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Divine Will Volume Twenty-four

In Voluntate Dei. Deo Gratias.
March 19, 1928
Reluctance in writing. Littleness. The return of the writings. How the Divine Will lives suffocated in the midst of creatures because It is not known. Grave weight over those who should make It known; how they render themselves robbers. Preparation of great events.
My Heart and my Life Jesus, here I am again, at the great sacrifice of beginning to write yet another volume. My heart is bleeding from the effort I am making, especially because of the conditions in which my little and poor soul finds itself. My Love, if You do not help me, if You do not overwhelm me within You and make use of your power and love over me, I can no longer go on, and I will be incapable of writing a single word. Therefore I pray You that your Fiat alone may triumph in me! And if You want me to continue writing, do not abandon me to myself – continue your office of teacher who dictates to my little soul. If then You want me to write no more, I kiss and adore your Divine Will, and I thank You; and I pray that I may profit from the many lessons You have given me, that I may chew them continuously, and that I may model my life according to your teachings. Celestial Mama, Sovereign Queen, extend your blue mantle over me to protect me; guide my hand as I write, that I may fulfill the Divine Will.
So, after I finished writing the twenty-third volume – and Jesus alone knows with what hardship and sacrifice – I was lamenting to blessed Jesus that He had been very sparing with His teachings, and that He had made me toil to write just a few words. So I was thinking to myself: ‘I have nothing else to write, because if Jesus does not speak, I don’t know what to say, and it seems that Jesus has nothing more to tell me. It is true that the story of His Fiat is without limits – it never ends, and even eternally, in Heaven, It will always have something to say about the eternal Will; and being eternal, It encloses the infinite, and the infinite has infinite things and knowledges to speak about, in such a way as to never end; It is like the Sun which, as it gives light, has ever more light to give – its light is never exhausted… But, can it not be that for me He may put a limit to His speaking, and that He may make a pause in narrating the long story of His Eternal Will?’
Now, while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior in the act of coming out, and told me: “My daughter, how little you are! And it shows how, as you go on, you become more little; and little as you are, you want to measure Our greatness with your littleness, Our eternal speaking with your limits in speaking. And little child as you are, you are content with the fact that your Jesus may have nothing more to tell you; you would like to rest and go back to our early amusements, since you have nothing else to do. Poor little one! Don’t you know that these are brief pauses that your Celestial Jesus is allowing for other purposes of His, which are not evident to you, and when you least expect it He will start again His very important speech about the long story of His eternal Will?”
* * *
After much struggling and fighting, finally the writings about the Divine Will arrived here from Messina, and I felt a certain contentment in me because, finally, I could have them near me, and I thanked my sweet Jesus from the heart. But Jesus, moving in my interior, making Himself seen with an air of sadness, told me: “My daughter, you are content, and I am afflicted. If you knew what an enormous weight loomed over those in Messina… While they had interest in keeping them, they kept them sleeping. They were responsible for a Divine Will; and in seeing the idleness in which they kept them, I allowed that they be sent back. Now this weight looms over those who had them sent back with so much interest: if they do not occupy themselves with them, they too will be responsible for a Divine Will; and if you knew what it means to be responsible for a Will so holy… It means to keep It hampered, while It yearns – It longs to have Its shackles removed; and they can be removed by making It known. It is full of life, It flows everywhere, it envelops everything; but this life lives as though suffocated in the midst of creatures because It is not known. And It moans, for It wants the freedom of Its life, and It is forced to keep the rays of Its endless light within Itself, because It is not known.
Now, who is responsible for so many pains of my Divine Will? Those who must interest themselves with making It known, but they do not. Has my purpose perhaps been to give much news about my Fiat without the desired fruit of making It known? No, no, I want the life of what I said, I want to make the new Sun shine, I want the fruit of the many knowledges I have manifested, I want my work to receive its longed for effect. In fact, how much have I not worked to dispose you to receive knowledges so important about my Will? And you yourself – how many sacrifices have you not made, and how many graces have I not given you to have you make them? My work has been long, and when I would see you sacrificed, I would look at the great good that my knowledges about the Fiat would produce in the midst of creatures – the new era that was to arise by virtue of them; and while suffering in sacrificing you, my tender Heart would take immense pleasure in seeing, by virtue of this, the good, the peace, the order, the happiness that my other children were to receive.
When I do great things in a soul, manifesting important truths and renewals that I want to make in the midst of the human family, it is not for that creature alone that I manifest this, but I want to enclose everyone in that good – like Sun, I want my truths to shine over each one, so that, whoever wants, may take their light. Did I not do the same with my Celestial Mama? Now, if She had wanted to keep the incarnation of the Word concealed, what good would my coming upon earth have brought? Nothing – I would have departed for Heaven without giving my life to anyone; and the Sovereign Queen, had She concealed Me, would have been responsible, and robber of all the good and of many divine lives of Mine which creatures were to receive. In the same way, they will be responsible and robbers of all the good that the knowledges about my Divine Fiat will bring, because It will bring many lives of light, of grace, and the immense goods which a Divine Will contains. Therefore, a grave weight looms over those who should occupy themselves with it - if they continue to keep the Suns, so beneficial, of so many truths about my eternal Will, idle. And if you, as first, wanted to oppose making known what regards my Will, you would be the first robber of those many Suns and of the many goods which the creatures are to receive through these knowledges.”
Then, with a more tender tone, He added: “My daughter, the world is as though burned – there is no one who pours upon them the pure water that can quench their thirst; and if they drink at all, it is the cloudy water of their will, which burns them even more. Even the good - the children of my Church who try to do good - after doing good do not feel the happiness of that good, but rather, the weight of the good which brings them sadness and tiredness. Do you know why? Because in that very good the life of my Fiat is missing, which contains the divine strength that takes any tiredness away; the light and the heat of my Will are missing, which have the virtue of emptying any weight and of sweetening all bitternesses; the beneficial dew of my Fiat is missing, which beads the actions of creatures, and makes them appear so beautiful as to bring the life of happiness to them; the ever springing water of my Will is missing, which, while fecundating in a divine manner, gives life and quenches their thirst. This is why they drink, but they burn more. See then, how necessary it is that Its knowledges become known and make their way in the midst of creatures, so as to offer to each one the life of my Will, with the fount of the goods It contains.
All, even those who are said to be more good, feel that something necessary is lacking to them; they feel that their works are not complete, and everyone longs for another good, but they themselves don’t know what it is. It is the fullness and the totality of my Divine Fiat that is missing in their acts, and therefore their works are as though halved, because only with my Will and in my Will can one do complete works. Therefore, It yearns to be known in order to bring Its life and fulfillment to the works of Its creatures; more so, since I am preparing great events - sorrowful and prosperous; chastisements and graces; unforeseen and unexpected wars – everything in order to dispose them to receive the good of the knowledges of my Fiat. And if they let them sleep without casting them into the midst of creatures, they will render the events which I am preparing fruitless. What an account will they not have to give Me? With these knowledges I am preparing the renewal and the restoration of the human family. Therefore, on your part, don’t place any obstacle and continue to pray that the Kingdom of my Divine Will may come soon.”

March 25, 1928
How the knowledges are many steps which the Divine Will has taken in order to return to the midst of creatures. How these steps will bring life, light and sanctity. Sighs of Jesus for them to be made known.
While following the Divine Fiat in order to accompany Its acts, my poor mind was thinking about the many truths which my beloved Jesus had told me concerning the Divine Will, and about the great love and interest with which He had manifested them to me. So I was thinking to myself: ‘The first truths He told me seemed flashes of light, which unleashed an endless light from within them. Then, little by little, they were no longer flashes, but fountains of light, and my poor soul would remain under the continuous jet of these fountains of light. Finally, they seemed to be seas of light, of truths, in which I would remain so submerged that my little capacity would not be able to take everything, and would leave many truths in that very sea in which I felt immersed. But it was not given to me to restrict all of that endless light within myself, which, converting into words, manifested to me the harmony, the beauty, the power of the Supreme Will. And now it seems to me that I am in the light, but the light does not speak, and though I drink seas of light, I am unable to say anything.’
Now, while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus moved in my interior and, all love, told me: “My daughter, you must know that as man withdrew from Our Will, Our paternal goodness withdrew Its operating life from the midst of creatures. This is why they have been able to say very little about It - because the sea of the operating light of my Divine Fiat was not flowing in them as life, because ungratefully, they had rejected It. And out of highest goodness, We left them the good of being able to follow the orders of Our Will – not the Life – in which they could hope for the sake of their salvation, because without It there is neither salvation nor sanctity. But Our paternal goodness, Our Will and Our Love desired, longed for – strongly yearned for Its return as operating life into the midst of creatures. We saw that they could not reach the perfect purpose of Creation, nor form the image wanted by Us – completely in Our likeness, just as We created them - without the operating life of Our Fiat, because Our Fiat is the prime act of the creature, and if It is missing in her, she remains disordered, adulterated, because she lacks the prime act of her existence.
Now, you must know that, after many centuries of hidden sighs, Our Supreme Being gushed out more intensely with love – more than in the very Creation and Redemption. Since Our Love, in gushing out, overflowed from Us, We felt the need of love to take the first steps toward the creature. So, as I began to manifest to you the first truths about my Divine Will, I pushed It strongly to take the first steps into the midst of creatures; and I centralized these steps in you by means of Its knowledges. And as I saw that you would place your steps in those of the Divine Fiat, I rejoiced, I made feast, and manifesting to you more truths about It, I would push It to take yet more steps. Therefore, as many truths as I told you about my Will, so many are the steps which I made my Fiat take in order to make It return as operating life into the midst of creatures. This is why I have told you so many of them, that one can say that Heaven and earth are filled with the steps of the knowledges about my Will; and uniting together, they form the sea of light in your soul, which wants to overflow from within you to make Its way in the midst of creatures. These steps will be multiplied according to how much the truths about my Will will be recognized, because I never manifest a truth if not when I want to give it as gift, giving the life and the good it contains. Therefore, until my Divine Will is known with all of Its knowledges, Its steps will be hampered, and the good It wants to do to creatures suspended.
If you knew how painful it is being able to do good, placing oneself in the act of doing it, and having to keep it suspended because it is not known, waiting and waiting and longing for one who would make it known to be able to release the weight of the good which one wants to give – oh, how you would hasten to make known all the steps of my Fiat! More so, since they are steps which will bring, not remedies, helps or medicines – but fullness of life, of light, of sanctity and totality of goods; and my Love, gushing out and flooding the whole world, will restore the order of Creation and the dominion of my Will in the midst of the human family.”
After this, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen with His Divine Heart unleashing many rays of light; each knowledge about the Divine Will was impressed at the point from which the rays started, in such a way as to form the most beautiful crown of light around that Divine Heart. And my beloved Jesus added: “My daughter, look what a beautiful crown of glory and of light my Divine Heart possesses! A more beautiful and refulgent crown It could not possess. These rays are all the knowledges about my Will; however, these rays are hampered – they cannot extend, because their knowledges are not known; this is why they cannot extend and expand so as to fill the whole earth with light. It happens as it would to the Sun if its rays, which start from the center of its sphere, were forced to remain in the air, without being able to extend so as to touch the earth and invest it with light and heat. Unable to extend its rays, the Sun would not be able to give the effects that its light contains, nor could the earth receive them. There would be a certain distance between the earth and the light of the Sun, and this distance would prevent the Sun from doing good to the earth, and the earth would be sterile and infertile. Such are the knowledges about my Fiat: if they are not made known, their rays cannot extend and take souls as though in their hands to warm them, to remove from them the torpor of the human will, to mold them anew, to transform them again in the life which my Fiat wants to infuse into them; because these knowledges are, and contain, the new creation of transforming the creature as he came out of Our creative hands.”

April 1, 1928
Necessity of the test; what the test will be for the children of the Divine Kingdom. One who lives in the Divine Will offers royal acts to God. The long story of the Divine Will. Example.
My abandonment in the Divine Will is continuous; but while I was all abandoned in It, I was thinking to myself: ‘What might be the proof that Jesus will want from those who will live in the Kingdom of the Divine Will? If Jesus wants a proof of loyalty from everyone in order to confirm the state to which He calls them and to be sure of being able to entrust to the creature the goods He wants to give her, much more will He require this proof from the children of His Kingdom, which will be the most sublime state that can exist.’ But while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, indeed there is no certainty without a test, and when the soul passes the test, she receives the confirmation of my designs and everything that is necessary to her and befits her in order to carry out the state to which she has been called by Me. This is why I wanted to test Adam – to confirm his happy state and his right of kingship over the whole Creation; and since he was not faithful in the test, by justice he could not receive the confirmation of the goods which his Creator wanted to give him. In fact, through the test man acquires the seal of faithfulness, which gives him the right to receive the goods that God had established to give him in the state to which his soul had been called by Him. It can be said that one who is not tested has no value - neither before God nor before men, nor before himself. God cannot trust a man without a test, and man himself does not know what strength he possesses.
If Adam had passed the test, all human generations would have been confirmed in his state of happiness and of royalty. In the same way, I Myself, loving these children of my Divine Will with a love all special, wanted to go through the test for all in my Humanity, reserving for them the one test of never allowing them to do their will, but only and always my Will, so as to reconfirm for them all the goods needed in order to live in the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat. With this, I closed all exit doors for them; I anointed them with an invincible strength, in such a way that nothing else will be able to enter the very high fences of my Kingdom. In fact, when I command that something should not be done, it is a door that I leave, through which the human will can make its exit; it is an opportunity that the creature always has, by which she can go out of my Will. But when I say: ‘from here there is no exit’, all doors remain closed, her weakness is fortified, and the only thing that is left to her is the decision to enter, never to go out again - or not to enter at all. Therefore, in order to live in the Kingdom of my Will there will only be the decision – the decision will carry the accomplished act. Am I not doing the same with you? Do I not cry out constantly from the depth of your heart: ‘nothing dare enter but my Will alone’? As center of life, with Its omnipotent strength, with Its dazzling light, my Will keeps everything outside of you; and eclipsing everything, It makes Its prime motion of life flow in all of your acts, and It dominates and reigns as Queen.”
After this, I was following the acts of the Divine Will in all of Creation to bring them as homage to my Creator. A motion of life was flowing in all created things which reunited them all, and moved everything. I was surprised, and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, this motion of life in all Creation is my Will which moves everything and holds all things as though in Its hand of life. How long is Its motion! - and while being multiple, it is one. Therefore, the story of my Will is long, and your work in composing Its story becomes extremely long. And as much as you would like to shorten your speech it is difficult for you to do it, because Its motion, which moves everything continuously, has so much to say about what It has done in Its very long history, that as much as It has already said, It seems It has said nothing. And since all motions, all lives and all fields are Its own, It has many ways to narrate Its long story. You will be the narrator and the bearer of the story of an Eternal Will which, while telling you Its story involves you within it, to give you the life of Its acts and to communicate to you, as much as it is possible for you, Its motion and the goods It contains. Therefore, you must know that one who lives in my Will offers royal acts to the Eternal Majesty – acts which can be found only in the divine royal palace of my Will. When the creature comes before Us with the royal acts that Our Will does in all Creation, only then do We feel really honored by her - these are divine acts, worthy of Our Majesty. On the other hand, one who does not live in Our Will, as much good as he might do, offers Us always human acts, not divine – acts which are inferior to Us because the royal act of Our Divine Fiat does not flow in them.
It happens as to a king who is served by a pageboy of his with all the things which are in His royal palace. Even though they are his own things, the king feels honored because, if he drinks, he drinks of his pure water from golden vases, clear and clean; if he eats, he eats food worthy of himself which is served to him in silver platters; if he clothes himself, he is brought royal garments which befit him as king. The king feels all pleased and satisfied because he is served with the royal things that belong to him. On the other hand, there is another pageboy who serves the king, but when the king wants to drink he goes to his miserable home, takes his turbid water, and brings it in vases of clay, not well cleaned; if the king wants to eat, he fetches his crude food, and in disgusting trays; if the king wants to clothe himself, he brings him unadorned garments, unworthy of a king. The king is neither pleased nor honored in being served by this pageboy; rather, he remains with a pain in his heart and says: ‘How can this be? I have my own royal things and this one dares to serve me with the miserable things of his own house?’ The first pageboy is one who lives in my Will; the second is one who lives in the human will. What a great difference between the two!”

April 4, 1928
How the word is everything in God. Knowledge is the bearer of the divine act and of the possession of divine goods for creatures. Cure that Jesus prescribed.
I was doing my round in the Divine Fiat, and many things about the Supreme Volition wandered through my mind; so I thought to myself: ‘How can it be that if the knowledges about this Divine Will become known, then Its Kingdom can come? If He did so much for the coming of the Kingdom of Redemption – the mere knowledge of it was not enough, but He worked, suffered, died, performed miracles… - will the knowledges alone be enough for the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat which is greater than Redemption?’ But while I was thinking of this, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, in order to form the smallest thing, creatures need works, steps and raw materials; but God, your Jesus, does not need anything to create and form the greatest works and the entire universe. For Us the word is everything. Was the whole universe not created with the word alone? And in order for man to enjoy this whole universe, it was enough to know it. These are the ways of Our Wisdom: in order to give, We make use of the word; and in order to receive, man must have the knowledge of what We have said and done with Our word. In fact, if a people does not know all the varieties of plants which are spread throughout the whole earth, it cannot enjoy, nor can it be the owner of the fruits of those plants, because in Our word there is not only the creative power, but united with it there is also the communicative power – the power of communicating to the creatures what We have said and done. But if they do not know it, nothing is given to them. What did man add in order to enjoy the light of the sun and receive its effects? Nothing; nor did he add anything to the water he drinks, to the fire that warms him and to many other things created by Me. However, he needed to know them, otherwise it would have been for him as if they did not exist.
Knowledge is the bearer of the life of Our act and of the possession of Our goods for creatures. Therefore, the knowledges about my Will have the virtue of forming Its Kingdom in their midst, because this has been Our purpose in manifesting them. And if in Redemption I wanted to descend from Heaven to take on human flesh, it was because I wanted to descend into all human acts to reorder them. More so, since Adam had withdrawn from Our Divine Will to content his humanity, and by doing this he disordered himself completely, he lost his state of origin; and I had to follow the same way: to descend into a Humanity so as to reorder him again; and everything I did in It was to serve as remedy, medicine, example, mirror, light, to be able to put decayed humanity in order. Now, having done all that was necessary, and still more, so much so that I had nothing else to do - I did everything, and I did it as God, with surprising ways and with invincible love in order to reorder this decayed humanity; and man cannot say: ‘Jesus has not done this to cure us, reorder us and place us in safety’ - everything I did in my Humanity was nothing but the preparation and the cures I prescribed so that the human family might recover, to return once again into the order of my Divine Will.
So, after about two thousand years of cure, it is just and decorous for Us and for man that he no longer be sick, but that he be healthy again so as to enter into the Kingdom of Our Will. This is why the knowledges about It were needed – so that Our creative power which speaks and creates, speaks and communicates, speaks and transforms, speaks and wins, might speak and make new horizons, new suns rise for as many knowledges as It manifests, in such a way as to form so many sweet enchantments that, amazed, the creature will be conquered and invested by the light of my eternal Will. In fact, nothing else is needed for Its Kingdom to come but the two wills kissing each other, one dissolving within the other – my Will, giving, and the human will, receiving.
Therefore, just as my word was enough to create the universe, it will be enough to form the Kingdom of my Fiat. But it is necessary that the words I have spoken and the knowledges I have manifested be known, to be able to communicate the good that my creative word contains. This is why I insist so much that the knowledges about my Will and the purpose for which I manifested them be known – to be able to realize the Kingdom which I so yearn to give to creatures. And I will overwhelm Heaven and earth to obtain the intent.”

April 6, 1928
How the soul can place herself in the Divine Unity. Example of the Sun. The repeater of the Creator. How God gives sip by sip. Necessity for the knowledges to make their way.
I was thinking about the Divine Fiat so as to unite myself to Its unity, to be able to make up for that unity of wills which is lacking between Creator and creature. So I thought to myself: ‘Can I reach such an extent as to penetrate into the unity of my Creator?’ And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, when the soul places herself in the unity of my Will, it is as if she placed herself in the sphere of the Sun. Look at the Sun: it is one; from the height of its sphere it does one single act, but the light that descends down to the bottom embraces the whole earth, and through the effects of its light it produces multiple and innumerable acts. It invests nearly each thing, each plant; it gives its embrace of light to it, and says: ‘What would you like – sweetness? I’ll give it to you. And you, what would you like – heat? I’ll give it to you. And you – do you want fragrance? I will give it to you as well.’ Its light pours itself out passionately for nearly each thing, and it gives to it that which befits its nature in order to form its life and grow according to the order created by God. Now, why all this? Because that sphere contains so much light and all of the seeds and effects of all things and plants which are spread over the face of the earth.
Now, this symbolizes the soul who wants to live in the unity of Our Will. She rises into the sphere of the Sun of the eternal Fiat which contains so much light that no one can escape it, and possesses all the seeds of the lives of creatures. Its light keeps investing and molding everyone, and prays that each one may receive the life, the beauty, the sanctity wanted by their Creator. And the soul, from that sphere, becomes of all and gives herself to all. She repeats Our act which is one, but that one act has the virtue of doing everything and of giving itself to all, as if each one had it at his disposal and possessed it fully as his own. In fact, unity is nature within Us, and in the soul it can be grace; and We feel bilocated in the creature who lives in Our unity. Oh, how We delight in seeing the littleness of the creature ascending, descending, and expanding within Our unity to be the repeater of her Creator!”
After this, I was thinking about how blessed Jesus would make the Kingdom of His Will come: how could the creature embrace so many knowledges about It all together, and almost all at once, goods so great, divine manners, beauty and sanctity which contain the reflections of the likeness of her Creator? But while I was thinking of this, my beloved Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, by her nature the creature cannot receive, all together, a great good, a light which has no boundaries, but she must take it sip by sip, waiting to swallow the first sip to then have another one. And if she wanted to take everything together – poor one, she would be drowned and would be forced to pour out that which she cannot contain, waiting to first digest the little she has taken, so that it may flow like blood within her veins, and its vital humor may spread through all of her person, to then dispose herself to have another sip. Has this not been the order I have had with you, manifesting to you that which regarded my eternal Fiat little by little, starting with the first lessons, then the second, the third, and so on? And when you would chew the first and swallow it, letting it flow like blood within your soul, I would prepare for you the second lesson, and my Will would form the first acts of life in you. And I celebrated Its glory and fulfilled the purpose of Creation, anxiously waiting to be able to give you more sublime lessons, to fill you so much that you yourself would not know where to take from in order to repeat them.
I will do the same to form the Kingdom of my Divine Will. I will start with the first lessons which I have given you, and this is why I want that they begin to be known, that they may make their way, preparing and disposing souls so that, little by little, they may yearn to listen to more lessons, given the great good they have received from the first ones. This is why I have prepared lessons so long about my Will – because It encloses the primary purpose for which man was created, as well as all things and the very life which man must carry out in It. So, without my Will, it is as if man did not have true life, but a life almost foreign to him and therefore full of dangers, of unhappiness and of miseries. Poor man, without the life of my Will – it would have been better for him if he had never been born! But, to his great misfortune, he does not even know his true life, because until now there has been no one who has broken the true bread of Its knowledges, so as to form pure blood and allow Its true life to grow in the creature. They have broken for him a stale, medicated bread which, if it has not made him die, has not let him grow healthy, vigorous and strong of a divine strength, as the bread of my Will makes one grow. My Will is life and has the virtue of giving Its life; It is light and casts darkness away; It is immense and takes man from all sides to give him strength, happiness, sanctity, in such a way that everything is safe around him. Ah! you do not know what treasures of grace these knowledges conceal – what good they will bring to creatures; and this is why you do not have interest that they begin to make their way to give start to the formation of the Kingdom of my Will.”

April 12, 1928
Analogy between Eden and Calvary. A kingdom cannot be formed with one act alone. Necessity of the Death and Resurrection of Our Lord.
I was doing my round in the Divine Fiat, and I accompanied my sweet Jesus in the pains of His Passion, following Him to Calvary. My poor mind paused to think about the harrowing pains of Jesus on the Cross; and He, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, Calvary is the new Eden in which mankind was given back that which it lost by withdrawing from my Will. Analogy between Calvary and Eden: in Eden man lost grace, on Calvary he acquires it; in Eden, Heaven was closed to him, he lost his happiness and rendered himself the slave of the infernal enemy; here in the new Eden, Heaven was opened once again to him, he reacquires the lost peace and happiness, the devil is chained, while man is freed from his slavery. In Eden, the Sun of the Divine Fiat darkened and it became always nighttime for man – symbol of the Sun which withdrew from the face of the earth during the three hours of my terrible agony on the Cross. Unable to sustain the torment of His Creator - caused by the human will which, with great perfidy, had reduced my Humanity to that state – horrified, the Sun withdrew, and as I breathed my last, it reappeared once again and continued its course of light. In the same way, the Sun of my Fiat, my pains, my death, called back the Sun of my Will to reign in the midst of creatures.
Therefore, Calvary formed the dawn which called the Sun of my eternal Will to shine once again in the midst of creatures. Dawn means certainty that the Sun will come out; in the same way, the dawn which I formed on Calvary assures, even though some two thousand years have passed, that it will call the Sun of my Will to reign once again in the midst of creatures. In Eden, my Love was defeated by them; here instead, It triumphs and conquers the creature. In the first Eden man receives the condemnation to death of soul and body; while in the second Eden he is released from his condemnation, and the resurrection of the body is reconfirmed through the resurrection of my Humanity. There are many relations between Eden and Calvary – that which man lost there, he reacquires here. In the kingdom of my pains everything is given back, and the honor and the glory of the poor creature is reconfirmed by means of my pains and of my death.
By withdrawing from my Will, man formed the kingdom of his evils, of his weaknesses, passions and miseries; and I wanted to come upon earth, I wanted to suffer greatly, I permitted that my Humanity be lacerated, Its flesh torn to pieces, all full of wounds. And I wanted even to die in order to form, by means of my many pains and of my death, the kingdom opposite to the many evils that the creature had formed for herself. A kingdom cannot be formed with one act alone, but with many upon many acts; and the more the acts, the greater and more glorious the kingdom becomes. Therefore, my death was necessary to my Love; with my death I was to give the kiss of life to creatures, and from my many wounds I was to let all goods out, in order to form the kingdom of goods for creatures. So, my wounds are springs which gush with goods, and my death is spring from which life for all gushes forth.
And just as my death was necessary, so was my Resurrection necessary to my Love, because by doing his will, man lost the life of my Will, and I wanted to rise again to form not only the resurrection of the body, but the resurrection of the life of my Will in it. Had I not risen again, the creature could not have risen once again in my Fiat; she would have lacked the virtue - the bond of her resurrection in Mine, and my Love would have felt incomplete. It would have felt It could do something more but It was not doing it, and so I would have remained with the harsh martyrdom of a love that is not complete. If then ungrateful man does not make use of all I have done, the evil is all his own, but my Love possesses and enjoys Its full triumph.”

April 16, 1928
The human will is symbolized by a rotten seed. How the Divine Will has the virtue of restoring the original life of that seed. Divine echo in the midst of creatures.
I was thinking about the Holy Divine Will, and a thousand thoughts wandered through my head: how can Its Kingdom come? How will the creatures be able to receive a good so great, and rise so high as to enter into that Fiat from which Creation came out? But while I was thinking of this and other things, my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, my Will has the virtue of purifying, clearing up, embellishing and changing nature itself. The human will is like a seed which is rotten inside, while on the outside it appears to be good. The clothing that covers the seed seems to be in good condition, but if the clothing is removed, one finds that the seed is, in some, half putrefied, in some, empty. Others, then, while the seed possesses life, do not expose it to the sun or to the wind, and so it will end up rotten. On the other hand, if it is exposed to the sun and to the wind, through their light, heat and wind, they will rip the rotten part off, they will purify it, and give it new life.
Such is the human will – a rotten seed, full of smoke, of rot, and half putrefied. However, not all seeds are completely dead - some have a thread of life; and if these seeds which possess this thread of life are exposed to the Sun of my Divine Will, Its light, Its heat and Its penetrating and ruling wind will invest the seed of the human will, and the light and heat will clear up the seed, removing what is rotten. They will fill it with life, and the ruling wind of my Fiat will play with it, raising it so high as to enclose it in that Fiat from which it came; and with Its virtue, It will change the nature of the seed, giving it its original life. Everything is in exposing oneself to the Sun of my Will and to the burning and refulgent rays of Its knowledges, letting oneself be invested by them, caressed by Its light, warmed by Its heat, carried by the ruling of Its wind, so that the Kingdom of my Will may come upon earth.
See, these prerogatives are also in the natural order. If one feels a heavy and oppressive air, a wind is enough to empty the air of that weight and to allow one to breathe it as pure air. If one feels an excessive heat or a numbing cold, a wind is enough to mitigate that heat, and another wind is enough to mitigate that cold. If thick clouds cover the horizon, the wind and the sun are enough to dispel the clouds and make the blue sky reappear, more beautiful. If a field is about to rot because of continuous waters, a strong wind is enough to dry it, and the light and heat of the sun are enough to revive it once again. If nature can do this, animated by the power of my Will, more so can my Will do it over souls who let themselves be invested by It. With Its heat, my Will will mold them anew, It will destroy what is rotten in them; and breathing over them, with Its light It will empty them of the weight of the human will, giving them their original nature. When Adam sinned, corrupting the seed of his will, if my Will had not withdrawn from him, Its light and heat could have restored him immediately; but justice demanded that he feel the effects of his corrupted seed, and therefore, as my Will withdrew, he felt no more light or heat in his soul so as to be restored and to maintain the seed of his will incorrupt. Isn’t this perhaps the Kingdom of my Will – Its yearning to return once again into the midst of creatures and, more than sun, remove the corruption from their seeds, so as to be able to reign and dominate in the midst of the human family?”
After this, I continued to think about the Supreme Fiat, and my lovable Jesus added: “My daughter, as the Divine Will pronounced Its Fiat in Creation, It formed the echo. As it resounded in the empty space of the whole universe, this divine echo drew and carried all of Our qualities with it, and it filled Heaven and earth with Our Love. As it came out from Our Fiat, this echo created the most beautiful things – heavens, suns, winds, seas, and many other things. This echo remained in each created thing, and it maintains the life of the blue heavens with all the stars; the life of the sun, and continuing with its echo of light and heat, it preserves it full of light, whole and beautiful, just as it created it. So, each created thing has the echo of Our Fiat as its beginning and preservation; this is why they preserve the order, the power, the harmony, the magnificence of Our works. Whenever the Divinity wants to operate and reproduce, even Our very Life, Our Fiat forms the echo, and the echo creates and forms whatever We want. See, also in instituting the Sacrament of the Eucharist, Our Fiat formed the echo; the echo invested the bread and wine, and formed in them my Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. That echo still resounds in each host, and so my Sacramental Life is perpetuated continuously.
Now, this echo resounded in the creation of man, but by withdrawing from Our Will, man lost this echo - he no longer felt, inside and outside of himself, its sweet, powerful, harmonizing sound, which had the virtue of preserving him just as he came out of Our creative hands; so he became weak and disharmonized. Poor man, without the echo of Our Fiat which had given him life – he was no longer able to reorder himself, he no longer felt within himself the echo of the light of his Creator, the echo of Love, the echo of order, of power, of wisdom, of divine sweetness and goodness. Without the echo of Our Fiat, man became like a child who grows without mama, who has no one to feed him the words, to teach him works and steps; or like a student who has no teacher to teach him how to read and write; and if he does anything at all by himself, he will do it disordered. Such is man without the echo of Our Fiat – like a child without mama, like a student without teacher. Now, as the soul keeps calling my Will as the beginning of all of her being, she will feel Its divine echo. This echo will call her back to her beginning, and resounding in her, it will reorder her anew; and just as Our echo retreated from man because he withdrew from Our Divine Will, in the same way, as creatures recognize It, love It and want nothing but Our Divine Fiat, the echo of Our Will will return to the midst of creatures. The Kingdom of Our Fiat is exactly this: the return of Our divine echo – not the far away echo which has often resounded to the hearing of man from the time he withdrew from Our Will; but the continuous echo which will resound in the depth of souls, and transforming them, it will form Divine Life in them, giving back to them the order of man, as he was created.”

April 22, 1928
When the truths are not taken into consideration, their life is aborted. How the love of the Sovereign Queen is spread throughout the whole Creation, because in Its infinite surge, the Fiat diffused it everywhere. Evils of the human will.
I continue with my abandonment in the Divine Will, with the almost continuous torment of the privation of my sweet Jesus. I felt the sea of light of the Fiat flow within my poor mind, which seemed to want to tell some truths that regarded It. But the pain I felt from the privation of Jesus was so great that I would not pay attention to the light that wanted to speak to me. And my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior and clasping me in His arms, told me: “My daughter, when the light of my Fiat wants to manifest itself and the soul does not take it into consideration, the birth which It wants to deliver in order to communicate it to creatures is aborted, and they do not receive the light of this birth of light from Us – and if you knew what it means to cause Our light to be aborted…!
You must know that when Our Fiat wants to manifest a truth, It places all of Our Being in activity, and overflowing with love, with light, with power, with wisdom, with beauty and goodness, It forms the birth of the truth It wants to deliver. And since all of Our qualities place themselves in the act of rising, We cannot contain it, and so We release this birth from Us to give it to the creature as gift. And if she does not take it into consideration, she causes Our love and Our light to be aborted; she causes Our power, wisdom, beauty and goodness to be aborted, making them die at birth. She loses this dear birth from Us, and does not receive Our life, which We wanted to give her by means of that truth; and We are left with the sorrow of having aborted, and feel the good which We wanted to give to the creatures enter into Us again. In fact, if the creature aborts, she loses that birth, while We do not lose It; rather, it reenters Us – it is for the creature that it is aborted. Therefore, be attentive when you feel that the sea of light of my Fiat forms its waves to overflow outside and deliver the birth of its truths.”
After this, I felt I was good at nothing, and I prayed the Sovereign Queen to come to my help - to lend me Her love, that I might love my sweet Jesus with Her love of Mother. And Jesus added: “My daughter, the love of the Celestial Sovereign is spread throughout the whole Creation, because that Fiat which, at merely being pronounced, had unleashed into the whole universe the great variety of Our works and had given them life, dwelled within Her. She emitted Her love and all of Her acts in the Divine Fiat which, not knowing how to do small things, but only great and without limits, in Its infinite surge diffused the love and all the acts of the Celestial Mama in the heavens, in the stars, in the sun, in the wind, in the sea – everywhere and in everything. Her love is spread everywhere, Her acts can be found in every place, because my Fiat diffused them everywhere, and animated everything with Her love and acts. I would not be satisfied, nor would I feel loved and honored, if I did not find in all things, even under the earth, the love and the glory that my Mama gave Me. It would be a broken love and a divided glory if I did not find Her in all of Creation; more so, since I had loved Her in all things, and therefore it was right that I find Her love diffused in everything, and always in the act of loving Me and glorifying Me. Nor could a broken love that would not run after Me everywhere, have made its way into Me, and so She would not have been able to draw Me from Heaven onto earth within the narrow prison of Her maternal womb.
Her chains of love were as many as the things I created, in such a way that I descended from Heaven like a King, all bejeweled and surrounded by the chains of love of the Queen of Heaven. And if Her love reached such extent, She owes it to my Divine Fiat which, reigning in Her as Sovereign, captured Her love within my Will and expanded it everywhere, and all of Her acts received the shades of the divine acts. Therefore, if you want the love of the Queen Mama, let my Fiat dominate you, diffuse your love and all of yourself within It, so that my Fiat, capturing your little love and everything you do, may expand it, and bringing it wherever It is present – that is, everywhere – It may find your love united to the love of my Mama. In this way you will give Me the contentment that the little daughter of my Will does not give Me a broken and divided love, but love in all things and everywhere.”
Afterwards, I was thinking to myself: ‘But what harm does the creature do when she does her will?’ And Jesus added: “My daughter, the harm is great. My Will is light, while the human will is darkness; my Will is sanctity, while the human is sin; Mine is beauty and contains every good, while the human is ugliness and contains every evil. Therefore, by not doing my Will, the soul makes the light die, and gives death to sanctity, to beauty and to all goods; and by doing her will, she makes darkness rise, and gives life to sin, to ugliness and to all evils. Yet, doing their own will seems nothing to creatures, while they dig themselves an abyss of evils which leads them to the precipice. And then, does it seem trivial to you that while my Will brings them Its light, Its sanctity, Its beauty and all of Its goods, and only because It loves these creatures - It receives the affront of seeing Its light, Its sanctity, Its beauty and all of Its goods die in them? My Humanity felt so much this death which the human will gave to the light and sanctity of Its Will within the creatures, that one can say that this was the true death It felt, because It felt the torment and the weight of a death of an infinite light and sanctity, which creatures had dared to destroy within themselves. And my Humanity moaned and felt crushed by as many deaths for as many times as they had dared to give death to the light and sanctity of my Divine Will within them. What harm would it not be for nature if they made the light of the sun, the wind that purifies, the air that they breathe, die? There would be such disorder that creatures would all die. Yet, the light of my Will is more than sun for souls - more than wind that purifies and air that forms their breathing. So, from the disorder produced if they could make the light of the sun, the wind and the air die, you can comprehend the harm produced by not doing my adorable Will, which is the act of primary life and the center of all creatures.”

April 26, 1928
What one gives to God with the ‘I love You’. The prodigious secret: how it forms many divine births. How nothing of what Our Lord did escaped the Most Holy Virgin. How the Divine Will is the breath of the soul.
I was doing my round in the Divine Fiat, and according to my usual way, I was investing all of Creation with my refrain: ‘I love You, I adore You, I bless You…’. And while doing this, I thought to myself: ‘What am I giving to my God with this long story of “I love You’s”? And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, a pure, holy and upright love is a divine birth. It comes from God and has the virtue of rising and entering into God so as to multiply these births from Him, and to bring God Himself to each creature who yearns to love Him. Therefore, when the soul is invested by this love and receives this birth, she can form other births for as many times as she says her ‘I love You’; in such a way that her ‘I love You’ flies before God; and the Supreme Being, looking inside the ‘I love You’ sent by the creature finds all of Itself in that little ‘I love You’, and feels It is being given all of Itself by her.
That little ‘I love You’ contains a prodigious secret; in its littleness it contains the infinite, the immense, the power, so much so, that it can say: ‘I give God to God’. In that little ‘I love You’ of the creature, the infinite Being feels all of Its divine qualities being sweetly touched, because since it is a birth from It, It finds all of Itself within it. This is what you give Me with your many ‘I love You’s’: you give Me Myself as many times. There is nothing more beautiful, greater and more pleasing you could give Me than to give Me all of Myself. My Fiat, which forms the life of your ‘I love You’ for Me in you, delights in forming many births from Us; so It keeps the rhythm of the ‘I love You’ in you, yearning always to mint the divine coin of your ‘I love You’ for each created thing. Then It looks to see whether all the things created by Us are beaded with the prodigious secret of your ‘I love You’. My daughter, We do not look at whether what the creature does is great or small; rather, We look at whether there is the prodigy of Our secret - whether her tiniest acts, thoughts and sighs are invested with the power of Our Will. This is all, and it is all for Us.
After this, I was continuing my round in the Fiat, to accompany all that Jesus had done in the Redemption; and I thought to myself: ‘How I wish I had done all that the Sovereign Mama did when She was with Jesus – certainly She followed all of His acts, and let nothing escape Her.’ But as I was thinking of this and other things, my always lovable Jesus added: “My daughter, indeed nothing escaped my Mama, because everything I did and suffered resounded like a deep echo in the depth of Her soul. And She was so attentive in waiting for the echo of my acts that the echo, together with everything I did and suffered, would remain imprinted in Her. And the Sovereign Queen emitted Her echo within Mine, and made it resound in the depth of my interior, in such a way that torrents would run between Me and Her – seas of light and of love which unloaded themselves into each other; and I made the deposit of all my acts in Her maternal Heart. I would not have been content, had I not had Her always with Me – had I not felt Her continuous echo which, resounding in Mine, drew even my heartbeats and breaths to be deposited in Her. Likewise, I would not be content if, from that time, I did not have you, who were to follow all of my acts in my Divine Will. In fact, from that time I made their deposit in you, moving the echo of my Mama into the depth of your soul. And through the length of the centuries I looked at the echo of my Mama in you in order to realize the Kingdom of my Divine Will. This is why you feel as though drawn to follow all of my acts – it is Her maternal echo that resounds in you; and I take the occasion to make its deposit in the depth of your interior, to give you the grace of making my eternal Fiat reign in you.”
Then, I felt my poor mind as though immersed in the sea of the Divine Fiat. Its light invested all of me, and I could see neither the height nor the depth of Its boundaries. I felt It as more than life in me, which flew everywhere within me; and my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, my Will is life, It is air, It is breath of the creature. It is not like the other virtues which are neither continuous life nor breath of the creature, and therefore they are exercised in time and circumstance. Patience is not always exercised, because many times there is no one who allows it to be exercised, and so the virtue of patience remains idle, without giving its continuous life to the creature. Nor does obedience or charity form their life, because the one who has the continuous act of commanding, or the one for whom charity could be exercised, may not be there. Therefore, the virtues can form the ornament of the soul, but not the life. On the other hand, my Will is the prime act of all the acts of the creature; so, if she thinks, if she speaks, if she breathes, it is my Will that forms the thought and the word; and giving her the breath, It maintains the circulation, the heartbeat, the warmth. And just as no one can live without breathing, so no one can live without my Divine Will. There is always need of It in order to continue living; yet, while all receive Its continuous breath, it is not recognized. My Will is so necessary that one cannot do without It even for one instant, because It is the bearer, not only of all human acts, but also of all created things.
My Fiat is prime act of the Sun, and makes creatures breathe light; It is prime act of the air, of water, of fire, of the wind, and creatures breathe my Divine Will in the air they breathe, in the water they drink, in the fire that warms them, in the wind that purifies them – there is not one thing in which they do not breathe my Will. Therefore, in all things, be they small or great, even in the breath the creature can always do my Will; and by not doing It, it is an act of life of Divine Will that she loses – it is her breath that she suffocates continuously. She receives Its life, Its breath - but to convert it into human rather than to be, herself, transformed into my Divine Will.”

April 29, 1928
How the virtues are seeds, plants, flowers and fruits, while the Divine Will is Life. The wonders of the ‘I love You’; how love is never tired. One who lives in the Divine Will cannot go to Purgatory – the universe would rebel.
My poor mind is always prey to the Supreme Fiat. It seems to me I can think of nothing else, nor do I want to occupy myself with anything else. I feel a current in me which stops me now at one point, now at another point of the Divine Will; but I always end up in It without ever taking all of Its endless light, because I am incapable of it. And my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, making me a surprise, told me: “My daughter, when the soul practices a virtue, the first act she practices forms the seed, and as she practices the second, the third act and so forth, she cultivates the seed, she waters it, and it grows into a plant and produces its fruits. If then she practices it only once, or a few times, the seed is neither watered nor cultivated – it dies, and the soul remains without plant and without fruit, because a virtue is never formed by one single act, but by repeated acts. It happens as to the earth: it is not enough to sow the seed in its womb, but it is wise to cultivate it often and to water it, if one wants the plant and the fruits of that seed; otherwise the earth becomes hard over that seed and buries it without giving it life.
Now, one who wants the virtue of patience, of obedience and the like, must sow the first seed, and then water it and cultivate it with other acts. In this way, she will form many beautiful and varied plants. On the other hand, my Will is not seed like the virtues – but life; and as the soul begins to be resigned, to look at my Will in everything and to live in It, the little divine life is formed in her. And as she advances in the practice of living in my Will this divine life keeps growing and expanding, to the point of filling the soul with all of this life, in such a way that nothing is left of her but a veil that covers it and hides it within itself. And just as with virtues, so with my Will: if the creature does not give the continuous nourishment of her acts to the little divine life within her, this life does not grow, and does not fill her entirely. It happens as to a newborn baby who dies at birth if he is not nourished. In fact, since my Will is life, more than the virtues which are images of the plants, It needs continuous nourishment in order to grow and to become a whole life, as much as a creature is capable of. This is why it is necessary that you always live in It: that you may take Its delicious food from my Will Itself, so as to nourish Its divine life in you. See then, how great is the difference which exists between the virtues and my Will: the first are plants, flowers and fruits which embellish the earth and delight the creatures, while my Fiat is heaven, sun, air, heat, heartbeat – all things which form life, and divine life, in the creature. Therefore, love this life, and give it continuous nourishment, that it may fill you completely and nothing may be left of you.”
After this, I was continuing my round in the Divine Will, and repeating the refrain of the ‘I love You’, I was saying: ‘Jesus, my Love, I want to leave all of my being in your Fiat, so that I may find myself in all created things, to bead them with my ‘I love You’. Even more, I want to place my heart in the center of the earth, and as it beats, I want to embrace all of its inhabitants; and following all of their heartbeats with my ‘I love You’, I want to give You the love of each one of them. And as my heartbeat is repeated from within the center of the earth, I want to place my ‘I love You’ in all the seeds which the earth encloses in its womb; and as the seeds sprout and plants, herbs and flowers are formed, I want to place in them my ‘I love You’, that I may see them enclosed in my ‘I love You’ for Jesus…’ But as I was saying this, my thought interrupted the refrain of my ‘I love You’, telling me: ‘How much nonsense you are speaking. Jesus Himself must be tired of hearing your long singsong, ‘I love You, I love You…’
And Jesus, moving so very hurriedly in my interior, and looking at all Creation to see whether in all things, small and big, there was the life of my ‘I love You’, told me: “My daughter, what wonder, what enchantment, to see all things beaded with your ‘I love You’. If all creatures could see all the plants, the atoms of the earth, the stones, the drops of water, beaded with your ‘I love You’, and the light of the sun, the air that they breathe, the sky that they see, filled with your ‘I love You’, and the stars, shining with your ‘I love You’ – what amazement would not arise within them; what sweet enchantment would not draw the pupils of their eyes to look at your refrain and the long singsong of your ‘I love You’? They would say: ‘How is it possible that she let nothing escape her? We ourselves feel beaded with her ‘I love You’!’ And they would wander around checking and investigating everything, to see whether, in fact, nothing had escaped you, so as to enjoy the enchantment of your ‘I love You’. Now, if this marvelous enchantment remains unobserved by the terrestrial creatures, it is not unobserved in Heaven, and the inhabitants up there enjoy the enchantment and the marvels of seeing the whole Creation filled and beaded with your ‘I love You’. They feel their ‘I love You’ harmonize with yours; they do not feel separated from the earth because love unites them together, forming the same notes and the same harmonies. Moreover, you must know that when all things, small and big, were created, I never tired of beading them with my repeated and incessant ‘I love you’s’ for you; and just as I did not tire of placing them, so I do not tire of hearing them being repeated by you. On the contrary, I enjoy that my ‘I love you’ does not remain isolated, but has the company of yours; and as yours echoes in Mine, they fuse together and live a common life. Besides, love is never tired; rather, it is bearer of joy and happiness for Me.”
Then, I don’t know how, a thought came to me: ‘If I died and went to Purgatory, what will I do? If while being here imprisoned in my body, caged more than in a narrow prison, my poor soul feels it so much when Jesus deprives me of His adorable presence that I don’t know what I would do and suffer to find Him again - what would happen if, when the prison of my body is broken and my soul, free and loose, takes its rapid flight, I did not find my Jesus, the center in which I must take refuge - never to go out again? And instead of finding my life, the center of my rest, I found myself flung into Purgatory? What would be my pain and my torment?’
Now, while I felt oppressed by these thoughts, my beloved Jesus clasped me all to Himself, and added: “My daughter, why do you want to oppress yourself? Don’t you know that one who lives in my Will has the bond of union with the heavens, with the sun, with the sea, with the wind, and with all Creation? Her acts are fused in all created things, because my Will has placed everything in common with her as her own things, in such a way that all of Creation feels the life of this creature. And if she could go to Purgatory, they would all feel offended, the entire universe would rebel, and they would not let her go alone to Purgatory. The heavens, the sun, the wind, the sea… - all would follow her, moving from their places and, offended, they would say to their Creator: ‘She is Yours and ours – the life that animates all of us animates her. How is this – in Purgatory?!’ The heavens would claim her with their love; the sun would speak up with its light, the wind with its lamenting voices, the sea with its tumultuous waves – all would have a word to defend the one who has lived a common life with them. But since one who lives in my Will absolutely cannot go to Purgatory, the universe will remain in its place, and my Will will have the triumph of bringing to Heaven the one who has lived in It on this earth of exile. Therefore, continue to live in my Will, and do not want to darken your mind and oppress yourself with things that do not belong to you.”

April 30, 1928
Turmoil and new ordering. How the Kingdom of the Divine Will is decreed. Redemption is the army; the divine word is the generator.
I was thinking about the Divine Will and – oh, how many thoughts crowded my mind! Having carried me outside of myself, my always lovable Jesus had shown me the many chastisements with which He wants to strike the human generations; and I, shaken, thought to myself: ‘How can the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat come if the earth abounds with evil, and divine justice is arming all the elements to destroy man and that which serves man? Besides, did this Kingdom not come when Jesus came upon earth with His visible presence? How can It come now? As things are now, it seems difficult to me.’ And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, everything you saw will serve to purify and prepare the human family. The turmoils will serve to reorder, and the destructions to build more beautiful things. If a collapsing building is not torn down, one cannot form a new and more beautiful one upon those very ruins. I will turn everything for the fulfillment of my Divine Will.
Besides, when I came upon earth, Our Divinity had not decreed the coming of the Kingdom of my Will, but of that of Redemption; and in spite of human ingratitude, It was accomplished. However, It has not yet covered all of Its way; many regions and peoples live as if I had not come, therefore it is necessary that It make Its way and walk everywhere, because Redemption is the preparatory way for the Kingdom of my Will. It is the army that goes forward in order to form the peoples to receive the regime, the life, the king of my Divine Will. And so, that which was not decreed for that time, We decree today, for the fulfillment of the Kingdom of Our Fiat. And when We decree something, all is done; in Us, it is enough to decree in order to accomplish what We want. This is why, that which seems difficult to you will all be made easy by Our Power. It will act like those impetuous winds after long days of thick and rainy clouds: the power of the wind dispels the clouds, takes rain away, and makes the good weather return and the sun embrace the earth. In the same way, more than ruling wind, Our Power will put to flight the darkness of the human will, and will make the Sun of my eternal Will reappear to embrace the creatures. And all the truths I manifest to you about It are nothing other than the confirmation of that which We have decreed.
Furthermore, if the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat and the time of Its nearing fulfillment had not been decreed before by the Divinity, there would have been no reason, nor necessity, nor purpose for choosing you, for keeping you sacrificed for so many years, and for entrusting to you, as to Its little daughter, the knowledges of It, Its admirable truths and Its secret and hidden sorrows. And not only this, but the Divinity has acted with you in a way which is all paternal and maternal in order to sow in you the seed of divine daughtership, and so that you would take Its interests to heart, more than if they were your own. This signifies the reality of what had been decreed by Us, to the point of choosing the subject, of using the means and of giving the teachings in order to descend down below to the human family, and establish in their midst that which had been decreed in Heaven. If the Kingdom of my Will had not been decreed, I would not have told you so much about It, nor would I have chosen you in a way all special for this purpose. My word would have been without life and without fruit, if it were not so, and without the generative and fecundating virtue – which cannot be. My word possesses the virtue of generating and of forming, through Its fecundity, Its offspring of endless lives. This happened in Redemption, because It had been decreed by Us in Heaven. A Virgin was created who was to be the Mother of the Eternal Word. If It had not been decreed, there would have been no reason, nor necessity to create and choose this Virgin, wholly unique and special; nor to give so many manifestations to the prophets, who detailed the life of the Word in His Humanity, describing His pains so vividly - as if they had Him present with them.
Therefore, when Our divine goodness deigns to choose and to manifests Itself, it is the sure sign and the beginning of the carrying out of Its works, which It keeps as decreed. Therefore, be attentive, and let your Jesus do everything, because neither power nor means are lacking for what I want, and for carrying out that which I have decreed.”

May 6, 1928
The children of the Divine Will shall not touch the earth. Bitternesses of Jesus. The electric wire.
According to my usual way, I was all immersed in that Divine Fiat which, more than Sun, shines in my poor soul. And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, my love toward the children of my Will will be such and so great, that I will not permit that they touch the earth. I will lay my steps under their feet so that, if they walk, they may touch my steps, not the earth - in such a way as to feel within them the life of my steps, which will communicate the life of the steps of my Divine Will to the steps of the children of my Will. If they work, they will feel the touch of my works which, lining up, will communicate to their works the virtue of my Will. If they speak, if they think, they will feel the life of my words and of my thoughts which, investing them, will communicate to their minds and words the virtue of my Fiat. So, I Myself will be the carrier of the children of my Will; I will be very jealous that they may not touch anything, so that they may take part in nothing, and may feel my life flow continuously within them, forming the life of the eternal Will in theirs. Therefore, they will be the most beautiful works of my creative hands. Oh, how the work of Creation will be reflected in them! They will be the triumph of my Redemption – everything shall triumph in them. Then will I be able to say: ‘My works are complete’, and I will take rest in the midst of the children of my Supreme Fiat.”
Then, after I wrote what is written in these past days, my mind was still molested by fears and doubts: …It was not true that blessed Jesus had told me so many things, but rather, they were the fruit of my imagination. And I said to myself: ‘If it was not Jesus that spoke to me, these will be writings without life, because only when Jesus speaks does life run within His word. And as I write, the life of the truths that Jesus has told me remains in them, in such a way that those who will read them will feel the communicative virtue of a life that is being infused in them, and will feel transformed into the very life of the truth which they will read. But if it is not Jesus, these will be writings without life, empty of light and of goods – so, why make the sacrifice of writing?’
Now, while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and placing His head close to mine, with an air of sadness, told me: “My daughter, you embitter my feast. In fact, when I manifest a truth, I do it because I want to celebrate with the creature; but if she does not have full trust in Me and begins to doubt, the feast is interrupted and turns into bitterness. I act like one of two intimate friends: loving his friend very much, he wants to pour what his heart contains into the heart of his friend; and as he entrusts to him his secrets and his hidden joys, he makes him aware of everything he possesses. But the friend who is listening shows he does not believe him, and doubts what his friend is telling him. This person embitters his friend and turns his outpouring into bitterness; and so, grieving, he almost regrets his entrustment, and full of bitterness, he withdraws. On the other hand, if his friend believes him, not only does he not embitter him, but he takes part in his goods; together they celebrate the joys which his friend possesses, and their friendship is bound with double bonds of love. So I am - and even more than a friend. Loving so much the one whom I have chosen as my little secretary, I want to pour my Heart out and entrust to her my secrets, my joys, my hidden sorrows, my surprising truths, to celebrate together with her and to communicate to her divine lives for as many truths as I keep manifesting to her. If I see that she believes Me, I celebrate, and put out in feast the joys and the happiness that a divine life can possess, which possesses the infinity of all goods; and the soul is filled and celebrates together with Me. But if I see her hesitant, I remain embittered, and she remains empty of the life which I would like to entrust to her. You often repeat these scenes of distrust to me. So, be attentive, and do not want to turn my joys into bitternesses.”
I remained all confused, and did not know what to answer. After this, I continued my round in the Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, as the soul enters into my Will she puts her electric wire in It, which extends to any point at which one wants to form light. In fact, the light is not formed where the wire is put, but where it ends, concentrating the electricity of light into a light bulb. Now, as the human will enters into Mine, at the reflections of the Sun of my Fiat it converts into light, and forms its little light; and the electricity of my Will extends the wire of the human will and, more than light bulb, forms its little light at whatever point the soul would like to reach before God. And God, on seeing the little light of the human will, invests it, and with the electricity of His divine light He converts it into Sun, and forms the most beautiful ornament for His divine throne. It is so beautiful and delightful to see that the soul from earth, on entering my Divine Will, puts her electric wire for Heaven in It. And it extends so much as to reach the center of It, which is God, forming His ornament of light; and these lights convert into Sun.”

May 10, 1928
One who does the Divine Will enters the divine order. How pains cannot enter the Divinity. Example of the Sun.
I felt I was under the nightmare of an infinite weight. My poor mind moaned with suffocated moans, without the vent of being able to release them because of the privation of my sweet Jesus. And while I felt consumed by the harrowing pain of being deprived of my Life and my All, that very pain, making me intrepid, destroyed in me the life of the pain. So, while I felt immersed in pain, incapable of expressing myself, it was yet pain without pain, sorrow without sorrow; and in my bitterness I thought to myself: ‘Why am I not able to grieve? I feel an infinite pain in me, as infinite as the One who left me; yet, as I try to penetrate into a pain so just and holy – being deprived of my Jesus – so as to water my poor soul, the pain escapes me, and I remain without the life of the pain. My Jesus, have pity on me – do not leave in a state so unhappy.’
But while I was thinking of this, my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, one who lives in my Will enters the divine order. And since Our Divinity is incapable of suffering, nothing, even the slightest thing, can in the least shade Our perennial and infinite happiness; and as much as creatures offend Us, the pain, the offenses, remain outside of Us – never within Us. And if pain could enter into Us, it would immediately lose the nature of pain and would convert into happiness. In the same way, for one who lives in my Will pain cannot enter her soul; more so since, in feeling the light, the strength, the happiness of the nature of my Divine Will within her, she already feels in possession of that Jesus of whom she seems to be deprived. How can she grieve if she already possesses Him? Therefore, pain remains outside of the soul – that is, in the human nature – and while the soul feels all the spasm of my privation and the weight of an infinite pain, which is the privation of Me, because she is invested by the Divine Fiat she seems incapable of grieving. And so she feels pain without pain, sorrow without sorrow, because pain and sorrows cannot enter the sacrarium of my Will – they are forced to remain outside. The soul feels them, sees them, touches them, but they do not enter into her center. And if they did, my Will would lose Its happy nature in you, which cannot be.
It happens as to the Sun, which in incapable of darkness. All of the human strengths cannot make one atom of darkness enter into its light; however, darkness can extend outside of the light. But the Sun loses nothing, either its heat, or its admirable effects; it is always triumphant in its state of light – darkness can neither make it go down, nor take anything away from its light. However, if the Sun could grieve, It would feel bad at being surrounded by darkness, even though it can cause no harm to Its center, nor to Its happy state. But this is a pain that surpasses all other pains, because it is a pain of divine order. How many times my Humanity felt it! It felt crushed – all pains weighed upon Me, but inside of Me the Divine Will was untouchable by all of my pains, and possessed immense happinesses, beatitudes without end. It can be said that there were two natures in Me – one opposed to the other: one of happiness, the other of pains. Oh, how my human nature felt the pains more vividly than the immense joys of my divine nature!
This is why you are incapable of expressing yourself – because these are pains of divine order; and if before, when I would hide from you, you felt that everything would turn into pain within you, it was because the life of my Will, in Its wholeness, was missing in you. Therefore, those voids were filled with pain, and you would feel sensitivity to the pain which rendered you, not imperturbable and peaceful as today, but agitated, without that firmness which gives of the divine. And I would immediately run to sustain you, because I did not see all of the indelible characters of my Will. In fact, that which my Will places is never erased, and I, feeling confident about It, leave the task to my Divine Fiat.”

May 13, 1928
One who lives in the Divine Will has everything in her power; she is the new repeater of the acts of the Virgin, of the Saints and of Our Lord.
I was praying, and I felt I didn’t know how to pray, to love and to thank Jesus. So I said to myself: ‘How I would like to have in my power the love and the prayers of the Sovereign Lady and of all the Saints, to be able to love and pray to Jesus with Her love and with Her prayers, and with those of the whole of Heaven.’ And my blessed Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, when the soul lives in my Divine Will, she has everything in her power, because my Will is the depository and the preserver of all that my Mama and all the Saints did. It is enough for her to want it, and to want to take what they did, that love runs to her, the prayers invest her, the virtues place themselves in order, waiting for the ones who have the honor of being called to give them the life of their acts, and to form their beautiful and refulgent crown. So, the Queen of Heaven feels Her love and Her prayers being repeated, the Saints their virtues, by the creature on earth, and - oh, how they enjoy seeing their acts being repeated once again! There is no greater glory that can be given to the celestial inhabitants than to repeat their love, their prayers, their virtues; and I feel once again as if my Mama were there loving Me and praying Me. Their echo resounds in you, and as you repeat it, you make your echo resound in Heaven, and all recognize their acts in your acts. Would you not feel honored if someone else repeated your acts and modeled his works on the model of yours? With what love would you not look at him?
If you knew how much I enjoy it when I hear you say: ‘I want to unite myself with the thoughts of Jesus, with His words, with His works and steps, so as to position myself together with His thoughts, words, etc., over each thought, word, work and steps of creatures, in order to repeat along with Him, for all and for each one, that which Jesus did with His thoughts, words… and everything else He did. There is nothing You did which I do not want to do as well, so as to repeat the love and all the good that Jesus did.’ I feel Myself upon earth; I feel my acts being repeated by you, and I keep waiting for the repetition of my acts with so much love, that I Myself become actor and spectator in you, to enjoy them and take the glory of my own life. Therefore, the creature who lives and operates in my Will is recognized by the whole of Heaven as bearer of divine joys for all of Heaven; and keeping Heaven opened, she makes the celestial dew of graces, of light, of love descend upon earth over all creatures.”

May 20, 1928
Divine messengers. The celestial circular. The acts done in the Divine Will form the ecstasy of the Creator. Necessity of the continuation of acts; how they form many hours to call for the dawn. The Virgin, Dawn of Redemption.
I was concerned because of a circular I received from the house of the Divine Will, so much wanted by venerable Father Di Francia, and so longed for by him, who did not have the consolation of seeing it completed and opened for the purpose wanted by him. And now, finally, according to what the circular said, the day of its completion, probably near, was arising. So I thought to myself: ‘Is it really true that it is Will of God for me to go there? And will the members of this house be the true little daughters of the Divine Will? Will they be the beginning of the rising of the divine era of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat upon earth?’ But while I was thinking of these and other things, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, each saying, work and sacrifice done in my Will is to obtain Its divine Kingdom. They are many messengers sent to the celestial fatherland, which carry the divine circular and make it circulate through all the Saints, the Angels, the Sovereign Queen and the Creator Himself, giving to each one the task to prepare the different things that are needed for a Kingdom so holy, so that everything may be done with decorum, with decency and with divine nobility. So, all the inhabitants of the divine fatherland, with this celestial circular in their hands, all get down to work to fulfill their task, and prepare each thing entrusted to them.
So, the circular from earth echoes the celestial circular, and Heaven and earth move, occupying themselves only with the purpose of the Kingdom of my Divine Will – the earth, with all that is needed in the natural order; the celestial Court, with all that pertains to the supernatural order. It seems that Heaven and earth hold hands and compete with each other, to see who hastens more to prepare a Kingdom so holy. If you knew what value one act done in my Will contains; how it can move Heaven and earth; how it can open its way everywhere… It places itself in communication with everyone, and obtains everything that was not obtained through all other acts together, and for centuries. These acts are not one Sun, but as many Suns for as many acts as are performed, which form the refulgent and radiant day of the Kingdom of my Will upon earth. The acts done in It are spurs to the Supreme Being; they are magnets that attract It; they are sweet chains that bind It; they are raptures in which the creature has the power to form the ecstasy of her Creator who, enraptured as though in a sweet sleep by the ecstasy formed by His beloved creature, concedes that which He wanted to give from many centuries, but He had not found the one who, sending Him into raptures with His own divine power, would be the capturer of the Kingdom of His Divine Will. As the creature moves in my Fiat and forms her act, God feels enraptured; and in His sweet drowsiness, He feels disarmed and conquered, and the creature becomes the winner over her Creator.
With these preparations it happens as to a groom who, having to marry, prepares the house, the bedroom, and all the objects which are needed so that nothing may be lacking to him. Then he goes on with the attire for the wedding, and the invitations are sent out. All this makes the groom decide to carry out what he himself wanted. But if nothing is prepared, the groom takes time and never makes up his mind; and he himself feels embarrassed, and says to himself: ‘I must marry, and I don’t have a house, I don’t have the bed in which to sleep, I don’t have the attire to appear as a groom – what impression will I make?’ And by necessity he gives up any thought of becoming a spouse. In the same way, these preparations, the acts done in my Will, the circulars are spurs which move my Will to come and reign in the midst of creatures; and my knowledges are like the groom who comes to marry the creatures with new bonds, just as they came out of Our creative hands.”
Afterwards, I was feeling tired – exhausted from the privations of my sweet Jesus. I felt that my poor and little soul could take no more without the One in whom I had centered all my hopes and my whole life. Without Him, everything I did, which was taught to me by Jesus, seemed to be a game – prayers from the imagination, not of glory for God; and so I felt such listlessness in doing my round, that I could barely go on. But while, exhausted, I continued my round, I felt Jesus sustaining me and pushing me from behind, telling me: “My daughter, continue on – do not want to stop. You must know that everything has been determined by the Supreme Being – prayers, acts, pains, sighs, which the creature must do in order to obtain that which We Ourselves want to give her, and which she longs to receive. So, if these are not performed, the longed for Sun does not rise from Us in the midst of the long night of the human will, to form the day of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat. This is why many times it happens that many acts and prayers are done, and nothing is obtained; but then, because of another little sigh and prayer, one obtains what he so much longed for. Was it perhaps the last act to obtain the deed of grace? Ah, no! It was the continuation of all the acts and prayers; and if one sees that he obtains through that last act, it is because that one was needed to complete the number established by Us.
So, if you want to receive the Kingdom of the Divine Will, do not stop, otherwise, since the long chain of acts that reaches the throne of God would be missing, you will not obtain that which you want, and which We want to give. The acts are like the hours that form the day or the night: each hour has its place; some hours form the evening, others the deep night, others the dawn, others the rising of the Sun, others the full day. And if it is the midnight hour, in vain would one expect to see the sunrise. It is necessary that at least the dawn come to court the nearing day, to be able to see the majesty of the Sun which dispels the darkness with its empire of light, and putting an end to the night, beads all of nature and makes it rise again in its light and heat, molding everything with its beneficial effects. Now, is it perhaps the dawn that has all the honor for making the Sun rise? Ah, no! The dawn has been the last hour, but if the other hours had not preceded it, the dawn could never have said: ‘I am she who calls for the day’. Such are the acts and prayers to obtain the rising of the day of the Kingdom of my Divine Will. They are like many hours, and each one has its place of honor; and they hold hands in calling the radiant Sun of my Divine Will. The final act can be like the dawn; and if it is not done, the dawn will be missing, and it is useless to hope that its day of light may soon arise upon the earth, which, molding and warming everything, more than Sun, will make its beneficial effects and its divine regime felt - a regime of light, of love and of sanctity.
The same happened in Redemption. Redemption did not come for many centuries, because the patriarchs and the prophets found themselves with their acts in the night hours, and longed for the day from afar. As the Queen Virgin came, She formed the dawn, and embracing all the night hours together, She made the day of the Word arise upon earth – and Redemption was accomplished. Therefore, do not stop; the series of acts is so necessary, that there is the risk that, if not all of them are performed, the desired good cannot be obtained.”

May 26, 1928
God is order, and when He wants to give a good He establishes the divine order in the midst of creatures. How Our Lord, in forming the ‘Our Father’, placed Himself at the head of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.
I continue what is written above. As I was concerned about all that regards the Kingdom of the Will of God, my always lovable Jesus added: “My daughter, God is order, and when He wants to give a good to the creatures, He always establishes His divine order, and everything that is done in order to obtain such a great good begins from God, since He places Himself at the head of it to take on the commitment, and then orders the creature for the same purpose. I did this, Myself, to give the Redemption, and so that creatures might receive It; and I am doing this, Myself, to give the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, and so that creatures may receive It. By forming, Myself, the ‘Our Father’, I placed Myself at the head of it and took on the commitment to give this Kingdom; and by teaching it to my apostles, I placed order in the creatures, so that they might obtain a good so great. So, the whole Church is praying - there is not one soul who belongs to Her that does not recite the ‘Our Father’. And even though many recite it without interest in wanting and asking for a Kingdom so holy – that the Divine Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven – since the interest is in the One who taught it, when they recite it my interest is renewed, and I hear my own prayer asking: ‘May your Kingdom come, so that your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven’. And if the creature, in reciting the ‘Our Father’, had this interest of wanting and longing for my Kingdom, she would take part in my own interest, and her will would be fused in Mine for the same purpose. However, my Will and interest always run in each ‘Our Father’.
See then, the divine order: all asking for one thing. Among these who ask there are some who want to do my Will, others who do It. All this is braided together, and they knock at the doors of my Divine Will - they repeat the knocking, and some knock strongly, some slowly. However, there is always someone who knocks and asks that the doors be opened, so that my Will may descend to reign upon earth. And since everything is established and ordered by the Divinity, It waits for the one who must give the strongest knock which, forcing the doors with invincible strength – the very strength of my Divine Will – will open wide the doors, and with her sweet chains of love, will bind the Eternal Will to make It come and reign in the midst of creatures. She will be like a bride who, bejeweling the groom with her loving chains, will carry him as though in triumph into the midst of creatures. And just as the Holy Virgin put an end to the night hours of the patriarchs and prophets, and formed the dawn to make the Sun of the Eternal Word rise, so will this one form the dawn to make rise the Sun of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.
Do you think that my Will, which has made Itself known with so much love and has manifested so much interest in wanting to come and reign upon earth, pouring Its sorrow out with you, has done this without anyone praying to It? Ah, no! no! The knocks of my Church have been continuous, and I Myself was knocking in those knocks, but I used them to knock at the door of the Divine Fiat which, tired of hearing them knock at Its divine doors, has used you to be knocked more strongly; and opening the door to you, It made you share in Its knowledges. For as many truths as It made known to you, so many means has It given you to form the loving chains with which to be bound to come to reign upon earth. And all the times It calls you to live in Its Divine Will, making you know Its qualities, Its power, Its joys, Its immense riches, are as many pledges It gives you, with which It assures you of Its coming upon earth. In fact, there is this prerogative in Us: if We make a good of Ours, a truth, a knowledge that belongs to Us known, it is because We want to give it to the creature as gift. See then, how many gifts my Will has given you; how many knowledges about Itself It has made known to you! They are such and so many, that you yourself cannot count them.”
And I: ‘My beloved Jesus, who knows when this Kingdom will come!’ And He: “My daughter, in order for Redemption to come, it took four thousand years, because the people that prayed and longed for the future Redeemer was smaller, of limited number. But those which belong to my Church are more peoples and - oh, how much greater in number than that one! Therefore, the number will shorten the time; more so, since religion is making its way everywhere, and this is nothing but the preparation of the Kingdom of my Divine Will.”

May 30, 1928
The Creation, divine army; the Fiat, celestial flag. Example of the child and of the rich father. How Jesus wants entire peoples to pray; who these peoples are.
I was doing my round in the Divine Fiat, gathering the whole Creation together, to bring It before the Supreme Majesty as the most beautiful homage, the most profound adoration and the most intense and extensive love for the One who had created It. It seemed to me that there was nothing more beautiful I could bring to my Creator than the magnificence and the continuous prodigy of His own works. Then, while I was doing this, my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, no homage is more beautiful and worthy of Our adorable Majesty than offering to Us Our own works. As you go around in the Creation, you gather Our divine army to send it to Us as Our glory and as the fierce army which asks with insistence and violence for the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Therefore, as you go around, you place the Divine Fiat in front of each created thing, as a noble and divine flag, and with their tacit speech they ask with divine strength for the Kingdom of my Will upon earth. Oh, how beautiful it is to see the whole Creation bannered all over with the Divine Fiat! From the smallest to the greatest thing, they all possess the flag of the Fiat placed by my little daughter. They really look like a formidable army; and waving their noble flag with authority, they ask with repeated petitions for what they possess – the Kingdom of my Will upon earth.”
Then, I continued my round, and not only in all of Creation, but also in all of the acts done by Adam in his state of innocence, in those done by the Queen Virgin, as well as in those done by Our Lord. I placed my Divine Fiat in them, sending as though an ordered army around the Divinity, which would ask for Its Kingdom; and Jesus added: “My daughter, Heaven and earth are praying. All of my acts, those of the Sovereign Queen as well as those of innocent Adam which were all invested by my Divine Fiat – they all have a voice which, resounding among them as a most sweet and strong echo, asks: ‘Your Kingdom come!’ My daughter, in creating man, I acted like a most rich father who, after his child is delivered to the light, would want to amuse himself with his little one by giving him all of his riches; and he says to him, continuously: ‘Son, take whatever you want and as much as you want.’ The little one fills his pockets and his little hands, but so much that, unable to contain them, he drops them to the ground; and the father, inciting him, says: ‘Is this all you have taken? Come, take some more – take everything.’ The child sees himself hampered; bravely he returns to take, but his capacity can take nothing else, and the father smiles and amuses himself with his little one. So I did with man: I gave him all of my riches as gift, and he, like a little child, was incapable of taking them all; and amusing him, I would say to him: ‘Take – take, my son. Take much – take everything if you can; the more you take, the more I will enjoy and make feast.’
Am I not doing this with you, to the point of wanting to give you the Kingdom of my Divine Will? This is why I make you go around in the whole Creation, in the works of my Redemption, nor do I deprive you of the dominions of the Sovereign Queen of Heaven. And while you go around through Our works and dominions, I keep whispering to your ear: ‘Take whatever you want, my little daughter.’ And to give you the right to it, I have you mark all of Our works and Our dominions with your ‘I love You’. In this ‘I love you’ of yours which repeats its refrain, ‘give me your Divine Fiat’, it seems that ‘Fiat’ and ‘I love you’ are braided together, and I know that what you want and ask for is the greatest thing - a Divine Kingdom in which, not only you, but all those who will be in this Kingdom, may all be kings and queens.
If you knew what you are asking Me for…! Heaven and earth are astonished, and all are watching the braveness of your request and my goodness, all paternal, which longs for you and smiles at you with excessive love, to give you more confidence in asking for It with more braveness. In fact, my daughter, since the Kingdom I must give is so great, I want an entire people to ask Me for It, and the first people is the whole Creation; and by going around in the midst of It, you move everyone to ask for the coming of the Kingdom of my Divine Will upon earth. The second people are all of my works and those of my Celestial Mama which were done on earth. These peoples are divine and interminable peoples. Then there is the people of the low earth, which is formed of those who recite the ‘Our Father’, and of the few who somehow know my Divine Will and ask that It come to reign upon earth. When entire peoples pray Me, having at the head of them the one to whom a mission so great has been entrusted, that which We want to give and which We are asked for with insistence is conceded more easily. Does this not happen in the low world? If a king or the leader of a country must be elected, there are those who incite the people to cry out: ‘We want such and such as king, or such as such the leader of our country.’ If some want a war, they make the people cry out: ‘We want the war!’ There is not one important thing that is done in a kingdom, for which some do not resort to the people, to make it cry out and even raise a tumult, so as to give themselves a reason and say: ‘It is the people that wants it.’ And many times, while the people says it wants something, it does not know what it wants, nor the good or sad consequences that will come. If they do this in the low world, much more can I do it. When I must give important things, universal goods, I want entire peoples to ask Me for them; and you must form these peoples – first, by making all the knowledges about my Divine Fiat known; second, by going around everywhere, moving Heaven and earth to ask for the Kingdom of my Divine Will.”

June 3, 1928
The truths are stairs through which to ascend to God. Isolation. The Divine Will, revealer of man. Example of the sleeping child.
I continue my abandonment in the Divine Will, and while going around in It my poor mind carried itself into Eden, in the act in which God was forming the nature of man, before infusing the soul in him. I was thinking of the great love with which the Supreme Creator formed the human body; of the fact that before Adam existed, in forming his body, He loved him with the love of a father who loves his newborn; and that, since the life of the soul of Adam did not exist yet, Adam did not requite Him with his love. So, the divine love remained isolated, without the company of the love of Its creature. It was not fair that His love remain without the return of the little love of the one whom He so much loved; so I thought to myself: ‘The Divine Will is eternal, and whatever is done in It is always in act, nor does it ever lose the present act. Therefore, in the Fiat I want to anticipate the love of Adam and amuse my Creator with my love. In the act in which He formed the human body I want to echo His love, to say to Him: “In your Will I have loved you always, even before all things existed”.’
Then, while I was thinking of these and other things, my always lovable Jesus clasped me tightly in His arms, telling me: “My daughter, how happy I am that I manifested to you so many truths about my Divine Will. All of my truths which I have told you about It are stairs – for you, in order to ascend in the acts of my eternal Will and find Our first act in act, which has the virtue of being always present, and to give Us the joy and the happiness of the return of your love; for Us, in order to descend toward you, to look for the company of the one for whom We operated, and whom We loved so much. How sweet is the company of the loved one – it is full of unforgettable joys. And how bitter is isolation – not enjoying the presence of the one whom one so much longs for, whom one loves, and for whom one operates. While forming the nature of man, before infusing life in him, We acted like a father or a mother when their child is sleeping. Taken by tenderness, by irresistible love, they long for their sleeping child, kiss him and press him to their bosom; and the child, because he is sleeping, knows nothing about it. If you knew, my daughter, how many kisses, how many loving squeezes We gave to the human nature before giving it life… And it was in the ardor of Our love that, breathing over him, We gave him life by giving him the soul, and breath, heartbeat and warmth to his body. So, the breathing you feel is Ours; the heartbeat that beats in your heart is Ours; the warmth that you feel is the touch of Our creative hands which, in touching you, infused warmth in you. And as you breathe, We feel Our breath breathing in you; as your heart palpitates, We feel Our heartbeat of eternal life beating in you, and as you feel the warmth, it is Our love that circulates in you and continues its creative and preserving work, warming you…
You must know, my daughter, that Our Will is the revealer of the work of Creation. It alone can reveal all the secrets of love hidden in Creation. Adam did not know everything – how many stratagems and loving finesses We used in creating him, soul and body… We acted like a father who does not tell everything at once to his little child, but little by little, as the child keeps growing, he wants to give him surprises, telling him how much he loves him, how much he has done for him, how many loving finesses, hidden kisses… when the child, as a little one, was incapable of comprehending what the father gave him and could give him. So, the father gives him now a surprise, now another, and this serves to maintain the life of love between father and son, and to increase their joy and happiness at each surprise. What would the sorrow of this father not be, who, while his child was sleeping, has covered him with kisses, has pressed him to his heart, and his loving tenderness was so intense and so great that he reached the point of wetting the face of his sleeping child with tender tears – if in waking up, the child does not smile at his father, does not throw his arms around his neck to kiss him; and if he looks at him, it is with coldness? What sorrow for this poor father! All the surprises he had prepared to manifest to his child, He closes in his heart, with the sorrow of not being able to share his happiness, his purest joys; to the point of not being able to tell him how much he has loved him and loves him.
This is what happened to Us, my daughter. Our more than paternal goodness prepared many new surprises for Our beloved child, and Our Divine Will took on the commitment to be the revealer of them for him. As he withdrew from It, Adam lost the revealer, and this is why it is not known how much We loved him, and all that We did for him in creating him. Therefore, We feel the irresistible yearning that Our Fiat come to reign on earth as It does in Heaven, so that, after so many years of silence and of secrets, It may give vent to Its flames and return to act as the revealer of Creation, because little is known of all that We did in creating man. How many surprises It has to say, how many joys and happinesses to communicate! Don’t you yourself hear how many things It tells you about that which regards my Divine Will, as well as about the surprising love of the whole Creation and, in a special way, of the Creation of man? My Will is the book of Creation, therefore Its reigning in the midst of creatures is necessary in order to know how to read it and to be able to read it. The human will keeps poor man as though asleep; he sleeps, and the sleep prevents him from feeling and seeing all the caresses and finesses of love that His Celestial Father gives him, as well as the surprises He wants to make known to him. His sleep prevents him from receiving the joys, the happiness, which His Creator wants to give him, and from comprehending the sublime state of his creation.
Poor man, asleep to true good, and deaf to listening to my Will which is his revealer, his noble history, his origin, his marvelous height and beauty. And if he is awake, he listens either to sin, to his passions, or to things which do not have an eternal origin. He acts just like that sleeping child who, if he wakes up, cries, makes fusses and torments the poor father, who almost regrets having such a nervous child. This is why my Divine Will is revealing so many of Its knowledges – to wake man up from his long sleep, so that, waking up in my Fiat, he may lose the sleep of the human will, he may reacquire what he lost, and may feel the kisses, the love, the loving squeezes to the bosom of His Creator. So, each knowledge that regards my Divine Will is a call, it is a voice that I emit, it is a cry that I send, to wake man up from the sleep of the human will.”

June 7, 1928
How God, in creating man, infused three Suns in him. Ardor of His Love. Example of the Sun.
My flight, in going around in the acts of the Divine Will, continues always; and as I reach Eden it seems to me that Jesus wants to say something. The memory, the place in which He created man, His creating Will, His displaying Love, the prerogatives, the beauty with which He created man, the goods, the grace with which He enriched him… are the sweetest and dearest memories for His paternal Heart, which make Him drown with love. And to give vent to His flames, He wants to speak about what He did in creating him; so much so that, while I am writing, I feel His Heart beating so very strongly. Starting with joy, He throws His arms around my neck, and kissing me with such a great emphasis of affection, He has enclosed Himself in my heart, as though wounded by the ardor of that love which He had in Creation; and assuming an attitude of feast mixed with sorrow, He wants to be the spectator of what I am about to write.
So, Jesus told me: “My daughter, how many prodigies of Ours concurred in creating man! With Our breath, the soul was infused in him, and in the soul Our paternal goodness infused three Suns, by which We formed in it the perennial and refulgent day - not subject to any night. These three Suns were formed by the Power of the Father, by the Wisdom of the Son, by the Love of the Holy Spirit. While being formed in the soul, these three Suns remained in communication with the Three Divine Persons, in such a way that man possessed the way through which to ascend to Us, and We possessed the way through which to descend in him. These three Suns are the three powers: intellect, memory and will. While being distinct among them, they hold hands and arrive at forming one single power, symbol of Our adorable Trinity, since while being three distinct Persons, We form one single Power, one single Intellect, and one single Will. Our Love in creating man was so great, that It felt content only when We communicated Our Likeness to him. These three Suns were placed in the depth of the human soul, just like the Sun in the depth of the vault of the heavens, which keeps the earth in feast with its light, and gives life to all plants with its admirable effects, giving to each one the flavor, the sweetness, the color and the substance that befits it. In its tacit silence, the Sun guides the earth, instructs everyone – not with words, but with facts, and with such eloquence that no one else can reach it; and with its penetrating light it becomes life of everything that the earth produces.
Look: there is only one Sun for the entire earth, but for the soul Our Love was not content with one alone. And finding Ourselves in the ardor of Our love for giving and giving…, We formed three Suns, by which all the human acts were to be directed, animated and receive life. What order, what harmony We placed in Our beloved and dear son!
Now, my daughter, these three Suns exist in man, but they find themselves in the same condition of the Sun that shines in the heavens when it is surrounded by thick clouds and cannot fill the earth with the vividness of its light. Even though the communications are neither interrupted nor broken by the clouds, the earth receives its effects with difficulty, and does not enjoy all the good which the Sun could do to it. So, not receiving all the life of the Sun, it is as though ill, its fruits are insipid and unripe, and many plants are without fruits. Therefore the earth is melancholic, without feast, because the clouds have prevented it from receiving all the fullness of the light of the Sun, so as to be crowned with glory and honor. Such is the condition of man: all things are in place, between Us and him nothing is broken or interrupted, but the human will has formed thick clouds, and therefore one sees man without the glory, the order and the harmony of his creation. His works are without fruits, rotten and without beauty; his steps are unsteady. One can say that he is the poor ill one, because he does not let himself be directed by the three Suns which he possesses within his soul. Therefore, in coming to reign, the first thing that my Will will knock down will be the human volition. Blowing, It will dispel the clouds, and man will let himself be directed by the three Suns he has in the depth of his soul, and which possess Our communication; and immediately He will rise to Our origin, and everything will be feast and glory for Us and for him.”

June 12, 1928
How God feels the joys of the first times of Creation being renewed. The enchantment that the Divine Will will produce for the human will; example of the Sun. When and where the marriage with humanity was done, and when it will be renewed again.
I continue my round in the acts which the Divine Fiat did in Creation, and which It preserves in Its hand up to now, with such power and wisdom as if in each act It repeated the act already done, while it is nothing other than the continuation of one single act. Now, while my mind was carrying itself into Eden, my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, when you do your round in my Will in order to trace all of Its acts, to court them, love them and make them one with yours, and you arrive at Eden, I feel the joys, the feasts, the happiness that Our Divinity felt in Creation being repeated. Oh, how seeing you flow in the Sun, in the wind, in the sea, in the heavens, reminds Us vividly of the rapid flights of the first creature that came out of Our creative hands! In fact, since he was in the unity of Our Will, of all Our acts done in Creation for love of him he would make one single act, and in his single act he would bring Us all of Our acts as though in triumph. So, Adam would bring to Us all the joys of all the things which We had as though scattered, ordered and harmonized in the whole universe. Oh, how happy We would feel in seeing him so rich, strong, powerful, of enchanting beauty, coming before Us, endowed with all of Our works, and bringing them to Us to make Us happy and to glorify Us, and to be happy together with Us! So, in seeing you continue his flights and go around everywhere, We see how beautiful is the life of the creature in Our Will. It seems she wants to enter all of Our acts; she wants to take everything – but to do what? To give Us everything and to make Us happy, and We give her everything in return, saying to her: ‘These are your things – for you We have created them and released them from Ourselves.’ In seeing this, We feel the desire to restore the creation of man and to give the Kingdom of Our Will.”
Then, with a more tender emphasis, He added: “My daughter, Power I do not lack – neither do I lack Will; therefore it is I who must lift again decayed man and restore him, because the human will rendered the work of Our creative hands a wreck.”
Then, moved to tears and sorrowful for poor man, He kept silent; and I thought to myself: ‘How can we return to the original state of Creation since the human will has made man fall into an abyss of miseries, almost deforming him from the way in which he was created?’ And my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, my Will can do anything. Just as It made man from nothing, so It can draw the new man from his miseries – and without changing method from the way in which we created him. Leaving him his free will, We will use another loving device: the light of Our Will will unleash Its most refulgent rays more powerfully; It will draw near him, in such a way as to look at his human will face to face, which will receive the enchantment of a penetrating light that, while dazzling it, draws it sweetly to Itself. And the human will, attracted by a light so radiant and of rare beauty, will have the desire to see what is so beautiful in this light. In looking, it will undergo the enchantment, it will feel happy and will love - not being forced, but spontaneously - to live in Our Will. Does the Sun not have this virtue – that if one wants to stare at it, the pupil of the human eye remains dazzled within its light; and if it tries to look, it will see nothing but light, as the power of the light prevents the pupil from looking at the things around? And if man is forced to lower his eyes to be freed of the light, it is because the excessive light bothers him and he does not feel happy; but if he felt happy, he would not easily withdraw his pupils from within the light of the Sun. On the other hand, the light of my Will will not bother the pupils of the soul; on the contrary, she will have the good of seeing the very human acts converted into light, and will yearn for this light to unleash its rays more powerfully so as to see her acts with the enchantment and the beauty of this divine light. My Will has the power to solve the problem of man, but It must use a more excessive act of greater magnanimity of Our Supreme Fiat; therefore, you, pray and plead for a cause so holy on behalf of poor creatures.”
After this, since it was the Feast of Corpus Domini, I was thinking to myself that this day was the feast of the marriage which blessed Jesus did with souls in the Most Holy Sacrament of love. And my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the true marriage with humanity was done in Creation. Nothing was lacking either to the soul or to the body; everything was done with royal sumptuousness. An immense palace was prepared for the human nature, such that no king or emperor can have one similar to it, which is the whole Universe: a starry heaven and its vault, a Sun which would never extinguish its light; flourishing gardens in which the happy couple, God and man, was to stroll, amuse itself and maintain the continuous, uninterrupted feast of our marriage; and garments, woven not with matter, but formed of purest light by Our power, as befitted royal persons… Everything was beauty in man, soul and body, because the One who prepared the marriage and formed it was of unreachable beauty. So, from the external sumptuousness of the so many enchanting beauties present in the whole of Creation, you can imagine the interior seas of sanctity, of beauty, of light, of science, etc., which the interior of man possessed. All the acts of man, interior and external, were as many musical keys which formed the most beautiful melodies, sweet, melodious, harmonious, that maintained the joy of the marriage. And each additional act that he would dispose himself to do, was a new little sonata that he would prepare, to call his spouse to delight with him.
My Divine Will which dominated humanity, brought him the new continuous act and the likeness to the One who had created him and married him. But in such a great feast man broke the strongest bond, in which lay the whole validity of our marriage and through which it had been in force: he withdrew from Our Will. Because of this, the marriage was broken, and since all the rights were lost, only the memory of it was left, but the substance, the life, the effects no longer existed. Now, the Sacrament of the Eucharist in which my Love overabounded in all possible imaginable ways, cannot be called either the first or the true marriage of Creation, for I do nothing but continue what I did when I was on earth. According to the needs of souls, with some I make Myself a compassionate doctor in order to heal them, with some a teacher to instruct them, with some a father to forgive them, with some light to give them sight. I give strength to the weak, courage to the timid, peace to the restless – in sum, I continue my redemptive life and virtue; however, all these miseries exclude the true marriage. No young man marries a young woman who is ill - at most, he waits for her to recover; or a young woman who is weak and who offends him very often. And if the groom is a king and loves her, at most he waits for the bride to get well, to love him, and for her condition to become somehow satisfactory, and not so inferior to his. Now, the condition in which poor humanity finds itself is still that of a poor ill one, and I am waiting for my Will to be known and to reign in the midst of creatures, for It will give them true health, royal garments, and a beauty worthy of Me. Then will I form again the true and original marriage.”

June 16, 1928
Example of a spouse who separates in court, as God did from the beginning of the fall of man. The new engagement for the marriage was done on the Cross. The fulfillment of the Divine Will.
I was thinking about what is written above, and blessed Jesus continued telling me: “My daughter, it is really true that the Supreme Being established Its marriage with humanity at the beginning of Creation; and it happened as when a groom is induced to separate in court by his wicked bride. But in spite of this, the groom keeps an affection in his heart, and he thinks and yearns that, if his chosen one should change, who knows… he may once again be able to unite and bind himself with her with the bond of marriage. So, he often lets news reach her ear through messengers – that he loves her.
So God did: even though the marriage with humanity was unbound in the divine court, He kept an affection for her and, though far away, he longed for the new bond of marriage with humanity; so much so, that He did not destroy the palace which He had formed with so much sumptuousness and magnificence, nor did He take away from her the good of the Sun that formed the day, but He left everything, so that the one who had offended Him might make use of it. Even more, He maintained the correspondence by choosing, from the beginning of the world, now one of the good, now another, who were like messengers. And like many postmen, some brought little letters, some telegrams, some phone calls from Heaven in which it was announced that the far away spouse had not forgotten her, that he loved her and that he wanted the return of the ungrateful spouse.
So, in the Old Testament, the more I multiplied the good, the patriarchs and the prophets, the more pressing were the invitations and the mail that ran between Heaven and earth, with the news sent by God - that He desired the new union. This is so true that, unable to contain the ardor of His love any longer, and since decayed humanity was not yet disposed, He made an exception, espousing the Virgin Queen and the humanity of the Word with bond of true marriage, so that, by virtue of them, decayed humanity might be lifted up again and He might form His marriage with the entire humanity. Then, my Humanity formed the new engagement with her on the Cross, and everything I did and suffered, up to dying on the Cross, were all preparations to carry out the desired marriage in the Kingdom of my Divine Will. Now, after the engagement, there are pledges and gifts left to be exchanged, and these are the knowledges about my Divine Fiat. Through them, humanity is given back the great gift which man rejected in Eden – the eternal, infinite and interminable gift of my Will. This gift will attract so much decayed humanity, that she will give Us the return of the gift of her poor will, which will be the confirmation and the seal of the union of the spouses, after such a long chain of correspondence, of faithfulness on the part of God, and of inconstancy, ingratitude and coldness on the part of creatures.
My daughter, man degraded himself and lost all goods because he went out of my Divine Will. In order to ennoble himself, to reacquire everything and receive the rehabilitation of the marriage with his Creator, he must enter once again the Divine Fiat from which he came. There are no ways in the middle; not even my Redemption is enough to make man return to the beginning of the happy era of his creation. Redemption is means, way, light, help - but not the end. The end is my Will, because my Will was the beginning, and by justice, one who is the beginning must also be the end. Therefore, humanity must be enclosed in my Divine Will to be given back her noble origin, her happiness, and to put the marriage with her Creator in force once again. This is why the great good that my Redemption did to man is not enough for Our Love, but It yearns for more. True Love is never content; only then is It content, when It can say: ‘I have nothing else to give him.’ And knowing that man can return to be happy, victorious and glorious in the noble state in which he was created by God – and this, by means of my Will reigning in their midst – this is why all the divine yearnings, the sighs, the manifestations are directed toward making Our Will known to make It reign, so as to be able to say to Our Love: ‘Calm Yourself, for Our beloved child has reached his destiny. He is now in possession of Our inheritance that was given to him in Creation, which is Our Fiat! And while he possesses what is Ours, We possess him. Therefore, the marriage is established once again, the spouses have returned to their place of honor; there is nothing left but to celebrate and enjoy a good so great, after such a long sorrow’.”

June 20, 1928
God is one single act. Example of the Sun. One who lives in the Divine Will lives in that single act and feels all of its effects. Value of that which is done in the Divine Will. How Jesus, who had always been with His Mother, moved away when He carried out His public life. Application to the soul.
My abandonment in the Supreme Fiat and my flight in all of Its acts are continuous. While going around in the Creation, I was thinking of the order and harmony of all created things, and of the multiplicity of the acts of the eternal Volition in the whole universe. But while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, God is one single act, and if many acts can be seen in Creation, they are nothing but the effects of the one act of God. It happens as to the Sun: the Sun is one, Its light is one, but as Its light touches the earth and rapidly extends over it, the effects of It are innumerable. One can say that It produces a distinct effect over each thing that It touches – distinct in the color, in the sweetness and in the substance It infuses in each thing It touches with Its hands of light. It seems that the Sun creates many subsequent acts, one more beautiful than the other, but it is not true - they are nothing but the effects of Its one act of light. In fact, the power of one single act has the virtue of producing many effects, as if they were many subsequent and distinct acts, as indeed they are. So, all that you see in the whole universe are nothing but the effects of the one single act of God; and because it is one single act, it possesses the virtue of order and harmony in all of the effects it produces.
The same happens to the soul who lives in my Divine Will. By living in the one act of God, she feels all the effects of that single act of God in all of her acts; she feels within her the order, the harmony, the beauty, the strength of the one divine act which, more than light, produces so many effects that she feels heavens, suns, seas, flowery fields and everything that is good in Heaven and on earth being produced in her acts. What can one who lives in my Will not enclose of great and of good? Everything. She is the true Sun which, in whatever It does or touches, produces different shades of beauty, of sweetness, of goodness and of multiple effects, because all of Its acts hang on the one act of the One who created It.”
After this, I was thinking of the great good that what is done in the Divine Will encloses, and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, that which is done in my Divine Will encloses an incalculable value. It is as if the soul had two scale pans in her hands, placing in each pan an object of equal weight and of equal value. One is the weight of these objects, one the value, one the price that she can collect. Now, in one pan she places God and His Will; in the others she places the soul and her acts done in It. As the two pans rise, they remain perfectly balanced, and they both elevate to the same level, because, since the Will of God and that of the soul are one, wherever It operates, whether in God or in the creature, one is the value. My Will alone elevates the soul to the likeness of her Creator; her works done in It place her in the order of the divine works.”
After this, I was feeling oppressed and I thought to myself: ‘What a change! Before, my sweet Jesus would always come; it seemed that He could not be without me; and now… days and days, and He does not hasten at all, nor does He run toward me as He used to do before, when He sees that I cannot take any more. It seems that when He comes, it is to say things that regard His Fiat; it seems that this alone interests Him – my extreme need of Him no longer breaks through to Him.’ Now, while I was thinking of this and of other things, He moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, I am behaving with you as I did with my Mama. During my life We always lived together, except for the three days when I was lost, and besides, wherever the Mother was, there was the Son, and wherever the Son was, there was the Mother – We were inseparable. Then, when the fulfillment of Redemption came and I had to carry out my public life, We separated, even though the one Will that animated Us kept Us always identified with each other. However, it is certain that our persons were far from each other – one was in one place, one in another. But since true love does not know how to be separated for too long from the beloved, nor can it be, because they feel the irresistible need to rest in each other, and to confide to each other their secrets, the outcome of their undertakings and their sorrows, this is why, now I would make my little escapes to see Her again, now the Queen Mother would leave Her nest to see again Her Son who wounded Her from afar; and again, We would separate to give course to the work of Redemption.
So I am doing with you: before, I used to be always with you, as indeed I am still now, but since we must work for the Kingdom of my Divine Will and you must fling yourself into Its acts, the work seems to move us away from each other. And while you work, I work in preparing more work for you to do, by making you know more things about my Fiat and that which you must follow in It. But I come back often to receive and to give you rest. Therefore, do not be surprised; this is required by the great work of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven. So, trust Me and do not fear.”

June 25, 1928
Everything that is done in the Fiat acquires the continuous unceasing act. Example of the Sun. The purpose of Jesus going into the desert. The pains of isolation.
I was praying, and feeling my extreme misery I prayed my Celestial Mama to give me Her love to make up for my meager love. But while I was doing this, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, my Mama did Her first love and Her first act in the Divine Will, and since it was done in It, it possesses continuity as if it were always in act, loving and operating. Her love never ends; Her works are the continuous repeaters, in such a way that whoever wants to take Her love finds it always in act, while it is the effect of the first love that is repeated, and repeated always.
Such is one who operates in my Will. Her acts acquire the continuity - they are always repeated without ever ceasing. They are the true Sun which, from the moment It was created by God, has given Its first act of light - but so great, as to fill Heaven and earth with one single act. And It repeats this act always, without ever ceasing, in such a way that all can take Its act of light, though one was the act that constituted itself act of perennial light for all. If the Sun could repeat Its act of light, one would see as many Suns for as many acts as It could repeat; but since the act of light that It did is one, one sees only one Sun and no more. But what the Sun did not do the Sovereign Queen did, and one who operates in my Will does also: as many Suns for as many acts, and these Suns are fused together, though distinct among them in beauty, in light, in the glory that they give to their Creator, and in the universal good that they make descend upon all creatures. These acts have a divine power; by virtue of these acts the Most Holy Virgin could obtain the coming of the Word upon earth, and by virtue of these acts my Kingdom will come upon earth. One act repeated incessantly in my Fiat has a conquering, enrapturing and enchanting virtue before Our Divinity. That continuous repetition in the Divine Volition is the strength of the soul, the invincible weapon that debilitates her Creator and conquers Him with weapons of love, and He feels honored to let Himself be conquered by the creature.”
After this, I continued my round in the Divine Fiat, and in following my Jesus on the way to the desert, I thought to myself: ‘Why did Jesus take the way of the desert? There were no souls to be converted there, but profound solitude, while it was souls that He was looking for.’ But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, company breaks the pain and diminishes it, while isolation concentrates it, doubles it and makes it more harsh. I wanted to go into the desert to feel in my Humanity all the harshness of the isolation that my Divine Will had suffered for many centuries on the part of creatures. My Humanity had to rise to the divine order and descend into the human order to be able to enclose the pains of both one and the other, and taking upon Myself entirely the painful part that divided man and God, have men cling once again to the embrace and to the kiss of their Creator. But the purpose of my going into the desert was not only this. You must know that Our adorable Majesty, in forming the Creation, established that every place was to be populated by inhabitants, and that the earth was to be extremely fertile and rich with many plants, in such a way that all would have in abundance. As man sinned, he attracted the indignation of divine justice, and the earth remained deserted, infertile, and in many places depopulated – image of those sterile families in which there is no laughter, no feast, no harmony, because they are without children, and so there is no one who breaks the monotony of the two spouses, and the nightmare of isolation weighs on their hearts, leading them to sadness. Such was the human family. On the other hand, where there are children, there is always something to do, something to say, and occasions to celebrate. Look at the sky – how populated with stars it is; the earth was to be the echo of the sky, crammed with inhabitants, and it was to produce so much and to render everyone rich and happy.
As man withdrew from my Will, his lot changed; and I wanted to go into the desert in order to call back the blessings of my Celestial Father and, by calling my Will to reign, restore the earth, populate it everywhere and fecundate it, in such a way that the earth will produce more seeds, and more beautiful ones, such as to increase it a hundredfold, rendering it more fecund and of radiant beauty. How many great things will do the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat! So much so, that all the elements are all in waiting – the Sun, the wind, the sea, the earth and the whole Creation – to deliver from their womb all the goods and effects which they contain. In fact, since the Divine Will that dominates them does not reign in the midst of creatures, they do not put out all the goods which they enclose within them, giving them only what they have to as alms, and as to servants. So, the earth has not produced all the seeds; the Sun, not finding all the seeds, does not produce all the effects and goods It contains; and so with all the rest. This is why all await the Kingdom of the Fiat – to show creatures how rich they are, and how many admirable things the Creator has placed in them for love of the ones who were to be the children of His Will.”

June 29, 1928
The ‘I love You’ forms the heat, the Divine Will the light, in order to form the Sun. The long progeny formed by one who lives in the Fiat. Its three Kingdoms, three Suns and three crowns. How Faith will no longer be shaded.
I was doing my usual acts in the Divine Fiat, and for each created thing I repeated my long singsong of my ‘I love You’; but while doing this, I thought to myself: ‘I have become so used to it, that it seems I cannot do without saying, “I love You, I love You…”.’ Now, at that moment, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, telling me: “My daughter, this continuous ‘I love You’ of yours is nothing other than the continuity of the first ‘I love You’ said in my Divine Will which, pronounced one time, has the virtue of repeating, with facts, that which was said once. The ‘I love You’ forms the heat, and my Divine Will forms the light which, invading the ‘I love You’, forms the Sun, one more radiant than the other. How beautiful is the life of the soul in my Divine Will! She acquires a long progeny - almost interminable. In fact, if she thinks, she delivers her thoughts within the divine mind, forming the long generation of her children in the mind of her Celestial Father; if she speaks, she delivers her words within the word of God, forming the long generation of the children of her word; if she operates, if she walks, if she palpitates, she delivers her works within the hands of her Creator, her steps within the divine feet, her heartbeats within the paternal Heart, forming the long generation of the children of her works, of her steps and of her heartbeats. What an endless generation one who lives in my Will forms for her Creator! She is the populator and the fecund mother that keeps the One who created Her always in feast, because each child is a feast that God feels being delivered within His womb by one who lives in His Will.”
And, all moved, He repeated: “How beautiful she is! How beautiful is the newborn of my Will! In her littleness she would want to engage in a competition with her Creator; she would want to give Him the occasion always to smile, and with childlike surprises capture His gaze, always fixed upon her, to show Him the long generation of her children.”
As though fainting with love, He kept silent; but a little later He added: “My daughter, the creature has three kingdoms in her soul, which are her three powers. These can be called the capitals of these three kingdoms, while all the rest of the creature – words, eyes, works, steps… - are cities, villages, rivers, seas and territories that form these kingdoms. The heart itself cannot be called a capital, but the most important city of communication for the others. Now, in a war, if the capital is conquered, the war ends, because all other cities are defeated along with the capital. If my Will arrives at taking over the three capitals of these kingdoms, raising Its throne in them, all of the other cities will be conquered and dominated by the Supreme Fiat. How much glory these kingdoms will acquire! They will be the happiest, the richest and most populated ones, because the One who rules them and dominates them is the invincible, the strong, the powerful One. No one will dare to molest and disturb their order; everything will be peace, joy and perennial feast. So, those who live in my Divine Fiat will possess three Suns, one more beautiful than the other – three peaceful kingdoms, enriched with all the joys, harmonies and happinesses; and they will be crowned with three crowns. But do you know who will crown the forehead of the children of my Will? The Sacrosanct Trinity. Enraptured by their likeness to Us which We infused in them in creating them, seeing that Our Fiat has raised them and formed them as We wanted, and wounded at the sight of Our own features in them, the ardor of Our love will be so great, that each of the Three Divine Persons will place Its own crown, as the special distinctive sign that they are children of Our Divine Will.”
Then, I was feeling so immersed in the Supreme Fiat, that I felt like a sponge soaked with Its light. It seemed to me that all created things were bringing me the kiss of the Divine Volition, and in that kiss I could feel the lips of my Creator impressing it upon me. It seemed to me that the Fiat was carrying the Three Divine Persons with Itself. Now, while I was feeling my mind dissolved in the light of the Fiat, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior and told me: “My daughter, when my Will has Its Kingdom upon earth and souls live in It, Faith will have no more shadows, no more enigmas, but everything will be clarity and certainty. The light of my Will will bring in the very created things the clear vision of their Creator; creatures will touch Him with their own hands in everything He has done for love of them. The human will is now a shadow to Faith; passions are clouds that obscure the clear light of It, and it happens as to the Sun, when thick clouds form in the lower air: even though the Sun is there, the clouds advance against the light, and it seems it is dark as if it were nighttime; and if one had never seen the Sun, he would find it hard to believe that the Sun is there. But if an impetuous wind dispelled the clouds, who would dare to say that the Sun does not exist, as they would touch Its radiant light with their own hands? Such is the condition in which Faith finds Itself because my Will does not reign. They are almost like blind people that must rely on others to believe that a God exists. But when my Divine Fiat reigns, Its light will make them touch the existence of their Creator with their own hands; therefore, it will no longer be necessary for others to say it – the shadows and the clouds will exist no more.”
And while He was saying this, Jesus made a wave of joy and of light come out of His Heart, which will give more life to creatures; and with an emphasis of love, He added: “How I long for the Kingdom of my Will! It will put an end to the troubles of creatures and to Our sorrows. Heaven and earth will smile together; Our feasts and theirs will reacquire the order of the beginning of Creation; We will place a veil over everything, so that the feasts may never again be interrupted.”

July 4, 1928
Necessity of advances in order to purchase the Kingdom of the Divine Will. How the Divine Will renders everything light like a feather, and therefore one can embrace everything.
Continuing my round in the Divine Fiat, I was thinking to myself: ‘What is the utility of these continuous repetitions in asking over and over again for the Kingdom of the Divine Will? …And of the repetition of going around in It in order to commit It to grant Its Kingdom, so that It may come to dominate in the midst of creatures?’ At that moment, my beloved Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, when one wants to make a purchase he pays advances, and the more advances he gives, the more the purchase is secured, and the less remains to be paid when he comes to the final acts of the definitive purchase. Now, since you want the Kingdom of my Will, it is necessary for you to give advances, and every time you go around in It asking for Its Kingdom over and over again, and emitting your acts on behalf of all for the same purpose, you add one more advance to secure your purchase of the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat. And since it is the purchase of It that you want to make, it is necessary that your acts be done in It, and acquire the value of the currency coined by my Divine Will. Otherwise, it would not be a valid currency that could circulate for the purchase of It – it would be a currency from outside the Kingdom. In fact, one who wants to purchase Divine Will, must give acts of advance done in It, and my Will benignly deigns to coin them with the value of Its Fiat, in such a way that the soul can give the necessary advances for the purchase of It.
This is the utility of your little rounds in my Fiat. The acts that you emit in It, your asking and asking for the coming of Its Kingdom, are all necessary things which are needed for the great purchase of It. Did I not do the same in Redemption? I had to pay the advance of my acts before my Celestial Father, and I had to pay for all to obtain the Kingdom of Redemption; and when I made the whole payment, then was it signed by the Divinity that the Kingdom was Mine. Therefore, continue to place your advances, if you want to have it signed that the Kingdom of my Fiat is yours.”
After this, I was saying to my Jesus: “In your Will I take the whole Creation in my arms – the heavens, the Sun, the stars and everything – to bring them before the Supreme Majesty as the most beautiful adoration and prayer to ask for the Kingdom of the Fiat.’ But while I was doing this, I thought to myself: ‘How can I embrace everything if my littleness is such that I could embrace not even one star? What about everything? So, these things are not feasible.’ And my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, one who possesses my Divine Will can take everything. My Will has the virtue of rendering anything light; It renders heavens, stars, suns, the whole of Creation, Angels, Saints, the Virgin Queen and God Himself light as a feather. In fact, since my Divine Will flows as primary life in everything, one is the life, one is the weight; so, whatever the weight of all things together is, such is the weight of each of them. Therefore, only one who possesses my Fiat can take everything and give Me everything, because having the virtue of extending heavens, of forming stars, etc., wherever It is, she has the virtue of taking everything and of embracing everything. This is indeed the great prodigy of the living in my Will: littleness can carry and embrace immensity, weakness can carry strength, the nothing can possess the All, the creature the Creator. Wherever there is the life of my Divine Will, there are all prodigies united together. The Infinite, the Eternal, lets Himself be carried as though in triumph in the little arms of the one who lives in It, because in her He looks, not at her, but at the Divine Will that has the right over everything, can do anything and embrace everything; and so she can give everything to her Creator as her own. In fact, was it, perhaps, not my Fiat that extended the heavens and populated them with stars? If It had the virtue of making them, It also has the virtue of embracing them, and of letting them be carried in triumph, like a light feather, by the creature who lives in Its Divine Will. Therefore, continue your flight in It, and you will do everything, to give Me everything, and to ask Me for everything.”

July 7, 1928
Goods produced by the Divine Will; evils produced by the human will. How all evils will cease as if by magic, if the Divine Will reigns. How the Divine Will reigned in the house of Nazareth.
I was following my sweet Jesus in His public life, and while thinking about the so many human illnesses that Jesus healed, I thought to myself: ‘Why did the human nature transform itself so much, that some became mute, some deaf, some blind, some covered with wounds, and so many other evils. If it was the human will that did evil, why did the body also suffer so much?’ And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, you must know that the body did nothing evil, but all the evil was done by the human will. Before sinning, Adam possessed the complete life of my Divine Will in his soul; one can say that he was filled to the brim with It, to the extent that It overflowed outside. So, by virtue of my Will, the human will transfused light outside, and emitted the fragrances of its Creator – fragrances of beauty, of sanctity and of full health; fragrances of purity, of strength, which came out from within his will like many luminous clouds. And the body was so embellished by these exhalations, that it was delightful to see him beautiful, vigorous, luminous, so very healthy, with an enrapturing grace.
Now, as Adam sinned, his human will remained alone, and he no longer had the one who would diffuse in his will the light, the varieties of so many fragrances which, being transfused outside, preserved the soul and the body as it had been created by God. Instead, thick clouds, putrid air, perfumes of weakness and of miseries began to emanate from within his human will, in such a way that the body also lost its freshness, its beauty. It became debilitated and remained subject to all evils, sharing in all the evils of the human will, just as it had shared in the good. So, if the human will is healed by receiving again the life of my Divine Will, all the evils of the human nature will have life no more, as if by magic.
Does, perhaps, the same not happen when a putrid, bad, stinking air surrounds the creatures? How many more evils does it not increase, as the stink reaches the point of taking one’s breath away, penetrating deep into one’s bowels, to the extent of producing contagious diseases that lead one to the tomb? And if some air from outside can cause so much harm, much greater harm can the foggy and putrid air of the human will cause, which comes from within the creature, from the depth of her whole being. And then, there is the palpable example of the plants. How many times, in a garden or a flowery field for which the farmer was all in feast hoping for an abundant harvest or expecting to pick many beautiful fruits, a fog was enough to strip the trees and make all the fruits fall to the ground, or an air too cold was enough to cast mourning over the flowery field, to blacken it and make it die, putting the poor farmer in mourning.
If the air is good, it communicates the life of good; if it is bad, it communicates the life of evil, and even death. The exhalation of the air, if it is good, can be called life; if it is bad, it can be called death for the poor creatures. If you knew how much I suffered in my public life, when blind, mute people, lepers etc. presented themselves before Me… In them I recognized all the exhalations of the human will, and how man, without my Will, becomes deformed in soul and body. In fact, only my Fiat has the virtue of preserving Our works whole, fresh and beautiful, as they came out of Our creative hands.”
Then, while accompanying my sweet Jesus in the little room of Nazareth in order to follow His acts, I thought to myself: ‘Certainly my beloved Jesus had the Kingdom of His Will during His hidden life. The Sovereign Lady possessed His Fiat, He was the Divine Will Itself, and Saint Joseph, in the middle of these seas of endless light – how could he not let himself be dominated by this Most Holy Will?’ But while I was thinking of this, my Highest Good, Jesus, sighing with sorrow told me in my interior: “My daughter, indeed my Divine Will reigned in this house of Nazareth on earth as It does in Heaven. My Celestial Mama and I knew no other will, and Saint Joseph lived in the reflections of Our Will. But I was like a king without a people, isolated, without cortege, without army, and my Mama was like a queen without children, because She was not surrounded by other children worthy of Her to whom She could entrust Her crown of queen, so as to have the offspring of Her noble children all kings and queens. And I had the sorrow of being a king without a people; and if those who surrounded Me could be called a people, it was a sick people – some were blind, some mute, some deaf, some crippled, some covered with wounds. It was a people that gave Me dishonor - not honor; even more, it did not even know Me, nor did it want to know Me. So, I was king only for Myself, and my Mama was queen without the long generation of Her offspring of royal children.
But in order to be able to say that I had my Kingdom, and to rule, I had to have ministers; and even though I had Saint Joseph as prime minister, one minister only does not constitute a ministry. I had to have a great army, all intent on fighting to defend the rights of the Kingdom of my Divine Will; and a faithful people that would have, as law, only the law of my Will. This was not so, my daughter; therefore I cannot say that, on coming upon earth, I had the Kingdom of my Fiat at that time. Our Kingdom was for Us only, because the order of Creation and the royalty of man were not restored. However, by the Celestial Mother and I living wholly of Divine Will, the seed was sown, the yeast was formed, to make Our Kingdom arise and grow upon earth. Therefore, all the preparations were made, all the graces were impetrated, all the pains were suffered, so that the Kingdom of my Fiat might come to reign upon earth. This is why Nazareth can be called the point of recall of the Kingdom of Our Will.”

July 10, 1928
How the Divine Will wants to extend Its dominion in everything. How the Fiat will place Heaven and earth in common. Unhappiness of the human will.
I was writing, and while writing I felt I was getting sleepy and I was not free to write; so I thought to myself: ‘And why this sleepiness? Up to now, so much vigil, that if I wanted to sleep a little I could not; and now, all the opposite. How many changes one must go through – now one way, now another. It shows how it takes patience also with Jesus. With vigil I could have done more, but after all, with sleep too I must say, ‘Fiat!’’ At that moment, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, do not be surprised; my Divine Fiat wants to take Its dominion in all of the human acts - It wants everything to be Its property and territory. It is jealous that even one comma may be taken away from It. Therefore, just as It has taken Its dominion in your vigil, working, Itself, together with you in order to place the seal of Its Fiat as Its dominion and property, It wants to place the seal of Its Fiat upon your sleep as property of Its eternal rest. It wants to find all of Its similarities: Its incessant work, and It gave you the vigil; It makes you embrace everything, and it gives you Its immensity; It makes you sleep, and It gives you Its eternal rest. In sum, It must be able to say and do: ‘Whatever I do by Myself in my Will I must be able to do together with my little daughter, because, as she gives Me dominion over everything, everything becomes my Will.’ Therefore I can say: ‘Everything is property of my Fiat in her; she has nothing left that is her own – everything belongs to Me, and in return, I give her that which belongs to my Divine Will’.”
After this, I was following the Divine Volition with my acts, and the heavens, the stars, the Sun seemed so beautiful to me, that from the depths of my heart I kept repeating: ‘How beautiful are the works of my Creator, and the order, the harmony that the omnipotent Fiat has in all Creation! Oh, if this order and harmony were present in the midst of creatures, the face of the earth would change!’ And my beloved Jesus added: “My daughter, when my Will dominates on earth, then will there be perfect union between Heaven and earth. One will be the order, one the harmony, one the echo, one the life, because one will be the Will. Even more, in Heaven many mirrors will be seen, and the creatures, reflecting themselves in them, will look at what the Blessed in Heaven are doing. They will hear their chants, their celestial melodies, and by them imitating what they do - their chants, their melodies - there will be the life of Heaven in the midst of creatures. My Fiat will place everything in common, and there will be the true life of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven. Then will my Will sing victory, and the creature will sing the hymn of her triumph.”
Then He kept silent, and after a little while He added: “My daughter, the human will has produced so much evil as to form the unhappy state of the poor creature; it changed her lot, her fortune. Since I am happy by nature, everything that came out of Our creative hands in Creation, came out with the fullness of happiness; therefore, everywhere, inside and outside of man, perennial joy and happiness flew. The human will drove this sea of true and perpetual peace out of itself, which, driven out, took refuge in the womb of its Creator, who had delivered it so that all of His works might be happy. And even though We are happy by Our nature, and no one can shade Our happiness, We are forced to see man unhappy, to whom primacy in Creation had been given; and to see Our children unhappy, to see that the sea of Our happiness is not enjoyed by the one who was the owner of it, even though it causes no harm to Us, is always a sorrow.
Now, one who lives in my Divine Will calls this sea of happiness once again into herself; she removes from Us the sight of the unhappiness in the poor creatures, and she makes Us twice as happy, because We see that Our happiness follows its way toward Our children. Therefore my Will will put all things in place and will remove the unhappiness produced by the human will which, with its poisonous slobber, knows how to embitter everything and make everything turbid. How beautiful it is to see everyone happy! What a consolation for a father to have and see the crown of his children – all happy, rich, healthy, beautiful, always smiling, never crying! Oh, how he enjoys, and feels himself swimming in his own happiness and that of children! I am more than a father, and I feel within Me the happiness of my children, because it is my own thing and can enter into Me; while unhappiness is something extraneous to Me, which does not belong to Me and has no way to enter into Me. I feel the sorrow of seeing it, but not of feeling it, and as Father, I love and want everyone to be happy.”

July 14, 1928
How one who lives in the Divine Will forms her little seas within God Himself. How the Divine Will is light and looks for light, and how all evils become lost before Its light. Prodigy of the Fiat.
I felt all immersed in the Divine Fiat, and my adorable Jesus placed before my mind an interminable sea of light; and within this sea one could see many other little seas, little rivers, formed in the same sea. It was beautiful, delightful, enchanting, to see these little seas formed very often in the Divine Sea – some smaller, some a little larger. It seemed to me as when we are in the sea: as we dive into it, the water divides and forms a circle around us, giving us the place in order to be able to stay in the sea, in such a way that one can see many people inside of it. But they are not seas, because the sea does not have the virtue of converting us into water, while Our God has the virtue of converting us into His own light. And in spite of this, one can see that a human will has gone to dive into the Divine Sea to take its place in It, and according to how much or how little it operates, it forms a smaller or a larger little sea within the Divine Sea.
Now, while I delighted in watching a scene so beautiful and enrapturing, my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, these little seas and rivers that you see in the eternal Sea of the Divine Majesty are of those who operate in the Divine Will. The Creator gives and forms the place in His own Sea for those who want to live in the Fiat; He admits them into His house and lets them form their own properties. And while forming their own, they enjoy all the goods of the interminable Sea of the Supreme Being, who gives wide freedom to these children of His to expand their own little seas within His own Sea, as much as they can. In this Sea there are the little seas of my Humanity and those of the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, and there will also be those of the ones who will live in my Will. None of their acts will be done outside of this Divine Sea, and this will be the greatest glory of God and the greatest honor for the children of my Divine Fiat.”
After this, while being immersed more than ever in the Divine Volition, I was offering all of my being and all of my acts in It. Oh, how I wished that not even one thought, one word, one heartbeat would escape from the light of the Fiat! Even more, I wished to surround all the acts of creatures like a crown, lining myself up over each human act to invest everything and everyone with Its light, so that one might be the word, one the heartbeat: “Divine Will”. But while my mind was wandering in It, my sweet Jesus, making Himself seen, clasped me so very tightly in His arms; then He placed His Most Holy Face over my heart and breathed strongly into it. I am unable to say what I felt… And then He told me: “Daughter of my Divine Will, my Fiat is light, nor could even a shadow or atom which is not light enter into It. Darkness does not find the way and becomes lost before Its endless light; and the soul, in order to enter my Divine Will, must place herself in the reflections of Its light – that is to say, as she wants to do her acts in my Will, she places herself in Its reflections, which have the virtue of changing the acts of the soul into light. And my Will performs a prodigy, as each of Its rays invests – some her heartbeats, some her thoughts, some her words... In each of Its rays It contains the crown of all the acts of the creature; and since my Fiat embraces everything and everyone – Heaven and earth – It makes them touch everyone, and gives to all the acts of the creature done in It. If all could see the marvels of living and operating in my Will, they would see the most beautiful, enchanting and enrapturing scene, which does the greatest good and brings the kiss of life, of light, of glory.”
Then, with a tender and moving voice, and a stronger emphasis of love, He added: “Oh! Divine Will, how powerful You are! You alone are the transformer of the creature in God! Oh, my Will, You alone are the consumer of all evils and the producer of all goods! Oh, my Will, You alone possess the enrapturing force, and whoever lets herself be enraptured by You becomes light; whoever lets herself be dominated by You is the most fortunate one in Heaven and on earth! She is the most loved by God; she is the one who receives everything and gives everything.”

July 19, 1928
How three acts from God concurred in the Creation, and how three wills, sacrificed for the Kingdom of the Divine Will, are needed. One who lives in It is celebrated by all and is the feast of all.
I was doing my usual round in the Divine Volition, and as I arrived at the point when the Celestial Queen was conceived, had the use of reason and made the heroic sacrifice of offering Her will to Her God without ever wanting to know it, to live only of the Will of God - I thought to myself: ‘How I wish that my Celestial Mama would take my will, unite it with Her own and give it as gift to the Supreme Majesty so that I too would not even know my will, to live only of the Will of God.’
While I was thinking of this, my beloved Jesus moved in my interior and with a light more than lightning, told me: “My daughter, three acts from the Trinity concurred in the Creation, which were Power, Wisdom and Love. All of Our works are always accompanied by these three acts, because since Our working is perfect, they are executed with highest Power, with infinite Wisdom and with perfect Love, communicating three immense goods to the work We are doing, as indeed We gave the great good of the intellect, memory and will to man. Now, in order for the Kingdom of my Divine Will to come, three wills sacrificed as holocaust to the Divinity are needed, which, having no life of their own, would give place to Mine to let It reign and dominate freely, so that It may take Its royal place in all of the human acts, the place that befits It; because so it was established by Us from the beginning of the creation of man who, ungrateful, gave the place to his human will, and this made him lose Mine. There is no greater sacrifice before Us than a human will which, while having life, does not exercise it, to give free life to my Fiat. This, however, to great profit for the soul, because she gives a human will and receives a Divine one; she gives a finite and limited will and receives an infinite and limitless one.”
Now, while Jesus was saying this, I thought to myself: ‘The first one was certainly the Queen of Heaven, who made the heroic sacrifice of not giving life to Her will; and the other two wills – who are they?’ And Jesus added: “My daughter, what about Me – do you want to put Me aside? Don’t you know that I had a human will which had not even one breath of life, surrendering the place to my Divine Will in everything? So, I had it to keep it sacrificed, so that the Divine Will might extend the whole expanse of Its Kingdom in my human volition. And have you forgotten that you keep your human will sacrificed so that it may never have life, and that my Divine Will keeps it as a footstool at Its feet, so that I may extend my Kingdom over it? Now, you must know that between the will of the Celestial Mother and yours there is my human will, which is first and sustains both, so that they might be constant in the sacrifice of never giving life to the human volition, and so that the Kingdom of my Divine Will might extend over these three wills to have the triple glory of Our Power, Wisdom and Love, and the triple reparation of the three powers of man, which all concurred in withdrawing from the great good of Our Divine Will. And if the Sovereign Queen of Heaven was engraced by virtue of the merits of the future Redeemer, you were engraced by virtue of the Redeemer already come; and since millennia are like one single point for Me, from that time I thought about everything, and I sustained the three wills over which my eternal Will was to triumph. This is why I always tell you: be attentive and know that you have two wills sustaining yours – that of the Celestial Mama and that of your Jesus, which fortify the weakness of your volition, so that it may endure remaining sacrificed for a cause so holy, and for the triumph of the Kingdom of my Fiat.”
Then, while my mind was making itself present at the conception of the Sovereign Lady, I said to myself: ‘Immaculate Queen, this little daughter of the Divine Will comes to prostrate herself at your feet, to celebrate your conception and to give You the honors of Queen. And together with me, I call the whole Creation to surround You like a crown - the Angels, the Saints, the heavens, the stars, the Sun and everyone, to recognize You as our Queen, to honor and love your height, and to declare ourselves your subjects. Don’t You see, O Celestial Mother and Queen, how all created things run to be around You to say to You: “We hail You, Our Queen! Finally, after so many centuries, we have been given our Empress.” The Sun hails You as Queen of light, the heavens as Queen of immensity and of the stars, the wind as Queen of empire, the sea as Queen of purity, strength and justice, the earth hails You as Queen of flowers. All hail You, in chorus: “You are welcome, Our Queen -You will be our smile, our glory, our happiness! From now on we will all hang on your wishes”.’ But while I was saying this, I was thinking to myself (of course, some of my usual nonsense): ‘I am celebrating my Celestial Mama, and She does not give a thought to celebrating the little daughter of the Divine Will? I would like nothing but the feast of Her keeping me on Her lap like a little child, to feed me the air, the breath, the food, the life of the Divine Will.’
But while I was thinking of this and of other things, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “Little daughter of my Will, one who lives in my Divine Fiat is celebrated by all and is the feast of all. Do you want to know why you celebrate, from Her very conception, the state of Queen of my Mama? Because She began Her life in the Divine Will, and the Divine Will makes present to you Her glorious state of Queen, and It makes you celebrate Her with all created things, just as She was celebrated at Her conception. The feasts begun in the Fiat are perennial – they never end; and one who lives in It finds them present and celebrates along. And even though the little Queen of Heaven perceived from Her very conception that all revered Her, smiled at Her, longed for Her, and that She was welcome by all, yet, She did not know from the beginning the mystery that She was to become my Mother - the Mother of the One whom She Herself longed for, for She knew it when the Angel announced it to Her – however, She knew that Her royalty, Her empire and the many shows of obsequies came to Her because in Her reigned my Divine Will.
Now, you must know that as you celebrate the Mama and Her Sovereignty, the Mama celebrates the daughter, the newborn of that Fiat which She loved so much as to keep It as Her life; and in you She celebrates that which you yourself do not know for now, but will know later. Don’t you know that She longs for the little queens, which are the little daughters of my Will, to make the feast that She receives for them?”

July 23, 1928
The soul who lives in the Fiat is the luminous point in the world. How everything was created for the soul.
Continuing in my usual abandonment in the Supreme Fiat, I wished to embrace everyone and everything, so that everything would become Divine Will; and my sweet Jesus, coming out from within my interior, told me: “My daughter, the soul who lives in my Will is the luminous point in the world. Just as a Sun appears under the vault of the heavens, which invests the earth with Its rays, and penetrating everywhere, embellishes, colors, fecundates the whole earth with Its life of light, so another Sun, more beautiful and more refulgent, can be seen in that point of the world – that is, in the soul in whom my Divine Will reigns – and her rays extend and expand so much as to embrace everything and everyone. How beautiful it is to see from Heaven these luminous points in the depths of the earth! It no longer seems earth – but Heaven, because the Sun of my Fiat is present. Its rays embellish, fecundate and scatter such variety of divine colors as to communicate the varieties of beauties of the Creator with Its life of light. Wherever these luminous points are present, the current of evil is stopped; my Justice Itself feels disarmed by the strength of this light, and changes the scourges into grace. These points are the smile of the earth; their light is herald and bearer of peace, of beauty, of sanctity, of life that never dies. They can be called the fortunate points of the earth, because in their midst there is the light that never dims, the life that always rises; while where these luminous points are not present, the earth is obscure, and if any good is done, it is like those little lights that have no rays, because the source of the light is missing in that good, and therefore it has no strength nor virtue either to extend or expand. And since the source is missing, they are subject to being extinguished, and the earth remains obscured, as though buried in thick darkness, because the human will is herald and bearer of evils, of disturbances, of disorder and the like.
So, the soul in whom my will does not reign puffs out darkness, shadow and restlessness, and if she does any good, it is a good invested with fog. Her air is always unhealthy, her fruits unripe, her beauty faded. All the opposite for the soul in whom my Will reigns: she is the true queen that dominates everything, she gives peace to all, does good to all and is welcomed by all; and while she does good to all, she needs no one, because the source of my Will which she possesses makes all goods arise within her.”
Then, I was continuing my round in the Divine Volition to bring all created things to my Creator – heavens, Sun and everything – as profound adoration to my God, and to be able to say to Him: ‘You gave me heavens, stars, Sun, sea, and I give You everything back as the return of my love.’ But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, ah yes, I created everything for you and I gave you everything; for each thing I created, first I thought of giving it to you as gift, and then I put it out. I gave you so many of these gifts, that you have no place to keep them; and my love, in order not to keep you hampered, gave you the space in which to keep them, in such a way that, while you enjoy now one thing, now another as you please, you are not cluttered up, because each thing has its place to remain at your disposal. Now, if you knew Our contentment when We see Our little daughter take her flight in Our Will to bring to Us heavens, stars, Sun and everything else, to requite Us with the very gifts that We gave to her… We feel Our own glory, Our love, the repetition of Our works; and knowing that if she had the power to make them she would make them for Us, in order always to excel in Our love for one who lives in Our Fiat, We give her the merit as if the creature had made the heavens for love of Us, the Sun, the sea, the wind – in sum, everything. We requite her as if she were maintaining the whole Creation to give Us glory and to tell Us that she loves Us. My Will loves so much one who lives in It, that there is nothing It did or can do in which It does not say to the soul: ‘Let us do it together’; so as to be able to say: ‘That which I have done for love of her, she has done for love of Me’.”

July 29, 1928
Meaning of the blessing and of the sign of the Cross.
My days become more bitter and long because of the privation of my sweet Jesus. The hours are centuries, the days never end; and while I do my usual rounds in the Creation, I want and invite everyone to cry for the One who, flying away from me, leaves me alone and abandoned in my hard martyrdom of living as if I had no life, because the One who formed my true life is no longer with me. So, in my bitterness, I call the Sun to cry tears of light to move Jesus to compassion, so that He would come back to His little exiled one. I call the wind to make tears of moans and of screams, and to deafen the hearing of Jesus with its mighty empire, so as to bend Him to come. I call the sea to my help, so that it would convert all of its waters into tears, and murmuring tears and tumulting with its waves, it may make a tumult deep within His divine Heart, so that He may quickly resolve to give me back His life, my All. But who can say all of my nonsense?
I sought help from all, so that they would make Jesus come back to me. But He would not come; and I would continue my round in His adorable Will, and following all the acts He did when He was on this earth, I stopped when Jesus was blessing the children, blessing His Celestial Mama, blessing the crowds and other things, and I prayed Jesus to bless this little daughter of His, who so much needed it. And He, moving in my interior and raising His arm in the act of blessing me, told me: “My daughter, I bless you from the Heart in your soul and body - may my blessing be the confirmation of Our likeness in you. My blessing confirms in you what the Divinity did in the creation of man – that is, Our likeness. You must know that during the course of my mortal life, in everything I did, I always blessed. It was the first act of Creation that I called back over the creatures, and in order to confirm it, in blessing I invoked the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit. The very Sacraments are animated by these blessings and invocations. So, while calling the likeness to the Creator within souls, my blessing calls also the life of my Divine Will, that It may return as in the beginning of Creation to reign in souls, because my Will alone has the virtue of painting in them, vividly, the likeness of the One who created them, of making it known and of preserving it with its divine live colors.
See then, what blessing means: confirmation of Our creative work, because the work We do once is so filled with wisdom, with sublimity and with beauty, that We love to repeat it always. And if Our blessing is nothing other than the sigh of Our Heart to see Our image restored in the creatures, as well as the repetition of Our confirmation of what We want to do, the sign of the Cross that the Church teaches to the faithful is nothing other than impetrating Our likeness on the part of creatures; and so, echoing Our blessing, they repeat: ‘In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.’ Therefore, without knowing it, the Church and all the faithful harmonize with the eternal Creator, and all want the same thing: God, by blessing and pronouncing the words, ‘Father, Son and Holy Spirit’, wants to give His likeness; the creatures impetrate it by making the sign of the Cross, pronouncing the same words.”

August 2, 1928
How it is absolute Will of God for these writings to come out. The work of Redemption and the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat are linked together. The field of the Divine Will. Explanations.
I was feeling all concerned because of these blessed writings. The thought of their being released is always a torment for me; and then, the so many incidents that happen - now one way, now another… Many times this makes me think that maybe it is not Will of God that they be published, otherwise so many things would not happen. Who knows whether the Lord wants my sacrifice in words, but with facts He wants to spare me a sorrow so great, that only the thought that I might oppose His Divine Will makes me say: ‘Fiat! Fiat!’ But while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, the Will of God that the writings of my Divine Will come to light is absolute, and as many incidents as may occur, It will triumph over all. And even if it should take years and years, It will know how to dispose everything so that Its absolute Will be accomplished. The time in which they will come to light is relative and conditional upon when the creatures dispose themselves to receive a good so great, and upon those who must occupy themselves with being its criers, and make the sacrifice so as to bring the new era of peace, the new Sun which will dispel all the clouds of evils.
If you knew how many graces and lights I keep prepared for those whom I see disposed to occupy themselves with them! They will be the first to feel the balm, the light, the life of my Fiat. Look at how I keep in my hands, prepared, the clothes, the food, the ornaments, the gifts for those who must occupy themselves with them. But I am looking to see who the true disposed ones are, so as to invest them with the prerogatives that are needed for a work so holy, which I so much love and want them to do. However, I must also say to you: ‘Woe to those who are opposed or might place obstacles!’ You, however, do not move anything – not even one comma of that which is needed to prepare the Kingdom of my Divine Will, so that, by doing what is needed to give this great good to the creatures, nothing may be lacking on my part and on yours, and so that, as soon as the creatures dispose themselves, they may find everything in place and that which is needed. Did I not do the same in the work of Redemption? I prepared everything, I did and suffered everything; and in spite of the so many adverse circumstances that I saw – my very Apostles vacillating, doubtful and timid, to the point of running away from Me when they saw Me in the hands of the enemies; being left alone; not having the good of seeing any fruit while I was on earth… - in spite of all this, I neglected nothing of what was needed for the complete work of Redemption, so that, when they would open their eyes to look at what I had done, they would find all the good in order to be redeemed, and nothing might be lacking to them to be able receive the fruit of my coming upon earth.
My daughter, the Kingdom of my Redemption and that of my Will are so linked together that they hold hands and have almost the same lot because of human ingratitude; but one who must give and form a good so great should not pay attention to this, nor should he stop. It is necessary that we do complete works, so that nothing may be lacking on our part, and so that, as they dispose themselves, they may find everything that is needed to receive the Kingdom of my Will.”
After this, I continued my acts in the Divine Will, but I kept feeling oppressed, and my sweet Jesus, making Himself seen again, seemed to hold three or four priests tightly in His arms; and holding them against His breast as if He wanted to infuse in them the life of His divine Heart, He told me: “My daughter, look at how tightly I hold in my arms those who must occupy themselves with the writings about my adorable Will. As soon as I see some little disposition in them to occupy themselves with the writings, I take them in my arms to infuse in them what is needed for a work so holy. Therefore, courage, do not fear.”
Then, after this, He made Himself seen in my interior. In the depth of it I saw a most extensive field – not of earth, but of clearest crystal. Every two or three steps in this field there was a baby Jesus surrounded by a light. Oh, how beautiful this field looked with so many babies! Each of them had His own Sun, radiant and beautiful - all for Himself. I was surprised at seeing so many Jesuses in the depth of my soul, each of them all intent on enjoying His own Sun; and my sweet Jesus, seeing my surprise, told me: “My daughter, do not be surprised. This field that you see is my Divine Will, and the many Jesuses you see are my truths regarding my Fiat. In each of them there is a life of Mine which, forming its radiant Sun, surrounds itself with light so as to spread its endless rays to make known that I am the springing fount of my truths. See then, how many lives of Mine I put out; as many truths as I have manifested to you, so many are my lives that I put out along with the very source of the Sun – not just a simple light. And I have remained in their midst so that all may feel the strength, the creative virtue of these truths; and I love each of them as much as I love Myself. And whoever would not want to recognize my life, my Sun, my creative virtue in these truths about my Fiat is either blind, or has lost the good of the intellect. Also, it should be a great consolation for you to possess within you as many lives of Mine for as many truths as I have manifested to you. Therefore, recognize this great good – greater treasure I could not entrust to you; and do not be concerned - the Sun will know how to make Its way, and since It is light, no one will be able to prevent Its step.”
Then He added with a more tender accent: “My daughter, Our Adorable Majesty loves the creature so much that We put Our Life at Her disposal to make of her one who is similar to Us. We place Our Life as a model before the creature, so that, by modeling herself on Our model, she may copy Our Life and form facsimiles of her Creator. This is why We use many stratagems, finesses of love, and We give surprising graces – to see Ourselves copied in the creature. And only then shall We be content, when - as Our love, united with Our Divine Will, conquers the creature - We will be able to recognize Our image and likeness in her, just as She came out of Our creative hands.”

August 6, 1928
How whatever is done in the Fiat is source of Divine Life. Difference from the human works. How Its light empties the soul of all passions.
I continued my acts in the Divine Fiat, and while doing this, I thought to myself: “What is the difference between doing good in the Divine Will, and doing good in the human will?’ And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, what is the difference?! There is so much distance that you yourself cannot arrive at comprehending all the value contained in operating in my Divine Will. Operating in my Fiat is Life that the soul takes into herself; it is Divine Life - Life with the fullness and the source of all goods. For each act done in my Will, the soul encloses within her a Life which has no beginning and no end; she encloses an act from which everything springs forth – founts that never exhaust. But what is it that springs forth? Continuous sanctity springs forth; happiness, beauty, love, spring forth – all of the divine qualities are in the act of springing and growing continuously. If a soul could possess one act alone done in my Will, and all the good works of all creatures of all centuries could be put together, they could never equal this single act done in my Will, because it is life that reigns in this act, while in the other works done outside of my Will there is no life, but a work without life.
Imagine yourself doing some work: you put your work into it - not your life; therefore, one who could possess or see that work, would possess or see your work, but not your life. Such are the human works: it is works that creatures do – not life that they put in their works; therefore, they are subject to becoming stained, consumed and even lost. On the other hand, the love and the jealousy of my Will for the work of the soul done in It is so great, that It places Its very Divine Life in the middle of that work, as its center. Therefore, the soul who does all of her acts in It possesses as many Divine Lives for as many acts as she performs in my Supreme Fiat. She can be called the bilocator and the populator of the Divine Life within the endless sea of my eternal Volition.
Therefore, as much as other creatures may do or sacrifice themselves, they can never please Me if I do not see the Life of my Will flow within them. In fact, since their works are without life, the love that always loves, the sanctity that always grows, the beauty that is always embellished, the joy that always smiles are not in them. At most, they might be present in the act of their working, but as the work ends, the exercise of their life ends in the work, and not finding the continuation of their life within their work, I find no taste or pleasure, and I long for the soul who lives in my Divine Will in order to find her works full of Divine Lives that always love. These are not mute works, but speaking ones; and since they possess a Divine Will, they know how to speak about their Creator so well, that I take all pleasures in hearing them, and I remain with them with so much love, that It is impossible for Me to separate; more so, since it is my very Life that binds Me to them with indissoluble bonds.
Oh! if you knew how great the good is of having called you to live in my Will, the prodigies, the infinite riches that you can enclose, the love with which your Jesus is drawn to love you, you would be more attentive and grateful, and you would yearn for my Fiat to be known and to form Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures, because It alone will be the sower of Divine Life in Creation.”
Then, I continued my abandonment in the Fiat, and my mind wandered at the sight if Its endlessness, of Its light that invests everything, of Its power that does everything, of Its wisdom that orders and disposes everything. My poor and little mind wanted to take many things from that endless light and sea, but could take nothing but drops; and what is more, with terms that were not human – but divine, which my little capacity is unable to reduce to words. But while I was immersed in that sea of light, my beloved Jesus, making Himself seen within that light, told me: “My daughter, my Will is light, and the prerogative and virtue of Its light is to empty of every passion the soul who lets herself be dominated by It. In fact, Its light places itself within her as center, and with its heat and vivifying light gets rid of any human weight, and vivifies and converts everything into seed of light, forming the new life in the soul, with no seed of evil, wholly pure and holy, as she came out of Our creative hands, in such a way that this fortunate creature cannot fear she may do harm to anyone. In fact, true light does harm to no one; on the contrary, it brings to all the good that my vivifying light contains. Nor can this creature fear she may receive any harm, because true light is untouchable by even the shadow of evil. Therefore, she has nothing to do but enjoy her fortune and spread the light that she possesses to all.”

August 12, 1928
One who lives in the Divine Fiat rises into the acts of innocent Adam and possesses the universal virtue. How the Fiat is order. How the life of one who lives in It is precious.
I was continuing my round in the Creation, and I paused now at one point, now at another, to be able to follow and look at what God had done in Creation; and arriving at what Adam had done in his state of innocence, I was saying to myself: ‘How I wish I could do what our father did in his state of innocence, so that I too might love and glorify my Creator as he did in the original state of his creation.’ But while I was thinking of this, my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, in his state of innocence, possessing the life of my Divine Will, Adam possessed the universal life and virtue. Therefore, I found the love of everything and of everyone centralized in his love and in his acts, and all the acts were unified together – not even my works were excluded from his act. I found everything in the works of Adam; I found all the shades of beauties, fullness of love, unreachable and admirable mastery, and then, everything and everyone.
Now, one who lives in my Will rises into the act of innocent Adam, and making the universal life and virtue her own, she makes his act her own. Not only this, but she rises into the acts of the Queen of Heaven, in those of her very Creator, and flowing in all the acts, she centralizes herself in them and says: ‘Everything is mine, and I give everything to my God. Just as His Divine Will is mine, so everything is mine – everything that came out of It. Having nothing of my own, with Its Fiat I have everything, and I can give God to God. Oh, how happy, glorious, victorious I feel in the eternal Volition! I possess everything and I can give everything, without exhausting anything of my immense riches.’ So, there is no act, either in Heaven or on earth, in which I do not find one who lives in my Will.”
Then, I continued to follow the acts of the Divine Fiat, and my always lovable Jesus added: “My daughter, my Will is order, and It places Its divine order in the soul in whom It reigns; and by virtue of this order, the creature feels order in her thoughts, in her words, in her works and steps – everything is harmony. This Divine Will maintains order in all the works that came out of the Supreme Being, in such a way that they are so linked together as to be inseparable from one another. Even though each work has its distinct office, by virtue of this order, the union among them is such that one could neither live nor act without the other; more so, since one is the Will that moves them and gives them life. In the same way, by virtue of the Fiat, the soul feels within her the order of her Creator, and feels so linked and united to Him, that she feels inseparable from her Creator and transfused in Him. So, she feels herself heavens, and feels the stars that adorn her beautiful heavens flow in the order of her actions, words, thoughts and steps. She feels herself Sun, and wants to run to give light to all. She feels herself earth, and enjoys the beautiful flowerings and the beautiful scenes of her sea of grace which flows within her soul; and she would want to put out these enchanting scenes and her beautiful flowery fields, so that all may enjoy and receive the great good of the dominion of my Divine Will.
So, the true sign that my Fiat reigns in the creature is that one cannot see clashing or disordered things, but highest harmony and perfect order, because everything she does has its origin in the One who created her, and she does nothing but follow the order and the works of her Creator.”
Then, He continued saying: “Therefore, my daughter, the life of one who lets my adorable Will live in her is so precious and striking to Me, and of a beauty so rare, that it is impossible to find one similar to her. I see nothing but Our works come out of her. If it were necessary for Our glory and for Our inextinguishable love, she would form for Us a new heaven and the whole of Creation; and flowing within the works of Redemption and Sanctification, she would give Us new Redemptions and Sanctifications, because that Divine Will that did all this within Ourselves, can do the same in the creature in whom It dominates and reigns. And just as It called all of Our works from nothing, so It can call them from the nothing of this creature, not only by repeating all of Our works, but by adding yet more surprising things. And We - Our Supreme Being - knowing that this creature can give Us anything by virtue of Our Fiat, feel glorified and loved as if indeed she were doing them for Us, because in her We look not only at what she does for Us, but also at what she can do for Us.
See then, how much preciousness she encloses; how striking she is in all of her acts. The shades of her beauty enrapture Us and form the most delightful scenes for Our divine gaze; so much so, that in Our emphasis of love, We are forced to exclaim: ‘Oh, Our Will, how prodigious! admirable! lovable! and delightful You are, in the creature in whom You reign! She is your veil in which, hiding Yourself, You prepare the most beautiful and delightful scenes for Us to enjoy.’ Therefore, she can be called the most fortunate creature, who arrives at calling the attention of her God to make Him feast and to let Him enjoy His own works; and who can reach the point of saying: ‘By virtue of your Will, I possess everything, I bring You everything and I want nothing, because whatever is Yours is mine’.”

August 15, 1928
Living in the Divine Fiat is communism between Creator and creature. The Virgin: Her insuperable glory. The Sanctity of the Divine Will known in Heaven.
My abandonment in the Fiat is continuous. It seems to me that It wants me in all of Its acts, either as actor together with It, or at least as spectator of what It does. In fact, since the eternal Volition possesses the incessant act, Its nature is always to act, never ceasing to operate; and since I am a little child, It is content with keeping me either in one way or in the other, as long as I remain with It. So, continuing my round through the whole Creation, I thought to myself: ‘Is it necessary - does Jesus really want me to go around everywhere?’ And my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, to live in my Divine Will is to let oneself be found by God in each created thing, so that the Supreme Being may find in all of His works the one whom He loved, whom He called from nothing out of love, and for whom He created so many varieties of beautiful and marvelous works. If He did not find you in each of His works, He would lack the echo of your love, of your gratitude, and would be as though without you in those works in which you would not go around, as if He had not done them for you; while Our purpose in calling you to live in Our Divine Will is precisely this: for Us, to find you in Our works, and for you, to find Us in each created thing – you, giving Us your little love; We, giving you the great love We had in creating so many things – and uniting your love and Ours together to form one single love, so as to be able to say: ‘How much the little daughter of Our Divine Will loves Us!’
Otherwise, Our love and Our works would remain isolated and without the company of the one for whom We created everything, while to live in the Divine Will is communism between Creator and creature; becoming inseparable, wherever one is, the other is as well, and the creature finds her little place in everything that God does. Don’t you want to find your little place in all the works of Creation and Redemption? Therefore, continue your flight, and let yourself be carried in the arms of my Fiat; It will take care of placing the little newborn in each of Its works.”
After this, I was thinking about and accompanying the Sovereign Queen when She was assumed into Heaven; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, as though singing the praises of His Celestial Mother, told me: “My daughter, the glory of the Mama of Heaven is insuperable. No one else in the celestial regions possesses seas of graces, of light, seas of beauty and of sanctity, seas of power, of science and of love; and what is more, She possesses these seas within the endless sea of Her Creator. The other inhabitants of the blessed fatherland possess, at most, some little rivulets, some little drops, some little fountains. She is the only one, because She alone lived life in the Divine Fiat. The human volition never took place in Her – Her life was all of Divine Will; and by virtue of It, She centralized all creatures within Herself, conceiving them in Her maternal Heart, and bilocating Her Son Jesus as many times, to give Him to each creature whom She had conceived within Her virginal Heart. This is why Her Maternity is extended to all, and all can boast and say: ‘The Mother of Jesus is my Mother, and this Mother so sweet, lovable and loving, gives Her beloved Son to each of us as a pledge of Her maternal love.’ Only my Will could give Her this virtue of conceiving all creatures as Her children, and of multiplying Her Jesus for as many children as She had.
Now, in Heaven, the height of the Sovereign Mother, possessing Her seas, does nothing but raise highest waves of light, of sanctity, of love, etc., unloading them over the throne of the Supreme Being who, so as not to be surpassed by Her love, having His own sea, more extensive and deeper, forms His own waves, higher, from beneath the seas of the Virgin Queen, and pours them over Her. And She prepares more waves, and God prepares yet more, in such a way that the whole of Heaven remains flooded by these waves of light, of beauties, of love and the like - so much so, that all take part in them and enjoy. And the Blessed, in seeing that they cannot form these waves because they possess no seas, comprehend that if their Mother and Queen possesses all of this, it is because She formed Her life and sanctity in the Divine Will. So, through the Virgin, the Saints know what sanctity of Divine Will means in the creature, and therefore they long for more creatures to bring these seas into the celestial fatherland, so as to see more waves being formed - enchanting and of greater enjoyment for them. The earth does not yet know the sanctity in my Will, and this is why I so much yearn to make it known; but it is well known to Heaven because the Sovereign Queen is there, whom, by merely seeing Her, becomes the revealer of the sanctity of my Fiat. So, by virtue of It, She was a portent of graces on earth for Herself and for the whole human family, and She is a portent of glory in the celestial fatherland, nor can any other creature be said to be similar to Her.”

August 18, 1928
Pains in the Fiat are drops, and one reaches the point of snatching them. Example. How the truths about the Divine Will are Divine Lives, and are all in waiting to perform their office.
I was doing my usual round in the works of Redemption, and pausing now at one pain, now at another, which Jesus and the Celestial Queen had suffered, I thought to myself: ‘Who knows how their Hearts must have been drowned in their pains – and not little pains: the Virgin, reaching the point of sacrificing Her own Son; and the Son, His own life.’ And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, since the Divine Fiat reigned in Me and in my Mother, We comprehended what doing and suffering an act in It meant, and the great good that We acquired. So, in view of this great gain, the pain seemed small to Us, like a drop of water within the immense sea. And in order to make more gains, We longed for more occasions of works and of pains, because there is no pain, not even the sacrifice of one’s own life, that can equal a gain so great through an act done in my Divine Will. We found Ourselves in the condition of a person who is offered the good of a work: even though it is tiring, the profit is so great, that he would lay his life down to have the occasion of other similar works. In fact, in the face of the great gains, the pains are longed for, yearned for - and one reaches the point of snatching them. If with the work of one day one could earn a kingdom, rendering himself and all of his fatherland happy, who would not do that work of one day?
Even though for Me and for the Celestial Lady the fatherland was already Ours – We were more than happy, because one who possesses the Divine Fiat is not subject to any unhappiness; everything was Ours – however, since Our works and pains in Our Divine Volition served for the purchase of the Kingdom for the human family, and each additional pain doubled their rights over a gain so great, out of love for them and to see them happy We felt glorious, victorious, that the day of Our life down here be filled with pains and works for their sake; and not only for this – that is, for the good of creatures – but because operating in the Fiat gives a Divine Volition the field to operate, and by operating in It, it is heavens that run in that act, it is Suns that one encloses, it is immense goods that spring forth - in sum, it is that Divine Fiat which can do everything and possesses everything.”
Then, I continued my abandonment in the Supreme Volition, and I was thinking about the many truths that my beloved Good, Jesus, has told me about the Fiat; and He, sighing, added: “My daughter, for as many truths as I have manifested to you about my Will, so many Divine Lives of my Will have I put out for the good of creatures. Now, these lives exist, and are so many as to be able to fill the whole world with Life of Divine Will, and to bring the good they contain into the midst of creatures. But since they are not known, they live hidden, inactive, without bringing the good that each truth possesses. They are all in waiting – waiting with divine patience for those who would open the doors to let them out. This will be done by those who will occupy themselves with making known to the world that these lives exist; and by opening the doors to them, they will place them on their way into the midst of creatures, so that each of them may perform its office, and hold out the light and the good it possesses. In fact, now these truths have feet, but cannot walk; hands, but cannot operate; a mouth, but cannot speak. What account will I not ask of those who keep so many lives inactive? Look at them, my daughter – how they are all in the act of wanting to walk, to operate, to speak; but since they do not make them known, it is as if they had no feet, hands and voice.”
I looked, and – oh! how touching it was to see the number of these lives, which was so great that I could not count them, all in the act of wanting to move, to speak and to bend down over each creature, so as to hold out their hands to them, let them hear their lesson, and offer to them the kiss and the good of the Divine Fiat.”

August 23, 1928
Certainty of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth. Rights of God and of the creature. The new Gospel: “The truths about the Divine Fiat”. Human prudence causes the most beautiful works to fail. Loneliness of Jesus; the ones who kept Him company.
I was thinking to myself: ‘But, is it really true that the Kingdom of the Will of God will come upon earth?’ And my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, how is this – you doubt? Don’t you know that there are the rights of God to give this Kingdom, and the rights of humanity to receive It? In fact, in creating man, by giving His Will to man as inheritance, God gave these rights - that His Divine Will reign upon earth as It reigned in Heaven. This is so true, that the life of the first man began in the Fiat, and by doing his first acts in It, he placed his pledges, his works, in the divine inheritance; so much so, that these pledges and acts still exist in my Will – they are indelible. Though man went out of It, his acts remained, and this constitutes a right for humanity to enter once again into the lost Kingdom. In fact, We do not look at man in himself, but We look at the whole human family as if it were one; and if one leaves and detaches himself, humanity always remains, and can receive that which was lost by the one who left. Therefore, there are rights on both sides. If it were not so, the living of man in Our Kingdom would not have been a reality, but a way of speaking; while, when We give, We give in fact, so much so, that the human life has its origin in the Kingdom of Our Will.
If you knew what it means to do even one act alone in It… Its value is incalculable. And then there are the acts of my Humanity and those of the Queen of Heaven, all done in the Kingdom of Our Divine Will, by which, as the leaders of the human family, We reconfirmed the rights for the creatures to re-enter into Our Kingdom.”
After this, I was concerned about the publication of the writings about the Will of God – especially about certain differences; and as I was praying, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen holding His Heart with His hands, so great was the sorrow He felt; and all afflicted, He told me: “My daughter, how sorrowful I feel. They should have considered themselves honored - they should have boasted about and gloried in making themselves known as the ones who had this great honor to publish the truths about my Holy Will. I could not have given them a greater honor and glory than calling them to an office so high - but instead, they want to hide. How my Heart aches; I feel so much sorrow that I cannot contain it. The truths about my Fiat are the new Gospel of the Kingdom of my Divine Will, in which they will find the norms, the Sun, the teachings on how to ennoble themselves, to elevate themselves to their origin, and to take the state given to them by God at the beginning of Creation. They will find the Gospel which, taking them by the hand, will lead them into true happiness, into constant peace. The only law will be my Will which, with Its brush of love, soaked with the living colors of Its light, will give back to man the likeness to his Creator. Oh, how they should have yearned to receive and to make known a good so great! But instead… all the opposite. In Redemption, the Evangelists considered themselves honored to make themselves known as the ones who were putting out the Gospel, so that It might be known by the whole world; and they signed their names with glory, so much so, that when the Gospel is preached, first they state the name of the one who wrote It, and then they speak the Gospel. So I want to be done with the truths about my Will, that everyone may know who the ones are that brought so much good into the world.
But what do you think this is? All human prudence. Ah, how many divine works the human prudence has caused to fail in the midst of creatures! Like sluggards, they have reached the point of withdrawing from the holiest works. But my Will will know how to triumph over all and mock them; however, I cannot hide my sorrow for such a great human ingratitude at a good so great.”
Then, I continued my round in the Fiat, and while accompanying my lovable Jesus in His life down here, I felt pity for Him when I reached those points in which He was all alone, not even with His Celestial Mama, like in the desert and in the nights of His public life when, withdrawing from everyone, He would almost always remain outdoors, outside of built-up areas, alone, praying and even crying for our salvation. And I said to myself: ‘My Jesus, your little daughter does not have the heart to leave You alone. I want to place myself by You, and if I can do nothing else, I will whisper to your ear: “I love You, I love You…” For the sake of your loneliness, prayers and tears, give me the Kingdom of your Will. Hurry - see how the world is falling; your Will will place it in safety.’ But while I was thinking of this, my beloved Jesus came out from within my interior, and throwing Himself into my arms to enjoy my company, He told me: “My daughter, thank you. In each of my acts I await you always, to be able to say: ‘The little daughter of my Will has never left Me alone.’
You must know that loneliness weighed heavy on Me, because the One who had come for all and to look for all, was to be asked for by all. For each of them I felt, vividly, the pain of the loneliness in which they left Me; and with my searching gaze, I kept searching to see whether anyone looked for Me and loved my company; and many times I looked for this comfort in vain. However, you must know that in so much loneliness in which the creatures left Me, I never remained alone. I had the company of the Angels and that of my Mama, because, though She was far away, my Divine Will brought Me Her heartbeat and all of Her acts as cortege around Me, to keep Me company. And also, from that time, It brought Me the newborn of my Fiat with all the cohort of the children of my Kingdom for my company, because all times belong to my Divine Will, and It has the virtue of reducing them to a single point, so as to have them in continuous act at all times, without ever ceasing. Furthermore, as the soul remembers what I did, and wants to be around Me, she prepares the void within herself in which to place the fruit of what I did and suffered.”

August 26, 1928
The Divine Will is more than Mother. How It grows together with the soul and forms Its life in her. The lightning of the act done in It. Return of the breath of Jesus to make the Divine Will reign.
My flight in the eternal Fiat is continuous. It seems to me that I cannot be, nor can I stop, anywhere else but in It. More than life, I feel It inside and outside of me, and as much as I run and fly, I find but works - an interminable and boundless property, and Its life palpitating in everything and everywhere; and while being present up high and down below, this Divine Will preserves everything, and It is actor and spectator of everything. Now, my littleness wandered in the Divine Fiat, it went around through the whole Creation; and making my little ‘I love You’ resound in each created thing, it asked for the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth. And my lovable Jesus, making Himself seen while carrying me in His arms to let me follow the acts of His Divine Will, told me: “My daughter, how much my Will loves you! More than a mother, It holds you in Its arms; and while holding you tightly to Its bosom, It is present within you, to grow together with you; It palpitates in your heart, It circulates in your blood, It walks in your feet, It thinks in your mind, It speaks in your voice… Its love, Its jealousy, is so great, that if you are little, It makes Itself little; if you grow, It grows with you; if you operate, it expands you so much, as to extend you in all of its works.
A mother can leave her daughter, she can separate from her, and be far away; but my Will – never, because, making Itself the life of Its daughter, It becomes inseparable from her. So, even if It wanted to leave her, It cannot do it, because it is Its very life that lives in Its daughter, and that It has formed in her. Who could ever have this insuperable power and love of forming and raising her own life with her daughter? No one – only my Will, which, possessing an eternal love and a creative virtue, creates Its life in one who is reborn and wants only to be Its daughter. This is why you go around in the Creation: because this Mother - my Divine Will - wants, in all of Its acts, the life It has formed in you, Its daughter. Therefore, one who lives in my Divine Fiat runs the whirling, orderly and harmonious race of the whole Creation together with It. And since the orderly race of all the spheres forms the most beautiful and harmonious melody, the soul who runs with them forms her note of harmony which, echoing in the celestial fatherland, draws the attention of all the Blessed, who say: ‘How beautiful is the sound we hear in the spheres, because the little daughter of the Divine Fiat is going around in them. It is one more note and one distinct sound that we hear; and the Divine Volition brings it to us, into our celestial regions.’ Therefore, it is not you who run, but it is my Will that runs, and you run together with It.”
Then, I continued thinking about the great prodigies and sublimities of the Divine Fiat; and while I was feeling dissolved in It, my beloved Jesus added: “My daughter, just as the lightning is unleashed by the clouds and illuminates the earth, and then it withdraws again into the womb of the clouds to light up the earth very often with its light; in the same way, the soul who lives in my Will, as she operates, unleashes her lightnings from the womb of her humanity, and forms more light in the Sun of my Divine Fiat. Not only this, but she lights up the earth from the darkness of the human volition. However, the lightning unleashed by the clouds is limited light, while the lightning produced in my Divine Will is without limits, and within its light it carries the knowledge of It. In fact, operating in my Will contains the universal force, and therefore unique force - new creation, Divine Life; so, as she does her act of lightning, all the doors of my works open to receive the new creation and the lightning of light of the act of the creature done in my Fiat. Therefore, all of my works feel renewed and twice glorified, and so they all celebrate in feeling the new creative force over them.”
After this, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen as a little child in the depth of my little soul. He clasped me, He kissed me, He breathed over me, and I felt new life, new love, being infused in me, and I repeated for Him what He was doing to me. And repeating His kisses, He told me: “Little daughter of my Will, as my breath breathes over you, it renews you, and with its vivifying power it destroys in you the infection of the seed of the human volition and vivifies the seed of my Divine Fiat. This breath is the origin of the human life of the creature. As man withdrew from my Will, he lost my breath; and even though life remained in him, he no longer felt the vivifying force of my breath which, in vivifying him, maintained him beautiful, fresh and similar to his Creator. So, without my breath, man remained like that flower which, having no more rain, wind and Sun, fades, withers and, lowering its head, tends to die. Now, in order to rehabilitate the Kingdom of my Divine Will in the midst of creatures, it is necessary that my continuous breath return to their midst, which, breathing over them, more than wind, may let the Sun of my Will enter into them, so that, with Its heat, It may destroy the bad seed of the human volition and may render man beautiful and fresh again, just as he was created. And so, straightening up its stem under the rain of my grace, the flower raises its head, becomes vivified, acquires color, and tends toward the life of my Will – no longer toward death.
Oh, if the creatures knew the great good I am preparing, the surprises of love, the unheard-of graces – how much more attentive they would be! And those who know the knowledges about my Will – oh, how they would put their lives in order to fling them into the midst of the world, so that creatures may dispose themselves to receive such a great good! In fact, these knowledges have the virtue of helping to facilitate the human dispositions for a good so great. But human ingratitude is always the same; instead of preparing themselves, they think of anything else, and they hurl themselves into sin.”

August 30, 1928
Difference between the Humanity and the Divinity of Jesus. How the Kingdom of the Fiat has all been prepared by Him, but what is needed is those who would inhabit It. The language that Jesus used in Redemption, and that which He uses for the Kingdom of the Divine Will – one is different from the other.
My lovable Jesus made Himself seen as a little child who, all clinging to me, made me many loving cuddles. Oh, how beautiful it is to see Him in His baby Humanity, all love, all trust! The soul feels so much trust in being with Jesus, because she sees His Humanity in Him, which is so much like her that they join together like brothers, they identify themselves with each other, and one is transformed into the other. So, the veil of the Humanity of Jesus, in which He encloses His adorable Divinity, serves as a means of trust, by which the poor creature loses all fear, and remains all love with Jesus - more than a son in the arms of his Celestial Father. The love of Jesus is so great, that He says to the creature: ‘Do not fear, I am yours - similar to you, clothed like you; and my love is so great, that I hide the endless light of my majesty within my Humanity so as to have you be with Me like a little child in my arms.’ On the other hand, when my beloved Jesus makes His Divinity shine through Himself, His very Humanity is eclipsed within that endless light, and I feel the great distance between myself and my Creator. His blazing divine majesty annihilates me, I plunge myself into my dust; and not knowing where to go to escape His light, because there is no point at which it is not present, my little atom remains submerged within His very light. It seems to me that I am speaking nonsense, therefore I move on.
So, my highest Good, Jesus, told me: “My daughter, the Kingdom of my Will is all prepared within my Humanity, and I am ready to put It out to give It to the creatures. It can be said that I formed the foundations and raised the factories; the rooms are innumerable and all adorned and illuminated - not with little lights, but with as many Suns for as many truths as I have manifested about the Divine Fiat. Nothing else is needed but those who would inhabit It; there will be a place and room for all, because It is vast, more than the whole world. With the Kingdom of my Will everything will be renewed in Creation; things will return to their original state. This is why many scourges are necessary, and will take place – so that Divine Justice may place Itself in balance with all of my attributes, in such a way that, by balancing Itself, It may leave the Kingdom of my Will in Its peace and happiness. Therefore, do not be surprised if such a great good, which I am preparing and which I want to give, is preceded by many scourges. It is my Justice that claims Its rights, so that, once balanced, It may place Itself in peace with the creatures, bothering them no more; more so, since the children of the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat will no longer offend It, and my Divine Justice will change all of Itself into Love and Mercy for them.
Then, after this, I was following all the acts that Jesus had done in Redemption; and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, my language in Redemption was very different from that which I have used for the Kingdom of my Divine Will. In fact, in Redemption, my language was to adapt to people who were incapable, weak, ill, deaf, mute and blind – and many were on the verge of their tomb. Therefore, in order to speak to them, I made use of parables and similes of the low world, which they themselves could touch with their own hands. So, I spoke to them now as doctor, offering them medicines to heal them; now as father, who awaited their return even if they were unruly children; now as shepherd, who went in search of the lost sheep; now as judge who, unable to attract them by means of love, tried to attract them at least by threats and by fear… and many other similes. This language of Mine says that those to whom I was speaking did not know Me, did not love Me, and even less did they do my Will - on the contrary, they were far away from Me; and that I, with my parables, made the searches and laid the net in order to catch them and give to each one the remedy to heal them. But how many escaped Me! And I intensified my searches and teachings to give light to many blind, so that they might get out of their obstinate blindness.
Now, see how different is the language I have used in manifesting the truths about my Divine Will, which must serve the children of Its Kingdom! My language about the Fiat has been like a father in the midst of his dear and loving children, all healthy; and since all of them possess my very life within them, by virtue of my Will they will be capable of understanding my highest lessons. This is why I have moved beyond, placing before them the beautiful similes of the Sun, of the spheres, of the heavens, of the very divine way of operating, which extends to the infinite; because, having my Divine Fiat in them, they will have within them the very One who created heavens, spheres and Sun, who will give them the virtue of copying within themselves everything He created and the very ways He uses in His divine operating. They will be the copiers of their Creator. And this is why I have been so lengthy in manifesting the truths about my Fiat, which I did not do in Redemption; because those were parables which contained human and finite manners, therefore I did not have much material with which to be able to talk at length. On the other hand, the similes which regard my Will are of divine manners, and therefore there is so much material to talk about that they become inexhaustible. Who can measure the vastness of the light of the Sun and the intensity of Its heat? No one. Who can ever put a boundary to the heavens and to the multiplicity of my divine works? Oh! if you knew how much wisdom, love, grace, light I have placed in manifesting my truths about my Divine Fiat, you would be so drowned with joy as to no longer be able to live; and you would yearn for the work of your Jesus to be known, so that a work so exuberant, of incalculable price, may have its glory and may communicate its beneficial effects to the other creatures.”

September 2, 1928
How by virtue of the Divine Fiat, created things are like members to man, and man is given their reason. How by withdrawing from It, man gave a blow and severed all of these members. How the Divine Will forms the mothers for Jesus.
I was doing my round through the whole Creation according to my usual way, in order to follow what the Divine Will had done in it. Oh, how beautiful it seemed to me! How the Divine Fiat enjoyed Its triumph, received Its full glory, had Its total dominion, and extended Its life everywhere and in every place. The Divine Fiat is light, and extends Its life of light; It is power, It is order, It is purity, and extends Its life of power, of order, of purity in all created things; and so with all the rest of Its divine qualities. Therefore, each created thing is sacred, more than a relic, because it encloses within itself the creative power and Will, and the very Life of the One who created it. So, while going around, I felt I wanted to love, adore, embrace and kiss the Sun, the heavens, the stars, the wind, the sea, because they enclosed and veiled the One who had created them, forming as though many residences for Him.
But while my mind was wandering in the Creation, my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, look at how beautiful Our works are – pure, holy and all orderly. We made use of Creation in order to form Our veils, Our vast residences; however, We held back from giving reason to them, because they were created for man, not for themselves, and therefore We reserved giving to man the capacity and reason of the whole Creation, so that, possessing Its reason, he would give Us the glory of the light of the Sun, of the heavens, of the wind, and of all the rest. So, We placed the created things as members of man, so that, possessing the reason of these members, he would use them in order to rise into these veils to find the One who resided within them as king, and to bring Him the glory and the love of these members given to him. But in order for man to do this, and to possess the reason which Sun, heavens, wind and the like, would have had, and to keep the created things as his own members, he was to possess the life and the dominion of Our Divine Fiat, which would give him the capacity, and vast and sufficient reason for the whole Creation, and would maintain the communication, the bond and the inseparability with all these members of created things. In fact, only Our Divine Will possesses the full reason of what It has done, and We gave this Will of Ours to man, that It might give him the reason of all of Our works. Everything came out as orderly from Us, and linked together as members to the body of man, because he was Our first love, the purpose of the whole Creation, and therefore in him We centralized all the reason that was needed for It.
Now, my daughter, by withdrawing from Our Divine Will, man gave a blow and severed his dear and holy members. This is why he knows little about the value, the sanctity, the power, the light which, as members of his, already belonged to him; and the Divine Maker remains without the glory, the love, the gratitude of the head of these members. See then, how necessary is the return of my Divine Fiat into the head, which is man, so as to restore the order created by Us, putting the head in its place, and reuniting the members once again for the one who, so barbarously and with harm to himself, keeps them severed. Don’t you yourself feel how my Will alone has the virtue of putting you in communication with the whole Creation? Making you fly, It gives you the reason of the light, of the heavens, of the sea, of the wind; and wanting to animate all created things with your voice, from the smallest to the greatest, It repeats your delightful refrain: ‘It is I that love You and glorify You in the heavens, in the Sun, in the sea, in the wind, and also in the little bird that sings, in the little lamb that bleats, in the fragrance of the flower that ascends to You...’; and so on and on. It is the life of my Fiat which, having Its life in the whole Creation, and having Its life in you, makes you love within all things, which are already Its own.”
I remained pensive in hearing that, by virtue of the Fiat, man would possess the reason which the Sun, the sea, the wind… were to possess, and my beloved Jesus added: “My daughter, man too does this: he does not leave his reason inside the works he does; if he builds a house for himself, if he possesses a land and puts different plants in it, if he does one work or another, these are works which possess no reason – he keeps the reason for himself. And if he gives a reason, he gives it to his family, which is not works, but his own children; and he wants them to have the reason of his works, that they may use them according to the will of the father, so that he may receive the glory of his works from them. If man does this, why could I not do the same? Indeed, I do it with more order and with multiple works for the good of man, so as to have him near Me, together with Me, within Me, and so very united to Me - God as the head, and he as the members; and the Creation as his members, and man as the head of It.”
After this, I continued my acts in the Redemption, and I paused when my charming baby Jesus was in Egypt, and my Celestial Mama, while rocking Him in his poor cradle, was occupied with preparing some clothes for the little baby. Placing myself near the Queen Mama, I made my ‘I love You’ flow in the thread that was used for the little garment of Jesus, and I rocked the cradle to make my Celestial Baby sleep, making my lullabies of love for Him, and asking Him for the Divine Fiat. And while it seemed He would close His eyes to sleep, to my surprise, I saw Him raise His little head, and looking at Our Divine Mama and myself, He said in a most tender tone: “My two Mamas, my Mama and the little daughter of my Will… My Divine Will unites them together for Me, and makes them both be my Mama. Why is the Celestial Queen my true Mother? Because She possessed the Life of my Divine Fiat. It alone could administer to Her the seed of divine fecundity, to make Me be conceived in Her womb and make Me Her Son. So, without my Divine Will, in no way could She be my Mama, because no one else, either in Heaven or on earth, possesses this seed of the divine fecundity, which can do no less than make the Creator be conceived in the creature. See then: my Divine Will formed the Mama for Me, and made Me Her Son; now It is forming for Me Its little daughter as my mama, and It makes Me find her near my first Mother so as to let her repeat Her acts, braiding them together, and to make her impetrate Its Kingdom, and therefore let her repeat Its divine seed and the fecundity of the Fiat Voluntas Tua in the creatures. My Will alone can do everything and can give Me everything.”
Then, closing His eyes to sleep, while sleeping, He repeated: “My two Mamas, my two Mamas…” How tender and moving it was to hear Him! How it wounded the heart to see Him interrupt His sleep to say: “My two Mamas…” Oh, Divine Will, how lovable, powerful and admirable You are! O please! Descend into the hearts of all, and place this divine seed of Yours in them, so that your fecund seed may form your Kingdom, and may make You reign on earth as You do in Heaven.

September 5, 1928
Pains of Jesus and contest of light. The acts done in the Fiat are little rocks and little winds in the sea of the Divine Will.
I felt deprived of my sweet Jesus, and I agonized for His return. But, alas! – while my poor heart was tortured, my beloved Jesus doubled my pains by making Himself seen all wounded, crowned with thorns – and these thorns were so sunk into His flesh, that He could not be looked at. What a pitiable and sorrowful scene! He threw Himself into my arms to be soothed. Oh, how He agonized, moaned and writhed! I clasped Him in my arms; I wanted to take the thorns out of Him, but I found it impossible, so sunken were they. And Jesus, sobbing, told me: “My daughter, how much I suffer! If you knew how much creatures offend Me, and how they themselves arm my Justice, to be struck by It”
And while He was saying this, it seemed that lightnings, flames and ice were coming down from Heaven to strike the creatures. I was frightened, but it was more frightening to me to see Jesus reduced so barbarously. So I continued to pray, and I said to myself: ‘Oh, I how I wish to convert everything – thoughts, words, works, steps of all creatures – into Will of God, so that sin may exist no more! I wish to eclipse them with the light of the Divine Will, so that, invested with light and enchanted by it, eclipsed by divine light, the creatures may lose the strength, the passions, the will to offend my sweet Jesus.’
But while I was thinking of this, my beloved Jesus told me: “My daughter, as the soul takes on the commitment to wanting to convert all human acts into my Will, she forms her rays which, expanding, take the earth as though in their power. And rising up to Heaven, more than solar rays, they invest the Sun of my Will; and plunging themselves into It, they form one single Sun, as though making a contest of light. Everything - Heaven and earth – is enchanted and eclipsed by the Sun of my Will; and even my Justice is eclipsed by this light, in such a way that many scourges are spared.”
Then, after I had written for quite a while, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and taking my face in His hands, told me: “My daughter, I want to pay you for the sacrifice of writing that you made.”
And I: ‘I have been writing for three nights, and you have not given me anything. It seems to me that You are quite sparing now; you no longer show me that great satisfaction that You used to show me before, when I used to write; nor do You command me to write any more with that loving empire of yours, as You used to do. To me, it seems that You have changed.’
And Jesus: “I cannot change, nor is it of the divine nature to change. The human nature changes, but the divine never does. Therefore, be certain that nothing has changed in Me. But do you know what I want to give you as recompense? My own Life. Each truth I manifest to you is gifts of divine life that I give you; and I give you the freedom not only to keep this great gift for yourself, but to multiply it, in order to give it to whomever you want, and to whomever wanted to receive it.
You must know that each act, word, thought done by the creature in my Divine Will are little rocks that she throws into Its sea which, rippling, overflows outside for the good of all. Other times, they are many little winds, which make the sea of my Fiat swell and form Its waves, more or less high, according to the multiplicity of the little winds that the creature forms in my sea. And as these waves rise, they descend again – part into the sea, and part flooding the earth. Oh, how delightful it is to see the creature – now coming to throw her little rocks into Our sea, now coming to blow, forming her little wind. And the sea smiles at her by rippling, making feast for her by receiving her little wind and forming the waves. So, the soul who lives and operates in my Fiat gives Us the occasion to make Our sea rise, and gives Us the field to flood the earth and Heaven. And since it is Divine Will that flows, It disposes the creature to ask for Its Kingdom, and We feel that the creature who lives in Our Divine Will calls back the feasts, the amusements, the games of the beginning of Creation with her Creator. Everything is licit for one who lives in Our Will, and We let her do everything, because she wants nothing but Our Will and Our echo which resounds in her. Letting herself be carried by Our divine echo, now she throws her little rock, now she forms her little wind which, now forms the waves, now moans, now speaks, now prays that it wants Our Divine Fiat to be known and loved, and to dominate over the earth.”

September 8, 1928
Interest of God in one who lives in His Divine Will. Example of the Sun. How everything will be known of the sacrifices which Luisa has made to make the Divine Will known.
I felt oppressed because of the privation of my beloved Jesus. Oh! how I would have wanted to take a leap into the Celestial regions never to leave again, and so end it with these blessed privations of Him that make me live dying. Ah! yes, if by His goodness Jesus lets me reach His fatherland, He will no longer be able to hide from me, nor will I ever again be deprived of Him even for one instant. ‘Therefore, hurry, my Love – let us end it once and for all with these privations of You, for I cannot take any more’. And I felt so embittered, that my poor soul was pierced through, more than by a sharp sword.
Now, at that moment, my beloved Jesus came out from within my interior and told me: “My daughter, courage, don’t you know that Our interest in one who does my Will and lives in It is so great, that she is kept by Us as Our own thing, exclusively Ours, inseparable from Us? Our Divine Volition is inseparable from Us, and as much as Its light spreads, the center of It is always within Us – symbolized by the light of the Sun which, while expanding and extending over the whole earth, holding it in Its hand of light, never departs from Its sphere, nor is the light divided or loses even one drop of light. In fact, light is not separable, and if it could be divided, it would no longer be true light. Therefore, the Sun can say: ‘All of the light is mine’. The same for Us: the light of Our Divine Will is interminable and inseparable, and It makes the soul in whom It reigns Our own and inseparable from Us. So, since We keep her as Our own thing, it is Our interest to honor Ourselves, and to invest her so much with all of Our divine qualities, as to be able to say to all: ‘In this creature there is Divine Life, because the light of Our Fiat dominates in her.’ So, it is Our interest that everything be holy, pure and beautiful in her, and that she be invested by Our happiness - everything must give of Divine Will.
When the earth is invested by the light of the Sun, it loses darkness and becomes all light, in such a way that the light acts as queen, and dominating the earth, it becomes the nourisher of it, communicating to it the life and the effects of the light. In the same way, when It reigns in the creature, Our Divine Will dispels the evils, puts to flight darkness, weaknesses, miseries and afflictions, and, as queen, becomes her nourisher with light, with strength, with divine riches and with happiness. Therefore, for one who lives in Our Fiat, bitternesses, oppressions and everything that gives of human will, lose their place, because the light of Our Fiat tolerates nothing but what belongs to It. And just as Our Divine Will takes all interest in the creature, as something that belongs to It, so the creature loses all human interests and acquires all divine interests. From this it can be seen whether my Divine Will reigns in her: if she no longer feels any interest of her own; and if she does, it means that the soul does not possess all the fullness of my Fiat – there are still little voids empty of Its light, and therefore the human makes itself felt, and the soul comes to take on human interests. Therefore, let bitternesses and oppressions out of your soul – these are things which no longer belong to you; to you belongs the light and everything that the light of my Will can possess.”
After this, I was thinking to myself: ‘How many sacrifices are needed for this Kingdom of the Fiat: sacrifice of writing, sacrifice of rest and of sleep, sufferings, incessant prayers, continuous death to the human volition so that the Divine may have perennial life… and many other things that only Jesus knows. And after all this, maybe nothing good will be seen, no glory to God… Therefore, so many sacrifices without utility and without effects.’ But while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus came out from within my interior, and clasping me in His arms, told me: “My daughter, what are you saying? There is no sacrifice you have made which will not have its value and its precious effects, because everything that is done in my Will, and to impetrate that It be known, acquires divine life and communicative virtue by nature, in such a way as to communicate to others the divine life and the virtue it possesses; so much so, that at this moment everything you have done and suffered is present before God in impetrative act, to obtain that the creatures dispose themselves, and that God concede a good so great.
Then, when my Will becomes known and Its reign is fulfilled, all of the words you have written, the night vigils, your incessant prayers, your going round and round in the work of Creation and Redemption, your many years of bed, your pains and sacrifices, will shine like solar rays, like diamonds and precious stones of infinite value which, little by little, will be recognized by those who will have the great good of knowing my Will, and of living in Its Kingdom. Even more, they will know that the foundations bejeweled and the factories raised are cemented with the many sacrifices of the one to whom the mission of making known the Kingdom of my Will was entrusted. Everything will be known in clear notes, also those who have contributed, who have directed you, who have commanded you to write - and whether they interested themselves with making known, either with words or with writings, that which regards my Divine Fiat. And this is nothing; all the good that those who will possess the Kingdom of my Fiat will do, and the glory that they will give Me, will descend and ascend again into the ones who have been the beginning and the cause of a good so great. And even if you are in Heaven, the communicative virtue of my Will which has lived in you on earth, will place you in communication with them; it will keep all the ways open between you and them. So, your life and everything you have done and suffered will be in their midst; and everything they will do will have its origin in you, because one is the Divine Will of one and of the other. And if you knew the glory, the contentments, the delights that will come to you, you would love to sacrifice yourself more, so that my Will be known and dominate in the midst of creatures.”

September 10, 1928
One who operates in the Divine Will opens as many doors between Heaven and earth, for as many acts as she emits. The glory of Adam in Heaven. How his acts prior to his fall into sin remained intact and beautiful, while he remained wounded. How, in Adam, it is known in Heaven what God did in the Creation.
I was following all that the Divine Will had done in the Creation and Redemption. I wished to leave not even one of Its acts without my little act, as company and perennial homage of glory and of love for a Will so holy. And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, how content I am that you do not leave my Divine Will isolated in Its so many works, done not for Itself, as It had no need of It, but only out of love for the creature. You must know that as you move from one of Our works to another to recognize Our love in them and to give Us love and glory, We find the return of Our love in the one who recognizes Our works. How bitter and sorrowful it is to do good out of pure love, and not to be recognized; and when We find one who recognizes Our works, We feel as though repaid for what We have done, because We gave love, and love We receive; and to one who lives and operates in Our Divine Will We give freedom to establish many bonds between Heaven and earth, to open many doors of communication, to place many chains so as to make her acts ascend into Heaven, and make many graces descend for the good of all creatures. In fact, these works of Ours – that of Creation and that of Redemption – have been done upon the face of the earth, and have the virtue of opening Heaven, and in order to open It, We make use of one who operates in Our Divine Will." And while He was saying this, He showed me many open doors in Heaven, through which many gold chains descended, which bound the earth for as many works as my sweet Jesus had done.
Then, I continued my round in the works of the Supreme Majesty, and as I reached the point of the creation of man, I thought to myself: ‘Adam lived the beginning of his life in the Divine Will, therefore his thoughts, words, works and steps were animated by the unity of the Fiat, which embraces everything and contains everything - nothing escapes It. So, his acts possessed the totality and fullness of everyone and of all goods; and if one act alone done in this way – in the unity of the Fiat which embraces everything – is such that all of the other acts of creatures put together cannot equal this one act, Adam, who lived a period of his life in this unity of the Fiat - who knows how many he was able to do…! So, his glory in Heaven must be great, and perhaps it surpasses everything, except for the Sovereign Queen who formed Her whole life in the Divine Will. It is true that Adam sinned and went out of this unity of Divine Will, but though he went out, his acts remained, because I believe that no force, either divine or human, can destroy even one act alone done in this unity of the Fiat which embraces everything and possesses everything. God Himself cannot annihilate a similar act; at most, He would have to destroy His own Divine Will, which He cannot do either, because being eternal and infinite, without beginning and without end, It is untouchable by anything, and no one can touch It.’
While my poor and little mind wandered amidst these and other thoughts, and I would have wanted to free myself so as to move on, my beloved Jesus, making Himself seen, told me: “Daughter, of my Supreme Volition, I want to hide nothing from you, because for one who lives in It, my Will Itself becomes the revealer of what It has done for love of the creature, and of that which the creature herself has done in It, because It carries these acts in Its womb, as the triumph of Its works. Now, you must know that, indeed, Adam possesses a glory in Heaven which is given to no one else, as holy as he may be, except for my Celestial Mama, because no one else possesses even one act in the unity of my Divine Will. It was just and decorous for Our Divine Majesty that the first creature that came out of Our creative hands possess more glory than all the others; more so, since the first period of his life was carried out as We wanted. One can say that it was Our life, Our Will and Our works that flew within him. How could We destroy this first period of the life of Adam, since it was more Ours than his? It is useless even to think about it; whatever is done in Our Divine Will remains untouchable – no one can touch it, because these acts enter the divine and infinite order. And even though Adam slipped and fell, his acts done up to that moment remained intact and beautiful, just as he did them. He was the one who remained wounded, ill, Our image disfigured in him, because Our Divine Will, which had taken on the commitment to keep him beautiful, fresh, strong, holy, completely in order with Us, just as We created him, was no longer in him, because Adam himself had rejected It. But his works done up to the moment in which he had the misfortune to fall, and which possessed the unity of Our Fiat, suffered no change, because We too were jealous of these acts which had glorified Us so much. They had put Us in feast, as We saw that man, Our son, elevated himself up to Us in order to absorb within him Our divine manners, Our likeness, and to bring Us joys, happinesses, the return and the smile of all created things in the unity of Our Will. We were enraptured in seeing Our dear son, the work of Our hands, live in Our Will as in Our home; taking from Our own, he was able to bring Us new happinesses and joys without end.
My daughter, the first period of the life of Adam is unforgettable for Us, for him, and for all Heaven. After he fell into sin, he remained like a blind person who, before losing his sight, has done so many beautiful works as to fill Heaven and earth. Who could ever say that those are not works done by him, only because he voluntarily lost his sight? And that, since he can no longer repeat them because he is blind, the ones he has done remain without value? Certainly no one. Or, if a person who applies himself to study science, in the middle of his studies no longer wants to continue, can anyone take away or destroy the good of the science he has acquired, only because he does not continue? Certainly not. If this happens in the human order, much more so, and with more validity and certainty, in the divine order.
So, by virtue of the first period of his life, innocent and carried out all in the unity of Our Fiat, Adam possesses such glory and beauty that no one can equal him. At the mere sight of him, all of the Blessed recognize how beautiful and majestic the creation of the first man was, enriched with so much grace. In looking at him, they can see, in him, the incalculable good of the Divine Will in the creature, and the joy and happiness that the creature can possess. In him alone, as though within a mirror, the Blessed can see how man was created, the exuberant love that We had for him, the abundance with which We enriched him. We gave him everything, as much as a creature could contain, to the point of overflowing outside and being able to flood the whole earth. If it were not so – if the whole magnificence of Our creative hands could not be seen in Adam – then the great things We did in the Creation, and that which the creature does and can do in Our Divine Will would not be known even in Heaven. It is Our love that demands this, and also Our justice that wants to keep, in Heaven, the reality of that image, as man was created – and not another man, but the very one who came out of Our creative hands, so that, if the earth does not know him, Heaven may know him. They look at their origin in Adam, and, grateful, they thank Me and pray that my Fiat may come to reign upon earth, and form more images, more beautiful than Adam, because he was not a complete work in my Divine Will, but a period of life. Only the Sovereign Queen possesses complete life and works in my Fiat, therefore there is no one who can equal Her. My Will wants to make more complete lives in It, so as to repeat what It did in the Creation, to make known to the earth the way and the order in which the creature was created, and the great, beautiful, holy things that my Divine Will can do in her.
Moreover, you must know that, up to now, I have not manifested to anyone either the great qualities of Adam, or his sublimity, greatness and sanctity as he lived his first period of life in the unity of my Will; and by virtue of his acts done in It, the great glory that he enjoys in Heaven. Many, on the contrary, believed that since he slipped into sin, he could at most have a glory common to all the other Blessed, or perhaps even less than the others. But wanting to restore again the Kingdom of my Divine Will, I feel within Me a necessity of love to manifest the first epoch of Creation, and the first period of the life of Adam - all of Divine Will - as well as the glory which he enjoys in Heaven by virtue of It, so that, as the other creatures come to know a good so great, they may dispose themselves and long for the Divine Fiat on earth as It is in Heaven.”

September 16, 1928
As She was conceived, the Virgin conceived the Kingdom of the Fiat; as She was born, She gave back to us the rights to possess It. Difficulties in writing. Wounds that Jesus receives.
My abandonment in the Fiat is continuous; and while I was following Its acts, my poor mind paused to think about the conception of the Celestial Queen and Her great fortune at being exempted from original sin. And my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the seed with which the Celestial Sovereign Queen was conceived was taken from the human stock, because She too had Her human life as all the other creatures, and as I Myself had. However, there is this great difference, not conceded to any other creature: before Her beautiful soul was conceived, my Fiat, with Its omnipotence, concentrated Its rays in this human seed, and with Its light and heat It annihilated the evil that was in it, and made it die, purifying the seed completely, and rendering it pure, holy, and exempt from original sin; and then, the Immaculate Baby was conceived in this seed.
So, the whole portent of the Immaculate Conception was operated by my Divine Will. It did not make another human seed, nor did It destroy it, but It purified it. With Its heat and light It removed all the humors which this seed had contracted from the sin of Adam, and It restored in Her the human seed, just as it had come out of Our creative hands. Therefore, as the little Virgin Queen was conceived, the Kingdom of my Divine Will was conceived in Her and in the human generations, because in forming and giving surprising graces to one creature, in her We look at the whole humanity of the human family, as if it were one alone. See then, as the Virgin was conceived in this seed exempt from every stain - which was all work of the Divine Fiat - Its Divine Kingdom was conceived again within humanity; and as the Immaculate little Virgin was born, the right to possess It was given back to humanity. Now, when I came upon earth to take on human flesh, I made use of the seed of the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, and it can be said that We worked together to form again this Kingdom of Ours in the human generations. There is nothing left but to know It in order to possess It. This is why I am manifesting that which belongs to my Kingdom and to my Divine Will, so that the creature may cover Its ways, follow Our steps, and take possession of It. And my Divine Will, with Its light and heat, will repeat the prodigy of removing the bad humors that the human seed possesses; and to be sure, It will place the seed of Its light and heat, constituting Itself life of that seed. In this way, they will exchange possessions: my Divine Will will take possession of the seed to form Its life of light, of heat and sanctity in it; and the creature will return to take new possession of the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat.
See then, my daughter, everything is ready – nothing else is needed but to make It known. And this is why I so much yearn that what regards my Divine Will become known - to cast into creatures the desire to possess a good so great, so that my Will, drawn by their desires, may concentrate Its luminous rays and, with Its heat, perform the prodigy of giving them back the right to possess Its Kingdom of peace, of happiness and of sanctity.”
After this, having to write what Jesus had told me, I found it almost impossible. I tried the first, the second, the third time, and seeing that I could not manage, I thought to myself that blessed Jesus no longer wanted me to write, and therefore I too should not want it. So I gave up the thought of trying harder; but then I wanted to try again, and I seemed to manage, with even greater ease than other times. So I thought to myself: ‘And why so many sacrifices, so many difficulties, attempts and new attempts to write, without managing to do it; and then, after so many difficulties, doing it with ease?’ And my sweet Jesus, coming out from within my interior, told me: “My daughter, do not be concerned. I wanted to take pleasure from you a little bit, and to enjoy the sweetness squeezed out of your sacrifices. As you tried to write and could not manage, and tried again, I felt wounded by your love in wanting to sacrifice yourself to fulfill my Divine Will for you to write; and I, to take pleasure from your wounds, rendered you incapable of keeping your eyes open in order to write. So, don’t you want your Jesus to amuse Himself with you, and to take a little pleasure? Moreover, you must know that the sacrifice made to fulfill my Will forms pure, noble and divine blood for the soul, just as food forms blood for the body; and I, dipping my brush of love in this blood, amuse Myself in forming, in her, my image in the creature, more beautiful and more delightful. Therefore, let Me do; and you, think only of doing my Divine Will, and I will do something more beautiful in the little newborn of my adorable Will.”

September 21, 1928
How from the beginning of Creation God has always given to man. The siege of the human will. Value of the acts done in the Divine Volition. Example of the Sun.
I continued my round in the Creation, to keep company with all the works of the Divine Fiat; and being together with It – oh, how rich in light I felt, and possessor of everything! It seemed to me that everything was mine, because the Divine Will gave me everything, and by going around in It, I received everything. And my sweet Jesus, coming out from within my interior, told me: “Oh, how rich and ruling the little daughter of my Divine Will is in the midst of Our works! They are so many, that she cannot embrace them all; and We, delighting in seeing her in the midst of Our works, keep repeating: ‘Everything is yours – We have created it for you, to see you rich, beautiful and ruling.’ And you, renewing the contest with Us, say to Us: ‘How many beautiful works I have, that I can give You – all of your works are mine, and I return them to You, into your arms, as the glory and triumph of your works.’ From the moment We created the Creation, We have always – always given to man, without ever ceasing, while he has given nothing to Us; and if he tried to give Us something, they were things extraneous to Us, meager, and unworthy of Us. But when Our Divine Will is recognized and the creature comes to live in It, she will take possession of Our works. Then will We cease to give, because We have given enough – so much, that she will not be able to embrace it all. The creature will begin to give to her Creator, and she will give Us, not things extraneous and unworthy of Us, but Our own things – the fruits of Our own works. Oh, how glorified, loved and honored We will feel! So, the knowledge of the Divine Fiat, the return of Its life to the midst of creatures, will open the contest between Creator and creature; she will be able to give to Us, and We will be able to let her possess. This will be the return of Our works into Our womb. Therefore, let your flight in Our Divine Fiat be continuous, that We may give you everything, and you may give Us everything.
Moreover, one who lives in Our Will lives of light, and by the power of Its light, Our Will has the virtue of knocking down all evils, of taking life away from passions, of dispelling darkness. So, with Its light, the Divine Will has the virtue of rendering the creature incapable of doing and of receiving any harm. Who could ever wage war against the light? No one. Who could ever say: ‘I can prevent the passage of light’? No one. And if anyone tried to do it, the light would laugh at him, and with its triumphing virtue it would invest him, pass him from above, from below and from every place; and making fun of him, while following its course, it would keep him under its power and pressure of light, unless he went to hide himself in some dark abyss. Does the Sun not do this? Much more so does the Sun of my Will, and the soul who lives in this light does nothing but expand the capacity of her intelligence to be able to receive more light. So, each act done in my Divine Fiat forms, with its light, the void in the human mind to be able to communicate more and greater light.”
After this, I was thinking of how the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat could come, and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, all things in my hands can be means to obtain the intent that my Divine Will be known and reign in the midst of creatures. I will act like a king when he wants a city to surrender to his dominion: he lays siege to it; he makes its people touch with their own hands - if they do not surrender he will make them die of starvation; and when the people see that they lack the means to survive, they surrender. So the king lifts the siege; ruling, he enters the city; he provides all the means of support in a superabundant way; he gives them feasts and amusements, and makes that people happy. So I will do: I will lay siege to the human will; I will embitter and destroy that which serves to nourish it, and therefore many chastisements will occur, which will be nothing but the siege I will lay to all that is human, in such a way that, tired and disillusioned, they will feel the need for my Divine Fiat to reign in their midst; and as soon as It sees that they long for It, It will take dominion, It will provide them with everything in abundance, and will make them happy. Therefore, you, have no concern; I know how to dispose all the events in order to obtain the intent.”
Then, I was thinking to myself about the great value of our acts done in the Divine Fiat, which is such, that while the act is one, it can extend to all. And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the light of the Sun gives light to the whole creature with one single blow of light, in such a way that, in the same instant and with one single act, it gives light to her gaze, to her mouth, to her hands, to her steps – to everything; nor does it need to repeat its act of light for as many members as the creature has, but one single act of light is enough for everything, so that each member and object may have its light all to itself. The same for the acts done in my Divine Volition: since they are children of the light of my Divine Will, with one single act It can make light for all, It can extend everywhere, because it is a virtue and property that the light of my Divine Fiat possesses within Itself – that is, with one single act It can give light to all. And if there is any difference, it is on the part of those who receive it: one who is disposed takes the good of the light and profits from it; one who is not disposed, even though he feels himself full of light, does not take the good it contains. It happens as to the Sun, which gives light to all, and no one can say: ‘It does not give its light to me’. And since all can receive it as they please, it provokes no jealousy. However, there can be great difference: some make use of the light to work, and they earn their profit; some enjoy the light and remain idle, earning nothing; some make use of it to amuse themselves; some to sin. The light does not change – it is always light and performs its office of light; but not all of those who receive it make a profit from it, or use it in the same way. Such is my Divine Will and the acts done in It: they are always light, but those who profit from this light are the ones who are disposed.”

September 24, 1928
How it is Will of God for Him to give His Kingdom, but the creature must dispose herself. Example of a father. The only purpose of the whole Creation: that the Fiat reign in the midst of creatures. The way used by Jesus in telling His truths.
I was thinking to myself: ‘Jesus desires so much to give us the great gift of the Kingdom of His Fiat; He yearns to – He wants to. Now, why does He want us to pray in order to give It to us?’ And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, indeed it is my Will to give you the Kingdom of my Divine Volition, nor can I help wanting and yearning to give the great gift of It. If it were not so – if I did not yearn for the return of man into the royal palace of my Divine Will – I would go against the order of Our creative work which, with highest wisdom, created man so that he might live of Our own, and dwell in the Kingdom of Our Fiat, given to him by Us as his inheritance. By going out of It, man formed disorder in Our creative work; and how can We tolerate letting Our most beautiful work remain disordered? Centuries upon centuries have passed, and more centuries may pass, but We will not change; this will always be Our most important point – Our only purpose and special interest: that Our creative work be restored and reordered as it came out of Our creative hands, and that it live in the Kingdom of Our Divine Will.
Our Adorable Majesty finds Itself in the condition of a father whose son was once happy, of rare beauty which brought him joy and happiness, and lived as the owner of the inheritance given to him by his father. This son, voluntarily, left the paternal inheritance; he rendered himself unhappy, and broke the beautiful and pure joys between father and son. Now, what would the sorrow of the father not be, and his sighs, his tears and his unshakeable will for his dear son to return to be happy? More so, since the inheritance given to the son still exists – the father himself keeps it in custody, and he longs for his son to take possession of it once again. But in the midst of so much sorrow, and tears and sighs of this father, his will is resolute: he wants his unhappy son to desire – to pray that his paternal inheritance, his lost happiness, be returned to him. This disposes the son to receive and to appreciate his happy state, the return of his inheritance; and the father, drowned with love for his dear son, will say: ‘Your prayer has formed a right over my heart that burns for you. Take again what you lost – you have deserved it. I am content as long as I see you happy, and I can say, “my son is no longer unhappy, but happy”.’
Now, We are more than a father - even more, his love is a shadow compared to Ours, and Our Divine Will in unshakeable – no one will be able to change It: the unhappiness of man is a disorder for the work of Creation, and We want Our rights over Our work; We want it to return to Us just as it came out. Our love drowns Us, Our justice demands it, Our goodness claims it, Our very happiness longs for it and does not tolerate unhappiness in Our work. Our Divine Will, surrounding Us like a crown, renders Us immutable and wants Its Kingdom to be possessed. But in spite of this, We want the creature to pray – to yearn for the good We want to give. This forms a right over Our paternal Heart, and a place within his heart to be able to receive what We want to give, so that We may be able to say in Our emphasis of love: ‘My son, you have deserved it, and We have given you what We wanted to give you.’ One who prays disposes himself; that which is obtained by praying is appreciated, is kept safe. And since the knowledge of my Divine Will, the possession of Its Kingdom, is not an individual good, but a general one, in order to obtain it, I have you pray for all, in the name of all, and of each thought, word and act of creature, so that you may form the right over Our divine paternity that all may receive the Kingdom of Our Fiat, as well as the dispositions within themselves to be able to possess It. So the Queen of Heaven did, to impetrate the Kingdom of Redemption. She had a prayer, a sigh, an act for all, and for each one - She let no one escape Her; and by this, She gave to each one the right to be able to receive their Redeemer. So I did to redeem them, and so I want you to do for the Kingdom of my Divine Will.”
After this, I continued thinking: ‘And why has the Lord so much interest, and does He love so much that His Holy Will be known and reign in the midst of creatures?’ And my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, because the first purpose, act and end of Creation was that Our Divine Will alone reign; and in order for It to reign, it is necessary to know It. It was Our Will that entered the field of action in Creation, that imposed Itself on the ‘nothing’ with Its creating Fiat, and created heavens, Suns and many beautiful works – and man too. And in all the works It created It placed the seal of Its omnipotent Fiat as the indelible sign that It would remain inside each of Its works as ruling king inside his kingdom. So, the purpose of Creation was not Our power, Our goodness, Our justice, Our immensity, and the like; and if all of Our attributes concurred in It, it was as consequence, not as purpose. If We do not obtain the purpose, it is as if We had done nothing; and since all created things were made for man, and man for Us, here is why, by necessity of love, by right of justice, for the honor and decorum of Ourselves and of all of Our works, and as the fulfillment of Our purpose, We want Our Divine Will to reign in man as origin, life and end of his whole being. If you knew how much my Fiat suffers in looking at man; It looks at him, and says in Its sorrow: ‘Did I really make him with my creative hands? Is he my work – is he really the one whom I so much delighted in creating? Yet, I am not within him as in my kingdom; he broke my seal, and putting Me out, he destroys the purpose for which I gave him life.’ See then, how it is absolute necessity that my Divine Will be known and reign; and until it does, Our most beautiful works cannot produce for man the goods which they contain - the very work of Redemption is without fulfillment.”
Then, I continued thinking: ‘And why does my beloved Jesus not speak about His Fiat as often as before?’ And Jesus added: “My daughter, Our usual way is to give the truths We want to manifest sip by sip, because the creature is incapable of receiving, all at once, all of Our truths within her soul. At the same time, We do this in order to let the life of the truth We have manifested mature within her. And taking great delight in seeing in the creature, matured, the beautiful works which the life of Our truths produces, We feel drawn by the beauty of Our manifestations to manifest yet more truths; and this is why We give time - to have the time and the occasion to take delight in giving more communications. Did We not do the same in Creation? We could have created everything that exists all at once and with one single Fiat, but We did not do it. When Our Fiat was pronounced and Our works came out, We delighted in looking at the beauty and magnificence of Our works, and these moved Us to pronounce more Fiats, so as to form other beautiful works. So I am doing with you. Don’t you know that that which regards my Divine Will and Its Kingdom is nothing but the continuation of Creation - the narration which was to be made to man, had he not sinned, and had he possessed my Kingdom of the Fiat? But since he rejected my Divine Will, he interrupted the narration of the story of my Will; more so, since my Will no longer had reason to continue it, because man no longer possessed Its Kingdom. Now, after so many centuries, my Will has resumed Its narration to make Itself known - a sign that It wants to give Its Kingdom. So, what I manifest to you about my Divine Will is nothing but the continuation - continuing from the beginning of Creation in order to narrate the life of the Divine Will.”

September 28, 1928
One who lives in the Divine Will can form light. Each truth about It contains a happiness distinct from the others.
My abandonment in the Divine Fiat is continuous. It seems to me that It does not leave me even for one instant; and I feel Its light within me and over me, Its creative force, Its life which, while being in me, always has something to give me… And what does It give me? It gives me ever new light, new creative force, new growth of Its very life; in such a way that I feel like a sponge soaked with Divine Will. And even though my sweet Jesus keeps me almost deprived of His adorable presence, or, at most, with a few fleeting flashes of Him, the light of His Divine Fiat never leaves me. And if my poor heart feels it is about to be drowned because of the pain of being without Him, the light of the Fiat darts through me more strongly and eclipses my pain; and as I feel inseparable from It, It makes me follow Its divine acts.
So, while I was following the acts of the Divine Volition, my beloved and highest Good, Jesus, coming out from within the light of His Fiat, told me: “My daughter, as the soul places herself in the act of doing her act in my Divine Will, she places herself within the source of Its light, and forms her own light. If you knew what it means to be able to form light… What glory, what honor for the creature to acquire the virtue of being able to form light! To no one is it given to be able to form light – only to one who lives in my Divine Will. In fact, my Will nourishes the soul with light, and she, feeding on light, acquires the gift and the natural property of forming light. Oh! how delightful it is for Us to see that the creature, within the source of Our light, forms her own, to give it to Us and say: ‘Adorable Majesty, eternal light You are, and light You give me; and I bring You my little light as the greatest homage, the most intense love, which, squeezing the sponge of my little being soaked with your light, forms my light for You, to give it to You.’ So, many beautiful scenes of light form between the soul and God, with the harmony of all the colors that light possesses. What does light not possess? It possesses colors, sweetnesses, fragrances, flavors of all kinds… And so the scenes alternate – one more beautiful than the other. Here is how the living in my Divine Fiat calls again within itself the beginning of Creation, and repeats for Us the joys and the feasts of the beginning of It: the creature enters Our order – into Our acts, and gives Us joys and happinesses; and We keep impressing Our likeness upon her forehead.”
After this, I was continuing my acts in the Divine Volition, and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, great graces have I given to you and, through you, to the whole world by manifesting to you so many truths about my Divine Will. In fact, not only are my truths divine lives which my highest Goodness puts out, bilocating Its life for as many truths as It manifests, but each of these lives contains a happiness distinct from the others, to be communicated to creatures, and a glory, different from the others, which the creatures can give to the One who has manifested it. However, these happinesses will be communicated to the creatures when they come to know these truths. They are like as many queens, each possessing extensive properties, distinct from one another, and they are waiting for the peoples to know that these queens exist, which contain their properties, and yearn and want to enrich and make happy the ones for whom they were delivered from Our divine womb. If you knew how suffocated Our love remains, after having released so many happinesses from Our paternal womb, for as many truths as We have manifested, in seeing that the creatures do not enjoy these feasts, nor give Us the glory which they should give Us, because they ignore such a great good, and only because they do not want to occupy themselves with making known a good, and graces so great. This is a sorrow for Us which you cannot comprehend; therefore, pray – pray incessantly that my Divine Will be known and reign in the midst of creatures, so that, as Father, I may break the bread of happiness for my children.”

October 3, 1928
Exchange between Jerusalem and Rome. In creating man, God placed as many seeds of happiness in him for as many things as He created.
My poor mind was thinking about many things regarding the Divine Will – especially about how Its Kingdom could come, how It could spread… and many other things which it is not necessary to write on paper. And my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, if Rome has the primacy of my Church, she owes it to Jerusalem, because the beginning of Redemption was precisely in Jerusalem. In that homeland, from the little town of Nazareth I chose my Virgin Mother; I Myself was born in the little town of Bethlehem, and all of my Apostles were from that homeland. And even though, ungrateful, she did not want to recognize Me and rejected the goods of my Redemption, it cannot be denied that the origin, the beginning, the first people who received the good of It, were from this city. The first criers of the Gospel, those who established Catholicism in Rome, were my Apostles, all from Jerusalem – that is, from this homeland.
Now there will be an exchange: if Jerusalem gave to Rome the life of religion and therefore of Redemption, Rome will give to Jerusalem the Kingdom of the Divine Will. This is so true, that just as I chose a Virgin from the little town of Nazareth for the Redemption, so I have chosen another virgin in a little town of Italy belonging to Rome, to whom the mission of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat has been entrusted. And since this must be known in Rome just as my coming upon earth was known in Jerusalem, Rome will have the great honor of requiting Jerusalem for the great gift received from her, which is Redemption, by making known to her the Kingdom of my Will. Then will Jerusalem repent of her ingratitude, and will embrace the life of the religion which she gave to Rome; and, grateful, she will receive from Rome the life and the great gift of the Kingdom of my Divine Will. And not only Jerusalem, but all of the other nations will receive from Rome the great gift of the Kingdom of my Fiat, the first criers of It, Its gospel - all full of peace, of happiness and of restoration of the creation of man. And not only will my manifestations bring sanctity, joys, peace and happiness, but the whole of Creation, competing with them, will unleash from each created thing each of the happinesses It contains, and will pour them upon the creatures. In fact, in creating man, We placed in his being all the seeds of the happinesses which each created thing possessed, disposing the interior of man like a field which contained all the seeds of happinesses; so much so, that he has within himself all the tastes to be able to savor and receive into himself all the happinesses of created things. If man did not possess these seeds, he would lack the senses of taste and of smell to be able to enjoy what God had put out of Himself in the whole Creation.
Now, by sinning, man caused all of these seeds of happiness which God had infused in him in creating him to fall ill, and therefore he lost the taste to be able to enjoy all the happinesses contained in Creation. It happened as to a poor ill one, who cannot enjoy all the flavors contained in foods; on the contrary, he feels heaviness; food itself converts into pain; everything gives him nausea; and if he takes it, it is not because he enjoys it, but in order not to die. On the other hand, one who is healthy feels flavor, strength, warmth, because his stomach has the strength to assimilate the goods contained in foods, and he enjoys them. The same happened in man: by sinning, he caused the seeds and the very strength to be able to enjoy all the happinesses contained in Creation to fall ill; and many times they convert into pain. Now, with the return of man into my Divine Fiat, the seeds will acquire health, and he will acquire the strength to assimilate and to enjoy all the happinesses present in the order of Creation. So, a contest of happiness will start for him; everything will smile at him, and man will return to be happy, as God had created him.”

D e o G r a t i a s

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