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Divine Will Volume Fourteen



My Love and my Life, guide my hand and be together with me as I write, so that, not I, but You will do everything; You will dictate to me the words, that they all may be light of truth. Do not permit that I put anything of myself; but rather, let me disappear, so that You Yourself may do everything, and the honor and the glory may be all yours. I do this only to obey, and You, do not deny me your grace.

February 4, 1922

Love, wandering and rejected, bursts into sobs of crying.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen all panting - His breath was fire; and clasping me to Himself, He told me: “My daughter, I want refreshment for my flames; I want to pour my Love out, but my Love is rejected by creatures. You must know that, in creating man, I issued a quantity of Love from within my Divinity, which was to serve as primary life of creatures, for them to be enriched, sustained, fortified, and for help in all their needs. But man rejected this Love, and my Love has been wandering from the time man was created, and It keeps going round without ever stopping. Rejected by someone, It runs to someone else in order to give Itself; and as It is rejected, It bursts into sobs of crying. So, lack of correspondence forms the crying of Love.

Now, while my Love goes wandering and runs to give Itself, if It sees someone who is weak, poor, It bursts into sobs of crying and says to him: ‘Ah! if you did not make Me go wandering and had given Me a place in your heart, you would have been strong, and you would lack nothing.’ If It sees someone else fallen into sin, It bursts into sobs: ‘Ah! if you had let Me enter into your heart, you would not have fallen.’ For another whom It sees dragged by passions, muddied with earth, Love cries and, sobbing, It repeats to him: ‘Ah! if you had taken my Love, passions would not have life over you, the earth would not touch you, my Love would be enough for you in everything.’ So, in each evil of man, small or great, Love has a sob of crying and continues to go wandering in order to give Itself to man. And when in the Garden of Gethsemani all sins presented themselves before my Humanity, each sin carried the sob of my Love. And all the pains of my Passion, each blow of the lash, each thorn, each wound, were accompanied by the sob of my Love, because if man had loved, no evil could have come. Lack of love germinated all evils, and even my very pains.

In creating man, I acted like a king who, wanting to render his kingdom happy, takes a million and puts it in circulation, so that whoever wants it may take of it. But as much as it circulates, only a few take a few cents. Now, the king is anxious to know whether the peoples are taking the good he wants to do to them, and he asks whether his million is finished so as to put out more millions. But he is answered: ‘Majesty, just a few cents.’ The king feels sorrow in hearing that his people are not receiving his gifts, nor do they appreciate them. So, going out into the midst of his subjects, he begins to see some covered with rags, some infirm, some starving, some shivering with cold, some homeless; and in his sorrow, the king bursts into sobs of crying, and says: ‘Ah! had they taken my money, I would see no one giving me dishonor, covered with rags, but rather, well dressed; nor would I see them infirm, but healthy. I would see no one starving and almost dead from hunger, but full. Had they taken my money, no one would be homeless; they could very well have built themselves a room in which to take shelter.’ In sum, for each misfortune he sees in his kingdom, he has a sorrow, a tear; and he grieves over his million which the ingratitude of the people rejects. But the goodness of this king is so great, that in spite of such great ingratitude, he does not withdraw this million - he lets it continue to circulate, hoping that other generations may take the good which others have rejected, and so he may receive the glory of the good he has done to his kingdom.

So I do: my Love which has come out I will not withdraw - It will continue to go wandering. Its sobbing will last still, until It finds souls who would take this Love of Mine down to the last penny, so that my crying may cease, and I may receive the glory of the dowry of the Love that I have issued for the good of creatures. But do you know who the fortunate ones are, who will make the sobbing of my Love cease? The souls who will live in my Will. They will take all the Love rejected by the other generations; with the power of my creative Will, they will multiply It as much as they want, and for as many creatures as have rejected It from Me. Then will Its sobbing cease, and the sob of joy will take its place; and Love, satisfied, will give to these fortunate ones all the goods and the happiness which others did not want.”

February 9, 1922

The tortured body of Jesus is the true portrait of the man who commits sin. In the scourging, Jesus let His flesh be torn to shreds, He reduced all of Himself to a wound in order to give life back to man again.

Finding myself in my usual state, I was following the Hours of the Passion; and while I was accompanying my sweet Jesus in the mystery of His painful scourging, He made Himself seen with His flesh all torn up. His body was stripped, not only of His garments, but also of His flesh; His bones could be counted one by one. His appearance was not only harrowing, but horrible to the sight, such as to strike fear, fright, reverence, and love at the same time. I felt mute before a scene so harrowing; I would have wanted to do - who knows what, to relieve my Jesus, but I could do nothing - the sight of His pains gave me death; and Jesus, all goodness, told me: “My beloved daughter, look well at Me, that you may know my pains in depth. My body is the true portrait of the man who commits sin. Sin strips him of the garments of my grace; and I, in order to give it back again, let Myself be stripped of my garments. Sin deforms him, and while he is the most beautiful creature that came out of my hands, he renders himself the ugliest - disgusting and repugnant. I was the most beautiful of men, and in order to give beauty back to man, I can say that my Humanity took on the ugliest form. Look at Me - how horrid I am. I let my skin be torn off by dint of lashes, to the point that I could no longer recognize Myself. Not only does sin take beauty away, but it forms deep wounds, rotten and gangrenous, which corrode the most intimate parts; they consume his vital humors, so everything he does are dead works - skeletal. They snatch from him the nobility of his origin, the light of his reason - and he becomes blind. And I, in order to fill the depth of his wounds, let my flesh be torn to shreds; I reduced all of Myself to a wound, and by shedding blood in rivers, I made the vital humors flow in his soul, so as to give life back to him again. Ah! Had I not had the fount of the life of my Divinity within Me, which, as my Humanity died at each pain that they gave Me, substituted my life, I would have died from the very beginning of my Passion.

Now, my pains, my Blood, my Flesh which fell off in shreds, are always in act of giving life to man; but man rejects my Blood so as not to receive life; he tramples my Flesh so as to remain wounded. Oh! how I feel the weight of ingratitude.” And throwing Himself into my arms, He burst into tears. I clasped Him to my heart, but He was crying strongly. What torment, to see Jesus crying! I would have wanted to suffer any pain so that He would not cry. So I compassionated Him, I kissed His wounds, I dried His tears; and He, as though cheered, added: “Do you know how I act? Like a father who loves his son very much, and this son is blind, deformed, crippled; and the father who loves him to folly - what does he do? He plucks out his own eyes; he tears off his own legs, tears his own skin off, and he gives them to his son, saying: ‘I am happier to remain blind, crippled, deformed myself, as long as I see you, my son, seeing, walking, being beautiful.’ Oh! how happy is that father, in seeing his son look with his eyes, walk with his legs, and covered with his beauty. But what would the sorrow of the father be, if he saw that his son, ungrateful, throws away his eyes, legs and skin, contenting himself with remaining ugly as he is? So I am; I took care of everything, but men, ungrateful, form my most bitter sorrow.”

February 14, 1922

The contentment of Jesus when one writes about Him.

As I was in my usual state, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen all pleased and with an indescribable contentment; and I said to Him: ‘What is it, Jesus? Are You bringing me good news, that You are so content?’ And Jesus: “My daughter, do you know why I am so content? All my joy, my feast, is when I see you write. I see, being inscribed in those written words, my glory, my life, the knowledge of Me that multiplies more and more. The light of the Divinity, the power of my Will, the outpouring of my love - I see them written on paper, and in each word I feel the fragrance of all my perfumes. Then I see those written words run - run into the midst of the peoples, to bring new knowledges, my outpouring love, the secrets of my Will. Oh! how I rejoice – to the point that I don’t know what I would do to you when you write. And as you write new things of what regards Me, I keep inventing new favors in order to repay you, and I dispose Myself to tell you new truths so as to give you new favors.

I have always loved more and reserved greater graces for those who have written about Me, because they are the continuation of my evangelical life - the spokesmen of my word; and what I did not say in my Gospel, I intended to say to those who would write about Me. I did not finish preaching then - I must preach always, for as long as the generations will exist.”

And I: ‘My Love, to write the truths that You tell me is a sacrifice; but the sacrifice is felt as harder, and I almost feel no strength to do it, when I am obligated and they force me to write of my intimacies between You and me, and of what regards me - to the point that I don’t know what I would do in order not to put the pen on paper.’ And Jesus: “You remain always aside; it is always about Me that you speak: what I do to you, the love I have for you, and where my love toward creatures reaches. This will push others to love Me, so that they too may receive the good that I do to you. And besides, this mixing you and Me in writing is also necessary, otherwise some might say: ‘To whom did He say this? With whom was He so generous in lavishing His favors? Perhaps to the wind? To the air?’ Is it not said that in my life I was so very generous with my Mama? That I spoke to the Apostles, to the crowds, and that I healed such and such sick person? Therefore, everything is necessary; and be sure that, whatever you write, it is always Me that you make known more.”

February 17, 1922

Love is the cradle of man.

I felt oppressed because of the privation of my sweet Jesus, and I did nothing but call Him, desire Him - but in vain. Then, after I struggled very much, when I could take no more, He came. Who knows how many things I wanted to tell Him, but He rose up high without giving me time, and I looked at Him and called Him: ‘Jesus, Jesus, come!’ He too looked at me, and He poured a dew upon me from His Person, which pearled me all over; and this dew drew Him toward me, in such a way that He lowered Himself toward me and told me: “My daughter, the desire of the soul of wanting to see Me tears the veil that exists between time and eternity; and the repeated desire gives her the flight to come closer to Me. My Love is almost restless when I see that the soul wants Me and I do not make Myself seen; and only then does It calm down when I not only make Myself seen, but I give her new charisms and new pledges of love.

My Love is always in act of wanting to give new pledges of love to the creature; and as soon as It sees that my Will takes the operating and directing role of giving Itself to the creature, my Love makes feast, It runs, It flies toward her, and makes Itself cradle of man. And if It sees that she does not rest in Its cradle, It rocks her, It sings for her, to make her rest and sleep on Its lap. And while she sleeps, It breathes into her mouth to give her new life of love. If It sees from her interrupted breath that her heart is not happy, with the breath that It sends to her, my Love forms for her the cradle in her heart, to take away from her the bitternesses, the hindrances, the bothers, and make her happy with love. And when she wakes up – oh! how my Love rejoices in seeing her reborn, happy and full of life. And It says to her: ‘See, I rocked you on my lap to give you rest; I kept vigil at your side during your sleep, so that you might wake up strong, happy, and completely different from the one you were. Now I want to be cradle for your steps, for your works, for your words - for everything. Think that you are being rocked by Me, and place your love in the cradle of my Love, so that, identifying ourselves with each other, we may make each other happy. Be careful not to put anything else; otherwise, you will sadden Me, and will make Me cry bitterly.

It is my Love that comes closest to man; even more, It is the cradle in which he was born, although everything is harmony in my Divinity, just as the members are in full harmony with the body. Even though the intelligence takes the directing role, in which the will of man resides, if he does not want it, one can say that the eye does not see, the hand does not operate, the foot does not walk. On the other hand, if he wants, the eye sees, the hand operates, the foot runs - all the members place themselves in accord. The same with my Divinity: my Will takes the directing role, and all the other attributes place themselves in full harmony to follow what my Will wants. So, wisdom, power, science, goodness, etc., concur; and since all of my attributes, although distinct among themselves, live in the fount of Love, overflow with Love, here is why, while it is Love that runs, that acts, that gives Itself, all my other attributes concur together with It.

Furthermore, what is most necessary to man is Love. Love is like bread for the natural life; so, one can do without science, power, wisdom, or, at most, these are things that are wanted in time and circumstance. But what would one say if I had created man and did not love him? And besides, why create him if I were not to love him? This would be a dishonor for Me, and a work unworthy of Me, who can do nothing other than love. And what would happen to man if he did not have an origin of Love and could not love? He would be a brute, and unworthy even to be looked at. Therefore, Love must run in everything. Love should run in all the human actions, just as the image of the king circulates in the currency of a kingdom; and if the currency is not marked by the image of the king, it is not recognized as money. In the same way, if Love does not run in a work, it is not recognized as my work.”

February 21, 1922
The nature of true Love is to die and live continuously for the beloved.

Continuing in my usual state, my always adorable Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter, my Love toward the creature made Me die at each instant. The nature of true Love is to die and live continuously for the beloved. The Love of wanting her with oneself makes one feel death, it causes a martyrdom, perhaps of the most painful and prolonged. However, the same Love, stronger than death itself, in the very instant in which one dies, gives him life - but to do what? To give life to the beloved, and form one single life with her. Those flames have the virtue of consuming one life to fuse it within the other. This is precisely the virtue of my Love: to make Me die and, from my consummation, form many seeds, to place them in the hearts of all creatures, so as to make Me rise again and form with them one single life with Me.

Now, you too can die, who knows how many times for love of Me - and maybe at each instant. Every time you want Me and do not see Me, your will feels the death of my privation – and it does so in reality, because, as you do not see Me, your will dies, for it does not find the life it seeks. However, after it has consumed itself in that act, I am reborn in you, and you in Me; and you find again the life wanted by you, but to return to die once again in order to live in Me. In the same way, if you desire Me, your desire, unquenched, feels death; but as I make Myself seen, it finds its life again. The same with your love, your intelligence, your heart – they can be in continuous act of dying and living for Me. If I have done this for you, it is quite right that you do it for Me.”

February 24, 1922
The cross that is suffered in the Will of God becomes similar to the Cross of Jesus.

As I was in my usual state, my always adorable Jesus made Himself seen in the act of taking up the Cross and placing It on His most holy shoulders; and He told me: “My daughter, when I received the Cross, I looked at It from top to bottom, to see the place that each soul would take in my Cross. And, among many, I looked with more love and I placed a more special attention for those who would be resigned and would live life in my Will. I looked at them, and I saw their cross, long and large just as Mine, because my Will made up for what their cross lacked, making it longer and larger like Mine. Oh! how your long cross stood out - long from so many years of bed, suffered only to fulfill my Will. My Cross was there only to fulfill the Will of my Celestial Father; and yours, to fulfill my Will. One gave honor to the other, and since both of them had the same measure, they blended together.

Now, my Will has the virtue of softening hardness, of sweetening bitterness, of extending and enlarging short things. So, when I felt the Cross upon my shoulders, I felt the softness, the sweetness, of the cross of the souls who would suffer in my Will. Ah! my Heart heaved a sigh of relief, and the softness of the crosses of these souls made the Cross adapt to my shoulders, sinking so deep as to give Me a deep wound; and although it gave Me sharp pain, I also felt the softness and the sweetness of the souls who would suffer in my Will. And since my Will is eternal, their suffering, their reparations, their acts, ran within each drop of my Blood, in each wound, in each offense. My Will made them be as though present at the offenses of the past, from the moment the first man sinned, at the present and at the future offenses. They were the ones who returned to Me the rights of my Will; and I, for love of them, decreed Redemption; and if others enter into It, it is because of these souls that they partake in It. There is no good that I concede, either in Heaven or on earth, which is not because of them.”

February 26, 1922
How Jesus covered us with beauty in Redemption.

I was thinking about the great good that blessed Jesus has done to us by redeeming us; and He, all goodness, told me: “My daughter, I created the creature beautiful, noble, with eternal and divine origin, full of happiness and worthy of Me. Sin ruined him from top to bottom, it disennobled him, it deformed him, and rendered him the most unhappy creature, unable to grow, because sin stopped his growth and covered him with wounds, such as to be repugnant to the mere sight. Now, my Redemption ransomed the creature from sin, and my Humanity acted just like a tender mother with her newborn: since he can take no other food, in order to give life to her baby, she opens her breast and attaches her baby to it; and from her own blood, converted into milk, she administers to him the nourishment to give him life. More than mother, my Humanity let many holes be opened in Itself by blows of lash, almost like many breasts, which sent out rivers of blood, so that my children, by attaching themselves to them, might suckle the nourishment to receive life and develop their growth. And with my wounds I covered their deformities, rendering them more beautiful than before; and if in creating them I made them like clearest and noble heavens, in Redemption I adorned them, studding them with the most refulgent stars of my wounds so as to cover their ugliness and render them more beautiful. To their wounds and deformities I attached the diamonds, the pearls, the gems of my pains in order to hide all their evils and clothe them with such magnificence as to surpass the state of their origin.

This is why, with reason, the Church says: ‘Happy fault’ - because with sin came Redemption; and my Humanity not only nourished them with Its Blood, but clothed them with Its own Person, and adorned them with Its own beauty. But now my breasts are always full to nourish my children. What will not be the condemnation for those who do not want to attach themselves to them to receive life and grow, and to have their deformities covered?”

March 1, 1922
How Jesus remains chained by the soul who does His Will, and the soul by Jesus.

I was very afflicted because of the privation of my sweet Jesus. Then, after much struggling, He came, and from His wounds He made His Blood flow over my breast, around my neck; and as those drops of Blood fell upon me, many brightest rubies were formed, which formed the most beautiful of ornaments. And Jesus looked at me and told me: “My daughter, how well does the necklace of my Blood suit you - how it embellishes you. Look - you yourself, look how beautiful it makes you appear.”

And I, a little huffy because He had made me wait so long before coming, told Him: ‘My Love and my Life, oh! how I would love one of your arms as necklace, clasped around my neck. This, yes, would delight me, because I would feel life, and I would cling to it so tightly that I would not let You escape any more. Your things are beautiful, it is true, but when You detach them from Yourself, I do not find You - I do not find the life; and in spite of your things, my heart raves, agonizes, bleeds for the pain, because You are not with me. Ah! if You knew in what torture You put me when You do not come, You would be very careful not to keep me waiting for so long.’

And Jesus, all moved, surrounded my neck with His arm, taking my hand in His, and He added: “I know, I know how much you suffer; and to make you content - here is my arm as necklace around your neck. Aren’t you happy now? Know that I cannot do without contenting one who does my Will, because, as she breathes, she forms the air of my Volition around Me, in such a way that she surrounds not only my neck, but the whole of my life. I remain as though chained and fettered by the soul within the very fortress of my Will. But this is far from displeasing to Me - on the contrary, because of the great contentment I feel, I fetter and chain her; and if you cannot be without Me, those are my chains, my fetters, which hold you so tightly, that one moment without Me is enough to give you a martyrdom of the most painful, such that there is nothing that equals it. Poor daughter, poor daughter, you are right. I will take everything into account, but I do not leave you; rather, I enclose Myself in you in order to enjoy the air of my Volition, which you yourself form for Me. In fact, air of my Will is your heartbeat, your thought, your desire, your motion; and I, in this air, will find my prop, my defense, and the most beautiful rest upon your breast.”

March 3, 1922
The Celestial Farmer sows His word.

Continuing in my usual state, my sweet Jesus came, but without saying anything to me, all taciturn and afflicted to the summit. And I: ‘What is it, Jesus, that You don’t speak? If You are life to me, your word is food for me, and I cannot fast; I am very weak, and I feel the continuous necessity of nourishment in order to grow and maintain myself strong.’ And Jesus, all goodness, told me: “My daughter, I too feel the necessity of some food, and after I have nourished you with my word, that same word, chewed by you, having converted into blood, germinates the food for Me. And if you cannot fast, neither do I want to fast; I want the requital of the food that I gave you, and then I will come back again to nourish you. I feel great hunger – hurry, let Me satiate Myself.” I remained confused, and I didn’t know what to give Him, since I have never had anything. But Jesus, with both hands, took my heartbeat, my breath, my thoughts, the affections, the desires, changed into many little globes of light, and He ate them, saying: “This is the fruit of my word; these are my own things - it is right that I eat them.”

Then He seemed to take a little rest, and afterwards He added: “My daughter, now it is appropriate that I set to work again, to work the soil of your soul, so as to be able to sow the seed of my word in order to nourish you. I act like a farmer when he wants to sow in his field: he forms little trenches, makes some furrows, and then sows in them the seeds, and again he covers with earth the little trenches and the furrows in which he has sown the seeds, so as to keep them sheltered and give them the time to germinate, to then harvest them increased a hundredfold, to make of them his food. But he is careful not to put too much earth over them, otherwise he would suffocate his seeds and would make them die under the earth, and he would run the risk of remaining on an empty stomach. Now, so I do: I prepare the little trenches, I form the furrows, I enlarge the capacity of her intelligence to be able to sow my divine word, and therefore form the food for Me and for her; then I cover the little trenches and the furrows with earth - which is humility, nothingness, the annihilation of the soul, some little weakness or misery of hers. This is earth, and it is necessary that I take it from her because I lack this earth; and so I cover everything and I wait with joy for my harvest. Now, do you want to know when too much earth is placed over my seed? When the soul feels her miseries, her weaknesses, her nothingness, and she afflicts herself. She thinks about it so much as to waste time; and the enemy uses this in order to cast her into disturbance, discouragement and despondency. This is all earth in excess over my seed. Oh! how my seed feels itself dying – how it struggles to germinate under this earth. Many times these souls tire the Celestial Farmer, and He withdraws. Oh! how many are the souls such as these.”

And I: ‘My Love, am I one of these?’ And He: “No, no - one who does my Will is not subject to forming earth that suffocates my seed; rather, many times I find not even humility, but only their nothingness, which produces little earth, and I can only place one layer of it over my seed. And the Sun of my Will quickly fecundates it; and it germinates, and I make great harvests, to then quickly return to sow my seed again. And besides, you can be sure of this; don’t you see how so very often I return to sow new seeds of truths into your soul?”

Now, as He was saying this, sadness appeared on the face of Jesus, and taking me by the hand, He carried me outside of myself and showed me deputies and ministers, all distraught, and as if they themselves had prepared a big fire and remained wrapped in its flames themselves. One could see sectarian leaders who, tired of waiting to rail against the Church, either wanted to be left free to wage bloody fights against Her, or wanted to withdraw from governing. They saw the ground missing under their feet, because of finances as well as other things; and in order not to make a bad impression, they wanted to withdraw from holding the lot of the nation. But who can say everything? And Jesus, all sorrowful, said: “Terrible, terrible is the preparation. They want to do things without Me, and everything will serve to confound them.”

March 7, 1922
The words of Jesus are full of truth and of light, and they carry with them the substance and the virtue of transmuting the soul into the same truth, into the same light, and into the very good which they contain.

I was thinking about what is written, and I said to myself: ‘Is it really Jesus that speaks to me, or is it a trick of the enemy and of my fantasy?’ And Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter, my words are full of truth and of light, and they carry with them the substance and the virtue of transmuting the soul into the same truth, into the same light, and into the very good which they contain, in such a way that the soul not only knows the truth, but feels within herself the substance of operating according to the truth that she has known. Moreover, my truths are full of beauty and of attraction, in such a way that the soul, taken by their beauty, lets herself be enraptured by them.

In Me everything is order, harmony and beauty. See, I created the heavens; they alone could be enough - but no, I wanted to adorn them with stars, almost studding them with beauty, so that the human eye might enjoy more from the works of its Creator. I created the earth, and I adorned it with many plants and flowers. I created nothing which did not have its ornament. And if this is in the order of created things, much more so in my truths, which reside in my Divinity, such that, while it seems that they reach the soul, they are like solar rays which, while they hit and warm the earth, yet never depart from the center of the sun. And the soul remains so enamored with my truths, that she finds it almost impossible not to put into practice the truths that she has known, even at the cost of her life.

On the other hand, when it is the enemy or the speculation of fantasy that want to speak about truths, they bring neither light, nor substance, nor beauty, nor attraction - they are empty truths, without life, and the soul does not feel the grace to sacrifice herself in order to put them into practice. So, the truths that your Jesus tells you are full of life and of everything that my truths contain. Why do you doubt?”

March 10, 1922
Universal effects produced by the acts done in the Divine Will. One who lives in the Divine Will is queen of all.

I was doing the Hours of the Passion, and according to my usual way, I was pouring myself into the Holy Will of God, offering them for the good of all; but my will, as though wanting to interfere, very often would say: ‘My Jesus, in a special way for help, for relief, for liberation, of this soul.’ And my sweet Jesus, correcting me, told me: “My daughter, everything that one does in my Will is like sun that diffuses to all; and as one prays in my Will, offering my Blood, my pains, my wounds, these convert into as many rays of light which diffuse to all. They descend rapidly into the deepest prison of Purgatory and convert their pains and darkness into light. Therefore, it can be the same for everyone; and if there may be a difference, it can never be on the part of the one who gives, but of those who receive, according to the dispositions of each one. It happens as to the sun, which gives light to all equally; it hits and warms one point of the earth just as any other. But who profits from this? Those who work. Which land produces fruit? That in which seeds have been sown. Any other, in spite of the light of the sun, remains infertile. Therefore, distinctions do not exist in my Will; of It own, It runs, It diffuses, and wants to give Itself to all – whoever wants, can take of It.”

I remained afflicted on hearing this, and Jesus added: “Ah! You would like to act like the sun, if it wanted to concentrate its light and its heat more strongly at one point, to be able to warm it and illuminate it so much, as to convert that point into the sun itself; while it continues its regular course over all other things.” And I: ‘Yes, yes, it’s exactly this – it is the weight of gratitude that pushes me to it.’ Jesus smiled on hearing me, and He continued: “If it is so, go ahead and do it. But you must know that just as my Will dominates everything, is present everywhere, sustains everyone, is known by Heaven, by the earth and even by demons, there is no one who can oppose It - in the same way, the soul who does my Will must dominate everything, be present everywhere, sustain everything, and I want her to be known by all.”

And I: ‘My Love, I am known by no one’. And He: “What? You are known by no one? All the Angels and Saints know you, each one of them, and they anxiously await your operating in my Will, like a divine note, and the most harmonious one, which flows over everything they have done in life, to give them greater splendor and contentment. All the purging souls know you, feeling upon themselves the continuous refreshment that the operating in my Will brings. The demons know you from the power of my Will that they feel in you. And if the earth does not know you for now, it will know you later. It happens, and I act with one who does my Will, just as I did with my Celestial Mother: I constituted Her Queen of all, and I commanded all to recognize Her and honor Her as their Queen; and I commanded Her to crush with Her foot the head of the infernal dragon. So I do with those who live in my Will: everything is under their dominion, and there is no good which does not come from them.”

March 13, 1922
The great good that hearing the truths brings.

As I was in my usual state, I found myself in the middle of a flowery valley in which I found my late confessor, who died on the tenth of the current month[1]. And according to his habit when he lived down here, he told me: “Tell me, what did Jesus tell you?” And I: ‘He spoke to me in my interior, He did not tell me anything from His voice; and you know that I don’t take into account the things which I hear in my interior.’ And he: “I want to hear also what He told you in your interior.” And I, as though forced: ‘He told me: “My daughter, I carry you in my arms. My arms will serve you as a little boat to let you sail in the interminable sea of my Will. Then, as you do your acts in my Volition, you will form the sails, the mast, the anchor, which will serve not only as ornament to the little boat, but to make it move with greater speed. The love I have for one who lives in my Will is so great, that I carry her in my arms without ever leaving her.” And while He was saying this, I saw the arms of Jesus in the shape of a little boat, and myself in the middle of it.’

On hearing this, the confessor told me: “You must know that when Jesus speaks to you and manifests to you His truths, it is rays of light that He pours upon you. Back then, when you manifested them to me, not having His virtue, you manifested them in drops, and my soul remained all filled with those drops of light; and that light gave me a greater spur, a greater yearning to hear more truths, to be able to receive more light, because the truths bring the celestial fragrance, the divine sensation. And this, by just hearing them - what will it be for those who practice them? This is why I loved - I desired so much to hear what Jesus told you, and I wanted to tell others; it was the light, the fragrance that I felt, and I wanted others to take part in them. If you knew the great good that my soul has received in hearing the truths that Jesus told you! How it still drips with light and spreads celestial fragrance, which not only gives me refreshment, but serves as light to me and to those who are near me. And as you do your acts in the Divine Volition, I take special part in them, because I feel the seed of His Most Holy Will which you were sowing in me.” And I: ‘Let me see your soul – how it is that it drips with light.’ And he opened himself on the side of the heart, and I saw his soul all dripping with light. Those drops were reuniting and separating, one flowing over the other - it was beautiful to see. And he: “Did you see? How beautiful it is to hear the truths! One who does not hear the truths drips with such darkness as to strike terror.”

March 16, 1922
To live in the Divine Will has nothing great externally; everything passes between the soul and God.

Continuing in my usual state, I was thinking to myself: ‘I feel I am the most bad of all - yet, my sweet Jesus tells me that His designs upon me are great; that His work which He is doing in me is so important that He does not want to entrust it even to the Angels, but He Himself wants to be the custodian of it, the actor and the spectator. Yet, what great things do I do? Nothing. My exterior life is so ordinary that I do things beneath others.’

But while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus, cutting off my thought, told me: “My daughter, it shows how without your Jesus you can think and say nothing but nonsense. My dear Mama also did nothing extraordinary in Her exterior life; even more, in appearance She did less than some others. She lowered Herself to the most ordinary actions of life: She would spin, sew, sweep, light the fire.… Who would ever have thought that She was the Mother of a God? Her external actions indicated nothing of this. And when She carried Me in Her womb, containing the Eternal Word within Herself, each motion of hers, each human action, won the adoration of the whole Creation. From Her came out the life and the preservation of all creatures: the sun hung upon Her, expecting the preservation of its light and of its heat; the earth, the development of the life of the plants; everything hovered round Her - Heaven and earth hung upon Her every motion. Yet, who saw anything? No one. All Her greatness, power and sanctity, the immense seas of goods that came out of Her, were from Her interior. Each of Her heartbeats, breaths, thoughts, words, was an outpouring into Her Creator; between Her and God there were continuous currents, which She would receive and give. Nothing would come out which would not wound Her Creator, and by which She would not be wounded by Him. These currents expanded Her, raised Her, made Her surpass everything - but no one saw anything. I alone, Her God and Son, was aware of everything. Such current ran between my Mama and I, that Her heartbeat ran within mine, and mine ran within hers. So, She lived of my eternal heartbeat, and I of Her maternal heartbeat, therefore our lives were blended together. And this was precisely what, in my eyes, distinguished Her as my Mama. External actions do not satisfy Me, nor do they please Me, if they do not start from an interior whose life I form.

Now, what is your wonder if your external life is completely ordinary? I am used to covering my greatest works with the most ordinary things, so that no one may point to them, and I may be more free to operate. And when I have completed everything, I make surprises and I manifest them to everyone, causing all to be astounded. But it is certain that the work I am doing in you is great. Do you think it is trivial that I make all your acts run in the current of my Will, and that the current of my Will runs in your acts? And that, as these currents run, they form one single act with all the acts of creatures, making a Divine Volition flow over all, making themselves the actor of each act of each one, substituting for all with a divine act, a divine and eternal love, reparation and glory? And that the current of a human will is in continuous relations with a Divine Will; and that one pours into the other? My daughter, what I recommend to you is that you be attentive and that you follow Me faithfully.”

And I: ‘My Love, in these days the circumstances have been such that I felt distracted.’ And He: “Therefore be attentive, because when what you do does not flow in my Will, it happens as if the sun stopped its course; and when you are distracted, you form clouds before the sun and you remain obscured. However, when the distractions are involuntary, a strong and resolute act of your will to run in my Will is enough to place the sun on its course and, like rapid breeze, to dispel the clouds, in order to make the Sun of my Will shine more beautifully.”

March 18, 1922
Sin chains the soul and hampers her in doing good. The rest which God and the creature give to each other.

I was accompanying my sweet Jesus in His pains of the Passion; and He, making Himself seen, told me: “My daughter, sin chains the soul and hampers her in doing good: the mind feels the chain of sin and is hindered from comprehending what is good; the will feels the chain that enwraps her, and feels numb, and instead of wanting good, it wants evil; the desire, chained, feels its wings with which to fly to God being clipped. Oh! what pity I feel in seeing man chained by his own sins. This is why the first pain I wanted to suffer in the Passion was the chains; I wanted to be bound in order to release man from his chains. Those chains that I suffered, as soon as they touched Me, turned into chains of love which, in touching man, burned up and snapped his chains, and bound him with my loving chains.

My love is operative - it cannot be without operating. Therefore, for all and for each one I prepared what is needed in order to rehabilitate him, to heal him, to embellish him anew. I did everything so that, if he makes up his mind, he may find everything ready and at his disposal. So I keep my chains ready to burn up his own; the shreds of my Flesh to cover his wounds and adorn him with beauty; my Blood to give him life again - I have everything ready. I keep what is needed in store for each one; but my love wants to give itself - it wants to operate. I feel a restlessness, an irresistible force that gives Me no peace if I do not give. And do you know what I do? When I see that no one takes, I concentrate my chains, the shreds of my Flesh, my Blood, in one who wants them and who loves Me, and I stud him with beauty, bejeweling him all over with the chains of my love; I increase a hundredfold the life of grace for him, and so my love pours itself out and calms itself.” But while He was saying this, I saw His chains, the shreds of His Flesh, His Blood, running onto me; and He amused Himself in applying them on me and in bejeweling me all over. How good is Jesus - may He be always blessed!

Then, afterwards, He came back and added: “My daughter, I feel the need for the creature to rest in Me, and I in her. But do you know when the creature rests in Me, and I in her? When her intelligence thinks of Me and comprehends Me, she rests in the intelligence of her Creator, and that of the Creator finds rest in the created mind. When the human will unites with the Divine Will, the two wills embrace and rest together. If the human love rises above all created things and loves only its God - what a beautiful rest do God and the creature find in each other! One who gives rest, finds it; I make Myself bed for her and keep her in the sweetest sleep, clasped in my arms. Therefore, you - come and rest in my bosom.”

March 21, 1922
The double seal of the Fiat in all created things.

Continuing in my usual state, I was thinking again about the Holy Divine Volition, and my always adorable Jesus clasped me in His arms, and as He sighed intensely, I felt His breath descend deep into my heart. And then He told me: “Daughter of my Will, my omnipotent breath gives you the life of my Will. In fact, for one who does my Will, my Will administers to her Its breath as life; and as It breathes upon her, It moves away from her all that does not belong to Me, and she breathes nothing but the air of my Will. And just as the air is inhaled and exhaled, the same for the soul: it is a continuous receiving of Me, and a giving of herself to Me at each breath.

My Will hovers over all Creation - there is nothing in which my Volition does not have Its seal. As I pronounced the Fiat in creating things, my Will took dominion over them, and made Itself life and preservation of all things. Now, this Will of Mine wants all things to be enclosed within Itself in order to receive the requital of Its same noble and divine acts. It wants to see the air, the wind, the fragrance, the light of Its Volition, hover over all human acts, in such a way that, as Its acts hover together with those of the creatures, they may blend together and form one single thing. This alone was the purpose of Creation - that the emanations of the wills be continuous. I want it, I demand it, I expect it. This is why I am in such haste that my Will, Its value and Its effects become known - so that the souls who live in my Will, with their continuous emanations in my Will, as they do their acts, will diffuse them like air over everything, and their acts will multiply in all the human acts, investing and covering everything, as acts of my Will. Then will I obtain the purpose of Creation; my Will will rest in them and will form the new generation, and all created things will have the double seal of my Will: the Fiat of Creation, and the echo of my Fiat in the creatures.”

March 24, 1922
The souls who live in the Divine Will, with their acts, will substitute for the multiplication of the Sacramental Life of Jesus.

Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter, as the soul emits her acts in my Will, she multiplies my Life. So, if she does ten acts in my Will, she multiplies Me ten times; if she does twenty, a hundred, a thousand and yet more, so many times am I multiplied. It happens as in the sacramental consecration: as many hosts as they place, so many times am I multiplied. The difference which exists is that in the sacramental consecration I need the hosts in order to multiply Myself, and the priest who would consecrate Me; while in my Will, in order to be multiplied, I need the acts of the creature in which, more than in a living host - not a dead one, like those hosts before my consecration - my Will consecrates Me, and It encloses Me in the act of the creature, and I remain multiplied at each one of their acts done in my Will. Therefore, my love has its complete outpouring with the souls who do my Will and live in my Volition. They are the ones who always substitute, not only for all the acts that creatures owe Me, but for my very Sacramental Life.

How many times my Sacramental Life remains obstructed in the few hosts in which I remain consecrated, because few are the communicants. Other times there are no priests to consecrate Me, and not only is my Sacramental Life not multiplied as much as I would like, but It remains without existence. Oh! how my love suffers. I would like to multiply my Life every day into as many hosts for as many existing creatures, and give Myself to them - but I wait in vain; my Will remains without effect. However, what I have decided – everything, will have its fulfillment; therefore I take another way, and I multiply Myself in each living act of creature done in my Will, to have them substitute for the multiplication of my Sacramental Lives. Ah! yes, only the souls who live in my Will will substitute for all the communions that creatures do not do; for all the consecrations that priests do not do. In them I will find everything - even the multiplication of my Sacramental Life.

Therefore, I repeat to you - your mission is great. I could not choose you for a higher, more noble, sublime and divine mission. There is nothing that I will not centralize in you - even the multiplication of my Life. I will make new prodigies of grace, never made until now. Therefore, I pray you, be attentive, be faithful to Me - let my Will always have life in you; and I, in my own Will in you, will find the work of Creation fully completed, with my full rights, and everything I want.”

March 28, 1922
All that Jesus did upon earth is in continuous attitude of giving itself to man. Requital for each created thing.

Continuing in my usual state, I was fusing all of myself in the Holy Will of my lovable Jesus, and He told me: “Daughter of my Will, if you knew the portents, the prodigies that happen when you fuse yourself in my Will, you would remain stupefied. Listen a little bit: everything I did upon earth is in continuous attitude of giving itself to man, surrounding him like a crown; my thoughts form a crown around the intelligence of the creature; my words, my works, my steps, etc., form a crown around their words, works and steps, so that, by braiding their things with mine, I may say to my Celestial Father that their operating is like mine.

Now, who takes this continuous attitude of mine? Who lets herself be braided by my operating, with which I crowned the whole human family? One who lives in my Will. As you were fusing your thoughts in my Volition, my thoughts, which surrounded you like a crown, heard the echo of my thoughts in your mind, and identifying themselves with yours, they multiplied yours with mine, and formed a double crown around the human intelligence; and my Father received, not only from Me, but also from you, divine glory on the part of all created intelligences. The same with words and with all the rest. And He collects this divine glory not only on the part of creatures, but on the part of all other created things, because all things were created to make continuous love run toward man, and man, by justice, should give homage and love to his Creator for each created thing.

Now, who substitutes for this? Who makes that Fiat her own, through which all things were made, to diffuse an homage, an adoration, a divine love for her Creator over everything? One who lives in my Will! Almost at each word of hers, she makes that Omnipotent Fiat her own; the echo of the Eternal Fiat echoes within her Divine Fiat in which she lives, and it diffuses, it runs – it flies, and for each created thing it impresses another Fiat, and gives back to her Creator the homage and the love wanted by Him.

This I did Myself when I was on earth - there was nothing for which I did not requite my Divine Father on the part of all creatures. Now it is done - I want it, I expect it - by one who lives in my Will. If you could see how beautiful it is to see my glory, my love, my profound adoration united to yours, in each flickering of the stars, in each drop of light of the sun…. Oh! how it runs - flies upon the wings of the wind, filling the whole atmosphere. It crosses the waters of the sea, it places itself in each plant, in each flower, it multiplies at each motion; it is a voice that echoes over everything, and says: ‘Love, glory, adoration to my Creator.’ Therefore, one who lives in my Will is the echo of my voice, the repeater of my Life, the perfect glory of my Creation. How could I not love her? How could I not give to her everything that I should give to all the other creatures together, and give her primacy over everything? Ah! my love would feel constrained if I did not do so.”

April 1, 1922
The pain of the privation of Jesus surpasses any pain. The most humiliating step of the Passion of Jesus was to be clothed and treated like a madman. Each pain that Jesus suffered was nothing other than the echo of the pains that creatures deserved.

I am going through most bitter days because of the privation of my sweet Jesus. And if He makes Himself seen, it is almost like flash that flies past. What pain! What torment! My mind was gloomed by the thought that my Life, my All, would never come back again: ‘Ah! everything is over for me. What shall I do to find Him again? To whom shall I turn? Ah! no one is moved to pity for me.’

While I was thinking of this and other things, my lovable Jesus came and told me: “Poor daughter of mine, poor daughter of mine, how much you suffer. Your painful state surpasses even the state of the purging souls. In fact, if these are without Me, it is the sins with which they see themselves smeared that prevent them from seeing Me; and they themselves do not dare to come before Me, because before my infinite Sanctity there is not a tiny flaw that can stand before my presence. And if I permitted this - their being before Me, it would be the greatest torment for them, such as surpass the very pains of hell. The greatest torture I could give to a soul would be to keep her, stained, before Me. So, in order not to torture her more, first I let her be purged, and then I admit her to my presence.

But between Me and the little daughter of my Will, it is not the sins that prevent Me from making Myself seen - it is my Justice that places Itself between Me and her. Therefore, your pain of not seeing Me surpasses any other pain. Poor daughter, courage, you have had my same lot. How terrible are the pains of Justice! And I can share them with one who lives in my Will, because it takes a divine strength to bear them. But do not fear - I will come back soon, according to the usual way. Let the rays of Justice touch the creatures; my Justice too must follow Its course, nor will you be able to sustain It all. Then I will be with you as before. But in spite of this, I do not leave you; I too know that you cannot be without Me, therefore I will remain in the depth of your heart, and we will plead together.”

Then, afterwards, I continued the Hours of the Passion, and I followed my sweet Jesus in the act in which He was clothed and treated like a madman. My mind wandered in this mystery, and Jesus told me: “My daughter, the most humiliating step of my Passion was precisely this: being clothed and treated like a madman. I became the amusement of the Jews - their rag. Greater humiliation my infinite Wisdom could not bear. Yet, it was necessary that I, Son of God, suffer this pain. Man, by sinning, becomes mad - greater madness there cannot be. And from the king he is, he becomes the slave and the amusement of most vile passions that tyrannize him and, more than a madman, chain him as they please, casting him into mud, and covering him with the most filthy things. Oh! what great madness sin is. In this state, man could never be admitted before the Supreme Majesty. Therefore, I Myself wanted to bear this pain, so humiliating, in order to impetrate for man that he would get out of this state of madness, offering Myself to my Celestial Father to bear the pains that their madness deserved. Each pain I suffered in my Passion was nothing other than the echo of the pains that creatures deserved. That echo boomed over Me, and subjected Me to pains, to scorns, to derisions, to mockeries, and to all torments.”

April 6, 1922

Effects of the acts done in the Divine Volition. In the Divine Will the soul places herself at the level of her Creator.

As I was in my usual state, my sweet Jesus carried me outside of myself, and showed me masses of peoples crying, homeless, prey to the greatest desolation; towns collapsed, streets deserted and uninhabitable. One could see nothing but heaps of stones and rubble. Only one point remained untouched by the scourge. My God, what pain! to see these things, and live. I looked at my sweet Jesus, but He did not deign to look at me; rather, He cried bitterly, and with a voice broken by the crying, told me: “My daughter, man has forgotten Heaven for the earth. It is justice that what is earth be taken away from him, and that he go wandering, unable to find a place in which to take refuge, so that he may remember that Heaven exists. Man has forgotten the soul for the body. So, everything is for the body: pleasures, comforts, sumptuousness, luxury and the like. The soul is starving, deprived of everything, and in many it is dead, as if they did not have it. Now, it is justice that their bodies be deprived, so that they may remember that they have a soul. But – oh! how hard man is. His hardness forces Me to strike him more - who knows, he might soften under the blows.”

I felt my heart being tortured, and He: “You suffer very much in seeing the world as though wanting to roll, and water and fire going out of their boundaries and hurling themselves at man. Therefore, let us withdraw into your bed, and let us pray together for the destiny of man. In my Will I will feel your heart beating over the entire face of the earth, giving Me a heartbeat for all, that says to Me: ‘Love’. And while I strike the creatures, your heartbeat will place itself in the way, so that the blows may be less hard, and upon touching them, may bring them the balm of my love and of yours.”

I remained so very afflicted; more so since, as we withdrew, my sweet Jesus hid in my interior, but so deep, that He almost would not let Himself be felt any more. What pain! What torment! The thought of the scourges terrorized me; His privation gave me mortal pains.

Now, in this state I tried to fuse myself in the Holy Will of God, and I said: ‘My Love, in your Will what is yours is mine - all created things are mine. The sun is mine, and I give it to You in return, so that all the light and heat of the sun, in each drop of light and heat, may tell You that I love You, I adore You, I bless You, I pray You for all. The stars are mine, and in each flickering of the stars I seal my ‘I love You’, infinite and immense, for all. The plants, the flowers, the water, the fire, the air, are mine, and I give them to You in return, that all of them may say to You, in the name of all: “I love You with that eternal love with which You created us.’ But if I wanted to say everything I would be too long.

Then Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, how beautiful are the prayers and the acts done in my Will - how the creature is transformed in God the Creator Himself, and gives Him back the requital for what He has given to her. I created everything for man and I gave everything to him as gift! In my Will the creature rises up to her God and Creator, and finds Him in the act in which He created all things to give them to her as gift; and she, trembling before the multiplicity of so many gifts, and not having within herself the creative power to be able to create as many things for as many as she has received - she offers His own things to requite Him in love. Sun, stars, flowers, water, fire, air, I gave to you to give you love; and you, grateful, accepted them, and putting my love in circulation, you gave Me the requital for them. So, sun I gave you, and sun you gave Me; stars, flowers, water etc. I gave you, and you gave them back to Me. The notes of my love resounded again over all created things, and with one voice they gave Me the love which I made run over all Creation.

In my Will the soul places herself at the level of her Creator, and in His own Will she receives and she gives. Oh! what a contest between creature and Creator! If all could see it, they would remain stupefied at seeing that in my Will the soul becomes a little god - but everything by virtue of the power of my Will.”

April 8, 1922
The Most Holy Trinity veiled in the soul. Sorrow of Jesus in seeing the will, the intelligence and the memory of man deformed.

Finding myself in my usual state, I was thinking about the sorrow that my sweet Jesus suffered in the Garden of Gethsemani, when all our sins presented themselves before His sanctity. And Jesus, all afflicted, told me in my interior: “My daughter, my sorrow was great and incomprehensible to created mind, especially when I saw the human intelligence deformed - the beautiful image of Me which I reproduced in it, no longer beautiful, but ugly, horrid.

I endowed the soul with will, intellect and memory. In the first shone my Celestial Father who, as first act, communicated His power, His sanctity, His height, by which He elevated the human will, investing it with His own sanctity, power and nobility, leaving all currents open between Himself and the human will, so that it might be enriched more and more with the treasures of my Divinity. Between the human will and the Divine there was neither ‘yours’ nor ‘mine’, but everything in common, with mutual accord. It was Our image - Our own thing; so, it veiled Us. Our Life was to be its own, and therefore, as first act, He constituted her will free and independent, just as - as first act - was the Will of my Celestial Father. But how much has this will disfigured itself! Free as it was, it rendered itself the slave of most vile passions. Ah! it is the will that is the beginning of all the evils of man - it can no longer be recognized. How it decayed from its nobility - it is disgusting to look at.

Now, as second act, I, Son of God, concurred by endowing her with intellect, communicating to her my wisdom, the knowledge of all things, so that by knowing them, she might enjoy them and delight in what is good. But, alas! what a bilge of vices is the intelligence of the creature. She has used knowledge to deny her Creator.

Then, as third act, the Holy Spirit concurred by endowing her with memory, so that in remembering so many benefits, she might be in continuous currents of love, in continuous relations. Love was to crown her, embrace her and permeate all of her life. But how saddened the Eternal Love remains! This memory remembers pleasures, riches, and even to sin, while the Sacrosanct Trinity is cast out of the gifts given to Its creature.

My sorrow was indescribable at seeing the deformity of the three powers of man. We had formed Our royal palace in him, and he had cast Us out.”

April 12, 1922
Sin breaks the current of Love, and opens the current of Justice.

As I was in my usual state, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen all afflicted, almost in act of giving course to Justice - but as though forced by creatures themselves. I prayed Him to hold back the scourges, and He told me: “My daughter, between Creator and creature there is nothing but currents of Love. Sin breaks this current and opens the current of Justice. My Justice defends the rights of my offended Love, of my Love broken between Creator and creature; and making Its way into their midst, It would want to reunite this broken Love. Ah! if man would not sin, my Justice would have nothing to do with the creature. As guilt begins, my Justice puts Itself on the way. Do you think that I wanted to strike man? No, no; on the contrary, it grieves Me - it is hard for Me to touch him. But he himself forces Me to, and induces Me to strike him. You, pray that man may mend his ways; so Justice, quickly reuniting the current of Love, will be able to withdraw.”

April 13, 1922
Triple affirmation of wanting to live in the Divine Will. The soul who lives in the Divine Will lives in the womb of the Most Holy Trinity.

I was continuing my usual prayers, and my always lovable Jesus, surprising me from behind my shoulders, called me by name, telling me: “Luisa, daughter of my Will, do you want to live always in my Will?”

And I: ‘Yes, oh! Jesus.’

And He: “But is it really true that you want to live in my Will?”

And I: ‘It is really true, my Love, nor would I adapt myself to living of another will.’

And Jesus, again: “But do you say it firmly?”

Now, seeing myself confused, and almost fearing, I added: “My Life, Jesus, You make me fear with these questions. Explain Yourself better. I say it firmly, but always helped by You, and in the strength of your Will, such that, as It involves me completely, I could not do without living in your Volition.” And He, heaving a sigh of relief, repeated: “How happy I am with your triple affirmation. Do not fear, these are nothing other than reassurances, reaffirmations and confirmations, so as to impress in you the triple seal of the Will of the Three Divine Persons. You must know that one who lives in my Will must rise high - but so high as to live in the womb of the Sacrosanct Trinity. Your life and Ours must be one; therefore it is necessary, it is decorous, that you know where you are, and with whom you are; that in everything you conform to what We do, and that, not by force, but willingly, with love and with full knowledge, you live in Our womb.

Now, do you know what Our Divine Life is? We amuse Ourselves very much in issuing from Us new images of Ourselves. We are in continuous act of forming Our images, so much so, that Heaven and earth are filled with Our images - their shadows flow everywhere. The sun is Our image, and its light is the shadow of Ours, which overshadows all the earth. The heavens are Our image, which extend everywhere and carry the shadow of Our immensity. Man is Our image, who carries within himself Our power, wisdom and love. So, We do nothing other than continuously produce Our images, which resemble Us. Now, one who must live in Our Will, living in Our womb, must form many other copies of Ourselves together with Us; she must be together with Us in Our work; she must let copies and shadows of Us come out of herself, filling the whole earth and Heaven.

Now, in creating the first man, We formed him with Our hands, and breathing over him, We gave him life. Once We made the first, all the others take origin from, and are copies of the first. Our power, flowing through all generations, reproduces copies of him. Now, since We constitute you firstborn daughter of Our Will, it is necessary that you live with Us in order to form the first copy of the soul who lives in Our Will, so that, as she lives in Us, she may receive Our attitude, and may learn with Our power to operate according to Our way. And once We have made of you the first copy of the soul who lives in Our Will, the other copies will come.

The way of Our Will is extremely long - it embraces Eternity; and while it seems that one has navigated the way, much remains for her to do and to receive from Us in order to learn Our ways, and to form the first copy of the soul who lives in Our Will. This is the greatest work We must do; therefore We must give you much, and it is befitting to dispose you much so that you may receive. This is the reason for my repeated questions: it is to dispose you, to enlarge you and to elevate you in order to accomplish my designs. I care so much about it, that I would leave everything aside in order to reach my purpose. Therefore, be attentive and faithful.”

April 17, 1922
The Divine Will, acting in the soul, forms the image of the Three Divine Persons, and constitutes her Queen of everything.

Continuing in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself, and I found my sweet Jesus, my Life, my All. From Him came out innumerable suns of light that surrounded Him. I flew into the midst of that light, and throwing myself into His arms, I clasped Him very tightly, telling Him: ‘Finally I found You - now I will not leave You any more. You make me wait so long, and I remain without life, without You. But without life I cannot be, therefore now I will not leave You any more.’ And I squeezed Him more tightly for fear that He might escape; and Jesus, as though enjoying my squeezes, told me: “My daughter, do not fear, I will not leave you either. If you cannot be without Me, neither can I be without you; and to make you certain that I do not leave you, I want to chain you with my same light.”

I remained so immersed and interwoven within the light of Jesus, that it seemed to me that I would no longer find the way to get out. How happy I felt, and how many things I comprehended in that light. I lack the words to express myself. I just remember that He said to me: “Daughter of my Will, this light that you see is nothing other than my Will, which wants to consume your will in order to give you the shape of Our image - that is, of the Three Divine Persons; in such a way that, transforming you completely into Ourselves, We will leave in you Our Volition as divine actor that matches Us in whatever We do. So, Our images will come out from Us, and Our Will, acting in you, will assume as many of them. Oh! how the purpose of Creation will be fulfilled. The echo of Our Will will be the echo of Our Will possessed by you; the exchanges will be mutual, love will be reciprocal; we will be in full harmony, the creature will disappear within her Creator, and then nothing else will be lacking to Our joy, to Our happiness, for which We issued the Creation. The ‘Let Us make man in Our image and likeness’ will have its effect; and Our Will alone, as actor in the creature, will give completion to everything, and Creation will bring Us the divine purpose, and We will receive It into Our womb as Our work, just as We issued It. And besides, if you cannot be without Me, it is the echo of my love that resounds in your heart, such that, unable to be without you, it reverberates in you; and you, shaken, seek the One who so much loves you. And I, seeing Myself sought for, feel the echo of your love in mine, and I feel drawn to send you a new current of love, so that you may seek Me more.”

And I: ‘Ah! my Love, sometimes, as much as I seek You, You do not come, and therefore now that I have found You I will not leave You any more. I will no longer go back to my bed - I cannot. You made me wait too long, and I fear that, if I go back, You will repeat your privations.’ And I squeezed Him more tightly, repeating: ‘I won’t leave You any more, I won’t leave You any more.’

And Jesus, though He enjoyed my squeezes, told me: “My beloved daughter, you are right that you cannot be without Me, without your Life. But what are we going to do with my Will? Indeed, it is my Will that wants you to return to your bed. Do not fear, I do not leave you; I will leave the current of the light of my Will between you and Me, and whenever you want Me, you will touch the current of the light of my Volition, and I, immediately, upon Its wings, will be with you. Therefore, go back, but for nothing else than to allow my Will to accomplish Its designs, and the course It wants to take in you. I Myself will accompany you, to give you the strength to go back.”

But - oh! goodness of Jesus - it seemed that if He did not have my consent, neither would He feel like making me go back. And as soon as I said: ‘Jesus, do whatever You want’, I found myself back inside myself.

Now, the whole day I felt surrounded by light, and whenever I wanted Him, I touched the light and He would come.

Then, the following day, He carried me outside of myself, and made me see all created things, of which not only was Jesus the Creator and dominator, but from Him came the life of the preservation of all things. The current of the creative power was in continuous relations with them; and if it were missing, all things would resolve into nothing. Then, my sweet Jesus told me: “To the daughter of my Will I want to give supremacy over everything; my dominion and hers must be one. If I am King, she must be Queen; and if I gave you knowledge of everything, it is because I want that you not only know my dominions, but that together with Me you dominate and concur in the preservation of all created things. Just as my Will extends from Me over all, so do I want It to extend from you.”

Then He made me notice one point of the world from which black smoke was coming out. And He: “See, over there are statesmen who want to decide the lots of kingdoms; but they do it without Me, and where I am not present, there cannot be light. They have nothing but the smoke of their passions that blinds them more. Therefore, they will come up with nothing good, but it will serve them to embitter one another and cause graver consequences. Poor peoples, led by blind and interested men. These men will be pointed at as the laughingstock of history, good only at bringing ruin and confusion. But, let us withdraw, let us leave them at the mercy of themselves, that they may know what it means to do things without Me.” Then He disappeared, and I found myself inside myself.

April 21, 1922
Effects of the prayer in the Most Holy Will of God.

Everything that I have written, and that I write, is only to obey; and more so, for fear that my Jesus, being displeased, might find a pretext to deprive me of Himself. He alone knows how much it costs me.

So, I spent one day without Jesus - just a few shadows of Him. Oh! God, what pain. I was saying to myself: ‘How quickly He broke His promise of not leaving me! Oh! Holy Eternal Will, bring me my highest Good, my All.’ And the pain I felt was such that I felt huffy and fussy; but in this state, I tried to fuse myself in His Holy Volition. In the meantime He came, making Himself seen while crying bitterly, with His Heart cut into many pieces. In seeing Him cry, I put my huffiness aside, and hugging Him and drying His tears, I said to Him: ‘What is it, Jesus, that you are crying? Tell me, what have they done to You?’ And He: “Ah! my daughter, they want to challenge Me. It is an awful challenge that they are preparing for Me; and this, from the leaders. My sorrow is so great that I feel my Heart being cut into pieces. Ah! how just it is that my Justice pour Itself out against creatures. Therefore, come together with Me into my Will; let us rise between Heaven and earth and adore together the Supreme Majesty. Let us bless Him and give Him homage for all, so that Heaven and earth may be filled with adorations, homages and blessings, and all may receive the effects of them.”

So I spent the morning praying together with Jesus in His Will; but - oh, surprise! - as we prayed, one was the word, but the Divine Volition diffused it over all created things, and the mark of it remained on them. It brought it into the Empyreum, and not only did all the Blessed receive the mark of it, but it was cause of new beatitude for them. It descended down below to the earth, and even into Purgatory, and all received the effects of it. But who can say how it was to pray with Jesus, and all the effects that it produced?

Then, after we had prayed together, He told me: “My daughter, did you see what it means to pray in my Will? Just as there is not one point in which my Volition is not present – It circulates in everything and in everyone; It is life, actor and spectator of everything - in the same way, the acts done in my Volition become life, actors and spectators of everything, even of the very joy, beatitude and happiness of the Saints. Everywhere they bring light, the balsamic and celestial air that unleashes joys and happiness. Therefore, never depart from my Will; Heaven and earth await you to receive new joy and new splendor.”

April 25, 1922
Thousands of Angels are placed as custodians of the acts done in the Divine Will.

Continuing in my usual state, I felt all immersed in the Divine Volition, and my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, just as the sun does not leave the plant, but caresses it with its light, fecundates it with its heat until it produces fruits and flowers, and, jealous, it makes them mature, it guards them with its light; and only when the farmer picks the fruit to make of it his food, then does it leave it - the same for the acts done in my Will: my love, my jealousy toward them is so great, that grace caresses them, my love conceives them, fecundates them and matures them. I place thousands of Angels as custodians of one single act done in my Will. In fact, since these acts done in my Will are seeds so that my Will may be done on earth as It is in Heaven, all are jealous of these acts. Their dew is my breath; their shadow is my light. The Angels remain enraptured by them and, reverent, they adore them, because in these acts they see the Eternal Will, which deserves all their adoration. And only when I find other souls who, picking them as divine fruits, make of them food for their souls, then are these acts left. Oh! the fecundity and multiplicity of these acts! The creature herself who does them cannot count them.”

Then, I was thinking to myself: ‘How is it possible that these acts be so great, and why are even the Angels enraptured by them?’ And Jesus, clasping me more tightly in His arms, added: “My daughter, these acts are so great, that as the soul keeps doing them, there is nothing, either in Heaven or on earth, in which she does not take part. She remains in communication with all created things. All the good, the effects, the value of the heavens, of the sun, of the stars, of water, of fire, etc., are not only in continuous relations with her, but they are her own things. She harmonizes with all Creation, and all Creation harmonizes in her. Why, then? Because those who live in my Will are the depositories, the preservers, the supporters, the defenders of my Will. They foresee what I want, and without my commanding, they execute what I want; and comprehending the greatness, the sanctity of my Will, they guard It and defend It jealously. How could all not remain enraptured in seeing these souls who form the support of their God, by virtue of the prodigy of my Will? Who can ever defend my rights if not one who lives in my Will? Who can ever truly love Me, with love of disinterest, similar to my love, if not one who lives in my Will? I feel stronger in these souls, but strong of my own strength. I am like a king surrounded by faithful ministers, who feels stronger, more glorious, more supported, in the midst of his faithful ones than by himself alone. If he remains alone, he regrets not having his ministers, because he has no one with whom to pour himself out, and to whom to entrust the lot of his kingdom. So I am; and who can ever be more faithful to Me than one who lives in my Will? I feel my Will being duplicated, therefore I feel more glorious, I pour Myself out with them, and I trust them.”

April 29, 1922
One who lives in the Divine Will lives of an eternal heartbeat.

Finding myself in my usual state, I saw my soul and my whole interior - thoughts, affections, heartbeats, tendencies - changed into as many threads of light, and these extended and expanded so much, that coming out from within my interior, they harmonized with the sun, they rose higher, touched the heavens, and diffused over the whole earth. While I was watching this, I saw my sweet Jesus, who was holding all those threads of light in His hand, and with an enchanting mastery, He directed them, stretched them, multiplied and enlarged them as much as He wanted. At the touch of that light, all created things lowered down, harmonized together, and made feast. Then, my Jesus told me: “My daughter, did you see with what love I amuse Myself and direct the acts done in my Will? My jealousy is such that I do not entrust them to anyone, not even to the soul herself. I lose not one thought, not a fiber, without enclosing in it all the power of my Will. Each of these acts contains a Divine Life, therefore at the touch of these acts all created things feel the Life of their Creator; they feel again the power of that omnipotent Fiat from which they received their existence, and they make feast. So, these acts are new glory and new feast for them.

Now, this beautiful harmony, these threads of light that come out of your interior - if your heart did not flow in my Will but in your own, or in another will, many heartbeats of Divine Life would be missing in your heart, while many human heartbeats would take over, for as many as are missing to the Divine; the same with the fibers, with the affections. And since what is human is not capable of forming light, but darkness, many threads of darkness would form then, and my Volition would remain saddened, unable to carry out in you all the power of my Will.”

While He was saying this, I wanted to see whether there were these human heartbeats in my soul, which would interrupt the life of the divine heartbeat; and as much as I looked, I could not find any. And Jesus: “For now there is nothing. I told you this so as to make you be attentive, and to make you know what it means to live in my Will: to live of an eternal and divine heartbeat, to live with my omnipotent breath.”

May 8, 1922
The pains of one who loves Jesus the most are in continuous currents with His Heart.

Continuing in my usual state, blessed Jesus would just barely make Himself seen, like flash that escapes – now He shows the shadow of His light, now His hand. I felt an indescribable pain; and He, caressing my face with His hand, told me: “Poor daughter, how much you suffer.” And immediately He withdrew.

Now, I thought to myself: ‘Jesus told me many times that He loves me very much, and that He suffers greatly when He sees me suffer because of His privation. Who knows how much He suffers now, in seeing me petrified by the pain of His privation? So, in order not to make Him suffer so much, I want to pluck up my strength, trying to be more content, less oppressed, more attentive in maintaining my flight, my attitude in His Will, so that I may bring Him my kiss - not embittered, but peaceful and content, which would not sadden Him, but console Him.’

While I was thinking of this, He came out from within my interior, all sorrowful, and with His Heart all wounded. In the center of It a wound could be seen, with a little flame coming out from within It; and He told me: “My daughter, indeed the more I see you suffer when I deprive you of Myself, the greater the pain I feel; because, since your pain is caused by the privation of Me, it is nothing other than the effect of the love you have for Me. Therefore, if you are embittered, oppressed, your heartbeat echoes in my Heart, and I feel your bitterness and oppression. Ah! if you knew how much I suffer when I see you suffer because of Me, you would always use this caution, this attention, so as not to embitter Me more. These are the pains of one who loves Me the most, which are in continuous currents with my Heart.

See, the wound that you see in the center of my Heart, from which the little flame comes out, is precisely yours. But, be consoled; if it gives Me highest pain, it also gives Me highest love. You, however, remain calm, and I will go forward to fulfill my Justice. But I do not leave you, I will come back often; be it even like a flash, I will not cease to make you my tiny little visits.”

May 12, 1922
The Sanctity in the Divine Will: to do nothing of one’s own, but to do what God does.

I was thinking to myself: ‘Who knows in what I have offended Him, that my sweet Jesus does not come according to His usual way? How can it ever be possible that, without any reason, the goodness of His Most Holy Heart, which easily overabounds toward those who love Him, would resist so many calls of mine?’

Now, while I was thinking of this and other things, He came out from within my interior, and covering me completely under a mantle of most refulgent light, in such a way that I could see nothing but light, He told me: “My daughter, what do you fear? See, in order to keep you safe and well defended, I encircled you under this mantle of light, so that not a creature and not a thing may do you harm. And besides, why do you want to lose time by thinking that you have offended Me? For one who lives in my Will the poison of guilt has not entered. And then, your Jesus would strike you with lightning if He saw you with even just little stains of sins; and I would put you out of the circle of my Will, and you would immediately lose the attitude of operating in my Volition.

Ah! my daughter, the Sanctity in my Will is not yet known. Each kind of sanctity has its own special distinction. Many are surprised in hearing that I come often to you, since it has not been my usual way to do so with other souls. The Sanctity in my Volition is inseparable from Me, and in order to elevate the soul to the divine level, it is necessary for Me to keep her either identified with my Humanity, or in the light of my Divinity. Otherwise, how could the soul maintain the attitude of her operating in my Will, if my operating and hers were not one?

Now, the soul who lives in my Will takes part in all my attributes, and together with Me she concurs in each of my acts. Therefore, she must concur with Me also in the acts of Justice. This is why, when I want to chastise, I hide my Humanity from you, which is more accessible to the human nature; and you, at the reverberations of my Humanity, feel the love and the compassion that I have toward souls, and you snatch away from Me the scourges with which I want to strike them. Then, when creatures do so much as to force Me to strike them, hiding my Humanity from you, I elevate you into the light of my Divinity; and as It absorbs you and you delight in It, you do not feel the reverberations of my Humanity, and I, remaining free, strike the creatures. So, whether I manifest to you my Humanity, making you concur together with Me in the acts of Mercy toward creatures, or I absorb you into the light of my Divinity, making you concur in the acts of Justice, you are always with Me. Even more, when I absorb you into the light of my Divinity, it is a greater grace that I give you, while you, not seeing my Humanity, lament that I deprive you of Myself and do not appreciate the grace you receive.”

On hearing that I was concurring in the acts of Justice, frightened, I said: ‘So, my Love, now that You are striking the creatures, making their homes collapse, am I together with You in doing this? No, no, Heaven forbid that I touch my brothers! When You want to strike them, I will make myself small in your Will, I will not diffuse myself in It, so as not to take part in what You are doing. In everything I want to do what You do; but in this - striking creatures - never.’ And Jesus: “Why are you frightened? In my Will you cannot exempt yourself from doing what I do. It is a natural thing, and this is precisely the Sanctity in my Will: to do nothing of one’s own, but to do what God does. And besides, my Justice is Sanctity and Love, and It is to balance the divine rights. If I did not have Justice, my Divinity would lack the whole fullness of perfection. So, if you want to live in my Volition and do not want to take part in the acts of Justice, the Sanctity done in my Will would not have Its full completion. They are two waters fused together - one is forced to do what the other does. But if they are separated, each one follows its course. In the same way, my Will and yours are the two waters fused together, and what one does, the other must do as well. Therefore, I want you always in my Will.”

So I abandoned all of myself in His Will, but I felt great repugnance in me toward Justice; and my sweet Jesus, coming back, told me: “If you knew how heavy it is for Me to use Justice, and how much I love the creature! The whole of Creation is for Me like the body to the soul, like the skin to the fruit. I am in continuous immediate act with man, but the created things hide Me, just as the body hides the soul. However, if it wasn’t for the soul, the body would have no life. In the same way, if I withdrew from created things, they would all remain without life. So, in all created things I visit man, I touch him and give him life. I am hidden in the fire, and I visit him with its heat; if I were not there, the fire would have no heat - it would be a painted fire and without life. But while I visit man in the fire, he does not recognize Me, nor does he give Me one greeting. I am in the water, and I visit him by quenching his thirst; if I were not there, the water would quench no thirst - it would be dead water. But while I visit him, he passes before Me without bowing once to Me. I am hidden in the food, and I visit man by giving him substance, strength, taste; if I were not there, man, taking food, would remain on an empty stomach. Yet, ungrateful, while he feeds on Me, he turns his back to Me. I am hidden in the sun, and I visit him with my light, almost at each instant; but, ungrateful, he requites Me with continuous offenses. I visit him in all things: in the air that he breathes, in the flower that gives off its fragrance, in the breeze that refreshes, in the thunder that strikes - in everything. My visits are innumerable. Do you see how much I love him? And you, being in my Will, are together with Me, visiting man and giving him life. Therefore, do not be frightened if sometimes you concur in Justice.”

May 15, 1922
Laments and fears of Luisa. Jesus shows her how much He loves her.

Continuing in my usual state, I felt all oppressed because of the privation of my sweet Jesus. Now, while I was praying, I felt there was someone behind my shoulders, and not knowing that it was Jesus, I had a shiver of fright. And He stretched out His arm, and taking my hand in His hand, told me: “Luisa, do not fear, it is I.” Oppressed as I was, and tired from waiting for Him, I said: ‘It shows, oh! Jesus, that You no longer love me as before. You have taken everything away from me, even suffering. You alone were left to me, but so very often You fly away, and I don’t know what to do, nor where to find You. Ah! it is really true that You don’t love me any more.’ And Jesus, assuming a dignified appearance, such as to strike fear, added: “You offend Me by saying to Me that I no longer love you as before. Mind this well - for the mere suspicion that I might not love you is for Me the greatest affront. How can you say I don’t love you! I don’t love you? So, you hold all the graces I am giving you as a trifle?” I remained confounded, and I really trembled at seeing the severe look of Jesus, and in the depth of my heart I implored forgiveness and pity. And He, softening: “Promise Me that you will not say this to Me any more; and to show you that I love you, I want to make you suffer, letting you share in my pains.”

Then, after I had suffered a little, He repeated: “Now I want to show you how I love you.” So He showed His Heart opened, and immense seas of power, of wisdom, of goodness, of love, of beauty, of sanctity, came out from within It; and in each center of these seas it was written: “Luisa, daughter of my immensity, daughter of my power, daughter of my wisdom, daughter of my goodness, daughter of my love, daughter of my beauty, daughter of my sanctity.” The more I looked, the more I remained confounded. And Jesus: “Did you see how much I love you? And how, not only in my Heart, but in all of my attributes I carry your name written; and this name of yours, written in Me, makes ever new currents of grace, of light, of love, etc., open toward you? Yet, you say that I do not love you. How can you even suspect this?” Only Jesus knows how crushed I was left, thinking that I had offended my Jesus - and even in His presence. Oh! God, what pain - how awful guilt is!

May 19, 1922
In Heaven the Divine Will is the beatifier, while on earth It is operative, and multiplies Its Life and Its goods in the act of the creature.

Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen from within my interior, from which something like a little door opened, and He leaned His arms on it and put His head out, to see what the other creatures were doing. I looked together with Jesus; but who can say the evils that appeared, the offenses that were given, and the chastisements that will pour down? It was a horrifying sight, so sorrowful. I also saw our poor country being struck by the divine scourge.

Now, seeing that Jesus was looking with such tenderness of love and sorrow, while in the previous days it had been impossible for me to get Him to look and turn His face toward creatures, I said to Him: “My Love and my Life, do You see how much your dear brothers and mine suffer - don’t You want to have pity? How gladly would I suffer everything so that they might be spared. See, this is a duty that the state of victim imposes on me - the imitation of You. Did You not suffer everything for us? And how can You want me not to suffer in order to spare them, and to imitate You, who suffered so much?’

And Jesus, interrupting my speaking, told me: “Ah! my daughter, man has reached such a point that I cannot look at him but with horror. And if I look at him, it is only from inside of you, because finding in you all the tendernesses of my Humanity, my prayers, I feel moved to look at him with compassion, and for love of you I will spare their lives. Man has need of strong purges; otherwise he will not repent. Therefore I will overwhelm everything, to renew everything; I will do unexpected things, new chastisements, for which man will not be able to find the reason; and this, in order to confound him. But you, do not fear; for love of you I will spare something. I feel in you, as I felt it in my Humanity, the current of the communications with all creatures, and therefore it is hard for Me not to give you, and not to content you in anything.”

Then, later on, I found myself outside of myself, at a very high point; and I found my Celestial Mama, a late Archbishop of ours, my parents, and my sweet Jesus in the arms of the Bishop, who, as soon as he saw me, placed Him in my arms, telling me: “Take Him, my daughter, and enjoy Him.” Jesus made feast in my arms, and said: “Dearest daughter of my Will, I want to renew the bond of the great gift of making you live in my Will. This is why I wanted here present, as representatives, my dear Mama, the Bishop who took part in your direction when he was on earth, and your parents - so that you may remain more confirmed in my Will, and may receive all the current and the goods that my Will contains; and so that they may be the first to receive the glory of the operating of the living in my Will.

You are nothing other than an atom in my Volition, but in this atom I place all the weight of my Will, so that, as you move, the immense sea of my Volition may receive its motion, the waters may ripple, and as though agitated, they may give off their freshness, their fragrances, and may overflow for the good of Heaven and of the earth. The atom is small, extremely light, and is not capable of agitating the whole immense sea of my Will; but once all the weight of my Will has been placed in it, it will be capable of everything, and you will give Me the field in order to release from Myself more divine acts. You will be like the little stone that is cast into the fount: as it falls, the waters ripple, are agitated, and give off their freshness and their fragrance. However, the little stone does not contain the weight of my Will, and therefore cannot make the fount overflow; but your atom, with the weight of my Will, can not only overwhelm my sea, but flood Heaven and earth.

You will drink the whole of my Will with all the goods It contains, as though in one gulp; and in another gulp you will emit It outside. And while you do this, you will multiply my Life and my goods as many times, for as many times as you drink It, and for as many times as you emit It. And if the Blessed in Heaven enjoy all the beatitude which my Will contains, and live in It as in their own center, they do not, however, multiply It, since their merits are fixed in them. You are happier than they are, being able to multiply my Life, my Will, my goods. In them, my Will is the beatifier - in you It is operative, and I ask for your acts in order to multiply Myself. When you operate, I look anxiously to see whether you operate in my Will, to receive the contentment of seeing Myself multiplied in your act. How attentive you should be, and let nothing escape you.”

May 27, 1922
The prevenient act and the actual act.

I was thinking to myself: “If one act done in His Will is so great, how many of them, alas! do I not let escape?’ And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, there is the prevenient act and the actual act. The prevenient act is when the soul, from the first rising of the day, fixes her will in Mine, and decides and confirms that she wants to live and operate only in my Volition. She anticipates all of her acts and makes them all flow in my Will. With the prevenient will, my Sun rises, my Life remains duplicated in all her acts, as though in one single act; and this makes up for the actual act.

However, the prevenient act can be shaded, obscured, by the human ways, by one’s own will, by self-esteem, by negligence and other things, which are like clouds before the sun, that render its light less vivid on the face of the earth. On the other hand, the actual act is not subject to clouds; on the contrary, it has the virtue of dispelling the clouds, if there are any, and it makes many other suns rise, in which my Life is duplicated, with such vividness of light and heat as to form as many new suns, one more beautiful than the other. However, both of them are necessary: the prevenient act gives the hand, disposes and forms the plane for the actual act; the actual act preserves and expands the plane of the prevenient.”

June 1, 1922
Jesus before Pilate. What the truth is.

Finding myself in my usual state, I was following the Hours of the Passion of my sweet Jesus, especially when He was presented to Pilate, who asked Him what His Kingdom was. And my always lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, that was the first time in my terrestrial life that I dealt with a gentile authority, who asked Me what my Kingdom was. And I answered him that my Kingdom is not of this world, for if it were of this world, thousands of legions of Angels would defend Me. But, with this, I opened my Kingdom to the gentiles, and communicated to them my celestial doctrines; so much so, that Pilate asked me: ‘What? You are a king?’ And immediately I answered him: ‘I am King, and I have come into the world to teach the truth.’ With this, I wanted to make my way into his mind in order to make Myself known; so much so that, as though struck, he asked Me: ‘What is the truth?’ But he did not wait for my answer; I did not have the good of making Myself understood. I would have said to him: ‘The truth is I; everything in Me is truth. Truth is my patience in the midst of so many insults; truth is my sweet gaze among so many derisions, calumnies, contempts. Truths are my affable, attractive manners in the midst of so many enemies, such that, while they hate Me, I love them, and while they want to give Me death, I want to embrace them and give them life. Truths are my words, dignified and full of celestial wisdom. Everything in Me is truth. The truth is more than majestic sun which, as much as one would want to trample it, rises more beautiful, more luminous, such as to shame the very enemies, and to knock them down at its feet.

Pilate asked Me with sincerity of heart, and I was ready to answer him, while Herod asked Me with malice and out of curiosity, and I did not answer. So, to those who want to know holy things with sincerity, I reveal Myself more than they expect; but with those who want to know them with malice and out of curiosity, I hide Myself, and while they want to make fun of Me, I confound them and make fun of them. However, since my Person carried the truth with Itself, It performed Its office also in front of Herod. My silence at the stormy questions of Herod, my modest gaze, the air of my Person, all full of sweetness, of dignity, of nobility, were all truths - and operating truths.”

June 6, 1922
By living in the Divine Will, cross and sanctity become similar to those of Jesus.

I was thinking to myself: ‘How is it that my good Jesus has changed with me? Before, He would be all delighted in letting me suffer; everything was participation in nails and cross. Now everything has vanished; He no longer delights in letting me suffer; and if sometimes I suffer, He looks at me with such indifference; He no longer shows that taste of the past.’

Now, while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, sighing, told me: “My daughter, when there are superior tastes, minor tastes lose their delight, their attractiveness, and therefore one looks at them with indifference. The cross binds grace; but who nourishes it? Who makes it grow to the proper stature? My Will. My Will alone completes everything and allows my highest designs to be accomplished in the soul. If it wasn’t for my Will, even the cross, as much power and greatness as it contains, can cause souls to remain only half way. Oh! how many suffer, but since the continuous nourishment of my Will is missing, they do not reach the destination - the undoing of the human will. And the Divine Will cannot give the last blow, the final brush stroke of Divine Sanctity.

See, you say that nails and cross have vanished. False, my daughter - false. Before, your cross was small, incomplete; now, as my Will elevates you into my Will, your cross becomes large, and each act you do in my Volition is a nail that your will receives. And as you live in my Will, yours extends so much as to diffuse you in each creature, and for each one of them it gives Me that life which I gave them, so as to render Me the honor, the glory, the purpose for which I created her. See, your cross extends not only for you, but for each creature; therefore I see your cross everywhere. Before, I saw it only in you, now I see it everywhere. Your fusing yourself in my Will, with no personal interest, but only to give Me that which all should give Me, and to give to everyone all the good that my Will contains, is only of the Divine Life, not of the human. So, my Will alone is that which forms this Divine Sanctity in the soul. On the other hand, your previous crosses were human sanctity, and that which is human, as holy as it may be, is incapable of doing great things, but small ones; and even less can it elevate the soul to the sanctity and to the fusion with the operating of her Creator; she remains always in the restriction of a creature. But my Will, knocking down all human barriers, flings her into the divine immensity, and everything becomes immense in her: cross, nails, sanctity, love, reparation - everything. My goal in you was not the human sanctity, although it was necessary to first do the small things in you; and this is why I delighted so much.

Now, as I made you go beyond, and having to make you live in my Volition, in seeing your littleness, your atom, embrace immensity in order to give Me love and glory for all and for each one, to render Me all the rights of the whole Creation, this delights Me so much, that all other things give Me no taste any more. Therefore, your cross, your nails, will be my Will which, keeping yours crucified, will complete the true crucifixion in you - not at intervals, but perpetual, fully similar to Mine, as I was conceived crucified and died crucified. My Cross was nourished by the Eternal Will alone, and therefore I was crucified for all and for each one. My Cross marked everyone with Its emblem.”

June 9, 1922

Jesus wants to rest in the soul. Everything in Him is merciful love.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus would come very often; and sometimes He would lean His head upon mine, telling me: “My daughter, I need rest. The uncreated intelligence wants to rest in the created intelligence. But in order to find true rest, I should find in your intelligence all the glory and the contentment that all other intelligences should give Me. Therefore my Will wants to expand your capacity to be able to find this rest. No, I am not content if my Will does not place in you everything that others should give Me.” So, He seemed to breathe over my intelligence, and it remained as though chained by many threads of light, for as many created minds as came out of the hands of our Creator. And each thread of light said: “Glory, gratitude, honor… to my God, trice Holy.” And Jesus said: “Ah! yes, now I can rest. I find the requital of the intelligence of Creation; the created mind is fused with the uncreated mind.”

Afterwards, He leaned His head upon my heart, and it seemed that He could not find complete rest; so He placed His mouth upon my heart, and breathed into it. At each breath my heart became larger. Then He added: “Daughter, I am determined to rest; therefore I want to breathe into your heart so much as to place in it all the love which all the rest of Creation should give Me. My rest cannot be perfect if I do not find the requital of the love that came out of Me. Therefore I want to find in this heart the love that all should give Me. My Volition will make this prodigy in you, and your heart will have a note for everyone, which says to Me: ‘Love’.” Then, He leaned His head upon my heart again, and rested. How beautiful it was to see Jesus resting! Then He would disappear and come back; and now He wanted to rest on my hands, now on my shoulder. It seemed that He wanted to see whether my whole person was fit to let Him rest.

Afterwards He told me: “My beloved, how much love I feel toward you. All the love that I should give to others, and that they refuse, I centralize in you. In you I hear the echo of my creative word: ‘Let Us make man in Our image and likeness’, and I see the fulfillment of it. Ah! Our Will alone will make man return to his first origin. Our Will will cast all the divine impressions into the human will, and overwhelming one will within the Other, It will carry him on Its wings into the arms of his Creator - not ugly, as sin rendered him, but pure and beautiful, and similar to his Creator. Therefore, I want you to receive all the impressions of my Will into yours, so that Heaven and earth may recognize nothing but Divine Will alone acting in you, by which they will feel as though overwhelmed; and all will receive the good of the divine operating in the creature. Therefore, be ready in everything, and be faithful to Me.”

After this He came back again, but all afflicted; and He told me: “I feel sad when they think that I am severe, and that I make more use of Justice than of Mercy. They act with Me as if I were to strike them at each circumstance. Oh! how dishonored I feel by these ones. In fact, this leads them to remain at due distance from Me, and one who is distant cannot receive all the fusion of my love. And while they are the ones who do not love Me, they think that I am severe and almost a Being that strikes fear; while by just taking a look at my life, they can but notice that I did only one act of Justice – when, in order to defend the house of my Father, I took the ropes and snapped them to the right and to the left, to drive out the profanators. Everything else, then, was all Mercy: Mercy my conception, my birth, my words, my works, my steps, the Blood I shed, my pains - everything in Me was merciful love. Yet, they fear Me, while they should fear themselves more than Me.”

June 11, 1922
The natural life symbolizes the spiritual life.

I was thinking to myself: “How is it that the spiritual life also undergoes so many changes? While one is convinced that this must be his life, then, when he least expects it, he is flung somewhere else, dragging along who knows how many painful repercussions that make the heart bleed. It can be said that because of the so many changes that one goes through, it is a continuous martyrdom.’ And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, indeed the spiritual life must be a continuous martyrdom, because it must be similar to the first and greatest of Martyrs – that is, Myself. And if it were not so, it cannot be given the true name of spiritual life, but larva and shadow of it. Then, it is necessary for it to undergo various changes; and this, in order to make it reach the proper stature, and to render it noble, beautiful and perfect. If the human nature itself, which is less important, undergoes who knows how many changes in order to reach the proper stature, much more so the spiritual, which is more important than the natural life, and superior to it. Even more, the natural symbolizes the spiritual.

Observe a little bit: how many changes does the natural life undergo? It is conceived inside the maternal womb, and there it remains for as many as nine months, to form the little body; and when it is formed, it is forced to come out; and if it wanted to remain inside, it would die because, lacking the space to grow, it would suffocate, jeopardizing its life and that of the mother. Now, if this conception were formed outside of the maternal womb, who would provide the blood and the heat to form the little body? Moreover, since the members are extremely tender, the air itself would kill it. How much caution is it not needed with the little newborn? The heat, the cold, the very narrowness of the maternal womb can be deadly for him - and therefore swaddling clothes, cradle, milk. If one wanted to give him some other food, the little one would not be able to chew it; so, his life would be put in danger. But then the time also comes when he becomes capable of taking food; the swaddling clothes are removed, and he learns to take a few steps. Do you see? We are only at his infancy, and he has already gone through three changes.

Now, what would one say if this little one, seeing himself placed on the ground to let him take the first step, in fear of being snatched from the arms of his mama, screamed, cried, and refused to have any of it? One would feel sorry for him, because in the arms of his mama he would never become a man; without motion he would not become strong, nor developed.

Now let us come to the true spiritual life. It is conceived in my womb; my Blood, my love and my breath form it. Then I feed it at my breast; I swaddle it with my graces. Then I move on to make it walk with my truths. However, with this, my design is not to form a child for fun, but to form a copy fully similar to Myself. And this is why the changes come in - for nothing other than to let it reach a mature age and give it all those privileges and prerogatives that the true spiritual life contains. Otherwise, it would remain like a baby in swaddling clothes who, instead of forming my honor and my glory, would form my sorrow and dishonor. And how many are those who remain only newborn, or swaddled at most. Very few are those who work together with Me, to make of them a copy of Myself.”

June 15, 1922
The divine heartbeat is the little cell of the soul who lives in the Divine Will, and it harmonizes everything in the creature.

Continuing in my usual state, I was thinking about the Holy Will of God, and while I was fusing myself in It, my always lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, my Eternal Will was the central point of my Life. From the first act of my conception up to my last breath, It preceded Me, It accompanied Me, making Itself life of my act; and It followed Me, enclosing my act in the eternal sphere of my Will, from which I could find no way out. And since my Eternal Will was immense, there was not one point which It would not encircle, nor generation in which It would not dominate. So, it was as though natural for It to form my acts, and to multiply them for all, as if they were for one alone. An individual can give only what he possesses; as much power as he may contain, he cannot give more than what he possesses. Now, my Will possessed the immensity, the power of the multiplication of acts into as many as It wanted, the eternity into which It overwhelmed all things present to everyone, as in the beginning of all things, so until the end. This is why, from the first moment of my conception, the power of my Will formed as many conceptions for as many creatures as would come into existence. It multiplied my words, thoughts, works, steps, and extended them from the first to the last man. The power of the Eternal Volition converted my Blood, my pains, into immense seas of which all could avail themselves. If it wasn’t for the prodigy of the Supreme Will, my very Redemption would have been individual, circumscribed, and only for a few generations.

Now, my Will has not changed: what It was, It is, and will be. More so since, I Myself having come upon earth, I came to tie again the Divine Will to the human. For one who does not escape from this tie and places herself at the mercy of the Divine Will, letting herself be preceded, accompanied and followed, enclosing her act inside my Volition, what happened to Me happens to the soul. See, as you were fusing your thoughts, your words, your works, your reparations, your little love in my Will, I extended them, I multiplied them, and they made themselves antidote for each thought, for each word, for each work, reparation for each offense, and love for each love that is due to Me. And if this does not happen, it is the fault of the human will which, not abandoning itself completely prey to the Divine Will, does not take everything, nor can it give itself to everyone, therefore it feels the sensations of what is human, which make it unhappy, circumscribe it, impoverish it, and render it partial. This is the reason for all my interest that your will live life in Mine, and that you understand well what it means to live in It, as much as it is possible for a creature; because if you do this, you will have obtained everything, and will give Me everything.”

Having said this, He disappeared. But later He came back again, and made Himself seen all wounded. But those wounds formed many little cells in which Jesus called souls, to enclose them in them and keep them safe. So I said to Him: ‘My Love, what about my little cell – where is it, so that I may enclose myself in it, never to go out again?’ And Jesus: “My daughter, for you there are no little cells in my Body, because one who lives in my Will cannot live in one apartment of mine, but must live in the beating of my Heart. The heartbeat is the center and the life of the human body; if the heartbeat ceases, life ceases. The heartbeat maintains the blood circulation, the heat, the breathing, and therefore the strength, the activity of the members. If the heartbeat is not regular, all the human faculties are in disorder; even the intelligence loses liveliness, ingenuity, the fullness of the intellectual light. In fact, in creating man, I placed a special sound in his heart, to which I bound the eternal harmony, in such a way that if the heartbeat is healthy, everything is harmony in the creature.

Now, my Will is like the heartbeat in the creature. If It palpitates, sanctity harmonizes, the virtues harmonize - she harmonizes between Heaven and earth; her harmony extends up to the Sacrosanct Trinity. This is why for you there is my heartbeat that offers itself as little cell to enclose you in it, and so that, palpitating with one single heartbeat, you may harmonize between Heaven and earth, circulate in the past, in the present and in the future, be present in everything - you circulating in Me, and I in you.”

June 19, 1922
Every time the soul operates in the Divine Will, she gives God the field to put out new beatitudes and new contentments.

Continuing in my usual state, I felt sunken in the Supreme Volition of my sweet Jesus. It seemed to me that each little act of mine done in the Divine Will made new contentments come out from within the Divine Majesty; and my lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, I possess such contentments, happinesses and beatitudes that I could give ever new joys and beatitudes at each instant. So, every time the soul operates in my Will, she gives Me the field to put out new beatitudes and new contentments which I possess. And since my Will is immense and invades everyone and everything, as they come out, they flow over the soul who is operating in my Will, as the primary cause for which my beatitudes are released, and then they circulate in everyone, both in Heaven and on earth. Therefore, as many times as you operate in my Will, so many more beatitudes and joys do you let Me put out, and I feel the contentment of sharing the joys that I possess.

My Will wants to put out what It possesses, but It keeps looking for one who would give It the occasion, one who is disposed to receive, one who prepares a little space in her soul in which to place these new contentments of mine. Now, by wanting to do my Will, the soul opens the doors of my Volition, and emptying herself of her own volition, she prepares a little space for Me in which to place my goods. And as she enters into my Will to operate, she gives Me the occasion to issue new beatitudes from Myself. Therefore, I anxiously await the soul to come to operate in my Eternal Volition, in order to unleash a new joy from Myself, and make Myself known as that God who is never exhausted, and who has always something to give to one who does my Will.”

June 23, 1922
How the truths are more than sun.

I was thinking to myself: ‘Jesus says many things about His Most Holy Will, but it seems that He is not understood, and even by the confessors themselves - they seem doubtful, and before a light so immense, they remain neither illuminated nor drawn to love a Will so lovable.’ Now, while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus, throwing His arm around my neck, told me: “My daughter, do not be surprised at this. Those who are not completely empty of their own will cannot have a sure knowledge of Mine, because the human will forms the cloud between Mine and theirs, and hinders the knowledge of the value and effects that Mine contains. But in spite of this, they cannot say that it is not light.

See, also the things that can be seen down here are not comprehended by man. Who can ever tell what I did in creating the sun, or how much light and heat it contains? Yet, they see it, they enjoy its effects; it is with them all day, its heat and light follow them everywhere. And with all this, they neither know nor can they tell its height, or the light and the heat it possesses. And if anyone wanted to rise up in order to know this, the light would eclipse him, the heat would burn him. So, man is forced to keep his eyes low and enjoy the light without being able to investigate it, contenting himself with saying: ‘It is sun’.

So, if this happens with the sun which can be seen and which I created for the natural good of man, more so with the truths which contain - oh! how much more light and heat than the sun itself; especially, then, the truths that regard my Will, which contain eternal effects, goods and value. Who can ever measure all that It contains? It would be as though wanting to eclipse oneself. It would be better to lower one’s forehead and enjoy the light that my truth brings, loving it and making that little light which the human intelligence comprehends one’s own, rather than putting it aside, as something that does not belong to them, because they do not comprehend all the fullness of the light. So, with the sun, although they do not comprehend it, they enjoy its light as much as they can, they make use of it in order to operate, to walk, to look, and – oh! how they long for daylight, so that the light may keep them company and live with them. But then, my truths, which are more than light and make the sun of the day rise in the human minds, are neither regarded, nor loved, nor longed for, and are held as a trifle. What sorrow! However, when I see that they put my truths aside, I put them aside, and I let my truths do their course with the souls who love them and long for them, and make use of their light in order to model their lives and become one with them. Do you think I have told you everything about the truths, about the effects and the value that my truth contains? Oh! how many more suns do I have to make rise. And do not be surprised if you do not comprehend everything. Be content with living of its light, and this is enough for Me.”

June 26, 1922
Isolation and loneliness of Jesus in the midst of creatures.

Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus came; and since I had been all contracted for a few days, so much so, that I felt impotent to motion, taking my hands in His, He told me: “My daughter, let Me loosen you Myself.” And placing Himself close to me, He put my arms on His shoulders, telling me: “Now you are loosened – clasp Me to yourself, for I have come to keep you company and receive yours in exchange. See, I am the God isolated by creatures; I live in their midst, I am life of each one of their acts, and they keep Me as if I did not exist with them. Oh! how I cry over my loneliness. I have had the same lot as the sun: while it lives with its light and heat in the midst of all, and there is no fecundity that does not come from it, and with its heat it purifies the earth of so much filth, and its goods are incalculable, which, with magnanimity, it makes descend upon all; yet, it lives up high always alone, and man, ungrateful, never sends a ‘thank you’ to it, an attestation of gratitude.

So I am - alone! always alone, while, being in their midst, I am light of each thought, sound of each word, motion of each work, step of each foot, beat of each heart; and man, ungrateful, leaves Me alone - he says not a ‘thank You’ to Me, not one ‘I love You’. I remain isolated in the intelligence, because the light that I give them they use for themselves, and maybe even to offend Me; in the words, because many times the sound that they form serves to blaspheme Me. I remain isolated in the works, which they use in order to kill Me; in the steps, in the heart, which are intent only on disobeying Me and loving what does not belong to Me. Oh! how this loneliness weighs on Me! But my love, my magnanimity, is so great that, more than sun, I continue my course; and in my course I keep investigating whether anyone wants to keep Me company in so much loneliness. And as I find one, I form my perennial company in him, and I lavish all my graces upon him. This is why I have come to you - I was tired of so much loneliness. Never leave Me alone, my daughter.”

July 6, 1922
Blessing which Jesus gave to His Mama before His Passion. One who lives in the Divine Will is the depository of the Sacramental Life of Jesus.

I was thinking and accompanying Jesus in the Hour of the Passion when He went to His Divine Mama to ask for Her holy blessing; and my most sweet Jesus in my interior told me: “My daughter, before my Passion, I wanted to bless my Mama and be blessed by Her. But it was not only my Mama that I blessed, but all creatures, and not only those which are animate, but also the inanimate. I saw the creatures weak, covered with wounds, poor; my Heart had a throb of sorrow and of tender compassion, and I said: “Poor humanity, how decayed you are. I want to bless you, so that you may rise again from your decay. May my blessing impress in you the triple seal of the power, the wisdom and the love of the Three Divine Persons, and may it restore your strength, heal you and enrich you. And in order to surround you with defense, I bless all things created by Me, that you may receive them all blessed by Me. I bless for you the light, the air, the water, the fire, the food, so that you may remain as though submerged and covered by my blessings. And since you did not deserve it, I wanted to bless my Mama, using Her as channel in order to make my blessings reach you. And just as my Mama requited Me with Her blessings, so do I want creatures to requite Me with their blessings; but alas! instead of a requital of blessings, they requite Me with offenses and maledictions. Therefore, my daughter, enter into my Will, and rising upon the wings of all created things, seal all of them with the blessings that all should give Me, and bring the blessings of all to my sorrowful and tender Heart.”

Then, after I did this, as though to repay me, He said to me: “My beloved daughter, I bless you in a special way; I bless your heart, your mind, your motion, your word, your breath - I bless all of you, and everything in you.”

Then, after this, I followed the other Hours of the Passion, and while I was following the Eucharistic Supper, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, and with the tip of His finger He knocked strongly within my interior, so much so, that I heard Him with my ears, and I said to myself: ‘What could Jesus want, that He is knocking?’ And He, calling me, told me: “It was not enough to knock so as to be heard, but also to call you so as to be listened to. Listen, my daughter: while I instituted the Eucharistic Supper, I called everyone around Me, I looked at all generations, from the first to the last man, in order to give my Sacramental Life to all - and not once, but so many times for as many as he needs corporal food. I wanted to constitute Myself food for the soul, but I was very troubled at seeing that this, my Sacramental Life, would be surrounded by scorns, by neglects, and even by ruthless death. I felt ill, I experienced all the grips of the death of my Sacramental Life, so harrowing and repeated. I looked more closely, I made use of the power of my Will, and I called around Me the souls who would live in my Will. Oh! how happy I felt. I felt surrounded by these souls, whom the power of my Will kept as though submerged, and who had my Will as center of their life. I saw my immensity in them, and I found Myself well defended from all; and to them I entrusted my Sacramental Life. I deposited It in them, so that they would not only take care of It, but requite Me for each consecrated Host with one life of theirs. And this happens naturally, because my Sacramental Life is animated by my Eternal Will, and the life of these souls has my Will as center of life; therefore, when my Sacramental Life is formed, my Volition, acting in Me, acts in them, and I feel their life in my Sacramental Life. They multiply with Me in each Host, and I feel I am given life for life.

Oh! how I exulted in seeing you as the first one - you, whom I called in a special way to form your life in my Will! I made in you the first deposit of all my Sacramental Lives, I entrusted you to the power and to the immensity of the Supreme Volition, that they might render you capable of receiving this deposit; and from that time you were present to Me, and I constituted you depository of my Sacramental Life, and, in you, all the other souls who would live in my Will. I gave you primacy over everything - and with reason, because my Will is not subject to anyone – and even over the Apostles and the priests. In fact, if they consecrate Me, they do not, however, remain as life together with Me; on the contrary, they leave Me alone and forgotten, not caring about Me; while these souls would be life within my own Life - inseparable from Me. This is why I love you so much – it is my own Will that I love in you.”

July 10, 1922
The living in the Divine Will is to repeat the real Life of Jesus, not only in the soul, but also in the body.

Continuing in my usual state, I felt my always lovable Jesus in my interior - but so real, that now I would feel Him squeeze my heart so tightly as to make me suffer; now He would clasp His arms around my neck to the point of suffocating me; now He would sit on my heart, assuming an air of empire and command, and I would feel myself being as though annihilated and then rising again to new life under His command. But who can say what He did in my interior, and what I felt? I believe it is better to pass over it in silence.

Then, while I was feeling His real presence in my interior, He told me: “My daughter, rise, rise more - but so high as to reach the womb of the Divinity; your life will be among the Divine Persons. See, in order to make you reach this point, I formed my Life in you, I enclosed my Eternal Volition in whatever you do, and there It flows in a marvelous and surprising way, and my Volition is acting in you in continuous immediate act. Now, after I have formed my Life in you, with my Will acting in you, in your acts, your will has remained soaked, transfused, in such a way that my Will possesses a life upon earth. Now it is necessary that you rise and carry with you my Life, my Will, so that my Volition of the earth and that of Heaven may fuse together, and you may live life for some time in the womb of the Divinity, where your volition will be acting in Mine, so as to be able to expand it as much as a creature can be capable of. Then, you will descend again upon the earth, bringing the power and the prodigies of my Will, in such a way that creatures will be shaken, they will open their eyes, and many will know what it means to live in my Will - to live in the likeness of their Creator. This will be the beginning of the coming of my Kingdom upon earth, and of the final fulfillment of my Will.

Do you think that the living in my Will is something trivial? There is nothing that equals It, nor sanctity that matches It. It is the real Life, not a fantastic one, as some may imagine; and this Life of Mine is not only in the soul, but also in the body. But do you know how this, my Life, is formed? My Eternal Will is that of the soul, and my heartbeat, palpitating in her heart, forms my conception; her love, her pains, and all her acts done in my Will form my Humanity, and make Me grow so much that I cannot remain hidden, nor can she help feeling Me. Don’t you feel Me, alive, in your interior? This is why I told you that the Sanctity of living in my Will cannot be matched by anything else; all other sanctities will be like little lights, while this will be the great Sun transfused in Its Creator.”

Now, in order to obey, and with great repugnance, I will say how I feel my Jesus in my interior: I feel Him at the place of my heart, almost in a visible way; now I hear Him praying, and many times I hear Him with the ears of my body, and I pray together with Him; now suffering, and He makes me hear His interrupted and labored breath, and I feel it in my breath, so much so, that I am forced to pant together with Him. And since all creatures are contained in Him, I feel His breath diffusing as life in all the human motions and breaths, and I diffuse myself together with Him. Now I hear Him moaning, agonizing; now I feel Him move His arms and stretch them within mine; now sleeping, leaving deep silence in my interior. But who can say everything? Jesus alone can say what He operates in me, for I don’t have sufficient words to manifest it. I did this only to obey, with highest torment for my soul, and for fear that my Jesus might be displeased; because He tolerates me as long as obedience does not command me; but if obedience commands, only the Fiat is left to me, otherwise He would annihilate me. I hope that everything be for His glory, and to my confusion.

July 14, 1922
How God is naturally inclined to generate beings similar to Himself. Luisa, generatrix of the Kingdom of the Divine Will in others.

As I was in my usual state, my sweet Jesus carried me outside of myself, up into the womb of the Eternal One. But while I was swimming in that womb - and I am unable to say what I felt and comprehended, because I lack the words to express myself - my always lovable Jesus told me: “Beloved daughter of Our Will, I have brought you into the womb of Our Divinity, so that your will may extend more within Ours, and may take part in Our way of acting. Our Divinity is naturally inclined to generation; It does nothing other than generate continuously, and all things created by Us carry with them the virtue of generating. The sun generates light in each human eye, in each work and step; it seems that it multiplies for each man, for each plant and for each point of the earth. If it did not have this virtue, this connection with its Creator and Generator, by no means could the sun give light to all and be at everyone’s disposal. The flower generates another flower, fully similar to itself; the seed generates another seed; man generates another man. So, all things carry with them the virtue of their Creator – of generating. We are so very naturally inclined to generate and to reproduce from Ourselves beings similar to Ourselves. This is why I have called you into Our womb, so that, as you live with Us, your will, diffusing within Ours, may expand and generate sanctity, light, love, together with Us; and multiplying in everyone together with Us, it may generate in others what it has received from Us.

This is Our only Will left to Us with regard to Creation: that Our Will act in the creature as It acts in Us. Our Love wants to unleash Our Will from Our womb in order to deposit It in the creature, but It keeps looking for one who is disposed, who would recognize It and appreciate It, so that It may generate in her what It generates in Us. This is the reason for so many graces, so many manifestations about my Will: it is the Sanctity of my Will that demands it - that before being placed in the soul, It be known, loved and revered; that It be able to carry out in her all Its virtue and power, and be surrounded by the cortege of Our own graces. So, everything I do to you is nothing other than equipping and adorning the dwelling for my Will. Therefore, be attentive; here in Our womb you will learn Our ways better, and you will receive all the prerogatives which befit the designs We have formed upon you.”

July 16, 1922
In order to reign, the Sanctity of living in the Divine Will must be known.

Since the confessor had told me that I had to let copying be done from my writings of what blessed Jesus has made me write on the different virtues, I felt a pain in me, a martyrdom, in letting what Jesus had told me come out. So, as blessed Jesus came, I said to Him: ‘My Love, only for me these martyrdoms - that I myself should be the instrument for putting out what You have manifested to me. More so, since in having to put out what You have told me, I am forced in certain things to put out myself also. My Jesus, what martyrdom! Yet, though with highest torment for my soul, I am forced to obey. Give me strength, help me! Only for me, this; You have said so many things to others, You have given them many graces, and no one has known anything; and if something has become known after their death, the rest remained all buried with them. Only for me the lot of this martyrdom.’

And Jesus, all goodness, told me: “My daughter, courage, do not lose heart too much. I will be with you also in this. In the face of my Will yours must disappear; and besides, it is the Sanctity of my Will that wants to be known; here is the reason. The Sanctity of living in my Will has no path, nor doors, nor keys, nor rooms - It invades everything. It is like the air that one breathes: everyone must and can breathe it. If they but want it, and put the human will aside, the Divine Will will make Itself be breathed by the soul, and will give her the life, the effects, the value of the Life of my Volition. And if It is not known, how will they be able to love and want a living so holy, and the greatest glory that the creature can give Me?

The sanctity of the other virtues is known enough in the whole Church, and whoever wants it, can copy it; this is why I was not concerned with multiplying that same knowledge. But the Sanctity of living in my Will, the effects, the value It contains, the final brush stroke that my creative hand will give to the creature in order to render her similar to Me, is not yet known. This is the reason for all my urging, that what I have told you be manifested; and if you did not do so, you would as though constrain my Will, imprison the flames that devour Me within Me, and make Me delay the complete glory that Creation owes Me. However, I want things to come out as orderly, because one missing word, one broken nexus, connection or sentence, instead of shedding light, would cast darkness about Me, and instead of making creatures give Me glory and love, would make them remain indifferent. Therefore, be attentive; I want what I have said to come out whole.” And I: ‘But in order to put your part as whole, I am forced to put part of mine.’ And Jesus: “And what do you mean by this? If we have made the way united, do you want Me to come out into the field alone? And besides, whom should I point out and set as example to be imitated, if the one whom I instructed and who has the practice of the way how to live in my Will does not want to be known? My daughter, this is absurd.”

‘Ah! Jesus, into what a maze You cast me - I feel I am dying. I hope that your Fiat will give me the strength.’

“Therefore, remove your will, and my Fiat will do everything.”

July 20, 1922
The living in the Divine Will must graft in the soul everything that the Divine Will did and made Jesus suffer in His Humanity. The Most Holy Trinity veiled upon earth.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus came and plunged me so deep into His Will, that even if I wanted to go out, it would have been impossible for me. It happened to me as to a person who has voluntarily allowed himself to be flung from his little place into an interminable place; and in seeing the length of the way, of which he knows not even the boundaries, he gives up the thought of tracing his little place, but he is happy with his lot. So, while I was swimming in the immense sea of the Divine Will, my sweet Jesus told me: “Dearest daughter of my Will, I want to make of you a repeater of my Life. The living in my Will must graft in the soul everything that my Will did and made Me suffer in my Humanity – It tolerates no dissimilarity. See, my Eternal Will imposed on my Humanity to accept as many deaths for as many creatures as would have life in the light of the day; and my Humanity accepted these deaths with love, so much so, that the Eternal Volition made as many marks in my Humanity for as many deaths as I was to suffer. Now, would you want Me to mark yours with as many marks as Mine received, so that you may suffer as many deaths as I suffered?”

I pronounced the ‘Fiat’, and Jesus, with mastery and speed together, marked mine with as many marks of death for as many as He had, saying to me: “Be attentive and strong in suffering these deaths; more so since, from these deaths, life will come out for as many other creatures.” Now, while He was saying this, He touched me with His own creative hands; and as He touched me, He created suffering - such as to make me feel mortal pains. He tore my heart, and wounded it in a thousand ways - now with arrows of fire, now with arrows so ice-cold as to make me numb; now He squeezed it so tightly that I remained immobile. But who can say everything? He alone can say what He does.

I felt crushed, annihilated, and I almost feared I didn’t have the strength; and He, as though wanting to rest from the pains He had given me, continued, saying: “What do you fear? Perhaps that my Will may not have enough strength to sustain you in the pains I want to give you? Or that you might go out of the boundaries of my Will? This will never be. Don’t you see how many immense seas my Will has extended around you, in such a way that you yourself cannot find the way out? All the truths, the effects, the values, the knowledges I have manifested to you, have been as many seas by which you have been surrounded; and yet more seas will I continue to extend.

Courage, my daughter; all this is necessary to the Sanctity of living in my Will - to generate likeness between Me and the soul. So I did with my Mama: I did not tolerate even one little pain, or any act or good that I did, in which She would not participate. One was the Will that animated Us, and therefore, when I suffered deaths and pains, or when I operated, She would die, suffer, operate together with Me. In her soul She was to be my faithful copy, in such a way that, in reflecting Myself in Her, I was to find another Me. Now, what I did with my Mama I want to do with you - after Her, I place you. I want the Most Holy Trinity to be veiled upon earth: Myself, my Mama, and you. And this is necessary - that by means of a creature my Will may have operating life upon earth. And how can It have this operating life if I do not give what my Will contains, and what It made my Humanity suffer? My Will had true operating life in Me and in my inseparable Mama; now I want It to have it in you. One creature is absolutely necessary to Me – so has my Will established; the others will be conditioned.”

I felt all confounded. I comprehended what Jesus was saying, and I felt my poor being more annihilated, undone. I felt so unworthy that I thought to myself: ‘What a mistake Jesus is making. There are so many good souls that He could choose.’ But while I was thinking of this within myself, He added: “Poor daughter, your littleness, near Me, dissolves; but so I have decided. I had to take her from the human race; had I not taken you, I would have taken another creature; but since you are littler, I raised you on my knees, I nourished you at my breast like a little baby. So, I feel my own Life in you, and therefore I fixed my gaze upon you; I looked at you over and over again and, pleased, I called the Father and the Holy Spirit to look at you, and with unanimous consensus, We chose you. Therefore, there is nothing left for you but to be faithful to Me, and to embrace with love the life, the pains, the effects, and everything that Our Will wants.”

July 24, 1922
Bonds between Jesus and each soul. Correspondence to grace.

Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus came with an enchanting majesty and love, and showed me all generations, from the first to the last man, and each of them was bound and tied together with my sweet Jesus; and the tying was such that it seemed to multiply for each creature, in such a way that each one had Him for himself alone, and Jesus gave that Life of His to suffer any pain and death that each one would have to suffer, so as to be able to say to the Celestial Father: “My Father, in each creature You will have as many of Myself, who will give You, for each one, what each one owes You.” While I was seeing this, my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, do you also want to accept the bond with each being, so that there may be no dissimilarity between you and Me?”

I don’t know how, I felt as if the weight of all were leaning on my shoulders. I saw my unworthiness and weakness, and I felt such repugnance as to feel faint, to the point that blessed Jesus, having compassion for me, took me in His arms and pressed me to His Heart, letting me place my mouth at the opening of the wound that pierced Him, saying to me: “Drink, my daughter, the Blood that gushes forth from this wound, that you may receive the strength that you lack. Courage, do not fear, I will be with you; we will share together all the weight, the work, the pains and the deaths. This is why I tell you, ‘be attentive and faithful’ - because my grace wants correspondence; otherwise, it takes nothing to descend. What does it take to open and to close one’s eyes? It takes nothing. Yet, the great good of keeping them open, and the great harm of keeping them closed. By keeping them open, the eyes are filled with light - with sun; with this light the hand can operate, the foot can walk safely and without stumbling; one can distinguish objects, whether they are good or bad; one can reorder things, read, write. Now, what does it take to lose all this good? Closing one’s eyes. The hand cannot operate, the foot cannot walk, and if it does, it is subject to stumbling; one can no longer distinguish objects; he reduces himself to inability. Such is the correspondence: nothing other than opening the eyes of the soul. And as she opens them, light comes into the mind, my image is reflected in everything she does, copying Me faithfully; in such a way that she does nothing other than receive continuous light from Me, so as to convert her whole being into light. On the other hand, lack of correspondence plunges the soul into darkness, and renders her inoperative.”

July 28, 1922
Likeness of the soul to Jesus, not only in the deaths of pain, but also in those of love.

I felt all immersed in His Most Holy Will, and my sweet Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter, identify your intelligence with mine, so that yours may circulate in all the intelligences of creatures, and receive the bond of each of their thoughts, in order to substitute them with as many other thoughts done in my Will, and I may receive the glory as if all thoughts were done in a divine manner. Expand your will in Mine - nothing must escape you which is not caught in the net of your will and Mine. My Will in Me and my Will in you must blend together and have the same interminable boundaries; but I need that your will be willing to extend within Mine, and that not one thing created by Me escape it, so that in all things I may hear the echo of the Divine Will in the human will, and I may generate my likeness in it. See, my daughter, I suffered double deaths for each creature - one of love and another of pain. In fact, in creating him, I created him as a complex, all of love, so that nothing but love was to come out of him; so much so, that my love and his were to be in continuous currents. But man not only did not love Me, but, ungrateful, he offended Me; and I had to repay my Divine Father for this lack of love, and I had to accept a death of love for each one, and another of pain for the offenses.”

But while He was saying this, I saw my sweet Jesus all in one flame, which consumed Him and gave Him death for each one; even more, I could see that each thought, word, motion, work, step, etc., were as many flames which consumed Jesus and vivified Him. Then Jesus added: “Would you not want my likeness? Would you not accept the deaths of love, as you accepted the deaths of pain?” And I: ‘Ah! my Jesus, I don’t know what happened to me; I still feel great repugnance for having accepted those of pain - how could I accept those of love, which seem harder to me? I tremble at the mere thought of it; my poor nature is annihilated more – it is undone. Help me, give Me strength, for I feel I cannot go on any more.’

And Jesus, all goodness, but determined, added: “Poor daughter of mine, courage, do not fear, and do not want to trouble yourself because of the repugnance you feel. Rather, in order to reassure you, I tell you that this too is likeness to Me. You must know that also my Humanity, as holy as It was, and immensely eager to suffer, felt this repugnance. But it was not my own; those were all the repugnances that creatures would feel in doing good, in accepting the pains that they deserved. And I had to suffer these pains which tortured Me not a little, in order to give them the inclination to good, and to render the pains sweeter for them; so much so, that in the Garden I cried out to the Father: ‘If it be possible, let this chalice pass from Me’. Do you think it was I? Ah, no! - you deceive yourself. I loved suffering to folly; I loved death to give life to my children. It was the cry of the whole human family that echoed in my Humanity; and I, crying out together with them to give them strength, repeated as many as three times: ‘If it be possible, let this chalice pass from Me’. I was speaking in the name of all, as if it were my own thing; but I felt crushed.

So, the repugnance that you feel is not your own - it is the echo of mine. If it were your own, I would have withdrawn. Therefore, my daughter, since I want to generate from Myself another image of Myself, I want you to accept; and I Myself want to mark these, my deaths of love, in your will, expanded and consumed within Mine.” And as He was saying this, He marked me with His holy hand, and disappeared. May everything be for the glory of God.

July 30, 1922
Luisa feels repugnance in letting the writings come out. Laments of Jesus.

In letting copying be done from my writings, in obedience to the confessor, of what Jesus had told me about the virtues, I wanted to have it copied without saying that it was Jesus who had told me that. And He, on coming, displeased, said to me: “My daughter, why do you want to hide Me? Am I perhaps a dishonored person, that you don’t want to mention my name? When one speaks of a good, a saying, a work, a truth from a dishonored person, one does not want to say who that person is, so as not to cause the esteem, the glory, the prestige and the effect contained in that good, in that saying, etc., to be lost. In fact, if one says who the person is, it will not be appreciated and will lose all its beauty, knowing that the source from which it comes deserves no appreciation. On the other hand, if that is a good and honored person, first one mentions the name of that person, to make what he said or did stand out more and be more appreciated, and then one tells what he did or said.

So, do I not deserve that my name be placed before my words? Ah! how badly you treat Me! I did not expect this sorrow from you. Yet, I have been so generous with you; I have manifested to you many things about Me; I have let you know many things, and the most intimate ones, about Me, which I have not done with others. You should have been more generous in making Me known; instead – the most sparing. Others, with the little I told them, would have set up trumpets in order to make Me known and loved. You, instead, want to hide Me. I don’t like this at all.”

And I, almost confused and humiliated to the summit, said to Him: ‘My Jesus, forgive me, You are right; it is because of the great repugnance I feel; this having to put my will into how I should come out tortures me. You, have pity on me, give me more strength and grace, and make my heart larger, that I may never again give you this sorrow.’ And Jesus: “I bless you, so that your heart may receive more grace, and may be more generous in making Me known and loved.”

August 2, 1922
Likeness to Jesus in His greatest pain: the abandonment of the Divinity in His pains.

Finding myself in my usual state, I saw myself all confused and as though separated from my sweet Jesus, to the point that, as He came, I said to Him: ‘My Love, how things have changed for me. Before, I used to feel so identified with You that I felt no division between You and me, and in the very pains I suffered You were with me. Now, the complete opposite: if I suffer, I feel separated from You, and if I see You before me or inside of me, it is in the appearance of a judge who condemns me to the penalty - to death; and You no longer take part in the pains that You Yourself give me. Yet, You tell me: “Rise more and more” - while I am descending.’

And Jesus, interrupting my speaking, told me: “My daughter, how you are deceiving yourself. This is happening because you accepted, and I marked, the deaths and the pains which I suffered for each creature. My Humanity also found Itself in these painful conditions. It was inseparable from my Divinity; yet, since my Divinity was untouchable by the pains, nor capable of suffering any shadow of pain, my Humanity found Itself alone in suffering, and my Divinity was only the spectator of the pains and deaths that I suffered. Even more, It was my inexorable Judge, who wanted to be paid the penalty of each pain of each creature. Oh! how my Humanity trembled. I remained crushed before that Supreme Light and Majesty, in seeing Myself covered with the sins of all, and with the pains and deaths that each one deserved! It was the greatest pain of my life – that while I was One with the Divinity and inseparable from It, in the pains I remained alone, and as though apart.

So, since I have called you to my likeness, what is the wonder if, while you feel Me within you, you see Me as the spectator of your pains which I Myself inflict upon you, and you feel as though separated from Me? Yet, your pain is nothing but the shadow of mine; and just as my Humanity was never separated from the Divinity, so I assure you that you are never separated from Me. These are the effects that you feel; but then, more than ever do I form one single thing with you. Therefore, courage, faithfulness, and do not fear.”

August 6, 1922
The Will of God is balance and order.

I felt all immersed in the Holy Will of God, and my sweet Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter, all things have equal weight for Me – the weight of Heaven is equal for Me to that of the earth. My Will contains perfect balance. Balance brings order, regimen, utility, harmony. All things harmonize together as if they were one single thing. Order brings equality; equality brings likeness. This is why there is so much harmony, order and likeness in the Three Divine Persons, and all created things are in perfect harmony - one is the support, the strength and the life of the other. If just one created thing disharmonized, all the others would tumble and end up in ruin.

Only man moved away from Us, from the balance of Our Will. Oh! how man tumbled, and from the highest place he fell into the deepest abyss! And in spite of my Redemption, not all of the human family has returned to its original state. This means that the gravest thing is to withdraw from the balance of Our Will; it means hurling oneself into chaos, into disorder, into the abyss of all evils. Now, my daughter, this is why I have called you in a special way into this balance of my Will - so that, as you live in It, you may come to balance the whole operating of deranged humanity. By living in my Will, you will balance yourself, you will be in order and in perfect harmony with Us and with all things created by Us. So, since you harmonize everything, We will feel you flowing in the sphere of Our Will, giving Us the order and the harmony of all the intelligences, words, works and steps of all. We will constitute your acts in Our Will as rulers of all the others, and We will make up for the chaos of misfortunate humanity. Each act of yours will be the mark of the order that We will receive in the name of all others. You have much to do in Our Will; you will be like a Queen, who will bring Us all conquests, all harmonies. Our Will will administer to you everything that is necessary so that you may make up for all before Us, and fill the void of balance of the human will, which received so much harm in withdrawing from the balance of Our Will.”

August 12, 1922
Value and effects of sacrifice.

I felt oppressed and in pain, in such a way that only my sweet Jesus can know. He scrutinizes each fiber of my poor heart and sees all the intensity of my torment. Having compassion for me, on coming, He sustained me in His arms, telling me: “My daughter, courage, I am here for You, what do you fear? Have I perhaps failed you? And if you do not feel like moving the slightest from my Will at any cost, much less do I feel like not being with you, and life of each act and pain of yours. Now, you must know that my Will is most pure gold; and so that the thread of your will may become most pure gold - in such a way that, as the thread of your will is braided with Mine, one would not be able to distinguish which one is yours and which one is Mine - it takes only sacrifice and pains. Consuming the thread of your human will, they substitute it with the golden divine thread which, identifying itself with mine, forms one single thread, and braiding the whole great wheel of Eternity, extends everywhere and finds itself in every place. But if my Will is gold and yours is iron, you will remain behind, and Mine will not lower Itself to be braided with yours. If you take two objects of gold, though each one may have its own different shape, by melting them, you will be able to form one single object, and would no longer be able to distinguish the gold of one from that of the other. But if one object is of gold and the other of iron, one will not stick to the other, and it will be impossible to form one single object of gold. So, only sacrifice changes the nature of the human will.

Sacrifice is burning fire that melts and consumes; sacrifice is sacred, and has the virtue of consecrating the Divine Will in the human; sacrifice is grace, and with its skillful brush it impresses the divine form and features. Here is the reason for the increasing of your pains: these are the final brush strokes which are needed in order to give the final extension and braiding of your will with Mine.”

And I: ‘Ah! my Jesus, all my pains, as painful as they are, such that they seem to annihilate me, do not oppress me; and if it pleases You, multiply them for me. But You know which one is the pain that torments me; for that one alone I implore your compassion, for it seems that I cannot go on any more. O please! for pity’s sake, help me, and free me, if it pleases You.’

And Jesus: “My daughter, in this pain also I will be with you; I will be your help, I will give you my strength in order to bear it. I could make you content, but it would not be decorous for Me to do that. A work so high, a mission so sublime and unique - calling you to live life in my Will – it would sound odd to Me if I did not make it pass through the organ of my Church. Besides, it was with my Will and with the intervention of obedience to a minister of mine, that you were placed in this state. If he does not feel like continuing, he can give you the obedience, so that, as you would do it to obey, there would still be perfect accord between you and Me. In fact, if you did it on your own, of your own will, not only would we not remain in accord, but you would remain disfigured. However, they must know that the world is currently on a stake; and if they don’t want Me to raise its flames higher and burn everything to ashes, then they should do what I want.” I remained terrified and more afflicted than before, but ready to do His Most Holy Will, not mine.

August 15, 1922
The acts of Jesus and those of the Most Holy Virgin in the Divine Will.

Finding myself in my usual state, I was abandoning myself in the arms of the Most Holy Will of God; and my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, in my Will you will find not only all the acts that my Humanity did, in which I braided all creatures together, but you will also find everything that my dear Mama did, which, being braided with Me, formed one single act.

As soon as I was conceived in Her womb, She began the braiding with my acts; and since my Humanity had no other Life, no other food, and no other purpose but the Will of my Father alone, which, flowing in everything, made Me the act of each creature, so as to give back to the Father the rights of Creator on the part of creatures, and to give Myself as Life to all creatures - in the same way, as She began Her braiding with Me, She too gave back to the Father, in the name of all, the rights of Creator, and gave Herself to all creatures. So, all creatures received, as Life, together with my acts, the acts of my Mama.

Now, in Heaven, She embraces all the glory of each one, on the part of each creature; my Will gives Her such glory, that there is no glory which She does not contain, and no glory which does not descend from Her. And since She braided with Me Her works, Her love, Her pains, etc., now in Heaven She is circumfused with so much glory, for as many as were the braidings that She did in my Will - this is why She surpasses everything, embraces everything and flows in everything. This is what it means to live in my Will. My beloved Mama could never have received so much glory, if all her acts had not run within my Will, constituting Her Queen and crown of all.

Now I want you in my Will, so that the braiding may not be between two, but among three; my Will wants to expand in order to find, in one creature, all creatures together. But, see the great good that will come to you, how much glory you will give Me, and how much good you will do to all!”

August 19, 1922
The pains which the Divinity inflicted on Jesus in His interior. The pains of the Passion were shadows and similes of the interior pains.

As I was in my usual state, sweet Jesus made me suffer part of His pains and of His deaths, which He suffered for each creature. From my little pains I could comprehend how atrocious and mortal the pains of Jesus had been. Then He told me: “My daughter, my pains are incomprehensible to the human nature, and the very pains of my Passion were shadows or similes of my interior pains. My interior pains were inflicted on Me by an Omnipotent God, and not one fiber could dodge His blow; those of my Passion were inflicted on Me by men who, having neither omnipotence nor all-seeingness, were not able to do what they themselves wanted, nor to penetrate into every single fiber of mine.

My interior pains were incarnate, and my very Humanity was transmuted into nails, into thorns, into scourges, into wounds, into martyrdom, so cruel as to give Me continuous deaths. These were inseparable from Me - they formed my very Life. On the other hand, those of my Passion were extraneous to Me; they were thorns and nails which could be driven inside, and eventually, they could also be removed; and the mere thought that a pain can be removed is a relief. But my interior pains, which were formed of my own flesh - there was no hope that they might be removed, or that the sharpness of a thorn, the piercing of the nails, might be lessened.

My interior pains were so great and so many that I could call the pains of my Passion reliefs and kisses given to my interior pains; and uniting together, they gave the final attestation of my great and excessive love for the salvation of souls. My external pains were voices that called everyone to enter into the ocean of my interior pains, to make them comprehend how much their salvation cost Me. And then, from your own interior pains, communicated by Me, you can somehow comprehend the continuous intensity of mine. Therefore, pluck up courage - it is love that pushes Me to this.”

August 23, 1922
The soul who lives in the Divine Will contains the fount of all pains, and also that of all joys.

I was feeling oppressed and in suffering, and as if my interior were in continuous act of undergoing new destructions and the annihilation of my poor being. So I prayed Jesus to give Me strength; and Jesus, on coming, took me in His arms to infuse new life in me; but this new life was given to me as the occasion to receive a new death, to then infuse in me another new life. Then He told me: “My daughter, my Will embraces everything; It holds tightly within Itself all the pains, all the martyrdoms, all the sorrows which exist in the round of all centuries. This is why my Humanity embraced everything - each pain, each martyrdom of creature: because my Life was nothing other than the Life of the Divine Will. And this was befitting in order to accomplish the work of Redemption; not only that, but so that I might constitute Myself King, help and strength of all martyrdoms, sorrows and pains. If I did not have the fount of all martyrdoms, sorrows and pains within Myself, how could I call Myself King of all and possess in Me the fount of all helps, supports, strength and grace which are needed for each pain of creature? It is necessary to have in order to give.

This is why I told you many times that the mission of calling a soul to live in my Will is the greatest, the highest and most sublime; there is no other that can match it. The immensity of my Volition will make all the martyrdoms, pains and sorrows reach her; my own Will will give her divine strength to bear them, and will form in her the fount of martyrdoms and sorrow; and my own Volition will constitute her queen of all martyrdoms, sorrows and pains. Do you see what it means to live in my Will? To suffer not just one martyrdom, but all martyrdoms; not one pain and sorrow, but all pains and all sorrows. Here then, the necessity that my Will be her Life; otherwise, who would give her the strength in so much suffering? And if this were not so, how could one say that the soul who lives in my Will is the strength of the martyr? If she did not have within herself the substance of that pain, how could she be strength for someone else? It would then be only a manner of speaking, an imaginary thing - not a reality.

I see that you are frightened in hearing this. No, do not fear. So many martyrdoms, sorrows and pains will be repaid with innumerable joys, contentments and graces, of which my own Volition will be the inexhaustible fount. This is just: if in the soul who lives in It, my Will will form the fount of sorrows as help for the whole human family, it is also just for It to form the fount of joys and of graces. With this difference: that the fount of sorrows will have an end, because the things of down here, as great as they may be, are always limited; but the fount of joys is from up there - they are divine, hence without end. Therefore, courage in following the way in my Will.”

August 26, 1922
The more one thinks about the truths, reads them, writes them, speaks about them, diffuses them, the more fragrance they give off.

I was reviewing, in my writings, according to the obedience, that which I had to mark so that it might be copied; and I thought to myself: ‘What is the purpose of so many sacrifices? What good will come from them?’ And while I was thinking and doing this, blessed Jesus took my hand in His, and squeezing it tightly, told me: “My daughter, just as the flower, when touched, gives off its fragrance with greater intensity - so much so that, if it is not touched, it seems that it does not contain so much fragrance, and the air does not receive the balm of that scent - the same for my truths: the more one thinks about them, reads them, writes them, speaks about them, diffuses them, the more fragrance they give off, in such a way as to perfume everything and reach even into Heaven. And I smell the fragrance of my truths, and I feel like manifesting more truths, in seeing that the truths I manifested spread the light and the fragrance which they contain. On the other hand, if my truths are not touched, the fragrance and the light remain as though compressed and do not spread; the good and the utility which my truths contain remain without effect, and I feel defrauded in the purpose for which I manifested my truths. Therefore, if only to let Me smell the fragrance of my words and make Me content, you should be happy to make the sacrifice.”

August 29, 1922
The soul in the Divine Will receives all the goods of the operating of Jesus.

Continuing in my usual state, I was thinking about how much my sweet Jesus did and suffered to save souls; and He, on coming, told me: “My daughter, everything that my Humanity did - prayers, words, works, steps and pains - is in act of giving itself to man. But who takes it? Who receives the grafting of my operating? One who draws close to Me and, uniting with Me, prays, receives the grafting of my prayer and the goods it contains. One who speaks, who teaches, united with Me, receives the grafting and the fruits of my words; and in the same way, one who works, who suffers, united with Me, receives the grafting and the goods which are in my pains and works. Otherwise, all the goods that I acquired for the creature remain suspended; and not being grafted with Me, she cannot enjoy the use of the goods that my Humanity wants to give with so much love. If there is no union, the goods of one remain as though dead for the other.

Imagine a wheel: the center of the wheel is my Humanity; the spokes, everything It did and suffered; the circumference on which the spokes are fixed is the whole human family which revolves around the wheel. Now, if this circumference, this second circle of the wheel, does not draw close in order to receive the connection with the spokes, the spokes remain suspended and cannot communicate the goods which the center of the wheel contains. Oh! how much I suffer in seeing my so many goods suspended, which human ingratitude not only does not receive, but despises and tramples. This is why with great eagerness I go in search of souls who want to live in my Will - to be able to fix in them the spokes of my wheel. My Will will give them grace, so as to be able to form the circumference of the second circle of the wheel, and they will receive all the goods which others reject from Me and despise.”

September 1, 1922
Love, rejected, turns into fire of chastisement. The pain of Jesus of feeling suffocated on the Cross.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen all panting and oppressed; but what oppressed Him the most were the flames of His love which, while coming out of Him to be released, were forced by human ingratitude to be imprisoned again. Oh! how His Most Holy Heart was suffocated by Its own flames, and asked for refreshment. Then He told me: “My daughter, relieve Me, for I cannot take any more - my flames devour Me. Let Me enlarge your heart, to be able to place in it my rejected love, and the sorrow of my same love. Ah! the pains of my love surpass all of my pains together.”

Now, as He was saying this, He put His mouth at the place of my heart and breathed strongly into it, in such a way that I felt it swell. Then He touched it with His hands, as if He wanted to enlarge it, and He returned to breathe into it. I felt as if I were about to die, but not paying attention to me, He would continue to breathe into it. After He breathed into it thoroughly, He closed it with His hands, as if He were placing a seal, in such a way that there was no hope for me to receive relief; and He said to me: “Daughter of my Heart, I wanted to close with my seal my love and my pain which I have placed in you, to let you feel how terrible is the pain of constrained love, of rejected love. My daughter, patience. You will suffer very much - this is the hardest pain; but it is your Jesus, your Life, who wants this relief from you.” Only Jesus knows what I felt and suffered; therefore I believe it is better to do without putting it on paper.

Then, after I spent a day feeling myself dying continuously, at night, as my sweet Jesus came back, He wanted, again, to inflate more the place of my heart, and I said to Him: ‘Jesus, I can take no more; I cannot contain what I have, and You want to add more?’ And He, taking me in His arms to give me strength, told me: “My daughter, courage, let Me do it. It is necessary, otherwise I would not give you so much pain. Evils have reached such a point that there is all the necessity for you to suffer my pains, vividly, as if I were again living on earth. The earth is about to unleash flames to chastise the creatures. My love, which runs toward them to cover them with graces, being rejected, turns into fire to strike them. So, humanity finds itself between two fires - fire from Heaven and fire from the earth. There are so many evils that these fires are about to unite, while the pains I make you suffer flow in between these two fires and prevent them from uniting together. If I did not do so, everything would be over for poor humanity. Therefore, let Me do it; I will give you strength, and will be with you.”

Now, while He was saying this, He breathed into me again, and I, as though unable to take any more, prayed Him to touch me with His hands in order to sustain me and give me strength. And Jesus touched me, yes, taking my heart in His hands and squeezing it so tightly that He alone knows what He made me feel. But, not content with this, He clasped my throat strongly with His hands, to the point that I felt the bones and the nerves of my throat snap, so much so, as to feel suffocated. Then, after He left me in that position for some time, all tenderness, He told me: “Courage, such is the state in which the present generation finds itself – and in all classes. The passions that dominate it are such and so many that the creatures are drowned by their own passions and by the ugliest vices. The rot, the mud, is so much that it is about to submerge them. This is why I wanted to make you suffer the pain of choking your throat: this is the pain of the extreme excesses; and I, unable to bear any longer the sight of humanity suffocated by its own evils, wanted a reparation from you. However, know that I too suffered this pain when they crucified Me; they stretched Me on the Cross so much as to tear all my nerves, to the point that I felt them snap and twist. And those of my throat suffered a greater pain and tearing, which was such that I felt suffocated. It was the cry of humanity submerged by passions which, clasping my throat, drowned Me with pains. This pain of mine was terrible and horrible – how I felt the nerves and the bones of my throat being stretched, to the point of feeling all the nerves of my head, of my mouth, and even of my eyes, being snapped. The tension was such that every little movement made Me feel mortal pains; now I would become motionless, now I would writhe so much as to batter against the Cross in a horrible way, to the extent that even the enemies were terrorized. Therefore, I repeat to you – courage, my Will will give you strength for everything.”

September 5, 1922
The soul who lives in the Will of God must enclose all of Creation within herself.

My always adorable Jesus continues to make Himself seen with His Heart pierced and exacerbated to the summit. It seemed that all the pains of creatures were inflicted in that Heart; in fact, it is not only sins that wound that Heart, but also the sufferings that the creature causes herself by not corresponding to grace. Therefore it seemed that, since they were wounding a Heart that loves, as they wounded that loving Heart, Its love was so great that It tried to transmute the very offenses into graces and blessings. Oh! goodness of Jesus - He alone can boast of really loving the creatures, and up to the incredible. So, the pains of each one of them also pierced It, but the offenses were so many as to turn the very graces which came from that Most Holy Heart into lightnings. Therefore He told me: “My daughter, how unbearable man has rendered himself. He changes my graces into lightnings, and drives himself toward a general revolution. So, he himself is plotting his own destruction, and has reached such a point as to deserve to be struck by Me.” And while He was saying this, He showed troubles everywhere – cities collapsed, and evils of new kind.

Then, afterwards, He came back again, tired, asking for my help in His pains; and breathing on me again at the place of my heart, He shared with me the shadows, I could say, of His pains. Yet, even though they were shadows, had He not remained near me to give me help, I could not have endured them. What must be the pains of that Most Holy Heart! Then, calming Himself, He told me: “My daughter, firstborn of my Will, since my Will encloses everything, in giving you my Will as life, I want to enclose everything also in you. Remember that a few months ago[2] I fixed a little wheel of sun in you, and with a ruler I measured you all over; then, another little wheel descended from Heaven, and after I fixed it in you, it kept many threads of light which were fixed in the Most Holy Trinity. Everything remained open between you and Us and, for that time, I left you without giving you any explanation about my operating. Now, after having worked in you so much during all this time past, and having to complete my work, I want to give you some explanations, so that the seal of my Will and of yours, becoming one, may give completion to the mission to which I have called you. So, the little wheel of light which I fixed in you first, was the whole of Creation, which came out of the Divinity all love, light and beauty. Then I measured you with a ruler to see your dispositions and those which you were lacking, in order to put them in, to be able to fix well this little wheel and keep it safe. The second little wheel was the Divinity, which descended in you, established that which It had created in the Empyreum, and fixed it in you, so as to place Itself in the proper relations with Creation, as it was due to It.

Now, know that I have enclosed and fixed the Creation in you. I want that that which was done in Heaven have life upon earth - but in Our own Will which, ascending to Us again, may bring It to Us all love, full of light and beautiful as We issued It. This is why I marked in you all the deaths and pains of each creature, and all creatures together – so that I might find in you the whole Creation. And since Heaven remains open between you and Us, you will bring Creation onto Our lap, as though delivered by you – that is, as a birth from Our Will made in you, which you bring back to Our feet, delivering It onto Our lap. These are Our rights that We claim; all We want is that that which came out of Us enter into Us. It is true that Our Will alone, acting in a soul with Its power just as It acted in that void when We issued the Creation, will be able to give Us back Our rights, and make the whole Creation smile at Us, at Our feet, as though in triumph. But We want to use this power so that We may not remain disappointed in the work of Creation; and Our love triumphs more in taking from one creature that which all should give Us. Now We are fixing everything in you; then, the other little births will be delivered which, loving to live in this way in Our Will, will bring onto Our lap – some of them ten, some twenty, some a hundred [measures] of Creation. You will be like a tree which has sunk its roots deep into Our Will, and these roots will make other saplings germinate which, forming a crown around the tree, will produce their fruits.

True good never remains isolated; and since my Will is the greatest good, Its fecundity will be immense. Therefore, courage, be attentive to everything; it is true that Our Will will do everything, but the thread of yours must run together with It and extend into Heaven, on earth and in everything, to let Us accomplish what We want to operate in you.”

September 9, 1922
In creating man, God formed a kingdom for Himself. The contentment of Jesus when He sees in a creature, not only the image of His Humanity, but all that His Divinity operated in It.

My ever sweet Jesus continues to speak about His Most Holy Will. He showed His Heart opened, from which many rivulets of light came out which wounded all creatures, and forming a net of light, overwhelmed everything. And He began to speak, telling me: “My daughter, in creating the first man I gave start to the creation of mankind; and after I formed his body, with my omnipotent breath I infused in him the soul. And with another breath of mine, I could say, I infused Myself in the depth of man in order to sustain him, dominate him and keep him safe. So, that man formed a kingdom for Me, in which I, as King, was to extend my boundaries. My joy reached the summit in seeing, in this man, the generation, almost endless, of many other beings which would provide Me with as many other kingdoms for as many creatures as would come to the light, in whom I was to reign and expand my divine boundaries. And all the good of the other kingdoms was to overflow for the glory and honor of the first kingdom, which was to be the head of the others and as though prime act of Creation. But as man withdrew from my Will, my kingdom and his ended; not only this, but he trampled Me, and put himself to reign in my place, idolizing himself and forming the kingdom of vices, of miseries, of misfortunes. My joy died at birth and turned into sorrow. See, all evil was nothing other than his withdrawing from my Will.

Our love did not stop; I did not want to be the isolated God – no. Therefore I wanted to descend from Heaven, taking on a Humanity similar to the first man. In It I enclosed all Creation; I bound the human will of this Humanity to the Divine Will, so that this human will, embracing all Creation and all of their acts, might bring It to my throne in this Divine Will, as triumphant of all human acts, changed by it into acts of Divine Will. With this, the human will took possession of the Divine Will, and the Divine of the human – one lording over the other. In fact, when one being forms one single thing with another being, if one is lord, the other too becomes lord as though naturally. This had been the only reason for which I had commanded man to abstain from the fruit prohibited by Me: I wanted an act of sacrifice of his will in Mine, so that by this sacrifice, binding his human will within Mine, he might take possession of my Will, and I of his, and both might reign with the same power, wisdom and goodness. In nothing did I want him dissimilar from Me; he was a birth from Me - he was my son; and what father does not love his son to be rich and happy as he is? More so for Me, Celestial Father, who would lose nothing in rendering this son of mine rich, happy and reigning as I am.

So, as man broke his will from Mine, my love did not remain quiet, but raised its flames higher. At any cost I wanted to produce another Me; and I chose my Humanity which, sacrificing Itself to my Will in everything, took possession of my Will, letting Me accomplish within Itself the purpose of the creation of man. In fact, my usual way is to carry out my greatest enterprises with one alone; and then I diffuse them. Was it not one man alone that ruined all my designs? So, my Humanity alone was to repay Me for this ruin; and the power of my Will, enclosing all Creation in It, was to return to Me the loves, the kisses, the caresses which the first man had so brutally rejected. My love, laying down the garments, I could say, of sorrow and of mourning, clothed itself anew in feast and, triumphant, gave itself to the greatest excesses and follies of love. So, when I want to do a work with the creature, I always begin one on one, as if no one else existed; and then I expand it so much as to fill Heaven and earth.

Now, my daughter, my love wants to produce again; and while it gives in to excesses, it goes out, taking a break – it wants to deliver new births. And just as it did in my Humanity, enclosing all Creation in It, so that It might give to the Father everything He wanted from It, and make everything descend for the good of all creatures; so now, binding your will with Mine, I want to enclose all Creation in you; and making you take possession of my Will, I want to feel my acts, my love, my pains, being repeated in you. I want my reflector on earth, so that in looking at it, I may see inside of you, as though in a mirror, the Creation which I created in Heaven and which my Humanity enclosed; and in reflecting Myself in this mirror, I may recognize Creation in you. We will be in continuous reflections, between you and Me – I will make Creation be reflected in you, and you in Me; I from Heaven, you from the earth. Then will my love be content – when I see in a creature, not only the image of my Humanity, but all that my Divinity operated in It. Therefore, be attentive and follow my Will.”

September 11, 1922
The primary purpose of everything that God has done in Creation and Redemption is that the creature would live in the Divine Will. Only in the Divine Will is there true rest.

Continuing in my usual state, I was abandoning all of myself in the Holy Will of my sweet Jesus, and feeling the need to rest, I said to myself: ‘My sleep too in your Will; I want nothing else but to take true rest in the arms of your Volition.’ And Jesus: “Daughter, lay your rest like a mantle over all creatures so as to cover them all, because only in my Will is there true rest. And since It envelopes everything, as you rest in my Will, you will lay yourself over all in order to impetrate true rest for all. How beautiful it is to see a creature of Ours resting in the arms of Our Will. But in order to find true rest, it is necessary that she put all of her acts, her words, her love, her desires, etc., on the way within Our Will, so that, as they take their place in It, they may receive rest and I may rest in them. Only when they are fulfilled, then do all works give rest; but if they are not fulfilled, they always give some concern, something to do, which renders true rest restless.

Now, the fulfillment of the work of Creation was that man would fulfill Our Will in everything. Our Will was to be the life, the food, the crown of the creature; and since it is not yet so, the work of Creation is not yet fulfilled, and neither can I rest in It, nor can It rest in Me - It always gives Me something to do; and I yearn for this fulfillment and rest. This is why I love and want so much that the way of living in my Will be known; nor will I ever be able to say that the works of Creation and Redemption are fulfilled if I do not have all the acts of the creature laying themselves in my Will like a bed to give Me rest. And I - what beautiful rest shall I not give to her, in seeing her coming back on the wings of Our Will with the seal of the fulfillment of Creation? My bosom will be her bed.

Therefore, there is nothing I did which did not have as primary purpose that man take possession of my Will and I of his. This was my primary purpose in Creation; the same in Redemption. The Sacraments I instituted, the many graces given to my Saints, have been seeds, means, to let man reach this possession of my Will. Therefore, do not neglect anything of what I want about my Will, either with writing, or with words, or with works. From this alone you can know that the living in my Will is the greatest thing, the most important, that which interests Me the most: from the so many preparations that have preceded It. And do you want to know where this seed of my Will was sown? In my Humanity. In It, it germinated, was born and grew. So, this seed can be seen in my wounds, in my Blood, wanting to be transplanted into the creature, so that she may take possession of my Will and I of hers, and so that the work of Creation may return to the origin, just as It came out, not only by means of my Humanity, but also of the creature herself.

They will be few – be it even one alone: was it not one alone who, withdrawing from my Will, disfigured and broke my plans, and destroyed the purpose of Creation? In the same way, one alone can adorn It and fulfill It in Its purpose. However, my works never remain isolated; so, I will have the army of the souls who will live in my Will, and in them I will have the Creation restored - all beautiful and striking, just as It came out of my hands. Otherwise, I would not have so much interest in making my Will known.”

September 15, 1922
Yearning of Jesus that the Divine Will operating in the creature be known.

Continuing to let copying be done from my writings of what Jesus had told me on the virtues, I felt such repugnance as to feel myself dying; and I said to myself: ‘Others have the inventory of their things done after their death; I am the one who gets the hard lot of having to do it myself while I am still alive. Ah! Lord, give me the strength to make this sacrifice.’

Then we arrived at the point when the confessor let me hear the way that must be kept when they put them out. Oh! God, what pain. I felt embittered deep into the marrow of my bones. And blessed Jesus, on coming, seeing me so embittered, told me: “My daughter, what’s wrong? Why do you afflict yourself so much? It is my glory, my honor, that demands this, and you should be happy about it. Do you think that it is the creatures that want this, that do it, and that command you? No, no; it is I who overwhelm everything; who push them and enlighten them. And many times I am not listened to, otherwise they would hasten more and would show more interest; and I am forced to push them more strongly so that my Will may be carried out. You would rather wait until after your death, but my Will does not want to wait. Besides, it is true that you have the link, the graft with my Will, but here it is not about you - but about Me. It is about making known the effects, the qualities, the value contained in my Will operating in the creature, when she lives in It.

And then, if you do not want to interest yourself - you who know how much I care, and how I ardently yearn for the effects of my Will to be known, from which I will receive the complete glory of Creation and the fulfillment of Redemption Itself…. Oh! how many effects are still suspended, both of Creation and of Redemption, because my Will is not known and does not have Its true Kingdom in the creature. And since It does not reign, the human will remains always the slave of itself. Do you think that others will interest themselves in it after your death? Oh! how many things which I have manifested to souls are there buried for lack of those who would interest themselves in my works! But if I have tolerated this with other things, I will not tolerate it with my Will. I will give so much grace to those who will set to work, that they will not be able to resist Me. But the most interesting and essential part I want from you.”

September 20, 1922
The soul who lives in the Divine Will must be a complex of all goods, and must let love, sanctity and glory to God come out from herself. The double office.

I was saying to my always lovable Jesus: ‘O please! let it be, my Love, that nothing but love, praise, reparation and blessing toward You may come out from my whole being.’ Now, while I was saying this, blessed Jesus came, and I saw myself all eyes - there was not a particle of me in which an eye would not appear; and from each of them a ray of light came out which wounded the person of Our Lord. And He said to me: “My daughter, it is decorous for Me and for you that nothing but love, sanctity, glory, all for Me, come out from you. Otherwise I would degrade my Will by letting a soul live in It who is not a whole complex of all the goods with which my Will overabounds. And if the soul did not have the seeds of all goods, she could not receive the goods which my Will contains. And if - may this never be - she had some seeds that are not good, she would be an intruder, without nobility and decorum. Therefore, she herself, feeling ashamed, would go out of It, nor would she get any taste and contentment, keeping within herself things which are extraneous to my Will. This is why I have marked even the drops of your blood, your bones, your heartbeats; and the marks are these eyes of light, so that nothing - nothing may come out of you which is not holy, and which is not directed to Me.”

Then, afterwards, He carried me outside of myself, letting me see everything upset, and how they are plotting more wars and revolutions; and Jesus did a great deal to dissuade them, but in seeing their obstinacy, He withdrew from them. My God, what sad times! I believe that man has never reached this excess of perfidy – wanting the destruction of his own being.

Later on, I was with a fear that my sweet Jesus would not come; more so, since I felt that my sufferings had lessened and were as though asleep; so I said to myself: ‘If what I saw is true, according to the other times, in order to give course to Justice He will probably not come, and will not let me share in His pains.’ And Jesus, coming back and seeing me very oppressed, told me: “My daughter, do not fear; don’t you remember that you occupy a double office - one of victim, and the other, greater, of living in my Will, to give Me back the complete glory of all Creation? Therefore, if you are not in one office together with Me, I will keep you in the other office. At most, there might be a pause of sufferings with regard to the office of victim. Therefore, do not fear, and calm yourself.”

September 24, 1922
All the evil in man is that he has lost the seed of the Divine Will. The Divine Will, garment of the soul.

As I was in my usual state, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen stripped, shivering with cold, saying to me: “My daughter, cover Me and warm Me, for I am cold. See, the creature, by sin, had stripped herself of all goods, and I wanted to form for her a more beautiful garment, weaving it with my works, pearling it with my Blood, and adorning it with my wounds. But what is not my sorrow in seeing this garment, so beautiful, being rejected, as she contents herself with remaining naked? And I feel stripped in them, and I feel their cold. Therefore clothe Me, for I need it.”

And I: ‘How can I clothe You? I have nothing.’ And He: “Indeed you can clothe Me - you have my whole Will in your power. Absorb It into yourself and then put It out, and you will make Me the most beautiful garment - a garment of Heaven, and divine. Oh! how warmed I will be; and I will clothe you with the garment of my Will, so that we may be clothed with one single uniform. This is why I want it from you: so that I may give it to you with justice. If you clothe Me, it is just that I clothe you, to give you the requital of what you have done for Me. All the evil in man is that he has lost the seed of my Will; therefore he does nothing but cover himself with the greatest crimes, which degrade him and make him act like a madman. Oh! how many follies they are about to commit! Just penalty - since they want to keep their own self as God.”

September 27, 1922
Laments. The love of Jesus.

I felt embittered to the summit because of the privation of my sweet Jesus, and the pain was so great that I reached the point of speaking nonsense – even up to saying that He did not love me, that He no longer cared about me, and that I loved Him more. It is true that my love is small, just a shadow, a tiny little drop, a small cent, but this is because my being is made this way - narrow, small; however, though small, all of it is to love Him. But who can say all the nonsense I was speaking? It was the delirium of the fever produced by His privation that made me say silly things. Then, after I struggled very much, my sweet Jesus came and told me: “My daughter, I want to see whether you love Me more.” And as He was saying this, the person of Jesus multiplied, so much so, that I could see Jesus on the right, Jesus on the left, Jesus in the heart - there was no part of me, or place, in which I could not see Jesus; and all together they were saying: “I love you, I love you….” But this was nothing. Since Jesus contains the creative power, the whole of Creation was repeating together: “I love you….” Heaven and earth, pilgrim and blessed souls - all together in chorus, as if in one single echo, repeated: “I love you, with that Love with which Jesus loves you….” I remained confounded in the face of so much love; and Jesus added: “Say it - repeat that you love Me more; multiply yourself, to give Me as much love as I give you.”

And I: ‘My Jesus, forgive me, I am unable to multiply myself; I do not possess the creative power, therefore I have nothing in my power. How can I give You as much love as You give me? I too know that my love is a shadow compared to Yours, but the pain of your privation makes me delirious, and makes me say silly things. Therefore, don’t leave me alone without You any more, if You don’t want me to speak nonsense.’ And Jesus, interrupting my speaking, added: “Ah! my daughter, you do not know in what a struggle I find Myself. My Love pushes Me to the point of using violence on Me to make Me come; while my Justice almost forbids Me, because men are about to reach the excesses of evil and do not deserve the Mercy that flows upon them when I come and let you share in my pains, which they themselves inflict upon Me. You must know that the leaders of the nations are conspiring together to destroy the peoples and to plot troubles for my Church; and to obtain the intent, they want to use the help of foreign powers. The point at which the world finds itself is terrible; therefore pray and have patience.”

October 3, 1922
Necessity that the Virgin be aware of the interior pains of Jesus.

Continuing in my usual state, I felt oppressed because blessed Jesus often permits that I suffer while the confessor is present; and I lamented to Him, telling Him: ‘My Love, I pray You, I implore You, do not permit any more that I suffer in the presence of anyone. Let everything pass between You and me, and that You alone be aware of my pains. O please! make me content, give Me your word that You will not do it any more. Even more, make me suffer twice as much; I am happy, as long as everything is hidden between You and me.’

And Jesus, interrupting my speaking, told me: “My daughter, do not lose heart; when my Will wants it, you too must surrender. Besides, this is nothing other than a step of my life; and my very hidden life, my interior pains and everything I did, always had at least one or two spectators; and this, with reason, by necessity, and in order to obtain the purpose of my pains themselves. The first spectator was my Celestial Father, from whom nothing could escape; since He Himself was the One who inflicted those pains upon Me, He was actor and spectator. Had my Father not seen or known anything, how could I satisfy Him, give Him glory, and bend Him to mercy for mankind at the sight of my pains? The purpose would have failed then.

Secondly, my Mama was spectator of all my pains of my hidden life; and this was necessary. Having come from Heaven to earth to suffer, not for Myself, but for the good of others, I had to have at least one creature in whom I was to place that good which my pains contained, and therefore move my dear Mama to thank Me, to praise Me, to love Me, to bless Me, and let Her admire the excess of my goodness; so much so that, captivated, enraptured, moved at the sight of my pains, She prayed Me that in the face of the great good which my pains brought to Her, I would not exempt Her from being identified with my own pains in order to suffer them, to give Me the requital and be my perfect imitator. Had my Mama not seen anything, I would not have had my first imitator - not a ‘thank You’, no praise. My pains, the good they contained, would have remained without effect because, since no one would have known them, I could not have made the first placement; so, the purpose of the great good which the creature was to receive would have been lost. See how necessary it was that at least one creature be aware of my pains.

If for Me it was so, I want it to be so also for you. Even more, I tell you that I want the confessor acting together with Me, as spectator and depository of the pains I make you suffer, so that he too may share in their good; and having him with Me, I may excite him more in the faith and infuse in him light and love, to make him comprehend the truths I keep manifesting to you.”

On hearing this, I remained oppressed more than ever, and while I was hoping for mercy, I found justice and unshakeability on the part of Jesus. Oh! God, what pain. And He, seeing me more afflicted, added: “My daughter, is this the love you have for Me? Times are so very sad, and the troubles that are coming are too horrifying; and when you are not able to prevent the whole course of my justice by yourself, the two of you will be able to do it, and you yourself should ask Me to make you suffer. Therefore, resign yourself also in this, and have patience - your Jesus wants it, and that’s enough.”

October 6, 1922
The first plane of the human acts, changed into divine in the Divine Will, was done by Jesus. Luisa, the first one to live in the Divine Will.

I was praying, and my always lovable Jesus came, and throwing His arms around my neck, told me: “My daughter, let us pray together, let us enter into the immense sea of my Will so that nothing may come out of you which is not plunged into It. The thought, the word, the heartbeat, the work, the step - everything must take its place in my Will; and for each thing you do in It, you will take one more possession and will acquire a greater right.

All human acts, according to the purpose of Creation, were to have life in my Volition, and form in It their plane of all human acts changed into divine acts, with the mark of supreme nobility, sanctity and wisdom. It was not Our Will that man withdraw from Us, but that he live with Us, growing in Our likeness and operating with Our own manners. This is why I wanted that all his acts be done in my Will - to give him the place in which to form his own little river within the immense sea of my Will. I acted like a father who, possessing great lands, says to His son: ‘I give you, in your possession, the center of my possessions, so that you may not go out of my boundaries and may grow in my riches, with my own nobility and with the greatness of my works, and so that all may recognize that you are my son.’ What would be said of him if he did not accept the great gift of his father and went into a foreign land to live of miseries, disennobling himself, enslaved to cruel enemies? Such was man.

Now, this plane, this little river in my Volition, I want from you. Let each one of your thoughts flow in It, so that, in the reflections of Our intelligence, which is thought of each one, it may rise over each intelligence and give Us the homage of each thought in a divine manner. Let your words and works flow as well, so that, in the reflection of Our word ‘Fiat’, which made all things and is word of each one, and in the reflections of the sanctity of Our works, which is life and motion of everything, they may rise and hover over everything, giving Us the glory of each word and of each work, with Our own word ‘Fiat’ and with the very sanctity of Our works. My daughter, if all that is human – be it even one thought - is not done in my Will, the human plane takes no possession, the little river is not formed, and my Will cannot descend upon earth to make Itself known and to reign.”

On hearing this, I said to Him: ‘My Love, Jesus, how is it possible that after so many centuries of life of the Church, which has put out so many Saints - and many of them have astonished Heaven and earth with their virtues and with the wonders they performed - they would not operate fully in the Divine Will so as to form this plane You are talking about? Were You waiting just for me, the most incapable, the most bad little one, and ignorant, in order to do this? It seems just incredible.’ And Jesus: “Listen, my daughter, my wisdom has means and ways which man ignores, such that he is obliged to lower his forehead and adore it in mute silence; and it is not up to him to dictate to Me the laws, whom I should choose and the appropriate time, which my goodness disposes. And besides, first I had to form the Saints who were to resemble Me and copy my Humanity in a more perfect way, as much as is possible for them; and this I have already done. Now my goodness wants to go beyond, and wants to give in to greater excesses of love; and therefore I want them to enter into my Humanity and copy what the soul of my Humanity did in the Divine Will. If the first have cooperated with my Redemption in order to save souls, to teach the law, to banish sin, being limited within the centuries in which they lived, the second will go beyond, copying what the soul of my Humanity did in the Divine Will. They will embrace all centuries, all creatures, and rising above all, they will put in force the rights of Creation which are due to Me, and which concern the creatures, bringing all things to the first origin of Creation and to the purpose for which Creation came out. Everything is ordered in Me: if I issued Creation, It must return to Me ordered, just as It came out of my hands.

The first plane of the human acts, changed into divine in my Will, was done by Me; I left it as though suspended, and the creature, except for my dear and inseparable Mama, knew nothing. This was necessary. If man did not know the way, the door, the rooms of my Humanity, how could he enter inside of Me and copy what I did? Now the time has come for the creature to enter into this plane and do also something of her own within mine. What is the wonder if I have called you as the first one? And besides, it is so true that I have called you as the first, since to no other soul, though dear to Me, have I manifested the way of living in my Will, the effects of It, the wonders, the goods which the creature operating in the Supreme Volition receives. Check as many lives of Saints as you want, or books of doctrines - in not one of them will you find the prodigies of my Volition operating in the creature and of the creature operating in It. At the most, you will find resignation, union of wills; but in not one of them will you find the Divine Will operating in her, and she in It. This means that the time had not come in which my goodness would call the creature to live in this sublime state. Even the very way I make you pray cannot be found in anyone else. Therefore, be attentive. My justice demands this, my love is delirious; so, my wisdom disposes everything in order to obtain the intent. It is the rights, the glory of Creation, that We want from you.”

October 9, 1922
The human will acting in the Divine.

Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus comes all tenderness, squeezes me in His arms, kisses me, and tells me, who knows how many times: “My daughter, the daughter of my Will, how dear you are to Me. Listen: as your will enters into Me, it empties itself of you, and Mine enters, acting in you; and as Mine acts, yours receives the strength of the creative power and remains acting in Me. And since I am one single point, as I contain everything, embrace everything, do everything, I see your will acting in Me with my creative power, wanting to give Me everything and requite Me for all. And to my highest contentment I see it before Me from the very first instant in which I issued the whole Creation. Leaving everyone behind, it comes forward, ahead of everyone, as if you were the first one to be created by Me, in whom no split of wills exists between you and Me - just as I would have wanted the first man to be - and it gives Me the honor, the glory, the love, as if Creation had not gone out of my Will. What taste, what contentment I feel! You cannot understand. The order of Creation is given back to Me; the harmonies, the joys, alternate together. I see this human will acting in Me in the light of the sun, upon the waves of the sea, in the flickering of the stars - on everything; and it gives Me the glory of all the goods which these created things give to man. What happiness! It resembles Me in everything, with this difference: I am one single point; and you, little by little, as you keep operating, thinking, speaking, loving in my Will, take more space and form divine births in It.”

October 19, 1922
The Humanity of Jesus lived in the center of the Eternal Volition. The more values and effects one knows, the more one receives of the Divine Will. Long wait of Jesus, for many centuries, to make His Will known.

Continuing to remain all abandoned in the arms of my sweet Jesus, I felt all immersed in His Most Holy Volition, finding myself as though in Its center. Then, on coming, He told me: “My daughter, my Humanity lived as though in the center of the Eternal Sun of my Divine Will. And since rays started from this center, which, carrying my immensity with them, enveloped everything and everyone, my operating, starting from this center, was as though in act for each act of creature; each word as though in act for each word; each thought as though in act for each thought; and so with all the rest. And as it descended, it ascended again into its center as one single act, carrying all human acts with itself, in order to redo them and reorder them, according to the Will of my Father. Therefore, only because my Humanity lived in the center of the Eternal Volition was I able to embrace everyone as one single act, in order to accomplish with decorum, and worthy of Me, the work of Redemption; otherwise It would have been an incomplete work and unworthy of Me. And just as the split of the human will from the Divine was all the evil of man, so the stable union of the will of my Humanity with the Divine was to form all his good. This happened in Me as though naturally.

Look at the sun: what is it? A ball of light; and it diffuses this light equally to the right, to the left, to the front, to the back, above, below - everywhere. The light of many centuries past is the same as that of today: nothing has changed, neither light, nor heat; and the light of today will be that of the end of the centuries. If the sun had reason, it could tell of all human acts; even more, it would keep them within itself as its own property, having been, itself, life, effect and cause of each act; and this, as something natural to it. Now, all this happens for the soul who lives in the center of my Will: she embraces all, and no one escapes her; she acts for all, and omits nothing. Together with Me, she will do nothing but diffuse herself to the right and to the left, to the front and to the back - but in a simple and natural way. And as she operates in my Will, she does the round of all centuries, and for all human acts she elevates her act in a divine manner, by virtue of my Will.

Listen, my daughter, regenerated in my Supreme Volition - to what I want to make of you and in you: I want to repeat what my Humanity did in the Divine Will, but I want your will united with Mine, so that you may repeat together with Me what I did, and still do. In my Will there are all the acts that my Humanity did, both external and interior. Of the external acts, it is known more or less what I did; and if the creature wants to, she can unite with Me and share in the good I did. And I feel contentment because I see my good in the midst of creatures as though multiplied by virtue of the union they form with Me; my acts are placed as though in a bank, and I collect the interest. On the other hand, little or nothing is known of the interior acts that my Humanity did in the Divine Will for love of all. So, how can the creature unite with Me and share in that good, if she knows neither the power of this Will, nor how my soul operated in It, nor what I did? Knowledge brings with itself the value, the effects, the life of that good. An object provides as much utility for as much as it is known; and many times it happens with two objects having the same value, that someone who knows more about the value, in selling it, earns more, while someone else who does not have that knowledge, gives it up for less. How much does knowledge accomplish! Many become rich because they take the care of knowing things; others find themselves in the same means, but are poor because they do not know things well.

Now, since I want you together with Me also in my interior acts, which my Humanity did in this Supreme Volition, it is right that I would make known to you the qualities, the value, the effects, the power, and the way that this Will of Mine has; and as I keep manifesting them to you, I open between you and Me the participation in that which I make you know. Otherwise, why would I say it to you? Perhaps to give you simple news? No, no - when I make something known it is because I want to give. So, as many values and effects as you know, so much have I given to you. See, then, the great good I want to do - not only to you, but also to others. In fact, as the knowledge of the living in my Will makes its way, It will be loved more, and love will make them absorb all the good which the knowledge, as prolific mother, has delivered for them. I am not the isolated God – no; I want the creature together with Me; my echo must resound in hers, and hers in mine, so as to make them one. And if I have waited for so many centuries to make known my Will operating in the creature, and hers operating in Mine, almost elevating it to my own level, it is because I had to prepare and dispose the creatures to move from minor to greater knowledges. I had to act like a teacher who had to teach the vowels, the consonants, and then move on to compositions. Until now nothing but vowels and consonants was known about my Will; it was necessary that I move on to compositions, and this will unfold for Me the Life of my Will. The first composition I want from you. If you are attentive, you will do it well, so as to give Me the honor of an essay given to you by your Jesus - the most noble essay, the essay of the Eternal Will, which will bring to Me the greatest glory, and forming the connection with creatures, will make known new horizons, new heavens, and new excesses of my love.

See, in my Supreme Will are all my interior acts which my Humanity did, as though in waiting to come out as messengers, to put themselves on the way. These acts were done for creatures and want to give themselves and make themselves known; and since they cannot give themselves, they feel as though imprisoned, and they pray – they implore my Will to make them known, so as to be able to give the good which they contain. I find Myself in the condition of a poor mother, who has held her child inside her womb for a long time, and as the time comes to deliver, if she doesn’t, she agonizes, she anguishes; and heedless of her own life, at any cost she wants to give birth to her child. The hours, the days of delay seem years and centuries to her; she has done and disposed everything; there is nothing left but to deliver it. So I am; more than mother, for many centuries I have held within Me, more than child, all my human acts done in the sanctity of the Eternal Volition in order to give them to the creature. And as they give themselves, they will elevate the human acts of the creature into divine acts, and will adorn her with the most beautiful beauties, making her live with the Life of my Will; giving her the value, the effects, the goods which my Will possesses. Therefore, more than mother, I agonize, I anguish, I burn, for I want to deliver this birth from my Will. The time has come; there is nothing left but to find one who would receive the first birth, so as to continue with other births in other creatures. This is why I say to you - be attentive; enlarge your heart to be able to receive all the value, the effects, the knowledge that my Will contains, so that I may place the first birth in you. How much joy you will give Me - you will be the beginning of my happiness upon earth. I could say that the human will rendered Me unhappy in the midst of creatures; and my Will operating in the creature will restore my happiness.”

October 24, 1922
The Divine Will opens currents between Heaven and earth, and forms in the soul the deposit of the celestial goods.

My always lovable Jesus continues to speak to me about His Most Holy Will. He seems to me like a true teacher who, while it appears he has nothing else to teach to his disciple, it is nothing but rest that he is taking, to be able to enter the field again and give more sublime lessons, such as to captivate the attention of the boy and win his love and veneration. So, on coming, He told me: “My daughter, how many prodigies does my Supreme Volition operating in the creature contain! As the soul lets this Holy Will enter into her, and herself into It, and she lets It operate in everything, even in the littlest things, she already places herself in the current between the Will operating within the Divine Persons and Their same Will operating in the creature. So, if They love or want to give love, They find a place in which to deposit this love, because at one point of the earth there is Their Will operating in the creature, which can receive this love. And rising up into the womb of the Divinity, Their same Will - as though divided in two, in the creature and in the Divinity, while It is always one - will bring to Them the requital of Their love in a divine manner on the part of the creature. And here is how the Eternal Love places Itself in current between Heaven and earth, descending and ascending with no hindrance: there is one who can receive Its deposit. Their own Will operating in the creature will be jealous in holding It in safekeeping. In the same way, if my Divinity wants to issue from Itself Its beauty, Its truths, Its power, Its infinite graces, It has a place in which to make the deposit of them: Its own Will operating in the creature.

The current is open; my Will will maintain the pace in jealously keeping my beauty, my truths, my power, and in giving Me thanks for my infinite graces. So, I will no longer be defrauded in anything; I will be in perfect harmony between my Will operating in the creature and that of Heaven. How many more of my things will I make known! My suffocated love will be free when I have formed my deposit, and the currents between Heaven and earth will always be open.”

October 27, 1922
The Divine Will: Inheritance of Jesus for the creatures. The two generations.

I was thinking to myself about all that was written in these past days, and I thought to myself: ‘How is it possible that my sweet Jesus has waited for so long to make known all that His Humanity operated in the Divine Will for love of creatures?’ But while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus, making Himself seen with His Heart opened, told me: “Daughter of my Will, why concern yourself? This happened also in Creation. How long did I not keep It in my womb as really formed? And when it pleased Me, I put It out. And Redemption Itself, how much longer did I not keep It within Me? I could say ab √¶terno[3]; yet, I waited much time before descending from Heaven and bringing It to fulfillment. This is my usual way: first I fecundate my works, I form them within Me, and at the appropriate time I put them out. Even more, you must know that my Humanity contained two generations within Itself: the children of darkness and the children of light. The first I came to ransom, and so I gave out my Blood in order to place them in safety. My Humanity was holy, and nothing did It inherit of the miseries of the first man; and although It was similar in the natural features, I was yet untouchable by the slightest spot that could shade my sanctity. My inheritance was the Will of my Father alone, in which I was to carry out all my human acts in order to form in Me the generation of the children of light. You see, I was given to form this generation in the very womb of the Will of my Celestial Father, and I spared no toils, nor acts, nor pains, nor prayers; on the contrary, it was at the top of all the things I did and suffered, in such a way that I conceived it in Me, I fecundated it and I formed it. They were the ones whom the Divine Father had entrusted to Me with so much love; they were my beloved inheritance, which was given to Me in the Most Holy Supreme Will.

Now, after having made known the goods of Redemption, and how I want everyone to be saved, giving them all the means that are needed, I move on to make known that there is another generation in Me, which I must deliver: my children who will live in the Divine Will; and that in my own Heart I keep all the graces prepared - all my interior acts done in the sphere of the Eternal Will for them, waiting for the kiss of their acts, for their union, so as to give to them the inheritance of the Supreme Will. Just as I received It, I want to give It to them, so that I may issue from Myself the second generation of the children of light. If my Humanity were not to give this inheritance which It possessed - that is, the Divine Will, the sole and only thing I loved and which gave Me every good - my descent upon earth would have been incomplete, nor could I say that I have given everything; on the contrary, I would have reserved for Myself the greatest thing, the most noble and divine part. See now, how necessary it is that my Will be known in all relations - in the prodigies, in the effects, in the value - what I did in this Will for the creatures, and what they must do. And this will be a powerful magnet in order to draw creatures, to make them receive the inheritance of my Will, and make the generation of the children of light come out into the field. Be attentive, my daughter; you will be my spokesperson - the trumpet, to call them and to gather this generation, so beloved and longed for by Me.”

Then, after having withdrawn, He came back again, all afflicted, in such a way as to arouse pity, and He threw Himself into my arms as though to find rest. And I, on seeing Him, told Him: ‘What is it, Jesus, why so afflicted?’ And Jesus: “Ah! my daughter, you know nothing of what they want to do. They want to gamble away Rome; the foreigners, and even the Italians, want to gamble her away. The evils they will do are such and so many, that if the earth were to unleash fire to burn her to ashes, it would be a lesser evil than what they will do. See, people pop out from all sides, to join together and storm her; and, what’s more, under the guises of lambs, while they are rapacious wolves that want to devour the prey. What diabolical unions - they band together to have more strength and storm her. Pray, pray - this is the last precipice of these times, into which the creature wants to hurl herself.”

October 30, 1922
The prodigies of the creature operating in the Divine Will.

Continuing in my usual state, my always adorable Jesus came, and plunging me into the immense light of His Most Holy Will, He told me: “My daughter, look at the prodigies of the creature operating in my Will. As she enters into my Will and thinks, prays, operates, she rises with Me. And since I am voice without word, and therefore my voice is formed and reaches each heart according to its own needs, and in many different languages and ways that are in the creatures, in such a way that all can comprehend Me; I am work without hands, and therefore I am work of each one; I am step without feet, in such a way that wherever I go I find Myself in act - in the same way, the soul, by operating in my Will, becomes voice without word, work without hands, step without feet, and I feel her flowing in my voice, in my works and in my steps - I feel her everywhere. And feeling her always together with Me, I no longer feel lonely; and since I love so much the company of the creature, taken by love for her, I divinize her, I enrich her, and I give her such graces as to astonish Heaven and earth.”

November 6, 1922
The little lambs of the Heart of Jesus. The Will of God crystallizes the soul. Knowledge of the palace of the Divine Will.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen holding many little lambs in His arms - some leaning on His breast, some on His shoulders, some clinging to His neck, some on the right, some on the left of His arms, and some with their little heads peeping out from within His Heart. However, the feet of all these little lambs were all in the Heart of Our Lord, and the nourishment He gave to them was His own breath. They were all turned with their mouths toward the mouth of my sweet Jesus, to receive the nourishment of His breath. It was really beautiful to see how Jesus took greatest delight, all intent on nourishing them and delighting with them; they really seemed many births come out of His Most Holy Heart. Then, turning to Me, He told me: “My daughter, these little lambs that you see in my arms are the children of my Will, legitimate births from my Supreme Volition. They will come out from within my Heart, but will keep their feet in the center of my Heart, so that they may take nothing from the earth, and may concern themselves with nothing but Me alone. Look at them, how beautiful they are; how clean and well-fed they grow, nourished by my breath alone. They will be the glory, the crown of my Creation.”

Then He added: “My Will crystallizes the soul; and just as when any object is placed close to a crystal, another object is formed within it fully similar to the one which is placed in front of it, in the same way, my Will reflects everything It does in these souls, crystallized by my power; and they repeat and do what my Supreme Will does. And since my Will is present everywhere, in Heaven, on earth and in every place, these souls, containing my Will within them as their own life, wherever my Will acts, like crystal, they absorb It into themselves, and they repeat my act. So, as I act, I take greatest delight in placing Myself in front of them to see my own action being repeated in them. They are my mirrors, and my Will multiplies them for each act It does, and everywhere; therefore, there is not one created thing in which they are not present: in the creatures, in the sea, in the sun, in the stars, and even in the Empyreum; and my Will receives from the creature the requital of my act in a divine manner.

This is also the reason why I love so much that the living in my Will be known: to multiply more of these mirrors, rendered as crystals by my Will, so as to have my works repeated in them. Then will I not be alone any more, but I will have the creature in my company; I will have her with Me, intimately with Me, in the depth of my Will, almost inseparable from Me, as if she had just come out of my womb when I created her, having followed no other ways contrary to my Will. How happy I will be!”

On hearing this, I said to Him: ‘My Love and my Life, I still cannot convince myself. How is it possible that no Saint has done your Most Holy Will always, and has lived in the way You are now saying - in your Volition?’ And Jesus: “Ah! my daughter, you still do not want to convince yourself that one can take as much light, grace, variety, value, for as much as one knows? Surely there have been Saints who have always done my Will, but they took of my Will as much as they knew. They knew that doing my Will was the greatest act, that which honored Me the most and which brought sanctification, and with this intention they did It, and this is what they took, because there is no sanctity without my Will; and no good, nor sanctity, whether small or great, can come out without It.

You must know that what my Will was, It is and will be: It has not changed in anything. But insofar as It manifests Itself, so does It make known the variety of Its colors, of the effects and values It contains; and not only does It make Itself known, but It gives to the soul the variety of Its colors, effects and values; otherwise, why make them known? My Will acted like a great lord who has displayed his most extensive and sumptuous palace. To the first ones he pointed out the way to reach his palace; to the second the door; to the third the stairs; to the fourth the first rooms; and to the last ones he opened all the rooms, making them the owners and giving them all the goods which are in it. Now, the first ones have taken the goods which are on the way; the second, the goods which are at the door, superior to those which are on the way; the third, those of the stairs; the fourth, those of the first rooms, where there are more goods and they are kept more safely; the last ones, the goods of the entire palace.

So my Will has done. It had to make known the way, the door, the stairs, the first rooms, to be able to move on into the whole immensity of my Will, and to show them the great goods which are in It, and how the creature operating in these goods that my Will contains, acquires the variety of Its colors, of Its immensity, sanctity and power, and of all my operating. In making something known, I give and impress in the soul that divine quality which I make known. If you knew under what mighty waves of graces you are, when I move on to make you know other effects of my Will, and how, like a skillful painter, I portray in your soul, with the most vivid colors, the effects, the different values that I make you know - you would remain crushed under my waves! But, having compassion for your weakness, I sustain you; and while I sustain you I impress more within you that which I tell you, because if I speak, I act. Therefore, be attentive and faithful.”

November 8, 1922
Peace without God is impossible. Threats of wars.

I am going through bitter days because of the privations of my sweet Jesus; and if He makes Himself seen, He is so afflicted and taciturn, that as much as I may say, I cannot manage to console Him, and I remain more embittered than before. Then, this morning, on coming, He said to me: “My daughter, the pains, the offenses that creatures give Me are so many, that I cannot take anymore; the nations are banding together to enter the field with new wars. Did I not tell you that the wars have not ended, and that the peace was a false and apparent peace, because peace without God is impossible? It was a peace which did not spring from justice, therefore it could not last. Ah! the leaders of these times are true incarnate devils, who band together to do evil and cast confusion, slaughters and wars among the peoples.”

And while He was saying this, I could hear the crying of mothers, the thundering of cannons, the alarms in all the cities. But I hope that Jesus will placate Himself, so they will all remain in peace.

November 11, 1922
Jesus gave life in the Divine Will to the acts of all creatures; He associated His Most Holy Mother with this work, and now He is calling the soul to repeat it.

My always lovable Jesus, on coming, drew me so very close to Himself, within an immense light, and told me: “Little daughter of my Will, this immense light that you see is my Supreme Will, from which nothing escapes. You must know that as I created the heavens, the sun, the stars, etc., for all I fixed the limits, the place, the number, and they can neither increase nor decrease; I hold all things as though in the palm of my hand. In the same way, in creating man, at the same time I created all the intelligences and each thought, all the words, the works, the steps, and all the rest of man, from the first to the last who will exist. And this was as though natural in Me; more so, since I Myself was to be actor and spectator of even one thought. Since man would not be able to do it without Me, how could I not know it, and know also their number? Therefore, all the operating of creatures swims inside my Will, like the fish swim inside a vast sea. However, having created man, not a slave, but free - because it would not have been decorous for Me, nor a work worthy to come out of my hands, had I delivered this man hampered, without freedom; nor could I have said, ‘Let Us make him in Our image and likeness’, had I not made him free - I wanted to endow him with freedom. I was free - free was he also to be. Besides, there is nothing that tortures a person more than to give a forced love, which causes diffidences, suspicions, fears, and almost reluctance in the one who receives it. Do you see where each act of creature, even one thought, has its origin? In the sanctity of my Will. With this difference: that if man wants, he can do that same thought, word, etc., well or badly; he can make it holy or evil.

Now, my Will grieved in seeing the acts of many, of which It was the actor, changed into deadly acts for Me and for them. Therefore I wanted that my Will, making Itself, in a double way, actor of each act, lay another divine act over all, which was to repay Me with as many other divine acts, according to the sanctity of my Will. However, someone was needed in order to do this: and here is my Humanity, holy and free as well, which, wanting no other life than the Divine Will alone, swimming in this immense sea, went on doubling each thought, word and work of creature, and laid an act of Divine Will over everything. This satisfied and glorified the Divine Father, in such a way that He was able to look at man and open the doors of Heaven to him; and I retied the human will with more strength, leaving it always free not to detach from the Will of its Creator, since detaching from It had made it fall into so many misfortunes.

But I was not content with this; I wanted my Mama, holy as well, to follow Me in the immense sea of the Supreme Volition, and to duplicate all human acts together with Me, placing the double seal, after my own, of the acts done in my Will upon all the acts of creatures. How sweet for Me was the company of my inseparable Mama in my Will! Company in operating makes happiness, delight, love of tenderness, competition, accord and heroism arise; isolation produces the opposite. Therefore, as I operated together with my dear Mama, seas of happiness, of delight on both sides, and seas of love arose, which, competing with each other, dived into each other and produced great heroism. These seas arose not only for Ourselves, but also for those who would keep Us company in Our Will. Even more, I could say that these seas turned into many voices that called man to live in Our Will, so as to give back to him the happiness, his original nature, and all the goods he had lost by withdrawing from Our Will.

Now I come to you. After my Celestial Mama, I called you, so that all human acts may have the first seal done by Me, the second done by my Mama, and the third by one creature of common stock. My eternal love would not be content, if I did not raise one of common stock, who would open the doors for those who would dispose themselves to enter through these doors in order to live in Our Will. This is the reason for my many manifestations, the many values and effects which I made known to you about my Will. These will be powerful magnets to draw you, and then others, to live in It. However, in order to enter into Our Will and follow the sublime flight of my acts and of those of my inseparable Mama, as much as you are of common stock, you could not enter into Our Will if you did not have, or had at least been transformed into, the nature which came out of my hands before man withdrew from Our Will. Here, then, my many graces in order to restore your nature, your soul, to that original state. As I engraced you, so I removed from you the seeds, the tendencies, the passions of the rebellious nature, always leaving your will free. Having to call you into the center of my Will to live a communal life in It, to make you cover all the acts done by Me, which are not yet known by creatures, it was necessary to restore your nature to this happy state, for my decorum, sanctity and dignity. Otherwise, you could not have run with Me in the interminable acts of my Will, nor be with Me with that ease which is needed in order to operate together. The passions, the seeds of tendencies that are not good, would have been like many bars of division between you and Me. At the most, you would have been at the commands of my Will, like many other faithful ones of mine, but you would have been very far from doing what I did, and neither you nor I would have been happy; while living in my Will is precisely this - to live fully happy on earth, to then move on to live more happy in Heaven.

Therefore I tell you, true daughter of my Volition, first happy birth from my Will - be attentive and faithful to Me. Come into my Eternal Volition - my acts await you, wanting the seal of yours; those of my Mama await you; the whole of Heaven awaits you, wanting to see all of their acts glorified in my Will by a creature of their own stock; the present and future generations await you, to be given back the lost happiness. Ah! no, no, the generations will not end until man returns into my womb, beautiful, dominating, just as he came out of my creative hands. I am not content with having redeemed him; even at the cost of waiting, I will still have patience, but he must return to Me as I made him, by virtue of my Will. By doing his own will, he descended into the abyss and transformed himself into a brute; by doing my Will, he will ascend and acquire the new transformation into the nature created by Me. Then will I be able to say: ‘I have accomplished everything; the order of the whole Creation has returned to Me, and I will rest in It.”

November 16, 1922
The Divine Will now operates, and now preserves what It has operated. Now It wants to operate again, as It did in Creation and Redemption. Effects of the absolution in the Divine Will.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus, on coming, drew me all into His Most Holy Will; and I, as though having the whole work of Creation under my eyes, followed everything that my sweet Jesus had done for the creatures. Then, after we followed it together, He told me: “My daughter, my Will acts in different ways – now It operates, and now It preserves what It has operated. In Creation I operated and I ordered everything, and after I did everything, my Will has been the preserver of everything. From that time onward, It has done nothing new in the order of all Creation. Then, again, my Will entered the field to operate, in descending from Heaven to earth in order to redeem man; and my work was not for a little while as in Creation, but it lasted as long as thirty-three years; and again I returned to preserve everything I operated in Redemption. So, just as a sun exists by virtue of my preserving Will for the good of all and of each one, so are the goods of Redemption in act for all and for each one.

Now my Will wants to go back to work; and do you know what It wants to do? It wants to operate in the creature that which my Will operated in my Humanity. This will be an extremely long work of mine, more than Redemption. And just as, in order to operate Redemption, I formed a Mother for Myself, in whom I conceived my Humanity, so now I have chosen you in order to operate what my Will operated in my Humanity. See then, my daughter, this is about works - and works of my Supreme Volition. You will be like the space that offered itself to let Me create and place in order the sun, the stars, the moon, the air, and all the beauty that exists in the vault of the heavens, and all the good that descends from Heaven. You will be like my Humanity, which in nothing opposed what my Will wanted to operate, and I will enclose in you what the Supreme Volition did in Me, so as to have its repetition.”

Then, afterwards, I was receiving absolution, and I said to myself: ‘My Jesus, I want to receive it in your Will.’ And Jesus, immediately, without giving Me time, added: “And I absolve you in my Will; and as I absolve you, my Volition puts the words of absolution on the way, to absolve whomever wants to be absolved, and to forgive whomever wants forgiveness. My Will takes all, not just one alone; but those who are disposed take more than anyone.”

November 20, 1922
Currents of love between God and man.

I was thinking of how my sweet Jesus, when He was in the Garden, suffered many pains, but not on the part of creatures, since He was alone, or rather, abandoned by all - but on the part of His Eternal Father. There were currents of love between Him and the Celestial Father, and all creatures were placed in these currents, in which there was all the love of a God for each one of them, and all the love that each of them owed God. And since this was missing, He arrived at suffering such pains as to surpass all other pains, to the point of sweating living Blood. And my sweet Jesus, pressing me to His Heart to be relieved, told me: “My daughter, the pains of love are the most excruciating. See, in these currents of love between Me and my Father there is all the love that all creatures owed Me, and therefore there is betrayed love, denied love, rejected love, unknown love, trampled love, etc. Oh! how piercingly it reaches my Heart, to the point that I feel Myself dying.

You must know that in creating man I fixed many currents of love between Me and him. Having created him was not enough for Me, no; I was to place so many currents of love between Me and him, that there was to be not one part of him in which these currents would not flow. So, in the intelligence of man ran the current of love of my wisdom; in his eyes ran the current of love of my light; in his mouth, the current of love of my word; in his hands, the current of love of the sanctity of my works; in his will, the current of love of Mine - and so with all the rest. Man had been made to be in continuous communications with His Creator; and how could he be in communication with Me if my currents would not run in his?

With sin he broke all these currents, and remained separated from Me. Do you know how this happened? Look at the sun: all of its light hits the surface of the earth and invests it so much as to make it feel its heat - so alive and real as to bring fecundity and life to everything that the earth produces. So, it can be said that the sun and the earth are in communication with each other. Oh! how much tighter are the communications between man and Myself, true Eternal Sun. Now, if a creature could have the power to break, between the earth and the sun, the current of light that hits the surface of the earth, what harm would he not do? The sun would withdraw all the current of light into itself; the earth would remain in the dark, without fecundity and without life. What penalty would he not deserve? Man did all this in Creation, and I descended from Heaven to earth in order to reunite again all these currents of love, but – oh! how much it cost Me. And man continues with his ingratitude, and returns to break the currents repaired by Me!”

November 24, 1922
Jesus before Herod. Effects of the word and of the gaze of Jesus. Jesus reprimands her because she wants to keep these truths hidden.

I was thinking of when my sweet Jesus was presented to Herod, and I said to myself: ‘How is it possible that Jesus, who is so good, did not deign to say a word to him, or to give him a glance? Who knows whether that perfidious heart would have converted at the power of His gaze?’ And Jesus, making Himself seen, told me: “My daughter, his perversity and the lack of interior disposition were such that he did not deserve that I look at him or say a word to him. And if I had done it, he would have rendered himself more guilty, because each word or gaze of mine are additional bonds that are formed between Me and the creature. Each word is a greater union, one more closeness; and as the soul feels looked upon, grace begins its crafting. If the gaze or the word was sweet and benign, she says: ‘How beautiful, penetrating, gentle, melodious it was! How not to love Him?’ If then it was a majestic gaze or word, blazing with light, she says: ‘What majesty, what greatness, what penetrating light! How small I feel; how miserable I am; how much darkness in me before that light so blazing!’ If I wanted to tell you of the power, the grace, the good which my word or gaze brings, how many books would I make you write!

See then, how many goods I have done to you in looking at you so many times, in keeping you with Me in intimate conversations - they have not been just words, but complete discourses. From this you can comprehend that the unions between you and Me, the relations, the bonds, the closenesses, are innumerable. I acted with you like a teacher who says only a few words to the others who want some direction from him, but spends the entire day with his own disciples, wanting to make of them as many teachers similar to himself. He speaks at length, he is always over them, and now he develops one topic, now he gives a simile to make himself comprehended more; nor does he ever leave them alone for fear that, getting distracted, they may waste his efforts; and if needed, he subtracts hours from his own rest in order to instruct them. He spares nothing, neither toils, nor strains, nor sweat, in order to obtain the intent that his disciples become teachers.

So I have done for you. I have spared nothing; with others I had only words; with you, discourses, long teachings, similes - at night, during the day, at all hours. How many graces have I not given you? How much love, to the point of not being able to be without you? Great is the design I have made upon you, therefore much have I given you. You, then, in all gratitude, would want to keep what I have told and given you hidden within yourself, and therefore deny Me the glory I would receive by manifesting it. What would you say of that disciple who, after his teacher has reached the point of making of him a teacher through many toils, would want to keep for himself the education he has received, without imparting it to others? Would he not be ungrateful, and a cause of sorrow for his teacher? What would you say of the sun, if after I gave it so much light and heat, it would not want to let this light and heat descend upon the earth? Would you not say to the sun: ‘It is true that you make a good impression, but it is not good that you keep it for yourself. The earth, the plants, the generations await your light and your heat; they want them in order to receive life and fecundity. Why do you want to deprive us of such a great good? More so, since in giving them to us, you lose nothing; rather, you acquire more glory, and everyone will bless you.’

Such are you - and even more than sun. I have placed in you so much light of truth about my Will that, more than sun, it would be enough to illuminate all, and to do more good than the sun itself does to the earth. I Myself, and the generations, await that this light be unleashed from you, while you think of how to hide it, and you almost afflict yourself if authoritative people want to occupy themselves with putting it out. No, no - this is not good.”

I felt myself dying in hearing my sweet Jesus; and I felt even more guilty because during these days, since one of my writings had been withdrawn without achieving the purpose for which it had been released - that is, to put it out - I had felt great satisfaction. Oh! how bad I felt in being reproached so severely; and wholeheartedly I asked for His forgiveness. And Jesus, to calm me down, blessed me, telling me: “I forgive you and I bless you, but you will be more attentive and will not do it any more.”

D e o G r a t i a s.

[1] Fr. Gennaro De Gennaro, Luisa’s confessor from 1898 to 1922.

[2] February 2, 1922 Volume 13

[3] From eternity.

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