom. So, the fact that you continue your acts in It, without ever interrupting them, reveals that you already are in possession of the endowment of Our firmness. How many things firmness says. It says that the souls moves only for God; it says that she moves with reason and out of pure love – not with passion and out of self-interest. It says that she knows the good she does, and therefore she is firm in it, without ever interrupting it. Firmness says, with indelible characters: “Here, there is the finger of God”. Therefore, be firm in your acts, and you will have Our divine firmness within your works.”
Afterwards, I was continuing my acts in the Supreme Volition, and as I arrived at the point of following the acts of Jesus, from the moment of His conception in the womb of the Immaculate Queen, up to His death on the Cross, my adorable Jesus, making Himself felt again in my interior, told me: “My daughter, my Humanity came upon earth as though in the midst of times, in order to reunite the past, when, in creation, the fullness of my Will reigned in man. Everything belonged to It; everywhere It had Its kingdom – Its operative and divine life. And I enclosed this fullness of my Divine Will in Me, and binding those in the present, first I became the model to form the remedies which were needed, the helps and the teachings which were necessary to heal them; and then I bound the posterity to the fullness of that Divine Will which reigned in the first times of creation.
Therefore, my coming upon earth was a bond of reunion of times; it was the remedy in order to form this bond, so that the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat might return into the midst of creatures; it was the model for all, so that, being molded, they would be tied to the bonds formed by Me. This is why, before speaking to you about my Will, I spoke to you about my coming upon earth, of what I did and suffered, in order to give you the remedies and the model of my own life; and then, I spoke to you about my Will: it was bonds that I formed in you, and in these bonds I formed the Kingdom of my Will. A sign of this is the many knowledges I manifested to you about It; Its sorrow for not reigning with all Its fullness in the midst of creatures, and the goods It promises to the children of Its Kingdom.”
Then I continued to pray, and I was almost asleep, when, all of a sudden, I heard someone speak in a loud voice within me. I paid closer attention, and I saw my beloved Jesus with His arms raised, in the act of embracing me, saying to me with powerful voice: “My daughter, I ask nothing else from you but this: that you be the daughter, the mother, the sister of my Will, and that you place in safety within you, Its rights, Its honor, Its glory.” He said this with a loud and powerful voice. Then, lowering His voice and hugging me, He added: “My daughter, the reason for which I want the rights of my Eternal Fiat to be secured, is that I want to enclose the Most Holy Trinity in the soul. My Divine Will alone can give Us the place and the glory worthy of Us. Through It, We can operate freely and place in you all the good of creation, forming even more beautiful things, because with Our Will in the soul, We can do everything, while, without It, We would lack the place in which to put Ourselves, and in which to lay Our works; so not being free, We remain in Our celestial residences.
It happens as to a king, who, loving one of his subjects with excessive love, wants to lower himself to live in his little hovel. But he wants to be free; he wants to put royal things in the little hovel; he wants to command; he wants that subject to eat of his good and delicate foods together with him. In sum, he wants to live his life of king. But the subject does not want him to put his royal things, or to command; nor does he want to adapt himself to the food of the king. The king does not feel free; so, for love of freedom, he goes back to his royal palace.
Wherever my Will does not reign, I am not free; the human will causes a continuous contrast with Mine; therefore, not having Our rights secured, We cannot reign, so We remain in Our royal palace.”

March 10, 1927
How, in Creation, God gave the rights to possess the Kingdom of the Divine Will.
I was following the acts of the Supreme Volition in the Creation, according to my usual way; and as I arrived at the point at which God released the creation of man, I united myself to the first perfect acts which Adam did when he was created, in order to start together with him, and to follow him up to the point at which – when he sinned - he stopped loving Him and adoring Him with the same perfection with which he had started, in the unity of the Supreme Fiat. But while I was doing this, I thought to myself: ‘But, do we have the right to this Kingdom of the Divine Will?’
And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, you must know that, before sinning, Adam did his acts in the Divine Fiat. This meant that the Trinity had given him possession of this Kingdom, because, in order to possess a kingdom, it takes one who forms it, one who gives it, and one who receives it. The Divinity formed it and gave it; man received it. Therefore, in his first period of the creation, Adam possessed this Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, and since he was the head of all human generations, all creatures received the right to this possession.
By withdrawing from Our Will, Adam lost the possession of this Kingdom, because by doing his own will, he placed himself as though in a state of war against the Eternal Fiat, and - poor one - not having enough strength to fight, nor an army well equipped to be able to wage war against a Will so holy, which possessed an invincible strength and a formidable army, he was defeated and lost the Kingdom he had been given by Us. More so, since the strength he possessed before was Our own, and We had also given him Our own army at his disposal; but as he sinned, the strength returned to Our source, and the army withdrew from him, placing itself at Our disposal.
However, all this did not remove from his descendants the rights to reconquer the Kingdom of my Will. It happened as to a king, who loses his kingdom in war. Can there not be the chance that one of his children, with another war, may win back the kingdom of his father, which once belonged to him? More so, since I, Divine Conqueror, came upon earth to make up for the defeats of man, and finding anyone who would receive this Kingdom, I would give strength back to him, and place my army at his disposal once again, in order to maintain Its order, Its decorum, Its glory. And what is this army? It is the whole Creation, in which, more than a marvelous and formidable army, the life of my Will is bilocated in each created thing, in order to preserve the life of this Kingdom. Only then would man lose the hope of possessing this Kingdom once again, if he saw the whole invincible army of Creation disappear. Then, one could say: “God has withdrawn His Will from the face of the earth, which vivified it, embellished it, and enriched it. There is no more hope that the Kingdom may be ours”. But as long as Creation exists, it is a matter of time, in order to find those who want to receive the Kingdom.
And then, if there were no hope of possessing this Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, it would not have been necessary for God to manifest to you so many knowledges about It – either the yearning of His Will to reign, or Its sorrow because It does not reign. When something cannot be accomplished, it is useless to talk about it; therefore I would have had no interest in saying so many things which regard my Divine Will. The mere fact that I speak about It, is a sign that I want It to be possessed once again.”

March 13, 1927
How the Divine Will does not leave anyone. How It possesses the virtue of regeneration, and holds everything in Its power.
My poor existence continues under the harsh press of the privation of my sweet Jesus. Hours seem to be centuries without Him, and I feel all the weight of my hard exile. Oh! God, what pain – to live without the One who forms my life, my heartbeat, my breath. Jesus, what a harsh tearing is your privation for me – everything is hampered, everything is hardship. How can the goodness of your tender Heart resist in seeing me so hampered only because of You? How can You leave me for so long? My sighs do not wound You any more? My moans, my fidgets, searching for You, for nothing else but desire of life – do they not move You to compassion? It is life that I want – nothing else; and You deny me this life? Jesus! Jesus! Who would ever have thought that You would leave me for so long? Oh! Come back, come back, for I cannot take any more.
While I was pouring out my pain, my dear Jesus, my sweet Life, moved in my interior, and told me: “My daughter, to you it seems that I have left you, and you did not feel my Life within you; but my Will has not left you. On the contrary, Its Life in you was in Its fullness, because It does not leave anyone - not even the damned in hell; rather, It fulfills Its inexorable and irreconcilable Justice. In fact, in hell there is no reconciliation; rather, it forms their torment, and it is right that one who did not want to receive it in order to be loved, made happy and glorified, receive it to be tormented.
Therefore, my Will does not leave any one – either in Heaven, or on earth, or in hell. It holds everything within Itself, as though in Its power. No one can escape It - neither man, nor fire, nor water, nor wind, nor sun. Everywhere It holds Its empire and extends Its Life, ruling and dominating over everything. So, if It leaves nothing, and invests everything, could It ever leave Its firstborn daughter, in whom Its love, Its life, Its Kingdom, are centered? In fact, even though my Divine Will extends everywhere, and hold Its empire over everything, yet, if the creature loves It, It becomes all love and gives Its love; if she wants It as life, It forms Its Divine Life within her; if she wants to let It reign, It forms Its Kingdom. It carries out Its acts according to the dispositions of the creatures. It possesses the regenerative virtue, so It regenerates the Divine Life, sanctity, peace, reconciliation and happiness; It regenerates Its beauty and Its grace. It knows how to do everything; It gives Itself to all; It extends everywhere; Its acts are innumerable and they multiply to the infinite; It gives a new act to each creature, according to their dispositions; Its variety cannot be matched.
Who can ever escape my Will? No one could go out of creation, or be not created by Us. This can never be, because the right of creating is only of God. Therefore, my Will will never leave you – either in life, or in death, or after death. More so since, by regenerating you as Its special newborn, both of you want It to form Its Kingdom; and wherever It is, I am - in my full triumph. Can there ever be the will without the person who possesses this will? Certainly not. And do not be surprised if you often feel as if my life ended in you; you feel It ending, but it is not true.
It happens as to created things, which seem to die, but then they always rise again. The sun seems to die, but it is because the earth, in rotating, loses the sun, and so it seems it dies. But the sun lives and remains always in its place; in fact, as the earth keeps rotating, it finds its sun again, as though rising again to new virtue for it. On earth, everything seems to die – the plants, the beautiful blossomings, the delicious fruits – but, afterwards, everything rises again and acquires new life. The human nature itself seems to die during sleep, but from sleep it rises again more vigorous and restored. Among all created things, only the heavens are always fixed and never die – symbol of the established goods of the Celestial Fatherland, which are not subject to change.
All the other things - water, fire wind – they all seem to die; but then they rise again, animated by my Will, which is not subject to death, and which possesses the act of making all things rise again, as many times as It wants. Even more, while they seem to die, they have perennial life, by virtue of the regenerative power of my Will.
The same happens to you. It seems to you that my life dies - but it is not true, because since my Will is in you, in you there is the virtue of regeneration which makes Me rise again, as many times as It wants. Wherever my Fiat is, there cannot be death, nor goods that end – but perennial life, which is not subject to end.”

March 16, 1927
As Jesus was conceived, He formed the new bond between His Kingdom and the creatures. In the Divine Will there are universal acts, and these acts are needed in order to impetrate It.
I was thinking about the Supreme Fiat, and about how this Kingdom may be realized; and my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, as your Jesus was conceived, I tied, once again, the Kingdom of my Divine Will to the creature. It was necessary for It to take absolute dominion within my Humanity, and to have Its free life in all of my acts, to be able to extend Its Kingdom as It wanted within my Humanity. Therefore, everything I did – works, prayers, breathing, heartbeat and sufferings - were bonds and ties between the Kingdom of my Fiat and the creatures. I represented the new Adam, who not only was to give the remedies in order to save them, but was to redo – to restore, all that the old Adam had lost. This is why it was necessary to take on human nature, in order to enclose in it that which the creature had lost and, through Me, to give it back to her.
It was justice that my Divine Will have a human nature at Its disposal, which would oppose nothing, in order to extend Its Kingdom, once again, in the midst of creatures; more so, since a human nature had taken Its rights to reign away from It, and so another one was needed, which would return Its rights to It.
Therefore, my coming upon earth was not for Redemption alone; on the contrary, the primary purpose was to form the Kingdom of my Will within my Humanity, in order to give It back to the creatures. If it were not so, my coming upon earth would have been an incomplete work - not worthy of a God, who would have been nothing less than unable to restore the work of Creation, and the order with which It had come out of Our creative hands, since Our Will was to reign in everything.
Now, so that these ties which my Humanity formed between the Kingdom of my Will and the creature might have validity, life and recognition, it was necessary for Me to choose a creature, who, being entrusted with the special office to make known this Kingdom of my Will, would bind to herself these ties which my Will had formed with my Humanity, receiving the power to transmit these ties of my Kingdom to other creatures. This is why I remain in the depth of your soul, preserving the life of my Supreme Fiat – to bind these ties and to place my Kingdom in them; and I speak to you so much about It, as I have not done with anyone else until now. Therefore, be attentive, because this is about the greatest thing: to restore the order of creation between the Creator and the creature.
Not only this; it was necessary for Me to first choose one creature who would live in the Divine Fiat, in order to receive universal acts from her, because my Will is universal - It is everywhere; there is no creature who does not receive Its life.
By withdrawing from my Will, man rejected a universal good; he took away from God the universal glory, adoration and love. Now, in order to give back to him this Kingdom - these universal goods, first He wants, by right, a creature who, by living in this Fiat would communicate this universal act to Him. So, as she loves, adores, glorifies and prays, together with His Will, she constitutes herself as universal love for all - adoration and glory for each creature; and diffusing her prayer as if everyone were praying, she prays in a universal manner that the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat may come into the midst of creatures. When a good is universal, universal acts are needed in order to obtain it; and these acts are only in my Will. As you love in It, your love extends wherever my Will is; and my Will feels your love in every place – It feels Itself followed everywhere. Therefore, It feels in you the original love, with which It had established to be loved by the creature in the beginning of Creation; It feels Its own echo in your love, which does not know how to love with a little and finite love, but with infinite and universal love. It feels the first love of Adam before he sinned, when he did nothing but repeat the echo of the Will of His Creator; and It feels drawn by these universal acts which follow It everywhere, to come and reign once again in the midst of creatures. This is why I have chosen you, my daughter - and from their own stock: not only to manifest to you the knowledges, the goods and the prodigies of this Fiat, but so that, by living in It, with your universal acts, you may bend my Will to come to reign once again in the midst of creatures, as in the beginning of Creation.
This is why it is given to you to unite everyone, to embrace everyone – so that, in finding everyone and everything in you, just as everything can be found in my Will, you may place harmony among them; so they will exchange the kiss of peace, and my Kingdom will be restored in the midst of creatures. Here is, then, the necessity of the knowledges about the wonders of my Supreme Fiat: to dispose the creatures - to attract them to desire, to want, to long for this Kingdom and the goods which are in It. And here is the necessity for Me to first choose one creature, who, by living in my Will, with her universal acts – which are Divine acts that my Will Itself administers to her - would impetrate the Kingdom of my Fiat for the creatures.
I act like a king whose people have rebelled against his laws. Making use of his power, the king sends some to prison, some to exile, and he removes from some the right of possession – in sum, he gives to each one the penalty he justly deserves. Now, in the long run, the king feels compassion for his people, so he chooses one of his most faithful ministers, and opening up his sorrowful heart, he says to him: ‘I want to trust you. Listen: I have decided to give you the mandate to call back to me the poor exiled, to release the prisoners, and to give back to them the right to possess goods, which I removed from them. If they are faithful to me, their goods, their happiness, will be redoubled’. So, he converses at length with this faithful minister, arranging everything that needs to be done; more so, since this minister had always been after the king, beseeching him on behalf of his people, to give grace of forgiveness and reconciliation to all.
Then, after having arranged everything in secret, they call the other ministers, giving them the order to let the beautiful news reach the people, in the prisons and in exile: how the king wants to make peace with them, how he wants each one to return to his place, and all the good which the king wants to give them. As the beautiful news spreads, they desire, they long for - they dispose themselves with their acts to receive their freedom and the lost kingdom; and while the news is spreading, the faithful minister is always after the king, beseeching him with incessant prayers to let the people receive the good which they had established between them.
I have done exactly this; in fact, that which can be done, one on one, in the secret sorrow and love of two beings who love each other, and who want the same good, cannot be done with many. A secret sorrow and love of your Jesus, united to the soul whom I choose, has this power: I give, and she impetrates whatever is needed. The secret between Me and you has matured the many knowledges I have given you about the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat; it has made your many acts rise again in It. The secret between Me and you has allowed Me to pour out my sorrow, so long, and of so many centuries, in which my Will has been in the midst of creatures, being life of each one of their acts, but they have not recognized It, keeping It in a state of continuous agony.
My daughter, a sorrow of Mine poured out in the secret of the heart of one who loves Me, has the virtue of changing justice into mercy; and my bitternesses turn into sweetnesses. Then, after I have trusted you, arranging everything together with you, I have called my ministers, giving them the order to make known to the people my beautiful news about my Supreme Fiat - the many knowledges about It; how I call everyone to come into my Kingdom, that they may come out of the prisons – the exile of their wills - take possession of the lost goods, and no longer live unhappy and as slaves of the human will, but happy and free in my Divine Will. And just as this secret has had the virtue of letting us exchange - heart to heart - the many wonders and manifestations about the Eternal Fiat, when this long secret of ours will be manifested, it will have such an impact on the people that, surprised, they themselves will pray with sighs that my Kingdom may come to put an end to all of their troubles.”

March 19, 1927
Concern on whether one who does not complete his mission on earth, will fulfill it in Heaven. How the mission of the Fiat will be extremely long. The order of the infinite Wisdom.
I was concerned about the health of Rev. Father Di Francia. The letters I had received from him were almost alarming. I was thinking about the destiny of my writings, since he had had so much interest in taking them all with him – where would they end up, if our Lord took him with Him to the Celestial Fatherland? And then, his mission for the publication of the knowledges about the Fiat would be without fruit, because one could say he has done nothing yet. At the most, it can be called the beginning – the will he has to do the publication – but in order to put out a work so long, who knows how long it takes. And just as for Father it will be a mission without fruit, if Jesus takes him away at the very beginning, so it will be for me, if I am fortunate enough to go to my Fatherland. What will be the fruit of my mission - of having sacrificed myself so much, of spending entire nights writing? Also the many interests of Jesus will be without fruit, because – He Himself said it – only then does a good bring fruit, when it is known. Therefore, if they are not known, they will remain as hidden fruits, without anyone receiving the good which they contain.
Now, while I was thinking about this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, one who has been given a mission, and has only just started it, or has not completed the carrying out of his mission, and at that very moment I bring him to Heaven with Me, will continue his mission from up there, because he will bring, in the depth of his soul, the deposit of the good of the knowledges which he has acquired in life. In Heaven, he will comprehend them with more clarity; and in comprehending the great good of the knowledges about the Supreme Fiat, he will pray, and will make all Heaven pray, that they be known on earth; and will impetrate a light more clear for those who will have to occupy themselves with them. More so, since each knowledge about my Will will bring him one more glory - a greater happiness; and as they become known on earth, his glory and happiness will be redoubled, because this will be the fulfillment of his own mission, which he had the desire to accomplish in his will, and it is right that he receive the fruit of his mission, as it is carried out on earth. This is why I told him to hurry, and I pushed him so much not to waste time – because I wanted him not only to start, but to advance greatly with the publication of the knowledges about the Eternal Fiat, so that he would not do everything from Heaven. One who has completed his mission on earth, can say: ‘My mission is finished’; but one who has not completed it, must complete it from Heaven.
As for you, then, your mission is extremely long, nor will you be able to complete it on earth. Until all the knowledges are known, and the Kingdom of the Divine Will is known upon earth, your mission can not be called finished. In Heaven you will have much to do; my Will, which has kept you busy on earth for the sake of Its Kingdom, will not let you be without working together with It in Heaven. It will always keep you in Its company; therefore, you will do nothing but descend and ascend from Heaven to earth, to help to establish my Kingdom, with decorum, honor and glory. This will be for you of great delight, happiness and highest glory – to see your littleness that, united to my Will, has transported Heaven onto earth, and the earth into Heaven. Greater contentment you could not receive. More so, since you will see the glory of your Creator completed on the part of his creatures, the order re-established, the whole Creation with its full splendor, and man, Our dear jewel, at his place of honor. What will be Our highest contentment, Our highest glory, Our happiness without end - as well as yours - in seeing the purpose of Creation fulfilled? To you, then, We will give the name of Redemptrix of Our Will, constituting you mother of all the children of Our Fiat. Aren’t you happy?”
After this, I was following the acts of the Divine Will, and not finding my sweet Jesus, I thought to myself that He no longer loved me as before, because before it seemed He could not be without me - He would do nothing but come and go; but now, He leaves me alone, without Him, even for entire days. Before, He used to take me to Heaven very often, bringing me back to earth to my highest sorrow. Now, everything is over.
But while I was thinking of this, moving in my interior, He told me: “My daughter, you offend Me by thinking that I no longer love you as before. On the contrary, this is nothing but the order of my infinite Wisdom. You must know that my inseparable Mama also, during Her tender age, was more in Heaven than on earth, because She was to draw from Us the seas of grace, of love, of light, in order to form Her heaven within Herself, in which the Eternal Word was to be conceived and have His dwelling. Then, when this heaven was formed in the Sovereign Queen, it was no longer necessary for Her to come often to the Celestial Fatherland, because that which was in Heaven, She had within Herself.
So I have done for you. That which was necessary before, is not necessary today. And then, what is greater – to possess Me in the depth of your soul, under the beautiful heaven of my Will formed in you, or to visit the Celestial Fatherland often? I believe it is greater to possess It. Therefore, everything I have done in you earlier, for many years, was nothing other than forming my heaven in you. Once it has been formed, it is right that I enjoy it; and you too must enjoy that your Jesus has His own heaven within your soul.”

March 22, 1927
Searching for Jesus everywhere. How one who lives in the Divine Will, lives in the echo of the voice of Jesus. Effects of the rising of the Sun of the Divine Will within the soul.
Continuing in my usual state, I was following the Divine Will in the creation; and going from one created thing to another, I called my sweet life, dear Jesus, to come to follow the acts of His Will in all created things, together with me. But not seeing Him, I felt the nail of His privation pierce me through, and in my sorrow I said to Him: ‘My Jesus, I don’t know what to do in order to find You. I have You called by your Justice within the sea, by your Power in its roaring waves – and You do not listen to me. I have You called by your light in the sun, by the intensity of its heat which symbolizes your love – and You do not come? I have You called by your immensity, by all of your works in the vastness of the vault of the heavens – and it seems it is not for You. But, tell me at least: what should I do to find You? If I do not find You, in your own Will - in the midst of your works which are your boundaries, where can I find my Life?’
But while I was pouring out my sorrow, He moved within me, telling me: “How beautiful is my daughter – how beautiful it is to see your littleness as though dissolved in my Will, searching for Me in the midst of my works, and not finding Me.”
And I: ‘My Jesus, You make me die. Tell me: where do You hide?’
And Jesus: “I hide within you. If you hear the voice of someone, in hearing his voice you can say that he is near you. Now, my Will is the echo of my voice; if you are in It, going around all the works of my Fiat, you are already in the echo of my voice. And since you are in It, I am near you or inside of you, and with my Fiat I give you the gift of letting you go around, up to where my voice reaches, and up to where my Fiat extends.”
Surprised, I said: ‘My love, so your voice becomes very, very long, because there is no point in which your Will is not. And Jesus added: “My daughter, indeed there cannot be will or voice without the person who emits them. So, just as my Will is everywhere, there is no point which is not reached by my voice which brings my Fiat to all things. Therefore, if you are in my Will, in the midst of Its works, you can be more than certain that your Jesus is with you.”
After this, I was thinking about the great good that the Divine Will brings to us; and while I was all immersed in It, my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, when the sun rises, it dispels the darkness and makes the light arise. It changes the humidity of the night, with which the plants are so invested as to become oppressed, numb and melancholic; but as the sun rises, it turns that humidity into pearls, studding everything – plants, flowers and all nature. Its silvery halo brings back joy and beauty, taking away the torpor of the night; and with the enchantment of its light, it seems to take all nature by the hand, in order to vivify it, embellish it, and give life to it. The sea, the rivers, the springs, are frightening, but it makes the variety and the vividness of their colors stand out.
In the same way, as my Will rises, all the human acts are invested with light; they take their place of honor in my Will, and each one receives its special shade of beauty and the vividness of the Divine colors, in such a way that the soul is transfigured and enveloped with an indescribable beauty. As the sun of my Will rises, it puts to flight all the evils of the soul; it takes away the torpor produced by passions; even more, before the light of the Divine Fiat, the very passions lap up that light, and aspire to convert into virtues, to pay homage to my Eternal Will. As It rises, everything is joy. And even the pains, which, like seas at night, are frightening for the creatures - if my Will rises, It puts to flight the night of the human will, and removing every fear, It forms Its golden background in those pains. With Its light, It invests the bitter waters of the pains, and crystallizes then into a sea of sweetness, in such a way as to form an enchanting and admirable horizon.
What can my Will not do? It can do everything, and It can give everything. Wherever It rises, It does things worthy of Our creative hands.”

March 26, 1927
One who possesses the Divine Will is a call for all the acts of It. As many acts as the soul does in the Divine Will, so many times does she rise again to Divine Life. How one who does not do the Divine Will is the little thief of creation.
I was thinking to myself: ‘When I go around, within the Supreme Will, following Its acts in the Creation and Redemption, all things seem to speak – all of them have something to say about this admirable Will; instead, when I am occupied with something else, all things remain silent – it seems they have nothing to say.’ But while I was thinking of this, the sun penetrated into my little room, and its light pounded on my bed. I felt invested by its light and heat, and at that moment, a light came out from within my interior, and diving into the light of the sun, the two of them kissed. I was surprised, and my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, how beautiful is my Divine Will bilocated in you and in the sun. When It dwells in the soul and makes a sweet encounter with Its own works, It makes feast; and as It plunges into Its own acts which It exercises in created things, they kiss each other. Then, one of the lights remains, and the other returns triumphantly to its place to exercise its office, wanted by my Will Itself.
So, the soul who possesses my Will is a call for all the acts of It; and as they meet, they quickly recognize each other. This is why, when you go around the Creation and the Redemption, all things speak to you – those are the acts of my Will that speak to you within It. In fact, it is right that one who possesses It, know about Its life, which seems to be divided among many created things and distinct in many different acts, yet It is one single act; and it is necessary that one who possesses It be aware of all Its acts, in order to form one single act with all the acts of my Will.”
Then, while following the acts which the Supreme Fiat had done in Redemption, I reached that point at which my sweet Jesus was in the act of rising from the dead, and I was saying: ‘My Jesus, just as my “I love You” has followed You into Limbo, and investing all the inhabitants of that place, we have asked You, all together, to hasten the coming of the Kingdom of your Supreme Fiat upon earth - so do I want to impress my “I love You” upon the tomb of your Resurrection, so that, just as your Divine Will made your Most Holy Humanity rise again as fulfillment of Redemption and as the new contract with which You would restore the Kingdom of your Will on earth – so my incessant “I love You”, following all the acts You did in the Resurrection, may ask You, pray You - supplicate You to make souls rise again in your Will, that your Kingdom may be established in the midst of creatures.’
Now, while I was saying these and other things, my beloved Jesus moved in my interior and said: “My daughter, as many acts as the soul does in my Will, so many times does she rise again to Divine Life; and the more acts she does in It, the more the Divine Life grows, and the more complete becomes the glory of the Resurrection. Therefore, the foundation, the substance, the light, the beauty, the glory, are formed by the acts done in my Will. The more contact my Will has had with the soul, the more It can give, embellish and expand. Even more, one who has always lived in my Will, since my Will has had Its dominion over all the acts of the creature, will possess the act, ever new, of my Fiat. Therefore, not only will she receive the new and continuous act of the beatitudes from God, but by virtue of my Will which she has possessed on earth, she herself will possess the new act of the beatitudes within herself; and releasing it from herself, it will invest the whole Celestial Fatherland. And so, there will be such harmony between the new act of God and the new act of one who has possessed my Will, as to form the most beautiful enchantment for the celestial residence. The prodigies of my Will are eternal and ever new.”
After this, I was thinking to myself: ‘How is it that, from such a high place, when he was created by God, Adam fell to such a low level, after sin?’ And my always adorable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, in the creation, one was the Will which entered the field in order to create all things. To It alone belonged, by right, the dominion, the regime and the carrying out of Its own life in each thing, which would be created by It. Now, after man withdrew from Our Will, one no longer was the Will that reigned on earth – but two. And since the human will is inferior to the Divine, man emptied himself of all the goods of this Supreme Fiat; and in doing his own will, he took away the place of the Divine Will. This was the greatest sorrow; more so, since this human will had been released and created by the Divine Will, so that everything might be Its own property - Its own dominion.
Now, by withdrawing from Our Will, man became guilty of stealing the divine rights, since, by doing his own will, none of the things created by this Fiat would belong to him any more. Therefore, he had to find a place in which Our creative work would not extend; but this too was impossible – this place cannot be found. So, not being with Our Will, he would still take from the things which belong to It, in order to live; he would use the sun, the water, the fruits of the earth – everything. These were all thefts that he committed against Us. Therefore, by not doing Our Will, man became the little thief of all Our goods.
How sorrowful it was to see that the creation was to serve so many deserters – so many who did not belong to the Divine Fiat. And Our Will would lose as many places on earth, for as many creatures as were to come to light and not live in Our Kingdom, letting themselves be dominated by Our Will. It happened as to a family which, instead of being ruled and dominated by the father, is ruled and dominated by the children, who do not even get along among themselves – one commands something, another something else. What is the sorrow of this poor father, in seeing his dominion being taken away by his children? And what is the confusion and the disorder in this family? Much more sorrowful for my Supreme Fiat was the fact that the work of Its own creative hands would take away Its dominion from It, and by doing its own will, would place itself against Mine, taking the right to reign away from It.
My daughter, not doing my Will is the evil which encloses all evils; it is the collapse of all goods; it is the destruction of happiness, of order, of peace - it is the great loss of my Divine Kingdom.”

March 31, 1927
How the soul who lives in the Divine Will is the triumph of It. Threats of war. Men from all races.
I felt all immersed and abandoned in the Divine Will, and while I continued my acts in It, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the soul who lives in my Divine Will is the triumph of It. As the soul does her acts in It, It releases Its virtue of bilocation which, flowing through all creation, extends Its Divine Life in it. Therefore, the soul who lives in my Will gives Me the occasion to bilocate my Life for as many acts as she does. This is why, not only is she the triumph of my Will, but I receive more honor from the soul who acts in It than from the whole of Creation. In fact, in creating each thing, God placed in some the shadow of His light, in some the notes of His love, in some others the image of His power, in others the blossomings of His beauty; therefore, each created thing has something that belongs to its Creator. But in the soul who lives in the Divine Fiat, God places all of Himself – He centralizes His whole Being in her; and bilocating in her, He fills the whole creation with the acts that the soul does in His Will, in order to receive from her love, glory and adoration, for each thing which came out of Our creative hands.
So, one who lives in It, places herself in relation with all created things; and taking to heart the honor of her Creator, through the same relations which she receives - for each thing, from the tiniest to the greatest, she sends out the return of her relations for all that her Creator has done. Therefore, all communications are opened between the soul and God. The creature enters into the Divine order, and enjoys perfect harmony with the Supreme Being - and because of this, she is the true triumph of my Will. On the other hand, one who does not live in It, lives with the human will, and therefore all communications with the Supreme Being are closed – everything is disorder and disharmony; her relations are with her own passions, and to her own passions she sends her acts. She knows nothing about the news of her Creator; more than a serpent, she creeps on the earth, and she lives in the disorder of human things.
Therefore, the soul who lives with her human will is the dishonor of Mine and the defeat of the Divine Fiat in the work of Creation. What sorrow, my daughter! What sorrow! – the human will that wants to defeat the Will of its Creator, who loves it so much, and who wants it in His own triumph, which is the triumph of the creature herself.”
Then, I was lamenting to Jesus because of His privations, since now, maybe more than ever, He is making me suffer His distance for a longer time. Yet, He tells me that He loves me – who knows whether He will end up leaving me completely?
But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, and surrounding me with light, in that light He made me see wars and fierce revolutions – civilians against Catholics. One could see all races fighting, and all of them in the act of preparing for more wars.
And Jesus, all afflicted, told me: “My daughter, you do not know how my burning Heart wants to run with love toward the creatures. But as it runs, they reject it, while they run toward Me with the most brutal offenses and with the most horrendous pretenses. So, in seeing my love persecuted, my justice enters the field to defend my love, striking with scourges those who persecute Me, and uncovering the pretenses they make - not only with Me, but also among themselves as nations, because in cheating each other, they reveal that, instead of loving each other, they hate each other fiercely. This century can be called the century of the most awful pretenses – and among all classes; they never find an agreement, and while apparently, it seems that they want to agree, in reality they are plotting new wars. Pretense has never brought true good, either in the civilian order or in the religious order - at the most, some shadows of a fleeting good. Therefore, now they are turning that peace - which was praised with words, not with deeds - into preparations of war.
As You can already see, many different races have united to fight, some with one pretext, some with another - and more will unite. But I will use the unions of these races, because for the coming of the Kingdom of my Divine Will, it is necessary to have the union of all races, by means of another war, much more extensive than the last one, in which Italy was involved financially. Through the union of these races, the peoples will get to know one another, and after the war, the spreading of the Kingdom of my Will will be easier. Therefore, be patient in bearing my privation - this is the void that my justice wants to form, in order to defend my persecuted love. You, pray and offer everything, so that the Kingdom of my Fiat may come soon.”

April 3, 1927
Effects of a love which loves freely, and effects of a forced love. How the acts done in the Divine Will are full, complete and exuberant.
While I was all afflicted because of His privation, and almost petrified by the pain of seeing myself forgotten by my beloved Jesus, He came out from within my interior, and leaning His hands on my shoulders, He placed His head upon my breast and breathed intensely, saying to me: “Everyone is waiting for your acts.” And while breathing, He drew all of my acts done in His Divine Will into Himself, and added: “My daughter, the acts done in my Will are my acts; this is why I have come to take them with my breath - as I breathed upon your breast. Everyone awaits these acts of yours, because they are my own acts, and I go around, spreading them throughout all creation in order to receive, in the whole universe, the honor of a free act of a creature. As the will of a creature comes into Mine and operates - freely, not by force - I receive the honor of a free will, which is the greatest honor for Me - which befits Me as a God.
A free will which loves Me and which voluntarily annihilates itself in order to do my Will and to operate in It, is the great portent of Creation, for which all things were created; because these were to serve this will – free, not forced to love Me. And the will, having dominion over all things, and enjoying the whole creation, was to serve as the will of all created things. In fact, these do not have a will; however, the creature was to serve as will for them, so that her will and her free love toward her Creator might be present in each created thing. Only in my Will can the human will diffuse in everything, in order to give this love, so great, to its Creator.
My daughter, a will which does not love Me freely, but by force, means distance between the creature and the Creator; it means slavery and servitude; it means dissimilarity. On the other hand, a free will which does Mine, means union between the soul and God; it means sonship; it means that whatever belongs to God, belongs to her; it means similarity of sanctity, of love, of manners; so much so, that whatever one does, the other does as well - wherever one is, the other is also. This is why I created man with a free will – to receive this great honor which befits a God. I would not know what to do with a will that loves Me and sacrifices itself by force; even more, I do not even recognize it, nor does it deserve any reward. So, this is why all my aims are upon the soul who, spontaneously, lives in my Will.
Forced love is of men, not of God, because men content themselves with appearances, and do not go deep inside, into the gold of the will, in order to have a sincere and loyal love. Just like a king, who is satisfied with the subjection of his subjects, because he has his own army prepared, and he does not care whether the will of his soldiers is far away from him. However, if their will is far away, he may have the army, but he will not be safe, because it can be an army which is plotting against his crown and his life.
A master may have many slaves; however, if they do not serve him willingly, but out of necessity, out of convenience, out of fear, or to collect their wage, these servants, who eat of his bread, may be his first enemies. But your Jesus, who sees the depth of the will, does not content Himself with appearances; and if this will spontaneously wills and lives in my Will, my glory - the whole creation, is safe - because it is possessed not by servants, but by my children, who love so much the glory of their Celestial Father, as to be ready and feel honored to give their lives for love of Him.”
Afterwards, I felt all immersed in the Eternal Fiat, and my beloved Jesus added: “My daughter, in my Will, all acts are done in the fullness of light, therefore they are acts filled with all goods. These acts are complete acts, in such a way that nothing must be missing; and they are so exuberant as to overflow for the good of all. See, as you were calling - in my Will - my Celestial Mama, the Angels and the Saints to love Me, I felt the love of my Mama, the love of the Angels, the love of all Heaven, being repeated in you. As you were calling the sun, the heavens, the stars, the sea, and all created things around Me in order to give Me the love and the glory of my works, I felt everything I did in creating the sun, the heavens, the stars, the sea, as well as all the love I released in the whole creation, being repeated in you. Therefore, the soul who lives in my Will is the repeater of my acts, and by bilocating them, she gives Me all that I have given to her. Oh, how your Jesus enjoys receiving from the littleness of the creature, the honors, the love and the glory of His own acts – which are full, complete and exuberant.”

April 8, 1927
How all the figures and symbols of the Old Testament symbolize the Children of the Divine Will. How Adam fell from a high point to the bottom.
I was following the acts that the Divine Will did in all creation, and I was also searching for the acts It did in the first father Adam, as well as all those It did in all the saints of the Old Testament, especially those in which the Supreme Volition made Its power, Its strength, and Its vivifying virtue stand out. And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the greatest figures of the Old Testament, while being images concealing the future Messiah, enclosed also the gifts and the images symbolizing all the gifts that the Children of the Supreme Fiat would possess. When he was created, Adam was the true and perfect image of the Children of my Kingdom. Abraham was the symbol of the privileges and the heroism of the Children of my Will. Calling Abraham to a promised land in which milk and honey would flow; making him the owner of that land, a land so fecund as to be enviable and yearned for by all the other nations – everything was a symbol of what I would do for the Children of my Will. Jacob was another symbol of Them, because from him the twelve tribes of Israel were to descend, and from their midst the future Redeemer was to arise, who was to bind once again the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat to my children. Joseph was the symbol of the dominion which the Children of my Will would have; and just as he did not let many peoples die of starvation, as well as his ungrateful brothers, so will the Children of my Divine Fiat have dominion and be the ones who will not let perish the peoples which will ask for the bread of my Will from them. Moses was the image of the power; Samson, the symbol of the strength of the Children of my Will. David symbolized the reigning of Them; all the prophets symbolized the graces, the communications and the intimacies with God which, more than within themselves, would dwell in the Children of my Divine Fiat.
See, all these were nothing but symbols – images of Them; what will happen when the lives of these symbols will arise? After all of these, came the Celestial Lady, the Sovereign Empress, the Immaculate, the Spotless – my Mother. She was not a symbol or an image, but a reality – the true life, the first privileged daughter of my Will; and in the Queen of Heaven, I looked at the generations of the Children of my Kingdom. She was the first unmatchable creature, who possessed, as whole, the life of the Supreme Volition, and therefore She deserved to conceive the Eternal Word, and to mature within Her maternal heart the generation of the Children of the Eternal Fiat. Then came my own Life, in which the Kingdom that these fortunate Children were to possess, was established.
From all this you can comprehend how the primary purpose of everything that God did, does, and will do, from the beginning of the Creation of the world, is to form the Kingdom of His Will in the midst of creatures. These are all Our aims – this is Our Will; and to these Children, all of Our goods, Our qualities and Our Likeness, will be given. And if I call you to follow all the acts that my Will has done, both in the Creation of the universe and in the generations of the creatures, not excluding either those which It did in my Mother, or those which It did in my own Life, it is to centralize all of Its acts in you, to give them to you as gift, to be able to release from you, all together, the goods that a Divine Will can possess, in order to form the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat with decorum, honor and glory. Therefore, be attentive in following my Will.”
I was thinking to myself: ‘How is it that, by withdrawing from the Divine Will, Adam fell from such a height to such a low level?’ And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, in the natural order, one who falls from a very high point, either perishes completely, or remains so wrecked and disfigured that it is impossible for him to recover his original state of health, of beauty and of stature. He will remain as a poor cripple, bent over and lame; and if he is a father, from him will come the generation of the cripple, of the blind, of the hunchback, and of the lame.
In the same way, in the supernatural order, Adam fell from a point which was extremely high. He had been placed by his Creator at a point so high as to surpass the height of the heavens, of the stars, of the sun. By living in the Divine Will, he dwelled above everything – within God Himself. Do you see, then, from what level Adam fell? Given the height from which he fell, it was a miracle that he did not perish completely; but even though he did not perish, the blow he received with the fall was so violent, that it was inevitable for him to remain crippled, wrecked, and disfigured of his rare beauty. He remained shattered in all his goods, numb in working, dazed in his intellect. A continuous fever debilitated him, and weakened all of his virtues; therefore he no longer felt the strength to dominate himself. The most beautiful character of man – the dominion of himself – had vanished, while passions took its place, to tyrannize him, and to render him restless and sad. And since he was father and head of the generations, from him came the family of the cripple.
They think that not doing my Will is something trivial, but instead, it is the total ruin of the creature; and as many acts as she does from her own will, so many times does she increase her evils, her ruin, digging the most profound abyss in which to fall.”
Then, I was thinking to myself: ‘If by withdrawing only once from the Divine Will, Adam fell to such a low level and turned his fortune into misery, his happiness into bitterness – what will happen to us, who withdraw from this adorable Will times upon times?’ But while I was thinking of this, my beloved and only Good, added: “My daughter, Adam fell so low, because he withdrew from a Will expressed by his Creator, which enclosed the test in order to prove his faithfulness toward the One who had given him life and all the goods he possessed. More so, since after the so many goods He had given to him for free, God asked of him to deprive himself of one fruit alone of the many He had given him, for love of the One who had given him everything. And in this little sacrifice which God wanted from him, He had let him know that it was for nothing else but to be sure of his love and of his faithfulness. Adam should have felt honored that his Creator wanted to be certain of the love of His creature. Moreover, the one who attracted him and convinced him to fall, was not a being superior to him, but a vile serpent – his major enemy.
His fall brought graver consequences, because he was the head of all generations; therefore, as though naturally, all the members were to feel the effects of the evil of their head. See, then: when my Will has been expressed, wanted and commanded, the sin is graver and the consequences are irreparable; and only my Divine Will Itself can make up for such a great evil, as that which occurred to Adam. On the other hand, when It is not expressed, even though the creature has the duty to pray to Me in order to know my Will in her work – whether there is any good in her act, and my glory alone - the evil is not so grave, and it is easier to find a remedy. And I do this with each creature, in order to test their loyalty, and also to secure the love which they say they have for Me. Who would not want to be sure about a property he has acquired, to the point of writing the deed? Who would not want to be sure about the faithfulness of a friend, or about the true loyalty of a servant? So, in order to be sure, I let them know that I want some little sacrifices, which will bring all goods and sanctity to them, and they will fulfill the purpose for which they were created. But if they are reluctant, everything will be upset in them, and all evils will swoop down upon them.
Therefore, not doing my Will is always evil – more or less evil, according to the knowledge one possesses of It.”

April 12, 1927
The Divine Will is balanced. How in Creation God established all the relations between man and created things. Example of a city. The shining cloud.
My poor state is becoming more painful because of the privations of my sweet Jesus. What a hard martyrdom and death – without the dear and sweet hope of finding life again. The pain of having lost Him dazes me, petrifies me, and spreads an evil dew over my poor soul, which, exposed to the rays of a burning pain, instead of vivifying me, if it does not make me die, makes me wither and takes away from me the best of life, by drawing out the vital humors, just like frosts to the plants. Oh! How much sweeter would death be for me – or rather, it would be the most beautiful feast for me, because I would find the One I love, who would heal all my wounds.
Oh! Privation of my Highest Good, Jesus, how painful and ruthless you are. And so, in the adorable Will, I call everyone to cry over my hard destiny. I call the heavens with their immensity, to cry for the One for whom I so much long; I call the stars with their twinkling flickering to cry with me, so that with their crying, they may direct the steps of Jesus toward me, so as to no longer make me suffer. I call the sun, that it may turn its light into tears, and its heat into burning darts, to assail Jesus and say to Him: ‘Hurry! Don’t You see I can take no more, and how all of us are shedding bitter tears for she who loves You so much; and since her Will is one with ours, we are all forced to cry together with her?’ I call all creation to grieve and cry together with me. Who would not cry out of a pain so great, incalculable and immeasurable, as the pain of your privation? Oh, how I would want to turn the murmuring of the sea into pitying voices, to call You in the darting of the fish – to deafen You. I would want to turn the singing of the birds into sobs, in order to move You to compassion. Jesus! Jesus! How much You make me suffer. Oh, how much does your love cost me.
But while I was pouring out my pain, my sweet life moved in my interior, and said to me: “My daughter, I am here, do not fear. If You knew how much I suffer in seeing you suffer because of Me. I feel more pain for your suffering, than for that of all the other creatures together; because your pains are the pains of Our daughter – a member of Our celestial family, and I feel them more intensely than if they were my own. When Our Will is in the creature, everything is in common with Us, and inseparable from Us.”
On hearing this, suffering as I was, I said that that was true with words, but it did not seem to be true with facts!
‘What?! You make me agonize so much to make You come back, and the longer You stay, the more time You take before coming, to the point that I myself don’t know what else to do, or to whom else to turn. You make it impossible for me to find You; not even in your own Will can I trace You, because It is immense, and You hide within Its immensity, while I lose track of your steps - and I lose You. So, those are nice words, but where are the facts? If You suffered so much for my pains, You would have done the facts – hastening to come to the one who knows no other love or life but Yours.’
And Jesus, squeezing me to Himself, all moved, told me: “Poor daughter, courage – you do not know everything about what it means to live in my Will. It possesses perfect balance, and all of Its attributes are in highest concord – none of them is inferior to any of the others. And when it is necessary to punish the peoples for their many sins, my Justice demands these voids – your being deprived of Me – in order to be balanced by sending the scourges they deserve. Therefore, it’s as though It puts you aside in my Life - in my Will, and It follows Its course. How many times did my moaning Humanity find Itself with these hitches of my Justice, and I had to surrender for love of the balance of my Will. Would you want to upset the order of my attributes, because you are kept in It? No, no, my daughter. Let my Justice follow Its course, and your Jesus will always come to you, as before. Don’t you know that, in my Will, you must go through all that my Humanity went through – my Will, which was so very demanding and inexorable with Me for the sake of Redemption? The same for you. It becomes demanding and inexorable for the sake of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. So, this is why my Humanity hides – because my Justice wants to follow Its course and maintain Its balance.”
Blessed Jesus remained silent; and then He added: “My daughter, in delivering the creation, my Will linked all beings with bonds of union. Therefore, they were all in relation among themselves – each one possessed its electric wire of communication between another. Man possessed as many electric wires for as many created things as existed, because, being the king of all, it was right and necessary for him to be in communication with the whole creation, in order to possess dominion over it. Now, as soon as he withdrew from the Divine Will, he broke the primary wire of communication. He remained like a city whose primary wire which communicates electric light, is broken: it remains in the dark, and even though there are electric wires, they no longer have virtue of giving light to the whole city, because the source from which the light comes, is spreading night – it can neither give light, nor can the wires receive it. So, he remained like a city in the dark; his relations – his electric wires of communication, were no longer functioning. The source of light had withdrawn from him, because he himself had broken the communication. He remained like a king, deposed, dethroned and without dominion. His city had no lights on; he was enwrapped within the darkness of his own will.
When my Will is possessed by the soul, she is symbolized by a city full of light, which has ways of communication with all the places of the world. Even more, her communications extend in the sea, in the sun, in the stars, in the heavens. Provisions of all kinds reach this city from all places; therefore, she is the richest - provided with everything; and through these communications, she is the best known, in Heaven and on earth. Everything flows into her, and she is the one who is loved the most. It is all the opposite for one who does not possess my Will. She lives of hardships, she suffers starvation; only crumbs are conceded to her out of pity, and she is often plundered by enemies. She suffers obscurity, and lives in the most squalid miseries.”
Then, afterwards, feeling oppressed because of the privation of my sweet Jesus, with the addition of some other pains of mine, I was offering everything in the adorable Will, to obtain the triumph of Its Kingdom.
Now, while I was doing this, I looked at the sky, which was covered with shining white clouds, and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, look at how beautiful these clouds are; how they clothe the sky, forming a beautiful ornament for the blue vault. But who is the one who dispelled their darkness, and put to flight obscurity and black shadows from those clouds, transforming them into white and shining clouds? The sun. By investing them with its light, it made them lose their darkness and turned them into clouds of light. Therefore, they are clouds - but no longer clouds that cast darkness and obscure the earth; but rather, clouds that give light. And while before the sun invested them, they seemed to disfigure the sky with their obscurity, taking its beautiful blue away, now they pay honor to it, and form a beautiful ornament. Now, my daughter, pains, mortifications, my privations, painful inconstancies, are like clouds for the soul, which cast darkness on her. But if the soul lets everything flow in my Will, more than sun, my Will invests them and converts them into clouds of most refulgent light, in such a way as to form the most beautiful ornament for the heaven of the soul.
In my Will, all things lose their dark side which oppresses and seems to disfigure the poor creature, and everything serves to give her light and to adorn her with radiant beauty. So I keep repeating to all Heaven: ‘Look at how beautiful is the daughter of my Will, adorned with these white and shining clouds. She feeds herself with light, and my Will, investing her with my light, converts her into most refulgent light.”

April 14, 1927
How our Lord came upon earth to suffer all the evils done by the human will. The word of Jesus is Life.
I was thinking about the Divine Will and the evil of the human will, and my beloved Jesus, all afflicted, told me: “My daughter, everything I suffered in my Humanity was nothing other than all the evil which the human will had produced for the poor creature. It formed her prison; it took away from her the freedom of being able to wander freely within her God, throughout the Heavens – wherever she wanted. It rendered her incapable of doing good; it took light away from her, and surrounded her with thick darkness. Then, I came upon earth, and I enclosed Myself in the prison of the womb of my dear Mama. And even though that prison was holy, it cannot be denied that it was the most narrow and dark prison which could exist in the world; so much so, that I could not even stretch out a hand, or a foot; I was not allowed to take one step, and there was no room even to open my eyes.
The human will had done all this to the creatures, and I, from the very beginning of my conception, came to suffer this pain in order to knock down the prison of the human will, and give back to the creature what she had lost. I wanted to be born in a stable and suffer the most extreme poverty. The human will had formed something worse than a stable for the creatures, while passions had formed dung in their souls. And blowing over them, more than wind, it rendered them numb with interior cold, to the point of affecting their nature, not only by taking terrestrial happiness away from them, but by making them experience hunger and poverty - not only of the soul, but also of the body. So I wanted to suffer cold, extreme poverty, and the stench of the manure that was in the stable; and in seeing two animals nearby, I had the sorrow that the human will had converted Our most beautiful work, Our dear jewel, Our dear image, poor man, almost into a beast. There was no pain that I suffered which did not have its origin in the human will, and I submitted Myself to everything in order to rehabilitate it once again to the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. Also in my Passion, I wanted to suffer being stripped at the scourging, denuded on the Cross, and stretched in such a horrible way, that they could count my bones, amid confusion, abandonment and unspeakable bitterness.
All this was nothing but the outpouring of the human will, which had stripped man of all goods, and with its poisonous breath, had covered him with confusion and opprobrium, to the point of transforming him in a horrible way, and rendering him an object of mockery for his many enemies. Daughter, if you want to know all the evils produced by the human will, study my life well, count my pains one by one, and you will read the black characters of my sufferings – of the evil story of the human will. You will feel such horror in reading it, that you will content yourself with dying, rather than letting one single syllable of it enter into you.”
After this, Jesus kept silent, and remained all taciturn, pensive and afflicted. He looked around and far away, as though wanting to investigate the dispositions of the creatures; and not seeing them disposed, He remained in His profound silence. So, I had to go through a few days of privation, as if He was no longer living within me. Then, I began to feel Him move in my interior, like rising sun; and He said to me: “My daughter, whenever I speak, a life comes out of Me – the greatest gift. And I must see whether there is disposition on the part of the creature, in order to place this life of Mine in her; and not seeing it, I am forced to remain silent, because there is no place in which to put this great gift. This is why many times I do not speak. In fact, all that regards my Divine Fiat is not only for you, but will serve other creatures; at most, It forms Its capital in you, in order to transmit it for the good of others. Therefore, while I keep silent, pray that the Kingdom of my Will be known, and suffer, as you see yourself deprived of Me, your life.
To live without life is the greatest martyrdom. These pains and these prayers mature the gift, and while they make Me open my mouth to release new life which regards my Divine Will, they dispose the creatures to receive it. These pains are more than sun’s rays, which mature the fields, the fruits, the flowers. Therefore, everything is necessary – silence, pains, prayers – for the decorum of the manifestations of my Will.”

April 16, 1927
How our Lord made the deposit of His Sacramental Life in the Heart of the Most Holy Virgin. The great good which a life animated by the Divine Will can do. How in Her sufferings the Most Holy Virgin found the secret of strength in the Divine Will.
I was doing the hour in which Jesus instituted the Most Holy Eucharist, and Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, when I do an act, first I look to see whether there is at least one creature in whom to place the deposit of my act, so that she may take the good I do, and keep it safe and well defended. Now, when I instituted the Most Holy Sacrament, I looked for the creature, and my Queen Mama offered Herself to receive my act and the deposit of this great gift, telling Me: ‘My Son, just as I offered You my womb and all of my being in your conception, to keep You safe and sheltered, now I offered You my maternal Heart, to receive this great deposit. I line up, around your Sacramental Life, my affections, my heartbeats, my love, my thoughts – all of myself, to keep You sheltered, courted, loved, protected. I myself take on the commitment to repay You for the gift You are giving. Trust your Mama, and I will take care of the defense of your Sacramental Life. And since You Yourself constituted me Queen of all creation, I have the right to line up around You all the light of the sun as homage and adoration, the stars, the heavens, the sea, all the inhabitants of the air – I place everything around You, to give You love and glory.’
Now, being assured of a place in which to put this great deposit of my Sacramental Life, and trusting my Mama, who had given Me all the proofs of Her faithfulness, I instituted the Most Holy Sacrament. She was the only creature worthy to keep, defend and protect my act. See, then, when the creatures receive Me, I descend into them together with the acts of my inseparable Mama; and only because of this can I perpetuate my Sacramental Life. Therefore, whenever I want to do a great work worthy of Me, it is necessary that I first choose one creature – first, in order to have a place in which to put my gift; second, to be repaid of it.
They do this also in the natural order. If a farmer wants to sow a seed, he does not throw it in the middle of the street; but, rather, he looks for a little field. First, he works it; he forms the furrow, and then he sows the seed in it; and to keep it safe, he covers it with earth, anxiously waiting for the harvest to receive the return of his work, and of the seed which he had entrusted to the earth. Someone else, who wants to form a beautiful object, first prepares the raw material, the place in which to put it, and then he forms it. So I have done for you. I chose you, I prepared you, and then I entrusted to you the great gift of the manifestations of my Will; and just as I entrusted the destiny of my Sacramental Life to my beloved Mother, in the same way I wanted to trust you, entrusting to you the destiny of the Kingdom of my Will.”
Then, I continued to think about all that my beloved Good had done and suffered during the course of His Life; and He added: “My daughter, my life down here was extremely short, and I spent most of it hidden. But even though it was very short, since my Humanity was animated by a Divine Will, how many goods did I not do? The whole Church hangs upon my Life, drinking Her fill at the fount of my doctrine. Each word of Mine is a fountain that feeds each Christian; each one of my examples is more than a sun which illuminates, warms, fecundates, and makes the greatest Sanctities mature. In fact, if one wanted to make a comparison, all of the saints, all of the good - all of their pains and their heroism, placed before my very short life, would always be tiny little flames before the great Sun. And since the Divine Will reigned in Me, all the pains, the humiliations, the confusion, the contrasts, the accusations that the enemies gave Me during the course of my Life and of my Passion – everything served to their own humiliation and to their own greater confusion. In fact, since a Divine Will was in Me, it happened with Me as with the sun, when the clouds, extending through the lower air, seem to want to insult the sun by obscuring the surface of the earth, covering momentarily the vividness of the solar light. But the sun laughs at the clouds, because they cannot have perennial life in the air – their life is fleeting; a small wind is enough to make them dissolve, while the sun is always triumphant in its fullness of light, which dominates and fills the whole earth.
The same happened with Me. Everything that my enemies did to Me, and even my very death, were like many clouds that covered my Humanity. But they were not able to touch the Sun of my Divinity; and as soon as the wind of the power of my Divine Will moved, the clouds dissolved, and more than sun, I rose again, glorious and triumphant, leaving the enemies more humiliated than before. My daughter, in the soul in whom my Will reigns with all Its fullness, minutes of life are centuries – and centuries of fullness of all goods; while wherever It does not reign, centuries of life are only minutes of the goods they contain. And if the soul in whom my Will reigns should suffer humiliations, contrasts and pains, these are like clouds that the wind of the Divine Fiat unloads upon those who, to their own humiliation, have dared to touch the bearer of my Eternal Will.”
After this, I was thinking about the pain of my Mama, when, sorrowful and pierced in Her Heart, She departed from Jesus, leaving Him dead in the sepulcher; and I thought to myself: ‘How could She possibly have so much strength, as to be able to leave Him. It is true that He was dead, but it was always the body of Jesus. How could Her maternal love not consume Her, rather than letting Her take one step alone away from that extinguished body? What heroism - what strength!’
But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, do you want to know how my Mama had the strength to leave Me? All the secret of Her strength was in my Will reigning in Her. She lived of a Will which was Divine - not human, and therefore She contained an immeasurable strength. Even more, you must know that when my pierced Mama left Me in the sepulcher, my Will kept Her immersed within two immense seas – one of sorrow, and another, more extensive, of joys and beatitudes; and while that of sorrow gave Her all the martyrdoms, that of joys gave Her all the contentments. Her beautiful soul alone followed Me into Limbo, and was present at the feast that all the Patriarchs, the Prophets, Her father, Her mother and our dear Saint Joseph made for Me. Through my presence, Limbo became Paradise; and I could not do without letting the One who had been inseparable from Me in my pains, participate in this first feast of the creatures. Her joy was so great, that She had the strength to depart from my body, withdrawing and waiting for the fulfillment of my Resurrection, as the fulfillment of Redemption. Joy sustained Her in sorrow, and sorrow sustained Her in joy.
To one who possesses my Will, neither strength, nor power, nor joy may be lacking; rather, she has everything at her disposal. Do you not experience this within yourself? When you are deprived of Me and you feel consumed, the light of the Divine Fiat forms Its sea of happiness and gives you life.”

April 18, 1927
The Redemption of our Lord gave the creatures the right to rise again. Difference between one who operates in the Divine Will, and one who operates outside of It.
I was following the Holy Divine Volition in the act in which Jesus rose again from the sepulcher, glorious and triumphant; and my adorable Jesus, coming out from within my interior, told me: “My daughter, by resurrecting, my Humanity gave all creatures the right to rise again – not only with their souls, to glory and to eternal beatitude, but also with their bodies. Sin had removed from the creatures these rights to rise again; my Humanity, by rising again, gave them back to them. It contained the seed of the resurrection of all, and by virtue of this seed enclosed within Me, everyone received the good of being able to rise again from death. One who does the first act must have such virtue as to enclose within himself all the other acts that the other creatures must do; in such a way that, by virtue of the first act, the others may imitate him and do the same act. How much good did the Resurrection of my Humanity not bring, giving to all the right to rise again.
For man, because he had withdrawn from my Will, glory, happiness, honors – everything had failed. He had broken the link of connection which, connecting him with God, gave him the rights to all the goods of his Creator. And my Humanity, by rising again, connected this link of union, returning to him the lost rights, and giving him the virtue of rising again. All the glory, all the honor, is of my Humanity – had I not risen again, no one could have risen. From my act came the successions of acts similar to the first.
See what the power of a first act is. My Queen Mama did the first act of conceiving Me. In order to be able to conceive Me, Eternal Word, She enclosed within Herself all the acts of the creatures, in order to repay Her Creator so as to be able to say: ‘I am the one who loves You, adores You, satisfies You for all.’ So, finding everyone in my Mama, even though my conception was one, I was able to give Myself to all, as life of each creature. The same for you, daughter: as you do your first acts in my Will, the other creatures receive the right to enter into It and to repeat your acts, in order to receive the same effects.
How necessary it is that even just one alone do the first act. In fact, it serves to open the door, to prepare the raw material, to form the model in order to give life to that act. Once the first is done, it is easier for the others to imitate it. This happens also in the low world: one who is first to form an object must work more, and sacrifice himself more; he must prepare all the material which is needed; he must make many trials. And when the first is done, not only do others acquire the right to do it, but it is easier for them to repeat it. However, all the glory is of the one who did it first, because if he had not done the first, the other acts, similar to it, could never have existence. Therefore, be attentive in forming your first acts, if you want the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat to come and reign upon earth.”
After this, I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition, calling all the acts of the creatures, so that all might rise again in It, and my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, how great is the difference between one act done in my Will, and one act, even good, done outside of It. Within the first flows a Divine Life, and this Life fills Heaven and earth, and the act receives the value of a Divine Life. Within the second flows an act of human life, which is limited, restricted, and many times its value ends with the end of the act; and if there is any value in it, it is a human value, which is subject to perish.”

April 22, 1927
How Creation is the ornament of the Divine Being. All created things give lessons to man. Great delight in the creation of man.
Continuing in my usual state, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen as a Child, all afflicted; and His sadness was such that it seemed He felt like dying. I pressed Him to my heart; I kissed Him several times – who knows what I would do to cheer Him. And Jesus, sighing, told me: “My daughter, look at how beautiful is the whole creation. What charm of light, what enchantment of variety, what rare beauty; yet, these are nothing but ornaments of Our Divine Being. If Our ornaments are such, Our Being surpasses Our very ornaments in an incomprehensible way, and the creature is incapable of comprehending the whole incomprehensibility of Our Being.
The eye is incapable of enclosing all the vastness of the light of the sun. It can see it; it fills itself with light, as much as it can contain of it; but it is impossible for it to contain all of it, or to measure the length and width of the extension of the light. The sun is Our Being for the human capacity, and Our ornaments are that which he can always see and touch with his hand. He can see the sun, he is touched by its light, which makes him feel its heat; he can see the immensity of the waters of the sea; he can see the blue vault of the heavens with many stars. But as far as knowing what light is made of, how much light it contains; how much water the sea contains, how many stars are in the blue vault, and what this is made of - he will not be able to say anything about it. He can see and enjoy all this, but he is the first little ignorant one in arithmetic, weights and measures. If this happens with Our ornaments, much more so with Our Divine Being.
However, you must know that all Creation and each created thing give lessons to man. They narrate of Our Divine qualities, and each one of them gives a lesson about the quality it contains. The sun gives a lesson in light, and teaches that in order to be light, one must be pure, stripped of every matter. Light always contains heat – one cannot separate the light from the heat; therefore, if you want to be light, you must love your Creator alone, and this will bring you, like sun, the fecundity of good. The heavens give you a lesson about my Celestial Fatherland; they call you continuously to your Creator; they give you lessons in detachment from what is earth, in the height of sanctity that you must reach, and in how you must adorn yourself with all the Divine virtues, more than with stars. Therefore, each thing gives a lesson, and calls man to reflect himself in it, in order to copy it and to imitate it. I did not release my ornaments only for them to be seen, but so that, by imitating them, the creature might adorn herself with them. Yet, who pays attention to listen to so many lessons? Almost no one.” And all afflicted, He kept silent.
Then, I followed the Supreme Will in the act in which the Divine Being was about to create man, so that I too, together with my first father Adam, might love Him with the same love with which he loved Him in the first instant of his creation. I wanted to receive that same Divine breath – that outpouring of love, in order to return it to my Creator. But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus, all delighted, told me: “My daughter, for one who lives in my Will, there is not one act of Ours at which she is not present, nor any act We released from Ourselves, which she cannot receive. Here is my Breath for you, and the outpouring of Our love.
How great was Our delight in this first act of the creation of man. We had created Heaven and earth, but We felt nothing new within Us; but in creating man, it was very different: it was a will that was being created – and this will was free. In it We enclosed Our Will, placing It as though on a counter, to collect the interest of Our love, of the glory and of the adoration which would come to Us.
Oh! how love overflowed within Us; how it trembled with joy in pouring into this free will, to hear it say: ‘I love You’. And when man, filled with Our own, released from his breast the first word – ‘I love You’ – immense was Our delight, because it was as if he gave Us the interest for all the goods We had placed in him. This free will, created by Us, was the depository of the capital of a Divine Will, and We would content Ourselves with a small interest, without ever demanding the capital back. Therefore, great was the sorrow for the fall of man, because he rejected Our capital, so as not to give Us Our small interest. His counter remained empty, and his enemy, associating with him, filled him with passions and miseries. Poor one – he went broke.
My dear daughter, since the act of the Creation of man was a solemn act, and of great delight for Us, We call you and want you in this act, in order to repeat the solemnity of it, as We place in your will the great capital of Ours. And as we do this, Our love overflows and trembles with joy, with great delight, because We see Our purpose fulfilled. You will certainly not deny Our small interest to Us; you will not reject Our capital, will you? Even more, every day we will do the accounts; I will call you to be present at that prime act when We created this free will – you, to give Me the interest; and I, to see if I can add some more of my capital.”
My mind was wandering in the Divine Fiat, and I thought to myself: ‘Oh! How I would like to live that first act of creation - that Divine outpouring of intense love, which He poured upon the first creature when He created him. I would like to receive that omnipotent breath, to be able to return to my Creator all the love and the glory which He had established to receive from the creature.’
But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus, squeezing me to Himself, said: “My daughter, this is exactly my purpose for coming personally to you; so much so, that it may appear strange to some, and almost outside of my usual ways, since almost with no one have I done this – coming so often. All this is to reorder my prime act - the way I created the creature; and this is why I return to you, staying like the most loving Father with His daughter. How many times have I not breathed over you, to the point that you could not contain my omnipotent breath? I poured my contained love in you, to the point of filling you to the brim of your soul. All this was nothing other than the renewal of the solemn act of creation. I wanted to feel that great delight of when I created man, and therefore I come to you, not only to renew it, but to reorder the order, the harmony, the love, between Creator and creature, in the way she was created. In the beginning of the creation of man, there was no distance between Me and him – everything was familiarity. As soon as he would call Me, I would be with him; I loved him as my son, and as my son, I felt so drawn to him that I could not do without going and staying with him very often. With you I am renewing the beginning of Creation; therefore, be attentive in receiving such a great good.”

April 24, 1927
General turmoil in order to reorder the Kingdom of the Fiat. State of the Divine Love. How Creation is still lasting. How all Creation was centered on the soul.
I felt embittered because of the privation of my sweet Jesus, and while I longed for his return, He came out from within my interior, but so afflicted as to move to pity; and I said to Him: ‘But, tell me, why are You so afflicted?’ And Jesus: “Ah! My daughter, grave things must happen in order to reorder a kingdom, or a house. First there is a general confusion, and many things perish; some lose, others gain. In sum, there is a turmoil, a greater struggle, and many things are suffered in order to reorder, renew and give a new shape to the kingdom, or the house. There is more suffering and more work to do if one must destroy in order to rebuild, than if one had only to build.
The same will happen in order to rebuild the Kingdom of my Will. How many renovations must be made. It is necessary to turn everything upside down, to strike and destroy human beings, to upset the earth, the sea, the air, the wind, the water, the fire, so that all may put themselves at work in order to renew the face of the earth, so as to bring the order of the new Kingdom of my Divine Will in the midst of creatures. Therefore, many grave things will occur, and in seeing this, I look at the turmoil and I feel afflicted; but if I look beyond, in seeing the order and my new Kingdom rebuilt, I move from deep sadness to a joy so great, that you cannot comprehend. This is why you see Me now sad, and now with the joy of my Celestial Fatherland.”
I felt sad because of this turmoil which Jesus had talked to me about; those grave things were terrifying – I could hear tumults, revolutions and wars in several places. Oh, how my poor heart moaned! And Jesus, to cheer me, took me in His arms, pressed me tightly to His Most Holy Heart, and told me: “My daughter, let us look beyond, that we may feel relieved. I want things to return as at the beginning of creation, which was nothing but an outpouring of love; and it still lasts, because whatever We do once, We do forever – it is never interrupted. No tiredness of repeating an act can ever enter into Us – whatever We do once, We like to do always. This is the Divine work – to do an act which lasts for centuries upon centuries, and even for all eternity. Therefore, Our outpouring of love – Our breath, is continuously released from Our Divine womb, and it runs to breathe over the generation of the creatures. So, flowing throughout the whole creation, Our outpouring of love invests Heaven and earth, sun and sea, wind and water, and it runs toward the creatures. If it were not so, the heavens would shrink, the stars would be scattered, the sun would become poor in light, the water would be lacking, the earth would produce neither plants nor fruits, because since the life of Our love flowing through all things would be missing, these would withdraw from Our source, from which they came. And if Our breath were missing, the generation of the creatures would end, because they are nothing other than sparks sent out by Our breath in order to fecundate the growing generation.
Now, the creatures take what is material in created things, and leave the life of love which, flowing though everything, remains suspended, unable to give. It happens as when one goes into a flowery field, or a garden, in which there are trees loaded with precious fruits. If one only looks at a flower, without picking it, he will not receive the taste and the life of the fragrance of the flower. If one looks at a fruit and does not pick it from the tree in order to eat it, he will not enjoy it, nor will he receive the life of the fruit.
The same happens with the whole creation. Man looks at it, but he does not receive the life of love placed by God in all created things, because man does not place his will, nor does he open his heart to receive this continuous outpouring of love of His Creator. But in spite of this, Our outpouring of love does not stop; Our regenerative breath is always in act and in motion, and We wait for the Kingdom of Our Divine Fiat, so that this love of Ours, flowing around, may descend into the midst of creatures and give Our Divine Life; and in receiving it, the creatures may form their own outpouring of love to be given to the One from whom they receive it.
Therefore, my daughter, the whole creation is centered on you. I look at you from the starry heavens and I send you this outpouring of love; I look at you from the sun, and breathing over you, I send you my Divine Life. I look at you from the sea, and in its foaming and impetuous waves, I send you my love, which is contained, and therefore I unload it impetuously upon you, like a sea. I look at you from the wind, and I pour in you my ruling, purifying, warming love; I look at you from the mountains, and I send you the outpouring of my firm and unshakable love. There is no place or created thing from which I do not look at you, to pour love in you. In fact, since my Will is in you, you draw Me from all sides to look at you, because my Will expands your capacity to receive my continuous outpouring of love. Wherever my Divine Will reigns, I can give everything, I can concentrate everything; and a contest arises between Creator and creature – I in giving, she in receiving. I give to one who gives to Me, and she gives to Me, as I give to her, in more surprising ways. Therefore, I want you always in my Will, that we may always be I a contest – I with you, and you with Me.”

April 30, 1927
Glory of the Unity of the Divine Will. Acting in It is always a Divine way of acting. Works and sacrifices which Jesus makes in the soul in order to form the Kingdom of the Fiat.
I was doing my round in the Creation, in order to follow the acts of the Divine Will in all created things; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, one was my Will which came out in creation, but It spread and multiplied in each created thing; and the soul who goes around the creation in order to follow all of Its acts and to embrace them all together, gathers the Divine Will which is spread in all things and makes It one, giving Me the glory of Its Unity. Then, spreading It again in all created things, she gives Me the glory of my Divine Will multiplied and bilocated in many things. It is a great thing, my daughter, that the littleness of the creature reunites, all together, this Will of Mine bilocated and multiplied in many things, so as to say to Me: ‘One is the glory, the honor, the love I want to give You, because my act contains everything - it is perfect, and worthy of You alone. One was the Will that came out from You, and I want to bring It to You as one.’ Then, making use of her loving stratagems, she spreads It again, and she gives Me the glory of the Supreme Fiat multiplied and bilocated in all things. And I let her do everything, delighting and enjoying her loving stratagems; because being in my Will, she is in my home, and can do nothing other than what belongs to the celestial family. Her acting is always a Divine way of acting, which can only please Me and give Me perfect love and glory.”
After this, I felt oppressed; the privations of Jesus become longer. I felt all the weight of my long exile and the pain for my far away Fatherland. A profound sadness invaded my poor soul, and my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, both of us must have patience, and think about the work of the formation of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. No one knows what we are doing - the sacrifices it takes, the continuous acts, the prayers which are needed in order to form and obtain a good so great. No one takes part in our sacrifices; no one helps us to form this Kingdom which will bring them so much good; and while they pay no attention to us, they think about enjoying their miserable life, without even disposing themselves to receive the good we are preparing.
Oh, if the creatures could see what happens in the secret of our hearts, how surprised with amazement they would be! This happened when I and my Mama were on earth, as we were preparing, between the two of us, the Kingdom of Redemption – all the remedies which were needed so that everyone might find salvation. We did not spare sacrifices, nor work, nor life, nor prayers; and while we were all intent on thinking about everyone - on giving our life for all, no one would think about us; no one knew what we were doing. My Celestial Mama was the depository of the Kingdom of Redemption, and therefore She took part in all of the sacrifices, and in all of the sorrows. Only Saint Joseph knew what we were doing, but he did not take part in all of our sorrows.
Oh, how our hearts ached in seeing that, while Mother and Son were consuming themselves with pains and with love for all, in order to form all the possible imaginable remedies for all, to heal them and place them in safety, they not only did not think about us, but offended us, despised us; and others were plotting against my life from the time of my birth.
I am repeating this with you, my daughter, in order to form the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat. The world takes from us, even though it does not know us. Only my assistant Minister knows what we are doing, but he does not take part either in our sacrifices, or in our work. We are alone. Therefore, patience in this long work – the more we work, the more we will enjoy the fruits of this Celestial Kingdom.”

May 4, 1927
How the soul who does the Divine Will is always heaven. The Divine Will is never exhausted.
The privations of my sweet Jesus torment me, debilitate me, and I feel my poor soul as though exposed to the rays of a burning sun – the Divine Will - which obfuscate me and make me almost miserable. But even though I feel burned, I am forced by a supreme force to remain fixed in those rays of the sun of the Divine Fiat, without being able to move, and without the One who, by watering me, would render these rays less burning, and would let a few blades of grass sprout within my bleeding heart. How bad I feel without Jesus. Everything has changed in me; the Divine Will alone is left to me, my only inheritance, which no one can take away from me – not even Jesus. It alone is my life, my dwelling, my All. Everything else is over; everyone has left me – I have no one else to whom to turn, either in Heaven, or on earth.
But while I was pouring out my sorrow, my beloved Good – He who gives me death, and who gives me life; who renders my poor existence unhappy, and who makes me happy – moved in my interior, telling me: “My daughter, heaven is always heaven – it never changes or moves. And even though sometimes the clouds obfuscate it, extending and covering the beautiful azure of the heavens, the clouds cannot touch it; they extend at such a low level of the air, that there is great distance between the heavens and the clouds. Therefore, the heavens never lose their beauty, the ornament of the stars, or their azure color because of the clouds; they are intangible by anything. If they go through any change, it is because of the low earth, of the human eye, which see clouds and obscured air, instead of seeing heavens.
Such is the soul who does my Will. She is more than heaven; My Will extends within the soul as more than azure heavens studded with stars, and It remain in Its place, firm and unshakable, reigning and dominating over everything; with such Majesty as to render even the most tiny acts of the creature more than stars and most refulgent sun, by virtue of Its light. Therefore, the pains, the privations of Me, are like clouds formed at the low level of human nature, which seem to obscure it. But the heaven of my Will remains intangible, and Its sun which shines in It, darts through with greater intensity with Its ardent rays; so much so, that you feel as though being obfuscated. However, everything is superficial, and occurs at the low level of your human nature; but in your soul, the heaven of the Divine Fiat does not go through any mutation. Who could ever touch my Will? No one. It is immovable and unshakable, and wherever It reigns, It forms Its dwelling of light, of peace and of immutability. Therefore, do not fear; a small little wind is enough to put to flight the clouds which invest your human nature, and to dispel the darkness which seems to occupy your soul”
And I: ‘My Jesus, how You have changed; it seems that You no longer want to tell me anything even about your Divine Will.’ And Jesus added: “My daughter, my Will is never exhausted. If I do not speak to you about It, all created things will do it; even the stones will turn into voice in order to speak to you. The heavens, the sun, the sea – in sum, all creation has much to say about my Eternal Will, because since all created things are filled with Its life, all of them have something to say about the life of my Will which they possess. Therefore, by paying a little attention to one thing you look at, or to one thing you touch, you will hear new lessons about my Will.”

May 8, 1927
How the Divine Will is immense, and everything It does carries the mark of the Divine Volition.
In the midst of the privations of my sweet Jesus, though feeling their hard martyrdom, I abandon myself in the arms of the Supreme Volition, as Its little daughter who is raised on Its knees, attached to Its breast, to live from Its life and in Its likeness. And my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, my Will is immense, and everything which can come from It carries the mark of Its immensity. From one single word came the immensity of the heavens with all the stars; from one word of It came the sun with the immensity of its light; and so with many other things.
Now, in order to release this immensity of light and of heavens, first I had to create the space in which to place this immensity of light and of heavens. Whenever my Will wants to speak, first It sees whether there is the space in which to place the great gift of Its word, which may be another heaven, a sun, or a sea even greater. This is why many times my Will remains silent – because the space in which to place the great gift of the immensity of Its word is lacking in the creatures. In order to speak, first It bilocates Its Will, and then It speaks, placing Its immense gifts within Its very self. This is why, in creating man, We gave him the greatest gift, the most precious and the richest inheritance – my Will, as depository in him: to be able to give him the surprises of Our immense gifts - of the word of Our Fiat. As he rejected Our bilocated Will, We no longer found the space in which to place in him the great gift of Our creative word; therefore he remained poor, and with all the miseries of his human will.
See, of everything that occurred in my Humanity, the greatest miracle was to restrict all the immensity of my Divine Will in It. The miracles I made can be called nothing compared to this; more so, since it was my in nature being able to give life by making people rise again, to give sight to the blind, speech to the mute, and all the other miraculous things I did. Indeed, it was in my nature being able to give as many goods as I wanted. At most, it was a miracle for those who received them, but for Me the greatest miracle was to restrict my Divinity, the immensity of my Will, Its endless light, Its unreachable beauty and sanctity within Myself. This was the prodigy of prodigies, which only a God could do. Therefore, as much as I may give to a creature, I would always give her little, in comparison with giving her the great gift of my Will. In her would appear new heavens, more refulgent suns, unheard-of things, surprises never seen before. Heaven and earth tremble and fall on their knees before a soul who possesses the great gift of my Will – and with reason, because they see, coming out from her, the vivifying and creative virtue and power which preserve them in the new life created by God. Oh, power of my Will! If they knew You, how many would aspire to your great Gift, and would give their lives to have You.”
After this, I continued my acts in the Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, one who lives in my Will, has this Divine Will within herself, dominating and reigning. The soul is the possessor of It; she holds It in her power. And while she possesses the Divine Will, holding Its strength, Its sanctity, Its light and Its goods in her power, the Divine Will possesses the soul, and by holding her in Its power, human weaknesses, passions, miseries and the human will are kept under the unshakable power and the sanctity of the Supreme Will; and before this power, they feel like losing their life. Therefore, weakness feels conquered by the irresistible strength of the Divine Fiat; darkness feels conquered by light; miseries by Its infinite riches, passions by Its virtues, the human will by the Divine. What difference between one who lives in my Will, and one who just does my Will. The first possesses It and has It at her disposal; the second is subjected to It, and receives It according to Its dispositions. Between possessing It and receiving It there is as much distance as between Heaven and earth – there is as much distance as between one who possesses infinite riches and one who receives, day by day, only what is absolutely necessary. Therefore, one who does my Will and does not live in It, is forced to feel weakness, passions, and all the rags and miseries which are the provision of the human will.
Such was the state of Adam before he withdrew from the Divine Will. It was given to him by His Creator as the greatest gift, because It contained all goods as one. He possessed It, he dominated It, and he was ruler of this Divine Will, because God Himself had given him the right to master It. Therefore, he was master of the strength, the light, the sanctity and the happiness of this Eternal Fiat. But when he withdrew from It, he lost possession and dominion, and reduced himself to receiving the effects of my Will according to Its dispositions, and not to possessing them as his own. One who finds himself in the conditions of receiving is always poor – he is never rich, because a rich person possesses – he does not receive – and is in the condition of being able to give part of his goods to others.”

May 12, 1927
Just as our Lord did, by forming Redemption rather than freeing us from all chastisements, so it is for one who must form the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat. A power prevents Luisa’s death. How God calls souls to form laws and to rule the world.
I felt oppressed, not only because of the privation of my sweet Jesus, but because of the continuous threats of grave chastisements, near wars and revolutions, with methods so infernal as to be horrifying. Oh God, what pain - being forced by a supreme power to see these evils, the blindness of the leaders of nations who want the destruction of the peoples, and my impotence in holding back Divine Justice with my sufferings, in order to spare the peoples so many evils. So, I felt the weight of life, and I ardently longed for the Celestial Fatherland, since I was unable to arrest the course of so many evils with my sufferings.
And my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, do you think I would have given more, had I freed the peoples from the chastisements they deserved because of so many sins, rather than forming Redemption? The chastisements were temporary pains; the Redemption was an eternal good, which never ends. Had I freed them from chastisements, I would not have opened Heaven for them, nor given them the right to glory; instead, by forming Redemption I opened Heaven for them and I placed them on the way to the Celestial Fatherland, giving them the lost glory. When one must do a greater good, he must content himself with placing the minor good aside; more so, since the minor was to serve the balance of Justice, and my Humanity could not, nor did It want to oppose this Divine balance. Furthermore, the chastisements were to serve as a call for the creatures, as speaking voices, as sentries, in order to shake them from the sleep of sin; as a spur, in order to place them on the way; as light in order to lead them. Therefore, they too were means to make them receive the goods of Redemption; and I did not want to destroy these helps. This is why, in spite of my coming upon earth, the peoples were not completely exempted from the chastisements they deserved.
Now, my daughter, you think you would have done more had you freed the peoples from the chastisements, which are so necessary in these times; and in seeing that this is not granted to you, life becomes bothersome for you, and you would want to come to the Celestial Fatherland. Poor daughter, you are such a child in the knowledge of the true goods, which are great, incalculable and never-ending, and of the goods which are little and finite. Isn’t it greater to form the Kingdom of my Divine Will in order to make It known; to prepare the way so as to let them enter into It, the light of Its knowledges in order to lead them; to give happiness and the original state of creation back to creatures; to enrich them with all the goods which a Divine Will contains? Comparing the good produced if you had freed the peoples from all chastisements with the great good of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, the first would be nothing compared to the second. So, since you find yourself in my same conditions of having to content yourself with forming the Kingdom of the Divine Will, which is greater than everything - and greater than chastisements, you must accept that these may, in part, follow their course. More so, since I keep you on earth for the Kingdom of my Will – this is your special mission.”
But the terror I felt within me for the grave evils which Jesus had made me see was so great that I would rather not be on this earth; and I thought to myself: ‘It seems to me that a great averse power moves death away from me, and forces me to cross the exile. Many times I feel as though I were about to die; and only a few months ago I felt as if I was about to reach my Celestial Residence; but everything went up in smoke. This averse power drives me back, and I remain in the miserable prison of my poor humanity. Who will this power be that harms me so much? Who is it that places himself across my happiness? Who prevents my step, my flight, barring my way and driving me back with such rude and cruel manners?’
But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, telling me: “My daughter, do not afflict yourself too much. You hurt yourself very much, and I suffer in seeing you suffer like this. Do you want to know who this great averse power is? It is the whole Heaven that places Itself across your steps, your flight, preventing you from coming into the Celestial Fatherland, so longed for by you. But do you know why? Because they want to see in you, completed, the Kingdom of my Will. They themselves – all the celestial residents - want to be restored in the honor and the glory which is missing in them, because my Will was not completed in them when they were on earth. Therefore, they want to see this Will of Mine in you – being completed within you, in order to receive, through you, their complete glory. This is why, when they see that you are about to take flight, all the power of Heaven objects to it, and vigorously opposes your steps. However, know that this power of Heaven is not your enemy, but your friend; it loves you very much and it does this for your good. Know, my daughter, that the one who will form the Kingdom of my Will on earth, will form the complete crown of their glory in Heaven. And do you think it is trivial that they are expecting this complete glory of the Supreme Fiat from a sister of theirs? So, say together with Me: Fiat! Fiat!”
I remained afflicted, but all immersed in the Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, when I call souls in a special and extraordinary way, I act like a king, when he chooses his ministers and, together with them, he forms the laws, and dominates and rules the kingdom. By doing so, I call these souls to participate in my regime, in my dominion, in forming the laws which rule the whole world. Since I have called you in a special way to make you live in the royal palace of my Will, my Volition Itself brings you my most intimate secrets, and shows you the grave evils, the wars, the infernal preparations, which will destroy many cities; and your littleness, unable to bear the sight of these grave evils, justly wants to come to Heaven. However, know that many times the ministers dissuade the king from forming punishing laws; and if they do not obtain everything, they always obtain something. The same will be for you: if you do not obtain everything on earth, you will still obtain something. Therefore, pluck up courage, and let the flight of my Will be continuous.”

May 18, 1927
The value of the acts done in the Divine Will. How one who lives in It possesses the source of goods. How God does not know how to leave things half-done. Victory on both sides.
I was following the Divine Will, going around the whole creation; and while I was doing my acts, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, gathering these acts on my lap, which were all made of light, one more refulgent than the other - one more beautiful than the other. He called the Angels and gave them knowledge of some of these acts, and they competed among themselves to receive them, carrying them in triumph up to Heaven.
And Jesus, all goodness, told me: “My daughter, the value of the acts done in my Will is so great that the Angels consider themselves fortunate to receive them. They see the creative virtue in them; they hear the echo of the Divine Fiat in these acts, which, while being light, are Divine voices, and while being voices, are melodies, beauties, beatitudes, sanctity, Divine science. And since my Will is virtue of Heaven, the Angels yearn to bring the acts done in It into their celestial residence. Everything that is done in my Supreme Will cannot remain on earth; at most, they can be made at the bottom, but then my Will Itself, like a magnet, draws them back into their source, and delivers them into the Celestial Fatherland.”
Then, I felt my poor mind as though absorbed in the Eternal Fiat, and I thought to myself: ‘How can so much power be possible – so many acts in one, made by operating in the Divine Will?’ And my adorable Jesus, added: “My daughter, why does the sun give light to all the earth? Because it is greater than the earth; because it possesses the unique and complete power of light; it possesses the source of colors, of fecundity, and of the variety of sweetnesses. So, because the sun is greater than the earth, it can give light to the whole earth; it can give the variety of colors to the flowers, and different sweetnesses to plants and fruits. In its greatness and magnificence, the sun does one single act, but in this single act, it does so many, as to keep the whole earth enraptured to itself, giving to each thing its own distinct act.
Now, my Will is more than sun, and since It is so endless as to release, in one single act, the fecundity of all the other acts together, the soul who lives in It, possesses the source of Its acts – Its fecundity. So, in the soul in whom my Will reigns and dominates, It does not change regime or manners – as she operates in It, her acts come out with the multiplicity and the fecundity of Its Divine acts. All the acts of God are unique; they embrace everything and do all acts together. See, in the creation of man, Our act was one, but with this unique act, sanctity, power, wisdom, love, beauty and goodness came out from Us – all together. In sum, there was nothing of Our own which did not come out from Us, and which We did not infuse in man. We let him partake in everything, because whenever We operate, We do not know how to leave things half-done; and whenever We give, We give everything. More so, since my Will is endless light, and the virtue of light descends to the deepest bottom, rises up to the highest, and spreads all around – there is no point which it does not reach; however, no matter or anything extraneous to light can enter into it. It is intangible; its office is to give - and give always, without ever stopping giving.
So it is for the soul who lives in my Divine Volition: she becomes light with the light of my Divine Will, and as light, she descends into the deepest depth of the hearts, and brings the good of her light; she spreads everywhere and all around, almost tracing everyone and everything with her light, to bring to each one its effects, the multiplicity and the variety of goods which her light contains. She would feel as though defrauded, if she were unable to extend to all and everywhere; so much so, that as she rises up high, penetrating above the azure vault, and echoing my very Will reigning in the Celestial Fatherland, my Will Itself which reigns in the soul dives together with her, and extending upon all the Blessed, forms Its rain and pours new joys, happiness and new beatitudes upon all.
The living in my Will is admirable – it is a continuous prodigy, it is the bearer of all goods, it is the seed that multiplies to the infinite. Its fecundity is unreachable - this is why it is longed for by the earth and by all Heaven. It is the victory of God over the creature; it is the victory of the soul over her Creator. How beautiful it is to see the One who is greater - the Supreme Being, the Eternal Majesty, sing victory together with the littleness of the creature; and by virtue of this Divine Will, engage in a contest - the great and the little, the strong and the weak, the rich and the poor, and both be victorious. This is why I yearn so much that my Divine Will be known, and that Its Kingdom come – to let the creature win, and to place her at my level. Without my Will reigning in the creature, this cannot happen; there will always be distance between Me and the creature; she will be the one who loses, nor will she ever be able to praise and sing victory. The work of Our hands would not have Our likeness.”

May 22, 1927
How the number of all things, and even of the human acts, was established in Creation. How Jesus enclosed everything within Himself.
I was fusing myself in the Divine Will together with my sweet Jesus, in order to multiply my thoughts with His, lining myself up over each thought of creature, so that I too might be able to give to my Creator as many acts of homage, of glory, of love, for all the thoughts of each creature. But while doing this, I thought to myself: ‘How did my beloved Jesus do in order to perform as many acts, thoughts, steps, for as many as all creatures were to do?’ And Jesus, moving my interior, told me: “My daughter, in Creation my Divine Will established the number of all created things. Everything was numbered – the stars, the plants, the species, and even the drops of water. Nothing can be lost or increase, according to the order established by the Supreme Fiat. In the same way, my Will established all the human acts of all creatures; although, by virtue of the free will conceded to them, they could make those very acts good or evil. Yet, it is not given to them to do more or less, but everything is established by the Divine Will.
Now, In Redemption, the Eternal Fiat reigning in my Humanity knew all the acts which the creatures were supposed to do – all the thoughts, words, steps; nothing escaped It. Therefore, it is no wonder that I multiplied my acts for each act of the creatures, so that the glory of the Celestial Father might be complete on my part, in the name of each creature and for each one of their acts, and the good I impetrated for them might have complete fullness, in such a way that each one of their acts, thoughts, words and steps was to have my act as help. Each thought of mine was to be help and light of each thought of theirs, and so on with all the rest. Having everything enclosed within Me, I formed in Me the new creation of all the acts of the creatures, to be able to give everything back to them. Nothing escaped Me; it would not have been a work worthy of your Jesus, if only one thought had escaped Me. The creature would have found the void of my thought; and even if she wanted, she would not have found the help, the strength and the light for her thought. Now, my daughter, the Divine Will wants that you too, together with Me, form this new creation of all the human acts of the creatures, in order to impetrate the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat from my Celestial Father. And so the creatures will find the triple help of strength and of light in all of their acts, in order to return into the Kingdom of my Will. These universal triple helps are the works of the Sovereign Queen, those of your Jesus, and those of the little daughter of my Divine Will.”
Then, afterwards, I was thinking to myself, asking: ‘What is this Divine Will?’ And Jesus added: “My daughter, Divine Will means giving God to God, Divine outpouring and transformation of the human nature into Divine, communication of creative virtue, embracing the infinite, rising into eternity and taking eternity as though in one’s power, to be able to say to God: ‘I have loved You from eternity. Your Will has no beginning - It is eternal like You; and in It I have loved You with a love with no beginning and no end’. What is my Will? It is everything.”

May 24, 1927
Offering of one’s work in the Divine Will. One who lives in It forms many acts of Divine Lives, and possesses the virtue of bilocation.
I was doing the offering of my work, saying: ‘My love, Jesus, I want your little hands in mine, in order to give to our Celestial Father that love and that glory which You, individually, gave Him with your works when You were on earth. Not only this, but I want to unite myself with You, when You, Word of the Father, from eternity, operated together with Him, with His very works, loving with reciprocal love and with perfect equality; and I want to glorify You in that same glory with which You glorified Yourselves, among the Three Divine Persons. But I am not content; I want to place my hands in Yours in order to flow together with your hands, in your own Will, within the sun, to give You the glory of the light, of the heat, of the fecundity of the sun; in the sea, to give You the glory of its waves, of its continuous murmuring; in the air, to give You the glory of the singing of the birds; in the azure heaven, to give You the glory of its immensity. And in the flickering of the stars, in their twinkling, I make my voice flow, saying to You: “I love You”. I want to flow in the flowery fields, to give You the glory and the adoration of their fragrances. There is no point in which I do not want to be, so that everywhere, You may feel your little daughter, adoring You, loving You, glorifying You.’
While I was saying these and other things, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, I feel in you my glory, my love, my life, my works. My Will centralizes everything in you. Not only this, but while you work, my Will takes you into the sun, and you work together with its light; therefore, your movements flow in the solar rays, and as their light spreads, you spread glory and love for your Creator. How beautiful it is to find my daughter in all of my works, working to give Me the love, the glory that each one of my works contains. Since my Will possesses the virtue of bilocation, It also bilocates you in order to find you in the sea, in the air, in the stars – everywhere; to love you, and to be loved and glorified.”
After this, I felt as though absorbed in the Supreme Fiat, and I thought to myself about the great things that the Supreme Will can do in our souls; and my always adorable Jesus added: “My daughter, each act that the Divine Will does united with the soul forms a Divine Life, because, being Divine, It cannot help forming Divine Lives within Its acts; in such a way that, wherever It reigns, as the soul operates, speaks, thinks, palpitates, etc., my Divine Will makes Its work, Its word, Its thought and heartbeat flow within that of the creatures - first forming Its act, Its word in them, and then forming the place for Its Divine Life. Therefore, in everything she does, the soul releases from herself so many Divine Lives, as to fill Heaven and earth with as many images of Divine Life. She becomes the reproducer, the bilocator of the Divine Life. My Will is not less powerful in the soul in whom It reigns with the power of Its dominion, than It is within the womb of the Three Divine Persons. Therefore, by possessing the virtue of bilocation, It not only forms in the soul as many lives as It wants, but It forms Its heaven, Its sun, seas of love, flowery fields within her, and makes the soul say to her God: ‘You gave me heaven, and heaven do I give You; You gave me sun, and sun do I give You; You gave me seas and flowery fields, and seas and flowery fields do I give You. Your Will repeats in me everything You have done for me in Creation and in Redemption, so that I may give You everything, just as You gave me everything.'
Oh, Power of my Will! What can It not do in the soul in whom It reigns! Therefore, wherever It reigns, It delights in placing the soul at Our own level; more so, since It knows that that is Our Will – wanting the creature to be similar to Our image. And being Our faithful executor, It brings her to Us, and We call this creature there where Our Supreme Fiat, Our glory, Our love, Our virtue reign. Only with Our Will can the soul reach such extent; without It, there is much distance between Creator and creature. This is why I love so much that the Divine Will reign in the creature – to give to Our Will an extensive field of action in order to bilocate Our works, Our lives, and to raise the creature to the perfect purpose for which she was created. The creature came out from Our Will, and it is justice that she walk in the steps of Our Will and that she return to her Creator on that same path from which she came – all beautiful and enriched by the prodigies of Our Eternal Fiat.”

May 26, 1927
How God, in Creation, formed many rooms in order to dwell in them, to let Himself always be found by man, and to give him His qualities. A doubt, which Jesus solves. How what appears to be difficult for the soul, is easy for God. Laments of the soul. Jesus reassures her.
My state of abandonment in the Divine Fiat continues. After following It in Its acts, in the creation, I was thinking of how one could reorder, once again, all the relations between Creator and creature before the Supreme Majesty, which the human ingratitude had broken. And my adored Jesus, coming out from within my interior, told me: “My daughter, look at the whole Creation – the heavens, the innumerable stars, the wind, the sea, the flowery fields, the mountains and the valleys. These are all rooms which I formed; and in each room I formed my royal palace to make of it my dwelling. This, in order to make it easier for man, so that wherever he would go to find his God, He would help him find Him soon and everywhere. He placed Himself in each room in the act of waiting for him, and left all rooms opened, so that man would not have to bother knocking, but could enter freely, as many times as he wanted, finding Him ready to receive him. The Creator of Heaven and earth did not place Himself in one point alone - but everywhere, so that man might find Him always; and He arranged these rooms so close to each other in order to form many shortcuts, so that there might be no distance, but closeness and communion, between Creator and creature. Therefore, all these rooms were, and are, relations, bonds and paths between God and man.
But who was to maintain these relations in force, strengthen these bonds, order the paths, open the doors? Our Will reigning in the soul would take on this commitment so important, of maintaining the order of all Creation, just as We delivered It. But as man withdrew from Our Divine Fiat, the relations were no longer in force, the bonds were released, the paths barred, the doors closed. He lost his dear inheritance; he remained stripped of all goods; each step was a lace around his feet, which would make him fall. By not doing Our Will, one loses everything and there is no good left; while by doing It, one acquires everything and there is no good which one is not returned.
What did the paternal goodness of the Creator not do in creation, for love of man? He not only formed many rooms, but one different from the other, so as to let Himself be found in many different ways by the one whom He loved. In the sun He would let Himself be found invested with light, all majesty, burning with love - waiting for him in order to give him His light, to let Himself be comprehended; to give him His love, so that by entering into this room to find his God, man himself might become light and love. In the sea He would let Himself be found as the strong God, to give him strength; in the wind He would let Himself be found ruling and dominating, to give him rule and dominion. In sum, in each created thing, He waited for man, to let him share in His qualities.”
After this, I was thinking to myself: ‘Jesus loves His Will so much, and He seems to yearn so much that It become known, so that It may dominate and reign. But it seems difficult to me that the Divine Will may be known, because there is no one who occupies himself with It – no one who is interested. All the interest is of Jesus, but it does not exist in the creatures. So, if the creatures neglect giving this great glory to God, and also offering the fullness of all goods to other creatures, how can the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat ever become known?’
Now, while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, that which appears difficult to you, is not difficult for God. Just as there were no difficulties in Redemption, nor could all the human perfidy hinder the course of Our love, or Our decision to come to redeem mankind, much less so for the fulfillment of Our Will. When the Divinity establishes to do an act, to accomplish a work, whatever the causes, the circumstances, the impediments may be, It triumphs over everything, It conquers everything, and It does that which It has established. Therefore, the culminating and important point for God is in establishing what He wants to do; once He has done this, He has done everything. So, if in Us it is established that Our Will must be known, and that Its Kingdom will come upon earth, it is as if it were already done. Just as Redemption was accomplished, because established by Us, so it will be for Our Will; more so, since in Creation the Divinity delivered this Kingdom fully in order, because It was reigning and dominating, and with the fall of man this Kingdom was not destroyed, but remained whole - and it still exists. It only remained suspended for man. In Redemption, I fixed everything, and just as I did everything so that man might be redeemed, I also did everything so that this suspension might be removed, and the creature might enter into the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat – first, giving place to Redemption, and then, with time, giving place to my Will.
Therefore, what is difficult is to form a kingdom, or a work; but once it is done, it is easy to make it known. More so, since your Jesus does not lack power. I may want or not want to do a work, but I never lack power. I will dispose things, circumstances, creatures and events, in such a way as to make it easy for my Will to become known.”
Then, I felt all afflicted and I thought to myself: ‘How hard is my state; I feel I cannot go on. The Divine Will is inexorable, immutable, and having to deal with the “Fiat” is not a joke. One feels all the weight of Its immutability, and remains immutable with Its immutability. It is impassive to everything, and places one in the conditions of wanting whatever It wants – may they even be chastisements, or the very privations of Jesus, which cost me so much. Everything It wants must be done; but nothing must be done of what the soul wants – not even a comma.’
While I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, my Will wants to be free in the soul, therefore It does not want to see even a point or a comma of what she wants, may it even be a holy thing. It does not want to find limits in her; It wants to extend Its dominion over everything. It wants what my Will wants, and this is what the soul must want and do. This is why It makes her feel all the weight of Its immutability – to render her immutable, in such a way that she must not be subject to change because she sees the creatures suffer, because she sees them deprived of a temporary good, or because she wants to give it. This would mean going out of Its immutability - this is human sanctity. The Sanctity of my Will is Divine Sanctity, and does not tolerate these weaknesses.
If my Divine Will were subject to this, Our Justice would have to be without life in Our Supreme Being – which cannot be. If you knew at what point Our Justice finds Itself in these times; if It wanted to pour Itself out completely upon you, you would remain crushed. But my Will does not want to crush you; rather, It wants that the creatures suffer their penalty in part, also to make them open their eyes from the great blindness into which they have fallen. All the great nations live relying on debts; if they do not make debts, they cannot live. But in spite of this, they celebrate; they save on nothing, and are making plans of war, incurring enormous expenses. Do you yourself not see the great blindness and madness into which they have fallen? And you, little child, would want my Justice not to strike them, and to abound with temporal goods. So you would want them to become more blind and more insane. And in seeing that all your requests are not granted, you lament; and in seeing that my Will has taken Its place in all your soul, leaving you no freedom, you feel the power of the sanctity and immutability of my Divine Will. Furthermore, I have told you many times that the privations of Me are nothing other than voids which my Justice forms in order to strike the peoples.
Therefore, my daughter, do not lose heart. You do not know how much I love you, and how many treasures I have placed in you; nor can I leave you – I must guard all the gifts I have placed in you. You must know that each one of my words is a Divine gift – and how many of them have I spoken to you? Moreover, whenever I give, I never withdraw the gift; and to be sure that my gifts are safe, I remain as guardian of my gifts and of the soul who possesses them. Therefore, let Me do, and let my Will reign freely in you.”

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March 12, 1933
How created things are the guises that cover the Divine Will. Example of a king in disguise. How Creation and Redemption are always in act of calling the creature to operate together.